Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: September 10, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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SIwG161S Editr. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER I, 13831. VOL. Il flu. *

THIE BH4ilAMA ARGUS. training your applause, my utmost ambition will be grati- the nefarious plans of your enemies ; they tell you the
fed: if you censure me, I shall pluroe it; but either plan are n ripe for exeeutio ; it is for you to my iV
LuISD sMi-wIKL I NASmA, N. p. will be in secret. Fellow-Colonisl Your decision will you will tlly submit to them. It may be woe i
S____ __ not be long suspended; but if you are pleased to look you obtain the assistance of some foreign power, but
e arl s per amuas--Ti a advaaese. further into my work, I shall be slie to convince you, remember the fable of the Lark and the Reapers. Di-
that at the present momentous crisis, there is a necessity PEND, IN THE FIRsT INITANCE, ON Touefli.vgaI His
for every inhabitant of Jamaica to declare his sedtiments, tory furnishes numerous examples of successful struggle
and to assert his rights as uoequivoca4 as I mean to do. which have been made by he weak, but UNITED agam
SWe live, my funds, at a period when the spirit of the most inordinate fury of tyranny and powed Maik
innovation threatens to trample under fout every thing Between thee and thy persecutors there i a great
tdat has been hitherto held sacred, or mornl, or just: guil i!!!"
the political order of things has become totally altered: I have but one more point td which at present I would
___ __ __._-- that a hilc was formerly tie ohbrct of our Stiltesnnle- draw your attention, and that is, the conduct of your weal-
.POETRY. TiII GOOD OF THE NATION, is now set aside, tiiestyour most influential men (or, at least, ihoae who
'_Oj f.C ' Cfor tie nnore nprolitable pursuit of popularity. We have ouglIo bo e), the great proprietors of the land, resident
Tun ,&oul a seen the fabrics of tie Throno,4)e41iurcl, and the State, in England. From them you have nothing to epect. They
Tuen-" A /frg e would a uoi r."' shaken to their very centre--Religion, hitherto consi- are unhappily too near the influence of that baneful
A fmg be would a gov'riung go, dered s the lalludium of our institutions, eld upto scorn- UPa 'I RE." which dries up the sources of patriotic
I'll play the devil, ays Reipoll. Societies and Seminaries, with the Bible-thoe Holy Ilihie, and justice in the human mind,and like an igfu/o rmde-
A grg lie would a gov'llsing ". '
His pile very high, but his mnlll very low, in their hands, formed for the purpose of bringing it in- ludes into paths which lend to certain destruction. They
And much did he lok like a great bhIc are.-crow, to contempt. Nay, we have seen the very Princes and have been, during the latter years of the contest, paralysadl
With hinceribbling. quibliling, bullying, wanting, Prelates, and P'vers of the Realm, capable of advising by the mere threats of the measure which is now to be pau
Heigh Iur Comical Redlpll! and putting in execution, at the liet of the Tlhrone, the in force. Thus have they ben held in subjection by a
total selpration of this vital principle, from tlle State political rue de gserre," which, having answered all the
So. hop. nkipand jump, he set off in a ship, anl the ('Cansuiintiuii! We have seenqdministrationsotl he purposes it was intended for nothing is left them bat to
Ok 1u 1. iys ia. l KrIepull; iint hvelrngren-ouis. rtircls coalesce: Nobles of tie land cover their faces for the ;i of having been so easily
Ta. tIhe lnd r uti ain ne e ily'a n.all trip o llf*ring up their Kine as as sacrifice, at the sink of Ipopu- duled. It is, at best, but a apology for the dele-
And a little (:Coh ..nup, ju. for pastinie, to .ip, lur claiouur. TTergi ,rsatiun is now the highest political torious ineriness which has be r practisd collectively ty
Wi llhis i scrbbling. etc. virnlp--and apostIcy, the only road to prelirnient. Alas! your brethren in that land: buijet us hope now, that the
Atlleists, Melthodists, and 'Papista bear tile sway and film is taken from their eyes, they may turn from the
Bays he, now they'll think I'm a wonderful mip join their unaaniainil nating powers, to rrush tie Ionly Faitill wickedness they have committed, and do that which is
Crnm 'ena and min 'e*i says Redpolll which gives to nian tin' liberty of his own conscience. lawful and right." We must not, however, depend 4
Hays he, now they'll think I'm a wounl'rful main All this night i. matter of deep regret to us, my injured any such doubtful aid : I repeat, it is on yourelves, on
Sk forthwith to gull all nlie pneinle he tried,
lie luh thh no garnull all d ol Iolrd hnflw he I-d Counlrynmein, lunl it even lappenedn in a Country with your own firmness, decision, energy,unanimity,andpetrio-
Wth hIns, etc. whiIn we' Ihl' nu conexion ; Iut coming from that landd, tisnm, that you are to rely for the preservation of all that is
wherein our anicnsliors li.ld dilTerenit seintiinnts,-tlhat land dear and valuable.
He show'd them a hook which lie wroile-it ;ans : it which has, till lately, blien our pride, our solace, our buist, I think I have now said enough to convince you, my
I'lu very leaIrnl'i say). lltoll !! we inlst d1plIrmu-olc ply deplore it, ni an abandonment fe low-muiffrers, that every de awaits you which haired
lie got only very minill cren iln r ihat, of thoius' principls l l hnnour-of fitln-ofl jusmin''-andi of interest, anld Itreachery, backed by power, mnay inflict. It
As fnrom parliament n eri hi'Tlin the mailer ih toiiok moderationiI, wic lve, till'now, li rn thu distlinouislhing only remains to slmow 'how the danger nmay be avoided.
(As well ev'ry ine kiLic) which he put l I., bookl, chlran-teriticn ofn llriions. This is the object of my work. I lnve i oidil TIIE
Wilin lIs, etc. D)eploring thii--knuowing it-seeking it asaspalpble as SIGNAL, do you but rally round it, and all may yet be
lie shew'd them an, her. it was very lull our tropical siln at noon, on aint I rintciple mly friends can well.
O tlak--dlaisy, ltir I(I,11inl yiou 'exp't itn Cas'cl the llpirvti ii.iation olf mitliri'ct- SElGU(;S UMBRATUS.
lIe liew'd thini a;,il t r it wi .i very I Il. ed aniilnority ?-i -ln miIt deceit i 'il ot In t evil ri)i inunical July 29, 11:11.
And the flnlks lIhey ,a1' iinglilt hlll ;n iinnl.rotul nnumskull. tions crirrnpt yo : that niiuontrain'n iinitauly of pIowr and ---
.Aesth h. rami hlil I mu. ol puddling Ie full,'ne, whinbl r.-ruenila' to io nmit a political An naricrl in tho ressager, dated Thursday, (copied In
With lIns. etc. aicule nit its onn institutions, riihnav little coinpunction Rf the otirh Pari,. l jkamrni!s) antr s the rivl I
o iei.. ih y.' he had a leve- in osirturning vouir !! 'Ti' thirst of popularity is our Paris, on Monday evening, of a melssunger from St. Pe-
So n. ile oltl (in y. h, liniad ine. H avie ou on, or twin, or liree eneminis t contend tershiirl', uia tlllhe reply iof Ilhe Russian cabinett to the pro-
Fa 'fy mie k fI.', |r y, sH; lIS {rll ll !. i
Ws.lli o.,tln I, l.. ni n, ii l..r nI hu en.ll anldi threP will No! wlll n in Iha e i l I.II-t.'*illnti'lbs Il' l 'e I lh Is)OiioIIn i'Ilte French L.Trnnel nit to terminate the sngui-
Thas illelded thil nI.. rl'ul lr'i :l ln n-,, otf iEni.lan I n.aiisi.t . II wa truly a irmpUcrirlne snoir '! tIhe d liady I eaurl i (';nCatlii Emancipation is lout ; thie din denii-iflitial oriiiansof th Frenrih ministry) states, thai
%V ilh lins. etc. oiiiinni .i lhi t *;itcr.lif i I n., l i i'i ineu lr;li7zed y lti. ;ip- i l( r nT lnti e a I ,al t1o lhei,' li f, that tle nme iotialions will
plianu, of unotIhrr 'l'i nis t is the Trn Illiat a ra.h, l un- tnriniiniti' fii \ouralily to tilL' iinternts of poiltics aswell as
Then be gave 'em some dlinners. andi sliai do you think, lrincilh!e', annil i-corirl;iint nistisni will tlnrow to tlni liunllnllitN."
(A sad slingy dlug i, ol .ill1, .ll) win t.,x T'hirey ill strive. b v a itln thuaoind tinlls minere
Then he gave 'Pe i me nnn'r', s. slla tl n U V think, Coaal flt' I'hI There was little it at. i ; ,, t sin t i I '.ir ik t s ;t s in i nn' ti nn' n 1nnn I ira "n g 'hi nif n r l" s-''
The fulk. frlon nhis ilhner biegalr n .uu sluinik, and s hilte in' L-'s iatihan is amused il it, yoinu lre idilrol- t.rdnl had sollr rclinrmltion with a gentleman laho had
Wi:h ils, etc. enl -'-T hIm in will It' spirt, to yui it is drath lFor j instl I.l1i Lisbon, wlihe Ih lhadl resnid.d several years. Thl
forty yrrisa Ini Idaiinger tnhrntieneil yd -fur d ory o- rty years ariny of lion Mi uol is well equiilpped, (he says) and in
Then he Isuck a few sticks on the western parade; have you liien sinpinlil ; lin tir crisis is i now arrived at gioli condition, tilM priests supplying liberally the wanI-
Look here, ye (Ganai!!'. says tdlpoilII, which youi muest rouse, ifyou have the leartsofl' uin-if you oflthe soldiers. All Ibuinerss wa at a stand,the dungeons
Is yoar town whla imlnrovenent my wilsom has made, have (a, I amn sure you havh ) a love of your wives, your were literally crulnmmd, and fear and distrust iansed
With deep gaintlule surely I must be repair. children, and tlnse who are dear to vuu-if you haIsc a every man of any education or information. lIe is of
Dy each clam of musqailoes upon the parade' due regard to the country of vyour birli or your adnlption- opinion that a very small force would be sufficient to over-
Wifyou claim to boast our descent from IIthos sturdy Bri lurn Miguel, and the general belief was, that lhi reign
Says froley, now Mr. MeAdam I'll he : tons of yore, who won Magna Clharta on the plains of was drawing to a close The arrival of Dun Pedro will,
Creek 'em sad piunl'em, savs ledpill, Itunnelcuede, who conquernld, under tihe Eldwarnd' and llin uf course, be ti' crowning work."
Be he ande a line ruad in Ihe soulh countries, llrervs, who achieved thie contilnnlion of r1iM, whlii
Which iof no use, andt which never rll hbe, accomplished the Bill of nights, anedwho wrested fromn tlt- From Ialarksaood'a Magazine.
And te fols hey all sd what a noodle is he,*" despolic Charles TIlE P;IIVILEGEX OF JA.\M.\I('A The Reform Questlion Aalyzed.-Withoutnl, pretending
With his, et. I Iave said that fur forty .yeair" hlis d;inge'r has to solve thi diflficulty of amending the represenltaion, we
Then his red phisin. dill with passion turn blue; threatened ; it ias at thie cnnmnlncemrnent of this iwnridl venture to suhmin tin folueloing principles, as essential to
Whack'em *ad thiack 'enr. nld itednill; that thie fatal weed first stnrck its root in the Brilill soil, tihi liornnaii;in uof any stable governme n:-1. That no el-
Anl he said now I will he a real hiuggalbn, which, by yvou ntecl, cl, and llie industry ofitis culli\aler. itint ri!hil of reltrsuing a nnmel'r io iParlianient should
ly salary's sale) I'll try all I ran lo, has inow grown into a rank and ljai Ta blly these (uanas and ruin them too; shladowing ti empire. Itwas a scion ofthat stollA t iri- di-liqinncl It is no dlloub -irable not to make the
With my, etc. was plante ll.Il II ti,' dln.ion of revoluiiion in the I :lltil'iil leCii.laiuri laler; iuit tlie illnci-nsI nieInce of hi ving one
Bethe Guanas. Iheir mo eregcn. hum ly did pray, ar.] io nr nihinr ki"nnl nt if 'France. That mluirnant Wre hundred renl u nt 'n rs' n at l' e'a t, i trailing in rhni-
L(ood mnsning we .el Mr.edpoll) l is i r and fri its (f IIR ELIG ION, w which in ;parson I l' illnt evil of c(ionriatingt innocent proupLrs : in
Thai his buauggabiu nIoill he wnol l lake away, i I heranie i oin l n 'iinm. iitl tiohe taste, and r iin,.,n;ut in otllh r h iorinl, unlinin gvil iier-n nsitats il tinlt ktlingdoi. 2.
And unruly I hope thal his Majestv may: -ay, i' fi'nlei.'l'ianikind,ti, alaer having siind its anful in- That if theinll r-ea' s.lnem of nniquial snd veritl rrpe-
Aaie I 've no lnlr. just as present. to say Ilounre Of this scribbling. quihhinr bullyingcanting, ioio and ittlr!vy istrodni. Ti' fri'na of Inarliy ;ind lil liitinns oner tie wlole kingdom sliould be grealy rania'.
Buggahbo (' mical Red tlml! revolution in l:in..'inc, pr1untl liy exi 'rle'nr,, and ern"raft- Lxilerience hiasing proved ltht it is tlle hirlgwr class of
--- -ed ti'ir stolen sr ion inn tlle itock lf supi From the Jamnai' Courant. advanrc-l, tlhey hinldeintid i it slip of rl. L'innn, of luiianitl, I tension of the franrliiie. :1. This it should ie made to
TIHE SIG(NAL. of phlilanthrophy, and thle flroer anld frnitn 'er ple-nam al dhumllndl not lin Ibing thle transit, hint Ihe proprietor of a
S Nto. 1. anid Zratefni as the manchinedel insH' ei, miet really. fell liIuse: the latter of these parties only having a direct in-
TO rY FRIENDS AND FELLOW COLONISTS. and destrucrive Io the taste. The peioplle had INesn ir- ierest in resisting measures of poliation. 4. That the ru-
a Pru ceived Ily its false appearance, and, too open In tlie ral frelholders only should vote for the county mq0hnera
P1 PA m a'A-For "t the Land we live in." of insimnlions of tlie templers, .are sduced, like our original and not over.wiihm the influence of landed proply by
t "romiEmUye for thois, who assay tie field of Li- mother, to cnommil the sin which is to bring the curse ofi tlh introduction of urban voters, subject to opposite prru-
i *. orf Politics, to preface their subjects by an heaven on them and their posterity. dice, and swayed by an adverse interest. 5. That if th
Stforaestntenmnt of their intentions, which, if we Fellow-Culonists, the same men who are the ahettors of systlrm of nomination, or lase bormchrn ino ishoa-
l7 llve tn' diits of critics, are ninnty-nine times revolution in Gnat lmilain, sre y)nir enemies--are the doned, a frwhauld qualifration should be hmbetowea
ae h'udred, falsified. I shall, tlierefore, make no fomenters of anarchy and relillion in the we.t! They are dfitndd moveable property of the same valol as that which
~"(ld further than stating, that the work I have in impelled by the strongest incentives to which human nature a aforals a qualification for land or houes. 6. That qim
' is i atelded to benefit" thle land we live in"-to can be suhjected-iniges't and revenge. I need not at time retain their present indirect representation, i ser-
r' t ith inabitants the extreme danger which threat- lpreentl point tlhem ouit. Their plans, as far as rreards lain number of members should he hestowed on our Ameri-
l0 *i ia ad tl ro, se them to the exertion requlisie yon, have been sufficiently developed, d liy ll..u t itaunch ran and Indian poss.nions. If the hlading prifiplh of
Iratinq rn =i I shall oca simonally take a wide ranre advocates of y our eaicu-thll unanswe(rahl, Mr. MI'QUIeentie. th se pn' t lill, viz., lite disilran*hisement of alll he no-
She rel'inn--i.s moralilt-it. politics.i-i las and il i tle indefatig ble John Bull, ani lht vicltini il',nti-cni, n;a niminion lbriou.,lis, andl he iI-mlnoinn uf the low freehold
YIou Hlow I shall arcqui nlyslfin sIei several nmat- animoUity, Alriandrr. TheFs uilnlicrbin patridtl halve I a''ndliard, are adihereid Ioll rcunlry is theoceforasrd
, ye ae to be the judge; of. If I succeed in ohb- given you their advice; study itl. They have laid op ,n, placed iundrr the dominiui of tlwn tenants of It n psuid

gr *> asM- iW r '

m m' b, Phb.,priociple, kw-B auie l eanidct- fc.w .n Mr. Wali tar vWhiround
sadU of eSm l lit his M own neighbouerld, by thi party of gen tn w wes in th r of i E COURT OP VICE ADMIRA
and y whether I. would willingly a.bit his priae aof- EIel.lency, and he t.h 1e. so far as I to IN T INBTAN. C
fi,. their mi nmen.L If he would not, is td state' regnis the pertsamesa ru h !im!! Thwse gentlemen, raI', eVuTs end ae qui tam I- aos atio
.i0 lill cm eanll ed Ineru lad kl depmlid,-- "i a. Pl 51M.
-Cu s i ut l tlohated wit m u .ng et after havl r iY ed Mr. Walker to the nearest bou e, BShe Irm 4h, cap. IUL-
f the affaira s prirvae family I antdd a srvani to to ap lpre ll his friends ol This was a information filud at the instance ofMr.
his unfortunate sccllent pursued their jourfiy, and no lian Milbourne Fox,S archer and Waiter of the C

T Zfl A P. *LUs1 doubt reported to tie ioveruor tlh deplorablu condition for tine port of Naau, against a %Baio insamilbu
the Ady oad l ful him oin,-(lr they thought lim ollar bHilon was alleging that thtle slave had been embarked on
brokeii). It would fi l tupiposed tlat inifotratioii vessel in this hurbour, a itll ti intention of being re
1 ^ ^ UUI~A ir ^ PT'P .b roe). It wol h- .p d tl-t thi in ormfatl asl^^^^
TUR Ay, PT'. would have caused his Erellecy to return by tihe ed Irn t island, inviolationof te statute o
lite purpose of rieviag if lie on__ 4th, cap. 113.
We ave o ler aceoua by way of tim United Stat sn rou fur te purMe of seeing if tie unfor- A claim was entered by Mr. Walter Gould H
Stalready given, a 7 tn o ir n l nate g.lentlean hid received professional aid, or Lighthourn, oflthis town, on behllf of Mr. 'l'aylu,
twenty d days .paage front Ililadl.hisnr PobrigingBoy, auI em envsd to Awn; but NO W Excellenncy and planter and salt raker, at Ragged island. T'he a
twenty 60 days p assage from P hiladelphia, bringing NO l ee c e d by a n rest ra ng l t ionht rorth in the c on e, *rere briety t o w i: _
WiWlPsE. party returned by a dlillirent route, caring little whether tins set lirtb in the daiso, *ere briefy these:-
Sler he slave Duncan had formerly belonged to ir. Li
We are indebted to tmhepolite attention of conr- the Collector was still wihenre whas Ir l, or whether he bourn, the claimant, but had recently been old h
plndent at Turks Islands, lfr an extra of tim St. had been conseyed to town dead or alive. Although Mr. to 'l'Tylor ; that Lightlourn, who is thie agent of Tai
Thoms Tin.%," whichb he ae had nt srrivInetd Walker has ude limnlfgenerally disliked by the innhabi- pnllid to the Gove, ;u or fur a license to r-mnuve tihe l,
Shen tne Tin,," which vessel the u niatidrwas tonts, from his unplams nt manner of tranll.'-tig business auagged Ila ndl ; that in e pll'tationl that tie nIeeaSly &
hen tbe Jlan, hv whiwh vael h6 cnmmunirion cnneints would be procured, thle slave %IaI removed Ir
rennived here, left Turka Islands; for particulars of which at the Cus'tom Ik 'a' hh h we are al aware cne wo rklouse (in whirh Ithe iad been aHigced for son
pleuse refer to the last pae of thin paler. It gives an that he is no friend"e the Agtu still we have those feel- msiscndluc) on barld of the vessel destined to convy
appadling account of r te uost dreadful hurricane at BA.- ings of humanity about us, shich we tLblieve are to be himn to Iagged Island; that the vessel, however, cleared
annual, which that Island has experienced for Il,.last 541) Iund, wilh veryfew receptions, in all ci ilizzed ind.tlhat out i ('ni; and sole nnexln'ted delay hav ing ocurred
yers.--We have heard many d-tailf, uoftlint aw ul s iirsation co, pel us to depnrcate, in die ian l nr, the r n- ill tinlraliii of the lire.nse, the slave was re-l ud led, ad
IN agiiill lizenlt~ ill tIne wnnrkhlouiser, where Mr. Fox snio-n-n miln.
of a similar kind which w.s.It in thle Ilala. inn l tis. charitable conduct of his Excellency, and to despise the lie a rginwnits of counsel ., ere heard on Friday, thi
Syoe Ill3, but tim dreadful lol of nprolrtyy, togell.r with "n.n, worse than BRUTI' who coull see a fellow crea- 21i itonnt, molen tile Aslortnly t;nlieral far tn-e sizling
Ithe ,umnrical amount of li qarcrifiedul by thei den,..- lisi lure ill sucl a deplorable state, and not toup to reuder it ll, flin'.r, pres'- for condllllletion, on *e grounds, first--
fury of t', elements 'd ,X nling reins, lallentt a.istance. that tl1. sliave had Lbeen e'lmsuarked on bournt the vesel in
aisy tling i compns t nals of e WeI lie. To tihe name SLAVE-HOLDER is ut nched by the 1n,.tion, fo trhe purIpse o I ling illegally rtuove d i
-ally ing in rm r il anIns -fte I1i,. Ilannd ofCuha; and sercnsdlly, that eaen if the slays
Man umay be truly saiI tubi lly Ihappy, i rcooparisoll will saintly ideas of Iis Excellercy, every thing that is inhu- Ih:l I..>tn embalrked in order to ib con,,nve.ld oi Ru'cged
the le fortunate of his kind; and e cause to be man" barbarous, and sihunful; bu; t we veniur to aki', Isl;ndn, u.t tlia no Il.Eall traInsOir nf lthe slanted had lbee
grateful to the (;iS.A Disrossr of evenl, that our slres- tiat, no no o0 tlhat class of persons would pa-s human nade to .1. T'lor, itt the. right of property still est.,
I impoverished, and daily detriornaing interests, have being, whether white or back, slave or free-_mann, ithlout ed ill Ir. Li4ritn.rn ; alnd i tlt le pcrss ing no lands
t alas ooerell swoup heen dr d~ythcl oud tenllne sintu i~affording all the relief inhis power. Ave, .,ore-- d lit (it Ha-_,ed Island, tll(e imendedre'm.val oftlsheJnve to ihmt
ot at one rell swoop been dashed by the loud temniest into liig all the relief in is power. Aye, oe- hlte in contravention of thie statute, and rendered
total uanihilation.-BAisAMuol inayv revive from so s- "atedanduniversally execrated as SIR JAMES CA 'R- the property liable to InorFiilure.
vrea ..shock, ani tie spirit ofexrtion that generally follows MICHIAEL .SMYTl is, were he met with in so dange-
us low a pr.ntration, .nuy orrasion Iar to flourish in re- rous a state, every thing that humanity could dictate, and On Thursday last, his lluoour the Judge delivered dle
douhbld vigur and buwenty; led and dirt ln.d as it will charity point out, would hin most readily d e fior him.- following DFCRE
rertaloly Ib., by that true philntliropist, Sir laies Lyon. We reconnmead his Excelkency to petro e our SavsOCt' Tie fs count stated, tla itl se izreC wasn made became
Were our sad fatel, we might unily eria-c to m-e tnIb excellent parable of the emgod Sn.illariitalI, mliCh hin will find it, i )sla Dl)lncin Ihani bi',n shipiJHed nd min'lbarked in the
I ssair V'rLTIat- rreertrring over tie s.ntains of o or pre- is tile lolth chapter of Luke, and dtln t to t t' (1" ollowing loop W,-!linitlon ill tils port of Nasl.a, In o.annl
m.nt *lhlerlrllineu, to strike frInom our In,.nil the queslionl to hsis conus Snall r.mnantn of II* amd lhoI,, .th.l mi,.h be Ilet to b- tians of Iin dn isin master, and done ily duty tou.ards my doihnon~ o isi (f 'ailth lil l.ats. ts nod isl order to Im
h. lpe our providence-istrickrn prs.nselctm. neighbour 1 beinn sa t a. aitse, connr.,ry to the form of the
Statute, &r. &r.
* The second count dilTered from the firl. only is It
.We are ;lad that author oppornu. sY is give urs ofte- An Kgsrat wmo bald m maes based il. IL" s"o-a conclusion vir. I;r the pirlpose of being carried asay
poaing the incurrct and unauthorisul a'ndeumients oflMeirs. Kanguron, oa rim orf the bol; d ofe se Clank, a Sn ars no rnuemoved ax ndni in order to his being dealt ith as a
Kerr, Butler and rlii, containedd in h r ir fatnous e tter who wa drowned latl night by falling overboanl. The boldy slav', copirar., &c.
kerr, Buter nd Ili. nas pick.I upi immediately. alld ever) assistance rereneedr' h) Tine tI ird ciunt u lifftred from tihe foIreoing odl, in it1
his Erxcellency the governor inll which they PLKl.;:n tlhem- h, ).Eurg,, olf hal vessel, 1to r.lstore animation, but willthou conclusion, viz. for tin purple of being cenrriens aswa
ieves that Mr. Stubls perf'-ctly nareedi with tlhe, and thit ellect. The jury returned a verdicn-" accadeutly dromuwir." and removed to the island of Cuba, is in order to hisi being
his signature woulm have apl1e-rn-d to it, hiad he not ioen dealt with as a blaste.
absent from tlhe lsndl. I pun e nuinot i l.inqueslionalil nal- The Anerican schooner Solar, Jamne Stewarl, master, fonm 'The li1urnll count set forth, that \. W. G. Taylor, d
thority, we tddtly roontrauli- thim- n-,.sih ,,,n,ain ;..asser tiht New Y'ork, n found to eloile, sa;. wr.-cked on the 7th insi. al I ageed Islandl, onel f thle Blanl adni, planter, being tie
tl.y had no aot.lnrit fron, Mrf. Stbs, and ttan I. con- Albro. Crew all sanedt. togetcr with a couo.derabtle part o proprietor of Ith- shiavy, anid desirous of removing him It
aider..d it great n rtesltiion in slan to i-luc him i tinh-ir sie cargo, i a damaged sate. Ita redl Islan, t, hll plantation tilrli, did embark tde
idrrd il great pIresuIpion in |hIs lonlud hI inll ir 1ac on board thle l .Ioop Wellingtonal sNa-au, for the pur-
party without frst lroultin g in.-l't, undol-erl;sndilonthe o CONMMU'ICATION. llp"' of such rmnovalosl Ilfore thie GCovernor's license had
nm authority, lhat 1Mr. StuidAs erlrre.d iimsllfasto- florrerin.-I have frequently frowned het.n the fol- In'"," ciained antf11 r lf ta i a- trinity or cllet a s lan romn tie.
nd whenn inforlllnr d of the, nnl that lie rom.- loniing quslion Ihas een pt ut to lnt by tib.|utr ( 'ullnom Hou, bae lelenII procured, conlrry), &c.
po.-d no pirty will tllose. g-,'nt-lnln shl,, ihoughlt prolpr lorrowing gentry-" Will you lend ime your hlst ile, 1- Tne fifth nt st 1 il, dt e slae u as enMarked
to vacanro heir sats, oll.rtu te, than having failed in hller I only .int to read it" Now, what in rreatinn do stch of twond er.neove o ellit ond It slatnd l, for t.ite ivurlo
Si i olks thi Nw.lperare printed fourexcept to read ;-- ipn illn. t to c v
attempt to Ilace Mlr. Kerr in ih clair; tlas if Mr. iKrr and, ihy w;nt tdam. why don't Iey pay or lhm, and plantation, not trainer it proprietor of te slave, ltfor
had been chou'n Sp.aker he Ias no dmulbt but he business of ,lthu renmunerate the printer -A man might, with tthe sane the (iov-rnor's license, o r any clkrance or permit from
the Iloue would have terminated jmLt as it has done, and propsi'ty, gtpo a baker and ay-" Sir, mon't you k.i the proper oirscers oflte Cusonms, had been obtainecd, cuo
that Mr. Kerr is wall aweo of his decided diNpproval ne a lodl of bread 1-I only want to eat it! t rary, &c.
of den (ioverunor's oenasurs. Now, wie wosid ask tintse A Sunse-nla. lThe sixth count set forth, that thie slaie Lbeing tine p-
of u governor'ss measure. Now, we wold ask tese A BB .'r of Walter Ligitbouro, late of Newi Providenre,
wormaTms how they dared to deceive te governor r and minserclian, was embarked on board the Wd-lingt.on, fin
dl public, by such unfounded stmrtenentso Il, tlv To the Edi r of te Bahama Argus. the pirpoise of iin: runioveid to lRagged Isundl, to cilli-
ould, for a momen, so frget themselves, a ,-tI 1s- l1 uts at a know what tim hoary eande vaIe T luor's plainition, ibeflre license or Iern it s aun'-
rould. for a mnm, fort t lv a to Ie their Editor of time Ro al Gaseb m means, wKn be sa) lhe read said hla l ben obtained, contrary, &c.
sigaMture to that which was not tnue 1 Is the Governor's imy pubhcation with perfect corn, unless it is, because A clnin was intepl1oised by Walter Goold Ilinson Liict-
cause o very desperate, that his friends are obligel ti it contained too much uhult for himi. bourn, of New Providense, merchant, for and on behalflof
raort to fals.hood, to make it aplear that IeH is popular ? Iluewqer highly he nrny be estel-nm by some few ol A.rchiball W. (i.Tay'lor, olf aged Island, planer, omner
ihmeulI The public of the Bahanoas must now h. i"y cu"nex"on. perhaps e is nut usare ti-at-with m.e, of said slaveu Duncan. In this clini it uns act lilti,
mm I 'el public omlie is as coulterpliblu as thU lowest menil undi govern- abbomt tinre imntll ofuJanluary last, he, Li.ilisblliorn, osIl l ie
reavinced that these I.ntlemen am e emeuies of the colony, ni.mnt ; ani if Iev will cotfess thie trun h, will admit tiat in aid slave Duncan to Taylor, for a vialh ble conllidermion.
sad would sacrifice its dearest inter-sts to lte caton they ino instance have I courted his frieC.wsilt, or -l.ty : but at liet-l price, bau uponnacertainklngtli u('ci lil. That i
have, at lyt, s) openly brcomne thei partisans of.-We aith him iriuh seems to have nrcently becoiir- quite a pui.uianre of such .sale and agreement and Tailor having
again slate, that our authority is strictly tIo ik delxtndIal stranger,-for ilthal frisandllip which lasi iniluced liiuit o r'ln-eaielly, by letter, urgeshin to send tp tile save to
upon, ad cannot be successfully contradicted. 'spare uS in his reply so Wednesday last, ha. existed him at Ragedh Island, Lightbourn, on the 14th of Jne
upon. consrlicte, as long as lie wouu wish to make it appear, it lsould have list, exeCisl a written bill of sale of lave Dunran I
influenced hin to offer soemle contrddictory rtn Oiuk on Tailor, Uinder his hand and eal, whirl bill oufsale IK'
In outrles, we mentioned that Mr. Walker,the Collector Mr. Lunan's very incorrect statement. But no, a chance since bi,vn transmitted to the said Taylor at lagcrd Is-
of his Majesty's Customs here, had been severely injured like dtia, he could not let ias ; ready and willing as lir, Innd. That imnemliately after the 'Xercultion of the mid
by the falling of his hore with him, when accompanyinE now apil'ars to be, alike with the deadly enemies our ideed on tlhe- id 14th of June lisl, Igileltbonrn applied to
hi Exclenry the Governor to the new African settle- much injured colonies have here and elsewhere, you find tie Governor for a license to remove the slave to Re L
i h o n l him giving publicity to barefaced and unpardouable flse- Island, where Tayhor hai land in cultivation, Iidessi a r
o nthe wc.rn part of the island. We are glad to lho als, which he knows to be such. tabliiluiient for nanoufa turning salt, whi-b license W
si that he i doing well, and that no danger is CIan this friendly and kind hearted Editor, point out gran.ll by lthe Goisernor on the 16th of June, (!athoe
appreheaded by the surgeons who attend him. We cannot, to ne, when and where, pcrfection hians b'sen attained. Ire by mni.takle 1i aHrng date the 17th). That on the evening
heownyi dmminm thi affair without a few more comments sys he read my publication will s rf clt SonRN ; surely of lde 15th Jmne., having no reason to appreinend dot the
uth e h rl_ hdriimke reLn u t of his. Eclln', in' will all the eyes he has, IKe will not say lie Sees it in license would be wilhlnhld or delayed, le caused the slave
wa adtr d e, of his gEetllncy, in elt or in his printiug estalblislman' ut. Duncan to be put on Iboard tie sloop Wellingtonn, in Ibd
leaviangan aged glenemn,and oneof higumst, ina state I again rhallene tihe Editor of the Royal Gazette to i hrbour of Naianu, shlordy about to sail in thle first place
of ksmibility on the public mild, at least twelve nilris rone forth min open his buhdgrt, against ina, and he Ih flr lRaz:iedl Ismlan,anid from thence- to son:e port in lte Is
fhr own and at some distance fnom any habitation that: ill not be sparin., lie nimay ret assured, I shall nso lhind ,t Cuai, pad ie -s .ti Ihat .hi Snle intention, and
coul aa hner accomnmodalion than a negro ut, with- exercise an" feeling of that nature towards hini, lhereadtr. Ii orders and itlntrctions positively were, tlha if the ex-
out sendi gto town for soiral aid, even having hin I a M. Editor. p d license soul! obtained a e ,e sailing of te
Your's &c. vs-atl, annl tnt ttln.rais, tin- said .late -mould in sirse
carried to a hut, where Ir wsalld haiveheen more conmfort- JounI WILD.u.ooa. lthelreof lI, tirnlly .an faitllfilly land..e at I a n lalp.'d land
able, than expos'd to the damp of the ground. Ta-nly N l sir, hith Sept, mIer, 111. nd !i:-r d ,. Tl .n'r. t, c iwrn m.!nni, t, and be


agt* MaJIaNIe flrgv*.

y doais dha ore was any intention on his pan,
that of any other person conconed, that tlhe slave
1 e carried further on said voyage tilan to Ilageinl
or btha the mid ldave was inltendd to be removed
and further til It' had no intention ant rave no
a have tho slid slave carried or taken vent tot
al island or out of tlle hIrboar of Nassau lfr any
i uiless flie saidl expected license should hbe iob-
bIfore tlle sailil ofl'he vaeswl. That on the morin-
oftite 1611i Junie, tIo taster oi f tde vess'lI bring anxious
klart, and tie liccnise not having laven tloir obtained,
3d slave wala lao-led fI'o tihe vessel and rn'loiged itn
wrorkhoue, froIm whence Itw haid L'ten taki the dll ay
tanil that it w IS not untiil soinm lluti after the sliive
I n b ri'lodged in the workholise, thai hlo was seized lby
the Seiarclahr, and hie prayeld that til slave Iany be
ied to Tayloir, with coils ind il;luiltmi s.
tllhe l, riavit annexed to the crlinl, Lighthoulrn veri-
ithe claiiis, atnl wore frlthir that for somie years past
Sid been ithe .illlriir olf 'Talor, undir laiun. of iltor-
star, unidhr .ail in lthe I;orlln iiilonly lSt-d. here, nnot rv-
v Ao to'l byv 'r vlor, thal uhlih Irll liei'ii accildlntlally nmislaidl.
Thal t fi.I' it;i r aiinn*ria nl.trki-d A, s\ is hlli' oriinial! letter
from Ta'l'.o r to I .iiih, lui ,ail, i isiring Il e re,-iio al of slave
Donctl tn l It:-'red Islandii and tllat lie had a certificate of
reelmrliio ready to be shipped with the Slave, and intend-
ed to lhave a noit enlldorsed oni the cilearance, alter tlhe li-
cense hald ber- obtained.
some easiiiinainiins in writlin had blirn inkein in this
c .ar s'l.whing alin i. he li' it as sli1ppril I11 bt.irrd tlhe
sioop \'iVlliii-tonl, ;aidi u i liw h as lan. lidil thi-rii'roim, and
the exalia:tio!iis oI' thle ('Collertor antl ('Comiiptroller oif ith
(Ciiltina s i)rovd that tliie vs i. l ilaruc d l ( iiIun t il ards r Culll,
Biad tli:lt no Ilorntioll wt as n :I h oIril fall ilntelitio I llanl a l
Ria,',Il n l hiid, inl at InIen th sliiop returnald to Niasain,
thlil 'o;,I'r r |p I rild and i r'li'[r- inwlard Ifront (' )bai.
Ilki I i iiio r apipriie hen ed, that it would ii e u iis lirient for
hilin i i'\ m.iil(e Iarliutlarly tlit! third and fiulirthi counts
in tlhe ilI)ria:tio, Iorl if coiilndenaItion should noi be
Idjtll.'il air !dl one of Illise, it ohtutl lot, Ib e tdl.iight, to
take tilarc, unittir either of' tli( oliher counts.i.
Io ittpp ,,rt of th1ll allegation conlitindl in ItI' third count,
hllattllv la lhlr I been shiplC'd ou.bourd lh., .lop Wll llington
for the pluirjioe of be'in renivel tio the- island of' Cu('a,
tIere to b drliai withl a iei .li, it watos Ieed tll as aeves-
tel had c-lirvdi oitwiardilt for tlih isltil of 'CnlAba and uiion
her ri'lllrll nit'lil r ,1 i ino .l 'ls Ifroll ('I 1i, inld .1 niio il(iiltiiii
lid b'ion 11l i wt a % r dll l i1 ol' i i" ii tiliiill in t i tlu h ,1 l I{iedil
Idalll, t i it in lt, tir h in lanit's a sw r ,;i tlii \'r.l mn st hie
taken to lhavs III iln iOiiu:l 1i t I (' a! tnlI ti) i ll ll r pliltc( ,
anl tli-it lthe sliAv, iIst t 1 Ir"'i'0 I r Ihr conh sii t i. eld ii so ship-
i.:I, l r li ppurleps ofl'l h i, carried to Cii ih Itere to lbe
dilrlt with a. a Sllive. ()iOn e pCairl o'the Chinmitt (Li:bt-
Lboiirn), it tsasurgied, thalit li- is ia nirchant tf credilit and ro-
tpelnmtilllly, 'ani is so admitted to be hli the Attorney (Go-
erial, aild that .tir tIei esl l ,inaltiiin i licllh lie Lhd liven in
tGlh claim, "n othl, of lhe iinilioin lli Wl wichhllh Siaveliad
Ih-en shiplIed, it woull be goin too 1iir to soup.poe that lie
wojill suib jeit hiu nlf to lthe cor sei it- llrtcs ol so li.hlyl
penal an art, as that olfslippiniu a tv It-l carried to the
ilanl of Culba, to be l tllr.- deil with asill s h.
That his pettiion to iheo U(tieri)ir contradicted the
allvdled intenlion of rl'nlooine the-lave to lluba, Iaild thIal,
had Is' desilnled to cairrv iint o iiirct anN i sch intlutiontii, tIhe
art nould have akeni place litl Cr, tirhe intervention of I he
lriz ir, but tha iillelr lirt only ti art boliii fi e l iiulld r ill t
oll.irra r's license' whiiin obl:liniiil, the Slave wal i l.jnded
frImi the sliip, bfrire lii Ir dimrtullre from tlis liort.
rn liir si'y to ('Clti, tlie vCs rl titiilt easily ilavl touch-
ed at Raniged Islainl. Tli'err ise l in no proof, hliiwver,
llat sIhe d do so ; ull if lhe purpose oftlonulinl at RlL ptd
hIland was to lanil the Slave at Tavloi's pliantatioin tlre,
surh intention would Ie necessarily abandoned after the
lave had ben sen st on shore, libclore the vessel left the
port of Na.sita..
Thi l ont, in tlh infiiorit, ionli iohis nIltll, therefore, lap-
pear to be sulficiiillv ettlliis.,Il.
I will now eretid.r, soid hi Iin, lolinr, the firtih count in
tIhe information, aiiJl Wirb is fiain-ld iindr tihe I Ith Msc-
tion of the s:aitul in whicu is c,.nii.e1,.i l it li'ilow r in, pro-
visions, Proviidd alw>is, that m lere to or oiinr Is-
hands art comprised in tlhe sain' colonial coverniiient,
loithise in this ait contained shall irinv rni or I' conlistried
to preveni any riropr tonr of slave lan.lil llW linso in ainy
o' of such island, from carrevinir a s a ir rmvin such
saves io any other island within ai the samii e,- iiiiin, fior
tht purple of rultivating any estate or |i l. ,iin halio
al ta siuch proprietor him'slf,-provi. ld that such rs-
peial purpose of the removal hall prs vioili It- ni.,ili tlI
appear to tChe salisfactiion oflthe (oi.i rir G;o-
vctrnr, or the person having the chief ril iilll ciioi d ilr
the iiea heinir, within such governnienl, a, lo tIlervnplli
aludI and may grant a license for nsch reinilt, sJiecifyine
* mane thereof; bhut before any slaves dill ly sirlue ofl
such lions e eso removed or einiarkdl on board of any
sip or vemsel for that purpose, such clearance, or per-
mist, and such cenifirame, s ill be obtained a are heroin-
after mentioned and directed, in regain to domnestics at-
leadl a on t'eir owner, or neamtr, or his iiumily, uby o.a."
I shall here take occasion to obsserta, l iid liis lononr,
Itl when this statute was first pawed, this iros iion in tihe
14tclaue of i was not considered here ;as xtiendinh to
theBlaimas, which are all under one Gilirnitr antil 0n
'ilive bodly, wch island, as N.isi, A neitill
ad he 4irgin lslndsla, where Sapelalre ,i .iiisi' Ibodli'es
e0it, and diterrait laws prevail although tln'v are under
teconal gnvprnmena of the Ciptnin OGeneral ind (Go-
ernor--Chi ofhe island of St. lChristopheir; aind l thisi
PpiPionpap to be strengthened hythe consiirderation,
"ta r clearances and certificates ofrni.istrntiion, not tapear i-reisary in thie case of slaves ri-trniitsl fin
ones '" alioher ofhll li sne island, or from one iUL.idli
tat "a in t: amrne colony.
The .int i ovi rcnlent extends over several hundred'

*A:" *> 9 u

j L =E:47 fl a ir i n g wAu

IORT or 0 N %M I. p.r

Sept. Hill-Am. ichlr. PI'ost Bo, Triier, Philtradellia
Hlolu, Bread, &-.
it II. (;Ri :r.N r.&. ('io.
S Sloop Jane, nl:llat aniLht, Turks Islands
liui, Fish, &c.
S Sloop Amelia, Pinidr, Aliaco
H'recked Dry Goods,and Hardware dr c.

S pt. 8thi-Brig Bietsy, Salisuary,

Sept. l(hl--n-rie Be 't.y, Salilsury,




rrno rsaorra
H \ V\IN liN ed tiei assize of HIRAIi at the aln nof H
lier barrel of msuiprfine Flour, OrderedI, that tihe
'liillinii Lof jlo i iiL 2l m. oz.., and the six ilnny Lo.i
I b. o. 4 lv oirher of the Vestry.
i) \VII SPENC'E, Va'iry Chlrk.
't -rnl h Room, i:, Sepmniiber, It Il.

etA ,i ilt i nl,, 1;;.11.
T11E VESTRY Iavlinit accepted l r. M..lilhn's re-
msi.'llltlln Ha rliearr of lln Central .ltIil,I notice
is lhiritb gi.ien that apulilicatinmi will be ri'rciveil lfr a fIl
and iprinir p'Nrsoi, to act as Teacher of die said School


of Islands, or keys, sneLe ul greaIle and sunie of lsser
nmagitude, and almost every parish includes Soreral -
lands and keys.-I was therefore supposed, that when the
inhabitantsol'Jamaica, Barbadoos, &d. poasesued under the
statute tlie unrestrained power of removing their slaves at
pleaourero frtin couny to county, and from ono part to ano-
ther of the same island, without license or permit, nonut could
be necessary to enable the inhalbitantsaf these islands to
remnove their slaves from one part to another of the sanM
parisl. Tie statute of tie 9th Geo. 4th cap. 84, entitled
" an act to continue an act for amending and consolide-
ting the laws relating to the abolition of the slave trade,"
having been subsequently passed, looking at dti provi-
sions contained in thi second section of that act, the Go-
ve nor's license has since been devced necessary for die
einuoval of slaves froti one island tl another, within dau
Ilulahiias government, for the purpose of cultivating the
plnnlation belonging to the same proprietor; and he should
consider this to he the true construction of tho act, until
lio was otherwise advised, by the decisionofacourt ofappeal.
.Any violuition of the provisions of tle statute of 5th
(Gii. 4lt outhtl iuslolhiteidlly to Ib guarded against. One of
tihe ollireVls of uilina act was to prevent Im R illhalI exportation
of illy Sliave froit tlhe colony, and'fbe could in this case
be brought to believe that any such4tontion existed on
the part ol tie claimant, and dial any act of his, evi-
denced in tlhe slighlltet degree the execution of that design,
sentence of comllnd nation would consequently follow;
but whlen tlle ase wasa ono in which, although the observ-
ilturo of slrier foitr ll ay not have be'n lttendedl to, ac-
cordingi to, Itir hlettr of tle act, its tried' spirit and Inlan-
ing would not apiIwar to have o ben violaltd. it wild lhe
hlloughlt ie too rigil a construction ofit, to hold thit its penal
con"seu Linrce mnt IIIII ertiielees follow.
In answer to tlic charge in this counl, therl cinnant says
" ihe Silve av ns el'iblarked for the purpose of re iliovail only,
wlhPn nd afllr the necessary (dorunients slioulid hlave ben(.
dfty obtained, a.ln when biy a moinoemquiivocal and conchl-
sive act.tllat ofla.hlinii tile Silve before the slool)dciparted
triin tile hailbour, I have clearly shewn that in this trans-
action 1 arcedl bon lidle, throughout, anDs the error wliich
I nmay have coninitied in point of forn, has tius, as it
were, been aimeinldel nd corrected. It would, I humblya
sulinit, bestraiihinitthe policy of tie art to a degree of vex-
ation, if sentence of coddemunation of the Slave should be
I-lilr all the circumstances oft his rast ,sid his Honour,
I (o ait lijlL'le alld decree, that Ie information o' the seizor
hbei smiss -ld; that rerliltioti oftlle Slave be iniules as prayed
Ii tile climlailll, and that the seizor lie clondenined in thIn
pai ;lmet of costs: and I do not decree probable cause of
sizturie, hbecrutu ?I am of opinion, that before the neizure'
wais made, it hiad been sulliciently explained by the art of
landing lle Slave beifre the lo ailing uf lhli vessel, that
Li.ghtiours hai somated.mdakim m lb de.


On Monday next, the 12th instant.
At 10 O'elMo A. i o
Will b Sold ^
Fresh superfine Flour in barrels,
20 Barrels choice Cuba Sugar,
Miland and American Corn,
luour, pilot and navy Dread and Crackers,
Iice, in bag and ierces,
Be'Ii; in barrels,
P'.rk in do.
'ar. aiil Pitch,, in barrels, and half barrels,
D)ry (Goo.ds, &c. &c.
T7'erns CAII.
Sip')te tilter Iflthl.

On afonday, next, the 12th initat,
At 10 O'clook, A.M.
% ill le Sold,
A yilung Negro Man, a good Boatman,
'ERII.V,--i months Credit.
Srlpttellllr ll h.

On Monday, the 12tA erptember net,
AT TirH VEII' E 11otuPE,
At 1 O'Olock. K.
Sill Ibe will. ithloul reserve,
That ilreaanatlr sitnmerd Ilsas and Luot i Bay treet,
at tle corner oi' (C'linLtr Street, at present orrupied by
Mrs. ElimiH.uli %Vatsoii. A I'lat of tlin Pri'neiui will be
Ithl at lit(' Stilcrriili-s' Stor, for ihi. a'rltitn.
'I'rn--.-Six nionthtis ,rilit Ironl the day of sle, the pur-
eli.or ul, ., iaplI.ts d .iSrciiril).


On Tuesday neil, tAe 13th oinstat.
At tlla Stori-t ,lf John Stlorr, Esl,
At 10 O'Clock. A. W.
Will IIbe ,ld
A ilqantity Sies's, Broad Cloth, Calicos, Iland-
kLrchiekfs, Oziaburg, Cotton and a variety of uotar
Dry (oods,
Windoiiw Glass,
Willh liat fI'Nrtbr ltmay appear, bine part of the cargo
saved lroni late lAmnrican l 'ouner Solar, Stewart, msu-
ltr, lost at Aliac, in iher pia ste froan New Vurk, to

rnrrm,-('snit before delivery.
S-lll rlinlH Tr IlltI .

lE SI BnCR IBEll int.edilinr to have the Bahamas
I in ill Noinlltw r niuxt, rills ton all ithes to wbom he
imay he inlldh l.fil Ilfr thlir r-I spiictliv dmnlands; and those
iliflit-il ti him., Ia tarnili-siltl rquilt'sts, will settle e sano
Iby lthl ild of Si pwim lber 'i.suii', tI enabr e im to loment
hilte Ililitnlts aclliosi hl ti:nal oIl aHrrunnts remaining on-
aid :a ht I -i. I iiil ill, si&u-i for ind!iscriinially.
S,-,lt Judy, 1'. ROBT. WhER.
1'o BE MOLD.
l At a credlit of six months dtIe bouse ad pro-
Ilist situate in irley r in irley treet l i o-
I ll'"ation of Mar. Riclard Barnetl, for prti-
lars apply to time Suscribers.

until I uesidavy nil, tile 11111 isinltiit. Septelmlber 10th.
lly urdrr of the citry. -- POR MALE.
I) II) SPENCRE, Vestry Clerk. FTi IOi and wPmiss S pess.1

NOTICE I l hy AMrs. othere. The Hlou" is .r ad
II ll I'Zl'iiliSfll l.l Iorr arnssallimaster,orowners ot convenient, with largeKitchen nd wash he
1 of ver .l,larany ilh r srsuon who may neplliva Ne- I attached, chair house and stallig for roe
rro maln, Bill I)Drrul, ith prolerty of Thomas Thoipsoin. horses, exrnsive yard and grta piece. Theos bhdpil
not to pay Inim his wares wilhoitl a written order from have been lately thorointhly repaired, a d dte e 1pr p
ina, arlinll for Thomas Thompson. of the fences have been newly purt p.
Septembelr I*. A tract of Land situated at the Vilae, iti mlalWllO
acres. It in dividell hy thae illagr-rood io two lols, e
FOR SALE-AT A CREDIT'. western lot Ining intersected by Ihe new read kIadi fm
A very handsome Ilore, arustomed to the villair into the Blue hill r.d. Thi ldll ~m diedi-
flt. t ua .iedle, nd Ilarnrss. For ipartirulars lmood iof in oneor three lots. Applv l
apnly at this olpfir. JOHN W. MILLER.
-.lrt-oblr Iis. ; September TIll.

A _

_,-AUL -6


i i I I



On MeIday seemt, IAs 1U1 bltt.

The C asg of the oorar Pesd Bq,fr. PhlsdslpW
Consist of
Flqur, In whole und hulf burl.,
Pilot Bread, in do. do. do.
Butter, in keg,
Crackers, in kegs,
Illam, Clqew,
30 Inch Cyprss Shlbgles, &.. &c.
Tobbaco, in bales,
Rico and Corn, in bags,
Coffee, in bags,
Soap and Candles,
Dry Goods, &c. &c. &d.
September 10th.
.. . .. . . . . . ..-


W0e Maas jai5RSt
PS 7b-3tmsot. "rm,,Ur ofgaau ;a.,tiseay bAI( lprom+"t ouiie -'.l r- sowere d;etd inE- i .. .. all
HURRICANhE AT B.AR.AD. S. oesmL eteIly cl Ualed in ton a -aalt ca core, our wilthe naim oI all who in e Inl their live, or
H ICANE AT BARBADOE. P wids a ew iAconsiderabl exception, lhavug ed any bodily hlra. To etlem wh have had
lloligenace has basn brought as by the Brigantine Iu ~ left iu lli- ground. The house, a e ll wind uaill opportunity im ay pra of the island o" asking a
Yo Yark from Berhtedsa., which we dAespacl l Iy h is waere thrown down-pu-ln.sof dm conveyed tuamatun sat- sketch of ltcomm n on' misry, Mr. 1. will rfee i
Escellancy Governor Lor, fur that pUpurpm 3L-tlt a ing distalce-,c-ad curtly furniture deslruied or Umain- rll their cononiunications, which 1r be artrd v
mat disastrous and violent llurricane took place tll.-r ol really inslure. Ostin., 'a Iu town, Spailghts' town, and Sinit, r lae *iU avae Iimself of the facts containd
S1Ightl oLf te alth instual-an accouln of which weu Bridgetown, Ihave 11 .ulleed equall,-tlhre not beiig a thimla at the option of tle writers.
nh y subjoiln, estraried frum the (Glol.',"a Buarlaad-. sa..,le lHume a1i di island sanding .ifmnired. A lutw cer- frckithk square, August 151H, 1.
Spaerpirf the 15th. The account brought us by a pre, ae tainlyv r only partially daumagu but many which at lirs rm the Lladen Courier.
a murce leaves no room to hope tht th, is by any maw-ans .Iiaappdrar to leave einapd, are ound, on cl*ser exams BL m.-The ~sntiments eipremd by Erl Gr
San L*nmtd account of di mosnt lamemabil violation. nations, to be in a cnditiuno da would be immnentldy dan- lgiu.-e L Frid, to anrl ri y,
The mai and ,aiaty of a Being whose wa).are nol u- geronu, either in beh y rains or urong winds. The bar- d a llo a eLordi on Friday, l i to ntio rientl
dmatnd, hlve hlre nokenl to saw ts the litllm-ne andl sacks ad hospital t St. Anne's have suffered in tan dion i ally, nd their particular appl i option to t pr teen
lMignifiranWe of naen wl n uiioplaisd 1 to the breath o l wit otherr biklings, anid we aaderstaind more than lfrty uof ii n iui tdrt country e all idea of ho uiion
S H..Mv-Flukodl come aNl de.sllte t. w ha.lit.atiorn. f ilain Ili Majety's troiup. L U st their lives, besides many women f Englad against that country, uee British ld inter o
-ELrtlh.qusals luake lia sol l foundations f IIte IEarthl, ofwuanundd m ins nalame.. tsl hnour.eo Tie speech aofl de rdsip affords, und I.
aud is tle place of smiling fiells, fliuw t.he blurling la;- Ona lutle occasion, we my give a detailed account dly, a more i of th policy ofol goer
itarms, Tensaipilss, l.-Peolil.airi, llaa adaaiiieii . ld 20- of tie nuImerous deaths tlathss occurred, and of the ely, ore liberal rhedin o the policy ofur grol
yet an are blind andl will not sat--tlw-y woaul reldure III stou innumerable dangurue wounds inflicted; but as we mict ha bn could be gathered troim the various prcon
things to a s .ystm only coiiprelhi-eniva Io their own lomit- Ianlnut ldo at gIMvUIL with any degree of accuracy, We ne wich havu been isued fronst tinrr to time r by the co
ed e.tU'-re" f a 'iian-in Ithe midlt of nature's dlealions, alatatin frni inserting those that Ieave come to our know- .n'c, itl itde, the mat rp. flou nferenc to k
whi s al.-a l.w little regard aid LIe telnporls e so lodge. IThe scenenslfhorror in de Churclesl battle all de- cotecy of their declaratiuol. Tit conference ta
mad value. andl fr which ae ao Iwaol and body, .e still mscralpion. TIhi-re todl d and dying have been bune as the basis of nanly of its anated rights die trnat rl
cling to thi. listtnlllr.- that characrtrine tlh rare of man.- fron d.ircrnt plar -h nre die bLrus d have bren taken Vienna, and would justify it active intervention in t
Tiese warnhin, are ans tl, Iat taly IpFlk a wi tll-.o. lomr surgical ssi stance. Tme bodies of all the killed, lhow- affairs of Belgium ly a relarence to dat treaty. But if i
leson-- up-" your stare r alewr* ne -itr entll -;ttas tr ever, lave nt laen recovered from die heaps of stone now acknowledged that the treaty o f Vienna wsh vi
1t carrul'.--aa that rat Dh-nl is is nl ,I il--dltr.C'lit.n under a hl.ih they were cnitha ; and as putreliaction has iiaas in principle, it naturally follows that it slaHild nol b
ol tlempraliries,, but tlie virisaital,.. -lollgiln to ou Ilrcaadly tnkn place, -w are dlarateaned idl tdie additional dawli inlo a prectlent. Every act of tile Congrns
natures. rlaianliltv of a really i-silence. tiul, in Ili infinite good- Vienna rlat be tainctd by its ilnerent vice; and mt st
We unleraland lhut tim l sst of life is elstil.lad tal from,U sier flrd-rh l.,rrors Ifrounoiar devoted isle!-TlThral- surely no inference derived from ill proceedings b lil,
SINN) 1. .M11011. I t.,,I I,, l or(, wit1h fyio,. adI dii.,u, a e can only rly I' aa "nn""e"'. Ite enterltained s applicahle to tlhe lI at
%.%- hav,- .aur-il it rannia (vaTrv rre-N tallt v t lair on Ili.a li..,itilial o ltsreltc ilils eaitI l.. arara '.t""lilt't of got rna. ll.e lt. Mhla y ofl it colnlrie.s whit,
laiwn.en) tllmst ansry aiede.lirals t ie,naritriat l dia.r aaile. lr iulr tma-l rt -s.,ic. Widheout a pl,-ntilal supply of ar- lrown ta-ir tseiag espe'cial oajects of le tlIalals al carred of
to h .lthe n tih- ill-.rf f ia .Sao,,lrilhoin lid I l il,.r o,,, a ta inhliabitant will periIsh of lI.,r- ill- Iw cl-alIUid .laarcI, wen. Iloe brlerCdf
-. on fooI--lwhclh we hop may be liM ca. oiu thel. I)inila interltosiitn, siir dire te ust b con 'uy wholesa'l, lave slna.e disalvowe and resisted dot
m I ,ilallld by ll ll ll h i risil,( I'roun Ihepi- by-l]4i"l wiclh s to I1,e Il,,ld lhltn to 4a f,,vr .
trial earcaalusa Of linstn nl b o uts alic lien alil foece oflr e l Belgiuml is one ofi thusecoountrkie; and its election of PrioM
(From the Ilarbados (Globe, Augvst 1.5) earc. Laupold, and lis accrplance of tlat crown, iust now he
,Th ouKh llI n-erciful farlbe.narnce of an all Pwerful lThe Churchlw antd Clhnpe-s throughout the island have matters in which no third party has a riglt to interfere
itiy, we ar enalthal II reisui m the tpublirclion af ,iour sulfflen-rd sar o a greater s, ls-ser Iextent. rTheI sacred Ir til paIrpIr ) of o'jecting to, or preventing his acres.
epa mr, by issuing a haf. t to-dab. Tal e printed elice in Saint JlMnas' asl injaed l e Itilln anny otler, siol to tle thlronea. If in tile administration of Ilis sa,-
none on Thlmursn a, is io tlhe lawfil ilamnila lichl, Tlh ie (.lthdrIl a.l St. blarv's were ldepria ed of dte great- rvigatly he should give ground for olence to any oti rr
on tIIe nlmrninar a l that day, laid the whol,. cnlinlr i an 1 .r part of dlir riCo<, tll Orgenof the latter as blows to power, lie will be subject to a Odeman d of reparation fInr
cenfisslt Ias. of rasis (iOr lie lib hli bi:In piar.l Ial al atasl.; St. Iuil's antid St. Ilalew's were nearly t itaIll thl lit ower only. As tlhe great obstacle to te adjustment
aour irto hai l uirldly ldainiaged, tIw luy t firtlli.% l ta. I a),..,-rt. (;,variaan llaia a S utiroiotd, ainl taIr- If t l, dilTTe-rences b.twtven Hlelgium ansd llaolland arias
uof lirlctin, hlwrv'rr Iarraiwin aIn tu r,, inii.l t I. : ii,, ; i cinalaraTl, and lu Iel. xrol.t-rllncv tlHe Goiernir ,lIlig.,d It froIt lldillicui y ofsettling t le boundarii.d f letri .e twous
p.rfirnil ; i asIn rto) ioIvy t a- It li diatalnl renmler a coIrrcil tiak. rell intl iili t r-llar.-klingi lliu', llne tlitr' al hIosl, Irit, a nd the naviigation of the rivers uhlidh paasi lthroutl
lh-.a lo Ilie sCnlae Iaf al IIs iaalillao In-lir,. i is a talk IIIipos- i l I ( ouIaIIIII;I GI t-r- sa-rtouasli daiapriioIl-ll I- tile, it laail tmatt lie uenprlofitable o say aui word nl thai sal
*il.l In I ax* ruinallitlsa-l. H l rn. nser an Ilrn illr i\, S a l no < ;ii larlilly ina.1ir :l--and llte (a'llsl ll iu h U a -,. ai a" T truo c -res pin- n-t alIIa t'a-lv (. nia thl llai-ans by
the desI- l..lion an.1 nai. l "y irm -i,.I al t lto iti i-w 1il ;I Ilowati dt .wi Bhtl to parti.ulaarize wouli bIa a l ,rl...t. l- al cil'l ll i dianiCll .v It i be ullanatel i milv.o.l, anin.ely,h y
fulirse tiao tie li l [ t.. I.r I l.ititIrua.i I a iar) ti-ri. y ti ,n a .I r- irols anl t llmie 1 M i -n e r\ I.ou anal nil 1airts t. lliw i l, l 'tll aiiar ilr h iin aaiti Clificalill, tIoli ranged by tla- illimnadiall
quale tairlmra. Ililrhl.aalas tS. I-i.-r in -ul ,a onlditon lav,,,i a i.' iln MKc respect or olierU, Tared inll thel g-netal dC- artlie-; or ir ilarliitraors mutually caliuosn. lI.ln.ept.ndelentl
since I- U17S1 iT- liauricanea ol ta liat 1a. U'I strtirn. Il lle iLIter ino tives ol lihuniaanily, even sl-Ilir lin iss its
hVae iexra-,ll-1 in idurationi, lbut nott in aioleC., IlI. aa. J, tllasing r|esals|ere driven on shlion. hereo il-v a lst admit that the first auaild iit tu far 1tine Iore el-wdiinl
of Thurma Inai l ; I tI d lnmatLre sili-red ist ri is I.halaips a1qial in still rc-mnin: rait ; for aill ntliat. .An inaleinniticatiln to b paid is
etlls t, tliw III el r i.1 liv,.s l aI u. l 5I I.-,.. ,t i.raal. uliall-. lUla Irlm ntn ArrMusa;a ri rii rlhi,,a r, Que- m"" ". I" IIlluLa l li;r llta territories now is ali.nlae., ll.i
'I l ai iar. air I -! .dla-si av l llaag iin ia ialttia a d)l t'rr, Da l r Iata' r, Mlair, .Kllini, Ala ntaninllrt lll- "ialia. 1tat-talltalla lat .I aianay i ars' purchase. oft lt n-ve-
of unulail.Il ..ta.Ied r. iaeal a lnd n TIIs persona lprLnstlist.lI .I / o AIr/i., nnil 'lra ; lriLr;a tila"- Saeuurl Haindl ; a s n iad-s Ih.l. r Illy yn-i-l, wuloul fall gre-ntly slhorl of tllh war
th at- lhrl wUdi 1t. ..l ..- ,la tlior, t-w rinI-Ia ; 1t1 t l la 'hooners Ark, atndl Ierr-rrr.n ; iaie I oru. Illurbidrrs, 'I .n.s ai yar. lPeRace is li)r l-ir conaninIIl inlterllt:
snlslilil sllh I 1a t6niitali n s I.i il a ilil.- lThlI u nil s a lit i a d limltaegr aild i)circr ins .itanc e re d a In'i 1 i a c iou tries milli n-ri rl
tilm.s IslHI:l I.Ll., 1ail. loi i.',I k IIL e si ans ai T -i Lriul tintIiin I rods as ltr to L Cia ir l iIH ilu ann r r oand ph si-al strenLi, ihal if ol h
Ilsho er ia rain, s ilh a r1 a ll l- 1 It a,1 a a .in. ln ir h i ro .ia l it n ril.l ii aralis e lallse- l ia ,lal m slli.Trlr I nl aotr aeido intlillrfl-re nad inllStliUa llt' 11 1-t1 It J ho ilitis,
dlii, a ln I.a- i l o t h al itil l otT ra l t llr I li.- rizoria in h ri g in e r rig i Term Jaler r, %a a, likia, iat Jfas li tas of t re iia.-rn-iltes will del'lr then froiten giq
and renai.ewd Ifr itona Inn11 ma1,i.-iYih.I Il n ..i.oi11. .\i il. (are-a i:n;l anid suiained little ailanag, 'CXC-ti tl- t, siar. Ihllandla, withI Ih pipali:-n of two aiil Ih lmn.I-
twrl e, lia-y blirst in a m.oi-rr. .qaiiill, at Il a si, tihll tma I| ss ia antiai. lioi, i", is fndLt l lb y ltr dykes, riv-r%, anld niarinta franlirr
by a h.-as raain. \1 llits ti.rid, tltr- a Ma a Ii irl nair i Tim- *|i| lr | I t'l a th, nil n f r rii'rare aa llins. l inr elEai i has nnnilea.rt I n fr rlr.a.r. ss i and R a pip.
From N. ., anil i an l ai ld l.CI n ta In a tiCel.i. i -.. In ts i liIour t \l .,I. lal t il'v i t .I. i ra liitanaillv IlN. In lioia ill'four ilillian ; lbll, lhiuegl nlailiil-rittilvlll llrtonl r,
it hblw a trini-alid,- nia g lal., Inb iiiilna llI-ra fora lirt Itail., i,,ial, allll .-t.iurnld latre-, l %h n slo- was -riIa laloael I 'he in Itr ilnflriar to Ilt lllanll in i na is f lls he lntire- eIl ite
when it amtsuddI ly Iw'i n.t notiure o iil.a, and tl ia, la .rlh-c II Ft -, rll-rIn s i lu.e Goerir to plror.eel, we ai-a.aMlttasl, I naalls If"an a Hsae. In llthe cvelnt of alr, I land rculd
hurricane a tllia.- ihtitwk. Nut all- .ork a. iltriiliioi n ti iiak cnlian, in aisliesilches, in tlhe hWtIt of 1iallinei in blid Iadr Anisitrp Htaid Os eitl, dile only two nmaritime
romnatnre.l. rlill s tis hour until li it raged il sil, un- it ail, h oIliitt ard bunlld vessel; bhll failint in llItha, Itl\ tatt O ls orfiunliu hi uts b I, a l tire latter cotry pin-s ass- l
parals -lsa l iule-nr, lhila t h l liClila g wautlhl al illnti tml a,,isila )hi' inSir.ln iaslely for Oanrdd IIt d In Il. tai I'w llship aL It riinir l rrr nmichl I ri arrived onu in neulral
rcas a nonillallry ilt hUirr-i tlnre sn tIe c nilnal]tad -,, air Ii AM.II DL)'L mniA, (;iuoernlir (itrlniral oaI Iltsoini, IliiraTih hl- Nirlt ofl)Dnkirk, anti thence bve banOl
around. The limiases e tre eilr l Ieslhli ilh ti- iIth I ill l htii'la ;in.. toa Ith- principall ltownas of Helgium ; whlilt,. on tlie other
or unsoofed--tlc lIargers tres tlllrn Ito.l ll W-ir rmil, oir Tlir 1 i.choinr Ag. s, which arrival on Fridav ilorn- Ihni., 1Iat Iuel"s t rlllalai-cerre would lit- broken as rlasos. Numerou indi vidiual wrrre Ilbrirld inre ir Triinitld, las lnb been enrllp ,ind in'llit- r- i"h"nslli- anct.l i rik rianm hlliian prii ane--s. Takinl,
'c the rTuin r ,orn, ir Ils I Vitlul ah l slIhr thi II. It l lie of o ic of (oo i? erinanil. in hle Mailed last uigfll, but hier des- Ih.ret1lr-, all tlt rirt irlicillmancel ol l tk.. I l cotnltries inte
the storm, anml hre-atnel il int aint dt.le at earn sar- Isintion ia not exactly known. ctaonid,-ra.tln, -,,, nla .,eini a i-h a dt.cided iauel .ri-
remive last that hurk-d the sihltli.rr.d frLttirnent in iti-ery The merchants of his town, altlhou.h lsuffrers thern- ori n ,llr oriy a tal-r sidea ake- i lllt f at ar nmaller
direction. TiMe nmalretic roauinutl Itr wold It- Ias-.sI lv. qs it a r4conlid.lrable exent, have ipiurlsul llo- otilpolr- retain s lcr' I- llin or tohllei- llnr. I.oni inllurlrolur
to sem fro as a ilhll-th-.n iaip.,1I oflf ilth an aii|alllina, in' i "- dei n ii'liitlindg an inaerasr in tile price of plroi iona Isai s il accoimmolitalatlrl Iht. rouini at, of n.l-.iiinat and Iol-
crash, o driven from l the .arlll allb trrli luI'i,. Til- (are imaholl Idw taken to prevent any unlin-ling hlurkter l."" asiluo ake ilts cntinuance Ia.raSr cil, if,,t ". saI
wind had new vera- to E1., back to N., ind to N I.; from llirittingr unfairly lay haw lia l.lndi-s. ,to arla stat,:. There is.,thfUatU ery n.,e a r -i
agapi it shifted,nid btlw li.rcrl frlm t :., rierl t, .<. a .- l., -lia t:trcllCnr v tlm (;vvernor called InrP linet of l :" imicall t ali!jusalmentl n.l iijptmln, na, r- n Ia ,
and ahbut six uo'clock IIurst IIta S. (., a sh, re au,. t.,l iliaratl ,It, Iioart of Council for to d.v. %. la ce nUlot e"i"rn aalstance will kald dse DMaft r lh,- I( t 'i- ... s,.
vi-nce. acrrcanllani.nil Lb lirrntlll, r.ul. O()ie t-ir. Iel. h t r.n inlfortal of the n-sult of llrir Idehllbralion. I ract tit rretorat ion ;as ly whitchl ,nai., I sa- r
d h uIrrKlnse ragsd-e ul.- r s aas lihl tat nlintai,, in n I, sill I,.e ,,tn at II n l D. I. l', A.i, 1 l:(, lia aei.- i and si-.cur e Ilu- hlapplteaI s rt iatll F -OI;C ...a a i
cole raw its fur). For Iwo liirs I ta l lir id anil II]n it o- ratii. i.l Camit lI ural ior t ir alssia nia reof IllI Ita r ,as ini de o e l ill rteni foi rel n Li taid ollith. il.rt ; an il a.1 i', ii
illMsa ths. and it is easi..r tI c.nrc.i ., tla.n ta dt r,.1, ,iilirl. wilh a smnltanTous oli-rr of htn ltarrl-. ,tf Hloulr: i lfa a"iiahl hanl, Ilhol'ld IPrussa. under ar.v prln -
the ef-rines ofthsle ntelarlss laimma s ahos a re ail this andl thli ar rvhave made sn alia-al at)o all- plic ut sl 1ppt Holland, Fasice vwoild, in ilie aia l
ti dstitut of even -tlr alr.ti haIali r o .n n ilth- lr- l 1i. r e alr. IaniIv ailh ie-rlo iill loas, i t int B' lgita. -
ftl haconrtnlin- el-e-nnts. '.li l.lsh la innl Itaillh t isn coitritbliai, to twI ili f oi f I teir wretched I allow I be-
tw of thdlloe wio w in lIalth nll Ilas labersl i xcrai-ia- i' iTr.I. migraion.- tIl is w iheriri. i lr. r. i ll
S alw vhIa nulst tllaul hat bln ol'dlicalre i nmal.s al h I arindls thi s inin, Ihat (u we hdve il-., .ti '- a 'a
` tIml timm in oulpr rp d pai rneir. am It. Ir I
l beenlingiring on a hbal of ricknets!-- nld niany of f7 We- are authorized to stael, lhat a erntlllman aill E" : lan "s in la p ) Ietsi r~ "at! ar. t .a ra
-th e wsh e faro ar tin to|In l i.-l,, ar',Hlara Ira a Is- inr aRaiilatie a s ite natIDrcial Iall evelr i* drlndtrre c.r. ;van t t
sahir railsivesand, and in l estate ofaditil, --hllp- te |r linr at pslt .np l p ltk, b he W. I hi ths. tl v c l ro oi the A a tlaC Ta f :1 ..i si
l infants, too, were in like manner turn from tie arms ,t 9 tald l ir die purp.. i of rsgisterinll tile l deall oc- dolrirts in the ligthl s ,f'disreased rentsl r eaionl ,yI dte late Storm l. aelate app-arane, and Mer e rnligration a ,-on i .
I it is celreclated that birmany case tract. f I ltand tw"
Wbim the light of ay dawned through the dreadful f t See also adi alstirlse nt of Mr. lvlta, in extet a ilt Ie th ieanrmy riw tinr % .se of arl, TI r
ghe of the sulsiing Itrmpelt, the devaslation of d at in extent will he tIamlenes Thr ~sni of r't rr-I
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Ie g sl' winds and Uds crashing of the falling ri N v lno, Ilta it Isis intrnion as ain this w-rtched com- c that tair tenants, thO. h n a as ameo*(I, .rs r luci t
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....n ammed do shr the affrighted antpub eIofr hie ftml i -ly- ;,lss" so
efso wounded wed dying, bonke in mournful sounds and ih.w laitr terrific STORM & EARTHQUAKE, to pub- (Iofahers. fInn 'o 4W, to F *6 ; r -7*a
phiable eCts in the ers of dla ls unforunnate survi- lilh ch a ir r arrmntia accoua t of their nravags, as mnav t i Y Ipoi- I k, s kiL
wa Tlhse who had suficit tarenncth remaining, eomai- Live to tll. worl, and In l steritv, son ide.. f .a .i- parents., hle a i .-fln l l ra l, il .
amld a orrowf'l emahforir the resiptive memiber of ful dIo lati, of itsh once snailine isla of HBirbdoso-,, "aly h are atii h od Ansreria lh t In far
there fimie, soma of wlsme lil-hem bodies were diin- 'TNosa. munfor;atnaet indivialns, i-ltever heI their rank: ter part l dlrl t t wv ra ale
samadl tlht ruins loe t tran.lsirreal to anowllr grave, atin, o than tcaeti his r-i o, wiL --lharv- n .n jr in in
whlst mauMgled .mns of others, wern draieed forth, 1 riel- pcor-,, ,oni,.ts or ,rot,.rtv, ar earns-,lv slirite, is A s tat1e of sisa, hto a lt. -1 in I' .l...i
fiJ fnu their l laisns, anti enkine the Irleartof niir n- '- early at alir i,,aann-ti,, i,-liiins nill ,nrmeit, to fanorardl' In q rt Lon a*sidr e il it. N,: ,t I % o auar
paltis ising r lati es hlt d atit, at uti.>hi. T h fi.. lth. h lin li ,. il, iivr .i r a intai t., and patticul.rly a curi ls i ,l.i.een otm a r; c -ivtac l ',a.i


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