Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12, Lot 24
Title: Lot Studies
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Title: Lot Studies Block 12 Lots 24-28
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12, Lot 24
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: Newton III, Earle W.
Physical Location:
Box: 5
Divider: Block 12 Lot 24
Folder: Block 12, Lot 24
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
38 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 38 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896679 x -81.313403
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Bibliographic ID: UF00096031
Volume ID: VID00005
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: B12-L24

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Bloch 12 Lo) 2'4-2, ade VW. Ne don ///
TAe mawednia.L ,eAeAin. w complied pAwm 9.we a mwe~.e C 4d Pu", ene, Alonca.e4
and Aocque Map&. Foz i6W neaaon d e content AAouW'not be condidened de,-
fin&ve" on i.mnludve. The (ann.egiLe have been. checked wi. .ie owiponal
ooutce e u- pa.bld qn an.W care, .ee, a,.e i"ngu& and coniZadiLc'ion
wAtco anjue inm Ae complexity of Ae pe/uod inveJd4adi and Ae unweiabLLJLd
of h.e o40Uw 4.
The of he ouAcead uded ane:
?uen. ape l- /764 FLaA Account Book 1763 1768
ftoncwe.. Map 1783 Oueiada'4 .LL4 /790
Acue /l and Ke. 788 wazcu /178- /03
C"emen fap 184 (ena /79J 1783

Lo? 2? (9uende'4 60)
Apponedv chain oft owneAhIp .
(aamona (Pume) ane4pl4d (Moncwj.Lef) foh, (uan) TwaL ((CLennia) -
Andbew Pe44iLt2 {(CIjenena)
Houwe DecaLnpi4ioa
"Houde of Ain uwadL of "abby and dome mawonAa in. ai. condition. Acque Key
Puen.e d-eJi ngied a Ahoue on. ii4a io buad.' La ot ie map to fat. &o A 4ouLk.
Plon/ ,ei deignawe a. howue on. Lsa .o;t wt,.A an. out buM nag,
Lo.6 Deaciption,
The .* of iAe Jlo vaonia on eve map. n Ae ,lonciIefnte i Je J ?Ae JL paut
of a 4 en. lot ouned bey Y&awfotd'uhicA incLded Ae /venou Houce. Acque pust4
Ae houMe on. iL6 oun. &o4 bu. wzdout an. oudt Bul..dimn
Lo. 25 (Muen~e' '.7640)
AppanenL chain of ounewhiLp
oaquan Blanco. ('uen e) Kpp (?onc iiLf.e) WLU Sla (teA .aU 4442v /792) -
undonio Uizwxna (zamen) ?edo foaeef Salcedo (ame- Fm Al aint ani que4ej
made uould be jub.ect to weao. Anfonio Capo and Ca&alina Uinai boA deeaned -o
oun MAenpwpei .u in Ae nin.ed.eenA centun, bui Li L Jiaipo"44bJle R hi. MLa
maoeonLa oundendand &Le iwnaac)Zonl.
Aouee Deq.4lion
1fue of in. aUL of ab and 4ome mo.on qa-u iny eave A nija jAe an.eceden "
(e- anweceden ben. In ai cond on. cqe. e. iuerdee 4%je Aa Ae houie
Li made of 4Alne. TAg houwe appeal on. MloncA.ef in a posiYden equal o ogue.
Loat qescAipiUond
Accozndin. o PuenAe Ae )ot bejonqing. io had a f ondayge of /4 vatt.faoncL.ef
4/owd a 7o.1 of 4uizL.aA. Lzye.


- *

Lo; 25 (639)
Appxawu. chain of ouneuniLp
an de Rivew, ('uened), ese"e FiA (ioncie,.4) lames C(1k (6acUwsa4)-

Bowme DedcALplion
Puent2e dteAd ha Ae, houe ij of tone. o "Ha 'Woude of Uood one .o_
(coudd be 6W ,osed,) in good condL bon, Aen. of ma04on.M 0 "/ocque aso
menriomn a houe in e an. no. unw ke jAe afoiwnendioned. Th4a mayt app4y to
iAe. kdcen. men.ion.ed above,
Loi Deacnipdion
PueJse dh.a;ed Aa Ae Lo< uas 16 b6 35 vaa. onc ief houm Ae lo ad pa dv
of a lap ein. one oued byFLA. He. aoo 4howd .Ae houne in Ae baick. ncqiue
4hoed he ae house in ihe ei. ad a ioinna jAe main houe. Hi& .ot Jline awne
4apwund nO iAe ooiAon. eLAetn jie, Joi W.
7acob (Catk made chains and manacled. At Ahe end of Ae Srje lA Peaiod, he
MIWned to senain in S4. Audubine, ShicA he app a 4wit4 did.
Lofs 27.29
Acc/dina. to hAe "cadic .7 Rocaue4' Key and AiLdcellaneoud docuaneni Lt
appeaAu Wwa no buildings o. 4 ud cane exiled on Aedee -Loid dn eigheendA
enutAu. SYn eveA cade, ocaue aa 4iae4 Aa4 JAe houde uai of ouvod ldngJLe and
covewd withd pawn leaved. The FicLwdu pad iaid y ve&L4 tA"A. mie
document i.! appeal ha Lo0 27 waud oi4inalLy p 4a:of e /hined foad Block
and J4en 4old o Tho4. Stone in paendt of YtineAfo/d deb. Stone AMen, 0o1d do
Leonand (Ced in 1783 uAo i unn 4 old do b ob;& %ohndtone, wo .tAenm old o a
Salcedo. Loa 238 eond do have zonained tAe kinig popeA4 adUhougA fuan Zua4
-4eem do have had a houde in bad condiwon on. ficU pwop4?y.

ThiA mi;Ah -een do be a good anea oithe Ae4dotation do 4how wad a nonmaL
S~t, Auguine ode looked 5Lks nt hai 0dia aAeaw kepi dAe old and
Sedpowa4 wooden houde wi Ma woof 4o dome ;Ume anid i oulda 4een
appAopnaie if po44ible do stand neconadWL4uc 4aomeithing, JI 4aA.

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