Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 27, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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1el eslUr.


a piUam mue na-w ImrLT sn NASAw, e. 1P.

M Volegr per sme m--e .


-- -
In deep and close debate the Council let,
Amoud the Chief his bosom-nfrends were met:
When thus, with ruefeas face. and heaninr breast,
The mighty Chieftain theu his friends addret l:
Attend, my friends, while I to you disclose,
The sad account of all your ruler's woes;
Advice I need-if you have aught to give,
0 give, I pray. before I cease to live.
My nmm'rou foes against my life conspire.
They'll take my life, and set my house on fire,
And from my burning house, my wife they'll steal,
And in some deep, dark caver, her conceal:
]rWlto ride alone to eastern goal,
Let sword or pistol should let out my soul;
Each night a guard I set around my well,
For rear that they would throw in potions lell:
I cannot trst my former friend Old Nikk,
For once I played him a lol, dirty tri ;
He does not yet forgive my red hot head.
Bat oft sincerely wishes I wau dead :
That Yankee chap, whom I so much despise,
Peeps in my closet, with his hundred eyes.
I willingly would fly, and leave these shores,
Where all the cat are only brutal boars,
But then my foes would triutuph, and my name
Would be sagrac'd, and never mount to fanmi."
Here ceased our hero. Thus Guy Faux began,
The neat in order to the saintly man :
' Must potent princu, 'ie for your righteous caune
The people hate you, who'd break their wicked laws-
Take those two breasiplates. which full well you know.
Are hanging in the lobly, for a show.
Gaia'd from the French. in dreidfiul battle plain,
Ta'sea fer Aight, rum off the p;rssats :n :
Fix one before to guard von r hol heart.
And one behind to gur:nl the other part ;
go if they onui attack with sword or gun,
You're fit to light, or fit turn anil run :
Each night when e'er you go to tike rrepoe.
Pry char ie your roon. fur Iear of hildliln foes;
An Phorbe would adlr e to h.ive at hauind
Some Irusty arms, with which o make a stand .
And, says the gallinr Colottel Redcrlth, I
Will choose a body cuard for danger's niuh:
And at their henil will stand. prelpr'd in light,
Pr r'd to guard your person. ,il;I and ni cht.
And noe so fit, nmelhnko. for this great post.
As those you seized. when wreck'i upon our coast:
I'll teach them, how to march and how to run,
How to advance, anil how tao hold a gusn."
Stop," says the Guowmthanian. nol so fast,
I have a thought still better than the lat ;
We'll mount this guard, on beauteou. amlblin nags-
I have satme prime for sale. not usr ,frild hog.s;
And then this cavalry will scour the plain.
Cutol' your foe confirm wonur piotelt nrizn."
"What," cries old S/ly. shall Elglandsll bold Viceroy
By bits he handled, ar do al ?
mo ruse yourself great s:r, the tiger play.
Aed o'er these rebel,. you will gain the anv :
PaciLAn your foe.. al.i ini them left and right,
Leave not one wretch. to darken on our sight;
Pat in yor friends, there yet are left enough,
Whou'lltalk of ill usnd blacks, and all such sluff;
8top this free press-the Argus must be righted,
Or all our brightest projects will be blighted,
Pat himin Jail-I'll get him on the docket.
I'll prove his libels, then-I'll pick his porket."
And I." says Arid, I'm your ready man,-
I'll at their doom aandl litl'ning, if I can;
Perhaps some treachery I'II bring to light.
For traitos vile stand plotting in the nimht.
And a I'm told the Vendee louse as nim'd
To be by treacherous plots lor ever fam'd.
Thither, I'll go each night. anl list'niog creep,
While folks at home will think me fast asleep.
E'e now, some foe among your chosen friends,
No doubt to gain his selfish, private ends,
both wish your noble empire to divide,
An give the Hogeties to the other aide.
The al of Turks has often wish'd to own
The wealth, upon that rocky land oft thrown.
HerN.MIm fooa replies, "I'll run and tell
Your highness what me compeer finds out well;
Be mine the task to tell your Iord.hip all.
That'll tua your fields, or make your foes to fall."
Then speaks the Chie--" I still am mirsh in doubt
What plan to take, my schemes to brine about:
A gqua I'd raie. hut then I hoard the cash.
That my dear, only son, may cut a dlahh;
This place I'd leave. but then I really dread.
Lat some ferre tempest shonll n 'r ;ske my head.
Thy "DoOnel, Fans. I'll follow while I stay
An war my bazen breastplates every diy.
And new my faithful friends, we'll bid adieu
Vis all your counsel. many thanks to you:
Be" the wetth whe e'er you chance to eo
Teggmher mer i confab, two or three.
Mak wll their words, there's mischief in their head.
'Osims they plot, in public, and h ebd G. S. X.

SATVRDAY. A 1T 1 S .. fs. s..sffh ..

LEAVES FROM MY iNCLE'S DIARY. hapaafey, d' pfl p ndps

. i1b Ap6R.-Il d am rdeihmd aisdte ce ;
4th April.-What do our b ld ayeh mon by their leai tol Cheig p b I bes cp t lra
encomiums on thldwlklog of Fetch fenal 1 Is a hai bedroot-. wle sl eof ad to dbi I-a towri b a
amble erkgm ? or is the imhiT of a cat In wlanut-dahs tble-clth-b d a r plha. a a dbh, to hold my b
called grot e1 lexcratoe the wrigging gait of the French of mutton. The forks ad poses ma dim and dhy
girls; it gives m the uneasy coavicuon that they have a Be is maped on evry knife. Bhevs-meel, leds14
sor toes and arrow potica or thas they tie both aheer-tin, it should be. I they made' their knvea s f
stockings with a single garter, t"o short to admit of the es- what they make their button, we should carve an ldlau-
tension of the limbs. In the omg it is mincing and un- rubber-stew with I have cut my fnger to dte
natural; and when French gormandizing has clothed the bone in putting on my gaiters I
elderly with bilious corpulence, when in motion, they look 12th ApriL-Visited a cafe-- receptacle for Englibh
like forms of jelly in staggering station ; tottering, with indolqnce and French frivolity, in which meaneeaa aid
unwieldy feet in narrow shoes under an unm.tuanesble finery are fantastically contrasted-marble slabs, real.
impulse. I have seen them take to an ascent to counter- bottomed chairs, giled lanwpf, minded flour, panduls.,
act the force of an original momentum. Cupids, bouquets, mirrors, pipes, bottled beer, drugs, call,
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, April.-unfined to the house with and parrots. A melange of copipany, and dii ersiiy if
a sore hand, which I cut severely in opening my door- pursuit, are rentarkabl In these extraordinary luiums.
an arduous task sometimes, from the clumsy workmanship The demon of play tortures omne, o lih would slake lthe r
of French locks and latches. Here tIby are centuries being, ere it capable of transfer, on a gnme of ccarts
behind us in all articles of hmarware. Thliir pokers are or bouillotte ; while the table is surrounded by the lovers
skewers, their tongs pincers, and their shovols spoons; a ofthe vice, whose purses are exhausted, but whose pre-
coal-kuttle is a curiosity, a graia rarity, and a hearth- pensity is rather obstructed than subdued. I have seen
brush unknown. The temperature of their rooms is a them, penniless, lingering round the players, till the last
constant battle between the result of one element and the card, when the exulting winner and the dejected lower ide-
violence ef another-the warmth of smoke being constant- part, and leave the tribe of languid tnillers to seek a
ly qualified by the rushing of the wind through windows, refuge from the worlds hopelessness in the oblivion of
doors, and keyholes. You nay sit by a red-hot stove, their beds. Others are clamorously luquacious in drointis
and roast your knees, while yuir extremintiel are frozen, of snoke, the wrath of politics and the inflation of buttllc
8th April.-Visited-- a countryman, who felt a- beer ;-others, again, who fancy that the dlirhlc ofbeing
shanted at the delusion of all his projected comforts. I alone is the love of society, frequent the caf/ to .pit their
remember, in England, his favourite tlnme was the char hands into their brrsche-porket, and snore in company,
of the French climate, the obliging disposition and quic till the garcou wakes them with the intimation,, Yon-
perception of its people. He couldn't bear the atmosphere "ser, it est minmi, tout Le monde rat parli !" I Ihave
of his native country; he hated the dulness and incivility seen niany of my rountrynen inliil.,e tlis olial lhaIt
of its inhaitants ; so he sought a refuge from these intto- of repos, an.I walk away at nlliluht ilthl a sure, a
lerable cvils in the superior tempi ralure, mnanners, and yawn, and a bon oi ruronsr T,. TI' re pi', f st
character of Frant an its popidalitin. lie Hwas ashamed a p'cineon of FI ren.h It ql:ulil. All tr .ds ,, 11. nil pit..
to own his disappointment. le was drinking claret.-i-a lif-ii.ons iniil.le: a sli maniOkr sits pls ..ii a Il ?-i sin,
he called it-which sank like frozen lead within him. 11 i a tlailr aithl a tilker, R hala.lir. lsls a il, a ua'ii iapA
would fain have niulled a bottle ; but his servanntAs 'ain, a nutrcrhianl will n r -iiri str-- l.ho' anlts are sup-
gone, in spite ofa raging storm, to a dance some leagues plied hy a lanlord decorated a thl thel lehiionnry lhoiir.
distant. lie aplpealed, ii nliserable French, to the fe- 13th April.-Strolled into the ihase Ville--th chou e
malo ofa fellow-lo-dger, who answered hini with a broad residence of Nottingham refuee's. Every ullher houa
state, and a perpetual plaiMl '" He succeetd.l, at ezhibits fabriquamt de tulle." My countrynimn are
length, by lantoniime and gibbea.h, in wringing a re. sily diaseirn;lile miotng the isxtlre of inhlabiants. A
luctant pronlis of some boiling water front this type of Lrard aslxc annd a red nose are the dislinciti,' i'ligpnt-
national acquiesce'ncr-this perceptive and ulliging hnnd- lions of an E:itllish ,workman, w liI can rarn, Iby tlshre dla .'
maid. In an hour it came, lukewarm, highly tinclulid oil, nwiffi(r ni l ir sliinIernP aRnd f1r fiotir dsly' in 'voleti dI -
with the savour ofan unclean tub, in which it had been hsicherry. Hl;rk evest anid ntlilated laces rnanifii t tiln
caught from the hous.-lloips; tolerablil sITuffed with Lrease, ili.l''insldeut spirit of our pugnacious counir)nien, wili
and-in a tea cup. Ihr couilil ear hlis l l onIger ; alnd ulilohnl st'.parHat without a deaqIwrule appi4el lo pugilistic
tinceritv comnillled hiin to i nvy, Wai thlwr' evrr ,such skill.-TThe Nottingham enirciation, n't;Iftlvedl on the tur-
a d-1 sst of- ?" lhr lie s topped ; anll I n'- ltred F'rnch, iwsutlrpass( all the riddle's afi. Sp l,:ns.
poundrd with a hern! le Illi everr hboen a u arn en- 14th .Apitl.-Wi ure ridlicnld by our polite teicil-
coumiast of FIrenchli furniture. I saw him wrigeline to Faod bours fior our slislphmy. Il point 'of frequency, they
fro upon his chair; Ilbing snwimesllst lulty, he lIund him- far surl: is us in the tle'r f imnpionus exrlatiniatin. I IaBV
self uneasy in his seal, over which Iis Britannic person l harid- il.d ofuitn too-frot;u female lips in France, ex-
was expanded like a toad-sil. O on its stem. Let it pI lss, I*,oils Ui(ii a aoIl-liresd lilHrine in Ei npland would
drink Old Engiland !" lie a sured nle that the winr, at lIe i nrl. risl to .. I cannot pollute may pula'r by rr-
Ilast, was excellent-and surely wholno4ine ; buit It. cordlitt hiliI. Olil M min.
swullsowei! every biumpir wilh the air of onte who takes e
draullitl y o ,u ll, o giCurd against its naustea. HIt, seemed At Ite uopenne of the Irepr nt season of tle Parliament,
to lbhiur throulh ;i holll' f>or the coniperniation of hio wil,l
which wa., in tL--i tr.l a i i lnd ofr nilpoMlaoiu n ain s il Mr. ( W. W'vyinnon mn.ovine flr rthe -.-leclio of Mr. Masl-
healthflul pnreerss..-,r-a quart of braBd,, ith a liery "'r' Sito"n to the chair ofl'de I houo of ('CoaIinOl made
twan., blhlteidi in ai fasihiti of hii own, with scronoltiral siunne snstibhh remarks on the quRlities required by d.e
consileratiso for lin water, which, in Calais, is bthll bad dlutie of that station.
and scarce. At tlhe present slament a derrre of excitement and
9th April.-I was arrested for three francs, hy the irritation prevails, almelnt without a parallel; aid such a
malice of a Jezahbl, who fouunl that I had purchased time every man must I;.tl, it tn be of the first iDnilace
articles, in which she dealt, at othlr shops. In this land to selel a fit person tot enforce lle orders of the houa, aid
of modern lihbrty I paid the- sixty sous, and stood superior to maintain the privileg-s which members hekl, not for
to their lenient and impartial laws. their own henefi, but fosr that of their conslittens. In
Mem. Never to owe another sot in France, and in- nothing were tkoe ~constiluentsmore interestedthun in Ile
variably to have Acquit' on every bill, iwever large or presernation of lie orders ,of dli houas, which had for Iheir
srnaL obli'ct tos in.ur t .l irI's Isilig fast '.l I inilsroperl lihrough
Ifth April.-Thr French have no ildra of what we the hou-s,andl I t their ec sin;C tlihe full rconsi.L- i
call a home." Their ph.asures are of a vagabond, Iration which was r.eqisite. Fir thli re, it was, liev:nd
external character : their sole anid whale' pursuit is money, all hllincs, important ithalt rie ptrson elle'cltl to fill ihe I lair
I never followed any Frenchmn n talking, but nioney, asould lie possessed of a high anll iniplepeindein rchanracr,
money," was the topic of their cenvetsetion. Their gri- -tlli he should he une from whom impartiality titigliY Ie
maces, bows and phrases area nmierahle compound offal- expercld on all ocasions,-wlh should have tl1 ability
lacious humbul. I see no friendships round me--very to i y down the rules of the house, and the firmanu-s o eiI-
thing is artiriial and deceptive. They have not our faidtls: force thrm against any individual who miuht attempt to
but they have not our virtues. They are satisfied with contravene them, and, at the aime tirrn, dte country to
inconvenience, dirt and wretcliediness, l:ceaus they never impart useful information to inseriencedl member, and
knew the rucmfort, cleanliness and plenty of an Enclish- to acquaint them with the rule which they might main.
man. Their propensities are not propensities of princi- i nationally transgress. Beyond these there was another
pie. A Frenchman has no piety: his religion is a furm qualification which he held to he of the greatest con s-
-a mere expedient; not a Ifeeling or a duty. He holds quence that their Speaker should poosaur Ibcsea with o
nothing to be reverend or sacred. In the saying of the it all de others would be in vain. He thought ihla d.h
imp!int wit, Voltaire, they were alternately tigers and person to Ie called upon to pireide over their debates
monkeys. The breed i croussl. and now they smack of should pusess the cunfi.dense of stl- 1Ise, from thr kcnow-
both. They lack tle rsaional devotion of good subjects, ledge of his having deserved it. (Clwtrs.) fligh ad
and hardly one among them can regard authority with imnprtam t as the offie of Speaker wo., he poieasd no
deferent alrection. They deat on politics because they authority whatever but that which was derived fnru tol
vary, and -tboninate all order from the feat of perma- confidence and rapport of the house. To no perat could
nenrs They talk of liberty and equal ri-hts, while the thit confdenre ndmpptrt e given with equal mtiafartion
spirit of their law protects the ro gtry of narivos, and and with so Ihtle h:sitaiPn as to tle person alo lad to
exposes foreigners to injury and percution. Why wa.s itefuiy ndl advantaeomsly filled the situation uf Spraker
I subjected to the Inns of fredim, and a pmible ex- for now 14 years. (Hl r.) That genllemae bad been 6
peame of great enormity, becauw by accident I left unpaid times selers-d by ifte house as their I easker, and on san
a bi of sixty sous Is Ihis their rights of man, heir occasion he had reoraid not only iucrease of rrputatiiu,

edid u pLt.ook b yo l Go eIn. Do yaw
dida n hWe ,-,Ader amusand she will dshot* Proemed to Je C duties by th youpreent. If Sir ert Pel ce
11ml ls O s, that th A at on ce d ow your W
t4s ~ sh ~alioulo m i yC ~'as d ea in clas, Alde irp h" SW i
-flh-it w bigb a S .- "am" his. ameop Web-ai'ir P-imek h .disa beIfitted a, in *alnl AIr Sp Iux 3 B _
kow"Miaf s m and like children yo' will be on s, uakyour rm a
pow 4-. Alsanm d5IPMSMIo @Mp rglip. Sr ak6, by its Ma1y, haou
Lh h d ira o M by the dys, be effectual, through your L tIo whom alone I woaig
Se ed to dh m r l hic, dr a h u E Indes. Brother Jouathe. doe not appear to appeal. G kilsmtu lok to yoaum4 w b mp e
o m likq; they idea h? f at his commerce retarded in the ,p! CuasTOrAu M CLA O. .
F h y ia iM... n, it oim bl the frel -u- -to- ." 'mcL
S tudart s upon the s his ag uspectd Ia that qartr. Boaston. They state," 1hw plague i committing it. rava.
wa t p to ad spont h o hi et a h le rci and in the isle OfitRbud; the G( erne of .-nayrna hal
It t h y aso pa"1 u a th o erloSrok the W w A raossa"and- 1as been received, t d m rlat Wisng taken measuring by which aall vnre frot from I uarter,,of
lep Tby edevg lroe o bhis tim Hd earve u off h grm and 4ality, the their Im falen whatever ag, Ill be subji c to a qurnudim,."' In spite
ay di sIkU wWicip tL oIIrtow Ih e ld isnto the me rrn. As w have received one or two of tse precautions, two eM dplgue had been know
ty athmtnens which reuanetniue p t i 5
ohes last Peon. in cos qmac of ofe the m conmmuications from tlilAme pen, in which the low t in myrna before the Tensda filed.
beala eapamd with tim grat and momentou qurion currilio y was descnded to by the person whom we su- On til h i st. E Tu Bey, Governo o yrm,
whicil come before It. It wage necmory that thisb seand'r .nt visited tile frigdtU Colliate.lltion, commnaonded .1, Captain
whir came before k. It wra necsary that thi business pect to be die identical IS tlerier," and directed nsat .adswrth were e lea the U. S. Consul, Mr. Oa n
nld w i ane dthatat hl, oud nder mle cr iuntn peake omu lves, we now be to inform hin that, if I will let u and several other Americans. On hi leaving the frigate
Spesou who, Intend of shrinking from labour, would ra- know wino iw is, his letter .hal he printed. Ile most nit uslute wau fired.
thr outlrip the wibtl ofthi houe in the discharl ul irmagiue lat .l e can inale5 ourslves a party to the double A letter from Cai dated May'9th, state that a piratial
bualmes. Buch i person thrhou would have in the right n.ernnes. of venting acrinony, and wnek to hide tihe author schooner had soune days benre attacked a vessel bionging
hao. rntleman wlant hbe had the hoaour to propotse to tleir lbhinsl a anonymous signatLure.' The .Meunber is kiown to tht island and n i a.,crt thi ee b w.
F mathe. It was with s~sfsrtionn hets rn'li'ced tlint it was l'l'The courier of the 7th says," this week has been mark.
motre. It ya. .wine hrI had fr r phe nraied tha wa to as----let uin know sor "Salbchrihbr" al.o. ed by disorders of 3 serious nature, which have scantsr d
nowg ore firn year..inrio h tile right on. geniirlurlan And- al;lann a-non.g dt peaceable puriion of our populatio."--
o prSthe Odin a tnloan obf;o ria t if th.y elec aned hm p. ') rimens of .erman (;Uaim.--''he most areeable of We,. e n furlherlir notice of any disrlurbance.
would experience from him dal nunio if Armi n' asll H comipanions is a simple, frank man, without any high The Porte Ias transmitted It thte (Gvernor of the soi
mctney whil.lh tly must aigre wrid. him nI tinkhking tdais pretensions to an oppressive greatn, : one who lo,, ., veral pr,, incs tie aldlowing othial bulletin respecting the
he had shown hinimlf pi, muse d of. life, and uaderm andla U se of i; Uldigiing,-alike at all to pi-rsiont in Alninia.
"' 1tsLb beLtirn been verbally announced, in time battle
Above rs ;e all, of a golden temper, sad steadfast as slhii'h t.ook place in the environs of Trirleripe ila n tie
nW A & an1aLRr. nan phchor. lFor @icrh an one. *e elailly exrlinri tihe trloi s .un.dr tll.e conmanind offi hiihighn"ns thKe Grand V:-
*o greatest genius, tile ma brilli.nnt wit, tlie pri oiiniest sivr, ainl tlhe rnlbels urIer the connmind office parchisliih
thinker. LESIst;. tw', nils, infamous partisans ol'Mustoplia pacha of Scodra,
NATUI;I AY, AUGIUNTT 9. 1 P431. Be and continue pol or, oung mn, while ts li % la cid (I.*e Astanurd of ruvwlt, ur d lnavin cnrronan-
ad you grow r byfu n, cll ii niun'r etf ,|, of our soldier with success, 4t4000 nif i,.e
.un... d you, grow rilt by fraud and dik.iyally ; Lb wilth-' rebels paissd under the edge of the swodn, and ithir -tents,
His majesty's schoner Nimble has, we observe, hien out place or power, while others beg their way iupwrd ; nimnitinnin and barag'e fril into .or land.n. Tim' ariniy of
hmuled up, to undergo the mlat thormigh repair; which bear the paini. disallpointedl Ipes-, while ollers gain tI"t GrAnd Visie'r then procenlidl tlwarlns Kieuprilni, anll
may ultimately h, a total renewal of d hull. It haI the .r acc plrshenit of lth.irt's -'y 1, tl..r, ; fore.o ti d iw dii. after hi. .naIi.- 'iurd a .l lntwk thie rtiIs in the
been frequently riunimred that the ininritions .if hlis Mli. gracious pire'un.- oll til' hamd, br %hichl others criniige nti. ;'aptur ,,' a great Imintitiv of uil nuInulition and pio i-
j y'a go uvernnui-n were, to build several hri'. of u;r nnl ald cra I. Wip your ll in your wii virlnr, sand slk siins Iy ti'. ia ,inpirial IHn lI.
selhoinrr. of a .nmallr clahs enli-rly of our nais, malt.- a friandl, anid ym r daily lresd. If vui liir, in s mh ()i tli l 11 NI i e rebelli to1 th numIeir of 5l( .(N I,
rial, whiht had bienl hiily al iprovd olf h1 tile ahliral- i- cI'-iurs, grUsin crT ,. iih iunblinniilhd honour, bul-ss nliie onninh- d ,it Iaa lston io in the route b T a.. a
for durability, tb,.ilty of .cin., aid ri.nouarI ness r and di*. i'.ahint- i antl... K 1 r. .nnl. it 1, i otd isi'r rl s ndi .An'l ki
tilnnnll titili'.. ,- ia-' n shy ?nnsu' nic, r s tr c on .'tn,, k
mitenres of grain. A inil depot, of hiv,.r small l.min all pii ni, .i Ih iW itr r''i'idar trnupis, and LI irrin- ;-
magnitude, would giv, a fresh inml..iti to .i r 'T roTi: I.t.Ir.LAlTUoRS OFITlOLDISLANDS. Iro ii, of Tl,,,Ak,;,kk anl K.WIghli,. Tle shuck si. m,.
/ r o.'arid minttc, i r inc rtciini tin' niplo ni'nt uitm' e n ni l si .e nl.g
Spartlyd ret' r ,ot .ni t e o e late bate ,in the West-ln lia Qwestion iois in I It- I)I IliUrlIer, at mlld eiver thk r ll hi'ig bI,
Sat present idhl calnatinte-r. (all of whin have fro it ll'- re. u yvu to ,irlli n, lour only hopell ill be in tme over- thei. sitf qua lint of ars, Ilinitiiii anit bail 'age I. i
Snes become proportuionately wortiles) but Ibe renit tlat tbrou ul tile presentl asniniilntrliuon. A new nioivie neet |l in,, ,in lil ,if ( r .t i tliiin i .
it would aofrd for our various woiim. TIl bane fua t I fa ive' ivn ti l l new Pairlineit ; thius ln P siinel ill I. 'wI .. T i .ranid Visifr wisihine to presrn-e all the ai sI nlnUris
upon its becoinin. notutious, thalt uar islands possessed so wraimd (if they kel eir threats) beti're an3y Parliamnentar, 1 f this victor, le.rnit thal ih. rebs l were nitt-nmpttin tI.
e reurce, ad tt such rource a i iIportance caI be a lacniled to tlli in ' ied Ordelr in rally anil flirtily th,-elnhenlst la boun Kh~liul niar K ii-piali,.
rval- e a resre, ad fa uch ltource w o" A (otii which is to b, forced ulln you adv t oill. aIv as \ l)-r;llnit ml,% ..nyent u ,,'w a,,ii.ll,,d 'Jl ihereU
sterling a nature as to draw ie attention four govern- wlilrh. in the words ol'" t ale ul.eline illrnl' i, .iiX'rli,, i t,.,.. i biinel nu ,. ilir i ark iied Ian.i ttn inie io Ihhnk
mwat, would occasion a large etrn demand for articles of son (spoken by hb tool Lord Ilowirk,) il sewin, ii nenirli ofri, l.i-n,-e. Tinlt paIchm otr.'lora .l' .0s i tHr inl prsmn ; Iu
foreign export, ahich, according to die best li en upon rauly with its nianunisionli b si-idns, .i minute', by n i lh li attenilanls, abindoilineni all hi rents, vwaC-
Ih. rim of comnaonoedhs, would wuere to the Colony hours, by days, by week', by iniontihs. nal 'ear's. 'T'l*v eons. and eli.rns, wlimh have Ia..n .izs.d Iby mr tron
wht in at presentwould have shown less ineUllectll nepliriuc, less incaam- In tti. diiffnrl arctic, they haven hivin'ed great intn-pi-
wat it t w ama arising m city, ayitmy proposed tie paurl IH.U IIf frelo'nin iy jlinit nlitv. anl in all tirir In rne conducted with admnir-
duet of it. labour, or physical force. I pay ),,u not tio I. &alriulld or lI-d naiy b)a liv tineln I i i: irn' inin.
SIn our present almon discoloniod state, with a consr- of partial communication of diaiesl (to lnbich I alluold an li is siid lat .lurlnha micina has arrividI safe a Is'iul.,
quot reductrln of demand for all articles of import, we m"y extract); it cannot l"e easily conmpaissd, and if yo) |,n U. have inm,,nlini certain as to this. C('ii unicanlinis
se other source. s of were all briod into inmprudent co~nesion tnreby, an i with in hIave b.t,. rut .tr n all ,.%les"-Rs.. LD. Adr.
tcanrasuc aov oe aoperroqntiun that ca In earlh partake ofdth ndvanaci', olie meition int
warrant a hope, that the time" o often and so jointly 'arlianinl and nou wouldi hb wonrs thIan vou wr. lawimn. ME CO
ceded hard" can assa a milder or mome genial vto ftll inslil trap oIl our enemnis. 'T'e old, the loval, t c i i t
asport. If thoe who a. m foof lid of amliorating thU. il- oriial l Co t i ratGreat-tain thaIt brne so n o eic d Ihrr o in pi r on
condition of a class who are happy now, and were moasn added lustre to her Throne, through Wal and trials, muons 'itah ul-t. and ktlter re, Tamspir. to th exio h int. e
mel i ri' o the nw ua ul'(;ia. Trini- Tie nnsl pn'rfi.l trinsqdinn'v rteaoL'i-u tliroceuinint Ie'
s a year ag, had used the infec they so vaunt a dad, sa t. Lucia, whom sugars hase so lonr and so mna- 'rh moit, lrf('r tranquI lY d th lrorut hlmll-
avowd eimine of the Colony, for its benefit in thi way. nerially added to that glut In tle market licrh has been dcireet d at on paul' t auction a'ntlion of Gverinxmeant f -
we d nw be a happy laboring people, whoe ea- and still is your constant aflictlion. ired n puli ain a th be o -
ergi's of body heing directed by the ead of the com- Gentlemen, I pray yo~w.attention to die corroiborrntion I ai'nddinL knoaluri to an il cllsrse of thne people, thenlrey
manity, would have called fourth the just, tie spotaneom dof i urmises o n tline St. Lucia petitinc--got up, to tie a lirdiag a rai the liberal t i n dn; r t heli nv w 'oi c tIr e pre-
maty, w.old have called forth the jet, t .ponmo outerdisace of '.,rs. J,.remie and FIarqniar.m, fmrlit,. sI Aliniistrsrti'nn; fir those only who f,iar hrind di n-
filag of gratioude, from t ie harts of those win nmw, purple, a' I sspectei, of being laid hi-forr the Govern- lih't po "th eir acts surround them.lves with duarkinie.
Ni's,- tlli o1" 0'm iniso v hnd In'eni shipped t an'amal'milt,.%
aeeped in idlnes, jmutly execrate what they cannot owat. Lord AlthorlNe, in his wi.lom and ith plenitude 0 oN hrmn s o mne of his d. 1. ir n sin ani o maulier r.i i.
pe- eat. We me only utbmitm. inder tie comnla- his k lnowlede, states that the Coi|Hlxosirv Mblantaini.ill n Nir the mne it ofCte dNivenids on the uoatnotnsr b ln i
tio u ea pmed by the poet, Man er i, but a-nd lar' Pn tetorship to he the ey ,aoi.Mt in liuae. : nr, t, o k
way so be t while in the moment he say. you havl, dnqe nohbin., Tie ic,priden has appointed is D
and A ludes to it as an eraaple, and mnst enxcllent aulho- NianI iie flill, Jialg-r-Auditoar of Ih' Sanee oady A. A-
rity, for forcing upon you fresh Orders in Couticil. A ai.a manl ieea ouelld, Jr I ki-Aowledofl the repi o 1.
STlegrdaycameon fortrialintlhelamace Cortof (VicK letter, only yeatery received from St. Lucia, corril ,- hii* a mat elebrMed for knowledge and the refr ,-
Aadrally.lbhe roo WilmnV y .atesmy amspicionsas teothenanureof the petiion. "aisa Iliny ofhishrhancier,as tininsaar Plofiipnpeniioarv extr-
rer stytes thath Actually war t on nitsy Jrline m nali iarv tin tine Gove'rniuant of Giannihn aa snd ('losrmba.
sol Judl'ge.. dL.&.a respei g frfeio to the Falruharseo -ha of the tl2 si g ai ln's, thore of ilhe -.v. OrWia. Rirf.
Crwm of mthee B es tih property ofr rtaoi Janus whites wre under 50-that not more than ten were pro-
smipemn W ims of(lhe ldland, Planter,er an alleged palor and that the nmjority wvin refugees from 3l.,r- A story is ITrrent in the apolitical circle, bllnh it has
bshef thehoiti lew. Thi cam for thl proseceo tiniqae. Gentlemen, I speak under authority, many kindl no"t aisared in any f the journals, thu Willium
w aea iend by the Anory GO rial, aml m fr d '- frid anany to whom my thanks are due--o lihoil I i'ntiinckl, lthe Givernor-(tioeral ul India inylited all tl,'
S. tby 61 A Bo iier am uankimwn-kw-ip me wel infonnre. I state o!1 officers wl,) comnposop his safl, to dinner: iliat, in I -
si. di me hby a d A facts, for which I can almotin all cases advance naurihority. 'li'"' ner, thie conlmain' of l hi E'aellenry. luev all anten-
SAs e wi der the irerio of th Judge, This Petition, if neglected, will play the very devil u it 'led.r At down hlo nn mit snoptluou spreal., bht" nwill er ale
S cwme a enti to detalk l-dy, t ht an await his do. vou. Il is a yom duties, all your inerets, in ~expoi it. nor drunk, and after a slort period IlIhy aIl rose trom the
i tb.wb -l p- rfrlm d aw pron parti uIa hofhi It is the deepest part ofthe gae yet played by yonr ene- 1ta'le a''ui tik their departure.
aid, whihlI, & ain ,iro I cma -am "Lf a .. It was to form. and. if they ks'p aihir ;v- --
la hi fmm ci"e. (which God, of hi infinite merr, forbihl, for all your ake) limn' o latrloo .- Thlere are in Idm proeint er tive > r-
--o md m -w n will fornn-tle i found plans ,f the stnicture to lie rai-.d ti, ric'. from t r;ink oll ii iai uprwars, of thel amlnv., :
vow ruin by the present Ministry, at the hbek of ll. a ipears frn l-m dli W." priixm Io to their analm' in lls-
The TP iq B Drig Trafalgar, f'o 1 ies a Leam Saint' ariy lit ,ofth' nin li-.ti fliers who servd! at WaHIr-
arrinvd Iew h e eeinag, wih rsecre fr ta t sas W.. Thie lliisn't are srryforrsooth, fors. Proprietoro in I1.-; ,one fih.lil-mar.sal, (ths, Duke, of Wellington;):I:re
SEno-land (who have been, with the M-.rrhlanit, rriuilly Ine- cL-' irnis, (IhI Prinre lit Orange, tihe Marquis of .' a,
L L taoched as Batrbndoe, to 1 nd a par of lectlfor ar, twentv years of your inicrets,) but to yu th.ert .,1 Lord Hill;) 14 li.;. nanl -'..enls ; 9:'najor-p.w r ll
r aC *c e o i'ai not ctln to o ao a;pprl-piositii e nlanoates are thenor- 19 .oelon'rl; 1POlireiillani;-cihnuo ; aiul 117 iinajior.


,-r '"


S ee

t1r fftfdkKtLfl'ML

.. U I ; Leopi I be aUs- than w Im ate"ai. We
i Nt aerl Cmw .Tw b are aBl saen, bewne, hi tsorhee hm II b m amItily in is
tMhe mSl of. Ilae Field btesO. T* BneluSmi Mmin ememto a e ben ite by
srie biy the w length and eemresm oftr dive rele
he s Ma.. (9th Ju __ onse of t sp~e e P delivW upon thi oamW diplay
B(B th I I j prgethheble cleveneis, ad s d l&N, te whale, i h .
Mhf 1 mw ba during the w ule dy he emttableo to the uIens of the Assembly. The pol in
Sheb t is l~ hi, h. ease, id smm- d I the gllsrim wen ei epree pon Ma e day. a
a h eoal, and 4r was oauthling thai eurited The Regent is especaed of at being bldimup d a In-
s.ln- teim th Is a hieali II nde eve ing, he we .a seie the obstacles to ihe imdlate aenm l oft th Cae.
ir O'lock, ue he ka loe d t do fo sume aSoe OLok appg n has *6mu et all at -
We w, mu-- o al- upto anailld ito umue bi- rt "you thse ,ebe Of ,, .Poe r pew -- quite a
- s appeaUnd qoite wll; tnbout reo a'esi L he ged to hiak but a shon etsm age. The
SlJ ppred quite w..ll; aboul t t co ito ia ag n appem to bave bee at work in laS and sd
I I O he sileloy lull indisposed, and caled to bii e~*er pla ;.. nd his Royal Hilghes may alsady man tha
lmod hIn forbade tise to awakes any body, or even in his new Ieat be will be reposing upon ny dig bar i
,I t a physician. It was eat tii past 8 o'clock, that, l of r s..
Sias re growing wor,; he ordered MI. Schgelgl,
phsyicia in ordinary to the Emperor, to be calkd, but Extrnt ofa letter from Laguirs, dated July 15, to a
dsad ti~auobody elk' huld be duaurbed. When ta genetleniaini in New York:-" The affair to the windward,
doctor came, he saw symptoms ol choloer, which soon be- headed by Gen. Monagas, has been settled without blood-
ci ,ary violent. 'Ihe k ever attacks which usually ac- shed, and the authority of VonetSla, under her consti-
n iepw this disorder, lasted several hours; the patient tutionl and laws, again re-established. Every thing and
., irsdiately bled, leoehes were applied, and very every part of Veniessea, is mow tUirely quiet. It will take
sintlirtion employed-in short, no nmauns that nircht bsine lontull to render every thing regular and establish
ilTMr relief was neflerlerl. The Field MIarshall, retsailit confidence; however, it is Io he hoped it will be done, and
i bL peesnce oof mind, ordered every perol except lihe for a time at least, wl shlall have no more BuckenL uis. By
il sttendants to quit the rioin, lot fear ofthelir.takin thie Su)t, tosail in 10 days, and Decatur, I will write more
Ibl tagion. About seven o'clock tile ilysicians .uc- fully. Our market is elulted with flour."
.edd in producing perspiration, aind the i patie't became -
Iu asy). Up to this mnioiment the crasmip had been but Within thllirten months, ending thle 1st ol'July, no legs
illlh, aiild the patient suffered only frO1ii tlii alterliate lit' tltha tlliriein sovireign rulers ceased to govern, either in
ofllivering Ind burning heat. llp.riien .s IIen and eight consequence of the will of their Own subjects, or iy the
o'cl ck cramp conullno!ced in the le-., anrd in the illternal mandate of a higher power:
parti of the Iuly, and the iintisrniing pIlis which England-uGorge IV., dead. France-Charles X.,
seeme.l insullrrablr, continued till near ten o'clock, when deposie. Algiers-Mahmnoud, turned out. Rome-Pius
the.groans of the i):tii'nt becatiio lIess frequent; but his Vlll., (dead. Saxony-Antlony, deposed. Naples--
vital powers uvidetl) dliininisl:d. T'I'e breathing became Francis, dead. Belgium-William, deposed. Sardinia-
iwre and more dillicull; the patient soon fell into a kind Charles Felix, deposed. Brunswick-Duke Clarle, do-
of edtlarry, scarcely interrupted by thu unfrequent iiotions )msonI. Greerce-Capo d'lstriaL,, resiMned. Brarils-Don
of thie Iyesilidt faildl. At a quarter past 11, Pedro L, abdicated. Colomnbia-Bolivar, dead. Poland-
the irrelsrable Iou which w,* lInve sustained took place. Archduke Charles, deposed.
Divise Providence, ill its inscrutable docrees, had deprived
the ar y of its illustrious cutnioander.-Journal of St. The Romnans deposed their Dictator, Minttios, and the
Pe rsurgA. June IS. -inel'ral oftlwir ava:lrv, Caims FIfaniii., on the same
It is .tatel in the Prunsian Ginrtlle l that tle late Field day they had been elected, because one of the citizens of
Marshal Dw.'itsch's lhoid ha. been ol.ined by Dr. Koch. I one had heard a monise squeak.
Whu proniunii'ce, t liht he died f l!'r . (l.,.

CII)LI: 1\ 10MIoit'S. 9.T ,
IY -its 1 J n n v


oa. a N ue
SAeWWN6 sae P
Suoperfi Floor il Bbais,
Core in BI,
82,:dp Mi ions

3 otts Berley and Co's Ldadam a tes
40 Kegs White I p2
10 do. Black Pa
At es Mentl's Crdit,
A neat Jersey Waggon
A do. Double Carriage
A Lligt GIG
Auigut 27th.


Sr 1 l'a, n II, 11q. a II t n llatve tlie' Ittlaslan
This sittlliret divid-s. ;attt-,in wih thi Hitefori Hill. ai',edil2 .ve'ur., holsniild mnnlier, auiil temrrate defmen-
Nu iau lia'l imairt ci ti uli ler a i,)lIse without beniiu 'il ( i ourgained hliil I lil. IIle reTspertiol'll who knew hliti.
Irmo l ed loul is, and the I' p1)rl hdlih1 at h ioni Hand abroad, --
t.asci cl the u..t alic.ui, irlitis. i short, thr. i; 3 O3 Q ttI L tt V3 V31 20
a saiuplu e plnlio al l i 'Oni iilllkil .r' el pr. on ie tl Inure 2
u oerroora., I Hv trust tli.,t Tlihe to which th,. ill- Ii ',rry person ahown th team thart Islands, after Aus
msee hai preAil.d.i, as well a- ti s!.ife ,t' nuirtalin, will haring resided therrin for kte space OfTHItTV i DTV, mus
be fni ,.,I t have beuren ,4A .rai.rl. hI I ,Mi,.n. ,1,. i c- ,irr rrority at thr Secretary's Offie, rput ,uphisonamein
Csrlio111 It o lO f h, i rk.t h arn i-ru al inh fro m ll lo &l
otl ir places, nt.l m.r l..i One, to in 2) i thi' il- iini t liu "n aid" Ofer f r TEr -N tl 'I p eiomus t1 hildeprO urt- af-; while at ua II.d it wis prouced two, tr hicb at lany tione during FriYTr-rFIVE IiAV, a Ticket
manili4 agno, it seemi tl have imade hIti lithre Iir.riss. Wi, may be obtained.
are ftr Iroi denh iL', thlit thlli til is of a nature to de- NAMIE. OF PERSONS
mand the seritits atnlltiiiin ; andl this, we are glad tio AlRI'T TO OBTAIN TI KETS roR IPEPARTtIaF.
6ufd, it in miiit will. Al lii It docliiirits received troin toi h July, MI nul Arron A I
abroad by our tisverlllnii it were tra;,ii.ulled la.s wi'ek to e2ld .. Jame lslack nentsR
tln Collee of Phlysic.ia;ll by a loni a crillinitii'e was ap- . Andrew Sllmp'on South
pointed, w'eso nt luring ms rral suIrc,'eive daiv, il,'ludilnh 1i7th Augst - Wm. H. Roach V. S
Sun ilda, snd in'.lowed upon the inllveliCRliiin all the carn' and V
aild ant e' ll which it nleri ted. 'The points ot wlhi, h the ir 1 Au
opilaon was more p-irticularly required related to thle lso de ---
in which the diwiie Ls propacratsd, and ihe cion',luent a
aecessty, or olherwiase, of q.araitine. The couiul:s-onu
aI wiich they have arrived i%, that Il' dlimsase is inlec- PORT OF N.AS IAU, N. P.
tious in mu far as regard its pa-'ing froin out' persoTin ito _ -_ _-_ _-
anotier ; ind tly i.1 not hilok upon it as proved Itha it AI tiI\ LI),
may not als. be tnuiisite.l by goods. IaMth Aug.-Am. I. Governor Pari. I.indev. Boston
Under thewr circum.ianiel.r ithe have jldgedl it mols Lumlner. Shingles. Corn. Ieef &d Th
prculont to alvicate itr. lirprirt. ol strict quivrantine lbein to Josaen TmHOmrPos.
enforced h.,lli on persit, and! meirnh.lindilz. It is r'- 7th II. M. Ship Race Horse, %WIhamq. Hermud al the
umarkable tlha the connuimnta iare hs, t ,o iiine lu tlhi t thrh i rig T'raal~ rga, tewsa Leiune, last Barbadoes Mrs.
ciloll, ill opp.ation both to the opinion. oft lhow ieh IiIv iY 2th p. Sch. Luion. C(alada, Caub left at
Seuo cholera in Inia, and the grual Ilaidjorily of tllh., wl, t utl, and Pant MaNr Wood. Tner
have witness it in hlJw norti-,.ast of Eiur, The o PETAMMo C cher
have taken ti. facts oftIme inrraiuir, inhl dit..wn froi thiet l CLE I\RED,
c.cluio., f.r Ihe mt isarl, .,' an oppoiilte ,ature. 1 t":,,h Pth. Prime. Iludon, Port Antonio, Jamar, C
has beien decided liat nielical ronimiil' bll t .is l rlwill. cnith Lng Exetrr. Baillie, Havana ell
espatched to Ri;a ailn D)anric, coniltinr in pearl o-
gentlemrse to whom the cholera of India is franiliar. The SAILED,
public nuy rnst assurnI that all Ili- iwa-s lrl. ttrh Brig Fphemia. nowden. I.iverpool
wtich the necessities of the rcae require are in operation : 'th 0i bh. P'rinros. Ihuison. Ponr Antonio, Jamicn
ald we would caution them against beille Inn,.-t.ari 1_ili
alarmed by the er Iluermted accounts which are alnavr I'ASSENGER ARRIVED. 11b. 1s
given under snch cirrimnstancesr as the prensnt, as well as In tl n Spanish Srhooner ln'ion :-Mr. Borago.
against being led to place any reliance whatever O"r sIN' PASSENGE8 SAILED. V
nmmr,mu ma.thods of trealmeanl nrn eommeonld throuli hIll In the rMe Euplhemia :-Ca|l. E. Webb, of II. M.
lIepam of he IAres, br well nme-ain :ltlbu weak awl credu- 2,1 . Rer'. : S.rce str. M'Knight and Simpson, f
tlie plnsorm. A "iong lse -e eAs t particularly. allude itI with their familiius, and several Orphan children.
e plan of coveriae the patieis wi:l a ullnivers1al Rata- may h
ptasm of lemp-~et l which a ro.ntinslnrv ha.sliile FOR NEWW YOR .k indebt
1`13 tteateof tualiv Au ere i ur lTh The hne fair sailine schooner Three Sisters, by the
w aiopi'ed n.rlhtullyv aioutetu,,i ilon hae ln two lt I mwll w h dispatched with as litrl, delay as pos- the de
Ctpii.iii ofthe hnhian practiti,.nrs haa line ts..,rls l.nit tb Ajr,. F r or pasg Epjlly to' Captain paid a
to lay a.i.lp nal oatimpt, at the ilc ,.oerv .r of prifics, andl -- ble. For lfroihl or pwase apply uo Caprain paid
It treat tihe diai, on cei.ral prin,-.. .l-, arcoring (lan dr IIENRY GREENSLADE & Co.
"vnoni in e ,c particular as'.: !,. mRlady its.lf, Ammn 24*h &
in4 I' effects ,f rem,.die., difler v,.r) much ill different N4 OTICE.
inhilu .. NOTICE. P

Brnorls "t'" of the th iry. conran thie tires in be ilIE SRI'SCRIBEIIS will mcll on Monday next, at immec
atrvl onr h,'t Jqo.,lv.a, thr n he- I Ilthe Vernde lIons, at six months credit, that well lhates
Iyrin. ng. rn ThIqs ,iun sl". ath, in n hour on 1 ri iro ,omn I'sr sailing rcopper fastened boat MAJESTIC, st of
portnet i ntll Thrile, hen it :e o < r.. ,,e Ti h ve air wili **t ill liOt aind mnateriaL.'
deca.sine would be enwhl.irv.. T!e oplostini l re in Ir II. Galr.vLADI Co.
hol.l and ir look, now a. if le r ,. in f.ur oif fune .itt 211.. Jut





On Memday mes, Lt, 29Me int.
AT Tu vNDUus movUSE
At so Weae A.a.a
Will be Sold.
Case Brown Platillas,
do. Lawns & Linens,
do. Bed Tickingo
Bale White Cottons,
Buox of Nero Pipes,
do. Durham Mustard,
Trunk Women's Howe,
Furniture Dimity, &c. Ac.
us, CAt.
ust 27tih.

On Monday next, the 29th instant,
At 10 O'Oloek. A. N.
Will be usld
At two Momths Credit,
Barrels Wheat Flour,
do Jamaica Sugar,
nst 27th.

On Monday next, the 4th eptemew,
At 1 O'elook, A. AL
Will be Sold,
At a Credit of four Moths,
.ot of of Land, with the Buildines and Improve-
thereon, situate ins the town of Nassau, bounding
on Hill Street 43 feet 8 inches, East ,n Lot of
andls, 91 feet, North on Lot of J. Perpall, 51 feet,
Vest on Lit of G. Lightfoot, 91 feel 6 inches.
m,,st 27th.

On Monday, the 12th September ext,
At 1a O'lok. M.
Will be sold, without resenre,
a pleasatly sitnuaed House and Lot in Bay 8u1t,4
corner of Culmer Street, at parent occupied by
Elizabeth Wanor. A PInt of he Premies wi he
the SubIacribers' Stare for inspection.
ms-Six months credit from the day of mle,tlber-
giving approved Security.
ut 6t 1831.

triw vaossr
AVING fixed the anize of apEAu It the rate of*
per barrel of superfine Flour, Ordered, that thl
. Loaf do weigh 2lbs. bot., and (ite sixpeany Loa
as. By order of lie Vestryv.
nyT Room, 2d August, 1881.

HE SURSOBUBER, intending to leave the
in all November next, callMa al those to whLem
e indebted for their reqpctive demands; snud
ed to him, he earnestly request, *i sttle thL -
end of September ensuing, to ol him to mo
mandi agnais him, and all accounts rmmaising dw
t that period will be sued for Iladlirime .
h July, 1831. BROT. WIER.
ERSONS iR' remaining ialdeb mr Is me* efd
late DreALo BLAJi, decsmBd, a re qmedkt o
dite pap nt, the Ihu er b klber isnuacMd hIe
tato Iri dulay. Alaccru emllqn il l*p
beptembhw t, w81 he put in
Adi ,m.
r0, 1831.

_ ___ _1_~___~__


I.'.i r W i(;Y;

'Now sa, dhis fI hi ll s bemph tit h iw ai di
ft;, On Zee R1*aIL@R m tas dhmst b m"an td *" On thd am- msmay 4dth eedaim b ~i
U / t s 19 NO& maOi e-eJ o prdesn dam t ** ase m gm thm a a talk ol rasini TeT Tree of Lirtiy
fte -I I di* e d- la flem h>av been exposed as im s ss^ sla sh.l s mm plac orsofdi and upkm rr -n t
you.0th" t o a manrr est all anoe wshoe- i
., -hT dn 1 gfr iaj, r i v y a a i, w edbamp .6a.-.aedked up.n---c bf up alha. pl.a of biinx .7 ..i ,y
m 'w, s ll" w plat" any ae sil he m en r mslus a the hd mo k elu 1r aamrda M t .my Se i mt is sdnI a a a" l r lmLy 6G sa
thaid Safli gea saiifer w "u ba-n h wham basmed an.o s. t..m y. A f halaISd ma aa
dd t et =owe has" Pistilli offtihunglu mono
~ u a bs rba spe TLh i r f n o the a tut rh andLm u dvm. io n ul mh.ths am. alu l i J a irs oGe.m t a e s ti. t

bh lw 6& r n i ed to y ou a i m Nso d ir c cfna. 8e disO p thea ia sbit homes, d & arrdl t all him who aM I
Immb fL hImllW ae vu W lm iehing doa s irit B 'ws hme 1 u. p iTnbmnsane iof th kind took p rce yoaserd m, aoed tr
sm a he tearmh -n casos h set- wr a s me Ghe Paninam wee arand. I regret shin, ma owr Gows.m
sInel m uJ. The lig r oht cat" alry of th he O sial ud a dvre .i of he a-, a ent is. ea vi nd virtm e oer. I hope isl ay atitl s s
T J athe thel with ond -cfmplit frm Tiller of l.c uard, took pua n i ithel magas e Towaeisa uamph but doubt I btaldast have courage ema theo ai
Lier h I.a h have baem L ssjtra s r. w s hi lmt ene ling the oher r Fimen hof the o.el ,ail marrIl ner baot t t rslro- ltve' .
pera grin by the o aal erw on waed e To e toi e antuionsud the ur o. aaoew 5 ter bu eran, ched may, i poeafthptea to in
smr myl hlu y of s'te ICa Lte ahea tsq in e o the n prawe, ta rmandnh led b nesr wi e have she eeabLjimed peau :
ho faniys t reep lent i t l Thiel vedr orde- h iti ad o isey 6t ndotn The s depicted by nw T roas a the n ought s to be motlnatd s
1t Ovsed t is of D cem br n. aa or h. ti he Loadol Tieos.- jots- The rioter are mre haesubraker., pinkpockrt,
sII ant d pps r o iluco th s they mat s ftunt o very sitten at which e have rocat y sote and dtc. Seven- os htla hof the Pare iaan-alt ouf h tm ay e
ci pepla. and et In a name which is aluasdy ob- every account uroes eye-wnamoae which we have neard, foreign war-are desiroa of quietnem at hoem, a
uetd for thena h namo oil' 4 endhrrn s Tihe-y wanit coi' in represtliung lltes condition of Belgiune boh in Vill paroere ieL"
11t reuld nrquimiteof a i e iern, obieRnaa to their coas- l c aludine, uunnlicturing, and other interermts, mant sic-
muadern ; oIen of them actig as they thank lit, on thie slosnblv-urdepr ev isry itnrera destroyed or lireoateled, aid General Bertrand, who may be considenrd am the
lum of the n.aomontl, without waiting for orders. I dstlrs air miuery trinuplaila. The commerce of An- prsentative of the Baparte party, offers himself
hae uearrered this on many oecasiont ; mod have myerll werp iA totally at a sta.d; the chief merchants, pprelien- candidate for die College of Chateaiurtn.. Under tis
OmwAmm M ea, ban nerly ds victim of miri conduct. ave that tie violence ol r Belgian voluunteer may pro- title be Is addressed a proaon of faith to the elects
Yes QGnrl Lussm, i u einaer of the day. ha conr- .oke reprisalsb from the pgarrion, have llt de cily, and ofti tarrindinementl. There, all the political questions
taited them upsin their rosheth ; one cannot. however. il peaceful inhabitenta coceive theulseles l ittig upon which are the order of the day are discused by tio Ge.
he murprisd t muc a coarttul ioi earnomig frunt lin, ion UDnpowder. Tile navigation of the Scheidt i conceived neral, a.d resolved adverse to the eating (.overnmeat.
earning the a slul whreem ee wau educated. 'InTo tie to be m iuecure, from tie spirit ol aisimsilty that actuates T'hi circumiaince, and many others of the same kind, h
eternal honourw f amemal Lfyetar. whoe day of court the pertien, that be little biness which is stll continued very remarkable because it prove that the Government
fhetoe enm r at prner-n ar little loudled, during the with England is conducted through the canals of lianden h"a now to combat all the strong and powerful part
thiMr inag truiblen of Decenter, all was got over wilh- and the port of O.lend. So araid are the better claits ol which occupy the country, without having any thing elm
it any personal violin-re An the part of the National a bouadOment, that they have sent away Untir faunilies to to oppose to tem than the force inertia of sit intern
Oiar ls, at a time ti, when Ithe Iudntn. uand tihe ianper Mlibne, or sie nurrounsling village at onite distance from diate party. But in no time, and especially in a time of
was a thuounrud foid. Bill the thner lere cirangued since the wall, aid have depIlited their nunt valuable property revolution, ever wasan intermediate party sufficient for the
drn, snd nawn rhanLe w ith threm. .,r articles of furniture in TJeir cellars, which are bombt defence of power. We may then say with tnrth that,
Ma vy arrestr miv,. iInLrn place, hboth ditring Tie rna proof. A ls as they I e the r the first gun fired from the after 10 monthly of a life of debility, and badly assume,
multin'al .di Anill. ;tlgs other Ill. Lnin.r en-rcou. citadel, diy ar prepared to desausd Thenuelves into the existence of power i decidedly put in question. The
nol ilf tli I.nnrel.. A :n I paid To is o..ei n. It mis subterranr.j asylum. position of the Government of July, ha much analog
tawe Commik.ry ,rIf Pslice; end hn ollice-r, tani all hi Nor are they likely long to escape so great a calamity, if with that in which the Royal Governoient was placed
pnapeo ind a variety ufanriont.arinIur, seined and cnrri- the proceedings of le r or epubiican party are not strict- afer having struggled during fifteen years against the R-
ed to tle Prefectire of Puoice. A j ke i crlrri.n, tbhat Ii w cled, and their maclitiationl constantly counteracted solution, having for its defence the power of right, that of
amontst tlie Ietnr swa. a HRoman nili, itle reliI.elo v.i. hy the loval Ifrankiess o' the B lgic authorities, combined 'the eoud which it did fe r the country, and, its attelnlio
Cosck anild f I letters ,y. H. wrliicrl *are instrpr.i-- ain lle ntiosle lalltjin of the Dutch coniander.--'lhis fet- seizne tinhn every occasion that presented itself, to stip.
4a v itheb,- C',mi.i'ryv-" Sa M.jnew 'lhilila.r ihlaitlirn nuon, anionIs to break tint armistice and to enibroil the two pun ti d ionour of the French naiune.
Is RI n e:nn..'" All the anliqtne Iplntn,l lals.., &'. nf I countries in tirsh liostilities, that they may attain tleir uso l
io Iish llitn (C'ilIrl great ollch-iil., wrrrei iteidnl 1t I ntbihuus uhjelts or realitu their revolutionary scleners, Confesrno of De 'oe.-I know too much of the wonr
he a 4-i eIt el artnun to be pacrd in tuie ldaieis of taI are incireunlly altenipting to provoke quarters between to expect good in it, and I mive learnt to value it too little
lls Bi'p.niti 1 tlis inlhbitants or voluntiten and tie gaur isun.-A Belginn to bne concerned at the evil. I have gone through i lio of
Y,.,lre laiv ier 'i 1ee. Mnet, ll-to wa. rlherid by o.nilol- r UAsiYlatly detected aith a lihined torch in Iis liatnd )ndern ad and s;m e ubject of a vat variety of provil
tins S 'ne s t o. f l..I san pr Peapla e lo Ilitribsite rTli l ol'ut prI'hO rieng eo finr,' oli T gb ul gains the e fortress, w llichl, in lenr's. I have ben ftd nfore by miracle than l EjaI
oudca sil t io |islliric l t fritnr,-, we. arrnstel al him Leir i.ral Ciansu's present state of suspicion and resetnaent when tie ravens wtre his purveyors. I have some tim
nt:ae; and the ln a tn a oi Ipnlie, nut cannlril wilh tnk.l.ltTh tie p.rfidie, of the Belgic trosip, nigit eal I le ld ago sminolnd up the scenes of my lil in tllis dihticl:
ing hohn, n ntion,'4 thlsin rives In tls- initnre, andt nrr .i-l him to ua.n fire to the city. This f elo a lud a considerrble "- No man haq tosterd differing fortunes morn,
ev.-cv lprnu that came Iblre, Matllrdlay being tin. dsla\ ilnl ol nitanev on hi person, which uwas sulppolid to have And Ilnrteen time. I have been rich and poor.."
of hi. lieIl.ionary diirihntlmso. 'I Isia arrmsi cl ma* I r lien lirt bribe Ilr this act of anietity. Firing lu thee school of alliction I have learnt more philuotvplh y
great vuolthlp. ef p.inple n in heb qrtsr. N. Madlet rn- knirl ainoinst tile uldie s imn the aarres is an evera-d titen at tie lcale and more divinity than Irum the pul-
joying tI-' l-s.I-, of many Iner fanili'h. lTti hbe gave re- ilnl orrnisi', aniy ony pses unpunished, brcause, se' in pin ; in prison I have learnt to know lsat liberty dudtr ntr
lief to. Sutr arbitrary arts do not tsll wil. litat tie Belgiun officers cannot enforce discriliniie msinin consist in oprn door, and the free egrers and rer~urss of
r- --_ti- --t llsir troops, the Dutch are averse to destriY peaceful ci- locomolion. I ;ave Icern th rui the rog ide o the world u
Bandoa Acnemw/lflal f rll/tte f O seake.e A as eorf d'nn ,on account of the criminal noancn.u res of the i i- well as tIues smooth; and have, in ls-i than half a year, tml-
Runaan Ilsad-quartean al Utl o- tary ruffian who prufess u be their dcfin'ders. W\'iat ted ltie ldifnrence between the cin'leof a king and the
iuaa. Miy ar I ds.. it matter to tlit agitalo of nlb patriotic cluhl rlwi ilsr dsinaso nt Nearte. I IIRhv Inflred desrpv fir che iim
Ih MOTwd 27ne dunmwo.o a Nhwgne. I hhve sruff,.red deeply finr chn ,r rg
On the n.ns that the rebrls. had anhanced Tno tr de Nur. ad thmtend of their fellnw-rounirvmen an re butrid under the ipruinciiple, of a lih integrity I harv lived" to wyv rene
thea caun..ln-rable Ise i ,w imwrnollc.le tim n, is 'k u. ruil of their I.nurning lhnbitanti,i.-whellt.-r nine inrip ert li ilsnov I slerd for ever rrproacied nre si!h ii. The
tinrsale o k Klan umoermnner'n-Conhef a1huit is olnaile to muse lad esl taenrce oa ga iant city are endangered or aneil.l, unnsen.edi.lea r iuses, f ny stsffn'ring hare hioen tll a bing
a m 1wvme. l b way i l(raenn tlo t .'ie inla s i t lride d Iathe t' in.ur Ihn Cur: Ot ronin.em net oi 'n a ent-rl lral .iv i tho e! hIav.'rlLt aned, and scornine te hrl y
at llemd t lp,.e ai.s Icvhlelng that she e0rne smi 11 H lr, ndo lI all r ohe dlunu otr he righlluls ci.Lir, oin hnne,. h,,o me. To the honour of Englirh grsli-
the deII. nn she eeningti a roinrs.nbo ot ane 't hE h teti
lllenl ento ( rhineer. rgmtl v ede a t 'ully.s n >ii l rair lrininBh enimi'sl titre, I Ir e tlir rnterliable trnnh o leave behind me: that
a rigale of Ilulea, fell ai with the esei nd darov the irm he laiou iresu if Brushe rontinti'e il n I n s'liaTh na .I rsir in ihei betyeln d as by those wlose lr aniliil
back; the nieni lry l towaadnmsiade tr nn. ahiler te caval- tInra of inventing falwhodisea, prcerint la is. i \a ri- I r a.l Itrr.-rvied from riarvine ; nor an barely tri ard as
tluroed the enaony's posiltio. T'hrve fir Iroops executed ling silisler alp'aauranrir, or propam.'alinsg rlitlue. e nluJiUl', t, lil,, I .tlarv,,,i nen isen Ifmily In pres.rvr. TJIn.i ew
i .ttck with ralmane., and in mtrah ut down the t rn to throw i iulu in ihe (nfl'renrd ,f LnI,.Is. al! tU prt- h rl r-work of frotune tiensnde me still : th' a,,ple I
ifr ytam.which a lone ntelwd to sweit thelk, evortlacp vent any reasonable sellentu ofl lir sa n lia io. Ot* l aive iirs.,, and liovs. ts, rve, all mns throat every day,
*i h" ry. which ouml lefe ia the fornl. smd took usoe irnalint gravel asures ils hain and innaninmrllr rerun. i l- a.r I iel nmit t he fihrat o se taniet Ine nr-
amema I the ti he i m s w lntawed iseoJ.d persd) ; r 'im f minl lbronl ofl tuw heel lea n-a-;
t 4 taes lp hbal killed awdcuaneuidad. trv'menn i"i.-- ir ofncror lment. and ene.' T I tqasIM e ais t e ia al. o the lBd tih ld- i1.slt or injulsie ahene it lnt sever intl.ndewi-lhnlt ile- iH.rsnuon, ind perinapn, frn that reaIon it is my rer-
Maerhal M uto K-lPowlo. and oa the 14th to 16 aoat Muo- land is against them on tie subhject of ilner linit n nd th,.ir; i, .......... Early diester., eand frerqent turns of mi affairs,
wliu. Hem be learned tha tae Gar, whictL could tot debt, dtat nhe may be able, by rillinpg tel.s1 in li.IIr s.f; Inve m, incumbered with en inutpponnhle eightt of
eoaIa a per ious actls with the ap r no mbsva of dth Holland, to indemnify herself for the sulsie.i. s tiirh 'le. I debt; and the remarkable ompanssion ef some creditor
sw romaa nd wlbe eooles liable er n Y er ad advanced tanc o the contineatal Power before til ear ll5. ai, o r on tin ried offers of asripping myvrlf naked, by entire
sdyn rns is, Xs e bais th im sar-P he dh I y In other words, the British psavermnnt aw rees t protoincl s.rrin'drampenn oath, have never given me wiray tr.tille
pbmd l re attacks oflhe omme sy. wms l sdnrin them back which are intended to plun er Beleiu,. inat, li. sns e ..u- than they were able, or kn than tlley knew how ; hy ,ili.h
wa s aly tber am. by a expaied webprCorem- gondey mahe Throeme r.hy ma Ile o,, ,,r
6 et rals i e t ousa t hi t, han n she, ob i eapLi"ied pWotemh ev', th mam he tln.lerrd frm le mran, nmoot of thedehts I have discharged, hrae colste
IrM-lmha ei'asa f of a m nt o f ein wilo baw Treau ry O lholl re d tohe Ed i ceueu r oth Enhner land Tile firll v Thillins in the pound, and the creditor half m much
me atishL mud thee bra i o. ma o artwcked t heb Ftna e t govern likewise aince it ha disle,.,r' a Ilhand- I,, rroter. I have e alrge family, a wife and ix children,
oiuly l gaine vmo adrvs oatega. Od Uhe at day- e machination of the pro- who n.ver want what they should enjoy, or spend s hat
bathe y enTpsded egkt wsntan istam id rif O i. pa andist faction, conme in or thaI aar of asur 'i''e thev omit to lyare. Under lII theis rirrenennrst end
7100 irmInI eI ind. ommt ol a braolde of may conclude," ays thile logical libeller, Ihle the Fre nh fin nav othersn lr to write, my only Isappinen is thbn:!
a nmad some regmems ofe a i y, &a d Scllt away Cabinet. itsutiar i thops dark no' nuvrte b ie heveliwa,. hbeen kept ,herrfl, any, .and quiet, enjnving
d teL m esthey sdFl mao m a "m, hat being mllow prnjec of lrtlitioing Belgium, as Pulse was for- n perfel am tl mn. n nlht. nd a:i-
a wrnt .Ihst a -10ay aht oul dDpaedt PL at ans, as Pould wadeh for- perfn t rlme ofe tie mind, cle, lrts ofildan nigiah. and atn*.-
A*=a 0e lm inar T e at l mhwn, 1 = mery parti m be." faction nst to e hrbke in upon hv t hr-ever may heppi n
lla d ftlth MLamsi. Nii und g ithe In to nmr. IfanLy mnn asks nme hnrw 1 arrived to it,' I anv, r
metf m mlrins, bo Rr I t eaaauotepa axald Frt m t Lamim Sa', JIew 21. him, in lhonrt, by a ronstanst erie appliration to the crer',
m t te l oae as ptrecidion Lthat th The private bttr fI our regular Corrneporent in le'mna".nd weirv ywnrkofrrsirnationto the sill f I4r-
SI L attached the 4th si Pa, which ae give thia day, represents thi (Capital e".n by wclich Iet n, mton think I I
0 d i in"A e Al e mive Md N off he rtne again trnquil i although thet trnnquility is adnitled to he Sltr Pr nf &Yee, pri-fied t the ifer tr d Arntarri on f
din drIt as er Ib m mdw nard. or in ae wem. exatre ly prerarimnt. We have, lowevcr, secn i private. Ro&msuat _'russo.--Rnaoi'm' a'ielilt .ibrary.
fe &manereaw gnrlmdier. bt m e r dtbh r letter front a geentlean in tlilt city. shich speaks of in -
kh, Sy pmenw d ss thae Ns m wee nJ dsem- atate of alirh there in masr alarming Irrnrs iit those .\ vnern tnlnmrlen m inmid lly rridirg in n.pland, heirg
hi paamim rf i c iad t look up a poeatin umAl by our Comrrespndenl. Tie wr,,r say, inxplan- viothnilv attarl ed ao ench other, end re rt-luties refutin
Ity whilf a s M osn le is kad nuoel emy) U f-m an impi reaons has intending to hae Fnnre : to rconsntl tl:lir unio,n. ,v.y aert.,d Io eo abroad and
am ... The mtlh i., that ter, aen looLing yen rloomy i p in end s tIhir eCistente.' Tin-v ,rripd at Lisbon,
TO F I p ad n dileot h Ost ti here : hee is lile doubt that the. an. Chamlr will sl, n iln h loadedl pisll.t pointed t iclrh lo4ber's bonam,.
espaahl WML *f dilt m fle m, NA was- ind ls om n- overtun the Minilry, and a inerel dirconlent I. nFrod r ll.v rell to fire st lhe sam m menlt. Hisl piuol tok
id aal a low" Rheym lenI. Reigvimc ty rpeai b in l il better chlam of riltrn, tlt Is amt re will rre long 1 flrrt. and laid the voung lady i'eal at hi% fcrt; 'ut hrr'u
amd ansr iLe 1 of giape shot from the adminrably explode. Wagenrs are hid hreo nof e tos m, l at Loris, missed firr. On li's arrival in, lie wns am-ted,
on' b atnillery. the I'ot deemed from farther at- Pm.tatLLM dome mt renn to Paris Kip .' Tlhis, hiss- tried hv a Special Cuinintaisiion, and i a Ineard at Nes-
am. T7%y ekm prsvaiteae of *ic eldiuem if the g to I rc may be Ceidurad renhr prtmatue bmt those 1:o Iafs.


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