Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 Lot 22 Salcedo Archaeology
Title: Memo: Salcedo Houses
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Title: Memo: Salcedo Houses
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 Lot 22 Salcedo Archaeology
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1962
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Divider: B12 L22 Salcedo Archaeology
Folder: B12 L22 Salcedo Archaeology
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
42 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Salcedo House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 42 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896515 x -81.313407
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SJAN 2 6 SIc'1

Jan. 24, 1962

Memo: Saloed* Hoeues

Additional information on owner of the middle house.
JUAN MARTIN CARMONA: No. 65, Puente. Neo. 45 Reque

Native of Seville, Spain.
Married 1744 Antonia Rodriguez *f St. Augustine.

Mrs. Carmena: Antenia Rodriguez
Bern in March and baptised en the 12th of the same month
in 1727.
Daughter of Francisce Redriguez and Alphensa San Jurge(called
once Santiage y Mensen)
This couple were married in 1721.
Mrs. Rodriguez died in 1732.
Francisco Redriguez steed spenser for his Carmena grandchild in 1749.

Francisco Redriguez: Sen of Juan Redriguez and Lorenzo Mendiela
This couple (Mrs. Carmena's grandparents) were married In 1679.

JUAN RODRIGUEZ: Bern 1655. Was the son of Francisce Jacinta
Redriguez of Castile, and Maria Ramirez Arsia.
This couple (Mrs. Carmena's great grandparents) were married

MARTA RAMIREZ ARSIAN: Wife of Captain Francisco Jacinta Reodriguez
of Castile. Bern 1627, daughter of Juan Dias and Maria Arsian.
This couple were married 1623(Yrs. Carmena's great great grand-
JUAN DIAS: Bern 1599, son of Luis Dias and Maria de Reyea.
This couple were the great great great grandparents of Mrs.

New the name Carmena does not appear en the Fish list
but it could have been sold before he left.

Anyway it is the middle house and from the standpoint of
family, these are very old and very fine families.

6 -

JAN 2 6 Rc' d


Ana de Naranjo's name appears on the package deal
under the name of Blanco. I have seen the name of Naranjo
often. They were related to the de la Cruz and to the Rodriguez
family, too.

But one explanation why Joaquin Blanco might have had some
plot of ground to sell for Ana de Naranjo is that he was
the executor of her Will. This is so stated on her death

Albeit her name is not on the Puente list. So it is uncertain
just what part of this section in question he was selling for

Background on Ana de Naranjo:

Mother and father: Adjutant Alonso Naranje of Seville, Spain
and Isabel de la Cruz, native of the town of @t. Augustine
were married on April 4, 1673 by Father Antonia Lorenzeo Padilla.
They had betrothal ceremonies Feb. 25.
Captain Nicolas de Goyas and Captain Matee Pacheco stood as

Only other item on her: Ana de Naranjo...

Sat. April 14, 1753 Ana Maria Naranjo died. Dt. of the above.
Jeachin Blanco was her executor. She was widowed.

An item found which may net relate to Ana do Naranjo..

Baptism of a child in March 1724, parents Josef Gabriel
de Espana Prime and Ana de Aranjo, an IndianJ

Then a child buried March 1724. No other listings.

Josef do Espana died lost "on the Bar" 1738 ....

I know there were Indians by "de la Cruz" names.
Could be Ana was half Indian.

114INL 4 R :-'

26 7mOeItdte Soeet
St. ,40fWa .r -7esd

January 23, 1962

To: The St. Augustine Historical Restoration
Prom: Eleanoer Philips Barnes

Re: 1he Salced* places:

1st; Brief of the background.

Pedre Josef Salcedo was Regular Captain of the Royal
Corps of the Artillery and Commandant of the detachment
stationed in St. Augustine.

April 20, 1786 recognition of his marriage was recorded
in the Cathedral Parish Records, said marriage having
taken place in Havana March 20, 1785. 'he bride was
Maria Dolores Galas or Maria Rodriguez Galan. Full translation
is in the Caneva transcripts pages 3 and 4, 1784-1801 White

Salcedo seemed to miss the 1783 Census, the 1786 Census
which was probably taken before he arrived as I have not
found him on either. He was on the 179. Census, bewever,
No. 129.

So far I have found no children nor was there any registered
on the 1793 Census.

In the E-crituras No. 82v..Nev. 22, 1784 is a full account
of the property he bought on St. Geor e Street with its
3 uninhabitable houses. That 1s why i do net understand
why he missed the 1786 Census. Tnle-s he went back to Havana to
get married In 1"85.
On the 1788 Map plan they are listed thusly:
No. 44, Stone house
No. 45,; Brick partitions and some mortar B._ 7
No. 46, same...all property of Salcede.

On the Tax Ass. List: Bl. 12 the three are listed as
Nes. 100, 101, 102.. 1790

The recitation of properties occurs in EscrIturas No. 82v.
when Salcedo bought property.
This is its explanation:

1767: British Government granted to Captain Andres
Rainsford six tenths of a block. Bounded west by Spanish
Street, east by St. George, south by heirs of Arrivas,
north by James Clark. (let and buildings)

Part of this is borne out on the Fish Account Lista
7t. 42: Package deal under the name JOACHIN BLANCO.
ewas husband of Antonia de Avere, the '*ne given

ilN -1 4. PlC'd

Steed" PiDsd4 S' 9UN
26 WteJWdWaa Seret


the REAL Ro4riguez house...a eme story, flat roof stone
house, not the place there today)
( Also Antonia Avere owned the so called Salazar house"]

Anyway it was Jeachin Blanco's name on the Fish list but
under its heading was also the Margin Carmena place being
sold by Ana Naranjo it is very clear that the THREE
HOUSES Rainsford get on his let were on the Puente Map plan
as No. 66, Alfensa or Ildephensa de Avere.
No. 65, Martin Carmena by Ana Naranje
Ne. 64, Jeaquin Blance

The three that correspond to Nos. 44, 45, 46 en Reque Map.
and Neos. 100, 101, 102 of the 1790 List.

Substantiation is that Ne. 47 is Mr. Clark. Reque. 1788
As also No. 99: 1790

And on the 1783 Census James Clark is from Scotland
a maker of chains, and living on St. George Street then.
No. 63 en Puente was owned by Juan de Rivera who sold to
Luciano de Herrera(one of the Spaniards remain in St. Augustine
during the British period) January 1777. Herrera evidently sold
to Clark before the Escrituras begin listings.

What it all means is that the THREE HOUSES listed on both
Puente and Roque are...... Ildephensa's(Avere) Martin Carmena's
and Blanee's. (One the sister of Mrs. Arrivas, the other the
brother in law of Mrs. Arrivas)

So you are re-coenstructing Ildephonsa Avere's house ..No. 44(*r 66)
weo was Mrs. Franciscoe Perez de la Rosa, whom she married 1734
and from whom she had 6 children.

If you go on to will have(besides the AVERO-Peres
de la Rosa house) Juan Margin Carmonds house, No. 45(or 65)
and the Blanco-Avero house, No. 46(or 64)

To re-cap. Fish stated that Sept. 20, 1765 Capt. Rainsford bought
this package...Blance, Carmona by Naranjo, and Ildephensa's.
He only mentioned Naranje and Blanco...the Puente Map and the
subsequent Escrituras No. 82 v...bears out the rest.

r- 2 4 Rc'd

Stenei P'dd4ed t'*aei
26 We'Jffdra SAwe


By the greatest good fortune this was not all Capt.
Rainsford bought.

Directly across the Street(St. George) Captain Rainsford
bought August 20, 1777.....the Geronimo de Hita House
and the Bernardo Gonzales House....
See Fish Account List: Nos. 11, and 74.

See also Puente, Sq. E, Nes. 79 and 80.

Today this wm~ild be 45 feet in the yard of the so called
Salazar, and 45 feet right next to it north.

The house under re-construction now should be almost across
from the Bernarde Gonzales House...and Arrivas' 2nd house
which you have not shown nor mentioned should be'acress from
the yard of the present day so called Salazar..

Arrivas had two places, one just north of the house today.
Then comes Ildephoesa Averoe's (the one you currently doing)
then a space, then Carmona's, then Blaneo's....all property
of Rainsford after 1767. UNTIL August of 1770 when Thomas Soeae
owned It....(he was a Trader listed on De Brah& in 1771)
It was really sold at auction to pay Rainsford's debts.

Leonard Cecil bought it from Stone in 1783 and the next month
in April sold it to Robert Johnston.

It was Johstoen's agent, William Slater, who sold it to
Pedro Josef Salcedo in 1784 in November.

I can give you some other factors which back all this up.
Fish lists three sales Dec. 20, 1768 to Joseph Dysoa.
He was Army and had left the province in 1771.
But he bought Nes. 69 and 72 in this Block D.(Puente...1763)
And possibly No. 75 in Bl. E...same listing.
The various sales give boundries in the later Escrituras.

So-good building....on Avero-de la Rosa House, Carmena House,
and Blanco-Aver* house......

Hope this has helped...

Although I would hate to see the Arman(Watkima-Dt4de)
house(the part used as YESTERDAY'S TOYS..torn down...
I think that if it is planned to be correct In restoration
or re-eonatruetiea....that this section of today's house
should be stripped of its 2nd story and re-constructed
along the lines of the PROPER Reodrigue-Avere house.

One story, flat roof and "*f stone"...

Would not YESTERBAY'S TOYS leek just as well in a proper house?

Redriguez-Avere .........Arrivas

And across the street if ever you de the rest of the Avere
oemplox..Put in the real de Hita Salazar house and the Bernardo

ZI" /Cua St. to Tawy St. Weet
\J~^}^4^-(^,%^) Cun to(North Sectio

(o C tha St., ct
(South Sec;w

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