Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: October 1, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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K a9 B BIGGS, Editor.


T- vsI. i-vs..


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S^ THE BAHAMA ARGUS.' 'Wi l hmofu in Spanish not to 'b le d by us. Whi may be -i d as-
HE AAM ARsnelvsGUS. tme u- obvious. The lfhbiejl of sor Menmim d M re-t
FUSXLISHD SBaMl-WE LT IN NABSAU, N.. P. r ipr privileges--fr which hawe bonm petised on lirm--4he prejrdi ,p
3 4-l oits. By these lhve ban rid is coeequece-r own aown m ll
wi *Olan per ium a m-, avae* api Ih have already repeated challenges for enquiry-our wiliagm wila
"bou although at ren to the Runtie ammsr U of elancipaliente rEl r
i sers. The un- and equitbl groud--ar .dclalr to ails
a place in them, nifest violathtns of it--the danger, to u, impedm Isgd,
'A ii. y f' ertion. At a most clamour they indulge i-and to thm, the l os f oif
IOr insps i the destruction of resnmue.- ad the reduction toplia nr-
on Ith Is l t iihy of this im of thousands, who an, now dependent on We esladii
tmend C R obetti ng them- Comnmrce.-Lest of all, tell them they hme depllk
-tie safety of i sh a a~u ly theru can from the charector of their anceanrss, and they a l-a
POETRY. bne no parit Int rvr aro of only proceeding on the cowardly principle of oar wabis
- "-- PMg( Oqfr.'ft" ve nc e.- nes and incapacity. It is needles to ad, she proa-f
INVOCATION TO THE BARDS. No uhwnrthy rejection tion of order throughout the Island will be (hi, cJii e
Bing praise to the blood-red Knight, of mearu ducted of the Delegated Asambly. This should be erjaiis.
Ye bards without a name, on tlhe nA; so sppo s without the smallest appearance of agitation or eil-,
Recount the Ilonlurr of tile fight, dmet 1i' 0 aty- iment. Numerous are he ineasure which willW he sq
That added to his fame. it is thd .te o nd al peo- site for them to execute: but theMe will baturallj mit.
Let inspiration nerve your song, plr to Ir r i er own and will be better discussed io'clao divan. I s iadleb.
Throw Homer in the shade, iteroel-str ia l;ltno gui- of tie Committee in my tiez-i the mealimw, wa
Conjure Apollo anl his throng, ded her Counil d , fronn impending be matter of congratulation to evea ---oparie, o
Aud throughhis glories wade. anarchy and con sirto. i' rigin v1ted in society them asembled-to ee tiem PROCGED TOQUA&z
Tell. how when the battle rmed, independent of all govrnn ent--prlmplted by nature, and NESS. Let them, birever, kelepi mind, Ml anloL
Where deathly weapons flew, recognized by law! The DELEGATES l:u have. been is to be gained by corcqntc TLhy afn -im-n th
Iow bright he looked where danger waged, sent from the (Cilonial Itniun of tile smaller islands liave not to yield, bNg to maintain-et t o oaedeas tadoo
Hisrua&bdlidig, no nbdue. been received and acknowledged by Ministers, and al- mand.
Tell e ba i bd dd though it is now perhaps too late for us to resort to such a UMBRATUS-
The bOllra' i doId lg hi; measure, yet iuch may be done if a union is conducted
Ho. swiRf a meteom in the ka, with unanimity, resolution, and spirit. Tie first thing SLAVE EMANCIPATION.
He twhftd when in a plight therefore, whlici will naturally occur when asseribled in
their place of meeting, is to frame an address to the Kin,_,, oornsaDD Al A mrunrson or nomra r.
Tell how his word as lighteinggleamed, stating all our grievances, detailing from tile first, the op- (PI tie 'NAtien Omaibme.)
Wie Falstaf's in the p tlay. r prosions which hare been visited on us, the unjust intt We are forbidden, on several accounts, tio h political,
The ro'er him e ad' banner str Pmed pests and exactions which have been lai' on our staples, and we will not overstep our license. There i a o'n
---ro --- -- y .A the various inf.lactioir l of our constitutional rihlit,, tlle con- tion, Iowever, of vital interest to a large portit oi ote
TIHE OI.IAN IIARP. cessiouns which hav been yielded Iy our House of %%- rountrrvien, for whose wolfate wvi wm ,vrr snxius., whicb
I hear suot, a plaintive note. snlbly, tie iriolnis and plidec's whicl lave bce.n itlli as bn ,,liifolly conuiderdl and w ii r ua, the ou-
It seems o'er trIanquil seas to float, directly and indirectly by his Minisltrs, the uniform rio- i n rlitally considered, and hi, ,, f the po
On Zephyr's softert wing'tl borne, lation of them,the unnatural power our nic omis n tt purpise discussing on Itse sreir, n It .f its pllicy,
Bare, 'ti a cadence tuned to mourn; have bIeen allowed to attain, thlir inpolicy, turnloor, a nd g irat q xleion c ut of itsae E ncipatio. Thin a rtainh
Or sing some hero'. so.o res, t eachery ; our faithful and unsiaken ikt ally under all cir- raet q.tinn of tare Emancipati n. l'arn a certain
O eeacaIe r U it aItarti under a err- t* ini tIr e Sttlli-we w-ill call iln.In a pa:rt--tn-,ron Iy
A the die,o's child el y breast. cunllstsan,,. tlhe danger to whicl e are now expolSe, tie their ,prticulr reliRgious opinion, and tled I v Mr. Wi
Or, nefudrl knell bswely srung. certainty rtht, let ll"' coming crnrtl,.slt itrinain % I way Is,. wNegro
Or, tuneul k.ell by ea-n rang n lntlaim ,r'rrce in I'rson, first ntarcked tIe f'ii Negro
Spirits of air. descend to praise, it will, lis iland %ill ba lust tohim. Aniltlyv,i,, claim Slar, it was with a view of ahlili, in itunious
In soften ones, a requiem raise! the interposition olhbi authority to ward off evils lhichb,rf and dishlicIl hbner. 'heyv sucre.ed.fl, and it Uas to
Harkl es they are holitmsounsd I hear. o onc mot ion, will be bey iqd his power. their credit that the did so. We know not if sar c
Than come from any being of air nerates torpor, bitt we do know nt ie abioiti sa
Cltsttang psaimes all his own-we do know dust the shoikis
Do Angels rong Jhise h'ribmew n. It will be perfectly consistent with llie futlctions of such ving gained lr ir fst point, slept or, at all events, feigned
Yes! in soft, full, harmonic swell, a body, to frame strong remnistrancls to tihe Ilos ofi i sl'inlir, Ibfore they v,,eniured to announce thlir 'crnd.-
They his unceasing mercies tell: Loids and ('ommons--lay bclurre lile latter their own i In thI( years that elapsed during thie period iio rest, the
A thrilling burt of music breaks, enactments giving nconlrle'mnentl to our iarly s.ttllrrs- (;l,,,rnmrent, which lhad first instituted ald long patirrniud
Whence David's Iarp again awakes! sanctioning, in dio most solemn manner, all tiH' rights I1 the Ir Ade, %ihere husy in encioiraging t(e rlltiNali ar i d
No. those are sounds of an earthly sphere, property-rionfiruiing to us, all tie rights Io llrilis.l slu- improvement of the Wesi-India rColnies, by means if
That so soothingly meet tlie ear; Ji'cl-forciln on us by particular acts, die slave traderl, Slave lalou.r-in promolinl the dolmenslicatuion lof tI(n nm-
"Ts the bhrp in yonder hall, and the purchase of slavei-s-mlking tie pos.ssion io crors to a certain etelil--and, above all, in giving to tle
Amweerig tb' pa ring night wind's rcll. slaves a sia qua non" for tile possession of' land bs-liy people of England the benefit of the immense masses of
Oh. swst ben'o'l pnre, transneelent choir, before them the violation of all these compacts, biy the wealth hlich, season after e.a.on. we poured irlt her Iorts
TAe the cadence, sweet Caolan Lyre! i. measures which are now in progress through i hlcir loullw from IlIse sunny islands. Thn Wilberforce party now lie
Oh, but thy precious life then fled ? -instruct tllmn in what they seeml to lave forgollen-- an to discover that the slaves were in a state of Irbarous
Ceas'd thy generous heart to throb I that it is their peculiar duly to watch over, ani pr- i;nioranrie, uid that it would be espeidient ni dispatch nis-
And number'd with the silent dead, serve the rights and properties of all classes of is Ma- sionaries to instruct them in the principles of morally and
Wuam thbou the white death robe jesty's subjects." Tell them that they are violating lhal religion. The planter generally caught at this propui-
The youand brave forevr lost- fundamental principle of the Constitution, which denies lion, and received the missionaries with open arlm. A
Erlay nmioled with the dust them a sup1renl power-that they are most unlawfully a- few, indeed, might have Iten dstruslful of their inten-
A mother's love-n father's bloast. suning tlaslln l spirnr power, in llhe aittellets i) depi)risv,. us tins, nd perhaps have objected to tlwir inlrerfmene ; but
Samon'd to the good and just. of our property, withoutull anmd ample romrpensation- as a ltly the 'Proprietor patronized those who cane to
that it is an assumption of tyranny, unworthy of their better tihe condition of their slaves. These men, how-
Fa frmi thy native Isle thou'rt laid, British ancestors; for well are they convinced, thln alny ever, employed leonnehlves less in preaching than in a svs-
Th lait bed's made la, motion made sanld carried in their Iloise, for imnlnediaie tern of espionage, and nrports n r( naherd the lotlher
Thy pillow! kr burning sand. or remote enmncilation, raise's at once thie standard of country of tortures and crrr-llie, to chill tie blood and
rehellion, and reduces the other rstatrs of their real to a make the ch'ek turn pale. These ncrounts are often
No frndl step thy young grave seeks, nullity Let them know that your olject in addressing I alo', sinas ss nlanteriallv rxac erated; bul the Wilber.
No oed o'erilowing eye' them is to preserve this valuable Island to tlle British force party rciilt atl t nir utlll hel ming eagarrtn<'. and
dNo lnder i ean. ne it igh Crown-to prevent tile hlorrors of a sr ile war. Lastly, bl,,1,ned them in the face ,of all Enlanl, in rlutrslirh
No lender hear near it igh, that you claim all tihe rilghs of Marlla l'harta, and I ern tlen holed would xicite pit) and create liscius. l'r.
The desert' blast thly only wail, other privilre enj)oyd l y our fllilw sulibjert in (.Iral need n.o here nirran lite histonrv f rhlrir siiilc-as..
The night's dew hill. Britain; and that if they should rontliue obltinately to n-rd nittll hl lnow tliioutandi l'rcki-d ti Ihir .lanhiril,
Trne only rweep. Ihe lle, shut Ilrirarsir to the voilr o' rraion-'if :nruli-of rlnlicil a;ind lilstned io tales; it is enoiiu.h ii knot w lnll tlt Sla
Of thy sad-thy early iall. M. -and lof slind ilin -lc' --lisl hoie.ver rlhictanlt-li. ,wev.r :iiancipaltin was smn liudlyv nd s(lI.mently I I llied fri
Srepullliv' ti iour lihlbits and icrlinai:iiin it mila be, we sill In a lar' r Iportion of thie pI;pulliion, who declarenl tilt
From the Jamaira 'ourant. endeavour It nintal.iino tilnm, Iv em Iry ini, a in our pow- thel justice oif oie' claim rould not he weighed arainal te
TIHE SIGNA L. r, or liy calling in soeir olthr pOuIs r, 1i1 gue iu prorte- poplnlarity of tile odrtr ; and that tile generic inIererts of
No. 4. lion; remind them lino that lie Britis.l (;overnin.-nl took t Ii'lanters a;nd tlie colonier at large mist be sacrificed to
the Colonists of St. Donllinso under their production, Blenevolerce and llumanity!
Nil drsperandum. when visited Ivy similar afllictions froi tlleir Parent State., This son has been sung in various fashions for the lst
TO MY COMPIATRIOTS. and hav li hus sanctioned the appeal they couple us to thirty sears and more. When poliital excitement on
ToBrR MY CO PATRIO nlke, il lesm an imnmediate cessation of llieir ihostility mllatilrs of more ininediate moment engaged the at'entio
li Ralbert Peel says in his speech, Friday, 211 April, takes plar. if tle Irleopl', it sank into its low dimLmnsndo ei---
1i1l, U I do not advie the people of England to sit with To t*re Iurose of Loris, tl'yv must be brief Tlha as when tile excitement i.di passed awav it ron again high
sil hands before th expecting the confiscation of the the Pillars of the State"-as tlhe herditary guardians and ghlotiou,i and fell loud upon tlle listenine ears of thiu-
60 ad the confiscation of the tithes ; I have that ron- of the Throne, they are boulln equrilly witl ours.lveis, to iand.. Th. musicians whor had first composed it often
Ia the combination ,of intellect and of property, preserve tlis Island to their Suverci n--ilat phtlrel iihbs.tiutt a new sympliony, and anoilhsr accompaniment
f thedy will but Krite i a just cause, I do not despair above the influence of popular clamul,ur, thlv are r ound lut i ll. tiune remained tI- same ; taking its source annual
a macf'uil issre of this question." This is wilolesome to oppose it, wirhn it ha, lrbeen rise id by fraud and lnisre- front Freemmason's Hall, anid finding a tremendous echo in
edi, hit i certainly more applicable to the inhnhitants presentation, and las, fotri s .lijrcs, tIK-h elst manrkedl in- every .letlldlist ChapI l in the netro li. And even
Sllaek, whom I also alds ise not" to sit with idle inutice and oppression-lthl if thl.y allow our rriults to now, whein Rteform is tie reigning idol, when ruenern-
-s eOxmcting the destruction of their fids, their own be abroateald and destroyed, they Ilave no lonn-r any sI tion of our Consilltion i. lhked for by all the lling uf
ussLio-..-but to o iten in the just cause which i be- curity for their own-- tlt rromninlily with a keen eve and an anxious lart, even
a d-es," and I, like Sir Robert, do not dispair of A we have departed from common forms in lte first no,, lthe cry of slave Emancipalion mals helf heard,
S aces l isue; but this union mins be prompt, to instance, we ollW t to hsitate at nothing whilc may corln- andi, peirlaps, heedd; anird the io questionn sens tI, progrt
h My affect among your own population, or to affect duce to t he oljrct in viw; ani an enerrclric anid lold with ti,e rIrinciples of thl e peculiar ames. We wotuil
' i'otmaded measures of our enemies on the other side appeal to lte people of Great Britain, inav have a .mold siglgiert, howeirv r shat since thie plriod wlwn thle iqlrhies
iniftlor. The parishes have already nominatedCom- effect-" Fas rst ct oh-Msete drrri." T'is is rinr of was first originated, m.n and things in the ,lhnie', no
ofa Of Correpondence and DELEtATES; let an the cheap weapons in the hands of our enemies, and ought less than at home, have INrn mnateriale I lha:;ed ; tln im-


V .

111111 y 6 illB6d d this Afrcn o s
mu e da Ce nd& ; a. Aaimn he a or

= v hk fqiew iy va Reiimu in-
J p w i - D ideal mai
Cda b Iadlni. 6toM, Pt h l heimi- MCATUID i .
e nmaelmdles,e e an o heeg bePomoe capable
d aeg k. U ell thm we emsed te is would bi By the politeness of a of n
with i i d IchouIr eDartl proceed
s Lw mteit ty t ri b NegrPa i E res h Sl i r
we te m "lIn m pote fmm Aries; now the Charleson to a
a dise, and imn e da fmr-iftha f tdh sh ve with dime CbhratoI one
r i the Wma l l di d. (
Spre"acn prmt b tter dar a ihw of howa. c ,r i
1% Wor whe bIr-glt i daiim from hi native orfy
md- y m Oar o-enyrdnm im dtmqpmam oll froorn #d e W L rngn' rtng
Weod a ba e, and in dm change froin a infurmauio hegthhi o-dmy'lp
asue fity to dt reverm ; hue na who is bn in n it On Ish; J d ft3 g t delivered a
-- wr of y--wo, f h. erleat incy, h long p of deputies,
Ieo wit hil lusmv iv on dn maw nmue--wo hes laen i of his
a t p this m ease r a to a perent--h .we ha all the which wu ena k'i of his
i c em rts which or ow pantry have not, und determiall to .I die i agitaions
godb atndio duea k.ra wih our own peasuntry f those of d dynasty,
-m h se tou hi work whon der um rue-, or of the ho n of republic;--
f eEs l at aem-dej make a hearty meal. and fie aentio s" tesy r a 90110poe which
n aIblli thue mae ma eats in the evening---who limention t tyji t tee which
Iy W b h ain, plays wh his children, erminated the coutro4i for I 4 time pending
hil erlpmr. ilre e itol ajumbee Oories between the i- countries ; ad an that other trea-
S -dd-- lthedmallt, luha gard exclusheely ties have been concluded with the Mexican and
l e die day weekly hirW aom dlsmp of h P"r- Haytian governments. lie alb informs them of having
b--l k t he b ll h h^at to worahip his God
and am h rig Istructed is the r rdim nts given new o orders to his cruisers, for the more effectual
dJm mW do -r preiepta o redligion---i-n Wt, who suppreaion of the alave trade. Wi h respect to Belgium,
oys aal he blmalg dhst amtend on his sphere oflife, he suva that sie will not form part of the German confe-
nd is a a m f fa'e arm analey and olicitude ; deraey, and that the Belgian fortresses will be demo-
erb a h hau voting to Io by remaining in Ims present iH
a---B g gaM by n dl k It, and prvee, by the
pekfora ohi ntmat iMs r ve ry, tht his mind and King Leopold I. h'I formed hi Minitry. It conoias
edJ ma inirld by that pride and pamion and energy of M. de Meufenrcre, Foroigs A&fairs; M. Oiy, Finance;
whil m ad wil nimate him before he is fitted fur M. Ralkem, Justice; M. Dufailly, Minister of War, and
frin M. Sauvage, Minister of dte Interior. Accounts relative
h ballthiote ay now ha divided into two clmest
the wl'ly malicm, and the well-meaning; the fr to Poland are contradictory, but much itobe expected from
prompted by party spirit and intrigue, the hest by a sene the mediation f the Great Powers.
ofJIl Iand humanity. We diuim the fuoroer in pure The cholera morbus continues its ravages at St. Petes-
uscu ; but to dhe lear we would address a fw brief oh- burgh. Up to the 10th ofJuly, the total number of case
mervadim And fint, we would make them acquainted were 3417, and the number ofdeadtu 1,479.
ith e creed. We, them, despite slavery wherever it i
i he fand--i Engled, in Ireled,, in Spain, in Por- A report was current in London that the Emperor of
Iage, i OGreece, al in a u or e o un-lit islasnl of tie to 1 Rumia had died of ('holera.
pi. We have mon it-and we Is it till in al thsee The news is of the greatly mportance, conveying as it
di -Ad re is little variationin its aspet, Uttle doe, the account ofa splendid victory obtained by the
dage in ks mien; it appears still to mu to be the mnsme Poles r t.. Ru.siani, in which they :aok 14,000 pri-
Learel msser ofdeformity, and blichkea the bright moil
by ito fo imprint, wherevm it hbu bee msuered to treud. ones end eighty pieces of artillery. Also the particulars
lut ia the Wlt-lndies, mo particularly we have watched of another Revolution in Italy, and the account of the
It pogre and its growth; we ve e Men it rie to its three last days in Paris.
dlimi, and we me at now toittei to its falL We aer Affairs between Portugel and France are settled.
baolkloei, from the bottom of our souls, and we would
emacipate every slave upo the face ofthis beautiful earth From the Jama, c Commt of Aegust t.
--w mre, Ihrfore, willing to amit In working for that We lewrn tfrm private leiers, thie party spirtn mill rages a
llM; bot we proclaim our opinion, founded upon exi Nes u. n ed e a rr onu add. that no poslibilly ul ac-
rice, that k lae be done ery frfsalu y. Fo dhe ot cominodatng the difference which exse between aSr Jamies
-l bject of them, who deise the downfall of slavery, i C. Htmyth. the Governor, sad the inhabitants. can ake place,
m J, no tan dut reedom, of the dave. Now but by the removal of Ilie Eicellency to Sierr Leone, or
w hWe o ammersted above a variety ofbeneits-call Ilerm some other gomernment.
comets if yo will, which he enjoys in his prrsnt sute, Our cotempounry of the Jamaica Courant is here quit
nd of whih a c mle wt of iecw ity deprive him. 01 correct, in staying, that there i no possibility of arcon-
couie in free cooadtion, the home, the cltlhing, the food,
the neri-gl, the attendance, the protection, the holidayR, modeing the differencrm which exist between Sir James
e Onjoymeit, nay, even the instruction he receives at Carmichael Smyth, and the inhabitants ofthese Islands,
preet, fr a comparatively small proportion oflabour, he -for never have we een more determined and general
wel thl have d N wr 1 for, with considerable energy and haired exhibited towards any public character, than there
In my. Now, his com ary to the fixed prejuice and is towards him ; and it is moat fortunate tr that worthy,
o tisitdsal disposition of tie egro.-Such of the race
aNd frebandoemdesireit because they have a notion that that he has not en English rabble to deal with, as where-
I wald anipat them from hlbour. Control, thral- ever he attempted to show his fiery head, he would meet
dea, degradateo, are to them triles, but hard work is a with the reception that he so justly deserves. We sup-
begoLhr. As ea ch idea are prevalent amongpe po e t feiar of some unpleasant display of public opinion,
m, k i" Lc thlat dtey asn nk for liberty, that the boon
M-- ed aw wi ld Iteln rUia upon ti planter, miy or, coUnscince stricken, ashl med to show his face in open
e da eleve, ead desolalion upon the land at large. day, is the reason, hat-like, he i only to Ie seen in thr
We hw, hewver, that he mind of an uncivilird being twilight, issuing from his cheerlee abode to enjoy a
n ealy he elevated by cultivation, that nothing but edu- mouthful ,of air, after a hot day's employment in plotting
called, melityl and instrucion can purify his Ihmiuhts the delructikn of some lurkl' ight, who may have
and tan dam int their proper channel, that in order to
slhekh uisil a lthe n, we murt iach him that he b part him in psssion. We care but little shat His Ma-
hae i a ud eul, lhthe hhasbeen made in the image of jeiay's government do aitl him, if they sill bit relieve
his Maar, dat he Is in lhe eye of God as good as his fel- us of his presence; but we think it improbable that sluc
lain, ad dat heis otheomme weight in the srale of o- lmanity and good gIrermaent a% displavyl here, will
daly-ia ,honr, beore w re give hint poorer he mruet
ew l .ga ab heforewan giv e him rtelom mi' procure him the governnwnt of even that horrid cink of
am teach him *e duties which devolve on a free state. disease, and garden of dath, Sierra Leone.
Every mo in his aenes must allow that this. i a gradual
wrik, IMt t ilt i also erectal, for when it is completed Nms m, N. PI. ;3hh Septemilr, 1.1.
rhe ev will car itself. The siave will no sooner To the Iditor of the Bahama .4Arg~s.
da er dtat freedom wasr hi hirth-rilht than he will be- ML. EuITron,-Fur my present ciril growl I hall take
mea d tented ith hislavery, and then ifyou do not tlhe motto Nil fite fIedc, aut intemperaniter," verseu
giveq hm liberty a a boon he will take it from you as an Mi'Quinlibus, D. rl A. I'.-shlich being translated by the
inhaled priviller, and prove that even he has a right to linruist to tiw But N Ji Tro," sirnifierll in our rerns-
do whi h wil with hi own. Until then, we contend crlar, No nmliciomus Ials.ihl..s, but perfect good Au-
It kw ld i e Inaompntible with the spirit of kImmmity mour, from the political grrat luns," against Doctor M'-
o eU ipas ti We l-Indian Nero. And now well- Quintiius, Aoinim I'ri, or But N's' AS. It was some
menig kbt mistaken. enthusiasts, if)oil ouuld serve the I rch quoantion, Slhilh l oa lputl wiih an a.srri~k aa note,
dlvew wl ad fithfully, join sn in our task. Torn youth Ily tlh' Eldior of tlh- CoUTranl, as the foit of tlre article lIe
tofhes frai de to grada l liberty, take the negro (M'Quintibus) copied l itl suili h wFlf-con~ atulmatio and
and tma h hin, iaruct the uninstructed, moralize the ira- which, when I read the achule article, appeared to me to
noral, civilis t he rberian, cltivate the undertauding, I have been received as initrndedl: n open alml,,iy IRalde
Im his eaaries, daEate his pride. It inay e a labour by one Ediiot to another, for obasire la'nIaiel,-- 'iwts
ad yern, pirhapm, bl if done slowly, i will be done well, all lie could, eIn c'ioul no more;" and nosl t Ihartily do I

wHow cm t, h at the -it of t e ad ite of
copied, together with its accomip i ulno. A!
(Jinitah, MI- publish gb m "niAl ; you do not treatr urg
honourably, and demand opon it, the Bath, YiftlJ
you for i. Imes, MY iyntly y a wuld a
,lint the EJllor of dI Coaral ud indar dame ofM%
and 26th Augut ; you put that in your r usn "o HOL
to be used a occuas may msrve.
Where are your" pigeon holen" id buc i? Arm
in Blavan PALACe, or in ome less honourable h
Samarrmm f You have a wmery pe!ewhi r way
rather more coist than hat laid down by your ct
trymau Blair, en a role for a aociame style fmon will
fault, you leave your friends too extensive a ranp fi
their imaginatina, and if hey happen to have no imer
nations at all, they vote your sage remark.-voz retiA
terit nilil: uuless perhaps they may please some Aailji
creature, whose panegyrics you doom to create "
sweetness on the deert air." It mseeu to grieve you a
ulitle, my dear M' ta ty, that I saoulki growl alnot pI
lie nimeaures four tim general good. 1 have unanswerably
denied that they have any tendency to more then indiri.
dual benefit, at mthe probable public expense; and you
ake upon yourself to say, that 1 am interested in no way
in the a llralion, or in any other. You are lather loe
lold! What interest have you my good fellow 1 Barc
HAL.L, is, I am certain, thrice as valuable as BEAVEa PA.
LACE; my east irn agailj your Irides types, and mouoro
my fin fast sailing ihemer, which I man to tender i
Ilis Excellency Sir Janwm C. Soyth! But I tnst it to
your haor, not to tell him that abe has a private ak,
as then my strongest rhetorical and logical powea, will hib
of no avail to induce him to go to Englad in her, in tIh
depth of winter. I would much rather that some of tie
sons or daughters of the ocean should pick a bone with,
or of lii ExIcellency, than be DOOMED to catch yoa
promised Christmahs gfts. You are one of those d
gummed JACKS, whuIo bonrs have ntllingr a them,
worth picking : 'tis fairly preaching from a text with n
perceptible meaning.
I am truly obliged, for your not calling in question my
right to the name I have chosen, as no doubt re my
very Aonourable cnaruzieos." If I had not meant to
personato thoroughly and well, my namesake, I should
not lhave taken the appellation. Could you find notlling
harder then my cognomen to handle 1 and have )oI
never read iqi your more juvenile days, the fable of the
serpent and file c
You grace ime with the high sounding title of a co.
Editor, but with your accustomed short windednres, yoe
do not say of what. Pray was it from an Auwricaa
newspaper of my editing, that you fiched your editeril
remarks about a week silce? Or wili ye, on OIW,
honour, say, that very cearmaiaer stroke of o rwicetry,
called Ti RKa ISLArDS" in your editorial matter wm
your own diction. It was verypemr, M'Quinty; but really
too good to emanate from yoer cranioecopy. 11 it wa
bonafide your's, 'tis thefral, and last note of tie swan;
whose music 1 could never believe pleased any save lcr
own litite rsans. Do you knuw diat hroae whom I value
most among all my very hoiolable conmerin ," e.
teem the bearish exterior which covers my very amble-
self, as a mask calculated to make my character more
respected, when known to the good; and to keep, by in
forbidding uapect, knavesfar from ae.
I ant, Mr. Editor,
Your obedient servant,

W'tinsDAY, 28Ah Srpltmber, 1831.
Ma. Eitnioa,-Thbi day is the anniversary of tl
arrival of minerall Grant in the Bahamas, in 1820. It is
even years since I saw the sturdy little man step eo
lhore; I could almost fancy it yesterday. How many
letrlinisq of pain ani pleasm-, does the remembrance of it
bling lorthll Wh4I is not pleased at the r"-collectin of
the open, manly, benevolent countenance of that truly
gnod man, sh;n seated at his hospitable board--ar-
roindedl by his nuunerous friends-the very essence of
kindne. and good humour, and conviviality. Who dors
not with bitter leling., contrast il withlthi owlin, Umman,
mSlpirimos.m, sinister aspect, of one whom we too *e'l
know, lowering like a bird of ill onmn, uver the wretch-
ed atllielpt at grandeur and French cooker, on his table
--ulrrnundlld, not by f/rtids, butI b a few abject tinm
erver and parasites. Who ciiuld resist joining in the
hearty and merry laugh of our old iriendl, Iand n hi I lhler*
that dies not shudder at the fIrcrI, malignRnt, nrdonic
crin, which he now witnesses. At lhe numermis friendly
parties which in those days enlivened our little Kcielt,
General (rant was always pre-nt,---alwanys re promoter
of lhappin ew,--al nay pleased if he could make other pro-
ple so. At llh' dinner, his livlinew and good humourrd
jokes, put every one in spirits; at the hall, he was Ile
merriest of the dancers; at the maroon, he was lhe flrs
I,, throw off ceremony, and to promote that eae and pond
fellowship, on whrlhi the pleasure of such parties depeads
The lasmurance that generall Grant would be one of de
party, acted as a telisnmn, and insured the atternusnre
every one. But how is it nm 1 let the words to meet
the G overnor" Ir backed to the tail of an invite, it weal
be received like a bunim-ilif'.s tap on the ehooier-n
who would accept it I The cringing coward, hating e
vrant in his heart, ye fawning on him, and flaring
hiim. fearful that his malice may at some period find a op-
IKHrtunit of revenet., Ior any offence coommittel aIainst
Ih; s.-lf-i.cvioseq.ince ; the lying parasite, inwardly despi-
ing tie miian he gull*-yet srevlndini unhotmded attach-
ment to himn. fromn the IdSlpi.,bleI hope nf relping wt'e
prC.f or ibluioing suone plare ; the loml. vain ofenm little
allnltion voiiclis'eemil 10 ini Iy srlqch a prodigios press

,a, .

-"now" - AV

0 , c.S-dka, o tul m doP i oom l truly,
0 1 way you nt ye oaclaty!
I and word bt.iedn of r foree Go.
w Orrel ad aMbsintial benefit to the colony.
lt o nr ny strf nr that cae here to-
theuslve= tothe inhabitants generally,
s -., re er e friends of the Bahamas. To him
iotaied for ihe introduction of Admiral Fleem-
m .-If he bmhbeen the vain. superciliou, re-
I-Ehcter, tht we are now cursd with, would the
iSr lave comi bmre a second time 1 No,-and we
ihva lM s all the benefit we derived from time par-
i4 d l kind and rd ecllent man to our community.
-Is atalstiul Ilas take place I Good heavens it is
ld haI ine such a change in such a short period,
i th e arclh-nemy himself had come amongst us.
Sd btdia and goad fellowship are baunihed from thi
' -py ldl--the society is split ito factions and parties
, j a ud convivielity are at an end-anrnitay and ha-
rd im murpel time place of lfriendsllip and kindness.
ie .l -, person, has escaped loe withering curse of
iS jsl I
Is political point of view, too, how differently ar we
iaL. Business with General Grant, was dune with
ufilsea| and confidence, becaimse every man knew
O"el OGrnt to be his friend; business is now trana-
id with ie t oi e vernor, with riluclance and suspicion,
hase every nian believes Sir J. C. Smnytll to be his
a ey. Every class of society, have suffered by his
pamcm I will venture to affirm tlat there have been
en punishments of negroes in the single year that he
hihsen here, than during any three year put together
daOeeral Grant's administration. For what reason
Iruse people were encouraged by the latter to good
feg awards dteir Slaves, and allowed to act on those
ael reelini-,-whereas by the hypocritical pretence of
munity or the present nan, they are ensaperated, tor
ted, and put out of humour, and the owner and he
n' are placed in continual opposition to each other.
I could say much more, Mr. Editor, on this topic-but
h I think of limes past, and of times present, my heart
ickes. May God bless our good old friend General
Gra May God deliver us, from hi bated successor !
FarewelL .
Nassau, 30th Septemnelr.
Befas Justices Duncome, Anderson, and Wyllv.

Ma, a ,ae, the AssaultUng lWfite Persems.
papolg 4 Mrs. C.
alhsi, WIide. .
Ia eompinca with a Precept issued under the hands
id n sid Jastices, the several persons whose naes
m e d Mreen, appeared, five of whom were
how, imanoelled and sworn as a jury.
The acc-sion, which consisted of two counts, charg-
s dt prisner 1t--" with having on the evening of
IThday, ie 15b itmault, comunitted a violent assault
Sa certain Margret M. Wall, of the Island of New
Pvidence, Spiestor, by striking her two severe blows
aw h open heads or fist upon the face ; and there-
,f haid violent hands upon the person of the aid
hagai M. Wall, evidently witl tihe intention of dreg-
Sher down te Stepo of th hlluse where hem the said
M. Wall, is residenl,"-and
&I. That she did upon the mine day commit an
maIt aain a certain Mary Tucker, of tde same place.
Wadw, by striking her a blow on tie face with her fist ;
i tildatin of the provisions of tle SLd Section of the
eOlidatad Slave law, in that case made and provided."
Towhch the Prisoner pleaded Not (uilty."
Mi Maugart M. Wall, was then sworr and ex-
am~, who most distincly and unequivocally proved
h dergai, i' the first count, differing only as to the
saie of blows sie received, which was but one, in-
aed of twn, as clhargL Andl further stated that the
psW r ad Ihiha erto borne the character of being very
'tl ad abusive.
ns Tocker also sworn and examined, likewise proved
do ad great, ainl gave the same character of the pri-
*en asle previous witlne had.
Te evidence on the part of the Crown, leaving been
dea- dhe pfrionrr was called upon for Irr delince, 1Im1i
.r imly Bnnying the charges in general term, wa,
Msd by the court if there were any persons she wished
ra h*, wh, could state any thing favourable on her be-
hlf; ih she declined doine.
Tb Jory without retiring lound a verdict of "Geuilly."
Te JianiCes, taking due circam.,ancn into considlera-
b addeming it mvewary that an exampk' should be
o la order to prelrnI nohbr (luvies) from committine
lsbd tepaurdonable a nailre, in future, were pleased to
Rlitalics On the pri.-moer to the following effect, to
* "ilth you, Mry, be nnnmmitted to the common gaol ofl
STowa, and ulo* Monday, the 10th day of Octolwr
"n 1h be sold by the Provost Marshal for transporta-
.* tdme Islands, never to return upon pain ot
";-sasl itht aftrr noci mlP, sq afures;d, you be ne
I' nt atie id Ommonn Ga(ml, there to remain at tlw1
eIpsee f your prrchaser until transported a.s laore'aidl."
A cpy of tie proceedinre arrcmpanied by a letter
I by two only of the J.utires, si. Duncome anF
ly, we~ at to His Excellency dte Governor on the
*Me dav.

I 6 Bri Juln. for Livrrplol :-Doctor Merzies,
IW. HRet Lieut. T. Faster, Royal Engineers, ana
am Cmlnmley, of Br. Brig Matchles, lost Wome tim
m A hrilll :- r.
ITrb Am. schr. Pints, for Philnahelhin :-Mr. WIn

We havejut learned, that the MIGHTY JAMES, put
in a towering palion by our remarks relative to the con-
duct of the Magistracy, In submiuing copies of their pro-
ceeding to him, hba given notice, through the Deputy
Secretary, to John Andeon, Esq., the m WDENDNrm Ma-
oISaTATr that, in consequence of hiqhaving refused to put
Iis signature to the peceedings ofyeaea day' Slave Cort,
his services are no Ionger required, as a Justice of the
Peace! !!-More of this in or net.L

At a meeting of the Committee of the Ba-
hatan Regatta Club, held in the Public Build-
ings, on the 8th ult. it was
Resolved, That the day of sailing for the Cup, be on
Tuesday, the first day of November; and that no vessel
tinder fifteen, or above forty tons, shall be allowed to sail
for the same.
September 16th.
07 A during and outrageous Barglary having been lately
committed in the subscriber's house, a the Houth side ofthis
Island, and plundered of prvisioas, sinee the location on that
side of the Iland of the a gang of Guinea Negroes, and a
common thoroughfare established through his yarand apremi-
sea by Negroes and other persons employed or not employed
by the Superintendent of the said gang of Negroes, notice is
hereby given that any person, or persons, whomnoever, so
found trespassing, on ny retence whatever, will be prosecuted
with the utmost rigour of the law, and all persons are hereby
warned from so ire.pasing.

September list.

Sept. 30Sh--Schr. Blossom, Clark, Jmaica
to JoIrapm THOMPsoN.
Oct. 1st Am. schr. Lady's Delight, Coran, Alex-
Flour, Sperm. Candles, &c.
to HENan GUnaeHnLAD, & Cc.
Am. schr. Dart, Sheffield. Charleston
Bound to Jamaica, in distress, Cargo

Sept. 30th-Brig Juno, Russell,

Sept. 28lh-1l. M. sch. Skipjack, Lt.
Oct. let Brig Juno, Russell,
S Am. schr. Pinta, Young,


Shortland Cruise

T WO GOLD SIIIRT BUTTONS, (linked together)
marked A. S." The finder will be rewarded
on leaving tllwm at this office.
October 1.t.
LL PERSONS having demanna against the estate
of the late Andrew SetomC Esq. deceased will please
render tlw sanime duly atreted ; and those indebted to uid
e.tute, mill make payrmen to Mr. Conrad Duncome.
ELIZA SETON, Executrix.
September 2qth.
T IIE S'BSCR BER will ipt in uit. indiscriminately,
all accounts due to him, and remaining unpaid after
the first day of November next.
Sepltelmber 24th.
IIE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of paying off all
demands against him, and closing all his accounts
to the end of the present year, requests an inmnediate pay-
ment of ail snms due him. Any accounts remaining unpaid
after the Ih Decemnber will re put in ,nii.
OAtnw.r 1It

51 nHiZI5a Ui sr-inIAI & C .
On Meaer m the ad healt,
A? wtU valn foam,
At 10 L
At sn. Math.' Coa.
100 barre fraeh SaMpea flour,
Al three MmI ,
A very valuableyo Nero Wom with her"
child about 4 aos d; b womn is a good Cos
Washer and Ironer.
Al fe Moth's
The fast siling Slooe aMriL, buerthsm ut m
Rice and Corain bis
Island Flint Con in lo,
Soap and Candles,
Superior Butter in kep,
With a variety other Article,
2 Log of Mahogany laying in Frederick Street SBlp
October Int.


On Monday est, the 3d iheat,
At o suWaAg. a.
The Efects f t rfte eL Span, of H. M. Ud W,
L. Re. cnsiti of
Waring Apparel,
Military Equipments,
Silver Watch,
Sundry Books,
Iron Camp Bedstead,
Sofa, Set Drawers,
Chain, Bridles, &b. &e. ac.
A Saddle Horse,
Inmtdialy aftemrads,
A quantity Cuba Corn, in the ear.
Terms,--CAs on delivery.
September 28th.

On Tuesday, Ith 4it O taekr mt,
At the Residence of Capt. Ridd, opposite the Ordame
At 10 O'eob, a. A .
Will be Sold
(Wiess Ranme)
A net Dining and other Table,
Chirsin, Soras,
Sideboard, Glasware,
Bedstead and Bwod'ng,
A complete asortment of Military
An excellent Saddle Hore,
Saddles and Bridles,
With a variety of other article.
Terms,-caSa on delivery.
September l2th.

On Monday next, the 10t iumtat,
At ILX e ik. A. M.
Willbe old
Witholu Rraerve,-(by order of the Drastr.
The valuable House and Lot situate In Shirley mStt,
the property of the late Mr. John L. Bioo, adjoinia
East, on the premises of Don Cipriano Pakihc.
Terms- months' Credit on giving security.
October Iet.
aP rvanar
H AVING fixed the ame of 5aAD at the lssa ofr
per mrrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that he
killing Loaf do weigh 11be. 8oe, and mhe apuay Loaf
ib. 4x. By order of the Vestrv.
DAVID SPENC, Very Clerk.
Ve.arn Room, 6th September, 1881.
IlE SUBSCRIBER, intending to leave the Bahaa
in all November next, ralls on all thnsa to whom b
may be indebted for their respective deemnds; and sht
indebted to him, he earnestly nrquests, wil settle the -a
by the end of September enuaing, to enable him to men
the demands against him, and all account remaining n-
paid at dlt period will be seed for indiscrimninay.
20th July, ~IM1.

O'I'IC E.--i'he Sub.sriber heing about to leave the The Hotus and Premises pran e oepd
C ('olonv, reflests all those having demands against J by Mrs. Poisier. The Home a i ms y sa.d
han,, to render the Thee fordHwith.o ic d
hin, to render the ae fortlwitl. RIDD convenient, with large Kitchen and washm be
p RIDD. R attacld-,l, chair house and talking for thre
S embeCapt. 2d v. I. Reg. horses, extensive yard and gram piece. Theours uildi
SPptmhbr 28th. have been lately thoroughly repaired, and th graer pm t
S FOR NALE. of lle fences have been newly pt up.
A Lot at the Villaie containing about four- ALSO
teen acre. On lhia Lol, is a comfortable A tratr of Land situated at the Village. contabibg 2SO
dwellin.r houe, in rond repair, with a Kit- arres. It is divided by the village-road into two Lo, the
then, N. o lr.nim, Stable and Chair iHouse, and many western lot being intersected by the new read aldig from
valuable fruit trils. the village into the Blue hill road. This lad will be di-
For price and further particulars entire a this oice. iod of in one or three lots. Apply to
September 21st. September 7th. JOIN W. MILLER.


" '~

sdwila art., ilat elme IrFblD gra v' society inl our 'i'ce OF u at e may nteo 4p value to. ie" l a etg, d Si
sedLa Msj am my,w ( i tl n lalisnr o r s, f asxcv,m a>sA la .td. .i L ....ts ,i as rac e wush iaoewsr E ayl r l ilsei CtM
I" iu luarch of onin WIm ha Wv il J m(separamed. in be.S l( r ol tfrum e lideal. We qU(t e irle nic .. h incmasnil sadl with t le a, u d en f aitiy
tisr rFelinsl ar..Muth p :dlii.4i i lmloa -aol ..I.t 1 jea- .l thll! pro.uclionfof taMe,ml..r ad sll, that co- oRrde ,to ..i. yae w y neVsp.ipe

iWI rtMuserth u, d olonn siionl i1g te.uLs clauau do nut in llm e rcouirilbul tite above end. INow raqu"rle thw irm i a. to dais
t i pl.l..o ha donpaid, atorld 14 ,cur e sores oul salal (asclusive of tme common ee- jeAt by pmy IIIm o .,, which i re ae
nan child l.;r tia uiaveLsal gtil the i u rounlr, tBol- lillat) appear u bl tilres--Trl., land, lbt ur, and kil. a potage beirt charged ith a n w ie eI h
quiy s li the cam of the present stale of Uriih 'They oar tll wvla ll itself, but uthe fstain from wficl from thie East India, and to utl ha n an icea sed
lty, and the hippy luarstllon of renc\iis for the i all umal dow--aod where dne abound there can hardly dl letters, conveyed by steam atlon to Mad
lmoaal of doumlstic evils ariing iunml tm-w imiuked diinction ibe aay liluil Lu wealth. Its growth will be in propuruuu country. 5. That it be partlcrlay areemmended
of fuelilng t wl ich we have briblly alluled.I, mmiglIt lead to tlu l aill.irity uf the climast-iti alurat l ec ily against as Pl dia Asseelation here o tunmit. a similar
aults uof tl"l lmnt istiraer lnn rhlr,.rlcr. .We fi.It be Ifr.n'iL"m iv.s-lui"-tliae lilberality of ai socMi lataitulions- is pa sch messae may aplper .to Ihte
cootnt l.ll,,,w tut this lini. o th ,e rIrit and the in.lluo.I- teiii ign;lrllaility uof iijurisp'nloei--the p nompteectalion f'tUal fur accomplishing tb doeamibl object.
ial ; inu tIme in crs to tire frll..i ci;llftcl ftIll an artirle Clillii.iiiaa- as1 alit' |J1rmaIt usod pIop.rty of eclh islvriluuil are Ield A Dnost numeroa meeting of tim eoeler of ofi
t'J to a cuntalloi|or.ay. Jirel, hliv a s riltr vwobu lat e. -a- e-rdl; a llh te one i free, and lie other trandllrablu ; jealy' Navy took place asie Thastlmeml flamu TI
defnly w.ti it.limuhf tie a url, li.'. lrarnl tiaat lth n.- le-rev indlrrinsdency is more etatlythu fruit of industry, Lowlon, l(fr thi purpose of conspiring wt hait lep
bla stouIy or lai;Lukiu. is iman," inid hasi l ina tly nut'r- oiod hainur thie siur reward of merit. Yes! wlhrever be necessary for the establishment of an lnsitu
end tha .late of sliety in other countries as well as in our there is iaurfire anl saluhrity unda social conmpmclt,dispen- tined for ti educauti~m of the children of off'eqt
e ming .Ia iu.mrrlita prouletin to person and property, dial Majmety's Navy. Vice-AdmiralSir II. Blackwtl
I hoes ftelr Mnd any patimee at hearing persons in universal principle in human nature to butler its conalitiou i'lded, and was supported by Lord Yarhorough,
the tank of genlea.nmn in elnglanl roompl.ain of thle Ilrden e i'l inevitably lead to piihlic wealth the duty of iuvern- lanvers, Adnmirl Sir J. M arti, d&c. Supcaip
ofluaailion.-lnionihtledily lar tanes ire heavy, Ihai li., lienl is illpsartiail prolrtecion. Craving nature first crnl- a largu amountl were entered into.
are but a c'etD iaular--umm-ny f1r the st omnqlillled civi- tents hersellf ilth necess ries; tlles su applied, sihe next
lization lwicrlh weinjly. Pi'errse run'o .-'ii-rfer l .airu- .elus fIr counmlrts; give her aTl'se amid she languilhec f,1r I)odliad.-The ls t ats eltt e says that Bobreas, a
rit--,ln.i ythlu n-ead.s tof 'uouainuuicuiiu -ui allo j Jelig ; and in this, regionot anlcy sie ltroquently ) Ilis leresmia, was taken by the Lit huuan pMiun by a
laB eene in evt- article rhich cas to a at. lawrcck of herself. This principle, however, nutwith- luwiult stauagem: The Govemor had ordered 1ton
faun of lif-and the at.a buaianiat meaansl of aalirirg stmlding the very .heavy drawa cks, isof dh uotmiuse iw. p possible. fo p tae, diremto u daetslv d m lt
knuwlede, and uf grsiliying our tate and cu.isiny; ity. ul litde wuealtb illaccnuulate whilo bland are annr concealed, enteredthe place with the wagons..M
dwe are dlIe bihuins Leujuoved In tlhis country by ,ll l. in caonan ; few will be the sIwers wlwn all may reap; ani look the Governmor, ad got pouesion of the
Lighr and lumiddl rlut..,and.l Ihe liglhtrlr taxation ofil'olhr p7ritoaiAp nlit Iw established before society can Iwniout further opposition.
countrip would e bul a li ber tllung fr lir. infinite advance; lanlm, Iluuw, arosk, sr., must lave owners; T''lr Huiai jenerals colmiiuionmd lor the
supelrirty of civililioyn and coifll rt ulli-c i lIe ricltdr Iad tile b nvirnmn nt nut be strong enough toI detect tnd of lIolinld seem to be struck wsth a singular fltahey.
rcmn can roolanien iln Lt and. Toiellrer ill tillis Ipuni.h all de predatlilrs. Ovanersllip ackalnoledged, and I'he lragicl death of iebitseh, Gener Backes. G
flimawnt lhih has Ilowl fIm il--11 E*ils ill t I ipruopt t, iCa.clllorls ; Je mill attrL atUenio, and iwl a I receid s enene of s ts
daily siclnI of il, anil filing lue s on'r,uIt of it at er i Hallteutin i prtirlll nillo luIIn a n l lin ; nd o lld.u t a nily niiri i; N ibetria-fook r havnceit tiffered himself
diniiillylol oi Siberia--for hvlng sufferd himself Ilm l
turn, an eliain iU nmass of overtly anid ilm, urIanic. (;,,bl (rialli e ins inI id 1ll.' in : l irel f l the rui) soon Lsbonles a hy he Poles. I not this an excellent opportuniv I
orbil Ih I mprnk of Iili i(nsii'n'e proiinIly It rl I reeler s tlmulul than neceiity itself. Every Inpe calls t,rtinl die Sba stiani-prophecy. nnd to unter, withll ai
proaclhfnily In fact, it is a atnltr uf tie dae r'ft slhi r Ilr uuoveiltirie andl IliCetitie ; Ia'n'ly to at, drk, nil sleep alirivuie inspirautio, thie e Russian Generals are dml
and hmnmilialin to tnholne lo iave kunowl ilge, that d isbrulisl. Whaituver is fncied will, if possible, be pro- persl.h."
many oil tIhwir fllrai-cnaltuln sIneld Ib left thls din.ii- curel, and l s mltev tr shall Ie rearilrded; hence
ture ufit. Ni r liy iL ',r aainrene I ni.i.n unt oi I.- il nitn ainl Iaiii y lido the urk ul phiilesoldy, and al nmay (Frosm th PertalSire Admertier, Jens 3S.)
raniil oI' what i- cllod hmIk--imoint, Iolh an aLlll li lala.i i ai illtakeai iiil Irt' crmnliurs ul'ilie. On Sulurday furenoon, the 25th inlstlant, the
ailbind m i-d of mnny of It.s< pla..ul r h inllii m nai- J .1i', Ipre' .iua.lls 'toU guold,.eilver, andl Ihe rCirtulatlineg iltals af Ihis tIwn were a grut deal gralilled by by tie
der hAMiIhTr nrirCunllla .ellsl ira fllj. Triy la ira i.nillr m.eliiiiil-aill tihu a. cannIol coestitute rrel u eilti, siane frslll te nurthl of a plrt of the Courtof tih EsI-lbr
aen ol s I n.ilnd, as l popl naMp l hIU wlh ran ilwa y caligts I irn.illy sui|aply mur real inatl ; but ir nmost FiraUIc al Mlr. Thl~imon tt Green Inn.-The prty
uor iras l, ns. .si a relotr uvriety s st i r uns at il.cir a i u lir.i d utriun rie tl' ane inuiriaduac l w rall, as IrsoIa s iundbhrsloai to consist of the Duke de Boourdelo u, a
uoan'he pIlaul ns of- lwry anld iuiart, lf ul pasirt- wiii ll- o is iliae s iiiY exchange i them for tlie nriocsalri's andl interesting ie y, two sonns of the Due de j uid e ; tic h
ino, nl naiellrni .orfry, and of a kouweI.IIe of ul ili. ( o1lt0- bj uiu ili '.s lif'. '1'lThiuIai thie sauae, or a person out ul run dle lDamas, governorr of the Prince, and a b
maln eliot mie iits lI whs ise 0 .ry di.y asirind In, anll I uIrila'i, would tlihrw I l.i sena aas Itaulir bIublssh t i ; ntlemPn ;t in all eight or tleBindirldoal. 'h
tilie laws his h a l-l a re F ivrnl,, lrr eailiwar lnthtllm s l11n ill ci;l luciipacl knoi s hlu to t r Irllm to acrounti ; ramlblitl excuri ioen along the beautiful bmk f I
iuaknilin lu to niiell.i ill 1eua i.r, air a le I tlaisl iml,,rt- and iahl llauig irinisalry of no morn value tihan linkers, loven, aurveved at n distance he Castle ia whidl Mll
fi.l. iiJqiuyIal. .1ul 11ie i u n.ti .1sisi ., is, aI.h rni.l yet as \anlily anul traffic have stamped tllon will ideal unfortunate Ineemory wau cotlined, a nd visited tllt
asid sear sni ,ll la~11 Hlri h ,I. rllllninsnu nanllltr. e .1 it. alorlll, or th.i nialsa-.ure, i-f Oalner, they act as Iawf.rful sli- manuion, Kinrum Homue, hi the crne of their wS a
t.mlaes amli luau-h.i-l. e:ich are ,i, i litretai. cultaia I ti,.d in pr.nro 'iet iLbe really. 'T lus we tuat ss e that' the line they returned m any of the lRhbibitanla
that many Illillsn. aih ch tlIe iom' t.ol)t deli,'ht in, i nr., Inl aul kdll sar hllie two great opt rating poa.ers; as come arqllainted with ti ir being in the pihes,
at all imlehr.sll I,. tile ollsr, nnld are Illhrefian. rid.icul.kl neidulr s;lla n,.r the lshad w ofl it can be ad wilhoua t collected around ihe in the inn to get iht of tm. A
anal de.I.;us-.P Heae, theen, are to crhas of people i lmni ; H.l ahii nmorre these are divided ill an .ub-divided, making luncheon they drive off, about two o'dbri
dai Miie ciolntriy itnsta nltlvy coming hin .ach olher's w a I ilnd direatIl to simple oltratonl, tihe easier will be he tireir very mbndenle travellin cuariag, for Ed hlm
ylt wit cl r, little .n-.oiaiul iln I.aih Uothr',, (,r lalmur andl te quicker andi larger the accumulation. the peoapie remaainnoncovered while they teak SirkH
viawsr, or iik-roLs. l.'ly caunult undersanil earli oller, Illence, then. it ill follo, lhut, al whal lime na onl hall parlure.
luai it Iltli Ni*ster is il u.alls Ial iw dwre are sltrolo g cares dihv ulr at il slana ld aim', mure of tllenecesaris and comnforts ol Sulnmarine Min.-It having been represmiwed
shluImld, anrsrdillg to tile selll-kllunoU Ialurl of 1n, llsa t life, lase nust Ihe really either tilua eaer shi Was before.o. C(onlnmitlltu o tihe Newry Navirltion, by tlwir esigf
and dilkl ki. ut tie, nd i e, *l ha r m very kw anolist. ex- Cnp'nin Dnb ud ie thth w'l he reqnii te, i
binllg to diraw ltwm rordially aglr. And this ia an Sir I oursnT PP..., in his last speech on tIle Parlia- Dubnordneu, that h woold he requisite, i
evil which cof tmlly i.cre a itoll ; fur II is the naurl menav llefrm 11, rtrted, ith much dexterity, th o get r- ir oe uld mne tonw e pn the can nr, ia
ect of elh to glet i ore emllb, and of moverty tu imptillaions l ra, la asdlerennts of tile presn, nlainistry, the eonainrer eteived direcltonl to do o. Oa
oa still poorer, and lie iler Ie distance is b- s ** a ain at uf irc hl he was a met mber. Replying to evening l st, leing on the shmre, near the cati, I
Itnsm ormwanrd conditiue of d rich and poor, de'.. Mr. tlarmu t...v, hue mid--" Tie lloneuraihlc Mhila,,lttiv i-d Culttiin Duohordian proceed in h r l tost al
wider ale, will i. tle dmidnernc. bea l n ter notion of mi"gt reprer1' t ti lte (u overnnwn. as he caut e of e tand o csint i e in hoe lt
oIthin and their eali. Thlisot and.,. fi.,r long w nhile, excitemet h in the ro nat, and the pri-ns Ministry and, having assisted in loa din the mine, he plid
l iy m uf icknedt.u ad misery, till th, e ti ci e of peace 'nd tr an it" ilit, if li clie, and, if mf' ient distance, there e"la ed exactly P 4 anin ,
1'i.. dur.alf.,l that I wladl. v tlm awno my nui nl tiI LIen. ofle mbtr could prove it to he s, no one would leneth of the m atrih clculaled upon, hen the L
fron llthe thouegIl o iL I lay a larI lu sYil r up'. n i tip I I. monure n*luiceul than himsulf, no more desirous if at.ard- lvingh ir there caw ad niaman i t ens column of Ms
l.|M at.ion of luast and feeling. heitr ,n ie ral it and dla. "g to tla' present (;ovenuenl the tribulo of his just hwat i ire itad t hre nme ndoa Pn wer of c column of
pm inEi Engla, bleaue I anm stre it i, the pr-ulinar ar p"ise; and, een if dlasrder and excitment aere atill ral fethier tan an trmsc ndo as ltaowr o r ostned'
lf ar st l of me,ritly. The most hurried lvew of the "u,.'.dl to ipreil, lie w iulil nil be t|e mann to nttrihute sight e, hneighteoe bther dno
tm ne ofthnea on the- rntinenl moan t atince be isruck tIhat t th'* ipre'sntd ti vertmentI When lie (Sir Il. Pelt) the pvenoinr. As notan s the showern y tone hed'
with tie grea. ditll-renne in tllns re .pct. mn the hrest of "t.erdl iltu any vindication, he wtultld enter inmto i lel, the sVtil l hnasl rtoladd wihth rpe toned chlm
.eope av.l uM,.. lvAs. Aln,! the a l and Ila. poor since the .day-Srur of raefimn arsee--r-inre Iali Maiesdt ia y stone hav;in beean rdermine<, was ioand to bhi
applurwc one another nuarh niore n.;-arly in their lh.lit, present G(overnment arrested office; a Hn he s huuld h in thoe s nsl o pieeu.--nrwry Er a it.ra.
manner, anl in masins of l tir elrvourite amn s mes s. n The *e o ps of ir il edm inti olrlation, n__ follow, tf Patwha-N-afrry Er inur._
) richr Csams live u(onr silepp ; tIe p eur hay, Oaire t w i mis rer lives of h Kitne , l pavilion shirn l f rii erid t This man
l. r ia. ,rthe dae, ofgaini,, ta ate irtica ie atdl Paic thelail s ir tile rea st t saidaiia-dri ot onin hin iheen h..w.ieb i, ian o
ld ple.arr.s. Not.hia, ...n .... re dglirdtl than i hit e (Sir H. Pl) had) esidl .itrt th fl he oe t... .h. Whid, im
1 v. ex. Capta. n inl 1bour fl Ie the iwould I, e ql." ,ilnWil
to s thed crui eruufneron of ea ry condili.on wh fre- Pa prtment-(lond cries of lhear," from the Oplpoiition Ihe I. in.anl. m as the annivenmary o f ilne splendid aO!
ait de gpactl bhtonial giara-n at Paris. Ih is ope n side.) It stlainz this., he behgred nol to lie ullcrrst l d as i i illel by hlle first Earl loc. ove lhe combuierd tfa'
i to every body, with all ints s lk, plautations, muse- imputling the lss uof hlfe hlich had taken place to any F'rance ald Spain in 17ll. lUpon the morning of they
a ed menagerie; and the cone<|mwnre is, lha there miucunduct of his Mlajtls's governmentt, or Io any im(- of terll munlh, his Majesty thus addreued Qhe "
taf s pla ur and a pride in it; and insreadl oidli- P"'t'pr ronduit of hls police or the military ; ht it was Chamberl in Io the t Queen :--
lik la sh thintl as Ihe nmer Ie aiuseenl of the rich hardly fair,. wilt such fartc were noloriouu, to keRe nre- oo noble an estor, my Lonr." maid oar i
tds e j them -t m uch a tib rich do; and nodmon dit ft r .su I complete puli.v and perfect tirnqoniliyv Iale gloerivans a vieon over the miles o hin c. toyn ri
ii prevents ill that wnonn mischief which is com- Ilon. and Learned (enthlman gave the present iniattv cLa me hope ihn s our Lrhseip will e t a oll tine
lalod of in England, and which i made the eura fuor credit for. Wilh respect to Irelalnd, llev would shortly guishel name you hear dy twating in my lna-
heat g In tl eir collection of pictur and other curio- be called upon to give the executive in illat country itn- cain an equally glorious victor over the oa se '
its, nem confming them to the rich aline. Alfter what Ct'"r"sed werl. lie believed such powers were rniuired, country a h*oea!."
I Id manst sh baanicnl lrden at Paris, I was not sur- and lae also blieLved dtht if asked ad csnnted, sucrh pi.a-
y-1rle hlu lais ade people in the late revolution rrpect- er would not e ahbseid, bint li only protested against the A private letter from Piare sa- The,. Reprlir i
bJe f i ty fhe works of art, and tha manch thin-s were orse pursuid by dit nrintlrs cf Ihe .s\i.linistraiion, a t.atalina joke here. There is a eariratore of a ft e
mIrtd tpo n as m ionial proplrwy which teery man il"', at tle a rae momenel, on ratellated the lse on he top of the column Ve dome., an another at the I
.....ia nc r y in g nRh l a rl e e rd ~sty le - A n n sis te r A S a
id mmaltr interest il pruoneting." the comtlet restnrRtion of tranquility, and at the wame fin re" ot I the Blrcomin lyl- Ano sister imA
E a time asked fr extraonlinary powers to enable them to n l e irt d pulstand a t-colng -_eln In euliotheig
---This e maintain the p-aen oF to rounter" The nexl time the -- Oh! foe sale onme dowa, sister Aml ordi
RuueL,-Tl ia a brn. much t, d a hlto hut, t per- l oe, s d L a T.d arei'-mo pha nte d m nnsu imos of f i; paa i t hhats the publir
Im it g o c'nrlv b lerntood bto p ce t-rty p 'n i, sn hne r ni ,-. m .su t ,n i.iinn i t thta e micp-.
I Lt mly .ne" .ht u i siCoUs to cr iala r it lllltle an- i rlamol of la-ir prTedersar5 al II admed him ato l tinL Swuf lraonially a y--dmat Monday is p emot.'
riehy er aeC t minuv s ; not fur ala sake or aerslippig ara pIr liv e oilititta. day.

tte t m i a o n
,,sx easo ad -fic tod-e sini heQ ensh ne ta

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