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Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: September 17, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Ah 4


THE BAHAMA ARGUS. sty ca be claimed. Whm Rome had nearly reached
the- a enith of het poerq- degree sil exid which
POauMJull as-s-w-m.r maa o, X. r. obliged eves die Priet of he Gods to do mllituy duty
.- on an invasion of the Oatls-aich a situaton i oem-
Iwght DeHi pe w Ma-- I5 W even the Pries of the true and only living God must,
like OTrO PALArox, become militants In the combat.
What were die adverse Gaula of Rome compared to the
barbarous, treacherous foem with whom we Ill have to
codteod l The first fought for bonour and empire with a
Srwnation who were their astunl rivals. Who hav e we to
contend with 1 our unnatmld enemies in the Mother Coun-
try to whom, till now, we have been warmly and benefi-
cially attached, but who, like mecreants, out of the reach of
PO TB. our shot, seek to accomplish their ends by thrusting into
PO R *. carnage adl destruction, the peaceable and hitherto con-
BSI COMICAL'S LETITER TO THE SAINTS. tented peaanuy of our once happy island. Their ob-
Searchin my heart the other day, ject is strife, confusion, blood, and massacre; to op-
Contriton sore I felt: Ipose them is the duty of'all-tbe duty of every one in-
Resolv'd to sin no more,-but pray, lividually, and let me cdlure you, fellow-sullerers, to
On cushions soft I knelt. join in the sacred cause wit heart and hand-body and
soul, with all your might and with all your strength! Re-
I pray'd. I sighed, tears fas did fall, verse the position, I have stated above. Let every man
And ah! how ached my heart suppose himself the principal subject of danger-let him
Hope beaed upon my sul so small, be on his guard against it b might and by dy! and all
will go well!! That we have some traitors among us, is
Basm. the l-id thia w'd with Him, indisputable. I havejescrihed many in my second essay.
Who brightly rigin above; The sound of the Trout wil be tle SOlNAL" for these
The monster nere who looks s Irim, men to step out of the conflgration they have raised;
On those whom God doth love. not one will dare to join the rank of their deluded prose-
lytes! Such and so much is the confidence the emimsu-
A ss wretch! hited y cried, ries of sedition have in the ounErus of Tor.aANDSA they
Doea this flil the bond that tied choose to THBEATEN aS 'ria! If nameg our other
Thy sl in early youth." ranks, cowARDICE should lork-it will be speedily be.
trayed-put them forth from among you-even though
"I fAd thee kneeling at the shrine, your army should,iike Gidme's, be reduced to dhe num-
Whee christians low do bend bor of the sacred 6ad. Ye shall ap roch to the
I ad thy thoughts In path divieb; battle: let not your heart filat-ufar not.'
Praying God, relief to OeUd." For the Lord your God is he that goeth wit yho,
*aRoe aot m7 h th thou red-hair'd fool, to fight for you agaiant yur enemies, to ae you"! In
Or sme I wll stee crash such a cause, the case of Honour, Truth, Justice, and
Will sed thee smarting to the 1, Humanity, we ought to have no fear I In the word of
Where fleds will at thee ms" the immortal Chatham, It s a me which w an Jtified
in the defence of, to the ast etremity II In tZu great
"Thaou'n mie by fht,--by bargain teo, case, we are Immoveably alied. It is the ALLIANCE
Bko met tos 'scap-1t wi l do. NAL-FIXED AS THE FIRMAMENT OF HEA.
I aml--WmaL bvesheay !l!" VEN"! I
A hbmn l adi l eeO ( hlid mm I do not ma a to aay LM awmse dm t and
I q ly m ted p; apprehenalon do not exist, 'bt a little reflectio and the
Btrived bed o make my spit bloom certainty that we have no means of repeat, with nothing
And pledged him with a up. but our own rmnem to depend upon, w stimulate us to
meet them, and will dispel then ; to thoae, however, who
Net wn the drink he gve to me, are unaccustomed to look danger in the ace-Ih may be
Nor golden goblet briht; appalling to hear of the bugbears ofhundrsdb of housands
e bled quite thick oh tser in battle array of 0*0oe e-of **.'-o-f eeo-of S**e
rm all of guilt niLt. --of denunciations and evils which Hell itself hr not re-
I dr-ek-I rel'd-I staggered back, corded It may be suspicious to see the emissaries of
Faltng for want of breath; sedition preach up rebellion openly in their unhallowed
My limb all manly strength did lack- conventicle, when we see some of our own well paid
I sw, and feared, grim D iAn ! clergy circulating those wolks of discord and strife !
It becomes more serious when we see such conduct de-
THE VOICE OP THE BEAUTIFUL. fended and sectioned in our tribunals; and last of all, it
To m i was a rich delight must be alarming when witipered that our brethren the
Oa summer powers to gase- Britie soldiers, who have been ostensibly stationed for
To watch the sailing moon a night our protection, who are liberally paid by u, the expense
And bee hes shla e my of whom form the chief drain opon our Escheqour--have
Tha th m deimed palebh received secret orders to remain enter, or to act ag l
Wih varying rpts, ll er own us, in the evet of disturbance. This last can only be
Thes amedml my aihtl aiy t idoue the effect of surmise. With all the discordnce and im-
policy of the British Cabinet, they cannot have yes
OA hee I bhead the whispering breeze, reached this lowest abym of basness and treaclry.-Our
Ad loved its medloy- implacable foe* undoubtedly run all the civil departmeis
I d obd Echo's mysteries, of dhe British Government, but they have not yet at-
Hang ema her soft aaply- tmed the command of the army, alto h by their
T mgt, ht d's pe'nsv cria, Bet Usu and Bible A ess ims, an other dark
Wit vryng mpu lb their ow, and designing ca irai.s. they have long srisrm it. But
Tha e bamed r me er-m ar a lm. if they had unhappily had influence to obtain such an
order, I say they have mistaken the character of British
Thee have I seen, thou gifted Maid! soldiers; gratitude is only banished from mani-celmmia
Ay, haard, andd a od o oo: breasts-our gallant aldiers are witnesses to tile mild sy*-
To lower, moo- gem, where brightre played, leU, under which our slaves are contented; and happily
The ee's best love was due: thern can be no pnjudie on that score among iheom-
sue-schbo-bird of darhsome lId, pglaumdiee
The ar mu io could woo. their sympathy attaches to us-they know we are only
Ba sh! 'ti s miw-'tis thind aa.-- doingwhat they would do is a similar situation. With
To ea the eye and ear in one! rspecto the other subjects of alarm, I shall coent iy-
sell with assering, and alerting boldly, that the vast -
Pe t. Jamaic C 'em. jority of our labourers, are by so mean inclined to con-
JPM il. form to the simulatioo of the inceadiaris who are ad-
THE SIGNAL. ing them. Dirderly and dicoumaled spirits o dold
No. 8. ly these are among them, but there arem s am ong dte,
those who are warmly and seriouly aUtaced to dir ow-
atMs hel aa m thou AB a udinoe teror. ners. This division of sentiment therefore, mt be an
TO MY FELLOW SUFFERERS. oeeoual barto the orgianation of sihabau a ef is-
If it wa ot certain that a late it of energy and mbardlnation. Under the impulas of lancdiary opie,
ug exahd in yeor earts, Il ud y that my api- aevertheles, it cannot be doubted, b that partial inm-
pe uwed he dmcriptivof te a of feeling amog retions and disturmnrs wil take police. is tbh I
Slam of our society, on sm approaching cris It is urge you, my friends, so guard gain and you cameo
ta b he dalt tm t toon mch dread and apprehenion he too mneh on the alert, partiuaery whe a Primo of
m Ibe onevery side"-" base fr on every side, un- rellHion ihbabits or officials. They (our lheoal
W ty tern:" go where yes may, the me topic of con- ma) re, however, for the mot pt, conmtentd with their
'*al b Iunmr. Every m ttmbes for his mn. lot-are unariUmi to exchange it for the doddi tae-s of
ad -- Uany Anatr themmalve that thdy poses some pe- strife ad warfare; sad nothing, I my, wiN frce deem
arity by which they may escape the epected ilamity. into open rebellion, bho a repetita of the mbay, and
i hope I Let ao nmae up he hea rs rit toei- decree of Smlnwt. and PolermL The country where
etp by skrinking fromse e cnmaen hie is o com- -
m me*-i i no apatial comatest n wih a smlBL Deueronnmy.

tho tragedy meahibid. hs ben shabW in
over you. nI t s P it a lsp I e a i om
A -hl any upresea dt ha k hab fr
cemer, 8t. Domingo would have m emIed
under the dominion of France. Thi we ar m
fmed fom, by the sund wisdom a jedlbem an
our Legislature, and the well kinrown ly
puriosist of our Fellow-Colunits.-To dspel a
tally, however, all doubts and appreheao from y
mlda, allow me to ay, that these have been prind
rained by a want of UNION among you. To the waet
of a few, a very few, determined characters, who wil take
the lead-who will boldly seize she gauntlet, whie hw
been thrown down, and bid defiance to our enemies. To
this ndisputable point, the meeting in our d&iemt
Parisols ae rapidly progressing. Le t ot these
tic appeals evaporate, or settle down again into aey I
Give full and ample power to your Committees, to con-
gregate and act promply for the general welfare aj
safety of the country. Let them tell your enemies
they are appointed to the ame honorable and sacred of-
fice with which the noble Barons were clothed, who
framed and established Magne Charta-that they will,
like them, assert their rights, that you have hitherto strove
to preserve to our Gracious Sovereign, this valuable ap-
pendage of his Crown-and that you would still mot
anxiously do so; but that, if t present system of fraud
peculation, avarice, oppression, impolicy, sad injmaice
is persisted in by his Minister, that, tat loyalty which
has hitherto been your hope-your guide-your heaoa
must be banished from your heart; and that yea appe
to the Great God of the Univers,.who has laugh yon,
Egaprimeial Veusel.-The experimental veameb e at
premal building i the docks at Sheernes, a stameol, a
be called the alamnder, and a frigate, to be named te
Calliope. Salamander is intended fur a ship of war, sad
is to be made suficiendy strong to carry a mortar. S
is 175 feet in the keel and 200 feet aloft, and will mee
B pm. Th timbers maud i her are of Efg soalk d
Aris oak, th ltter being paced in the -n WaM
prt. The precily of the -ie sad salames mid
ua rin 11t e aT largest clam The ot L eiadeof
iatem doth. k dim, AM ia ordinary mm l
wbe t lae sides, a digression equal to shoat tee
feet being crated by running the tinhen up stra along
the space to be occupied by the paddles, which ar t be
les broad ha toe generally se thlm, when tbe
wheels are covered by the prtecling piinks, the side
will present an entirely unbroken surface; mo th the
shape and symmetry of the sip will be as perfect an
it miht be in as ordinary frigre.
In he construction of the Calliope, Eglish oak, Afri
can oak, mahogany, cedar, teak, and other timbers are t
be used; the great object to be attained by building her
being positively to ascertain what species of timber is
the bet and the mot durable. She will accrdngly be
kept aoat for ten or twelve yeur, and at the eshpieo of
this period it is proposed to strip ber; and decide apo the
relative merits of the tibers used in her construction.
She is lre enough to carry 2 gus, if pierced after th
aual fashion, bu bshe will only carry 24, which a tobe
amo ed according to the a adopted by Capalom Mar-
st, in the Donegal; th mva g of which that
and each of the guns ae given a more ezxeaive pr
wherein to range, being fixed upon pivots, and having t
carriage divided into two parts, the latter of which Is sma
able. With guns mounted in this meaer, k i pin-al
bring he whole weight of mal to bar apoe ay r
point at a short distne, and als o ir e into bes a
aide and under the msles of the guas. Gater re mb
required to work guns thu mounted, and cosmequenly,
instead of the usual number, fie, there are even timbers
between each port-hole. This ship also, in accordance whh
tie new fashion, i round in the stern, and, n common with
the Salamander, i to have mnane mde aler Sir Retr
Seppings' plan. That is to ay, mats which being divi
ded into 4 piecesof unequal leingthm, emmbrad I
boops that ae scoredwitha screw, my, inathm vetatfl
injury, be repaired by the ship's cearrpor, weema
td ahip my chance to be. In the a ma t bai e
only five or si great pieces, and the hoops wre dr ive
red-hot, and comand of a simple circle. It wm ip-
ible, therefore, to repair these masts unless by layig dewn
the vessel in pert (for which prpose it was i mas
M-ary to return to England), and nambipplg d --.
Wheku with Sir L. Pfeps M t b ey sk emy
lounscrew the hp -ew ar pt iimd ad, aeem ag
the damaged timler, to spply i place by dt appropria
em ofe 42 pieces, all of which a re l arkeded
numbered according to their deaignadio, and Y hb car-
ried without any inconvenience on board Ihe vae
It b aps that de Salemedr and dt C~esp 91
heo gb tomae shbo Christa
On the lah Ji. Docr Giund esmm isi to
Aradfey of Bciences of France the reeat of kafe amsles
on the use of the Chloride of Lime a I paaitea al
the small poe. Two yran inse he pie vd ka r u-
cs manor with whieh he meeo d a ng eof hildre
had it taoea. This be attinbuied to the vacicen m wtr
having ome in concert with chloride of Ham. of whih be
carried a vial s la bm. and it r e tfrror ercea ce i tha

"EhOmAJn. m S sAVr533AW, SEPTLUDEI IV,31. a I.. I-uD.


o- h-e- d lim -- ,r oi li, i*d.-

heh-f i, s mgh ef te age th s ef a ti


the plhtea. of Ceptal Miller of te sehoomer to-
fim PlhdMelphi., we have been favoured with S
per Com that city to the ltl of September, ber day
sllag ;ak they do not contal i later Eurmp dales the
ItlhJuly. We gie eive nractsfr then this day, uaswel.
ether prpers, previously received, which we rust will he
to our reader.

It ha become quite die cat of tbe prelnt day, ac i
moal clrclhdenfmpliyn mntalone, but in dhagrsate l r-
a well u manufhrturing districts, to deplore the
i tlon of the value, au wel as dte elrent of tie
epAporium of walh-phyaicl labour. Many
saiher houghtimdely atribute it to the improvements
daily making in the sciences end arts, by Aue energy of
~eanU of the nlte.t principles of nature, which, Ibcoming
daily mre and more developed, are applied by the ouany
mfbiplam of Archimedes, in tih perwrmanuce oflabours, to
[r thia related of Herles ain no hlnger to be view.
ed wih the degree of vacant wonder often excited in the
latds of ome of tie stupid porers over classic lore. Prior
to the discovery of the western continent by Columbus,
hiea were in a guter degree of Ustqnation than they
me nw, ad die m civilized and wealthy of mankind,
'wer always the devoted victims of the inroads of ulrplus
papullon from other countries, and ltie locomotive prin-
cipl of emigration, directed by the nature dictates of
varic ead cupidity,--th principle of wlllove ad desire
of agrandieument which were sought for in the old world,
ky force of arms and pernnal prowess, but which are
Ar, from the same impulse, although with not so hoinom-
b dmonstration, used by the advocates 4 civilization
and emaripation, with the retrogade movement of placing
thinp on a similar standing, where the countries have no
greter afity than exists botwer.n the 'n!lh and nadir.
Thpeoplingan Immense uwtinent, like dlt of America-
dt various itestine struggles atlndant upon the head-
leag pamio of man-the more various dicoveries of
aece-hy, ithat moer of Invention-the hnprovements
upon rtch dicoveri -he- changes incident to every thing
aidame-have boa a bId for the a rprie, talent and
vigroma easurone of upwardsof th centuries. But as
tae mi of the Penr h-tl e failed in dthr IAt seem-
toend tribmt of ar- espedinte olea record to have
uimutldy proved ahertive T m oe frequent m--as the
peitd af te buimed and oventy years ha produced
a ail a equal, ai mo the adequuto to he pur-
po of populoa-- tm ia physical efforts i once
moae de ren; ud ua-m som fifth impulme is give to
she eanrdtis d moakid, the coaequence will be a mu-
tll sumIe n n b ut e i- habitants of the mrh,
hr dh pewmen of tdo n spots, and mu will
oene ore da cend to dte grwvel creature of a blind
wil, nd of dir nece ty. Like locots, the marm ad
hede ofb Eat and North will oc moe overre n he
PMeMa mSa of th Snhb ud Wet, poim g th fair
i .of peace and indury, ad, like thon dire apaln
of yar, wl bring plaue, pestlnce, ad fmie, in

We oundeMd d a letr h banee revived lately by a
iuetn *a sh tow frtem T. R. Wylly. Es. of Tmildld.
a which is staed, that the furniture and plae of Hi Ex-
a1y Oe me0 l O rms, meg which ia the piece voted
i i* by the Baum Lbginstur., id mrrvd them. and
dt Hib Exeelley's arnil was daily expected. We oom-
g i the habi of lh Iind I ap s good a -I
ng appointed to prortt lir latenes

A repoe wa in cire latio in Eagld, at m last ad-
vice, that the omsnat of Hi Majesty Willam IV. would
ake plms the 8d Aof a h Ag amathe r o.mem
a- it wld am et Lbe i th l d loear.

Priee Tdarand by etheiity fiom hi gm e
ha proposed as d Brith government, dea a mpy gd
ewery work p~lishd in Enlimiid ha be to P"a I
he depaied in the Natinal Libnrry for the piRa maand
that i rem n opy of ory work published in Freoc
allDbe r t to Engmld and depqeited fer di ptbdi em i
dte Britiu Mm m.

A paragraph frm the Edinburgh Evning Peat,mykc
" We havejuu heard, from good authority, that Sir WIL.
wa Score is very ill, and in great danger."

-I .av'-,, N-
Te A Edier gf ahedi nlPA?
EwTmoa,-Amg a miaicla em s o
uL no-A. rnmaues, I have wodm a ted
arm the Moago BaSy gasle, ammmaul to slct upou
die Earl f Beimre, far want deide ad marll, i
he dichare of the du of his ge M L The prer
coi .e that he i popular, d ji, o; but me
vii b with a few e a ir remarks, verthele
huld th be nyih oresch onion a thnf d the
Moago Bay editor prevalent in Jamamc; I woald, alt
an rilks, wAurr hat Sir J. C. Smyth would make them
as rough, ancourty havingg grand slam) and unpopular
a governor," as Ihey could wish, and one who would he
" detrmined" to ahew them the vast difference between
ru aebiiiy, ad that under m panmta, and of a deri-
*rm order. They would oon ay for the return of
the despised, aed ill appreciate ~so Loo, and implore
delIverance from the energy middes trinat, of Kmn
I am, Mr. Edhor,
Your obedient mnt vn,


Lmdau, July 9.-Our latest arrivls, we regret so say,
confirm he tidmigs which bad before reached us of dis-
sensions in the camp and in the cuncils of the Poles, cal-
culated to do more injury to the csu of their liberty
than the arms of Ruusia. O of de bitter fruit of dis-
union is already gathered. Skrynecki felt it necessary,
in order to cover Waraw, and to bold in check Rudiger's
division of Count Toll' army, at dgpatch Janowski, and
Ronuno, and Toro, in di&ren bodies, to support each
uther, and when lled, to force Rudiger' position. Tor-
no, with 000 men, met the nemay according to his in-
struction, at three o'clock in die morning of del 19th,
and in the confident hope of immediate succour, gave him
ballle. The enemy was 10,000 strong, but the brave
Poles kept dlie in lshrp employment Lill nine in the
morning, and sill kept their poituo. Toroo at this
hour received-not his expecad reinfrcaenrnt-hbut po-
sitive order to retreat; the consequence was, Rudiger wa
enabledto collect hi force, and e Paes were compelled
to retire on Waraw. Janowlk is to be tried by a court
martial; eand General BanouaL, who also failed in aup-
porting Toro, will be tried likewise. The accounts
from Poland generally are dilirming.
Austria and Prussia, it have exchanged treaties
of agreement to march the contingent ofeither, on the com-
plaint of the other, to the Rhin, tomake a army there
of 800,000 rea.
The folliing is an extractfa private letter of the d
ult. from Libo:-" Yesam morning the batteries of
ihe Bugio, a lower ituatld'S the oh of the Tagua,
had am re~a-aM with a F cb frigte of the blockd-
ing squadlrm, iqI mla of a Ptgu vemel. The time
which the frnch Frigate t liareturing the fire upon
the fort eabled the P Tu vael to enter the porl.-
The Frech frigalt was f n bold of, after having
mustaied am damage. Te French squadron of the
mouth of the Tagu had bau increased by a fri ga, and
a brig (th Endymion) ue returned from Tercia,
from wheac t blckadg es of Don Miguel have
in part been chmmed, nd i par captured."
Lndem. Monday Eenai, lli Ady.-Thre are, it
appears, 10 notices a the ooks of the House of Com-
m relative to alteration i the Reform Bil. Some of
dame proposed amendments are positively miachievou ;
others of little consequence one way or other, and one or
two highly desirable. Amongt the former we rank the
amendment," of Coloal Bibthorp; Mr. Porman, and
the Marqui of Chando. The bb a of tbee alterationa
are to reder farm trnane at wil capable of voting at
county electiMp or in other word, to redee the comuti
to the na of rotten bro for the beet ofa fewgreat
landhobldM. Indeed the act of d Marquis of Chados
having given notice ofi l a amendment, mot convince
an oe of common ea that its effect wil be highly ms-
h o. The amendments which we consider desirable
are thoa of Lord Milue sod Mr. Hughes, but particularly
of Lod MilMt. aded, without Lord Milta' 'aheraion,
we am decidedly of opinoe tdtm the Bl will nealy, if not
altogether, destroy the independence of he counties His
Lordabip propose to move the omimion of that part of the
clause to which extends td right of voting in counties to
le-e holer's reck rent We are gld to me an amend-
ment like this broaiht forward by ao highly a rp ble
member of the arisocracy an Lord Milton. It reflect
highest credit upon hia Lordship, for we have no doubt
dtet dthe Bll, as h now t lwowMld pce, in a grat mo-
are, at tLe dipoal of i ly, the representation o
aeeal coenties. We have mid ao much upon this asb-
ectt that we reahy annot more without repealing our
former remarks; we -m oberve, howwer, that if td
Spm sa it ow atands, in a few years tde repe.eo-
taU wil be h a ba a I au e as at prmmat.
Le ,id, July -I d heous of Lord, hu niet,
Mr. Kennedy asked whter, after the Englis Rdim
B wis carried, te Mininora Intaued to propose any
eaina a in their procading, previously to bringing for-
w d Irish an tch Reform Ba 1 The Chancl-
Ir of ith Ezchamm replied that hasiag dispoed of the
Eagli ReoL r Bill, it wa the intention of die Miniera
o proceed with the odr Bills imediately-except in-
dnd, ed A id be a a rity against them.
I a eaem it. a di Caeto' Acts, the Chancellor
of the Echequer renewed his proposition of last Meon
regardlig the wie duties.-T plan is, thai the duties
shall he eqialised : the duty henceforth to be Ss. 6d. per
gallon, and to be carried into effect this year ; the duty on

F mr the brokete ty winth

=9:*M4:; Woedd ZU&

were mM dleoded; Mid te d wedre rdi cf
up, m. ife 10o bit m d

Ts Rji/b Bin.-Tber tihld at the Foreign
OfAe yesterday, toftdeflwda Mrill plan of
reform who e Mebhera of Pit l N hatd. hboy aM
hour, durig which the am eoml e to he popped by
Lord NiMon were lly eonde The alteratloe wih
deprecated, and it deoo is ue his Lordship will not
press them to a division, as au* a ourme miht leaseu the
amount ofthe majority in favow f geomal principle
of the Bill. Lr A ltbr p w ne beforfi tookbcca-
lion to deny ithe autbeolity f a epertw iich had been
current, that, a oon m the had I pasd tie Cm.-
moom, it would be left to its fate in the LoMr. The ru-
mour was unfounded, as his Majety's Ministera intended
to pesevere to the utmost to pen the meaure into a
law. The meeting was very fully attended.
The Government of Poland has announced the proposal
of a Loan, to be called the Loan of" Polish Succours,"to
the amount u stated, of60,0U,000o offlorins, or between
2,000,000 and I,,000,000 sterling-the whole to be
redeemed in 81 year, at a proportional rate each year.
The most nguine hope are entertained of the success if
the proposal. The loan is to be conducted under tihe
management of the Bank of Warsaw.
A letter from an EngliPGentleman on board the Ni-
cholas I. says--" Up to the moment I left Peterslmrgh
F iday July 1, half palt five, no foreigner of distinrtion
had fallen a victim to the cholera. A few minutes be-
fore I left, I had tie honour to se Lord Hleytebury, and
the Anbasadors of Holland, Sardinia, and Naples, the
American Consul, Mm Magennis and Crompton, be-
longing to the English Embassy, and Mr. Baxter, Lord *
Heytesbury's private secretary-they are all well; and I
believe I saw all the principle British Merchanta shortly
before I left all ICood health. Doctors Russelland Bar-
ry were also well. The former has no douhl that the
cholera in Rusia i idenlitied with ItheIndian cholera, with
which he is rell acqaaintl. Between 50 and 60 per
sons died ofthe cholera during the lst week I was in St.
On the sth instant the Regent of Belgium issued the fol-
lowing proclamation:
B/lgafs,-The Sovereign Congress is going to decide on
the preluninane of the teaty of peace between thIe Ilelians
and Holland. Whatever may be the decision of thin asimC-
bly, it will solely nrpresut the nation, and will alone pon-
Sthe riat o giving Ie Ito the coauy. It i from the
Boeniu Coii(r tihat hold my pow s, and I have oou
received them in order that the laws may be executed.
shall not fail in my duty. I will net violate my oath. I am
irrevocably decided to fulfil my duties with honour; anl I
appeal to the bonour of the Belgian nuaio and to ite patnot-
am. It will aot degrade te uiou name of Belglni sby
the dorts of narehy mad civil war, which would draw oa
our im country the sver disealt. If ihism hold hap-
pin, I should not easitate to fulfil e most sacred of my
duties, to minlmia order, and the aviolability of paon and
property. I reekon n the Adelity of the Civic Oard and
the frinedeip of all good citensa. If the Coagre should
adopl the prelimiaries of the eaty of peace, Ishll regard
it as an ahsolate duty to remain at my poet, which the con-
dace of the r i thet the amion has confided to
me. ootil the armal of the King in this city, which cannot
be long delayed, according to te prome be has made to
Irhols. July 5.
(BSiged) [The Regeat, Bautr on Caoxia.]
Tasday. July I, 11l1.
Of dhe English aid Irih Oris me supplies are this wrek
mnually light, nor are thow from foreign ports Beady B
heay as of late. On sfemence to an elktial *alemnst, w
ud the quaint of foriga Wheat ad Floar eritvd thi
Men i upward of 400ee qwaen short of the tapon for
the 1a It9, mnd soooo below that of I1so.
To h geinel dead o wheat Ia lately ben ve
liiud, ad die qau y played far alea cotinal estely a
excled the waste of the trade. the igMr pmopottn is f
conday d ierlor quality, and nch as our dealers wiS
not puchnae, ualm at speclatire pieces: ae emplea by
0o mesa plentiful. ad fr ech Teaday' prices hare bee
obtained. i parce of the lowe deaription of fI-
leisn and Irish Wh have een forced during thee wek;
Odmesa at a d. ad Ti; Burlerie at 7. to Ts. O.: and it.
Peirrs argh hard at il. d.o Ts. Bome quatity of Irish
has also changed hands at as. to r. . for idllin. and i.L
d. to 7i. for good qeataes; the grater proportion taken
ea spealati.
In Flor there ha also hmee a air esent of haiamru. at
1n1 to Sis lor god ad Sb to as for choice bamil. Pi-
ral mall parcels of Indin Core have been sold at Sit to
amo oeano,. prehbl. In M w IOe qarlern.
The tranOctWiMs in lock'Coree onalt of ooe or wo par-
cla of Pomaeni Whet. a d at to as ad me Barlertia
at ad to M d; aed apera ef Cei n Whr as pe
ToIbs. The heaer qblitie of Ammiea Bd tettie red
Wheb ae held st i to 7 ad per ibi. Oil thousad
hrelb of Froer ben do ehamed haud. at ts for New
Or l, na Me d U o e for New Yat aid PilMdelphia, ad
35s d to t fer W ter 'Coal. There has been ma
equiry for Ones. hIt no ctal bkams
Tht meaning market was umerously allended. and the
weather having become a little usenled, there iwa more life
in the Whea trade than for some time post ano the ducr-
tion in prices aned during the week was fully rrgainl,
and in some hlane. for ine fresh pamerela h rate of
thil day week We ra rh-r eree4 Tlre lnte may be aid
of free A Flnnor. for which the demmnd was rtt
risk. At aI line of Id per 45 lh in Oats. there was a f
eltei of mbuiines treanaeted. Ournmea was so leik at
Is per i lbs allow out lst qiiotaios.


#hl-; lim i l|l to lakere
ise lepi l. i the city-
uaerting uffu l l icular s
8i daysr teirl imero, w it h a fdi

eA. It nrti a union with
,,ai. d of. T*4 e frigate Orestus,
I.i m aI p~ a crgo of silver,
north 200centon ros, (bousL5t,UU00.) ha been
b dI French. ThLi is a sad blow for the Miguel-

S purrek.-The ship Ldy Sherbrook, Cham-
ln LududJerry lor Quebec, with u0S passengers and
of i sea, was lost on the night ol July IS, near
y, Newfoundland. About midnight, rocks were dis-
do leeward, an I "erupe made to tack, but the wind
Sliht and the gro. -iwell so great, that it could not be
abed. and in less thaten ten mutes alier she struck,
a completely broken up. Only twenty-seven of the
(us ofut hes females), and the captain. mate and three
nwe saved, who received assistance twelve hours after-
from fishermen. Her boats were all swamped in at-
Otg n lant, and those in them peahed. The sur-
ere ltakeu irum apiece of the wreck otbhe rocks.

From Galignam's Messcger.
tles of 271t, 28th and 2th July-Firtl day.
maeal fete.-From sunrise to sunset, a gun will be
etery quaur of an houur. A funeral hymn, cum-
Sfo tIe occasion, will be executed. Tablets of bras,
with the naies of the victims, will be affixed in
r ece of his Majesty, on the walis of the Pantheon.
SCM laitation L-Thu vote oflthe Belgian Cungress
hvorr u the snlo Giil eriian Prince was not a vote of
but of latitude.
L[ Quotidicone ridicules the idea of the journey of the
ChBu of Berry having any political object, and expa-
mon the meanness and cowardice uftel Goverlnment
attempting to persecute a fallen and unfortunate wu-
Sby directing it Ambassadors to apply to the various
st which they are resident, in order to prevout her
received at them.
OWal f the Grad Duke Cmostanliae.-lt appears
Si Grand Duke Constantine, late Vice King of Po-
s, had. The fullowhig is the only paragraph which
verr yet seen upon the mlbject. We infer that he died
SChlea. The suggestion of self murder is hardly pro-

Lens from Hamburg attribute the death of the Grad
lids Cmmatine to the cord rather tean the cholera I It
i ma~rmble that two of the prime perecutor of the
FPn nmdd be thu pienmturely cut of. In those dmes
Spiloophy d inMdlity, it would be considered Super-
m even to hint at the agency of a retributive Provi-

TI Nae British Parliamen.-A late London pa-
p prmsets te following view of th new House of Com-
N. of members. Pspalim. Property.
EZad 9L 7 10,600,003 47,198,66
18 361,937 1,011,061
Adad 4 994,9 ..............
ind 68 5,24,31 ...............

892 17,180,85 48,904,97
Ne. f mamkns. Pelpauia Prspe.
Eha M 666,434 46668
Wu-i 10 846,595 1,126,055
d 21 1,09,863 ............
1a44 a 1,596,485 ...

965 3,678,377 3,678,728
Adr paper gives list of p peer who and 184
w- .e( 6 persons, not peers, who send 21 more---
addig, tats 48 persons aed 2 each, and 99 one member
wh-- recapinulation, 171 person send 840 members
b Reform" was, indeed, neceaaary !
7T1 W jr Coaf Dieitch.--The late MarIhal
ik h.. left property amounting to about three
theae-d dollars. Half of thi he hIs left to hi
loar, Arnold Diebitrh, hat manufacturer, in Pram-
se SeraMi; the other half to hi Seer, a nun ofthe
d""M of St. Ulrics, near Konieburg. He has left
ioadl crOa of Whldimer to Sebatiani.

SAt a maee ofthe Committee of the Ba-
m Regatts Club, held in the Publie Build-
A e i th ulh.-it was
T"ISed That the day of ailing for the Cup, he on
Hlaye rst day of November; and that no veel
a e., or above forty tons, shall be allowed to il
PmbarB 16th.

Of the 16th hintm the Lady of Capain William
blue., R. N. of a Sun.

mnauaiaa nwaa
a- 5 ry Prom alste to IM kAs Idlds, qftS
1img resield thieminfr athe up ef0 1n10r man, Min
gie armiy ,at the &Swl 's Ojia, ar yp l uu
aid O e m / nrr m nDA preeonas t Ala ini--.
etr whic, at y tie dWurng roa-m-r DAY a 7cli*
may b obtained.
B" July, .- Maal AroMe
d .. Jam Blok
Ith August W. H. roch
A1th September, Mathew O'Briea
13th Wi. J. lHamilton
14th .- U L Foster, R. E.

Sept. 15h--Schr. Pomona, Miller, Philadelphia
Flour, Corn, k. to B. C. CLarroN.
17th Schr. Farmers' Delight,Cooke, Cuba
Fustic and Tobacco
to Jon THOMusN & Co.
Schr. Favorite, Beek, Abaco
Sloop Morning Light, Johnson, Do.
S Sisters, Saundem, Do.
S Spinwell, Curry, Do.
Eagle, Saunder, Do.
. Friend's DeligL Ingraham, Do.
Iarlequin, Armbrister, Do.
S Good Intent, Thompson, Do.
Goods from the wreck of Hr. brig Matchless,
to JoHN THOMsoN & Co.

Sept. 15th-Am. achr. Mary Traver,,Mattlon, Baltimore
Schr. Lily, Hall, New Orleans

Sept. 15th-H. M. schr. Pincher, Lieut. Tulloch, A cruise
." II. M. schr. Kangroo, LieuL lookey Do.
16th Am.schr.MaryTnverMattison, Baltimore
In the schr. Farmers Delight-Mr. Barrena, Mr. La-
mote, and Mr. Beaton.
In the Mary Travers-Cap tai twart, Mr. Reynolds
Mate, and crew of the Aamrl tC0oooer Solar.-
Captain Rowe, and crew of the A dh. ir. Meddle-Not.


H AVING fied the amie of r a at the iate of$8
n1 per barrel of superine Flour, Ordered, that the
selling Loaf do weigh b21. 8os., pnd the ipenny Loaf
11b. 4Qo By order of the VpYe .
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
VsTarT Room, 6th September, 1831.
M R. PRESTON having ben appointed Teacher
to the Public School (in the room of Mr. Malcolm,
who ha resigned,) takes this opportunity of tendering his
grateful acknowledgement to those friends who have so
kindly and unalterably supported him in hi private school;
at the same time to recommend to them and the Public,
his successor Mr. Jeremiah Young, who will commence
u private Teacher, on Monday next, on the premises at
prent in the occupation of Mr. Preston.
Intending to decline any other biness, and wishing to
devote his attention solely to the school, Mr. Preston,
requem aD person indebted to him, to make immediate
payment, in order to easble him te pay off all demands
again him.
September 16th.
A LL PERSONS are hereby cautioned not to employ
SJAco Gterorn, a slave, by trade a Ship Carpenter,
without a written permissionfrom the Subscriber.
September 12th.
SThe House and Premises at present occupied
by Mrs. Pokier. The Houe i roomy and
convenient, with large Kitchtn and wah hooes
attached, chair house ad mtasling for three
horae, extensive yard and gram pipce. The out buildings
have been lately thonughly repaired, mad the greater prt
of the fences have been newly put up.
A tract of Land situated at the Village, containing 250
acre It i divided by the village-rad into two Lot, the
woetr lt being intersected by the sew road leading from
the village into the Blue hill road. This land will be dis-
posed ofin one or three lots. Apply to
September 7th. JOHN W. MILLER.
A NEAT GIG, hvin a spare e of springs. For
particulars apply at thi office.
eplmtemer 14th.
A SILVER FORK, The owner can have it by ap-
plyine at this office.
September 17th.


Os Memday, ast, t 1 i9M n t,
AT TEB USinH 2O0i,

Superme Pbiladpti Flor in barred,
Rice, Core, and Co in bags,
Pilot Bread, Tobacco,
With a variety of other article,
That well known country Seat, called Stanley, siuea
about three miles to die Eastward of this Town.
Term camn.
At one Month's Credit,
12 barrel very superior Jamaica Sugar
At Law o Ma Credit,
The following valuable Slaves belonging a Gentlemau
about to leave the island, vi.
Mary, aged 16 a good house ervant
John, do. 12 a mar boy
Sarah, do. 10 and a hlfyear
Melora, do. 8 do.
Charlotte do. 6 do.
Celia do. 8 and 10 month
September 17th.

On Mmiday ent, tIe 19t intmlt.
At 1 O'Qlok. 3.
Willbe sold
At si moths' Credit,
The house and premises situae in Shirley street, aI
in the occupation of Mr. Richad Barnett.
September 17th.

On TAmralda nest, th 22d inatat,
At the Residence ofT. Foster, Esq. of the Royal Engineers
At 16 o'ioek, A. M
Will be Sold
(With aou esr ,)
A et of Dining and other Tables,
Chain, So,
Sideboard, Wardrobe,
Bedsteads, Mattrmes,
Dinner and Olassware,
Bed and Table Linen,
A quantity of Books and Book shelves,
Saddle and Bridles. Epauletu, Sword and Sword
belts, Sashes, with a gnt variety of other article.
TenaM,-C ss on delivery.

On Pridy est, Ahe 2Sd itant,
At 10 0*01- A. aL
Will be old
At the shop of Mr. W T. Preston, a hi sockof Drus,
Medicines, &c. &c. consisting of, a large asortment o,
Tinctures and Gumn, Sals, Seidlit and Bods PowderJ
Whiting, Red and Yellow Ochre, Lamp Black and Glue;
also a select assortment of Perfumery, Tooth Brumhe
&c. Powder'd Pearl Barley, Embdeso Oats, Pearl, and
common ago ;--the whole of which will be pa up la lto
suitable for families, planters adl hopkeepes.
A small Launch and Saddle horse.
07' The medicines are warranted to be genuine, and
of the best quality.
Termt will be made known on the day of ale.
T HE SUBSCRIBER, intending to leave the Bahama
in all November next, calle on all those to whom be
my be indebted fur their respective demands; and them
indebted to him, he earneldy requests, wi settle the same
by the end of September enauing, to enable him to met
the demand against him, and all accounts remaining un-
paid at that period will be sued for indiscrimlnaely.
20th July, 1831. ROBT. WIER.
T HE SUBSCRIBER forewarns all master, or owners
of vemels,or any other person who may employ a Ne-
gro manBill Dorrel, the property of Thome Thompsn,
not to pay him hi* wages without a written order from
me, acung for Thomas Thompson.
Roas WruN.
September 10t h. o

the SM ., and Harness. For par.kelars
i apply at this office.
September 10th.
'RS. HOWARD, Jr. has resumed hr BDaame
J EarTrA.aLm rr, in the Caolk de l OfJriw,.
of the Government House.
The very airy and commanding situation of this hom
should command the anentieo of all travellers in a war
June 16th.

hewige th

ammmmo 0 ane
*hehiirill; w b P. oafig o p- rnla party.
L. Anead MAPor,
a "- mbr ... e
4. Oaaoums, MN
& Sdanm, P.
Delaer, M.A
." belsbord., P.
Don, P.
9. cmaa, M.
10. Lo11, M.
. IL Benthes, N.
IL Arag, P.
18. Reoel, P.
14. Los Cm, P.
Ia the 4th br Ma O Bem adeae
bet he as been Iaelsed in Oei eler paces. In dhe Do-
smmoen do mm gdme h st m f mn pe i-
as Lefa Lamrque, O'larot, Dupet do I'E,
Miea u LL a.. kmd aearnod, en theo eder band.
Depi. as., Guiss, ukyer Celrd and aneiani are
elected M. M i Riep. Io -Mialer of Marki, lia been
delu.L (;enel Lafayette haL bI ined by an
hmeinus. onrity.
Les Cases.
Among tch a-r amaker, are GeneraJ Bertsmnl andw
The cohamr of the anw Chamberia tha sauimed up
l a pahr s hve bo on, and it appears to usu ra
m we e ble ojuadao be proebluy urec. The
Slilir a m jori for e wbole of his syan
erw *ae.uipzard ajrkly for the whole of Its plan ol
rnu meeb, 4 Mt hlar a M hae a majority for
ares hih ea aonal and comprehensive, wire
and ad ewll is a mIortky ashe subject of the
Ptmi. CIr Lla anid Poland.
Out oi candidatI who have preisd ihamrlvs
boalsisn of doe orucwir, thuse are 63 i f&mr ato
heralmy h*rsetdr I Peerage, 36 against, sod 443
who hawe u fully naimined themelves on this importal

The flloawBinm Bemmear m s Pari Maager des
Chaumb eaSuietday. .
The rekof d the metill s c.be6rm or hope
menrs ad mor. A barle aiIT i laruady shared in
he new Cmber rohe syem of lio fadawed by
*he G menLnt. TIa deAsan of Framw hea appreciated
ls gearty a' existing cicaam. Almes evary whar
they Zth b rt-na thkeoris, wIh wekald have
BawY maftf m ao our aesractime adl har choesn
mwee rs mww o ane frauky devned to e prio-
ciples fb 9th Augut, edady to give them the dere-
hpeateamiaa-lPh withbeasa ,anld alp Ito rer and sawe-
rier peen o emueery.

Dle y a of d~ em sanei d.
d aeeco L ai td n ew Chamber
ai wehy d ofbe grat misie eased to it-ht of
:m=l "ig lad cmlii r iastmiimse-The r-
iablMs fmatiaaquiinl asri it to rai ou rganic
lows ma l eed and ng Imsldmi and a linmr

___ beasecm 4( the d o0 ch nge e he
-eome eaa t a-and um miity, mand ts aMn
eaami weaars ais Ital a atmof palmpuisy with
wIae a emr b ae ao
i=t:,,ll, &zi o-
w* ian bda die _K, di re, ed from
Ms.-1, a* tiimhlMmdi Pasbeihid Erivamek ha
roel by Ftok ta doe anemisaell ia Palmed.
The faeai arid a ced from eGam- i PdPe-
sa, aIMA -n iaen pri L a canwrs
dem, the ami:- shee Iad seed-mm -
liEnt |iaot *0 a^- m Ot IV^r,. I f v^gsg
have Man a preyt d *0 nls pa v ei d the g V.-
Sbthe Rbla. The lmer a toL psMsemisn of 6
YdLas for a Thera. The b -qumoen of t.
bimeo Ssvmeil, who was abamf marchig o smet do
simshas, wore ead ast Pein
rMd-Meall Padwkhh aI W ergaleg (Ra*se.
ILaa) ae 6bLed, in oier jeo a he- qr e of
the Granl DANs NMtel a Cboi .

Th r= s G h Ilo d* Swisg, r t ted Su .
Pa jam The aL len of el ol
uae inba Eaiad hes priemll
base It tIsem we oan nt to me dot power

ioeeam d I n*0 C=rklbealdo P;rheA *l m lea
hopnehtue I re it s Iftew aata s Pleery 1eenw
tram. an wh *t MbePeiangen. The
Coet Sf e6p an* ha 4* a am
whh indieen, fir lma, In i elan' seaab
nd, Wold have mething am to fearhu theC of
her pert, whie*0 intermE of Eaade-
nqoady do Imatner tranquiey of Ofal MLa. rmiM
he sampmieh i ser m Nnems0lm,
r Yin. i n -e 0 -. N-"et ma e ms
a baiper e b=at are eea ydiw q erdia
taeVer mh Wle o n eb m of

of mie. nI &e ftda Mukn, ah M 6blyF
slkelges wh al we Pered a de, a1i h e
Sf rop a t hmoseIn le wlt* dIgitly
e. = 'amn, d d btheoe ao d imata fg t he0 as.
MU'e pagal zhesratins bed be@a limened "ia Polld,

ucer a bTet cl e bwlaodWib 1
Lia F fro each a;semAi.mmandins t Rtm-
hinL Cab e, mid he dae dM e Udpltis 0

P. e Ti. Sf hr4, 9-. ,
ParI J .-Tp ij- d'e ilare of 6iae-
wases iorte d Peof ellieam.-" We larn,"
is um,- M y good ambert y theMe French ee
alent i just ascided the claim of dte Ute-d ates
aie e eceet of pro taken it 1812 and IM1 ud p
has agned upcs the lidennity claimed Obn tt account.
Fo a uom of twenty-five mins of franca she
Frec Goarmet lsetles with that of the United 8ate
for Indemnity, en a uch as remain undecided ithl
p tomlnbian; ad by virtue of tl irs mgevot,
=I e; Americi Ambasador P'lee n.pte~ hr
a ll al duai e as sreveld. and ofr
wb President Jackson spoke in his Mlssage avoided.
The commercial lreheu between France and the U.
Sta will become dese. The Ambasdor promises,
in do eam of his Governmnt, that the duty on wiUe
imported into the U. BoS s hall be diminished six ceat
per galla. The por doty n silk i alo reduced,
O our side, en peroise to reduce the iuport duty
oa alworke catLOo is France.
The other bank of oa treaties with the United
Stols will be retained, and the system of reciprocity for
the to ds preserved.
S The sUid Suam consent also to pay a million
ad a half to indema several families for the unum ad-
vanced during tie wr of independence by the hands of
hoae families, to promoe the American cause."
The Bariti asa boade of the d inst. announces
tha the cholera morbaes ba broken out at Kalisi, in the
Grand Duchy of Pose.
Warsaw, June 2.-Our State Gazette contains the
following ofcial report of dte .Geinral-ii-Chief, dated
bed-quartets at Warsaw. June 7 :-
I ae the honour to nfo ths National Government
that Is planning the eeprise pgain the corp of Gen.
Rudlger, I ordered Gaani Chruaowski, who wu near
Zaiuac, to contribute to the success of it by advancing in
t rear of Rudiger so l as the eamy' corps, lately r-
rived from Ihe Bug, wald alow. He executed thi order
In an admirable umanm By a skilflimanmeuvre hedecei-
ved General Kaisaol who commanded the new corps,
advanced by a mrpid ach to Kraystan aad on the 1id,
in ih mloring, aok pmein uf Lublin, forcing the
enemy to eave it, who, in hir retreat sunk 40 ammou-
mitio wngoen and a miber of muketsi a pod; many
adar ecs were lkwis fnd there.
Mnamdmo Raigersmenaed v the Wieprn; his van.
guard, eo-atin- of p sqeodros, approached e town,
and was er heg driven hack. However, as te corp
of (e. KWar appraecd n the other ial, and Gen
rCnamemLi was n ag WNW mag o min ta two
corps; he crossed to o left bak of the Vistula, over
which Gen. Romaiew hba by great esertions caed a
brbge It be laid. Oa. Chanowski bad on his web
march soa kirea hes with dt e eomy, in which be ek
40 sme, with their bom sd arms, and killed 0, witheet
lasia meanhi."
T B ab Gaznee dds, Afr the departure of Ge-
noal Chrsanonvki m Labli, Radgler return nd to tha
city, d cued hisvisry a te Wieprs tobheprold
withseoad of taumpe, together with th capture of thl e-
el Ma, hereditary owner of Lubtow; hi added that be
had besiade tken 500 prioen, which is not true. He
da followed Gem. Cheuaowki, who, however, had ee.
aed the river at Celeob, and broke down -b ridge behnd
ib ight of dti RIaias."
Coam Guame de Mooalbel, yougt of dh fh-
moIm Mar-' Las-es, arrived as Warsw en th a6th, to
deiat hi ife ad psotbhis forte to or came. He has
paid80,000 fr is Ie Trny.
Leae armPseyael, o 19th Jane, says that th is -
nem i in Pedde and Uknram he gai broke e.
Wars, June 99.-The Commander-in-Chie was
yesterday iaefrmd, by a pennr deservig of caeeiue,
of tbe eistnce of a esaphry, b object of which m
0 am the Rl m pra to muak a diersiAa ad,
perba, 1o delrw Warw ito the hand of di ermy,
im cse of ma attack. several Gemerh, who had been
padis a stae of Inacltvity, are aid to hare been at the
of te plot. Gen. Skraynecki ade his report to
the National Governmet, who immediately ordered he
arimm of Gen- Hiurtig. fIaoely Coadant of the
forces of Zamoc, nd she imasmenta of l e d aochi
emini d thsa whit the Grand Dal Consalb was
is pmer. P im y wii look Open the alatis of *h
serei ls o a i bl. The eder i iiduel l eased an
Gen. s cAki, CLd. IHocki, de Beina C .habrin
Fanaswe, M. Iael, and Madame Bmm, an i
ledy. Gun. Janskomki, nw e trial fol haw allowed
Oa. ailider to emaps, is de amprommiid a air.
T mevr MGMhbe aiI become knows, a cresdh aamm-
hed babem Geeral I 's and i non win di f.
6lehy thtH Natonl mrd, who wea charged to
convey him to prim, preerved him fme d ye of lth
people Paik nch joined the army on te l wLthb-
eo hIng been detaiMed to peers quaantine on hi pa-
se through the u-ral territory of Prmi. H i ead
Quarme continue at Pltnsk, and the Russian army .-
misa i the ame atoe of inactvity as prelvioay msMi
arrivaL It i a singular fact, tat tie cholera morbml al-
ways ra n after a haib with 0h Russins. Before de
Late f O e hiks a be meandy had completely dimppev-
l among tbe Polish troops, but ha since retareed wih all
Its erignal violence.

is -r ,,d i ,-
hoi m ode t d the
ita Genese M
Ioveo in I and tdlut a eaie
me-. an Wlher im ds h rmy,wm
ediet ager of o two wortlek. Three
-. wve dimeanred at the ham of
oet and en the pb ir dh ewvs d In the
b d -b *srsra Wg Ss s bse lal
he battle oOtrolunkA owhofledOsasl
l- ws e e m p-e A to aem
d General Bubowald are shlo pe y
played into the ha ds of bthe a y, aoi
aier escape fme than e eA i cir
m rty p icd a their pewer.
TheAM meligoce of thin detestahbl a"
amvebeo brought to Warsaw from Galbeiu
*l Bridl scrcely observed the caution
ingged in such transactions, having received al
otters from his tools in Warsaw in the presence
pr. The pi of the conspirators was, with
mo of the Rulanprisoners, to obtain
resnal, to anr the prisoners from th e to ren
ablishment, and, by desroyin the bridge d
preveat the troop stationed tere from
ssassac of the capital. At the same time the
were to crn the Vistula at Pluck or Dobrnyas,
Warsw, which, is he absence of the Polish amy
moe been alahie to offer any effectual reauas.
The Waisaw Corier of the 8Olh June,
ri General Thomas Lubieaski, Chief of t
ed head-quarie, Warsaw, 9th Jane, in which i
an account of a succesfl reconoibnce undetl
the 26th by a detachment of the garrison of de
passed unobserved between the enemy's ponrs
he Wkra at a ford, avoided by a circultuo nu
town of Naielsk, and surprised at day break a Wb
three hundred cavalry of he Ukraine regimen f
and Cossacks. The enemy led, leaving lam
and about 500 privates dead on the field. One
sad 27 privaat of he regiment of Hulaol, and n
sucks were taken prisoners with 20 hores. We
man killed and thrt wounded.
The Waraw Courier of the 80th, oys, 8i i
almost all Podlachia ae freed from the enemy, s a
a few Cosack are here and there seen. Gea.. l
paused the Bug with the remainder oftis corps.
the Ruans arve lately quite retired from the
our troops wr already in Nasielsk. Field
Paskewiofci hs probably arrid at Puhuk ; r
cicien mys he has rad a new pruclamation of t*
Marshal to the Poles. An oicial report was
received from Lithmania. Wka is bireged ;
ba 6000 choice cavalry; Zaliuaki is beeni mg
the se; the aim reaction is spreding even in L
sia, in the envarons of Molilew.
Bad*, July 3-A letter from the Russian
os, at Pmi ok, daed C4th Juan, says, that dia
late military reats are not decisive, they are,
lek, very faveoble. The laner lirve a sem a
advan gained by Ge al Buder over J
wh chouh met a decd rictry, let check
of the enemy ap Lub. General Rudiger t
privraj a 10 ocer prs en, including am
Camp of Jankowki, dan Aidde-Camp of .Sk
sad de Qfmre- einr. Alo a park o artiary,
amnition, a d mueh iggage. Pihk had bkee
iesd by a party sent o to scour the country. Na
ad thn been received at the Rman head-quarn
peeda sGeneral Gialgol, h ut mu erco wnrps m
pnd to im.

qeaterh, Puhaik, Jun, irin an odmriel and
account of the otal defrt of the united forces of
OGlegud and Chinpowski attack on the s
troops posted at and round Wilna, consisting of ati
sion of Gee. Baron Van Sarkn, reinforred by sat
men of dbe Guards ierd the command of
Lamn Knata. The ehel being entirely foidll it
dradfM e of the artiery hi their attempt to css y
height, were upeld to retret, and were a
tbhe R aa cavalry. Oeeral Kurua, who bhad
par of the Imperial to cover theghts, whhi
so important the defence of Wiltn, ew order
cavalry of the Guard and the Llthbani*n regina8'
atterk, which he did with aclsh .hpe ity *
enemy coad 8edasl ydt d ie over theWis.
enemy heing driven arm the rvr, ad lyilag i
s*aamon a the send to Krao, Gewneal Kem
the ligh anlry to purnie, which he was indured
by *0 menu tht Cmt Tolai. Cmanadsr-io-Cbd
the army of ser, was at hand with two dv
This jentimn empletely semre Wila., and will .
as of acting with enenry against Gielgd's di
The R sia took 600 prisoern, including eight Ltkid, July 6.-NkchLe L snser arrived 6
St. Peterssburgi thi Manl ,ind brings the a
aglpaece thet t cholera sunorss b ma now elt
va to tha c rapal like O the MC9h J6r'
malady made it bat appearance there, and during fI
ie days 96 caes of siekanl occurred. The epial
ears, hbowver, to have manifested itself in a mild 60
On the lI of July, a 7 o'clock in the eveniSg, si
even passengers on board the Nicholas I., which -
then lying in the Cronstadt road. No goods were
on hoard; but acam-ding to orders, the Captain Va*
till the neat evening for the St. Peterubairgh mail. Al I
o'clock the CMpib yahul to dli urgent request of
passengers a weighed anchor.


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