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Group Title: Florida. Dept. of Education. Bulletin
Title: Educational specifications and equipment list for cosmetology facilities
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Title: Educational specifications and equipment list for cosmetology facilities
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Language: English
Creator: Florida Department of Education
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Publisher: Florida Department of Education
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Fla.
Publication Date: 1970
Subject: Beauty culture -- Study and teaching -- Facilities   ( lcsh )
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SyL aV/Zb
2Y. 8~-/


The intent of this booklet is to acquaint planners--board

members, school administrators, craft committees, archi-

tects, and other interested persons with the basic principals

involved in planning the Cosmetology facilities. The material

has been obtained from a wide variety of sources and condensed

in outline deliberately to serve as a ready reference.

No attempt was made to include suggested floor plans of

facilities in this bulletin. The descriptions offered should

be of assistance to local school officials in developing

educational specifications and to the architect in developing

his plans.

It is our sincere desire that those who are charged with the

responsibility of planning shop facilities will benefit by

referring to this bulletin.


Foreword i

Table of Contents ii

Introduction 1

Purpose for Which These Facilities Will Be Used 1

General Plan for Preparatory and Supplementary Training 1

Teacher's Activities Which Will Take Place in This Facility 2

Student Activities in the Cosmetology Program 2

Facilities--Minimum Areas Needed for the Cosmetology Department 2

Description of Spaces 3

Air Conditioning 6

Relationship of Cosmetology Unit to Other Facilities of the School 6

Classroom Equipment 8

Instructor's Office Equipment 8

Dispensary Equipment 9

Reception Room Equipment 9

Equipment for Facial Room 10

Basic Laboratory Equipment 10

A Typical Stocked Dispensary 12

Typical Cosmetology Kit Content 15

Cosmetology Bibliography 16


Based On An Enrollment of 20 Students

Floyd T. Christian, Commissioner


I. Introduction: These specifications are intended to be used as a guide
to those planning new Cosmetology facilities or the expansion of existing

II. Purpose For Which These Facilities Will Be Used: Cosmetology facilities
are used to provide both preparatory and supplementary training in all
phases of Cosmetology Education; namely:

1. To give the necessary instruction and training needed to produce the
skills and knowledge to qualify for employment as a Cosmetologist
as prescribed by the Florida Cosmetology Law (Florida Statutes
Chapter 477).

2. To provide training to keep employed Cosmetologists abreast of
changes in the occupation.

III. General Plan for Preparatory and Supplementary Training: The preparatory
course in Cosmetology requires 1,200 hours of theory and clinical instruc-
tion. This time includes classroom and laboratory instruction in an
environment similar to that encountered in the field of Cosmetology.
During the advanced portion of training, each student is required to
perform specific predetermined services on selected volunteer patrons.

Training in Cosmetology as prescribed by the Florida Cosmetology Law may
be offered to students who meet the following entrance requirements:

1. If under 18 years of age, the student must have graduated from high
school unless the.Cosmetology course is a part of public school
curriculum leading to a high school diploma.

2. If the students are over 18 years of age, they must have completed
the 10th grade or equivalent, as determined by an equivalency test
given by a State Department of Education approved testing center.

3. The student must be a citizen of the United States or have applied
for citizenship.

4. The student must furnish a health certificate from registered
licensed physician.

on successful completion and graduation, the students are qualified to
ake the Cosmetologist examination administered by the State Board of

Part time supplementary classes are designed to broaden and add to the
present knowledge and skills of those persons already employed in the
field of Cosmetology.

IV. Teacher's Activities Which Will Take Place In This Facility:

1. Preparation for Instructor--The teacher's preparation for teaching
will be the planning and organizing of general and specific objectives,
course outlines, lesson plans, and the utilization of teaching aids.
The nature of the lesson planned will determine the area of the
facility to be used.

2. Teacher's Related Classroom Activities--In the classroom or related
area, activities are centered on the teaching of the theory of
Cosmetology and demonstrating the skills involved in the occupation.
The theory and skills will be taught by use of audio-visual equipment,
charts, blackboard, work samples, rating scales, and actual demon-
stration of skills on mannequins or students. The teacher supervises
and evaluates the activities of the student in the learning process.

3. Teacher's Activities in the Laboratory--The teacher instructs, super-
vises, guides, and evaluates the performance of services by students.
The teacher also creates the same environment as that experienced in
the occupation itself.

V. Student Activities in the Cosmetology Program:

1. Classroom or Related Area--The students activities consist of reading,
recitation, and viewing of instructional demonstrations of skills.
They also study and are tested on theory related to the occupation.

2. Laboratory Area--The student will view Cosmetology procedure offered
by audio-visual materials and demonstrations of skills by the instructor
and participate in the performance of the skills by practice on
mannequins and students. The advanced activities are the actual ex-
periences involved in the occupation practiced on volunteer patrons.
These activities are closely supervised, directed, gnd repeated until
the degree of competency required for employment is attained. Studet-s-
are guided, directed, and evaluated by the instructor.

VI. Facilities--Minimum Areas Needed for the Cosmetology Department:

1. Related Instruction Area (not a part of the laboratory) 600 square feei
2. Laboratory (instructional and patron service area) 1,600 square fee
3. Reception and Waiting Area 100 square fee
4. Instructor's Office 85 square fee
5. Storage Room 50 square fee
6. Dispensary 50 square fee
7. Locker Room 100 square fee
8. Facial Room 100 square fee
9. Toilet 15 square fee
TOTAL 2,700 square fee

VII. Description of Spaces (minimum sizes and the major items of equipment
and/or furniture in each space) :

1. The Related Instruction Area (not a part of the laboratory) should
allow a minimum of 30 square feet per student or approximately
600 square feet for twenty students. This instructional area is
to contain:

a. A teaching demonstration platform at the front of the room
raised approximately eight inches above the main floor level
and extending across the room from wall to wall with provisions

(1) Anatomical charts, 42" x 72" (15) inch simplex wall case

(2) Chalkboard with a minimum of 12 lineal feet by a minimum
of three feet high

(3) Tackboard for notices, rules, regulations, and announcements
to benefit the students; approximately 3' x 6'

(4) A wet booth demonstration unit installed on the platform
(the wet booth unit includes a shampoo bowl with hot and
cold water, storage cabinet, and styling and shampoo chair

(5) Visual aids and adequate electrical outlets for this

(6) Teacher's desk 30" x 60" x 30"

(7) Teacher's chair

b. The student seating area needs to contain:

(1) Ten tables (two students to a table for study and practice
work on mannequins) (30' x 60" x 30" high)

(2) Twenty straight chairs

2. The Laboratory Instruction Area is used in the instruction of skills
and the actual practice of these skills in the occupation including
practice on patrons.

a. Allow a minimum of 80 square feet per student or approximately
1,600 square feet for 20 students. Multiple teacher laboratories
should be proportionally larger. The same type of environment that
will be encountered in the professional salon should be provided.
In planning for this space, consideration should be given to the:

(1) Electrical outlets need to be included as follows:

(a) Each dryer: separate electrical circuit (110 volts
20 amps); accessory outlet (110 volts)

(b) Each. dresserette 10 volts.

(2) The color: selection for the equipment and building materials
should be coordinated

(3) The floors need to be a type resistant to chemicals and

(4) A two inch water supply line (hot and cold) to shampoo area
is essential to insure adequate pressure at each fixture

(5) .40 degree water is necessary to all fixtures with a 150
gallon storage capacity

(6) Both hot and cold soft water is required, containing less than
50 ppm total dissolved solids, with water tested and treated to
remove all iron and/or sulfur

b. Minimum Laboratory Equipment (based on 18 students in the laboratory,
one student at:the reception desk, and one student in the dispensary

(1) 6 shampoo bowls

(2) 6 shampoo chairs

(3) 4 manicure tables
(4) 4 revolving manicure stools

(5) 9 air conditioned dryers and dryer chairs with combination
footrest s

(6) 9 double dresseretts with mirrors

(7) 18 styling chairs (hydraulic)
c. Facial Area or Room (in combination with the laboratory).

Provide a stationary facial area in a separated area of the laboratory

(1) Base storage cabinets with laminated plastic counter top and two
small stainless sinks

(2) 2 facial chairs with footrests, with the chairs placed in
front of :each sink

(3) 2 revolving stools for operators
(4) 1 pedicure unit
3. Reception and Waiting Area: The reception area containing a minimum of
100 square feet is designed to accommodate patrons to be admitted for
services. This area must be conveniently located to the laboratory and

department office should have convenient access to the exterior.
The following is a list of equipment needed for this area:

a. A reception desk and chair, and storage space for records

b. Cash register or desk cash drawer

C. A minimum of 4 chairs for patron's waiting

d. Telephone (outside line)

e. Inter-office communications

f. Coat rack

g. Magazine rack

h. Bulletin board (3' x 6')

4. Instructor's Office: This area is to be used by the teacher for lesson
planning and preparation, inter-office communications, guiding and
counseling of students, and preparation and storage of curricular materials.
Central location within the department is desirable to facilitate easy
access. This central location also enables teachers to view laboratory
and reception area, and observe student behavior for supervision and control
purposes. This area, if used by one teacher, will need a minimum of 85
square feet. A multiple teacher office should be proportionately larger.
The equipment needed in this area is as follows:

a. Teacher desk (to accommodate typewriter)

b. 1 desk chair

c. Legal-size four drawer locking file cabinet

d. Typewriter

e. Telephone (extension to reception phone)

f. Book shelves with locking doors for storage of books, periodicals,
and lesson planning materials (approximately 18" deep and 18 lineal
feet is considered minimum)

5. Storage Room: This room is for storage of bulk sunrlies to be used in
the laboratory. Approximately 50 square feet of floor space is a minimum.
The design criteria is as follows:

a. The location of this room should be adjacent to the dispensary for
ease in handling and transferring of supplies.

b. Adjustable shelving for various sizes of containers is necessary.

6. Dispensary: This room needs a minimum of 50 square feet. Small quantities
of supplies needed for immediate use by the students in performing patron
services are kept here. This space is for mixture and/or preparation of

supplies prior to issue. Therefore, it is necessary that the dispensary
be centrally located to the service laboratory and should contain the
following items:

a. A dispensary with plastic laminated counter top, approximately
8' in length with a pass through opening 4' wide to the
laboratory for dispensing of supplies to the students; the pass
through should not be accomplished by the use of a dutch door
arrangement; provide a double stainless steel counter top sink,
located near the dispensing window, with hot and cold water supply

b. Overhead storage cabinets with adjustable shelves

c. Wet sterilizer

d. Dry sterilizer

e. Bulletin board for posting of directions for mixing solutions
(3' x 4')

f. Provide natural light in this area; (necessary for hair dye mixing)

g. Broom closet and cleaning supply storage

h. Door with glass view panel and equipped with lockset which will
provide control by attendent within the dispensary

7. Locker Room should include:

a. Individual lockers should be provided for each student. Lockers
need to be provided with a compartment for hanging clothes as
well as a compartment for the storage of bulky items, such as
books, equipment, kits, and mannequins.

b. The locker room needs to be large enough to allow for the changing
of clothes.

c. A full length mirror should be provided.

8. Toilet: A toilet in this department is necessary due to the nature
of activities and patron use. This room should be located convenient
to the reception room as well as the laboratory, and should contain
a water closet and lavatory.

VIII. The entire facility necessitates air conditioning. Consideration should be
given to the removal of obnoxious fumes and odors from the various areas
as required.

IX. Relationship of Cosmetology Unit to Other Facilities of the School:

1. The Cosmetology facility needs to be isolated from disturbing noises
of other parts of the school.

2. 'This facility is best planned for ground floor location with
convenient access to the outside and near parking areas for
use of the public served by this program.


160o sq. ft.


1 Instructor Desk; double pedestal 30" x 60" x 30" high, all work surfaces
melamine plastic, all metal components finished in nickel-chrome

1 Desk Chair; upholstered seat, back and arm rest with 1" polyfoam padding,
18" high, frame finished with nickel-chrome

10 Student Tables; top surfaces melamine plastic, li" core construction
(birch wood), legs of tubular steel with a solid rod hairpin folding brace
reinforcement (not adjustable), finished in nickel-chrome, dimensions:
30" x 60" x 30" high

20 Student Straight Chairs; stackchairs, lightweight tubular steel bracing,
plastic saddle seats with curved backs, hairpin designed backs absorb shock,
super silent glides

2 Chart Stands (Anatomy and Procedure)

1 Wet Booth Unit with Mirror (located on demonstration platform); 54" mirror,
shampoo bowl, laminated plastic on exterior surfaces, counter balanced lid
position, removable plastic container, full length door hinges with magnetic
catches, height 66 3/4" (includes mirror), length 54 3/4", depth 15 3/4"

1 Style Hydraulic Chair (for wet booth unit); all purpose lock, round tube
chrome frame, deep cushion spring seat, contour back, finger tip back rest,
width 22", height 38", depth 26", height of rise 7", seat height 19-" 26",
seat 19&" x 17'


1 Desk (accommodate typewriter); all work surfaces melamine plastic, walnut
wood grain, single pedestal right, 45" x 34" x 30" high

1 Desk Chair; swivel base, clerical, posture chair, five adjustments with

2 File Cabinets; legal size metal cabinets, locker, four drawer, 28" x 15"
x 52"

1 Arm Chair; wall-saver legs, 18" wide, 16 7/16" deep, 3" thickness of seat,
15 3/4" back

1 Adding Machine; electric, nine digit with credit balance (adds, subtracts,
and no-add key)

1 Refuse Container


1 Dispensing Sink with Drainboard (double); overall length 52", overall
width 23", overall collar 1i", drainboard with left 16", drainboard with
right 16", drain strain width 3", single faucet mixer with hot and cold

2 Wet Sterilizers; metal parts, stainless steel lift tray, heavy glass
cylinder type with rubber ring (1-2 gallon capacity)

2 Large Dry Sterilizer with Blower; ultra violet, length 18", width 9",
depth 7", uses a 15 watt violet tube

1 Storage Cabinet (for sterilized supplies); glass panel door (can be built
in as cabinets), ventilated shelves, warm air circulation unit in base for
drying purposes, 3' wide, 7' high, 24" deep

18 Hand Lucite Mirrors refillablee); constructed of selected glass, two
removable screws to permit glass replacement, Lucite frame with hanger ring,
7T" diameter, mirror double

6 White Enamel "Mark Time Clocks"; Marktime clock watcher, bell timer,
portable 60 minute timer, round bottom base

2 Electric Clippers; adjustable clippers, tapers from 000-1, AC only 110 volts,
60 cycles

1 Master Violet Ray or Equal; 3 electrodes (comb, rake, and glass bulb), -shock-
proof bakelite housing, angular surface to prevent slipping, seal grain carrying
case, used on AC or DC current 110 volts to 125 volts

1 Large Refuse Container; can be disinfected

1 Large Covered and Ventilated Container (used for soiled linens)


1 Appointment Desk; desk top, customers ledge, cash drawer, cash compartment
with key lock and file storage

1 Roto File; includes 500 3 x 5. high quality stock file cards with rounded
corners, 200 blue colored cards for permanent wave records, 100 white unlined
(for general information), 2 control knobs for easy handling, lost-proof cards
lock in-lift out, covered completely against exposure

1 Reception Desk Chair

1 Coat Rack; metal-wall rack, 8-rack

1 Tackboard; 3" x 6', cork-fiber board, wood frame


1 Telephone; direct line, extension to instructor's office

1 Display Case; display front 36" length, 24" width, bakelite exterior,
plastic-enamel interior finish with orb light

10 Patron Chairs


2 Facial Chairs; overall width 21", overall height 35", overall depth 27",
seat height from floor 19-", reclining chair with adjustable head rest
upholstered in heavy fabric backed vinyl

2 Facial Foot Rests; overall width 20 3/4", overall height 16", overall depth 151"

2 Revolving Facial Operator Stools; overall width 241", overall height 30"
overall depth 22"

2 Hand Basins for Facial Area; overall length 20", overall depth 6", overall
width 15", double valve mix with single high faucet, standard lift drain

1 Pedicure Unit with Stool; stain resistant supply tray, adjustable leg rest,
electric outlets for appliances, slide-out trays for supplies, vibrator massage
unit built in base, leg rests bars to adjust, leg rests removable, interchangeable,
foot bath, adjustable attached, light easy gliding ball bearing, rollers, storage
space for towels and implements, stool with chrome tube legs heavy ball bearing
rubber casters, upholstered cushion seat with back rest

2 Heat Lamps on Stands; w/infra red bulbs, 14" polished aluminum reflector
swivels, heavy tripos caster base 56" to 82", 750 watt heating element, 43 pounds

2 Facial Cabinets (built along wall with sinks); if sinks are not used,separate
portable cabinets are, roll about cabinet with white bakelite top, 2 drawers,
storage compartments, towel disposal, 4 swivel double barrel casters

2 Refuse Containers


6 Shampoo Bowls; overall dimensions 20" x 201", neck rest depth 3 3/4", strainer
(fine screen) 31", standard spray

6 Shampoo Chairs; overall width 221", height 31-", depth 261" 33", seat height
from the floor 18", automatic reclining seat

4 Manicure Tables; overall width 14" x 26", height 29", swivel lamp included,
rubber casters


4 Revolving Manicure Stools; overall width 24", overall height 30", seat height
from floor 17", overall height back to floor 31", swivel base for adjustable
height, foam rubber seats with back

4 Electric Manicure Machines w/Attachments

9 Dryers and Dryer Chair Combination (air conditioned); two speed motor,
capacity 80 cubic feet pressurized air per minute for fast drying, Cal-Rod
heating element, full range thermostat, 60 minute timer, dual filter system,
Plexiglass hood dimensions, inside diameter ll-", depth 7 ", chair dimensions
overall width 23 3/4", overall depth 29", overall height 30"

9 Double Dresseretts with Mirrors; all bakelite including lower shelf, chrome
plated square tube legs (or wood), width 30", height 67", depth 13", mirror
30" x 54", polished plate glass mirror with polished edges

18 Styling Chairs; hydraulic, all purpose lock, round tube chrome, frame deep
cushion spring seat, contour back, finger tip back rest, width 22", depth 26",
height 38", height of rise 7", seat height 19" 26", seat 19"' x 17"

1 Steam Activator; plexiglass hood, water bottle contents 3 pints, three stages
of heat control, light indication for heat adjustment, no-drip design, safety
switch, heat off (when water is low), balance base, ball bearing casters,
protective rubber bumpers, underwriters laboratories approval

1 Color Accelorator; anodized aluminum hood simplified control panel, timer,
switch which automatically shuts off unit, positive ventilization

20 Mannequins

4 Wigs (variety of colors); European hair, root turned, ventilated foundations

4 Wig Blocks; contoured for proper sizes one 19", one 20", one 22", and one 23"

4 Wig Block Holders; ball jointed, fastens to any work surface

1 Wig Dryer; 44" high including 6" legs, 32" x 13" wide, operates on 110 volts,
15 amps, 6' plug in cord, twin dials, one for automatic timer, one for thermosta
control, double door opening, single center shelf, maximum capacity, 6 wigs or
mannequins, furniture quality cabinet, fruitwood finish

18 Marcel Irons and Heaters (electric and gas); a variety of sizes of irons--
sizes A through K and a fingerwave iron

18 Straightening Combs (a variety of sizes and tooth structures)

2 Electric Straightening Irons and Combs (for wig training) (Without stoves)

1 Electric Wall Clock

18 Refuse Containers; can be disinfected (to be placed by each dresserette)

1 Tackboard; cork base with metal or wood frame, 3' x 6'


Miscellaneous Supplies:

Citric Acid
Formaldehyde solution
Witch hazel
Aromatic spirit of ammonia
Eye drops
First aid kit
crochet hooks (medium and small for frosting hair)
4 long plastic teaspoons (for mixing)
2 can openers
1 bottle opener
2 measuring cups (plastic, clear)
1 eight ounce funnel, 1 four ounce funnel
12 plastic dispensing trays (12" x 12")
1 bottle brush
Glass cleanser
Comb and brush detergent cleanser
1 Box beauty coil cotton (625' Rayon-coil, for cold waving)
1 roll of surgical cotton (or cotton balls that do not have rayon content,
used for manicures)
5 tint aprons (black) plastic
1 folding laundry dryer (wood) (for drying rubber gloves)
1 disposal can (large) plastic
2 dozen empty 8 ounce bleach dispensing bottles with measurement marking
2 dozen empty tint bottles with measurement marking
4 dozen empty shampoo dispensing bottles (4 ounces)
6 empty gallon jugs (for diluting concentrated shampoo) plastic
2 china mixing bowls (4 ounce for mixing of color for predisposition test)
Talc powder for cleaning neck of excess hair after cutting
4 small spatulas
Neck strips (bulk quantity)
Swabs (bulk)
Hot Plate
1 quart kettle (porcelain)
2 dust pans
2 brooms
1 child chair

Manicure and Pedicure Supplies:

Hot oil manicure preparation
Polish remover
Stain remover
Cuticle remover

Manicure and Pedicure Supplies (Continued)

Hot oil disposal cups
Top coat
Base coat
Cottonballs (no rayon content)
4 manicure bowls with heating element
4 regular manicure soak bowls
Disinfectant for manicure implements
Liquid, powder, and paste polish
4 pair of plastic footlets for pedicures

Hair Conditioning Supplies:

6 brands of hair and scalp treatment preparations
3 heating caps

Coldwaving Supplies:

Bulk packages of coldwave end papers .(king size)
3 types of popular brands of cold waving solution (varying prices of each type)

Haircoloring Supplies:

Tint skin cleaner for hair color stains
3 brands of tint
3 brands of toners
3 brands of bleach (hair lighteners)
6 frosting caps
1 pair of professional dispensing scales for hair color rinse dispensing
Tint color charts for each brand of color
Dye solvent cream
Peroxide (developer)

Shampoo and Rinse Supplies:

2 brands of medicated rinse
2 brands of cream rinse
2 brands of plain shampoo
2 brands of regular shampoo
2 brands of shampoo for tinted hair
2 brands of medicated shampoo

Facial Supplies:

2 lines of basic cosmetics which include the following:
Cleansing cream
Lubricating cream
Astringent Lotion
Special treatment cream
Moisture lotion
Foundation make-up in three basic shades
Powder make-up in three basic shades
Rouge make-up in three basic shades
Lipstick make-up in six basic shades
Cotton balls and gauze pads to remove make-up
2 trays with small dispensing containers of powder--jars with shaker
tops, plastic spatulas
2 towel fasteners (to hold head covering in place)
4 coverings for patrons (full length that can be laundered)

Eyebrow Tinting and Arching Supplies:

2 trays (large enough to hold eyebrow tinting supplies)
Covered glass containers filled with swabs
2 colors of eyebrow tint (brown and black)
Eye drops
2 pair of tweezers for arching
Towel Fasteners for head covering


1 Cosmetology kit with tray
1 shears thinning
1 shears regular
1 razor and guards
1 manicuring kit
1 nail polish kit
2 tail combs
2 styling combs
12 Duall wave clips
100 single prong clips
100 double prong clips
1 pair gloves (surgical or plastic)
1 hairdressing cape
2 triangle nets
30 roll pins short
30 roll pins long
2 brushes regular
2 brushes styling
10 dozen P.W. rods
9 dozen curlers
1 case rollers with stand
Student badge
2 marcel dressing combs
1 marcel iron (B)
1 marcel iron (D)
1 end curling iron (Bobby iron)
10" practice wefts
1 neck hair hand clippers
1 color or tangle comb

*Depending on scope of the training program there may need to be
adjustment in some of these terms.


Basic Textbooks:

Kibbe, Constance V. Standard Textbook of Cosmetology. New York: Milady
Publishing Company, 1965. pp. 494

Stingley, Glendora Progressive Manual of Cosmetology. California: Glendora
Stingley Publications.

Thomas, Gertrude Modern Textbook of Cosmetology.* New York: Milady
Publishing Company, 1965.

Van-Dean Staff The Van Dean Manual.* New Jersey: Wilfred Academy of Hair
and Beauty Culture, 1956.

Wall, Florence E. Principles and Practice of Beauty. New York: Keystone
Publishing Company, 1961.

Supplementary Books:

Fleck, Margaret B. Mathematics for Cosmetology. New York: Milady
Publishing Company.

Kimber Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology. New York: Milady Publishing

Lowman, Arnold Ph.D. A Survey of Chemistry for Cosmetologist. New York:
Milady Publishing Company.

Milady Publishing Staff Chemistry in Your Beauty Shop. New York: Milady
Publishing Company.

Milady Publishing Staff Beautician's Guide to Beauty, Charm and Poise.
New York; Milady Publishing Company, 1964. pp. 356.

Stingley, Glendora Electricity Manual for Beauty Culture. New York:
Milady Publishing Company.


American Hairdresser NLgazine. New York: Milady Publishing Company.

Modern Beauty Shop Magazine. Illinois: Milady Publishing Company.

National Beauty School Journal. New York: Milady Publishing Company.

*State Adopted Textbooks

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