Group Title: Bahama argus
Title: The Bahama argus
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Title: The Bahama argus
Alternate Title: Argus
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: George Biggs
Place of Publication: Nassau Bahama Islands W.I.
Publication Date: August 10, 1831
Frequency: semiweekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 16, 1831)-
General Note: Latest issue consulted: vol. 5, no. 47 (Dec. 26, 1835)
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030303 mosu. jgui WWNUDA~Y. AwUskT am 15T1. VOl 51. V1.


wasme emm -wapaesn.

Ulgb 111alale Pdt RP-h! alvad

The day had men, the Council'd met,
The Senior a the board was set,
He, who for orety years had been
Their honoured Chief,--mot jt I ween;
One of old Coach-towns friends was he,
At leat wa always deemed to be.
With honest warmth, he thus addressed
Hisjunio:r-" I do now pritelt,
'Gtinst what you all this day lare seen,
Most disrspectful it hath been,
Towards those whom policy should teach us,
Not of iU-manners to cause t' impeach as."
We're told that'monstg the holy twelve,
Vne Judas proved a naul sln e:
'Twasjust so at this council hoard,
One paltry minion of his lord,
Among his compeers held his tongue,
But, cur-like, with the news he run
When next, at passing of accounts,
(The belt men have their paramount, )
he insuler thuo the chief addresl'd,--
To you of thank. I give my beZ
For your sage mode ofreprehension,
Of what you have no comprehension!
Zounslq, sir! I beg from hence you'd know,
You have, in me, a setted foe."
Aghast' Struck back, at such rebuke.
So cross, uncourteous. the Chief did look-
I.,ke one who having broke the laws,
With hempen cravat neathh hisjaws,
Was iust pir*parnif tor a flight,
To realms of an eternal night.
Iis Junio.s crern-fallen, in arase.
IlHnn down their heads in vacant gaze.
Nor couli the sage and honour'd bnard
Assistlheir chief round th' incensed Lord-
Like Caliban hv I'nrsbro bound.
In wzar;l' spell, they stood around,
Or. like a diarmn'd. defeated hand.
Met bv red savage. arms in hand.
Appall'd bv tomahawk and knife,
Dirconsolate. they pray fir lie :
With Iilent looks. they all implore
Mercy of IEDn-sal on Coulicll floor.
Then let us all. ye Conchs, now join.
And with our hands, our hearts and coin,
'Cailnt PArAMiOt'T and cua unite.
Till whence they came, they take their flight.

Bir Knight. I am puzzled to death,
Alas! Pray gie me advice;
Neither day nor night can I great,
Decamp I cannot in a trice.
In Naiau, I'm watched by a Sead. and
Lackey is calls me at times,
At other, a damnable elf, and
Netting together my crimes.
Despair my hopes has clouded for fem,
Stuap'd u I am with an odious nae-
AN A88.

Prv it Caur Jmrws.
The speeribetal aquadrom, a it is tered, wrhih is abo
to depa from Peramouth under the command of VIce-Adm
ald Sr Edward Codriegto, G. C. B. ai the Af asnl mam
eat of y asuar magninde which ha aft oa shs- sis
the oemaui that p de the gallant and ncofal an"
made aAlis by Loe Vmcouat Einouth. 8e m-oi
miry am kdly fil of gig rine to speeariona eteda
mech beyond e amie s eanse for the outft; for t isL
asy to e asaihd withe id that, ln these trying dme
demand for matiol economy, a inimity, so deve ly a
rse allo d vg te imudm the people, w ndd le I
Ipmm a u ari thin mame muer la e ai el
olely r ts ob&Jm o *fa -e'iOes fL-m e ia ile t I
eaely puwne d. We all oaoMet o n a it ahe
l. asear r m and undoubtedM vlaa the. p"d c hi
dim the sendig forth this formideble andI i a
meat at the preset riach wl po hi I s N lts traly econ
cal, bean calculated ian as mioet de e to seen co
saloe d heerilss. It will. in ashortbe fued to be a me=sa
wiaeaeeaemalve, and essentially pacific. Weare well asun
that ao mporitaes asl are at present taken, with respect to i
teoansl matter by the Cabinets of France and Eaglan
which is not one of full and intimate cordiality and coneurrenc
We further nbheetasingly predict. that the rational liberal
all Europe will fnd henceforth that steady and irresistible us
port which the two most civilized and powerful monarchil
the word are bound to yield therm-while the despots and itr
en the one hand, and the eaarhst on the other, shall be


____.-.--- i-^^

tsepeemed wih tho .h the id so my athsa smg adl* pop
Tle iy og is a ibst th ths hdy iU ed fa, The leSnv ,hs tho whrle
Slhmy te s ,~ ed W _,il l pt Neme,'. etb s to Pm e. k,
ibry. we nthe1 I akb *, sd m -t pv y S
myr ouheld w td pese. No mater. mIt hb ea to
b en be ia ebajefa,
adaomuai aor abs1. e m d s doT to I AdhMu d in t P Plm-n s-It is mated i a smen
mean. French publcaemo th, m d thme emae of a l tom a of
VIeoAdmaniral Sir E. Codesiag- thme huge mu of Egyptim aidquly. a Fre&ch lleo-
Caledoesi, 1 toaG. C.B. man, M. PeMr, Meglcted to follow the cmme ofli Arnb
Capilacursmo. ride, and oa Imprndeady taki ni u O i drecdion,
Prince Regent, o iral Per. ound himself rapidly ki; ll made frightful
BPince Regent, 1 d C Saia Duadu. deMcent of bhout saxty feet. He had fallen into a avity
Britanoia, It, expected daily fromthe Meditera- eha r bling adry whre he ramid in
Asia. 64 C Parker. total darkness, not daring to tir, under the apprebeaion
Revenge, 7 Hellyar. ofencountering a lower deep till He ws able to feel the
Wellesley, 74 -4-Rowley. sides of tlua cavernous abyss; but, on trying to rane him-
Donegal, 76 Dick. self, he was quickly constrained by the inaecity of the
Talavera, 74 -- Colby. stones, to ferego all movement, through the additional
Barham (s) 50 Pigot. dread of being crushed at once, or ele of being mudluated
Alfred SO Maunsel.
Dublin r J. Towshend and buried alive underneath. The Arab, in the meanwhile,
tag, 4 Sir T. Trowbridge. contrived to descend, by supporing hbiself agim the
Curaao, razee -So Dunn. aides of the cavity, but, In doing so,detached several tons,
from a frigate, -Dun which indicted on M. Pstrel some violent conmions. The
With various smaller vessels I yet commissioned. Arab at length eised him, dragging him upwards with a
violent and deperao grasp, heele alike of the wounds
Habits of a Man of Busines.-A sacred regard to the caused by the sharp stones against which be ddahed hint,
principles ofjustice, forms the basis of every transaction, and of his own breaddeal condition. The rescued sufferer
and regulates the conduct of the upright man ofbusinem. revisited the light of day in a pitiable sate, having one
He s strict in keeping his engagements-do nothing care- shoulder and several fingers dislocated. sundry wounds on
lealy or in a hurry-employs o body to do whathe can his fare, two teeth knocked out, and his whole prnn
easily do himself-keeps every thing in its proper place- bruisd and injured. He at fit reproached hi guide for
leaves nothing undone which ought to be done, and which dte apparent brutality that had accompanied his succour;
circumstances permitted him to do-keeps his designs and but the poor fellow oon convinced him that he would have
business from the view of othere-is prompt and decisive been infallibly lost but for this desperate alternative;
with his customers, and does not over trade for his capital- for there was, in fact, another cavity below of unknown
prefers short credits to long ones, and cash to credit trans- depth, into which the slightest motion or the slightea delay
actions at all times, when theyeanbeadvantageously made, might have caused his prcipitation, without hope of ever
either in buying or selling-and small profits in credit cases, re-ascending. This explanation, it may be readily believed,
with little risk, to the chance ofgreater gains with more ha- convened the reproaches of M. Pastrel into lively epres-
tard. Ile is clearand explicit inall his bargains-leaves aions of gratitude towards the poor Arab.
nothing of consequence to memory which he can and ought TAe er-Due of Borummick.-The ex-Duke of Brune-
to commit to writing-keep copies of all his important let- wick, finding a constitutional government excessively en-
ters which he sends away, and has every letter, invoice, &c. pleasant to live under, h left Paris to d congenial s
belonging to Iis business titled, claused and put up in order ciety at Madrid. His habi were of a very princely
-never allows his desk to be confused with many papers H ed
lying upon it--s aiwavy at r0 heart of his buainem well dayn ulnignhie apartment and the peel urioft1%.
knowing, that if he leaves i, it will leave him-holds it a night playing for crown stakes attheadruon. Hisa swert
a maxim, that he whose credits suspected, is not safe to be happy to e the lat of hi, and ad great difficult in ob-
trusted-is constantly examining his books and sees through airing ymentl
all his affairs as far as care and attention enables him--ba- ining
lances regularly at stated times, and then makes out and Outragrs of the Leark ReHoluhtinits.-Thedisgrace-
transmits all his accounts current to his customers and con- ful, cowardly, and brutal behaviour of the Friends of Or-
stituents, both at home and abromd--avoids as much as der and Reform," in the gallery of Lanark Kirk, could on-
possille, all sorts of accommodation in money matters, and ly Iw equalled by the savage barbarity of their conduct in
law suits, where there is the least hzardl-is economicalin the streets. No gentleman's life was safe that had voted
his expenditure, always living within his income--keeps a against tlr Reforming candidate. They were driven, un-
memorandum book with a pencil in his pocket, in which hoe der a shower of stones, to take refuge in the Inno-there
notes every little particular relative to appointments, ad- were regularly invested by the rabble, and not till after the
dresses, and petty cash matters-is cautious how he he- Riot Act had been read, and the cavalry called out to
cones security for any person, and is generous only when clear the streets, durst the adherents of Colonel Douglas
urged by motives of lhuanitiy. make an attempt to escape. Various carriages were do-
molislNdd, and a number of gentlemen received, from the
A late London paper givie to its readers the following stones thrown at them, very serious injury. One elect of
description of a Hottentot, at the Cape of Good Hope. thi and of similar exhibition has been, however, ofa be-
i fot of or r neficil nature. The pure and honourable mind which
We copy it for the amusement of our reader:- have supported Reform, from a conviction that some chane
A Little Good Advice.-There is a singular Hottentot in the representative system had become necearary from
at Graham's Town (Cape of Good Hope) who goes about the altered circumstances of the country, have recoiled with
giving advice to his fellew-citizens, but too often, a the disgust and horror at these displays of brute force and lc..
Cape Adertiaersays, without heing regarded:-" Go,"ex- gl intimidation. Feeling as gentlemen, and aa lower
claims Pie, go tochurch. I don't care what church you aw and order, they have expresed, ir no measured terms
go to-the great church, or the white church, or the yellow of indignation, their disapprobation of the foul ad amo-
church. I give you perfect liberty, for I am free myaelf, ciout system which their own pany have organisd, ad
and white by the ordinance without the aid of pipe-clay brought into active play, to accomplish their peitical auds.
And mind what is mid to you-don't steal; that is ot fit They behld wihi their own Court-within a Hall sf'j
for gendemen. Yo loae by it. You stole the te oi-withi a Clr dedicated to God, a faul atem
wagonchain, and he hasgot four ozen for i. Jew smtsa o urdera felow-bel, who w exercisaga ciale
aadMr. Ward are the hind oxen. The twoaergans are lI right. We my ai m pa to sma der, for the mi
the leader. Mind what I speak. One wife is enough. If dichared wai calcminu d a idl death; amd the pma
st you have two or three wives, one says' bring in the caps whoe it truck the Hem. Charm Dalg at ast shews
i- for breakfast another,' no, bring the platters f,' ano- the adly purpose of l do mnD who ahmed it.
- their, wheree is the Imaur-dish, you Iay Heanteustr give Agas mth b Zb i l mn ds m
' -d advice. Don't go to the cantee, my brothers; bramn- mI-arly rw-, I 41 *1 a e a faiw w
a dyinotgood forburgherm. AN the pipe-clay in the world have command dhlmilM tm e wir the ob, l nad m
S won't make you white if you get hdlma Rice water is bet.- Asik r si wle Ib, hi lt mm he ever soa me
et a If you goo the magirase' houee, wherwho receives gemaal ea il p de the am of m
ef company, he will give it to you. It wd m make you aio' ilJiM 3 raB5igH d hle,, a dveew alfRe-
A- 4mkor s break windows, nor f downn d thereeL.- fe a Dhe mr adoa he cr muad d-
me if yor bu.iy .. Workif yo haveamy tha o do;l a bfll aib s ho m h lead b rul M e
na if go to ervick. Dc't sh idle. Dr't ia about lidmlar m enl l q n. I Th-m ak me
0 doing outing. There i anoer thing. When yoa get deroat hlaa me ddm emaM been mped, and
Sfarm n the country, stop there. If you rma away, your the dahel fematre of da te ad J biscalM l k -
s- ishepwil do the amae. Then you wl my,Oh I that ler e have, a amnarlsr predl tdm wn at a dmoba l
.- cared Hoatenw!o he has mwaUowed threes thoem d shep by the revolution pelbatefthe day, been forced poe
a. and bualoks, and the hrms have not stuck i his throat. the oberato te country. No wonder tha the ame,
re Open your mouth, villain. All down, by Jacob! I cannot or I intelligence, ad weathh of the country should take
da see their tail.' That is not the way. Go home and teach almin. In vain the dol" of the mahc enertd dhm-
n- your children A. B. C. I will take care of Graham's Town' elves to allay the clamours in the Co Hoae. Is v
d, myself. Many people walk about in great haste, looking did they adjure them, to comport themnsr v with mlemar-
' sharp as if they had lost something. But they never go tion, by all the ad captds phrase to be found in a
pany where, nor find any thing, except faults. Of thee Demagogue's Dictionary-the moba sm and maintab-
of their pockets are full because they have nothing ele to fill ed its ascendancy, notwidstnh diag e bilisg l eatoy o
ra them with. Theysaythe minister don't speakloudenougn, Mr. Maxwell, or the gsticaltims of Mr. John Dengl
at d that is the rean that they can't repent They aay -The only getlemen who aim d as have any Idmelc

S otl Tformer ) the irt. and laer, a& theA ul timo
hed aor pi=a Vat tr- Nllve been received, and p&ly ast tous; but from
od jm f die -

.1 habatv--- I .6 ha-m- w twai P. l eIug

--and a n s sll t, Lrd John Rumli, in an able p ,l
...- -I..i .. iq brlit forward thie ltefirai BillC,4rlih was read a.rat
WE XEDA A, lL T IMa.* oun ur ad rrell lae a mdlire loaaasolsu oil thefolrthe f
'...~".u. t~ "-- Jul t ll the Bill, th whole Bill, and nothing but
I We madersa, d that Col. Morse,of New Oresn..,arrivld the Bilr':b few alterali ,,hil have been made to If
in Utis towns few days since, and that heis tle agent forth not having, itan degree,acianed its principle.
owners of the ouehuudred and sixty-ive Auerican Slave', Prine Lopold hMassuc ed the Crown of Belgium.
brought ito tis port from the wrck of the brig Caootn, on The PolaWre !aily gaillig fresh victories, and Russia,
Abaco. We are also informed that a correspondence Ioa through the hilercelion of France, appears now inclined
been conmienced between thisgentlemani and his Excellen- iu negtiale. Field Marshal D lhilscll died suddenly at his
cy the Governor-the result of which has not, as yet, lhead qiartersat KLect.wo, near Pulhu.k. It has been as-
transpired; but, were we disposed to hazard a onjecture, erted that lie took poison in consequence of having re-
knowing, as we but too aell know, the extent of influence ceiseJ a repriiiand froi tIe Enperor, lbt it is more gene-
eaereisen by the saintly hypocrites of England ove her ill- rally belies ed llha his death was caused by a violent attack
fated Colonies, we should not hesitlae in saying, tIa hia Clholera. Tle GeneraLof Infantry, Count Toll, inmiie-
Excellency will still persist in tihe ill eal and unjust deten- diately as.sued Ilte command of the army,
ion of the Slaven in question Irom their riglhtlul owner.
Hente.-h See-Im a national question to be settled between We have received an extra from the Royal Gazette of-
tde United states and England-nto nostrum tantas comr- fice, containing ile Prorogation of the Colonial Parliament
police litri. Without aspiring to be nlucli Iearned in the of Bermuda. It aTffrds us great pleasure to perceive the
profession, we are inclined to believe it will puzzle all the iood unllderstanding that exists between his Excellency Sir
lawyer in England, and Lord Goderich at their head, to IlILo ROve TUa NEr and te IIthise of Assembly.
find any law or statute of Great Britain, or any of her Co- COLONIAL PARLIAMENT.
lonies, that will warrant either tie condemnation, emanci- vInoOGATrIN.
nation, or furtlhir detention, of these Slaves, under the cir- The HIlise of Asseibily having this day,(July 12,) recci-
custances of neceaity and u in ived.a Mlnawge flrom I :s Excellency the Governor, dei-
culltancs of ece-ily and .isUi in which they were ring their attendance at Governmllent HoUUm, went up ac-
brought into ilis port. rcrdlngly, when the Assemblypreseated the following Ad-
An American vessel, enraged iv a legal trade, sailiit dress:
from one part of tlh United States to anotli-r, is rocked, "To ill Excellency General Sir HilgroveTurner, G. C.
the slaves taken off a nref of rocks, and brourlt inio this II. Governor anll ('ouinander-in-Clhief, in and over
port by Britilsh veis l, for the purpose of saviI their lives, tlieu Ilis Mliajesly's Ueruniud or Siamrs' Islands.
and procurilng the means of transporting tIhinIi to their port T11l AlUOsa" l OF, THE UENERAL ASSEMlLY OF BERMIDA.
of destination; they are lhere s.izedl by the C(rown Oficers, a.y it please Your EIstlencly,
1* ltW, Ills Majesly'o nlmcl dutiful and loyalsiihjocts,
libelled, alud tried under lthe abolition law,--and fully ac- the G;eneral As.itiMbly of Bermuda, having undelstood
qIed Ibl lr lld iudguient lof a conimpelten Court; the whole that in accordance with a regulation lir limiting the con-
Provincial ,tsemhbly of the Islaund, anul every resploclahle linuanct ill oflice of' die Governorsof His Majesties Colo-
and ilnllligenr t lian in this c.ionmmnii, soliciting his Excel- n"es, Your Excellency would probably retire from the go-
ncy to reue tlr thvir oonr. vernment of iles- island, belire another Session of the
lency to resure tha-o tit their owners. LeTgiabtunL--i-e leave to apprniach Your Excellencv, and
Why art-e tde not re.tolurd 1 we saain ask. Slhew us the ,, express as well fir our coirmiluont as ourselves, thise
le of King, Lordl, anid (iColmmns, under which they are sentiments which w, cannms uppres on ths occasion.
detained. Wi do not waun the prii ate instructions ofLord i "ve Years and more have elapsed since Your Ex-
Viscount (GHodricli, or the opinions if the Abolition So- ellency landed on our sums, and entered upon the dutlse
c i a i I of your OOce, under rireumnatance o' peculiar delicacy
ciV: sll-' nall t -rl Io npipron antii, in theend, our anu i eniarrasn From along iterruption III Ieliar-
own Colhonies, I e c allnnott recognis in then any legal aminy of the Lerislature, and fromn odier coluses which we
authority it deprive tsulijects ofl'niloher nation at peace will fiortar mentioning, ditlicullies hail accumulated in the ex-
Enlland, oftheir lawful proiert). ecuioln oit alRnl l every branch of our (Colonial affairs.
W or t FceIkIncv upprlohed them ina spirit of etincilialion
We are not diispo.isd to attribute to his Excellency ans aund literality, wapprac inst m ina signed th conciliac on-
i .r and liieraily, which instantly Commanded the public con-
personal motve or interest in the extraordinary course lie fidenc. These kelins were responded by the Legisla-
has pursued, in relati.n to these Slaves-although we arne lure and otlier Public Bodies, nd a period ofuninternipted
otu ignorant of the fact, tlat nise of them are now in His tranquillity and hearty cordiality has evinced, in liea most
employment, and on in the capacity of head caok at the striking manner, the benefits of such an example andl tie
government howe, and that the names of theu, and the blessings of such a system.
During thl period of vnur Excellenrc'i Adnli-
rel,appear in a certain memorial to the government hum- nistrnaion, we laive Seen the I;lt, arrears of public Ilbl
bly soliciting the cuitinuance of his Excellency. as Gover- discharged the rIkoa'-hire College, whicl had been
nor of tie Bahama Llands.-If it be really true, that it has languishling inactively, set into oleratiun ; tihe delicate
ome to this, we would recommend to his Excellency ia task of amel;orating the condition of ihe Slaves, leiu-
much more expedition mode of raising such re nib for peratelY, but lihbrally undertaken; the Roads tllurougl-
out the Colonv extenmo and iiumroved; a revisal ,f our
meb a service. Let him, like his namesake, Gen.Somyth, Lawa conmoeiied, and our Public Institutions and (hari-
during the last Am nrican war, issue a proclamation, begin- tmhei Assciations listered and pmloted. Those Sir, are
il i thLi way :- some of the fruits of tha rood uaderstndin which Your
SCome yolow, com blocky. orn* amg ndaoban Exclleeney has een so edulous to culivate, not only be-
Come Akby come losy, came just ou am." tween the different Public Bodie of the Colony, but with
tha community in general.
To r our reade" who hav eard Hlis Majesty's faiddi' Commons of Bermuda cannot
To thi e btur readers who have heard id ai s n Codcude th our valedictorv address to vour Exceld.ncy,
haitlobbery at New York in Apfr m- it willdoubuhdm widout nquestinr thd your Excelh.acy uill be plea d to
pro ima sting t leaalipL ellH b Edward Smit, coavey to the. foot of the Thrmoi, the amurances of r
ndl a soc plim, Wilisi. Murray, hve beel f t Arm t"nchneait ano loa lty to His Mnjesty's person aid
Aly of thdfrime I gi theim, and Mard oto Govermellt And eIprm our eareeI s hope that whether
r ary of thstr in pr5s ragan them, and utea d to hs-~er honors await yaw Excelleincy from mur most Gra.i
n "Mi- y"r' ihaprison tiy g-i Sfaste"m iP Di- cese Sivlerein, or yo be permitted to retire to the r-
the rtent of the pity for Grru Ty Ia the ne pose ofprivat li, pour Excellencyd Family may iongs
s New o, ri, rf dg Blma d Su a ts coelinue i the eaoymmt of every sbluhnary happinem.
nm-ameolf the meI s,, se, l a w t i Bd "By Order ofthe House,
hralsle a*d* Ymiry h 'aus JOllN NOBLE HARVEY,
alam sld antd la .r. .... -L p '."

riero Jiljy 14It. dIt d k.n ia te 4tIof ,h
Aualver U of Amewicau ldapde a. Iii qebel
rIfillalle f thflray peCDpldt sh *:
aiser Jracson-1 as his friend, ag half horse, half
allgfar, mied with a napping itrtla, a little of the steam
bet, a hug a bear two dightjo be comfortable, wade the
Mltihppi, Iesp Ihe Ohio, can ip my we iht i wild aclm,
rie on a track of lighting, and hog any -d rascal op-
poadt Oenedra Jackson.
Hl might have added-" I am a rin-tra rouer, can
breakfast wih rhinocers, dine with a matmoth, nd sup
with the ghoe of Prcahontas."

Smtm IMne, July.8, I I."
TO Wll W Pri Irn.crXFc.T A All PcIAMED TO MAlt a
P rot Lo WING .PL :-
II. U. stt..
ir. Spraker and Gentleamen f ti fr ouse f
It with no light afeings of graficaion I receive
your very flattering and aflecltonate Address, and that at
the conclusion of my Administration; I saD poses this
consolatary testimony, which I shall with pride bear to
England, of the good wishes of the Inhabitantsexpressed
through their Representatives.
Previous to my arrival, I had heard some report of
dissatisfaction that had been existing in this Colony--hut if
I had had any apprebensions,they were instantly dispelled
ater my landing; for the quiet, contented, moral character
of the Inhabitanls was evidently apparent. In my public

.G mand S mm!ensaa u turs
to England a eal er o the merits of the worthy,
ad epltapit aal Colny-I ll-aM to
flf.1 earned just request ofit iaJlv'.
Iaithlul Cuoimu a, of lay"nat the 4uadie

Tile tranquil that I have paund at Bermuda
will perhbsa be nulNb4~ witd more suatiiactioutban tliju
that have been spent i odir diatant countries. 1 he al-
tachuient I bavue eped u' w be eurtraveein W my luite
.D ctiiMxs.a' kit with thu au st felga at umy
heart with which I sl rdently wih you all pow
ble happinieu and pr 11. T.
,," orerLcal tousr, f f t.n, t
Mr. Presidenl and miafel of the Ipgisla.
tire Comel, 'i
Mr. S aker and Gentl atfthe-ffouse ofAi-
Hmfly" ,
leaving benefitted the Colony b* etur Legislative la.
hours, and the Public Business being concluded, it affords
me great pleasure to release youi, fof'* present, from fur-
nier attendance on those duties,-f4 sensible of the per.
sonal inconvenience, and restraint whick a protracted Sea.
siun iinpoqes pon you.
SMr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of As.
I thank you for the provision you have made for lle
pecuniary exigencies of the Colony, and the salutary
and judiciousdispoal of the Public Funds to objects of ge.
neral utility. I also thank you for your ample appropria-
tions for the erection and improvement of those bhlings
which I felt it my duty to recommend for your consider
tion, and for your accustomed liberality in providing for
sle support of Devonshire College; in the grant for extend-
ing and completing the Public Roads, essentially combining
the internal improvement of the Coiinlry, with tle safety,
comfort, and convenience of its Inhabitants.
r. President and Gentlemen of the Legislatire
SMr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of As-
The iriod.(o which his Majesty has been eraciouslv
lilbnsed to extend my Itivmlile services in this Colony draus
lo a close, anti I shall robaldly not Hainl have the grntifi-
calion of' adiremsing tlie Legislature of Ile Bermudas; I
1ieI it therefore iilipossible iol close fl' prle- en t Setsilin
w itholut conveying to you my fullestl ;cknowledlemnent f r
ale oiniforun c-uupi'raii)n anidsuiplgsrt willhs liic youl liame
at all times fa\ullured mne, during my residence; and of rs\-
pIreiiint toi you the since satisfaction I have derived flom
the uninterrupted uiialimily,and good under standing which
hRne chlinrntrized your proceedings throughout the whole
ofmv adninistralion.
II. T."
Goreroment Iouse, Mlounlt IMagton. i
12th July, iMi.'." |
Iis Exrellenrc was then pleased to Prrroguie the IPar-
lianient to Tliursilday ih Itli day of AuLinr next.
Srientijic Ioynar.-Tlie ('onlaicleer, ConmmHldore
Ilenry Fote'r, just arrived from Ponslnollih, was titled out
hy tlle ord r. and under the auspices of his plreslnt Mlajj-
it. in l 27, to prosecute a scientific vovage of re.sarch is
tlh I m utllrn rnLioni of the globe, to delerniine the specific
elliplicilt uof Ite earth, certainn the rhronometric differ.
ence of ineridiains of the principal stations in ihe A. lanic,
andl naki- oli-Trvations in n maenlitm, mlnterrollorev, &.-
She left Spiialli isad in AprilIM214; Hrl Ilas since visited stne
tlthe n is ilntri-sIin priunios or Iltli hiemniispheres. Sins
aflir the 'hantinlirrr'.arri il at I'Prtu Dello, a parn unlair
tile cniiiou;ind 0I Liruleniant Ausiin wil dJespatcl ed 'n Ibit
acrtlls theis Itllinr ti elrplore, and a-certain the nature of
the contlllry, aitdl ixleil upon tile nmointains most elirilie
fur the erxpliinn of rockets. On Iheir return, a party if
16 men and officers awere detached into the interior, and
stationed on the hichesi hills; a party were also placed it
Porto Bello, and twe captain was at Panama to observe tre
explosion ufthe rockets. These parties slept nauny nighis
in the woods, and in the open country, yet escapd twithei
any disease, tinih their risk wa. gralt and dancer immi-
nent. With a view to efri-t Io a certainly lth purpose iJ
his mission to this pce, Captain Fonter ascended lnw river
('harervi in a canoe, and proceeded to Panama, to ascr-
lain lbrouoomerically their relative poitioona on the glet.
Thi he diAl a secuml time, and was returning down the re
ver Clhre in a canoe, on the eve of the 51h of February
st, whm he slipped from off the enrcrine of the canoe,
en. whidh he wam incatioisly rertine, and was unfortr-
iel downed. Ieis body wam, four days afterwarrdf,
OmCn.nd buried on its banks. After this nwlancholy or-
correffe, the cumnand of the Chaticleer de \ilved upos
.so. Lieuu Dnnt Horatio Tihomnai Austin. Sle was
NiMs lsudilnd offaid on CIaceres, Cnittng the Captai's
flwt. Frushence s eturnel to PonoreUo, Ihe,
havie em the ltb of Februnrv obtained the nFreesrm
sir n fh the ntM eflthp nrmner os ei-ronometer on hiro,
heqiri' fne it and beet up to Santa Martia from whrict
sre stretched scrot for the east rnd of Jamaica, where tbs
rommader having landed anod nade the ncessary ndber
rations, she proceeded to Cape Maize, the east ead d
Cuba; thence to Crooked Island. Her instructions being
fulfilled, the Chantideler leA for RIrmodra, on the 2d of
April, leaving there his Majesty's ship Shalron, Captain
Clement, from Jamaica, all wl. Thnu it will he perceived
that the Chanticler has con pletd a vovape ofthree veats
duration, without the occurrence of a single death sar
hat of her highly talented and glfted commander, or say
untoward esent.



r t08 JeaM)W l IId*'* b.ty dia h -e *In&is, Sf b r a awa.e, Ig=h UM IAIU A
Stranm Arriral in thi Ci y.-H ye .nc- rviusau ladies and gllen at a diasne, k "P a FloSB. lY T
ded Hypocrilte, and any whether it damning estiaii'l wikh his enthusa lIad carried him. He iwas P BAILEDI .
..ol-rYi'M i Slan-~uder: quite unforlltmal In one of his expltlit, having primvaly J oha
Jack Dwari, a black, ate a55, remae' nrgr in ti.. l"IAed ver a canal of uonsidealile widtk, he engaged to _
pIi ehb:', after an bhsenice fronU. tdlis py of h5 year. pe rform t*eI- an lit in public; bhe wing probably tothe
n abhe yer 116t, le quited it with Isi .r.. Ion li azei of n.n .umet l multiode, he "faili, and alighted, moe
srrial in Engllauid, was adtiedncl d which oni Ithe lartlh bpk, ut in tilo th mbile ollits sluririh wators.
Suirtui l dil, an y Its. own on has r Anoillr uancdote related of him is that of his hin .l
siuce lived a I'mst wreutche hli, h~lsi arrcily bread thrsherd" an Lordwho had isulied his wife and PO W MA AW
to at. Illdesd sulch was the poor fel5oa sudlrtmt, that some ladis-, while, drinking, tea at an inn near the Lakes. .
hl detneniiHld in leave freedom with ill ia. ile.isitig end On do death of Dr. lTominas Brown, b the C TUssmC of
aLilt plut"e into t!l ile ltreaddftlat.'f sltv.'ry, and nD.ild 'Stewart il tn Ltiveriy of Editnbhrgh, Jia t August- . che i Tulch M
cL- cu moe t, uruetlae ar n anid a tAm *a fo.d/ miss- Wils '- l daae, to fil lit Yai .cati t ofwficee His h ch Ae r .ias F.a 4
erter e- lion wa violently opposed, bI le finally a t 1 h Brig E ppheInml a Snowdme. u Live oat
t l rhe writer of hin arlirle had a s alTclin_ scene ,, obtinin the chair; and the Inr in which he (Ols it Bundry British goods, warn ad mnd-.
ul,.rao, in introdudinig Jack DavilwitI iell 't11 Iii, kn,.es, y sti lly stirei Ie pafality of his friends.-His bearing to- toJon.s Teos.on & Co.
nh wi le aliout to pray forgiveness, was r.eqiueste itn- warls, his pupils is most enaginh; his lectures always ta- ** Bloop Sea Flower. Johnston, Jamaik
diutely to rise, and received a hearty slhake from thie lian le nted antd splendid and not unfrequently adorned by lbursa Bugr, Rum, Ie.
ofa uney he hi l so, ungratfei llcv treated Imd at the sini e o"' nost inmlUssioned eloquence.-Wilson's princl$a prose H. GO maLans n Co.
tuite waFs rptluetted tItake hr rli iermeIiiur;tiul an .iiispwsslr! work ,t'vre: Lihlsai nd Slhadws of Scottish Lift," Tri-
Whio will Ater this : and b not, 'by anti s n a, i als ofl'3rgartt LI tnlday," "The F'oresters," Ac. ; the ii. CLEARMD,
tars' instance, where Tlave'ibive IeI I pertitted bIy tlwir thii of his chief p.uentim are City ofthe Plague," The oth August-Scbr. Pomona. Miller, Philadelphi
owliers, to remain in Englaid in a state of Iree'lrIn, but isle of Paln.," and An Evening in Furness Abbey." -
wir1 laen uncrwards, mt ie eliicts o'tarnatm io illn a Ire 1 i it in ii Ii lac.azine that Wilson feels and evinces the SAILED,
eounttrv, leun oilidied l return situ reltlm't wtllh.oih. lit itill, n tFur cli nd lnpl)rchensiveiess oflis genius. It is there Pa10eth Aualtst=ehr Pemonis PhiladelphL
clhierflualnei the dutiels fourmrlv exatrled froin lthii a,. tihat li,. throws oillall restraint and ghive fnae scope to his
slaves. Jack Davis is WII knolitn inl thli city, whli.rr.. ails I ll.',urtit e Ilwnl.
slave, liht was rtuci t ailpa i d in a sitttat il iii trust, ii i hlirl Intllortant to NeIrig-itlor-.-Caplran Swittler, of the harqne
his nilaser hadl ilsed him. Jack'% owner is well kniiwn flr Maliner, rel.prti that while lying to, in a hearty gale f windl
hi- hluainrirtilv and kindils, and iwel hive nio ildoubt lre WI ill 1 iui. ri s am-ae lirm I.ondon to this port, in la. 441, long, 29,
intiieliltel conlfirv t llriI r onl U I his lav.e a li, I .17. lie oliservled a HIock, at .inm a surface of 40 feet; it was
11 tliidil with inii Ei'lilnd ; aln ir int lli, iritiil :Il1 l Iut Il.),ock in the morning that Captain M discovered it. I -- -
iiledr.l with 1ine da int ito I viil, niv in the fIurrow of the sen and directly in the c iour- B- -HlENRY GREENSLADE & CO.
'el Apaae, int t I i tie Mlarine r: o theni can tell how manly unheard of ma-
lame confidential situation lie foirmirerly 'njoyied. \Whi, lii ., mativi, by means of it, havefalln vericins to that fate swhih Mimday the t August inst.
i.,moin daes thin afford to tile p!'ioile ol 'CErlanI, that i. Citain S. saill hli crew so providentially escapied.-Mirmii- AT TH EN "OU Rin
Jaiaiicaslavewlho hld, while enijo) ing the p|riviloe .a ri ofa hi Gkancer. AT THU VENDU' 'OUn
free bona Blritati, as w-ll as the .fsltarvin., s.hiild h is i Ne itr!? lie who, when his Countn is in jeopardy b ii r 'e t f i
fiorei;o all his rihlts of Iretdoni, antd return to Jamaica to uan its liherti., threatened,. folds hi arms in selfish security, Will be sld, (without reserve,) the following valuable
nil,'rei, nil liII' horrors of a state of slavery! We. havi noi and madlli aloitl lromn her conleenis. Property, suate on St. Salvdor. vi :
olleihti, huwr'v.,r, that Bnltion, .Marauley, and I.usltinri n I si houl, as .Iuris think that man a dutiful son who wnuld A tract called MorUT NI O.ln near the IHawk's Nest.
will swear that hei w.s kidnapped and forced llack to i thiis stalll y andli -c, an alectionate mother maltreated willtolt 'IThre adjosiing Traclt, named-
Lbiniil: b l'Jt )Davi will i.ll a story that will iovrwliini deilrndline lier--orthli man good cnizen, who wileilili neigh- LUCKiY MOUNT, Mot-NT \'IEW, anil SMALL Hoprs.
tI,.I Sainly rTlllhta with utllr ,ltanhma antd crnlu*itnio---l,. Im""r"' holti e iii in illae.. in lsta by% an indillerent and anl un- And Tl'hrr other 7rat--
rciturnledl vithlntiarilv, anl niw thanks G(O thIt hie h i once c.ti,*erneIl sml.ei-atir, and refuses to lenrl a hand to extinguish One late lth prop.rny of Mr. Munro ; one known by
tiiore' on ol the rvi'li oft arvation. Iheiiil;tiin. theO namte t i tf oSAILoR' llRTREAT, and one commonly called
Irison Dimscildln.-TIh' Liondoni .orningi Herald of May DEAN PLANTATION.
Fron the Jinmta, l nat ( 'ar i o Ju 4, 11. J'n11linin' :i report of Ihe proeredli ngnoflhe London I'rison LIKEIVIS.E-
Discidtloe, accoinipllanltd will the following remarks by die A valuable Tract situate on WaIling's Island, called
C'iril irar in St. .ngu.-On he arrival olf the .ack- PoseditrT
et liere ini S ilrdala \, it is rip nrel lIhli: Iht a ci'iiill it li 1.l1 i It in a intlanchoily faci thm EuRn dil. while excelling moIst
1l tiwe .i .', I. It' .t- ,.I 11 li t. il 11 Silt t.1 l "r $1t. l),nilt o, ,i, oi terI col nnilrn s i. oher inlelleclnal and. il no l. llvilage, and. A full description of lhe above Lands will be given at
il. ,iini ken oitiil in il. n ii ca irlar ll lithat tihev.l int.r I s.w p is iig instilUlion. oI learning anil chianly, which pqual, t' Ithe time so alte.
cr.inl iach it ll r iI e hl l bil."rl. 'li l, sitii i n l hilry do niit urpass, wliatever public establishnients lof a .nnilar iTer7 -Thiree montldi credit, on giving security.
r. li. !iklI ti I. lii ir f andvante i th iisure have adorned Ilir civilized worll, is Inlirior to mnuos ua- T1'hi' salteiif l e hove propenry is postponed until
iltiits lir iciiitio. The climate of'I I i is dlie- frin thlIa have emergedl from barbarism. iIn the character and .iimionda, til' l.tlll instant.
iiiLil it iof her criminal laws It seems as if our legaslltorl JulIv 1I-l-il..
"l.ithil, and thl nmiilrabl.' w.rfes, who exils in the. c ,untilry thoiigllt tiro to have the pourr of taking a. y human life, a.s
anr Mlisf.did witl trl. iiltual orllinary i'ool, forr thIC haire ip- reluiva.leit to hingn the nrlmht to.ri s, ad they have in the BY HLENRY GR(EEhNLADE & CO.
l.rt ol'ifhuir mli-.irihli icxislet'nct, riThe iih.-as llich a niitroi exerreie of thia milt;ii.en and shumd power, iccuniulated Hta-
en'ittrtaini of l'trdoin, is tIo LIe lllowid to work or starve at tiils, olf blood. unlil tlie common sense and common feeling. O n Mnday, the 12h Septmber neut,
Ihis plea lsrir, ian.l thi- is ciiiioli'll] r'l \ ei'nplii'l by thei ronr- of the popiri are isorkeId by the system of vengeance which AT THE VMDUI HucnL.,
dct liof II I, lidr tialin ; aniii in sullc a state' of soieit usurpsa he name oljustice." At_ 1 O Oioeek, N.
what cal)litili will rutn ilit ri'k of lilt- anl prnli'rty, l to ,et- Cure of lock Jer'.-'The following case is given in R Will IN stoldl, without reserve,
tII a .n II..o ti hirlici of sr Uav.. Nne! I \ndl ill a roun- 'periolical work on niedicine:-For ihe following in- That pileraantly iltuated MIlItiic and Lot in Bay StretF.
liy dhl.iitrtl of credit, or reiourtii-,i, lwi cini ,quenct-e are teretingllcas of locked ljw we are indlllted io .Mr. Joy i at tit. ciirller of C('lin-.r Sirret, at prensnt occupied by
sll'revillit, ilid lli I livtiirn., inihr tich lic irrcuani, incet., a ''xrient-'l ne enc scientific surgeon,of('real Malas intghani, .Ml. .Elizaheth Wa son. A Plat of the Premnises will be
cannot enil mriihl I I'i lr. aI, isi tri' rpnihlir-idmerl, tliht in t|lh county ol f Norfolk. A chltf-cruttr, alibot t1 years Ief at the Subscrilw'r' Stlre for ins1,etion.
arr unworitlhy If ithl nlrk lilirrly u which Ihlly hiavre enjoyed; ait.o, apliia ntily in cid health at ih timne that i's waI ex- TeTrmni ix onliillx i credit from the day of ale,the pur-
and we Slidall -l'niliv lil ihe I Ir.\ lihen thiir ii necks ari ontc crcising! his occupation, Ma injured a fire'r, ai to ren- cilaser giving approved security.
inre Ibenl nid rr tle rnc vtrknl der ilr niio'diatI miiipuiittiantnof t it Hatle first Ihalilani n tiece'*a- AuifUlt fith, lI ll.
--- rv. Allliouill tlh' wulnd u nlt on ve.r fBvoitiralds, locked
W'e iruslt tli. ti llr .ilnplr riiel. h.i ln .rtn lit iv trhe inhhi jaw c riii I tin it i .I naifUrly IhI-aIil. N.owi:ittuand- O(): NI) ) on Mllinla la. a LADl'n IhIAII OnsA- ofl' r.J ain.,s. I jdrl,).e dy ill hno Ire iuip t in. g eli tisal reniedlis, ans i.iuin in largt r p ies, n.rcurT is. I IT, in silver, ulirh will I' rsi.tnre-d to hle uwo-
olret Pa"rlhre il In' l.i6. ..1. .InsI hi ait p,,,liclrain lo .r. i ts .a se" mIsIk i'Ia ()ni ol Am
held in vert one i ui is t tile ?- as tar wel musk, and otitr awitsainois, wer actively nenpled c n i s iplicaticn s %ir. Bams s i e' i -t-iet otf tie Arr.
caused thnae- allual ,>. 'Ih ertrion none ir two Parish "n tl" very Ufit an|paricerof the dieuast, tih 1pasias, iin- CHRIST CHURCH PAf ISH.
e. will he of noiavl. ilesi t.i'y sri followed up ly the rel cI rease n vie snc, and tiled to tle muscles of ie
and thei Ihe lined reoire ol the holI l, island will he heiar o I back, producinrir the convulive contractions of the niuscleis lra F gF ylPi
itheoiiher sile of the wide , of lie Atlantic. siad iillopen Iterined opimiholnoni. The atiipusmodirs and warm ballot AVING fi ixel lre asize if nlEr.A al the iale of18
tle eyes if the rIlntih inilii, i the ldanlermos nature of the having lotaly failed to altoril theflightest relief, altrr plah- pi .r i.arrI of sII.rfine Floor, Ortered, thanl d
llialnl.m ifor li h lltle) try ont-he lugliar i osf l nemanripatlun. in eth to the lillesl extent fior ten days, Ilr. Joy deter- I slilline Loaf do weigh llbl. Mo.., and the siapenny Loaf
,meanp.,o a, ai d, Is l, Ie im, It. nt. en tripped of mhe mined to rite the muriatel incture of iron a trial. IIh. li. 4.. By order of the Vntry.
irvouand rh I t -I it.orn, v- r in' itl ila owt hi rbi'- acordingl ordered ten drope to be administered every DI lVII) SPE'NCE, Vestry Cerk.
ryn4 esitrlltlll hstoen.v--tlll tt isi l tht will Iththe
anlll roi the sl.iv-th at will iltr.Is the ifirrn nsero. and the hou"r in a litlle water, which the lon ofa fw teeth allowed VETZ RnoM, 2d Augus.t, I 1..
infant childl. ol tlle means .. proloniKuli hble-lhiat will create. without mulch diffirulty. After continuing this o.nli- I -- -
fioa a race of paluers, aoI threi a ra e of hbrigandi-hatl will s inu c 244 hour, the spanlou!ire affection of the musclesr i LAST NOTIC:E.
catu.e the road. Ilhi. is ne haltli land. tI u hlt, wtllh looud, was 'vsidenlv much dimintilhd. The following da;y I*' .ElltSONS still rrneainitie indebllrd Ito thesUate oa "O
and plunge the- slatr ini anarchy aditl ruin-th l1l lll- c:um.r ile e rls nearly free from pain. TIa' medirinae was coinouel late Drt.a".n BI.AR, duclneadel, are requilsd Iomal
lsopping if trnclanrd tilo nlin er lporin and her mirrrlm elnts in Ii. an nfqility and at the saome inters al, and thr inimediate paymLent, as lire subscriber is instrUciedhle
herome bankruptr--thli I. derl.- a hat .lof En:ish.l merha- disease io rapillh de .rna-sel ii viole e, evie n:lv under that estate without daily. All aceuy. Aln unliAs unIllqui
iulcn and maiinulrtuler. el ih. -r ,,aI. pport. ie pt.rnr of is in luen, a.l the patient ws rfec well in ite 1t of Seplmbor men, wille pill i n suil.
llnouringl, hI dertlnoing the niartetl hat wa* open ir their Ints- i fl C. dA E V M in liII. rud v II crnlle.a n..- nal lankrulplt-. i .- c course of a f'w dav'. ..
land--oletrtv her ........isn n alhe IEn tropr.n blalance c fl inl cf lf l Jul i, ---i "
power. andi re;luce her is t rhie It; o" the hlo -Th,. is Pman- setla aii l j .i ."" t
cipatioln-lhi the Iorll Ihat LushinrlOa. Buixltn. i SUBCi ER heing ansiots a
lteh. 1n, anl the ren I(of the aa ,rh. lone tomee in full realitn.- a7- Er Person about to trare these Islands, vafr die ag s him tly requests allri
Ann qaa htmheme. .en W. $.W-
un esn te ea e ihslie e having men as rcridef ter"inafor fe space of THTIary DaYs,m* i dobsd toha a sttle th elounts within
the coloniMes.- nl ielm/r,',,,rl t. 4, h a giv*re arrity at the Scrrletay' Ofre, or pt up bismas i as u to prevent plant trouble.
--- -'rsaid ( Jpnie ffreirr.. nar prrrimeia to lisdepar urr-af- I I, ha on band ra re a assortment of Dry Gooda, Hurd-
Professor Wilson.-lh'thir anltan opa,1 r he tin. Ier rluir at any lie durag roarn-ravg Dars, a Ticke wa, e. Ac. which he oers f i' sale at ve ry
gelnrally arknowdurled Fdlitsor f nirlaekoodl' Mal l int . pr'cesWL i Mey.
in which he writs tinder thte nsumrtd itl. fr C',ristao|ln t may be. Mttd. r His H dIand Lot on the Bay, with Fornhure, c.&r.
Norlh. it waslir iii l'ai-Iv, N\-oril Hritasi, i. ti, nitnitli NAMES OF PERSONS wilU sbo be old on reasoabl tsmin.
uof MSyv. I1 t, and i. 4 t years of ne.e at the T o ort l TkcifhT nrO taD rmrE '. W. J. WEECH.
prrpsenttilrs. t l inhrriei a mnriderhl ni m fnln Im rl ise hl"h - tnal In r 27h Jul.y, Illi.
father, hoi .,i, Is1% it all iu1 a nmer ara il,. s.,tis laion. ith - M'ary Lwi
Whil quite irmp he ran nw f rm rl ioln e ind h roned ith e EInor argil c.rn i HE VBSLrBId ER, intending to leave the Bahdli
at a' as a ;-i, ansi he; sihsu nplv la .ri, in- inn. th. hd . . lCharles Well. in all Nirrmlwr neat, calls on all those to wlhet ho a '
tetians of feniraitig ino Tim'uit nt but as presals-,l tIoth - Manuel Arron i may be indebted for their ret.pcive demands; and those
upon by his fieii !. II, give uip si la psrert. Al o tad ** James Blck indebted to him, he rM y requests, will erttle d ame
ford he was re-itnetd as an r-rellent Greek scholar and a Andrew Simpson' by the end of September etuing, to enable hi to imen
po il'rfil plLilit. lie was onr,- hatiinr will a party ofl C7 The sale of lrs. E. M. Moirrrai.l.'s stock in trade the demands against him, and all accouo resising on-
asstociatl in thu rirer,whean th y wi-re altnrkiel *iils stones will Inr continued to-morrow, at her store in Market street, paid u that period willbe sued for indiscrialase.
hv some of thie country pi-isll,. \\ilo-.n iniiro tinentlv and willnommnce atl lo'dock. ROBT. WIER
jstimpt'd on shore and pllrsri.d ihe asailantr, in piris i a- H. GC EENiL.Alti & Co. 20th July, 1 11.

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ii gj s I swi* f. f dm inal setlemnt of this udiok qun ina w .
S.ho'ea o h gwod- ersn- Oa l e dlnM e i and rat l t alac ,o tPt I L l P
a, scd m4 Gus buesi ar- a a moglect if, a uerious dianurbatsn will ha ashen a
i,.s savev applied to their between the voluntis and the ru oop t NamUr.
oil said. bull wf aftlemat with :
tj ua l 01tal o The Dutc government, it' isad, to st unt1 a
Chalea of DW ns. uo be dlibned (ays Iabes' e"ept through dets v poe".
asieeis r r) a S h UdS ma. The am ITALY-
Swi proalig early i July. Thee ae The prince de Cingna n as nral, and Id airrdert
wre murir fnid a sel burchu of Mae, passing aumrgeisntsI I stI be bom CharABlai A I m
betw thi Nastri rrnci cablt Mettsrnich, of Bdioa, amd his rt step is O public the ollowle at o
it i said, claims the t of Itlian affadl., promises oblMwton It is a histor"l dordf some u..s.
faily to tu French. bct iaaaI g the Austria Albert, by thi e. of God, Ki of a Cy-
piot inItly. p a, d Jerusalem, Diks of asroy, GOses, I. ,
puwur in Italy. hat always been pnetimd by our auw amnesa tor a I
Lyonh been vited with light di oces, eSpre. the commenement o uf o un igu by an act ol elemsey towads
sivo of disconuent with dI exi tin order of things. The person guily of less serious offence, we hve theght we a
Choaune still agitato dS w"t of France, but the govern- could de no better than renew th general pardon granted on
mset bam at eWth decidedon takingvigourous measures to his accesion by our immediate and beloved predcssor,
r.,aros them tumults. A report to the King, in the lMoni- Charles Felix, of glorious memory. Accordingly, by these
tear of alurday, which attributes the disorders partly to present, by our royal authority, and will the dice of our
political r uiniateo as ad paudy to desertions from tIe rivy Council, renewing all the clauses of the royal edict of
poiscripticonl sin J uth illegal loy to deporsry ausmes, i the Jioth of September, tll., granting an ordinary gmeral p
onlowdr by their and other illegal nt templ rary ca m-s pardon, we grant full and entire forgiveness to the suthor of e
llowod by the appo nt of General onne a a co m- committed previously to the date of these presents, and n
mluioner, with extraordinary powers, to enforce the laws, which are not excepted in the above-mentioned edict, on the
ana to concentrate the military power wherever the demon- conditions tlere specified.
tralion of disorder or diloyalty may quake such measures However, the remittance of the pecuniary peualtie andcon- o
necessary. Throuhuut Normandy the King has been re- C tations granted by the saue niast be undeatwood only of those
ceived with the livelit entbhuiaam, and Paris, during his belonging to our Ireasury. according to the royal letters patent
aIsancoe, was perfectly tranquil The elections engross of the o,-Id o November, of the sane year, aid shall extend 0
public attention, and it is stated that ministers anticipate a also to pecuniary pealttie and cUrifinscations already decieed, c
public ai eio andi them. Their successnrs, utim ao pt if ot yet paid. This document is dated, Turin, May 12. c
Iljuriy ain them. Their uCCeor, neprty, Amongst those it prescribes are many companions of the King's y
will be worse tlan they, fur they will be nen of the reslo enterprise, while Ie was Prince Charles.
ration. I'lne oppmiite opinion is no less prevalent, wiirh i
calculates on tie successor Ciasmir Perier as being nch NigAt.--Thm folluwilg rhapsody is copied from a late r
more in the spirit uf the days of July. A refrirued C(har- number of the American Monthly Mugazine. l
her will not tolerate any other. There is to be a cuap of One must rite by night in weather like this. We
thirty thousand men established at Bayonne, and yet no- will sit down with you to our Table at taelv---(lthe clock
thing is feared from Spain. The French anlbasador has is striking it at this nioment.) olw finely the full tones
been absolutely forced out of Rone by the Pope, yet no- sweep past through the air, as it they would take up your
thing is dreaded frmn Austria. Thirly five tlhoumnd regu- thoughts and carry niany miles away to the very friend you
Ir troops are found necessary to give weight to tie coun- I are thinking of at t'll nionient. The Sentinel at the Fort,
missioner's remonstrances with the Clionuni, bit tll.y art, heard that clock, and tle' first scholar'looked up front his
atar all, only a few vagahondis. Such are tihe paradoxes Fluxinns at 'ambihiidre, and walked to the window to cool
of tid Mouiteur for tlne last few days. I hlistrainndeyesas tlie vibration rnacled him,and tliesleep-
Tie Pulit' have appealed to Irance for the recognition less Iemlniac a Clharleston turned his insane gize aside anld
'of thair inldepandence. At th laiiioe tiw thie appIlicauion listened to tie twlehe ldinenn sruokis a ith halbitual attention.
was made to LIodon, .and probably ever) other power. I low nnliy hunts i I let.rieidlness, hliden from hunian
It is asertel thllt 283 menmb,'rs d.f ti ('Cianihlir of ID- eye, in the deJ., oif human hearts, have these cold vibra-
puties iave solicited fro ithe government their el'evationlo tons rearlied, w while tliey aredyingsocarelestly on our ears!
tie peerage; eighty-five, it is said, wire noaninated, when What tales, roulil ly hilt return articulate, might they not
the remarks of the press on articl- 23 ij ithe Charter stop- tell of secret iisi.ervy-icknes unwatched, and preyingsor-
pad the promulgation of the nanies ol tie persons so due row, and fearr, and curn, and thie thousand hitter enHiik.'
toingulidd. that lie andi f.ed at lie very heart-string, beyond all nrach
NETHERLANDI)S of mediciin-, I~rhaln iol'synipalthy. Many a wile sits watch-
L;rd Ponsnby was not authorized to state the arcc,1- ine with a broken liharljt r til. lnILband's st.-p,-many
tance of the lelgian crown by Prince- Leopold, as sonieof a mother for her child's---many a venturous merchant lies
the Belgian papers have asserted. haiunttd by fiars of shipwreck and tire-nmany an undetect-
Congress oupeed on the Ilth. The President and ofi- i defaulter fancies voices at hisdoor-nmany a young girl,
ere were re-elected. M. d'Hane de Sieenhuyse retired just fi''iner iot that love is only a Irviness and a tear,
from the war department. The Minister for Foreign Alliair musow buinrly over thi capriceof a moment, or anunmeant
4Lebeau) from die tribune detailed tie foreigii renltion, of trifle. And tdes, are th in l ni watciers-for the happy are
Pelgium. lie had received since hiis appo'inttnllannl [lnv tl,- aslen-p.-sve irlaaps the b)rilde oin ier daintily wrought pil-
maent of France to the protocol of Jan. 20, gKiing Liuxem- I"w murmuring in a low tonne to die ear that will soon tire
bourg and part ol Limburg to nollandl; ani a letter Irom n of its monotony-o-r tie fervent X la building up his drean
Bebastiani, which he read, advising Begiium to accept into the sky, with his erys straining into tile darkness, and
the protocols as a benefit. 'The envoys senl to i'ranklort Is ulse inounlting with ldw leapine fIrn'dom of an anpgl's,
and London had not been recise.r .: the latter had hbran fIorgelful that theli world will tranple out his fiery spirit to
mailed; the former, hariag reetred no front, remained. al'ws, and laugh toscorn the fne work of hli towering fan-
There was no diplomatic relation existing with France' cy.
lor. II d rendeavourld to open a negotiation with l TimLa b-autifdnniglt. The slarn are all brilliant end
Hl, l. .4 di-re was a commission in London, nerpia- sparkling, and illh air is laMln l with oneyvuckil and re-
Sa. Prince Leopold the. acceptance of the crown. .s. Hlow minuch sweater they are than by dau! liow
,Ba h t .nv in a secre t comltnitte ltha 1I.t thI neroilinioi n, ouch tin're is inn the nb 'ht .e'ry 'ay letter' than the smn(
shdtl 'tned. All these negotiation, hald tetn ma l things .y da lihbit! ihe wind is clearer, tie body cooler,
nmni. >,resuly in the name of the minister, not ol tie fancy more linuriant, thllt'lempi r nmornennial-and this
*- ;', .1; Belgium, he said, in concluionii, cold now with silenrce ani sweet air anid starlight--and who would be
heron, F -.rh. The sante remark wrs made hv die Pre- regular and 'slep bltimesT.l Takie thei health we should
*ntAH. w1h, he claimed for his nation ind.l'pn.en ce ani gain, Master Moralist, and give us the pleasure we should
tikntuo .r', i French alliance. The affairol (ien. (Chase lose by it."
ad t, ,ll from the citadel of Antwerp weru alluded to
the li. anid is was sated that ananicrahb arrangement T la Lord CliordA-A solemn dirge. at which most of
d, the Bgi having been the ggres the Ronan Caholic nobility anni gentry now in London were
Pi siner preasent.l, was on Wednesday performed at the Bmsrian ('hapel.
t n sit fin Warwick-street. Golden-squarc, in memory of Lord Clifford,
2 pr etMcoal of the Congress of London on the of Chbdleigh, who died last week, aged 71 years. His lord-
of r hiR in published in the Rorederam Courant ship wu also a Knight of the order of the Golden Spur of
! -kI S4s L6mt. The commiunimer of thi five powers Rome. Hiu non. np Land Clifford. has been several years a
pOi ructed *Pnamunicat to the Belgian government the resident in IIt, whither he had prrceeded with a view to the
e0frliples of all me different protocols, and to advise thair oration of th health of hai lady, who has long been i a
iC Bapull a)d a ood to that a The Belgian troops declining tte. They are understood no be now on their return
be nbbm from Lu w lbourg, and all intmference o England. "ler Ladyship i the only daughter of Cardin" l
S d y t The e powers Weld, the proprietor of Lmolorth Castle. Dornseshire, the some-
o dthat ducly m s The f Ave owe times ras nece of the on-King Charles X. upon his expulsio
i e ful e a a 1 di m aus r-i from Frane. Mr. Weld, some years alner the death orni wife.
Al m ne Sb- y re lr ve be according having made ample proiion for his daughter. trasferred the
teW a o Ja. Th t il s bs be r family esate to his brontr, and entered the Catholic priet-
4 annLmby /ma qril Brosse, iad tll i iood. Hq w afterwards cosecrated as Bsho p,. ad ppoint
w-- l he required o leave Pari inm That edto the epeopal charge oflhe Catholics in Caada. blth
-- n r se rigt any t delicate sat of elth of hi only child, harlig readied
SIf. vimble i la mral frmn England to the moel emal elim of
asSS a m tez i "Italy, he dl- pa>id b usso-, nd a has s u esoulmdw
bydodBelgiuam Thinsissy atetMah tor tidete. The digity ofCuardial wei cneed spat
sridmr wd he caskidmrl an a ct d batfity to the Ave him by L4e XII., the late Pope.
pew and by them to b-e raMaml _
Them Seet Commities ta eBm thb,bt did no report. EnlaEdH'erhe.m-T following scrapl hiory: Died
The iahabhe t of Latemboe hve returned to their on Saturday, bh th May, after a short but severe iEa ,
bLdumsre sme presented th fro=rumel ; they in the 74th year of his the Right Honourable William
wut s*ltbe but p-a ra an t mity. Earl of Nordwhk, Baron Rehil and Englismadie, O.C.B.,
At the ainag of the -aln on Monday, M. and LL.D., Admiral of the Red, Rear Admiral of Great
Lebeu r"d khetsr from CIea Behliard Sir R. Brain, and Governor of the British Linen Company's
Abhr bbthe former requiring notice of the indemnity Bank. This venerable and distinguished nobleman was
which BRe mi*ht be inclinsed offr for the possession the a surviving admiral who, with Lords Nelson and
d ; "te hIl reqPiaring an accutme descrip- Collingwood, commanded is the ever-memorable victory
drmo do tL Bigin- a ag, ing tht vessels under hat of Trafalga.

In wlll lllCglllUuII IIII lll, Ie re sual i uie success -,
Grey's motion:- i
Nov. 25, 179"2. '
Nxt winter may be the crisis of our fate ; and if you
begin to improve the constitution, you may be driven, aap
by t'p, froinn tih disfranchisement of Old Sanilm to the
King in New;eati, the Lords voted useless, the Hishops abue
lislned, nnd a llouuE of Commons without Articles (san
And so, after, forty years'experience, which Lord (rey
himself lIas over and ovir again said. has tanned him is
politics ; with a sovereign crinoempt Ior tie sovereign peu
pie, and a natural allection for his order," we find that
veneriahi personage beginning to play the gaue agaia
which ten 'ears ago he had abandoned, and hi pur-
suit of which, neatly thirty years before that had made nms
of wnse and n'ason shludder.
Thle roicidence of circumstances at the two periods s
most curious.-John Bull.
Growth of Mcrry.-In seven years, ending in 1756,
there were 420 capital convictionnsin London and Middle-
sex ;34fiwerem executed. When Georgelll.beganto reign
oine halflhe convicted miffereddeath. Inthe reignof William
IV. the proportion of the sufferers nq the amount of con-
viction is as one l eleven, In the reign of Henry VIII,
20(Xm was not above the number of victims sacrificed is
yearly holocaust to theanguinary fiend, capital punishment
And even as late as the reign of Charles I., thirteen pr-
sons were executed at one assize for associating with gi -

Neal Appointmeant.-CommanderBertram isppointed
to the Tweed; Commander Elliceis appointed to the Vi-
for; Lieutenant George Vaughan Hart i appointed tode .
Victor; Lieutenant H. O. Nollothi appointed to the Ge-
latea; Lieutenant Horatio Blair has been pointed to the
Pallas; Lieutenant John V. Fletcher ha been appointed
flag Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Parker, in the Alfro.
Moarrles o f Freigm in Fearme.A clrular ha bees
dressed by the Minlstler of Justice to the local authortiesin
France, sting that the laws of several nighlboring cooutri
forbid natives from marrying abrmd witbho an eautorly frh
their own Government, dd thin Fremch women having mrri
ekh person, e going to their husbands' coatrsai, their mrs-
rgn wedeclare invald, ad their childr illegitimate. Tim
Frmelrovenmeot there determine to re of every
foaignr who wishes to man in Funce a cnsr from di*
authorities of his birth-plice or hat mesitece in his comn
stiting these i no obstacle to hi eonreetiag mamis ge

a DLnrneoRon or Ta wom "m as lur."
A Rumian to a Pole oae mid,
"I can't a Lew irPo ;"
SNor I a Pelts fr,S the Pole replied-
"I can't upon my sd I
Polar bear.
The discovery of volcano, hitherto considered to in
always in proximity to the ocean, in the central plains of
Asia, is among the most interesting features of the ale
journey of De Humboldt This celebrated traveller i
about to present an account of then to the Academy ofPa-

a.~ -r a u-_te



r *,-. i idopwmrodo d o*, ^ cid I
OseM t ,l b U "- J r smelegtio the
ea tion bee u bby "OfA .,t Ul 11 a1-htd.

d ammscitisi4 i W11r,1 se f, e b-

ones aud ady "su bp bel ido onom
riling and moe seqng by the fa shea not only is
tion to whickIt Neb psechesly re asu tiha
ow agiale the ea y, beS tha sld as it is., and
f history as it he became th ail itor in the
Arce is the i hdldui-d Grey.
The wri r orteeor wer ws rib a r, th H'
eter is addie d bLn d Smahd, ad its date is
nae, May 30, 179-2 ai d t yrgo.
r the words it comal n, Uh, bam ile warning v
om dthr rve p :

" Ihuddered at Grey's udimto, dsliked tL h half .
ort of Fox, admired the firteflf Pit's declaration,as
excused the usual intemperamed Burke. Surely re
men as........have talents ur miscilf. I eee a lub of l
orm wlich contains nsme respeceit names. Inform m
f the professions, principles, pfl and resources of the
reformers. Will they heat tim minds of the people
ues the French democracy gain no ground 1 Will the bulk
ifyour party stand firm to their intr st and that of their
country 1 Will you not take some active measures to do.
lare your sound opinion, and separate yourselves from
'our rutton Mnibers 1 or, ifyou do allow them to perple Go.
ernment, ifyou trifle wish this solemn busias, ifyou do no
esist the spirit ofinnovation in the t11 attempt, if you ad
nit she smallest and most specious change in our Par.
ianientary system, you are lost. You will be driven from
ne step to another-from principles, just in theory, to cw
sequences most pernicious in practice; and your fir
productive of every subsequent mischief, for which you
will be answerable to your country and to posterity. Do
not suffer yourselves to be lulled into a false security. Re-
nember the proud fabric of the French Monarchy-net
our years ago it stood, founded, as it might seem, on thi
ock of time, force, and opinion-supported by the triple
aristocracy of the Church, the Nobility, and the Parliaentsn.
rlTey are crumbled into dust-they have vanished from
lie earth. If this tremendous warning has no effect on
lie uien of property in England-iflit does not open every
eye, and raise every arm, you will deserve your fate."
We cannot but add another extract from another letter,
in a io i i : o t .Is m

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