Timeline of Highlights and Historic Events in the Evolution of the Florida Geological Survey ( FGS: Leaflet 18 )
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Title: Timeline of Highlights and Historic Events in the Evolution of the Florida Geological Survey ( FGS: Leaflet 18 )
Abbreviated Title: Leaflet - Florida Geological Survey ; 18
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Publication Date: 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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Timeline of
highlights and
significant historical
events in the
evolution of the
Florida Geological

Florida Geological Survey
Leaflet 18

The origins of the Florida Geological
Survey can be traced to 1852 when the
state legislature established the office
of State Engineer and Geologist.
Francis I. Dancy was appointed to
direct this office, with responsibilities
including supervision of the draining
of lowlands for agricultural develop-
ment. Dancy's post was abolished in

The discovery of phosphate deposits in
the 1880s prompted more studies of
Florida's geology, and Governor E. A.
Perry appointed Dr. John Kost as State
Geologist from 1886 to 1887. However,
not until 1907 (Chapter 5681, Laws of
Florida) did the state legislature estab-
lish a permanent Florida Geological
Survey (FGS) under the direction of a
State Geologist to collect and study
Florida's mineral and other geological
resources. FGS findings were pub-
lished in the Florida Geological Survey
Bulletin and the Florida Geological
Survey Annual Report.

The FGS was placed under the newly-
established State Board of Conserva-
tion in 1933 and in the new Dept. of
Natural Resources when that agency
was created in the major state govern-
ment reorganization of 1971.

The FGS is now in the Division of
Resource Assessment and Manage-
ment, Department of Environmental
Protection. The FGS is the oldest state
agency still functioning under its
original establishing legislative statute
and title.


*1908, first report on the State's
mineral industries by FGS.
* 1908, first report on the groundwa-
ter supply in central Florida by FGS.
* 1909, First State Geologic Map Pub-
lished by FGS.
* 1939, first delineation of the major
geomorphic subdivisions of Florida.
* 1947, First Springs of Florida report
by FGS and USGS
* 1957, Stratigraphy and Zonation of
the Ocala Group published by FGS.
* 1959, Summary of the geology of
Florida and Guidebook to Classic
Exposures published by FGS.
* 1970, first detailed geomorphology
of the Florida peninsula by FGS.
* 1984, Neogene stratigraphy and
Geologic history of the Apalachicola
Embayment published by FGS.
* 1988, The Lithostratigraphy of the
Hawthorn Group (Miocene) of
Florida published by FGS.
* 1986, Hydrogeological units of
Florida compiled by SEGS Ad hoc
committee published by FGS.
* 1996, first educational video
produced by FGS.
* 2001, First State Geologic Map pub-
lished in digital form by FGS.
* 2004, Springs of Florida Bulletin
published by FGS (comprehensive
photo documented inventory with
water quality trend data).

Contacting the
Florida Geological Survey
Main offices:
Herman Gunter Building
903 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32304
(850) 488-4191 Fax: (850) 488-8086

General Inquiries
Geological Investigations,
Hydrogeology, and Administrative
and Geological Data
Management Sections
(850) 488-4191

Oil and Gas Section
3915 Commonwealth Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 245-3194

Library and Publications Orders
(850) 488-4191
Visit the FGS Website at:
or at:

Department of Environmental Protection
select "Floridian", then "Nature and
Environment", then "Geology".

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