Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: September 28, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Ga c ni. EdMitor. WEDNESDAY, SE ER S, 18s1. VOL. I--N. fl,


rUKlMlD lMla-WEKL-wa IN NAsBAl, N. P.
Mt llarU per --amss-.4o a- ue..


The Devil, by some folks 'tis said,
Is doing mischief all day ;
Some Scotchmen swear that he's dead.
And buried at Kirkaldy.
Some say that Ce's in Bristone Plaie,
Jolst heretofore, the same as,
B Lhtoaccomsi, with fiery lace,
He's the Bahamus.

There's music ill a mother's voice,
More sweet than breezes sighing;
There's kindness in a mother's glace,
Too pure for ever dying.
Thsre's loe within a mother's breast,
8o deep, 'tln still o'erflowing,
And care for those she calls her own,
That's ever, ever growing.
There's anguish in a mother's tear,
When farewell fondly taking.
That so the heart of pity noves',
It scarcely keeps fromu breal ing.
And when a mother kneels to li;lvien,
And for her hilil is prayilng,
0, Iwho shall hall lie fervour tell
Tlal burns in all she'ssa )ing!
A mother how her tender arts
Can soothelhe breast of nladness.
And through the gloom of life once more,
Bild shiJ htl sun tf gladnssu.
A mother! when, like evening's star.
lier rcirse hath cea''ld belbre ui,
From brighter world regards us still,
And watches fondly o'er us.

Like the transient light that gleams
O'er the murmunnring limpil streams,
As they wend their wi) ailing,
With their still and gentle usI ng
Like all things that soon decay,"
Passeth Beauty's rose away.
Beauty's smile, sniil It'riiiy' s re,
Detined are alike to die,
As the lovely, blushing flower,
Creature of a fleeting hour;
Boon before Death'a angry gale,
Like the violet, they must fail.
LiA the momentary rm
Of the eun at passing d14,
As the ow in its flight, '
Beattes round a hasty light,
Bo m mson it 'a past and fled,
o is numbered with the dead.
Bat the Beauty of the soul
Cannot fade while time shall roll;
And its fre be always bright,
I4e'er to see the gloom of night;
No its fame wan dim and old,
Nor its beat be pent and cold.
Aye. that light that now is gleaming.
And the radiance which is strramilg,
Pian the cavern of the breast,
Cannot like the body rest :
Cannot like the flesh he deadl,
Nor is Are be spent and fled.

The sew constitution of the third orMay, 1791, was
MW by the Polish people with delight. A new era
hea ibm enced--he citizens were placed on a level with
Lmuablesand they proved themselves worthy ofthe trust
'ee. Their expectations of public happiness and im-
Pm%"" however, were crushed in the bud by a per-
WeSiOl,, who had joined the wort enemy of his native
3 in a conspiracy against its independence.
Polish capital, at this time, exhibited a singular
ad*- The second iniquitous division of Poland had
p petralted, and what remained nominally indepen-
Slittl better than a Russian Province. The
king, samning the public eye, had retired with
hi'mm isto the riw es of his palace. 8um-
Sfor his protection, a body of Roian troops un-
- tm Iglebtrom, lie dismissed the Polish regiments
a i Wasnaw, and intrusted tie command of the small
*om t of troop called the Polish army, to Ozaruwski,
tp- and contemptible courtier. Ilawhile the brave


_ I



General M alinaki had raid the standard of revolt is a
province awn g with enemies and Koiuko had issued
at Cracow, a prucbnation, calillpn all Poland to rise
against its oppressro. The a troop in Waraw,
now found themselves in a njl of imminent peril;
being hemmed in by a Lrgennlotile population, and
dependent on a treacherous and vacillring king for sanc-
tion and support. Conscious tk'.they could only escape
destruction by prompt and vigot n measure, they deter-
mined to varf themselves of tl mmpross's orders, which
authorized them in case of need, to fire the city, and put
all the inhabitants to the sword. Before, however, their
intention became public, a master shoemaker in Warsaw
determined to intercept it by rTol, Hle lost not an in-
stant, but, dillusing his own energy amongst the people,
uccompdlishedl a general insurrection in Warsaw, two days
before the intended plunder and destruction of the city.
General Igletiom and his Rutpians were compelled to
make a hasty retret ; the constitution of the third of
May was rc-established, and the honest shoemaker, who
had been the head and front of this timely revolt, relin-
quished his command to another, and declining all dis-
tinctions and reward, contented himself with bebrming
an active member of die upper council of the regency,
appointed at that time. At a laterperiod, when tlie ol-
raged people demanded the Ihad of their perjured mo-
narch, the shoemkeragain interfered, and savedthe king's
life at tile risk of his ou n. He did uore-for lie shield-
ed even the king's minions front te fury of the people,
and prevailed upon the multitude to patiently await tihe
eveneof a regular trial before the appointed tribunal. In
after tines the patriotic and high-minded Kilinski experi-
enced much persecution, and was often taunted with his
ucculation by the oppressors of Poland. His fellow coun-
trymen, however, revered him for the genuine nobility
i.f his soul, andl the pistiotic shoemaker, who died ubout
1H16, was liiiiiened throughout I'oland.
A nienioir of this extraordinary mian, drawn up by
hlimsell; was circulated Ily nutmerous companions in nisau-
script, but neIv'r p ilishied in VWasaw, untiil lhatly, haxinie
leen forbidden by tle censor. Front the printmd work,
hliich is a('ciratcl c)iiiled after lth uiiiinial niunuscriipt
in the lIniil-ritin of Kiliski, e hale madIile the fllow-
ing extracts :-
Having been informed against by somlle spies of tile
Russiau general, I recited one luuroinig a petremnptor
summous to attend hinm. Th' bearer was u Ruosian officer,
who told roe I sollu;d be tlatoh Jromigh tli strnets by
horsts i: I did not readily follow. I immediately dressed
invys.lf, Hanl put a iluitr*'r into nmy boot unoblserrd. I
fiuind Ilite (i iceral Igelatromt, waiting for me in tire hall
of audieni'. Thou art Kilinski I' he began. Yes,
your l xiellencin ' Accursed eibel, villain, traitor, & c.,
li' ipursLi'il, iiiill li' had exhLasted his catalogue of abuste,
:ild at lliiItih llie tild me that he would have me hanged
thon tile n.,w illows before the Capuchin ruoiastlr .
I his torrnlt ul cause made nim so indignant, that I felt
strongly dlispiosed to plinioie ilyg dag'i r into the us rant's
bIrastL Recovering, however, my self possession, I told
him, that I had mistaken his spics for real Polish traitors,
ind had dilrsineodly drawn tdern to get a knowledge of
their intinliuns, with a determination to alpprise him of ilhe
conspiracy. I reminded him too, that tie municipality
had received his express orders to visit all places of public
resort, and to report all suspicious words or appearances.
This explanation pacified him considerably, and when I
assured him that all the syndics were well disposed towards
Rusia, and determined to preserve order, his anger va-
nislled, he brought a bottle of brandy from lis closet, and
made me drink with him. Growing nore cordial with
every glass, he put many questions to me about the state
of public feeling in Warsaw, which I answered to his satis-
faction. At length he inquired if I had many friends in the
city. Seeing no danger in a frank reply, I told him tlat
even a rumour of my arrest would soon show him how
many friends I had ; nor did I hesitate to say, when fartlhe
questioned, tlat, through the workmen who had chosenme
as their avndir, I could in a few hours raise thirty thousand
men. 'The Russian smiled at this intelligence, but I could
soe that lie was startled, and, indeed, he almost instantly
dismissed me, fearing, probably, that my arrest had trns-
pired, and] would collect a numerous body of my adherents
around his hotel. Thus did I escape from a situation of
imminent peril.
Soon after my return home, I received a visit from
the patriotic Abbe Meier, woe came to concert with me a
rising of the people against the Russian garrison: With-
out loss of time, we drew up the form of an oath to be
taken by all who joined our cause. Then, after an earn-
est prayer to the Almighty for assistance, we allied forth.
I called upon many citizens and artizans on whose patrio-
tic feelings I could rely, while the Abbe undertook to
sound the nobles resident in Warsaw, amongst whom were
many brave and high minded men, and of these only one
refused to join us with heart and hand."
After detailing many instances of oppression and cruel-
ty inflicted by the savage Russna upon the citizens of
Warsaw, the narrator thus proceeds:
Meanwhile the festival of Easter was at hand, and oor
preparations were far advanced when accident revealed
to me a diabolical conspiracy, which *wa almost ready
for explosion.
I had sometime been acquainted with a brave and
warm hearted Rlumian officer, who seemed to take a plea-
s in conversing with me, and occasionally we took a
of brandy together. On the Turley before Easer,

he called upon me to buy a pair of shoe, and aserho
converaeion as diereant masters, he eanctd of m a
a pledg of crcy, and then earaemly advied m-
a my wife and children out of Warnw without delay,
id not to return until a fortnight had elaped. I eams-
ed further explanation, and heard that tim Reaslkes isn
tended to plunder the city, and mamce the people, on
the following 8atledy evening, at eight o'clock, whra
most of the inhabitants would be collected in the
churches, to celebrate the resurrection of the Savieur-
Thunderstruck at this intelligence, I plied my Russan
friend with brandy ; he became more communicative, and
informed me that the infamous Bishop Komakowaki wau
the contriver of this plot and that the dastard Osarewaki,
commandant of Warsaw, lad received instructions from
the King to join the Russians as soon as the massacre com-
menced. He added that preparations for the attack were
in rapid progr s; that many Russian soldiers out of uni-
form were already in the city, and that they would be pro-
vided with arms from the depot in the suburb of Prega.
Soon after dte Rusian officer had quieted me, I
hastened to every man upon whom I could rely, and hap-
pily there were very many Pole who could trust eac
other. I apprised them of the approaching peril, and as
they were too numerous to be conceaed in my ow
dwelling, I told them to meet me at four o'clock on the
following morning at the artillery barracks in the suborh.
I knew that the Polish soldiers would join us to a ma,
but 1 doubted te superior officers, many of whom were
young nobles of cowardly and effeminate habits. Idil
not hesitate, however, to trust the subaherns, who readily
engaged to bring the privates ever to us in the hour of
When the conference took place at the barracks, the
assembled master tradesmen and subalterns offered o me
the command of tile Polish troops and people. Ifoubt-
ing uichl my capacity to undertake the charge, I hesitated
awhile to consent. Presmed,diowever, by the hole as-
semtlnly nndl recollecting the liri llt example of thle Roman
shoenimaker, ilho, without military science, had defeated
the en'nliesi ol' his country, I took ihenr nnd accepted tlh
coniannd, trusting that courage, liatriotiis and reliance
oln tie aid of rouvidencu, would supply the rant rl mili-
tary tactics.
Aftctr liaiing appointed another conference at rle- I
ven o'clock the following night, and arranged various
ipreparations, andl the better to qualify myself for so
great an eterprif, I rp(ce, iJ after coufessiun, the holy
incrniienti from lie Alhe MeIer then joined him in fer-
eii sll piication to God, to bless our patriotic underta-

At thlle apoited hour of eleven iat nieit, I went to
inllc l i Ii fliendl at the liarra kI, unall g'ae Ilhu tllnal in-
i s rum litns to ie tin li.e lrt iall night, aniild to apprize all
thlicr adilereiu ito le in re;a]:int s in repair to their posts
,1i lie t. eprt nol itie first cannon, afler ahich all the fre.
liells in tlhe cult were to rini'pl tihe entire pnpulation.--
'IThe lancers of the royal cards haid arrived that day in
Warsaw. Thel knew nothing of the intended insurrec-
tion, but I was enabled by (;Gi's mercy to obtain their
hearty co-operation in our sacred cause, as will presently
appear. Not having a sufliciency of horses fur the -
tillery, I gave orders to my friends to have a hadred and
fifty can-hornes in readinei fur this purpose. I tha cn-
cealed six thousand bell cartridges aa a many flin in
my own cart, and proceeded homeward. On my way I'
met a body of lancers of the guard taki de nalghtly
round through the city. Knowing the men s he tr
Poles, and right willing to aid an attack upon thbe mvA
and lawless IRussian, I got out of my car, addressed de
commanding officer, and Legged him to give me a hear-
ing in a tasein close at hand. He consented, nod there,
although I knew him not, I revealed to hil. our inten-
tion and our resources. le was a true Pole, hi eye
flashed as he listened, and he swore to aist our great
purpose by every means in his power. In short, this
brave man promised his best endeavours Itbring over
the whole regiment, and assured me of his lfitude for
the trust I had reposed in his honour and patriotlam.
After my return home I made my will, and placed it
under time pillow of my wife, who was fast sleep, and had
no knowledge of the impending struggle-Two hundred
of my adherents, for whom I had room in my house and
work shops, now successivelv arrived, and I provided them
ball cartridges and flints. Falding up the rmmainsig fitls
and cartridges in two napkins, I carried them to the soldiers
of de city guard, lwho were as yet orant ofth intended,
rise. These brave fellows instant and joyfully promas
their assistance, thankfully accep g my offer of am -
nitioo, and promising to defend the entrance into me of
the main streets.
During the night, however, a subaltern of the eiy-gmed
who had been panic struck when be heard that a asrggl
with our savage opprc.on was close at hand hastemed e
the President ofthe city, and betrayed all he knew. Ti
president proceeded instantly to dhe king, who dlqiarchM
an aid-de-camp to Gen. Igelatlm, and thi owr l ia
was revealed to one who loat no ime il pr i for
resistance and aggression. Happily, however, t s al-
ligence did not reach him until with an hour o the time
appointed for the signal gun, and the Asiai slowness of
the Russian soldiery was greatly i favour of the city.-
While my friends and I were arming far the strife, do
report of artillery pealed over the cjy, ael I rushed out.
armed with a musket and a short hdatan's sword, given
to me Iy tie Abbe Meier. A Rusuian captain was pas*-

n LJrna a st . toor

; iffnd ja i d deo nLn A as esao wib t ehaan LyF
ral pu i esce-lwn cu mnd a rcul e i nd. s continued until tuAld lt.,s el u
Wu 'eIa Parrly bi th eti lll him and di- It must be evident to eocry o11, "c t rhaUtnh i1n ,otI, .when i uIIJt sill iJcnlier iroIm severe, tsid di,
&brill-M wife. as by d cannon.had had iun tur..ll b"ciudi"lurtIvegeviile
nl d h mu -.- in, rud Sy' anma_ stances which occur a aldav Lfeig pardJu ned by the fllMoa urr- ''he wind alier shiting avoid.
arI t dm U I Plalwrest hml medll aly ....d ... I .r o r..rur, and discharged eit,, wesl, niorlt .Iand uthil-nay etdcd d at
a mt blo erarra r ot. Iarest ua your n s life l r rctiu tli 'ri 'i d to deter them front The glll1 l till, mjtmnnt exhibit mout fright
I brelh i terror, Why epoe yo our owe on lic iro cusluoly ithuut pr'd ice: le rls wa dreully agitated; frgu,
byUl 6= maimIA L Ah, Liu kil iati bw or emitting the like am agin, alter having been tried by gn torie cu.ideanbly, aii altas drf ;o the v
a IT vais I bhmeasl her to rel rn irot e e court duly authorized by the laws of ( itry, and todiards .uhich tl)y were drilling, was su haIeov, as to
uarow& I Me dowith mi, she praeiua to dieifo our uctuce gnu t ric- tildera drilin se alon a te
Iom. r* d: are vumr l inel, mid, to d s f rour o nusr nced J according to ltose law, will "vd t #l fl'ct, dier instant destrut tion iinvitablu to any Ili"g Which
alO I la del wthyoes' o ere prae inf ullo y mi si ne ULU o. I uy,. lsthoriiy ved in dle magis-e ; ebu, loiut fortunalely, thle aliulrown ner
p nd hler lfuall , it. were painfully enudlr. lw, only at ustruyit.'.. to waer provehehm sele.ty, and tilrten ,ils, of i
meg. lamwd of aurcking the caoullom n eney 1 hf tatis, but also of ai hese ig* u" t people in pteon., p round e on l muad, t oirten varly of
oean d with a whbo wan dearer to me elmn lil, wio s tile blief, that thliiy ar n be co'nruleul; ind instead epri n, nde o the mud, me nehuoarly
wa tde mtbr of my s chil ldren, nod agslis adlvraci in ta peaceable, i.ndustriusan, and derly peasantry, oblwving l arlis ,,thel without receiving any teriuu iijusry.
F Fear a meant mny h a ltiloo Me, n'c|-
aa r. h oweer, el urg l ency of t ie l caunt um, I c al the latw and rc.spctu i thims whose duty it is to enfoUrcclelt ctianled without intertiniIo il uot til.eiyl
Ind to reir into the boure, looed her tip il her beut duam, they will bconunou'daruly, luawie nthhbl--sctjing alte l.l, when a few claps of thunder ere I
s, and 6let her sinking and half dead with appre- as aul thority, lnsuhing thuls they have ten ala1 t[heh ar of tile eleen nts. Thu rain slh nlv,
aion. fer my nalty." .Ircusl.Mto.d to looIk upil as their superiors, anll spradiliig n ariv Ilied 1I.', n ut ounotil it li % l di
Here follows a description of the ,bailn hih.l I lel ci,,itla.inu r wiilu .h cului. ,u,.arl, is to aki, deoltingot untck.lit I l,. inu
wholbday. The deailss ties vt-rv Ilileristine, hut t Itij hIt titled cliutuitita oiet tile a jol cuuIlt) l '_1 1 to Ill it ustlt-silsing trock.
eclaed our limits, anda en alo iy -llicle ,1 in, o tl I Soit. dtlllt.itn-e of Upiniou teltU a ua tIeo dle power al could Itii ouI t itli saft-ly we hInrritd i through I
warcquminind with the mireI otf Warsaw. It isa eltOut. te l ceullts over tlhe Police Court, but for oarioni, rea- trall iI l(, I;ii tie t. \loit ol' lil try doan hic'h l e an
toaO lthant OmU noble aho hnenkr und Ilias llfoulcr ers were .sois, .e arte ,,, dured to think, that the l thl." il ofril t lle ,' lI, 1,ie ; , iiititiY lem than mr o,,utl heat ,e
v ary where victorious; lrt the reLiinst of thl usia ,h Leor d.oes it i t so far; sal d ltht th. cduct ,, hi l i'i. risi tll wooden i le ar ihit e Ite
feessw se ecotpelled to snake a prcipiitater rutret, atd t de not exen rut-eremaill(L-~";, tchelsT; li; wooden lharfd tdiuL elei
w ~i nfep a a e n ip ell eb toau~ k p 'm |,,>B l t r ,.,l d c oa iur eiur, m o r e s o lid n ai t o n w o r k o f fl ip K i t i
&M leasw hpiielf was only alvi.d frios captured atI tit. iaeistratws is highly censurable, in sublittig l I l r solid son-work of de Ki
tusleaer am euvrel of Kinlg Stnilatls Aut lust. decisioul to 11s Excelluery. t( 'It, I i v .irely itroyed ant d s ept away ; die, P
Kihl lnd oe and directed the attacks il timl indie- Itl an utlllority w licll l never ee exercid s s of rht ornaments, dseeuil of ithll
at Poes, with sinal intelligence and bravl..yv; ai any o)rner Governor of these Islands-nuej wh. icrl, Sir I, ,I, t .,,,,p hv tihroots,r riid til of theirla d
wmath eulf wu ; oone, thin Polish Wasihingtun otuni- hu t..... 7. tl, til ti nl t iw l -,l 0111, stich striowed the ground in 'very din,.
WLhly rt*sd die military Pomniad ofi WarJaw to (n. (:. Siiyt li 1i l arrogate to limnself until it ws flo. .Ti'ad Ol a llte roof of Trinily Church hd, i
Nis'om4ki who had Iastened to join him: then, liter tendered hint by air. se bitt, arnd whhlt certainly is not L n io I"art I, rolled up like a sheet of parhrcAm
s.esbkbhing do popular constilntion of the thinr of given hin by the coullsieted Shlev law; indl.eed, 1ii. Tie1 )rc-Hivhir, :. it iscalled, had conc down like .
MI Le. ad the presidency of the city into th lun.s Excellency has li..irlf .w niltuod, that lie ha no authority rent, a o elIi l, thie Iouu.iuain aIresai, had overftnl
1 L \ over tlis Couri,-for in his menmorable proclamation illciz, Lall,.I wts ruling through te n owi th H
agailiusl the Ilion. John C. Lees, in the case of Lord folles jo st I,js et, carri-dl asway asveiral honteis. Every qtreg
TIW W AbR7 .TO negKroes. le says, that the Slaves ai r purposely Iried tIIln Iwas iii ir or less oTI tructed by the fe rer whirhi
for the uoinor o tience in ite Police Court, to prevent Il, Iiwe throw .In itdwn, as well as by the trunks ainl Inainh
O.lg the prerogalve of- the crown in purdonning hien. if the willows and oller trees whirli Inv acrom dta
using the prerogive of the crown in pardon .\Mostofl tihe- vaIluable garden shlnr have sha tiered ciniden.
YEBNE bA. llE BPT'R M, I NI OiOne magistrate, we understand, lias invariably oppiosc Ily, and 1i a pIla iuttions have been Ill uirouotUed. To
--___ _ - -- _____ - this inltriferenice heing aollweds, and we have no doubt s it ;.tanical Garden at St. Ania's has suffered Ieslinilh.
We have been favoured wjh filev of he Jamaica Counra Ibut Ilis Excellency would have noticed hiscontuulacy, iif hi Our accounts froii tlhe country are not as yet ccurainl
and Loyal Genete. atken from the scheuner as Rag- (the governor ) luad not been well aware lhat it was an all com.ulnicaltii h bing) intercepted by tle brides. lIe
d Ind, (when tht essel touched o her passage b illegal s ptin of unthority.-Why hal the Police m- lestro ltlr d ; and tlie rivers being still too rIalid to alo
pet, (f KingMsm, Jamaki.) and brought here in a small li uig o~ rsshld on hoirs-lack : but we have this morlui
mea, wLhic left lRaged, previous. 1o the departure ol giislrate not done the allle IIf ie h las uny doubts on ti.i- hlarnatl (fro a (ttn:lelutan who succeeded in getting i
Smlls ...-lThey csnlain no later I~.riirnn nes. Ihn we subject, lwhy does lie not consult the Attorney General, Ifron tlhe e~tern pi:rt lof 1lii country, that in that d'ir.
m alrindy i possession of yythose rerivrl per the Mailbhe and be guided hI his opinion I We trust this will be dolne, lion i inch inlurs ha il nifurtuniatilyl I-en suirtliinl in tll
We, however, make a few extracts fmrm them. that the stain hlich now ruess pon tie whole bod c and ,iiti itwu, and ia ron.iderblc qularni
fand that the of sitirwahie awa-y. Iloweva, it is a grt-H cu iwihait
On Sa ur-of Meaintrng., nay t re moved; and thlat tle dingero, than l ae hate Iot It*ard of a single loss of life; isi a-
On aturday evening lul, a negro nluan, eorgep a slave, tedency of the presnt syuirn will be destroy d by a wihtalntlin,,e ll ;~j. eloomy purogltoUirltin of our f'nd
wao cbaaitnd lo tn Wr tos. Air having heat in I .EArlsL.s n INUEFTrENENT discharge of their several we venliire it, prdilirc th;at ibipg, will not lbe hlifasbildn
a lrutall manner, a nmero woian and als for has- duties. thllvy ',tiilpat,, nlliminrl', at present, we confess evn
. Ing Umulltd several olher persons, tho altIpied I ('an any honest man, we adk, for the future, give hli tling louuk mo it desolate. e. One of the latter persons, Mr. Chisholhn, up prt to t ule measures of a lwsnn, whose hliule tinll GCRENSD \ July .
hea received ever bruise aboul tie fare. c besides calling into h is a istalnce tiei abilities of all tIni Thn ,.ne tlatr rontinuiles li.stlrou,, witll frerqulriieni
We prime the force of a trial hr-fre a slave court, law offtier of the Crown, ii devoUed to lind oult, by eyv- i.ea by n fll' oii' ail. Yestlrdlny evn .lliig anil greal put
wi Jbe hlld in due course, and, u usual in oases tried in ry possible nieans, how lie may eITect the robleryv, upon "t' e Iliit we hlad a most violent storni if ihiunlser,winl
this court, the culprit, afte)l being sentenced according tio ie owner%, of twir slave pro|.rtl I Or, will any tnan for ligh-innt! Il .tiot sisid we recollect to late seen, ar-
Iaw, wil receive the pardon of Ilil Eixellency the Go- lthe fitour., studyling his on il interest, all tle bInefit o j,,i1 ihi a 1 Icie 11 of rlan. hU in the electric ih o t
and go forth confirmed1111-, i, almo, ii n s itrsnnl a Iniusi in tlte na-ignhhirhniu
vaaor, sad go forth confirmed in an opinion, nuo pretty this once-happy colony, vole fir a single MI.nibr of A,- ,,t I ite, o a ,sti rk, thir winhows shiivern-I, aisl is.M
gmasU Wamng that clua, that he may infringe tie laws in s.-mhly, without making him plh.lge hiliu-lf not Io suI- of lth ilalu.-s *st.iruk s inlhiss IT sinuliet ii, lit forn-
my way; and although sure ol being tried by pernona pIrI the rco at present at tile Iu;ad of lth govern- "a"'. .I. l. al 1 v.-ti occurredit!. We Iat in ntary
hi ta d me of magimrat only, he will be equally n-.t,. plrts if lltlit- o1nr its sufferingg extrenuly front tle
e of escaping -P t through the superintenndeny It is to uich laIles. despolt as Sir James Carmichael t.l of t___le vaisr.
*f Bk Jam. Cuaricmel Rmyth. Many of the very ai- Smnyd, that Enland has to attribute the l s. f suine iof Frnt the J,,atira Cost ur of Se/tembera .
Wodiny s u of Ill EIacellency's adnlioiuation han i her most valuable coloni. ; und let Isr beware, l k-a ,t 'i ii fii.stlmiul, Ii. t olen tlie Packet l-ef ('artlihre",
ha. bu baombe the public by us at dilfreint t imes, |9s the wholr of her p ossessii.s in the western woril. I ,v.r 'thI"'u. ii,;t.---I .Funera Flnrer had hnel Iroop
aid o w think i mperatively our duty to remark upon Pt-nLc OtlitoNR nmiut he, anil aill hiavs itt full f:r I t... t:i. I- 'ii Pa ,nma, whirh hand declnresd W
Lth Inlterferences of the El'el. ti ve.t . .i.. .. ... ...I.. .... ... ii ll I (lomhia.- hrr.e hunlri, s ;

... .., I.... t le mI II I,|I o l til, i t.o, | _..I| -, ia ( II-teiu |i.,l tiill lrlr... ( .iluletilolil, to Kid till' Paansniniats ; II
thd authority of the Magitrates ; Je nature and en- fron the mollter country, in coins.riqu-nce of tlhe y- Ini thl I ,l.n lII l),ike of Y\.L arrived al Carnld-er,
deam ofuch interfonwc; and to point out the only way nrnny and oppremioi of thone of hInrr public ser-ranlt, also it;"'.rHl L. l'. a I'h h lll m ire, saIi-.I f.r Panas,
ih wkh thi arbir la7 rption of authority can be re- are sent out for the purpose of ie tx- laws ol-yl, a tIo r"'e. '"lihe il,,;. i; r is friol tI- nur.rcilv nisraudti
ai, N dh rshpel bl ty of our Magistracy recovered inted ol trampling dhden uindr their fc.t, tlnher i n onaii I lF,,ne,,, ,,. At I|,nIro, (t* ild be re rie
d t t dislturblt.tie-. *(;..nI -rals ( Oh) truln and ('awaere, iei-re o-r
atd minltaIned. bnlrute force Ulan earll strong enough to make such pos- ,pos I,, it I1 oll,-r. in ann ainteiipt utl uiprentrac, and P
Aber o dmimal of the present Police Magistrate emions valuable. Sir Jaism' will. heteser, ..blied i t .!oi nilli t it iltr re Litiotioin w tll lli the cotnseqiin.llice, i
from hie am, Mr. Charle R. Nensbill, the Deputy S- return hrene very shorllv, wlin lie will rennin in thlll 'lti-".i .* ..t lu si lfri.ricl, ia, to exile no s.rlt of intersa.
e ry, wa appointed to fill Ihe situation ; and either lstte of insi;nilicance front which hi so suhanlv-ly s iran rilaTI- i'l:'i"'1i'-t''l It% neither cait.Ld nor cn.idr il adI, i o' Il
hoal Uidml incompernt to dirchard the duties, or anywhere i illrgret, hn ,,,o la,,l,i It-l.. is.d in-o eir i'.tafile to naion, lat called Il
dding a similar denunciation to that issued against his r regret, elaU i -o lai, ;, o,, i;, i ,. l ie i t- ore tu bI
pellnal or, dPugh it hbst virtually to tender a nrigna- -- resident imrrchant-.
r dt I Ibthe authority f h office to the Governor, and I'rosi the JaIaica Ruool Gaui:rr.
*s b him on eey occasion where the Magisterial TIINID.I), June 25. Fr,om the Jamoira C(omran,.
TY 1AT STRM F heiM lhre P i Mwt-itrial TthV. I.tATE 15T1O55. tI
pwmnr wm to be earcied. This novel mode of pro- The Trrty TAid of Jse, 1l !!-Our islanlv i therPLnu, r' n, thatl sII(a llln. Ta"I
ending, we believe, pas ginerllUy known at die time ; experienced on Thuruia) la.y t one of Irle imost iwll si ormu re: to ato alarenc lins trweisl-, and deltrd)ed I wevtral hoere-
e thu which ao mea took place, wu ta expected, of wind nd rain ever reiremlbered by tlh oldest inhabi- and orcca..itne, ile dIealh of upwards of 600 indli Vuls .
Ik aru thought best to let the insignifian puppet condrlt ant. Thanks to a kind Providence such terrific and Two A.mrican andl oue Il.-vlia v,-lesl were rilea oR
o eSa a hi pmiluamiity might dictate to him, conf.- alarming visitatins are ofrsre occurrence ihere, as, slre and ,.i ally ,,li. A French frigate we- at J:tn" ,
da lta whe tllhe gindmlin who had been o ithe he hrricane of lte 12t Auut, 1b1 (1 rlnic, thl.oul .nd ar.i e a aiil for Aux Caves willt pruitL.iont, t.
m m bl m iLe gentleman who hant been 0 Ijmtly quite as vioukel, ilid not last lone), we Itmve nesl r the I fr a liauitanhs.
lrhntd of his siturlioa should be reinsated, the duties least ause for alarm; and, fro i tlhe comipiratis little "We learned als by Ith Packet, tat Ills !Hies,'
V b aliea would h more independendy dischmtred. injury di town i iLsII; as s Il as Ihe )lil)pin thie g. F, ship II l acitl, whirh called off St. Ja lo de Cubiat, kfed
i rHis Excellency as determined mot to pert mo sustain" on tIh late occasion Cwe liae .e. try reason to I1. tiha all tbi- viss,.-, which had been Ivinl there, lhm l Ih
Iu i uthlm t conlredandi ini Ite cnIe ttli- tO in h d ilu o riven on sire, front tile siohenc the sie r l, esiiicun
fausto It "nlmy sometimerpsd addition to him autrhor i mpIv-eleon tructiin lo rreist anv IlulLra- reiloo-,it, ts, oft a urra~iowule by the gale in the rei.libourbood.
tad q l the relnstatement of the gentemann at print like, and much cause to cUnratulilte oiiurs-th on i ,l, in p
is oc, a him a wrinen order to furnish hie with wo havo received ofthc fiticllif being int lli tnuest s oue Terrti-na.-We\- lhav,\ ItIn faountoi l iilh pler prrti.d
Ctes a al procedissg in the Police and slave court, a tatii bra. Itia rarints." letter anl pap( is frumn Terceira to the S22i 3!.., 'on'
a .ffdel y&la ecati onof tholserntncs arand eod, until ,bout t-o tcclock on ltl- morning of Thuri!fily li. t lininL tli. par:i, .,l. ,rs f tle en:r-t oef the lowol"d
slk wa 0Cloonlt in tlhe ermtno-i ; irmelke atiis 1 l e P;i,,, Fial, t. ( r . t*by utl.' TTerc(ira c zprliliel
he plesre ~ : tale known. We regt to u late i i rdrk.l rlods he erdsti I t -'I I..-ihlriniyn ueJPr G(en. Co-t de V tl Flor.; Pico ainti Fas-a
Iht th erdr btek obeyed, uad our Police is now and t'i leia oI l th alieospellpe I n. as ti r.s eit c a I drl ili wi:;oluht macic resistance; hut at FS. GcorGe o

t -

or AJ


j _


rY r. 7 A-

1 w-

Z.J bias ailitcaed 'for the p ofDonna %Lria tactede huan sa i race
.f'.i' A bravery, which they did will the mostl cuum- Iliiiuhla ta hliwiv laflicetd wa, huaUn race.
y=* -es The entatile frceo ofu tie Miligclites con-
Etf several hundred regular and a battalion of mi- Tine lev. DIr B tli fToind'a f the Madras Sysnte
were killed or taken prisoners, wilh tdle exception of of laluaal l rUInistructill, l l n.l.iouu uf l10,KUJ,
lot), lwho e poi n English schr. from distanti Bank Annuitim, to the pl )yal Naval School, on
S dT LIsa land. UOlly onu Terceirian was killed condition tilt his system l duped. This syvtei ofl
two wounded. Fifty one pieces of arillc'ry, l' all education is iow Ilcouling general. Baides being em-
fhs, enmad 12)5'ninsl.lets were fund on the LLiandl. ploayd 4l h ri Nliuonal Schools it has been introduced
TScalailsition of St. (iGor4e, flont its ruesices ainl *it llsacclI at the Asylums of GreenDiclh and Chelsea,
ilomlyt to 'rrceira will be ol' great value to the troops anll lIa at lthe'li mnur SchM n Scoland, and at tlhe
Ithe young Quee in i te later Island, to ay nothing ol C!larte-llouse, under the uent of Dr. Russell.
L otreCmesl. artillery, munitions, &c. 'wlich fell into the
Lia uf tlw victors. Wiha renders this alliir moru bril-
i '"t, is the cntnrmtt which it forms with tile attack upon t a n IC
Teecein ofn the M111t of AtInItl]Pg, wInn bCe Milnul- Ait a meeting ltlbes Colnmittee of thle Be-
et, though superior illn nsaulors, and suppoitled by a hen Regai Cltb,Ield ii i. Public Build-
lari UnadrIin, were defeated with great loss. iun, on tile ub nlI.- t wal-
ile inhabitants of tile captured Isla;nds are represent- Resalred, Thll tile day of sailing for the Cup, be on
a go hase received tile Trl'ciriunii as lelierarS, anti Tti"laty, thi fIrsi da.t at Noveater; and than into vet''lI
it unicil'. l autlliaritlie innli.latnlYv ) rocl al Duna 1iat1 r litvl'e' n, or abolv Iorty tonsl, slall be allowed to nail
bri II. as their Sovereign. II.'r banner now Ilmi oifr lthei san.ll
esn all lthe zorae Island., with l'the uxciption of St. tMi- Septemlber ](iith.
drl. The tleinpelstlluou weather which prev iilei at tlii OT .
ian of tine ptn'ai'nt, t e'ratialm ir'v cn't dl 'r th ine ti A N O T ILtE .
at|ern o rs lnll irt d,] t llA daring and otrag eoas Ilaurlary having leen lately
ti eoniiitpl;ll'l a k o lli iland. ir(m noii llar n thle subscriber's house, aI tlle Soullt side i ollisi
For oielll iitIills prir I tO 't 1I, i dlate of tile I eII l an and pi nnideredl of dproveions, osinc, tile location onu thai
alt a vessel of l) Don Aliiel's snilainlron had .nTi 1', 'i an il sle uo tihe liilntidf the last gang ofr Gtinna Negronei, Snli a
sb Terceirians, an in fact tihe blocklade was conuidlerid cnr IiinII.n ilhroughllreir el'lalislled iirllgihll his yard and presi-
entirely null.--N. YJo. of CoL se ify Negruaes lld oItIr penrsou eniqlioy-l or not employed
by the SuperiulPenlelnt of the said gang lif Negroes, anolice ii
Ed rad from 1te priatc correspondence of Lie Journal herebly given that any person, or persons, whomsoever, so
d Ifr t. found trespassing, on aliy Iretence whatever, will be provenCted
dr litsy with the ulmost rigour of the law, and all persons are hereby
Paris, June .lit.--Thle a)rogramino of the national fCte warned from so trelpasaing.
iestilil tit ruonlecrate tie anniversary of' tile thllre day JOHN W. Nl1.I.E.R
of Jiuly I -li), ctllilnul's to occupy tile atteletion ol' part ol Septembner n it.
Ite mninenrs. Government ilas wisely decided to arendr
i' asi solmnin as apssile'. Tile glorious coIniuerst ofi' ar m1 oaPla
liberty will be celebrated withloul any hidden view. i'.
molunumnt of Ia Maldelaide, will be converted itou n na- 07 Eery person about to leare these Islands, after
giosal monimlnt. That on the place de a Ia RIlution, ring resided therein for the space of'THIRTY IDAYV, mN.i
which was conecrantedli by hyp ocriy to the expiation i :n gi ,-r srurity at the secretary's Office, or t up hisname in
o act, now no longer regarded as it was at the last julni- said Offirejforrtrr.N nrls prerimo to hisdeparture--f.
lee in heina i olaa i f (lrCrl X., ill disappear. l'iae pa- ter which, at any time during roaTY-rivE DAYr, a Ticket
he ofli te ardle-ouuble, aiIl tine street nainned It.yal, may br obtainird.
which will hilncef'urward be' teIinaed lih!" Sllt et l lWI," NAMES OF PERSONS
wil both be lihun enti r 'lly inl Ilack. Ten ninal gil arls anott'T T o UBTAI TII-iT I rin iVrPanti E.
patoed by each arronlis'lnenntl, april ten aobli .r', tiak'n S oth July. - Malnuel Arcon
Ikal eacll reitmn nt, will assistl ti tile fete i s tlle rlircen- 17tl A. guot .- It II. Itot h
lativesuf the armn andn tlhe nation. Tl'hei deputies will nlln Selaren'ier, Manhew t)'llrwn
be quarterdl in private hoo lns. Thle uwhn nrl'eived I'*11 - J. Ilantillon
decratonli and medals in July, will hi, invited It loakL' t 1 .user. i. I.
part in the fe.. By tie side of ti e names of lhose riti- i n -" Anthaony Doyle.
me who dilel Ifor thler connltry in lte contest of ahsollue of Illm Ket .
Jtf, will be engraven on tle stanne tables of bhns, the I t h Caplan Radll.
sartas of itan whom the Coniniisiion of reTotnmwtnv ed W. I. Regt.
thought wortlhv of obtaining tile decorations aild nedail l
otred by the ChIatilner .
Notwinlwstandinn the aerec'v which it it end]is;avourlr, j
t obsern in relation t the affalIir, ofa La Vendl., r, porr
ae in cirnclation, alhiIi ap[i[ar to aniquire rCoTitenc, '


On Thursday mea, tle 291* iiea t,
At the Store of F. Turner, Equir, in Shirley Stet,
SAt 1r0 OlIA.L r.
Will be Sold,
(Wiltme Resnm)
High Proof Jamaica Rum ii punhcbona,
Teneriffl Wine, in quarter caks,
Sherry, Teneriffe and Port in bottles.,
Brandy, Gin and Jamaica old Rum in lots to sa
Pickles and Sauces,
Nutmegs and Pepper,
Soap and Candles,
Nails and Spikes assorted,
London while Paint,
Negro Piipes,
Lanp Oil,
Toilet (lasses,
(crmnan Platillas,
1 Case ounce Thread,
Scarlet, Blue and Olive Broadcloth,
Jamaica Sugar in barrels,
An assortment of Crockery Wrm,
Empty Bottles-with a variety of other i
Termn,-4 months' Credit, on giving security.
September 24th.

On Friday nezt, ithe 80k iaded,
AT THI 11uaseneIas' AUeCTInN ooN,
At 11 O'klokl A. M.
Will be Sold *
The Efects of the late Lieu. Spew., of H. X. U W,.
Regt. caOmistig of
Wearing Apparel,
Military Equipments,
Silver Watch,
Sundry Books,
Iron CaLmp Bedstead,
Soul, Set Drawers,
Chairs, Bridles, &dc. &d. &c.
A Saddle Hore,
Immediately afterwards,
A quansiy Cuba Guru, in ti uar. 4
Termu,-(CAsn on delivery.
'tapleniber 2tllh.

On Tuesday, the 41t October nelt,
1 ihl... Ic .. ... . I / ... :.I.I ..... .. .1. n ._

as tota e trtuanre on1rationtoinis an seneran inner e es ensc o apn.ann, napju sBernanm
IO I U innr lllli llllT'ralmlll 1IP 1.r~i l llillnnlel.- P-T 1 t A' P .1 1 .....Il. u u l, | IIIII II ull|Iu uIl %ltnl|I
Te governmenl, in order t), dilrive theIl ('houann onf ll1 PORT O1' NMAI, N.' I. Yard,
adlantage which thlIv derive in thr-ir partisan .rl' re, A- --t 10 Oclock, A. Y.
from the nature of tlli country, will (auos all the lIedi.,ai A Iti VD), Will IMa Sold
tobe destroyed, and ifences taken down, as Smon as t.lli Sept. '2th--n-Schr. Primrose, Iliaon, Jamnaica without t Hesrre)
rest i over. At the srame tinm a Rgenernal .arich will Suo,,r, and IlHum, A ,et Dining and other Tables,
be made for the numnerus arms of the Vendeclans whihl to Josr.rtl Ttnaoin so. ('airn, Sfas,
they keep hidden. Schr. Ma;ria, Wilan, Cula S id.eboardn, (;laswara,
( orn, ant l'Tobacco,' Iledstead and Beddlinc,
Ealct of a letter from London, dated 7th July. IG1: 2Hth Sloop Ark, Prarce, Cuba AND-
"The Ami-Colouial spirit hlich pervades Ithe present Turlle, o tlle nimter. A complete assortment of Miliary Equipmnpaaa
Allisutuius, ia quile appalling. It is, as regaris it, aln ALSO-
milisu iosm at M'Cauley and BuxtonlT Tihe inrlchintion (LE \IIED, An excellent Saddle Hone,
d lioil-nablished purjudlire of nlaany of ihte prn'il. nn 't:- Saddles and Bridler,
enr af oertuolelv, wl, t i. parnv. It ai ery painful Sept. 24l-th-Schr. Dcblrahi & Lury, (Coe, Halifalx Wil a variety other articles.
b frct how much has been Inllt daring lthe last to yees, (Ti. Iha Salt, at RHared Island.) TerM,-caNaH on-delivery.
by ths o f very--and of very llstle exertnon n tlle pan 'ith Schr. Pnmna, Millir, Philadelphia Sepiltenmdr 2Sth.
at the Culeists who reidle in EnlI;.nanl. If they h:nl usel it7ll Sni., Prinllden, Wilninirton
thi isoluMa in the circle in w1chli they moved, the presJent 26hI ScNrr. Farnmrs' I)eliglht, Cooke, Cu( a NOTICE.
a of the colonies would have "beel very idferenrl. Schr. Pinta, Youn' Philadelphia i r lIE SlISllSCHItHE, inltnding to leave the Baham
Mr. KeiL Diougla has cease to be Chanirmna nlf It'" (To load Salt at Rum Key.) in all Novemlbr next, rails on all those to whom he
Comnltee of the at n htdia Body, and sill bl-
eanlded by Sir Cliple Ea.t.a n.tiad r. Inues, as Deputy nit my e aindeb l, for their nrspective demand.; and those
Chain, by Mr. Brilgh (IIat J.nasiraa Colonial Legislaure I SAILED, i ndebt-el to him, lie earnetly requests, will wtle the mme
**(), who are warn frienis oif the C'iolns. Sept. 26thl-Sclr. Billion, Franc-.s, Clm s by the end of Septemner enmiing, to enable him to mert
S"27th ihra. li From the P'ro'idrence Journal. 2ihl thri. Poina, Miller, Phliladelphia paid at dial period will be sued for inliscrininately.
Chme' aVerbais.-It appears fr,.m tie late London R HOBT. WIER.
PnlM that the pulir, min'l is un.ntlv excited h IIH wt st- PA.SlS:N(n SAILED. 20th Juily, I'1.
Wal prtss tf this alarmning disea ; noir it ti excie- In I' POnm.lia, for Phlila.l Iphia :--Mr. John Balen FOR MALE.
Seti wtbout reasonalle a i Tllis drealdiil rsco.r.e ------ A Lt at the Village cuuntaining about feor-
it ssMnumed a pestil,.ati il rlharacter in I17, ila tihe pro- NOTICE. teen acres. On this Lot, is a coramfsiar
vem of Benial, antI in lihe suiac of'2 or 31 w.,-ka it ira- rplE. SI'BSCR I BE will put in suit, indiscriinately, dwelling house, in good repair, with a Kil-
velle 100 milN, and exhibitnd il lf in (Calutta, even J all accounts dile tio him, and remaining unpaid aft.r chen, Negro Ioomn, Slable and Chair Hopa, and mmy
*'tI the Earoli)an plniolaliin ; in two :ionlhs of th' ine first da) of Noe luber next. valuable fruit trees.
Swbaigetr, at Benar.-, 1.5,(MA pieron perished, aln JOHN WILDGOOS. For price and further particulasn enquire at this Sa.
S'tbatank uf the G(;aniti a moralityv riqlly girea t ir 2th. September 21st.
P"i"' In the Bengal army it napplared in the aRme i e me glut.
s, and in a fortnight nl llnodlierr. Ill vitrinns nnd r OTICE.-TITe Sulbscrilwr I ing about to leave the FOR MALE,
"1 r r it spread among all classes. Tihe dli A:wse I ( C onv, ren, ests all those having demands against The Ironse and Premises at present occupied
~nlea4 with a rapidity inal in 21) miles a iay, sand in Iinm, to rendhr tlle sane forthwithl. l y iMr. Poitier. The House is roomy anl
"trmtraverc d Inthe ulli of tle Indian Penins]la.- RIDD. convenient, with largeKitchen mad warhm
f~5 il spread to Ceyl n, tlne, tih ile' .I Capt. 2nd W. I. Reg. saltarhel, chair houe and lthliiag fr s1 s
'"0", Jaa, Cochin Clina nard Arabia, In era C60,(1i) Srptember llth. orsest, extensive yard and gram piece. Thimes ~I
SIia thecity of Sheras 17,1(1 thlidi. It lwn travel- have been lately thoroughly repaired, and the Freafl r
h altheMelditerraean, and it in IMAl found its wa CHRIST CHURI CH PARISH, ofthe fences have been newly put p.
% Arin111, on the shore. of lile Calian sea. In J lt ALRSO-
r Nshed the frontiorn of Siberin, snhowing that mrol conini wRs ,S A tract of Land situated at the Village, coNolag 950
"'"res itl prorism Miner tn.n it lias rana wit l nore N( fIid t)w assize of aRF.A at the late of$( acres. It is divided by the vilapg-road inlotae Lols, the
Y. vi"eHa in diatircit (l4arc, until last '\cr, wln ait' i H -l lr barr f oin .ri.erlilne Flor, O()rdlrrl llai illn western lot being inltersected by the new real klini from
35 with increased val inre in inany parts ol Ruo(- !shillin, Loaf dat o weigh 21~. mNo., and tlle sixpRnny Loaf tlhe village it int Bl the Bl m oad. Thislld will be di-
lld lt, lene tlraveild ial immerns empire fr.o.ii lib. 4. lly .rr ofsthe \ ,,rv. Iaed of in one or three lots. Apply to
C Ian" t" e Balirc. It has alr-advl pa.,sd or D \V ID) SI'Es'CE, Vestry Clerk. JOIN W. MILLER.
S-* 90 degrees oflon,,iludlel d 71) o lallllni', lan1 l 'ETaH RooM, C6ill Srprnlhrr, 1 Slat mlwr 71h.


--44 St.

__ ~_

*_It --

Agin A View mej a ~ r 'iq nvo,"I seet o re in A r)
Lud Goa dhe Loadut Prae is O~bW, s selow ac- Some peculiar a
mea of the oud h of te elrh d Inb Chi, i logi sysem ay awy e i Mr. Ga's
ch k is lait that l by dthe hd of Col. John- doctrine, which, howeva as J infallble by
ae, is extrac5td every individual Onl ad there was found
DEATH OF TECUMSEH. a very striking pr o*he and he-
The a seeA wOe ew aStWr of M L. rie; but bl the orifice of the eyr. Uall de this
leir tmrrh rymostl In the potsei of Gen. Pro et of the blood thirsty insect. On to of the
Th east moveas was again the British and Indians, head this author marks a proteoeact a ramt
a Del, s&d as Maiden Four thousand Keantckians, sip of goodness, piety, d theloveof a l
tlrt dm gvemnor a their had, arrived at General IIar- b c*eavaiy in thalt ptC ker I elt -Fina ll
risms .mp; and wih the I o-operation of dhe ee, that he constandy refa i accour ofrelig Finay,
was daamind o proceed at once a Malden, while C- behind diat cavity,rnd oa tLtal0 lin, there wer two
ll Johbse wag ordered to proceed to Detroit On protuberances, announcing firmat of character ad per-
thd lh., the troops were received on board, and u the 1 veramnce.-Bllt. Gaz.
mm day, reached a point below Mahlen; which had beer. of l
711 E.Kfdasm-ras. -e 6U am
.td by British general, Procter, who, with the ie imosig eter, with firm upright
Sd umel d retreated along he riverimpsing te wi upright
Thmes. On the oum Octob r. etre Americans much- military port. His dress in cut andcolour that ofan English
ad w Oith a n in prsailm of October, Procte r march- gendeman-blue coat, gilt buttons, fastened close round
Id wdh 8,d5y men in puddle On the 4th they were e- the gorge; light blue pantaloons; well polished Ilesuian
aind by an ttak from a large body of Indians, wh boots; and a cane of coulderable weight rad dimensions.
were dispormed, and I) stands of aram captured; the t lin tking is evening walk, he observe ith an air of
day following dthey reached thbe place where the enemy sun o spici scrutiny er l that.l A ver-
had encamped. Col. Johnson went forward to reconnoisre,on of hi peculiareccentrtciaf mind alsrage vici-
and found the British drawn up in battle army i their right situdes of worldly ciromstance, mut always excite curio-
wig consisting of the Indians under Tecumseh, who were sity and attention wherever he appears, but individuals
Sposad in a swap. The Anericanu were forame in two have carried this propensity a littldo too br, so as to forget
is with cavalry in the front opposed to the vavge.. tIe delicacy and courtesy due to, and expected by, the
Upon the left, ati action was begun by T'rueumneh wilt royal evia. This, it also appease, he has both remarked
Sfury; and Col. Johnson who commanded on tlal and resented, and in terms surpasing verbal remonstrance.
received a gllig fire. The combat now raged lie is a man ofimpetuous temperament; and this, fostered
wih unsuel violence ; the Indians, to the amount of by the proud accearies of family history, renders him a
100, mseed determined to maintain their ground to little over-.ensitive on ti. point of etiquette, and prone to
the last, and the terrible voice of Tecumseh could be dis- resent any thingthlat appears to infringe upon hl piero-
4Imedy heard, encouraging hi, warriors, who fought round native. Not long since a lwrson of consideration, a,-
their gaUan chief with determined courage. An iIcident traced by this royal ip*nomenosn, carried his curiosity so
amon occurred which decided the conesn: Cohlonil Jolhn- far as to follow him in his evening walk, which led tea chal-
"ao rnshoed forward towards the spot where the Indians, leng ; t.ll gentleman, however, excised himself the intend-
chaering about their undaunted leader, contenilinie with ed honour, on the plea of inferior rank.-Ludonm papr.
the utmost fury, and found himself in the nmildt of theln,
\ ie a hundred rifes were aimed at him. TIe (Colonel, Muscular Streth.--Borellus was the f.rt who do-
a mounted oa an elegant white hore, was a very monstrated that the urce exerted within the body greatly
conspicous object; and his holders, clothes, and accoutre- exceeds tie weight to be moved without, and that nature,
meats were pierced with bullets; himselfhaving received in fact, employs an immense power to move a small
ive wounds, anil his horse nine. At the instant hi, I.,ore weight. It has been calculated that the deltoid muscle
S was shalu to sink under him, tie daring Kenltckian, alone. wlhen employed in supporting a %eight of 50
Sverml wilt blu od froni his woumnd, was dicvitre-d pon(I, exerts a fi* rce iqual to 2,.56 poundls. Some no-
ly Tceuni.h. 'Tl t ltniic chief, having ilifcharerld ,is lion ut Ith' force exerted by the liunan bholy in progres-
rfe, sprang forward with his tomalmwk; but struck with iv motion, nmay Ie formuced by the violence ol tlle shock
the appearnnce nf his brave aniaeionuil, antd sioalial I "al's" tlme foo c elrclidly iniiingres against ally obsla-
alinloil liv llu ilcrl~ri~imnr bInr..' 111' lIu ,.v.. l..i~il.-dl lur '*I': i" "'""li"r-'? ~'I"W "telr l)lings agare occasionaIlly
regartled Ity ti' uletirrmined gaonet' of, hs eve, h'sitam'd for I':e is runtiig. '[Ihe strongest hones are occasionally
a motntii and th. lli.l um-tii'- as Isi, lIlmt. lThe C(:lnnlI Iractured y tlhe action of thile Imuscles. Tim muscular
hlve'll.d a i l.ll at his breast, and hllev lItlh, aliiost at Iwr of tlhe hliman a boldy i indie.' wonderful. A Turk-
* the soti- isiaaml, till .. tie, g ib il. T'.lt'nq-li t, ri., ni. st 1,torter will run along, car Iag a a*'ciht of (NO iJbs.;
men. Th'I. ki'lllllrdkv ohtntleer. rlre iwrd f lirar tI tin d ile, of 'rotona, u said 11o l:s lilf.l an ox w.ighling
rescue of dreir le.Iddr, while il., Indlian chief and war- upwards of 1(11) pounds. llaller mentions that he saw'
a ricrs. sirrounding die bady uf tlhir griat clhi.fain, 'uIItl an instance of a tman, Hlho. fiI, r L.t In ti: carli il a
with the utinIt dilperation; i t in .lo ngr .tii ul.d i ll clmain at tle bottom of a mine, by keeping it furcibli
his animating a.icr ansd example., .it* after tle.l in con- Iwnt, (151) pounds) till he was drawn up lto tel surface,
hsion. Near liI sott wlherei this scen. occurreil, llirni a I'"iht of (i4 feet. Augustus II. of IPolind, could,
S eadians we.r fo.iul dead, anid ix of thiir oplplnnti,. In ,itlh his fingers, roll up a silver dish like a sheet ofpaper,
this engaetIrnen, the British lo,. was ninelv killl, snld and twist the strongest horse-lhoe asnnder.
IS woundledl, itl Iidiams left 10 on the fihld'. T' Aie- Q it of plar
rica loss in killed and winded, amounted ul|,arlds o1f Sp eirit tof rolur Feling A ionfg Shlires.-Aniollg
ffty. After the action, General Iroctor retreatedl along te particulars of the revolution in Brazil, onie is especall)
the rivet Tlimes, leaving several pieces .f brass caunnuon, wuorlny of satntion. Peldru ordered hli armed subjects
ad his travelling carriaire, conotain;n all his prisalt.' i- t" fire on Iis umiruned lubjcts-oiuil thI'y refused. S.,l-
per. The Indian cbi.f* now came forward ansd ueil Ir die,. ll ,s er lth world are begiiingi to s,. that farlion,
poe., which was granted them, on condition uf ildclar- of wit'hi tihe'y Iea'r so long been thle unre; oniig anod uil-
_s agrhimt their barsa friends, which they iron.litlely resting servants, s a hard ani selllsh master, reaping
id, and were supporitd I the e@pence of the American where it has not swn, and gathering where it les not
ovarwman during the eauing winter The Indian war srewed-that the people are their brethren, with all the
his quarter being now at an end, and frontier s- indne andoodfeeling belonging to the ternm-tat in
aed, the greater partof he volunteers were permitted to vindicating their rights, they are vindicating their onn- home; and Gen. Ilarrioe, after stationing Grn. that in putting them down they are esalting a power whicl
Cm at Dearoit, with albut 1(lO men, preceded with is equally regardless of the people, and of dhe instruments
the remanderof his rre,to join the anny of he centre by which the people are held in bondage. When Charles
at Buffalo, on lake Erie. called on the veterans of France to compel die acceptance
by the Parisians of his obnoxious ordinances, the line"
SThLm fell. abo the flrtioth yar of his a'. Tecauseh. refused to embrue their hands in the blood of their brethren
SSh mas celebrated laeea warrior that eer raised the toma- for their tyrant's make. When Pedro, five thousand oiles
hawk against while men; and with him fell the hope o distant from te scene of the Three Days, called on
Ith ladiams tmached to the British army. But he ell e- is line" to fre, they threw down theirarms. The same
etd by his nmals, as a great and magnanimous chief; game threatened to be played by the Prusian trooin,
br Itoagh he a took prisoners in battle. he trted with should th.y he ent to aert the claims of Holland over the
daooMfy the that bad bena taemn by others' ar d at the free persons of the men of Luxembure. Tinhe days are
dhe of Cal. Dadley. in aIttmpting io relieve lort Meim.
ahdly pCt death a chief whom he foand engaged In the indeed gone by when States could be ruled on other prin-
wak e umaere. He was ended with a powerful mind, cipls than those of justice.
ad paspmasd the mli of a hem; had an uncommon dig-
say iN o tlentus and manners. by which mart he Autoiograp*y ofa Barrnstr.-At the Old Bailey this se-
Se he ausly dsiat aWhed. even after death. from therest ionn I conducted a prosecution against a man accused io a
aCt slai ; for he wore no mar of distinction. When rape. I knew that two medical men had mmintaned that the
gInH wm a a1k h, and dld by Geneal Proctor hat he was prone could not be guilty, and I look care that they should
Sa brigadier in the Bnm service, he mtrmed the pream hbe subprnaed for the prosecution; not, you may he sure,
wila pestal fueaampl. Bon wih so title lo command bat that I should examine them. but that I might keep them
hb aide greataa every tribe yielded ubmission to him at from my oppoent. I was for some time uneasy lest the
a tm and las ever diiaplted h im aCthoety. His foia was counsl for the proper should venture to call them, but at
oemmoaly elegant. his snam aboh sin fe, ad his limbs length I had the mtisfactio of seeing his fear prevail, ad
pa*m popotioned. I obtained a vdict. Some time afterwards I aaw the prisoner
e-emated. He was a bhandome yo man. No heio was
The Ih of a cimial, who refused to take ay food eer mor pred on bingi down his antagonist than I
*. wLa psL a nd wad sppeaed t have thin avd hi- w. Wht woald I have given that my pour father had
Id was ureceatly examined by several medil lived to witness uch a blessing on his endeavotm for me I
M I this saion succeeded in obtaining the acquit.
i la Pari, but the result disappointed tlem i many al of a felon who bad committed a highway robbery. I
L. It that the stomach, far f om having col- had before befriended him. He had ample meas, and by
lapd by sixty tree daysabstinence from food, presented my advice the principal witness w got hold of, so that an
a --I agr-o th t, from the mre inspection of it, the acquittal followed o soure. My fornne was Qow made.
daub lo idridual could not lave been attribseed to My reputation wae srh. that when a prisoner s me sp-
w lt of ag This organ contaied about a glasffull p"r agais him, be gave himself up for lost; and, on the
rwlfprmeue to be rjir Thei i- other hand, the prisoners fr whom e appear wep full of
-oshiag extro ainrv. cThm le nfiencei. I was never so well plned as when I was op-
at eoth posed to an innocent ma. Confiling in his innocence. such
ahmhsgh nh to simple membranes, by the effect of a a man is often taken on a by the preparations aIinst
complete maramo, were red, and their fibres rigid, which him: whereas a rogue is generally war), ad suapicae.-
i very te-arkabe. Tie body, naturally strong, and five Fragmenr i the Morning Caromeir.

0 0
----.- D

The abowigr is agsclent of the number of
chapter, verse, words, and titer, combined in the
and New Teuameat-
Number of Books
Chpeon 2i
Vernea mS, It
-- Words 59s,4
-- Lettenr 2,78,1
The middle Book is Proverbs.
The middle Chapter is Job, xix.
The middle Veae would be IL Chronicles, zr. 1,
there were a vese more, sad vern 18, if theIe we,
verse less.
The word aD occurs 835,548 lime.
Tie word JEnOVAu occurs 6,855 times.
The shortest verse is I. Chronicles, s. 25.
TIw 21st verse of the 7th chapter of Ear conuligj
the letters of the alphabet.
The 1%9h of the iI. Kings, and 37th chapter of lA
are alike.
Number of Books IF
---Chapters s
-- Verses 7,91%
---Words 1I8,W
Letters 8883,
The middle book is i. Thmalonians.
The middle Chapter is Romans xi. if there ween
chapter less.
The middle Verse is Arts xvn. 17.
.The shortest vere is John xt. 35.
Number of Books 66
---- Chapters 1,1
-- Verses 81,178
Words 773,f
Letters 3,566,48
The middle chapter, and least in tie Bible, is Pa
crvinl. 8.
The calculator is said to have had three years dof
life occupied in forming this table !

Liverpool, Jaue 14.
Sir-In standing into Ilulyhead bay, on the 30th uh.a
my passage front Barbluloes, the ship going at the rats d
three knots, I was much surprised to feel her strike; lad
from tile say shit had, and meeting with no sudden ain-
ance, to tfinl lien Kihe stopped that dhe thad run on s io
as to lesrsen her draughlt of after two feet. I inimaldiesl
got out tile hot and sounded, and found it to be a bed d
shelving nicks, about 300 fei in circiniference, time .
iwL upon it varying from 2j to 4 fathoms, with 9fathsm
rouutdi it.
Tle hearings of the ship were by azimuth compaa,
Ilol. headl pier Light, S. 52 W.; North Stack, S. 83 W.;
Skeriess' Light, N. by E.; Carmel-head, N. 36 E. It
was one hour's flood when the ship struck, and I am pmt
suandel tlit at low water, spring tides, there would nst i
niore than I 1 futlom water upon it. It in just in track d
svesels, and I ant aonished that it has not been discovered
JOHN FENWICK, Master of the Bolivar.
William Iurry, Esq. agent to Lloyd's, Liverpool.
N. B. The Bolivar drew 16 feet forward and 16 at&

In France we see Dukes and Mauisses, and other -
of rank ansl ealih. allowed to take lth lead in society, d.
because they happen to have been born Dukes and Muas
en, but because they are known au coolributors to theilM
lie press, and as men who, by their literary ikles adI
imlitiral information. are able to render great services teoa
community at large; nd we see all men of ability wh* a
connectedd with the press in France, not merely toleniad a
high society, but distinguished and honoured for thal c'
nesion. Thas it is that education and hberal pricipleith
ground in France. Twenty years ago the French wem
comparatively neducaled p lole, but now the indamso
Journalim has had the efect of extending the be sti a
education to one in seventeen of the entire population, beB
nearly in as high a proponion an in this country, wh*kh er
century has hall the adMantage of free institutions. lam
:ears more the number of the educated in Frace will,.
ale no doubt, be one in ten ; and if Journalism shadl
thrive here. as thrive at will. in spite of the denunciatioesa
Sir Robert Peel and Bir Robert Inglia, in the same uemB
of years every man will be educated, and society wl a
every way feel the advantage, which muls from an ae
sion of well direced education.-London Cowrier.

At a Parish in Devonshire, last week, a woman brei
her son to be christened; and, on the Minister inquiry
what was to he the name of the child, she replied Arts;
Minister doubling the accuracy of sa novel a name, ,d
inquiring why she had chose one so sigular, she sad Id
her husband and self were religim ok- t, hafi
christened their four other boys by the naea of the Ere
gelists, it was their intention to py the same resaplist
to the ApoUdes, and they had threfore commenced "
the Acts.

Disobedient children, if preserved from the galows,
reserved for dte rack,to be tortured by their own psa .
One complaining that never had father so undmtiul a
as he had, yes," said his son, with lea grace taa tir
my grandfather had."-Fvlkr.

Mrs. Price, before her second marriage with an Ait
man of that name, was a widow of large fortune by b
name of Raeg. On being asked a few days after ri
second mearriace, how eh liked him, O very well inder*
said she,' for I have sold my old Rugg for a gtod Pi

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