Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau, Bahama Islands, W.I.
Publication Date: August 13, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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r N MM -W.T 1 1NASUW. P.V.

wlao iW MEN mme-hL sai

All werm atasve to the mintly ma,
Whea fem his elbow chain, he thus began:
PavTaom. Am Barusau : New in assembly met
I'U to your holy, riAgeos am dicloea,
My worth, sad act&, eumples I have t,
eaplac with old Lucaya's wronp and woo,
When snnt apun ber rocky, sandy coast,
From Bloessom loop I placed my voyage swolm feet
I inwardly eslved to play the bat,
'Mongt msungers whom I wams a fiath to cheat

Fr fall sxl meathe I g d and eaortaind,
Te swiis bh d, led by a ough-hod bou,
As I them thought; fro Plaes be bd gaied,
What 'ea emag a weald be deemd a sore.

From rewded dame, ead my wife's -" a hoem ,"
To red &i eat, I made my iam r rtn,
And Colonel Robert Hog direct becomes
My rm friend, by milim Ihouseo cught.

A pamphlet neat, bor wL I pev a great,
I sent among them, ma g mthors name,
Who was not of s, but whoe black onat,
Wam, whether siuts or siammr', sill the samu.
ta pleamewe veige.,I thei Asembly guled,
Full of vanl protestation, load and empty,
Telling them teir rights could ever be annulled
By all your yings, acts, or what you dreamt, aye.

Full of feigned nl for their poor worn out soil,
I the an agricultnrit became,
Talking both loud and much of Maltme til,
Their pounding rock, and giving it soir's ma.

And mow, Oaae Mlntsewal a m = worthy Raints!
My ever humored andd revered good mstesn!
My tale come--wh se, to think o~ my soul faintu-
y mek'is orm off! and I'm plunged in disaster.

I issued forth my load-bils (plainly printed)
Requesting all (whom I could not comm Id),
To pay lve posuds, with which I'd not be *tused,
I showing bow I'd till their bam land.

I amt aemed the chairs's rsht s mine,
Witheom e' wading to collect nteriptios,
Or knowing where my oders they'd decline,
As wll as invitmt tbe Turks th' Egyptia !

Not ae o oall the verm whom I preed
Bo 8rgly, weoud ne worthless rial pay,
And oe ia place mor a acy than the mt.
Did 'eoamy right as chairman dae gainsay.

To be thus slight by shou whom I dapised,
And held at mslht by one I should command.
Filled me with i-my soul ws exorcised,
By all the fari, who entered me hand i hand.
Beet on revea, whenever a chance should offer.
I soeed the frst: some negron smeid craft.
And from Exanm ned; the daring scoffer
Was agat for their owner-'Oad I laughed!

By some CelosIa law ihem slavh s we tried,
Beeteeced l ge bet nine ad thirty lahes,
Alho' the day before a older cried,
To m for meory from r hund hired goa .

H ain peiaon I rejected!
Ir pmlematioe I all these abused.
Who ae mmamly poorrles objected,
To peaJlemntao which they were uUm o.
I tha y y greru.rla ended,
Diepleed te Magiestates, all wheo I libld;
And all beume thi DANIII, had oGded,
The mlf /wh I (KIn Numese) had idol'd.

* -~

st b

R I M BILL. I di e b h-.u.y .a of l... l p W mm
ph, -.d- I hold al e m semem to nep y 1m
SPjICB Or L.PO JOBN RTBWLL. noble Mad, the ChLaeltr ef td Eebeqar, wn b
TI ine alt m wa eo oeekaF u pI o take odrtd s eam u pes urm, Oh !. Buti d
"The saw ftooI th mialsss hefe aot, l* ay tbpo e te oetfti o; as toey to m,
S we u oo Wa a the we prl a ymabrah ithis bil, yao do a, by say
OW* tus mL o he isp emo tso d o t d btople L uperd mirlL
SLthi e peonl I troird J. RMr. Lc move d onemen of at thewh illeno that men endoure
c. order ofi t day c m ~ fer bill. a d u he chief cla- t i, I i aLa ehe u

limen., th m ure ws on to be dr ot of this totally ou of place wIhen applied to pfar ion oii
Sle o d thpe rdOf ie govrrie, ent, a meaem p t ion of immdittte benef ato drive them to nment ppor ,
[Hroving pronounced eu um on the pore whn could not after rdp fulfil such promise. But c air,

clei for their ssintoie canel durin, t he au itios when the objection ish nudeh do not agree with the peri-
h HLourip then proceed* to noticed the van riabls f ciple expreed in those words quoted by Lord Liverpool

brachr of me consitulia d the igh dierent reigns, be- A the oth r ho p ; ir I
he people. I trust, Sir, that on this entmen "d Hother h ouse ll ; h ill that m;e re ,
Swill o t fav our me a nt to repea th ga otm riod Hw be their wanth ad i that men endur,
convulsion with which they houn h, during tsow.] n r grievane and de hire, eg or Lure a reat u npou.
liNo, this m.e ur n t o wa and e da ren the re- isd bt onider th ch ill be er wanell apresed po o
hope, and ottout b ry b r icule of a d 1ea pAy w t, bei totally out of plae w hen applied to plaJsit. I

of Common nob: the ridi cul eo were panelled to reKue u from many eving and aw provide G heir eto-
wer by anded ogetMr frP, t p erpo ry genold that upon he Koinge, ayd Lw ad Governnt odda
to clebre, and eoum thei country, the omfort, prosperity, int elligence, libe aity,
b[Havin pronouocd opp reloglbut there poorer aend worth of the people depaf.r Let who will compete
ommoss, fr their disi resn cdact during the lectious, th country with such a Sll n, where on t raveller i
HiCommdship cthaepon ba to notice the variable chi- murdered on e highway, and let him, if mecan, deny the
rthe of the colstitutiad, defIr the different reig n l atroth of thi principle. Sir, n nprorse that the ipeo-
and uch otherlac reurnd emer and I neverd ty should w!ud intheo ho~lwer roel rpritatyve s,
ananin with thmy a tion-the argm at uof d t.o derad to deliberate on their wan and intere ts -40gr peoler
wcne the House of Commonu torlitdt popular as nw.] their grioevncge and desire, we make t s great dliament,
Now, Sir, let me turn to I ltad, and I usk has then u- deed, but one which will be perme unury a support ton n
prentoion that countrwee c re be touch ed And by w a e l being r of the people onf tuempire. he e er rlaweros iU
whom 1 by ome arudacio v Whig, or Radical in the Home consindred erioaus, weighed deliberantl and the a,
o Commons I no: the boru and ciis were parcelled to rescue nt from many evils, end to provide their -
oouby the hand ofMr. Picl, whm emory gentlema meat t re welfare. For iarernce, sy thit (Govere .nt andd
tocelebrate, and rhopoe yabot h memts their nt by lia the ng Only look to the state of relanid. Wihe has
by which thy hope to oppo erm ;but thereah nther refrm th e uofbtha te, but for want hie uf a p:er.y,
charge I toucd ipon in hoe d icus d a the unre House of eca kind attention on the pin of the biGv wirnh nt of thi
Common. I ma y upon what ground was the Haud of ourby-e the r ant of a fellow-feeling on the prom of in
Commons called upon b 6he ma th ie to dihal che abot period n leg iture thee, with the r-a't Mseof the pipud
the forty-shilling freehok. Ira., while Beersiston nation in Ireland 1 Now I my, Sit. ::an. that if we iden-
and se other places returned member and Iow never b hod tify thi use hwidh p peopie,ho wevr willowy it may be ac-
an answer to my quetioo-the m argument used to diafran- complisbed, I do sy, that in extending to a great people
ching the fncty-shillirng feeodo er wa, hat they were de- the privilee of having their orea nt tive in Parlime nt,
pendent upon their isndlords---at they wrs driven up to we do furnish the nmena for the future for carrying on on-
Sthe poll-thai they were carried by crowds, by the agents impaired the constitution, undiminished the prerogative,
of eir landlords to vote without knowing for whom they uniured the au othority of Parlaent, and the rights, li-
voted. p sy, th o the pe who vo in nomination beri, ad interest of the people duly larded d pro
boroull think r ominente calculd to e doment io bribery t the la thfl represn iv of a fra e wi 1 nd,
loucr eemau e t frhe a t Irih iory-eiling lree- the loyal subjects of a genemis teove reir. W ith regard
holder We prop e e about 150 members to he sent by to the general fitatures, s aii the details yf th merasre of
the counties which, by being divided, give to each member reform, to be submitted, I will not enter into them to-day,
as much population am a whole county did a hundred year because they avrt the iam pas the bil which was before ti
ego. I hal goef through documents ad fnd such to be late Parlisment, ad hecaue te light improvement since
the csel ad iy nM ly every instance from 70 to mae in the bill e slely intended to carry int, reflect the
1Jb0,a0r per n as wbre then y that there shall e about principles of it.-(Cheeo.) Sir Rone s orP mid he
1t0e members nt rom the great cities and towns, not should reserve hin olrition to the bill till the i ecrion read-
omitting Mancheater, Leeds, or Sheffield, butgiving ome- ing. After some obhervalions from Mr. STin AI, r and the
ben to those great towns, and giving also to the woollen, Che NCnimc.c of the E C oloni'a the bill was brouhte in
cotton, coal. pottery, and other manufacturing districts, a and ordered to be reeds second time on Monday week.
ars i the remaeve ntation which they have not hitherto bad.
The provisions in this bill for taking the poll in two days CHANTS, pc.
is, I think, emionentl calculnsd to present bribery, and to Sr. (telmy o Grenada, July 5, 1881.
reduce expense. th attention of his's Govenn- At a general mni tigra of the Planters, Miroche and
ment haa been direct employed in the f auso a for prevent- other interested in the welfare of this Coony, held at de
ing bribery, and hope we shell be enabled, berlin the Cour Homer this dao for the purple of taking into con-
cloe of the session, to offer the attention of th hoe ee sideration the proent aarming crisis of Colonil Ahir,
boll more efectual for the prevention of that crimo thn the and for adopting such desurm a sn mpy ve dpoe d sma
paInt. Let me remark, inhe m tie, that tha e effectual or averting the impending ruin with which thmn
sent bill ill go far to prevent that crime itself. It hta been Colonies m there tend,
well caid by Mr. Fot, how can you call a poor man to the JOHN ROSS, Esq. in the Chair
bar who has taken a bribe o tf t guine for his vote, when It was unanimously nsoalved,
there au wi erous m nobers sitting round te house who lst.-That in the present alarming situation of West
have paid from p3,o000 tehiSl0 for their eots, alnd other India affairs, when his Mtjity's Minbstersw, regerdnl of
sittinginthem beacheswho. hed ald eatto others. This theht lmiy sahilt th, Colonista oavepon, there ier blend o
bill, at all events will prevent uch practices. I come now r sideron of the parent on erned t, an d h pparewily ep
to speak of vour of the obje tions tow this nasure. The les ua ,, tim narsu of merure%, so polite lly injroer ad o
it objection to is, thCat r is a far greater m onurs than and so sstema, t hey iioupre, as those which s Lme
is clld for by the necessities of the people. Sir, have whchnd heveirndminiatraoiof the reonerns of thnis pat
benalrys t dvocteo o r refm, andnow that c we hve of the British Empire, no avowrin ly eortmn pn a m lsud
been obliged to propose a miedte to Parliament to arry further regulations, as are lon e wfo ing to nowledgn
reform into effect, we consider it better, and that we were dtc tion of these once f barred bed -npeoped and M-
bound to propose a aeasre effectual for the country ; if it is become a bounden duty, and imperative spe a& d
we e ha proved a measure otf e had doone, e free inhabidants therf,ol to corn foruad arhie o f ther,
believe that far from allaying, it would have incre asd and with Gover yic, and, bearing in misd not oily ihe many
tenfold, the distractions of the eouinry, and wr have undeservmed and unrdre me grtevanedr they r ave to coaa
i r the foundation for moe miserv to the country than plain of, but alan those others with which they are ands-
man can conceive. But, Sir, if this measure is found fault guiedly ireatened-manfully to aster, as well as ener-
wi th a going too far, it, the other hind, yu e ikewise getically to insist upon their inslirenble rights ao Bri-tn,
been found fault with, a not being full hemehi No per- to the meed of open and impartial enquiry, upon all es
son had ever opposed this bill who did not allow that r sme they msv be charged with, and to be otherwise evenly and
reform was nemery. They all, or almost all, thought justly dealt with, upon all occasions, where their rpmns
different plans necmary; and he thought it one great ar- or properties an conrned; and Lkewie, to espem
gument in favour of the bill that such was the Cas ; and he their determinati,,i of samisng, by every proper and Coe-
might almost say with Cromwell, when he saw the Scottish stitutionml mews, the insdious progress of poeeis
army coming from the hills into the plain," The Lord has which tend eventually to place the lives and ferrunes of the
delivered them into our handz."---Greot cheering.) Colonists, at the mercy d aU interesated, m a muiglded
Sr Ible e I e soand fanatical party in Grat Brisain.
8it, I believe li hne fiihed the expition of the mea- ed--That these Collonies, formmig sa earhkowleded a-
aire, and gone through the main objections which I antici- stituent pan of the Empire, have beem people nd cad-
pae wiIlmnade The remaining one is a objection of rated, under the solemn arsrune and pmawe of dth
a compeelae nature. It is thi: What. after all, is the British G,vernsent :-That the cepitl whirb h been
benefit to be derived from changing the representation ? employed, and the mes adopted for rendering it available
Will you relieve the people from their burdens Will you to the climate and the soil, have alike been n dured and
give them mo to set or drink Or will you leave thm sanctioned in their operation, by repeated are of the Bri-
presely a thiy m, in reference to these inqs Sir, I "sh LegisLaturebm ; and that, however epugma the my
my i dth fi place, that dth objection le tally irreliamt. of ate have hae fueed to be, to th eadsi itd aqitd N t-

__ _

[ ad a" Lf _l lillii fui quSW lyo to ll I u, f ta as, soervoytmllol_ -j

Wfl lV ihMni* af isbabiuanl of lhea e Col,; l ,ue ordig itetir tite di ipa! I oWi l I hi
im. BuL"itt ~bi nocuuaaa i emuurer Lo sa-tikl thli Culoniri uru tsalu atnd dhit leir cutir would be bte

a dam esh lh 6 ad 0 r suresia aadesd, tatl sure,. w lud iinril t uidl m our utui* ni, rli.eve us at once
'm hau re mdam deaoao-dta, 6 i mo anmdu i' i a- lioan un.Ualelsu.i , t.1; ive uiami to ulouk lor other pro-
4camai eqa uity, it thuie bas umunsiii terrm, we iectur--;TlIm, sdav'n ,as we a to the vern of despera-
i pa thein, atsa u large, imais a lair, a fulild aim- uea. b tl- w, which, tor mtaity years
pie clu a fr the ilea we may suOtni; and until ypt, Lau, livin ulmec toI Itn-, boeeu uadu upon our inaular
tI be a at we h allowed to peacily enjoy our Lunitutio lul ii douiloltil prev*yg, and at behukling a
e ,ndner the g id nc.aad coutroul of those Ius which Britu Miy4ajiJ acting under lT intltttawitean intterLated
are already beae apprvued ani esmtblisiod Uy tin proper and bigoutd lactivio tou Ul plejiMic and uiu ofloue of die
sultheity blending uuumrslves at ties same ltull, not to lse fairIi.s p.u tijs o thce tlul, a becoeus ti l under these
a rl louowuln ruiUa, nuIot llitly, upon anyl other termsi, cirLanUalllli-, aW rnt(ullc-1, that we have duties which we
to luilaqH tlmuu e rights whiclr we hold upon a. iui luolalbl uo(e tlu iu.1li i .Al d untr dl-wermianl,, uad- ltht in die lasl
a tlnowi, and which are as sacredly dear to its, as ilny diat, ur uuight i01 to he fouLlll eilllitig to I is
are livld by lir landed proprietor; of the Brili.!l Etipire. itidsl lrlinlg, ofI' i: ,lIrepe.t wlet, llha we advert to the
td-T'rla a party in ELigia.nd, chinlly composed oIf |i.)>ibihi) ul'3ia Ilaraiun lrount our Parent Sate, since thi
Sectarian, have, with unrleiili iii Xi-tal, exerted thelnislvee UI5!iu, We iii it pail, and on ours, are reciir'cal. For it'
in diaeminaming faleithodl tlriioughouut the kingIidoi, aiti ini protuicllo lt our perwllna i ad prUoperties be wilhheld-if
completely misropsmenting the state of lth slave popullalin Io the (G VriTieisiII of tile cuuutry, i.sseadu stautlitg ifrward
f thee Colonies ; and dhey have been bul toIo ucaceis'ul in our dcl'imcl', aiid xirelchiiug orti it powurtul ari to
In pimlneitd de minds of a griat portiui of hi* Maje'itay's I liili ui 1rIull the alti.Lcks of a ouiitrderatc it n ihe kiuL'dolm,
aubjects, and in ecriting tIw' hatred of tlu (' UloHitists; tlat cuiiomposirI iiiir iiiost iiietrate eneuiies, who by sliaaie-
we have rupematedly called for an quir aiinetuirv to' asertin in It.liiie, iind r. 'l.tIly lJl op.igillili g the IIL inot lro-
prsent esite and candititY of the ailavi,, wha lilt ha besie riou (.li clliiiiiite a.'aini us, au- i'idiniitly bInt upuin acrcoit-
dome for them in the dJilTrell Colonit, and what is still Iliihinr our iultir ruin, even to extcrminlation ;-if (overn-
doing. That we ire rcollnlamned without a ihiarirrg in our intent, instead of iertfrinu this obliCatorv diil towanis tls,
ova defaluoe ; that his lLtjuely's Ministers have liarher Ilends ilt aidl lu the ipartl i ueotit alnd acL, in conjunction
avowed ||ir d'ernninan lf to art upoi tiin he partial ailll uil it ;-i' we are conithlally to be coinsidered as aliens
ntjust ilibnnln, and to call upin Parlianins to enanl atld outlrals-ts-navy, iretret It as il a rilr allnd proscribed
r inal statues agalnist the Colonis, for what is ternui their i nice, with wh.iimin itllic Iitlh miay le lawfiillv broken, and
clunmacy and obstinacr.-That as British subjects, we I to wilos nisrfirtrunet no corillmieration .hiiuil II sh it:
iim it a our undoubted right, to be heard in our own de- I-ifour hlca priv lezve anre r ever to InI- dlixr-aide;d d, our
"lero; d we do solemnly process against any furltlr I conslitutional rizlhts, inrollen tnder foit, and thI hitard earn-
L L m mrting adopted against the (Colollies, until an in- eel produce of oinr esrats- Iettered with riLgoruisly uniequial
wle atilio has taken place in regard to itk'ir prIsent 4l* lal, and nrinons imi.miilini ; if in merit is to Ii concltdr-d to
anil a to what lul been dlonle flr tli' inimpru-enilnt of I e uils for what liw have riI-errn'tlffi iprovin the moral con-
eomditiin ofthe slaves ; ant ye pledll oturlvcs Iifo prove, lition ofl'iur sla vis, pnr any limits aicInedl tl tile fritherr
thial we have complied in every reipTcl winh tIl reisolulioin. sarrifires which ill:may I rerqiiin'd of ii ; in fillr, if bv tIw
tin' House i' ('onommnons of Alay, Is: I, in dlnllinae Iinirmin- which have i-ren pllU in force, and oltherq
such elfeorua and decisive measure, for mn.litoriltin thu which Mini'itrn hiave dicl;inrl in Parlinamnt it ii their pur-
conditiou of tlh save pipulmiion (in this (olony), as i% li,-w to adopt, we arn, in c,>iell renc'r to he mnrer and
coatilibile with the well-bing ofl the qlaves I thniiulves, mo, re laird on io injiiitirc anil injury. na., even expose'-d
witl Ihe sfetyr f sithe Colonies, a al a I uir auid eqitable Io imminl-ni rltinrer forr lives-, and that without the nimall-
conidnratioa for the interests oil'rivane proprrlty;" a i-t cor rmlnilltin Iwvili' inied ton us--thrn,ll, tie ie v which
evitlnre of this (without lbticrn what has betn sulou- we aurl bonnd lin tile M.ithPr (Cunltry mnut be cunsidi-ered its
quunly narled) we nlee only ilef-r to thl, words of karl virtually si-vered, anid the du:v ol allt-iiance at all end :
Iatille, the late Seretary fer r I- (Conii'i, contained itn .Trli--T'i:t ia illriaril and rl-iiilitsinrnce, founded iiupio
hi dispatches Io the .Governor of thli Couloilv, dated 2skl, ti. I'ori-trring r.ul-hiirons, Ih dnrwn up blv the Coni(mnti,-i
,Oclutbs It23, as follows : lrlsi appoirni.i, iud pn'd ltit Maji-,t' Mini-.itr.
"I have irat satisfaction in finding self enabled to by a co-mlpe-lrnt o-ion to b l-rc tol represent this Co-
ddresym underr circuiatances lwhirh jilui'ly more pleas- lonv in (ireat Britain.
ing anticipatios; for, althlouth afier a full cronsiidl-raion ori (ith--Thit ril.cp iif ilf ll.o re onllttne lie prinedi, andi
i( Groeauda ct, I cannot but he enilkle that it 'llsi ilrtlhwith traniitlr it- th a circular letter, signed by tlia-
shlrt of whar has bi-en rerinnmended, vye it delwrvei to n I' chairmanan folthi, inerti.iit, lo tih re1.erliv,- Chir iin -n oI
coik.Iredl ai a impn irtint inlprovrlleni of the exislilni ti ll ir'lanlter and Mi-rrchiiuis (l'tllthe Cf'!ni.i of Ilarbadoles,
Codle: its irovliolns re all i1f a bntnlicial nature, a- tlr D'nrtar, li-rliirr, T'rinidlad,Tli 'h St. Vincent, Io-
s theyy go, anid contain nohtllin which rcn sand in the tway minimr. aintlita, .Monterrat, Si. 'l.lirciilrophr, Net-is, Tir-
of its confiration ;-where the Enactmrmnts are deficient, sltla, St. Lucia, anld ala to Jan lica,--fr lite rco-ilu'ralion
either in defining or in securing their own olijects, teLre is in 1 of thelilihnhibaniln of thlioe Cil.liiers,anlrlpressin a hlop.,
a maniftit gaood intention, which arilnres me that tlhesi in- that thev nmav ip, lli texpedie'ncry of adnpiinL a nimiilar
ladvertencie. will be readily currectil. i ,llli', ilf' pnilclrlihig, and the appoinltmlnt of pr-sns iIo
I have ricived and laid before the King, yotur dF,- n r hreliniii, cci irlI ih,,, r lii I l i ilalin, ianIl to art
patch ofthe 5th if .Mav last, No.69, enclosing an act olf ruoinjiinlly for Ihe Leneral urld iof the Cflonirl, n:
the Legilature of the snd of Grenada, t;,r consolidatinli 7th-That the thanks of thi ne.-itin e I), voted to the
amd amiedinlg the laws, nrlating to Slave s Hionorahlih John llovie, l;,r there anudsone manner in which
la my doapatch of this date, No. 5, I have instructed he hasi exprvnsd hi readirrs to meet the wi.lhs of iu.
j to sgniiy to the Legislative Council and Assembn. hi inhhhsitants ofthis ('olonv, Is pri-pcndinit to Euro|pe for the
maty's giacioum app-obaout oflhis Act, and 1 have purpose mrentinel in lle .ill resolution.
t ure mIn, sorly avurted to ts more important onir- JOHN R(OSS Chairmt.
iesi which I have observed in it. Mr. Ros i havin left the ('Chair, W. II. Whiltrnine .-
It now, therefore, only remains for lat to do the L- qiuire, was called upon to pr-irille.
glaltlve Colncil and Asembly of Girnada, l.l- jiuSirctl f ) Mfvls hb tile hon'ble John Hnover, econded hb Le.wi
ackowletllgine the spirit offiberality ahm bensevilence, b lovrN :.qniur., rind iinanimoulvail-TPed.
wich snme of the provisions are characteriatzed whichrl That the thanks of this meeting bi- voted to J. Ro.s, Es-
wi esW ay mrs iaJi /f from A*s V.Yest''s 'Gerr mat, lpirin, for his impartial condIrt in the Chair, and for hit
hmar bfen p Ia derisard ad xer/twd by the Lt- Itnn'ineitting endeavounl to iwoamote the interest and wel-
oJaw I =ight ind-led, point out errors and oILuamion.s f are of thin (Cl.inv.
Mck Ive orurnd in franinrg ila of these clau; e-, and I II. WHITEM N.
wli aim racu clted, would is pratire be fouule to de- '1 M
fi t i aerelioa. I euflr, speally to tie rulolt- rol i- -- ____
lig to- lsad, ,.dging, and louiig thin slaves, andl til-ir TIE R
rlmam whn sack ;' but the revision and impruonsenit m
of dole ue av be umlely entrustd l the elxp.riencr
Sdcorrect fehliags ofth ed nentemn widelwhom Uti or- NATIER AI AIll;.I' T 13, IN31.
limuad, udI as nabled so ign.ifv his Majllosl ntin - ----- -
and uqtulisd apprrutalsn of the Enactment which, in II hac heronw nor la. (i-, consider it a painful one) lo
theevetof any question arising, touching the libario of anitnaver pmn te line o polic oipi y our prein
aIy peron, claimed as a slare, iapues upon the slainnani lt .ndverr ,, 1he ine o ap licv iahpted by our prpe.'
tih obligation of pvaing ther fac of Slavery." Goveruor, Sir Janitr, Carmiirelrli Sal tih, and we Io pe our
Aid t following, from Sir George Blurmry'dpespatch- lahours have not been whol.Hunslurermful (limited an the '
sa, of 3d September, 18IM, and 9th June, 182tW h3:- have t beet) in xerpoing 'a few amonn a mullitut!e ,If
I have now gme thro-ugh all the subjects which it m-,st niritn nts uf liblr;ir- sway. I i an trcuirc-nri- r
vs my intention particularly toe touch upon in this des- tuey-tn n "--- "
Patc: before I conclude however. I musr ecipn'e which i1 -itrio..r to r'equ'ire muci cronmiernt, that the rareod'l',
Ido with luch pira'are, the aene I enitlurain olftiJ laud- the choolnwor Iho,, contintine, ilf upwards ofll i
able condec ofthe Lo.gilative Council, aad oflrh Ifrican', hroiiai ini here hy tlis. Nijetv'c slcoonmer Pickle,
My thLre ljasid of Grenada, l having aIre dy adopted hape been laneil oen this IlIanld ansr lca!tled untill the plea- '
m al Of thMa nmmaumr for the anelioration oif the cn- rn is n pein ir
edition othe slave pnpulaion, which have hewn at differ- sered-i iin tIh.( 't **vernmentis .,wn, l x.prfinrlhir
a timig ual to lhem under the pressing raImrmmn- ultimate r'itination.) uion mine lands adjoining the S.uth-
doiIm ofthe CTo oapportd by the unanimous opinion W*'.t flar Tract.
efdth m b a of Parliamet, and enforced hy the gI- On Tuodavy last, we were witness to a Levee held b
mape iomin of public pinin n the mother tuntrv." the Colkrctor of Ili Majesty's Customs, at which even of
It i no, indeed, wilhoul much reer.t, lhat hi Ma-
j srty'sa O saiment have disbarred the dutelf ardi,,e ( ihee uncouth orav'! were ihe dramatic peroem', all of
dt King i disnlow anyenectment proceeding frm, a Co- 'ho e rrr armed with marhc and most pictnresquelyat-
le1ial Lalitmu~ whinh hs so honlourably distinguishetd il tired in blnkts.. As thee new cantilates for court faur
elf i dth iprovemen of the SP~a Code." could not .peak one word of English. it was mtrly ratif,.-

The object of the vialtdlsh-ible kbli ght, ,

the holy horrgqf ytI ,i8,.
iruaoet) hat Mei ba nf1

gest it, ye disciples olfMtpuley repro l. itya sumin,
of our worthy Governser! ,lMem anpseain. i e In ly
thunder of your cannon have been made hewen of wood,
and drawl ur of wlari, Lby King SolumeoaL the mant after
yrewar elartk l I and because theylM ,
all free men, viz. tlal of beine idlk ifi pleaed, they
have been flagged, iwell ogger toue. (tu thei
polite phraseoloy) they were W y Yf~- oi, t" We bg
leave to recommend a letter to His E g cy, writtru ha
the 16th century by the Duke of Buccig1b to Sir aimuel
Bodb, whom the Duke had placed in the Fortre of In.
verlochy,as conunmddant over a body ofb Ltseran, with
which he garrisoned that place, and who was a man very
punctiliousin all the little routine of ltrrison duly; so much
so, that the Cateraus sent a mesamge to the Duke to tellhim,
that they would give up the place to the first onerny whi
should appear, if they were so rigorously treated-wherin
upon, the Duke who prided himself upon his poetic talent,
wrote tile following letter to Sir Samuel Budie.
Yer a fause loon, Sir Sanimel Bwlie,
Ye suld be ca'ad Sir Salmyr. me Boelir,
An ve sy e scart the Ilacks o'ni, ('lleratis,
I'll hang ye on a tree, Sir Saniy el nne Bodie."
As the complaints of die Negroes were not confined to
having received a due quantity of F:il, Fu:'" alone,
but thar there was an insufficiency of froil, and hil1nty of
hard work pullingg large trees and clearing the land), we
cannot ,ut deeply sympathize with them on account of the
horrid, shocking, and barbarous outrage, committed upoa
liiunnity, irlsubjectig them to the dreadful discipline of
lti- cai. They are not aware, poor salerart under what
hIL hl authority they rercive this barburous usage, or dtry
would! iirver rrpine, nor have dared to ask Ditlvynau, the
(ollector, to cal in qumistion the acts of the AroSTuOLI
Si tmr.-A Roum paperred-crrimson to snita cold c liinale.
Enter afetlter with a hge, aikn-ard, slovenlyjfigrr..e4
red farr (to set the paper)--rling eyes, and a shell
stalling rountreance--tralls up udl dower, with hiA
basls sulrr /lis wl-lil.
hands v re o his ot'.
C,',ar ai a Lari-at Illln-.ll. -lanllr wai a *ri't man--
Uliinlapitii wai a a cr at man-I nill a great nmn Ca-sar
iaS Eulloior io llu.ii-.\Alxander Has King of'lacedoan-
lriiinonapairi s Eu il- ll lli II'ntii'! ('-Ea.r ionltquerel'l (inul- IMlxanlder
conquered Peris--Bumnaparte conqimperl CErmpe-and
I--al tin my horue and hinked at lhe HBaitl of Waerhlo!!'
I lyses was a rreat man-he wore the immortal armour of
A.chillt]; I swara lHaintilful Star made of lnutc-limaonil<,
asri lhti as'real one-%! HWolM-) Uasagreatman-he wa sCr-
dinau;aiu; lai uUidinar) ofl'Rsuil Ky! Nelsoln,Ilowle, lMoo',
we.ri- all IIut I-tl) Adlmirali ; and I ant Vice
Ailniirail ,If 1II (G;iinelrrlad I round, and have a rrrsen
nmitd hit, l ,irilp.d b, lit imintrel ith lrrent tate,--Ieautlfid! t
l.-rl Elilo,, was a a-reat nuan-he was Cf'lRanellor of Eng-
lanI : inal I all Chancelloir of tln B.tbyv RiLks HIeron
itI all beai' hi.v hl.n Sitatlm.- ri-teil i the-ir lioniir--aind
lid I nor lik up ni II ini a mi drawing rf'nti window as
r-oon as I caie here I n All e.rat Iien have their toiad-steart,
anll I havell ninr. Yes! certainly!! lamn--aearr maln'!!
(Erit, rery mnich satifitd irith htiumltf.)


'l'r.nnsr, June 21.
"The doors were opened wmn after twelve o'clock, andi
a ihl.r titln<- tihe hii%.t oif tle hiei wuasc killed I, pepr-
i-..- and nldiF.ofdistinctioi, l;n mardr a .phlrndi di.plyy
in llhiir Ctlrt dire.mer and plltnirs. T11W BRelian I'PI)UI e
icirllpi,.d a mall rce on the riclit of tie har, which asm
i.iilt.ti oITli'r luir accommudatlinn. The plate alltteid 1t
lrtnl-r ui a tIhronarel] iit-,'t.x ; and 'llerl prronis it I'
ail T-lliinii ticketis fCrlti the Lrd Steuiiarl'e fifilci wees
:inil]r I 'iin anlmis.ion. l'TP ihneches oftlhe p-eer s''
,,cripied hi, laeliPs, and the few nulle lordl wiho we"
pi-i -nt tw re cnimplled iit sand. At t i o'iirck, the
King, mainificentll rllrted, en!ltr.!t tile hout, iarrcimpnnihd
li mliI rr'st ORiffi .r of1" Sa!ti,alid w ith the IL l foitr liii
r ;,,i,,lpd ihe lhrimv. 'Th ilitni cr (if lih Ilnue- of
C(,mione u.w -r Ithen 'unmmronn in t le ir, and llis Jt
, proce,..'el to rrad ithr fllowince peech which he deli*
v ,red in a firnr and dr-ri,'ed tone.
+I Lord n.rd G'ntilrm'n,
I have avail-d! niviolfflirhe earlier op portunily O
r-sortint, ysour advice andalusistanre, after tie tibsolutioa
of the late Parlianment.
a" Han i had r secure in tllat meainr for the pldrpT
of aceftaril:.iill II s-ne ofnit periple in the


r . i Il-- -- n.

F ;in- h1 l tioilal t hvI inow 4o' rrecen- r *iJllol of Wi tlole R aer. L--Wnh nsOlHRoarle-ti
e itk 1te1e ..,,,,laue tlU 1 rare tentl teo"m at- y, ri we Isaac to aaao.a,4t das of ass dtoaunluI
cc- r,. r ....e -lt ondllhindent that in anyr ineasrticsl which ansl phalathnrplc tesewamis. Helm Ros Es Timm-
1 Lw44tsadjatm ent Vuo will cenfrfeliv ad- day,saaa rneeact. Laplgeae, In the 70th yoar Wl hib @ga
r-aL4sd principles o tlel uoartiendl, ad. iltu. at a deeIace as the silemh s aWd eolauglet Iaa
, .. ve ofi hea Crown, thea ithuri.t of bli a orf lail his ruie ilutomuu end lhal h d bi
o a r a e n 1 f a* VAS ,1.1ingf l-- -. e who hads 1 b W
Irii .it [ ,. l:nmeal, and dte rieglit and hlibernti o llthe l"ly l i(aiho spirit, his ennrled and comprehelnlve vier,
lc 11. sill cured. I 1echting siunplicity of mid. is charity for al who difred
I .i.ljir4ePs of a friendly dilposition, which I con- fr1s lim. and his finness and ncsirtencry in snppotio g il
i., a. toulllt I FunrrieLn Powers, ercourotre the own opinions. could be fully known and appreelated.
L i,. oI lstabiutilingtle civil comuhotions which hli- FI uore thain ilt years le lae the daunti te, nmompro-
E ic aantde ill coc Ills ) itii lg Sd eloqueitIt ailoale t Of tivil and relsOs Ius f tm.
S en ie e p itlititt rI -rt Ie- c it to creed or culo ir ol of all those Itb el i
Sall l e g erul l lac e will be inp olUt iesliii nl'. Ullru, itch hlavi e si e received tie sant-iou of public or
I' .. .i a ,. i .I elb. h hi -I eie Ie.II a n iue, gi|.atie ap ob,, tiii In a letter, Iearly twenty years ago.
t X ,aiinta t dirly ilirectuel. ti thie preset lord Chanrellor. his siws as to the great
iw.'aar-im. hih i have tlakr e pluaIci thil e illireI question of reflor i ere unfolded, and will be found in many
,,f l i. ' i' t ti ,e brout rI ciit to u riaI i-in i; but ijortlut reiqpert to cormrepoed with the bill now before par-
e, ~il. i .':-r. enim- tl rniteine's to s.t-t ble i ii e l. lilanent. Nl t less the object of his later eertios was the
l, I ,s.-ale ", e r ipe .ltiltlllliares lle .,l I.II .nL-- l in lesei- to ameelcor'ate the system of prison dicipllne, ad to
Ih, I unt .'i. *.. .L c londonl. The priip e i ts ii pres upoui tholte i authority ltht Iher great aim should
be t ilhe re: rllla lou rather than the putuishment of the crinai-
:,. .. i .-. be- b.e ot euvic d, lia., It-i. "li In- tll.-Tlher nioral courage and integrity of mind which it requi-
:erli .I, ; '!I !e* right uofl tI people I. ofilmlI IIIe it re-ul:Ite- red ti ma.ineaiin his opinions in hrlier, life, ran only be fully
llh i!,:l: o.l i .trli n, ean t to e*sla lish Ithl l (;lOeVt'lllIunI l et llll;llt'tl Iliose r h know ite clrcunlstanices in which he
a rulnig iito ra liI twitr i i of what a t IuI- cUIIIed hlis rer in the wrulO. In social inutrcourse
cive to tlleir futulrel welfare andt inieilr]<-eln cnce-, lllicITr thel tlii niil.citv of ll n rllinnern, his courtesy and kindness to
,,1l condition, satictioned bl the pr |ia elinee-1s of uils, anid all, and his altectionate interest in the welfare of his friends.
,lllnded tl nc the piri]n, iIl- i ublir l w, lliic, lm IIe te.,rci e ic have 'iIt an imprebslon nt to be effacedl and ial example,
wlic h e I i icail ;iasurtil ranllol hbas brell without itl beeirhcial
ol tillht IIII(loubled, thile ,.eIrIiv eil liii lOurllu ig ltdte,. s ul ityurl g .ill|,nce.--i. tred Chronicle.
should noi le enangl:ntereld.
A eiriis stadelic rel-roited reimoneraice- all ielir;tit tiii whis rlorl\ of lh)rby.-lThe umsatnal grandmulther of Prince
hb.ll, rI)nIIeIlle-d Im, al Itst te nrde-r 11 ti aplj'-er heflore Lisbol, will nt in -renlptry Ilent.iid ol ;i fte F rncll staIle lher), who acted so distinguished a part
satielmaction. A proeilit lompiiliance with thlit d.emiiand pre- in the rourt of lilillip V.ofSpain,and wloe list husband,
venteld the i ctl blee e.calil-d to re-e-stalihi mey (liploi.tic relations bon Kinu's of Spain," was Adrian Blaie de T'alklyrano l
will iltce Poirltuiirse (iGojern-enTI t. Prince of ('Cilain. She was of the illustriouas fRmily ol
(;titllentan o fthe llo of Commons, La 'Trerninille, from hlich spruner ls heroic Coutlssm of
I have ordered estinmteli oftlle ex|-isei, otlie current Derrby, .who, in her husbalil's absnrce, defended Lallani
Iear to b: laid before you, and I rely with confidnli ce on Hliou aglailst the Parliamenoary forcrs Tnder General
",,ir loyally and zeal to make adeqtlrate provLchion foler tIIr Fairtax, in 1-44. Th'la the talents of the Princess Orsini
public service, ,as well as for tie furllher aieplicatioul of thIe have drercerlded to Ier grandson few will doubt ; aund it
hsow granted by lie lasst Parleitntenu, salwasc s ke.iriniI i ivw nts t I bIe al lowed that he has inherited her courtly and
theie ccessily l' a wise and wliolemInueI LcunuoiU in eIcr. isitiniatlilu niiannirs, if not all llerhide spiril, her franknss,
bra.lch ouf tle Iplilir expCIdiTire. and her dihil.ntcutedr atachments--literary Gazette.
M.i Lords und (G; ntl nun, Prrsieto fthie unitedd SNttesl.-Therc ha e bt :I (i(rluding
It gi,-s ni .real se alitlicltic lo to tilte tIo %\on, lthlnl ll,. it e pre-ntt) a.cfn lPresidensl Thr Inllal'es of four of thie
lIarL retduiti ,n ofl ltx-est wihl tIcil k Il,] ii. llI ie il inI l il ended in the letters os. The awIes of three of ihel endel
tiel pre.-it u ear, with a s iew t to the r-leef ol tile ialiouriiL' in the letters ss., but neither of these three had a am. All of
clas.ies oflli c' rcninlilv, Iehas nt l.eell atillendid witlh it pro- Thee were nlamred; but three of lhee were childless The
ri eci eIIcIt eel the tll ih-.1 I crc te %seloni oe the only one that had a son. as line of the enrel.
porli,-ilti de IIIb ilcl. r eo t|ite seven mae dead :-a-.nd three of them deed on the
mle-It alllitll.nall ie.l-Lsi ts may be r lquired it supply a p ir lourlth ol July '-lutoi Duly A.4dr.
('l leo iltlicieeetis ocCtas.iet- l by these relnctioetl, naly I-e
ouodil ithout in mtaturial alatiilgutint of ethe counlornis of
my z:u.ple. TO CORRESP NDENTS.
To lhe industry, to inlprv te tlr resources, anai We retrln our best thanks to a Friesd, for his infor-
to matintainll the credit Ill tdie country lon soIendl prilntCiilh-I. r latiolli, and assure him dlat hisu sfiurks will always meet
and on a sfel and listinr leoundaion, will lei at all tine- .
the object ofi iy solic'itui,', inl' ite promotioni l c'whicl I look I With atienlion.
with coulidienc to your eH-allo s (ii-olenriliion. It is will Q uz has Ibeen receivedandnd, when we are nore at
deep) riwlirll tht I hveL to alnnollU.(nc-e, tI you ille rcon)liluaed leisure, shall be noticed as Ie delmerves.
proernse it ;- lierlanidabledi-ilse, to uhich Ists aliention had
been earl dlirer-ced, in thee l..e-lrerT parts oif Leroe>|. Inee-
formationi havliee been moreIn re-'ce.tlv received lli.t i li had l
extendled its ravaies, to porls in i11t Illtlir, fIrln sulellcr t Thi-r-day eveninIg, in St. Mathew's Church, by
thereins i rrealr comellrcial illntrcr rsi i.- illre, ila inioens, thle He-r. *.r.- Sraclihu, Mr. Phrca PEAEc, to Miss
I lihue directed that all tid pre-caIiu.i i shoI ieIl bli take I 'TIIAItINE IHA.I..
while exl-rihee' leas reronelllcndeld i mlT e li.t d Iorlli-tsal fir
guarding ueainlst the intrioluclion ul so dalllerous a Imaladi. DZDI
into hlis country. On Thursdav last, after a short illness, in the 52d year of
Greitl li.itrei lts iiunhappily prevailed in senile dis- of Ili a.e, ('Hapt. TIIOmAs SWEETING, native ul'this place,
tricts, ani luornc parlic(ilarly in a part 'ltid- vilste-r rounl- hIas\ ine a a wife anld M'oen children to lament tie loss of ai
ties of Irelandl, i. rili- c vi hilh, in the lmost pre-ine rac allectionatchusband and fatwlr.
1 have IInot I'sitated to .Iallth rize tiher ,11ilicatiionl i of hei I ._
meransis were ioiiiiudillul\ asvJilaillc- fr ileat piIrpe .. HBut If I 'If Al Yl ( I rW (flml
a'.islance.ofthis ,,ature, i nce,"ri;dlea llv ieiiii' to its amount, 4123034A1t e 1 Q
anil oe oinyI bl I tempO.iarr in its effect. Tli possibilily, -- ,
thereflre, ofintrodullcin ani nilasures which, byv aonsitini 07 Erery perso about ro eare trlh Isladr, aftlrr
the inproveeneu of iiiii u ral resources of the country, I haingi resided threin for the qace oafTHIRT Dlas, mas
may eindl ti preenl the rec rrenrce- ofisuch evils, must ri girt strurity t the Secretary's ice, or pt upkis ame in
asu ileect of lle Ilo.tI aslxlOles interest uto nw, and to you of said Ofe fforrlrFTEgN Dot p r oa to hisdeparhtm r-f-
Ihe 11te.s eLr.rie HIIel meiteniee rcsile-riletieen. Local disur- te which r
bh- ci T1 e tl ais ccilcc-srities, -Least- dtur- ter wLic, at oay time dtsrung roaTl-rlv DAvr, a Ticket
ba(,,,,,. ,,,, ,,llll 'l l ,.,l wil, "),,,l,,.',l C:lll".. har.likrn _lma b' obt e.
illh In i llus part ee tihe l i'ited Ki.idlonim and in Irn-iul. may be obbined.
Inc lbi-. CeonniT o'I latin, anid inl thi,. adlillico pert. .f Ho- NAMES OF PERQONS
co-nllonai (;dl:" a 9n1 i viorlnP an ollae ad ALT TO TAI TICKTers roa DEnAaTUaR.
ceecceceeel a "s-I I 'lwea a"e*vt-iit cl teileitee cIettcary- leald Juice E.e Esaleeth ilarcy
l;,r .,iili- tuinlu Iie l r;irrieOll ln to an allarlinel I e it, lor it l ,b --- Elza rlIh larrn
r,.epr,.-i,,,i ,, 1. I,,h di r -,, icei,,,nal anithorilt ord il lai I sLet l a ,luea, n
leai ls.,n rieiir.llsly anld si lulceely e rnel. Byv the-. i- ih Ele. or Cargill
me.ins ther nece.-titly IIf -lartintl new laws to istrncliren the "i . Chales Wellsi
Exectivs-e (Givernmeint a il tliurtlr ipowrn a ill, I irust, 2lh Manuel Arcun
he prevented. TI avert .crh a nece-'itvy lia IhIen, and 'tl Jaime. Black
ev-,-r ,il IH-, nn Ieeta earnest Idelire; il i iil hold u- .- Andrew HmnpnisM
r,,rt.iiatel? alrl ,, I, do lot d ubtlll i,.nr lirln ronhliolin t,,
linainilh prar erear l ceroil ;,.eleciic ,i1r itr. a!i e"plie n of ASSEN.IERH BAILED.
Anileiti ier pa- re n e-',,r-d 'or'ie', I- l t Ie i a cui s f In II. I. e'-hr. Pinrher -la-Irt Oenbum, of this town
lrhectione as ain Is-. rPlleir lrlir llt eital and 1Ir. T'Ihonpon. of Port MSil. Jasmaica.

Tle,-e who are ahl tlo anpreriral, he st tnpglh of woman
frl'nc..lidllii nols n ol o, m.nna.llr Io iifna ;inld scllilYt viii.
will I. crvel. bul n t l. rprei.l. tolearn tlha MI i. Frerell. i e

i ite. iee, w i 1 h e ,,rll- lln i Ti l. f ,Ih' -. ue 11 qlrl.tct, -ld. lYsltA i .
ni., It,,.mi t.e h ,i h, .l l, i c.... .:i,. ..| |,s he ,., I HI I- --
.sif,.,ril e lT "h sl . l Ih Asu.gust-)H. M. schr.. Kangakeo, B. a
nelfrar. in leer lele epe-lll iiin er 'lire. allel the tries CLE 4RED,
f o w eioen te her ,l, | cI ac!, r. 1,, en, Iprne. frene ,h a CLEARuD,
ir i a.i. ,,I. ,o eln i ,I c l t ,l ,, ei an. fr,, heh m fIth ichr. Blossom. Clarke Jaminkir
o.eieons, ,i the sex --fhir. . lI h Sloop Jane. Cnas n, Turks Islands

h eeli. eer SAILED,
h'.l,,I f ril, al.d r nl p:"itriol. le father of te th H. M. hr. Pacher, IA. Tollocs, Jamaic
("nh it;i I f h l"-i uc. I1. lahlb.r de lPon rp res. died at Paric . sc. hr. AricL. L. Farrani. Peacol
on i oop JaI I CrIino. Turks Islands
.. letrp Janc filou- Turks Islands

Wr Up HY Gf15C I a @0, s-me
O ~ Mande nsttb I ad t, *
At 1Oe o s A. L.
Wll be sold at the Vendue Home,
25 Barrel Pbiladelplin fresh Flour
SO Bags Flint Curn
Rice In Bags
11 Barrels Jamaica Sugar
A few dosen London Brown Stout
2 Case Pickles assorted
6 Kegs ea. Tongues
Barrels Mackarel
Soap and Candles
A Bale of Merchandize, consisting of,
Ginghams, Canllets
Verr fine & very Extra black Cloth
Sliatiin J asn
SoIcng Silk stripe for Dress
Quilts, &c. &r. &e.
A very Suart Charger with a good Saddle &
TERMS-Cash before removal of Properly.
August 1llc.

On Monday, the Imh Septermlbr next,
At = O'Oloofe. M.
Will be sold, without reserve,
That plelasantly situated House and Lot in Bay RAos,
at the corner of Culnier Street, at parent occupied by
Mrs. Elizabeth Watmon. A Plat of te Premise will be
lotl at the Subh ribenr' rtMore fbr inspection.
Terms-Six montnll cre-dit front dt day of sale,te per-
chalter giving apllroved Sectrily.
August (Il, 19:1 1.

On Mioday, the t2d Auaurt inst.
At L O1'loeck, .
Will be old, (without reserve, ) the f allowing valuable
Property, s lllete on St. Snlvsdor, vit:
A tract calkd MoritN Nir.l.N, near the Ilask's Net.
T'Are adjfonMg Tracts, owmed-
Lucar MotnrT, MOUNT VIri and S Mar.. Hors.
And Three other Tracts-
One la- tihe property iof Mr. Munroe ; one knwr n by
the nan1e of SAII.on'* HiTnRAT, Iand onu' comnmnly called
A valuable Tract situate on Watling's Island, called
Mo'NT "InohpErTr.
A full description of the above Lands will be given It
the time of ile.
Term -Thlnre months rredit, on giving security.
July 2d--INl.


H A VING liard l tIhe aIilze ot anl, ACt Ithr iale of
IMer IerrelI of sueMrliine F'lour, Orderedn, that the
lbilling" Loaf do seigll 2lbs. Ka.., and the- ixlpinny Luaf
lib. l4z. By urilr .'f the irtlr.
D1)A ID SPI'N' &, Vestry Clerk.
VEaTRv RooM, 2d Auclum, IKill.
TIE 1i SlBSCHIBER,' Illsr l.-sireus so mettlesal de-
ti mands against hiln, rirnes.lyi r(equi'st all Persons ia-
debird to him to make immediate payment, to enable Ime
to effect the asunr, and to prevent nplrasantesu.
Na'sau. lblh August 1.1'1.
EHNONS still remaining indebted to the estate odhe
late Dr'n j BLAin, deceased, are required to maik
immediate Inmynent, as the subscrilbr is inrructrd to due
that estate without delay. All urrounts unliquidaled ea dhe
lit of Slptember neat, will be put in uit.
July .f1, InlI.
UIE SUBSCRIBER lt-i'ng Hnxieiou to iquidate all
demands arminst hime, earnestly releists al persaa
indebted to him tI mrttle their accounts without delay,--
am to prevent unpleasaint trouble.
He hau on hand a large asirlinent of Dry CGods, Hard-
ware, &r. ie. which he offer for maJ at very rudied
pricrr, for cash omly.
Ii IlM Hse and Lot on the Bay, with Furniture, k.&c.
will also he old on reasoniabk terms.

27thlJuly, 1ift1:


F IIE UBSCRIBER. intendingl I r eave bthe mr
in all .November nextcalkl o all te to wI he
may be indebted for their r pciMw deemanl; sasd Iisea
indebted to him. he rernestly reuents, will selde de sam
by the end of September eaniing. o enable him meet
the demands aegins him, and all accounts remakiag u-
paid at that period will be ed for idiscriTmialyh.
20th Joly. IK1i. ROBT. WIEB.

_.m. t Q

rrz7 rTV-]
4A .


= .... i

*ti d. .r. Ia In d t- -n pmt f To, wo -
_q ,i,_ 6ad a- may a g Old, added, ,,
= W kilor o o, ni d dMad dma by rdo y 5t!

a A wm wm id W F m Ie mad a tb daz whale of theme i low ade

aS t No. 7, had a kyh emt hante vd e b ao aand my d ior Awnd qnvu at adte rsdi, laed onti youthful Mary ; and imphed by thn feem l
eot, bb i d Ji0 .As and ing, m elbow manoeuvre wans Bist fuiry which beauty iend failN toeaci te every ha aInd m&
a en a c i n oalmoa is aeta -ccurreac, brought into action, and in their endeavour to keat them- ayers for her future welfare end nppIneo SheU
I n met peeled fAor a s direetd my selves more coveniently, my cscursed freight jolted from now at age when feminine ovele i perhal ai
sa, a owa rd tie adamstand, as the market pce, one mide to the other till I bought my knees would have aittractive. it i not tcha be rupsed, inf thatl in
whlr of ae.a a l et with oiet. h, gh fast locked ibrken down under theirbuthen. One would imagine sistent he charm a trined 0 th
In h fette ,f ileep. In th hal, lay stretched and an.- dl n s ta anu-rous society I should have been warnt maturity whih the yferw gained b were, u
rdg, the lude corps of the honorable compu y of edln I ud, ye no ic.lou eser was colder. At every step i red nt, oahnl Mary lore aci been e stomlled fbeon
larme; nil on a bench ear h wall, lay, a. usual, Ihe that uA r bearers took, the icy mel s of putridity before me, jeciltud that m ary's uty hOe Ie o e d r beyond
sloping grdian of the night. Without troubling myself hook itogetlir-oy Ileh creep even now at tho rec- i real meris nd it cannot e adeni p ut mny r
muh nhoul my roinpniians I ge uy opened ed m en- election. TIme roinipair, gawing merry, iegn to sin g- aatd eronaeou noios inist re lveineg I But that lm
crept into the corner-aid stnp much i sooner for" he anid with aiga, sill thou tae I hal alue rdeuar cote atice p utsss beud in pre-minentldq theater in
oud wine having Ilone its good ice" on me. ia our gae r obut wihat airs! what tutu. On he corul pse i sixteenth ye t her ctlarm s ripIen nted by tl WI
I ha slept he a very short ie al n I hleardt it strike bore me sen medl to be a leading singers; his soul amoing, unanimous declaration of all contemporary writer. It
twelve; the watchma now arse, ad blew a bleat upom0 ber-re,.diug treble, i undled smuetding like scraping sl only however, by carefully gathering together hints scatter-
hi hor ha thrilled through my every serve, and sang:- e l ; he stave wsm of the following jyous d here t ud there, that ny accurate dea can be formed tf
Lse t--iao bntiaan of the n eight. Without trubell, imporlok t:-- die lleh crment of ae countenance ehich has ro lung ceased

crept i welve. baar new toldfin i nts k .nel r" how gli w the deadly ine, il exist, e in te fanalrdy cy of the enent ,ua Genonerally
g Ad mdnihil gn he its l Tp rii. our toi he bony lipa a w.n king, Mary's features were more Grecian than Roman
Scare the tired sense, with wild alrights. And arranged su spec line, tough without the insipidity that would have attached
Now dclw your eyes. in peace and rest. Our joyous numbers Irp. them, lhad they been regular. ler nose exceeded a little
'Till morning rays allum the west: ec-.aueteiie at hie side, the Grecian proportion in length. Her hair was nearly of
Prnse Uod the Lord! The glustly lover woos hs bnde; the same colour as James V's. darkyellow, or auburn, and,
A s aonal thiee Is blew his horn, mad the sound re-echoed H blst sepulchn.l masac rowing, like his, clustered in luxariant ringlets. Her eyes, which
fearfiullv through the ulI Town bhoa; the storm bowled dca'" the dawning ida frua growing. some writers, misled by the thousand blundering portraits of
terrilil.y, and tle rain patteed against the panes of mv To die latest hour of my existence, I shall retain a vivid her scattered every wherr, conceive to have been gray, or
dwelling. In spite of th injunction of the wstrhman 1, recollection ol tdis auricular martyrdom. After a ride of blue or hazel-were a chesnut colour-darker, yet match-
opeu.l may eyes, and beheld bi advancing towards tie about halfan hour, during which, my situation was more ing well wi her auburn hair. lHer brow wa high, open
) other end of the market-place, where he stopt i re;oeat hi. horrible dha I can depict, our conductor sopped at ano- and prominent.-Her lips were full and expressive, the
Sson ad ocrasionally from itnrl ut si .t, till hi voice other churchyard; the door wu now opened, and as each lip of the Starts generally were ; and she had a mal
dind yv in the distance. At thi moment I was seihd pssud forward to escape,a terniic squabble ensued ae- dimple on her chin. Her complexion wa clear, and very
with s inrdfinable sensation ofdread. I would have run twuen th cargo and my two anendants, probably about the fair, without a great deal of colour in her cheek.-Her
after he watchlman, he tihe rain dnesrred me. He, too, fare. A third time I trained every nerve to call out, but mother wa also above the common sle. Herpenu wal
mi.lh h ie suni s mshbing else then exaclly af thai fear it wtas maolutelylmpousib le; atengh, however, their quar- fiely prportioned, and her carriage eacedlnu- y rnceY
f [ul Ihmil oflhal-i- rl seemed to have been adjusted; the chairman abut the and dignified *
** bell. i,1.s 1 o yaws and grave yield Sa th dead door, still grumbling, and I wu again, thank God, alone--
I did n.t fGel at all comfortable. I ws, notwithsanding, could once more breathe freely-and by degree became Mesesmy, Castelsean, Brantome, Thianm, ChalmeslMiu
just amol,,t nele myself ep again in La earner, and ones warmer. My conductors took their way through the gate Benger.
more c,,r any eyes, when they lighted on two, tall, -e- back in, and I became more eay in the rflection Modem Discoverie and lPrresmenis.-I can offer no
gre I;lrm., whom I immediately reloga d b their garb tt, consonance with old habis of ood order, they conjecture how many ol Hren a fifty-three discoveries and
as chaire.n. Then was something myterous in their wod probably replace the char in its oritgial nation; mentions are at present in m anaongst mankind. The
m, .nim., a. a if they were consulting on matters of grave but. to my stonmiaent and terror, I now r became wonderful improvement in the rapidity of pricing, and the
imlor-',l their discourse I could understand nothing- "aw that the tsie of ay conductors was rapidly enlar- invention of copying instrument, have nade his double
r i ndi to ne in te chair, something e Instantly theisturs became moe exalted, the ir e nece y; e ditoveriesof Arkwi have
1,i 'i r s ia asu a to m e n t cair aiir- i n on aeri al an ti we r strides n ore gigantic; and I pan oaneces aary ; tlf ediscoveriesof A rkwrl gh have su jar-
hi i t.- i si,. i,,. ie ,,, by a brush wthen drawn over dU r- lrn n n n s more ; ad his ribbon monhua; th ua .engine of Ju, 'u
'c,r, f. la....I .if pale*r. I was rm,aid,.ering halt might Ie could we distinctly into I first or of the houses of the will pup mre ribbon er in live nlinule than ore.m's bo eo-
tdw result Mi ii,,s whlen thoy suddenly ised hod of the street through which we were passing. In the square gine would in an hour; a steam packet will am ripal h
chair, sa.I ma.,rhdel off. I oughtl now indeed to haver lkld where sands the nmunt of our late lamented monarch ew ways of ailing ; a line-ofbattle Aip o the days of
out to dmnl, but pIlrtly from a curiamity to ldirover thec lcalu their foems became really terriie, and as he foremost ialm the Furth, would blow l don of thb fir-rates
of this singular noturnal rumble. and partly front a fear of strde est, he swept the statue rom i. pedal with him of Charles the Seconld' tinae to the moon ; the harbour of
being riuihlv treated for mv ,hlbraiiveness, I was induced coal, with as much apparent ae as if it had bees wa Ranalge and tlw breakwater of Plymouthconquered from
to l in m d In tie next slret, I could, without difc ulty, wk Ih deep n a Iv the geniusand skill ofl ennie, are finfnel
.t attract their notice; but how great was my astonishment inrl the third ltair of othe ous we were aming, nd on nice n any thin he
on ,ih.a.rvin that a hears were carrying me in unary- reaching lo under ofl the Hoyel ty contemplated ; their easier
illg ircles round tihe market pdace, dough at every turn altitude of tel chur c-clock ; my bearers having Icronnie a ofti o t thae fihing" would have small chance beside ei e
th.v rcnlractdl the space they that the as ttenuated as d conductor. Here all ca,. aou,.sct ,.a. i,,, w lar l ala ediet ways ofaltacking and car-
usual Imhvy-sounling Ir.nd of Ihe clhirnmenrn wa chanpgd lft ne, and what larIlwr Iecanme af nie, I know not. ()1, LI'aia-ar1 s of I: i, .aedic.oa aysu" ofl tacking and car-
fr a naimeless, 1liI ilre issr. I Leaked out to a' wha-thr r tring nistoolt I isv III iii' chair w h in iia tarts' tat i( sear I itt.)
for a n,. ron.., liliesi p bace. I looked out to whether roving msll, I ly .. tl, chair hich ..i in r Ii i, r' ti,,l, battering, breaching and storming of Ba-
they had nsa ,Irman aff their bauts, but I was soon convin- old pIl.. It was aa r4t'.I'.v ind-day ; I thlerfali ala iIIn a dozen dayn. No cenveyan es of the days oftla
red hy thr ,'sidlnce of nlyeyes tha their heavy boots,. en rpt out of my f'arhdl ilan'iaetl, ai luckily evc-- :alr l Ila ilat e hall al~y ca re of overteaking a tele|gra-
In unisn wil tl rt if the customnry apparel of h ed unobsled. My friends to lm I related i, a,- p l h; nor would the sA cches eier Th'Iir v,.ovliion. now beame gradually rowe venture, said, Ihat lind dralen 'd-t-hal I lhad lIhn ' B rs, ,,; t. ,rin ,f ll, Hlol Sorietv hase teen forei-
S anl I, in l.- s.iai...i prl1orti.n, moin andtu m aX d excil ed hy li. nil. ic are-bui ti n, it has alas,,d i,,a a,;.,l,. rte to the twele i, ile n hour c aiils of his ilmjee .
At lenth IIw .l.ivt.p. wanting, under the lamppost which gilar, itat lr II' t ale I I I next a, i cot had a iH ialtoi-I nothing oi ah sn coaches ,f
.teals in the milddlle i,' rtie m:aket placnd and as once ell am N is vt ead lain in a gro ; *and that Il ,, a. el ,.1 l a a.aa n no t thie te a s
Wait Ionc L Ha(ilsay. Yet ve nlUst not think, inammllcn
more greed b, those .,w, haomrs somd, which I hve .storm aull a la .ers night have thre n down dthe stakls of ,1 we I.e1i. ni i ula m. i illlisnn t t ork sith U
already mentioned, and it was only by din of the most at- the king from its pedestal. J. I. F. Il u, conequenlly his laburs were vain or unncew -
tentive lining, that I could distguish the following The following decription of the marriage of Mary, lr. Invention yields to invention, and man inproves
vWi : Queen of Sots, to the Frnch prince Fancis, is extract- on mn in all things whicl lie within the dominion of in-
W e he mmed tfhe Mio de the es s genuity and labour. It is otllherwu in the realm of imagi-
We aar the at t ia ed fm Bell's I brd oman nation : English poetry has not risen since Shakepeara
Thes we ary the fald the sl The marriage for which so many preparations hsd thins and Milton.-Family Librar XIX. Lis efAriestcfd.
The hob ad hi embsesle unasim been made, was solemnized in the church of Notre DI)sr,
'Yoeder we carry-o d fro' the ceremony being performed by the Cardinalof Bourbon, A sailor was brought in by Baron Nab'er, for aaultirg
Not *ad our leou e'rr n l haew Archbishop of RHuen. Upmn this icranion, the festi iit s and beating a French barber. The man of conbIs sa
At thi moment a mist Ioand befn my eye-I eadae- were graced by the presence of all the nmst illustrious Iwr. ncrlinr irous stated : De gpntlenans, air, comes inte
sourd to tbou--bu although I d thuia utoam exertion, sonag of the court of France; and when Francis taking n shop for have his hair dress. Vel he set in de sha;r,
I could not produce a smad-I fkt as if palaid ad ea- the ring from his singer presentled it to the archbishop, ho and I suppose he nius look bettair for cut of a littel hair.
ebhMd- my itusatio dmprs a ape ofel- prr bouncing the benediction, placed it on the young queen' i u I cut off very littel, and de gentleman. (here curling-
wiBy oud I epect from the pia, (r that y were singer, the vaulted roof of ue cathedral rung with conar- i iroati pulledd up his ees, with a signifcant shrug) de entll -
mperweaall beLus I could no lerdoubt)ah chair-. tulations, and ude mullttude without rent the airwith j, hil man., sair, he cry out, 'diable sat you do vi nmy hair'
men who during hi mortal career ana nod for their outs. The spectacle was altogether one of the me t ain i .\Ad ln he beat me, and hr break mny hed ; and den I
rutality After a hha hl, they recmamm d their march potng which, even in that age of spectacles, had itri f came here, so yo u nel teach hin hletlair nannair."-
a he sI n am amthy pam, dSam bw am y rwem I cam- men in Paris. The proceruin upon leaving the churn h, "Bucllr manners is it," said the aidr. "\ hy, y ur olir,
ao now tell, foi r Sfe alm depo rid m aamy manrs. proceeded to the palace of dwe archbhishop, where a nume- I went into this liblier's shop to get n hair lied tp a ih',
We cme to the lowa gs-il opm -a my cooduc- nificeat olleaion was prepared,-larre,, as it mused alotir and the first thing I knowed he as rutting off the very
aw km r me directly raurdh-4be Lchymen Iwa in ing proclaimadamongthe thename ofthe King hair lthe (Gd of nation gave ni.. Jest look (holding a
a fer rof exritesmse. They an mer reached this dei- nd Queen of Scots. In thie afltrnoon the royal parus rn- quantity of loose hair,) Ie theI. disfgurennt he made.
esd spot th heey sapp-d, and I and thir accused turned to the place of Tournelle-Caharine de Mediris And thn I sung out,-blood and thunder says I, whet
v mi a for the third time. The opened the door, as if and Mary aiing together Id the ame palanquin, and a arn you doiigi And then the blackL rd ys, wys he,
wltdag or omeon-I edeavoured o embrace thi op cardinal walking on each side. llenrv and Francis fellow. I'm going to make vou look like a handonne nn. Think
poerMtaty to esape, or to cAl at, but my e th ha to- ed on horseack, with along line of prince and princesses o'lhat a man, avs he! Clewlin and buntlins!
ly deasted mn every limb felt panlyed. A now in heir train. The chronicler of the onuptial is unabl- The Ihblier mist stays that tinm, any how. It was all a
a h bklgion of siilar hdal swaramd around my con- to conceal his rapture, when he describes the manner in joke your honour. "A handsome man h I I jest asked
delse, ad one after ameher, prang i upon m, appe- tbhich the palace had been prepared for their reception. I him to et up the loose rigging, and then he goes for to cut
retly ma more remarkiag my presence than if I had It whole appearance he.tna us, was "light and beautiful I it awl y. Avast there. savy I; none o' your tricks upon
rmad part of the cuahio. The Irt tht feDl upon Ime a Elysium." Iurine super which was on a marble table iravellers, says I. And with that I only knocked him
e a cold. heavy carcam tha might have been buried, at i the great hall, the king a hand of'one hundred gentlemen' dow n, and that's the whole don't "
Ai about threedays. Thought horror and digit poured forth delicious strainsof music. The member, of After examination ofother witnesses, Jck wa ordered
weai dh destroyed me. Th'n rame a cuntles myriad parliament attended in their robes; and the princes of the to pay 3 fille, and tle colts. Jack aid he did not mind
ofthearkletonsof the defunct, al cnrwding into the sadan, hlool p-rformend the duties of the servitora-tlie Duke lof tih p. efrer, for he was martin that he knocked three dol-
as ifilt l beesthe ark of Noah. At length, to all appear- (uier acting as niater of ceremonies. The banquet con- lars wornlh ut of the laternr, ,IIu then his cue-wahs and
ance, the whole of te inhabitants of the churchyard were chaled, a series of the most magnificent "sks and nmn- holy itones,-what would Sal say I--Bosto Trcswript.

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