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Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 31, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Vf3 Avoasn i *a+o

D-i GglEBIGGS, Editor. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 31, 1881. VOL. I-No. XII.


al per an------ -- .
igt Dollars per annum-- advance.


ays Diandy lto Rocky, "I lunL it is h:ird,
T' I keep myself quiet, I cannot have rest,
Time Conchs do torment me, they will not regard
The high rank which I hold a the Govoeror guest."
S'They also accuse me of standing in halls,
To listen, and hear what they say of affair ;
I Lhe can declare, I ne'er listened at all.
That's as true as my head, Sir, is covered with hairs."
* Sp Stop !" says the other, pray do not go on.
You know that they aw you. while doing the deed ;
Too can make no excuse, for this thing you have done,
Fo guilty of list'ning, now you must plead."
SYou must also expect, Sir, to add to your titles,
For ev'ry achievement, to gain some more names,
Ad Sir Robert andy, P. P. F. E. L.
ereslter be styled-to the grief ol Sir James."
SWell then." says the former," If I must confess,
I tell you I'm very unwilling to shew it:
Ulslathere's a telltale sad spy in the place.
How can the inhabitants manage to know it T"
flHowever. I'm sure. I ne'er did it but once,
And that was just after I'd taken a drop,
Which got in my head, Sir, and made nit' d llnce,
And therefore to steady myself, I did stop."
SI could not help hearing them speaking itllin,
And who would have known. I was slIt.iniil rbout.
Unless sonie vile klakguard was wail'hil,, miy n I i
There's a spy-that there is-it admits ot no dluubl."
ots've spoken the truth, at last." IRl.i ky r'phell,
Bl t as for the blaiLkguard )on I llk i. r I . ,.
He's one of your frieil-.-lon tihe t(;ti,,or' ,hi.
I ay'tis yourself,-you're the cause otr )ur wou."
YVs made such a terrible noise wlh your boot,
That they could not av.ndl lookik iut of the gla ,
And had you not been isuch a hlon-legued bruite,
You might have conic-rled yourself in the long gras."
You keep yourself quiet I very much douhiit; :
What right have you. pr.ay Sir. Io melule witih us,
Our slaves, or our business, wlht know oil alinul It it
You're a troublesome meddler, unworllty ol trust."
"You're one of those Saints who asslnime a grave face,
And try to make people believe they're sou godo.
Who prate. and nd fault with all tllings n a place.
For the talk of the English t'afford some inore food."
SYo get a nice dinner, no doubt. from Sir James,
Bat the citizens hate you.-you've rnuIed up IlieP ire,
Aad pined nothing else but a long strin, of names.
Plage, Pestilence, Famine. Eavesdropper. a.ind L*"*.
X. B.

Pr y tell me," says Dick to his old brother John,
Wat is it that Soldier does carry ?
I Wm him parade it all over the town,
And sometimes to talk he does tarry."
It's black and as ugly as Old Nick himself.
Aid I see when he opens this thing,
Aad gives to the people their notes from the hill.
Ttb these notes some bad tidings do bring."
Bo turn up their noses, some screw up their mouths,
As much u to say, I don't care
A b for all th t's contained in this boa,
lad odto are angry, and swear."
SJoha, t" don't you know what they call this machine I
cth box ofPandora-quite full
Of dl of busine and letters of spleen.
Ah letter their anger to lull.
"It Lhg uch a quantity, too. of bad news,
Tt ewy one (earm. when he sees
Thb ai bringing mischief and trouble along.
Fwr tb who the TyrInm displease."
te other. If that which you say be quite true.
Ueaetaily with yon agree,
mf 0 much wickedness come from the hand,
lta store in the heart them must be Q. Q.

Oh, could you view the melody
Of every grace.
S And music of her face.
You'd drop a tear;
seeing more harmony
in he bright eye
Than now you hear.
a i 0

THE LADY OF CARWINION. upon himself the car which his inbtimable pret had
struggled with for many year. The young Lord Godol-
Wr will stop at Carwinion," said my friend Harvey, phin, to fit himself for the station he was intended to UI
after a hdid day's walking in the beighbourbood of the w"nt abroad on his travels to foreign courts. For some
Lizard ; we shall be sure of a welcome; and I much wish time their personal intercourse was suspended, though a
to see my old friend Mrs. TrelawDey." frequent communication was held by letter.
Harvey was a native of this pa of Cornwall, and One dreary December night, Trelawney had just pre-
knew every individual and place of any note within many pared himself for rest, and only staid a few moments be-
miles of this district. I had met him on the continent, hind the remainder of the family to secure his dwelling,
and, much pleased with his society, bad agreed on an ex- more front the inclemency of the weather than from any
cursion in the summer for the purpose of investigating the other fear, when the sound of a horse's hoof briskly trot-
geology of the w esern extremity of the kingdom; and on ting into his court-yard attracted his attention, and a
lltis day we had made a complete survey of the Lizard knocking at the dour inimnedintely followed. lie opened
Point. T'urninii away from the contemplation of the it, and d stranger entered, who, apologising fir tie intru-
inal, rot ks rising from their ocean bed, which compose sion, presented a letter, lirich lie said would explain hii
tlis bold priiiiilntury, we wete soon at Carwinion ; and business : it was frlun his friend (;odolplin, stil briefly
tllhouii I expected front larvey's promise to spend a pina- stated, that know intg liI Irietudslip of Edward Trelaw-
sanlt hour or two in the evening, after our day's ramble, ney, lie intended making Carwinion ite residence of a
I was mnuch and agreeably surprised at the rich fund ol person in whoui lie was much interested, and begged
anecdote and story of our kind hostess. From the ex- permission to send sonm workmten to make such altera-
terior of (Carwinion, no one would imagine it was any t"" in the house as his confidential servant (die bearer of
moro than a respectable farm residence ; but, on entering the letter) might think necessary ; he would repay him
the house, he would be struck with an elegance quite at for his kindness, but he knew the person he addressed,
variance with its outward appearance. We were shewn and that was sufficient to warrant his acting in the manner
into a little room with rich black oak Ilanelling and carved he had done. The messenger was greeted with the wel-
work, tim windows deeply set in the n'all, (at that moment come of a friend; permision was immediately granted
shedding a faint but mellow light round the apartment, for and in a few days workmen were in busy preparation for
the sun was then going below the horizon, shewing its the arrival of some person, unknown to all but Godol-
broad disk over the wide Atlantic); the ceiling of the phin's servant, iwho waited for his master to announce the
room was ornamented with a deep wrought cornice ; and visitor. Nothing was spared to get forward the work. and
in a little recess, from an elegant vase of Italian marble, in a few months the whole was completed. So far a cir-
were Ilowers scattering their perfumes grateful to the cinmstances would permit, the apartments were entirely
surse. from models by Italian masters, and for many years the
Fatiruerd with our day's toil, we enjoyed the comfort- beauty of the new buildings at Carwinion was a tlhme for
able hospitality of Mrs. Trelawney to her complete satis- admiration, and at the timn a subject of goasipping wonder
action, and did anple justice to the cakes, coffee, and to the neighbourhood, who knew not-for whom this pre-
rich cloutled cream, for which this county is so famous; paration was made.
and they rer rendered more delicious by the kind manner As unexpected as the arrival of his messenger was the
in wh'hlii i were s pressed to partake of what was before approach of Godolphin, and with him came the unknown
us. 'TI'l neIws of the day, anecdote and social chat, but expected visitor ;-it was a female, fair as the morn
brniou aoiliut tlih hour for repose, and I was li the .ianrtment I was to Ioccupy for titI! night. If' Ite for its possessor, Godolplin lad made choice of Carwi-
,li.i.|, e i l"of tlir i- palliir hilcaRsed me andl excited my nion fr its secluded situation. Concealment from the
c.riiiosit, this minli t more urresteii my attention. The public eye was an object much desired by him, and he', &c. luadlilsi tn it were all of the black polished thought here to remain perfectly unknown; but by some
oak usi,- in tile lst houses near two centuries since, and "mens or other, strange reports found their way abroad
1i. I:oIi i;t.el: ..... a Lbua L ifi spAi-i. ., o; hl work- concern;ng the lady: some said alm was a poor deluded
imianslip of olden time. It was a small square room, ex- f*Inale, who had been tempted to run away from her friends
cplintim ItanIrds the aist ; (in that side were the windows, by w kicked arts ; others reversed it, and said she was the
lIrainii. a Ilhip ricr s, in which were shelves of bouk, asduicer, and had entrapped the affections of the young
swon line old paintintios of saints by the Italian masters, Lord ; and some found fault with her for her religion-she
and in a little niche was an ivory crucilix, curiousll, was a (atholic, and the bigotted inhabitants of tie neigh-
vnrouirl, with several Catholic looks of devotilon ; thll bourhoolu objirctd to papistry being intrioducid among
whole eiidentll ly l intintin out that this had been the alxi I,"" m.1i In liiIll thie remarks were silenicrd,-by the
ofusolie pr siro of piety, who at the same time posstsd- I porr lie ti, aiier almost idoli7ed, lir' was so good, so kind
a nminl capalde of enjoyinge II, t'l-ainriies of art and re- to thenm ; and tlhen ill I'r little walk. sIhe wIouldl rlal at
linetient. Thei decoration of theI interior of this little t'ir cotltais, bInd in hroken English inquire into their
mansion hadl riveted my attlntlin, and called inmaination circumstances ; if distressed, they were sure of relief;
to my aid, to form some reason why this house should be and though sonie still regarded her uitl a jiualous tN., the
lifted up in a manner so different to any in the neighbour- blessing of the poor went with her, and God sanctified the
ihood; but though I formed twenty conjectures, I was ulessinc.
dissatisfied with them all, and in the end went to bel To l'relawncY the whole was revealed. She was the
with a determination to enquire as far as politeness woull daughter of an Italian nobleman, who, to aggrandize the
permit, of Mrs. Trelawney, in the morning, what I had elder branch of his family had destined Ulis. his youngest
been so lerplered to account for. chili, to the convent. The ioung Lord (odl phin waa
Thle sleep of this night, from tl., hard toil of the day, introduced 1tI her at her father's louse, where he had blen
was lhe nmost tirfreshing I hail ever enjoyed, and I awoke a visitr ; hi hlad been old the life se was doomed to,-
in the itmornine IIn ruar upon a scene beautiful beyond de- it was so stranc'e ti It:nglish fielinfg, that he pitied her
scription. Tlte land surrounding the house was highly the niwnent he heard it ; besides, se was so beautiful, so
cultivated and teeming with plenty; the corn, in the ear, unlike an inluhbitant of the world,-one who appeared to
was centll agitated by the hbime, and from it the lark lo"k for support and protection from the very persons
lirhtlh springine rose full ofjoyful music to hail his gomd, who owere pIing toI cast her ofT forever, that he loved liver
the sun; in the distance was to he seen the little fihing- IeLfre he had an id,'a it could posibly be the rae ;
hoats, returning with the produce of the night's labour; though live uttersn nol a w.rd, it is eloquent-in action, ia
and at the extreme pointof view were time ships passing looks, in attention In the wisIh, in the while hehaviiour,
to andl ro to their destined havens, mere specks in tll' it is shlwn, and slpaks a langeaate as powerful as the
Ihorizon.-Descendine to the parlour I found Mrs. Tre- fItest oratorv. In a situation like bhr's, dioimrd toi Ie
lawney htusied in preparing hbreakfast,and in ashorn time shut out from the world and its pleasurin at lthi time they
I was 'filly engaged in that most pleasant occupation, the are enjoyed th moist, the attentlms of Godillphin hall a
partaking of it. I now been to consider the best means power irresistible; and it required little persiuasinn to in-
of commencing my inquiries ; but I was maled the trouble duce her to accept his proposal of marriage, and leave her
by Mrs. Trrlawnev's relating some anecdotes of the country for that of Britain; they were pril ntuly married
neighbourhood, in the course rf which she unconsciouslv by the chaplain of the British Imbassy at \enirc, and
was led to make Carwinion and its lady the suhject of her immediately left Irnly.
dicnrorse; it was a simple snory, scarcely worth repeat- Love had completely blinded Godolphin to the ailhrinth
ing, hut it interested me, and may please some others ; at into whiA he had plunged, he left Venice without any
all events, it cannot offend any one, and so I will give it settled plan nfproceeding, his only idea was to secure the
in her os n wrdls. prize, and elude the vengeance of the father of his bride ;
The Trelawnevs had held the estate of Carwinion for but now other thoughts rame to his mind,-the prejudices
nearly a century, under the Lords of Godolphin, and of his family against foreigners, the knowledge that ano-
as tlhe were the most considerable tenants of that house, their had been allotted him bv his father,-the'n Carwinion
Here was always a social intercourse between the parties; and Trelan ney were thought of; and knowing it would
indeed, generally speaking, at tIl thIe there was more be some months before he could arrive in Eneland. with-
friendship between landlord and enant than at present. out subjecting himself to a multitude oif inquiries as it his
About the year 16-, the heir of Godolphin and Edward return before the period prescribed, he dispatrl ed his con-
Trelawnry, from bring nearly the same age, joining in fidential servant to get the mansion and aparu cents in
the same sports snd exercises, and having received their order for the reception of his lady. until bewr prosecta
education from the same tutor, formed a connexion, ho- opened to him, and he could introduce her to this world a
nourable to both, and cemented by an affection for each the mistress of his house and sharer of his titL, and for-
other more resembling brothers than that which generally tune.
exists between persons situated as tl wee, and moving The day of their arrival at Carwinion was coaplfly
in stations so widely different, typical of their aftar lie ; the morning mno rum it pln-
At the close of their education, Trelawne returned to dour, but clouds and storm overshadowed it at neoo; then
the rural occupation of his father ; his ete had been it brightened, and a the day declined and eve ca e
manoagd for some yem before by hb mother, his father on. thre s a mild glory in the avens, asd. g its
having died when he was an infant; and now he took rivifying induene on the world, and the s, is I itlinig.

Tl w. .. ... Pu-

a nl o wfleshingIt wsa of blogialihUll Igi like th a lo. frau
Ah rlgm torws e the I baom of a phriston, dth effect of pain, that be awoke a mo of the crew who
o, depasin for ano r wrld, a la Ish bhnauly were keeping on the deck, and who went *eluw to lhi
a o dir ecerig prospect oa rleig again to s
. am of rWy s WU' the Mo Lat L C. amim.a : he being qui.e iimenible, ty wn unable
ao a her wrrinv in England dsh gave birth to to reader immoodile lelp,.-probably for want of which,
n laaintl, who llved bul few aonth; then the father ol he very sopn after expired. No marks of violence ap-
her hiid doveb d the marrnge, nd drove hbl anwy peaking on the body, and their not being any thing of
frmbi prslecton poverty and distress came, et she a .upiciou nature atunding hi death, the jury return-
bore ill Hke an ngel, cheering her hand In his or- suspicious nature atudg his athof God
row, and bidding him look forward to brighter days. ad a verdict-" Died by the visitation o Gd."
At Carwinion, though overclotuded at times with grief
(fAo three childn successively came to blet forh a m- Weunderstand that the brig Medal, Jolm Jones, master,
mest, and then depart) were passed lnue of their happiest from Baltimore, bound to Kingston, Jamaica, with a cargo
days; and when the time came that the old Lord diedl, thyi of flour, rice, corn, butter, staves, &c. dc. was wrecked
took possession of the rank and weallh they were entitled at Heneagua, on the night ofthe 9ih instant. The Cap
to with hearts moulded to bless and make hauppv their te- at, on night of the We instant. The Cap-
nary, more than if they had not tasted the world's cup of ain and crew, consisting of eight men, landed in their
biernres boat at Crooked Island, and left thence on the 23d in a
So beloved were they hy the family of Trelawny, that brig for Philadelphlia. It is presumed, the chief part of the
aftertheir departure evrry thing was scrupilously priser- cargo, from the situation lu which the vessel ias placed,
Ted in the same state a wlien they letr it; and uome years
after, when Godolphin fell ilelcine folr his sovreii n in will be lost.
the civil wars between Charles and his Parlian,.eit. l.i The above information was addressed by the Captain

_ _


- IL -Al

sate == uL., ousu fo(r the deicant, tI de a
ary's Office to be recorded. In reply, the Solicitor Ur
ra denied the charges brought aaist him odr!yih
to be lorllT, irekadly and wlltly Ilm. WhhI thi*s
ration be,I however, diamisedlte accuutions, and stios
uponhis client's cse rested her right to restituieiunupm l
facts set forth di the claim.
This morning, his Honor Judge Munnings, pronounce
the judgment of the Court. After soue prelieinagry1
vatiuns, u to the title of Mrs. Stout to Ule Slaves li
lion, he observed lthat a the cliomant had designedly
up and cancelled the bill of sale, she could no loeger 6
considered to be the legal owner of them, and could at il.
oiand restitution of dtem. He, however, did not found L4
decree upon Isis point, and after making several obw.rv
tionsupon the examinations taken as well on te part oftl
prosecutor nson the part of the claimint, lie concluded lia
lhe allegaliiiin set forth in the inrufornimati were not eslsh
lilied. He lthererore dismissed tile iialurnitlion, decrti
restitution uof tle Slaves to tis erleiiIant-aniI decreed pi,
bahle cause of seizure, in consequclcr e of tle nmyltcry an
conifuion in hlich tle transaction lead been involved by
tlhe claimant.

--- _._ ~~__L -~ --~- 1C-

lady came once more to her firnner habitation. She of the brig to lStorr, Esq. the Amcrican Agent here.
lived there many years, le.sing anll ble,,sed ; and when -- Thus has terminated this very intereiing case ; but -.
the great enemy of the humn ra, dth r c., amh c pnpn The army, navy, and ordnance estimates, have been in- Ilre we dismiss it entirely, we would wish to enquirer asl.
her, patient and meek site silinmitt-d to ine rod, and re- i roluiced into the House of Commons, and it is an eltra- what method the Solicitor General has res-rted to, to Ms
signed b e soul to eie liatied who gave it. iShe died ; but
ignf the blesoul to the poran who pgave i. oShe ie; or-t ordinary fact, that their amount does not exceed that of fute the very grave charges brought against himn on Frida
phan and wid.'w, t tears of hr children nr il d the peace establishment. On the subject of the Squadron last, by the Attorney General. True it is, that he
dents, lave any avail, she is now in the mansions of fitting out at Portsmouth under Admiral Codrington, Sir malized those charge s as" foully, wickedly, and wilfully
the blest. Being a Catholic, sile desired her boily to be James Graham onedthe Lords of the Admiralty,declared false;" but it may be well asked,whether these words, hill
kid with those of her own communion, and at Llanhy- in the house that it had no belligerent object in view; and sounding as they are, will lie considered as a sufficient ri
red riory a pan maybe s aeen wh ith ohere sl rsts; is in relation to the hire of transports by tie Government, ftuation of accusations, which materially affect the chlargr.
her name and tile tinme of her death; it may be car- which lhad created so much speculation in London, it ap- ter of that gentleman t IlI our humble judgineiln, we
I-lsy passed over by the strane'r, but ler memory will pears that they re intended for other purposes, probably should say not. Report does say, and we believe upeo
ever remain in the hearts of those wleo knew ler, and in aid of the quarantine service as floating warehouses, for good foundation, that the learned Solicitor General hassp.
the family of Tr.-lawney. J. S. C. taking on board goods likely to communicate the contagion plied to the Executive for redreas.
v of cholera, and thus enable the ships which brought them to This may be a very discreet, but it most certainly in
T IE A R TrYS. be the sooner released. The prospect of a joint inerfer- onst novel niode of proceeding; and can only be account
ence of England and France in the affairs of Poland, seems ed for upon viewing tie relative situations ofthe two genle.
-ED.ElDAY, AUGdIUT 31 IN31. thus to have entirely vanished, and, judging from the ob- men. The Solicitor General, knowing his Excellency'
------- .- -. -- servations occasionally elicited in debate from the menm- predilection for proclmalions, and having, doubtless, good
By the Mail iBiat, which arrived yesterday morning, hera of the Cabinet, we woul' say the lhwever they may reason to believe that he ranks high in his Excellency's ea
and brought tie July munl landed at Crooked Island, aim to direct the course ofevents in E iro e by ne 'oi;- tinmation, as a good ansd faillhful rserucnt, wily hale iadol.
from the Reindeer market, Lie.-t. Dicken, on the 26ill lion, there is a determination on their part to avoid a re- ed his course, in Iol..asl that i itmighlt l til,, iiesisiisall i
inst. we have received file, of ElF.iiislh papers to the llirdl course to arns. tlle frstlaw officer f thCe (.II, ( n oi, l ofcl:i the pronie.
of July, inclusive', but they die nit contain. E neAs tie of the scc id icn ra.k.
of so late dates as we ac ere b lle in psessioin of vi... a7 To those of our sub. ilers h d. ,el 'C file tle,
New YVrk. Our fiu i.f tluh Jamaica Courant contains Argus, we shall feel olliged for numbers I. and IV'. Nse,., \,,cgi Sl, i1l.
little of interest, excepting c.lonial matters. The public INSTANCE COUIT-VICE AD.111ALTY. M'. icorn--A. Mr. Q,, is ',w sil'.ri'e In ma
mind in that Island as hil:hlly excited. There land been alak f 'ir D ." n i r al
meetings of tile inhabitants in almost every parish, and for (Scarcher) qui tom tin account oIf i r relarke up]nIir I. I lT er, I take Iry
very spirited resolutions entered into, relauive to the v.. In' in his behalifll, In onelfr hls ne11-t hiunille japI.liy, fIc
avowal made by the Ministri in the latie Parliament, on Three Slares, .Nany, a'lly, and lloattwain. el'.t Ie' tIlre dls,iaieJd.l II, aI'nl;e> has lel a L rita
the 15th of April last. This was a caseof seizure for an all.eed vilation of Ihsee i"iclr r 'llice l i ecceiln the .trlc i lit nl.le tilllnlllll' ai
We are glad to o.bserve, lal in tie, resent jeepardisedl Statutes of 5 Ge. 4.rh. 1:1, alnd 9 GIe,. 4. e.. 84, in is i "e"'e t I" e tin i.T e ->nii y elI lthe I eeunlllrune.
~~~rWe are gnledonhi rmosal of tie Slaves in qn'lion from a pliumtion on prto b ,11ii, ilte d a ol.,. hi. ,l, li r, I.. hf 1,,ii W. Vi al "
state of the colonies, when i is inec.. irr thal he free in- Wnitling's Island, belongine lio a certain Ja .nel Sampsn Io"', ini"""ate, ell te iee l' leeorl I I' ; c but ed
habians ofl' every denominalion should banish old prejui- 1 illiams, to Ilhg Island, cnol Ironti ience io ti Ii of c"'dini"g ic ti,' fir' l aeccrleptain ol' lic' v-rd, md enus,"
dices and unite in one common cale. for the protection of New Providence, without having first ol.taine'd ie liein.. I", nlv imlieh, thcl 6. co eev ele e nliinwl, .ofl parr
their interest, and in delfeneoe f nif thei lienable rih.s of ofilis Excelie ny theuovernor reos ,a ,lwith- ri,'-'. i, iI' is ce'd It t.nfei. tl, u ti .-- pre S
out Itrllre beilnlg on board fIll- vla.I in whi,,l-, the flaw. .ll- 11a II ea. ke- liieh n r i eaed,', if" 1 u cUiliulue ,,elr ieuniiei-
property, the free coloured inhablilante of Jamnacai awak- ren moved, any cerlificate o of tio r re isirali ii ; aind Un llout |i, i ,Ila.
ended by the assertions of that Arch-devil Lushhinet!on, in any of lie formalities requisicle to legial:ze tll-. er.. i, el lie i. ll ..i-' lf'' aiht y'r cr.c!e er, anhd olives' yes
the House of Commons, have come forward in the most Slaves from one Island t1o anithler, havin.el- re.ilnil ie. "c i' ) iteIm no fille er spem.iieins ofl' ir iiipartlialf.
determined manner to contradict ihose barefaced false. TIe Slaves were libellnl as tile property 01f \\ lliam. ", I .. ''('1m1t to Add, with all lity", in l'pe- tlher-y
hoods; and, convinced that itir own interests are inse- bht a claim as interposed by Isabella Stout, leir. eoilar y a' r liraurr, ha' he is Ilao.i
Williams, setting forth, tlhat tl'v were lier prifnomrv. allnd a. "'
parable from those of the white inhabitants, have joined llad been removed from Wailing's Island an do,,ie.u i I r.. S ,
with them, heart and hand, to resist any attempt to in- attendance upon her son Williams, a is L nL'er on ho'arl 1..ur .l t. s' en,
frnge their rights as British subjects, or to interfere with the vessel, and for the further purpose of' I,'ine lbruolelt t' t I. r Q'rz.
their property, without fulland ample compensation be pre- New Providence, to attend as domestic servants on the P. S. Plea.e in-,er ii .1. .e : eer p e.r, il.t
viously guaranteed to them. This is just as it should be. claimant, ho then was residing in this Island. Mr. t c, l is crriii..d i pl.. r, !,. e i, ,., uI,,.,-
It was admitted in tie claim, that no Licen-e had been "'' l"-h e plelirly.
Unity is primarily ncessary to raise an lefectual barrier obtained from the Governor for the removal of the Slave'
to the further encroachments of our insatiable enemies, and and that there was no certificate of their Registration on 9: A im, 1'1i.
aave the Colonies from the danger so alarmingly threate.- board the vessel in which they were removed frmp Wai- r, A st, M
log dhem-without this, resistance will avail nothing ; f ling's Island, such documents being, as the claimant alsheed. To the Eilaror f lthe Ilaama Argue.
the bonds of society are not drawn tight, it will be till, as not necessary or required by statute or otherwise to legalize Mn. ErTron.,-The liberal manner i, a ILich you see
heeo set e n t i the transmission ofdomestic Slaves from one Island to disposed to treat eserv conllmunicaion ahlicl; hias lie
Isereofee, the surest meas by which the machinations of another wiinla the same government. nmos remote tendency In lmii- plic gooml, ha' indeired ne
the saints will succeed, to th annihilation of thee valuable To prove th property in the claimant, a certified copy to trouble you with a few remarks tllroew u hn.ailv teoetihr.
pouesio. of a bill of sale from her son, Willianls, to Iherrif, bearing shows Inst recommendation will be, the motive tlhate dik-
The fate of the Colonies is now becoming a topic of date the 10th oh May last, wasanneed to the claim, tales them. TIh force of education,-a respect inherrel
erl intern We C ris l is nwill le. i a i Thee cause came on for allument on Friday last, when for things sacred, toeether with the e decree i' tlme aib:r
ienera interest. We trust that it will lead to a fair and the Attorney-General, opened tle pleadings by reading milv which every fe-elin mind mcet expeo. i, nee lidrine it
Impartial investigation into their true state,.anshat the the information and claim, and elnn proceeled to state tihe pcrli.rnance f thle meeiral hlrt of tie rital ol our c.lhce.
people ofGreat Britain will not require their government prosecutor's cas in a ilenihy and energetic speech, rely- Hoinls out tlhe prolprieyv of a due atltellion I, pe.a;nitu.v-
toproceedhastilyand rashly inanymmesur, that mav atall ing principally for eondemnationI upon the facts, that the that mint effecual assistant I.t the nice of ldr prea .lir
a the present state ofsocHityinhe WestIndies-Inqui- Slaves were field Slaves. thi. property of Williams; ndl Tie days of insplraliou are lng since past; we nO*
.isall th r and is. hai ri.ght toqut- had been removed from Watling's Island, not as domestics know that .uch an aid wnuld be .lpeerlhIuoI. I lhs.r
y is ail thtwarequire, and is what wehave right to insist in attendance on Williams, but for the purpose of beine neverdthle., experienced ans sen.atinll that,
poa. Ahhough from anrioa causes, we are not, in his passed over to a Mr. Hall, in payment for a small vessel. if not that of religious inspiration, lie., of itself' carried n1y
mall aeolny, capable of contributing much or taking a very purchased by WillianSfimrm Hall. He further contenlmid mind away froin r er thing tt iliwas terrestrial, iI A u
active part in the struggle against oppresion, yet as our that the sale to Mrs. Stult was a ficitiious one, that the bill hearing the fll, ni'lliftous swell at a re.ll:ie.ation.
h must be the same as the larger colonies-es we must to her hal not been executed at the time which it sehich raising its many soic in one full diapas-n, rer-
u t e the ame s t larer con we must purported to bear late, and had only heen fabricated to ed nature's Ia-st earlier in lte, praise of nature's (;tid.
rie or fall with them.-we feel interested in every thing anwer particular purposes. In the cour sefthis .peech the Strange to say, tha: in a counlnl uhere Im,.-ic r., n
that occur, and await ihe event with ansiery. learned gentlemen animadverted, with great severity, from even duellinv, and where harmonee in all its sIaria
upon the conduct of thi Solicitor General, who was actine radences 'is accira.iel underi.itold, rth e so vahlIble l
Mr. Puasno, the Coroner, held an inquest on Sun- as Proctor for the claimant and who the Attornev General prtl;n of our religious duty h,..n!d Ia asllose.-! to fRil il'o
by last on board the Spanish polacre Union, upon the aearted, had notdily lent himself to support a case of such horrid disorder as to pro-\k te lte risible iiuscles. *
body of Imay Durwan, who died suddenly about two fraud, but had become a party thereto by drawing the deed the serious. and to corsul-e tl:,. nea.k tlld wiill
**cock Is the morning. The deceased went to h bernh. in queatiaand after having come forward as itness upon laughter. In the l.tman Calth,,lIi ;iercdhes, a full as
i r Te o'clock the re n behalf ofthe claimant, had withheld on his cross examine. choice choir, is ai.a. ic rle; I in ti' prieslthed as til
appuard very well, at eight o'clock the preceding tion a fact of material consequence to the proscutor- hest and most elTC,' unl .as... ;1i sp,,rtig nhe mice
ena.g, and was not heard to complain until a short namely, that the dved had been torn with the intention of rneries. In all ile conve i,0 ,. ,e "', n the lo,,l erd"

Sstg Mfaawa Mas *

"" esaio tion u paid, and justly, to this suveruign deprived evry ulir subjecI o'attracdio. TIe question,
lv o fie human soul Whatwill heepurdot occupitm nearlytheexclusive ttelo-
a e;u-m not tim voice of the dictator, but having heard tin four public. Thalthey will nolt IutthImslves madly
-U ontion paid by the society Ior pruomntilng Christian eaaiust the popular demuaid, we feel quite satified. A col-
kwis._ to tthis part of tli duty of tle Clihurh, I should lisiun so fearful could hIme but one result; and the arislo-
ienSl its full otlifc, and not witness a series of bur- cracy ofihiscountry, will the strange deeds passing in Eu-
"" frt to produce sounds thut were oIver meant fur ropebefourutheireyes,are not sounwie as turisk the peace
y. Is mauvaise hwnte so peculiarly the vice of andstability of theempireindeuforencetusentimentswhich,
il e I or do evell the fair feel ashamed to be caught in after all, re confined to a very small class. We put the
s of public devoutiont-I hope not! All cannot be exigency in this form, because wepaintthings as they are.
\ .l, smicrisulCsi in sitingg singly, but who, with thie Itistuoo la t toinoupointsofwisdom with tie multitude. It
Lr'-aitical iudlgenent, could point out Miss W's voice, would bbebtterifallpartiescouldcometothlediscussion more
k Miss X's, or Miss YVs, from that of Miss Z. The dispassiounatelv. But thaias bupeless. Refolnisno longer
lE h v, beIen, pe'rhap', I' accused of oilen mis- open(to argument. Tie peoplehave decided, before the
eadl : n'igt they not elkclutally, by their touching secIrod satsoftlieconstitulion has deliberated. We take
Pith h owi t lol othlies of lthe rouglher sex, to acts this factas it stands; and while we lament thla this coutnlry
Pre to be r i,.Ited ol'f1 lioul ever be prl cd in a psilion that invertsits own institu-
r I n, Mr. E ,di:or, liuns,weare bound tosay, thatresistance tutheRefurn Bill,
i\ ir obedli. seUT\:' a. even i its Iowest detail, would be more latal to tihe destinies
Sin:crAToR. ofillemi pire lhaln the woret lRfoinm Bill(and the minister's
Sb.. ill, whatever lmav be its defects,is certainly not 1thl worst)
sOl.llt)iQ'Y--No. 2. that couldml be devised. Tile appeal, tlarelore, is mls to
the i)pliit.i'l sirltue of the Iluuse of Lordls, than to the
S.,'-r- h,,ht-rl's Ja'.lace-A Ile.l Room. conm.cvadiv, policy of that iaimlnibly. Wo may be per-
I eel tlhat I ha:.e wroozed the Co,,nch-aye, deeply t;ilt. I tIad1 that the mpeers, as a body, should be last to
wronar'd them. W!en first I iiihaled itheI sI( a rious air o i.asIuw their responsibility.
their .n..-a-irt isle. all viewed nle as tIHi eg ;rdlian Angel
... ...i:.. ...... I it. ... ,oe From the Jamaica Courant.

ofat thiri 'lIit'. Alim wimv iy ( :!l "m I "a ...y Ilk -
tationll ot iielity o thirir interests, won tlilum. Thev
thluililt on. hIion.i :-llave i betrrayedl Illir confidence 1-
have I sliIrliedi justice 1-lhave I usurpel their just and
wholesmoUmi' laws l-lhave 1 ende.avoured, by itringiilenent,
to dlrriv tiseim of ltlir Inip'r'iy 1-hlavt I omluced by
proinui.'s emd fivoursti :tl stilhlbor; liones't o ii somie of their
public menT I Dl)eair, lliy hund lillid,.anil, ers, yea-lltou
hast done all tlis, anil more ; ihioi hait mal I thyself for
mammiinn to tile te'mpter of liiy nimtlumer Fve ! (Here
he looked around, with a trobhled eye. froariug" that he
asorerlreanr.) I lhoulhit them tie ibasi inorai meninl.
ol centuries past; bill, alas I was dererivr. 'IThey hrav
spirits fii.rless and impetuous as tlhelir llrrircane'--re-
sitrless in its courme--]l.iliit2 ausidm lte frail ostriiuctlure of
habitalimoni, Ihat try in vain to farce itl furiouls last I'll
drink oblivion to mIy harrowed soul, and invoke siep ito
relieve my jaded spirits. Il.D PATE.

King's House, 29th July, 1831.
Sir,-I am commanded by his Excellency the Gover-
nor, to enclose an extract of a despatch from Lord Gode-
rich,disclaiinin, in the most distinct manner, any intention,
on the part of his Majesty's Governmieni, to adopt any
measures lhilc mlay have the effect of interfering with
Ite split of ile Resolutionsof the lHouse of Commons of
1823 relulive Io tlhe ultimate extinction of Slavery in his
Majesty's C('oloies.
liin Fxrellenc y trusts, that thisexplicit leclarntion of is
Mldjesty'sGovernn,'nt will remove any alarm or appre-
hensioln which soine of the Parochial Resolutions may have
excini.ii ill II I mind& of thie community at large.
With a view, therefore, of allaying such uneasiness, his
Excrellmnry r.'m'isls lhat you will give tile grealcest publi-
city to the en, closed documents.
I lhae ltie honour to be, Sir, your olmlt. serVt.

From the Jam-nair c,,o ,rat of I;Ith inst. I, B. T. L. YalLes.
T'I E lme .:le' .m1metm. o' im TI. "i,,, ,,f Lord Go lerich'm, ,tier, to Lord Beilmore :
affairs Ilm u l. s i ,i , ,r li. ,.,i pr-..i r ,,, Ii.i .. h o- 'nu mm II, i it iqml cr nfi.'nce, deny lhi e exin'i nce
ni i i I. ii .i.i I mllll, 1 m., isti Ih, i iabrIpt anld lalvy l,.asur,,ll
qunl e>,i,,l',lIII.hll lIh, (ill ule 0'llir'l; 1 r-h I I piii ', lh II | I
agreeing to portli.a lih,,.r indep.. ,n l.nce, I. ln -I I,.t. ,,.lIli,,nl 1 s.,...Mi n i n ll e h oloni.., and of
qn ui e o e u .i ., I l mc mFren i G iovernmi ino. l I. ,h ,L ii l mI my 1 ii. m a .. i". im .t ;. miii 't mim' Ilhal ollur e of p rogressive
were illn l. elm mi. ii m,, lmn i'. n 2 hin r1 11 o.1111 N iim jim ll .niilt, %l which hali hadl flir ilt avowiled object, the
urorJan P'.rr, Ihlo r, ,ir. lh, h.l uh l f h ai ti ;liinI tha nim.]l r. m li t'lit. of Slh r' throughout (the Dollmi-
relaril e It Il lial m Rimti ldl' l~t..uilkitp. .. Il. l mll l nt nl. niosl uf tihe British Crwn."
her incrtdildem, I-rt(lo fiujil r i ; .x,4--,,s t f , I-
bt'r i11e/IM.I1."-- l al r|l;l i -Il lle -11t, dJ1.ll4ll' l J.o I l o( l l
tense m sir im l .'' c-lom' amm S i time II s1t(( itIIL mmr m m:ini o time
trsnsammmn. i, m imisi ',lI m he I;t m pmr:itt of Im i r Tihe Limmlon ('Curier of tihe 61th has this paragraph
Presidlle la 'r.clam;il.mi :-'" 'Thie RlI,'iill h- I.:e I. lIe ih remctimgil Frlamn' e:-
greatesl samrtfices, wa ild mitv.irl'i .. i i,.-,- nii m oii il ac- W\ild andmmi msm'li'.s as tlie project of a roiiter-rmvolutimnt
compile h n r.; inlmmit i, ,,r.,lllm ) lollr t Iiini. m l /'ii */: Ih t/i I ainmce bY Im e ex-Itma \ l Fanmilv ul:iv appear 1 to be, wi
are icot, matlible f mrts.' Yet III), I r ,, 'I I. .... 1 1 mlmirstand froItmm aI,, l aUll lltn'li( ',source, iliat i.ter art., iat ltli
these ta sl.," ihim', the mbi.ihtV Jean P. l!, .r ,.n,' r imni I .o nlt, pI i'on, rt.i lv I, r,.'t le tll. in Frlanc., and
tre.ay illI the I'rmil. h i. im hi k.'im lit' ,mi 1,i n.I' Idi i ; i lhat t i, plrli.a of l ,nry 1'. calculate oin success, not so
anil he nois 'li'ld iLvoi:iitl Io :h, m li i i ,I I, it I',11 iii -h llI.i, II i e inmlte ce and exertiions o lfmIit p3rty, as
action uupoi n m i ( l'o.m i oin rr, d '. i.m:mm 111' is mh f'yt t: l li mI had ihrolm h lllih din satisfction whlil many ti'he Lierals are
excse led tlher inlstrucll:ois. T' 'm''l n.l .I i .1 I i.e aid m said oil f i f iil I ieant of energy in their plrese'Nl SN ve-
dishonest diploml ary, noiii he 1 tiillll i: ; I i iin ust ior- r.I 1 nill, anld tih' sthei nation of trade in the French capital,
dilly conigrlul.n e m..uri iI l.-. r. s ,I I .\lioi. illl. l I u wich mlany thousands an, in a state mf dem lilution fa-
peoaple.V. oit. aier Ihu. can hav any dm...' 10m . :, leilcal v-urale to any attempt at revolution in which money may
effects uf free labuur. nomt le wanlintg.

roim the Jamaica o(nrtm. The I.onilon Albion of lhe b61, snys:-We have good
antState of Co inil.-'l 'c s fr atilori fr in. tlat a patient has died in Gny's hospi-
Stole of Colnnbia.-1-'l'he, flr :. I" r( flrtana l under a decided exhiililion of every symnptom peculiar
the last Packl., arme..' n tlhi, bill ,.alki.ll, ,I i ; IlA Weir iie t Imhe llh'ra, m iorl is.
sorry to say, ilhat is ii iimlian. i ________________1 Iil
unfortunate Couulry blimm rIucedc Io a i,.i .,1 trn.imqumiiliti EIxraeI of a hl'tler from Rite, dated 8th (20~h) June,
or happiness. IKllV :--" We are happy to My, that, noliwithslanding

rdhemive a fea nind ,..i l, ini for tie Inbouriin claes," time cholera is losing around.
'The Mii Fmir m Nm's Simmim', imiP 'lm t'(I
The Mililary Forceolihii Nw S;liw, c-, .. iboul I There were only 20 deaths from the 4th to the 5th inst.
soldiers, whoarebadily cloliudl, mbadl y arn- mi.l arrou- The new patients are decreasing, and those already sick
Uld; and itissuppooel their willbear rr. ,i1, a.ce to li, are fast recovering.
power that be, until the 51() troops l hlich hla\ bien sent __________
frumCarthagena reduce lemi to obediemc'., iare drann within the last low days a number of distincui.Ied
hi before th Te resu will be another s it lrolti n, m foreigners have arrived ai the west end of the town, from
Whie will beahor live m as -rmr Tl,.i imation el hae Continent. We learn, by a gentlemen who arrived
detwhole country iis adeplral o puf lic nh onfid aence is the day before yesterday, that the examination of persns
deo chieftain asman is afraid of his n;llor; and aunil (especially those of the fair s e) quittine the ports of France
haM b c ouhieft a ndssu mest l reins of t ver ihaliant wiho has IHen more than usually ricid.-This circumstance had
a both courao e and taolun to rule the inhambiants ri given rise it a report that twh French Government anti-
Sreaed of iron.i" evelurti e" (bs ile Cill hian order ipaItd the departure in dietmise of some of he Noblesse,
pofed to dienify every pely broil), will he tie order and hence the order to the Authorities to strictly examine
of the day, for many vyear to comr. Tis. however tleptrai.s embarking at the outpors.-Herald.
only ahews the advantages of confirrine freedom upon teeb n tho .-_
hordes of demi-sasvac r., before timmy n 're sul'icienvItll
enlightened toenjoy the boon inleuded for them. 33G J A 7 (3 1

From the London Atlas of 3d July. 07 Every person about to leave those Islands, after
Tms has been lilerallv a week of sulp'ence. There is haring resided thereinfor the space ofTRIrTY nDYv, mAu
bun one event, abroad or at home in the wlole circle of gie security al e Secretary's Od e, orput up Aisun i
politics, that presents any tl'secal inlerest-the acceptation
ofthe crown of B.-loinm hv Prince Lropo nol. Report said OfuceforrrITEr s DAs prerioum to hisdepartune-f-
hase been aloat, that thie EI.iperor Nirnmoi. is disposed ter which, at any time during roarr-rvz nAYr, a Tirket
to c e to a pacific arranenmienl with lime Poles, but, al-
lglwle believe he must ultima:elyv ive way to the ge- may be obtained.
ni feeling of Europe, we are satisfied he has not yet NAMES OF PERSONS
done o. t is said, that some symptoms of insurrection AaOtT To ORTAI TICKETS roa DErABTrT r.
have manifested themselves amnongt the Rtisians, which, 20th July. Manuel Arcon
iftrue, may account for the rumour of the Emperor's pro- I 3d es Black
table shpndonnent of thp war. The great anxiety that drew Bimpson
exiein England on the mi:.j rt of the Reform Bill, has 17th Aui;ut Wm. H. Rerch


30th Aug.-Dri! BeNrey, Salisbury, Cayenne
with Aeniattol, IoJouN THOMsN on Cu.

31st Am. Sch. Three Sister, Glander, New York

29th Brig Exeter, Baillie, Havana


On Monday, the 5th September next,
At 10 O'olock, A. -.
Will be Sold,
At a credit t of four Months,
A Lot of of Land, with the Buildings and Improve-
metnts thereon, sitliute in the town of Nassau, bounding
South on Hill Sirent 4:1 fret inices, East on Lot of
W. Sands, 91 fie, North on Lot of J. Perpall, 51 feet,
iand West on Lot of G. Liuhtfuot, 91 feet 6 inches.
A uusl 27tIh.

On Monday, the I2th September next,
AT 'rit VEN)IE iOUIIt.,
At 1 0'Oloek, W.
'Will lie sold, within reserve,
That pleasantly sitluatnld Iiiuse and Lot in Bay Street,
at the 'corner of linernr Street, aIl pr')tl occupied by
Mir.. Waton. A I'I.t of iIe. PI'r iss.s will be
left at tin' S tubscriblrm Siorm lor ini .ri, n.
Terms-Six nimimlis cr,'dit from thl diayi otf saie,the pur-
cha'ir L'ti in. approen d S curi.ty.
At.must (lilh, IMdl.

The finlr hfit sailineL schooner ''lhree Sisters,
will Ib diipatnrl d witl as h lil dellay as pos-
*iblc. For freight or paIsage apply to Captain
Glander or,
August 241h.

AVING fixrd tle asir7' of ilEAIn at Ihe atr orly
S per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that the
shilling Loaf do weigh 'Jlbs. Su.., antd the sixpenny Loaf
lib. 4oz. By order of the Vestry.
DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
VESTnY Room. 2.1 AruuI, 1l31.
A Round while Paite BROACII. Tie finder will be
rewarded or leaving it at this office.
August 31.
IIE SUBSCRIBER, intndiing In leare the Bahamam
in all November next, ralls on all thllo to wholm he
may be indebted fir their respective demands; and those
indebted to hin, he earnestly requests, will settle lie name
by the end of September elsnline, to enable him to meet
the demands against him, and all accounts remaining on-
paid at that period will be sued for indiscriminately.
20bh July. 191. ROBT. WIER.
P ERSONS still remaining indebted to the estate of the
S late D'OALD BLAR, deceased, are required to make
immediate payment, as thie subscriber is instructed to close
that estate without delay. All accounts unliquidated on the
lit of September next, will be put in suit.
July 30,1831.
That pleasant and commodiom Ho aul
Lot in the Eastern District, well a r for
a large family,-the home is n med repair,
the out Iuildings will be put in repair-A Linl CreMit
will be given for the premises-For terms and further
particulars, apply to the Subscriber.
August 20h.

Nias;, 8II August, 1831.
of the Comumisiomnr of Correspondence I
requested at the Court-Hour i'u the Tows
of Nassau, oni Monday neat, tdhe fifth September, at two
RoamBT TAvLOo,
Gao. P. WoD,
W. I. P. JoHNSoN,

) .


-eRSSIA AND POLAND. T l allow t.n r hka hop_ ,cr f tle k e. sp destsari bs er fa P
The eceu from ie thse of wrar, areof dy- W w. It is ed i th e PlO es hwav th emselve. Russia, as the most Powerl of tsle
g aom. The inaurreedon i the Rius Paih pro- an estract has be en shown 3to u s i n sos teem alId, p the thp refl t
ebsat neteeding with great rapidhty. Lithuania and takt' the important trs of aobr nd ammnition: booty; Aa tria, ba rieaon of b-risuerh dignity. bhad the
Lihma will soon be able to establish their independence, which serve a a Russian po WARAW, June sn booty e; wbi Pru re el dignity, had
a- llMabDpti o e b > nbl inl pf..WARSAW, June J9. seat choice; wbilst Pruia took the remaining lot. i|t
ad aI send Depu t ohe Na tiona0, Dietn, a. Warsw. p The head quarter ar at Warsaw. The Rusia evidet, therefore, that the Pole have the mante me
e.di towards Wi a the hed thf 4 0 Imen Sand roa, have been at Pluck, but they have again.retreated from against Austria and Prusia as against Russia, and tha
eed, lnsurds Weta a nder ims; and the con ander- tence; this morning a quantity of troops went through Austria nd Prusia have thus a common cause with RB.
Sin-c urinatsid ar t the Governm; an the conm nder- of the Wolhal Rogay. sis to bring the Poles into their former subjugalion.
victory gained b a party of the same gallnt people in I re wa yesterday decided that a levy en mause should The answer of the Emperor of Austria to the appel of/
the province of V'uoynia. Gen. D[.mbinsai, with an- be rnd in the country, Waraw excepted, to give the his Hungarian subjects has not appeared, but it may easil
auxiliary force, entered Lihu.nii, at Olitt, 50 or Itssian army in the kintdum a mortal blow. be conjectured, that if in any degree favourable, its sinc
Smire south-way fore Wilnte where L a alt was jOlit or According to letters from Lithuania, General Gielgud rity may very fairly be trusted.
by Ionu body of ithe narweo, who had previously ha joined te insurgents, and has 70,U men under his By the French papers last received, it appears hat a
bly a Hussialn dey clfth nt and captured two prieres of orders; he leaves there 40,00U and returns here with very flrgo portion of th south and western province of
ansoM a nd supplies, sacnr int and caitr from thpie -u the re',inder. France exhibitud a strong tendency to rise ioavour of
cannon and suppliEs, near Truki, not fIr from Ihe ra- the rnmain der.en o ine e Bourbon.
lal of th province. (;en. Chialowski, who entered "wu rerpnaetts of Russian light cavalry have joined de Bourbons.
Lithuania, near Birlytck, before tim, oter corp, after General Chlipowski's standard, and have already fought We very much doubt whether an insurrection of this
having din.r il twitch, ltsfin eolr nli r Ciol near BHtI, gainol the Russiani. kind would hate aty effect, for these are not tinr forsIy
vie other di,.r Prouiar-w ,i arched.i ni.- r, n card, usd is said that the ltiurgents have driven 6.000 Rus- hlling like enllhusiasm in favour ol kings. f1 there were
thie Neu.inr, P'at ,of (r,.;u andii arrivedl at Lila oil th. sians into Galli, in, where by force they were obliged to any European confederacy tow in operation neainst Louis
5th Jun-,, a t re In ,at Jiio:l by ritoie i, taclllnf oii s lay down their urns, anid ita in consequence, the Rus- Philippe, an ins urrection of this nature would lie of great
tia innullr,.nt, awll a largee biily ,fl titl, i ns of' ,il- Sian Amlbassador has left Vienna. This however, I do importance, inasmuch as it would divide and dissipate
tnh. 'e in 'uirdicn, indl a lar-i-cl b i,'f iniiilhI l Iah l- t not uar at lle the defensive power of the government. Biut inl tie pre-
teri, atiot thlisl ihlie oi June., lr-i-clii rag: tio ieslllca .,- ""I kfrt a1 I other German Palers, to the 28th ult. sent state of F race, it could have no other ell;r.t thin to
the place wt h wi It oce llnpeI bt,;,li s iri, o i, rit iled us this morning. 'ITly .latl, tnder the head of terminate in the ruin of the zealous and loyal insu guta
H prilovres hon the Narew ; he is lidl, hI.ever, to hiave leitz, that fresh troops continue to arrive daily in the themselves.
bean recalled, by an in tentiin hitn i hy the llusiamns to pro 'inces oi, thie I hite, and that whn tihe corps in West- The alsinrs of Belgium, as superficially regarded, seem
bcro tim reNarew ,id Iug, tnar Sitiroi k. tBut tie in- phallia shall have crossed that riser, the Prussian arnt to approach nearer to a settlenmet; bit then the great
tcrnios of neither party ire manileit--and tie Plisi will amount to 175,000 men, and if to this the Dutil question occurs,-What is Belgiun, and of what is it to
General ht boen. hitllrto peculiarly successful ill i, army, of ll(),(le) men, be added, and the troops of the consist ? Prince Leopold, it is understood, will accept
guisnri his iutenl l movemenls. Thie Polish (cfu er- Gernmn Confederation, the allied army of the North may the sceptre of Belgium, provided the limits be established,
mai has annuncd loan of sixty millions of lohin be estimated at 30,000. Accounts received at Stut- provided there be no disputed boundary to be defined by
for raising which they mainly depeod it Ihirt fetllow-citi- guard, from Jassy, state that the cholera exists in the two die sword; but he will not take Belgium under a pledge
aur rs. The w ,ch ty pirsnly dpenerid.iy and pecuniary principalities of'Moldavia and Wallachia, and particularly ofgoing to war with the rest of Europe. The disturbers
sacr fices, by which i.o Pole have hitherto supported 1thi at Jassy. Some alarm respecting this disorder appears of Belgium, who wish to have a republic, are desirous
expense, of the war, have been at least as remarkable as also to prevail at Munich, where a commission has been to keep every thing in a state of ferment until France
tleir military vinuem. We trust that means will be taken appointed to inquire into it. It has not, however, been shall be strong enough, by the new revolutionary nmue-
to afford tie friends of liberty in (Geat Britain an oppor- yet deemed necessary to establish a sanitary cordon. ments which dhey aticip t in that country, to take the
tunity ofcontributing their mites t-wards the suptpirt of democratic party under r protection; whilst those who
the gallant anli patriotic Poles in their sainguinary struggle From Bell's Weekly Messenger, of July advocate quiet and monarcy, are eager to draw back
Belgium into her ncient boundaries, 3.d to fx the FP.-
with lhe )rant lof th North. AGITATED STATE OF THE CONTINENT. rei in thhe anndof Lo n noold
Loters fromn Waraw stale thal tie Pnmsians are con- The Continent continues to be in the same condition in The result will very much depend upon the proceedinn
structing a bridge lor ti- Russians over t1re Drewenca, to which it has been for the last three months, only that the in the French Chambers at the latter end of the present
facilitate their passage over the Vistula. I appears that seeds of disorder are proceeding more vigorously in their month: until that time it will be inpossihle to conjecture
th" grad Polish army is going to attack the Rusians on growth, and unless checked by soie influence, which it is the fate ofthe Belgic provinces.
Side of Puls. Authenitc co havebeen re- impossible at tie preet to perceive, threaten a harvest
crivod that Gen. ('hiaiplwki has olIIlied brilliant suc- f general evil and confusion. In every government of The Conference of the Order of Advocate, on the quies-
cessm over the Hssians, and hat he was prorleinr to h Europe, our own, perhaps, excepted, there appears to he tion, whether in Dll present state of France one ot the two
Lithuania with li corps, which was daily inrmra.ii. a dry rot in all the master beans of Ithe Iuildiig, and we Chamberasought to be hereditary, was c lused on % edlnestdy.
A Berlin paper, of the Snth ilt. reipretsint tsli situa- liar it so tenernl, and so essentially pirv adil, all parts, that The affirmative was supported with grrea talent by .'e"ern
lion of the Poles sa enceedinly critical, tih Ru.ians ha- it will inifllibly, anid after no long itiern.l ul i tie, bring young lHarrisler of nohle fanllies. t l Mlanumn. as I'rel-
ving crossed the Vistula, below Plrck, and the corpsof die fabric to the ground. dent, summed up tlhe arguments nn i-ch side will ri ni.rk-
Genr'l.. Krrutz and Ruliger having ellitled a function It is a lamentable tiling tohe compelled to own that the sble inpartlalnty. ie repeated. in a few wo d,. the oft-
with the main army. It is. Iwever, to be observed, that i rno effects of a Ion system p f of i ero are i.tteiois by whit h o|l.iiiu ia ral 1.r isndeult. Iheu of a li-
dhe Warsw letters of thi a 'id ul. make no mention oif gt.t (: r ne are cp- 9tasle or p opuer orrertipy.. anti of etualiy) hcrilre the
any of letters o Ii cu ces, and. ha nothe B erlin State operating witl Ithe spirit of Jacobinism to produce this g law.. observing, at the sante tiue. tllhat she bi li.o nsie:i
any of theJe circunsuanres, and that t Berlin s ae (;a- teral anarchy. In all the monarchies of Europe, a most decided the present question. The point to be acerlainred
aItt of Jue 30, is completely silent on the subject. enormous and unreasonable civil list is civine occasion to was. whether there should exist an ,nlermnedilae power le-
P IRIS, July 3. R general spirit of discontent. EIrry one is beginning to teen he King and ihe people; and liuther thIs japer. in or-
The King returned to St. Cloud on Friday, ani is agree that no Government can cr,,t them so much as a der to be independent, should be heredlianr. Ile sail Ithe
looking very wll. All the Ministers visited him, and a Kingly Government, and that the b nl fits of monarchy are public good alone o a to be ronsultid. rTh isnirior cls ..
council was held on Saturday, and agin vesterdla. certainly not worth this devouring expe.n. In France. ph ap were eltt competent to unersta d the wnse r ihe
Boue modification in the Ministry will probably take it is anticipated that the message of the Kine, upon the fatre but lhs they could nut comprehend. Thie Arit-
place during, or immediately after, the elections; hut it opening of the Chambers, will precede the known iIurpoIj o locrsry had fumi.hed somen great men-the) hail ailliinislried
will be merely with a view of strengthening the Cabinet, of the patriolic leaders ly a voluntary ,ofir of' producing the state ailh advantage, though perhaps more lor their awn
and will not in he igh de t ny rao in the lightest degree t ny i e French Civil List: and we trust it will be so. benefit than for the interests of the community. This reflec-
the policy or miasura of the Governmentn. We can see no nrason whatever woiy a country should lion had induced hinm o bhesiate. ]iul al tle I)resncr t dac ilte
The King was enthusiastically received yesterday by be Irecnred lor tie pomp and luxiryv of' a Ciurlt, and a Il edIucation of the higher claiLes was ncElgIcted-tilere was Io
the people assembled at de Palais Royal. the epenses of one man, and of the eatalliihrnl.n around l Ic nger in :he .rhoil.ns ny elements .fhistri.ction with regard to
M. de Potter is not a little charrin,,d at the proha- h Im, should ,exce.ed one million serliine i|r nr. W1%e can "orelo1, tveinlent.. ncor the general iuteretIs of tle inotple.
biiy of the Belgian question being peaca bly lsetl Ie ne i no possible reason ahy an annual income ,of on, hun- I aI rane: eredriarn L,.tcslatorr ore r incoith t en.,
has published an article in the Avenr, endeavouring to ;drld thousand pounds per annum shiul nut l iffniient ni, a lci age like ,he pre.eo: and, therefore. I hr ('Can:-
stir npdiaentioo. But his influence is gone. It is hardly for a king of France, a kinr of I'runsia, or ', n an empe- her of I'rer, hail no longer any influlenc-. It war not capable
t be feared that even MM. Hobaula and Gendebein, Iror of Austria, and it is certainly as much as tlhir respec- nnf'lnin rather crrear goil. or great e l. This hlad heen pro-
who bare doaervedly a much greater weight with tith live countries are enabled to allfrd them. It is our .irong vtd by experinrce. A Chamlher of Ilepote had rc,,tendted
nation, will be able to raise any serious obstacle. opinion that this extravagance of kings aid courts will with the ('r wn, and overthrl, n it. shIle tile Ih Chainii r il I'ers
The junction effected by General Gieligid with the eventually become the ruin of them all. was nnbhle to delen.l it. The (ilntl,.r of I)-purie.s aw ca-
Lithunian patriots has raid the spirits of the 'Pols and In France, the abolition of the preer is a very decided P" 'le it rat-t~lr l Fratnce. I' i t ui ourll Ihr il;g of Inurrc-
their friends. The German papers, particularly the Ga- manifestation of the growing disposition of the people lion'r hen ll h:emr .-', eqers I ll, l itT .rl I s',tlnd a tla,
seto d'Augshur. give evidently exarCerated accounts of against monarchy and its institutions. The feeling against ferent countloepin e than the Ileredltry '. eiage. Tlhe meeting
a commotion which took place at Harsaw on Ihe return 'of the pers anti their privileges must necnarily extend to aI length drrec.ri in the negainle. e% r ulnersnand. lhoeter.
Gon. Skrynecki; but from die details we receive here, an hereditary crown, and the prerogativesof a pre-ap- that a conmsierhble portion of the Lar took no part in this
h appears that it was of very trifling impocrtaner, and ex- pointed and pre-dreignaled family. This feeling is, in discnssion.-Paris prper.
cited solely by those who live by the liinder of every brief, nothing more than "the mind ofman lusting toen-
one, friend or foe. Indeed so insignilicanlt as it, tltl no vy." Its first object is to overturn tie peerage: its nexl The favourite theory of geilogists, that sea is hcro-
ocial account of it was transmitted to tie Government will be to abolish the throne. The throne willout the peer- ming land, and land i'ing converted into sea, is equally
here. The occupation of Pluck (a town on die Vistula age will not be able to make head for a single year against verified by Port of Spain, in the island of Trinidad, us it is
at silly miles from Warsaw) by the Russian forces tihe caprice of the people and the turbulence of the dema- at Marainlam At Portt Spain, thelong spit ofsand at the
ist considerably impede the Polish General's operations, rogues. The peerage is the outwork and breakwater of entrance of the river Caroni, has increased considerably
and we have reason to believe that an attempt will im- the monarchy. It receives and sustains the first shock of within these few years, and the oldest inhabitants of tdo
mdiately be made to dilodge them. any popular incursion, and makes it fall harmless arainsl place also assert tlat thl-anrhorae ofl the town is fast lil!-
The worthy stock jobbers treated us yesterday with the autlhrity of the crown. Remove this barrier, and the ing up. The safely of the place is such, frim tlt t:naitre
an asmet ofa rupture with Austria, and the sudden de- monarchy will he left like a lighthouse in the main sea,-; of the clinmte,that merchant ve*sels are fnquendrl knot nt
pertmir of Count Appony, who, so for from leaving Paris, isolated amidst a world ofwaters, and though it may have to run aground as near to the town a possible, for the pur-
was quietly enjoying himself at a dinner party at oths- sufficient strength to support itself against the flood, hen pose of unloading. Like the harbour of Maranham, shi1s
cduhiL merely excited by an autumnal equinox, or an ordinary cannot lie where they formerly did, and no nrt.'erate
SThe con io al wet weather has done a great deal of storm, cannot hope to maintain its station when some cnn- sized vessel can anchor near to the tow n of Poll ofS.pnin
damge in the country ; at Rion it has amounted to a vulsion more common shall so raise the waver as tian four miles.
paiden inundation ; and the harvest, which was in a for- to confound earth and skv, and shall sweep all artificial fa- -_
ward sae, has been completely destroyed. In Paris brics before the elemental trife of nature. AtmospAeric letter CmarrVia.-A curious method of a
thre i n searcily of provisions; indeed, every thing is There is one thing mote favourable in the intelligence tunnel, through which the mail liars m;eht be projected, i
namalBy cheap, bat unfortunately, every class of the p- of the week, and certainly not expected, which is, the spi- now exhibiting at (lasgow by a Mr. Weid. According to
p io feels the truth of the saying, that it is ofvery little ried appeal of th I Hungarians to the Emperor of Austri a calculation by Professor Stevellhv, of Rellait. twrlve
emequa ce to kaow that a dinner may he had for six- in favour ofthe Poles. This appeal must put the Empe- minutes would he siilfcirent to tran.nsnilt t letter bals Ifrom
pu when there are no siipences nbe got. Even the ror into a situation of great difficulty, as the cause of the London to Portsmouth, a distance of seventy niml !-
calard have been obliged to reduce their fares, and a Poles against Russia is, effectually, the caue of the Poles Londo Paper. This, we presumn, i annollwre inn of
p may be taken from one end of Paris to the other against Austria. Vallance'spropulsiionby means of artinl va.cuumsit, rna pe
lor aeveanee halfpeany. It is well known to all our readers, that, bout thirty ing which we have publirsledlse-vral :ioi;cs ant' cnitinnt
SThe lcera has taken a northern direction and years since, the Enipress Catherine, the late Emperor both in theA MA rcury andt,,p. 'Te principle is
haewn itelfat Archangel. where it was introduced by ves- Joseph of Anisuio, and the father of the present king of correct, but time ennrmnii.s ,ipe'i, oi prini it in practice
elIa coming by the Dwins from the HRusian Governments Prusic,-all three (as they termed themselves) philoso- prectldes all hope f i,1 ia ;.'.l. .r -,.,,.' inre.-ivr be-
af Vologda and Wialka." phical princes, and one of lwrm a profeastd reformer and ing effected on the laric saler.-:rdit. Knl.

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