Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau Bahama Islands W.I
Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I
Publication Date: 10 5, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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M- .IV 11



WEDiESDAY. eCtolWBK 4, A @8I.

Vyou 1"4l0


veaLItaMIP-WU 5ELT t111 NAM", Jr. F.
OW Jimsu 3b15 pw 5ainta g


Fas hLsant m like a sheled glbst, there comr no ret
to e,
The swelling thoughts have sunk an edaed which buoy'd
my spirit Iree.
A form uo ill, uncbanging still. a dark embodied shipe
Weighs my erus'd heart, ad grimly wants to shut me
irem escape;
D -snee, a poul by slight pale, gorged with his
hideous fIre,
Yet all-dilioct upon my soul thee com s his wolAsh
The heaven irk. a iif pall were spread upon the sky,
And earth is like a raer to me, with ultur gathered
And bLlugh I breathe, my soul lies dead, and o'er it lous
a troop.
Long-bild, of birds obscee and vile, prepared for bloody
O e~ni r, deadlier thamtham all-oae gloats upon my
And h I laugh in bitter joy, to think eo bood will tat.
No blood, no blood to wt his maw,-that blessed toeont's
Was aock'd by counties beaks and bills-dried up long
T tu bs drea yet not in sleap for sleep, the torturer,
Befoe my closed eyes a tnin of bright and noble things:
SThe smiles of madeas fir and young, the glance of
beauty bright.
And tee semeber' loog iao--eU ill me with delight.
Thn hsppy-like the Indian chief between his pangs of
I quite frget in preset ese the torture and the chain.
A dream is ine. Sweet, mellow, rait, as ir from o'er
the me, *
Or em cal lake, at evening heard, when hash'd the
bseses he,
A srain beginis-ad o'er mine ear the blessed music
Bathing my bart, as moonlight bates some donjos's
rngy walls;
sll of power-- talisman each anguish to allay-
Ad eoy wand brings back again the long-departed
Theproud young ime, whee, free as air, I walked beneath
the mooe,
And lien'd to one gentl voice that song is witching
I had, In sleep, to kiss her brow, a ends that falling
Gene, iGe,-The spay comes on,-The fend s here

Clo, close beside me glooms the form that haunts me
might ad day ;
The phamto amads beide my bed, is morning's twilight
Di, andefind, and terrible. Ah, well my thrilling blood
TOd me that, foe homsea kied. a demon near me stood.
Jt spoke at last; sad o'er my soul des:h' deepening .ha-
dow lit-
I takes e up for debt," it aid. and this here is the

From the Jamaica Courant.

---------- -vI4--G------

Th t md of d speaking to abe Comittes ill be by
ehii the conduct of the American, when they were
min early dte same situation under which we are now
-" -S-IO.NALS made plain by signs"-not to
e ,d i caught to morve as beacons to lead
* e t r m fdl Itwiloheobarved by refer-
"*Men hig, tha t b first infractice of Amerioa rights
w s made by the Orenvile Administation, in the pitiful
x*ImPs to rise a murmur in thoee colonel, by the imp-
e*l S (amH act. The dispute which .tok place on
S .e as.m, suffmciendy warm, mend not be de-
Bmai, the Rockinglat peony gave up the srtantial
e of Grevie's pVea, and only retaled a tait shadow
ri i. .r. lmertmary aem y. Lord Noth,
g arher hd~ihe, hId te Mlt, the
. e &lo b whis-' had been imd -m c-
Ub bF -~ as a hirmlf. Codm g sith, and

11I1ble.isat' -S-__ ii

I I- I -


guided by dthe evicu and eMiapt mardaeb of Lad-
edhal seu, (io ar also at this day ise huntee emaog
our oenmm ) be procured a act, oar laying a day Om tI
impusaton of te imeo the cdkmis.-This u tie caloni
reased, by hamnaing from the imporemio oftat article,
but this did at suit the insed views of thd Eat ndia
Company. With the atie of the imbecile premier
they oded sais, uad apoitd conaigu ea dispose of
their i ia Amesica.- e Amica immediausy W
ht if ty aubittd to thi, Itwmuldmesblish pared
lor fauue auiati, ad in thL glorious pir o patriotism
which bore them riuImpmtly toubqh mcmding trials,
dey st to work diligendy to oppose --town and psr
metie wrem held in aU part o.te country, and combi-
nations formed to obatn ct the dsl of the sne. The fol-
lowing resolutions entered into by the Philadelphians will
shew the aginily to those lately entered into among us.-
" That the disposal of their own property is the inherent
rights of free ann: that there m be no property in that
which anouth can of right take from us without our con-
siot-tlat the claim of Parliament to tax Americns is, in
other words, a claim of right to levy contributions on at
That a virmuo and steady opposition to'this Mini-
terial pln of governing Ameca is absolutely necessary,
to preerve even the shadow ofliberty, and isa duty which
every free man owes to his muotry-4o himself--id to
his posterity."
That whoever shall, directly or indirectly counte-
nance, or liet the receiving or vending the teos ent out by
the East India Company, is a arvy o Ai co*ry."
The spirited resolution bad their lull effect; not a man
was found who became an enemy to his country"-most
of the teo ships returned without landing their cargoes,
and in Boston, where h governor took part in the di-
pute, to prevent the ships from returning, the i'hbitants,
to show their UNION with the other states, took po|emion
of the ships and discharged their cargoes into the sea. It
was not possililh, my the historians of these tlim," Tor
tId people of Boston, by another means, to discharge the
duties tlwy owed to their country; and the aet, itself was
therefore warranted by the gfrgt of qflfpreurratiom.
But dUe people of Boston, ahbough driven to commit this
act did not stund alono-uch was the determined maiu
and spirit of Patriotism, that out of the whole of the rar-
goes, which had been shippedto tie different ports on this
vat extentof cost,--n oe ingle chest often was sold or
dispusd of ithe umm asyi t This a exas.plb of frm-
ness and decision, which, I tras, will not be -Iat on dwe
inhabitants of this Island. Principais obsta" should Ihve
been our motto frm the earliest attck-but it is not yet
too late, by folwing such an example, to ward off the ast
act of tyrannical oppressio, and to recover ail the ground
we have lost by not being careful to beware of begin-
ings." The public will ecuse me fur digressing in this
place upon an extraordinary coincidence which has oc-
curred between those times and the present. l'heM'
matters took place in America in the year 1773. Par-
liament assembled on the 13th January, 1774, but not
the smallest notice ws taken of them in the King's
opening speech. We lave now to complain of lhe
ame thing, although Ministen have acknowledged, by
the document eat to his Lordship the Governor, that
they are aware of our perilous situatin-are aware ol
the firmneu which has been raised among the inhabi-
tants-elthough our intended fate forms a prominent
feature in the proceedings of the late Elections, although
it has taken a foremost position in parliamentary debate.
Although the whole kingdom rings with the sanguine
hopes of our destruction, yet has the King thought pro-
per, in his late opening speech to Pariament, to peo
us over in omlinous silence!! sad evidence, I fear, tllm
HE too, has abandoned us. I leave the public to draw
their inferences on it, and proceed with nmy narrative.
The act of destroying the Tea, was the point upon
which all the future measures of die Government turned
a Ministry, as weak, unprincipled, Lnd rash as that which
now wields the destinies ofthe Empire ; even determinod
to shew, that however deficient in wisdom, they PElse-.
sed ample inclination for crulty and revenge. A Bill wss
passed for shutting up the Port of Boston, end another
for dihfranchising the province of Masschlsettls. This
arbitrary violation of privileges conisined in a solemn
charter udsrid, mummemod, mAedrdd, served only to
cenient the Union, which had been formed on a minor
occasion. The other province saw, in this proceeding,
the sure presage of their own oppression, whenever Parli-
ment should think proper to exert its will. The ame of
Masachusetts, became the caue of al. The lhalbi-
ants of Boston entered into a spirited reolutiol, calling
on their sister provinces to stop all importation from Great
Britain, which was immaedmtely adopsed; eves those pro-
vinces which were most remote, and leat aIcted by the
injustice to Massachusetts, cheerfully joined, and made
common cause with them, against theme violent acts of
ministerial vengeance. The premjoined its powerful aid.
Not a single Editor was found, who wmuld be base enough
to advance the ca of Tyranny. Their papers teemed
with addresses, may, sad ppeah to the patriotism of
their cumsetru a and the few who deserted the cause
of liberty, were awed lteo mlce, or sunk into negkct.-
Philndelphia, thoogb the Iran likely, A m is austere and
religious habits, to take part in popur commotions, wa
the iit to aopoei Coominkee, for the purposes of ad-
drwaim Tg the Provincs, on the MChy of cnve
iag I OWTWTraL Conais. Tbh was diae alsr M

Govrer had isefsd 'o cenave do te
Commwrrm was hoIee ir dsh -s dLer
h bet mode for U a~ i Is m of the Prhecm,
Dad appointing se (Dua m) to attend a Gee-
asrl Cogreo Cir6elem w ecoedhly writCa by d
Consrmes. tr all t Cuple id Psirmlcm, ea. l
a duthe to dpp ipotia ipag l tingaL P "
of their Ir winu a tir m :-" Our vry et-
koe in e hmik f eannee, semlhio s dof .
that ouht to be dear jo us, .eidoead depods on our
conducting thlis grt aeuMt rp iue, by irmnaes
wisdom, and nagnniilltyl tust t l the Colo-
nies are animated with one m the common cae;
and colder tdt au th is proupr aids fwr bhrig
our differences with the Mother Country brought to some
certain issue, this desirable end can only be accomplish-
ed by a free communication of sentinients, and s ince
and fervent regard for the interest of qur Country." This
call wasu readily complied with, and deputies were gen
rally appointed. In Virginia, the Assembly was disl
ved'by the Governor, the Earl of Dunouure, for publish '
ing a resolution expressive of the determination, with
one heart and one mind to oppose, by na just and proper
mnins, every injury to American right." T'h member,
notwithsanding their disolutiao, again met, ad case to
resolutions of a stronger anture-a- the nme time,,p-
pointing Deputies to the General Congress, in Soulth Ca-
roline, where te ferment wusstill greater. In an ims'a en
amembly of the people, without one dimr.ting voice, hey
passed resolutions expremive of their rights and of deir
~mpathy, with the people of Boston. They also c w
fL DELEGATES, to represent them in a Cooti -n-
tal Congress, and invested them with full powers t cor.
vert, agree to, and, effectually, to prosecute such legal
meaaur as would be mot likely to obtain redrew of
their grievances. In every county, town, and parish, dr
people met, and came to similar resolutions; and about
a month alter, the news of die Boston Post Bill reached
America.-The flame of patriotism, and the spirit of re-
sidance, was kindled in almost every breast throughout
thoe widely-extended provinces. Not only the young
and the ardent, but the old and caulioul, joined s-alously
in the sacred cause: and now, let me sk you, niy eaun-
trymen and fellow-suffkrers, what were the wrongs of
Ainerica, compared to those which you well know vou
are destined to, by that unnatural parent, who has not
profited by the leson they received on this exertion of
her unj ea and ium Jpli:c ranny 1 I boldly hIol up di
exanlpl of union aaong your American brethrra, as
worthy of imitation--s a ieacon to light you through theI
vale of threatened misery-a wnrnine, that ai our wrongs
are greater, so is our danger nmuliplidl an hundred fold
To return l the Comminttees; it Isould he stated, that
they Jad been established as far back as the year 1767,
fur the purlpoe of opposing the Stinmp or Hev.uew. are-
they were now complete. revived, and re-tupipinted, not
only in the lare Iowns, but in every subordinate parish
and dnistrc. By them were th nmanas of union electedl-
by them was a quick transmission of loslllgence effcted
throughout the whole Country, and among the widuly-di-
senlinatod inhabitants. It is imuussible, say the historian
I have quoted, for haman wiulom, to contrive any s-
tem more subservient for thee purliMrs, then moh B re-
ciprocal exchange of intelligence, by Camiitres. It
need scarcely be added, that the naeats of transmitting
intelligence, was placed at ell command, and under too
control of the Conmmittees. Their own expenses, and
ihe expense of messenger, was defreyed nat of the town
and parish revenues, or by ubhacrlptioo. By this liberal
mode of proceeding, and din scriice made of their owe
convenience, by the members of the Conmmittee, not a
stir of any kind could be made, but what it was imnie-
diately spread throughout the Country, and measwren
taken for cherkinc it, if of a hoseile sale. uch was
the conduct of the Americans, on do amsrtio of ihrir
rights,-tuch sere the nieam, which, i the outset of
the struggle, led Ihemn on to resistance-bore then thra gh
the evensfull progress of war-and, finally, led them to
independence. UMBRATUS.

Tie Public 'rrsi.-Conumon seam', guiding tIe largest
portion of tie inhabitants of ar country, is teir best klis-
iHlor. Tl'wh pirenl l crisis leals us to sMppsone, that there
is as great a rllrolrtion of that quality subtmimig in thi
Colony, as lere maS be found in other counotinr wlse
the principles of Brilrisi jurisprnuda ce exist. The spirit
of the language io ome of the Resolutions pamed at Para-
chial Metings recdtly, indicates no want of taeInt, both
declnratory and argumentative s ad it wi be difcult for
Mr. Buxton and his friend Wrnecon il e he ardily or
the claim to legislate for s, whip they mad sem olf d
powerful arumeoesndduced in ie Resulve.
It n astonilaing how united Inseam rt dli inhabtaals
of this Colony em to he on this monesto qaeile
and how equally determined to remt y a arehd
tyrannical mea ires on the puert of ihe DBrii O ea.
We tru, however, tht the d eermniet a -sai
wis never be put to dthe s. 7Tht he Bri DBin
meant wil be induncd to have recomie to say -
in regard to the internal regahaion of this Coly, we hve
all alokg been doubtfl, bet, crteimly, dte ma of i-
erless which Mr. Beaea and others rulae to pro-
duce the ma mischievous Mu a rlahves.
We Iae ome reon to know dth d hi alre d pa
tianyr p-nes. and thaeren Me E2c em dhe Cor-
oar's booe to she nverdl CManda heame aIsalukieljy


9 -

0420"M n][0684 Miller.

a~ W

~~emetlaa ~ ~ to relyc~ ep, ndle he~,ms
Po d m6110P.6. diai'g We hove then.s~

to r ely. te tin e e in am quain
t~ emetat en madagd1pntinstehe'

bin Thme Uleeusmosawnalis &co. had acted
wamuieflm, may do nmab so Anywy seahdinstatiasde
msadnnas- e ~ n"O Ya n b t si t ciSli
heend wul nivideuals
bw WAM" to w r of WWee Y projects In

i TSB r. *


I aecordkin to the premier nimld in our last number, we
agph revert to tthe ecl of Mr. Anderson' diselsal
hen the Magistracy of IheIs lsla, by Sir James Carmi-
Sthetl M aith, for daring to oppose a mandate, which, in
Sconmeleatious discharge of his duty, be could not
pN ply with. Mr. Andersnn having furnised us with a
apy of his Itter ma the Polce Magistrate, and alao that
ftue i Deputy Seca rys ltimating his dismiial, with
tm pe o the public on de ubject, dos away, n
a pasure, with the ceasity o wr commenting at
dw lngth upon such an at a( tymanik way, as we
'w id othmri hoav doaoe anti sn particularly, -
t*ame1 of the public hI alrey ed a E epmred, in an
ad Iem of thanks, yseelday prIemned to hlm, from the
ftreoldedn and other inhahanto of thi Idaed.
We all thea merely, fr tie preese. address a few
wa tor tdhe genudmam is the Commuision of the Peaca,
(i shis colony. You now me that Hi Exceiency the
Governor i dretrmined t rob you of that authority,
which is vmd in you by the laws of the country, and
which you onk a solema me, to protect. Remember
ha you have, an som elent, the righa asd liberties
o your feflow-citizens, under your charge; that every
eye is now fixed upon you, and that according a you
mow act, you will be viewed, either a men of honour,
Public spirit and ktdepead.nen-mea worthy of the
S roUlisa r and attahment of a discening public; or,
on the contrary, as ahject, cowardly slave--a disgrace
and disunour to the name of mam,-the scorn and
ceatempt of every one, and wholly unworthy of the trust
repnld in you. You have now a brightexample before
you. One of your body has openly resisted tyrnany and
oppression; he ha ieen applauded for it ; the warm un-
binased tanks of the public have been given him, and,
although be han fruleied his dIluaeio, he has lost nothing:
he reties from public lVi, lfr having meritoriously and
honestly dune his duty, Ia the apacity of a protector of
the public wedl, fur thirty-four yeart-oaded wth the
praises of his fellow-cimia, and a cosciouseam of
heviing dsmrved them. Imitate his example I You have
nothing to fear from Sir Jases C. Smyth Make a nim
resalve to dischrpge e dules of your situation, fuarim
ly and hbenatly; and if the present ulnrthy repose-
tive of His Majaemy diem- you, the arm of the peo-
ple e ope a to r ad aid you with their ppon,
it debendlg their injured right We cal upon you by
every thing that i sacred and dear to you, to be fr m-
liach at from the toek to avery tw palriet, I ms be
a pleamns me, and rather dh diagraee yer Coami-
sios, resign diem.-Magitraute* rimabr yew osth!!
pope support your Magitratea!!!
The fkaing i a copy of the letter from the Deputy
Secretary, at the Polie Magistrate.
NAMun 1t October, 1831.

7 Geermaor has directed me to ecqonint you that
Hi Exalency oLesrvev yen heae upon the present ac-
aun (to wi at a hme Cat. hML yesterday In the
Pae Wee) sed Wle ap- idser (dla Him

ese-. le wr on tW ) ,V Mla dt h as
aew of ua ditlinl s gli ats e s ase have the Cart
comaosed df ilns MaglBiSir two or anm mIy he-
~d.ab bT-." a f rdlag Ur y t
orIt piaihedigs b1 C% t held y wea y.
As Oh Magitrat who hen eat d Ie alwas baos
dt esS IN iEo" QFt know leaseoye'
__ ia- h-de aly d i d dadined
iaton, hoer h his Ra : w e-
I haie tdie he ma be

i yer 1m.- meitral Ierv n t
(B-di C. L. NESBITT, Dep. ec'y.
11dorn 0-oasa En rf, sI,


I have the boneer to be, .7
.air, le and it will gradually be made milder; bot it ma
yer met obedient, humble servant, never b entirely done away with, as long as slavery en.
(Signed) C. R. NEa TT, Dep. Pub. Sec'y. it-one could not be maintained, without the se of ti
JoHn Amuonso., Eaquime, othr. Deprive the owner of this power, and his lave,
d. fiom that moment, become free.
Since the above copes of the correspondence, were We e t o adocates fr lavery,-we dtest it fer
furnished a by Mr. Anderson, a Commintee of ive gen- the bottom of our soul; ad we feel an inward, iod
demen, all of whom were aiemhers of the late Hors of cribable pleasure, when we meet with a negro, whe, by
Assembly, waited upon that gentlemen with the following hi good conduct, when a slave, ba obtained hi free
ADDRESS. doat, gratuitously, or by a industrious and proper me d
Nasauo, Octob 4th, 1881. the indulgence allowed him, by a kind and humau
BAHAMA ISLANDS, muana, ha emancipated himself ; and long for th
New Povrmsacs. time, when they will be all fitted for a state of Frr
To Jo., A"nder, Esner, lot Jutice of ri Pe..* daom. But we must support the lighb of the opprend

We, h undersni d, fresolders and other inhabitani and canlmniated dlave-holders, in rising any e-
of the slnd of New Providece, take this public oppor. cruhclnts upe their property, until jut and amle
unity f f exp ing the felinp of regret with which we compensation is given them. Slave-holder coatiuao
view the rbitrry ead amotitution conduct of His to treut your eleven vih kindness and moderation; is-
Excllecy Sir James Camahsl Sth, Bart. towards culcat in mhem princlples of honesty and industry; es-
you9 In dining yeoum is. th magistracy of thsse I.-
ad for your fearl oppoiio to th mrped a cite in them, emulaioa, and a desire of doing their
rity, exercsed by him, ever th legal predurs of th duty, by Ilight rewards and extra indulgences to the dr-
Polkc Court." erving; and shew thm, in spie of the vile attempts af
We ham never lem ed, that our Gracious Sovereign your enemies to mislead tham, that you are their true
has ever intermeddle with any of the o'ae of ths .me e
nature in those pmer of his domiaioa, under his own ims- benefactor: but, at the ama tim, shew yourrlves re-
mediate personal gora m; and we are of opinion, solved to maintain your authority; and when necessy,
that the umafre n s of is *ExceDency the Governor, without fear, favour or affection, do your duty to ywr-
wi ebs h clm U f the Magittear highly impolitic,. lv, to society and to te slaves themselves, by pu
hniling Vpdey Ad, to onsebema of a er thing like ishiag tdh refractry and disobedient.
Paod 9r d am ed iW& cet the ivail n orttm.
We pran t~a iL bo h, mr warmeet thks., or You must mw sappet your right-- a tasterl TI
ear vry pu qirid and ldepedest conduct, in doo ofjustice iht agaih yon I! You met adopl thi
the discharge of the dudle of a situ4 you are so eui motto of th allied armle-" Each fo other, all for
al1 e c l to 1, and hope dtt your example may each"'! Never put your rights in the way of the G-
stintla.dor wol b y of dtho Mygistn opu st
SrieL, the wo ek us t he military pos at tVrmer and if he travels of bis department, tet hint
sanul our Colonil Eclmnt. ua you would the ann r a O i ain r sa t,. Aye!
( ay be/eti p f thi p i i jI- i-. him, ntl yao convince him that you reaspt year vceSut
a t ned / i4 Ojf Ofr XKUrINL more tUan yo do him.
IJamd of New Preice.)----
8L.-By the sint accrnaa tm Charleaon, Turks Idlau
To wiLch Mr. A rp Sa w e at so rents per shl.
To nmar Ne" OMc Adoil. .
LUw3. I do bo t i nfe he mal lieio leala of Leeas, d-e 0
For td unexpectedl mad vry iul ta essy a dli d i, I 1 1 be WI w b lll i tm i @.1i
of my dmt as r= mm et gh the D 0 to
to u nqpram to y kd ) Uef rh--f e i r bbya vw lsg myHteo.


I have to request tht yoN wi do me 1 yTor to
ionsr in your next number, the closd copy of a leter
* Robien Dmms, i Equi, Prial J M o adr al
the eupy ofal be r Charle LNumbi EP ui4,
Deputy Public tcnrtury, acquaintlag ie, by the Corm-
ofm di Quemr, af m dilm d e:m dC ci
min of Peace. UpIwrs of thirty- ar yewi. I
nn bae a MagstraLe of tl Cley, and until the ar-
al ord the pent Govera g ndemo adm-inister-
= nje ruomat. be* qemoaimd my aodhy s
Lac Twi v hae I now an ved by His Excl-
ic Sir J. C. Smyth ah d is weU knows, that I a
mat adebod to hium fr myW inmmauu a t, to the Com.
minmm of ashkla anun r -AV Am dis isaL J O
e* ,= mo. m @al mif, te u other m oL
waS 3E.i..l dm "rOs and td dosie of

pohic, I soba for the cuiideri of that pallc,
hethrr the ieumancem coamined in my lauer to dhe
Pelee Magitrate, merited O h conduct which His Elacl-
laucy lm thought proper to mercise towards me.
am. Sir,
your's, Ac.

NASSA, It October, 1881.
Daw BSn,
I answer to he leter of the Deputy Secretary of the
Colony, (whichyou did me tde honour to lay belor me e
this morag,) requiring by te command of His Excel-
lency dth Governor, to be inLrmd, whether my ignsa-
tare M appearing to the pooadina of the dave Court
of yesterday, was anu Ii, or inentional; I have
the onour briefy to sate, tat I have taken a solem
ani to perform the duties f a MagIkrate, faithfully, con-
scientioaly, and agreeable to law.
I have red the conuolidaed slave lw frequently, and
with great ention; amd accoling to my conception of
is ensctmea t I um o power give to any authoriy to
interfere wi tbe proredisg of the Slave Cort, or wi
Ibe mentoces pamed by the Magistraes Signing then
any proceeding with a riew to h hin ferred to His
Ecellncy (uader tie eLocepuiw tha I entertain of the
law,) would, I comive, be vindly departing fro
subtm aamveration I have mde
I have dte omeur to be,
Dear Sir,
your obedient, bumble srvant,
RoaaeT DcaNu-Otx, Eaqui.-, I
Police Magistrate. I

Copy /of Iti r from C. 'A N'aitd, Espire, Deputy
I am instumced by the O meeror to acqualin you, that
His Majesty hu so fu, thear e eio far your service in
the Commismio of the Peace, in thi Co ; and that
your ame will be forthwith moved fra the lis, ac-

my days, 1 e avaor oe r h fel the ame
graiode for your aneaiont al kindsam.
6abe r d erntohe

To Tom FaruNOLum Ane INmamrrasm,
Of tAjaimd ef Nae FPr-a s.

On Monday Irt, the flowing ter wats eeOil
Chaerl L Neebitt, Esquire, ti Deputy' Publc
ary, by the Juqmda whesat upon the trial of the 4
Mary,-the paricn of( which we gpr I ta he
of te Ist inolat.
NAsNAu, 8d October, I18,

The Governor has instructed me to acquaint yoa.
he cannot pomibly permit Mary Hughes, to be Su
truuportion, end to be remtvud for life, from 1
mother and from her child. If Mary bhd not hiap
dlve, it appeer from the evidence adduced igahiei
that she would have had good and sufficient grouJh I
have brought an action against Margaret Wall s
Mary Tucker, inuomuch as the former conufesm
struck Mary three times on the head with a dlog I
the latter slapped her in the face; and which treaunt
mde Mary forget herself, sed strike in return.
Excellency will extend the King's pardon to Mary, ad
ject to an imprisonment of one calendar month it tip
Gaol, or Workhouse.
I have the honour to be,
your most obedient servant,
(Sigd) C. R. NESBITT, Dep. Pub. Soc'y.
RomBUr Durcori, Esquire,
Pqico Magisrate. I
Such extraordinary reasons, given in justificati of di
act of whid thde Slave Mary was convicted, coal
sever have entered the brain of any man having i.
slightest pretension, to, that rare comnnodity now-a-day
common sense; and thus are the slaves of this couer
encouraged by Sir Janes Carnichael Smyth, to rebi
against the authority of their owners, and to conunit op
assaults upon their persons, should they (the oonm)
attempt to chektie them for any fault. The power I
punishing has been held by the owner from the firw .
troductiun of slavery into the world, up to the prme
time ; and in several cuuotris, before they autimed dir
present state of civilization, that power extended mee
to the life of the slave. It is now authoriard, to a very
limited extent, by the laws of the British slave conlosi
in this prt of the world; and as the slken become an
rieill v and onli htn ed tem erJ-itmh n" it will bet

* ''.+ 1

>LONIO)N, Aug. t, Eveisg. ,i empliolyuminaeledde nd speoadmvtpLis, d the
-& Naspiyr Tr (Meo. rem, deotd yesterday. millers and have contaed dder puresmeu the
Sinhabitant of Mea received, on the 26'th of supply oftheiraunediate andl prsaing neessida.l, JUader
letter from Frankfort, which stares i thet in a those circumstances, prices have resded. We qot te
hatlio dte victoriou Pule& took' uioutnertur killed general run of Whe o 4 to bl ppquarter lower han on
Uialtm l tag k to pir~0 p of canyon. July ad; te finest qualities, being uomandly scarce,
urld pralelrs, sal causing fruus F'ruukllrt wio I nearly maintain the previous carref y. Flear haI aln
ua Ae-Lta, idaer d tIlua at the muomentr of been equally dimefi lt of ale, and b l per od. cheaper.
depmur a rprt was eairulated that tbu Poliel The denuand for Oats hn been very' trif in, and aldahgot
ad gamied a sempet victory over the Russians, we do not vary our quotations, pual*me would prohmaly
Sdba the HIungarilts, who have nmnifested such ar- be male on lower terns. The other articles of the uado
SsMyaMlqmdy fur the sacrud cause of this nation of havu been alike heavy of ala, and Barley sustained their
b art e ma oa louIrer to be restraitnl from makiig cumi- price.
ua mea with it." A s. 2.-The arrivals of (rin from Irland and Coast-
tp rimes of Augst 3, contain exttacts from Paris ways have houn very trivial, bot of Cnadian and Feign
.Is of Momltal, dth 1st itui. The Courier Frranocis Wheat and Flotr the ime krt have been petty con-
aflt dale, we are sorry to find, mtes that no confir- siderable since Tuesday last. Thin day's market was but
ua of' dee foregoing reported virrory had been recei- tlhily attended, and Ialu only to a limited extent wore
,j. It was aid tiat a telePgraphie despuatc had Hnnoun- made of any article. Wheat of the best quIal i may be
d& iavourable news, cnttained in a comrmerciul letter quoted ?d to 1d, and inferior qualhim 4dMo6d lower.
sga Frankfor.-llut Frauiklilt news is not giepelrally Flutr isa li 6d per seek and barrel, and Oatueal is a
rniel. The Courier ways: It is possible tlat the Is &I ; Outs, Id a 1d ; Barley, Id a d; eBeasu, Pean
grat vikory slofkec ul yesterday, was an eraggeration of and Indian Corn Is -d per quarter lower.
ihi advantage ulbtained by Getueral Clrzanuwski at -
aliAk." In a late English caricature, John Bull is represented a
Is the Mhtrnflo Herndl, also, we find the following a bloated invalid, consoling his doctors. Wellingto and
as uow postscript attached to a letter frotm tIh corres- lPerl are on uoe side in a stat of anxiety; aad Earl Gry, of that paper at Antwerp :-- Lord Jouln Rsell and Lord Brmugham on the other; the
S, 1 .. hlike.e. sof ail Imngl suficiently iliscernible. In another cari-
have just seen letter from Leiplic, written ily Ia eats Er (eg alleenly en, ai. a number oan
rolfS, c iw h al tGrey aleialtrs as a hsn Wlth a east number of
ann worthy of credit, which states tlat tile lu> c lL, ,ico.. i, knier her singe and round about her. in a cage or
lire le in lleirc advance ulonu \Waraw, along the Icl.t eI,: hsle John Bull, Is looking over the fence in dimay.
ank of the Vistula, ladil already reached the l(ouikirts of a,,aul ueidieritg how slie is to get corn to feed the whole
Iw devoted capital, and were, when this IccuMIIt left, ac- I biond.
tIlly botultardileg it. Tillhe reat st couslterlntutitH pre- I -
ailed in telte place, antl tise ioor inlhahiants were flviec i iN(TICE.
fia it, in the opp)ositel d(irectiin, renia objects of Ipity." At a meeting of the (Conmittee of tie Ba-
By the, llanlamur accounts, IHwe.ver, wIich are the il- halma Re.atta Club, held in the Public Build-
n., tie stntemenil of die actual bleuiburdlseeut of Warsaw, ligs, oll tile till tllt. it was
innot supported. euiruled, That tie dlay of ailing for the Cup, oe on
Private letters from Warsaw state, tlat the' intorven- Tutlsav, the fir aun of sulsuo time power olu battle the allairs e l Po- Ider I l' cen, or above forty tons, shall be allowed to sail
lad, have failed. Thle iliplomnatic umit aSnet to Austria, for tile same.
us prevented reaching his destination, as the Anstrian Septe'Imhr fitlh.
Consul refuoed him a pamselprt. he Leneral opinion _____
as at \' ar-iw, that the iitsiiins ield Mirlial unto ?'TIE TEWARDS o the Balhma
to make a -nlaieii atsck, oai tI k PI ,li.i aru ir i illl dlstriVy
i in one battle, while llirtv lthallnalll lulsians were at llace Club, are requested to nueet at tile
Jmlrow, wlho wer-re t .,t in tIhir rear; hillt itI ,leli ]ih s? 1e Ielulic Buildings, on Friday next, tim 7th
Cinmeeander-in-(hitiel' artiil iIld the IIs siina plan, and i"'"alt, at 12 u'rlock.
unt (;eL (ln. Chraijuusk i l ,ras. NOTICE.
Keis Im1,ItI the ltt hs arennoor il Iil intetlion ar-ing e '"" and outrageous Burglary having been lately
nnl. eu P Wi ne M r ofl Fn.-.e art; te. tlle e submcr aer' huona, at the S u lsi de of this
hrn cere ae tre eIeak t.'eI lIf landl, and ulundered of provisioqg, ilnse the lrnatlion on thlat
I,'l I'EXPRESS2,-)i etlMl I' tl. sial Ws have jale received lle a lule Ut tle P arls paper of eIt"oi"'. ioroughlare establish k rgh his .yard and premi-
atirlay, and Itose dated y .terlav. T*hem. pal..-r. nta Ncegro- , er t ex-r p d g ynp l o Stir n employd
I .h-t i y l e.rri p l ,ls f lu e l ,tl.e. ,lh e ls i .Ir t c th e lte er ei een ltent o f th e h id g an g lo f eron e. s, e,r tie II .
hr e la'ire I c .ti ai l efn n ti t sll ar i ,l Ie s I he e -erk, a a h o tre* i v g ive n th a t a n y p er oe. o r Ip e r na w h o m so e ver. s,
lIevre ete.the eLt e elite,- I "e.; -lays ifltie- se-a-. l sa toiceed tresaeasing, oU may pretenctlellter, wenll be praalseulrlt
siirl, .,pear ite h.iv r corl |,Iiiit-tl it til e )iiPe,,,, r,,,eo e I ;a h' ea east reet ... r c f" he 6pr. an d all pc. r ena, w l ate hereby
are alnread puhli.lhol. ul them. The ole aetel, .lluir tpe:,.l .i I11 rll 01' the h and all erson am hereby
qtelly. butl' ,er correpondent tadls, rilh.-r flal -The mi- .wrned Irma sU Irepasng. JON MILLER.
teny review on Strasluniv lina-rs. w;i a anflir Jr. ILLER.
am-,i ln' tOO to I. 1oo ee er le se earnal netier rr.Te e -,e er 2at.
ecl ritent Uailtrlltv produ ced l ay inhen dll isp y a l grelatll l l ll I
haglbenil by a rerstn rulech was as tse seeaaee i- t OI,
laneft rnlnuIleaited hb (Gove'rnnieell, llf i great v ictl' r) l.s-
int been ohbtined hy? t"e P I.les ove hrthe iRiauXsi.a, waill ( E rrye person about to leare these Islaind, aftcr
la of leoo killeRd ael 7ton kern pri,,irrt ,T n 'i arig resided therinfor the space Of TitT DAYS,
Mnmo-nrel had aen tlr'Iric elrect ;: he Natiolll GiiarG. ; e anl ie tr Aruk si ttr /111T Dta
the people erinSraced each otler Ian Ir.lnpirts alr' jon. and the gir svrcrity at the Se'retary'sOr F or put p liname in
sr wIl mel by Ihouit at' defiance tI the power ea the dtesitr. o )I )cefurvm v eI l.Al iat.te Ailrprtor.n--nf-
andl vow f l devotion to rfli cause of the r ltrnt. id rfrfTEN A iousto ksprf--
An elten.tve s a reporteldr to Iuiave lankn r1t I trr which, at any time during OruT-rFIVE DAIN, a T cket
m Hiunary, in Iavouur itf' tlie Pole' Owner ins es un Iqueiton-. may be obtaieid.
cahi-:hla money, wine. provisions snld iraelinehis. Iroin Hu1u- NAMIEI OF PERSONS
pary, dadly arrte in the I i'uh raphital. o S
L)i)" U i a AiaiuT To IIITAIn TIIUITI roa nI,.eIBTUaL
LONDON, .ur. 3 Mtnorl Arntn
The situation of the "1e, appears critical. Paske- I Manuel Anon
wilch, with 6(1,i() nmn, hald crossed lle Vislula, sad die I toth Sepiriener Mathew O'Bries
maia bdly uf the IRueiaca icLre awe eprtmchintg on tint side I Ih W . J. IHamil
ofLithatnlia. (irn. Geiludl las. iaben, and I ath L FoIL. E.
bis ltros lIaving retrerater inlt Ierao %is, huIe lCeen oaligedil ig ri -. ubrn t Wer.
Slay down their aren. Thle ]ilr-sitin of intervention on tt -1' Anthuny D)le.
*e iart of the other is tnIt yet vef td. Ti 'i or tum e. .
L ond Courier of lthe 27th July sys, \We have liis h Cpin d
*awnt rei'ivI, fromr aHn oiff.ial .t,,,rcr, tJle d'elaralion I Rt
fPrumir relative to Piolail. Thie Priesian governmentenl t .
"leasJist derlared- that it is not n alithlro.,ider, it hIn a ri',lle to Hild Hla.iia in .every wa it
a facilitating le pas-arc,. 1I prem isidous anld man itaciails oI i
"r tI the Rlssian armlv iln 'oland-i-un to treat Ihe -- -
PaisIs revelled siljiects; in line, thlat tll( pr-e-.nt st;at' PORT OF NA IIINA N. P.
of Prssia ilactivity, bill n t e i.Iutralit. Thli id cla-
ratio wil, no ldohlt, chalintr te tirlircy f itir Ica ein., flor ARRI\VED.
the system of noen-intervcntionh nolt sliine adll,'re.l. to1 Ih Oct. 4th-Am. lhr. Juba & Loaur, Wil romn, Boston
ser power, we are not liound In kLrp il.--'Frane ill Lumber, Corn, FIr &c.
t permit thi new political situation I, li h, fact, i to Jonrrn Tluouwe .
*mtliai lsle han rfiret intprvention. Our cabinet, lke 5th Sloop Widow's Son, RuaelL, Attaco
ts will on this aoraoion, seupp rt Ihoe liberal principles Copper, and Iron, from wreck of
abosd which we are advonratine at lhoIc i. Br. Brie MalchiteI
I, renewal of rle Foreign Sntar Refinine Art (far
"Pelatitt;) a committee hitel for veterrdav is pst- I CLEAR.NED,
pead Da accounl of th(-re bs-ing no lilose. 'I'le acne- I Oct. 4th-Srhr. Primrae, Hodion, Jamara I
me am the Mtlanse qIe'siun sits t-day. l s yrlr. Blosuom. Hudson, New York i
e*r.-Te Sunrar market last week was apparent ly -----
I ', he the I iinei n p.rte- swa considerbli. alouni- SI LED
t' to 3.lO hlds and Ies; tldre was no alteration in thu Oct. lst-Srlhr. Farmer's D)elirt, Cooke, Cuba
paces. t 5lh Srihr. Primroew, Hundnn, Janaica
-'ar nLIVERPOOL, ttn. .NT. .. I .
T~hwi" little uanines doing in our Cotton market thli NOTICE.
", wrih no altertion whatever in prices. The sales IIF. SLBSCRIBER'will pt in suit,ioadiscriminately,
l mnley. 1'0I--vesterily and to day, the salcs dull. I aI account'dme to hip, and remaining uapai after
.2-Ptthin wek are fir. jd e firat day a" Nove baer M! t.
-T -Tie Corn tree during the pMst wevk,. hbe' JOHN WILDOOOS.
C'trf y dal. The continue fine w-almr' hae' 8lpiatber SM&


Teurawa, Thwmdje, o ft 6 a,

At is @maeh., A. S
wm e old
Ti. Care tie ms elr lady's D1A4 as.
Soperan Flow, in whv e ad hwr bank,
Spram. Condi, a hosem,
150 keg.* u ior Cacum,
Fancy Sap, boam,
A large utiy of Ci
eftero re n a ,kuf.
A mall lot Brick,
Truw,-CASH on delivi y.
October 5ih.

O0 Momay aext, ith 10tIOA utd,
AT TaI lrNODUm moen,
At 11 04'O .he A. a.
Will be aid
Without Restre,--(y erdn, of the REzart.)
The valuable House and Lot ituate in Shirley S1M
the property of the late Mr. John L. Bison, adjohl
Eat, on the premier of Don Cipriano Palaeiom
Tcre- months' Credit on iving mcurity.
October Ist.


AVING bfxed the aiSe of nmiD at the Ilte ofCB
Super hbarl of superfine Flour, Ordered, that IdM
shilling Loaf do weigh lbs. Ks., and the sipenny Loaf
lib. 4uz. By order of the Veitry.
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
VETrar Room, 4th October, 1831.

ALL PERSONS having demands against the estale
of the late Andrew Seton, Esq. deceasd will ptem
render the same duly attested; and dme indebled to mid
estate, will make payment to Mr. Conrad Duncom.
Sreptemnler. 29ih.
T IlE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of paying efall
demands against hint, and closin all his accomat
to thsaeml of dth protest year, requesu m immediate pay-
ment of all sums due him. Any accounts remaiing unpald
after the 1st December will be put in suit.
October 1Wt.

IlE SUBSCRIBER, intending to leave e Bahami s
in all November exll, caid on all thd to whoa bhe
may be indebted for their respective demand; and Iabh
indebted to him, he earnesly request, will btle the map
by Ih and of Beptember aewuing, to enable him to me
the demands against him, and all accounts remniauing --
paid at dt period will be ued for indirriatiionly.
glkh July, 1IB1.
That commodious Hose and Lot,. smam
in Shirley Street, the propery of Mr.
Richard Barnett. For torm (which wil
be oude convenient) and other prtitblarm,
apply to die Sulscriber.
October 4th.

The loue uad Premr sea pree ssme p
by Mrs Pokiir. The Hou is rmay and
convenient, with larg Kitch.m and wmhhIm
a -altauched, chir hoe and maitng fr s
hoea, lexueaive yard u d ur a e. T hm ib-p
have beoa laty sorougy r n ~s dm prmt
ul t LrcesM ve I a hsm. 5l p ap.

A uto Land m tud a the ViDge, --m -gS
trr L a h kinI by the viag-rrd into e Lw 4 t
i i mn lot being hialt d by the e- re" adlg 6=
ithe vile ito e Rlam hl road. Thim lead lm n-
puld tihn or dtae lae. Aply wm
September 7th.'

A Lot as dteo e ms gqfr-
ss mcra. 0 d. Lo, I a S fartal
dwelling book, Ia g6od rear, M1 a Kik-
rhmn, Room, Stable ad Chir Hi ajd maq
valuable fruit tree.
Fear price nd frter pricHn eqfui aI th is cs.
rpenaltar fits.

- F.


-W, i

puts pumlL ork TM FRENCH

eioms &bse 'ii e, Juiy sc.l
genitee a hl'l C w- ,A td esp

A ,smlpms eask 4B,-a in d. O

S P lsrus, whh wa erected i
iU Irrom&

p t ei sem Inrm, weCf si he Dukee

O aeo m d ue e. dmmo re ofhin a she rigP
-- I ll i l- -fm l Wi ll

sad lht, were the sm d rns Mianlar, and mmednlt
I, h.Itv them the Marsink il Fraue. The s-to
SPeers mre but auMy dpd. We ledir;

-ema de Br i, Co l iuaein I l.

ADuke do Cha osl, Same nrie, un, cd h lef id
lilued t he Dsfpeame, as edr ely alb me d Ma.
16d Pecn wn but staldy ocupW" We reuark

fhaysts, Gaisne, Dupin, Lafit, Roye, Cl.urd, M
gi., Ch. de H l sut, T rmi Vmieaut, and a gro mu
ier Deputies, took their uuial seats
A grm oher of i ge fcam were osnrve on i
d th biIM. Am, the nw ebuputs n p ticuar
e Iuarked Maes. Aro, rourfrede, MeriNbon, A.
At on o'clock a asr f a rtllery sanou nced the a
rivli of dI Kingsl he deputeions wen tu mnee him.
The Queeni. smosmpaiel by her childr n, and Maan
Adleide, was introluoce into hlw gdiaery reserved I
( e her r that of Ur diplomatic body.
A Imml dimstly aerwards the King, dreed in the un
Sof dh National Ouard, entered, preceded by
S I;einlulut o th w Chlibsn, ed iullowi bye a
ern staff. Crle of' Vlve In i." rs Ian te HIe
Hi Majesty, having uncovenlr, tot pie s on I
thrwn, harin on leis right band the Duke f Orians,
a 6ll4nMi CkIMel A l Ikmnr, ad diA Deon.
s mte itn *h a Culae of rLasce 'e
Thn Kint, sill uncoered, mid to the P s had Dop
sti Guenle sob, he usd." He ta e pan on his
,4d deliveurl de opening spech me a 4r rubei.
tfMear. Prs and GtasK fqNLmecn
I a happy In ald myself r meag o yon i, ite 1aI
t this place where France ha received my oaino.
Peinmtramted wikh t dtmie which they have impos
upon me, I shall always give eect to di national will,
whichyou rie tIme consitutionalorgans end I experton yo
pW therfiink nd entire etspeatlm which will ssure
lmmwernment thet irength, without which it will be
pabil to answer the expectations of the nation.
I have med, geolnemrn, dit dhe Charter shah bl
trutb: whae I have u i accomplished; the Charter
ties canuisironal monrrchy with rl its conditions loyal
m iertinord, with lI its cunsquenes frankly accept
(Lively applause.)
i m inn, that by the uniform action of al the power
aof the dts, we shall put an end to ihoe prolonged >a
tal* astrls i fed tlls guihy hoper of thoa who work
a, d reltur of the fllen dynasy, o oof thorm who drae
the chhmm of a republic. (Loud Applause fon
Cftmepb r here interpted his Majety, and lod tried
SLong aw i o Kilg!') Divided upon the caject, t
agree, however, Ik dtire i to imvelro, no artner
whet price, tim aur order, founded by the revolution
July, but neir urt shall h discoocenrd or punish
(Frsh pplause.)
Is calling mr to ihe thione, Frane hs willed that
s.miey selid h resubtnl; it did an deske da rys
s mold b power m A Governnment wviht str
w d not m it it ddr of a great n tion,.
I he JusI returned fron travelling in Frane:
peon of election which I horve rwrived in thkhour
w ery deeply thed my hea. The wihe
Frames ae preset to my thlnmtghs; yaou will did
samisllil i hem. Ordl shall be protected; liberty
guranlted: and every factious rono esfounaded and
r Ld. Tiha, that mfidece will bhe renewed for
usre which alone can re-tstablish prosperity of
II to Cnry this into edrt-it Is to rcomolidl m
and mo the asetitutimnal monarchy-d(ht I hafI am
it e prepared the difeent projects of laws t will

wh, I ahope. lrogise in that which him for its
jert she decisie of a great contsliutional quenion, rer
ed hy ie charter fr s examination of the Chaibn
*hlt always saek to pl oar institutions in harmony w
as b -a I amd wishm of id nation, enlightened by
prtm and mmieed by time.
To w how Mishe teo Is emine, omnfnrnamhy m

dom we mani-e l 1egmld
S idt m s a seepalMy of aa tes, andw oAt
ae of Govowrment, en- set rogdh" do ery of

Fe e ad u^^^^ie oft, s pos dtl
= pe- .1- km4 v eAw tol^re l mat

ooml e nmrcisl mt h han dmed l tie iso e: I
is kia I, mnd I drinre do ooag wih w ich t
t b erms. I herp tie they amw a nch i
aw s ho no ~S ayab *0*drauikes ofi

Ie o e m iens -or csnm andosw.. d
od wllli, un oder I pa Gov ment always
*r *mMo iaomems r m b I i
Win -YMrf 4 f y I. *riiliio j :
eL a*s ot n h ssa birsti@ersy: itf r
rn gemet, brliant es--r me avrilabl a isr lie

II 1 ~L

- -L.--.- 4 -



. -f

SFrfIelrms 5 e Webs io p mpo T anomian

in flieity thoua o J im.e (D*"Avh. Aaselestte is e i teodes to woA
I bE kmst i Id "m is b uri ihm
o be" I have OW ien und er the Lees of Wasd ed an doS g o% o *nagm

dasisM-w hue smoels which nhea C vishetd Th ertim l p aI iothe eg-6-d eah

Sed b owt it loan-, e.ay rilk lion C mnod.d s bu .weL,
Si e i M ss ism ihs ail so *N t di I t pl w he

ea E-I n r m. e e.l-ead ; they deei s wh
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Swho worth r te dep itory o lfte, citi o loe a It e ent deputidoa i

Sthm iumriuce aof our tciu, ,lorye-wlrdi dead mL this tg ihe amer ora L omsn: it ie ordered r
dedece aos they hye dr ptecd r inrnn decide that Eaee poprlaton wiU rpule the
ytheism rh-ey4 da e to she o them Pvepl and the inhnm

i tuienl ud seo cia, which nit Frnce eo the U DENMARK.y
ery for a lai time pndilg betwn two countries pne l hed the Conarit tiod of he drincl tae

me whirh hve s~ch claiims or (tu s sympathy. w e o me time siDce promised to his people. Tchk
r Odr Ili hve bee concluded between de ei- of Ihe Kg in the pst meu hbu b een to it D
Scan imLnd Haytl o apuble limi nry ep townior th etablishme t ofr ies
i AdU tphne a i he aiunicted to you t oon oas rch-to educ le hio people ptli tilly, u s he i te
y e rtied d wen nacl i onf u t tohe sles nd lat iste a i ts
dr'whmte NdtiueGuad, ud thsito during I

ams- hich ley coutae mshdl be sMbmitted for your ac- olive toeset n. Thisn mvonul measure * ga
i I o eht me sek t orders to our cise to rI ure p, ,h Pn Couacil, of c ha c he hde ier suhr s
i *e e a of he of lt Mo, e mre f ber, it ll d oubtlen be followed by ma i
etul aLpprerionu of the atiea trlde. nor tiic worn. but i aee l AdminiT b ratin. his oemtya
Ai ion so I ademndd it, dte troops of ite cEmperor Im be plerved from the riuk of sdder nd violent th,
Sof Ausri evacuated e R uian State. A real ad will. it i to be hopd the p erilpU rie

a t* n e tcy, the abulithioe f conlu nation, tud impo lnt omfte m ne o the poldes Ent open Mhbentot.
cha a in die udinn ltraTe tod judicIial system, hsant ve

thes given. Huch ar the smelioratiou which will, we BELGIUM

re hope, asunres the .Stol, dllheir tranquillity imil he The rejoicinp of the Belgiaos *t having king
no loe troubled, nd ul tiheequ ilibrhm of Epe wi ther on, yet continue. On the 8th ofaJly, L
ti which Fortey coutain sela prlsre s itt mine. forr v flRomd persists iand thus to tbemptg togdl

d be ed by the nainteuo ce of their ndr independhice, was to lee. t o cn ts r through hisi protinces, eesu t
s xtiulosl and at ancevnt, bhich inits Fof Pncnc the U. DENeARK.

of e kgdom of the Low Cou termite, constituted to reluin to his cIitl on di 7n of Augu.
r by the trei ts of 1814 uad 1816, ba ceased to exu r repor a tlat he tingS of Holland intends to reb
to The independence of Beim d her pelion from coning h title o the crown, ad at he head v of l e lh
n- Holland have been ac concluded by the grAt perl. ar y of one h reed thoeund men, to ndipue li sr
ITh King of the Belu will not form pir m of he rity stp of t the prtcos. A London piper of the 3
ahermln tohdecy. h e dnite t y a his i o menace poys li:-.
hes sd whuchte fri the liotirston- CshPco wile mbeblweso oEliterM.

s Frbcm, ad s ie lt pthe l lItaeiut will tb deroaitshed. ITn reii m oan thi, King Leopo hea fvrn i
ll (Lou tpplua er ania iterupted the spch.) A mlibne ilst co n of M.Th de im eupoa t re Fore
i. beutrrlity recognaid by Enope, odf the friendbip of fain ; et. Ouy, Finance; M. Ralkem, Juhtice; M. Ha

France, illnsreour nighbounr as idepeudeoce, of filly and M. Sauvege, remain the former MiaDiMT
os whi we kheben the Lrowoumpor. War, atnd t he cuitcil of thihe rir. Their dipeiiM

gi- The power which rues in Poetual hu committed with respect to foreign policy are not yet knows; he
lor oyateuon Frsnchme-i ot has violated a tem the Kig me tehe appointed of the Piowens owhby as
of he dlawl of ju tke and i aumlaiy to obtain redrelo the poioi it tseelm but rations l t io conclude, a
ihe vily da de, oe a hipn ap w red b efoo h ie Tagur. they are bound to support hol authority, he his
heof I gv reeed ilelignme un they have proed the cited any man who would be ddmipod to resj l sste, h
*b en race of river: a tifachlonr up to ai ti fu- contl t betn e BEGiM Dutch i, how
al red, ah been seiner tred. The Portugue iilps of muchI to be dreaded ; for, hKoever the A llies
so (Lw turulaed, here agatn equilibrium ot Europe e ill their own, yet consists. On the 28th ofuerly, FOang

of wnt aingow in orpewM',ud the t Cnri-coelod aconstituted o eeed topll.together w ith relpec to Belgiur, tee
r. Ib the wtll ie of Lion14 (Girt aplawue, as d t i.e be no dou b, that othi Puo aand intend to re slyw
of Thloe indepdee i r Bing.) to r t arraengeo lent, and woul gladly avail hf esnwi
lhe on, hang uienay and furious conflict prolonged any opportunity to overturn im t. o d e

l'y Polud. The coolict echoes the livehest emotions in
h the hKio of tEurope. 1 ia endevouring to put an end Rthe of te p miso Cdoln tper y.-The Shnie G*
to i Afven hovng aera d y media ion, I have toughs vrnment having obtained permhion from the Pe n:-
Sto in of the rr am po er.e I have wihed tlo grnt pen ion s to e Clegy, anLpd to the Ecle mii
syop alfui of pp blood: tso pnes tmerruve oh the stblieehmenl' up on the revenues of the Buhoprire iI1
d fnreut a ti of the coalEgi o which i war i pri pa- Cner n per cenge. he Prne lat. wR re accoJrdinlt .

he rag recall d e old anectimG of France, (crisn of easily be im Sagined, rem tho reverend urerslnige
re- bra ,) de ioaty whih ha cited a ie not oerr-atcrpulm in gievng an exIat ccpunt of iheor
the vic poludec. (Load arpo e tum.) venue ; and ihe bto good reason to s'upect that eo
the or Ion F doubtes- judge, that in thee dicult ego- have et out of the saponnted or than a third pof
tlion L s te r nlotere of France,it the oin e re ssof her rmoutnt; bu, n b cording to the own clstemrnm wim
fie v ainl doue ov o ships ge red oefores she Tdgto. gny pen bound to support hi authority, he E ac we

e pIper siy, of ioe power an her honour, have fr d e n defn d ane cult to rtify, the manual revenue o i

td rdo with pevilsaate aaid dhigniy. Ehwerp is now Spanbc h Arehbbiseop ad Bias he amDounli t
he convinced e of ou diriepo: tncti, u and ie of the 13,00bet0,00n0 lth d h
it Idity of e our wie for he operation of peace; tho e Canoned; fr Minor anonis 9,A4,16a
o- t is ia abo open or the demotraion of o nr st seredngth to ------ct to Belium, th a

rh- Youa war, that w re(ly, should we e anled upon eo Makingo total of .......... R ,646,1 5

f, nut nsjm aggrmsons. The following gives the separate revenues of die fnlus
th t i in prilathi he polite f d to ArchbihopriCes n and firl Il dl Bi ash i price:-
me uasarnuinary snd o riou ndhr honort is prolonged in d ny opportuuith to ovectirn ita

She eny a of the ro wic h h ae or lb ie ; e e........... 1,000,1
the mad si of Europwa afm ew coruation, which wMouRld antiago... ...... 790 ,
ned it eAer bi op e id me amd the civulinuton of Vralencia....... 6rm 50,0 f 00
SIeslo that we Sy aragseu ....... 2ha o nt pi e Cl t 5,00he
e Wst rs pproch, gt ldto. the out uErary. I G a.he ...... 000revenues o the
ii Ito isi evilskgs she poltaiion which lwer id props. chbin per ics and, fte PreIites III:- Mowing? W

i- his ith ,adlltm w yoea o led wi h me in i t lem- BArhbopric of ........ 57e,00
au rec old ti o (crin refily be iaind ting o thrtie reverend....... 150,000go

the awaeill doubted of d m ae, co t ncord, which can Pmt ...... 9t00,000
datioers do tru interests of Fran the invermato of her amleount; but, accordngto thcira.w statement, 000

mr p we appear ye a e p h gren het asver deI i...os nul re95,000
ed midwt pan mid dmgoity. Eurwi e im now so anish ArchDishops and Bshops aunts to

rv- Hiawr, that we rely, sold e be d up to Mkin tol .......... ,66,10000
the rht msekajggesion The following u ad cosopdrte revehuch o do.. 0,0
sith It i is aeetn i the poitical system followed up to Archbishopricsend firs a sixr B0hoprics 0
ez- ptime, taptwe to be ae touMoorenor country of Archbishopric o Toledo .... ..... **** 50.00(r

the memlsy. Ceeh .. ........ 125,000
SThhe a l twato e d of cried of" Long The salay of a Minler .of, Stat, ia Spa.n, d
hey live ihs KIng." euued 25,000 fraes, sad thAt allowed so a Meamer h
tedr m cm n w fs. the Co Is sa mte citha 30i,000 frncci.-P00
Tuur e nppTAA. Jtly IT. AI M magf e .-.... L-- i 0e m0

1) hp pmalmam mea the A unm p haee enueasud La .f the Bieet .tha Pwia Beliem) is a nahapy ma.
SI* thde Pulaled Aneoritie hem in alsl imdmse Deaferes Ciim, who images him.K..... mt
ml k ew hpiy t lle far m cany ea ihe Adins- lnd-Hei pse liIe a l h.never 150
tateiv nep t yia gt i udly e 11d wial o Khis. he sys, h.e sea., and from l, or ay Mehmb
la the pshais ai i hs u o lt hea mso, ders.. ai
A=. The Pl. t Cil e, mi ly Ai is t -esgesr l it a wm l asi sm."
s e po d=. is ria iaan I seek M a b bibo bad wh ile ahe We ecbw *
I%. -- It SWI CM hmi. 1J -*qr >lAaP ia do r M .M- Mine I a J bu <>-Si'

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