Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12, Lot 25
Title: St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission, Research on Puente Map #64 and 65
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Title: St. Augustine Historical Restoration and Preservation Commission, Research on Puente Map #64 and 65 Present Block 12, Lots 25 and 24
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12, Lot 25
Physical Description: Research notes
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Box: 5
Divider: Block 12 Lot 25
Folder: Block 12, Lot 25
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
38 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 38 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896773 x -81.313444
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P. 0. Box 484 46 St. George St.

Research on Puaente Map #6'in 65
Present Block 12, 25 d 24

1. Puanet #6614

2. #64' cilede

piedra d4 D. Joaquia Blanoo

* q '* . a * 0

Monorief map shows: Mr*. Kipp

3. 1788 Sooque Map shows:

#U6 House f thin wall
Don Pedro Josef Saloedo;

!U The Fish account beok says:


of tabby and some masonry owned by
with Dead and land that it cites.

Don Joqquia Blanoo.


1763 . For 1. 1/2 arrobas of

Sept, 20O

Dee. 20


3 p. 3 xx

3 p,
6 p. r x

*'For the deed and
meaauring the lot

For the deed of the
House of Fernando
el Gallegos and
measuring his lot

1765 For the house and
Sept. 20 lot of Ana Naranjo,
sold to Andr.s
Rainaford at 65p. 5 1/2

1768 For the house and
Dec. 20 lot of Fernaado
el Gallego sold
to Jph. Dyason
at .

5. According with the search of Mrs. D. Wiles the relations between
Ana Naranjo, owner of the house, and Joaqur Blanco were as
follows: Esoafo, Sebastian

1710 Marriage Ana Marta (with no last name given) on Sept. 15, 1710
(p. 271)

Source: ,C.P.R.. Ma rriag.

Escafto, Lui+sa -

Date: 1712

Parents: Sebastian isoe
Ana Naranjo
Birth: St. Augustine
Baptism: 8/29/1712

Godparent: Capt. Juan do Ayada

,4 x 65


3 P. -, .
Y p 3 XX

1112,6 7 = ,
L03p. 4 1/

(Source) C.P.R.,Baptipmo*

Research Block 12
Lots 25 and 24 Page two

1753 Ana Maria Naranjo

Saturday, 14 of April 1753, in the Parish Ana Maria Naranjo,
daughter leg, of Alonso Naranjo and Isabel de la Crus, widow,
SReceived the Hol Sacraments, made a will before Dn. Joseph de
Lion, Eso. Pub./ named as executors Dn. Joachin Blanco and
Sebastian de Herrera and as heirs of her soul and those of
her parents and husband deceased for two thirds and the other
nephews, and nieces Dn. Bartoloe Nieto, Dn. Antonio Nieto and
to Petrona and Rosa Niete as in the clauses of the will.

(Sg. ) Fray Juan Francisco Rabelo

Source: G. P. R. Burials; Photostat 3562

181 Goicture: Either; Joachin Blaneo or his wife Antonia de Avero had
purchased the Ana Naranjo house from the heirs before 1763, in
which Pase it seems strange that she did not so state in her claim,
or attempt to produce some evidence of ownership,


Antonia de Avero, knowing that her husband had had charge of the
Ana Naranjo property for ten years before 1763, decided to claim
it as her property,

In any event, her heirs included it in their suit against Jesse
Fish, and it was included in the settlement made out of court
on February 27, 1814, covering the Ana Naranjo house and the
house of Fernando Rodriguez "el Gallego".

See Testamentary Proceedings, Incidentes a los autos .
Reel 6 Document 28 (El Esoribano January 1963 page 15)

The four heirs of Ana Naranjo all owned other property in 1764,
see Puente map.

Arnade did not pursue the Avero .story on to its conclusion on any
of the 3 houses claimed by Antonia.

6. Rocque Map, 1788

#46 House of thin wall of tabby and some masonry, (in fair condition,
owned by Don Pedro Joseph Saleedo; with deed and land that it cites.)

7. 1790 Quesada's List

#100, 101, 102 Houses and lots of Pedro Saloedo with deed. (No measurements.)

Research Block 12
Lots 25 and 24 Page three

8. 1792

Esorituras, 12 January 1791
20 December, 1792

p. 442 v. Sale. May 2k, Pedro Jose Saloede Antonio Uraina,
house of stone and wood, bounded N. side by James Clark, S. by
Maria Triay, W (which is back) by Spanish Street, $. by St.
George St. Bought with others from Wm. Slater, Nov. 22, 178k.
Block 12, Assessor's Inventory 101,

9. 1834 Lot No, 8

Batholomew Oliveros (present claimant)
Antonio Urina (original claimant)

Research Block 12
Lots 25 and 24 Page four

1. 1764 Puente Map

#65 Casa de ripie do Juan Martin doe arnoa . . 271/2 x 65
(Story of Garmona: See Elearner Barnes)

JUAN MARTIN GARB3NA:; No. 65, Puente, No. 45 Roque

Native of Seville, Spain.
Married 17W4 Antonia Rodriguez of St. Augustine

Mrs.- Carmona: Antonia Rodkigues
Born in March and baptised on the 12th of the sams 9enth in 1727.
Daughter of Francisco Rodriguez and Alphonsa San Jurge (called
once Santiago y Monson)
This couple were married in 1721.
Mrs. Rodriguez died in 1732.
Francisco Rodriguez stood sponsor for his Garmona grandchild in 1749.

Francisco Rodriguez: Son of Juan Rodriguez and Lorenza Mendiola
This couple (Mrs. Garmonats grandparents) were married in 1679.

JUAN RODRIGUEZ: Born 1655. Was the son of Francisco Jacinta
Rodrigues of Castile, and Maria Ramirez Arsian,
This couple (Mrs. Carmona s great grandparents) were married

MARIA RAMIREZ ARSIANX Wife of Gaptain Francisco Jacinta Rodriguez
of Gastile. Born 1627, daughter of Juan Dias and Maria Arsian.
This couple were married 1623 .(Mrs. Carmonatl great great grandparents)

JUAN DIAS: Born 1599, son of Luis Dias and Maria de Reyes. This
couple were the great great great grandparents of Mrs. Carmona.

Now the name Carmona does not appear on the Fish list but it could
have been sold before he left.

Anyway it is the middle house and from the standpoint of family,
these are very old and very fine families.

Research Block 12
Lots 25 and 24. Page five

RE: No. 45.. Salcedo. 1788..

Note: Moncrief Map. Shows what looks to be stone house directly across
from the de Hita place. With what looks like wooden house in Middle and
stone house next. These would be the 3 Rainsford places.

Note Puente's wording of these three on his map...

Stone...masonry....atone. .Apparently the middle one was different.
Perhaps Moncrief, too, wanted to show a difference.

But on BOTH for Alfonsa Averots ...STONE.

Jeffrey definitely makes it as IPBE as the Arrivas.

Now look at the blown up de Solis. (who was famous for his stretching
of blocks, which puts houses out of focus) and the three same houses
-are on Rainaford, still of stone.

NOTE on the south side of the Arrivas, the checkered house meaning wood...

All of this means that the Alphonsa Avero house was stone and stayed of
stone and was across from the de Hita except on the de Solis, whose blocks
are extended out of proportion.

And it means that the stone house of Antonia Avero south of Arrivas in
1763 was of stone, but pro 1769 was built of wood...

Note especially.. .All of the maps give space where Puente had the 2nd
Arrivas House. The one you did not restore or rebuild. They all indicate
that space.

2. Moncrief Map shows: Gapt. Rainford

3. 1784 Escrituras, 16 July 1784
26 February 1787

p. 82v. Sale Nov. 22 Wn. Slater agent of Robert Johnston-
Pedro Josef Salcedo lot on George St. fronting E and the back W.
Bounded W. by Spanish St., S. by heirs of Raymundo Alonso de Arribas;
N., by Jayme Glac (Diego Clark?) also 3 houses on same lot fronting
on George St., uninhabitable, bought by said Johnson in 1783 from
Leonard Cecil. (Several documents accompanying--ne certificate of
Howard that in 1767 British Govt. granted to Andrew Rainford lot and
buildings known as No. 3 Rainford Block, containing 6/10 of an Acre, its
E. side forming part of George St., N. skirting vacant land, W. Spanish
St., and S. on vacant lots. Aug. 1, 1770, sold at auction to Thomas
Stone, by court order to pay Rainford's debts; Stone sold to Leonard
Cecil on March 19, 1783. April 1783 Cecil sold to Robert Johnston.
4. Rocque Map shows: #45
House of thin wall of tabby (Tabique de osti6n) and some masonry, in
fair condition, owned by Don Pedro Josef Saleedo; with deed and land
that it cites.
5. 1790 Quesadaes List
#100, 101 and 102 Houses and lots of Pedro Salcede with deed.

Research Block 12
Lots 25 and h4 Page six

6. 1792 Esorituras, 12 January 1791
20 December 1792

p. 44h v. Sale, May 24. P. J. Salcedo-Maria Triay house and
lot 14 yds. frontage and same in depth; bounded N. by Antonio
Ursina; S. by another house of Salcedo's; W. by Spanish St; E.
by St. George St. Bought of Wa. Slater as agent of Robert
Johnston Nov. 22, 178U.

Block 12, Assessor's Inventory 102.

(Notes of Mrs. E. Barnes)

Background on Ana de Naranjo:

Mother and father: Adjutant Alonso Naranjo of Seville, Spain and
Isabel de la Cruz, native of the town of St. Augustine, were married
on April 4, 1673 by Father Antonio Lorenzo Padilla.
They had betrothal ceremonies Feb. 25.
Captain Nicolas de Goyas and Captain Mateo Pacheco stood as witnesses.

Only other item on her: Ana de Naranjo...

Sat. April 14, 1753, Ana Maria Naranjo died. Dt. of the above.
Joachin Blanco was her executor. She was widow.

Ie: The Salcedo places

1st; Brief of the background.

Pedro Josef Saleedo was Regular Captain of the Royal Corps of the
Artillery and Commandant of the detachment stationed in St. Augustine.

April 20, 1786 recognition of his marriage was recorded in the
Cathedral Parish Records, said marriage having taken place in
Havana March 20, 1785. The bride was Maria Dolores Galam or
Maria Rodrigues.Galan. Full translation is in the Canova transcripts
pages 3 and ., 1784-1801 White Marriages.

Salcedo seems to miss the 1783 Census, the 1786 Census which was
probably taken before he arrived as I have not found him on either.
He was on the 1793 Census, however, No. 129.

So far I have found no children nor was there any registered on the
1793 Census.


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