Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 17, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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eus" 1Dl s Editoer.


VOL. I--e. IX.



a. nUot mper. mr minae-t adwaf .


(Fron Hymn's TriuA .)
Ah I remember wd (and how can I
at vormore remember well) when first
Oru dame began when scarce we knew what was
Tha Same we fell : when ais we at and ghli'd
And look'd upon each uther, and conceived
Not what we all'd, yet something we did all,
Aad yet were well, and yet we were not well,
And what was our disease we could not tell.
Then would we kiss, thensigh, then look : and thus
Is that frnt garden of our aimpleneu
We spent ourchildhood. But when years begao
To reap the fruit of knowledge ; ah, how hen
Would sihe with sterner looks, with graver brow,
Check mny preumptrion and my forwardness !
Yet still would give me lowers still would show'
Whal she would have me, ye not have me know.
Bo red without. o mare within,
locipieul idiocy so plainly seen,
'Round IAMlSH Ihua's caput and phix,
Indicates of what be in
A phyiogrnomamt would say:
Much pride, luch passion in array.
t Enwrap a Ioolish, stupid mind, .
elfishli u dealings with his kind.
S imte:upt fur otlieri, a scintillation,
A Ansing tinc wall of specultliuoii.
SRelspecting tlie feehliag and the passion,
SlMilagled i inan in varied falhliuis.
Iruacible as pug log spoiled,
Continuall) wh some une embhrullel,
Slide leals i.a fr' euds i troubled lil,.
An d otl dues all but beat his wile-
liamoas eceven shother's prarie,
Like tie and tow he'd sudden blaze,
** Bould any foul I sudden rant,
Mention wnlh honour. General Granl"-
You who would wish to have the world's reanlrd,
Take care that men's right by you are not marred:
Huoour, and meria, are never front praise delirred.

A Rauauic Ta'te.
Tan infidel Turka,ever at variance with the Christians
were, i the reign of king Orclians, retremiely ambitiouu
to psses thie fanlous Catle of Abydos; and accordligly
vas preparationsweremade for a closesieme. Previous to
thearrival d th Turkisalarmy before the rasdlethe ingeli
Iophronia, daughter of lth governor of Abydir, was visit
ad by dream. Sime ithiight, dhat while walking out o u
beautiful evening, breathing the fragrant air, and garing ou
the brilliant ustarh ole fell imto a loailhsui ditch, in whirl
hSe retlained an hour, tirrilield, until unable to move. A
length, a handsome youth passed, and she iimplored Iim tI
resue her. She did not iniplore lim in vain; the younn
man ausierd h out, cleaned her clothes, lid comiforted
her with pleasant words. They then Iiroceeded to a de-
lightful bower, pat on costly atlirt, nod hlie youth regaled
them amond lady with delicious friits, aHId sang sennets on
hla prunal beaty. Sophronia awoke, sad and diap-
pinted, to fand that her late bliss was only a dream. In
aday or two afterwards tile Turkish ariy appeared, and
Vigneronsaieg commenced ; nevertheless, tile Christian
atoady defended the place, and would, ultimately, have
o0ligd thenemy to retire, had no intervention taken place
It hppnd, unfortuuiutely for the garrison, that a ,allia
Trkish captain, in tie prime ofyouth, rallell AInlurachnma
aipsachehd so near to the castle gates, as to be plainly
served bythe fair Siphronia, from a small turret window
*a of which she had viewed the bwiegers. TI lad:
itm d this captain to be the person to whom she was
obliged in her dream, and rejojicea at the suppose'
diovery; she hoped that the assailai J would be sucrrce
fil inl akin her father's castle that she miiht have an np
partuiy of falling into, the hands of the allani captain sht
a grely admired. The siege still raged with mnucli ury
hat w~ sntioually repliedl by the hranv Christians, inso
mach dt the Turkish general became disconcerted, an
t iheveaing ofth third day after the cumnencemnt o
A5h retired to his camp. asht a lraeue distant froe
tanoe faction. Sphronia,lheaniwhile was airtat
at te il nuess of the Turks, though se did not denpai
"mietI ca ptain a.ain.
SBle rme a B colllanme of her mid ho tmder
tw* itri ia the attempt was, to t i the cste t
SUemny' cam"np, in order to con etIler front he
4 lamrto AbdMrachman. The intrepid Anni comnen
all teak in the nitht ; she avoided passing the sentinel
td Mrdona of the atle, hut fi.nd her way to pomr
1a1 icarnmly known to say hut hermf. She arrived
AbMlraehman's toot; the captain was conversing with h



- - 1----1- I


friends about what the general intended to do on tim mor- point out their errors and remind thum of hair fIalu. The
rnow. Annis desired to speak with him in private, to which Stinrls of' Huglary iave had virts and iramnom em.oel t
lie couminlted. She then delivered the letter, which was telltlhc Em.peror Franci whatought him utmiWthi
bound with a lock of the fair writer's hair, and thie asto- evil ginius, Mottemrnm, in r a peWl
nihld Abdurachnman perused the following :- the ni.ral good qualitlis of ot also
Adored Youth, e\tiIIc:ui.l'd the Klus'ofShaMm n ay he
I am passionately in lovoeihyou, andam sorry that tin result, it is a noble sym. of lge
you have been frustrated in your eadeavours to take neroms aeitiment in one portion iioun,
the castle. As I adore you beyond measure, and shall that the General Asaemly of theamut
certainly take poison ifyouup nt succeed ; I engage to powerful in Hungary. have resolved pry
deliver Abydue with all its Ahch into your hand, provi- to his Majesty, to give to dte unhappy Poles, to whom
ded you follow my insunactions. I advise,tha in the mrn- trial and Hngary iere so miuck idedtd, a lla kb
ing by sunrise, you raise the iege and withlraw your sistiiace against lheuuaian Columus, and to a r
whole army from tIh castle, and return not again till you tile brave Dwernicki, who was then in Hungary d
hear from ae. My father will he so rejoice at your de- waiting that distinguished warrior a prisoner, Frida bI
parture, thut lie will be off his guard, and then I cau easily not merely ofended against the law of gratitule-we bave
conduct you with secrecy into the castk." shown that he most groaly violated the law of nation.
The delighted Turk very politely answered this remark- In that instance, thle other Governments of Europe made
able billet drur, assuring the fair writer that he was at her no remuostraice against the violation of the law ofnatiom:
service, and that lie would implicitly fellow her directions as but had any particle of that law been violated by a small
to tlu taking of Abydos. As ason as he had dismis.sid nation like Switzei'land or Belgium, we should soon hear
Annis, he flew with Sophronla's letter to the general, ahlo, ofprntocols and contingents to support them. But Prs-
upon reading it, expressed great astonishuient; lie deter- sia behaves still worse daun Austria towards the Poles, and
mined to raise tie siego the next mourning, and resolved to no notice is taken.-She dares to stop and seiz he the
rely fully on the beautiful traitres Ior the futtiru success of pertv even oflritishsubjectspasing thnrughwherterritory
his enterprise. The next day cam, and tie general raised tile Poles, and complaints are made in vain for redre.-
the siege uad dilpaurtid. The Christians were rejoiced to In II timean time Prussia alTords supplies of provisions andq
see it, ant in tile evening made merry and drunk wine. armns, and gives every assistance short of actual fighting on
The governor's daughter took advanitae of the lgrrison at their side to the enemies of the kPles. We ask, is ths to
this unguarded mnelusint; and fearing to trust uuiniu to thle b endured i It is endured, and, at this moment, Lord d
sincerity of her maid, resulted to proceed herself to Ab- PalunH'rton hesitates whetherhe will demand restitution of
durachlmai.'s rtet. Annis ledtllway. Tie nigit was se- property of a British subject, who was sending out some
rene, and the light of mit' moon showed thle stately castle of arms to the Poles, a which were seized by the PrumiaC Go-
Abydlis, dark and majestic. No noisi wit heard, save the vernment, or whether it nmus be passed over in dialoauur-
heavy and uniform sep l'the sentinels, whose bright arms, able silence O for a Chathamu now !
as they caughtthue moon's rays, sparkled against tile gloomy We received last night the Par Papers of Tue-day
looking building,. Littll did tle inmates, now as tran.iil ant Wedneialn vy. From seme notices in them it wousi ap.
,s llie iul, m Ir.ani of being surpriM.d by a eni ; i ar that dt litis-iait GUovernmetnt, broi-ght to cf'nvktion
little dtr,;it aIbis Inv,,rint was triaclr.ot s li hatl, nil, wto n ivrhalis b. t ii braun obstinacy ul the Poles, had at last
dlelcilr, in; amiti nt, Wit lt r.oliu,,rol y h mltl 1 i11 to n 1shio J n U dioisitilo tio mrept the Ia,) iation of Franc in
imiJir Ilt iurt Aii Hi rih in thie A atrr (,cpied by all
',Ipl.,i .,rit i.CiIId her lver's ll.m aat) aill l. l. II lo, s I tiher Plarisiani a.noinces the arrival a naris,
hlad %ilkl. with 1reat haste. S'li s ak into tI.' captain .nMo nd.y i) .sni!,, o a nte.snger from St. Peterburg.
artim, andl tiw., almost inaudible, inforn.e d him t..ha1t iIo a i, iilili r,'ply Io the Itussian Cabinet to the propshimn
milonmet wa. to he ,los, aid that he mu.t follow Ir iumme- of the Fnrnll governmentt, to terminate the sanginaary
diatlel to 1 hcstle. contest iistintg in Poland. ThCMa. er (une of hie d.i-
lie obeyed, and having formed a litter for tlh ladly, shel clntial isll Ponnd. Miihe tr r tne o tha d a-
was borne on the shoulders o 4 t us yout Turks. \\ ,li.n tflincl Irvgal ti relief tnch Mie 'gtv) states ithlatl eiy
hll. arrived at the postern gac. mSoplhrouin toltd lul, calainll in,,f u hal to ti. iteret-.. of ppolilire as well as h i ."
bat hi,, with his irn, must first enter the car,.tl, an.l thlie. TitI. i h,, is, ihoIerv.., questlioned by one of the oppo.i-
kill the sentinel and wardens, after which Is onI m e e', Im', | is, wn, oeitnmi by ne f the oppa i-h
kill th sentinels admittce tons allfter whics m hem T J. l 'ke tion Journal-., w hlih affects to treat it as an elciioniedag
estriblced ti e adlttan o beoe the ailir i a.. i, lus trick, and to th,,tt shifts to which the Ministry, in their
strictly obeyed the lady, who before the allHH IHrP loI. -IIl-c
w pirt. .nt s,;tion of distre-s and slarnm, are compelled to have
tened witll Annis to her apartment in order to a.ait llta i h, , y p n Tuesday,
issue of Ihr plot. 'The Turks entered the cast.l b% h u- i,,,c| 1'III tI,. I.,r is w.s aiartei, by nrpn-s on Tuedalay
dreds, killing all they nmt, and were mas f th' I tO Isme' ,.' icnmsf lprei iig td y a ses. 'e ine ar
place. Meanwhile, Suplthrnin and Annis, I.lth dreadfully 4I 'tll5 tt I)ae ii'.'t uthilyv prmslhi,.s Ity a sentence in a
gilatedl, heard from their cliner l dyinlg groins of' sp f Lir r) in the IHouse f Lbrds, in which
agitate ed,Chri d from iutnr cimnbr il dying ulgoawiis o li e said, that much as he deprecated war upon the Cu-
Sditinruithed. as ifs number of he lsoni we,', enaofs l iws ilenll., Il'. cruldl not answer for a long continuance of
Sdicstingushed, as if a numl -r of plrdons ere enni. it ace." Tie' King was expected to return on Wednes-
Scombal; msmelimes tele loud lanmentatons of wunun inter- lay, and ti m cle, tions swre. to comannce on the 5bt. The
vened; and somnthillns the voice. of lth. cnilll.ors waere. (lisis nll decided to tIRe no par in them. The Ga-
Salone heard in exultation. At l'nemh tlie deHr of iophro- rettr de Fersa insinualtes lmt serious difference exist,
Snia's room burst open, snd Abdurachman rushedl ind osize and which may end in an open quarrel between te French
Slher, whila Annis, nurls dead with terror, calitly submitted ad Ehgiclh Ulovernments with respect to the French cap
* to the grasp of a coununo soldier who accoIpanii iedi tihe ,,f .rtrs.ll( minercmhant ships. From the news frnsi
I captain. lii tatr,' of war cntiainiul in ltise papr'r, it appears
t TIe dreadfil we s acted and over; di, Trks we I tilt te nl lish army is going attack te Rmains
? possessors of the famed castle If Abydyos, si;t Si1phroni's i tii sile oI' Pulisk. Authentic arccun. had been r'-
r father, t' governor, was hanged. Alas!. cl, I S hr- ceiveil lthl (enral Clilporwki had oliained brUilliant sr-
Snin The fa.ithlesAAbilurachlnm, wliom nlne snuipu,|u'd toI hae cases tsir tie umsian. asud that hw was prereding to Li
seen in a dream, regirdllld tilr not; even lots were cast for tmiti it hi rp, hich w u dail. it.crthg.
I hr, and she nIil to thi shnre of one whom she did not I_____
know. The beautiful Sopllronia tuok iHison and expired. From the Ijerpowl ChAreik.
From the lMoring IHrald, of July 1. 'rTi arrival of Don Pedrol in Europe, appers to hem
S Thesvmpathvyhichthelslunrerianstaelihliavervilncedfoi produced Il tIl' nnihle n.ieiel a more lively senasn i
Sthe causeof Poland is inmprtalnl aall h) iract con- Irr tha att oc r,' iul in his lal e history. ''he eL-
e need with tihe Polssh owar of indepenld' .e, lbut is still mitr rris ,i in L in Sunday ..s mg, and bad
as s mcii . 'an aii('i,'n'. olf hnull' am ih,,ir ]a !im hi Majesty, at St. JauBe'
moree important as a political manifetatlloiIn to a spi iti, l I nl,. He i rcescd by our Rmt
t as the loly Alliance" drvas, within tme doiniionis of01 l inci, mi deslal r our by hr
n Austria hers-ilf. lThe llnearians asr dlrmslss a brave a mre prit, indlvid nl, nd is re'ognisd only by hi
People; if they were nol, they would lonL since hamv been p'rlat title of iuke of Brangana. It a underitood
Deprived of their natioinallawand cu' ouis, whitc I ilyv atd- tht I h intenls ti fiit I1nsrirn'il residence in Ihis cou-
y here to with patriotic veneration. rThir linmly recoilecr- T.'r, a d t he has nt Irenoinced all retenions to the futma
I, ion of the service which the lrave Poles rendered thini itn ur,,iro. it his own petn,, reiser Pnrtougal r Bnail.
aid other tnatitus if' Europe, hy arresting tils victurinui a It- is state, however, thmt he in teerrartlind to make every
rfet of the then trion ly warlike and f midlh. vicordes tl.,.i ,,rt toi set his daughter, Dens Maris on the thros dr
- rr of the hn trv wrlike and tomillul. How far e may be counienancd ormid i
Ottoman empire, prove's that they are alIt a grateful pcI-' l founen d or M
pie. They are also anxiol, to save their Soveritin, ti., hli. at by the oth l t power of Euripe re'asis to lo
representative of the ancient and illustriias house iof i,- .i- n. I i.1 ha ab out 7,tbW0) year. which he has broIuht
- irgh, from the reproach of signal incratitude towards witlhm. e has lft hind him a lrge property I
d nation which snuet, under the walls of Vienna, the insulh- fund at Ri,, wih 2000 slaves.
if ing and merciless barbarians, who came froin tI,' *shorei of, The ncecrmnts from France are any thing but cilun Ir.
n the Bosphorous to bury the throne of that family beneath The capital appears to be sill in a wvry tmaentd aSt,
I the ruins of its capital. The Ilunearians ss, with grie and the approaching return of d rioi m days" of
r and shame, that their Sovereirn seems i forget that such a July (lle 27 and 29h) are looked forward t by
warrior as John Sobieski ever existed: and that the hnmp the king ars with much more of alarm than
-of Hapsburgh would have ceased to exist, or have gone in- of joyful The conduct of the gofvramm i
o to captivity worse than that of Babylon, if there had not watched a t of ecitoed Jeeismy., nd
r been much soldiers as the Poles to rush to its deliverance, their nmot lre ae 'a ine mutt sa
When a monarch neglerus thot high virtue which the very raret rtm or ar factmdaly I Aim td
s ought peculiarly to grace and ornament thoae a h are iln motives adverse to cateofliberty. In die mn tie,
n vested with the highest honours and most exahed attributes the ministry are endeavouring to connce their wel-fo d-
it of civil government, it is we when there is any powerflI ed apprehensions, by the mort splendid ad hn posing -
is class of their subjects that have the honesty and courage to parations for lebratinmr with dma pomp, and with dI e


-rw-,, )Mot-I k- lWl I miri poi rsingr ,,Npa -%m- o ,- -a"' v ,-- itari,;. t i l&e ib popeliepioc nu M y,;M.wituc
we a z0m- wr m an rlow, ssmT he lliz y to tbink bliac t3 W PIII tmln;'m Ista & pusIs =
r I *.*Iok Ilvaity t condutl upon die part of d Ss IAN lhadl a di.
s ,4, .gacofhiuility, .larine du p.-ar of h ob ire rrace ilwuld lake pror, '. rlr ,' the rlldnc to nnd uude; ti nelte t Interl ofthe ol iong,
Spl _rli I o" a r' i ,*Parl, not L ollecive erin par c of du ro k c i u. Our riull of Ilc* tih Ca -
ki Thoe wile they add to e splenour p mc-, alion i. ftundi upon a lu er older Ulu 1-at of iWe aclhave ccaiu, phasoa l "1... 0"
l fr i vhies, will, a tes. mm timen, ard a t!ii Blhansw; weak sti.t btthe l d, l and soro 1ha base aIgin.
de elmlaof yte am y b n, asd ma y, by dile the heart,'one who cold een bar to anticipate the o the Elior of the Argu.
a im a p. a ealenlny M (r thos ecm.s and ruvv- is of a privilege th.a ao Brithh subject can be rubbltd of. S Sir,
Iany lapu lhi Mld ilwrwi udoub ly i Timetr lber of il ae lt of A ly ave ae Iloa o AI The opening ofa letitr brz at your office win!ow,
imi by wee like ll rit a' ofaund @~ i declare ing t ty prersunel to be a revocaion of ~ ,,l ast edict. renirino
---- .like m., I' s;ril aain.' olmd en, i ddlaring llt t ry our aimyiCIs CFrre(s nlllts to I f'iurnih .0U ill thiir
o - 0i0 nou tirel business with Sir Jainme C. Smyth; 'jwf seodii K a," l(mlLre rI s yleljc le .I.
S.,ir ruan.iolurt s ought Nantd will support latto in their to ask, ifr e two portlicalefus:inias of nir last W.edlio slanh
.... _---- d.etermnoali paper, were enhbl)ted as lpitlem of Dative talent'1
W N I fAUr U lT 17. 1 o1. HIted aid un!vemrfly emcratd as hii Excellency is, W. re tcV Ilald b or ke oed k pryn, o"r
-- hy will Ie eain eic moa ut Dmi 1 overly compel himal 1 hr r a o b de l, i etorir dreal"
o,, A0 1he ddsarm Pid to be sliai, isithaielrd deult,-
t acihouswr Primruas from Kinlato, JianianC, pa- ran the aints ind no belwr sa nation for i so igood a man 1 aiind Ia a rhiyre,as well a ta lreiM for rat" ?-and
Spm' i ac have bees rr cel ohed tho t ih hltimu. and still iwe, becanie Ihe must live, die all slaes l; and besid friend anid" fur ellf" id," &c. and if A.x Ai" lha
f(r llo a frw of lhi'h we are i:nebl.dl lu one our bodies if hl I uL carehlmly do nod to us 1 Out upon it! bse1 n,,ant as a faceiuous tosidmen of" AN A,-isTAn?
a s friendL. They contain iI. Eiglilh new. as slate doU )our duty as p'led d PIeople support men the please to la fur which of tle e ionouroL'. eot.
as di received by tin Euplwian, lud tery little co- your leoi.laitors! asind e progas t iicate that al will yet Let ne frankly admit, that I send you tllme ftiw lines,
lihmial mauttr of inlce t. We have male a few extract be wll. as a n experiumenl ; to certain for my uwu salisarciin,
fhnm thenm bet or attention has been nnore rticull iand give you al opportunity of shesilft, the reliance to be
rdevort to el conside-raio oon a ujof e l or re pr inurl- TI' Jamalc, Clr.,nile, of the Thh ultino, rnearks, af- placed on your professions of candour and impartiality.
a nce to our eouaderl Fr wht pursertof estar inour. teraiprakinguoftir J.C. SMiIvth'sphilippicagainsta member Your obehdt. srvt.
tlhe di cemal.herue o t Blm p vrp me ts L Iva o I f four lair Assembly, that The act of cruelty which Sir Q t1.
Is al of the Bahama (Goversonment lia been NJm, 1e1 Aus S1.
maietasie, wt are at a lae to my, bin as it a beea c dosr, Ja i rcispreantsd to l he house., is cetinllly inexacusabil in Nassau, 12tlhAugust. 131.
*atere alled eupon to srnimea uipo it. a leg l ator, ad one wiirnstead of lbrkin the,,Jiaw, en- Our Poetry is native-produced by natives who have
t Iea ev.r lae A comince of men pledge s t acted by his own assistance, should be the foremost in rather a humble opinion of their poetic gifts, bt ah
SI ct rver b o te rovinc dof ,en ple l to support cmplying aith their provisions, and enactments." pos ,ss, at least, equal merit with a certain author, who
tel shipwreck of the ar ofati o, ( tioe .-st' t dte r on f We perfectly coincide witbMr. Luan in Ihis sentiments, now and then circulates among his friend, and their'
jsst a re Inpi, l hat thr ind&e m timi. ll hC so far as regards the icupropriaty of one o osituatd infring- friends, ad infiniturm, smell plagiarisnis, in die bhape of
alarnoid at tise ihracsed hthnger ; and fstilh and puerile icg, not the subsmat e ofthe lawalone, but even theshadow raledirtory addressa"--a species of invocation of the
aslit tirgamic mav e, thy place their wi d hope of It. Te Attorney General was called upon by the late muse for which he possesses a peculiar taste, either pronair,
SforI n sey ot ir btully coerieel rals aaint Iloume of As bly to know it any process had tw issued leic, or lachrymose, and in which, he even sometime
the public oal, in the feas and camuelesly cited feelings against de uemsuin question: none had been then enter- exem-plifies the trial juet in ma. His TAL..sTs however,
of ctho as Io smay not Iousess sufficient acrmen to discrrn ed into, neider has any ben since instituted, nor wasthere are of that bright order, that are best inspired by disao
heir mphistries, or moral couraer enonch to willelintl ai. smslll-et violation of any enactment, dnemmitted.-Our pointmcnt, in attempting to adapt die NaITe TALSNT."
t ir threatenedl enrroacole.nn. Of sicht a nature is Ill,, .lttlorl::' (t-nral han ever been notorious for the most of gold and silver to his use. low many n lf-satisfi'd asis
repoIrt, nows benres, a tmtte.r of slpe'cuslntion a ua 11 iurl* land do !ltermiined discharge of his duly, and we he- since cte days of the Dunciad" Isave borrowed, purrot
relati, nlo cte disrmatulmerntl of le BhlaiO u.lUornu ent. u ila, niot to idecari-, diut (from our personal knowledge of like, lhe larrasm olf" pose rt mad," for dte purpose ofup.
EImasnue from wlnlaner or sourre it may, it aIbn- him) lie would long cre ihis have taken efectual steps for plying it to works hich, altho' mediestr, (as they mnsy
danldy ris i, eow the fraling of anime of the re'rcml puni*hing that mne*elr, if he would legally have done so.- be,) are beyuoll their powers to surpass
menlewrs of aor usmll commonwealth,, wlo, sild t the I lis Erelkneny was aware of the falsiy of his accusation Ilow many mean of ephemeral talents, require over a
i eneeny, sm.k to inltimidate us with thrells, which hrae wIn ht- mde it! uomnmmunity the rielgt of dictation, without any other rlailm
their *sl.u eisi in de bn'lefu waidse and projects of their r. .unlan, we trust will not sai, Sir J. C. Smyth has to considerulion, than notice impudence. Wit anti poiCey
dr eln eid avad ricinmu shemus of either future uuppors "id it wa" ille'al, and SlirJa ns is an honourable man.- are chlaracterislics to be bhunted of by all Ilibernia's son,
or agrnnilia' Hi1 :i .-sHllrnyvi mair'ti ll ae notionsolfiknour and of in a gretl or or lisr degree : we hai e t olrvned that liho'n
We olo not requlire to be told that where the means of humanity, Isut Sir J. C. 8ti a no lawyer, eal would, if i l'"ln om ll.' ar. least spontaunous, piess- an adeqlpte
premature, or til s eak technically, dtt wlos the neural permitted, place him"f abowe aU law-4he military code : r'"ortion oflhle Irmernaimed quality--atireimpwderne;
pe i r ofl' eulsion ai nt al.prior to th action of pre always excepted, a' d ti ely io far h irtictdates t.he ilich abundantly qualifies d.em for oadllenlurers w, i
C thea the minor mus succumb to the major : it ils tlie *'trine of passive obdieslra to his authority. Janaica is ciplv propensitiHs, that do not stamp them aitl the i cl-
of nature. The bnrae man, a hih siDews yield to the fIor'nn"e in having a Jrlr Brt'L !!! reater of rln*raTv nHNr. We only sy of our ntirr ta-
suporl.r bruir fierce, ill smile ia his hnrt, and taunt hii Is it fair in our con~eumpary to criminate an innocent /'at'," thai they are reudy to he used to quiz Qu.,7, A lhen-
uppreu with'his arongl. Tli people of Turkl laids ma upon the bare napn statement of ome parial car. ever he may have the termerily to provoke thern.
have for mani years pau spoke with warmth, perhaps with respondents, or upon sorms ttwm report, whose nrer leaving said so much for our Corrspondent%, we liave
nit asperitny. of ihe propriety of their tilling to support heratlions y be as mnllitadinous, and u false, as rhatof now, Mr. Qnas, to thank you in our own behalf, for the
tlr' BRlAsitan (oi,,rniant byv if es ih duilies; stainie as na tihe echo. 1\\ er his .xcellency a Governor fJar. ics, heh imputation of falsehood, or duplichy,t ith lehirh, in your
r amon tHt Nl.-rnilnla u iheir rnali'e plIace, as ell as lir wIIild nto1t lave crecisdl the swa hue hU dsone.-Fruiltful peat lack of wisdom, you s barefacedly seeko tlay upon
pla f rmlaeremerior t deli nplo ry of thdir fielsl. Ther '" Is own reourcer, and pmuseing at all tom. r, a frr eand us. A let box ha been plael in or window, and we
opea we Al uer all nnrivesi risi o thf inhre nt loer impartioi prtes, or press, his conduct wr is in iits irl.iei have supprlaed some ronmunications directed Rauiinst
Offie ieta rcumpatr, will prevent 1 fim n animndvrrin ot.s hact Ikt rn so ally rilicwise, that i. a n! noI lit Biav you, Mr. QioUo, which had not the offensive appendage of
Opon a topi- a hich is too fruiiful .f,,iotl r aru o laens to r, sarnd pirsu a coure attended s ith so much ,din.. Sir ian attack po,|in iri.lvs.
drit ilt cuuinI up iu se to wuouslei Ierla, li.s of the sini- Jana si.-11 ha relaft'r he well %at(rhd, sanl e nInoIl tok, TLhey trt. e iure 0ill) by half than any of Iour har-
t. We belise v re meur brne out b the .urenitry of man 'h be htrty) oI' ranvssaingalliii a in iour insi way-laking road vi ttcis, as dioplaled in iour letter-They had
soioles, in as*rtinlg lht the Turks Islands were lr many "re toe t on noucht in malitr, bilto ito *:" a ci' h nir not the 'c'lr." I.t were nall brlnin!ted to cive youl ti
years n a irWn.lT2 of ilt' Be'rmdei gaov rncpirit ; we re i ,re bIst L .tiitis the rlghtsl f i hf ie canlninia,,!, an.l I ppire-. tie dlolrriur. A r o v, l .:ro o a i1r Irocla on (s Gr.PnAL
equally aire s iu thllath al:.lti,., or transfer, tlir pr, -.1 -tl Bahtaminns,-n- ith ridicule wherein we think him con- remarks, so arn yo-u against eimi!ar mode of seeking
siusios in pues ofgalloereusuia,I nu a srn d from ia.ii suin te'eptible, and acrimony where we consider his conduct t Leim. An eenitli, and you shall receive tle treatlnent
wi'sr% rep emed by priticia to ou rlate Novereign (acrg. ty rannical. 'every Fontlenmae has a riaim to ;-assune the garb of an
a *lk. of rprsccll e*narmy. Thly may vanilla Ioron t, JIir Ce ran ofJul, 27 anonymus blackaard, and we plWece ourlwve to pive
sa d;a, of -nlac as t a'ay Tly may vusebiliac. I'cro the Je iare Celitreat ofiJly 27. you a Roseland for your Oliver. Our nasives are correo-
lmong aldin'iise at they pkawse:.Minister have tIo much ". We can now state, on god afnhnorihy, .ast in roneco
ti .lSd to. fu mon aernso. u noeals, dthn dlr fiearts and quence of the distlrllancel ih ireh Ink p'', er in A nticua pond cents hio scor the Pri'vilhge tef using our letter box
py" jepalums of a boil) f men ilt se wlo highly tihal IIn Go(;nrnors of tih Lerr.n'r l.ol.r have hon'd for sa c ecy, they are avosedly known to u, and do not
Mw ald rwveau seouid eot h d adequise to atlird hithe irinfll t fiotI the eaniple f Si JS ',- Lson, an. to. i i prowl round our establisl.nirnt in the twilight i ilh their
aim rte f one dlhrir aidfet' mignirlan order. Iarb, or i,." As regnds, the meaning of the Acrostic you se AnT
Graug that uon ie aore of jutnic they gavadue at- Will hi F\c.-Tency Sir James r. Srnyml f. lw thbs e- ceitii we refer you, tirui,--soJohnsonsa' Dicliononr, far
i lasi tahais its. e oaminie ry answer to be given aml' I will Ie now hypocriticall tcll e Slames to be tl. r ning of the word ; I en to the Acrostic itself, Ar
Maims he t hu pl dtosu y.ese n iattbry awMsn to he iven i obedient and dutifud l Ouranswer ., hat he lares not. Has a solution of your question, to which of the As-a-
Ie ald.. a ty --y lMa e l or m nl transit lirrc.d he non lwrvs pursued a erv different I:ne r errinduct have rAtr JrDGcs" it i directed.
a N w in yew Ir nt b stow oflovernua, ntr would Ihse" not Icenk numerous inrtnne vs h,-rr Sin% cs h~ave bee'n "Bullv nf l)unlls IN not Ion hol,
*iake thoaeho war already burnned o ith g he cwro of t not best nunmroosinpcnnes ihece $iss alas bcn Bully of llrtm., lie not co hold,
imake dBins wo iliu already bulnd lalowh the care of i l-r, con irltd, and ll ntenced Io pullhTien', (not one For Ic opoeLI ihy masntlr i ie inIht and sold."
dilerent about atltding oi trimi lha i of h a fre Bl.- ti tiith part of ellht the pootr Soldiers of the' 2.1 W. 1. Do you onw, M.r. Qunt. question our impartiality ? or
Sdirenham e ll- a iAa o rengrd ih frfit of aour olowial i te r.'cevedPl so'- the sanction f the (Guverar.) accord- will tou so y to yte r V li' ndis, tat e oerht to have painted
i' am l-. WIy e fase ; dihe we ay be gninae .d by ia' ito tie lawis of the ('olony. for open rebellion aoinst ir ALER ur Amsn wu oU hhom eomnmnt. We tire vo in tlli
das i* C Ayl d iti Lo nt ; ma, thMt fr dis- I hir aeste bs, aind hi. Exe'llency has "ranted them ii pa nnmr, another Aerolti-another sperinlen of natisv
lusaswea fm itLpra tiug Ind alon I How can ie 1theI pr'ola'im obtildicnce I It would be talent"-for the exercise of your tlreadlbare wit.
a t im e9 0 t1 ar e kf i te w ouijl d a lc aouni, f uor he 'U Slav y's 1 l ac l esi s w would d en s e Ili chda. r.o i vent ih y foo l tl spote,
a leoatcrlc i r Me l o e ,sf l r di ratbe r ia mitatle coi ew", 'and l would be held in as lb o d cannot bite."
e iid fr T in. i o aheid e esteesamn bly Mar c, n h t while. We in.prt thle fnloe- ,i olr to manounce ih death of Capt
a tem n d ban~ s i bw s bjt a in re's,,ltion of ethe ItW Houn o siof A, nil ly, agreed to a Jcn Lowr, stor of the. ,np DliMtnce. He took
wlh and uri a n y sa+orling to de e b auce, oJ'our day or tnu prior nw it didslution, to suppo.'t liat webavc Patage at Kipngton in tlr Prirose fr ltis place, in con-
wh&b)is lad wrcyr, sd sctrnllg to cit ensscca otow' now stated ~ sesscfece of id hisuald a en d on FrMay las. Aitleough
isw Itmejoso uncrarmilves mads, aim- pmhry things, called nuw ted:- sequcooillhIakh,and diedo fridaylent. Although
e, 6ijo a temsla s crasu she paltryI h in n caed it i'; c h nhat it s r o mi, of t lo het th, set lmrenaly known a ust, we unolderrnd he was highly
P tUM- isig'ilcaa create b.enelli the dignity of hi M-.L:rrp'prr,,p w n Govenon- hi.s..edellmilv,-adev,omrd, rraml:,!.


_- A- __

itat.- ___A -

S -- --

sp,~R~P"~r --~.

1' the Editor *.f th Argei.
I was in hopes dlt de ciur lace of Mr. M'Queen
veIng lst li' aippout ur*f uf the cormuunit) of thi
i, i'ar ufelr Ihly. ifntirfd hinmielf sid
ei enemies of the colony, *a rI e made him mour
nami inr conducting his pruais that Ie would
wel the eloct likely to b'e pruod upon the public miaid
by puhlishiiag sa article, hulorL admitted it into the ro-
lumun of hi., paper; but a article headed Turks Is-
Lsndw" which appeared in last Saturday's sGaetlt, ha
eaavinced ua, that prudenee i not always the compapioi
fluge, sad that your counmporary, tmlug by that luue, had
g determined in a finsillanimouuu luannvr to bsrk the des-
Siaglen oa i'hese once flourishing Ilalands, and to revenge
ll--m'U-for tle uppuoition of a lw, would sacri-
the whole. Let him lunwnro tihat his inalice has not
blihudue him, and tlat tihe wound he wishlis to inflict upon
adfhrb will not lu omist sevelyv lielt Imv hsellt.
if it i improper to stat te th truth ut thn, s, how mucl
mnt ins halailnhod, and luitrcpraeseotation, to be relpribaied,
when uledl flir base purp. i's. undl by linti, Iwho Iha Itel!
for vears living uIpin tlhe slppoirt o' tlholrse he woald nol
ijljure ( 'I ialy of thl' tIOIU infia at'dt of those' wlH,
from long frieidiiship, still rcount'llenance hini ;---can tllh)
mow', I reiNart. lfr oiie IIaIc('III doubt, lthst lie it an en'nemy

which bad arrived Irom Tobago, Unit murc daw had
been sullfred from txh hurricane, by de ashipping, in' th
Latter island. We have not ben able to obtain d particul
a -The following extract frnm a letter wilh which we have
I been obliged, w ill furais oume idea ol the Injury ou in-
ed at Grenada :--
a A dreadli gale was experienced hbre on ThAday
,at, and which was one of the moet even we have ever
experienced, as is learned from the oldut inhabitant, alace
the great hurricane of 170t. It commenced blowing frona
the N. E. at about 10 A. M. and increased aa the day pro-
Sceeded, clhlibiting in olemn anticipation bhat was to be
tIe r.nulh. All tLe vessels in Lie harbour s ere sen usiin
prepuariary ne lasur's to combat or avert its approaching
fIry ; but, ulas I about half-paut twelve tlhe wiud veered to
the Southwardl, and continued to bli.w ith ilmpetuouas vio-
lence until live P. M. when it gradually absled. Tih'
First dawn of the ensuing morning exhibited to the eye of
the beholders a most distressing scene of destruction. An
Sfar as lthelye can reach in town, are seen apwparances of
,the awful visitation. Several mall houses are completely
Sblown down ; lad fragments of demulihied fences, tiles,
uld tree, blown frouuvery quarter, are seCn strewn in
, inanity of time sIetlL. Bu it was not on shore that the sormn
pririipall. exeritedl tile utmost o'fits fury. Several of their
'i sa'l, in tLe careenage were driven front their anchorage.

At the Raesience of Capr anWd fUValla

Fwi n aIr
(WMWaSW u)
2 handsome Cane bottom am with tnlJ ll
12 do, do. do. Chairs Covets t 'to
Round ad Sofa Tables
Sideboard, Liquor Ca'e
Bedistead, Set Drawern
Wash-hlad Stand, Clock
An Aassarment Gassware
A quantity of SADDLERY.
Epaullete, Swords Bl, ells, asies with sndry othlr

V29t f-al m a1rgi,

.--~- I ___~ __

ol'thle 'ol r \? ii % ill Itli couirinie it. ir support to li'e hipl St. Vincent, Laps. TIhompuson,un frtuniateil got ALSO--
him I I hli. ajI-It i liiin.. Io 'luo lhisi Editor that i u agrounda, but, by discharging a part af her cargo, bile Ius A variety of other articles
are not whloll vid ol' raon. tow' olffr ,sterna rveninr. The sloop St. Cy r, belonging Term-CAIsu on delivery.
It is .Lrrtld triat :1it ll.t us ol'a.\sinaly tlnilended a sir- It Mesrs. John lliIvI (sid Co. coming frin wuindward, At two month's Credit,
render, of uur CItlnIial 'haliirtr, by tIllinie lie Goviernor mu tl with the loss of l'hr bowsIprit and top inast, and saverul Tkruoe excellent IIOISEIS
they wouldIl d noo iior bIauIirt L itih. liiu,. I lanyi it-T'la 'ails. Tt accounts flro ti ale country, si fr Ius are yet Al asi Mut.A Credit,
C6ivernllr is tile userinll oaf tlit Kim,, and i,,s as !libl. to hI lItaraned, art truly deplorable; Ith caar.-r nid proi isnh A youne Negro Man a good Slhip-CIrpenler, Coa
punisiheIl, for lahuing tlie trust ri-jiuoed in lhi, ass the :grountits ;ire. riT-sl,\ injured, unil Ili l. dwelling, mogass, and Ilouse Servant.
nacane'st uhlect is lifr llll t. anid iw'ero house-, and works, on almost of tlie Prlates, art Augrust 17th.
The Giiverior is bound to wield the sword comtnmintld either lilimo di n or rendered unteluantable.-On li he
to hil clarce. with jus.ati anil mercy, and in stllct obser- whol, dreadful is the devastation occasioned ly tie unusual BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
vance ol' tIhe Litaw. Let mne ask- .las this been dime I ocrcurrirncer ; ad it is feared when tit extent of the loss
Il.ave tlhewa Ilands not been rul-d contrary to tiM true crnm ito he known, it will be immense. On Monday, the a l Argwst mot.
nir aiin aiInd split ofithe British Constilution 1 Have out Ar the moment we write, tradesmen are engaged in AT TUE TENDCn Ho'nl:,
our laws been set aside; our nisiaru'cy abused ; our tilin the several hoses which have mered ; and so scarce At]0' O'elok. W.
Legislature inlilled; and our priviliges as E.ilihmasen in- anre tiles, and such the demand for themt, that they are at Will be sold, (without reserve,) the following valuable
vaded I Let the Editor of the Royal (Gazrtt conscien- the rate of from six to eight and ten Joes per thousand." Property, aituate on St. Salvdlur, via:
tiouslv answer these questions, and it wall-it mustt-be in -A tract call MOUNTr NEI.uN, near the Hnsk'I Nest.
the affirmative. r.tract of a letter from Bordenaul, dated June 22- Th're adjnoiing Tr'act, nnmed-
T'i lu ubers of Assembl.v are t relresentarive r of The American schooner Atlanirl, .aluil frail MaInilla Lrciv MorrN, MIMirT %\'Ea, said SM LIt. Hllorr'.
i h pwolhl; dit-v are tiht proecriirs uof our rirllls i nd t'" li"rliea" ian oblig iad to lncirh at one of the Soutlll Sea mAd T'h'rrr 4jhl'TrtL--
privilryg 'I'hrl a~ etalaly i.s s mu.tchl a tart ItI ll.a11l. 'tll i i nl, i lalaa b. liy Altl rooplir)n. ( 0ti n "t '' h on One late the iprope.l.rly f ; i, Lki a-n ly
(iovrrnmliert, as 1ie l hise Oa1 ('n'inaIIis i n o lf he raarlt i il " CrtOt h. neath their sh i ilde r," it ap ari iun al t, anI of SAIl.ots' ITr rHEIT, anlI ouni caiIIIonly (alleCl
goverainint ; with sinmilar poitrs rl check any inv;asion of %impl'. rInnibI4.) 'Trl crt.w Iad to en(.couiTer I dA.pernill D.sN' P..NTATION.
uie righln of the subil)ect hb til .Suverein-.'-Th ltn rhe re- attack from the natives, in u Ilich lthirtl n of tllir nulllnmbr LIKE H'IISE-
ftiaUllr the Vsa'ullv to lito ulineil wilh the Gaoverntr, were killed. The rest sucrritltde in reaching lihe vessml A valuable Tract situate on Watling's Island, called
anil thai aIp;wa.l to Ili. M alesty were siricily constitutional. with two prisoner. Dnring the passage, it wan wirh dif- Mlo'rT Paoner-r.
Are we to hbe told, thati a peiti.tin from the people to 6""rly that the people on board could preserve tlhseni ves A fall desriptilo of the above Lands will be given at
their Kini,. a2aiat ilia arbilrarv coilluct of his servant, i from the fury of those stages. As we of the prs the time of ale.
a nrvohliuonariuv measure" 1 \VWhal n doctrine to set Ibrh ("say the Op~iio n of Bonrdla)mss ae every thing with 7Ternm--Thnre months credit, on giving scurky.
in a Brltish Colonv I in cionlident that his Maueslty "r own eyes. one of our ce lm"e6 earm r paid a visit to thie July 2a-I&1R.1I
hias not intior ]al an.d ailVoll m liotesubiects than the UBhb- *Irangers. While he w enamiling thedm with itention, BY HENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
iiums. a.l aelvinlu up. ion loilIety's inherent lore of us- one ofthem threw himself npon him, with unequlivocal in-
lice, and con-iant ailtatliion 11 lite Wrlll' of a -ople, tIaitioins of a. desire nl dier.r him O: and our friend's itu. On Monday, the tholr r eitr
tlhev nisy r,.t nuitlra.ed llrhir complaints will nol pras tion was berominpt munil critical, vw n an honItl ra.lsm- os .oudaA the It Iqrtu r n elt,
unnolimled, an-I that arbitraryv criiIlnct will not I*' loleraterd hourn. nilffr inter'l led berteen Ihe Journalit anil the AT T1 .2 iar U ,
aven in so. faithful a srre;lat ;L, Sir Jaiones Cariuicla.el tnthrolopa)liage.., but at thi sacrifice of his dgc to v al. Will te soL, wit t
Sm)rli. r a. l i mu ,.1 ,i''. t i,, hre"kf lrited o the poor aninnl."' Till he ~Ld, without ern e,
I till. T' o. a% s,.,l jr lie 'ra', ih of th..' nie% .; rri,- IT'ai la't'ntl; IelUc e arnd Lot in Bs Stat
i'd gmliai. *t rla,' carnar ta (riier Street, ar patse orcupAid lay
Mr. Fi.ior, d g.,t.lel n." -- Mr.. Eliabedlr Watson. A Plat of Premises will
Yaair ,d-a.n,]t atarvtnl, .ts .qte ja'j r pR,'U ,lT iS left at thIc Silbscribers' Store fur inspection.
a 16th Aurrit, ]aga].j a KiBrAa t .ds .E.pla Tors-Sir lnonihs credit from tlie da) of male,th pill-
u. ..h ..A...ln ....l. r chaser Z in approved Se.curit.
Fro the Jamaia Royal O t. (7t Every prm about to ker then Islands, afier chaser r6n 13ed S1.
rmeing resided thereinfor the space fjrulnrtn r nA m
Bualn-ro-TO Darbadoes, July, 7 91. ria rer.arity atthe S reary's OJ.,orpl opAhsme. ICHRIST CHUI CH PA UIl I
Capt Cooper, of time mail-boat schonur IF'ri, at, who l
arrived yesvrdv., has fsvoilnrd Um widh a sih ol li slio- 'old Of ref rnrrrrar nTpreim tle Adeertpartr--- rf-
book, fro.. which we ha se extrated lit itlls inat accun, ter which, I at y tue during ro.-rsg oDA a T Hiket VING fied the assize or..l.f a t the Iate offl
ar huIrricane which IKe experi'rn c' di belw.en the islands may be obetaud. per barrel of uperfine Flour, Ordered, thlt hll
of Triuida.1 and Grenada :- NAMES OF PERSONhS ,hilinag Loa o do weigh ~ i. Flr., and thle sipenny Lu
Thurllay I.,1 (JIne. l1-II) IIt unldr weigh (from ABoUT To orTAIn TKarTs roa DnraTrm. Ilb. 4 Piort of Spain, Trinidadl) fnr (.rnadln ; at midnight gslt 15th June . Flisabeth Bary DAVID SPENC., Vestry Clerk.
Out of the (rnnd Boras, wirnl N.E.. E.and heavy thunder - -li iiam ir v Roo, 2d, 11.
and lihlnine, wieat'h threarl.ninr foira lhirriacne. At 10 .M.i . ink Lewis nv" Ro 2 Aug Lt, l.1.
A. M. winl hackLed I, the S. S. \Vt anl c,,reenc.rd blow. It"h Eanr Carrill I tI E ;BS('HIBER, being desires so e le @
'ttvery heavily. At li A. Nl. mimmener. a; se-ry heavy "th ( -'olin I ward mands auins him, earnestly requests all Prses in-
al.', which nliiurld oa to r],ave, t llnker har, i it be- th **' .- Manuel Aron o him o make imeditpa meat, to enab he
hat impmoihle for :cnvas to iauiil. .At ierhiiap hlwine win iu .. J-n.-. -Ilak Ito tlliacl te same, and to prevent aplemti.mui'se.
trllm.inno.isly I.avy, wind S... W. W. v l ul labiirinr very 2th - Andrew Silpon I JOHN F. COOKE
hr".vy-Fr;ulv 2ill, (tiaticar timnel c.ale ft 17ih Augt l W rm. II. .nt, I N iasa, :ta .'h A.ugust 1 I1.
part of tIhe's t1w.nly-f.ur lih.urs; still under bare pao ------- I-- I ANT 'iT IC K.
with very heavy sa. .~1 Ifu0r P. M. vale soamethine I IERSONS still remaining indebted to the estate ofthe
"'R itelerale,wet the balance reffloremil. At three A. M. lan Drll l Lo BI.IAs, decea. retired to make
arlW hsalance mainsail itnil ib. At half pst three A. M. immediate payment, ra the uiblhsrihar is instrue dto clas
"w Grenada hearing N.. haout ten mile'; middle and h -=--- at retawithriL nn dlh. All rrinmis unhiqidtld mondi
laur part mere moderate. At eight A. M. anchored in PORT OF NAR*AI', P. Is of nStre'mhr .neat, will e pant in uit.
I haraer naig of Gre.inadl nd landdl the maiis. All the -- ---- A ED G. C. ANDERSON,
,dtf draswe their annla,)ur,,--n ni a Phlre. re. The town and A VEDi iminimlor.
"w." sietld voTrv nih from atl lienv n dale." 3 y Aoal um, Pui. nd B rric July .a), 1881. Iministtor.
Clpt. C. der.ri;s th; ll, hurricane to hase exceerded in to Jomron THO'. o I,. OTICg.
violknc any hie that I ni hal ever itln.-rd. The Friend., elPrh. Bahmian, Proddea SL. Vinetrm UI lE S BCRI- ib i agBoonve lt IlMM
ha t iol So ward of Grenada% hen o J.d .n..
hi le wa ,blowinr ith il grah fiury. It continued i Eter Rali Loalon nd .I ainrl in all Novemb ne, a ll dime si whn h
witholrt iaunmimin for live hours, dari which tine the L iMehlodie & Wins.. i m' a inlis ted fui d rlea 'rtiur Ai ; a d tih
t*t e was bowinr byt tirecoil of ," os N t ieerr Eu ns aiti h m r tg, tat hh. s
thV as waini hve nearl o mr r Ifl rovnd. Tire pTe nr s. d to Htlr-a Antisdvr indebted in hin, ha earnestly reqhwmests, wimd h r maen
On" la were-Cnapain M' Gor our, or tule Rovnlr, Mr. p ttion"---d-- a andF aTLlMt r, in 'er CA u s -
thiqwsr nus hly,,bee inaealritbl-, a they could ERJEANT MAJOR as t, o' the 2d Bd i i n'rfi as they ldu .o sued ft indshcrluuninti
to .snoh r.r af ifb i sd their lives Reaimant being abu ut tne 0halb t in te g
Ve sUwnoniieng, o t d ytr h t .r v,a' lar eand" oterives. Eulhemia far a slert time, retasaedar rwseD r hor I mAiA.
lire (sprain, t and it is to s n,--rrituil Fov'dence tnl, it "..d i reade their sccauntr without d7a- g HOWAiR Jr. has reams.d l 'a r eAnI
that we are indebtedl for our r ;iraculurr prrsrsuation.ra Awarat 17th. the Go"rt Il
'ae god talr of the veasela'd rig"inc, as w 11a the skiD FORnI oALE. of the Government House.
Wm ich swhe ,as managed, is appanrnt fro k f.on rt. TWO MILCH OWS, wit young Claira, just r- The very airy and common ing sdiimieo hd "
tC umstancs, that she sustained no inji either in riled frm St. alvsdair A .f' -hould command the attenion of aB travmlars ha wa
l. ail, ,,r HE Y G. An1 BRiaTi.R. elmate.
'In 'lii n ,t ,d be rn r,. .i.s,.l ;it G enl da. v a v eq l Ai 17th. June 16

-" -

mu e r to ** ieu* 'Ike.. h*et e-e u t

.'1i l j lna tgHre

too na gamed Litsyia' m mw d tly. be aore bmtie uitnuren mu sa id I maa ,
swd do a to beq hm decidmd drt b W md
Boooms'Ue..m. to prevent the ""r- Rusie. On the whole- tthe of thU ... Th .

asued ther esa Yu t d la ve the d t uperied t me Marshal bnd he lived. m tha the n

mbied 6ik men. lis advice wae sunheeel, the order weedasgrace haio P ccelrted the deeth of the lauev, f -it did f
ruee people. eoinding a number ol women who had at ith for eac aspicio. The Marshal w 1 m1i "c'aod
Ied ie m= beet were crowded toge:o ued ereapd to the menate of oegs tnpn mardwe Tae
thers..ts op t bhe mednst pprehe to Sve toa n POI"ely re'ow S to tw ic ahhteuom the bemle wed thae
ed kt arned t d be u the irat ursd hi rfm in thek lct to Me le muo e
s b i by d ,prf to Pevent t Ih R udg-. On dh whel, ,do Impose Or b l l is
od il t .dy diea n a rci hils th ou rble.
S- g he ru l ad tsluhe i heedo, ihs olcl'sl w rit ai i'r t ue s ee',w with theL
aWd massed; many sa era Gleg.l threw tienselves. sane te c
iver, end wn drowned. aned it as sed, were shut whI Laed. Id "We are infor evenea (a thed a4Ga1 of Idat evenias)
artl Ied be ked the ywoanre e d lea i duay tu h r- as maerled thae alical hd he Iby French tm ov nt
u1wrd o 40. The la p*te to which the ub oier m dtire hJ euccrlere bld ihe deo of the e, if it dr .a
ll e clled h s the at unheeded, e p order a L a him to c the hope that so important a negotiation wi io ic
J t o th yeomanry o e i At thue mo etul a erum cutu- Irs r Joe l nio r cu d
di o people. lho ud en as umber o omeen hrl lul a t- rive of reult of which policy o. ea y wl high atmp- d
Thd pJ ti nae uer the or.dd tlue:ber eo l e to the muuln O .there pr O ve pet* on coy ewwo e

B ssugietra present? Is lerahan a smagietrsue 1We soppese. We sincerely visi tast thitnews may not ho ca election
im up Ie the ars ad rpparnh uot o"luo mer., cemr* rps2.d a v. His baiesCofC ban wieu o
Med ble he eruaead of eeace. '1e lltel, a. iwy te sup-Every where the l meet wth iend and er sh
Un, -- dridrul--they ewo dteJrntd a Ul diecliiusi, tLe other ufierms.
ptlacg i sobey hia the idjoiuog hired lJ here n eden could not but C er rmp r
ad iued; umay t"lme l .eb 41 hre y th ti he neliv ount lute hlh -he
hiv. end e. Idrf hed ; rme. it .t w ol e su s are tlr ced itself in omaed (uays thig mner fvoue of etatin)
we atcr; two bdsl. hia been recovered. Thie uumbert mgl- that e cuuri. r lite rrivd from SL Petenrbudh f th e
Cesrte 1J ia by k td :ue 17; the ruuniled aorder, ri ated at aniver to the ppliutooon nde by ohe Frerch iovengment
iwshor of 4e. The hrly. pTh tol which the public mind to op st effuin of blud in Poned. Every thind led s
ill ae calle. ris the cu anduc pet the p police. T'lle wll hatpparn to sth I e that s important nmegat ion will be produc-
will me dtoubt ated a the qests n the- d ls thouh sordr liv es te ofremul ofu icht polcy mad bumeaity wil highly aop
iaN nmake wch furd r ob llari as are ncC ery. liluwa the nd
Tn polif thin under th e u il pd heer desire for dtee lmluerrf te here rve.e.
Se FldecruLe agentI, ud puiee n ofl u ymsulary cruro yee de.
kto In our opiond of the came*. ell dom w4y ddl the Every where th Polme amt theh friend nand admiren.
pdll, dnobe. hire s Wass ibeen c i rlred to There i ot --Swe dean could not but show her eympaihy fur them ikse-
tof ColnM; nta of tseh Guvrnat hm y of ate iuner hstanl Wngi. Tio enliothend youth of that country has pro-
Lest rised o. r f tegid a h imparot cint wir ito wliat ure o. p ued i thues in a um v ifecy manner in anvour ofthat
e. lo iv 4"m thwe badutw kf i. Grl.u G ree. at II||rULiah Cu.--Oa the 7th of May thm mediCl students of the
CruMed Un suhof bya, re Iutancer. Grsu.urr, a ir.d o university of Lind took the solution of repairing to Po-
ehon Mhe arnos ofly. the ewnod aune olld, lu ies land ton on d the barv defended a ofliberlty; and the stu-
ometll nil Ng ciy. and peret lplnt Ire til hu dent n il f entire univarity met to uke lnve of ua mveheir
owll eo adubet lemd thie theo bsteai rouem ll chr ltmn. hemrd dat the muresnt of their dep fure, end goesmp-e
meand un the fmrutthja uuinuac rl nas ti y. Until lte ni-ib therm outl f ltlwn, slininv hymns erprivean of their
lowluh o pe wth iuiry i k armed w tile puhc polie weu e lner followed, and forr der libtrtive sin Pol.
JkllMidL But liw~alne otile fr the Ithe l r coim w a-lon
dk ndeunca uf uin h le .-of the p uple ut 'gh rv however e M dC O m ClObrNE .
Mr. Libfe in London olbt-i v :-We want wonlr- 8rT. Pieu.farriuow, Mal 1I.--The greatest trn-
to aprur opinion oalbfrie of td lerrisgn helpler quility prevail in thiL colony at the prewnt moment ; he
P*Ar, fr Iau meue ofuporti( rdlieiun, f the Clhurrch and excitcent amougrderte from in the diffeeRt towns he
I atlyO. The usbjp c luoenl en rldlrred to iste iioun wluu *n allyId, end the lorches e7tinguifed ; te penons
ar ; c im d elr Utces of i r velrnmet l. We undwillr Ieluoimr to mcte of the rfctorlini he county have con-
lastituted U rkJ anld iti rline inry inl hil- s hle pro- du rlt~J ihmulvi, a in vary mupilftctry inner. 1 Am of
urnlile. Under ocb circun a doae, and lkne l rio that opinion dint their i T ra no intey igeund for bpprehen-
ean be ranld ca--l rin eveo thin I heated prtiuni ars t received cure of t I. ifrens iaeg been Franced
ofahe etiunlr have oIl ell perrcepion otrlnih, end can- by a few police regulMtio, ifl he uthoritie coimunl hvca
am ditieui facts freue Cl vubtrnent crtatiunh fllihrir aify idea of the putibility ofuch a movement.
*&n fesmcy--n thiink eeor duty to hbstain rritm ill c ith- The inew mea. rim aui the of Pa neaoet have
*o kno the tuhe rc, pemtionl tlhe taing aith 'n- ibut e hir s adn f-vucuarly re-ived; thi bRanch ou commerce i n
bow the people rura arrtr-how many of the police are longer ifollwe, ad for m time not single negr ha
killed-r-wht wu the lotive fisr the fihl--nnd wha can be b Ln introduced into the colony.

thc merants of ltlt Governdent-the rmerlstn ers thf ha OaffL Atorew on bo ard the frigate
Arinoamccy--end the dewfnnders of that Church-ell uf s n expe lpomen ans Dn u1.
1 M, onlvd eir e thf e oesod of itie or pl nati and Te is hweve our d relture from BraS tha e at her es en
oi only i~" the nopnlry eted oldly of hinnurGiond. e y unfvIt ren- On the 7h ofl te Juness, four dyte f-
oh" t ir the pture of the ofmi me chuaneddi during the whole
a tIe ci to thatic of it am ing vtigated. We will robe d*at rheont r, plyingt e m large c beeeand Therin can
m y dot we do no ," thus killing a hums being -
b er Ianurd nedm i b nd shting those wndb y h Eal ad, and only came op rith aler in he recvnin. At
tiamn u of to ue n thea property hi y tis no better an e time ofhe r la with Terney no itellit she ped to been
wa the, o pri Iple for tour ide, we w rhllsu t rleived there of the dif ernce fr ei.ting ladeewtn Franre
eLmray n macr to ant unfr ih, Icebe nintion o and ro. Wen tookfrh e opened arcommunicsion
pWh e s l pr nqiriere of n the Goverlion o al e o- A i owhicoh twe 'stood in te grnl eaa ed, having only lchi
.aed allh theatto ta.s knon'. p' d n. much as wouId last fo f eight daym d one iof
We know th the I snrtion the taking lithe, but wr. hi' Reai-deasntmo e la. Rbeen ade, our commhender,
im M der the paher mcest he of an snction or ornl t all t the insmena to o he mihup require.
Mthe IU Wer irma at C hmdel emC ief ot. Field-M rd Mi. Pinfeared it mhid ton sve propmnid to hiwi to take
Tmoi; ud *I>rm lt wh1 t is rrung rln,,l be mxde
rAl Les De it hteeoer by tbe mmbesl of Pimetn dy froos onra byard t i the Engli rig chants. f tAlone! whifor the
WI |-wemaedm e Iheo adiioas o" Fren' ofuadron mad them ein Pirtu ended offwill th -
la h or w en thpriht rod wrnrgi deremrably he e rr of inolviucnc othin lexpeitin a geint Don Miul--l of
Sw ddely a two a n e Thi. report of te vu a Lor med Dhearm o y.
'we ar d by h des I tuhe pe of citin or of nation .and "On the l lth we r'afo a trading-verel, a.nd o the
lwma sy the rmry eternity fcc din I i en d 131h we orme up with moe other, bound for Poryugal. We
i n bU n tha1t in titthe by Iorce i robber at Bi stppmd her to he a nre m of pret ; and nothing can
Isad wtin mea y ehro p d mhooing thl, wll cek j l the joy diplahed by our cra ntC the propopt of an
i* to m reapoeirs propf thn inobeer tan -mamude. nPatlmen wthe ghn toemy. P ut he prored to be a
14ot orlamomomecs Wethe ee of herthe tImfpruvpaen

vet dinpelt th rpa y soeto araa t toh Alht quarter have entered l rBaa lade. l anith mary
tf iass h-mcnr. to .n unitn ch-ia g Comminuon, ttee a he. on he f e wo
o ltuirr, of Tie Govearomeut ell be com- onwhicm- but. tod in the gmi et"l ned. having onoy maip-
pl at edl tie knon. pad n ch from M d had lst or eight dys, and wre a how
POLA. :17 days m1 sea."
WTV OF *IIAnAL DIITIec. n, tke Orrthe I Fran.
fT At JtRi edhe ee .bve. i t is reported,- Reperr ntti o heb e leho ly been onde by the Enerhe
M M td h is pMDhl Irmrll of artnnrinlg o you that (vernmenl to our Cabinet upon the fTairs of Purtugdl.
olbed RiRn ian CnsmaheaL -Chi. OGe. Fi.Idt-h. It i feuedthb theclaimof indemnuiy hichrllbebroughl
COM DfieMkoit, Addenl died thi day r,,narnl by de English uah.nt, for the lo which the
at bpm m_ o'clock. bMi ed-qemn." Klaer.o. er French squadron mld them expren, will have the
beuibwl ay UBM her o" @ookb badanuses"eAe leff tc or inolving this maxer in a grc deal of dieulty.
JAd 1 -e me suddenly. to o'clock ti hu utoniu. be The report of the *ppot"met oF Lord Durhm to the
wa tnaked by r destructive meladub bon l-r o9 ofl of cearay OfCore forr Aorl Afia, i dte room
don"b eypou of iholso tie aitlde of Lord Plnienlto&dl on c doence every day.
amallee l,= erful cmntimonsidM: m The motm rigl -emo" of precotm bo bse
dLM a h y eomposnirem tbm r i ,e adopted by t r Ib a.tmkriar M C fk, or d purpo of
enKed i brillie3 amd tim c l Thisafflctig p- sr ing i Il Dt eafroam & Balhic to a mertrs q 'Bi
inP. ale~rd pr"L~oo re~f hOm 68 s amwd JnI" in wre we ng to piro we beernd dot tre Tenni
I i n" --m thee qutriet oofdm rbove atld he nmteeds. The Siilary
akfPterl po eIliou nr thane aa Igl
means te had Beriltad lf at head-qoem. The Committee hb heseeedd dotpier fur thl.e two
son"er Ih sTeu. lndy mum the came. houm. O fM'it..--mibmd ese ffiNon my, ~aml c
c,., of des emy noting front MemrL Thhker had a kBradom b ; br.-
TwoeaIdler I-1e- of trop hae., it is renpold. bae evr, ht- h b e rthoehlm m to m ibje to a mrnaM-
-I 6m T I tt aI be" quartm. the Da ellctat line of ther days.



#,hw kA Com n Cr Wh.t,
By ltoms romeived by tAhe P d. we me.-rstmad
the Aip s of don mT. tWv wi odmw have
hod aloasigc besidek s Ea-r Grey,a..d
p. W bll- Ijjtf ., received frum dr
delg heih l laid at Brbedoe.
ITh. d clns.. waw i m f e +lingly de-
picid to hIs LAdbip m i yr i 'g to u to be able
to port, the ds guver pt is el "prmed with It
entat of the dbtl d a thWet IWp d tht other i.
twme h-ae com Sr d o vr upmo the- amdderntio
"of Bvru-t tds lmram tc which would roult to
,th a.n eil iammo af f Brit m, by any undu
herlerence ith Wet India property.
The s of t a und NMe m a Breweris d Didil-
Wria, sahoht would slp ge a preference to the
grow reo British 8gur over the foroei grow of Bar
ley. is ill opposed fom a ill-fouanaed dread, -ot it
would ultimatey be prtejdicdal to the agricultural inmret
of Ean nd. The subject, we are, however, happy to
lern, a likely to be submitted to a committee of the aew
Home of Commons.
The'Slave Bill has received his Majesty's action;
and, it will be observed, is left to its own operation.
The Jew Bill will receive the ssent of his Majesty, at
the ret meeting of the Privy Council, subsequent to tde
15th of June.

Clurch and State.-The following declaration of Earl
Grey i the Houe of Lords, on Tueaday night, cannot be
too often repeated:-" The Noble Earl (Winchelse) had,"
he mid," asserted dita there were niong the supporters
of Reform in that House men who uniformly held opinion
hotdle to the Church of England. Now he (Lord Grey)
wa a Protestant and a Member of the Church of England,
which he believed to be the beet Church in the world ;bt
when the noble Lord talked of the necesity of an intimate
union between that Church and the State, he (Lord Grey)
was compelled to sy he recognized die necessity of no
higher union than the protection which was due to that
Churchto support its Minister in the proper discharge of
their duties. If the Noble Earl, meant by the union of
Churchand State, that reciprocity which gave the Church
protection and support in return for the seal and attention
with which its Ministers discharged their duties, and the
superior merit of the religious instruction which it afforded
the people, he was prepared to agree with him; but if the
Noble Lord meant a political uniln-if he meant to make
the memntens of the Clhurrh of Enclann panics to the stp-
port of political power-he would tell him that the Church
had very seldom exercised lhet power with advantage to
themselves, and often with great detriment to the public."

Thte lamv Trade.-The Mlelint, 20., Commander Ca<-
des (acting) arrived on Mondlay from the coast of Africa.
We are sorry to learn that the slave trade i carried on to
a greater extent than ever, and almost entirely under the
French flg; all the cargoe are coonigned to the Havan-
na, the trade to de Branihian po neuios being now pro-
hibited. Indeed, to such a degree of effrontery is the
detletable traffic now persevered in, that it has been racer-
tained that some liberated Africansfrom our settlements up
the Sierm Leone river had been kidnapped, and sent ID
board two French slave-vessels, any attempt to retake a Ihom
our cruisers dare not make, without such an attempt beiig
construed into violation of the French flag.

On Monday luat, a Ruusian line-of-beatle ship, and a
corvette, arrived off Plymouth. On hoard the former wa
her Imperial highest,, the Duchess Helen (wife of the
Grand Duke Michael) who is in delicate health, and is
about oreside at Sidnmouth, Devonshire, for m-veral
months. Her Highness i arromlpnied by her three chil-
dn.n ; and by a retinue ol 40 attendants. The ships were
placed under quirant :n, but an order for granting pre-
tique being received, hcr Imperia Ilichnessand suite linn.-
ed on Thursday, and pi ,crrc t:e 0t Sidomouth.-.Lierpool
C ooti idc _
Mdlacfaol Picturr qf London-On a careful ird
minute inquiry into lthu condition o a port ion ol the female
mex in London, it has been calculated that tie number of
females of a certain class exceded E0,000; that there are
at present 15,000 girls, children of the poor, who have no
vuible mans of subsistence, the greater part of ahom are
trained to every variety of vice-and are ithuut shelter or
home. It is also acenained that the number of female ser-
vants in London, is 165,732. That the time each servant
remain in one situation, by an average taken at seven dif-
ferent period is 462 days, consequently, on an irerage
35 leave their situations every day. Seven out of every
too aM young women from the country ; and by an exisi-
nation f the calendars of the principal prisons in England,
and by the acknowledgement of the parties themselves, it
is also ascertined, that nine out of every ten of the feaiale
prisoners either are, or have been, in a certain condition
of life.
The ppulation otLiverpool, it is id, exceeds 170,-
000. I 81 itws 118,972.
The late Mr. Abern-thy would never permit his patients
to talk much. He could not succeed in silencing a luqua-
cious lady but by the following expedient :-" Put cot your
tongue, Madam." The lady complied. Now keep it
there ti I have done tlking."-An old lady, very much
inclined to beoy, once sent to him, and began by usyina
thai her conmp t commenced when she was only tee
year old. The profeaor rose abruptly, nd lef the hour.
It w obhrved to Mr. Abernethy that he appeared to
live omme te otherpeople, and by no means to be bodnd
by hisollCl The professor replied that he ~ied
to act actarding to hi own precepts, only he had tm *
devil of an appetite."

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