Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 24, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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sg6Bl 3Il0. aster. WEBNEBBAYT AWGlc T 94, 1 81. VOL. I-en. XI.

THE BAIIAMA ARGUS. Iaw take every individual hm k th i aui without rm. euablae m to jude, u u(fhe Puole an Itle
pect of rank or csa : and siak admltraser., whetlfr id withd thia m r= an as these of thi perlecM, es-
Flamu IrlD MIt-WEEKl.Y In NAsAu, N.. j. udicial or municipal, are phld from depriving any peciay he moility ; these are hr obvi a fe
______________ w Neindividual of his persnol fredom excepting in due con- thi disa tioi; the goprmenit appoiotme are given
MM a per amm I- 0 d > formity with the establised legal uages, which prescribe to Germas inead of iasve, the Teutouic language h
that the cause of arrest shmll be forthwith communicated to been forced, as far as phticable, upon their adopt ;
dthe party arrested. Bofurehroe days bare elapsed, the and their patience is merely baited and worried by the tedi-
latter uust be brought belfie the proper authorities, and ous process of Prussian legislaio. I ave re to
if Iis guilt be not established by a first investigation, he believe, however, that this inauplcimuu stale ofthio hi i
becomes entitled to his discharge. In certain cases bail not escaped the vigilance of the court of Berlin, and dlat
is allowed. The right of property is inviolable; and teasunre are in courn of operation to remedy the evil.
every native of Poland is at liberty to remove himself and The Orand-duchy of Pueen contain 588 geographial
hiseffects to any spot he may preler, after he shall have square miles, and 1,051,137 inhabitants; and its chid
O ccomplied with the legal form. A descriptions of public towns ae Bromberg and Poen. O--k.
O TRY.* proceedings are translated and recorded in the Polish
tongue; every civil and military appointment must be DIET OF VARIOUS NATIONS.
HYMN OF THE MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN. filled by a native; and the senators and deputies, the preai- (Concludid.)
a1 ai. IeAns. dents of the judicial courts, and members of the provincial The diet of the Fretchman, is chiefly vegetable, and
SThanks be to God for the mountains." diets, must be chosen from the mas of land proprietors. his frgs ae rarities reserved for the delectation of thu
HIwiSt'a Book of Ite Seadns. Tie legislative body, which is composed of a Senate opulent, and answering, in some degree, to the brain anid
For the strength of the hills we bless thee, and Lower House, assemble at Warsaw every second tongues of singing-birds amongst ancient epicures ; aesr,
Our God, our father' God year: it remains together thirty days, unless its sitting after being subjected to a peculiar process of faening and
Thou hatu made thy children mighty. be prolonged, adjourned, or dieolved, by the sovereign, purifying, only the legs of these animals are eaten. Light
By the touch of the mountain sod. by whon alone such intference with its proceedings can wines, beer, sugar and water, strong cofee, and a variety
Thou hast fixed our ark of reuge be legally exercised. The sittings are public; and the of delicious liqueurs, are drunk by the French, but they
F here th e spoilerlswe bleer trhd: initiative of all laws is vested in the King, who is assisted have sown themselves capable of conforming to th Eng-
Our God, our fathe' God by a privy-council. If the diet reject a new ministerial lish taste in a relish for stronger potations. Bpaiard
budget, the preceding one remains in operation fr a period of all ranks, use fruit, vegetables, fish, and olives, for tihir
We are watches of a beacon of four years, when it becomes nugatury, in case no diet principal diet, and oil and garlic are eed pleatlfUlly in
Whose lights must never die; shall have been assembled in the interval. their culinary operations ; chocolate is their chief beverage,
We are the guardians of an altr The Lower housee conists of seventy-seven members but at dinner Indies drink nothing but water, and gntl.-
Tie erock siled ounts of courage of the landed int'rem, who are elected by the provincial men a little wine. The fare of the Pertugu peaatry
Ttruck forth u by thy rod- diets or assmnblies of notables in certain appointed di- is meagre in the extreme, although, they are, in fact, our-
For the Itrength of the hills we bless thee, tricts ; and of hirty-one commoners, who are chosen by rounded with the abundant luxuries of nature; a piece of
Our God, our fathers God! the district or communal assemblies. Every landed pro- black bread and a pickled pilchard, ot head of garlic,
piletor, manufacturer, or trader possessing a capital of their usual subsistence, but a saltid cod is a feast. In Ialy,
For te dark, ounding heavens, 4501., every ecclesiastic, proessor, public teacher, artist, ice-water sld lemonade are luxuries essential to the exilt-
Where thy still small voice is heard,
For the strong pinm of the fisretsl, patentee, &c. is entitled to one vote. ence of all class, and the inferior ones, whi never ine-
That by thy breath are stirrni: It is perfectly obvious, that such a constitution as this briate tldmn lve wit spirituous liqurs, can procure tltru
For the storms oin whose free p.ious insures an irresistible preponderance to time crown, whilst at a cheap rate; insraruni and fruil arn rlh'f articles of
Thy spirt walks abroad- it strips the nation at large of the power of ntertrrine with food, blt the lialiana are great gourmands, and delight in
For the strength of the hills we bless thee, eirect in public affairs. But it is still more prejudicial in dihes swimming in oil, which, to an English ear, sounsl
Our God, our aithers' God another point of view, for it confers the scepire on tls very disgustitgly ; however, it must be rentembered, that
The royal eagle ldrteth despotic ruler of an adjoining empire, tie resources of oil in Italy is so pure and fresh, tht it answers every put-
On his quarry from the heights, which are nearly twentyfold greater, and thus devolves its I poe ofour newest butter. A gentleman who hall resided
And the stag that knows no master, interests upon the chances of his personal cluracter and ome tine in this country, intfrms us, that by the Italians,
Beeks there his wild delights; the tender mercy of his caprices. This ill-asusrteul rnla- ppupy-broth was reckoned a sovereign remenlv in some
But we for tA communion lion of the one country to thi other, renders the situation slight indispositions, and that he has constantly ewa s tim
Have nougt the moammni rod- of Poland infinitely worse te that of lungary, in reject markets young dip skinned for ale. Of the Tr.s,
For the strength of the hills we bless thee, of its dependence upon Austria : though the lower classes the ordinary food is rice, sometimes boiled with gravy, uid
Our God, our fahenr God! ,oe c laws the ordinary food i. rico some
have undeniably proved gainers by the transition front a smuuetinies made into pil s ; a kind of curry coaipoed of
The banners of the chieftain state, under which none but a million of nobles possesed nitutton ad fowl stewed to rags, and highly asoned gravy.
Far, far below us waves: civil rights. This is eaten with their fingers, since they have neither
The war-horse of the spearman In those portions of Poland which have been incorpo- knives nor forks, and the Koran prohibits the se of gold
Cannot nach our lofty caves; rated with the dominionsof Russia, Austria, and Pnussia, and silver spoons. Coffee and sherbet are their ordinary
Th dark-clouds wrap the threshold we find that the nobility have been shorn of ome of tii-ir beverages, lnd by thi higher classes of die faithful," wio
Of freedom's last abode ; feudal rights, whilst the common people have acquired is drunk in private, but an intoxicatn of a singular sal
or the rth or the ills e bless theod partial advantages. The property of the latter is better destructive description, is produced by opium, which tli
ecuredl; the alienation of land is rendered nmre facile, and Turks chew in immoderate quantities. The lnod of lhe
For the shadow of thy presence the agriculturist or peasant has been enabled freely to rent Circeasia i consists of a little meat, millet-iIHo.e, anl a
Round our camp of rock outspread; whole villages and districts, where, under the ancient kind of beer fi.r.sented from millet. Tie Tertars are nt
For the stem defile of battle, millstone of aristocracy, he was ground down by extor- fund of beefand veal, but admire horse-lsh ; they prefer
Bearing record of our dea l tions and inposlitions, agaims which there was no legal to drink, befion any thing else, man-'s milk, and produce
For the snows, and fur the torrents
For the free hearts burial todr, redress, because every judicial station of any eminence from it, by keeping it in sour skins, a strong spirit termnl
For the strength of the hills we bless thee, was filled by noblemen. kemiss. The Jhaleliam (a Tartar tribe) esems bors-
Our God, our fathers' God That part of Poland which i subject to Austria, bear flesh as the greatest possible dainty ; they eat raw the fat of
the designation of the Kingdom of Gallicia and La- hores and oxen, and drink melted butter with avidity; but
domiria." Its population amounts to 4,370U,lIO souls, bread is rare. The favourite food of the Kalmsc Tartr
POLAND A IT IS. who are split into two distinct races, Poles and Rusulaks, is lurse-llsh, eaten raw sonmtinem but commonly driel
ar a ro.IBM VENTLyxRT. time latter being a branch of the Malo-Russian. Lemberg in the suit; ilogs, cal, rat, marmnts, and other mall
Tan disappearance of a powerful kingdom from the is the capital of G(allicia, a country which was an appantage animals and vermini are also eaten by them: but neitl
dltre of the political drama, is an event which carries of the kings of Hungary in earlier ages, but was nude over vegetables, brod nor fruits; and they drink koumim; tl Sr
with it the sympathy of individuals, no less than the com- by them to Poland in the early part of the fifteenth cen- which, Kicrcely any thing can he mo"ire disgusting, except.
iseration of cotenmporary nations; and such were dhe tury, though the ahandonnent of their hereditary right perhaps, that bhveraie of the South Sea islanders, pre-
eelings with which the partition of Poland and its extinc- was father passed sb rsileto than openly acknowledged. pared by means of leaves being ioasticcaul by a large
i as an independent power were conremplated by every The equivocal nature of this cesion, served the house of company, and spit inlt a howl of water. The diet of lth
eye, which, amidst the inherent faults that ld to its down- Austria foi a pretext to bring forward terir dormant claim Kamlschaldals, is chietly fish, variously preared; hJigal,
all, could yet dis icver diat its national character present- upo (Gallicia at the time of the partition. In religious which is niuillwr nmrn- loir h.-. than fish liir in a pit until
ads bright contrast when placed in juxtaposition with its matters, nothing can It- more tolerant than tihe conduct of putrid, is a luxury with this people T'I'v are food of
Oppremors. But this is nollt te place to inquire whether its new masters ; the industry of the country has hen caviar, made of rime of fil, ad scarcely Iss disgusting
the ancient constitution of that country were, or were not, greatly promoted by the immigration of German settlers than huigal. A p.ond of dry caviar will last a Kamnehat-
s wan asid of it, a political monster; or whether it did or and the pressure of taxation is extremely light ; but the dale on a journey for a considerable time, since he fladh
didal t possess all the vices belonging to oligarchy, to a condition of the peasantry has undergone no material bread to eat with it in the bark of every birch and older
te of slavery, and to a condition of abject bigotry and am-lioration. The amount of military force which Gal- h meets with. These people boil the fat ofthe whale and
religious intolerance. Our object is to satisfy ourselves as licia contributes to the Austrian ranks, is eleven regiments I walrus with the roots of tage. A principal dish at their
to its actual state, and to show its political conformation, of infantry and five regiments of cavalry. The provincial feast, consists of various roots and herries pounded with
under the ultimate arranensnents effected hv the great governor, who, though of noble birth, ar in general a caviar, and mixed with the melted fat of whale adIml.
Powers of Europe, since the dismemberment of the French race df mere crvealiers d'imdutrie," keep the country They are food of spiris, but commonly drink water. For
emi in a state of discontent by their arbitrary and rapacsitu the Arabs, liuarda and locusts, ford foid, but with better
present Kingdom of Poland," the heart and conduct. articles. The Paeri li livlike the Turks, or nearly o,.
smet of its ancient sovereignty, is hereditary in the per- The immense tract of country comprehending Lithda- but for the want ofspoons, knives, and forks, their feas,
o of the Russian Autocrat and his successors, and com- nia, Volhynia, and Podolia, and containing a population if the provisions are good in themselves, are disgigld ;
piss a superficies of &340 square lesie having a po- of M.n14OOOO souls, is hecune part and parcel of the Ru- beside* which, the fters, or cinth on which the diaer is
paltion ofa,50,000 souls. t is divl into eight wui- sian territory, though its native law and customs have re spread, is, from a soperaxtiiou notion that changing is me-
'odshp namely :-Wara w, Sandoot, Kalish, Lublin, mainel in:;at ; even the major part of the local appoint- lucky, so intolerably dirty nil oltensive in odour, that the
Plta, Mamovia, Podolachia, and Alurutowo. The na- nrants is inlruoted to natives. The nahilitv have in genr- stranger can scarcely endure to sit beside i. With the
tinal revenues amount to fify millions of Plkh cuilder ra l contrived to retain their immunities, and he peasantry CAmes, rice is the staff of life," but all kinds of anmue
(4.8U,000UL) of which seven millions are aswened to the remain in a state of abject vasalage, though their persons food are eagerlv devoured; and pedlan olbariag fer mal
civil ist expenditure. Its mi!itarv force consists of thirty are considered more sacred in the eye of the law. This rats, ats, and dogs, may be seen In the street of C inese
* "nd infantry and twenty thousand cavalry. War- portion of Poland has e inced a readier dipoition than Iowns. It i uncertain whether a depraved tsneer lok
aw, with 126,488 inhabit:nts, is its cpital ; and next perhapaanv other, as accommodate itself to political exi- of superior animal food, inducesa really civilied pol
ia uccesnion stand Sandomir, with 50,000 ; Lubin, !2,- iencies, and is become more es ntial amalgamsated with to devour such fesh. Weak tee, without ager, or l
00; and Kalies, 8500. its Rusin yoke-fellows. is the common beverage of the Chinas; in She ma of or-
Te constitution granted by the Emperor Alexander Of all its olish acquisition, Prusia ha meained moth- dent spirits they are moderate. The Perms, worsip.
por sse to sre perfect toleration in religiu matlte, ing beyond the Gramudd- y of Feas, which hea pru- ping crocodile will drink an water but frm tm dishes
ad *a lity of civil rights to hi PoishM The vainacil l a of hl own. As fhr a personal obamrinm wbrePbt thm stars boad. andcom r ely a ibe.

Sgiviti tities of rile, of cum and u',t
Ih attes o ues hnman Ps ti Ion, and after bewina told that if be did not dis all e d intrsts of a community t hat, from Iinstinct e

.ledi b he Thne Japaetes, amili t oiher plle matqII (upOl d) mthp) helqPdgukP et doomnued this oldd BLrf ruI Mmq ,,qTortliy o4" ftha
rus sca q of il9nohatver; dia ehs u befoe w !- titieh, but from the circuln:alce oflils pl-rsisling in a-.
a aM frwasl u? iaof ecWt, mudh tatta hae kI We ey due winMtl .w.l.siuytWPdfn t be take only as a prt of
7.ed,0 wf owner I*Mc was incur fr turct, an-d -li ih thme fholeu elitouial remarks and cuimuntUliuliuis conItiuI J
iy aet. Ch o-o m l of the Na r, ie the-id In at poas to rfule su.s e ieUrtuts de bi y other iO Ir e Courriat. If teli Editor uf that truly uaelul and sa.
Cu sn e gems/ sta at chy M' ai, "I th Whim whet. hewasconiversig. holuuble pauptr, Will ti die OLD IDIOT that he (MIL'Qu.. .)
mdve el b msS war for l ake of eatin their r pri- We really pity this young man, rd, as the circumstance lhs Lbee niy pubAlisling af ewfalhs" odsI Isubl h i" ubL.
Iown a d smeafl to a s te cravings o haonr, of having had, upon oatd, to coutradict his assertions, nust eoed to llin. Water, iator o him Coubrat, that, his paper
day blood Upts ra b s a u tllin de I Editor of the Couraunt, that his pope,
t l b eid Ia~ ey roun ther ldies and swamllo have been suflciintly humiliating, anti will probably pre- is by no ialins reluarkalile for scripulosii) on thle scoru
* e ia dearth. Th n raf a ia veeaulbre veaanib l shsating so foolih*lyv gaim,we shill sy ynothie Inure 0' ;n""i"l.. ," he in his next, Ieurful uof the pol,,il i-., V
pt their eoei ,' The Teo e Ipidr near th eak ofh Wh e re afraid, however, that idle as.rtions of hte bla provoked, seeks to oe in perfect gvod.iytii...ll,
mb atn b eaten raw, or nearly ci; should a whale be this nature are too oflen laid hold of by the enenmies of tile wit h Ilin, a ssionsh to blame him insult w gro e a ,
eat ashur. I is never ubadmaoned until its tners are pick- Colunies, and made the foundation fur many of the aluin- ,. 111 liti it a UsnliOr r, and m a ho him insut ha r le uns is
d; their alb tute for bread and that which form nie o i.lustriousv circulated in the mother country. II, in rood limte to deprecate.' . e^^ ^ a sp* -' o" f ,'tst" lar..ed .ddnpen. SI.o,,Mt 11. bU in tu in 1ed i e to de -o e
teen atonesand ini sed lith fsoh. Ire ra general bevrrage therefore, tblnhves evry friend of these persecuted depen- Sioul lip be liteg up in terrnremr, in tl' pIies of i! e
of the nmgro tribes is palm-wine. No lisgust is evincedl ies, when ltey hear stori.e of "barbarous rrtulty," in- Cuurant, I aln sure lie A ill ing Jlinl:,' II',Jll rj t, \e
by the bhojesman Ilottestot at the mint nuuseous fool, human outrage," &c. &r. &c. to enquire intl thle truth of iirtific li , very willh tells the ,rld that i r.
having a arrow, their I'lacios live in a sttoie homue Iy v didl he noti tell, al,.
and hating sho an lanimal with poisoned rrow, tllir them inimediately, and epose e te vile calumniators with that hl (.l'Q.) lives in a wooden n on,, shali.,l like Ih.,s
raly pereeion, previous to tearing it in pices ond de-
venag it raw, e to cult ou thi envenin ed par. Iadlfa whom they originate. built by the elf caught mechranlics, called tlhe Iiroerr. His
dns s Bunjertrana, will eat fat abheep in an Ibour ; heyl us old fashioned notions" are the deliberate workiiip, of a s d m drink oany hine, p rm th uc" A Letter has been received this mouruin hye gentlemn stubborn, hardened mind ; which, callous to evr
enlet nurtmn of their food. Tle '*fras live chieflv on of this town, firm the west end of Urand Bahama, stating Ms uof piiilic spirit, remains humbly content with bei.ig
mIlks trhy have no poullry, nor do they eat eggs. When that the Anmerican schooner Nicholas Van Z:nt, front new despised hii Ii best friends, nor ever could Ihope to I1tain
is boiled, each ome I L5 tlhilt- dignity of heiing hated by ell his ,lost inveterate
leh is boiled, each menlwer of a family helps himself York will 15 passengers, bound to New Iberia, (about 150 *n i n ty of Iic haue y even s l ot iIverrat
h k kr wih pointed tick, ud eats it in li* miles to the south west of new Orleans), had put in there On m, I an,r
hud. ThLr cbstllut four bread, which is made of CalTre- r
an', a sort of lill t, is hepith oif idual, indigenous to he in distron, having been out 6 days. We feel pleasure in Ar. Edior,
country. being able to state, that the gentlemen of Grand Baliame Your olbell. servant.
The Letteeiaeatn,withequal mtthel.deshof elephants, kindly furnished the passengers and crew with ample pro- AN Ex-MlEi.FB oF TrIF. NAs.,,A AsF.sit .v.
hlmoeaso tiger%, grein L.;. id uametidmes, un-r visios, to table them to reach their port of destination. sa, Au ,
a l duth it eonfen nvalour, human flesh, of which they tasos, .NassAu, August 22d, 18 11.
.have eierwie gratl bhomrrence. They are very dlirut.- By Hi Majy' schnr Pice, we ave recivd To the Editor of the Argus.
Ing Im their manner of preparing food. Tie Abshlnh i'a By" Si -Yur e scry er Pickle, we have receivedGa, in
aimlly t tMh Ah of rattle raw, nd sometimes, athoueh liles of Bermuda paper, but want of room prevents us paS,--Yo r cotiemiourary o te Royl Gin.aet t (l r in ls
we believe th fact has been much controvertel, ininidi- making any selections front them to-day. porisi,. is hbet known to IittIlf) a ,taraHHrpll frltl
atlv u it is rut from the living animals The Bisharye, --- connuniration, which lie, only a few months aro, re.-
a rhbe of Bodouin Aral, eat raw fleh, drink raw sh rp's Yesterday the American Schooner TInREE SIBrTER, jecterd in a tyle of vulrarily, quite consistent with his (iel-
blood, and estemr the raw marrow of camels their greenest Capt. G'ander, arrived at thil port in ten days from New ines, and nimanners, and such as usually adorns hib Aumble
The Palt ias eat raw flesh with no regard to clean- York, brngig pae of that city up to tl* 1'2h it s ntn to ot hs e "
lInes. The Orsealandrrs subsist on fih, mial., and sea- London dates of the 7th, and Liverpool ol the Mth I il, "aye i-i:i on to retort hi,-s ruiurnl" e Ixpre-
ri %l,% n td U I~'ll fait link[ uCCdi0l it--il, U I IIIcht V r- r. llti. y
fewmri,prepard and devour.ed in manners truly digunininf ; ultimo, had been received in that city by the ships Mlan- ,lo; but ,1 till ,tlt ge.nit-llianl thatI, titaloni hi' il.i r
traht.oil is their auce, and the bhl.xod of seal, their tviivon- cluster and Slefi' eld.-- We nmke the following brief sui- "I sins of ,iai,. i,,m'. I- .r nl o ii illuiim.Trrat, wllia; lit
ril beverage I Sonm of the Nerth Anmerian Indiana dliet mary of the ews w they of inilhililnd i to otliher, li.-- t at;al
an the Ih of the a.-doe,, parts of the rwhle mnd it fat, o illirZiii lr ITII l> l
eml an oil m the of the bbr of boh o f thew animal The Helfurml bill lhiwd its second rending in the Ilouse "I ail ithin tir T iU'm. A.pp!icltio n ri. ade Iur til -
Whilt, singular is the contrast, some of the South A.mri- of (ommons on tlhe (ilb ul. hy a majority of 136 votet-- i he Allia-ntul nth Ig attet u nod tt E!r c anyi,
a. trilts, a able to digst" mnnktvy, blackened in. and after having been subjected to a debate ofa spirited aInd otlhr renlv Ie obtained, although he was rrnindlel of
&rid by t r, to such a degree of wood-like hardnes, as talented nature for three dais. Tie conduct of the Mi- liav;iu[ puhlirlv .rk',ikwlh-drd tin- receipt of t. Ilr. now
it he rendered capable of keeping, we dare not y how uiatur lad elicited from the people expressions of disap- very ode stly," lltat(-" We have the original."
ael ru a um goI mys one provnrb, but we trout that probtlion in consequence of some alterations in the bill I au ot. ir s ,
hw nraders of this paper will, whenev-r dAIy feel Ihem- which they thought proper to propose, but which they Ay O r.t. ven.
melee inclined to quarrel with 'egli fare, use, and subsequently, in their wisdom, struck out. Persons pay- i
rem br, another, vis :-'" A man ay go urtr ald ing their rent oftener than half-yearly were, according to I PIIV ATE T'II.ATRICALS.
M L B the alteration proposed, disqualified to vote.
Prince I.eopohl observes in his letter to the R"ent To the Etlitor of the lnalama Argus.
T Bf l," A R O U S. of Belgium, As noon as the Congres .hall have adopt- Ml. EilITOR.-liI ar.i.afi.c to nI-iIf I,- lono.r of
ed the articles which the conference at London propose, nolicinl s*, distngxe a ,corre podent as the one. who
WEDNESDAYA UG C T 9 I, I w131. to it, I shall consider the dillicu lties removed as far 'ri llte Tlhelriial,% I ln ti ily fA.-l ,eIti 1,,f1 iiil iv
m as I am enamerned, and shall he able inmmdiilely to pro- sin. and iii nItnrice anil biwU nre defrentnially belrie -l'e
We war for sme time afraid that our efforts to expose reed to Belgiium." Thus it will he seen, that this corin- qliiinl ronmnrIt on tIl- lislriionic art.
dhe mis ble few wh are the spporters of the governor Iry's destiny is not yet finally lixed. We do not think I' ".r nt the" I" so lreentll y blinided in Juliu-'
l hoe m arams which eewry honest man must cknow, Ihat the Cogress can agree to die arrltick, tlroug loum, a -ri ,l, i i a al n imra h i i on par Irlife ,"
I ts Cengress whc er hns man luaues ar>rou|i., Uilttn it, an eriuti suplalsition |suisu hutaer lii III it
ldge taded to injure the Bhamlai, woold not have been without compromising much of dim power that shoulI i lu .. ,ie I,,. I ,i,,iie ,i.lrit of a hsIn, instead uo the if.naic I
aew ad with that sccs that they evidendy have,-for held inviolate by them, anl in that event Kinrle-vs Hriel'intl inl'.iiii iif i.. ii,, : ; r brain.
t unad stood t dt all dtho worni (well knowing what will again be the scene of sperclaltion, if not ofdiirr.!er. I" I"' i r'i .'* i which intllelert now I;-k"-. mwhen man's
Sridy deservd, and might jumily erprtf.) publicly Tie Il-ad-Qiturters of dui Polisl army n ire at Wiar- il'" run hiv st'-eam, ndl hist ir;as natiii; n c ,rrnu'rates o
thek intention never to offend their eviye by onre saw, and measures were in contenplat.son It ve le. I riio snt.1 it Jl! it I, i biae id, s tracee
are %ilnne mnlenr-' ti! Jt,!it;' vnhilrl, m %l n lie ta(cId to
loklg at the Argus nor to irritate the marts of a sure Russians a signal blow ;--ho wenr, by last acro.In., 1,- t; liat ,.iurcr-ir 1 li n.l mi li..-i itU-lti in .endesvourinr toi
esnec ma by the A~ie truth" thry were ur would sorting the standard of the Aiierrat snil joinill thal oflhe i r hi.niirehnd Alwmh iandl uilv sir s iiil, a braniful diisor:.r
bhe d o m waded aginm tem ;--but we are happy to in- brave Pouks. The Forutre of Bihr.rck, in Lilhiit:.ii. as the. rrewarl of its eorts.
frm or fritleds that we havescerrnded beyond our fondest containing arms nd ammunition lii to l I It ha een miuc r eeted that a withering, frown"
containing n and ammuniti m el. zi to Ilit i I should bave '" irard nawtv thl- anel a hirh h:id iit lit
Ipetaimonl. sina, had been taken by the Pilea. It is also snlted that npo," i, g.nthC enL mni liw ; inlI nlu.s lak.e ,,n it ,inlf
We mut really take ome credit to ourarlve for the S idier a n Lublin had hien evariaml-d by the R Isi.ana. I tInmk lIn-w amnrmde honrnwbl" lr Dr. 'Pain i., O ,w.. .
r aia with whi we have, as yet, insarnably directed France appears to be in a troubled stnle-i-li.cinln polifen s. I am sire, would never have intriiinnlly dii-
r darts, and pretty mare they hve all been thrt ren its a mful head" in nany purts of thn kinolhtom, lI rlbd intere-.ting a vi.itint. more since it
L itMt ri ers I I I i iI., "h* y anve Iaad ihnn n prrl cti- ti.I rcruflnnl v1h b
wel hme for the poocreature, tortured past hearing, and in Calais measures have be-n taken b.v ih guaHrn I to .ma vr bAinel e hear with first relenial cnm at l r io
have ia the most ludicrous display of their passion: in keep the working classes in eck, who. thnratenel vio- i er nnel Na w he f o it
ft we haw, for the lt week past, been sightly amiuseld lnce on account of the higher price of grain, caiI .ed hy a But I Iahre not daila!v Innpr wish such intellectui.l-m
by the bhttiomof thir impomnt wrath. We ar only nrinolt monopoly, in which some fewrih nirclhant.s re ai hA" h,.n displayed, thringihon.i tli, critiqut ; I aill
by, St we doauld have* s completely maddened them protected in their efforts to present. I Ilere-fre, dlisnis tihe subject It tihe tei- h of all td Jun!-
asi have cadmdeth to-rnm tothegre uts arrilityand ius ictin a f e still c in vri arts uses w l il psin* oiken of niv inlrest for i he author.
Il dc ta rn oham t iliy D aandfatminn m film n ll rn in %ri par o I fJ.lliu'i 'iaid im-.inatinn expert* In find in theater -
blhgasr l. and thereby prevent as from afonrdig th Irelamd, whilst te government is using every me-an in il Iral. no uther Ionn., ithn those in which a.un-ls p1ue
i St a semi t we h i ae derived from them i our power, to endeavour to arrest their progress. I rcnvenr nd "i I ti'h m ,I (!ealicaIte ftelinn of his isil"
Mna ry. Welbel newencouaglt to tcoldus the lde appear onloy I i s ll: into thrillingp mound," and rc-
win drd Md igour. and we heg 1b inform enemies Ns.Nr N. P. 20tdh lt. S31. i r s*ireliilld n-,, earnistly pri p.". I. him to
IAt nw pu doell bear. n etrintinE war. D Tu s NIttss.t', N. P. 20th IAtg I-31. qn ve itieal' l'e mptr mf fart world ; antid tht ill
Sa o pms it shall e an exterminatingwar. Dura T the Editor of the na re siuaAit Arr i-i, mnmre nrir e ilt im, r holnd ;F t qillpty
eo Yrrll 1! Long f 4ie he Coluy Mr. Errmn.-Balnm's Au.. pk mn -. 'ti. -rid : in hi% tr.pira! rlnhrlTwr wiil ,nI i If W"l FahrennI iT'\ I.t| II-
s ha ath the Rovll. Pultrra W~ilh all thla valualer I penied oBnan op-isite wall, to caitnn hiim ma-ain t ov(r-
O Satrdy lt, ifurmatio was given to the ag inmal's brainless stolidity, afir trying to scqn;re f ir si I heRlint himsinlt-'idl nIie,. 1i it, othi !:.I0in.. tln.
3CIraten, ti a perms (we forbear to mention ame, many years the character of a i tl rit, le at LLa bras, i aim ;.here, or atver ni may Im., ex. it'. liI m (.l ,scl.t
ra mnmot bellee tirt may maiiwefrw intendedd) had in u arowd o oire, hins own wsonL stock of inhell- I n-ain O11 a unhi, rt whirh lie i. n- t sl, li .,. In rrl iis
an 'tldst t-he knew of i'mquent acts of rnwolty to fr- gence, cturbe in boirrmid ternis ;-And borr.we.l front br. in hvr ap i!ving to hinimitlf Iliit va;iable no-i wnIi --.r
Si in w-hnre 1 Whvy, Ironl King Shimmon's pr,'rrrb! 'I'nlv., a tie ,/tl!,a err,,t :.n.
ala nte sd coithen plcebisdib in thexurit- y printer fr the in S ts!! Oe oftho artful oll( I al. Mr. rit-ir,
dtamnLc b4h the rrltadthe k or fenalemlohadhen hlypoilum, who, whllt he chnusa the .14':h pwhlm, has ( Y'ur dluvls. .-rvan*,
sim ly thd. The Magis tl had thapm omh rht hierycas tupono at chances al'tunirkingaefthr Conchs Pitnl.-Tarwrsa.

Fro tl, Lfalas I raid of My The bll prohihiting the growth of tobacco In Ireland On Saturday lat, t JC dM Mrs. Manu
jgibthop. last l eight. cnommerned the adjourne d.e- rd cod tnMe, aitr a potuat trO Mr. O'oCU- Meso on of ithe boit aled eult et colsufed
O da English lleore Ihll. In sp re ,.n hun.ell noll. Mr. staoley mlvedl for leare to bring in a bill sfr society. Her l. umS be deeply lteamnld aill i
--s anielt 'beBdL lie sidlth understood tllut te Min eu- e reglportt into nd, e pthe knew her, and particularly by tle wriSr tihi
H'ae ow nt to pres for a division, in the hope ut getting mnude of their being kept when tire. lie defended it tribute Io departed worth.
ulkihast iaaiur.y. us n o that case thea would hie an'" tiu- (irom the charge of ne-rity on the ground of strung ni-
imL" this evenlin,. lie hoped they would he disappoint- cessity. 'Tlime iollowig are the proviions ofl tl measure a
ed. H denomi'lrI the Ill.n. bt llrd, chunstc, me chio. protiloed :-1. A general registration is to be made of all
unlcllus prehenoihl. ; u" a .(.*ree Mr "I"r-nnd a* a ra- arms imported. Each weapon is to be branded and
wlb which ttev hoped to alloy the excitement existi sting
-a hwconna.y Lord p\'. LaII.oioi tiuie.dhbriely, buidICtded- markett., s, that aris may be traced thrNugh whiin ev er - .
ha theP ih aonfl' hodii. i tiwl a stng nds the y may I. Persons living unregistered P RT O AF MAiA UI, N. P.
a i.slr .ns u.urlation. r. l)ouagls adlmted th.a arms in their ;),,sk.sion air to beheld guilty of a nlid-= -
aresf ie ev.arv. but re.iQ:eid lli Bill i. lreng of meanour. 3. when the Lrdnl-Lieuteant handeclared ARIU VED.
to sweeping a ch:acitcr. ir Fiano I.oie'z(tlie il-e.ceilnt any diirict to be in a state of disturbance, any person osd Au.--An. &h. Thiee Bisers, Olander, New York
of thecebra eteI ;:r L.Ipez) dlr.lre I IhI i. would in ulh di.trirl -all he found with unregistered arms in his Flour, Bread, Butler, Cheese. Candles, Cidr. le.
emnport the He l lirate Ieer, iich pirzdvitl inierivi ii lit- ibt "Xcutl,
lel hi ,lhe I.idli li ei-prfll ci; rlie ihiit li ih Ie posmIonr, lerb pirtrion shall be judged guilty of a niislr- E e H. USnowdeu, c .
eoa eil l ht ie.llh li.i.i rfully ei ri' l li'.i i lr o ltniti Iae ntiionr und iat It lt o I |tnislhed with triasiortatuio to H r II. M. Sch. Picklie LOeu Tapli. BemId
instof n itci ll twti'e'- iti o li t I l evwn eve t i. Mr. O'Connell strongly protested against CLEA D,
did not iones,'lr l'e Ii 'To ble iiide,; ,.,l il i i tti nod rhit rary nar, ond novelan Bri Euphemi a SnowdeB, LR erp
l tiot lIak i I.' : I lriiy. i, i lor till r ii. il: k I ihe til vir. ai.i iiirli nt ntit III t hit deL bate for it w ie k. M r. W ysn also
I lhat llo &c.: tl i rallier lh:i iii eIai;r the sinrie ol oII declared li% litlion si to ol)i S hill to the ulttermnost. Tlie SAILED,
s Rill thhatial so mnany i'v tlltetihie< li d v.'htl1 vi w'- debate vd. ad.ljourned to Friday. Itat Bloop Ijvely, Outlen, Charlesto
scelar objetrints. l ir. I. iew sa ,i. though i ie oilected I stressed Irish Poor.-There in a circumstance ron-
tue dit aru it wep l ill l hIo.1i., he io- I ouliri.wt. I)opotie ilet ii e nectel w ith the ltians atldoptted in England for the relief
odihag, rta it oei n oi ible toi l .-i, ,l rell r.o. *oil I ,te r ofllthe distressved Irish, which is well worthy the notice of
tle Bill gol" lto ,A tow.lill., 1i: i' 1,1i l tlhere 1ll hls ,I- tIho.i e v. o .1 ay ieniage ign any prermltaneent plan for tIe, goodl
Jertioni IIt it n!i 11 h- l i 'i .i iiiuoe-l.-Mr 'niiil"ll lo Irland : r the supplies rkirk Ilritish generrosity has
eli nie.l lte hi all lls.iiilii', a i1' il.-i ri\)i lie (' iiitiitit- raised, on 0our behalf, hare been eipended, in iEnglius
tion. minl Ih belst interelss and sec"nt'.) iI 1 il pairtie1. Sir It. pnrts, in purchalsing food, just landed from Ireland, In
Peel, at a lier hoiir. lpoike al gret l.-aili.n i rel.eaitig hIts cnc- e rrhiped, to lsorr our unfortunate country from star-
nroiuo that t li Hill tr .liur tliii,-n e.oi uni f . ur r 11i iili- nli e i,,ple .xplaation of.. oIhich is lii: the rack BY HENIRY GLEENSLADE & CO.
foennrly--l113 il Illll llll I"Irt i' 1 rI-t1ulie1d lmor.e lfro)i th retnt nonmlt hi. l ild, to enable tile aholiwnl.e to live in luxury
neenr tllin rik the ii-ni, ilan it e| toplr e h ir -bi i hi aroat t hr e titil,-orinilingL parson must liave Iis tillhes to To-mrronr, Thursday, the 25t tnstLant,
verumemi he aoild g, ri. "I itul 1,' if iai' i tinahe hina nu d i ti pro.t nid inti nrt ori(c faimnily to fallen AT THE VNIcik nHot,
Reform were pruopo-e,l. li ij,l.pLe .an lili. til..l .iaI- in idllenesss Hand luury : Rnd th' antid Jliry and ('Iurch AUt 10 O'lock, LA. B.
ding that le woull not i.ncur l. of oiu 'e. nisl IH. satisfied, to keep u);e and job. ; but Port of the Cargo ofthe Americn rkooner Tlre Bis-
ay ptlan of Re!orm, bet ause i llie qu a ioln si. Iw ii, nel. I tneo e ffrt lie, l Iline, grain, hunter, pork, potatoes flaIf Amri I r S
he knew not where it minleti top. Sir F. ItHllt f towllIe ,l f wls, and ever particle of produce, min.t ie sold, fre- ters, from Nes I'ork, cusistng of,
fncnly supportini thie nill. ;.Idl w.lh i llilr nl r It. i'r, qurntly at an uInararoble market, to prevent tie bailinfft h Iirlne Flour. Bread
defince rwa in iCdur. of tllat whiec.lh n Il, lrs. He- ..l l anctionerio n oti tr a ti It is god to relieve bhut- Butter, ChJeese
n',; ': b :orlth,'andtheh intef'e:ne,' o',,' ern. l' ',"id t...Ii[(-on'eilll o n ai fi t r i p r rn0 ap ch; (-
dllt the rlailll lof tile pIe'ple .Ii1I .ju ill-ily urged, r'leultel et'r, andil savt' hItlll deathl; ht it is fir hitter to adopt Candle-, Cider
friom taiy ccLli. on otI., Lolllil.lll II thly were oUnly ,Ih coIi- ie(.iallt I)) whllh nllnt.r will beh kept .t1 oftle land. T his ('r, 'robcco
iuntuon of wliat hal been crin..;ailv ail rouinu-teill never can be dior until we have a lieavy ablsentee tax, and Onions, Potatua
&ntintaeil at'r Mo vars. Lo.rd J. iisse.ll ih;%igt re a imoderatl, nnd in licrious, and legal provision for tlit HRoin, lurlwntine
plied. Ih,. IHo-. ( il;lih It ir mlloe hin five hliouir, hi. bren pior.-.c\rthlmrn Wlhig. Tar, Sl ingli
ees-siv,.lv crowiln. ev .i itn the il lre,) piri.ih a to a I .ilurdrr "f .11r. Illoud.-At the Clare Special commii- A.VD-
,nio. n*ll. nhr.'i l ..e- i t ti .lit. .1l1 til t lui a twt1ut, Patrick (Conn..r 21 Bundles H AY
against it. i IIl;On1ior n 'it 1,1.1r. Tl;|. Bill 1. 1. be Terms-CAn onn detnlivePry.
conus ered i t l. T. o 'u,>,,u.. next, J,,dv -. anti Jidnb (Cullinhane, v,.rw found tnihllv of ,le nm rde,.r of Ter' s --'Au 24 1h li.t~ry.
Mr. Illo,.i, after a lonig and patient tritl, Ibfore Judge-,.lc A -.
LOI)ON, July 5. Jeeb aind Mi.rc. TIh rconviclion ws maile out bh the BY IIl1N.Y GilEE'NS I.)E & co.
It in stHatel, that a vessel ha( ai. d, briiiiiiLt aicrcountsi tetLtiiony If (of onner ('illeglnin, an np[prover, wiho, a.
from Liboi 11 Iie I (illinl.-'lThe 'i r-i t I inll Inirauil, will a t lI pristoner (Conner, u .i in Mr. Blood's service. On .nliii., flt l I/, / t ,i,, nvl,
but great fitars are entertainvil by the Fnir,,iI ilhaititants, They were exectiuld. AT THEir. vtLIN.n UoriKe,
that they would very ihorllt lit arru-ti I livy Dnt M -"tel, Groreth of Tobarrr in Irlan..-Tlhe art bet-fre Par- t iA O'Ol
and umay were having. Tle i i('lsidar worei t.o oet onl liniment ren'lr tIhe 19tI (Oeo. 1. c. 85, and revisnr and Will I- told, without rea-.rve,
the 17l1h.-Tlim number of cpurrirs reportlld to iailr been extends itl Ireland tliht of l2lh ('hurle 2, r. .4, whichhal l
made by the Fronch, was iorly. I rern lre.liHld in part, as regarded Irlan:l, lv the former That plt'asntlvy itlmted Illlto ain Lot in Bay Street,
The lette fron Pris, of Sndav's ate, olbrn a. T, .nr rts plrohiitinr the orowtllof tolanr o are to I ', at the crlrer oulf ('ilner Street, at pI 'at nt ocrcpied by
e The letters fr in Pris, of Snly ls offrr o e, donoclbrine a id Clons tIrouro u M A. Elizilah Watsn. A Plat of le I, Prmniise will be
aThne Aconl Mrkt l Is n llin r lri n rn- itd kintgdIo, andl all tl' pienahltie, &r. of the art nf left at the Nlbsmrilnrs' Store for inspeciin.
consul arket has i en anc ting ldurinel r 1orn- i ;r, nd th ), d onlmned; r i nlonts 'credit from the day of ale,the pur-
il 8, but therlw i nvery little prli nt dt- in triu t quttiotim t I y I .ti i; is Oi) be levied u1liin any pertrm in habt, Rivine approved ecuritv.
Some entlii, lit- i rre,- it. l,,r in con-qiencr of i r"s""t a (iiantit f l'oItoe-Ltrown tolacrrco exceredin August (ilt, 11.
a new coin for I iran, ila ,i' ., It.i. %Ilih it,1 alit; ; II t In I n .i wit ilIh iis otIIund, aind tile icl, siv.d. 'hi actPARI
aide is a porlrnit ofl i. .o it. t i,, ,., lv. It-r ,, li ... vin i vo I- itt in l-mramition front te Wi of JanuarY, 114.92, which, CHRINT I CHURCH PARISH.
'HHinri \. Ili dt, Fratil- rnl.l l it. it l a o ,,it ,.ri-. thl. it ct.- wil a i l l t im l'ct l thi r,,p- of lle f preh .nUil .eon. ent sn .
lumr-,le-lin. They are, a ve,.y prittl ;I,,r c- ,,fr t ,1 'I'i .rt i h l1 ntt s rid .VI ; lrd ltel ra.ade m allnueE Ant the ..te ofiit
valueof five frasric anil t utut'nillnlt-I oillt d i it o [h. nIcitlltt it t ili thi t 1t th J1 i H i ti e v o f t EA at ti te 0
ilueoflvfr r barrel of isuperfine Flour, Ordered, that the
*lf 0,(00.()l.rlinc C r .i].ei l etliirali qiiiatiii'o. it i i, .tawd, From the PIlymouth, DeruinpoIrt and StorN-Hhouse Ierank hilling Loilf do wri-lh l iLmn. HMo.., and the ixpenny Loaf
h ve been Ient to La \.itl ee andl i;ltr illt ii of FidllC. 14th Maiy 1K 1l. lib. 4u.. By order ifl te Vestrv.
From the Londin Glob( e June 1, 1S:1 Prohprti Di)iorrry.--Som. bo .y at play in a fitld DAVID SPENCE, Vestry Clerk.
ro near Wincrlhap, known by the inane of the (;r.en Fi.eld, ViATav' RooM, Al Agusit, 1NMl.
The following prorlamatlion ml isnnled atl Antwerp on in Kent, it, real naunae of licirh is the Mlarlyr Fihrli.
the 17th int :- from Ith numero-ni hiuningu ..nI turtlrini wiirh tooh k NOTICE.
We, Clihnlier Troeken ,. Tr oiliv, .Gein.ral oif I)i- place in Ithe reigin ofl. ir., IIl.-r dincovertII, near Buck'.- r IIE SF llUSCHIBERS will Ull on Monday net, at
vision, m (',in. Co-nwiirlr-ii-Clii .f il" i- airm.y of thll Oat, crlio toi Ili lihol- iin ahidi tornimet til ve-ry ldeirip- II i. e Veni.we H)oue, that well known fast sallinl
Scheldt, ornir an foldinws :-T'lhi ;,i n- 'inlin" t.f I ple i. n i ,,,ed I., t in lictied,an ieartheln %a glmzteil iniside, and coIppr li eiir.nd boat MAJETIC(, with a small bolt and
i forbiiihtn lthos who ll ilO notl irr .I i, i1:' iliti d in ,.-rrellen pre.i-rvation. T o I ancient cor i were di niaterial-s.
shall he disler-.u l by fnri ; ini t ivtt i -l tli. i r-,un. p ,,.,I i]hin, a rine!, tan a criii. o n .nrt of dirk, tll. 11. G(In:EN L.*ADE, & C, .
are permittild to aoetnl ill ; tllhi piiiii er,- I. ,.i i|,u ,',r i ,l' ilf l, i- t:Ihili-l aitll lih r. lIn lits1.1 arP not all Atiii:vt -tilt.
places ari to Ihe lhut ao llh( ri..- of I 'i t ; (oi-t |. is.n i, u ,iiurioits conint, of tlis anlilnt vs.-i,. A piece oil' FOR '-IoW TORK.
can pas the quiys but in ,he p,dI, si. ,r .,,. |r;rrhnl,,ni rollh- l ti,.t, hearinie tihe follow ing sinlulat in- 'I The fine tl' ailing ahiloe,-r Tlhr Sisterrs,
All stru.,ii al siu t ,,, %-, n,, ,lr X i s, \ f* V i f ir e ,ch t. r tri in, wl li non at tih boillton :- n will he. ,ipatcrl .d wihh a. little delay ma poo-
day Ire uorde.,d to hl,.ka,.l Iu tn, i j,, ,,l.,, i 15 I ), Janarie 12.-(A better frote.) sible. Fur Irtight or passage apply to Captain
The foidowing is an extrairf ia iri -lir hlttr, ldaluil P 'ri s)-""-. tilander or,
Wrw., Jun, I 1, r-c-i-., I l.;i, otntrt lv l Fr n at a-ar I "thr, vrll le be mniuitth trouble.' IIENRY GREENSADE & Co.
Mail. It will b- st-el thal it ,,lin, t i ,i,.ii ii n w Ye c iti sl. I m- is o it- tn," ir e of eptr rl one, bil Autrli 241h.
were enItille to ive vr.terl i I.l, ,O.l !. ,l-li-li rll, o I,.t er titr-i h;ll asri- n. men",ie "hou;!ilCe in virl.n uand talen __
Gene. l C tr.ito "r-'-. thin nit-i-ui a rt-11. 11-ri... hall- rn-.Itoe it he-ll..- and ...Iu ines-i. and cauise tic.- I IT.'. LET
,ith t ,- "" I ll. I. Iv ik e in p ro ,. .r iv Y e p' w e r it inr ri ,st y n alt I ;l .i I ." r i -.rlo % w a t
Lithani: .-- it -- ii ilit it- n er lfit-l own %," peslentn is pe cust imon l tihe sOubscriber. For
We are nto rela- from all incr ,.ii i e ;, o-,r I.ti ,uet lte sali, t' y .d i ry 'u ownr.." S particularly enqui res o. actormplihd. 'i hazrl, ipl -fm ir (;1n r:lli -- RICIIARD BARNETT-
simto hals rcolt-p! ly a srtrl-l, d itl t11t S tI itimens nor, Q eA *`3 0(I2 am. Augst 2rth.
wave'. On thi. 6dli f Jun,, in tliu( morninui, tii. Polish ar- -- LANT iVOTICE;.
cmy paf*i.l the 'Niemene at two princilpl [,int. G ltd'e4ki 7-( Errry person aiount to eate there Islamds, after I ERSONS still mreamint indeed to the eistte of the
and Wilkie. Thin liai enaiin lli, s e rat'l itv ;ii nd nhlui- f l .i, .. f e* late DI)tG4,LD BL B.tadecau'd, are required to make
t, o tole inhaehitants, of lt ri cu ,.ide f tI, hbak of the ar d' in for the spae fT R V mst I ulncnidiae payn :nt, as ue subscriblr i imsru etetoc.o
oiemen, anei the Polh ;ary n ir h ll he tspplied iit all it girer srrurity al trhe Serrearl's f)ret, r it up kiuse in that estate without delay. All sercunnC unlinquidled endle
wants frinm their Irothlruh s. It will r'iv S\i-stlan r, tio i ii saMid Ofirfr frnr.ti.n n previous tn ikidrprture-rt-f- 1 st of Septelmber anrt, will he put in suit.
revolluion in Conirland, where nioitlrtllefho inlhalitantl v trr whirh, it ann time during roar-rrv Doas, a 7Tcket C. ANDIERSON.
lve j,oin,.l the Pl.-,. The arnn of (Oreral Git li.n y be tain. Adamitrur.
Ita iffi rit nhl..r o,,fi itr .r w it it tur:a:ie I IES OF PERSONS Jul lK l.
mln, which wil! Int- uTI', .i ti r-.,- m p:ir of ithor i l cuaI N stIS P .0 S
of the. Balticr S- 1.W t 'n r thi ('.it C l Plr.7!zki, iIn- e"I'T To oTITI TICKrTll Ia" t r eAATURE. E NOTICE.
lient C,,lonlo th, I-.,r, i .s il; nri f tu I, mI Jun I i. Wiams IHE STBS'RIBER. intending tolkve the BIdu ~
Forces n t the uintrri if('i-tnia ; i t ," iti.' In . l. i lly l.i. in all November next, calls on al those to w. be
cttigitnst of of a Slhth --- --a-.'----' 2t-h E-leaner Cargill may he indebted for lihir rrepertie denmnds; aid tlhda
f14h)." fth *" -lie Hlow;rd Indebted to him, he earnerly rnqutts, will 'ttle the snsm
We hv- ,received M1ndral paperr tit sllfit- F.lruanr. i h . Manuel A Wo hby the end of epptlemher eruine, o enal.le hi to ni'e.t
The ov. risor h General nin h; nh l wril r exph r rt(d t l t Jimers Beirk tle demands amFinsr him, and all accounil remaining un-
MehShahjphanpnre on the 31 .t il. ; "irrillv oin the 5th ; th . Andrew Plimpson paid at that period will be sued for indiicrimintely.
Mornadabd on the lth ; and Meerlt on the 2i:h inst. Ilh A.gust Wm. H. Roeah i 0th Joly. 1811. ROBT. WIER.

S. l_4__k "wA5M f0


H me sd Loena-Twea, IJm UL
d d toWthed cheW hef d ord-

S ft crednslus lrp obri duaandlc aiha 1r duiteram
b Ia ir l aa d Tl bil t iv ed
a kma tul ofdkLu i* aMi. im in. ts euomt
hmlw b Iher deth blae. had bas supapd by the dlo
Mlme o td e m paurinaL Fron a re whlch Ind
she co a to his knowled, lb flt convinced dlhr i
wrudI be romsmry ir go fwurdr them he had at die tim
intoe d then-fore hu propuxed to apply the bankrupt
br to *a caer : buskie whr, to reach the debtors who
re woaing dar prepmry abrL d, in de6'anci of their
remditrs, hry koul, nm b nal advrtimrl, be ubliged to
appear in this entry widhla Itree months, and either plt
in app ranre to answer the action, or to coam to a satin-
farmtry arrnaimpgrnr with Ihe rrediunrs.
Thb hill was the urdrrd to bu rred a road time on
Mtnda n~aL

ewtret, hLt Maj dum, wh aem tled mother dach-
malt d ptrl.ri nring hlelfl toha rried away by
due rdour if his courage, fouhaoll the veyt Irt etlruemy,
ud lter having received several wounuda. fIrl into cia
hI-d fi.d *orenmy. Tie ssliw ,u.t's m bonamor-o w
which wer du to courage asd to mii.rocuoe-loald have
urved as a salguard so dte brave, decounted with tde
Cra fdthe Legion of HuReus, md dte Military Crue
Poland; bitt our elnmies i this war have abjured btose
seminients, and, without having ay consideration for the
wiulds or ue sufferinpg of Ma or Sclhn, tludy loaded him
with iron, exlaimd him to the insults of tie soldiers and of
the Jews, anmi hanged him on lue following vay.
several Oficers and citizens who lind takt.l par in llie
insuraretion where shut on the spot. After tlls deleat,
thI whole district of Mariumpol was exposed to Ilte
uarbarity of he HRitasins. The villages were sacked und
buiarne, dthlhelmTws of itizinswere pilla-tu, and lle pro-
pretlurs of de houses where imprisonied, orstill remain
posed to all tih vexatious and vengeance of a cruel


Ther Arriilop of Cantrrbury moved tht the tithe WAIAW, MA 22.
sompuumsit hbllim read a cod timwo Tuesday n.ex, and On account of General Skrnynecki Iaving requested a
tr luardips summoned. Ordedal.-Adjourned. the Governni.ut nott to publish his reports for ten or wch e
days, we are witunot official information, but for certain
Hueon of CronolN.-Wr.ownaneA. I know that tie Pules under Gineral Skrzynecki have il- I
In rply to quation by Mr. Wilbrahaum, ready taken Ostrolenka, which wau furtiJir by the Rus-
Mr. Hubbal e mi that it was hbi intention to bring in sians; and I know it frit a good source that we have also
a binl nreptlag the working ofchildJen in cotton factories, Lou, a, auid dlt near Tychucsyn General Skrxynecki had
e Thu day. am enoageWm.nt with te! 'Imperial guards antd had defeated
.role-t. them. Tlhi novrnentt uf General Skrz) necki appears to
Mr. Hue rose -r the purpuoe of pittig a question to be to cut off tim su;plieo which the Rusoians drew from
tie nhumwurabl gntleiman oppits ith reolsort to a rlause Prusia in Ostrolenka ; this ln seems to Ihave ac coimplished,
in de mrefom bill, which had caused a gipd dal ofatiiety and now it is aid, tlat it is very probable lhe is going into t
mat o door-la alluded to dtl clause which prevented Lithuania; his head quarters are at Szrzucr.yn, and his
parts paylog their ra quarterly frin votingi-and be advanced post at Tykuczyn. Diebitslch's lend-quarters
wished to know whibth doa was an errrr in the bill I ae at Sukulo. All this news, except that alout Oslro-
Mr. 8. Rieo, in due ahmrceuf tle noble lord who had lnka, is not official. Our last news from Generrl (lirza-
he denrg of d he bill, beged tUo my that Ir hd every rea- nuoki was, lut lie ua a at Old Zamioase, a hfel mnile front the
ma for eblileving that a clerical errr had crept into that fortress; butt i is sioppioed he is gointi into V\lihvnia.
cbime-henar, hear), which tie hun. member fur Mid- There is not now a viry strong Polish force o tie Miinsk
dlm.r hid allimald to, amJ that it would be corrected. ide ; but, fruin their io, i;tions being very strong, they are
LITvIIa OL ELI.mTIom. enabled to keep tilr Ihunsians at bay.-Tlih Ruslians
Mr. biun was mnoviIg tIh renewal of the resolutions aitildCud tIIHIm a iiw i;.\. ao,, but were driven back.
resting dthe brlUry aIHI corruption at Liverpool du- The cholri moirbL.s la, I betlive,entirely or very near-
ri egt int Prliaument, whon a nmtio wasu male to count ly let both the armty ind \ arsaw, but I believe there are
dIe kour, as we mdierIuood, by Mr. John Wood, anti some indlications ul'i at Kalism.
441 member not bring present, the bouse adjourned at The Rusians still coinunit tlie most dreadful excesses.
kjlf-imld eoven tm'cluark. I ill n.late uont, which an enlinent phys.iian vouches for
TIIL'RSDAY. tie truth of. It will sow you liat barbarians tite Rus-
SMr. Pagt gave no*ce, that when tlir reform bill went siantt are. A short inme since the Poles were in possession
Into rucuniitee, he shtiul naive tiht so much of it a re- ul a village near Wienrow, and were informed by some
hstat ti tlh prruolsil dlivisiol of cuunties in England and peannts where sizly Cosacrksere tle obefindand through
Wales should be left ou. this ifurnrmatlin they were taken; the Poles quilted tie
Tna BasH BILL. village, and in a fiw days after tile Rusiuns returned, and
A peLthion having bimn proe ed by Mr. Sadler, from found three of the prennun who gave that information, and
Se eigthburllad of Newark, against the new beer act, who were then remaining at their ihomies; the circumstances
Lord AltArp said, thoriw d mat yet brens uficient time to of their having giving the information it the Polish soldiers
certain the t rets of the bill, sad he certainly was not at was madu to the RuiiaMn by some Jews: the Russians
prwmrl lrprd to real it. His noble friend at the head ariied tlinm, laid tlhe down on the floor, with their arms
of Ite Hoe Department bad thea under conservation nid lgs stretched out, o as to rive them great pain, then
aems mmmure which would give to the police a tmore te- beat them with the knout till all three diel.
actual control over the conduct of keepers of lbaer- I sow yesterday two squadrons of lancers, all youne
hiusts. Perhaps sufficient precaution hal mot been tken Noblemen and Gentlemen from Gallicia, who have mount-
aG to lis part Of thl bil, bi h must caaiily there was no ed and equipliol themselves at their own expense, and
l-rwtisnofl recriT ao th ioud naae. take no pa.--Tlhy are mounted on beautiful honres.-
The Lord Advocnte gve awtice for toi-morrow of lis Private Carrespndemce.
internion of bringing i the bill t amenad die represcula- -
tih of aKl IIIN. IR Y.
Rauorr on or Sa .AilrJI. Vtir^A. Jnne O.-Tweniv-llree counties of the king-
Mr. alderman Wood brought forward his motion for de of Hunganr have sent nldre.sss in the Latin language, to
reducing the asariusof all Offters under lte crown. He the E'm, ror. i; favor of the Poles. They deplore the un-
huped so mas the support ofrtr present and the late mi- just war wagedl aalnst a nation with which they a o closely
c ito inqui allied, which saved Vienna from the Turks. and preserved the
uistors. Had minmau propon acmmitIeol inquiry on throne of the hoone of lla eburg; they allege the nrcesitmy of
affairi, he Ahoaldh left it l irhainds. lie proposed us1 ing bounds to the constantly increasing power ol the nor-
ti show that the Imccrsstve mi er had increased their Ithem Rist: iand heg his Majesty to consult with them in the
Jalrie, hum 1795 to 181, arely 800 per cent. while I asembly of the irtae already anno.ncrd rspetrrlng ihr rate
dl pri d f Dte" seI r ri of life ld since the latter of the Poles to whom the Imperial I'amily and their country
poriad dcremed, wilt .t a corn-,pinding diminuti.lon of' Iso highly indebted, and who are now fighting with incom-
tie amount of mhri le .conI lrlul*l lv nioing that a pIable valour, bi. with disproportioned force. They also hbe
ncti be me in time salri of uall u ulliter ofr Iht the prilhihitin to epodir arnm. ammunition. and usythes,
glnsnmat. L f sitting. y pape, Je t.
A.hough the -ws rceis us, and public Th e Gusrr notice the elevation of the .arl of (.ritnm of
%Alt11] 1 lhe um n t by ud, d tbLh i the our,, Britidih P|eer e, bv the title of Baron Cniments; anti th I
prnisr bmnumer, is mlewa later dne the following, conferring the hinourof Knighthood on Mr. Wilmot lorton.
we rea itrthy a pain itt plainly o (mvenr of t '(y lon. There als announ re that a ('omminsan I
i t ete i cely t R s I has been appoinleil by the King to anlrd rounsel. advice and
lws to whrl etremun in crully tle Rusians lve n- distance. to person. desimnu, of emierlitit. The Commis-
sorted o, whiln waging an unjust and blaldy war against sinners mem t at the ('lnial Otlr. Dnwnine-streel-they are
a is, bie ulartanmante peup. the Duke of RHihmonl. Vincount Ilowick. Mr F. T. Baring
C U AMr. H. Ell., and Mr. R. W. Hay; Mr. Hay to act as Becre-
Thb inmelliemn which as -et just rtiaitd firn Li-
lbs i and d 'nlafea( wc w a reelveo d frm Li- 7T gkm atk.--Thin regiment arrived in Csnterbury
dmnin and te P-alainie of Aa wos, and which out a fotnight ago from lnhs. under whoe churning ann the
bterm as af ide crudths coumitted in these province, off,,eers and men fought and bled ad rhaniged the *comely
ses da Jub in aur inm as to dIe character that our bloom of healilh" ror the .illiredl anid elnt feature of the
emmair have remdad ipreem ma* the war waged against I martrs. Moldesty in stranger is a befitting quality ; but these
a- It i ha loger the hmtling Prorlamatinsa ofMrsh ia veerans r me amongst an with the freedom and pleraanlnetn
DIhch, o l e va hea brhro Ukn e of he Emperwr, of old acquaintances. and with modest too, if we accept the
whet mark ai li cf amd for the Rusmah i oo. followi ngpiee of exquisite blarney. dtlnlutel in the shape
ITh Caomm- rs aendy co only thv e ip be B hanibill a few isiv ago. on occasion of the regiment
-wsd which h.y .have remesir-ed f u P. -d wanting recruits. Take it. maildelr. sntil"gh hParily :--(-n
they. The i... hifr nt o n, d enlisting he receiver from the Kiing a hotin:) oi thrree a tiriias ;
the re yf eir m ldies. The inhabitants ,, the di, he exchanges his old clothes for handsuime crn ,r ,, t.ine tn-
iraIt l pol re m ine fCithful to the voiceofd eeir fona. and hi homely fare f cnarse bread and te erabhle. ,.r
.*NI ', tad prepared from tr M n l he cmlmen t god tea orrfe. soupM ad beef. lie no love"r irve in a ;uo
o r l w ar oetbi t odet cm. A corps of prtisns monined hul or cotfe, hbthsu a fine ary large harrack-rcoom.
wan acer com med of (Colonl P el. s, whi Instead of rollitg shout, and walking as if he hld a load of
yI dlithed th eemry and even ms receded in clay a each foot. he steps smartly along with an upright air.
portt advanage s. Twnrll the end of Inltenl hanl labour rom sun-nse to son-ie with lillle pva
Ap S Oers re-Infer ed the Rain top wthiche o food, he has only to clean his arms antd clothes, and anlen
aq dl lo r-~n rm d e one or two parades a das. He neet no longer whistle to1
e land suppre h imarrctionl in dstrit him C as he ha a fine band of music. lesiitle dnruns. fifes.
it M ehlbmelh ColMel P.nmt *m baeng lfated ofj ad bugles. If h behave himself sell and know any thing
whin n nt of he fAenm of the enemy, tanchd I of wriinlg or reading. he may soon hope to be made a corporal.
Nitmsp as im d l Si of April and was cmpuled to, and ther a serjent; his afficmrs ail take car be ais s







f he is E -d k.. dtildm y-l ^ S ,
rue .i will a; h will lhe .i. s ha iwm
eine ga. e ld ha vald by his eiorsl ail ehapIh,
I eis mgle, ad has children, will e b deyed att
n in cb s atlen mender s wat nastey, the aleis sf
well pIiordfd 1w; be willgc habdhideave eaO wilg
ad by bi, md a.mi gapo ad conaeetoe ms who
ill a It lohishly how away the lhU f itMer men If e
capped, ha will asham tN prime- y and hon ; sh
a wouodd, a oefuhl ouIn7 rel mnud him by La rl
eteio. a bnd l b e e killed (a we ms ail die saa
me). he will enjoy the satisfacion of dy in a good mri
f leaving his family o the kind car of the atien, who i
provide for them; ad of being buried whe he he huf w
he coloau waving and muskets discharged ovr hi.".-.
ctti.A Ckhrosmil.
The True Uesellres.-By a gentlemen, we mean so
o draw a line that would he invidious between high aid
ow, rank and subordination, riches and poverty. The
distinction is in the mind. Whoever is open, loyal, and
lid true; whoever is of humane and affable deneanour;
whoever is honourable in himself, and in his judgment of
others, and requires no law but his word to Walsl li full
.t engagremntt---uch a oan is a gentlemen: and iach a
Ian may be found among the tillers of the earth. But
igh birth and distinction, for the moat part, insure the high
sentiment which is denied to poverty and the lower profess.
ions. It is hence, and hence only, that the great claim
heir superiority; and hence, what has been so beautifully
aid ofhonour, the law of kings, is no more than true:-
It aids and strengthen's virtue where it meet her,
And imitates her actions where she is not.-De Vert.

Te good boy towr.--" When I wa a lad," said a hea-
iou gentleman to the recorder of the anecdote. I wa, or
father fancied myself to be, desperately in love with a ver
harming young lady. Dining at her parents' house one day,
was unlirtunately helped to the gizzard of a chicken, am-
ached to one of the wings. Aware, like most good hbo
lhal it was extremely ungenteel to leave anything upon my
later and being over anxious to act with etiquette and circum-
ipection in this interesting circle. I. ss a ood boy' wished
lncrll to conform myself to the rules of gooil breeding. But
he gi-ord of a fowl Alas! it wnn impossihble how unfor-
uunite! I anerrid it! No, I could not either forloaw
noney have swallowed such a thing' So, after blushing,
playing with the annoyance, and casting many a side-log
glance to see if I was observed, I contrived at length to ro
Sfrom my plate into my moucAoir, which I had placed on my
knews purposely for ili reception ; Ihe next minute all we
lafelv Iloded in my pocket. Converin with the object of
my affections, during the evening, in a state of nervous forgel-
lnefs, I dlrew forth my handkerchief, and in a superb flou.
nish. out flew the liZZAan Good heavens my fair ono
,tared, coloured, laughed; I was petrified ; way flew my ec-
static dreams: and out of the house I flung myself aihout
one mw remir.' bill with a consciousness of the truth of that
delectable ballad which proclaim. that Love h armu i !' I
thought no mmre o love im that quarter, believe me!"

Lmngerity.-The English have two instance on record
of remarkable longevity, that of lenry Jenkins, a York-
shire fisherman, who died 1670. aged 169; and Thomas
Parr, who,died 1635, aged 152. Tle IlRuianspper tobe
the longest lived of any people. As a proof of ts the fol
lowing article from ia Cliniqu, a Parisian medical
journal, will be sufficient:-" Last year (1828) 604 indi-
viduals died between IKl and 1(5 yearsold ; 145 between
105 and 110; 104 between 110 and 115; 46 between
115 and 120; 16between 125 and 130; 4 between 130
and 1:5; at the ace of 137 ; and I at 160."
ValmoItorn.-On the road from Naples to Rome, i a
strange but enchanting spot, enveloped in shade, with
niagmtiicent rocks (aggonerated volcanic ashes) hallowed
into caverns, which afiord coolness in this burning climate,
and where an incredible number of nightingales make the
whole air musical. Tile little town rose picturesquely on
its rocky pedestal, with a large building like a monastery
inhabited by myriads of swallows darting in and out at it
sshicas. windows. A solitary guardian eyed as through
a door a-jar, but did not cone out, while we went round
the church, and admired some good pictures remaining on
;I walls Thestillness of death prevailed in the town-
a trt of iunbried Pumpeii through it narrow lans,up ad
down zig-zar stairs cut in therock, we sauntered alone, and
tle noise of our iron-shed heels on the pavement, was the
only sound we heard. The rich abbey, it was evident, bad
ftormrlv fed the tor clustering round it. the inhabitat
of which cultivated its vast domains under a paternal ad-
ministration. These domains, it was also evident, had pe
sed into the hands of upstart speculators, stranger to the
people, and indifferent to their welfare, who did not evre
ki;ow hiw to make their wealth productive to thbmaelves.-
Simaoud'u TiM.

Fa ralsf a Burmese Priest.-The funeral pile, in thi
case, is a car on wheels ; and the body is blown away,
from a huge wooden cannon or mortar, with the purpuo,
I believe, of conveying the soul more rapidly to heaven
Immense crowds are collected on occasions of thea funeral,
which, far from being conducted with morning or solemni-
ty, are occasions of rude mirth and boisterous rejoicng.
Ropes are attached toench extremity of the car, and pulled
in tipposite dillsins byadvorse parties; one of these b-
ine for consualns the body, the otherfor opposing it TIl
latter are at k'ntth overcome, fire is art tothe pile amidst
nlud acclanmation. and the ceremony is crtcnummaledL-
CrawfMrd's Embassy to Ara.
gwrycrr.tition.-Catherine de iedrici, in order tobe Us
red of the assistance of heaven in a certain project vowed
to wend a pilgrim to Jerusalem, who should walk three Iet
firs ards and IAe backwards all the way. A countryman
of Picarly undertook die fulfilment of this viw, and lIavig
employed a whole year in tiw task, was nreurded with
Sitlk and a large sune olf uou y.

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