Title: Delray Beach News
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Title: Delray Beach News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: December 14, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00008
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Tilt. tOl) ,ttiot I *EbOE3btT Ot TI tIt tORLD'S BEST


BE PAID BY .. '.... .' ... :' iit". .,l::.; IS PRESIDENT
waters nt a rc lhlll hi Ih, lir r ... 'all day tr rrow anl ger Ity
DELRAY BANK ...... ....: so. ,A...... ,. ,~i0 'l ,i 0 ...... ... CITY COUNCIL
..ll''' ... Ih. ].i oR"IIoI i Idi I- 6 .
l towards nl mn o.oloi olid n r11 p.- 1.1Ii'n t .lp ith nf the, rillpin )lol) l nd l lel-lmtitiIr plIClnoyrl chIding PIrIt o lnnanh lt'o lino ndll
Chelks Will Be On Hand ttr l i . Id "4" 11 1 tl I-.i ..ll ,bd 0, I.. ..O. I. C ornciil Breppoints All Of
Next Wednesday for i sle wlde-pra o pm I ; w ,,e ni 0 lt aL m the s on mat s are hel w Old City Offiers ;or
Dtepostitorh ro'o lbe o Loa o d Itol'lll iLn~ l 11a lo and baken at net, to ho l wc , hll to whlth t11 pIIs Manager mIll~' I c' r0' t Coting Year
Deposilolrs at, I th -t tIe Wu h Id l '* .,- ,,h uo Coming Year
erable I ltlmel t, l show the al oo gIlIds nrtl of town Of the la nadmtl lal without charge. Inrl of hs collrso anll wil lltke pleasr
--.. . .. n shw"ings du Ir OIf eh 1n
".'. 1 1i, L .i -----" .-I.. ---- GET NEW EQUIPMENT
A .0.d . f ... .... bTREE S ON CITY ... ...i .. '.. A.... F . IN DETAILS ..
paid to the deposllors ol the Delmy "l Ilal itito hlno toe, 0 oL An
tth w ,, PROPERTY MUST ,l 1:'"" t .. ..ot ,"i ARRANGED FOR ,wo t y nll
A,:-- .1y Pyhe biy1 Ml o 0ny t h
.t"" .. .. .. t ilon7. t NOT BE T,\ EN .. .... HOTEL (ft lN . .
.eool.l-...,tik> ll ,o., te ln h e. I --h t t, wa o d
.l.o i W. airing .. So' rest Will Open Befor, t 1o e, r R
".nd Winl on l I. ,i ... lst Not LITTLE TOTS WHO LOST TOYS IN STORM Christmas and Altecp IPo onr ... o atmrrh~ir
Satwi oA t- i. o. . Be Sold WILL BE REMEMBERED AT CHRISTMAS TIME i l Janury .O. .'...... ... 10,
', ..., WINDS -- -- ANY FORIERGUESrola owty1"to o tooS..S,
I,.,", 'b oot wtl];A ob .A ,. nd UP ITS BUSINESS .. MAKE RESEEPVATIONSIo t t lo .i.. o t m.an
T .,., 1rD.l, ,- lt.. nan I. -..01. to t..e . ..... .. ... I .... .,
7t *

Ti,, h. ..o. ,to h.
The nnouncoment Iroe Ihe tn +ig f+ another year iBat Monday ' "
A. tivor' o l ff i

"Ar .lt o ooo. .. .. . o ." ; t . ' .. .. . . . ,

t i.n the night to 1f thc .
S .o old Santa. ot h .. .
, ..... ,, ,, ......... ,ct ... ,, ,
t wi see to It at a ea a rIYO.l as
MANY FIRE CALLS TI .moiau to ia -o .. T it Ioot fw l oowt
CAN BE PREVENTED t t po ""t an 0 o STRESSES NEED CITY CONDEMNS Athr C to, cu ek. Tax c
Tl exp.ane caused the city by h. ad his annual report redy and
,", ', ," .. Loca Pilot ireDepartment Will Order o.to l . ,, Tx A,,o
allowing thr fir to gel beyol for the new conndl. Hoe ddd that Buys Plane and Starts All Fire Hazards tlv e th, oto, Thl dl'nil John Attd, City Attone.
hby Fir Chid nm Cok. Abt.t O ho old htom w- hg o Ad A d oriI t l Buoo HesoV tlit ootae 000 n 0 o the ot. c, A. Bi-1,, Sit rltenol1t o0 Put-
er cent of the --- A large crew of wrIora will ut ie UUlitloa.
roas firos1,he ts i . I I Oscar Simmon, Assistant.
the ty of nearly 0 O 0 a I oar. This we ... .. .. I,, , ,, ', M ,, o, .o. ho , '
does notincludo tho t amtto tho a mas ola ' I .. .. . .. '.,' I I i 0" ', ,' ', 0,, T .la pr""'t* thw

a he cy ordinance on g a tir.I |nts we unaimonely approved by
S . . . , ....
Aho" lo .... . .. .. 0 .. .. o.to. 0.,0 Io,,..o'0 o,,lotr ,t
Se tlono-AN ORDINANCE . ,. \ ti" 1.IIRE t. I ION
VIDINAG OR THE CREATION o P o00 [t ... .tl.o.t ,, .,.., ,. t.i...,. *
. . . ' ' ' ' I 1. llln .
, , .. i .h t t, W nt d > i torr i
t.. i F....IW t.

SI . ... ,111 I. ,

' , , . ..AST . TO, . . .. .
.-I .. . i1 l or '),i ," ,'' f r -- , .. ,' ,' H ,' l

lint (lir cu fl.' '" ,' t',' ',',f ...a 'i l .'. .f R l oi i t (niit ll'r!

I I .

D-v 1 't t'i "I i I W . A I I,'I

I "l1 .
'Told oo.. .. 1h1Ic

hut tle cost of Lhetlh de \arItIIitt + r h1 thI hbtt' l0t10 o rBbbh, r0 0or1 0l i0ea tI 1 antw,.r t o the 1am1e of MNI ,II
.. ... ]h t oia l l t stone nil] at tim ull IL 1 bellevet hen D it le Talyort imet uy

f la $4 .00, Ist year $UOO, bt Ill[iv d ho ]iPmel wi th~ ... ...ll ,: . . ,lek, h i(t. r, R.
. .. .. l l l Ill FtotT dI.lAl
t. . . . t o a . I . .1 it'1 0 0 1 10 d i lr Rt.
..I .. "...tloo F o 0100001
l i . .. .II ro l

PInr Tee

D)[i.1{ BE.C('H NEws;.W


- -I-- - ,- ---
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i. e ... l...... 0 L ^CILJ i

Th ii'e uatiliies of a city

Share combined

S.in your motor car
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ltem, fuel y te.r ., ,enl ir lll rtir l IIII

..I I rfi o h leo le f h me. n I
...e o hI t re new Fore, theyou wil t i t i
. ,. .. i. . . morht to e. ....e. e ''. 'T torgi sabl

S. .. ' .. . i eni of i e a eit des ae lpplie, l he glfre reter

I clthe reeore f liglneeg een the roure tce kept eere.
materials, E. y prt I s '"' I" l ,
..... .............. .or, 'euErc.i II
Iof trouble and exp tten. A h k 1
TeoiIr.. .. dityttete titutehi
Sthe d t T for theample, Tlle I I. ti ,.
S ",' ... . . , '." '., ',, ,, I .. . , ; , ,, J ,, . I gen erator- nn of the moM >o ti e. j
....... I imorlnt pa of e p eh The slirneg r
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I year. Ahett heu eythheg evry2DU edle. .
__ ,,, ,, ', , ,,,, ... ', .... '' ...... "' '" |"' yII ned do i ea 1haere the ha e .iore Jeett afltle ih

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offal* 1 i png tht ty hi've bee h i vningeio d ifc d i .n th th oaneP d. Thtrouee l eifonf r eB '
cc..c --- c i -|*e *'. hthh tnnhion altt an d thet A thoerugh heehintup |||1
S', ,., cc.- .... r. , e, i nneets li, to llO with tet nt regular r i ntketrve d l mle e
,' ' .. t ,, ll trbn .. .ern ebl lengthen the life of yIr u r
;. ' " . ren. tie diltribur to nd give o m l

.. ~l i u .F.. O COMPANY
..... .,., B !e ltfore YouS otr. if

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A s e n os"eny r a x T h e I n..t u ola l n g h 'o sry,, ,m, . . . .s ,-
shfid dh n he l t thee sde ',rrou I' MOu '.. .
teinae every e nn hn l th. ioele .h. n. |ti era.. ., sue ee etly. h
oeeiehl ninner Ihrnlrted ste eocfeoe 'ere< b___________di__ ----n----- i _wet bay, mountain lurel, j__mine, IHI __

WE Ms'd Ne'. W Ul t stll !,v a... h h- ". h . ,.e ...d

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L II I I I 1..e .c c| ... ,' ,c .. 1... 'i.c 1,,,-

ai Uni ed t e er ,;; s i ai h "' ,-- "" ... . .. I, i f t nd t h e best-tore out fsdl T h
the ee thnetee ehe o. 1 .. as b IrI,.
t h it t. .. e pl .. :" ' e Before You Take .

A Trip

d I a You read the time tables and Conasult traveling guides
enter iho cunltlnini lI n be hr to find out whatyou want to see and where you want

smlle. e .te "f e i Cicere ite t n. e a s c c te *. c
f.. dee . r . L .. --.e. t.At A ret h o e ,e
,s "Is jn n u e I hhe, :.
soi W il, not .hls l d a Before You Shop..
o yi e W .r e i t u. :ee ret.. e" cuff
rfre Inf tuel f tdlen tr hehcc _____________________
eeDe' TH c M N You should also consult the advertisements to learn
SEDDIE TOHE MAN .E.,, what stores carry the articepa you want to buy, where
A L ON 1 t8O IAtctICt IIIty ------------- -- c.c.,, c... c cc where
cTh .r k I. m o. .( c, c you can get the most for your money. Advertise-
eed ts a I i i . ., i m'nts take the guess-work out of shopping. The
eliht due. bhhl l L I{ ,
nhfc tfie, T.e. c .'.',. are the guides to your shopping tours.
mIIIL pV.ILlnylt III llc cIm~lll!Hli-n tnunoP''*'^D al te hfld W,114 alI.IUl n1 th111
reccI vrehieicfe nn nI hI e r i WfAS A fsrTE e n tf Bteed I eI t ....r eould I e e c Careful reading of advertisements is the habit of
to aS 10 O ccee ef ccrArAPSA EIIy every thrifty housewife.
lfcerycco tuDn \h frreoc nn I ne ef n tmi f oeno 1 f IIeiiccc c. bfy
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k.1abil, lut s I Ides. .1. he
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cc cf Ju Iccr Aoti wa. Advertisements help you
effe I h .. .c .ii 1t a ".1i A ..vel" Ih' u nild"" nthe find the best there is to find at
Thue 'c1t Ptemect ecctfeilck tfice -IM. f the moet reaantn ile price,
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.-M i^' ** 1 E nia I.odI lIt nnld 4rd a thn now Faitnl, Bii'!inrtler will Ia 'IfI-
1INTS TO IHOIUSF WIV1 TIETI' N(i DEA1 Woednilusi, MiannI T.mpli corrdd oltilrly in i!lni f 1ohll
S Possibilities of l.11.e ,i .. ',iin ff l n .. ii dlal 'T" r:: :
L iiitly I- s I.~.rn Inon own olln mmn- a .t '.nn n I ald rn11 l1,- 1-.
Are Di.cutssed by Secretary Nathan Mayo haa- IP.-,,,,il llii n n.'ri"ii .I "L.." n.-r o.n ivo I m-
--- hnth il nlla h leoftrinu. a Iglh .e f mo ntlh ilt t til y I r
. .. ,, ot Te k If o0 wInrnolc on1t uwn I ne
I .I.. .1. .1 1 I ,1 1 1 1 1 , , .. . Knilihta of Pylhiln lmetn only rot oame Itnailnt [yt aI s ann lll se
' i thi ridy nilht Of each nithl It on tlie prs.nt tnd, nour tn n ir
..... .' ,, , . , [li, : a. 3 em o strIR I feet n l wn spae.
', I , ,', I .. , o. ,n r m--:, 1tho l, y.Sildii i..-nn n n i ln.N:n

I . .. X sIhno t LonIw, lit and trd a1.1.

nninll tnd lipeltl mlack to us nor SEONi t l)-l'nwor.n, I. .. o n, . Loilte, ven . An' u ''
Ionm I"n.il. ... 'n. . nt non, Oa FOIli ait p n] D I iTh radn. mon r a ta

.... .. .. '" '.' ''witn .,, e etrar, No. U2. nu ta the tfrst lined h E W. P R j ech
.. '. . . t Wedneseda.y nn aot ,
,, ,' .. ' : ,. . '.' . , . ', '' ' I , , , n es. G',73
, e f urllnt enterprises lhave begun t THilli-Trans|orltaton Fnaiiiet IdnamPeul ...p . The Pni r and Deomtor o p linite 4eto' d .i e a .nd
S evrate lovrthe ato. Florte has tho i hEp ........ .. .. .. ,a1 No. 12200, mets Every a n teI .r so n
. I Tu dy nin nt the Labor e ter t Er aVn I-1m ..
st and Tueay in each O Attorney.at-L

S, o. ,, f, , ,, ,, D differ t typl Di D ay Bank Bilding. Upt ta ba
i r .-" e f m r n ' "" ' 1 .. . American Logion Austllil., 1st --- --- -- ,'
'' 'a . H A M T. S--". P
'......, N . E ,a. W.... ... ..... .......... A, t n on t r In

I. t.n.d anl on I oto ffe Hours: 9 to 12. -1 tto 5.
. .. .. ., ," ,", ... .. -- -. .- Offt ie Love Bldg., Phone 10 .*

.. .. I' .', ',' ,o hatm' c GEM FAR t CROP BYRD & PORTER. t ;
Sl, .. .. d 3 In the tnmld7n is a eae DR. W. C. WILLIAMS,
"I' . , ctor n distrbut A Att

ason I like Honry Ford s TmE Tried and Crop A de ahllnt
S. .. . ,e aoway appar ready to a btd DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA
,' ''A T, r' im with I R A, W. MILLERoD.y HeD .

. .. .. ... i | "Y ," """.'' ''", 0""'" '""' -_ bo, l t hou,,the .e. nt t o r o ,Jirands ar the A, knowt.o,. .- ., .. . -.. .. an.
. dusty, d he bced his Jure' '' 'r *
, , ny opee ll shops in smlBll. Ph e
. . , : "' '.,' . '' .A L to' l n Ia t 't RE AN e PLASTRwDE

.. ,. . rk pa in or wa than -Imprit Type MH a in ... . a .

. .. [ r" .* ; . .. .,.,i*-G.... i; --- GOODSCOMING.|N TH E .PA R DR M .SDr.e
..... . ... n.. n| EVEntY 0 Yn AT n HE E. O. PAINTER CATHtART Bk ILDtF t
*-- : -- '.. ..... .. , .. IfISHER nC ORPO RATED FERTILIZER CO. orEil no. at -- to s- to s
S .' i,.. : I. .. ... m, . , ' JACKSON VLLE FLA.n o RiE Chone 37

1Startla.SllmpCollection ore th 11 $25, OOO. Our men- Re n-enh e 17 B
.... . ..... .. . .t m6 .. . . . .. . . ... l. .

',, .. ... ... We Carry a Full Line of the Famous !fi tJ 5h $ h i Bi.iBf BiH i

t.. .. N P- O RAETN IRE" I
Tires and Tubes at Remarkably Low Pr t'es.
... .. . ',. '., ". .... w arI alsn o Headquarte.rs for nI A

"".....'" "" "..........-.. .... ALEMITE Delray Beach Dairy
,' ',, "', .. .. ... . Lubrication Service for cars equipped with
S ..r .. Alemite and Alemite- Zerk fitt ng ls.

SWe use the latest Alemte THE E. 0.AirOperated PASTEURIZED and RAW MILK
tIFa INCORORATED FERTILIZER CO. onni Dtnntn JOn It-3 1-G-7 10 tn 8

1n tt "Lnbri un" in this work. This equip a ttment I l
.We Carry a Foil Lino of the Faouon

S d elivers grease to the bearing es at a pres- BUTTR and B UTTER MILK
8'?, ser I I l- 'I .* "le aeuivaltso Heaixtquar times fthe alr rrl r S

I" LtWt-n-l nD- eWashing & Polishing O office At ir

I Let a reliable yarl furnished e Ai O
"LohWn" in to thta wOrk. Thin oeqntptnent
dtiinvers greanse o r t a BUTTER and BULTTERaILIK

aI e f Sa Author Se e Guaranteed Southeastern Ice &
0D NAY Cold Storage Co.'s Plant

,Lot a reliableln ynod to 0011

Delray Lumber Company Delray Beach Phone 38 : : Delray Beach, FrI.
pFo a. toaa Danlh, tIao ONE BLOCK NORTH OF FORiMER LOCATION t pli 'tJy
iffifiaifiiiaiB'fffif~aifaiBfiifaifiiiiia1 io *ite *--e Ih !;

lnllClll llllllllll l ] ln OMMUNIrY MISSIONARY eT', PAUL'S CLURCI CHIST AS 'ARTY T A i
S XJ JI\ lMi Nso Ceiel) andl MYa lant -- i
NSOC IETY h otoN at n i The n..ont Chumh SAIool Chr. The Plm Benoh Cnty ,

Ly le W i n n i1 iii i .. .... W ilTh Adm rer g andillllr w

a Ri, Ro Goats ... .s t 1,: t Gx. J. PIINCKNEY
t, I th.. n d l y',W Fth to Ugte ok r r u d d
. A.. J .. A,, Ro Coud I..... ... . ... l.. a,. to o t o t ,M .J . P l u m b i n g a n d H e a t i n g
Is. J I Uns ., ,r, H, A C L I. e ........" '.-. I '. . .. ,, ,,
At ue.... .. s,'"o d w l d he( w... ..h At 1 -Il WBox 991

ES.ad. e, LE tank IS .. J Ada i oM' to It d Idett o h Ta.d
MRS. L. R* Un, b e1" swd the pr* r T ERT ,lS ,I,.i a', Eta I UHP tC A Re _ANTo__a.I Gott.ex T
M, I Ia I ,, Ad ," AI Ad R... 't,
it M11 15 A -it W- Ksen
Ns,. .a,,,. o, .. a". a M' I" A.,O N - wI- Ltractvel. "otMer n. jowls n Brst wKrD A BO Dcbr an h EtJ-y Wearin e
a, t Lr e.s,,s, tet R srltoal tAl-A EASTERN STA ELECTS SEN A BOX HOU
otalti Mlh tr nr a, l r. lllipvlt nRaoje,A Msa wCtTON YIERS TUESDAY EVENING .. .. ..... .. L/ W NoTkN Gaoal FA LE
Mra.a,, i, S Aa 6, 1M t A BH eTi Dly E aI.t On 7, a Tmo A
Soe+ Ms a eel.... ll 11;L .... dA +...... ENTE 0o IGEHTIN GA- S N. LG -r... uolle,,.. TIN

ae',M I o, ....R,,.ooa,:.NTE. o;ta t .. dtG -T, 1 :h d "o'o .... ._.'M .. ih r HOSIERY
wow oloato HOSIERY
P M. loM W 1. As ... M. ATIl T ALK ErlIT PARTYll^i shoutee d;l A X
A D.,,,".. M.IM i .... ... o.,. a ,i.. ... ...i t i a t...a... t0ohy .A... .. t G ta Wt a ,;:. Z .d..0..... \a'a [ Pure Silk, Full FashionelDd
C P. Wefld* M'Is J M I :v'l, beao foit at-ty fee the Amoa.ta It, tto, Set,,, Watty MRion; Mo u I Wa .. astow o n. oadWianG
Me A aa AT '' WUN1 Mitt EtDRo htt t vdsure o ..- el Paol st, With the Nw 0
m G, MeGl ,,e PA. ,, . G n, E, aal Bow A o .. too m ., our fut A Slenderized Ankle
al. Roy, Dan W ain, Ran A. e 0 lwt e. e e soodour Eatt to Otta C l A M odeal q th fat d E
"onSeev M- U T "h Rfi Urn Set W eI
e, .W.b, n ati I to a... ,. .. ..i ..ItT.b s You will apprecte there sperorfiand appaan ,
Mo~r. n ol~l *Pnlm Mr. lights their W. Johsit hak to ch bhors d 1 Tc A
S .. .. ... . ., and will be delighted with their durability. We ha
o Ca. Po o td* tn wan .j us, 't procured this lne and have all the leading shades.
.a ... ... -.... ,.ao. S, Price $1.00 od
y ... . m .. o., ... Elect. .... R M.w o, a At $.
MR.b Le Hd ae Lrs F .ot,I' ENTRTAIT BIRHDAY C LEB r n, lt o IS perfect 1in ei every rsp and give complete satisfaction
MRFS. L. P.hN Ot.N T a w Maw Laet, Coa. thT o Ettdoy C aG wenootoaiatd Will ala bo son. or.e.noaooa as ot w ar d gttw sopn e aity.
TAIN BANS SOUCI ECLUB Mtlt. Mt. and Ma.- C. I a- al"" d as to wear, fit ad quality.
our8., See, Clubl her- r hu.., Cny nCe d Mre.er, Mrss.C FT. Lhrm Mr. XMA8 DRECOATIONS l
.. -2 D," ." '" DI '.' O.. Y U C H RIS T M A S

,thru. .ron d -he s rets wer' r. reanrd Mr.A. Deoo berasdtho t- u. sort
I .. t t oaaaaaoo.in SIH INCRPOBRATED The i'oggery, basonic Bndgh
tatll dneralot d with bol CaGo Mr. ad M. & a A Pa d d.
notos Mrs. L. TW. Culsner n aiv e Md r, rn C. To ylo Mrt A puttily doareat nd lighted
ahe yrte for high saoe A daity I .re. on rin Cook, Mr NAd Mato ChlttAse ta paovntC fo the
a t ..ooaa dt as" t' I o lir oPnill. MrDo o nu d MSr BI11. Iyo oa of the t ole, b <
d the ganme. ThEle psnt -h L b Mr, d M. John L 0b, M el ,hrtme.nt of 10Aeln/Instlv,
Mr s. A M. Adams, Mr. W. Curerr
Mro A. antd n, ran. L. o r. c a, W, Wn v, Nwbte m e ..r ea. p, e .nted to
our.A. L -. Mrs. O K. OM -ds, N ee, Mr. .d rs.. Clyde..
Mrs J. JoC 1 M E. C. ,d A.MO. ,, Hl. O .., l .. C |yoa.ta"IEt..o H.o daoU ad
on.Hs. A.AMoan, Mr.bP. A.E ton. Y.- Chioon.oad w ta S-,
. d T. B. Chtr Me -nd HT,, A. oth t dlesaa oanw d aIn the ton of
Fre. FredrWm th. Mr. L w. Br.- S. Hnud. h uet m.rki, wns served
leti, Mn Roy Webb, ine. R n n h .h in r a d o ndy.
too. Tho Lagla luL nalsu wilt obld "die to n .1:4
Te do Isal tomorrow, D lrhm r 16i Th. rdiio. lidl. and t. ay t api
A. J a, M n oA at eraa, aa mostob to Tb, aw ~a, Goa e aa ub l t o I o ne of Mto these
BS. STOKES IN MECA B ATON MRS. TURNER ADDRESSES .tt a th toern oft the he.
C H U R C H S E R V IC I L E A G U E o0 th e un d d o wn + m h er o
Ch Suea- CE"i LthEGE fitl 11 1ahA. thloro t -- son at
.,........,........... M Are The Best
,o la toko i, B. on Osa E- y .. -t t Mn. at Smoith, Do
Nook Thne h attnedcd ere o Dm. ct s Pea Dotit Too -ad Sn. Gttatlll Mar, nd Mra Cuto
4. A. Wek,. An A. J Ad.ms, Mr I., oft rr.E Md ... ..t .mtd. I. won.. to. fpoa. TI.,S Toaster Perculator
1. Sul... Mr a. W.A Jd.b.a M, r Tut er is plt dolfo r this eletbrno tion.
-l s... th- South Floaid. Urn Set Waffle Iron
., -, ,,,t -, alou. Danwg th CARD 0O THANKS
o.to:....... woo D wa... toaa oat Table Stove Kelvinator
-iss 'Marv G-S in the. hp sebt sI tota sed Cozy Glow Heater
.. . .. ';: Ml. Mary Gr., 1or the r m ny .et. ot kinds t
.. .. . Vacuum Cleaner
Thb .un.lhin Seh ol rt.ell IS D. ". 1a1 6nhol\ t.oo ._y, Floor Lamp
wlh blrthd, p~rtg Io.d m hon-
or o Doley EliAnbth Saundy, who wan k. Ao T 0 T ? b K T K
,Iur year olid. Tho hbl was nr-.
ranned on ahe ...In Pureh e.an. DONo
Itor, ......g, DO YOUR CHRISTMAS
aonod ete bl with n rtee of piok
suress"d Vist ea .a gonno SHOP
rd".... Oh. ]aO ....ly. d le. SHOPPING IN I See the
gthrend around the tail worn paper
eops whtkh asdo the = ..Lo n ,
SACE oM M A visit to our store will make your Christmas shop.
WITH aRF. OSCAR WINN II ping a g'enulne pleasure. We have an attractive RADIOATlT
ihb n..a Caom.it.s ath iB t N lne of gifts suitable for everyone of those you wish
Byptnlt ohu oh held a buale... mee..
loe t the houne of Mr. .nd Meo, Beosst to remember this year.
Ise. ..Tod"S g. r... Wi.ta e TOYS-Ys..., and some new ideas in that line, too. DELRAY fLECrTRTIC
thra eol.e dinera. PDasnt werl We have made a special effort to get a stock of A
T. M, o'Nel utt Doaal sL, Lw. children's toys at prices that cannot be beaten else-
alta.d i. C Cos+. H.I Cl.ak, G where. Our prices compete with 6 and 10 emt COMPANY INC.
StIBN ME ewaoa CIRCL i Visit our store before going out of the city to buy
.n E....t... .H MR. iUNTol a your gift. 310 Atlantic Avenue
flt Mathlai rhih ak Eitl w G. A- eorge
It U, aouftin Modny o u tntraon f |t a .O I W
n ivotluntl oetlng. Trho Ale pemt I 1 t
w.r, Ma t M. T, Ko.T MMt. di, it
c.son, iat. AFmG syt.rt, lra. J Atluntic Avnnue Delray Beach, Florida

*E ro*o ,:::C:: Iv. ad Mh, i al n i M 0,, A. B.eatlt 4 tr
PERSONAL AND OTHERWISE 'i F n "'..lo .. I Mh utn af Pl*a Apart-
0 M0 nlpl0 D0 vis to toon. th0 State meat, also t ,
M 0. 0a0eve0lng In enoo of iMr. and MCw.
I 04440 W, NEEN LUCoL 0W0 SOC0 NNINoTCf-P0I(NF 2106 BNMtt ,whn left fot New dloay this
iARAt- W, KEWN L -410- - AND -Societ R--P ,o 20 Mr. and Mrs. Adrew Kidder hvu w.,it
Robert Tyir spon Monidny m Mi- M IN. a Maoo, Mrs, Clin Mooto arrind from Now Lo Non N M., ad
tmL on a b anes trip, a0d Milo F. B, Sllr0 I speInt Wndn- will o pend the winter tO Ki wly Coo N ,- -
dIy 1n MAlam[ Hoiue, as hula bon thoir c.itum eah M I ..'
Virgd Corve Ihs gone to Jachson- ea Iw, O .
lle to pnnd the winter. Cnpt 1anl M-. F L Tyoe o rrt l o- ol m o,, ,,
S(0 0 bwin yt oda cnad N. y, Mrs, If A. Wtbb and Mdledn, Mr F. L Catnriader, of Rbhonad,
Mr. nd Mr Dirk Bansett hav r- to spend the winter hre, Nahvll, Tenn., arrived Wednesday Va, have arrived to pend *hs alnt
trned to their home in NMw York. r the winleI They wial teIe In -n -- R ., d Mr, at
Mr. W. w. W.Inall ofa Mnm i ih th o . MB. ll ettigeo on S W Pi o tOano
ElAb t a1It,, of Ba Il, . ,
the guest of hin ltcr, V I Mr and Mrs 1.. KNiehtoe and
Hoy Coorv .tuo ARoehrt itwik will ar ,ve- auht-r, Ms H Og n oe orrv o
orIen do, meont h, w pt loo th, ar no ve ho o n t ban 0 ch,
hse mmerrl e as. i r t whish was fLrmerly the Ocean View
ss *;,,r "' .*o ..... .... .o-whthooi f.t..t. No No.....w bl ^ ow
Oma Mat ha e aI Mi Aubl Pa of Bom M- hmBolt Hotal. They wers aconmponed
Doal C1 7 v T 0N c bo. I ooos, ,of bboa od. 0i 4 wh-oa
Nooader man o os the ulf Steam n wa aot this we oo s J The comme lno w cwls of the i tlo of his on, oPul eo ,
Emailtt Pollod, fFranktl, Tenn., .. . - . u i . ...
wa vto wr heo r Sunday on rnouo to lando, whAro she apnt lo stwok r" b'uBni ho to n dr M. p Bro l ,to ft Molny for
to M i. with bhor dauhter, MrC. Dirbhd WI-. Ma N My e MDonaldl. oJoknonvotllo tor h ,rtt vo itth l.
Oma Merrint h return d from Mr. C II nlo, Moo. E. T P n lol ag f to S lm AIn,
W O, o a ,i Mo D bo M..Cro nttlno flr ht wIIll lo0 Mo. BoCho not
WY -oS, Ga o h spent th J F A spend the holid ay with Dr and Mr
summer .. oday. e st J P Alson M. Bettlo Powel who
as ho.bo thot o1 l nt bfor
Ralph Stanley d f m K ., ' , ,, h tthe i et oIf M7r Bachs for
DntL, M., HMlno.y Band a o oaf to Mth o num be of a wook*, olo. loft Mondaov
I th> Atlantic Grocery, Dr and Mn. F J Bmimrr nrritri I" and "" Charln Murrn nndd bo< h" H"""k Va
.1 M ~ CoTuesdny fnmo Bon
oeooie C olt bho bn called to In th ol t ie ...... i E owr -
Whiltto Splcn. F n, on a000 1 l. a a tho th lo 0n a - 1,1,000y
r Aa n d M w. . . *, I , ld , ,, -ottage

Mr. and Mrs. H. Fount~n and The Emated r tas will hold on a e N. Seve anth Avonu. Kern andBtty nd Fe- Kn, h
Mr. and Mr, C. Fountain and f A- installton nt T,, ; ' will a N E Ft vnue or
ily o-pent Sday in Miami. the Chapter bhRoom. .0. -'r shaftewortl, Na Nb ew
an. -- -, N. Y, he a nted the

-d0-- .---- '-"-. -n ..b.. ahr .d .i, d J -.
-.... ..I------------------------------------------------------.

r Eo. i r B AIN. C U d l n0 l M. ntlo,0n. d daoho reno, f o N- 1 M, Booo onAth o. C a I Mr. ad oo
Cls sailed MAds a Ioaoo m Qly b aund Godl waln C. B. MP G. S. Ao w oano Mr. ad oB .
"..d-t Wigo t spont 000iu n ay o in Miami and Shattuk a MrO Autlo nn'B parN n
Ten Cent- a Line ah In. att ..ended the do rae mb th ev t. A 2
n -. oMooin har oo I ofo o o t --

r Wok. Ph.. In. '*. ad Mt .. n C .o w a.n MIand ey ves L adeel, of nt -
tusd he Ws ednsday from Oian- ity, ha f nialved fM tho e mea o and l
TREY BRING RESULTS do and Et., whe e they wt o a at the aeaet Hotel. Mr. Lee aPhone 1
0 0 cmbin.d bu0ink C aod pfeiuo- tDpo bauht ehghteon of Pio po oeo d1n-
FD DECn u orohod n h ld will he ab on the Phipps polo .
ent with all mod nne r.and n o field d lng the sao t
Blhew Court off South Swinton. Y, ativod Monday and hae tan
G. w. toi ---o- tato B aptH CotnvnR D Miamid Hez
. .FOR hou sdanld ... ... | Wdneda ws Mr... .. a dE A 2 nuns
Sneat and attriatl" M- J S k h. n tam- W, ophl W, W. FREE! A- 2 oune
Svate th. Tr asNable. hoh we from nluwrha ., Al., whe Jelks, Rv. AD. Wodle, Mr. and M You are also invi
Ap000 Mou Joho B. Caio, Ill) ihi 1000 00 iooo"t of tbe dOat of I. Mat0 Doart...
C.E. 0landt S Poe "0 goF. ohn- : .. pure foods beinj
b nb 7,s14 o, o1 29, w v. elo who hn 0 i onT e tC onS t th a.h h d O aban
hODD -Ott 001 fowlP.00 to0....0 o..... to M. oow...oto nw hi os 2 ared or 3 Sd l
F ool.t 000it ar rwith0 an feer foi s al Del Ry build Saturdo ayeasu, toin
^,tS.--$ it o r 'ls.e a "ld Hoad"y n t" f hh t.arty d. e or 3 Small
mO Eont.Im IMo.o C P a 1Mo N A T thm PLato Sotaup, iein
h .. o. Mat t.O. mnM A L
anu and not~etlv~. 11 in~i s. i F. 1., n W. J.
n- b a.t. Mrm. oa. C F.. T o lat, M WACSN JwWE YJ 2 Large or 3 Small
',. W. .. . t W .b ,, i r E..No tr. b THER INCORPORATE
i___________ Steh UnH lvr D Ad
P ,to ho Priday 00 ipiod tbo
iwo. h. ii, ks an no.. Mr, d M .b wlao nled Sp. ecial Tour awe Oeas, FeEr
o. o 0 h nd 0 n n Di Nto Yok Wdowdy to 0- Maxwell Hon, Per
Watem e Bo aSAL 1H. N. E. wl B ap CovI in MT B o Sh op --------lso----- U I eber L Ittuc
.t i 1 h. C* J s"I" a"M" s.0,' ." ; Pa rs,,ps nCa- -

) T0,00 hto l o.e To Ha o vana COFFEE
t ..it .. A. .o . .i . ..t. G" N t a. Belar, Por Pond ..
ithat oony. Coo 0, T S b, N Dec. 26 to Dec. 3 Po ag

Mr --- -. A 5. 0-mile tour of rural
at .. .,I . a-Seeing MorA Castle and
FO RE DNT-O H oed roomi, MN.t. CyeBe hn Hava e-gayer a o
oan, d d 0d l I t ot olf ft lowe ob Hovn, i. ght-ife---gy
no r to i.too w. bOhowo thb. whioh t, h t thl, th, than Paris F
Cofoairtlei n oo.olh no ntotl Wtdnsday toni. Shopping tour through FRU]
proe. Cal t Tobook twO MoM a .1S. Saar, M e quaint stores of old Green Beans,
PB 0SL OA-i.t. Hak R aokd C.k Mno-h ,. Cl. 41 s0. cMi, lo, vs nPotatoes, Cobblers
0 .J .0. vIn.o.obt. Attp, HS. Otphe'l r i < oe ttoodod the. 50t Make heoervations NOW
11 C... l ho C. N0 . rd o.tlt Co..toD. o Mo.,al Tb,,d The Book Shop Also Iceberg Lettuc
n"_e Dee, Ion Moa Low wl "o ; or Parsnips Cai
Widooidoo oov koh olmnd to shiod ra al
THE Ihe, ..... ht, ,,.d 407 North '0' t.
THEL t oe+ St. aott4nd, Coth- LAE WORTHL F.
'Qj!ality Shoppe ...... .... K" Wo RFA M
p"irnt A.d ." for t mi... ... . I'*- Butter ldM' rv ....
We h aow nh. two 00 holly boee l

Ir bS dn .ot. tt. THE SUNSHINE SCHOOL Fresh Pork Sausa
.... d h l y Ul. a DELRAY BBACH, FLORIDA j resh Porotl eS s,
ae CtoI>.t. oiooi, t1.. 1.d in. Miss Mary S, Lupiteo Principal Beef Roast Ic Orot ,
or -ments for .. I togeridi Kindergarten and all grades
It i. Ohd o tdo. oti--lk t Private tutoring all grades I lb. d'Codfish, Sa
h0.0 Especial Attention given to Chndren of out
winter guests who brg books from Fresh KilledHens a
Mrs. Geo. R. Nichol their own school. -
Ot MRd Ans0. A. School locsted oR Dixe Highway Fresh I
od i or.e nsrt to the fllsh Theat.re r s
Prllam oprieutorABJAH MBDABe oatr'"

'I1 la.Inl of thino AIontlly haUl' h, Pnd. f tl.
will hnvo o lmnor In the Cn llnl thl PTint -Taor Aiolollon i,

woil ftoN Wl.. will o Iowld th furmolhlng of 0
rlt aoim for the toInclorh
Mr. nod M"i N. lAmpler, of0
CaOn, Lulm., N Y. apPnl ycltordny Mro Wo V. eil is riotln wntll nft"w
S A. 0runm enn operton which ahe unalrwnl nr
S' r ma, y eYA eotUn to lGowr, s o .npital 1i Miami W llin'a
spanl lle wna mornln
L io o t N 0- A.E NiA- 010 :=N=M :=j

Make Christmas Last Thronghout The Year
You can easily do it. Visit our store and see our
stock f unusually attractive gifts. You can
find something for every member of the
faml) right in this store and you will
be pleased to find how reasonably
they are priced.
Some Suggestions-..
Toys Velocipedeo
Pocket knives Flashlights
Fishing tackle Percolators
Vases Dishes
And always a complete line of hardware
Cathcart Bldg. Phone 13
Xi-X^X.^XXKiv.(^X~X;%Y.^~*/.vsY .=s.^y=s.^s.


e Right Place To Tad'i
Delivery Service

y -- Saturday December 15th
e pkg. Rice Flakes to each customer
ted to taste of a few of the Heinz
g served by factory representative.
z Ketchup, Heinz
S 27c Small 17e Large 25c
z Dill Pickles, Heinz
27c Large Size .3 for 10c
... -'---" ;.........

B. 651iRICE Ery 3 LB. 17
A. 4 PALM OLIVE q bars
oiud. 4C8 SOAP for 19C
39 SOAP, Coaline or 2 bar 15
_39c Kir'i Hardater 2 for 5-
, 6for 25c Toilet Paper, 3 for 19c
pkg. 9c Sani-Flush, can 20c
bs. 33c 12 Ibs. 65c
b OO cIIII Smallge Tall tce
B. 2 IMIILK EachU Eachl0
3 lbs. 25ctPecans, New Crop lb. 39c
10 lb. 27c Bananas, 3 lbs. 19c
e, Celery, Turnips, Cabbage, Tomatoes
rrots, Grapefruit, Lemons, Oranges
W. Sltrit T .o oPhI "
lb 55c Spare Ribs Ib 20c
ae lb 23c Breakfast Baconitlb. 34c
lb. 28c Eggs s*ioo W* doz 49c
It Mackeral, Beef Brains, Cottage Cheese
nd Fryers Special! Picnic Hams lb.25c
Killed Turkeys for Christmas
-- ------------.

Frid. N., 14o, 091,RAY BACH NEWS, OnAT REACH, FiuunA it. Ft,

I I-" '' 11, 7-n~ lnn m

im.i n. 1t ,

L. na...






P0,0 Air, itii W11 N'iiaiiwt,iil AY BRACH, PW5154 frto co i.

R~n R.. .)I~LL I- .. :l Nns~nR RL~2~.........F~L
II1110II flololl 1 1 0ll 1 II il L I . I l II ' .

MatM ..~ u mlhooh I

; b~'momnl I IJ-l
lahi7OS I. J E
i.--i~i: II! .1. AIYERS &~ SON i

Notice to
the public

r .fP- i . .

t- ,

Cod,, Grippe. %, ,Dn


Io a iPc ditiin lor
Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dvi
Blflous Fever and Mali
III i tht most Cardy r tmidty

S w;:, 1 i Bob's

S .. Sandwich Shop

. Old Fahioned Souilern
B, iarIbmue Sandwich

: 15c
Try it once and 0ou will be back
'' for imnre. Open evenings
S, . .. Delray Beach. Fi..
I - -- -- -_ _--_ _-
S. .. .. ... .

SHere's What MOTHER

Really Wants for Christmas
This "1929 Model" Hotpoint Electric Range
Read Our Special Offer
I" ...oi ao.. '. "0 ",,d:s,, ,',oyo, doi,'fot' o i, Ots
l ,' ,", '. ,,' "i . .. .. . .r olh in. .r
In 11ell b uti? i o t noly nowsnoi f but Mo ahr mil eb insl.
a B 1 Moalet k wuomao wnnosoelotpo Aunin o tistlcoIli< Lni
o11. lS tn1 kiidaomjio hw o ,o ",,, ,o, do ,, l ih ii sd st eol n o n l
o l i, n This Is The World'i Newest Cooking Detvie ,
ioBoiiosoiiasoi lls hli, rof For the nent few weeks we are featarins
,rni ..s I "U theNew
,w n* ,, r 1, i wn 0 ma, thinfaSS> H it i ,ii sll o th lB
loo n,, ini so olin dimoon, rieott ".his9 o Tdl e h o otpin ol s hoth n ooirain ?t
sir bil allis rio rosio dim s sod io n anle Ihs nsomd h "nt
--h "1lt "! l" "tP new 0olto11 ,t ru ml md ^ cetic na^
a;, I" For the next few weel we are featrig AN
s moae the e Ai --Onar E Drlth N

is". I BBACH P, OPERTY s i idS!Ss i s
ooi e W "LtSeWMoe o ONe i REAL _Sn lt
ri" t ntle I ve. n 444 Atln stic Av. o- o Phone 10
o. ro,,d ills inhi, i b.inlel a lm,,l t Iconve enu meO pl m t nIit o.l4. h.i mo.... oo e
l ,d. ...o... ..... . ... ......Y Id I m t d
hi l Vmo A k in. Nil, the noo kln h le Ink. sith -iu And
(ll lBel C0o to I ol ou ltl ohl ,WI deuoht In the CpeAd, IciO MaE A

iris ......................R AENDSLEY

r i I o i.o.. . 535 I. Atlantic Ave, 444 AtIloftie Ave. -:. Phone 100
oilui o .reuraE W fii Uii1~~f

FrMda De 14! 12BS hi.Y REACH NEWS., D fiRAY REn FLORIDA Seven

Miriam Richardson, EdiOr, Dnrothly Powell, Assoeiate Editor .. .r .
VOL.1 noynltio, I'A lil Bealch County, lorida No. 5 . ... .. .. '
-11,1 .. ,.tL . ... "
ARE YOU ON TH) ril NE .? Il ali l ll ll ll l U, t If tl (i ll).I .I . . I I
An, I-, Ihllltil I ; . s I ll* "'' '
Ire, HI ,a ++,n, I, I ... .1 W
0 .W.. I.;!] ,1 ,. l. 1,U 1,-, R';|11,; -";; &';;",- ,l, , I.. t, VII.

o nliK Il pi n n nm wu I ho month lin a d sor l fri mn 1 I n toi ,1
.. A .... ....... .. ... ...... .. .... .. i'K . ..... It ',. ,,' hI HI 7, AIM , ,
rcll~l l.tf l ano l I I y l~lr l [n I thill llth *'m rlil Ilx |,n,.- unjoy l. llinn LB I "I.IIII tile 0110 ll lllr (lIIwh. l l'aill+ ,imzoh 'lallr rahab' .. 1 1 .. ', ,'
ihtap o oi. r , l I. in P t B
, : ,, on a;. l ,r* h l h l w. hl e al,'i e n,, t.h... ., n-. + wh atM Ill Iing z r ,l w .. .... . "

S y + i I a os ,afk me 'l"WJ th m Io-t -.nl.u t r' 'lin wih alln ah ga ITH ET:10
. .I fllllr w .hrh wovI .ry .. .'. "'""
SELF CONTROL tim m oll l., unt l t. 's' , ,

[ n 0 a. l 1. .l ,' ", . bnse t sh . | M

Oe the moIt POSTEoR w th thi- I r ,
fe l, elt "0 I , ,II . . .. .. I I I i i. i , I i
Y o a a et o nt. b o ws | l -- Y h .l. I l
etnho wh o en o b Te t m r M TII) I' CIIk CII
I ]e p ", n l r momlf w ll hll ho l ppl Wh a tln U ', ... b,, ,- ,
heba wex~ 'r lnos. W w't he gmt .hd LOr.-x, na s I
Sa T ' i ,, E , I, T o T o T R
. .....e ... ... ... .. .. CHRIST A N . , OI E.. TY ... ......n F.L IA.
tdi try t Ir c lremwhem k" UsilJmRm C

all right; I f o iny too uls nw Al The womorrwn youmb w wre Talla has and t --- s, F nki .' "N a" "Ph. B "
N O TI*C. .r .. . .. F .H . ... Will m .. ... . ... I .... I

W r y a e m el n11 b t-eh t th il alleet r. th S ...
filt tt o c w i Fle be bel.

e -l te Real p h the , ...ni. OF ..
il hI c control. a t itr a e i ,.
Althoua h Ph o tes o Y 1 Fwho o na1. B" ba. fu OI .y w<- h G (2. '." ." '- ." ." .; .. ..

Henaas rnm h- T Twhend b he 5ey It sha t d b ,' .. .. .. -I ,r F,, *,

m le to our t a I r .. ,d. ,e . ... , v, , ,, by .
thoe who am glltd with eAontrL h t at r ' ' I .. hra' I II ... I i . .
It i aee v ioln ton oh e l aw to' ,, e ,* , ,i . . >, "; i i " "' '. .... .. .. h *,- ,
b re fro m hny tereeer uey in' th s ' I' Ii .. ,,i, .. i ,, .. . ,. I .. .. ,,| ,,, ,,,i.
" ;":; +"7 1 , ; I ... ::Dm.t "' '" m" .,e, w
City ofe e la y Ba eac. Donyt bopeow nl~s you w ish ... ,, .... i ,, .... . . ..
whom tou he hien to o r e, b , I ' . ... .. ...' "
W. d F ,rs. Ie Wileo
,p s welle ,,- .. .. , . ... . ... .. ., ,e
1 '' o t w w ... .. ... . . "

TTn A. o F Q "*" "'* "* n"* t b np7kn^ e...., .'."'. i i .'. i .f
kA e, . ..s. T. U` i" ,l M .
YOO.. . .. . . .. ',. , ., . . .

h Ao. a. e. "AA -a- It. o tili Dn -.. . , . ,', '- ... '
the these Fe ..si n .d OIY. Wo.ld I. It re a.' Q H- I- O.
lno g r iria m P rp -- -- -- a"' -... ,tl yru, ,, '-. IN TIlE, CIRCUIT COURT OF f D*n B*eah, FlordE,,.
Do b.ou hV f seof h. .60 r ouldt chewad ,, FIFTPENTH IUDCACRCUITt
i.... if ..~. T ... Rkth t rt wrlto n m of h et . BILL CAN I RY O .P LORIDA, IN AND MR
f--Mary Murrady, t voinUe .J.,i BURD. a ,-*Wide .. IM IN CH NCER .
alshh+ I $ eal o n aftw r onk. hehfve -----"--o----"p,- ...... ..." '* * *
l- e fct Y Ed nds ltoed tho i"lrlt? .... + I ; ', r ", i ,** l.' '
dId sll or w o., bult I im.'t -.1m, Mabrl deo
nK/hllY mAOC ofhI the fIrst Failro ds, m L -_ COMMUNITy CHURCH .., . .. . ,
Abnt- hain d ed P AAumbe That Rut Later Sot halr cut? / t1 i. the UnitD States we. tht be-
AItoI & f- yrth, m eA dm* b?" t W h it $t, MaA. Fred, N s m, '; ", Ph. *B .. Mille i i Ii

All persons are hereby notfi thed ...h.a. .t... -, .1 .. .... ..
It is a violation of the law to remove '.
trees from any street or alley inthe '
City of Delray Beach. Any pe.on
i violatingg this ordinance wll be ,. ", i.. .
prosecuted. '"' '" "
By Order of the Council I'

BRADLEY'S as.... '

"A A QUALITY" i. .

niNgw Ol~' wr Bradl~T a tl .." : ,.
",Iroth p .e.i,, e. he,. ......... ... ... y .
i. .... ,... ... .:" "'.. ...,,

W. E. Wilcox ''"' '

... ..: the be

t, ,,Mary his, + ,


BOYNTON BOCA.aRATON a ab,,. .. .
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a';S CbrltC ^ Sugar "aid I- b. I, t. IN9 -.1e Personal
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lBaa i aT M. o A Ct R tawt i esdat tt glat of tbe a tr , g aaa *a ta b. bai Be n l

O1DHRrp f oa e I1hhwl Fresh Fruits & Vegetablpes Highest Quality Meats
i b ia w a foaa w ed thai l Bb ahur g a aa aatoa. Lib b y'o st

.a. ... .a. I a..t.i .. BroOr Cookinans 49 Boys and Girls 12 b. ba Pound 1
S N. : .. ..,, t-ThR ANGES Pe ,r 5t SLICED BACON
S th t~a r as e y and at. Ionta ] to CA W tF

falwng namea who a e on this hoe Sundayt atend t dltt a nd Tender, Per Pound
T-la. n. wi th ,ab. a l, Au Aia a d t. Vrt ad. BES Poiggu) iggly Wagons $3.9 Coffeeper lb
Sanl, Yel nd th lNeck or Per Pound thP, TAT
w Kat enhl r an Mayber he le Ige r
otab Bi D-ya aa k.. a a a A 10 Pound Beautiful Large Dolls qg. G dnn Pjan nL 43c
dnnOdr Bren, TWt Fo toAre us rsm Wet
Pal g. Corn GAPE.NUTS 1c Ug -
Alg printing tad photphi nd a Per Packagebordy A
UNDYt SC1001h, BAY ya ar, RICEKRISPIES 12 Fla ler
OBSERVED AT CHURCH lbilCoa att i t W t Pal B ah.
"...... 7 1 '. 8. o i.gaL... Fresh Fruits Vegetables P Highest Quality Meats
ReB Mrr.ay lft Sunda.S.y ig POTATOES l 'Pounds 23c BEEF ROAST
.. ,',, .,, w, -. ,, ,", ^^ Per Can soe fox'B^ ^A^ C nP
.. a t toat. Virginal e Cobbefor 2 Western Chuck, Per Pound
S. d .,.. Libby'sti ONIONS PRosedale 2d UTTER 55Pc

Ilny ^ Day; ,^ Mh. ^^^ ,^ Quart Can ^t Quart Can ^ Quart Can 1
i 1 A I- r.. t. i Brown Cooking for Tb or Prnt, Per Poun i
p' ORANGES Per od5 SLICED BACON ,. 38c
hit r tld th g P nd rHI. Bn Indian River, Sweet nid Jdicy o Do,. Per Pound
Iot- at aII adig aII any gad aba taattd Bat. tt M. Ktadall ta Pa CABBAGE Per F,0 PORK ROAST
NI he erodl I roll d re thil rel e Mr, E *. Kendall oe P,- h- --- t--.1--'Ilk,-~ 24c
.la.wig na mea who g re on thia holaa a Sunay ateron t Hard Heads, Pound Lean and Tender, Per Pound
,...... .. ib- a T al Br EANS r Peoun 'o, HENS 38c
,,*:a.a,. i Home Grown SQfor 25c Per PouSnd
t ., a d a Yellow, Crooked Nek 3 for Per Pound
Nt" J.." lid b- I.,
Portia, etty Ja aauso ea vr. y h ig th ] a to
Bne" Baga I'yaia a b a rylrnld y th at Roodw an.
{th n M nybrry Chary -b M amo. aId
.... "'... Peu Chapel Grits
W ... g g" a g lad T Peas," Ch. d
A_"at fI. ,..d trih Ie.ta,,d th a ti... Sweet e art, ,- Our Breakfast Foods Are
t a....I. A at td Ma, W.. B ll- Garden Can IIC Always Fresh Per Pkg.
a ... ..... a. i a..... a'ahady ROLLED OATS 10
Quaker, Per Package .............. c........
a"'" ... .. Corn aa aatgBadaGRAPE NUTS c Fao
a. ataabta til, by Ba tad
"" a" ' '" t"lalllgg Chapel, Per 11c RICEKRISPIES 12 Flgler
ta..... S tt Sugar Can KWIIAENA k... 2 Pund Jar2
Per Pock, 24
d rmth i PW. P akage _............-------------.......
PA sW. 0 ,. ma. Li BeansMa PUFFED RICE 18 Crisco
t tta aita a,. Lima Bean s QOuaker's, Per Packoge ...................
................. t. 1AM.. d.-............. 1 8 Quaker's, Per Pa ckag .................. 6 4
air ,WoMAtA CLtUt Io oanat, ay.l.rd I.aoaygoa a& Dew Kist PUFFEDWHEAT 15c :rnd
ahe atur taLag ,l, oaaga Wnattb t ,t ? i aa ...ata ,na taaaaa Per Can, Cand
a. a... .. a... t. mh are in ahe anll
Pinleapple Apricots Peaches
a',.'" ... a .. ..a Libby's sliced 29C Rosedale CRosedale 1c
t.ttr at ... .. a .a t t ta Quart Can CanQuart Can 24 Quart Can
agfr t ht mian i, Mta Bas alr d. T. b 1 o e d By-
SImalt dItld tI ,t tIla ia gtia.tTtBA Chipso P and GSoap Soap, Kirk's
. a a,,ad Pagia, Bana olal Small Pkg 9c or Star [Tardwater
. .a .t. a a tdo A9l L13ca
l aiah .........t atglat. Gaa ,,hlth. Large Pkg 23c Powder for Castile 2 for
talsw rdordily, abaa hbnl toat w g -
Ba....atat. A al Igal N, a ,t .h g .attiaaa .l h Salmon gg f ldt Spaghetti, Macaroni
BIGt at Datyttt .i.i.. bl I altI Tall Pink 18c In Cartons 41 org s
..y..... aa a t'iayya,~h Per Can Per Dozen C Skinner's P.
a a. ,, diasth ......ao C .,,

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