Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: September 21, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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ass *et in!.. sRtor.


' p rqLItSuD a-tlW L IN NAM AU0,. P.
=I Deno t -a-ht-m ab.

Sir Phnlx wa a Governor,
Who lived I NUman town,
A Major General, eke wa he,
Of &fmous Wellinton.
Sir Pheaix said onto his friends
"Tho' battled, months have been,
Oar d bck brethren in the west,
They've not our face een."
- 'Nomonow I wife's scerina day,
And we will hoaa ner,
Unto the B k at Adlde,
To ee how they do fare."
" Frid Walkr, gd the Judge two,
Myself and so tasthraee,
WVll fill the mad, so you may ride,
And follow after we."
Sl am inferior Judge," says one,
"As all the world doth know,
At hobe, I'll leave my na, and get
A preny home to go."
The morning came.the homes brought,
Their ridemn al astride,
Twelve angry men, and all agog,
To shew how they could ride.
Smack went the whlps, off went they all,
A )olly cavalcade;
Jss like unto a dock of geeme,
Upon the town parad.
l'e hb ids n than mweseep hnuh.e
U1e 1d a horse to break,
Fr the great knights and wond'ros 'da,
He had not broke his neck.
Hard work hld he to keep him in,
His hone began to prance,
And caper, hop, and skip about,
As if h wished to dance.
These heralds (Ie they went before-
They should lave had two drums,
Aad pIy'd at every negro hut,
"The cooqu'ring he comes."
Thm came behind, a braway quire,
Who rode a little horse,
Ilisfeet they all but touched the ground,
When o'er his back scream.
He went on very well, I'm told,
Until he came to land,
And there his feet turned up the ground,
As plough tuns up the land.
Thus pling, blowing, out o breath,
To Wterloo they came,
Oh! Waterloo, Sir Phbmai loves-
It mgnifies hi fame.
Ba Waterloo he'll love no more,
It's ltr'd unto his shame,
Fp thie e lost ha umdy-
Wih him 'twau but a wmr.
Per hem fnro off his jaded hone,
The old Collector's thrown.
And wlh him falo his wearid teed,
Amd bsnka hi h sboader bone.
"lI maue stop," Sir Phomin cries,
For I'm in haste to reach
Th aemDleent at Adelaide,
And ibekfst on the beach."
G dows get down, my honest Joe,
And tay her awhile,
I olfow'nr will men come ap-they're
t further tha a mile."
8oo r they go all these esquins
With their great friend the Knight,
Who eard but little if, poor man !
He'd aid there all that night.
New th.t rear goard do come up
They M a piteouls lght,
Fw in te moa th y the m,
Who em in woful plight
They It him up into a but,
d'a o what e'er they an,
T of they set in wond'roun haste,
T en the great red man.
No, who can tell the wonder grat,
Or pain the sweet urprie.
O h poor Black wh came their King.
a beore their eyes.

as peter o'er the noe,
S14es raise a shout,


of' r i*

'a -I II I "

WEDNESDAY, 33r 331, iml.. VOLu I-E=N&

A A alAWL Kau's lbnd ivin obtained the aohackled an of him Ilabsb-- ,
A-d eewhosti aabt*d delymade for tdo woodsj beinga-- b i
And when hen ted w.. ecu Lfed uupos. d t
He think that he m s mlany a il to d it
To help great KIaha i rel in p Hiaas M det med ort a mm a ta
And ake t. with m' wi caplud bot and te prisonenq which
S ,.]tah. hechiefw r at M h den of da on ta 7th. Hi
Inlln'd sto do thiss dh e tdhe Martientnred at so Hw4mpm
So whed he'd f an0 w ak on the 4th, cnpt d two m ao w
He months hi "a come mtothenai land, Tt he
na t oe. the very men wanting to compr t La
Then thro' Canicha The sub-delegate HMart, pr highly thae dalk
-nTe hamlet next his tae men wi joined him, as we as tht of tde I
There live the me who of those pu, who afforded him aI the fcdlidies
bTheyd not wit power, an fhogave up their occupations to aulk Il
Thence to N assau aone the service of his majesty. The comamadlg ig
And if ou ashme, congratulates the country on the good principle a d po
lie took this ondl oa moral of the inhabitant, who, far from aclltating die
To tell you I wl iy. 4 pirates, powerfully alaistd in their pprehanm. T
ethe only reason why, w t ommiandnt intends, iao, to exhibit before royal
To Adelaide hed rone, the high and impoant rice perform by
Then ith' Caeh l bai 1d 1 the ub-delegate Don Franciso M y Tre, d
Was eniyforah J.UO. by the other well-deserving citneu phbo ve amir
Prom te WsM b Olo. HAVANA, 12th Jnuary, 1881.
CAPTURE AND DESTRUCTION OF THE PI- In consequence of this port, the footing orr was
RATE LA TONTA" AND OF ftL DAND. published in the Diario de Ia Havan, of the 16th July,
The achievement herein and translated from 18 and is rnslated from the ame :
the Dirio de la Havana" T a public spirited act, "OFFICIAL ARTICLE."
and was no doubt useful to.dt commercial interest of Rofal order, coImpmlcated to tke royal tomande .
the United States at Cubal'or, IA Tonta wa regard- -ci of te Island of Culi.
ed as one of the most daring phtel that the Island has Te king, our master, has been informed by your
produced. He had murdered many American ctizens, Racellency'sletterof the Slt January last, of the aptre
an could nteasily have b.m capeued by our cruisers of thepiraLical boat called Roario, commanded by Lt,
on account of the fhermn n mad the inhabitants of the Tonta and his majesty having duly appreciated the ,
coast and keys, withhdiding i all s ad information in good derived to the trade of that island from the dlj
such cases from foreigners, whrb they dare not do from traction of this cla of enemy of the state and of man.-
their own countrymen. khd, has been pleaded to reward the individuals who have
On the evening lthe 13h Dceamber 1830, the sub- taken part in that transaction, by grunting the Ialde S
delegate Don Francisco Mar y Torrens, arrived ih ensign in the navy to Don Francico Marti y Torrens,
Havala, iq a small vessel, owned by himself, called the and a modal of distinction to all those who have efient-
Esperanas, and informed the Commander-in-Chief of ly contributed, by their peronl exertions, to that cap-
the Navy, that te day previous, a boat with nine men, ture. I communicate it to your Excellency, for kh exe-
armed with riles and muskes, a o, mong the Antonio cusatm, c. A.*
Marine, (aa La Toeao) k9d i ck. CONT 8ALA7AL
9th of November, escaped fr a fnrm of Ombane, MaDn, 8th May, 1881."
where he had been imprisoned he crime of piray-
he, having likewise escaped frt the jail of Cuba, lad P lthe New York Cosrir ald Equirer.
been en at a fiheryof his, (Mart) at CayoGalindo. He On Saturday last, we mentioned te arrival at this port
added that, apprehending let those evil intended doers of tie schooner Antarctic, under the command of Cat.
should avail themselves of the obscurity of the night, to Murrell,afteran absenceof two years, andatated that while
take possession of his vessel, and of the others there, he sailing in the South Pacific, he had lost 19 of his crew,
had accordingly left the place with them, and had come to in and encounter with the natives of a newly discovered
thi port to inform the authorities of die fact. land.
He offered to go i person, together with such as- The circumstances attoIding the voyage of this vesl,
distance a might be afforded him, in pursuit of the pirates, re of too remarkable a lianacter to be dismissed with *
observing that his Lts and his men, were th o best suited a paying notice.
to such an expl ioo Convinced of th truth, tie The Antaictic sailed from New York in ,Aepltmbq,
Commander provided him with one Sergeant, two Corpo- 1829, on a voyage to the mouth sees, for the purpose of
rals and seventeen privates, with arms and ammunition, cull'Cting a cargo of fur aeal skins. In Octolwr follow-
sufficient fur the men in the other boats. With these, and ing, she touched at the Cape de Verde Islands, and obtain-
believing that success depended much upon the celerity of ed the salt necessary fur the preservation of the skins
their movements, they set sail at one o'clock, A. M. expected to be taken; from thence she shaped her corse
On the 16th, they were compelled by stress of wea- to New Zealand, but being disappointed in procuring skim
other, to enter Matanas, whence they could only sail on there, the captain determined on altering his voyage,
the 9th, after having divided among the several boats, and sailed for Manilla. While proceedlg thither, he fl
the armed men of the expedition. They then surveyed in on the 23d February with a group of ,land, six in
the keys, up to that called Blanca, which they found de- number, which not being on the chart, he named Wes-
aerted-at iey Galindo they received information, tlias terfild's group. They are small, and a reef of rorks
the suspected boat had been absent from there three runs from one island to the other. On the day following,
days. he discovered land again, and found it to consist of n-
The adea sub-delegate pushed on, as far as Cadix other group of islands, tending about aeventy-five miles
Bay, where, on the 21st, he joined his Majesty's schoon- north and south; theme beilg neither mentioned on any
ers the Ligera and the Claritta, which had received or- chrt, he called them Berght Grsp. Here he had aome
ders to join the expedition. Lieutenant Don Manuel Mo- intercourse with th natives, but it was impossible for
reno deemed it proper to proceed to the windward with him to obtain from them any information as to the induce
both schooner, whilst Mati, with on ten armed men, ment to trade which their islands afforded, and he there-
should explore the place where La Tonta had been, fore continued his course. On the 25th, he agaie aw
and where he might posibly have returned. lie left land, a long low island, which appeared to be loaded whh
here the remainder of the soldiers, a being more em- cocoa nuts, without however, the last trace of Ihabitaus,
harrssing than useful, on account of the small asi of this island he called LITIGroTOm Island. On the 9sbhe
his boats. March he arrived at Manilla, and there made up his miad
Alt various we combined movements on the part of to fit out his vessel for a voyage to the Fajee Islands, la
Don Francisco Marti, be, at dawn, on the 31st Decem- search of a crro of Beach la Mar, tortoie hell, &c. et.
her, acquired the information, that the boat he wa search- In the promucution of this voyage, he sailed from Ma-
ing for, wa at Key Galindo. He immediately assembled nilla on the 12th ApriL Paasing Iva Island, and Wal.
his boats, made the nceary prepaRations, and posses- lace's Island, he on the 9th May made si low islands
sad himselfof the enemy's boat, the men in her having called Los Matieas, where the natives came off to trad
led to the shore. Marti and his men landed and fired with them, but finding that they posseed nothing worthy
upon the pirtiq, who concealed themselves among the of his notice, his stay with them was abort. They adicated
reeds and bushes.-That day was spent in reconnoitring to him, that further north hewould find a large qoanity of
the Key, where they found 25 packages' containing mus- the article of which he was in search, Beach la Mar. In
ket cartri ; 4 carartridges for pistol; five pounds of shaping his course in that direction, be poaed a grmp
powder, a ribin I pistol; 1mOOmketilint; provisions for of islands, called by the natives Tama Tra, another grop
three or foar Jays, and some articles of clothing.-Having denominated on die chart Young William's group, a
aired himself dtat the enemy could not escape from the the islands of Mondevert~eunt.
Key, he pushed his march until the morning of the. 2 Capt. Morrell appear to have had but little inser
January, *en he secured five of the enemy; and, in the with th natives of these places, merely enough to oSoal
evening twa moe, one of the latter being the said La from them cocoa and bread fruit, and uaertaiied l) ey
Tonta. The seven were taken to Cayo Oalindo, posesed nothing more. He describes the a las g
without having been able to meet the other two indivi- remarkably robust and tall, sometimes by t adact
duals, the complement ofthat perveme band. In ano- leading him to apprehend that they bad ;aRi ma E;
other place, 6 muskets and 2 rifeswere found. At Ca- at others, perfectly peaceable, and having m war weepos
yo OGaldo.Antonio Marino (alias La Tonta) having soli- abqp them.
cited, (mda e pretence of corporeal necessity, and Othbe 22d May an accident occurred, to which we




_ __

- a ..L- -A-.

*m TlaaL: wit as & lt h e
.r wide* am "er rtofhof
little ind rM ofbl golas isil onol fnit were ob sonpf%
*L voy mllas A tlitl& d NN III all o t yl fr l iy dng like a ,/sverenc t far a tpr ir power he i obabik ults were killed in the l'o usion. ci s
Lr te scusooMer, M d could not be idlucod t ka11 p The hif indogce in pIlgam3k, but tile generalityof of Ue wm ying (or prosaction to the Interior and to the
iL lahe men wl a ceddlity @mmoe tnanen, ei hbt one wife, dhe pse rerered udebsm, piing In the Itirour. Several shop bhe bes l ui
L w it was a bird oflllomeon, wanted to kill it but tl their bhustlnkl killiri ele without any scruple on the by the soldiers, who mil oonmiud in a staS a
cadi, pleamnu with its irfect taJnunes., .delctrmi.uiy t lns Imupici.n ,f inoidelil Shaw links they kill adU thue + a tti in di e this ioaaidee -
o h life. On the following day the Islands to ehMrtta lcsiept hoo tm p" "" c mencemenl le i intrnal commo lo
a, se i nas of Mascane- IS.AlN. s rwa r afterward. done l amongit shes. Then hut are made of ian- -cmt -- e
0 g ,ve dko w vered, and ti little birdn w boos aim c lhe kalf t cocoa nut tees, o the fruit of Spain.-A Spanill army of 20,00 mnn haMi
dth leald. Iumeromus doubt havPe since been re- which, the bannana.and fia, dy entirely subait The rone o Portul.
en board, that lrd was allowed to scape, afr are i entirely coveral wit wood, a few foot pate ordered to son l.
qI I many of their sulbsnuent misfortunes bei strlelv onl rnming through dthum-ie hut as built in small l LOCALItIEB.
omuw k attributed. v CrhAu 9 the sa peat for Ithe convenience of lulling.
*Oa.. Mi May the schooner was in sight of 'six T Jodengl of this article warnn a to brig git f 1hea's ; a h a'your o
-I iW mdll. with a reef of rocks running fruo one to. iwe dhefore cofiue ouaelve tol ut one other encoull- A hie smng n
le~Tr. through whiiclkt) re was thre iS amuiall l'r wid the remtds Morrell, in order to protect Ad faith he'l pin nth- u.
ehClnel pliam 11N yanls'ln width. The islands appeared the cate work on i caused a kind of battery to Lilrality.-- the day of Apiciu U the gomanj
very fruitful, amid .v,'rml large ranrne were een inlido ths Oaullced on'lO of twvo large trees bout fort Li liy.-h he d of Apici a the gour
ae0, the bo ass ise s tIle ree, sd plenty rf Bea I (t enln ds ~r a lmooand it watid four bront swi- were asuoug the Gods-Horace ranks them equally i
l ofes ellent quality being found there, e captain vel Is of Ihis lat men wae placed ID it with muskets in his. A free black woman, notorious for her profoum
inemld on endeavouring to procure a crgo of tllt and proWlhls, bul it wasUly l completed when dw na- skill in the science of Kitchener, or Part defaire l ci
commndllty at this place. Afr anchoring and making i 've camedowniu largeforceandatlackedthe'nim below; in her knowledge of riols, sd al the pale
olher necemerv preimratlons, iMrl oflatie rro.w .ere uwt on tie lire fromhe battery to their great surprise, opened iDt in her knowledge of ri, all the Pt I
shor on the ilh, fror the ptpenrt of crlaring away th e 1 -ire tf' and coiunp m to retreat with severe crapaud, now displayed in the fanciful forms of It
trees and bushes, and building ho a hou.e wher e Illheach k. los. cdrnered scrapers upon the tables of our bous e
Mar when taken, might be cured and rendered fit fog We pi' over dl' purAe of he Massacre Island was sometieu since discharged from the service of 1
treaportution. from its *it'f. his dea-s, ad n any olier details. o ex- .Excllency the Governor, for the horrid crie of
II hI prrehps nc t ha we should ltat ire, tllt e"i"n oTf C pt. Hlorrell could pacify the natives, they a native who could maintain herself," nd a
Benh Mar is a fish, of whirlch the Clthini anr particu- oiinti'd to persevere in thbir'htilities, notwitlhstand- absaie wo couo mai k an l
briL fiad, ma fi rp which they pay a lhielh ri, e. ing thie gream Ilas of liven they stained, and die burn- bungler who could not even make a cotelet d&
the a ities had conic on to tie scl.or i cvrl sever i of tIIir Iuts, and eventually compelled him to give without tlerewthl damaging the maticatory orpu
large canoe, bringing with thenm cocoa nuts anlI sllilt.n. Ill e hope ql obtaining a cargo of fish from the reef his, master's guests, wa taken in her place, becam)
They were negrope of large stature, and some of i thn of rocks uliich hBunls their shores. was a strangr who could not provide fo himself"
appeared to pus reuaiderable cutlloess.. No whalt. Capl. Morrell still prosecuted his voyage and m an w c
man had ever heen isee by them baJere, lhey tlouhlt dll, na" sy other imnporRfnt dicoveries-they are however his Tempore, 0 Mores.
craw of the Antarctic were painted while, and endeaured property, and we tlerefore atrtain from noticing them, in ailly Carity.-H-, bad Master of H. M.
by rubbing, to bring dieir skins to ite complexion of their lthe. Ilule llal he will another day reap that adlvan- S ly ChatJ- -, r f H
w. Their ideas were all confineda tlhe little group of Iage from dhem which during tdis voyage has been deAi- W. I. Rege. is allowed to posses, with great profesmia
Ilanldun which they lived, thl.y had Irhawverson le ilier- ed him. talent, much discreet humility. The band, after plaji
fct notions of lnoilwr group at sonme distance fheo Lem One of the natives from the Manacre Island, anS quadrilles and interludes untilthe guests at holimu"t
Sad from dems.', they presumed the scmooner now car* anodr from anrotier inland Iubsquently discovered, have marched to tie tea and toast attack, were indulging its
Weo abstain from iutlicing the surprise disy exhi lMod on bOen brought ihome by Capt. Morrell. Aankae be sup-
.eing dthiir visiters; Ilme conduct of savagesl s imi- posed they are objects of mnch curiosity. They wifo litl rest, II--r seizd the opportune moment fori
4 clrmunmtances, is prouIbly always nearly alike, and exhibited lo-morrow at Tammany lldl. Ili intention is tionine rookey" for a bowl of colee as a stnmPr
daire are few of us wiho have not, aat soen tinme or oler, to return with tlKhe to their times, when lie hlopes that as IIhe felt exhausted from his efforts upon tlme clariongu
Sdwsrh wididoep interest on the detailsof dte lirst mieeling; t trelnaiient dth ii ve received as his hands, will en- ,as renfrieil by the lady president of Sala/ma-diwm
blween civilized and incivilized man. sure liinu a better reception from thedrcountrymien; andl invective, that 1--r was happy in making
S The boat's crew lad gotten the forge adore, snd set it that tlii knowled lge they will have acquired here, will ncl ier t IIr s hppy in anilgd
up; die native stole sook of dlt armirourer's tool, alirl, Ie the mll anm of introducing amongst them some f dte li retreat, widtout suileiring in his rear from the cjfsi
S indluced ile Ip.inpiii ti soed ans abotr boat will a crrw well ir"'ang"ies of civilization. of a trakettle. DBitiews, the following morning, a niskli
armed ; dhe coipelled a resitratinuof i,, things stol-li; was issued for Il-r's l appn rance before the icmml
S lHut tls.nilivr ,iIe I r ..a eidareadl hi.tli,-tin,,.v drew their bow., n i a i c.unnander-in<-hief, who dealt his opllrobriolls epilhe
S and stood rely lodiscbrrp- ilteir urrt,,s. T'lie crw,' JOJB W 1 J o a I
h. ildet.rnin,ld on seizing tie person of die hIxad ci.I' t =s ise were uparl, N
which Ihiy e ltcted ai, ca.rriedJ hi on board illi manin, treel way t n had already been exhibited by" Cr.'
of he native. : Jer, lis, a( evuiing,l hoever, juiplt ovie.- IWEVINEnDA NEPT'RB 1 I 1 l. Nor was tIlh circuinstance of the man's leing an id
hoard, awrl wait ashore, and in the course orf tih niiglit, dIH. -- llowu-d Io etteniuate die curM of hi wanting sacho
ti.rn followed his e'xalule. The paucity of urlnival since our last, leaves us in pos- pnsire refrneshment.
orn da ufllu int Io',rli, llo the p rerno le t ashore s esion of no late r dates than Ithose already noticed, hut Sa vetel 'with a little hrief sthorit .
work, ru u~ui~l. At W o,'rhLk theI relurl'eda iu Ite lll, 'auh unllhiels before heaven's I;igh Manjes.
aor to breakul .t, lavin S ll rc dtit, o on holre to wr;lscl holpe that our colunm s will, nevertnlelu ., not prove la l. lI an s or heaven's high Mijerly,
tools; lliri, -dthli of die nnlii-, coillikctdl rniilll ldwi., bIarrenll o interest, to our readers. In llie present ecitei ed -aI nl l."
Sten, and were on tIIe uilnt of eUolllieicine al anlark, slate of the Continent of Eiurlope, wo iave every reason lratfst of Il.-rami.-'iiice this wight appiarea ia
which talmey unist. d front, oIl seial:g dust the boat had to alticipte a colenntt Iet wrI-ln some of tihe belligerents, our localiti.-s uiindir die watchful care of thIe rpILt-
oumeo hack front tlus vassamIl niill ttunaai.l us' shore.
At mid-day, a nuomn r of ca.I s put o iln. fl f lathe olKtr o' re ook f lOr the prewit in aspnn ce. We have Til.l'lsr iT P. P. F. we understand that the master
i ulll--41 captain buingi apprehensll veL ol ootlili.', reinl- seldom k.iovn sleet put in liolilali by rival atlions-com- I nthrMr,;q.e has denmded poor Frederick, and sent hi
forced die handson shore till ilthy aountannl t in numbelir to pacts lentered into by continental states, for ol'ensive or firtll in lii. ear ri clanuues. In an angry ebullitii,
twenty-one. llearis wer' also s.ntl Ini au tieo olficer ,lfire i o si ,iluratlion., as churlianc may dilrtate, il a june- P. P. r. to reduce plur Frederick, "las DBrgoi
comnianding tllmel, acod ie .ais likhlicily Caldionrt o lioun ,f intl ist,, Iv1hich have b in deen.dl fr tI,- nlo.t to tin. rank and co stuelim of a snsa enlottes, which it
be on he guaral, a caitin, lhisoever, a Ilci Ime disregardedl,
for sordty afler the native du a geueind and surcceeifl I"'r inco""patil'le, without sUene act eillir real al ininei- later smroinily leclinaed, on time grounds of priinipyr alw;
attack on dirm from dMe woal,-two of the crew ihat wenr. nary ol'aggression, which las at onre i'nitedl die con- Luivine .'very aildedefilition ofdewolrd, Mese and To-
in the jolly hunt had just lii.e to shove. l r oil. %Wiaen oult 1bistible mass, and produced what ill wern prepared for. Mlemun (mid Blergaiii) is a Latin word for what we al
doft s rach ofw te aross, lhey nv by and tick on- hoard We think in the present revolutiioary I)lrenzv hih ex- haut de chausses; Tunm isanonther Latin word, oface
thre twhae crew dtipatcil ha y iiaed aldinlvs ill Ishe wlatr ir t in time minds of tile Frinch, %ill I' a rcoase Iplund ntisr', signifying Ir jusae a corps, and In r t
ame, on lmrering the war-whoopo oftl I nIalv e, saved Itwoof ir e policy in dheir King to divert ie fllnie of die ErlE A-I--I eiill keep my olat dc classes, and young A
Smum of lines, the rm'nainderr we.- all all*imcred, with tlhe miarl;al ar loir of his plolple inli a chrli.inll that liay re- keepi la restl" iern ami now says my master and i
e lrrylon ofoalr, whoue lnte we Ill henr sfier mentioin. doumd to Ihir credit, rather r more Ihln stlorini dier palaces neastr nar too l.iunane to flog poor n-gross, u if tk
Cle o prLome tlli objes olilliscrew vo I;u.n it inls mia- of tlir Sove.reins, anl riniing daily conunotiions in their iwere bore.; lut they go copper shod, and kick pi
fue detprmioie o in return o, lo od in rin- C:'"ap'al. "u-qual as EnginalI is to anodllr rconunu of iwar- negrues, like horses, ladpolteriorse."
rule deleorolhind to return to is)nll~a, to glu n~in- e
frerlceimet of nllt. h'. llrrivid there on dli.'- h June, and farn, in her prew-nt imtpoverrisliedl lstal, we lw no' not Lil n ..n -. -
having ahi;ppl Ilourtelnl mor iin, sild on Il Sa l, i lls I- dilrrence would Ie Irilling, between thle riaous ec- NAit.-u, N. P. 17tk Spteer, 1831.
Aug.:ns. ()o I ll'h S,. h. unce moren ra.irl,, i. harrasnenis shle n uclh incur, oand tho, se i will lti.- To the Editor of the Blakeaa Argu. .
i laund wlh o'Ire lt' h loa inoas na r hi rtiw, an.luw.i, vi. h i ri.-.-nThe sage iMustI ..ia, lAabic linei'e
fromm dat cir- ilantaice cables Msr r, Ilni i, l a nst draw .ion Ilerself, hy the nleasurrr of smse of ihi coiuran. -ionedulm a lppointed ill, Iavn, a coii Pt'
Iad noun ulr cr .molo Dtrhor tllh u Ihe anl. allarkL.d hv i''r council during the inti rna!a orf l;ace. In -ir, IH lilealtl3ar) sas, fiund my knowleigeu of tdlat opimoiS h
de nativesi in tlheir canos ; iI brink fire froim tie scloollnr lia1 gc""rnr;! been crowndl % ilth oiccir mill a itll glory ; ,ae-, nmire just anl uccuralt than .his own, haIs fat'"
however conlmlelkld them to retreat. we fear that her acts of sinxeen years peace, will forever ''i "n' wiea deapatlch No. 2, from Prince .Ahul kSl
hotly afterwards. a small canoe put oln from lhe lhore, tarnish tie glorious arts of twenty years' war. Slnuld C. Smin-t: winh I a-wli sujIin, ato it Fcaully perI
in which to ti' Ireat iay of all on lanrdil im Isew lner, iH i Rum.ia nr-conquer the stubhnro Poles, I'russia and .,t- a;inl e. stahe of yoiir readers.
flmeul one l'tLdceirold crew, Ieun;lrni baw, who al the illCe ris a ill nolt it ver. .,rure in their shares of the partition I am, Mr. Editor,
of tho mamocren load hidlken bIinti-lfin tle ,]1 anwl *I-
pod. lie had remained cnneeand lifen days. suhsiine of duat Kiungloim. Frnuce lshws rather an unfriendly Your obedient servant,
om only four coc oauts, when he was discoven-d by the aspect towards Don Miguel. Tim rreresentalive of the Penrr.
ativen ad cruelly wonlmed. illustrious IlHuse of Bragan.a is in the Crapulal o Iois old To lte most renownel and thrice puia snt BLAal'O
From his man, ('apt. Mrmlel learned, that die skllslof ally and tried friend, England; anl if we are to accre- .thul n eli, frmo the land of dessitutian and 1innvi'
thirf an d his n let were sillid. wlfre hianni a t he it the public prints, Don Pedro has Ibrn solicited by crieth Ilan. !! Are the woes of the descendant of1
,hi-eand i, nll that a few dayn l-fir his return to the our Sovereign to make the Kinedom of Sngladn his place GREAT Kv.i KarTniacB never to be lightened Id
ihhand, the natives lul ast]sco lnd tstlether on killing and m lgan uhendeenr te yo eofsritu, who hae be"
iering Shaw himnilf, lint delayed it in conrquenceof thef of residece. There is much cause to nticipate the rI on uther tinde yoke of servitode, who have 1be A
aLence of lame of dmeir clief.. They afterwards sent him kindling of the torch of war, and that, on the very point, my RED Ilano.the see the representative or e o NtLOM
oa hard wihe was supposed of a pacific as- whnes the policy and monly of England hasallanys n a wr cco d i.n re dr, and ennellin width
tha, w found neccsisr), to secge to hlr the balance of conti- tha a t is o.w and oneraRe, and not afford that dere
Ian n whle f n ther isln was employs of the iron h native; mental Iwer. coutnltenance and protection as would, at least.
n r kveut f iron l tad from i ninio reatnmen? Our holy prophet Xky
from dmim I. lie w-as balldltrtilhv tlt*-nlllm .'ugyvin Pinee he bosve waq in ,P. the schooner Pin. a h ". Thou hlet bodle a trong bu. n et
him her igmth t .'live po'n. II, ri,"reenl. the.|o hul I Young. frim Phil.,Ilrilia,. ha arrivel. hringing.pper. ne lihted trInk ;" also War nm m st 1 capi
ofthe island a nnder te- 'wayv ofoon chief. r f nlalme ll"ma la I y later lhsn tIll Ihlolua, bi they enionlin no lats news bll strike lown the warrior in armsi"
mllsolutepowe; erbh ,of et othr, t lh a n ,s aasborrdite fwom Eunope. Ily late armal at 'laluano .. lm e i.- That vagcMuaapha talks tome noch 11te10 y


- Ak sk

-Ir at r E derg t ils V n.

-t suit$ lodIve e'justl' a. aved twd .se ot you IaeKa, June "iA.--'Ti'w Ei aIu, is omkili.g a new
am lm. olly Illjs sltn, 1 Lbold in war, and W vy of ),(XM) usu,.whlich will mluak its efluctiv force
l ubmn ullimb, save that of Lhin who liatli slain ucirly L iY ),00i). TiThs wihe know the Empeiror's mnodo-
Iarl, dty brUother, or aught that perUinetli to the ration, aill not attrlbutu tlII to personal Albition. At dte
o sfhy days, as int al itIo oet seek not to Congress of Vienna he oOred to restore (Gallicia witholwut
rtli acts woith a cloak of goodrel : if thy soul indominity, on coalition slmt tim otler powers would con-
a.Jer',aot At semblance of the lamb; if thy sent to dte entire independence of Poland.
ht afJy, seek ona to Aide thy cunning behind the/ B HENRY GREENSLADE &I CO.
af Owr Aholy pruopets; if thiu io elest take Jrou NOTICE. -
wtaoe t a e toaO.TI d t w th 'c At a meeting ofthe Committee of dm Ba- Atthe Residence ofT. Footer. Esq. of ct. Royal iaaem
cam, enf vin.:. CluMb aeI int with thai Bt of 1a0 001;-
she cO Aer acts of a man, there is always that will f1honm Regatta Club, held in da Public Build- at t O'Will i .: .
cxi a wa i tl tti ; as with i r .krl rsagC so t oke tilte 4coh-w111 ilt.-iwa Wll e S
t. abs autirs, d tAe desire o" cocealnset.'n Riesolved, That the day of sailing for the Cup, be on (Withou Reserve)
a lipnd lo believe iiy li;endl lut pl but Tuesday, tie first day of November; and that no vessel A set of Dining and other TableI
rI h tlpsowI of your Li. PA e, yr many ,, r tiften, or above forty tons, shu l be allowed to ail Chairs, Sofas,
6he tells Iiale a your LAiili:. th .ACt yrt iort' f1 H sfileNae. Sleboard, Wardrobe,
mrin'e aad w ll I thi.k tbat n than on o Supteluboir I611h. Bedsteads, Mattrvmese
c gae s,:ince 1 told )o 1 WAS A..tU. KemI, I ain per- Bene 1odan t raGes,
wi h doiluts, as you ouuld surelv hlao inot over- NOTICE. Bed and Tab Lianen
i.ti' Keh in distress ifyou ware TULI GUt. Ain Bed and Table Linen,
A..bul heli ii distress, i you wure r during and outrageous Buorlary having been lately A quantity of Books and Book shelve,
I UiItI cmlluilitrie in the subscriber'r houst, At the Soull side olthis ALSO-
AllVL KELI. Island, ad pluiielrel of provisions, lince the location on that Saddl and Bridle, Epauletes, Swrd snd Swea-
ll-- e on the Island of the last gang of (uine. Negroes, and a Saddles ad Bridles, Epaulettes ord ud 8wmw
Ledou n, July 1:.-TI,. ilt gliu tilcputation, rlhred with cintnchIoll choroulanh. established through hia yard ud premi- belts, Sulaes, with a great variety of other arirdl
iv dclilcitivi' tlleor ol tl.s Criownto l ricee Leopolil, arrived ses iy Negroes aud other persons employed or not employed Ternus,-CAnS on delivery.
Sio.lnw ick ,lotl, i.r Je in s ol iNda i |hrl, by the Suleriintendl.nt of the said pgg of Negroes, notice i. B i HLENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
tl u'll r.i klltula i iJkr lo .iltl, ui.til lil .i.i thlereby given that aoy peraol I Tperons, whomsoever, so
at L2o'clock. They were received in ti dilliirent towns oul Irespaiiig. on any preteneetrateer, will be prosecuted On Friday eat, the 23d .int,
d'Flanmerlr thrru.l which they paI'ilu with tit grcalter witi the uilrmolt np r o he law, and all persons are hereby At b Oy loathe a s
edthuliiun s; and during die cli;hi[iiig Ioflioi s, inIlwnse warned tism so trespiasing. t Wi bo sold
crowd ol citizens snurro.unded tihe carriages, cr inl, ivre JOHN W. MILLER. o
SHui!" ... irie Lbaen! ... I"rc Notre patrolotisueJ SeptembeIr LLERt. At die shop of Mr. W. T. Preston. all his @lrk ofDrup,
He i."'" lire Le.ha!" ite notre patritiqe< Sep~tember ,sta. Medicines, &c. &c. consisting of, a large assortment of
Iiaistre." At 9 o'clock yesterday evening, the Deipuie Tincu ed and Guml, Sal.o, Sailit a and Soda Porde
waited in the1, Prince, aid tuwne receivdsilcl the lust mar- rTinctures and Guoos, Salts, Seidlit and Soda Powdersm,
itord Prin, ,,l ,.rem ainedivth whiU thllx mil nei BIRTE*. '\Whiting, Red and Yellow Ochre, Lamp Black and Ghla;
kIn cr dli.i Th. r..l taincid wirith hlil feil Ill.giiiess 0 On l Monlay last, Ihe ltt instant, the Lady of the lion. also a select assortment of Perfumery, Tooth Brushhs
altll 1 'c, hk. Hi Lii. r lll it iwle calle d d uriLeol John Thomson, lE's phe inic.r vi., tis hl.. Pr It wace all o e called 1 L 1 eopo common Sago ;-the whole ofwhich will be put up in lots
Prii 'esli.tlil Il.eiae Lu rln oan SMatIury next, anIl pro- I suitable for families, planters and shopkeeper.
cadI to IIr.ln ctl. h naydt'Cnlais, lihere lie will sIeI); hli On Mondav last. lle 19lh inei int after an illness of six ALSO-
will il ir,',el to Ostcndh,leave again oi bluondy oirl- cti. Licit. 11. A. Spence, of His lajety's ad w. jI. aRei- A small Launch and Sadldle horse.
isticr l li'cs, (hlieiti, and Ailts, aind miiaket his public ni'i. 02' The medlicines are warranted to be getnutlme, and io th tiii ropilisont 'tIisia it 12 o'clcl.- of the beat quality.
'fel -11.11c l' VI jo telste hnt ti-iii r- Tie-rm will be iiiaile known on the day o salfe.
r-a ; Imrtit L-.ipihI, lii. Chblit.,. .Uit,,rs, III. V"'oVill -l lCI H- sL'SiCSCRHIIE-t be-g leave to give nuies, thig
t\i .lIL.. i.l l I'ii, mt iil i.i iil. Irrri person about to lr these Islands, after I it is hli intention to open on the ls October next
Iai;a iitri: Kit l le thei of Ir Islands, after r t Se.etuary for the tuition of respectable coloured child
h n t[lr'rl.t iil, IIciiti'ititi U il '; lll: hItI'ii"' li ni lhr 'ii iI .ali
liasuriut hit Ii iii.i'clticii 01 R'rling ie I i t ti o rIliinaie.iiJ. ire l l aesed thrreinfor the space of'yriry msullt dren (miale and leinale) provided a sulficient numibler of
Ilti iI. ile 31.lllimi.ii-r, (ii ,iisiillr of \\%,' I Fl.l-iihir', lll l ,ir sc surity at the Scrretary's Office,or put upl hisname in pupils c.ln l oblltained. lie has every expectation dtt
not Barun W\\iooilmi, a it, Il lll.' the lil'lh lI.]i.ic] I)aiit i. suid O/irejfir nlrTr.K-r AvN prerioas to hisLdrjearture--af- lie will, by giving strict attention andl suiduity to dte same
Tim arcct'-i oli l, p.'. ofl t|he l. of th irui- itr cirrh, at any tle during oRT-nv- E DAWr, a Ticket ile eabled to give ample satisfaction to all those who may
snrisa l, I u.I... I ticc' l I I ni L,1)PmIr.IsU n 1,,t1- ay br bainei. bcIe;ased to fahour ltim widi their patronage.
dy lnast. It was i;l-incl lvy .l. Libai, as Mintisr for N I N Te School-room is commodious and airy, situated in
Firi \ui L NA 11 ME. OF I ElIIONS tie western district, in lie house the property of Mim
SAIII'T TO 1inasN TrickTS FOR DIEPARTI'alr. Ilenderuon.
Igaraoae, Jir. 27.--S. inre I li.acitilii' Illlir, hIo- c. .' tly. Manuel Arron Parents who may he disposed to sand their children.
tilit'.s-ive lat lt ? .iet stui.p-ndel i cit Kicilia l ~ Ja e Bi k will be pleased to render in their names, previous to tho t
lland; I'ml Lithtuiii anti fil' oIl, irvl' |ri rgs --,, I-- h- II rnin abuoe mentioncl dle,
' x t _lnh d S. ptlable__ - - ... O'llrilen
arisli ll Iui. r s. ndi sl,. i s.,;I ,, okern ol th m J- lain, n Tbrnls of tii1on .vi. Reading, Writing, and Arihh-
asrnear at I.,m1. Aln.,lot till hit truoili were aisin.lhI I'Ith .- I.. -Foster. R. K. e ictli, 12 hhilling"s r monthly; and for yomuger branches
aloht 1%Virs.iw. Skry.ntuecki, it waussid, diil iitgliin thle li .. . it l ertl Wicr. S slhilhlnigs. Pavmnent to be made monthly.
inteirvileioin ,of F'or.itn lP-.w'r., ki pt the arni y iinlctiv, i lst -. Anthll yv )oy)le. Ilumos of tuition, from 9 to 2 o'clock.
in ornier to iprivent uisl. blowiliiid; Iutit it noi.w ii.- of kHliil Key. JOIIHN TORN.
oars, huisi I ort'snlrls a .cre li. %\',tr is atiaiiln tilketd oI; P. S. Young men desirnou of education, can ibe in-
liti troli, ,ir, I Ito it l III iII n i agi.i inll ii I I l. s, ail sllr'ctei l in Ite various branches required Ibetaeen 6 and
r ewt.. he. t co. test. Tl,,inrc.l'erv, f J;uan.,,.kr .kcii s ll .t t k'l .' inilr f 'i ll'sening.
tli, inly sicI 'clltlr C(lI,Itioll. i:erl Itltr lir i's ri-l('.I, 4 S ',I.r -2',l.
lth.,,sllier, ie fi'rii..iii, iat if: h, hii ir" "1 l' 1 --- M R. P ItSTON liuvincg it-en uapoini'l Teacrl.r
tiian aliirr Iith hal,1.Mi. It' tnlihl hliC.r li;l l 1iih rli l1' POgT OU IN SAl N P. to the Public tclicMl (in the room of Mr. M. alrolm,
his ctIIdult.-Skrvyz.i cki as .i. i ctIin c, the i, tIIrIcli,, iho has re signed,) takes this oppornunity of erndering his
ul' HRulieir, in. had luii L'i ', iii I n 'ci to t (;IIerId II tli'.ki. lI ratfu.D, acknow'lsle'eiellnt to these friends wlo have no
to Utciicu IlL Zrs( litewki. T.ill: itslli ci[utliict)lll liC~ii'. Si ipl. I19th-Sloop lplu, llartlett, Culta kindly and unalterablly supported him in his private school;
willt Iliusia lI. he It ecn lurnd alnd inlir 'citild, auind Tol'iac'co, to C. DONA.TII N. at die sane titla to recommend to tiem and tle Public,
dlKy Woulld ontly lV r Illae t l Hill'i 'iliue o|1mn, ilit it true, .itll- .Alln, Drmrnitl Abarn his successor Mr. Jeremiah YouDn, who wil commence
ai reported, lthti the d a lbirt of ll'ohlu~irse'. i in ite hand Lilw-rl, M'Kinny Do. as private Teacher, on Monday next, on the premises at
of lhe inlslrrentl. AlreiIvy oin lit daily IilrJ.iskoiski skn t s 'Tom, 'Tlhomilon, Di). P'lrei nt in til occupation of Mr. Preston.
out, it was lsai tlh:it itlie"t-'r was w eil.iIedild, 21,INx) eiin A.\I, &r. from the wreck of thle r. Intending to decline any other business, and wihing to
.adil plristl ns, r. Russian iies mOis hLtr I een imadl brig latcrlhlui, devote Ili attention solely to the school, Ir. Preston,
ai.'quincai a illt tli plantlsi of ll (i iocIlmanller ill (hlilf. to Joi,- 'Tlloummsa & Co(. rel"lUsts all persons indelitll to him, to make imnmdilln
Alha.limie toir lit.opts ha v bhiin in oit, poini, 21sI--Aim. scamr. Pinla, Young, h'liladelpllia ilaynien., in order to enable him to pay off all demand
lIH' situations ofu thlc i ti sialni is not it- i more birilliincl iiii aiartinst hiim.
tlial irOenilt. Tlhey io not vnitire tin pas l', Vistuhl. SAILED, Siptenmlbr 16th._
T'lie war iis lprtr,-lirt l Ier;tisei it dts- ivi- Ilow is struck, Sept. lO9th-Schr. Lily, IHll, New Orklans NOTICE.
bu st hope it will itlis tim e Ibe strii k Iby .krM7. ecki." _IIE- S'ISCR IHIrH, intending to leave the Bahamsu
---, --- 'SS:(; .Sn ARLHIVEI). in :ill Nnvemla'r next, calls nn all rho n to wlim he
i'Aoi lr \ in .l S. In IIII I h I n b r-nrl. ies lI 'n tl ]%,,,I. r [P,,omi :- MIr. (;Gror' nl annisl lr, Illm I lle ii'. I l l. r tilir r 'H,,sltivi hilrnmandl; end thou,
,h- .t ,I. "'",,r .hh whn "i .I by lr," '1 Vl I '.,-, i ,r Pimula, flo,,n Phil.,. 'lpii.i :-- M r. Traub. in .l.'i .l r. l" I ,;iri .,rlly r" .i.l..., will -tflle the rmm l
-W i-i 'I'lirty-,'ic ofii i .ttlw I.1 i,- i .ii itt' to I,,- i .
th. lhe Ilr:i rl i lag i a; toiy t;oi-:' Iit f, ue Siop li .ppou, frorn Ciha :-Mr. Cr i)onahlan. Ilv "l' i PI ""t h -li ir '. inur t nabl.eni hiim to nat
Il-i l .r ,.r: v. s' I l S 11 I.1II. li- ,l ;i ,-I iist lintn, and all arero nts remnining on-
hIe i rIlt' o f iI l' l. 'u J Is si-i i,. 1%, . N( inl rn inRt. R
TI Ilr .l i l r.. >m r tn n. It lih I n h c '.I r I I, r \1< r ,Orl ls:- M. inr ni I b t im il to s, sr in crim natly
"" 1 N r .1 i ." I it t'own, ownac r of cUe brig h IT W IER. l '
tiP In 'l r. . .'i cc ui a .I ;i '"i ti' L 3 1 ' *'sI? ii i M r I I .ili. I
ith: ch .... i.. w w, n1 -r L ;it 11'e f A f")t a ii the' 'l ii ricn inining ahout fiur-
thb t: I 1 'I hi1. !r i i 't I '.I to fl I vii r1" Oilu tic6 s l.., is a roinfortiMe
iI"It i c "i "r rt,. i I ,' I.I.'I iC'HICF P. I 'li n in 'li l r. l pair. with a fKi-
"av It Crt. : II1 I j (\I I i.n l rA1 ne r Nen c crl, Hoti,ci Stablle and Chair House, and many
la n n I p""- ( .. t a "' I V the i lateh( o )f, .. ir price anl ilrther particulars enliir at this office.
I ,h, Sit|, |,| *,le ,,. .V.ithr j;lrli.,li' 1c-acci u If nut piii Fliartile ,f (mlruhili that Fciiir, OrdI plthiu.tpr le-r 21,1.
N""r,,l \\ .. h. I .li.. Lafl do wsri-t 2JIl, Sita.., and Ithe sipenny Loaf m FOR MALE J
1 n ,,,10 t . i r h' ,I arch ittl J- ce I a. 4%.. 1y %i) 'L.N(ir, Vestry Cltrk. T t T he sll l and Pre,'nmi at present occupied
S' in] 1 ;il re.en.l Tl..r-,i.e 1 itn ak tnrhtil N iv mn' sHoi cst, 6li S,|en)l.' rl I r Mrs. POitier. The Roomer is roomy and
'5ges in -illli.,a. The nculiear to. per.os whlo tlied --i---i csos l ilnt, T illa large Kitlchen and wesh house
N in Jassy on itei little .iI was L. e cn lhe litl 1-1. on NOTICE. anlosireln, chair liaeu- and sling for three A
the Itth 1ii. I.etrur. Iin J;tsls .. iii 1it h t i si lluo chi t I L lERSONS are lierl) caitiound nlt to im|loy hors', exlriesive ynrd anid groi piece. Theout building
disorltn w' ineri':tisi, ,iail itie ,Il.rhs were oo ; o i (;IuswoN, a slave,, I trade a Shlip CarpenIter, have b-en lately hnoroughly repareil, and the gmaterpt
LIe 1gcver .mieni f lJ', ;ilt ciie it' ithabmis i, trellci houI a writtenn permiisiunfroim hoe Sibsrrilr. of the fences have been newly p up.
uo the ,iiitr all,,(I iiiry ere nIl e;g in all directions. THOMAS ATW'ELL. A1L8-
hii,, he itt itle Septrinlber 12th. A tract of Land aitunied at le Vlage. cantliihng S
'tnd l nthe '. "f iLion a tiss, a ini*mne 10 Iort s eic----acnrne. It is diliderd hv the villae-rod intatwo Lo I the
lter col)s. it at a f.oI1ue oo six fur t m inl, all( i I FtOR AI.E, w,,,stern I bl I g in inersected by tie nw romi ladling from
Pill "rm -' -Ptu l1. le rrIalnv. Nesie rOi, I -i ,r NE T IGt, hiavinr a sparn set of springs. For itlw, villa.e. iit, tie Blus hull road. Thihndwil be dis-
clin arre the enls i',es, (ll, Il. Ihlid any communications A larlicnlars apply at atis oice,-. p iid of rin one or three lots. Apply to
lth ilaithc.-.,,,aaru.rh (:rt,. c. m r lu Septembr 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.

NSOMI VLCONQJLtT OF ENGLAN sti found it impNO tort. s in L crhea lahe D' -Tbr ot f 1rnea
-We 0at ofsthis mam a wb day,n febor oto force due gates, whom dam duke hbethought of for trial tfe ddlormet aoods Ire in a iO=
wi a o- lt, as Wn aom ra hi. dime ae a tfine a stratagem, by whllh be might induce the English to reult d their fate, has b prted by ordr
i Of bmlusl sie; ia ec ad mN streak their ranks asol leae their ps lo. He gave or House of Commaon-by tb way, some of ie
p.idg am od f uia wriima i ws at od tehe at dora to a ulladroank an thl d haInm to advance and hve ot e sa ude; and u his .i frequentldy
wkni, d t te duwno lsolro r with .lat eliciumas group- teardr s to ret.niro ddeoly as tey At l eight it is perhaps worth while to inquire whether dt
,1. mid at shre glow thoelhgiatior, which diutinguisl of this mpretended flht the asons lostd their presence of psesseus or not a power to compel lahe retarm,
tag hnth mwe m ha t dimars de niler auusaine. mind, and wi llt .one cont nhed from their intreach- what one clerk of the peace neglect or refuse t do
Uh t ip dM t Irlnd, wf the r sinc l sn.,ll e known. mind, Wa nd within ttle oa lng round their necks; d- all may, with just the sme reason or poloy.
by a mmet b r m due battle, the AigKbitSaua denly a concealed body joined the fuitives who wheeled that during the year, t committees for asriom
m ussapled a chain of litue hills, foritiied on all aids ablt, and the English, thrown int daosr ad taken o f K whom foum, we county ere minor
by rmapat ,ofron wAoden piles a'id twi '.i1 brancbe. urpri in lteir turn, found Ithemselves aumltd all 7 229; of whom four were for murder, all acquitted;
da ight of tAh 1 of Octurer, l( l, Wlliuom an- ides with die sord d the lance, whom strokes they burglary, 13 for highway robbery, and 10 for
am.sed to hi army, that on the day itll.owsm Ie hlad do- could not ward ouf, both aods being occupied in manag- Of the whole, 11 were found guilty, 79 acquitted,
tr nd o 6ight. Upon this the priests anil n onks, who ing their ponderous battk-aes. Their raks being once the rest discharged without trial. The number of
with the lm.n of plunder had rlhaged their cassocks for broken, the intrenclhments were carried, and foot and mittals to Newgate, the city gaol, mwas 924 ; of
edl raels, and ftlowsel the asry tn great nuamblrs, re- horse indiscriminately rushed in, but the close battle was were convicted 1503, acquitted 480, and the ren
um, re d their religi duties, anil rwist tle knights an d qill intained will grt obstinacy and dandto lhnn. charged without trial. There were 0 eomm
s wer preparing bheir anus onl their horses, uobred Duke Willian had his hone killed under him, and lla- nirrder, ptwo only of whlm were convicted ofo tat
up prayers and sang iunie foe the safety of die hest. rtol with two brotders f e dead at die foot of their tand- acd executed for a combination murder; 33 wee
wlre little ion of ctie which remainendwas enlcoed avrd, wil which was instantly or t down and replaced by t peeed tofe i d n eatn. The two murderers were the only
by the oliers in the confesshin oif upnir sin and receiving sacred banner that ead been sent from Rome. 'lie re- executed iny the year for county or city. TShere wlre
r of renvalr. In the other army tie nigit passed in a mains of the English army prolonged the struggle, till the ho usition fr larceny, and seven for manslaughter;
very dlrent manner, the barons wabr owning datnl elves shades drnight falling upon the field rendered i nt impoaible for ana epit, t for hisde maenorae, 2 for conspirq
n tg revelry, shouting and singing their national al- foar the combatant, to ditinguish each other except by die rob. 1I Ifr burglary, and 23 for receiving stolen
hrdh crouawi round their camp fires, a rvd quif paig h neir of language. intatin te
ins fwld ober ano d iof TleBr; few survivialer allions of Harod, to ul doe A sumgmary of Irish intelligence given i n
SWhen mahir u broke, in the Norman camp the Bi- wore d of an nold histri, alter having well fulflled toeir paper, preunty a frightful picture ofthe state ofsotme
rb p of Bduke peitInd in a steel haulerk whii colin duty to their country, dispel ed in all directions, yet many of that country. In tile county of Galway, a manT
wor betalth his recquet, celebrated maso, and bhsnclsl covered with wounds or wven out wia the fir exertions lay pected of being an informer, was murdered and hi ey,
hl trops heor d, orn ew himself upon a superb whrie s stretched along the neighboring roads, wlila t ti e Norman s taken olt by there assalins. A Mr. Sltiel rf soangarry,
biher, and wih his lanc in his halo drew up his squad- in tld e fierce and cruel exultation f their victory spal red a sane county, wa waylaid and beaten with stoce
ran otifv lry. The Norman army was divided into three and galloped their courses over the bodies of the vanquished, his sku weas fractured. He was left for dead and Ar
tutns or lin re In the first were the men at aru, ie- Tiey remained all nigo upon the neld of bathe, and next aterwards expired. The mmaistrates of the county
Galing to the counties of oulogne and P.onti uk, along o lay le ldke, at w he rising of the sun, drew up his army, Galway hal a meeting, in which it w te unanimously
hith tfh greater pan ofth h Haroldlirs who .wrved for pay ; and unron tie roll which ad been written before their de veil, that tie ordinary administration of the laws ao a
dy s md cnsaisted of the retons a and Paitvins; and iarture from St. Vler, h called the nannies of all whoe old enough to put down the disturbances in that county. i,
ide tki-edr foaard of the beat troops of Nornia dv, led landed in England. lultitades of these now lay tead or the rconty if Mayo, some carts conveying meat were sqp
by the duke in per n. In front of each of tae columns Idying, stretched beside the mSaons, and those who had the lsd er and plundere by thie stnrvhI peasantry. The re
or bttalia were drawn up several lines of d itmiun clotill aood fortune to survive, enjoyed as the first fruits plu wnere'ccmill, anie by a party of the army, an affray tu
ia light ruour, worn over a quilted cassock, anl bearin g their vircrv, tie plunder of the slain. In examining the y laeo and three lives were lost and several persons wohum
either ofng bosl or steel crio,nts-hs. The duke rode a dead bodli~, thirteen were found with the monkish habit eel. In Qeens county no outrage e had taken place ih
panih horse, with which a rich Nlrnl n hall n urdrenrll under their armour. Them were the Abbot of Ilida and dlree weeks, which is pronounced a symptom of red tue
DJ, pon h return frof St riare, toying alik n ho isr t welve companions; and the name of their monastery peace n
police of wore, m anc arnd uhis neck, tli most was tie first which was inscribed in de black roll n f twilh Whrn ihl rk of.he following anedothe is related

perish I Advance then, and with lli;v address- f"""u'T ired fh y we agrered o n thenr werdlcl. ite f.r
lrev oft n relies upon whll ich Harold had sworn; and a Conqurors. e e terllThe wifTe oancr inhen itst. of a
y oN mu caealle cid Tonstain-le-lan ar itl ate lit lv 'lu neortlhers, the wives and the children ofr those acoma n i, the rest of England hving died uddenl, d a

rw ofthe .Saxon camp, which lay to il" nor'.'-Wef olhem' in a tilond w Earch. Her name was Edisdl awanio-f
ai nds adard i ad rhich had Ln lesH. l by tIe iiol dies who had willingly arched from the adjoining ntigh- Heing known that the deceased had lived on no vere ai lo
At thed mmen di e nksldirs were ahmot ti march, with a bo arhoou l it die with the monarch of their choice, now term with her husband, fron whom she had received in h .
theli o tie hen up anddreied thelm :' Tikw e arey cthal lrridrrl ipale ano trembling to d e field, to claim anl carryed dbeatin s, a report oh'tainesd currency that she had pit
yae fight well, and to death: if ile' lan' is airi, it ill awavi the dle ad [Ulies which had been stuipt and plunder- frm ill-enage, snd the husandl was taken up and puts
mAt our fortune, for u all. Wknightver aill ll, Iai r- No aed tl cl l ti l neimy. Two monksl of te oted ry o n hs trial for manslaughter. (tn the trial, the husband t l
pr ; if thi land isto be mine, it shall a l. d vs i Yow. wiah .m, i d lwch hia been found, d II the .Saon kin, ed sorvl wines t prlve that he hall never berate n
Snow lhel thnt om Carlem hae not onl) t, clai i nv right, C n e hunlllly to die duke and at ninein the bumornl of llianT n oifiIa. i eh n uficir gnret IroY wrcate and that the
Seasil r. Ioin hier iemsio r, re t uire l holesomre colnr r
bla to avenge our nation of the felons, I".rjur, ased tre.c- rolc, l'fitring ten marks ofgold for pe'rnmission to pay the Two irugeet.s swirs that the death ws natural. and tem
sim of in de nglishr Icarvchig i the in wi ur h ri ric t hani. i n. s to diuker bNorman'r. It was given drthe, anoi had n-t lenil at all hastened y Uh n fllwingd realmentr d
Dma pten the night of lt. Drice, slaying alike botl thI, rerin o iri d wn the pes, bkut found it inpmasible amid tim general iniPnls of the (on o f and ci Jury eemed to be. hat o
woumn and men I Have they not de'iimastel tihe olll- hesia of slain to dintinporish die body for which thely man nhai Iren needlesly diraggedl before a triunal f Jumit
paiy of Alfred, my anGestor, i n i Arivd awilllhi Iw -illoILit, so much was it dilfigured by the wounils wlich When the clerk of the 'Cuan went in the tieremiand ind
perish I Advance then, and wilh their aid f God let us rciriself it. SaId an d ail ring i of suicclrs they address- quiared if the Jury were agreed uo their verdi, thedrieii. He
uren upon them all their misahelt' eel thei'itl'ves to a beautiful wonla n whom HIarold had replied remrh., ally ,, I as." The clerk then sad. Ul
TI army blu vend forwarrln and soon h foanb itself in lvealy blilere lie was kilg aig nd haesou ta er to accompany -i Yr 1 wrdt gen f nmenf Car *Ir.l kied l the ai, r l vi
view or the S'a xon camp, whicll lay to t l. nuuolcr!:-we t of thien in a second search, loer name was Edith Swanes- f tim greater emphasis, hel wa. invl in S rhr rf lghie."
lasting, ard the priests aned moltks who lad hilornlnero n il, the swr ,-nricked Edith. Sihe consent ed to h tilm lanpoohnl s ims, or the Ilhl Ik rila.--% e are ait to iib
marched in the ranks, now Iref them in a hi1lyoS and I aik Iuiurnfulill lerand, ind affection more quick l t-s ightd than liv Ala merry crann ion the Ipaienit 1wh a heavy inth, I
their station upon a neighiouring Ilicght, whire tlany crtil e'itr frWitndlm ip or ldevotin soon led her to die mangled had envy hardin ."-.eri. his light heart and airy
o(frt up their prayr, and beho:d tal Iattle undlisturiel. btlyv .f lier lover." hof Bolo have hours of me ancholy when the rens s,
At hi moment, a Norman knight,r au med la illefi'r, sur- No battle' culld I more obstinately untested than tnat aen l a nglocm eomin over them. ollrcr al darkeJu r, thaI
ever knows to their less cxcitable colwcaciscons A man way
red hio lirn front l f de S tba, leh ro eitav a i a l of Vi hich lac, whihd te fate fTh England, and r ali, a new crall- he'er f on pater, thigh bhe has a a elev heart and a
hbega the ong of Charlemacne and Inland, chanting oe the throne. Ir t begn at nine in te umornin,, rilheratl n compl ear though suffierr y A rt I wasel arried t

of mil. T-s 10 dispirited the iNormanu, dia unnilr h lreen m imr lle neck of lii horse to peak lo te iluke, she ho'I"tal wh omie tweny oilher wounded, and MI.
duhe o forirm derds which rwere then fI'nmouas threlisa.out ad cni 'd not only at stated by Air. Thlierry till Ie rcrmmeune withi his own houl. o visit re. ie of high ned
Ianth e. As he sung, ti played with ills woriam caini nicht'l, but ;l ihroonle diruhich lt a great part of' b oo tht. hw slri., wh'ih errllr in he aime perl, an at hluciro! Irhet
e high in o e air and catlting it etains with his rihlt handl, ulht. '] I' dluke of nnormanld, accorlrlng ti scno Iia- .re il.iilad not lustrated bl the flrewined ca h, led tI.
hr, cmmade Noc a rhjoined in the chorus, or sl, ivin ti or delicart, lnd o l thre h ant killed under Ihim, and aIlar toi Rlc"h:--,'' I"h lsicll in one of the cities of I aly l ur yon
ery of God aide l! God ai sho Arrivei within ow ininuaII ha it it ublo de sperate valour, and so sI bu availe ( on,"s aI li v a gieleuy can th was m erh ditressd bal
arU, ia e arcen l a to liarro arge their arrows, ani tin' li, hinkslf o the e strong poslitt n which hie hail chsrr n, that piaox)% 'iy ti'e e(itirg Stae thi t at e e l. morningilcsm. IH
advlril Ihe' nuelaicil manl to seek relief Ill 'onvivial rliCo
Ireacwmein of their qnm utMany of le nlbs wetre, fi l rom hut li s broi ea n, which hpeon.d late in the ,s ilt n ,a ih s andp re',to nn w 'll lu hm in are and glae tu r nd erut a cl
mn psrt blunted or thrown ol by the hih limraliat oa riec ciry iJilbient result might have taken lari'. ls.ti altecr crat'id sit hcv Ihe enne if C(rc!iii a l lI .11 the tahitl
irnuldod the S on inturenchlen in the fae, land rH i-duke itI;al vent, when the Saxons iwre at last l n driven from thle clrv. nlo whi Ih he was inul ted in a rar b f laughter aO
rid e valry dhan hils aneyr I, than arrgwiltif Ih!fre foriicati) illtnnd. ll its, thy laimp ble o s ert rate a stand in a to Ils e s ai mtuch time with him a thoos bleq."
Swhic heatlli t fierce thn ; b t thl huih neaxonu drl o i nciearm i lrint num aley o that the Nornearis itok to flight, anl %eacl I Sir," sati the ioatient with a heasy sigh, eI
as foot around their tanlanrd, which wais fixl in tin l% \ ilia.n, lha'tning through the dark toi thei saot, n.( tiita Cardinc."-- l d. Chir. Rrrieur.
eNoran d v'oni ing a compact an a sid mans llind their an sce, C lount of Bologpn an ti f ohty of hisu iron cladI he re i
ltrachmk er it received their abilants wio h trmGoainlou knihts lying at full spewr With tie broken truncs greal CeAn e of opinise.-Rro, a blic kn o wf dly-" I
car io tir steel aesr which were so hev anild slrp, of hih lance, which was all that remained to im, he ralli- c, lived a call in the thigh on the 28tch at elteend o'clock i
this they he the Loce. and cut sheer Iirouli the oenatsi eIh tile fugitive for a moment, anil tile ('Cunt Eustace, anshe foretne,, near the Ponlt dcr Arts. I was carried te
Sdisp f r it one o the Normn of that intrenched battle before neck of new lies had t ak t dke e ita with se twenty o r wunde, and wi.h
eidw to forcs the imtreonchmets, or remove til paliashil-, retesivevl in the dark andl from an utnkocwn o ihd R blow Ieytren came in an hour, to visit us. lie treated c
they rea std apon the column which William v ern, nd- Itween the shothlers, which caed tile blood to hursl pretty roughly, called us caonapile, and baked us whether
ad, rout wiwt their fuitk attack. th e i hke, laow- out oft his mouth and nostril. Tile N erman hi torians we hiad not much better have remained at huome, tha
eer, comraoded the auhe to advance anew, giving or- delicately cncvai l the hand that dealt this. and appear it roe out to le shot. lie also added, I shall cure Yin
dea to them nso longr to shoot point bl nk, bllt with an istrinuate thart it h helond ap to son h Saxon warrior, but we very s that you may be snmLced very qin, havinlp-
Cti moma, so that the rrorw might dlesend within the in- think there can be little doubt that te correction came The next lay dr (in'th he came in the morning, ake
fm ena rpo th o ne enemy. Many of flle English were from William's broken tirnchon Be this as it may. the spoke to us ith luch mildness, and gave with rundeatsid
win ed by this manulmvre, chiefly in the facet and lla- duke again c larged the Sains and finally drove tishe that iur im prdenre would probably be pardoned. Oi
hrod himself had hieye struck y i arrow, re witihstand- frcem the fielI. It in almost i nmp sible to ascgrouain e e ,he th lie visited us aolin, asked oun a thorully huqi'
which he still contisuae to fight at the head ofllis armv. eact numbers of the respective armies ; hut we think lions, earlh one more paternal than the other, and finishon
'Ti Norman infantry and cavalry again advanced to ti& there can be little doubt, in opposition to the exaggattion )y praiminr our conroeas deAsrlion. I have rend within
tu eracorgig eoch other by nhouts of re d ah d us!t of wil Norman writers, that harold'e army was gre atly a few day. in the Micidor, a public acknowludtrnble.l
ed viscatio to dBe Virgin; but they were repulsed by inferior to that of the duke. It is evident that he fouht Uof the ryrcms interest witll which he attended the wound-
sa mden anlly amye one of the gates of the in lp trench the battle before his now lies had been made, end with ed"-lPlaisncpaper.
mof md I ha be ck vco ravine covered with bunsh- that comparatively smll body of troops with which he had

m, wid tr at upon llhe intrenchmenm, but rrey RdA. No. 12. 'of heFre,,ih.
um'nd thick gram, w from the roughnesms of the attempted to surprise the Norman ramp. Defeated in .Siajiliciril.-At the marriage of Monsiur d' Artois, th
r m bair an stumbled, and faling coefusidli and this, he avail'd himself of his military skill in intrenrhing cihty vf Paris asr'v'd to distribute marriage portions. A
upoa mch other were shin in great numbers At his troops in ground which appears to have been ably e- smart little. girl or sixteen, named Line Noirin, haning pe-
momet a panic terror wemed to sizm dim forign hected, and in supplying die defect of numbers by Ihe great 'led herNIft, inscribe her name on time list, was asked
army I areporn lmo that thedukehad fallen, nd a light 'treng u of his position. lIe appers likewise by a di'- whiuwa. hir lovers O0," said sie, witllh great simpli-
hin which musmoon hmve been fatal, had nor William vice somewhat sinmilar to that which was practise l by city, I have no lover; I dtnught thile cily fuirnish'd eCrr
tharon ~lf before the fugitive, threatening andeven Bruce at Bannockbturn, to have intersected he grouunul thing.'" This biing told to thile Count, a Sorthy hu.hInil
slr&m dos with his lance till he compelled them to over ahich hue expected the Nornian cavalry to rltareI Was southt out fur the girl, and her marriage portion wau
trm bhel D old mel my friends, cried he, taking off witlh Illt ditches, anel tovmlrds the middle of the battI, doubled.
hi bhlmt, Ikb I myself, I still live, and by the help ofr the stratanm took triers, and inmmense nmhbers of he T d, gnle rerofthei'snd lr ',,ofthe 1emonef
of Ctd I Au lhe victurious. Upon this, the nmen at invader p rikiel in d ms concealed pit.-roreiga Qax- Ilcinudr bic lien coinriedl on Sir E. Clodriegtn. by the lKng
arm nmewomd dltr attack upon tle intrenchments, but terly Re. No. 12. uof the reLbh.


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