Title: Delray Beach News
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Title: Delray Beach News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 31, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00006
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Successor to The Delray News

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N.I...... l.. i ..lr i.. ". CityClerkFaceL inmmens Job I '.. .,,1 ri o. I F ..r l...,i .n J. r.-. I- .. ..
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S FewCn. cUL o to-sesori le oo e Thousn nII--r .- Or t.oi eI To The y erv.r
S t in i,, WEEKS VdCATION 'hoT..ltyclrk ,o ... ... . . ' . I -D-
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,b I 0 -' "' ' ' '1" h .." "...'' ., h , '.11 -,or W on or ot .o ,on, in rho rooti
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a as~d ~etlon taken, t i b e ptBills whl e al be senthfo I h nds extendlr the dat of maturit, B toa t o tare helpl. I B.. Man 1,41 ,a, e k e
.o. o n I- """ "' .* "" B. li. d- a 1
Bt w oho I Ap.1 ll 1t 'h oh n. ..sa a . l "' of bands f be Al r n e. et FEW ACR ES I .: tlzl :d th S I lo ve
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an d P. Endsldol, t l pprximat- new Ftderal Ht y will boe ri it A tan- CROMEt BLOCK krh t the rrfunding r dn o n lrai n in l oionl k i .d' o blerw of -I
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t, Beah, boikial" ti u dateabtow hall d amondn h e sera tmIPst d f net from Ohber .bui n,,n 11 .r "" o"' l A' I r" t t T -..r '-. .- ,
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wret a trnd edt ro oforro t t b t hot d into'. aomi da e i r s ltec 0 or flt. I p rn e'
T e do end r.t a itoa By io Ean i D it n p t. hi. nh. A t o. Me t Yor M e .n .1i . r, ,V , lr . 1.1e rL W .P ... ..*.. ,
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n e Reane entedhbett tsn Lt ,,, Tr ,f l. d ,- , ,,
Sh. . M h Is to = iatnh hom I e 8 id hP.,m,,l . tr 1 l.- -..
T"o.. MoI'all wll be we ry .to .be, V, oal EONOF ] LU ON WEDNESDAY
M I. K ath hof beeo in th da ry eP mn c l I ot M ura n o f Ben t r wo 'n' oy o f N P E iope-n -r 'd ,r.le r -- o,
Knohhda io wytath1 and ttor hs edi .1Thodol to on enf I n . the me r'". ..rha... ao- I t It
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Th torodo O Taoekd 19M. to. I. the ;-. ad Friday titn reoerhomo Week fr .Dusyt, t bed .oaI eoroon whiobhrn bow fenturn o orf nO the "oi'il irto of tho enong moo
Thed Ml siown-a Soety Ths whr h os neor regnsten andutd hen nr -l l e fo hoe o r ntntno k io t p ro nlly i with no mtion o Oh l tb.
held ar ne B meeton ottr horh ccuro h I n a who d itrw it a that tht Thnto o wr i, chanh f r, ThP applIsrdtn f, shar ..o w..d I
Mandof .oalore . h anob- Elctainn w cn nstse ho towy oawe to 'E"i"y 'soh f" t d t stn or eot itto headed by ie W.h Itdn r d riin ti n f W Ihrtn : smoo.
nron enn the -hdy n Mitalons. Itween hl on dct.. Lyohbo i, V. fe o t o n w e .m ... on thin oRy er or i No o o 'ii
Sna to t t t o or n more ot seted Mr. Dci Pert. enter- seru. Dr. w ll. W w nor 5y
h wo, h .e Ma r t ad Bm.il n, I. e paccrlly Dow Frwk Netting ad Arthor R.
Climut eo ** .... 4 .1 *' u* B .i 1 1. ; t t
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...o .-I G d do", and was ,el artte'ae
I -.t -m oin-. e', .- .a. tl Stoncrsl no al set n to West Poe nn-h. The Ow n fo .1i nod kew s It r i 'd'ed
left ,to__ Il__ho. Fo Pa. .hC_,. D._d e. Three Milhion People Predicted For
The Or"no o hat it n.oi Thre e Mil

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. .uclt..i D s rodcy o t no P ro pla -n so t thi mor In tn to Fla. In 1940 In State Industrial S survey
Is Good Insurance Against Failure In'l aDn, N.or e.. nn.- w 1
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Witalnh thle ptro achk n on t o t hoe ioorno ort o a ietIll thoe ln FUND FOB BRYAN MENtr. ., ; of -.' '' . r '.. '
Year onctl9 to. mc hon s i t wore, pr attituado toned life sod abon ES Nt rIESITY EXCEEDort in t .. .... iS, -, I
nhooitooio .imoond o brthaL. QUARTERS MIa LLION --1 '' , 't na' , i i .,,,, B ,i
on the l re hand' we .n id. I ,n, wholdeo. oo build up e h '' . ... [ '
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Ibt the rnodern eompotiti ca n test WN in. d t Ae eosllr l0 e a.d I owl Jone lmnn BDEAo. hF C"1L r rnatr rooon oo ntorn ror ,i ...
mno e n t enmes a toi e Cotined ,o P aon Vo n. r-.thnd $or5tto ond is steadily gow. De W.J. Sipimeen. g i ulturoaol c Word bao bha n ronH ld thoat Mr. nThs ,nr.ltiin oenu sc neorm O a.
,1 ith Adeuoto w heulins can play ao -1". -noe dg to Mlsnwe Lokhhrt, nmlt of cthe f . .DpArmet of A,.olrd Mr C. B. Leader will tort ton Wend or to rn oa t the orioal
r mplcrra ot ponst. T h uoe is Uo maic DELRAY BEACH TIAM nitonM dieo of th o fo an fe o .rtw tu i e t D h. t ao , of ..- iun, .'[c .L .. ... ... an leo n.
In edotr int o ol i t d uasno t rr t e soe- DEySEATS STUART toan dinn ir Aeiotlto, which in St icayh Mt dth Pom i me s... .. ... .
oos hotpthonto n bth ten i tno fthalt&- hi t buillditg eld by Ntrit l nto or Eap dnoiot o o a., t be It - I~ Fio in n Dan tb e
ai.It fail.re. I.n g hoi p rahe roiet. Stuntt tok hs G ,ho d o f tho Fro the o .npio ti ll mno Bu rae or wab ato ih o n, t ot iroarn Mo, rLedor, who in pal of all oa at! i o, n 1t2 on1 *o pl. on
r rca aLro nei Meelo tio reet o ictnoin a stao co ame p Ihyed on hbalbhd, S -dwa It the fourth the itot.. I the Delrayi BPth n ho, he. boee. at n se8.Sdt.
opsone kokoalo thouatto ohlltY to thair mw. ho diownd ..terday of-t oto stotnfrmwhkhgit0 hoo Init 5 tEth ,ct-, ',, '-. ''" *-.- -1.Zh1oit ahenndt o ArOnh. the ., r to ac of ir,6n
etpc ad nnritg towne t tt'ibtls to toonoo, with Uemha Po s h Sht Oth otn i t, Bao hne ir the h t .oo...ot.." '-.", ., Tanhono nttioea o0 Fiorido orherod thdtdt8.
onsotonwe fno ot d f on tey eiri- toune 100 0. P n kors e p.owompt n,- Prnoon 'cod Pnn3t tnnnro' Weok, no aoshNil.e, Teo.. the iorcny .s.eor., wrih ror M00,000
hn n ono Ohvs no VEMatICT OF SCST' Aihr, reonrt s od tho Caroliint.
ho wono n h y l"tB tect ron t -n Bry.ateorin Uiotrssh ity s1: ty. Among thisw noher ore W. J.1 FAVORS RAILROAD Of thes. mno e th, t0o ,000 pern
mO o i, ri i-sit oto ns. or n- Th. io e m fas on oo tior-mid in eope. v idnd bh J. Whitdde.o Bat0 w ol d no. T. ens, Icorcia rntr'bhto d 190,2S0,
!'r re ntact t a roe, redideot, Peiro Pecr mot the fet that oor-nrinitn bet c Smith, oftornrtot ., T4no I h b t Aldrr, 03,iO oti CSe ni,-1o, 40d-
coi n t wed .sot k weon literally -fom w haon attended t oonct' I.'. . ,,.. i Af toot ord tontk Coolnii, 0,048, or
thdosthol o-I.t- tsr o C foler -thn onmt. n tehoi n ..n-.... It. c,. woe toot al Stot1o.
n to h 1 c9 dfto. tono so hr i r. lb ith. e a Aroi B E B CIltL denoroco pooediuog loi Ionr to Forida' portion wo tiion.
n lbjm Tet i Is oe heoln 0 food M- tugs o., rn F, P Robl.tio, o wsttht ot the, Nolm, n twolpestorld hor EDtotn, 1000 0 Vialdd ot-. Inrdiana, KBettoko-, rew York. aOd
with t i lb Al peto. f l eBc SAdFa es, Poon.aw sewioation is building the otioecitt, son of Mr, and ono. J. 1. Deo, diodljatiot, Th e t. O'Neai, F. C. Pish r, Peoniyloint and Toenoeso tntr
Sonor ood pooo the no fo ti r t h t tho R8d h y te r owdy k ospit-l i , I t r ,' ,. ,f t n o. . ... I I, I .. ..
so" h to hin tholid B I... Edu.eonin. firsthtibg owh zi. Gott i .... h will w t $ dr0. S stur na oe.. o f' ....ult. . of . o. ,
Properly ppiedr no tighten that i t i et will be noetod lop b eywthon 1, an. d noro t ph tinB. DCmtsti t C t he ode r ord o hl esoond with, Rm1t06 onFenoiLnoi,
grip tOn en i tor p _thao o no. ,.trc Iff eso ormtiow of these wallt i bo n -a. B riLa t o. Ni nr ahe thoo, Bloroda ho Poet by the i ...o ,'o
000 .....lt t h ..o ....i sott |D .., Et Ado..s, h. the on.ott.. d. 1 .e St .,o 0 b thn lo .. .. .... t. ..
apil + h.I ~p rt iur ohtlr n f p" hlaelto ~ hnMy~a d~o rnowoI dfpl o nln 1,11, wrpae

l.nro Two .'"'
. . il.C III -1 TERC -1 ' 1,i IN [ P, 3,
o--o oo C -o I- Tut.dilnr "ond list r1 iw Nw xloitn cm(on. l tit l nn THE BlInoE oInni To mf ili niny 0 loo i 'f A FF0
o t ..... . .ra. o o I ,, nh, 01- . .F dlit r ,r B.h., 1 n t F ,,li...
ll lot, tr o.o l f e e liho, ,I W a
on Y . n n ar t. h f the NB e ) I y ,,r tao. of A gll t p t h, it I he O r l '
. i. -'F , i,, e y,* ,r f-a. Illl. r l Wh l i ll l
,E ,t ," t 1' t 'l '. ell 4lfr1r )irri ] wl 'u 'M in h oe thro tJ'le .. ....

F F0, Ft t F t t l t 0, Flilpo r o ,.,, ', ,
.. .. . . .. . ... . . ... ... . .... * a r of Ih tira u n,, llliuw y, iB rh. , N., z ,. NI

IL ,o10o*ooO"t .- ... .. FF t t.. h * .. o u O F ",h em F oto FV.. e,, however, A. v, ,
01 oo. r Fo 2 . . 0rn ih D yod ie h We, v ,

'l, e [n, n' e',h1. T i' d lm s 2, [ "r t, ,,l'",l 1 Ib"* h I" *' ', 'e r ; i I j . B S B I AT
.. ,. ,. , ..yI A SBCRPTION TOo .
SF, ,, t r ta o h' n (to yt e o. to)t

i i i i [ ra" l. ypi int 1 hr tt r, l otv- 0 lIto IIo tI

- foulll.ST SAS OR I .. .
0 t Nod ill FooF, wito t l, too trlopotuo

*, merchant:
S, ..Hae You.. No Nes For 'our

S t .n. .er. t' A u

.' ,, ,, ' .".,"0: .0 F. ,', . o o .. ,o l . ,: ', ,: ," ;, .. . , ,,Your P rice.. .

....... . ,. . .. ... .. .Your Line of Goods

S.' : ~..... ~.' .. ... .. .... .. .. ........ .The Ser ice Your Store
.. . . ;', ,.".' : " . ..* '.r , ',* ',," , ', ',' ' .. I . .-

. . .. ...... , .. ... . ,, , | Thes %re .A ll News to Your
.. , . .. .I ,Cu.stom ers.
'A Little Add In The

::"*,'11: Will Tell Them Ai ut
.. .. .0 .Ir I f ... .. .. . .1 . ... .01 00, Nd . .(.. .

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t ... . ..0 *....0 '0 0,... ... ..0.. .. . T,, ,, , .... B.. BU OiFa d oA
,:,:o. .,:,, ",',,,,.",W ,,,'," ., I ', ...'" d v e tisin

S.. .. II

6" ' -" F:1 a You Nou
S......... ..... '
. . "-,| Offcn er s? I

'"0i,. , , 0 ,' Hese Yoeu No Ness For Your

: ,.' "- t Yu Score

,0 0 ,... 0.: ,, . "-" "000
... ...... Lit t.re Add in T e'

o~ooo.0o~o..r~o~oII [,0000.000000~*00m
I: to:oFo.oooo B: ': .oo.. -! o

- .------ -. I -- Y.o too,

,~lr m tl~ oll..~ ----------- cleaner,
PALATIA FERN ..... " FARM DEBT IS 4. '"""""" . , 1... b righde
INDUSTRY SHOWS ..,4"" GREATER TIAN ": ; ; . ,.,, pir
,,i r l .h ; i ,o ,. 1 + ,Furniture
"u i +. iL t h" ** A 11 . ,, r. . . i i.. , ,,iBoil i t Use
.. .... ..... ....... .. .... ,' ..... ... .... ,74,4

I. ..I.. I .. . ',
h.lw o l~immw+' m. ,e l n . . ...., , .. .. ..... ,,,t,,a
ditvii'w.] ,1 ...IL in ,.his Sfl,]di l .. th* + d l- to. .n ill .f |. DI- i
. . . , .. ... ....... .. ........ .. ... a,
*,,o, on ,;, .,, , P ol'. .,i'. .. ] ,

r, i lllIl t .*,,i. i, +,, I6
lo, a1i,, in w thll lnl l IeH Lio, of lellr of *nat

are -ome few ,.mll p ants onl the westvriabt nrews of I ,
sIe at tihe rivtr Iner ,Palakl:,. ilalntedl a ro ,


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for .c .r s 1r 25
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HL D. ..4 4 8 9 O U"y 0* 10. Atlantic Av.. ,o

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0ll D s. . YOUR PRINTING P1.OBms11 1,
AL. \ .. i

.e1a' high pre.urefuieliri
/lW' high speed rorhIIrlon

. . . ....... ....


%,41 P., ,, la.h. f,.

enue : Phone 100
i ,, ,



ple Pat ItAnFl.A YA nRChl NEWS, DEfLRAY IrEACII PLORIDA rridoy A.utist 31, g1i2
-rl--n t- -, i -Iu VV- '- l bl AYIf

WiS.1i. V 1 1 1THE 1 R'C ... ': .'. II' .\niLul e Service
MISS SAD M NI 1 YOUNd PEOL ENJ1 lilnn nl 10 o .loc. ,
AmtattittNl BtAtCH HtItt Aty FA'. i 1. , ,,f-la
ENTERYT N t tA , . r, P. ,.,..r i.. ..re Of Ambulance

Aii m r i ]> i" drt-. 'I. tra i il. -i4erviceOn
tl .;'ttyey". y't" i y I't a M 'Bs "'S ,t ,,,,*....s,',', ',i, . . ... .. , , ,1] .i,',., M i., .. lolier e

i. CIIITIAN SC INCE " R. V. PRIEsrI lin Charge

.It.... ""- ,I
M iildr..l J i -i&,h on'1 Mi +s Esther l+,u,, i .ue.'" ++ I W P ,tll" M iriH ---- I i . . ..1. T .lp"lh e

I SttSl M 1111 hI I t l i Ittitttan i St Tit1 2ttdt

{itt,,aitt, Ittntp ttt ,thslt.. .. . '
Iitnd. I tlnllll | i wher vet ] you' _
MISSg ,lANi ] -------- attend the reivo'.. nnd make u t of mvo. man" your 'l' "- " -, .e

i IT"It tS I ttlt l ,1 W n
1- Ht. II(l.lAhN EN L'FRTIN ton Inlr aidoonnll The IrheI erbord O r -

ItAT 'b. "1. T M Ity t I t h..
f,.,S ,.,,,t,,,t,.,or .,I, ,,t,., ,, , m S +. Ine .. ,ythtet ymo tk s tl 'a Asphal Ce 's- e i-" -',M esa :i '

n llf ttIaylll a t e b,- l., yll hA lhyll li ar 1-. a-1sbat ls oII d a byt Hailh

.T W .. M.., t .I Mb, 1 .. C .- 1. A ...t Hail, Wind and

' o r cM.. ..... ..... / 1 ....... .W h ruE home is coveredt with

. W i C11.1t, M. I I I.e the -1a :f s yu against on loss or damage by Hall,

MR, tr r k 1Ma t "t ... F IIT MATiMst CIIaIt Cth Bird's Roofs have alwa' been water.
T'o JRNItIA STtS C iat'CL t dt, y d ,, A y 'tta Ed 0-1-, pMos nrb. fie .rterdant. Now yolo alye of
^ ^ ^ .,^ ;^ Tz;;"T. 1I If,' G.W F." 8F N
55 EMMSMTs ,,ob.t Cml lCS ?St ,, ,att,, spalasie :.; ";/ :: s r Haii wud ^

la s . .. The church t 5ie ello, er iw th l, wi andtorado a y on
The two ci re of the Pre Iet ns ,. ,t P.Cnsurane, a roofng service complete t
PnII M,' J i 1 orvr of reso.r.eful Summer Calendar thhrch leas ow herea of oe you to ~.oinst hl es o am aoogeed tal
tnjn, .Ir. t nt t wtlh ot a I r_____ Sundtl Sathoola 9d tad .s alls li
5'I'S.YTMMIAN CIITICI Nor Ottity, ta.t s"a"t' atailte l'st Iiua r& &Iaias s ash as shees this ad.

e 5rs. gate G5sa M .14... 1- .,s at, 11 t at at mI dtat d Fl t I tIa I aE
Ett.tts. s t' . ..I d 7I... M ,,C h .. If .tlnt a m atr Tornado.
.. . ,, , i'~ ',',~I .,' h d
tS t Mrs. E.. b . .. .. t . f n nret ardan t N w youat e o
t ity to avoid ri Evening worship at 8 Prayer m. ting and Te Is Metaie c t
Al..,,.,. S mith wt Mr W. c. p ---- ._ w7 Ie- conld not tht lopodettilro. 1afapi.

. M t t .N. i. .e, s' "SA. 'as'' s.,t 'I ,t arass tatIg ss cas a t S tS ett d

a. .tu1t, I not f that they have ee~ RI
wTil d.nnr Ma Va-ed on v tSe -t Ineed tW. Rava Isat tsft t t but have beeAY LUMBER CO.
aD ne ian H. Iton. MAn tr aI gg on at tho FirStt SI t Aglylo .
1T. A. LL e sunday School nes I, AY BE H,
L Rand on, Mr s. It P Mr a t W -' 'Pe, s V .r buRtd" A

i me te the ftaa t Thtadnt s s
Sttat std . S e st o t S sS t ss .leased to announcethatthrough its conmnction wttithta
.M ............ ,r ,,, h ...h nt.. Mr. Ed. Eichelberger of Delray Beach, Fla., the it-

tySIts. it'. S. 'tat ,"t 'I tat,, ..t....t..t..t......... '_ _.__, izens of Delray Beach will now be able to have de-
Stit lvered to them our Quality Milk and Cream. Our milk

h-, I, T ... 'isproduced under inspection, our cows are free from T. B.
tan. allt ,, 'eml.oees are free from conVab-ousdit

REV, BRNNON .. NO.. .. t and n.. tl..n;. are welcome and you should inspect the dairy that you are P
none o the lovely ev ts o dl Bellst S '-tat e .t ore, purchase in 8:00 milk from.
tt 1 ty h a t 1,,,

ti.ta .t..t.. .it.. At.t, Mr. Eichelberger wil tart delivery September 1, 1928.

iy Mrs a. I -Croft d M i,, 't. of child.t R M a

ki'" :," uSt:tn-tttH aEt KNUTH'S FEW ACRES DAIRY of Boynton is
tIts S its Esed to announce that through its connection with
. ... r T. It tlerEd. Ei r of ry B Fa., te
Th. i n ... :d n ".'" ........ ...... D... b. t b..n..D i ibut
itr,,, '. ta - T- Beach't

..... ... .. izens of Delraee will now be able to have de-
thln to themd r .ndour Quality Milk and Cre. Or

dped too la p d Dunder inspction, our cows d Tare free from L.
ISIS M,.i, IHITleM- iTr are welcome ansed you sound insp ect the dairy that you are

*;. ..... .. .n ts. ae . Mr. Ed.Eichelberger A elivry SBeach, Fl, 19the
tao, L-, tt7tt I Xa 5.
iliveredtothemourQuality Milkand Cream. Our milk

. is produced under inspection, our cows are free from T. B.t a
I'' and all employees are free from contagious diseasesK You

thttd tldstsday b,,attla sI
*"". /'I laat ttt,"' c.N.. INlE ... Mr. Eichelberger will tart delivery September ,1928.

sds.a A ED. EICHELBERGER, Distributor
*..ii.I~duodIy .-I.. t 1.1 -

a. S e t a, a r i .. I A-Iy tUl hl -
ibtlt ie t Jati b a. R e 0 t In Ml 3,d Ttssly It st.nh a6
S1s3 t Nag, lss J.e Uleat Btad. 0 ms a th aI ttIth Sty. at Nttyt 0i
sttstM, I l asd MSrsa lt a et. m0s 0, Dx .*
IV . .l '.. . . . . . .

rlidny A uit 31, Sl1. DELRAY RIACI NEWS. l DEI.lRAY FIACI, FLORIDA nPr P iv,
; -; : A :: :n: - :. 1:1 J W M It, lan iv ., 4.0, A i 1 1i l lllll I ln y r v dr I rnl f ,,rI An .44 4H i,,I'l w.,k4'
SPERSONAL AND OTHERW ISE il .. .I In t A .TI ,, w 4 o .o .. t.. a I,.l.r r.. l, ....r il ---. ,
,SA Aff W, K1(R1 (.041 44N114. I14i.41 Plno'A 2-111 f. i I. of, w I0r
Mral H. A, Mnnl- ud Mri m Jnj Kliulliina ipl ,

Ant m ,ln. '.', n O, W m, ,, On, 1 r- 14 . 1 U,,,lu,,
b, -0 ,,, "Thi p otll, Obf ln- h,

Mr. M r Dryfo f n ri, of E P.a ., I. No a d M r .IMiss Sarnh Murray wllI rnetna Ih e rtunln lo have p.lrnIm,- ties n wicsII w pen.it nml onf urIful FlI inI.

N 4, a. m .th llivn t l, a nnl, , i .. M EBnl Wh lI I i i4
4.... ,,.4... ,. . .. .. ........... .....4 44ne.. ., . ... ,........ I BACK ON THE JOBb.

344 a1d M W. A. .4lks, .444iw i li, .. .. _-____-- __..--.--__,-.-.. ----- i
41414, 11ymr .N4 d4 1, 1 o', 4e. I'lnl I
hir ( 4. [4Ir NT-ros Woo AI r.1,. .. .b. 1
II i ', *, 11 4a mAl ,i Reemb r Te Deiray Ronte, in chargeof Mr. A. BSan,
Ir. c11 ia rn wa n sp,1 en( --1, Mr. ...dr 4mor e 4n M.e l l-n Rhon If m ,will -h Fe made every Lday
week with frIcnd Ia-. relative" f- v lo,.I.~. tlo ,r ,, h Gi l 1e4a t1-Say We handle five different services of laundry-
MevlA. .,,... ...................." R A FT either a post card ora phone call will bring you
A, ' ' .I o.4,, 44.i -.- I,-I 1 i f, r u s .prices on these different classes of service, iff

.,.t Ih Mr. .. ,1 M r. wrii .. .... . CHEESE The American Laundry,

,, ''', ' I ' ,,' ,, .... r. ; ,-,.t.( A --- TUS ^ ___ I "For Retier .eric',"
44 I ...... 4 > A 4,,. KRAFT CHEESE 1028 Lake Avenue Phone 622
S4| 1 P .>. n 'Ir D lt 144d14h4w en4 r.4 1 -- I o e e .'i,'r.,144."

-, W' I ThRi PlaneToTary d

k. MO ." I , Phones 13 and 14 Delivery Service n
f-,---I itber a post card or a phone call will bring you

T",," ,,- .. .. .." ...... . .. .. *. ... .... . -'"' '" Saturday, Septem ber 1st, 1928

S EDDI H "D MAN Sliced Pineapple, Libby's 31c Ouava Jelly, Home made 18c
____ -- : ^' ,.. .... *Kellogg's Corn Flakes 9c Kellogg's Shredded Wheat 9c
""'I K RA 9Post Toasties pkg. 9c Post's Bran Flakes o 13c
''" ,- .... C. 'i .Macaroni. c Spaghetti 8La

............ 1( ...... 44 the public C FE louse, lb. T12 Lb. 44c
.. Phones 3 b 48 and 14 TEA a vio
DorothySaturday, September IstFday.

k UPPOSE ... at K rant, Quart can 13c Pumpkin, Large can 15i
m444.4 ^ S.. 2$, WII',w 4 r'ienna Sausage can c TottQ rBeef ortTripelarge27c
CSUGAR 5 LB. 318. 1 C rICOl 3 mcs

44.44 aTh Dr Wt 2 wn4.1.0(4 IIoI ---44--
S e PI.Ll ,' 3 1... .........ork & l icBkeans, QSuper-Suds c Prun2 pt Ma aisin 1 c
.. . ..., Chipso, Oxydol, each I Evaporatgg Shred Apples Wheah

ttndnl n party fiDn by Mrs. J W. r i ". 4 .1,- -- --- ------ -------
,. se,( t .... s . 3PotM ted Meats, canpkg. 4c Corn Beef 2oaline 2 for 15c
; i].w...m. ....> ...ra p .A. .. Soap, P a go, 6 c Toaest B pee or FTrila rge
Norice to I Maxwe 4 Lb.123

4s....ne l. mle h Mt the public 4L scei Jlnl aDtc Clener,
44tr, 4n4Mr4. Fe 44ld ohnon at. RVeT A
Mr. tWid .anl thEis winteir.. O D o t n Ort e 13c Pumpk in, Lar A c IFn i
y 40 N0,ss Y- 44 Me4r Dill Pickles, Quart Jar 26c1-2 pt.' .n .o
... THE ". 25 Porktaoes, White 0 bs.2 C ooking Aples 22c
r, 1... t.. h Iri e i Wanted Guavas MET DEPA orTMEN
_.b .4 ," ' Chipso, Oxydol, e- Evapo e A e
hire o t omo,,,,.e CII ..... Mlik t 3 Vienn a Sausage, canpkg. 9c oast Beef o ieor large 27c

"' WilPa, I SW.teyardd48Butter..,, in quarters 2c
.. 4... 4 4 ,,. Beeln4, Soap, PW a, Octagon 6for lb 28e Breakfast Paper, 3 for 19c4
e.. ,ee Fresh Spare Ribs Ib. 20 P.rk Shoulder Rast 26clv
I ,l hr bes 4 ';"" xai-,Fnscy 30 Jello, Dutch Cleanser, ca3B 9c
I, th' 4. A ....... LISTERINE Flour, 6 lbs. 36c; 2

Mr aol R. Whoer East Coast Produce Co. or o t s
BW M aA Neen 1 N E. 4th Aiet ag g kItgb

Mr-. sGhool. R. l. incofs at oastProdu Co. or
2 o 4mmi 4 r n .I .... 122r I. E 4t Ae. Soap, Pn Octagon, Mil =c, qt Paper,, 3 for 19it 5c
,, .... ..... I....... Sani-Flush, can 20c Jello, Dutch Cleanser, ea. 9e
bb", LIVE wRE7 "B"I'm LISTERINE Pillsbury Flour, 6 Kbs, 36c; 122bs. 69c; 24 tbs 1.3

aOLTrTEAD I .TO .TO S.. ....... ... 1LEADS VETERANS ..: .. ..;: .*s, ...
DEMOCR TIO F, AD APPEALS ,* Td s am H,,,,,, to , t, I ....... ... . ., l, ,,ao, ,
LTE "" i' -!."'" .. ."'"' '+'+ . .. "; 0 ,,, .0o, o, 0. .1 R.P.. .... ....
I ,; ; .s PsTi, It>'s P e.c to ,IIs .A ccepi ts P ost it He sd of e .- ..... . ... .

r ,1 C .. . . -- -n -lly - - IT 1 [,i l l sll P hO M I I i t IJ 1 ih ,+ m kz1d
A mple.i Soijer' Ov ctu i]o 'i1l\ ''D "''"
A VO2'TlE TU1[ Ye r o SeCampiin.
Ecoimn Off s. Oi. rlh iicitnn to ii- i ii e1 i .1 ... ..11' ii"* Regu la n
31011 V I I' S o, MA "Y IYV I . .. . . I ... . m ay. ........bl


.cli CIs aIt Is T 'ver
*s'J ,o ,ii v,,,ii ,'I ,' ',, P N T N -. ,.

-., , , . .. ...., ...... .... . P" ." ". 4 '
T[1I, ,I ; I IO. I Iii i i i iiis l ii i! iI i fi :,I lt, IIT : i11ii; h

'1y1 ''r' i i T .. ...
I. ... ..* Cur Chills an Fever,
y i. ii. I.H, si 5Li l 1
nu,.w o m .. J. M YEh S .:,.r !,1,o n n ii SONl

bil ,,ii, R egul. .I.i II0' "r ,h io I t. i I, T. I N hllos ever dosu6e to.
,Al II' I' ' ,,".c T1 PART

],e ,ii. ii iiii l i i''ii i Thm1 i i.'ii P.r ic' To S EI
HI; :~: : l:: ,I n H.... -a. I .... Ta< h IIp. h _--

In, ZTtOt L "1' "1 1, w h ,T I a nd '' ome
... ......... W.t App-l, t. I

7 i cil ,r e i .iii .iii .i cc ii sii. ...., .. , 'I '' I J 'IN -h l s SO N
ii ,, ,,+ iiSii Cieci C si,1, i, s I 50 u 5 'lii v NC 0 55C1iI'5 Ilo tiii i.U lL VII I.I..../ &t ~M .PI'N ,

is 1T11 M iiii i [oI PSTYtI ( I, I P, ]t nl r 1. l ll ll I lYears of Service,
fit s.. ,. \ J. + H,. .od '. .. is" soil'' iA
......... a :" ~ " .. ................ ........ ............. . "... .
R iS...... ... .i. se' .. 'i,,,i,,,Ai s,,,e,,,, ',D,,I,,NING,

.... e, i ,' v ..... S C!C -o 1 ,.2 Regular Dinner Il A. Few ena.... .
'CANDY SP ECIALSk" nl .st Dinner. sup i, -ey Day., A Few Dollars may enabler
l 1 Lbo r Hard Candies 36 ,,M L, you to get thousands of

ILb. Maxine Cherries 49c I miles from your old car. tt
Don' t, n ,Lt IM. s siKil ThemE Z Bring Your Car To sAnd

FOR US TO DO GOOD Let Us Look It :er.

"P, 5
I e "5rd
)%r~p d

'Cause we Know HOW!


Atlantic at N. E. 2nd Avenue Delry llecnc, Fla.

rI dl AOr,,114 31, 111M, PSAY IrWAVI AMR, D MiAI' ImiAc, rioimA

THE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIWN I Singer in Politics floar_ Fall CuL it 2,!

Talking Over the Campan
-~ 'B,, 7<

.11 0 I'll
-~M ..., "

j IhOI

i r J11 27 AIg

Ill1. -kg. T .~s~ei P. I BUSI NES XAD ~ V
.10 -ul ,iif.11 p.I- l. MOM ,01 Ll PluuiD
Dr. Jerome J. Ramsdell I DA V" t.

Busy ChiefdMluu~~.

r .h .eo
~~"s ~ ~ W. II,,,., (I '

Dm,. H.l11. 8 1

l ...........
W. 0. WINN -41. g,,
P~~iiA~"llli O"oi'i TilielO
It'0,gill.Ahltl. lnS~iABOR litigi1 00,0lhlllI

-,_ 1_ 1, "d hg1,1- 11, ,,
80011 CO zli 01111 i'NdA 01 II11 11 i

ATammany Pipe Dream '_" I f
V. lighP
- )I ,lrdt .O II gOI 2ggli lii ?1.1.2
I I""~~ *"

0i1 ~TTi~l 10

iS hhI~A P tI~flt, Al,,,, iI l A-
'J-A'S 1,14,W Llt,- KAI It h,

01 0- F. 2",Igi i Fgko,,g
_______ g Ill01. lgIN"I
O11,1., cl Iiw P-1
n~lliemn~ g P1101

___ WW .1 .. .


II..,rl.Nii .. ,gli~ h.igep'I, Ag

.o i i. ... ....

JioeA AOCssl )

'age j . .... .y t t .. r .. te lr..lt..tsl..To
- -- ---- ---- - - - ~ ~


y-t e leh M ...t. .- . T i..... .. '
T *ite t.R y WAVE W f t W liy i ee b.
t .. __R .. 1-. | A n a, "" ... ..j .. .. O . ... .. ........... tm l ic .
Tehs RIn a**d I 'It do 'tar" Aoni d .rm C, .r r hasbee
I IofD I an pinny u n o b yti I. M rs i n r e a v r ehu h ir5 e o io t h W U I b o n
Thlr "rn and I _may yI .ee. -latv |uinor a o
""Aoe mr" eot"Mi , '. r." ' ... n, . b,

Re s. CLA A T. i , e- . hu1.
ENRT AIN L iA , . M ... ,. ,

.t y wiB... ... ot busing. h'.. ......... by r' _'.'---- "'"'no K E ..".'t. oe .. ........ " ..r. . wll
eeyits Ited by them pre. a ket, Rty ontlty adCys reA Btdeo tIBIR ICBUCI'AI. netWest .' e r 11 -
-AGIhrhmm o It. me ad I C WI t aned,

"lly th emS a m . n tittt, BA t i BrRo et... Atdeo BOOMD RINTIBG ICBREASE datbey, Betty, eMt+ ed Ted
t Ae,, h .. .. e' l t ' t VALUE OF AER TS. R e t at h
mtIAtlet oec.t t d a'.hae m ee rB ttdad ' .... 5 ... "Ee S' R B S A A t a, A l I.
etd ...... ... ... ....________________ TRUE. IBTIBG P'B.EM. M Rt V..... ,,
'aAm. PBR '-,t .eIrR S A U BM IPTIN T N P TIN CA. e e iam
Sts o o ,... ..... t. T. U . N UaUAL-M. tday .,

tre Detle A Ity c d AbS t t e ks _asB a ea Re yc t AG Belk w e
.4 leelbieA d tetm d Ittc A I"- ",A,

Ite btiaA IS un ieB indt o a o e wAed to ytt ta eby r -e thet aellot
. S d Whe You Select t Yourelf You Know It I Right. Personal Selection
,.. .l.. 1 .. b.l. Me, ns Genuine Satisfaction At Piggly Wiggly.
boa r preB A. t exce ant Ay te i. twill n y to do te A I ive Anot the,
eAAli. fA be h,,lt i. W e will be CloseA d .all day Labor Day, Monay Sept. 3rd. t
S(Cthretie, n tu,. n ,n ,... 3. ..i, t I aCH A SUBSCRIPTI ON oC Pan oE N nJ.PNCA 1 u te lm T
or it, b.oe sri. ty, SR AOI tAB .' I'B NOT BE EQUALBD._. SP O .
. nhle.mml good lortun ,nd tthe Il I 0.00e m t Ah. Yet let
yne ot them depo dA In the tC tte i e e eity the Dtt emr ,tr

"'.It ... e .....it. ytb et ... e teld ..I e e.. e e
ai.t B oitln Bas and Be teheat hnad no r nl e e te dallntA Sone n
1ralled or0= e ith -ihD the, h i ch bN.t Dlrey BehES OIL p
hbv_ ne every iaue, an uneIemp l zens with suffiint pride bnl
led morale ha hn .t.a mt l f .oun. A nere o aet -r third n emnnanityan e
nnlnse.o d t thot B ed Ac point e ee ec nta y iS neta theIt dtt

Sll t t ..... e,......i M K Van Camp's C E et
Site e *e thee t 'ee t e their e oltl one on bolldat m i -eIt

S. Into t conendg ,e c pr5nte. Inbt.dnea Thmand 47
e a r '. SKINNES MACA S I FLor, Gd Medal t r.
* l b.-o h e untelr nt l m e m en 5 elb to there e, pkg.
mid-h t ..e e dieet .t. ..ttd m. c.. Ith t b l t1
A. e .me de t ..l. td.. 5....l..tm dlt o ., I. en You Select et Yorself Yo Know It Is Rig Pesona eet
,, ttmtthtsd Hi gh.Quality.C...... 1.'. usean. igp
it, teeV cbeted, td s ...' Means Genuine Satisfaction et- At Piggly Wiggly.

i .. .. i ,I . . br RIOt WH. 1r o5 a m S A lo 4
e tEour peet amt otftea tl nA l Idte e B do thi I he noet eth
,e, et .. . -, e -.e It .C h.hte, W eAwill be Closed all day Labor Day, Monday Sept. 3rd.
Aemd the p eoei. d A I. tht t htm ;toR e- I fte theleon Am dthet.
SLthI CE I Ad I me umd tah. win.
. ... A Itee . ..rARA. __> M ___.___SWEETPEAS
et..at..me see..i.. t Seetse Highest Qeality Cmil 1mt F resh, Clean, Crisp
Ahmtbe. -A1olhdateoy ef t ee edeet o, M1 omm elety i tlts i" "h Pes v, SA DI N S IN OL T A bmE

eltlesna } tf:ied *Ac yel, as.o Achle1l 19tcr a2 bo o Lutnthrt s
Debt, Seemh il tlmd to bee-ere m bnue t `-` SALT BACON S1UABES Per T Can 2i-sd 12 POTATOESb1
cthe I- .te .. ,,.,,. ted Ill th h ....tt ..r I .th e Ch at ..d P Pelts Dre se H12A.MIC 1cS... 31c
Co,.t ..an ,h hole I te t Altl c eec.... dmlcetet b oty {el- SPARE RIBS Flo eGUS TIPS ......ti. .... I.e 1
... ted cAe t.. .a o .. t e... d....el le m .. 19 G s e M IL.V....p
... . SLICEDBACON ..... H osd.sl 26c ND Ns 1EL
It Feltm0ll--0t i mh5yd z 25.. bf,.. 21ct Pu
Vat,, O EG N O E P I< er. it. mc.., em S_ C.ns for 2534
it.te. ..' .. B+EF CHUCK c eh e tOAST 2G rc MAD Eal RA S N I. BaHUl
, . e b l.sI ed t DaMe Dresed Rem American 61 de.e P CeoMal Neer I'd Leth
. .... ,*.dte, e t ette Per can CetIttIh
flea, lor their helpf ne eo m. n 1. t:Th. 0bove m, tr o. o.. y eon --h
.th.lt.y Ale Ah .cd.. ay M r .....ltem em h l.. dcP a n MAXWELLoue
R at t ee ee S.aGrataulYlae HOUSE
Bse te cl l. tel my i sttt bed tee cey t e bls Aee B
-,,'. ls,10oe 62c 5 tallcans PR r A
Si, I i ,o ot tbg4
.e.e..ee..... the t. SKINNER' MACARONI, SPAHETI 8 FLOUR Gold Medal 1 s 6L 6 c Lerd
S e S Or EGG NOODD ES PerW Paelag Ke the ted Hod Ba BaPRIr
i ......... JttI,, e ey RAPENT Grit. s &Meal RAISINS sP M",
S.'.......... ... ... .. 5h; t.for 1. b,,e 20Pae E i
yAo. rIIAe vwhirl iceIce o Per}7aount
F eest ,'_,ii be -ttrlIutl tn the a o I d.t th, the" ,5
Ietdad t oobeA el. oe th ded ledobtSdci th, t m2
ci1L elt the Id m oy e"Pe ha to mttt It I...e A d- P Tad G SOAP 0 1
...lr I la.... .i th . be It be Our B k dFotimods1-t t lu]9
............... h bl h A wl ..... OurBreakfast..oods 5,Bs19 Delicious Desserts
et lA d .. o Are Always Fresh sAEwDER For All Occasions
:pBmr~h~ln e tm h, o .o eo. Id.. let Whio bo lned t e th
a m .nth...... ll........... ........ POST'S BRAN FLAKES 13ePACH Silverdale
. -li fil:W E" .... Ki ....... ... n APRICOTS, ase
....., I.. .. Pul.REDDD WftET H3e Cm K'rk`s 24w
. . .........................o+ .. .. 2 mAP 15e
,++.,++,,+ .. t, .., ,,,., 9e le P.h.o... i .
S. ..-. il i ,- s eu ,l t i 1 b, Per Pelikl 9C L.rgt C..l
... 19c 2 ,M 17c-
.......... CREAMo W.EA 15O s9,ZA ELLO
... .. .. ]T .. .. e g ,RS p 20c
.dethd Z, ho.o. flred Sn hne b. whe wllh CU
.r hathlii htieing. O of theme T"IzO FtlO,

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