Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: September 14, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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wllt ollar per mammn-4a


Mark yon ship! Now triumphantly ride,
And now the sport of th' treacherous tide
oew distinctly is se a fair youth on her deck,
And now paintt the horizon she rises. peck :
That youth cats his eye on the billow's high fiam.
For he know it is watched at his dear, native home.
It is not the idea of peril or risk,
When clouds lightly skim the moon's amber disk,
That starts th' bright tear; oh, no-it was so
The smiles of his youth were o'erclouled by woe,
When at pierty's manilate he set forth to oam,
Fir, far from his friends, and dear, happy home,
Oh, far as rhou reach'th immeasurable deep !
The proud boating canvass may leetly sweep,
And hurl th' young seaman to regions afar,
Hill, constant a risen yon reper star,
Will rise the vision of that lowly dloe,
He'd called from infanry-"home dear, home !" M.
High rose his blood-.,ad bright grew his glance,
When he heard the war-nome sound;
Blithely he list to the courier's prnce.
As he sped o'er the crhoing ground.
Firm was the step-and Iproud the look,
lie bore to the hatlle field;
Pmnilt from its icablMrdl, his sword he tlok,
When the foemen's vollies pe-l'l.
The Rit's vivid flash-and the bayonet's gleam,
Ohm on the reeking plain;
,-ulo-d rhiha heart--n44f" glnr his dream
'Hslo the gory flood of the slain. M.

Io! far off a sail appears,
Swilt she cuts the foaming deep,
Hark! a distant gun is heard.
Deep are its echoes.
Quick to their well-known posts,
The soldiers eager fly.
All ranged along the strand,
To welcome some one.
aThe forked lightning glare,
Hears is distant thunder,
Onward ploughs the laboring bark,
To her desitind port.
At length the ship moored,
The caeson's roar is heard,
But awful peals of thunder,
Stop the solemn mock'ry.
Old men shake their hoary heads,
Aad fearful wondering cry.
lask! You sable Heavens,
Mischief us portends.
The chilly rain isfalling fast,
All nature seems in mourning,
Ti fo her children's fate,
The Genius weeps.
Relaha Il es! lament and mourn,
ourn for yoa hapless we,
For you the galligin hn is forging,
y l fell Tyrant.
A Alding to the storm that orarrved on the arrival of the
S-s". which continued during the landing of the Governor
LC.C. Smyh.

rom the Jamaica Corantl.
No. 2.
SAbd ye shall tread down the wicked, for they shall b
Ohm dr the olae of your fee."

twl opened my plan, and laid before you the danger
' that externally, I now proceed to dilate o
Shicmh ar more immediately under your observation
M l p0t ii execution, even at your very doors.-I
Qla' dinlely after tlI failure of the insurrectionar
w hcy, which had been orgtnised by the emissarie
wi ,e in Barbadoes, that the blood-thirsty u
"bf athe Od Jery turned their houghts to, and claim
" th~aislace of the more crafty orshippers of Moloc
llamm on, congregated in HatonsGerden. Man
.. tis lamentations which were made-by thi-se worth
u mstOin sedition, over the splendid silken flaLs id
W ko msAlactlred at so much expemn. and sent ou
t1 M expected acene of blood, and mch secrecy and cer



tainlyof success. V\'E.NUSmA was sworn upon the altars ing die wuik of strife and massacre, than thattheir ame-
of the polluted alliance; but, as their schemes had been hi- rity is only to be accounted for by your negligcnm sad
therto carried on by the action of lay brethren of huma- apathy. The remaining diurnals, ave onR am tre
nity, so now it was resolved to mask their proceedings, awed into silence, or are preserving an unaitmral mn-
unler the cloak of religion, and 6e island became short- trality.
ly stocked with zealots, who were expected to exert eve- Turn your eyes, therefore, which way you will, you
ry practice that true religion foalids: not that I mean to see nought but dangers, plots, conspiracies, and treache*
say the island was devoid of spiritual Quixotes, previous ry, and all tending to a speedy execution, unles a timely
to this period.-No! There were several; but they and powerful chock is given. This, my fellow-colosants
were confined to the neighbourhood of the Towns, and lies in your own hands; you have power, ample power,
were only desultory labourrs in the vineyard, and were to save yourselves from the horrors of civil and a er-
not armed with the authority of tim allied societies: their vile war ; but it must be by prompt and simultaneone ex-
acts are recorded in the Journals of our Ilouse of Assm- ertion-an exertion which belongs not to civil or muitary
bly. Hut the men of whom I have spoken above, came authority. It is, and must be, the deed ofsocial author
with impressions which could not possibly be verified. ty, acting under that decree of the Almighty, which ws
They were instructed that it was a duty key awed to God, in force before nations had a name, and which esablah-
and to the Society," to redeem from tlhadrom and cru- ed atffpreservatio as its Jfrst law Rouse, therefore,
elty, an oppressed and degrdedclam oftheir fellow-men- my countrymen and friends, rouse at once, from your se-
a class of beings who, it was said, were in the most thargy the men I have described are well known-the
abject state of misery, ignorance, and wretched:uess-who mark of the BEAST is upon them; let every pariah act
were treated wone than the brute creation, and who were for itself. The SIGNAL shall be displayed : Lo They
considered by their hard task-masers, to be beyond the are given into your hands, force them to digsrge their
pale of Christian instruction andedeniption! The real ill-gotten wealth, their high-paid salaries, their pilferage,
situation of them, therefore, could not fail of making a and their hallowed BRIBES: then, with the wholesome
deep impression on minds, which, however prompted by discipline recommended by the indefatigable M'Queen-
seal in the first instance, wer still alive to time fooelings thrust them Snth from your land, as God commanded
of principle and religion; and whna, at the first glance, Moses to thrust out the Canaanites, and let none remain,
they perceived that our labourial population were, for lest they become Pricks in your eyes, and thorns in
the most part, iulteUigera-in many parts istructed-in your sides."
all parts happy, contend and RICH, they considered SERGIUS UMBRATUS.
their employers had been misled and misinformed, and
proceeded to undeceive them. They published a state- From the London Obarver, July .
meant of their principles and sentiments; in which they NATIONAL UNION OF THE WORKING CLASSES.
declared, that Slavery was mut iicopatible with the last Wednesday evening, a Meeting of Delegates of Trades
Chriltion Religion. That they diclaimted al intention and Ilenefit Societies was held at the Bamzar Coffee-house,
of promoting disturbance among tie slave population, and Castle street, Oxford Market, for the consideration of the Re-
that any attempt at present, or even remote cmancipa- lorm question. The Rev. Mr. Harris of Stockport (a dele-
tion, would be deleterious o Chritianity, ruinous to the gate), was called to the chair. It was moved, that the Na-
Colony, and injurious to the interests of the Empire tional Union do call a public meeting of the working clasee
This wasa crime not to be forgiven. It was not viedua- of the Metropolis. in Portman Market-place, on Monday the
tion of tho Colonists that the allied societies required : h of July, for the purpose of deviamg the best means of
ow ufouded-how totally attaining their right of being represented from among them.
it as accusation, no matter how unfounded-Iowt totally selves in the IlHouse of Comm(o,i.
devoid of truth. They could, by the nmere assertion, Mr. lletlerington gave a detailed account of the proceed-
substantiate any charge, however extruvagnt, as the ings of the Commnissioners of Stamps against him ; and
minds of the honest people of England had been already moved an amendment, that the Meeting he called on the Ilth
sufficiently poisoned, to receive any thing, however false, if July. the 4th being appointed foe the trial of Mr. Cobbet.
and to reject any thing that lookLd like truth: these men lie read the following letter from Mr. Hunt.
weei therrs.lrr 'earlle and thse -o wr s ih-mieimdS wlho June 1U, 1 1.
were sworn to conform to the orders of their incendiary leaer, that e by the Gov ernment h as put its pw ell h
employers-Then was the island inundated with tiK letter, that the Goseronint has pmt 0paw genii upon you
employers.- n was the and inundated with t as a feeler. They have kept the claws hidden and canceled,
untaught zealots of Wesley and Southrcoe. Then came like a cat playing with a mouse. You have done your duty
the system ofrolbery and pilferage whicl has been endur- manfully; anl you must be prepared to condole yourself with
ed to the preser i day : lhen came the incendiary preach- the honest conviction that )ou have done your duty. I fear
ing of the intentions of them and their afflicting societies your reliance ulmn the people to aid and assist you will not
to give freedom to their duped Neophites ; the inculcation ie so fully realized as you could expect, and as we an
of hatred and revenge towards their owners ; and finally, could wih. Should you be disappointed, it will be only ano-
tIe ope p cg of general E-- n All this Ias other instance of what a man has to expect who sacrnficesahm-
the open preaig of general E All t as elf for the good of his fellow creatures. I never had any other
been done under your eyes, with the fullest knowledge holes of Iwmg rewarded than that of a self-approving con-
of the facts, and grieved am I to say that few, very science. If had ever expected another, even that of grai
few, have raised their voices to check it Those who tude and approbation of the people, you know, by recent
have done so have been abused, disgraced, degraded experience, how grievously I should have been disappointd.
from their rank ; and, by a strange infatuation, have suf- I have not obtained even their empty prises. I wish you
feared neglect, instead of approbation, even among your- every success against your enemies; and I shall be happy to
selves About the same time of which I have been do any thing in my power to aid you. You have taken too
speaking, not a few ofthose, even freeholders and other strong and unanswerable ground.-Yours, H. HUNT.
1 To Mr. Hlethernngton."
inhabitants, who had at the onset glowed with indignation The amendment proposed by Mr. Hetheriagts wa the
at the wrongs which the country suffered were unaccount- put, and carried unanimously; after which the Meetiag ep-
ably turned from tleir honest course, and seduced or ca- rated.
joled, or bribed, or flAttered into an espousal of the views
of the enemy. The success and profit which attended A Quebec papsr mentions dtat letters from Murry Bay,
a few, drew over more to follow their example; spies in- 90 miles below Quebec, on the North Shore, state that a
numerable volunteered their services ; great proprietors violent lock of an earthquake was felt there on Thursday
sought by such treason to redeem the overwhelming mort- night, 6th inst. which awoke families in their sleep, and
gages which ostentation and extravagance had brought on shook the walls of several of the buildings so as to cam
their estates; attornies of properties, great and small, slight damage to them. -
were schooled into treachery. Treason lurked among Sickness has been fell among the emigrants which ame
your high paid dignitaries of the land, with their thees, to Quebec lately, to a greater extent than on board ofany
and fours, and five thousands per annum, when they were of the vessels which had arrived before. The Catherine,
threatened by the Ministers of the Crown (now also truck- from Slign, is now riding with the yellow fag below the
ling to tlIe lhavcst offactions,) with the loss of their offices, lport, nine patients attacked with the small pox, havingleen
Sunless they conformed to their treacherous instructions. taken from her to theb Fever Iospital at Point Levt. In
SAttornies at law, ti.e ereedlies ainl nmost profligate (of the another vessel, we learn from tie same paper, that 16 souls
class, envying the wealth which they had seen collected died on the passage chiefly front the measles. The pre-
hv cobblers, and tailor, and tinkers, in disguise, aln- sent limited accommodation for the sick i the Hospital, bh
doned their more honest calling," and ranged them- been extended, and another large building of wood, and
selves among the enemies of their country ; and last, nore than twice the dimensions of the present, has bes
though not least, came out a host of unpledged Clergy- built almut a mile below the present site. The health O-
men ofyour own Established Church. Nothing can be cer has a boat with which he boards every vessel arriving.
said too opprobious for these last mentioned traitors;
With the word of God in their mouths, they are openly PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 15.
performing the base work of Satan. Men who are the Mutiny and murdcr.-Arrived, brig Mary, (lahe) fliH
prototypes of Judas Iscariot, and who would betray, like Ibrn, returning in charge of four pilots, the Captain,
rs him, the Being which has raised them to eminence. (Ililborn) having been murdered by his crew, the day he
n I have thus generalised on the characters who are at discharged his pilot, (August 11) off Cape Ilenlopen.
; your own doors suffered to dsseminte profligacy, insur- Three of the crew lavo been arrested and secured in
It rertion, and rebellion. I shall, in due time, descend t. Georgetown, (Del.) jail.-The Mary was bound to Man-
y notice each class more particularly, and even to point sanilla, Cuba, and cleared at this srt, Aug. 6th, with s
s out the individuals hy name who thus outrearc, for tin- sorted cargo, for that market. The circumsances asfia
- sake of filthy lucre, all your intauctions-civil moral, as they have corner to our knowledge are these: the men
n- social, and religious. It is full time you opened your eyes and one of the crew had taken the pilot offin the bat fr
h more widely on their atrocious acts; they stalk among the purpose oflanding him-and as they wre retwaurg,
y you in the consciousness of wickednes, and scruple not Capt. Hilborn ordered all hands from the foreca le t get
Iv to avow their intention of eternim tintg you if they can! up theanchor; he made repeatedcalls without anyawer;
-h I shall say nothing further at present on the subject nf he then stepped into the forecastle to learn the casewhen
it the public journals which have been established in the in- he was mortally stabled with a large knife or kives, and
r- land, for the purpose of aiding yor enemies and hasten- died we understand before the male reached the brig. The

.. l--~- ur~~rr~ r *~
'0; MC 4fIn

sdudiM d urale th d. shi at dm bime. b
=w b 14at asprI atlM Therig O -
elh, Cp. WelMty, dms in gk, t bailaed, and with
Samislance of her crew di murdered were secured and
hd. What Ankd this bUta dy lm weur are ubLe



Wo iavo InWn favoured with regular files of ('Chrle-
s papers, by the arrival of eti ILitely, CaptL Otllen.
They contain news one day IItter fromll Liverposol, dtan
e wreer before in possession of, re-eivel hy tliel shipi
Providence, at Providence, ItlRodc: l.ltesl, e\aracu of
which we Live tn our last imple. Tli paI.ers .ar .early
nIl Ailkd with the 1ut .ion of nullifiireion, sad, as wo have
a gent dlal ont much of that here, it is unintelmesing to
us. li 'nrcllenry Sir Janies C('rnmiclhael SmiJ nul-
lifes daily the' vilolesuine and just laws enacted by the
Bailema .Ii'L'islature, which gives us a direlies for tile
worml nuilitlration."-We have also received file, of tll-
Ni'w York ('Comrie'r and Ent.uirer, to llHe 21li ultinio, li
C(aii. Hliow, of tie Alwrican Ls'IUctoer Miedli-NNc, lost
on Ier pas.iiag' from New Iliavon, to lavanva, oin tie Girst
instant. Tl'y contain London dlats to the 1lmth and
LiverleNol tl tlhr t:ill July, from which we give cnpionsi ex-
traell, and leave it to our readers to ill wIhat comRilnexion
tluy think proper upon tle politics of Europe.

It has again become our painful duty to animadlven
upon the conidwt of his Excellency'the Governor, res-
pecting the cargo of liheranel neromes lately brouelihl Ihre
I dti Portuguw, sctloner Rosa, by Ilis Majesty's Icloo-
e Pirkkl. Our relners will doubtless recollect that thes.
Africans were located by his Excellency on Nete-foutd-
lId," at the southwest end of the island, (under the
spalrtondunro of Mr. Bode) and a little to the westward
of the land and prismmo belonging to Mr. John W. Millei,
of I" town.
On Wednesday, the 1St ulimn, two ladies, (sisters o
Mr. Miller) accrmianied by two servants, went to die
property in ieal'tilon in eder to remain there for a tnme, to
enjoy the country air, but thiy wore obliged to return to
town again mnuch sooner lthau they intended, in conme-
quence of the disgusting intrusions of these half marred
savages, who are consanlly in die habit of passing to and
fro, and breaking down time ionelgly built stone wails of
the yard sltrrouieling tile hoeu,; they lhavine male it a
comupleu thloroulegfare to tHeir placer of residence. It is
really offensive to tim eyes of a civilized community,
to tritnsu the wanderin's of these bkHrlbarians, to lthe
Custom liouuo ani elsewlicre, almost in a stite of
nudity, with their macrntes in their hands, complaining of
du severity of the lsh, and wallt of fosl. A stranger
waiting the Bahamas, casually ipauing eiy, and seeing them
oppasie te (Custom House in such a nmitserble condition,
eating soup anl the crumbs which fall from tie table of a
rich man, not knowing tiat they are FREE, nor the rir-
cumstancesunder which they were forced upon u., might be
inclined to form a very unfavorable olpinion of tihe treal-
ment of the black polmlation of ties island Subjects of
this nature (but not to particulariie) would answer the
purpose of Sir James C. Snmyth, or any other enemy to
the Colonies, to Bump up and send hmIIe to our sintly
p ia, in order to gull the credulous people of England.
They select the dlokest sidelr tales of wee, when they
eonor, well knowing that if the whole truth were to be
told their vil attempts would be renderdl nugatory.
We have heair it stated upon good authority, tial thesa.
agrs are in die greatest confusion, and are acting in a
lwleha manner upon the premises of Mr. Miller; and lhii.
i not the only ardiship of which lie las to complain, as
ire liberated Africans living at Ilead Quarters," arn
ersandy travelling, lay and night, through his premiiss,
making us of the nist insolent language, and wlen re.
montrated with against such conduct, state that hlley
have received the governor'ss loerlis.iionl s, to do, witen-
ever they dtink proper, and diea if the pnl prietor en-
deavour to impede or prevent them from Irespasinr,
his Excellency will deprive him of the 'mrolw.rty alto-
ether. We do not suppose lis Excellenry las expressed
himself in trmus quit so plain as tlhse, but front many
of his phlic act since he has been in dim colony tending
l depeeciato ither property, we cannot help thinking
tat if he should he permitted to remain here, he would,
In an indirect way, sap the interests of every person in
IB lemun--the levelling system being a favourite one
of i, except when operating against hinmslf, in which
case, e has not hesitated to send a poor Soldier to the
black-bol, for having suspected Iim of ltling a few sticks
of fre-wood fiumi his pile of rations.


-U i 'I


soultherly wind. Thl.'r were tllte men (Slaves) on POLICE.
loard, two of ailonl ilunfg to li masl, the other (named At a Slave fourn hld on Thursday las, the 8ib
\rnldel 'rne.r) attempted te swim to Ithe land, but al- ;t the Police Olmice, before Justices John Anderson, Jli
most inmedliately sunk to (he beollel. The two men It inei, iand it'e Poilice Mal itratIe,-
acre saedl by some nearue beloaginci to Mr1. Ne ks, alio T'ila, ca slive lt tile clildiren of Mrs. Ann Cooke,d
also picked upl die dead body, on whlicll an ieinrest was miis Iplace,, cas brought up to and her trial if
Itell Ihe folllowing day, when a verdict of accidentally ~t",alhmg o, n mlit 1h ti11 lhno : pairs of shoes from the off
owned" wa relo urned by te Jnrfy. af Francis i l. Montell, .Esquire, situate in Bay street I
froained"e to'u lonf .io v ics a. Ihe ollence was fully proved, sa
Nassar, N. P. 1 rebr, 1 'minle tevili i.'e, it appeared that the prisoner sasIs l
NhAsAc, N. P. Is S rmrr 131. o ,,trlv iy ad curcer. Tie Jury without etfi
To the Editor of the Bahama Argus. reiirn.a i, verlidlt ol G;uilt v."
Mr. EDeIrna,-1 send you a translation, as correct and Jev, a slave to Hiltert Tay3or, Esquire, was thea tri
as literal as circumstances will larrmil, of an Arabic ides- for ste.line Irolm iis nieater's store on tie 2(ll ultimo, thia
pItch from Alel keli, a prince of alln Ebu tribe, now in ai pai ir*ol'"lhes.. Afier ii ilnieswis lead beenrncamined,th
slate ofseenli-nudity, at ltie establishilme l atll h t Sou l e pritionr Uwa call. upon for lii, defilice, and be confead
bay, addressed to iir J. C. Smnlyl. lie very patlieti- his criue. Mr. Tailor came forward, on belialfof e
call, and I think properly, cunomplains, of one o h rank i I I rr e, anld gave lim a good cliaracter, stating that tHi
bting degraded to an erqality wide his itii-riors, and r.eldmr a., ihe llirtl ofirnce of time kind that le lead commidi
forcibly apl| als to his Excellncry's high unse of uLuL- I"an head lbeen always considered] by him as an lonest -r
DITAYV DVOtIT. clina. hi'r Jur) rcLurlutd a verdict of "' Guilly," 1I
I am, Mr. 'Editor, Irrcoleiinecned tihu prisoner to tie favotrablo counidnsim
Your obtrcl. servant. lo Ilie, cuurt, un account of his forunr good conduct
PLs.N T. The prisoners, wcIe tien seIntenceid-Till to rewdi.
TRANSLATION. on undolay morning, tlie Ijmth inst. in the workloae,
Mist renowned and tilrl-ce Ipuissant BanlaW (I have plivait, teIntiy five lashes, and afterwards to be kpil
IMeen llbci tital i your titli) uluIne GLoaIll II HIEnI, solitary Coninlement for one week.
thIa otu tie (GarvT Go o n FIr. ; wlho daily smiles upon' J'nI to receive on the same day, in the workhousetwer y
iiv devoted worshipliprs, tih siensofKiei Katcibach, ripe-. five laslnhe, and to be put in the stocks, two hours every
ill tlldir harvests uidel is genial light and warmnl, a.nd day focr tlie space o oone week.
in\ iguratioitg lshih lihau bulls, by his radiant heat; hicar dt, ('opie.' of the procr(tings were th sen t to his Elnc
time of Abul Keli--hlle stnl of Sllanm eli, tlle son of Icncy lite Governoir fol his approval.
Alaboulo ba Keli, lwoe iiroc:irenitor lhe G(.UT KE.I KATCH- On .itrtinav last his Excellincy by letter to the Poeli
iteu, was produced by a ra of' the (;R.AT INrIIE Mt, :, Magistrale from ite Dei]ty Secretary of the colony o
iI I 1. 11 upon ithe Prince's Yamlliani Aboul, as shLe baIed Ilclasd IIto approve of lthe sentence awarded to Jem bein
in ll Ie' uaiteri ofliUe ri\l uht Shila Klli, in Ite frluitlfl iro- carried into cxicution, but that part of the sentence awl*
vine of' Elo, anl from nhiclh (;,'FTr Har,, e, tho sins eCl to Tilla hich dire ted twenty five iashes to be pin
of Kli, dale our existl:ncre, wa ull as our GRE( i NAv E. To to her uas to be sutimsnded, as it was his Excehle5
aliat visci.situilde arc l ie (,ihilrvn of Deop exposd ! I, inltentiun to order a pindon.
.\lul Kcli, a;' r blinit inlade f.ihriy prisoner by tile chlillien
of Schouir, ansl ttld by dtIem into ati, lia,.oural,he It is lstred, that. in conseqluence of die prcsrnt ate* I
raptirity, leaving hraccl Is, a;:Jd aI, ti, of mice invalualler allairs in Ily 1, urnirs hace been iisutedc to a divisions
metal ol which tile hlal.ic's. and knives of my trul, are our Wrt, I uiLliatlron to visit tle lif ;rnt iori ol uf t
imadili, ad ul l;ich were placed i|upon means mlirk iof idig, il ; I .:d,,l, for* lpsr 0e" ivineg irit( ;tice lu Anderie
sndl alter beilg lause:lh -il lpon an Isla l of' ul'ni t, to hlll nm lt i.tlt i and their p ls rc. r\ t. v i.tI Il t r;,.ecn ci; fur ,
me' to r.'lmim, aliten cIloiiui l'rtil ny hia.,urabli cufii.e-, atll etht ie iiiar ureI.: Iuklit ieih..d li ,'p i into n.y i.i.calat mind ;i l.ave beein lakew diditll rports urtiei. c lain.-.Imnc ruan 1c i' r.

i i_ __ rl I _I

~1 ___


The America Brigapot Iea a, oe' meirtS N. C.
Iem NeqYork, bound o pGdol is the Teas, wa
taken charge oflty II. M. audbonqc Kangaroo on die 21st
ultinau, on time alamia Bank, in eluieliauice widt an appli-
cation from thme m:rt, pati gersf,and crew, to bhe s taken
charge of, and conducwd to Texas or some purt of safety
where an American Consul resided, as they deemed their
lives endangered by proceeting further in tile vessel under
the Captaini's cliargte from his constant state I drunkenness
iou the paoceege, e lurving ruoeatedly thruoatend to take
tie livus uf the mate and ome of tihe crew, and die ves-
sel having bren nuerly wrecked several times. Thel
Kangl~ clat;ls I her foir eight or nine hours, strongly sus-
Ipecting, from her using every effort ut escape fruo being
spoken or boarded, when the Britiih cunsign and peen-
dane were to ": dieseiciely own from ler deck, and her
hoisting colors iand hailing tle'm down ini mnilidaely after-
wards, tlhat tile sreiaeger was eubairki-d in a trade llihat he
was cruising for tile suppression of, and came up with
ier solely by superior filing.
On being boarded by an officer, tho master was found
inl a most fhlliy state of intoxication, and tile brigantine
aIoUllcmit rocks; and drilftig last into greater danger.
I'lle late, pesslnger, and crow, tden aainlo the rtqusal
;above nlluided to, which was complied with, front tile
IIntitu' not fI-cling iinimslfronmiplent to navigate tde ves-
hl in tlul part ofl d W. Indios.
Tl'i Kangaroo, and her charge, arrived at Havana, on
the 24th. The case was laid before the American Con-
sul, who, though malu acquainted with tihe master's be-
haviour, openly espoused his cause, and reinstated him in
command of tie vessel, notwithstanding thle remliolstrances
of all on board, whi were American subjects, anil enti-
tled to justice from tie repltrentntive of their government.
On thie mnate's beginning to relate the circumstances at-
tending die alfiir, lie was asked by tile Consul low lie
dated to take charge of an American vessel front the
master's hands, and handher ever to a Foreign power,
aid without more ado was hurried off to jail. His cae is
much to be pitied, for the Henry would not have passed
the Berry Islands, lad he not, during the master's in-
sensibility, judiciously altered her course several times,
when site w actually running on towards rocks.
We will thank any editors in the United States, who may
see this statement of ithe facts of the afanir, to give it in-
sertion in tlwir Iuperil, 4ul peo Iblai n may be attached to
time ollicer of time Khaiiarmo, for lhavin_, taken charge of
a vessel Ilionging teo a reign ipom r, by any mnirepre-
scnialion tialt nay lie given by tile eI.ater of tite henry.

On Saltunlny last, as a smack bcloneinr to Mr. Joseph
Rarnetl, of this town, was returning from tilc West end of
thel Island, slie was suclclnly cap.lesid near Dc-la-porte
I'inllt bv OlC oe f those gusts whll'h so often occur witl a

s*Nr pe c
barren Island by th woshippde of Alla.
Nor is this al, landed ln a forest with a
bhaod Iahn th i a- pageant peaddB a that
1, Abel Kel, am unrs compelled to tie myslfupi .
eau to bide those charms which I ued with delight to
imiLa me-Jilk stream of Sbai Ks i;t en a
lius into my hand, and I A compelled to fell large
submit to be dogged bya cuaMs coLoraEiu MA, who
lie acts up r your authority.
II the vulgar herd are compelled to work, it i what
were born to i I Akul, Kell, wih ought,to conUmUand I
by a single look, ought to receive a little more ho
treatment. am, GIImAT BAsIIAW, when I tread thl
banks of' ie Keli, a greater u i dtan thou And, il
as lthiu art, wert thou in distress, as I now am, I
build you 1ai Pr.AAC or BAMBOO; slave alhould attend
andi y)o alhoukl receive the attention awrt'erIm your
I woulul eno robyuu of your arkle(s or ankles, 'nor of
cl' y cur o auiii.' 1ils, 1"I' v icle il is seid c u.are jus v
raeuol, bill yill shioucld live wrih vrie ;in my palace *
your's was building, and the hand neaild of .Alul
should minister to the roipfort of the I R BAsIIAW.
Do not, noble DBASHAW, view me as a man wllonm
fortune has so far broke, as to implore your notice.
GRF.AT SUN, your master, the progenitor of AbulKell, a
vi iy' nie %iitli his principle of vitality while I live, m
whien I die, like mie l'licenix of the desert, he will coret
my bones.
'WlIwn I next behold you, you may know me hythe tn
Illits Uof leIINC.LY HAu which adorn the corners afy
crlin, which I keep in corformily with tie tenets oefa
Ioly priophldm HIje, who has said Thou shalt not muow
corners of thy beard."


Sir Comical dijcovered-a picture of Despair-wi a
Shoe of, nd looking at Ais Star.
Be still my soul, and listen to the wailing of thy bem
-Sir Co'mical that was, Sir Tragical tllia is-bawho i
Iereft of every joyful feeling; who dares not look bied
for 'tis terrible retreating," and who, if he goes s,
invites total destruction. Hope flies, vengeance dam
from every eye, and the flag of discontent waves em
every spire. Shame commanded me to hide my had,
lbut solicitation kind won me for a moment, and in h
" twinkling of i bed post," I was in my coacrl and foer-
two beIlilnd, and two betrfre. I went out like a nmaunt
aplieari'd conscious lie hall played fails ;-ayte, I w
mit like a thief,-when night had usurped the day. I
did not wear my beaver-no, no, they would have kame
me, and casti etioe, annihilation, sad immolationwe, d
ltave Icen tho resallt; a slouhed hat hid my fiery had-
no pommep was displayed. My palace has become hawl
to lne, anld my heart is breaking. At night, 1 sigh,al
loudly cry-
Thc is my dretinerl goal, the mansion drear,
Where priefand sngutish dwell;
Shere, soighi, antd Iara, slled lamentationn,
Choke the voice, and quench the dfame of lorv

.I. .-~L _.


g, Lead a Mno hg rah IU U, Mondaoy Mornisg,
Jily 11, a o'dcck.
te bave just received the Marluear Itlger, anil other
from rIIsel.,.,f the date of Saturday nilgh. 'liwy
I at tie' conclusion of the Imuh-i-rotract 4 rie-
Sthe National CuoniLren. upon tihe 'I'lruion qiueliuon
o prelimlin:iruio" Iivue been .lurou l, t liy a nlajtority
Tie delbte which lprirceeIl this decision in stled
dav, and tlleun wru ieut iew oIf the cllMembers of Con-
t sl'anv cli.tactuI I ,Io lio ot ilik part in it. We-
ar at thi hlate honir iusa llite speeches deliver-
si Friday ttand tt:urd:ay ; al, in i.cit, lity containeild
iinu now uon the sulbjct. Upon llthe division tihe

Fir I;e I Prince.............................
A nuII :.! himi ................................... 70
iM llr y in :rv.oir................... 56
The whole 1.u.iler lt-.:iit ,iiI, Hi.
SO:) tirl ;I.ul.l. i' t'll 'lr l '>i e n)I" l lt 'Ilh rIL)* the nmlt t e tlllhu-
A stirc |ilailil lit i tii' l ( 'liilher, lthe irtllhery
aid the ''rilhn, wiilth waniIII of hniiiilkrrelriels, tihrwini e
of lints, &M. V'ie h: til !" V'iv. Leiitold, leI
premier l ,i ,I IlelteIs !" w:-, vnrili rct'.d in every di-
dsion. Nior was Ihe satislu'iri-tn li.- on thde iiutsie;-
e people were seon slakin ig of hnirt ds other upon the prospects ul all elli bheintg pIIt lfr-
nr to all their troubles.
Our nissaenl.r deItcrilies tlhe eniithiIiain of tih people i
il the dilffLrent iliteres Ite ipaed llhroughli a surpiuassiin ii
puiiblc, ltatHI of IlrIs*els.
A depitatioin cinsistin4 of M. Li !i.aii, Miniater for
FT r,'in !t'l;Is, Ilia]oi .l1-. lh 1)'lh.11 ii2 irst, ('ornt Felis
de M'leIroh *, i i ,i.i.n, tid M1. Flusse, left llri,- for Ln I in l ast night, Sunday, with the preliitina.ries
r .gultirly sine'l.e
ThI conor~iLi' is adloiirned till this ltay week, in tlhe
bh"li lialt r'rivedI Leopold will lit there in person to take

From the AUirniteur 11i'll of inst:i rdan.
NEiWS NFllittlnM lL \111.-1:\TIIt \t'S FROM

\\ \XS\W.
Jane 2t.-OuT r (ov.iie nilr iisued fresh pro-
clasnatlitin t hu eln 'olish nation, with lthe Me iw nfeonivinring
ilule t t,' siiy olartlt ictri atiin.l in the ilo'i just ollnod, l
and upon the result ,'lshith dIe ,llesinv o l'Polaind deiiwnis.
A report is in circtil.ilion tllh tihe lu{siani have q(litted
Ploak, and re ri l iri'tl ind't Lillnia; thii I oleo havce
nerriveil orders to pursuit tlithel hevold ii lii niI.-Ptcuss
Starts Zi itiug.
Tri laI aecotunts from Poland ;ire ltreil W;irsaw June
18), and are almost entirely coniine'd tio divinli the details
ano sateusive :tud ftrniidh blconu piiras-i s ainst thuNa-
ioal Governmenlt, which has jlut bhen discovered, anil
iavoilving several taersion in theI army, Hail sonie uf tIe,' prin-
ciFul branches olf thne ion. The object of thii
conapira. p 1airs tiio hliae i.'en. oI iin ..ti-r.vo.lutionarit
atura', ilid ill flivolr of thlie iln1iny, hlio was to In. a.sisutl]
by |airalysiing lie i lrenglli oltlieir u. aiilit i ils, by caiiisii..
disunion blhween the civil tand inililar. :uitlhrities, excilin
jealousy aioni the Chiels olr the armyi, and s liially hI)
raising spiri o udisrrust .1 iionut ciiz.,, and trs i ciallhi
tliunw. f thIe callitll, prejudiuial tlu lo lth u i l uiteltionls o
tie t J v'erlintciil.
In couiequiu-nlli1 of those cirlllistaneln tlhre dcilferlen
rectclana:iois liau e h n.ii iesiie .t tin s-ielii- tihe y thi
'resident of the ( pove. rini.-iil, bi I' tin e' ( .'/.arlor ki, bi
the Cumnilaider-in-Clhii,', aind hi\ IIt. ,luinircial ('uuncil
They agree in roribllriltin ihe clnliir.ic) lu to lie lldy o
the tussistns, aid to tril t-oun on te parilt rl ofveral (einra
and inferior officers. lBut .ltoni there entire of these pro
claniations were addreioed to lIhI- people ol Warsaw, lub
lieranquiili IIs wieen seriolluoly ineri niild inll hatil quiiirlr
sad an extensive insiicrr-ertion bke oll. tIhere ion the rfio
Il. upon the' arrest ol'inf s e officer ar l llon ed oftreason, pir
ticularly generall Ilurtie, accurrsil of keeIlinlg up a corres
pondence with the Russiiin e \-(' oonel llir-nlel, Irealtin
with respect to the deliveranoe olii arli nini llhe 12,(MI
Rumian prisoners niarchiu lene 1 i \\' ;iaranw, and iouistini
die conter-revolutiounarv aig iii ihat rllailal.
Time people themselves wire lur takinit promllt ten
geance seTailist the trailer, alnd d1in11:inilhd I o lave l lir
instantldv 11111 in frutl of his iuioUt-. All itthe iTfiris of lli
dilTerent atlhorities to tlucll tii r di.lrhalnie wre w auso,
time ineffeclual; and even tie ciltien L'iitarl wau ilnile t
bring the lpeopiI hack tn order; and it waso olr lri .t
fhi request oflhe venerable Presidui ll oi1' lie (iovi.ernuini
lad the formal assiranlre that j itic, shviItI l ie dioUnte-til
dhe people at last retired amidst cries ol" Tinl Presides
ar 'eTer."--Ib.
The las Iaranw Galtte ronllins nn lfici;al report (
the 9th, miating the letaili nf at sti'! nit. Ii v hle 'Po!i
garrison of Modlin, ani elrxenttlel twilth 1 itnrlci success Ith;
the eneny was obliged to lake to Ili.rlt i ill a loss of 5(t-

The Wu rsaw Courier nntollncrls lie r lli\rrannceeoSie(
li nnd alinol lthe entire extenil iof the \.iilis oii PoiI'ted
lachs, where no -lter Iraceo utflhe eiirtiiy are visile I1
alne hordes of Coassacks.
St. Petersblwrh, 25t#h .June.-Bsv an inl'r;al ikslr an
T*red fo Cl.Sn.e o1ll he 4ihl ('llhh) Juge a gii ner
Salty is declared in ifalvur of lll ihou, v ill I I ii,- laki
part in therellelln, ail piasticiularl for the, noihn, oan
ialners oftroios, lin ,,rm l rs i ol' Itie Jiri Lst io ,, Ac. t. incoi
e:lion thal hev exilo h c.,i nit ion i, obl 'er hf thl
futtc r conduct a ,,Ciri l ..r iilli ll te r tl h uicurit i
their S.iv r, pi I lu,; lhinas Sn Ai.iri .I at nIr
t esi ishti in ||v ir df isulenlietnc, or wi hoi.lni Ita ls u
by insMiordiii litin
it e hni e l, i. r e i .. .I.o ire.s> I. l l P.ii |iMal v rs

Iclt Il Jala trgeas.

(* Errry person about to Iace these Islands, after
harine resided therein for the spare of TIRTV Dven, must
girr itrrritiy at the N crrtocry's O)fre, or put uvp hisnante in
.ai;d Ofit forr rin t:EN t) picriaus to lhisdtparlure--af.
trr ir/rlti, at any tirn during oarUT-rFIV DAVI, a Tijct
iniy I, o/iluirtdl.
Allir'T TO IIBTAII TI(IK.Ti rFl ir .PeRTI'Tr.
eii.i July, M:uiuI Il .r .,n
-.; I .. -. J:lne I 1 iI 'I r -6 n. I I h, eh
I|i. 1']i .tri . . .he I ellsrn
.1 W J. llimilion
I Lt. Flter, It. E.

A N': \T .(; I, lii'! a spare set of spriigs. For
p.rti ', r a Ipply at thini ollice.
:..i,; ndlwer I illh.

Friday, Saturday and auday, They bring the solutideof
the great problutu in Ftench polilics--t itisu of the let
elections, skichl are termiuated-throughout t country,
and, upon the whole, favourable tot.government. These
of the city of Paris apper to be unequivocal, and in the
de'partmelits, so liar a the accounts furnished to Saturday
evening allfrded data fur conclusions, hde proportion of
iloduIalte or MlinistUrial caliddatu was calculated a more
iilun tou-tljirl!s oft' lho whole. T'helinisterial journals do
not siow mtuchl dilpositiuon to exult over thti triumph, whilst
the atliuiinal is lull uf'reproachell to the cuiotituenlcy, par-
ticilarly dtt ofl P'ris, for the strong partially which it ha
sl.,, a for hlinisters. It affirms, however, that there ll,
Ie a Inijority against the hereditary Ierluge. It is unl-
derstoud that a change in foreign policy has been conce-
tied by tie (overminent. Of tu names ofl'hose Deputies
most '.niiliar to Enmlilh readers, whose re-clection is thus
,.cured, M. Ctoiniir has been lpturned by three Iplctres-
i'aris, Trin aiund Lo iernuy ; Odillon-lharrut by louir-
lii ionne, Cliatiney, \erineuail aid Strasbourg, iw which latter
pilacr alo siiends Lalftyctte; M. J. Laftte, fur Bayontne;
;1.iIl ;ii G(iardi for Senlis; Dupin, sint. for Clulieci, &c.
'lheru will lie b il fw new members in the next Clianher.
'These ipul:ers contain a itnunberof rumoor with respect to
Iirwign, politics, whlihl, loiwevrt, csvm to rest upon no very
stlutlillitial authority. Of that class is the report of a re-
liimnstrance aildressed by Russia to Englandoin reference
to tIje -ctit ll iarmiiaiients in this country. It Rppears, how-
ever, thatl ell EmIIe-ror ihas o ed r anesa offtrno r tiiy to ile

From the New York Journal of Commerce.
risat from Colombia.-Dy the achr Denny, McCobb.which
le(i C.artiigena July t7th, we learn that the country was
iranqipil, bIut greatly impoverished, in consequence of the Iong
aiinliliaUild internal disquietudes. Gue. Luilue still held coUI-
Iniiiil of Carll:igenll The elections to tile Couvenlion,
(which is to meet in the nioth of October) were going on
li isperil'ly.
A\ tilter irom Botoln of July 7th, says there is a Ilrong
:inry hi livoiir of tile eleclioun of (ten. Stantander. lu the
ni'xit 'resridencty [(of New Greasda] and that upon him the
choice of the Convention will probably fail.
\\'ile up11-1 this saliject we remark that Ex-President
ltii suera., w llsl ontletne since inlended to return to Ilogota
iand reisinle lie function of his office, has not yet left this
city, tinll ipr.bilhly will not in reference o the contemplated
mntliun. In farct he would seasrely have time to arrive in the
Colombian capital, before his term of office would expire:
and he mlehl very naturally feel some delicacy in throwing
himinelfI inlo a situation, which would be construed into a
dmI.are to continue at the head of the Government.
From Lislan.-The Sarah, at this port 41 days from, Lis-
hotin Irfl oifr the Tagus, a Erenrh squadron of 1S sail, in-
,lllinlg 0 line oI little shipJ). They had captured about S0
atil of mr-rchantmcn. a corvette andl a igun brig. It wai
rei'orned on tllr 7th ult. that Duo Miguel had dismissed all
Inho itne of his Miliintrn, apjs.ftri.I new advisers, and was
Imaklinc alive pIreparations to defend tho City against an
expoter-l atrliack from the French. A French bng of war
wai oi ringl itll thle harlbour on the loth. supposed for the
ipurpise of ningikl niew deniands of the government. LialHin
wi in a stitei of gri:et ferment, most uf the prianas were full.
inti noiT ts were daily making. %An American squadron was
looked lor.--. ir )ork Con. Adv.
S ExtrIc of a letter daird Lisbon. ith July. We are or
Ihe eve of gret evren lor their e are at Crcaree six French
7 It'. tiuir Irig;lll. *sundry curvettel and brigs of war, anl
f iirher vessel- which thow oi flags and are thought to IH
Irll he Az.ures. On our stile there reigns great confusion
I lr Ihcre li.ive been several appoinments and no one wil
. acc.'It tlins. Tie Dukle of CIaduval ai out of office an
('i l. il I Iilirslo lian chilirege of a!l the I)lhp rtm 'iill. Sun
*' dr rritein ltill hiive hirn -s-ll ihlown hual the uldiers go ol
. iUrnllririg, anil t it though here they are not in Ihe humou
f to light. At Itrlem we have le 74, three frigates, sundr
I corvetra and brlgs, in a very bad condition although bright
- ly painted."

On Saturday the ld inst. at laggledIslanid. hyJohn M.Lock
- harn. E-i. J. I. James Alexander Willgers. Esq. to Mis
SMary liester I.yford Anderson, beot formerly residents of thi
e town.
I On the i lh Angust. at Bt. Michaels Church Trenlon, (N
g .) by the Rev. Dr. Bteasley Prince Lucian Mural, second so
of Jl'oahim Murat. the ex-king of Naples, to Camlin
- (Ieorgiaina, yomnrges daughter of the late Major Thomas Fn
s ler, of iouth-Carnina.

o On Pinl:yv momrnp list, in St. Matthew's Parish, after
I lilin erniil ililI' -, Mr. John I. ] als non.

Sept. 10th-HI. M. ishr. Pickle, Lieu. Tapia, A Crelu
lth 11. M. schr. Pitcher, Lieut. Tulioc Do.
12th Sloop Lively, Outten, Chulnm
Indian Corn, Oun, Tobacco, Ril &c.
to Joase Tuom.ese.
Sclr. Wave, Sawyer, Abaoe
Dry ;Goods, Hardware, Sails, Rigli
and Liquor from the wreck ofdeth r
to Joan Bona.
Sloop Spinwill, Curry, Abaco
24 case and a quantity of loom goods,
Chain cables, anchors, Sails, Rigg g,
&r. front tie wrecks ofthe British rig
Matchles, and the Am. achr. Meddle-
Not, to JOHN TuHOMsa & Co.
and Joms 8STro. *
13th Sloop Amelia, Roberts, Abaco
Wrecked property from the Am. chr.
Solar, Stewart, to JOHn STOu.
Sloop Lay, of the Lake, Pinder, Cual
Turtle, Mahogany, &c. to the MaTmr.
14th Schr. Favourite, Beek, Ahaco
31 Casks Beer, 2 cam Copper, Salk,
Rigging, &c. from the British Brig
Matchles, to Jonu THMoai & Co.

Sept. 10th-Am. schr. Postboy, Turner, Key Wat
12th Sloop Jane, Blathwmight, Turks luds

Sept. 12th -H r. Pickle, Lieut Tapln, A mae
13th Am. schr. Postboy, Turner, Key Was
14th Sloop Jane, Blathwaight, Turks IlaI.

The American schooner Meddle-Not, Rowe, ifrom Lw
Haven, via. New York, bound to the Havana, wa wirek.
ed on the 1st September opposite Grad Key, at the
westward of Abaco.-Cargo Uall l-Sals, Rillg
Cables, and Ancho, savd. She left New Haven a
the 23d ulto.
The British Brig Matchlea," Chamley, from Lon
don, whence alie ailed on the 28d July boead for
Havana, ran on shore near the lHole in the Wal an the
9th instant. Vessel lost, cargo partly saved.


H AVING fixed the anmi of Isato at the late ofb)
per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that the
shilling Loaf do weigh 21ib. Ho., and theaixpeany Loaf
lib. 4os. By order of the Vemtry.
DAVID) SPENCt, Vestry Clerk.
S VsTIy Room, 6th Srleternmer, 1431.
A LL PERSONS are hereby cautioned not toeploy
S JA con Gitlpo, a slave, by trade a Ship Carpenter,
Without a written pernissaionfrom the Suhscriher.
I Septemher 12th.
SI IE SUlSCRItBEHR, intending to leave the Bahama
. in all November next, calis on all those to whom he
r may be indebted for their respective demands; and those
Indebted to hin, he earnestly request, will settle the m
by the end of September ensuing, to enable him to mee
the demands against him, and all accounts remaniing un
paid at that period will be sued for indiscriminately.
20th Julv, IK1l. ROBT. WIER.
m IllE SUBSCRIBER frewarns all masuen.orowner
J of vesel.s,or any other person who may employ a Ne-
. gro man, Bill Dorrel, the property of Thomna Tbhomnp
n not to pay him his wages without a written order rm
e me, acting for Thoma Thompson.
a- RoianT Wrnu.

September 10th.
A very handsome Horne, accustomed to
the Saddle, and Harness. For particulars
apply at tlis office.
Septemnier Il0ti.
At a credit of six months the house aid pr-
M n nmlises situate in Shirley street, late in the oc-
lIi reupation of Mr. Richard Barnett, for padatce
lars apply to the Subscrilrs.
September lOlth.
The Ilous and Premises at present occupied
by Mrs. Poilier. The House is roomy and
I co nvenient, witida large Kitchen and wah oos
sattacrlnl, chair house and stabling for three
tlorr,, extensive yard aid lgrasu pince. The out building
have been lately thoroughly repaired, and the greater prt
of the fences have been newly put up.
A tract of Land situated at he Village. roantaJn P50
acres. It is di ideid hv the village-road into two Les, the
western loht ling inlerc.ted bv tie nsw road lWing from
the village, into the Blue hill road. This la will be dis-
p do-d of in owner tree lout. Apply to
Ieptemniher 7th. JON W. MILLER.

SAcCOUNT OF THE WE 1 FA 11 10tivt fdng The ts
sea =qaW-g like do jS;ela'a i- a anld
at aim dr r yamY t Owr sIde-Saddle, a brace of d mldaml fancy s ladies
eml Iehra lm Il ratod a .d esaste ow a mse in the mart witeht As
d the to bhe er-in-wleto tha diua ished in- for ide-Blow, Bide-Way. a-Wid,. and Bid"Lo.,
Adld. At td day, o astemad is our cmmei, d at homea will do wisely toa e them at a cvi dist
SroL r d always a t prime is9eer'a a- Tel Ltof the worth, a i g dwci l "b"ct
bwI and dt kw himalf. Od Ua- him, never ai to pa for th e on of our mwaight-forwrd friend Along-
lie m ofe s der ah arm. For we ae upo reod ide; bt if the old gendemau comes up wit him, he
a ew eiud s en, ever dos he time of de rectif y crabs-andcs, I warrant you.
1Plcdmarsha. who colonised a from Tyre and 1 -i th a peop Jd learn to ape. who uset
"r --a a andkaie, Prricide, and Swidde to he our relation, orf
Them argodd had in a fAmllies-- l Cine d ..t apple aaundrfe Coincid.
a b, t ,-inue it. I uppo it was owing tour As to y own conne with the Bidse mily, need
ms E s or slip, tht in parour polemics iel ahr my nam nor quality, for the reader must have
he i always td toas; it being rog rly pronam- long dce beeon maisd, dh I am M
sdmi ble panifi to be allono side. Before tCoa- BE-SIDE MYSELF.
,a m ioMl Of royal aflnity in dthe perse of Edmond
Ier e who d cedat, Narto Iroadde, appointed Prm sie La d Oturr July a.
s guardian to all the minor in England. One of NEW BRUNBWICK EIGRATION COMPANY.
rh-am hie em d ia turning thword upd e down. H. Fideay a Meartg b t h r eld at dCro nd Anchr To.
edats psoteriy, a miGtd hove baspec d h and to o take amiddam n e bart mesa, o
ad prentLae, are a coupl of t C d cf ying tot elect dv obea of this Company, which has
m pmnm y ae lt l with whippiing-po ad p bes tmed with Ma view of prelininog ext u ive mcts of
os- and bto-iu the Srf uncered leds in the province of New Brnswic, brinneing
an ICoslemoe -sa dead se bsa ide, the h r of whom e s e ad cultvation by the labour of emirant from
i i aourrigi ver c cribbage plyera, wil e s letter ito ar Britain d Ireand, toltlr~ e the emimrao of fami-
arny ademan' books fr a Piccadiy to Pie-Ceer. ies, and nar them a th aldig and tme slno-
Thae slippry peronage wil nt own kindred with U- meat in the colony. Amondst e company p ent at the
dtr-8ida who Iha gone wonderfully down in the world, Meeting, wern ir Richardtl an, Bart.. .P.; Sir John
ad li bI turn dtey are diascou.d by Upper-Side, a Burke.die ., P.; Edwarm Ithrcan Eqw.. M. P.; Thes
Sd fllow, who would nm give sixpence to save th WyeM. .. P.; aJ. Robima eq, I. P.; N. P. aidera
ra a hof c hfromd tth e h s.q ; R wsamul Cond; Jo. BBridcg, Smq.
-I- lmdme fa Oum- ide are beth men of te ihth
a e-deand Out.Bidee a both as en letate the g, JOHN BRIKE wa called to tde Chair.
Sho is uni*veal acorpordet, and dhe latter is I. HENCHY detailed t the Meeting the important ob-
diltnguished by hi particular ddre They hae jc the Company had n ew. It posed Iextnain an-
ai e m ch maony In t* travelling line.-I n-Side by mae ai New r nawick. uad the Crown bed consented to
ndIr s toe, and Oul-Side by driving the mail- Iu to them a lre at of and, which wu, in every res-
dacr gt into Parliament; where the main buinoes peat. meat eligible for ettlinmg new colony. A charter, by
lr ar im been to. turn n-Sidse out. They mlt dere direces of the Govenmatm, was now being prepared to in-
abc of cousins, Right-Side, who wa returned for dv coeonte the Company. thee were between fivSe and is
miiirne of mirs unultivoted lad in New Brunswick, and
Leughl of uplo, and Wrog.ide w repnestas te st on y could be better to receive our superfluous po-
orlty lw of Owaya. The foner, after voting against parim there being nvigable rivste throughout the country
*a r itai qultion through di last twenty years, voted for n et eght mile asunder, and hde land of ey cultivation.
kt d adter day, and retained his osice; dve latter uck to The Compuny would have cpetent pesons to superintend
l opleaa, e ld Ioi a [Herm td M. S. i blot- the location of emigrant on iael rival in that country.
led a to be quite illegible.-Prinver' DeiL] a who would be ettled on mll tracts, and every facility
.r 1 Londomn aoe un re actable folks enough in wold be given to them to ipr and cultivate their lands.
way: Dank-sirder, who occupies a whole qy near Th rmlemam read an extract from a New Brunswick Pa-
Lckim; amd Chp-Side, who cuts calicoes som per, ded Ny t, which folly pved the necessity or aome
heleg toto S. Pla Thbe-dee o f ute famy l e anr t asMangOement being made for the prolectioa of
where about d B. Paul'. The m oagtes of the family a Irie i aigFns. The main object of the Compeany wa to
suot owad of the gentry, though eah of them hasvery t dthe tide of emigration to British possessions, which were
ladly bae Lord Mayor, I mire you. We are, however, t0oa miles nearer to Great Briain than that pan of the United
prudgiodmy fund of Broad-Side and Alonside ; two wor- wateS now eceiving emign The tide of emigration
hy Admiral, without whose services, we latter our being turned toour own Ceplm would increase the British
l aNeln would have done but small service at T -. Ieberies on th at coat would give greater employment to
a They wee equally beosy at Allt s with orne S k Brtish ll Plg and a be the ge s Ps l trade of the United
Em he w s crated Lod Ei ti s a td Nr in K do, by creag a ltrgerd dael ad for our heao mand-
W c d other Sir Edward who has not been created rd Mr. BAINBRIDE prepoed the bn Resolution. which
Ajn g. The old ad are at rent rumtiatuing with pledged the Meeting IdivLhuly. and collectively, to supmert
dilrcncain Se-ale; who, by the by, cuplaiu dly of the object of the Company.
li rtblreat tuelg ditarbed every summer by lounge Mr. M'GREOOR demlibed the great advantag orf the
adia. It woud be pietantor, he mys, to be sut up Britsh North Amerlcak eolnies for sett renat, wral a
at -with a body's wife, looking out (or squalls. They the boeado that would alae to the shipping and also to the
m however, still mor annoyed by pair of dull prae, O'M"f wr mg i terto of this county.
aed Soberid-ae, wbho dy cannot persade to relish Mr. S, M. P., poposed the xoad Resolution in sa
li, anteyoincthy le with ~pordo r eloquent soch. It we of the deepest mpomtMsee to this
g o frip; o thesy occupy dthmeelvea with preparing a e oma iy dt e h e of em riaion should be turned fom
diti oe dfheir works, which may perhaps be pub- the Uniled 8 m to the Bdtih Colonies; ad that thoe
l lere hlog under royal patronage. It i odd, however, who emigratd aould be aeirded proteco tion t he hlnd
dit aty se uld agree alumo ae ill with their bonet kinm- Ialotted to them were I a ivatmd uae and not be left
mu, Fe-Hide, whoae domestic gualitiea and war feel- they sow am Iaher irv l In a a of dadtutlo and
lap recommend ben to evry Briton, being quite a family miTC (hbe h ,.r.)
*an, uad aever iving his viater a cold recepth The Ohe o e e addisd the Meeting and thanks were
ae, to be am a out of their element in his coany; aemerouslyv o aed Io the Ceimrman. wvi, oe returning thanks
yet rm an ersny we r to dve slen lip and venture ; ueaed the popalry f the Company having emtrioa
M Of e y mr tos (to thm be dip, ad entree g mms oD the saothsed e mcom of Ireland, to relieve
orn h a eitodr so how would fight pr ri eofncs I that eojtr7 of hia susahalant population.
u O vulty ise m wh- abated in Counellor Either-a
Sde, whose practice wa double that of any other Wet NEW YORK, Augt 28.
ma sm r Bine g. He had an ancestor who aun executed O d T
im One, uder statute of Neumnai y, Rid Solon, chop. ONE DA LATER.
o aed 4L. Thi unlucky gentleman's name wat Nei- Fnm th e LirepIel Jemawir Ay 9.
S~ld-e. PoL.unA-Tbe eiga newa this week is brief and
SA-Side was a celebrated n actor, whoa mode f delivery n very impota. The b uat accounts from Poland
gave Icca s to de phrL e-a playhouse whisper. A-t merely conlmt di favrable e viewm already before dh
dsr n Leaf-Side wai of a peculiarly hearty constitution; public, and t poritio and resources of d Patriot a.
bel Oearnr Rihi- ide (ot te member) was aotoriou my maid to have disposed the Emperor i liten to more
Sr a bhdlimr-th ki to his Eral India reidenaa He modera t coumneb; lia honour, it appear, is the only
ad us am Che henm, under be ca of Mother Bed-Bide: thing that pre b h from abandoning td campaign;
a my ex~miaL matroa, who hed ended td clinical and that die ainig ofa battle would be allowed by
i e aofuInm Heavy-Side. Ha rupees wamt to his the adoption ofm urea ofconcilation. Othr accounts,
oldewa Weak-Sideand Blind-ide Te i a eitold ad we ipec dv te owm, re eent the Autocrat a
1 tBSide, who are told a ie or mid a civil thing in more determined doa ever, and les he should be frum-
Lb : whrbsy ya may rely infer him to be one of owatd by the mediation of France or England, he ha
-r poo relatio : de oppoite in all points of Bobby employed Austria to prevent any auh application. The
mo-Side,- who never uttered a truth beyond de fact of French, however, are likely to make repreaentatiomn that
a day, or contradicted a o r. Bob has --ked may alter the Emperor' tone.
ifli an aldermen' gown, isa great maa a public The net po will nu ews of the commence-
iig, and ta P. to his nam. Dark-Se and t o d i ele ad e rlt will decide what kind
Bri de are hi. ip' b ibe itators, and almost dr ini.t re to rule i France.
am Ui at the M.M chbe; whrva t fnt will per- Lord Palmerston la been called on to demand expla-
ayou that te empire is aheout to be blown p by gas nation of Pn, or interupting the page of British
and sam, and t second, thai beer i going to be a pnay goods and bject though thai kingdom.
Sput. The' enldemn rei almost a eloquent, in their A ate a r e xpled on the oth, at the works on
way, ar d o i mer who eaed to travel about de ite of the Old Dock, in LiverpooL The men were
WAmrr im acrying 'Ye r of AmbleoideP trying the stregth od d boiler when it burt, and blew
We heae M aig imPtm lips amoa l a whoa M up the buIdin, killing one man and badly wounding,
in a candor be mentioed: Side-Carla, a jomuey-am three oam. Fragm of the building were blown
bheako r at Macalpin's; Side-Boal, a or' ap- eshty ya.i
pnado whoL always to be iond in td Porm i Side- The Calico printed in thed County [ large majority,]
b I, a em-boy at the Coburg; Side-Board, who is bo. wrem o a tm out, in consequence of a proposed reloc-
er oa bbp; ad Side-Table, who is i laordip's tieo of wags. Tea ad at Oldham were out of work,
ceoplaiw .N erd t m Sides-Man be forpon, dbv do- fronfr the ame rcaue. The number of hands they em-
puty-cer cbwarde of 8t. Omnibus, who i grown matter played was nearly 2000.

_ __

to destroy treshin machines, hc. came on thi mon
t dte Court of King's Bench.-The Attorney G
addressed the Court in support of the prosecution, ad
called a witnem to prove the publication of the Regiter d
the Ilth of December last, in which the pagrgra
charged as libols were contained. Mr. Cobhett then e-
gan to address dthe Court in his defence, alleging that th
prosecutions had been instituted iv the whig ministry, b.
came he had refused to support dhem. His address m
not concluded when the reporters for the London papa
left the court. He hd summoned a great number of i-
nmes, and among them all de cabinet ministers, maot d
whom were on the bench during his address.
There has been a good demand for Cotton, during dt
week, particularly in the early part of it, when it was mp
pomd that the projected increased duty would be imam
diatoly changed. The trifling advance which this ci.
cumstance enabled dthe eller to obtain, has, however, g a
dually disappeared in the course of the week, and the mr-
ket closes to day with steadiness, but without any chanp
from the prices of our last. The sales of the week aemt
to 18,890 bag, v-: Sea Island, 10m a 15d; 80 Staied
do. Sid a 8; 6250 Uplands, do. Sd a 6j; 5610
Mobile and Alabama, d. a 6 ; 20 Orleans, 5 st U;
1540 Pernambuco, 61 a 7)d; 60 Bahin and Mare
caibo, 6 a 7d; 799 Mrnham, 6J at 7fd; 30 Dme-
rar, &c. 6) a 71d; 50 Wret India 6 ; 20 Carthwa
5d; 200 Egyptian Sd a 9d; and 50 Sura 4 a Sd.

lipping Interrt.-A numermmumeetingofshipowan
was held at the City Tavern, in London. Mr. Palmer,
from the chair, immediately introduced the business. T
object of the meeting was, to take meaureI for the fore-
tion of a society ofship owner to watch over their intersi
as in 1828, and in February last, against the miniteril
measures then proposed. The report of a provisional com
mittee wa read by the secretary containing the plan ofrdl
amociation. Mr. A. Chapman moved the first resoihioe
stating, that every other interest had its representative, and
could negotiate with government. Political economist had
almost ruined shipping and commerce, and it was moS
then ever new ary to counteract their doctrines by im
activ, operation of n orgoanid city. The resoludi
was secodnddndcarried. Mr. J. D. Powls, after how-
ing tl: II. sulecribed to the society would return it h
dred to the membrg, moved a reaoln on, that the rept
he acted on. Seronded, and carried. Resolutions o
form committee and niie hsubcriptions were carried
unanimously. The meeting, after a vote of thanks t
drm teinran, adjourned.

-& -A- -A-.

ch -rchm Gmeme of Jdy 9, My :-" AJ
debate ofseverl day, m _i a which the--
tio of th dtne by Pri,' Leopold depead,. .j
Tuesday lal, (thb) remalnu ziled,. Grat
had ben dislayed by te ar party. The fri
pace and eoer, however, at lI succeeded ia
ng de attention of the Houe, and sveal of the,
particularly Devaux and M. Loba Ministr for
reigu Afairs, are stated to have spoken with great
discretion and efect. It s now aered tht there i
longer any doubt of die proposition being accepted
considerable majority."
Within de last twelve month the oxcie taxes in
land on Beer, Leather, Cider, and printed Goods,
been repealed. The repeal of the tax on candles, i
announced to take place.
Tio Reform Bill which pamed to a second
the Commons on the 6th, [m announced by the She
was to go into committee on Tuesday the 12thd Its
in the Commons was of course decided, and the
lion ofrit dispoetion in the House of Lords h a
an intense interest. The Globe of Thunsday stages
a report in well informed quarters, that the Bill w
rejected by a majority of Eight, de Bishop conslti
the majority.
Lord Tenderden has decided that an Attorney see
mites for payment of a debt, is entitled to cherga 1
debtor for the letter, though no procem has been ?im
He considered it policy to encourage ulch applicatise .
fore action was brought.
Temperature of L/adea.-The thermometer il i
shade with an eastern iayect, roo on Tuesday to SL
This, ay the Standard wa Bengal heat and a Be*
Tit Futos.-City, 1 o'Clock.-The city is in a y
agitated state; the reform bill at home, the unsettled go
of France, and an unexpected explosion at Brusels, eh
occasioned much political discussion here. Two expr
me are stated to have arrived from Brussels, and as
reportU are gloomy, Console from 85 have fallen to 8W
which is now the present quotation.
FaiscLe-The Paris papers ofTueday, with the M.
uager des Chambres, dated yesterday, arrived thi nma.
ing. With the exception of two articles in the Messar,
we find nothing wortl translating. The funds iave all
fallen. On Tuesday, the 5 per cent. closed at 85r. 9
The elections can, it is said in some of the papers, oly
go in favour of ministers by their yielding on some gr
points of foreign and domestic policy to the opposition. A
private letter states, that several arrests, connected wi
the conspiracy in favour of die Ex-Royal Family, han
been made in the South of Flrance.
PoRTo aL.-(Great confusion prevails at Lishon,
people and military had been brought into frequent ad
lion, and a union with Spain is talked of. The Frea
Squadron is still making captures. The arrival of D
Pedro in Europe was known in Portugal, and had p.
ducad a great senation.
LONDON, July 7.
Tril of Mr. Cobbett.-The trial of Br. Cobbla,
fro aSn alleeld liel tendin, In, thl farmilna Iblw

.--IC-- ~ --- -- -C

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