Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 20, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Bg1BE BIGGS. Editor. SATURDAY. AUGUST 90, 1881. VOL. I-Nl.3

TIlE MBAHAMA ARGUS. lently pushed off, the Captain frequently communicating rs, which, mied with waer, cmaiutumssth el rmy he.
his orders, in a preconcerted manner, by a touch on the average of the Norwegians; but for fstie occasme they
IFPLILIIED E5MI-WEEKLT IN NABAUi, N. r. shoulder or the head of the man nearest him, who commu- brew usrong beer, and with a intoxicate thbemalv, a aea
__nicated the signal to die next,and soon. Their perplexity with brandy, when procuable. The mamriime Lapilsders
g D dollars per al-im-Zn advnos. increased a they approached due Berhier Islands, from feed on fish of every description, even to that of se-dog,
the knowledge that the enemy had taken up strong posi- fish-livers, and trainiail, and of these obtaining but a scan-
tiins at this point, especially oa the islands south-weat of ty provision; they&e even aspirin; to hie rank of the In-
Lake St. Peter, which commanded the channel on that terror inhabitants, whose nutriment of a more delical-
Sside, and compelled their adoption of the other to the north- scription, being the flesh of all kinds of wild aniluaal-
ward, though thle alternative seemed aluist equally fraught baceous and carnivorous, and birds of prey; but beer'
with peril, as American troops were encamped oi its banks. flesh is their greatest dainty. Rein-deer fesh is commonly
The most imminentdanger theyexperienced,was pass- boiled in a large iron kettle, and when done, torn to pieces
-- ing through the narrows of Ber$bier, the sdhop of which by the fingers of the major doe, and by him portioned i
P T were lined by Ameriran bivouars, whose blazing fires, re- out to his family and friends; the broth remaining in the
PO 'ZP" fleetingg far on the aurface of the waters, obliged them often keLle is boiled into soup with rye or oat-meal, and some-
TIlE ATORAT' PRAYI to stoop, cease paddling, and allow themselves to drift times seasoned with salt. Rein-deer blood is also a viand
THE AUTOCRAT'S PRAYER. down with the current, exhibiting the appearance of drift- wih these people, and being biled, either by itself or mix-
Europe hear the voice that rose ing timber, frequently seen on the St. Lawrence. So near ed with wild berries, in the stomach of the animal from
From the chief of Freedonms foes--
From the badierar's thunders oll did they approach, that the sentinel's exulting shout, 'All's whence it was taken, forms kind of blark-pudding. The
O'er theountry of the Pole- well !' occasionally broke upon tlie awlul stillness of the beverage of the Laplanders is milk and water, broths, and
To his Cossacks on parade, night, indicating their perilous situation, increased by the fiah-soups; brandy, of which lley are extremely fund, is
Thus the Calmuck urbber said:- constant barking of dogs, that seemed to threaten them with a great rarity, and a glass ofit will warm their hearts to-
discovely. It obviously required tie greatest prudence wards tihe weary sojourner, who, but for the precious gill,
Mine the might, and mine the right, and good fortune to escape the vigilance of an enemy thus might ask hospitality at ldeir huis in vain. The diet iof
Stir ye, spur ye to the fight- stationed. Tie descent, however, was happily effected, the Samoidre, resembles that of the Laplanders, sve dlit
Bare the blade and strike the blow ly impelling the skiff smoothly along tlle waters with their they devour raw the flesh of fish and reindeer. For this
gTo the heart re of thebl an has, for distance of nearly nine rtes. people, all animals taken in the chale, and even those found
Found with weapons in their hand- After ascertaining that the enemy had not yet occupied dead, afford food, with die exception oldogs, cats, ermines,
On --the holy work of fate. Three Rivers, they repaired thither from Point du Lac, and squirrels. They have no regular time for meals, but
Russia's God will consecrate (ine miles friiom the Itlwn,) and nrmaining there for a short the members of a family help themselves when tlwy phiae
space ofliinm to recruit from their fatigues, Lord Dorcles- lium the boiler which always hangs over the fire. It is
S'Ti decreed that they shall bleed ter and lile whole alrty narrowly ecraped being made pri- scarcely possible to name the variety of diet to be found
For their dark and trait'eus deed- soners, by a detachnm,'t of the American army, who were among the Russian tribes; but een in cities, and at
Poles to us by conquest give en- now enterinlg the tlwn. Overcome by exhaustion, theI thel tables of the opulent and civilized, late accoullnmen-
Therefore purging word and shot General, lenning over a table in an inner room at Mr. tion thl appearance of everalstrangeand disguttll sWla.s,
Use we mprtt and spare you not- I)e T'olunainciour's fell ashep. The clanulaofarms was ire- compounded of pastry, grain, pulM', vinegar, honey, fish,
Guardian of our Northern faith, gently heard in the outward pasiuma, and Mioni afterwards, flesl, fruits, &c., not at all creditable to HItssian geslro-
Guide us to the field of death American soldiers filled time apartment aoiluoniing that in nomic science. The dlit of the Polisi peasantry is oICH-
whicll wants the (General hinlmelf. Tlie (;iivernor's diiguise grre in tix extreme ; they seldom taste animal lin)d, und
SE'er we've done, many a one provedil is preservation, sand Capt. liouriiet, with peculi- both sewas swallow a pruoligiius qanlitvy ol. snaps, an
Shall weep they ever saw tihe sun- ar sel-lmipssession and affected listlessness, walkle into tli t arl'dnt spiirit resembling alhiikey. TI' e lutck f fall ranks
Rouse the noble in his hall, G(ovirnor's apartiltent, tapll lint gently on the shoulder, are fiiuld iofbuter, anld seldomI is a journiet taken without
To a fiery festival-
Dash the imilublirn peasanlt' mirth- and beckiond hlill away with tihe grealest apparent famni- n blitter-libo in ithe p1Iokel. TIliI blirs fe-l on roots, pulse,
Di,an in Ilomml hios ieit lhearth- liaritv, to clude suspicion, at the sane time apprising him lh-tbls, smmr milk, iand later-iimuclie, a kind of fish-lrothli.
Itahe,.r nm.oher, never falter- Caulioiily l' yof i Ill iratening danger. ('apt. 11. led thel wy In England, the eldble pridluce ll the world atil'.Iars at
Spear the prist before the alar- through tlle midst of tIe Iteedles gIuards, followed cloI.I v tl. tiales of tlie onubillt), geintrt, iand opulhnt ii numort isl
Onnard a ad avenge our wrong '- by the Ge(neral ; and hastening to the bench, theyv illmived clas.e.s ; and upon, ctntiurnson atilh that ol oliher Inaaiuns, it
God im guoo., and Itumsia strong." oir precieilntmlr. i in tl. skiff, A. reached u unlmtolwilti ,will hi s'en that the diet of English artisans, peIaslU y,
_f_ ort of tle Rmeliclelilu NHapHi, where an ainmed brig (titM Fell) and even paupers, is far superior in variety and nourisi-
CRITICAL AD)VENTIItE O(F I. )lOl DORCIIESTER was Ilrtunately found laying at anchor, which, on tih- ar- lrmnti ; bread, (hlile and brown) vegetables, meat, broth,
i Toim wAR or 1775. rival ofthe (lGovernor on board, set sail Ifr Quebec aitl a soIup, lieh, fruit, riits, herbs, chlIe', milk, butter, and,
In reverting to the hiitorvy o' tlle A.nriran revolutionary lavourintg lbreiwz." not rarely?, sugar aild te, a silt fermented liquors and ar-
eontest, no event will lie fund more strikingly illustrative Arrived at tile capital, tile (;f mrnor desired to land in dlmnt spirits, lire all, or nm os of them. procured as articles
of the extraordinarv chances of war, than llie iw'riliis, Capt. Houcliette's boailt, and was laclncinpaivid by hliim to of daily sulsistiincte by the Englishi inferior classes. In
though foununat, asidventur of lie late (Gen. Sir (Gu C(arl- tl' (CIhateu St. LLmoiis, where tie valualeHI s.r ice ihe had Scotland, the ihifher ranks lise abstenmiousl, lave on fet-
ton, (thene (;ovIeriior aind ('omninandir-in-(Chieft of the ;ar- just rendered lis country was generotImL and niam' tlie occasions; but animal food and wheaten bread is sl-
my in Canada,) wlhis descent blv water I'romi .Montral to in mii"l acknolwlell.d, i thie presence lr the asstilhiil dome Idted lby tle lower orders, who chiefly subist on rye,
Quleber, was elected with slli'tl in iihi verv r illl of lian- couiinllors and notiiablhs. birli. and inatnwal, prepared in brrail, thin cakes, and
gpr, Montreal being already in tie occipmiatin lf lti. .\m.- Ti. mn'.scessltul deli-at of tlii invasion of Canada, witllh lrridgle this last terimsd tiraboaus, is simply oatmeal
rican firces, under Gen. lMontgomer, and the ishonl of, I'he himlir fircci ;t t iel dispoal ofI tlih C( lnitmrin r-in- mixed with water antd boille (being stirred about with a
the St Lawrence, folr upwards of lilly miiles that ('IImf, and at so early a I'ri imlod after ils cornit, Imn the t wooden skether or ipoon wvhien on the fire) to the consist
city, possessed by tiit enemv, waho lhad rconsmtliurd arnlOd 't.unirt haid Icoiparatly blil ut a f.w iars bI.lore ibee' tency of tiour-pa1ml, not very stiff; ldis. eaten with milk,
rafts ad floating batltries, at the inrction of thi Iiorel with rrl frm tllh sIbnl ciitiin olf on the River St. Lawrencr, to cut ioffla corimminiriction witllh i.rlnc oifI anltlr, is an event that has ininirtalitad the and, indeed, many of superior stations prefer it ir brea-
the capital. UIlmn lii silcessfil issue mf so hl;azard attempt is well-known to have delpnded ithe premIrTailn ion lar (;overni.ors Lioer Canamla ever ihad, ani ,ne ialtMe Buoth high and low are partial tothe following nationaldish.
of Canada, and the taking of (en. (Carlhon, whim ih aml- Iscrr' i adiniiistrations of tle (;G ver.rint-n ilo that pro- es. Ti' hekagis, a kind of pudding, made of the ofdab
pared nearly certain, would have rendered its .il in nv.- in'e are still recollected ith pride andi pleasure tby thle or interior of a sleep, and boiled in the integument of its
able." But the happy arrival of tlh Go(vernomr at Q.I.- I lupler siinach; this dish, olth in odour and flavour, is usua
bec, at o critical a jiuncltire, and thei well-ads iadl and ar- -- -- excrively oiftensive to thie stranger; the singed sheep a
tir steps he immediately adopted, rescued, Ba it utir,.tlmi DIET OF V .ltlOI S N \'1'IONS. hIead, wantr-souchie, Scotch soup, (an oils pedrids of
country from the Lgrasp of an einey, and -.i'nreil it (;ir.nil To IIlmlrtnism, tli aniaiur, i. l it lras Illr, and, man oftaste nwatl.andi l vptalhls,) cllirken-broth and sowens. Laer,
Britaina fitolingmnltat li autif ui l irtimrii.if thr l niniein. l fi l in L 'inmril, thi, lflliU simI. fleaninLrs r.1.icrtine the diit of a "sa*e mid', from a (peuliar kind ol'waweed,and caOier,
America, which circunmstancm s fr -, .r 1, 6 oh.. n, om il are, in the -pirit oEnl0h hospital, cor- i uced Irom IlRussia, appear at ate' lables of theopua nt,
her. For this sigina servire,. Sir t;.u (.mrlli .n mi. iIIiImoid ,di :ll ims.rilbed) T tl i breakfast of the Irelaners consists antid Iy many are much etiot*'enwd. TIh diet of ie high-
to the Pnerac,, with lthe title io L,'rd ID),, h,, ir. ,f sii.r, a kind ofl our, roarmlated milk, siomrtimens mixed cr ranks of ri*s varis lbut little from that of the same
The following interesting parlirulars of li exII l.iit, are illth frelh inilk (tr IrIami, and llanoired with tlie juice of class's- in England and Scnolland. Amownrt national dishe
dlefly taken from im Ini.rriptls that lrml ).,r il ol: te iI- irferlai in brris ; tihir usual dinner is dried fih., sk-r, and appear the staggrrn bob, a calf only two days old, deli-
terials of a Ilistory of Canada, now in the pr raridl bu.i.T ; and kl i i Iher e, or porridCe, n. ad.llr t- I 'ely dressMd ; huode-:xtdge, a soup answering to that 4
Foiled in several attentlits ito omn th, ir wa ti, mi.s, litrms their sup1wr; bread is rarelv tastIed r i Scotland ; colcannon, a mixture of patoes and graees
Gen. Carlton's armament was pursuidi, aillt; kd, andii mni in the Irelanders, t alpdars as a dainty at their ,'ason.d with onions, alt, amd prplpe, finely braided toge-
driven from their anchors ulp ith riv lr Ib tIll Prmin- rural Jlsts with nutton, and miilk- iorridie. The.v com- thr a11'e bolting; antd a sa-weed saure, either lever or
cials; so that as (;en. Minltgniwry arppir.;im hd MI.i-; Ir.n II drink a kili of avbiv mixd with water. \A tie son. otlhr, the nane of which we do not happen to reme
real, immediately on time urrelder of St. .Jilii', ile (;I- C.ailhl f this li .op are fr llv, .lIrinsi inter, reduced .I tar. f.(' r s a" salted) Ieg '. milk, sad
vernor's situation, whether in the town or alt,:ard the ver- I, li-ni nis rlil nrceilt ofI silhisistnr on dIried lisi, calln ler-il-k, torm tile m>rincipal support of th inferior clhm, of
Ise, became, equally critical." In this alarmindin ilemnla, ,carcrll conr.lie I lie r I'rlnh nmtR to hl sio r.-a a iixurmls Irishl and a hiskeyy IlI' national ardent spirit of Ireland
a clanienine escape front tile sirromndinrpnelnmr aplared as it isilhere ,ten rm, Tlle poor of Sareden line on lAd and Scotland, is but too often, as is gin in England, the
tie only allernative left, and an exsprienred ollirer, distin- liread, salted or dried fish, water-.ruel, and ber. Theli ole support of a host of besotted Lbinigs, who drop into
guhhed fur his intrepility and courasew, was immondiatelv anrergias nobility and merchants nfar smnmptmousl, htl t untime y graves, from the Abit of iatofimtio.
sent for, to concert measures for the General's preripitate lower classes chiefly subsist on the fillowine articles:- (To e cantim md.)
departure. Capt. Bouchelle, the officer selected for this oatmtal-hread, made in thin cakes (stronely rpsemlmbhng
ricec, then in the comniand of an armed vessel in the the havver-bread ofSrcotland)anldbhked olnly twin a-year. THE PETITION OF THE INHABITANTS OF
harbor of Montreal, r.alionly assumed thli rerponsille ilu- The oatmeal for this bread is, in times of scarcitv, which NEVIS.
ty assigned to him, slitrestini at the amne tine the aitolult in Norn av frequently occur, mired with dile bark or ofelm
necemily of the General's disrtuis in Ihr emitiumne of a (a- or fir tree, ground, after Imbilina and driving, into a sort of The humble petition of the undersigned, yoar Ma
nadisn peant, to inrears tliie chanrmc onf ercal'. minhoild flour ; sometlimet in tile vicinity of fiheries, tll roes of jetty's amost dutiful and loyal objects eof te UIsl
they, u appeared proballh, fall in with thie ..n.IIy, whose r cod kneaded with the meal of oati or harley, are made of Nevis.
gu-boa'ts (chiefly capturon) were cruising in various parts into a kind of hastv-pudding, and soup, which'is enriched Slat,
o the river. with a pickled herring or nmakerel. The flesh of the With aeniments of profound veaenatioa &ad ma me.,
It was a dark and damp night in Novemberr ; a light shark, and thin slices of meat salted and dried in the wind, we, the inhabitants o your Majesty's ancient and iyal
ir, with mufflld paddles, nianned by a few chisn men, are much esteemed. Freih fishare plentiful on the coasts, colony of Nevs, most humbly present o elv at this
itiioned with three hbicuits each, lay Hlonsilde Capt. but for lack of conveyances, unknown in the interior; the eventful period to your MajeOty's beneficent comaidasits.
=O-I e's vessel, and under cover of the night, the dis- deficiency however, is there amply supplied by an abun- Through a long and arduous contest, and even lst le
poised Governor embarked. accompanied by the Honour- dance of game. The flesh of cattle pickled, smoked, or sixteenth year of peace, we have borne, wiJms mearmr-
able Charles De Laudiere, his Aid-de-Camp, and an order- dry-salted, is laid by for winter store; and after making ing, a weight of taxtion disproportionately ts the apitl
Y aerjeant, whose name was Bouthellier. The skili- cheese, the our whey is covered into a liquor called sherce it i derived, and whidt. andr the priest drs-

a A~'~flE 1$4WE 4rflq~

We sp 'W ish
idi feto Y aw jcsy'i grrli
Srlo wa Mje.y's ubjei

sa =at of i ney (with which
d~'avo 1w his
S ltheiemnt b a wnd pea
do = a me, d mact pa
fiald e, ey ne M ot only alitu
I elZsiZt the electious Of
ma usam sin s the totl u
this portn of your Majsty'.
Our aelno ire, in tamea
SIo establish and svnlg
e eP t hh olemn hith .ln
cowaged by ucces, supponrl,
by the law, they ionitd anid
sri ther Moureel o national wi
I which have been regardlel until
p- vehd and didljiguishtd ornu

Bt a period ha at leoneh arr
ef your colonies, hitlherto th mi,
a*usn of your Majety'l Navv
lry existence endlanprmd by t
fanatical, though powerful fn.
children, ad oar country, we
Majety, the Father of your iw'ol
of your power beitween un and
rwe as ron cmprnation for whnlevi
from the eAlcs of ihnninturr and
With this our llumbi nlrl entr
prayer that Almihly Providenc
conler happiness and pern up
plore a blessing o your Royal
[Signed, by all PA


We made an extract from tlI,
ls, containing an alrnation a
ctar, that orders halbeen sent
roorn to imitate the conduct of
We have other reasonatlan th
mumher for suppsing, that we at
favor. When the order camne o
the Honble. John C. Lee., andl
i lituatiun from which IHl
hbtl'celncy, the documents
the Ouvernor for al least a fonni
publicity; the Packet, or Mail
ailing, and could the matter ha
we believe that thwe gentlemen
to abide te consequences of a
bemwee Sir J. C. Smyth, and
for he Colonies. RrunOa, th
rlbthed in the small still voice
nto the eam of her votaries, the
*wae of thuader, ruing mrh a pm
ered chief as drew forth Inm
lotw tuumoents, anl from his
pfeal ccesion of audible
thre tlismanic als been broke
*eamd forth, (as had not been
cunmment of victory at Watr
alld coroncations emanating
iasombn andf ereml apparance
. ", Coacdh-lad' palace."

Os Thaeday evening leat, e e
'Talim. The comedy of the" H ie
e "Weatheorock" wern perform
ad Ladies who cone be too high
pS 6o aeMaibua to the amuseme
is' i h dt (MlEagh6 caused by o
k whichae r sme tame canited in
S ilhtnim.o every thing lke hi
aemee dal Juliu ha rendered
emw r be a dcari*e of thr
he a ght emrion ad overnight
sapea he has already doena s
pbap. with rather too mach bnprt
dlligld that we eauuAes r hfrot
we deid tlm the ev niag' eate
Mr.Edite-With a wnse of
hep of being instrumental to the
ital in our Colony, I bre dte fa
y-r papr.-I. es the whole, was
peiorm ce: talent of a high or,
Smos every scene. I do not, hi
perfect in the conception of (
IMst van appear a: an the con
blasiapon, ti b peuliar beauties
lee, I consequence of the an
ad dinled well die text and n
"The 9 at Law."
Loi Dberly's chanrcer beio
ale, even fr the most esperiec
I wa, I trut, surprised mae

ta a facts,6444

N a oe eatire rlndoee,e too inuch, and made use of Id maY speeches iot embo- ro of dbei o t blag e, a c r
Strubo o tdeond rul as died in lt. character. d condt the-- ltHouseoAaeni' as forcing the
w Mas d a bya, r dguntileaking. A red wig wmld (ndelifsh yeI wcIh tod ic o their 'ine si
ct, h.a, orally have add d nauch theo dsii fi lf, w.bonesl clod anda separate g roane was to be st id. Not, .d h
hb your Majely, from pIr- mall quantity of dIe DerDbvahe pronlnciatolln wuld have not, Sir, whether yoar contemlais is gfled with amu
"Wsed) wpried be e nownes eala to o ea fat Cf e a edlep poes"i nailat laishal may ovadh bhim
Se er, until by prou. ciuny boy. Zukial, received mun epplst--l judly a heop, ip, andl a jump, to Turks ilauda, to poise
etMtioms de mvit u- Johaiuu' delinitiou ofthe word "SteadfhatI" should have hin Al of thf e opinions of die Politiitas of iUt Pi cel
nstaid fron your Majesty' attracted the assateur's attention, lie a &ctcd livlne, but det, wioe potaeiu only common locomotive pouer,
ghlir follow-msbjects, but will tle language of tie cJiriAser should have dictated ust e content to receive information as it i brought i
libbiltion of' all classes in to l die tpr.piety of prcsrvang tie deporitent of a due course of time by rega arrivals ; and it ao h 11 %r
dominions, wvIto Iead looked oa the boasted enjoyments oflac that at th date ofdthe va latest a recoant fromr TMi
far reole, devoted their world wth ph luophic 4e, and who had in his travels lan.i, tie good people there were in total ignorance of
then yul Maje-ty's colo- nat wilh a lir prrliolln uof ar.aeit)-the Id ofu nn. Had tile dlsolution o dth Asembly,. ad hal laen busily ea. tlhe nation. Lii.- lt mi*conctpton deluded the performer, and had the plcrd but a few days previous in electing a Ilttt'letnna
by polity, a.d sauictioned aunat .sprit and animation ran parallel with die interest to re present them in that very houss, which tlhit bili,.vad
ransmitted to lwir post. accents dat the character peculiarly Ilt me, ison, to be still in existence. Agais we are told it ii,,. snme
Palih and agranieminolt, should not have occasion to find fault will his reptelenta- articd, that tih late HoIuse rf A.slnbly prort..led t1
lately a anllon tln minlt tiou of Str-la.. Applause was, justly uaarled to lhillL lullgtigl ne r yet atutlpted by Lhi or uil 8 other Iass Uhly.
aents of your Maplj y's ll.nry Mlrovlad was noi prforuned exactly to my tate. Thie proc l.dlio s ol tie lBahama As..otily fao l l to
S I aini, hiuwter, only one of the aulroo speclaors of that 121 affoull'd a lat contradictlin to tlis a'ertion. S as
ived ahen the tranquility Tim audience appearit to be pleased and I pliesy ere notonl widtheld for a season bilt the Assly
at efficient nur.sry for the anm-ldumb. boldlly declared that tilev aere nlt, nor tever would be in
Sis disturbeI, aiul their Doctor Panglos was almost without a fault. I advise a situation to proceed wilth the buoinles ol tile country,
In Ipers,vvring nlinity of a friendnot to exert iamselfa much, lor Anengel until certailt privileges clainedl by Iliihe wiere i,.colnized.
F'or ourmlvee, fur oar had just lit upoIn mv ,,ul, ad lie scared tt"-not by Ihis Tl'is dclar.t niliio is tie samie, ill p.iiC;,.il a lta Itl tlai(
oblmi.lyv aH.I-al to your voice nor Ii rn, but by the withering frown with which lie by tlIe late hliouse Inid ifl tie Uone cail lih cii.'uird into a
1ti., to ilte.rl.mie die shield tric'd lli. brow. a slirr,.niler of the Coloiial Charlpr. in like ntunti -r wuIld
tor etnet-ine anil to Ha- Dick Dowai was as rood as I could have wislbl. It ate otil have hul the saale elliact ;-l]t tlhe il.a is
er inirii's we Inmy sulli'r was quite a .baste persmuaotion of Latterat'. pupil; except, alisurdi and could only have been evrendlered in the bruin
I nnsiiinbl laws. indeed, die mouniu ill ttlf worlly Doctor. Such an act of o net ll wah lii bet on doine nuischlii. It, however, Ibat
aty, anti with a fervent vould do very well with an udienc accustomed to llea- thie illiect of rendelring the party more cuntenimitil.,
e may onti Pnable you to trica l, llt tll. whisper ran" that it was superfluous. aIndl of proviii t to tlt- ronInninitly, that thiTre was a. al,o,-
on your subjects, we in.- kenrick nay defy corlpetition. It was a uood delinea- lute irccessity flr establiing ati indileplendent press in the
peron. tiun lt' tlhe futlifiulsrvtut: but, solt I am certain I heard colony condlcted by a man who would not be tle eernile
anterm nd Mrrhnntq.] do promaptLr. ttd oif ieln ill l wr.
ihe lcharactrsu of ('aroline Dormer and Cicily Home- I tiik it m11ay n.11 fairly besaid, tlatlyourlbrotwlrFditor,
spun, were execit.d in a handsome, e s anid received Ilii (iComimisitlors, Devils, and Paragraph Writers (lthether
.. imerited praiW front tie, sipctatolrs. I tmlnk,luowever, that Ililernian or otherwise) areretrirvably mortgaged to Sir
theyy laboured luner the apprehenoion if iearinr tile StenII James (:Caruiicali. Smith, and that we nay expect, here.
T 20, lturiao voice of tl Irotiuiipir,as lhey spokevery tast. Mr. Iaftr, tn rind the Ioyal Gazette tie avowed supporter of
I'lT O, IwI I'ruiiopter, I bluh liir Ouu. Ilis l --I cannot sleauk too well of the lady who so ably per- lie it so. I ml cirloente that tile Argus should alone
SJamaica Courant in our soiated thi. wilo of Lord Duberly. With a fora like ilght oin it sidle of the people .tf' tile Bahanms, you Sir,
if rather a positive cla- lionie's Lucretiai, ih lihad ounl to be beheldl, to be adored. liae aln.'ily noily iculmhragIu your dutly, anid a ill, I f. Il
to all te ('ololnia (;io- Ari.ilne's gilf was nothing, when compared to die smile coniildenl conltinie I,) do a,. to thie hitter confitsioil of evry JHmut Lv.In. Che brtstwimed iluon her amiimrers. ,-inin tf dli Colony, wlistlr Hpltariine in Eay eailb .f
S. lavline abtlve git tn smallaketlcies of the merit and de- ;a .3:! iir (; iral, tlit rob-e of" tlti .\A -irTANi it JuE. tr
Io already ,t.itil in oi r Intrit illi which tht rcipresen-td characters Werte fraught, lth Imiore iau ibi drcirs of a l nti --se% ring Justice of tile
e not dounmd to ti latne I have now onul tVwo thlilgs to advise, viz.-Amateurs, Plce.i.
it fin Ihe reinuisatelnint of isd wsll yiour adii-rent characters, and allow tie prompt- I am, Sir,
ith M;ILtsitr.t-s itn tliir elFtl i ritrlimnn "' i heavy elharactir, in wilicl Iin' may well y tu 0)lt. Servant,
y i,,n ,s 'xi-d lr'ri. lis' Iit I s it iLtot nstnrr forlthat fa pr.mpter. A.\ A.NTI 'lSMYI'IITE.
i i1l s"l.d in IlIaIII voi ce AP soft cd and riUow as tile oum- Aug t lithl I 1.
were in tie |pvi.suion ol, titr's winli, and impart tbe perfi rmer's ae in a toneve-
iht before lie gave Il'ni. seuilinL thlat heard only when anerl pure con'enel. NA.L., lltl Atigit, 1831.
hatr, was on the eve tI I Ihipe that nly critiqa will not be conisidred as ema- To the Editor of the Jlohuon .\rgu..
ave bi'en lonlgeir witlllil h naf,' Iirto aln r ntiny to tlit( amnlliuir; on the contrary, Mr. urITron,-- our rolr.ipoTrarv y otl'if hllt\al GaUztte
w .li have ie I U"liu've it to oriCinat e in .one whlii goealest ambition has evinced a deirce of arrinoilioll li -eling tiHHrdin mil
Suli Lnle to rank with tltmn, should this not ra ndter hnI letter, as printed in the Jamaica (ouratl. thchi I tn
private cmu|ilesndi.nce obnoxiotu to bhbl Alllhouiih I lhte nelerleced tob l nlo not dispos4il It wonder ar, as 1 do not take to lIy. If
the Secretary voft Slat, ll many beLaut I irh that of dte uar faulty parts of tl.e iucii merrit for forbeairaince towanrds that wortli. Blot as
at erunmv i f tlratl.l.imn, I l'rfir"antce, thIlt I lmnolt able of doing iljusticee Iie ratllr artlully willish to inlinllate to lie Jputilii, lial
of rite phyi r surp rlN t u1- rflrl;ir's, nni of ankliowlt.alelgine, lin, that I ie- tlle gmeciilm iit.asn ofiurinornalion, whether editorial or otlilr-
ver was more pleased by th. iyjrfioruance of a Comedy wiseL, was of my alllrding, old black letter ('aiton oas
n assuming the apitlling naid a Farce. I ait, Sir, reduced e I to ile ncerssity ofdaubinC him with a litlu
'al in tim cars of the I.- Your ob't servant, of Ilis own lacking. Th' letter mainned aIn el-iieulel'r of
m his die oil im- JI LI'S. lie Balatn i Lerislatune was niine--l had noiliner to do
harrowed nlbomu an umin- P ordon me, Mr. Editor, for having! neglected to notice wills any otllr, it was not ano.enmiou, 'for tlis rra-
roani. Scarr had til heh lmale characters in the aftlrpiecr I will only myv sn : tlmt ius iirllture asidrlslni' II Mr. M'Uliee. and
a d ehat ti Ymoung Unikere is still bhet;,t niy yes; still do I reli-rred to in the first part uf m.y letter to Mr. Bruce,
n, dIanwch abhieolight hear ter enchanting and thrilling souuns hloldiin concern was given b nHe to Mr. M'tQu-ne in pnron, and b) him
Switneied since lie an- with the miest delicate fiilineis of my soul! -Oh Musicr! it I was tolI it was Inu persotnl-" ll-a-y I think it
rliou, whose various antd thy awi't and caderntic voice-a.nrdon tlee expiression--i is r-a-t-l---r too prsonnal." In attempting to use a little
from dhI tZuIIANo, fave nlean indb'tlted f)r the most ge.itle Iterlingis :lal grace hi IiisUuasin to carry my itoint, it aippared duatl thli errs
to tle red Lde n r l and stillborn uiinlrer. |histrIltv coniplained f, coniiisrml in my havilog unlior-
I to time red pmdimoiniun Tristraml Firkle and his wnrthy father,(the leading cha- tunately included a certain ('l. Faltafmi in my quolttion
ractersin the farce), were both vividly performiel. ofIhe iwords Rt0iraliing Mihers." I do nut reumeni
Adicu, Mr. Argus, JULI .S. Ihr, or hasv never kiiiIwn Of a,.y writer signing .iis nnine
enjoyed s rich nar at the to hiii co,,nninicantioti lo an Elitor, and I haie never
eir at lJA" and the hfarre Our reader will observe that the gentlelnen amateurs I 'ien till that they were anoiiinmoil if the writer was
i by marirur.-.enllmnin have deemed it neresmrry to cail a general meeting of the i avowedll known. I sta known to Mr. Brrce-I am
ly pirmasld, for their clea.- sulbscriblrs to the Private Theatricals, forlthe purpose of known t Mr. MItQ.; vIl prioluction, therefore, is not
nt of the i.hbitants. an. aninviollls, and the lElitor has not suit k to the hi
.nt oa the inlhbilhnse. snd nllUiirn inlo i a- ,nl e ml, a h ichR w alcrl i frlain nal, obthain- pItt 'e s,, ftln-i in Iis nit, 4' N. fire., "
ur late political qualhbles. ed adlmiss-i to the Tih atre n Thurrsay i, s nt last.and II,. (Mr. M'Q.) a.l, t tle ttnn I have tmr,
this mial community, to of expressing, in a public tm;nner, ali-ir r ,priialiam iin o ri contain not only diiloriiins of Iacrl, hut that lihy
larily or recreation. Our cross an insullt to the comuaniilvt, as well as to I~l v. t e'n" with illi nii isrl )Intaltil.n. I now der'ir lla
Suite unnecesary for as i r rirreai d, is tnu-lnr ill I eae
peefrmanee. r to crurwi It ize qile ni.dlt.e for us to pointt omt the prprietya,,aful/ ,avri har the trnt- has *io, m', eiu t-d b tr ill I e-fr
e amaturs. n a4 we ae aclm 4 lhal Ihe trlilh bat h ia n bemlnel ellishd bls tir ilw of
dof he am.lteur. a. in our tItan a we are cerrai I th geleniel of ltis place tropes and filure s; every item is, a mnlll a matter of fact,
with much judgment ansl, Il' nt wantli in an SELFr-EsPCT. a an ny f lln' amaernmoly abun ttmI trua:h, containdal in
iality,butwrwemreslihla y I- ithe index to the Dellams Alianaa-c, Whicrl for so many
Seliprssiun the pleiax To the Editr of the Bahama r.Irps. yen f gave dlignity to die edliorial colitein oIf Mr. jla
mi siUnt. Sir: I am happy tI find that lth, article in the Royal UQivwn's huIInIlle shee."--A I alwRvs like to have til
aimSenat. Gazette of Sdilurday las, undlr th, head Turks 1 s.rentiments of to support my own, I ,ow asert,
ALS'. landss" has called forth,' not only frull yourself, but from I have the raeqliesener e iofeveti Mi*'s. friends, for l!e
propriety, and with the your correpranndent % index, tie crnsure it no jstlli justice and tnrit of lny statement. I will give him their
furtherrane of dramatic merited. The I6'arles and alhl manner in which you have names if le will ask for a I:c. Ill says it is quite conv-
vour of a small space in on all occasions, since the counnincen.nt of vonr Idito- nient for thbe ahlih illihl in fallehood., to publish lthem at
Sgready pleased with the rial labors, remarkedon the.conduct, and erlaxpid the ter- suerc a distance. I llo no resource lell aith n!v I KatL-
ler was displayel in al- civersations of the diciplh. of the Apostolic James, left I O'u TraITHn ; II> eaTiir was con:ern; ile tool of
wrv-er, mean to say lat rnle iithiloult double tlhai yv.u would notice ite particle in power, and he di s'miniatsedl hlii poison tlhriuil his press,
iune of Ith IeadJing clha- qiuslion as it dekrved tot ie noirei, and I can, in truth, to the pir-i.liI '.. iii Coul r andil justice : lvTnrnlty wa, for a
trary, dal. itn my hlum- say-hliat I litae nol twen d'ia.isunlel. linte,,iunit], anil ,nI I.-canipe 11,,l t. i-ltd.e, sere
of many of llio ren lrr lile, howitevr, on tllies .liject, I must cll y vour at- pre-t enit,|l frem crnlri .rl n l I. ovnt t-,1 dslallt.lMni .
iateurs Hot having read tention to a failinfe ihich ape'rs to aRllh li o all dlisoe whoi Mr. M'Q. ini liave liil n i, ain. i hbn, :eid grmse
Raaniiu ol tihe auIhor of enlist as wriue'rs on the ,iile of ior slent chlut. f tI lancens. whirl is conlltrarv 1i lii insit a ul meaning of
'I din their toLuteri continual slondxih rie, the nr\: pl'ile iou ;ntn i \ i ,r I o ii, Nil :im 'e."
' vry difficult to peraon- Tim waiicli in every launie they pron ce, I ha% tne I inp ar rinltar ire.- *n ',r r'-i ;".,' tl LItor of
I ptrifrnetr of lh ale. .St. Sileuin die ears olfmen witll i.le rr-p.trl." dlw ('nrant hih 10 I I,' t, .. -I f.r lhe
adi what confidence iw .t A ant ittt.itl(i, ou ruad-iP tle patia.iia i1 the Royal pgirpor oi ail;i::,. hli u ti. I.~b. Tl'i' .itor goes on

' -


- . .R II ----

. !&--- __a -- AM ~

r -g I .

:Uj Maissa re.

liAshB does not believe there was much unaniiiily
,ibs fin csuvasaing thejury bill, and thenI runa. uL,
u miansaly, tat debate was cared on with. closed
Wheu ever a ietion is made and asconded for tile -- -_ . .
do a to be closed, they must be lshu at once, without any POUTI O' NASSAL .. P.
dsW or voting on the part of any of the remai.inig --
Mbs--o say Mr. M'Queen's printed Hules of the AIHIiIVED,
ibm a Legislaure. Many objected to it, and could 19th August-Brig Juno, Rssel, dverpool via. 8,
i hi e ben prevented by majority, my opinion is, that Thoms.
Ay would not have beoii closed. I should not have A few article of British Merchandise
i any comments fr.o the pen of tlle Editor ofl the to R. BurTs.LZ
IloyJl O(u tte, how aboard soever ny opinion ll ighit have p CLE. O CED,
e 19hIn Attsrt--Sloop Livly. (tlittn, Charletnon
Seating of muln, or of their measure*, is is impossible i CI-T CH TR~jl A RI SH.
o escape die charge fo personality ; ill Iact, to, sl'iak of a
man at all is a personal remark. T're tloal barreltness ul XJ S V S
the RoyaleGasette of every thing, whether goo.l, bad, or LN \yING red1 the asize uof iu ra t the sate ofi8
indiferen.t, of apolitical nature, once indulcud one of its i er barrel ,of stipurline Flour, Ordered, that the
friends to y--thiat if there was editorial mn roit in the -l illie Luoa do weigh l 211. So z., and the sixpeiumy Loaf
sgatioe eirte of nii Iibine personal, that was Ilb. 4u. lyv orderlfT tlla Vestrv.
the frt order, Dni excep[tioi ei i ul in lr o.\ [I) SIELNCE, Vestry Cferk.
John Bull, or any ofl'llr ieiletici dis.imiiiattrir uo literature. Vi:sT'rv nooiM, 2.1 August, lNh1..
How good a thlingi is n i) NAME !!
Tie Editor sasv of isubsetrliency to iiinin in power, we FOR SALE OR RENT.
sepiatically spurn the idea. I an.toer : I[I- loves tihe sin Thatt pleasant and cotlniutdious Hlouse atnd
but only spurs the shaot As rnc-.alrd tHi- iros slliader ,', Lot in the Eastern District, well adapted for
ofprivate chliiracler, wliere will IIe liln I i lt i ty letter tou a largi( family,-tle holuie is in good repaiir,
Mr. Bruce. and does lie itUis ii FALn.LI. !ii s I that lie fla Iiut biliiiigs will le put in repair-A. Liberal Credit
was oil-red t1iat for pihliciatiun,. will bIe given for the prm'nisis-For terms and further
I las r. llruc ,ei l lint a cl'. i f ti' e i |)eri.i..lil art of partirulars, apply to the Subscriber.
my letter 1 Or do his li ienids kniuu s i II \hl.i might ELISIIA SWAIN.
av of them, witl trah, thai t li .i tare -i, i l hal I L atir Aulgust 20th.
l 11 I think thlI l:.lito 's timnpTr hII ,.,i l ..t, I.IILTr *l'li . ..
discretion, allil ll..ll .It- l, ilirll% 'hiii.rl ai I bII.i:ti, a i I TO 1 1 IET -
of his heat l t 1 N ii ii .? Thle IhelliM' nil lipr.i,, i,. S lrlrv street al
of his ,.a ll ,. N ld II,.I I .I.n ., i. ;; pretle t in lhi.- o, piltlioi i.- tlh sub rilste r. For
Hi I I, o tr;iiL o lll .li. i ;1ii. ot. i" ich I ll n t rl- pari.lar. require of.
direcelv cruonlerli I, lltl us I hliave now ,lil.Ird may aiinsair Illt'Al) .\ IIN .TT.-
It lii tirallade, I imiy just ia weI ul l cio iiii also up)ion
hi tirade. lilu talks uch u bout his l t, ..ii.i.ii, lhi in- OTI'I''
vriablle warmth of remark, whelmv,.r a.i, act .ro tihe exe- I lE S'i('llllSC1 IIi, intientl n' lt ,ave tile Bahamas
cutive elicited it, and takes to tlli. it of t'er TI i As all l-se i.r nmler ners, ,rais -n ll those I. whimi lie
maine abuse in tlw i.s Mr. I have I. ard ii lum'ls iil of iiin may b',l inlebted l1;)r thei r r-.lTclivi. dsln, i-nd; ,t d thllse
,d., a'- elIl ,I hadl tlilnmi ibut nl sr el. e oi .I I.I. is i i., h lhtd to lim, I1 ear..irl rr'N .i. ill seIIle tI, sam
aLtIs Rather a lumpilshid na for i ll.v, i. Rl'm.-r s hit l1'! of --1.l, ir nhel. ti.r t il tl niild hlii. to i mll
lli. Errellinry ha is itnnauel to keL.p e- rv one it. t iin a 11 iu l ( aIn .iini, Ijill n ;nl d i ll ;irll 'unll t- re llininii un-
state of contintial Ci leriitn ent fior theii st i t i t 1i o n thi ;1 i i IT a I l 1Tri-l i ll. swid ftr indis 'rimiimtrlt.
during all which time thei ext.i t of Mr. M'l' s. 2iu .hIn 1 II. It)Il' I'. W eI I.
aswrrity ailnioiu tii nil thn- ri i .lrin' c ir t hus !B |ll|. S 1 l.1 hilll iin 'irtiir.n Iti si-llta all l-
become of the mail heut," r mulliuL his. .l r1i', rsn II, I h* iii. .il. .-l- u i.ii, .I a II.,' i.I-i'i all i.'-r i. ,i ii.-
would Live thel .. mii nsits /hyl t1i n. it /l; i "- l! f L I I ,1,| I 1to i,.i t, Iknrk-' imdt I'i ol IImnt, In .Inabll e hill
even these aft told tah is w-,r- sw i -i, i h It ._ th aid to lii, Il ,ip/ isa .
fll'n thrwe off Illll llirs w~~rrr .'ll~rll "~'~ nl:l Ir I L' l" I '11 ]',n I [ ln. [ ,lliI. ,lad tu lrl l, ii fi #e l/p l.s(
way to a marble paICe'i with this in.erril'iii Jtll\ I C(')00o :.
** No. New-s it'e our l.ut." 1,s.ni1, lihi \th 'lit Is:1.
When his worthy inn i' -liuiit, I w-uilil reelm- -- .. i i' -. --
mend that a siliilar marble |i.I'e )e lil over his, %ui'' iOi 'Er **.
with this inscription I F St NS>1.11( rn.'i,& i .I ,i '. .' l.. i .l I.. t..I,,r, oslf .
C.ilas viv ,it. C(o il. es m me,." '' I I'I t .l- III. l l t, .i l-d,i- ... .ir i. ie iii.l Itu stuak-
I have now to thank, Ci-liralls, tli- IKlitr of RIs til.Ts u""i"" li.ti p'.i'llit, i 1 .i te l iiril .r is inlll.tirlucric! l,,,.
for hi very p lite ray, pall/itfingit l luel u ll s,d a srlldal i: thalll ,.Iiowt Ih"l.iit id."I -. \ l ; I I ',. i lllllllui h n i lt. ,,Ld nsl
btll pithy as he thinks himisenll (a;,,l I amn r-,ill uirpri'-l tt iI N.' pi li'-r I,-.xt, li I'. pit in ni .
he ever venlured so fir) I nisi t rll liin lii.n lol i wsni, (. \11)11RSON,
is countrvnman apply very Tuchli to lni.i'll tiitiii mli. .\ltliilitniriiia r.
ccasion. .1, t 1" 11. -
Til.... Illy ,. We< l .. It'i
Iut lIAr, ie prain,,l It, -it i.i ni El.I M \.N(I t Ill m K I(II ti he ',] V.
Ill lfaa. .l, .o.eid. n i.r .- e ha el''." S I. 1h-"i. a,,_,t t Il .l u, to iti I ll- |Ihanlia s, in the.
I aIi, Elphiliiunmia flr a \lhirt linit, riqiit. t .lil lto I ii Im li is
Mr. Editor, indbllIld l t rendr r their accruii hildiult .ilal.
Your OIlidt. Servant. t\IIL'nII 1711 .
AN Ex-MENtMRR OF TrIF. NiSslI A%\svAti.Mi. l-- I-1A A. I-
I~5 RS. lIO\VlI), Jr. hit r,-in.,dl her BoAnI~iN
t "O ORRItE-:s'oDNT'i) s. E IsinTii.I.srT, in tlhe Calle dr los Ofirios, north
N I i i f th. (;ll.rlllornnit IIIou'.
rLTh. very airy and commanding situation of this Iousi
hIInil corll nanll d flat alllti'i n of all trairlleri in a

IUTO T l l SI ", fl Il'.I,
condurtine and inanaiuL' lieL I'rivate Thea-
tre of N.- at, art s ,rri \ l'n t \ .Ii luiir n call-
edonto enquirer particul.irl it ilio it-, I'inIItaiir(e of a
female having nmade lihr apll.:aranr -, .ri:,i inr to II it .IL.-
and rules laid down I;r llhe c.n' in t .f : T, ', i-lI. That
eaquiry not proving of )so saist;iin'lms :t Iarawrir as the
tInamgrrs wish, have no alternative h.i :I. ti, r.ill r in iPt-
inefl all the subscribers, that theI miay.i 1. ilh pliih ailirdl-
Ia an opportunity to exlpres tllir Ifliii, uinl a ilhIs, iI
the occasion.-Thrir attendance i., mli.ri '.ri, ni
mueltsd at tle Theatre oin 3Mt,.l.a i0 ,I .11 Lit Lil ,,-.,I
P. M. prcissely.
Nasau, Angust 201h 1IKI1.

fJ' Erery person about to leare three Islands, nfter
0ic3 presided Ihereinfor the sparr o.fTii v y r) ys, must
gtmea sity at the Secretary's Offr, or put up in
SOJe foifrrirlEEN D) Iv prrrius to hi drparture--of-
e hrkicA, at any time during FORTV-riIVE IDA s, a Ticret'

ay be Obtained.
15h June


t th-
t.l -
e6th Ang
17th August

TI, kIt. F, err FTI' F.
- li..,,. h llarrv

--II e l l r san
- .n II l. rHo
- ......'; A ,.(on
J...,vs Hla, k
Altdru'w Sornpson
- nm. II. Roach

cliena I..
Joue liih.

BI IItNRI\ ;Ir:l.NSLAI)E & CO. ~

On M.,nday ,mtii the 224. instant.

At 10 O'clock, A. .
H ill I,- .",lh.
Suiperfine Fliur in a, ole and half barrels
Hie, an', ( 'orn in llits
Lard in hK-r--Ilit Bread
SOdi[up aind C('iTil'- in Boxes
A fiw- Gallnu Brandy
To Close SFk,
rW Enrlish Olams
Terms, CASH.-
At sir M.onths Credit.
A valhublr youne Ne 'rn Man a good Ship Carplnter,
('ok anod II,.'e Servant-t-ll property of a gntleman
about to li-,v the Islandl.
20th.t 0ll.
.- .BY tlMtNY .\I)i)ERLEL.

On Monday next, the 22d. instant.
AT TiE vr.vntr. lnovr,.
At 10 O'clock, A. .
Will Ibe S.-MI.
.4t twor .lonth/ Credit,
50 Barrels Iresh Sulerline FLOU'R
Aiugust" 2h0h.

-- -

On Monday n., sIe S& l -,

at. N. .6
.4 Balse O"bur
8 do. Bui B.
1 do. do, DueJk
1 do. Dowls
2 Cue*s Floreondn
1 do. LiAen ChW
3 do. fancy Print
Sdo. fine Irih Linnu
1 do. du. Creas
1 do. do. Cuton Cambric
I do. Rel Thread
2 do. Cotton
I do. Pomatum
1 do. Stationary
I Trunk Ladies Dreesss
10 dozen Gentlemen's hairHose
30 do. do. Bracs
10 Kegs Gun Powder
20 boxes Candles
10 Barrels Irish Pork
20 Jugs Paint Oil
20 Kegs Paint (White, Black, Red, and Yllow)
TERMS,-2 months Credit.
August 20th.


On Tuesday Mart, the 23d inulnt.
At the louse of Mr. Robert Wier, opposite the Market,
At 10 O'lock, .
Will be Sold,
A handsome Set Dining Tables
(Cane bottoIm Chairs
Mahgaliniy do.
An elegant Book-Case with Drawenrs 4
A Ilandsom,,si Sideboard
A very elegant Oil Floor Clllt, with a border, 18
liset 10 in. by 21 ti i-l 6 iclhes
A 12 Gallon Sliil complete with worm, tub Ac.
All the PlIunch-ro.ion Fulrniture, consistmig of,
Chdir,,, &r. &c. &c.
23 Gallon- choice Cognac Brandy
Coal 'Tur in Jugs
(;rindsltonls, Chalk, with a number ofotheraridca
Terms-CASu on delivery.
AII tle 2l01h.


On .1Mmdoay, the 22d August inst.
At 12 0'eloLk.M. .
Will be sol.hl, (%illiiet resruir.,) the folluowing valuable
Pr.ili.rty, situate on St. Salvaidor, viz:
A tract callel Morni NT ELrON, near the lawk's Neat.
Three najoining Tracts, named-
Lrei'a .MOsUT, M:OUNT Vt:w, and SMALL 1lo .
And Three olthr Tradt- 1
One late the property or Mr. Munroe; one known by
tll name of SaILOI's RETREAT, and one commonly called
A valuable Tract situate on Waling's Island, called
A full description or the above Lands will be giren at
tli' time oi ale.
Terms-- Three months credit, on giving security.
July 21-lK l.


On ;Wrdnesday znt, the 24tAh ustt
At the Store of Mr. John F. Cooke, on the Bay
At 10 O'Clock. A. M.
Will hbe sold
('ilikout Reserre)
All hi, Stork in Trade, consisting of,
Dry Goods

A rnietv of other Articles
TERMS-4 month credit on
August 20th.

greing apprenld m-


On Monday, the 12th Beptembr aJ,
AT TnH TvrENoiDC Om,
At 15 O' leh" X.
Will be sold, without resr,
That pleasantly situated House ad Lot IaJ roLe,
at the corner of Culmer Street, atlig lrc: l byp
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson. A Plat gf a1lr M El b
Ieft t the Subscribers' Store far e sped.
Term--Six months die day of aml* Fhp
chaser givin approved P a
August 6th., 181.





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eldifetently, he revels in a oddil and a quainuaes rid of him, swear to turn Jew, and abhor pork, living or was formerly held by the great majority of all classes i
of ida that far excel the elaborate adiectatioa of Mr. dead, a long as you live. Spain. In Madrid, I hve never heard one indivi.lualabove
S Hood's punning whismicalities, which have luand such Tiere is also no animal thing that dies with G much the rank of a small tadlesmal, pRat k with re.sla>l ol reli-
faiour with this laughter-loving enrtion. The fasreta cdamor, and lart has l ucih a since obj ccion to die as gion-or with affhetion, of the p.rieslloil. liere cannot
y Is, however, to produce our species. We are much your The sturdy bull takes the dath-blow on his be the smallest doubt that, in the capital at last, both the
mit ake if the ingenuity of the Chapter Pigs is not ead, in drops to tli ground, without uttering one bellow clergy sasd the friars are sensible of a great dinmilution in
universally relished. of complaint; and even dle silly sheep" dies quietly un- the power which they formerly enjoyed; and their tone
If there is uay thin in which ponerrmn is hunorous- der he stab of tie slaugi.t:rer : but your perverse pig no and bearing are altered accordingly. At present, they, at
y provoking, it i in the stubbonr wrong-hmadedneas of a sooner suspects the knife to beat his throat, than Iii shrieks all events the regular clergy, yield a little to the tide that
dorough-paced pig. To se oe of them creatures going reach te skies: and even iien the faalI thrust has passed h"a set in against them. I have been surprised to hear the
to Smihfield is a certain cure for a quinsey: Mulaucholy through his skin, and complaint would be thought useless freedom with which some ofthe priests have spoken of the
herself could not chose but laugh, till her black lunge with any other living or dy ing creature, his launent, instead slate of Spain. I have heard them particularly lament the
r IlH cthanidels r;" his perversenem s is straight- of suffering diminution, increases wih his suffering; lie difficulties that stand in die way of publishing books, and
forward, though hi corse s not (or he will not under- reel round the sty of hlia fathers, drunk will death, and admit the oppressive natureof the enactnents that regard
stand is so o be,) but is a devious as the meanderings of couniuos to shriek till the last ruddy drupl" tiat visit- educatgn. The clergy have not the same interest as the
the mst vagabond ltthy rivulet, the Fleet-the closest ol ed "his sad heart depart to visit the aiialgamalors of friars,W supporting the present system, because they bave
comparisons so-fur both are dirty, and both Ind tlcdir black piuddings. Aller death, too, when his chin and cheeks not the same fears. A revolution that might possibly chase
way, after much stnggling, through Fleet-market. ar. shaven, and he looks for once in his life cleanly there every onk front the soil, and which would, a aall events,
He that drive a pig uaght to be blet with even nore I a nmost rigid expression ofreluctance to die in his pal-, despoil them of their possessions and terminate their do-
petinsm san toh loa-sufaring Job ; for noue usher could pathetic face; ilhe mouth stilllooks as if it had closed in lie aiiniuon, would probably but slightly affect the clergy of the
drive one to market, and bate no jot" of his temper : full wrsuusioi that all uas not eaten that miglt be eaten- church; and I have observed that since the French reve-
he that could, might defy haml:ie world in arms" to that there was still food enough inll te trough ol lile to Iaae lution, theirfears have diminished. The exempleof France,
shock him." Imagine yourself, mast patient of my made it uinecessarv for him yet to die. Days after Iis in the respect it has shown for the rights of the church,
reader, at the croe-rads at Islingtou, with a whipin one deceased, this demrurring expression continues in the cur- they look upon as a guaranteeof their own security ; and
hand, dd at the ea reme end of a longish rope-for lie ours of his claps, and useea s to make a mouth at tlie rave- I'rhaps justly. Government still leeks for support is
will alirae whole length of has tether-a pig, endeavour- tous dealli; or, to say lth least of it, sullenly and silently the influence of the church and endeavours, by every
In yo ay to Smitheld. You direct the head ol your argiiw w ith fate and necessity to the last. Even when lis ieans, to keep up this inflence.--eglii'o Spain.
Charge, by directing his tail due SL John's-strea -roa; head Iea ea his budv, lib spirit knows not where, norcartls Polis Language.-Tie glorious struggle for freedom
lug looks down It, a if conscIous lmat it led to that un- ,here, since a lhacd is of lilde use without a belly, and Iil diat tde brave Poles are making, gives unwonted interest
distinguishable bhurne"-H-olbourne, if you will-r-Inam was ll in all to hiu; and even wlihe ii lies iin a cleanly t ll accounts received relating to that people ; wd the
whence no traveller' in the paork line returns ;" but china di, in sate conlti-iuner's window, thie yellow and to al accureceied reale to thea peo i; and the
h. ,I . o ,. ireqmunt occurrence of die inues of their leading ties,
he cannot oblige you, so turns riund, and quakes with all sour lenaou disparting lhi tusked jaws, aid niockingait thiirh an unusual
Iis legs fr the City-rial, or 'Pentouvil. 11 neitlh,r ul lowerlesill"sr to bill', huw clasp-luaell it looks, and irre- r1 re r u. u ci-
t*lse ways are agreeable, he has no objection to lurni i, libly pailie:ic. I n U sometln ie in the ill c'riti and ersle to kn -iatlng 'of i
entirely round, and retracing his steps Ithirtiigh the lia,.rrn, dpth o iv graef at behllaIrlling itac ole I dust' dlead l-oil l-al irii their prollunciliii. l assistanLe of a
S --lin l .. Illfriir( las enabnuld Ub to lurnih OU reauders % ll& 1e
town of Islington back to the sty of hli. tivitay ; i ifa t 3to uro iaanilza-r do l i al I lm l, alimo-st fllit rKi. I. bld P ol Isa-ho rdrs a .the
uit drrid il hi iimtitiin iuL,,diurl^ IM i ,li i i i * lo r-thlsln S-riartn : AllU vli' ae
caaoit tta-cideu ot this ropnition iiudiatdui.'ely, IsH' lisai-lt nd hoH a li, la a (ramiciraa-liair i ut soul aiiy bte iaul- al i t P a u i
enough to prsi is wanting your lHisure, anl sticks at his, L't v alliwtd nl o tls reluctinl st er or ,)f ia' f .l olt il Frenc, eC a, w ich is prononced o-;
point, a imnimvanbl as a rusly aweat..rcock : at lus:, a, ; i i.alie spirit of a gluttonous pig, a b'o idied, beil Io ladi l tlans, r aeh is pe -nounced spa-
if pernverus as it is the centre of all his acious, is tirwaY maiy I cuue thUoul some Ifuturre alderman tol It ' IT)tr I) e ronucn I t s psen the chief liff ued like ;
also pivot on which hii action turns, lie veer round and WiIaniio-I iorrw. alull. prn wounded hard, ins iru ke t-- sounded like
round like the b,,inlg-lihnd of the compass. to all poiilts, Ne. in patllils to your elderly pig deparle, i, die deahll- likail, likr-1 sounded tz; (nl, like a- but keeps to none. neither making way forward, sidel- ook of your t-nder-'earned su-kiui-pig; it i, as I ., lik kr in the Scotch %word Scotch lIrh-rc is soun-
ward, oc ha-kward. Your patliere now begins to l" oa .ay,, at a lllelh-ni, as litsicol an an.t t o lld hieroglicl P ded like te I a in pitch-s is soundrsd like -suck is
out" at your lingers' end, and you apply tll .Ihip in ti Qarls's,, of the youtl of lile in ileall-l f.. ,lla ic, Ioundd like o .hth-rx is eoundl like j in (French,)
most pernuasie manner pi.tible : he sM uaks ,.ry i a life halives not ou of its inorat aouth ih u i u n alo te r. There is no q; and all otler cons
Stt lives not out o its ignorat ouh in thpronoie n i. Te fllowg -
tnntly, and utters his shrill laments till all tllw paiussenl wiser wickled'l of age. If ver I ltrcnian a l.n ldermani its ar prano ed s in hnrlisl. bhe following e -
alop l lir ears with their fingers, and housekeepers s. l hut d dl, as S ould doof a ninds-of-Novinihber dinner, i nilas will h'- sl.iricint to show the application of die
down their windows. lie w.nms to regrrl hisi incalrity t)o I ,on st isi l let the Baron of the age eichli.l a tl l Ii .reCoi' ig I :- -wernaicki is p iromnanrcd Dvernitzki
lm you, lei him turn whichever way ho will; but re- pair of tIle pn.lls iiecs of park, to sllow at once thl (lrl"ir is lipronolunc.d Khrelpoilrllt; CzartlrIski i
la naohin of his predeterminatioq g ainit NS. Jil11' Lbrvit oflil, atnd tie innocence of enjoy ing dte plool lronili't Trl.artort, ki; Szend'k is pronounced Shnl-
stremt-rnd. You then twist his lthi and use-es Itil round tli,,,(f it to t he l nast moment, as do those dliat .. il- -*l; S'"kr.L nki is p iiouiced Skrj ntzlki ; Les..y nski
yoiur Lb, sill you halvecrrwel ilsltiglsas it were in c.r.!-llt let I., notaftlr all, d.aspiso' the pig, uhii we I pral"l id- L'eshthiski; I transki Is lAprionunctd
Stoauesl.tand eodeavour to urge him forward by flis. cannot do widout coIleinning pork, lhi is ge.nrnlk It olski.-[Thl e alive is quoted from e iAthalnrnu, a
the resource of defeated driver ofpigs-his counltr undstlu l to Ie a drivtise froin i,; lor Is a the p r j l h nages to put more i fortion,
tior squeak is only the more piercing and padetic ; and rooting uO ill arld for buri.a arornls, oas hllu or LoodI rising, and more bir'l.--pirned hlonesty, aill its
tel the story of his tail, in sound it i a Iuliu.ry to nIcer ivy of plouuhlin n and s iine if lie would likeiusecal. ackly c'itmpwa, llHn sllte nlPgaEines put in al the
bear :" bill he is as undecidedly decided as ever a to thelr -n of r liIvs.]
ooer of his way. And now, stunned by his llriciks, u From a pampA l a tae necessity of an rrtrntio ofmoral About six or NU.,-.nd--.d-isly years ag, an effort was
la is tail, ad pull resolutely at Ien' spring shich k,1 and political instnrtion among Ithe rrli ng loaw by "a ide to r-s ive thie fashion of ladies visiting illh i HIouI of
l prisoner twhe higown le wan, tha rnd ou nwide l t. Dretroier, a cotton-spinner, and nalJ- durae rd man. ( inmlions. T le Queen (Caroline, then Princess of
sancl alma twice his own leng ll lo the road you a 'hl 'u ah-Srr I lio irto -crasios| elude ier B9 oer e
I l to take, but the pull which was intended to urge him l'T" a.,Arao.-" U hit w is st ong enough to cuonirl .i'al's, "I"n r two ,rarsiolsailr n lae r l arance
.award, he wilfully into a din.ct conmannl him TI l hat is he rats; of hai sup.riorary te r : nal I h i a it Iallt; Bil.atlln at, in IL- I--''r'. he ro)l
send still, and on nore ie is fied s n inun tal I t I rhaedl by roniaderaoll ns ol h.manlt I11 o iit, a i ,, aE i'it io Ini ncae cenTralvn keown, and several other fe-
mrble." Too ply she whip, till his slaI look like a tails i wsn to the rle:by his cus. he ng .or. wron. hat .al.. 1 ,iasg iti. a. i -t. ia hridn ci tai ili w b e- Rig tl. nIonog urales
of tle maleber or i h ohm e hs received ; but it ha dha nuh. not. indeed, the blood of a lli|ulilCrrl lo. "l,"1 rd aliia-rH. Ha-rin la. i, ril.a.,. if,of ti a' has, lmuina her-
little efect on his temper, tha you could almost persuade happinr. s nd well-bei ning of h wie d rchlll,-,a. a.aa, 1,1i-llr I l' as itiinlr ill wHo- I1""n"", it known, cltxcpt iheI
yourself to think that be had taken tie whipping as an at tlr deed c which consigns them to wreciedrle aml sant ?s e ni hi' tki's., t"isis i I s, ise ktier pern in ml
nueriod coplimelt, when paid m a pig oufhis .ge,- And .hall such beings pn-te about liberty a.nd .qauli 1 'l ae nih, l. fkin, al.lurht i ti her pramn in male
sine ane but pip oftenderyears are whipped to detlh bI"rty they desire in the hllrty to do wrong : anl to c a'lr- ]hr f.lelark hair wt. iaodid mo,;h hon her re-
to mak themo tdr.-Yo poll ers l, twist i t ail, to an equsaly with such individuals, is a lde.lradaion It hl h I"aid, and made to sit close, in good puritanical trim, while
ad log the ank for half t hour longer; he sqt ks to no honest man wall stoop. Ilerling with norit-vl n ihich ust- a laig, hlise, hrown cosi rcnralaid her feminine e I',lr-I
a laddog the flak for p saa' h longeined wll ias the os gr i nlti governing principle-i s1hi, h he is tions. T'l'hu prepared, sIhe took her -,.nt in he Strahcgers''
and down the whole compass of the chromlic scale, till mot r-verenced he is must reckler--n ch unilt b :hu1-ha,n Gallery, anxious titnes a disp'la. of her husliand's cl
4 evey male la untirogh, ad your head ee as if iharp mp laden is the nredeming vrinrt, not thevtire-rers ,lirnal ,, ; hilt ie did not speak, annl ile dlhaelei proved with-
swords were thrusting through hothear; but nothing you inuenr ice operate to the degradlaion of the man. aidl the n- ,,I a% inn-ret. Te ene pira.ts whoe taste rs
can do, can convince him of the error of his waRs." crease of brutalsit. 0 1 itness the horrid stlclatle of tl1e do- ut any int.-iel. ere, howeverle usuirn is wh e taste was* -
Meanwhile the amused moh incr ase around you, encou- -metic ncene. 'the sound of his fool is the sigal of f, ar. ,oit luts cited, were, however, con d to a few blue-stol-
'ing your patience by Lathing al your distress ; and ofiov :the father, that should proteti. roniang linme tahu.r: ong i ili', without influence to et sde fashion : mad the at-
m yo bginto grow r, repo the pa- band -the child cling. to its trenlallna mother s a Ir;il. Iria-.. tempt did not surree-d.
Sbegikn to owmasugRaag'h whonpo bt hol elrors, tu form barrier of alteoncln.aetwe,. Ii her belru.-
ding a d Inin ejaculate every variety of itms hIa your tality. "Almsl exhausatedfrom theant ofa i.n.f ,, ,, ,,, I. T 7eFar f.dl C rompony' Ch arr.-M!r. Ch.rle Grnnt has
m. By this time the blackund boy begin to swarm halfnaked, and wholly wrerthred. the pliable 1irtner II .. r to Ie," '"otie that he intnds to mor the retippointme nt
abt you ike hee at a gather ; one voluen a stick human monsler ires. with fear and trembilh. lIr hler nstr- I'f 'h Easm India rComintee in the Hno- of Common%. e
wisk alal i i, a nrc d al n ae, a tird pubes his cap in ble pittnce which his brutalhhabil hapspared trem. rTli ic,. hote thas, he .lverpool Committe will meet anm edialely. and -
the fce efyoa b ir; te l rise th exulting bolloo, tue of human uldegrmnarion lacks hbuton'na ore character to -wll keep the same vigilan re to this question that it has done
r keep up de roaring lugh. Tbhse lorutis head on render it. odiousness coplrte-the drunken mother. aTen l the ls two Session of Parliament. Itis quite certain
." ,"" ,"111)*; -01 .*"*'. -r t -' *'' ? .h To c ns> r sh I1ine conIceil ons wall he lade so 1hee m relehon
sult pt your pigon hi mttle, and he either bolt in indeed. the up of domestic wrtchdn i o h brm thatone will e made to the merchants
between I p y. a i om down am poverty, disease. and crime, ore secure of their vrusains anin p!elet or Etcl-an. nut ha rsic., of shave conceosies -
betlfhus it is phocsked a he -uprosede ovteor ol thwedh 'lch- ei hend chiefly (on the zeal wth which the people mest
One after aoth, hik an 'il-deliered bwl smong h" d edness. what must he the state of feeling on Itghear rights.
deodlung nlne"- il as as or else, selecting the reality ? DrunkeHass is therersr g in nr hit coint:r ) ; ai..! Illwm long wll voau tav in lanon I' said a friend meet-
am newly-breeckd urchin in particular, makes between its debasing romrquener are manifar. inithousands of int.:i.- inc na student from Ilir 'xfir.l I nsersit'. ." Ten gniness."
hIk dg e rogh a posterne, and flinging him over his ce. in the poverty and immnoraliy ofill vitirlm. Nor are he I wao the repl. Thui. thonllh inlleratonl., does n1 seem so
ibak, him opoe det rope that rum tightly from his consequecq ol hi o odious rce confined to the dome-tic cir- I erplicil as the observation of the honrei hearted Frenchman
yI w y oel b t6i bread and butter mncher cle: they isnience the happinemsand prosperity of the action. in one of our Southern tuiwns. A poor man having lost hs
qP lie a poe lie a tumbled ro- Wealth. not wisdonm--orimption. not virtuous consisernra.has row. the whole support of his family, his nreihhours very na-
d JKac eL tbe mald to the indelible d hithero been he hirhwar tao a eat in our Legi.lotive Aslembhl. ,rinlly sympathized with him .n hs los. and a ntmher Am es a
"da .N,, tJ fob .ae nd to teOr el ib.e a. the member of which have sought to index mnrfy themselves condole with him, the benevolent ilorerner among them.
B UOree the averse from the labour of al for that which they have spent in the They all began to express their sorrow. aheu the Frenchman
i iowr of w illngnmM to go corrupting of a herd of misnamed freemen. The corruprl ectaimed, yon orr.y, and you sorry, how much you sorry I
th way y la l bOMh Mlart for the par-, other mctgages his own and his uc.fhbour's hbon:, and dnmnk I tirr ten dullam."

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