Title: Delray Beach News
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Title: Delray Beach News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: December 21, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00009
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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... ..* ,* ...... ... .. ....


Till.. INTI,.+;tEST OF TIlE ORll ,$ 12 BEST




J-. II. AtklIns arcid Tuesday from ,. ' i
Council Takes Action I !Plans Are Hastened For
vT Cleaning Up Beach Start of New Bank
S For' Winter ... I In January

IWllme .. .. *lr.. W.al].lH!,nlw IHo, l '.t f bout I .. ..M. ril ;"dl od olt i -
The ty cncil complete i .. pt i ,: ,, -, i.our, h the plane hias the lie s 240 gallon Rokf I, arrIl, d rrI nly ml Wor, has started in rnovating the
S antBo e i o nr e y n tarted pants, Mr d Mrs. F. N. Brown 4 pa.seng fr II asld from ,, ,r e B, ee.. th, I
.ork .td Monday ntat a mete -- I I . ,e I], Fl.la StalO Btank On
dled by the Mayor. The only Item Thrnton an Rth Smith, of r 1 ; 1. th . . J
of oe nlatlon unfinished from the mbu., Ohio, hae arrived Ito ,
I, in. e o oe -1, m .Cale '
the ap ct.enb ta o thet .d.. c Me. eel re I .. .. .
. .ittce .y.e.Ma o.e . - ,. e.. . r , I .. . .... .. . . .. ''

1 ... .. ..I .. . . ... . .

-, a \- ,at i s' a r *a "a M .. n a Major Jack Leaac piloted the hip. Mr and Mta. K of Detrog t C tc-all a .e" .
t.e tdtat bty. t-.l p.nee., M A ne. l, i d t i l .. .. ... t .I
ethe. .onp ontd odcllt. -.L.etwte t. wetsht rad the pound -.- TOURI'T CLIUB
The enolt the ne Wa.lter bd, h e e. ihe t inmth u we cmt I PLANS PROGRAM' o
l t .* .c ,ee .y t e ,l. ht ".t bt n ht fec e t hek at nh ha ' l
OW.Jtlcl.lB t.. t a...l c t eed. Theh elat en I aaeda, a m the e 1 etek. T e a nti e aluop-
L. H. d* Ch.rm.. .i t, e t. t . ryled T actdae t.y B..h a tlma hi d l et.
Pa WaH raChact-"ld,

M. W.rffel d. a. . ' r r A. Up to the present tt.e the boaed of
h e e ra t .t e... .. c h .d A T he. _a e. th. t ta tc a . e a he t d h

.. . r .. ,-,,,',r

eAftelo. somp dtc ts elbraete CMV et. h. W, F ab. Clah--Entertalnmnt by .. .. .v e,., T o '' ,i .1 .. ,. as eIa' .r a,
raik o ttee owr a ne ea o Idto . Cit Cai.h-En m t A ,, , . ,,

..tdons more t thn Fe' t Ente l...t by MI. Nels. wilt spak on eThe Ro..-
S. ie Me mm te C .t fol, emle b m e ort , e t. ee of the Bibl The Y P t bit five-stohe brae
thb.en Th wor ng aon l t In r a ni t f 2. 0 r u Ent llnment be y Al m4 -.... i ,- t
Mem. Weinfeld. 11,,'e'^ e C. *'.-. ',.. l. I pIn cat tim cthea ed d

wht fther ork wold be t bt h ad n of the w mittee, which i'a lnd l hp e t lw sld h a we o n t e lA a. Tile uxd .... . .. . . -.,
tIe e a H he d .tht rch 8elan *e a t n. ..... .. t

'"": i" ah t-oys. candy and fut will be on aene wa clouded towards the west .. -- e An t a ake noat aon .omy ec

SI P ompanhgh hol s 3 o ,

1 1 ......i 1. I .. .. i ..1.. ... I. i i. ', " I ,-,, , ~ Midight to the Delay High School basketlused many women to fo wear
I- i , ine of ti ight. -
,c Ila a ie ed C. Ft "t '..svly tt- ttItntaoat . .S .. ... .........S RA

a e ii .t',r,,I c A" Vi e t .W ,,e ,., ,, t el ei. eaMalowonf.Pa. m e Bea r on whybra

,. ..... 1 --Ellabet Lee Carmey pne 63 t mo 1.baheo f how pP ctub of .ctr children In I
r i C -Ltiy Gra y all their adverlteint. For Cchild i
'. I i a a' 1 t a . ; '., C oaI I ' ,e B a e r G id o m N w. e a t t h me a d a y m o lr e ur e g a r d le sa

. ... '" ' 1.1 , Mor. Aloso Atkin not, and reBgadlesa of whether a' not
St e . c c. t.h t .. ahi. d aa- Mahg Mt E by eth

aie . 'W h e .- .. a e. P ... .. a C. t .. E ...C and reet F M Jolly return am, ,
c , t i. , .. . 1 a i t '.e a t' A "ech w -- e let h Bp thh Asteh e wtet'
h ye.. . .. a . ' -, " d Ac Tt o e 'o ay t he whor i C ..
.o.h.... .. e . . .... .. ....t.t. .. t 'ee, ea.e.. e. _tha ,cd. a t i c h oeou ,, c l th- -- o-Ito d a Mamit e. .1- ad -1 -. ..
eyhe "a--Dahar Suhy hat wi k. dy..I se .. inre ed a n haetp rtea. ee th t
, ,, . . i 7. d a'. .. . t . . a It der he i a e d hn, reee . V t a

,, ' '. '" .. ' W d. Ho I M a s

ttdnight t the i .elea Cy y .eII I" ig k t .a`c etaty maneeh ic eemoee
he last ap cattal
T.... ... ,. ,, ate atom eIn Ba. .l-tt. e 1,oJ.
........ Le . n *,t"np* t... hI wt h
e,,c ,tiie. ca.,,,'l Onan ImlemIea hm, .eh tcee er ahilleec to
I aeeCavte ll, c lapa eee-w .It that__. al Bel a dteta.i', Fo ahldm
Ir ~ Indth' L'+jo ranr a t heese.:: tLheio S arle tt tI te o' . s ... CtRtSTMAS PRORA M AT
a , Mace Alota Athort Set METHOtIST CH H," t cl alelaP tee the dee
rec.''. altDIYIII. '' 0' ''d f.l ,,* ,,'',,,, I~r Cell .... i. d eteh dwee at I etp
Ift.i ... M ..C Ta
I. ,. it da t e' t t y. d othe et

''-catey troin he t Col It aeaotact'
a v ' t' h at .. ..e T C .H.I , . I I .It ..at

:a.I ae reei, c dt havttte, el that via, Ium. W Iant i t ht.

..11 I A I. 1. .l ... I i T llil. E li sr U s s
. .-..-- ... --.. -- --.-. .-...-- ...-- I .I.AN(!IN! M.ISL..TOR M..RM C HRlsTMA. I HUNTS TO HIOUSElVWIVa

..L....A. IIHA.I. FL.R.I. DA RD^ ,, I . . ."I ,, 1h ., ,l,,'l, '' |,..I s I,,,. .II "
ll d I I It is well thatL II. s h P
.. -... .--- aineavles, Fl,-To eth girl Christmas eilubrles tl Ilth in --
.irn. ; lmnI .d Ediltr und Ph' ilahf Sifle si he i mpaign I ver iti lm lll Ih lrli s s i CrIIlaISTM AS TIEll IS
'll d l;rv rl y nt Delrav leh, Plln le h Cou I Fl I 'r da I ever re em c Dw in y old lo .. si ll j y to Cll 'ANDY TIME

O.ll r w 'd to r te . elrn i.e in..ss et i n s jo o 'oi usi, The a r I hrit s O is ai
.m. .l u ssi . bs . t k,- ,s, fr.

Eli__ i'ii'iil. _li~u, I' tilt -'1 -ITT 1' a__T Iil T ii s HerbI rt "Iis w lis hnel 'r ..... . I .i'.. 11...s ,ll feItsv, s
O! '! L0 A ILO R G.%N FO R T nE Cr PT O F L R nA Y LE+C F IL OU iD A ILDe, {i l e, a- rlhak ul s e l"u I r. P'ed of throu lgh the i a r, bIL C lirih n i .
..... - -i... . . .. Ih uds r. . .. . wh u. should gv .

,iii r. .. .. . ..aislins II,,**.,I i. ii a I I u sI i'stsli
IWih -r a s a i s .. .. i . 5 .s l s i aisr ,n , , d r
i i," Ii i, ''T' I -h I, II Iu tI > .oII I i I i I ..

. ... .... . . . ... .... . ,, I - e .. ,,', ,', '" ,,' "
Did, fle W m,

We invite everyihbsdy to mshpend ,,, . gm l .... . ..a sI .1 of "I '

nt l li l .. ... M ,. a l a .s i .. ... ..... .. .. i .I...
although th* n th e n ... .. .. .. .. ir 'un e 'oo fe, il l e .| .. I 'iw y ,' a po M ivo w el one-

.. .. ... .... .. .. ..

- W ip .l ... Em i i i i i it. .. .. iw. .l b i.. ..u. .. "t I I i iil c
.. .. r . .71 .. . ... . . . I .. I ......
ii ... n,- ., .. M .. .. l lr l, . .. , ,i, i s a Is sis. t his A a t. 1. als.as i lth aosiand eassisi.

,i i, ,+ ,I s a s' aI | f 'I c -p Flold A I ...c. in l,

mass a i I. sA .. i. .l . HUMAN NATU i o th, as ia s ia s i DA. lit. to Pod
he s alsl problem as ssass is' tkD CHe not only the d1 asm. asabse hn u, .11

'sa ss ".as, . .. s aM. hsa.s hcu .o..ia. u on.l .' .d

-It -A 1 M one hfha m tbo oon D, t udp
as .. 1... ......,- A. M. up sa"o.

s sis., is si. s -s.is.. .. 1taodtcrcid by the tree mo, 7:30 P, M. 1Z:.2 P. M. shrdded d ..n..t .n.d vansila, ,ro

S e a ... .To l net rd of lIut, the root 27 Thu. . A. M. 2:3- P. M from poo.i on buttered tin and Ik.
SJut brewing 8: P. M. 1:39 P. M. In a moderate ven for about 30 min-
.-. ,.... ..... ..... .. .... . . .. ,s s. a, s. s ,r a d vsisasas asil
a .. .g. Ad It,, ,. . I '7. PDo 8 AT DELRAY B:A a P.M tle I apA t n d1 oppes d ts s old i

S. . i mistletoe will not 28 Fr 9:1 A. M 3:15 A. M. teso Do not remos from pan antil
, s ... :1a P. m :27 M. p ty c moo d.
'' ' '" . . " .. .... . . ' '' .* *.. . ... . .. . . Saa. 428rT.... ms, .. ...... ... s +''"' 5 ,f as, u.

--- rpodd to 'my r eque "o r te pa p i d a a. ar {ba the older h dd|d t d

.l y or m an. th tha ,. ..d. I5 A to mys 1nowled A sagas wlssa. raid is pa Y od ser
a&asdpls.asf th1 fmoamie lom. aobs.dts dach 1 a ia daat tliis "eIv I
.'. .. t., t .. ... ii ,f ,aumm atmo[phor e fou Ceti theopl ee thu, ,A. cnu tPmaeln udel i
.!, ,, .. .. -.. I . ,it d to wind ot h8 Fru wa51 to e a:d wh.ue y o nt

Ak & mine eith ."-Printer k t chun B efo re Y ou T ak e
I" thoe t com'_nto br. u,1i" ,him I be t I .... i t A i *

T- l ia m .s b. pv dplHar-ned h a my b t banutirH H n The doo has a pecu pow-r to m e Advetie
WAR from to me -Dsas lbs ia y. oe o fl ti h o n

a th td t e. C A h o. s ts s l .t i Is t ..d ti
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.iR "I'il a t has t n, ta mk .wld h i oas n t pe h n l od I t GbLa snl s a a a It

Iu li[ isni l Diis athk A th e Y G should also co a ult the advertisements to learnui
i i i b s s hdhbar f i i h a t edosis' tat basy Iiad 1 h
.t.. ..t..t...... d.. TE M. M s...,a, what stores carry the B before Y ou Ta kent to buy, where

Ihp hiud d h-lm.n t ,A i s ao ns hp day b t _. ou cta s t the most for your money. Advertised
abs is ass sisa.. col 1., sa o a' ity tsat lbs shlidnI's is' Iyou can a

sss listsis .: a 1 ssal y ms es aa Yala ao bis bW p ta

of Ita diatc.. Wrs I. I T mental take the gue iork out of shopping. They ei
Lit : -.1d odd to itea GetI bull"..

S 1c read the guides to yoablesur and h opping lt tours. ng gde
lud h sOAre, iluh bho Is I i l d tl h in tond twhaty watt ee and e youwant

r RIDM he cup. tyu o dICareful re rsesding of tvertis events io i t the habit ofIs

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M" 1 AND MOR. 1KY [Ii(,AN8s IF1ON A0X1911 Y WA l i I 1nntr11 l rotllll r eol N ,ot ull L..
,-, IINWINAI -I-I1-----1------ 1I, 91yI,,,0,mt o.. M ,
EiNT IIc I nJI, 11a Sl III -
Mrs C e I The r ig
i I Wil / .. , ,, '. "
Ss y .... .. Por instance, SlnD lvuol wh 1t sme other mianns avi labl fbr oar, -
Di,0iti f n"n.... .. ... I .. u .. . . l. t .... .) ....ri .. ..i.. min!.' Many p. ..l.. w .
'toy' Pl .1 ,l ,0 ed when h1 is i l, lr iae e Ino ,i ot lO ,n t ln for l Inll rid., aill
-i ... . ... . ....-. -.1 1....... .. g.i .. , 11,1^ 1 m on n nvIirl U i Jo rny, e l ii ly li lyu a t, Y
n j I I I I I . . .. I ,iinlld to antlelpnte than ippfrt nit. y to
M1 8. IARROD I GUSli 01'O 11il ANn MRS A, ABAL. I n ,' ..2.. . '" .
Mrs. Willlo LaB In .. ._ h l l , . ,
!nlnvillo, weB thi gust ,,, ... I i|, h | u hn ll(
1 Y oW. A. ,.to. 1 1 y .o .. 9.0, D. ol... o lNTER- Aro l sl Mrs. L lie M .1 ..1 .1111 '
thl Y. W. A, mi 1ng .. ,, i M
ot Lh First Bnptist chh lant Thu I C i 10OL ASS SergantAt-Aria MIr, Johm Lnmh.i fr gn r ullio to lum thrll
day ovanioD Mr, Hllrro is The nfllowinig menlber were elected lwold lbe to an ol. e m. an.
. . . ...I 1..... .. .J. . .. .S
oc.o.o ,,01 112waI loti,
. . . ,. .. lly.,

and a lovAly cohlen uppr wa 1 Anna Ketlr, Mane Winn, O e ILACKWELL ENTER-
s. 1l at I o'coch, after which .a --Gyln, Mfrie Dtavish udll RMwI TAINS BRIDGE CLUB -
sninI.l I rI m ws oiven. A THIMBLE CLUB MEETS X Ith. Crot, Blnch Rhdnn, Jessie '
Ch tas trenhe .om fid] T FRIDAY AnTERNOON B* ML., M a ,. aD,. Blarbecu etei ; Sandwh .. icht A or S ia
O htB0.0 ..1..., ,,, ," '0.. ," , Kn..1'? "S .rr ^'.' i n; ,.! a I ,n t
r o m s r ol.lTh.. ....o.n t he d wrthen lm. no deshil to to.la Stan lI'm going to he married
1th Thilmble ( .. . s. cor this editor intu a preat hment flow St"""aY and-
"I No 79, odI h C- d '... . . ', it anp d b c
oT. ,l. J. Ao zo1 00 1.1 cour doon l tho n d in Boas-"And so you'r, Toing oU leave
.Aene 1i, PMrs edor0 w9as srved. Those present wart: a tFls to 10thor w al me." en ng
SMrs. C. H Lohrman Mrs. W. N thought All of us wItast t, St en- 1"Oh, no! Pm Just eiagn tI
9 I .. ll yo u tht II," n"d m' mney." a

i ,. .....P.. LUMBING I
." ,0 ...o .o o. o 0 0 ;'t I' .'I ',,PHONEr 0. o
- ..J. MYERS & SON ;
7 .s .... .. "
Kde', ' ... .. ..... .. .. . .. 7 '. .r .,." . . .. _- ~
to Delray Beach people , ,, ,' ..
** o 0 moo 1oooooo I 00910019h191011011'0CA1101t11911
..o.O .. ... .. ... .. 0. .. .. L ,o B o b 's
: waod lodot a I0 t .o,. S .. . .andwlich Shop
S at;S I' '

ot B.. t 11 0. .. o. -- , .. .. 0 Old Fashioned Southern

ao Kntght0 of Pthia mee ta only 0 110 i iBo.
S thd Frilay night of ech month I .
.o dung ummer. Masonic T15cm
o pl. 7:30 p m ', ." .'. . :' I
So.E..Noy '" n .M. l I :- I. Tr, it once and )ou ill be back
o Tu0,,0s1aa Maonic mplo 1t9. wu for mor
S1:10 PALM BEACH COUNTY R ER REN RED OU fr more. Open evenings
"o'o Lod m n d rd !,., ,, ... ... ; u. .' ; ;R ,,. . .. ... ER NTING CAN.
Mondnya. st I an ndiaetive a i aL ,-* *, Delray Beach, Fla.

o Anooolooy, 1,.1211, I0n ddi0 yn tl roofs o no t ull -
p teO' Local, Uno ta s. Pl 11-eh 1, uty a1nd dj.
SM102, mt... y ,.nd .rit.ry t h .im l m"T. !i M,
o ning at th- Labitl fTl. ir cr d f n tent dn o.
o Iasalrtt Tldl1' t pr.lttd ,ad, thS11 A
th Labr Teaple. mbld fm Palm B-, L BUY YOUR MILK
Worth, Jupiter, DSrty Bhech. Boyn-
Thwe Painter ad DBonora ton. BoC Rton, Koley City nnd FROM A
Sl. .. No. .1.0, .ta -v.ry o.ti.r t... ln th a. nrW- .-.IIi.. i-
T ...y ......... th....... lan.. .....t.... M er y B h
o h e w ery lDelray Beach Dairy
o Amerl an Legion mhcta every 1 am t the potioffie from 8:30
o lt an d d Tusdany in eanh Ito 9:30 every morning. IT yu
o month t its h e on North L have humethin yau would Ilke 0-
o Dixie. to put in thi0 Imper or a certnin
away ou would Ilik to hlnv It
Ameenn n La uxliary, let s r len, I woid le ld to s PASTEURIZED and RAW MILK
: ........ Christmas BUTTER and BUTTERMILK
---o -- -j

To All Office At

t Southeastern Ice &
SERVICE .n. bo d ELRAY Cold Storage Co.'s Plant
.. . k: a load,
You Can Depend Upon you LmaybeRAure I C-O.-
il will be at your door when you want it.
That's the way we guarantee your satis- Authorized O Dealer OCEAN CITY DAIRY
faction-by giving you the quality you are UU UI I UHDA I
entitled to and the service you expect. DelrayBeach, a. Phone38 Delay Beach, Fla.

frday, Diemher 21, 1928,


Pan TlhrI

Pmag, OFIr nFRAY IR*AC NWS, DBLBAY IACIH, FIMF IUf, 9IA ridy, DcmFbcelr 21, 112.
l' I-- --l h tonIi i . l s I. i Illnp.1 nd l I l ..i It "i, I, .. .u ^ ", l i' l I f
,, I. ., l,, J h,,, 1 1,. F AB,..I, .1 '. . ,
'' II~T u | d A inhr I . unln dp, uno Mastl In Cr han ry i arin
BOCA RATON r' fo K.yt, N., J., .. .i .
.i. IF' ,, In M1 .a .. .. .
.. ... ".' AF 'F ,, I


-U -, I
,,+ ........ '""'"", R efrige5 .. .


dAr..I> F f "YearS ahead" in design
o R1 l'pine a genuine pleasure. We have an attractive Ths ahead ed r ws no
11p Mi ILE -o- .ma line of gifts suitable for everyone of those you wish oled oveaiight-lis 1. result offfif-nvey.

'. r. Suitable for t" remeO ber this year. fistesalvesdybyhe Sin sand i
huge qI -t- I Fur e i, ....

Bu siie o ,, I ontrB ness I TOYS-Yes, and some new ideas in that ime, too. in s G e, but invi ssi n Ipas. dvidens 1.in
-eekly, WhichThisnSectioI .
..............--SFO PPINI toI. II1

I. ldH i", .. i Which This Section We have made a special effort to get a stock of F baItter hItih for the whole. fansily, i buyinh
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&r. a. d se.l, ,el your gifts.
.e hl p UAd, I BEDELL, Owner II
............. ,1"Years ead" in Is

281 North Dixie A. George
..pi a genuine Comer 2nd. street n t tive 444 Atlantic Ave. -:- Phone d 00
BAER TAM co. Deray Beach, Fla. I Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, Florida
DELRAY BEACH, FLA. :4 :I,-- X-X X a i
',," ,' ". WAlso Offices Above

..m nrsmmmmmmmmmmmnmm ljlmum m.mmmmmm~mmmmmmmm~mmmmm


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310 Atlantic Avenue


With A
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I~iYfiv;r;H~k~;HHW~;Hr;H~ilkHYi~i~3K!bi~i 'F~iL~~:S~u~S;~ia:FC~~K~jlbtHHl~fi~~lli

,,i. eRmJ r ila, Z, nibeReY n s is n NEWS, EnIRsAT overls. PF.nRITn i I,

I1 PERSONAL AN D OTHERW ISE i ... ., . .. ... ., .... ..... ......

Sinl l ", v '.. . "' "','1 ,0. 1.. I* I I, 'lh, i n,'l I,,, uI hJ1 1 1' A h!"__________
, w , . ... ' ,1 , + ,, , 1 1 .. .... ..... .. .... .. .I ...iiii,
.., ... ..,. ,, ... .....

5Mr. I.ll I. B ,f. l .. I I r 1 ll i, ViSIr 0 i, iPIN ile lli AS 111 rA l iPh
"otn Io DO 11a1ho, P.,, ' OMMUNITY CHURCH
d M s, C P WS l f ell d v. I ri, d ,i , . O F F I C E
w. v 0 0... ,, ,,,,i *, .. ... n O I Newest anid Prettiest Feature

T ,, . .....I 0,'tel;:;'~llIbt "h I' onox nIoIn Mors. Rox's Candesl H o i y
M, Mn l,,eorg A t... A .. .her han B em e spelaty f Prlt Florida Fruit Candies
S ... hy I b , t . Hai i dWork I
b. , I ..... . .. tbL Ilt w L t.l t .rin e 0r ho e n ro eo <( 0Cale de r o f Cu lreh
1, 11,1, 1 0o e h 0 "d -0 0 0. ( Oly Not olits ors1
... . I .u e.. a Calendtr, of church Sylphline Heel
S ' r w s an Evenigs, 7 to 8
. II ig Umlse.o. nndoi test nr ohwn fruit Arcade Court
S, , I' I i u ritly ... .l .. 05 *. In All The New Shades
k ' I lto i ('oh.t, c r,,m bo.rric 0 oit Slenderizes the ankle--"n n.,,i, f S noe.nv ,ni0n th1i
Bx r alf.o x r. silk with 1 r r F i--'-+
5,, .. .. ............ ..ia J KO AKI uIadtNs to h .. ..... ... 1.. 1 -5..
o n o, ,,,, rne $1. FINISHING ati l. .. I ,0. ", ", .
nn 'i 'o',nns.. , .s+ at heeln ai I i r .1 r ,1 I. ... ,
......... . i. so, s, 24 lisle with block toe. A truly smart stocking that
S' . ... . HOUR SERVICE Munsingwear is famous.
e' ....... -C.........i.. m.,.... ,, The Novelty Dress Shop
To o, X .... WESTON STUDIO "We Sell For Less"
essin. n the, u 121 Fourth Avenue Arcade Building Delray Beach, Fla.

AB-ihk girl with knees tho san A
with thy r.ulnd-..dwn lln A MoaE
Wilth thy rd lips, oLd ned mn I
."-.""".".: '1 CHRISTMAS
With thy mae-up on thy face,
And thy bobb.l huir'. Jaunty grace,
Fom my heart I vo thaj Ie. To All Our Customer Friends
Glad that I w b born n y.
--Pnnter'a Album || tO
SGOOD PRINTING INCREASES We extend to you best wishes for a most
ING TNFOLD. S T I oYo and successful Christmas.
WCATCHES, JEWELRY or' 'c thie ast nminte gifts'that will isure"
MESH BAGs PERL. ETC. the complete success of the Day, we
FIS/ INC E ll invite you to visit our store.

.e t,. En..h I, Catheart Bldg. Phone 13
tiI. Milmum Chare f 0 1 :-0:' : -: ;::.5:.: --:.: : '
FOR RENT-iveo unreoo ... bo. .. .
SThe Novelty Dress Shop
South Sinton Aonu EXTENDS
OR ..-r "~"U ; 'b i A Merry Christmas, A Happy NewYear
."iva.teh. Term,. .n" bl We appreciate the patronage ne have received :
ne!olM.oh, 0. rCao,,. s., 1.,1 in the past and will endeavor to merit a I
o c.. o 4, i21, ms9 5. continuance of this patronage.
LOST--Gnll l]tf- oepXkc. R- 0 ---------4,-0,---0---
t, .nx 81 n. Duc,i 21
tn, 10' a80, i,,. i0 1
FOR SALE-Nw house danimil byA
tor0n. Will .1ll cheap s i or |ut To All My Customers
In god IAle a,,d ll for hal v.-[ Wish To Extend
e. On l hilih m dry--ooil
atne.e water and liaihts. Cimn Christmas Greetings
for ,1'Bl. to aw. oom.' And All Good Wishes For
smOll m 0on0y. B 00 '.SG. De 5.
S. Your Happiness Throughout
o SA[e.I OR TO IENT-Te P The Coming Year.
iua enll Loivttiir 0. BI
Iol nRlNT-lurnha roa, Wel l
lomd dltown,o. E n d ild
-er evry -t. sh obnte. Casa Del Rey Building
S0iortablr s n l bi aIn lbounIiofn il
-iee. Cltll l c'EcBnbBoo h itl

To IlIL h.o have ,,, kinlyr -unIri- Miss Mary S. Lupton, Prineipal
buti b "nur c. in th i yr Kindergarten and all grades
wo ,tont our ainee, t=O ul0 , tI.el.Oh Private tutoring all grades
wi1t ou'r i'st ItIshe fo the Ii,.oin Especial attention given to children of our
s.lat.t winter guests ho bring hooks front
Mrs. Geo, R. Nichols tbeir own schools.
5 0. AI,,,n 8. E. Sellool located on Dixie Highway I
Proplietor. next to the I)Delray Theatre .
.... Prop ietoe. --- . . .

. - >- .. -> >.._. *- -. -- -- o-..- .

9h, Riht PlI- To Td,"
Phone 14 Delivery Service

CRISCO 3 LB. 65 RICE e 3 LB. 17c
COFFEE---- PALM OLIVE E bare 10,,
Maxwell Houe, Per Pound .48e SOAP ..... or 19
COFFEE q i SOAP, Copline or 2 bars 1c
BelJar, Per Pound, .... -. l ijrki's Hardiwatl r 2 o 15c
Tomato Soup, Heinz Dill Pickles, Heinz
2 Large or 3 Small 27c Large Size 3 for l0c
Soap, P&, Octagon, 6for 25c lToilet Paper, 3 for 19c
Chips or Oxydol, pkg. 9c ISani-Flush, can 20c
Rice Krispies Pkg. 13c Pork and Beans can 10c
Post Bran Flakes 13c Pop Corn to pop Ig. can 24c
Banquet Tea 1-2 lb. 43c Mayonaise, pint 38ct
Monareh Cocoa I lb. 37cg Pumpkin, Quart 17c
Apple Butter 38 oz. 29c Pineapple, Gold Bar Qt. 29c
Grits or Meal Pkg. 10c Peaches, Gold Bar Qt. 25c
Pillsbury Flour, 6 lbs. 33c 12 lbs. 65c
OIl? A~ CI 0 0 '? KMI Small CcTall n
SUGAR 5 LB. 25clMILKS e ac acbl 1
Onions 3 lbs. 25c Pecans, New Crop lb. 39c
Potatoes, Cobblers 10 lb. 27c Bananas, 3 Ibs. 19c
Tangerines, doz. 25c Apples 3 Pounds 23c
Also Iceberg Lettuce, Celery, Turnips, Cabbage, Tomatoes
Parsnips Carrots, Grapefruit, Lemons, Oranges

"We Strhc To I'tenB,."
Butter "., lb 55c Pork loin roast end cut lb 26c
Pork Shoulder roast lb. 23c Breakfast Bacon 'ni'lb. 34c
Beef RoastCil~." "", lb. 28c Eggs *io*. W0.* doz 49c
I 1b. ~''-Codfish, Salt Mackeral, Beef Brains, Cottage Cheese!
Fresh Killed Hens, Fryers Special! Bulk Mince Meat lb.24c
Fresh Killed Turkeys for Christmas

P 81.ix, nElRAY REACHP NES. OEI.RAY RBACn, FIloRIA Friday, nemlel r 21. 11112.

*rh. r1yllo l-lh, r l.lll* t .$ l ],r '" i-'ll S, w, ahh i,, ' . .

,i i , I I ll ' '' I' ' I Ii. a h "" l I' "' "" F SHER 1NCOBI 1 ATKI)
. . | ,i .., B, U . .d no rl n | S IN*S C ARI. t
...w ... ..... Hi8ER INCOlRPORATED

,e ...~. .1 .. I. i l w i n r .. .

~' '' ' n" W. 0. WINN

r h . A. ... ... .. .l' n h, r
S' "' .m Lov'o ui
'* . .. . I I D . . W J o .,
... . R

Sit down u' lnil'l I for thtlr emhi Tly to n ll twle a th a in ae Is h ,
re sens", "Nton Ith n L arO and th word
, U, t. ... 11n1" H. ADAMS
. T | .. . . .. . i IIl Il.. toiaia t

| i, hel r o ,l ", O fe qou t l Delo Rn Biadng. f p, P n d m

1 i , ,, ,, e- 1 DELRAY BEACIL F RoaIDA
I . .o I ,aoA t ,o l,. A DR. W. C. WiLLIAMS, 3JR.T
-' "h* t', ' , ' I ATHCART BUILDnIN
F I nIn|. FWl"'II0A *l'" i "0 Ao l o?" Residence Phone i t

\ F W , Office Loc Bldg., Phone 10

.4 A d J tiR NI. 0.
iHT~illR , ,11 .(1111*.1 .. . II. Inmrlinl IIIT inW i | ll. I o ,1 7 I n, I WITIN G;

"At,,h ili h tfr ."t.1"fLIGHT TO THE EYE.

", ',' ', ,, ', u ,, A W M .

I .,.. .. , Offive v Bldg.,* fPhone 2
..'. ,".. BYRD & PORTE.R

S' ' ... .
,' ,, ,"' ,, ' I" ' ""'"' ' , I. l.'., ,- .E .B. _

*. 1 1. ", *, *.. .....:'.. ............ ... ,

Cloo P . ..L. ..E.. .ITI AN

'All n T* .ro r. A.tl .nt" A At o IB t ot non LIGHT TO T HEl E1YE D Io

n '' i i ",I'C w i v ES ON JOB INTIN CAN-

S, 1, I t p l r h[IBto flu NOT HEEQUALED.r,
' ', ; "' '" *' I T i r
,,, An,, T,'o ,,A: ,, ,, l'IA0 O

to ,'. O t I ,. I i'"" 11 Ih n* . . i .* 2. o.. ne r 350l

Wl".t dh.,th o ll t MLLONS 00 'fl3llf

,' '. ' ,A |,. ,, ,. I, IAN lar O pII I0 Ct A.

. .. I ,, B R R

.Tim, T.d I s

- - - -- - --
Colds, H riAPHOMESAND, l .
Bilous Fever .. 1,1. I .',....'.,'""" vISION PLRFI I IT

ltl ltn ,oo~ rl,, I r'l nl h ,o, o' ,hp Ahlolo1 "rth l'tlll r i

LISTINGS. . . . . TH ... PI L.
FBAR IN ... . ,, T
.P.ENDLy A- 4. .......... ............ ...... "...

CBFAPHOMESAND I I ... ....'. .I..
LISTINGS ON REAL ', ', '.'FI....r

Friday, IDeoemlr I2, 1928, DELRAY REACH NEWS, DREhAY REACFI. FLORIDA Pago Seven

ZlI e ut iii h alir .' ,', ''" : '
Miriam Richardson, Editor, Dorothy Pwell, Associe itr ,
VOLT_ 1 __ [ Boynlton, Paim Bleach ilounty, Florida No '
I rloY ON III P0' NS _ND
EDITORIAL liL RRI' t Iriiw s, SENSE AND '.. -r , 'f
iauit Frl hday lthiii tile Iloytor T- .han
('IRIISTMAS SPIRIT iTgr eilnli wl wth llny .* .. I B '
,I ,h M , .. l .

h a ... ...i--"l r in.li i nCulaelily sev lou' r '

C...h.. .n i. ... .
S Crai liei-- ' ' '

. ...... .... if .i. i. a ,n,..o, ,, ., l h.oli
S Cntrli)e. Ani. ir .. '
iehroriolml eal 'llor ,Otar yss ra ts d CO e E O Fosoosh .ieaa 0 ,,h

n %r l. rai y W ""l l ind,-ni o hi retns r or few Dh1ua nd o,.lr,
,6 r ed O to r b h t B ,e ,y o ---t--t--,-,, ,
i.s ,o ..a s r i.,,'ih mr trd t o f ,i ..il, hni -ta.I..... . ............ ... .. . .
tod artiie. hi tiide a wo ai m Andi t windibhows hfree -. ..0 .n "r
oiblu We net a though it e a , 1 ,,', I
anir.i duty toe di sd wih aI , .
or auros I a sr AM AdO hhl bur thr Miss Me dly-.rDuohin wrr n in rerorti 'elr,"dri Comhiplriannta D th.usIn "L. I sn lee
T rt ht iin rt h ., ,.r t the no rit Mir-a, aIt'raruhepit na e tS V

fO i school ashmi hbrtIui,. ;h moon lo. .n wt m nt nrdls,." ROR ERsNCE, hf hiooBE o W d
.t.i idea aa on f m eAnd m t o t aw n di r l n of Tj y . . .
,a Bnh aa t nn . ..... .. ... ''fo tells.. ' ",.

CHRKITMAS It a Sant C s; ..
,r a l as i .A he c an .a . , '

bac 1T28 yWern, w~on Ji ue h ahrt i t a .. I ', 'd ', .
Frt I i thiiraly chua le a nd we o*lihng : .. I l I .. .... . . .. .
Tlate a beautiful star it m d ' '
fill a A, ,, ' g. Th H .o . . h
aiaa TMASrt!noeiaaal otd.r.h' ''"a. .g. ha. ..ta .e.-.rh' ,-
atr .d e l I ," . F h a ' . r h '

o U ChB and it shao. d .. t b e ..... sth e
.rti onta es d s ,,na so o idilearnd ano'i to t,,a . . ,, .I, r.ll,- . I1....4 ;;". 1 .,- ,- .. . .. I,,

The ee type of invitaon o So still he smit .. . . . ,, , ,, ,,
ihe P. T h e atan Chrs htaa prty wo And thee hme b l ..1 .
selected from plans ubmittd by the oneocn schemes our hearts t- . ..
a 1th0omo .M .. .. . . 'a .. ', ., ',',',', _"_ I", -,." ',' .'." ,, i .. "
S Csh C E He ... I ,, . .. i o.a. , I ,' r S t h,
-', IE..- -I....... ....C CRS '

Helen Bnon nnd Ruth Murray wero And grat and snin'l i '
the wineras the contest. Reet that he aomre but once a year C A 11 E
1... .ai. .. .o l i

a. w. God. A t .. , , D lry B. ., For d..
THE 5ci7CHES d. tbo .

SB. Y. P. U m a 5 m Sen t be Grandmohr CCUnd G ..
'hi aRh ooo d inh tle onoe e ona. a ro .. . ORID. I IN AND 'OR

Prayer Meeting R30 p. m. tWedn es aldin g o G .od. for there ,
iBring your riend with youR or li "

C Stora ,- f d -ti '. ,' "o" i "s , d aa I "; 'o', . . . . ... r
___4 Farrdire, au.1esi, W Z. nhak a.
SIT h.1 110 T, I
SBUR. 1 t' t . .. "' ... ... t
n atioC. Fp rR hsna skrno wl edon th -. -ro. -br rbro, rti h i "'|' L' .. . i . .... *
htnih o hi g t 0 i rs seen
Pra MCeting Ph. esn-odins o GiadW ot, ..... . ,' I,

---. "T L Chhbeyond l t l ..
CFIST ETHURDIST CHURCH CornT raa an in n, R h i
C I da 1 ,, '5 Aiio o by h. T. R. Ad. .. ,1
,BT le h. l a. 10 1o , .P. Fr I .... .. .

.. . . ..i "l M1 M F 1 1 ' ' "' ', ',, ',, " '" '"' " . .. ,,

RISTIAN SRiNCE SCIETY so T Ronn of the ly the ih f th lor .
~ Nole." Ph B M r .b st ,h r h b i i . . I ...... . .... "

.a m ...thelVdst Gvpry Sii.S 1 Csle). dnr .t Ahha by y r ds.. ,

e, ,dily ..le d, SemouAd n by the Mr N ster. "C i uane th w ran din I .. . .
IoirT IN SCIENCE O Y 1U`;nh t: Thu R nb S of the idol To '- -- ,
T n he Vbs oondao ,, Os E rr n ob Whlsns iriri .l b n ...... . '' .

', ,' .. . ,, ; . . .. . . , . .. . '

.o. ,, o .o ' 'orn s 'M n'
tso h Onie,~r C.t II rohd otraoisAd On.o:,,T" 8

... ....is..ooas,, Ai.. h t .: .. .. . , . ..
sh poh tle SOl lots o FIEI I Cn A IATR ,1 I a ''

LB___ .. .. I. F19HER INCQR O ATE
ltwn [ h ~ |: ,[1 h, F III1 I. .{I R TLL ..- ,... ] ',;' ,' i, ,L, i , ,' ,,' : ,,, ,'[ "', ",

S----------TIN tA I y HA, InI S I'll F t',lrny rn.n Tin. h ., h.r, h SINlIY V rNIN I 'I ni t e ". v, t.


SI. |. 1. ,,r .. . . . >V I, . I . .... . I h m i e I "

1... . ... irM, ; 'ih,, r ,,, ,, lt Iy "It ' .i d . h -, n ie* e t ll Tt" lt. I Vhl f Iee
... 11.111'4

'II.IE,, 1- 6' r.h t l I" :' '. f h l r Plumbing and H eating
lyee e t I i, "t .. ... aWihei' tl e, IBox 991r hoe
ti ,n v t n :ll I'a" 1' u I l' 14 ,II... I" r rl i hh. lnyeelt, IoI lrih aQl W. A JIMrl
ir, b drIv 1 f t .li h h t .l .1hu 1 iF Ie n . . ),"l~l111111111. Ir.... .y "1h1 '0 Oe 2 mie w tl__ yi ,i

........ oIIS ................. I .Box 991 p

ae., KnellUrr 1Veli, Will,, PeAK
eel. teeAitre. G .-I, Flak -I Wl1e 1e l
sais Glees,,, VWS. cIII tell, yer11 elleleeia the T-lleb U,llb.
.e thelIII,. f M-el l Ids C-lI,
cVLIL.TITliL CAIR PnAe ifh teI eresiIeel, tee, Abbe CIII in
AT WOMAN L lihai. Redeete II te eo,,ieO
ItA t WI b .1 1 y 1,
ACIi AI We~i the b.18 auenette
el lte Uoll'eliU Crub EBudilel b'rteMa,. Ale Weeve tee., tld itt tetlil
bb ld The Cee 1,1 .IyeAwel1iye
_tioto DIP."o Ict Fast ilFl= 1

..I . . bth Ilsi,
Iettd Capte', lleieoey. Haell- he
let Diteb'ee' .,e b,. lubld-e
yeA,, ed M..Wnet. A, ttVi et,
"I",p-e Ibt 41Vha1 el ete b eWos1 h
i.e aud, I I IeI F I WIb., tlub. t1. el eenl lob luii11,Vg4,9 tetI
hish.1 1.Is.10C bu.NI.. I. F.fo
srlee let, .et I, e t itibt bd e b L..
II,. leeeet net,,, ,,bteto~r, rl Eoleci, 0I eridtho olt i Jlet,.,
belebI1111 I, lelee. llele be,, It l .II Stee .l.e, M
1111ht Flee' al l alnlsd -t l, Ib I .1a bIasi, it
P-k .-usr rrlt. P Iah II R ..... slen-Imo~a
R1EV. IMURAY WINS Walls ee lld l athle olA,,., ,
II..L. ITEELY W, a,,, leais -ldl ..li 4 sea ,Iedy -
Featln ee It. beI Pleatl, any, 1 u
leeeietd -uI 1,, 1,, eiba tlel
,eearsfioll betiel,,i. A Ilthe leenl' XMAS TURKEYS 6Oe Lb.
l ith i 111 tll,, FRYERS 55c Lb.
tIee. It,, eleltI I,,', Iaell HENS 45c Leb.
Il.ce .1,1111 ee .,,l~obl Eel d ele. Fbeut IFll~
b..ys lilrl, e' IllF e e',ee, I niW ,ed, e IC
.lelec ,i`y;l,,el,, B. F. SUNDY
,edi Cl f FC.-W. call at,, P.Ft'e FlIV
.71 Netth SIeey A....
IFIdkh s-s~lay

Telephone Service Costs
Only a Few Cents a Day

Ho convenient it is to be able to pick
up the telephone when you wish to
talk to neighbors or to dchth and lodge
friends, J
If you have relatives in neaby or distant
cities you can reach them quickly by using
the high speed long distance service.
Almost any family in this community can
afford to have telephone seeviee. The rates
ase so low that te service costs only a few
cents a day.
Can you afford to be without ttis cnveni.
rae in your home? Think it over, thi
call the telephone business ,.' e tand arrange
tfo te class of serve which suts you bet

,'i.i Fill rELPH4ONVi

______ I



Pe 22c


Orqganizd and read-itith a siner'edliitre to please, Piqqlq
Iiqqlly has extended its national facilities that in it stores
qou miqht find an abundance of holiday foods.

Highest Quality Meats
31.2 to 4 lb. Per Al, Lean and Tender 2o
Average.... Lb. 1 Per Pound.........
a -w --.w- -W -^-- _->--f
Mahiene Sliced q 8 Western Chuck 28c
Fresh da'ly, lb..."'- Per Pound.........
We have the choicest Turkeys, Roasting Chickens
Fowls, Ducks and Fryers

Peas, Chapel
Sweet Per 11 i
Garden Can

Chapel, Per 11ci
Sugar Can 1

Olives Liy
Med. Jar 29c

Jolly Time

3 Pkgs.

Per Can

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Maine 10 Lbs. q. White or LIs. 25
Cobbler' for ye Yellow for 2c
Fancy 5 Lbs. 9c, Calif. Hard 2for2
Georgia 5 forL 25c iHeads or25c
Indian River R25P ome 9 Lbs. I5,
Per Doen. ...... Grown for ""C

Seasonable Suggestions

Nat'lBiscuit2 lb $1.50
FruitCake Tin 1

Pumpkin 15c
Van Camp's Large can
SNonesuch Pkg15
Mince Meat 15c
I' I t

Sugar Fine
Su.r IGranulated
0 Pound 57c
10 Bag C

5 Tall 49c

Coffee per lb.
Lipton Paramoent 43(
Lady Alice 38(

Pineapple Apricots Peaches
Libby's sliced 29O Rosedale 9A2 Rosedale 1
Quart Can 29c Quart Can 1 Quart Can 19C

Flour Best Asparagus Tips Eggs Cod Storage
6 lb. bag 31c Hillsdale 7 In Cartons 1
12 lb. bag 61c Square Can 2 t Per Dozen 41C



I '

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