Title: Mickler, Sallie to her Husband Jacob E., July 15, 1862- Taylor Farm, Suwannee Co., Fla. (1 sheet, 2 leaves)
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Title: Mickler, Sallie to her Husband Jacob E., July 15, 1862- Taylor Farm, Suwannee Co., Fla. (1 sheet, 2 leaves)
Physical Description: Transcript
Creator: Mickler, Sallie
Publication Date: July 15, 1862
Subject: Civil War
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Florida -- Suwannee
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Taylor Farm Suwannee Co.
Tuesday Night July 15th 1862

My Darling Husband,

I recieved [sic] your dear, dear letter dated the 3rd and 4th of July, and my darling I cannot
express my joy when I get a letter from you dear one. I wrote to you the 11th and 12th. I
hope you will get it. I am sorry to tell you my pet that I have not recieved the box you
sent me by Elijah Carter. I do not know whether he has got here or not yet. Uncle Robert
told me he had seen Gardner who you discharged the same day that Carter was, when he
was on his way up here, but nothing of Carter. I can't imagine what he has done with it.
I am in hopes that I will get it yet. I know that if I get it I will like my dress so much. I
know that it is a very nice one for my Darling only gets nice things for his Dolly, little
Freddie is so disappointed in not get[t]ing her Comb and candy. I know that when I get
my dress I shall be pleased with your taste. Oh! Darling the longer you are away from
me the more I miss you, time seems to pass so slowly since you've been away, just to
think that it is going on three months since we have been separated from each other
Darling, but I hope that the time will soon come when we will be together. You tell me
that several of your Officers have applied for furloughs but failed to get them. I do pray
that you may be more successful [sic] than they. The time seemed to pass slowly before
I expected you, but now it passes ten times slower, and I know my Darling it is the same
to you. How often my pet I do think of you, it makes me sad to know that we have to be
separated so long from each other. Sometimes when I am alone how sad I do get to think
of this long separation, and then I think of our joy when we meet. Darling ever since we
have been married, it has been nothing but separation, but I do pray that this will be our
last separation while we live. It makes me so delighted to hear you say that you think this
war will end soon, and then My Darling husband can be with me. I hope that the people
of Mobile are not mistaken in thinking that the war will soon end, but I fear my own
sweet one it is a [sic] going to be a long, long war. I hope I am the mistaken one. I am
looking for your dear likeness soon my pet. I hope I will get it. I now have the one that I
have got in my hand, oh! Darling the kisses and the tears that have fallen on it and the
number of times I have slept with it to my bossom [sic] and wished that it was you my
pet instead of a likeness of you. Darling I was looking over an old paper the other day
and saw this little verse and thought how appropriate it was.

How can I fall asleep at night,
Without a kiss from thee?
Thy picture in my hand I hold,
But-oh! the lips are hard and cold!

Oh! my pet how can I fall asleep at night without that good night kiss you always [sic]
used to give me, and your dear arm for my pillow. I pray my own sweet one the time is
not far distant when I can have that arm for my pillow and a good night kiss from you, it
is now quite late- all have gone to bed and left your Dolly alone to write to you, and
now my Darling I will say good night to you and pleasant dreams of your own loving
Wife. I hope I will dream of you precious one.

July 16th

Good morning my precious Husband, I have just risen my Darling, and I dremt [sic] of
you all night, dremt that you were with me and we were so happy, also I had your arm for
my pillow. I was sorry when I woke, I wanted to continue dreaming of you. Father,
Mother, Sister sends many kisses to you and say do come home, I have not heard from
Maggie since she left. I was in hopes I would of heard from her before now, there is no
news to write you my pet, except we hear that Col. Hately [Colonel John C. Hately] has
given Toombs his orders to leave, because that deserter told that Mr. Toombs was one
that assisted the gun boats. Father is going down to see about your little boat and the
other things. I am so anxious to get a letter from you my dear one, to hear what that
canonading [sic] in the direction of Fort Morgan was. I am so afraid [sic] my precious
Husband, they have attacked [sic] Mobile. How anxiously do I look for the last of the
month for perhaps it will bring my Darling one with it. I hope that I shall not be
disap[p]ointed. Mr. Mickler's folks are all well and wish to be remembered to you and
also Uncle Robert. Oh! Darling I am so anxious to see my absent Husband. I will close
precious one with the hopes of seeing him soon.

Your own Devoted Wife,
Sallie Mickler

Darling we have just picked eighteen large watermellons [sic], how I wish that you were
here to enjoy them with us. Oh! Darling what a head ache I have this morning. I have
not had such a head ache in a long time. I am so dissy [dizzy] I can scarcely hold my
head up, how I wish that you were with me this morning, remember me and all to Uncle
William and John[n]y. I must stop now my pet and go and lay down a little while and see
if it won't help my head, oh Darling how it pains one, I hope my pet that before this letter
gets there you will be on your way home. Dolly.

Many kisses from Freddie

Transcribed by Nicole J. Milano, University of Florida, 2009

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