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Uniform Title:
Conquistador (Canal Zone Junior College)
Physical Description:
Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone Junior College
Canal Zone College
Conquistador Staff
Place of Publication:
Balboa Canal Zone
Balboa, Canal Zone
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
School yearbooks -- Panama -- Balboa   ( lcsh )
School yearbooks
serial   ( sobekcm )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with: 1936.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased with: 1972.
Issuing Body:
Student yearbook of the Canal Zone Junior College from 1936 to 1963, and the Canal Zone College from 1964 to 1972.
General Note:
Description based on: 1936; title from cover.
General Note:
Latest issue consulted: 1972.
Statement of Responsibility:
Canal Zone Junior College.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 472468547
lccn - 2009229561
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1, , , , : - XV ,,, I lp -;,,.,. I 111, L.__._ .__ .. '--: :_Z .
1, I -. _. .- _._ .': :_.. -:, _N
-_ = :U ...... _.
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1: N P- IIYJ I.O. 11 ..- N.11W -- ,,, i.-T1,-' , "" I. W - \% -;., -
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11 ., I '' ..1. ,I f t I
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-::I ': 1.\ \ I i. ", 11 )" . :, /. 11 1 ,.--- -,f---. - ., ,. .. I V.! , I .
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i p T- ., .;j ""I.A. 11 -7 ";, P jj 0, '.i4/.,, .
I I .: 'P, i P, rl, .- i-ilffi ll .111.11; .1 pl. .- __.':111 ...""..:j'j,:-, I
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,:! ,,!, . Z,;I%,II ";I." 4-"." ';",.)jj..,1Ij.. , -,,;-,- 1.1 .. !I !"', _.- _- .. ', ;. 'f; ,/. yj.I.,"%'-`1 1 -', ", I '. 1 W .; % 1. ... .. . , 'i, .
. I 1.1.,V u, i Fl. ...., .1 ". ., ,\ ; p I t P-A ./ -7z I'll- I -J jll I'll ,'i'- _._- _'7-a_ _.:- -",. -, :,; ..........
'I i ", , I _ 1. !.
T 'i , __ ,, I "1447""'I 1'!.-' .l ) f.t, i.!. .. . I I p I -, I .` it IlL,-,;, "' ,.., j,,jikIl 'r, I I I ...
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\ , 1 k '. .. I q .4'. j; .; ". j, - ; 1, f-! ". -, wo: __.. ... __... __.
7- j", .. ..,.,;,. .." 'I .. 1'. J.j --. --:_ __-_ ., .
J, v __ _-1 -.1 "',,% "Vi".1 , '.,`? .,- .'4;,';! -1;,. 1- ., ,;, p. ;!;.e,-: -... --,_- _. ,
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k, ,I'll I N'll-i -, '. ,..,., . % P .- -A,,jj,.-,)1', -`- 'ii'I;1 __. -. --" -_ - I
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*', 1 I .. .., ."-. L /W 6 .,)m f.1; O ill '. q .;; "T p. . : -.;. , -7,-
. I I , N, i. 11. I -% ..' /7 1; I .., ...
1, __-z ." N,'! 'T . ,; ..:. . s ,,, I ,.-Pl ".'?f i . . __ .,w ...... -', --
, 1. k ,v,: 1, i I', : :j : ` 1. ., -,"\" "', . _- _-.I ..... .....
ijz-11.1j,!',!I'v1,i i -, '; "i "', ; `. , 1, . ..... .. .. ,;. I 11`1 - ..... '. ... ,. ..; ",;_t,.f,, . I I I I
I ;I, .. -1, I \, ,\ "... - .- J-; 1, ,7 _',I'_ :,l ."'/ ', - -
I 11 ,.'. % ,..,.C '; .1 I .., : -.. ... .." ....... L, ,. I . :, I .
:, _.. . ;4 V.(4ji'j ,- '.'I-, -i ', ;:/, ."i ,;Iq .fl. "... "-7 - ..---: ." ., ,,,, ." :_/;.__- .. : -7 -.-_-:-.-.:,. 11
'. ".. .. _. ...", ,..,.. .. I ',,' --_ 'I 1.
-, '... ._'. v '._!,_q___ I ... 4 --.f,+,.- J',''. We, -:', ,;/ ,,,:', ,,-1, . 5 .- ..--...-- -
. _, ,I,' 1\.I.1..1 .. I'l, 1, .1 ", I I J "i N."'l, ., < -. - '.-, ----
1. I I : __1 ,,,, .,.: !.,!'_ I . -_ -. ,, -,\,zf/ t, I v." _. .. _-' _ .. 1- -1 :_ I
-1 -,, -V , ,,, / 1;,;\ -'.....j.. ." . . --- I I 11 _- I ,, , I I
i f __ __ _: ., .". - : '. .:, -, ,- ,"', '. I PM I -11 I . I, ... .. I .- ,'/ /f. -I I lfi, lo, /.,;),. "? .. _.. ._''._, . , . I I
,! I -..-- - _. '. 1, ,\ -j . .!j.1jj`jI -- .. 11, sj Q, -flil.i., ... ,/ .. .... - 11
, `,',-,--.. '. R. f.", -11,k, , ,.,.l!,e j:. , , /11'.. N I i I", ....... ".:_ - __- .:
_-__*- .. ..;_.N, A' Jim I, I i! --.,%..-, .z. ,.;Y.l N ..-- I .1 -
, -i- .-I..." ,,, *..- ::\,-. , -1. .\,_" I I., VA ; ,,,Vj :11,,,'/ll,"ii,l.i,'.(/`',/.'.l,/, ?j?.)p. f'jjjj,1,i` , .. .: -.---- -77 , -, -
., , Al U I i 7118 w -:",.;, I If I' .. __ -11. hil.., .1 1, .::\ If,.-.,, _ :.
,. , '.. il I I ,,, I 11 1. i"O I::% I . .,
'' ,"', !... ,:: ,'.i) !I, 1 11.,k, /;": lp,.,.. I!, ., V. J, 11, ,,_7- -- -'- -7- - I-, '-
-, x 'fijl I Fy , -1 I
I 1, .1 p .,;;,- .:-_:,,
., I - ; ..I., -I .i'j / , / \ 0, I i' :', '. ,,, .. 1-._.;.".O;.7- I
. I ., . iii "'br. - 1, ,I I I .- I I ,, ;;. .. ,j! .,;".. j/ ir:!'.,-,--,, :- ;_ . -_- , - : ,%:': ;...; , I ,., ill ei ;.'.."", I _.Yz,31.'l.IW, -.-.: --- -, I -_ .
. I - -1 . ... ;: -.-,--. .-..l '.. 1. I I I ...., I'I.%- 0 ... 11 iii I "', ,';! ,-. .- / , -, -- .,/,.,/./,; o. 7:_ i% '' 111. I
I -_ "': "'; ;;,, ... ...... 1. li ., 1. i .! ,,_ _- .:-- ,,.,_ _.
rl I I 'I ,.I. W.L,1,-/, ", II! --.-.'-,-,,,!!..\*i!",,, ,*glil;.-,,,/,i : '. I.": '-- -. ,-':. .- -- I
,,,,.,,. .01111 ./ lkVlfj",.", . .!:I;, 6P/ - -. 14I.-I ", ... z_ 7 1 I e,
-,.", :-..-,'-:- I I:...!.:;, :,,_ , ' l'j, . .. .7. I I 11 I , 1
_,m , .. .1 V A1,N% '-WU :11 _. - V e ./ -111 .1 P" -1 '11 ", ,,o, -- .' :-..:_M_ ' I.. I I ,
.;j f. ,J. ; ... dilj. I ..',11,1, .,,,Ij Y., 'I 11 'I'll I 10 ;q, - - - ....
', , ,..I ` %I -, 1:, -Z- I 1.
... I ! I "I.: I : ". .", y !,Jl,!; --'.-. _- - j__,-_ '. , ,
__ W: __ ,) ..
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1z ;,- ,_ -.'7,-:!, 4 '. '.;,'- ,'- 1I.I. L111. ".., -, 1. .: ,,, '. 11 // I r, . f. 1, - f /-.._.Z7: _:-_._.. __
-1 11 .., ". .. , ,.," .,; ,/ I k, ,.1, .. ,,, .. : pzi,,' - f!4 I - . I 1,
-1 f -I...,.. . .1 .,, .z.1f.t'l, /f.' "..". ".1, -"/,I ... -;;.- ... -_ - -. ..
.. -': . ., '--, '-,.. ? '. ,I '. -:Z-:Z:-::;!- 'I *,'\ 1. j,' ', k 1,/ I "ee..'.*,:` -. I .'-..- - / ?"i".. . / I / ."'.)v q. 1, f .' .- - I I
I ,.'.. .". --,- 1, t'j.:1)', 1,',/,- -;-'.:l,'-. ;/,',,",-,;,--, ,`,':,.,1,,jf.I. -
--,,-, i ,-1... 1. ',,,'\ vlo..""'I '-,j ,,,', '. -,.--.,_ T.P. _. ..." .- v -:,_._-.-.:--- ,.!-, -- .., ... I .- ., .- , ,\ .... . --- . _mli- I I
I .,.",. .... .: ., . ,Z,-.,:\,N., -/ /J.',Ip " ..: -., ' ',_'-,_--.:::;7-._ .'-- I I I I I
. ..'!'. .-..._-.__-. ,., .. ,- -. ,'!.' ,\-V:wz,.v,;/ "/ .! i/ .. .." I jri_,;,;,' ,;-' ..;"',::;-,;. _. :.. % ," - - I , I
,. tt- .. ': I -_-, *1 11-1111 .., 0-1 V 1. . W . ...__ '. ,"-'-.,,,f,;AI`j'01,' ,,,',;.:_ -_ .- 1, ,.__.-.--.Zm,_.1._- I
It- ,,-_,--;',-:- ."j,", .,, , 4% . '....""", I I..". 0 '. f .. fl.,f .,.1.-_,- ._, -...-.... :_:. _: --
I I ; 11" ,.-. -.1 , 111 i ..,/ .. . fill .;;,. ,, .11 -: ,-.'zl' - . _'.... :..:-'., ':.;:!--:-'. :,:,"'U..:,"",\' -M; : ; 1 1 d:.7 '. 11,; ., I./;1"., ,.?:'. , ., ... __ __ . .: , '-
.:,.-.-, -..,' .,'-., .. ,,,!! , .
.;;_ .'' ., .. X,, y ;,-I '. :, - _. _--_ -Z-,-:- -- ..:. _ :..
-:, I '-:. -`,:, .".:" .. '-- 1- N, . .\", .. lle ....c., ./ .".,:. I ... ,., ". " ,."/ "'o. , --
", = ,Yz" :n .. ... z ..... :-. - I I.,
:-", -,,. ,\ Z. '-,"",%,\ \ wd;,op W. ,,,* d:' I' ' ," 'X .'? ," .' /;li'm 'j 3 if';-::vo -; '. ., ., -.. .:,_ .. I I
_-_ .. 1 .:, " I' ,,,, --:.;' .z ", .. 1. - I I
.. -- ,-: -, ". ,, I Il i" . I . -
I V -:::.-Z-._- - .,
" 0 ..z..,,L',-.,";.",.", .. \ , ** .v ...".. .I . . .__ -.-... , ,". .. , 1 1'f ,; .. i .,-,..-, , z, ,,..! .: ... , -, -- __--., :: - -:
.- .-...' tt, -- ..., "n;".... _;:;
-o,', 1,`I- ., .,,, I . . . . _.
, ,;.L: _. .__
.\ ,\" ,\ % I I I ...... I ..", , '. :, ... ", _.- .. r -
:t`_._ I. . .. .I,- - !, 'T /A . _- __ __ _;-- -
', lw,, , -. A I. \.1 -I '. y - ..
. I I % ., . '.1"N'., .. k 11 ;, , X - 7 .: ., '. ', .. -z .\,,,.,,,t ti."-'qj, A t; "'..., .1 / - - , . !, \ I I. I 1 .,: \ 'I. '; / -:'---. - 7M=:.. =:--- !!- 1nz' Z Z -.,-Lrz .'-.;-,:7, -, -, I I
-.' 'S'..., . \ W. N\ .\ W .9j, ,I 1 , A', - _.. _.
\.I, , :--7_ m _::_, -:Z-.
,: ...:r, 1, , . "'
:;. .".. -i. t -:------ .. -. -_ .:-
v-.;,,-",IXK :', , .- _-:_.7-;= - __n .'.__ -
1.. I , ,'/. A I J.'., ", ,,, /- .- -. .,;:_:7..- _. _;r' - v_ 11 . .V I \, I '- /.- .-L.=_ -? , - I
, I .. ,% ,z:_1'*,j* "; I "'A" ..'.."', lr,., if"'Ov, ,I" v eV,,,11, .Y,' - _11'_- --.-----
,,,, ,,, 1. I -111, ,\ I , . _-.z-: :7 .!-.- ,: : I I
I 1-, - v. *. -, - -< 1, -.-._."-,. .:!,z -
14 ., .,,,:N. ., A,, ,\'x.',',',', \ .f", I -, , .. --- __' _. , -- -- -..- --- I
I , - _" .:.,.%k' ,.",;- j,?.J. I e- ,_-_.- I I ..,
k, , ','. ,. " , ,,S 1 ., ., v -i\- , -^ 1,-' -A 1'5e "". /. , .. -_.... ...'. -:-:., '__,z --- ' I .
I .. , ., , , .,/,/,!,,,,!,;- ,;7_ .. .,W.. . .- .. _. .
I -1. .1. _,Z .. .,. . ". , . " .'-';.. _. _- =-.: -; -- .`, -1
'i 1 '_11 .. ,_ / '.,.I,. % I , ., _," . .. .: ,/ _-f!;I. .. - :::, _. I
.. -_ -_ - .. -1
.. '.. 'Z-- ., 1'..'_- -- ,Ji r !\,\% ". -,Z\' ,-,- ,,l, -,'\N "; If 11. I r I "', ,,,, 1/1 I ;. f. 1 .. - -. .. ... . -, .
, : ;; - a 'z --- .. .I... I .. 21, -, _;.- ,::;.- -=- - -. .- -, .. . I .1 I I
1 - _,.-_tz-l I N'. , '1,17,- .- 111! -fI 11 -., 7-- ._=1 - .- ___ 1,
. I ,,, m _-1.,,.,., "..;I'. "') if;--.-/ I -:, ?/ -;w -...'
-, 1. = :, It -, 1" .. '. -,.-";:, ": , U.'j, il .--. _'. --:- -1. : I I __
: !: -- 1" A ,I ,-, 1 -
-- I.;. (J""k-f lj'%' I '.'.' ,-',- ;I -.1 '. ,--;. __ ._ "'. .. I I
- -Z. z, V -eVJ .
.--- .. ___., ,;: tt.-'Z::--z'!:_.-`, , V ,\. --.::
11 . : _- ,/ I I I ,.I.. I I!, ,.-. ..., !,.,! .- ,,;...,. i._1..._`T_,.: ..- - 1, I -
"* - .- _ . ..!101,,. --i ;/ .-.. ,,;', ..
;, I -%, . -,--- -, .. :;Z-_ :", - - I ,,,N-, ,,, ; ,\) .: -_r7w _- I
1, --,-_ I ,,: '.." ;, -;'. '\NI ), IX ;I ? '/ /'.'1,',- I'll. __ . .1 --'_-- __. , -- .1 I I I - I.,
.- . . -.1 ,11, ., '. ___ - . .
, _-, --. -.,. ,;-:-_ .' -'<, .. ---, ,-\N , j,.- ,;;j-ljjl, /,;;_.',1,
,N\IZ ,\w 1) f!iw .... ., , ` ;1l. Y , ./ ., _ -; - - -_ _.. . ; z I , .
-,.--.. __ ... - - ,: . \ 4 1""JI *,,, ;- '// ./ '.
, 11' \I,, ,.V..,. .. .,
.. S, .. ' -11 w I.. "i' ;,,4;4. w ,,,,, ;. % .. .,:.:, .-:::,, .:7:-:!_,;-'r_ -- .---- '_'.' -11 I ., I
1. - -_ --i-_-= -_-- \.',_'_-',.":".. I,`.,-,:.. ,- v-.... ,.,. .... 1. , 1r . - -. ,It ; 11
_ ,, ,- .. .
"I., -_--Z-l '...' ": A v J,/ -.o-. .- --, -, - -__ I
_ -_ ; --- ;.... ,:
,7_ .- '. '. '. .- w. .;Tl I, F4% ", ".; l. ,,..-,,;-. - . _. ...
". -,. e ; ', " - ,. 7 ... ;..-. ,-: ",
'- -.'I..,.. ,. ,, ,.,,l I .,: .,/,;, 1 1 ,; ", I ,, ' j 'i, -1._ -.- .. __ ,:,, _.. _. j...! -1 I I
. ,,, ,:, '. ., - ...- .;:., I
-.- . -!-Z:, .. -:. , ..,. .1, I'....-;'. ,`';,'e"411 :j
.. A, .; I I.- I .- .;: . I, 'j 4 ,,, ; I, t l, '.I ... ', __ __.";;,,,,,.lJr,'.' `/. _27_-_z-;'- .' %. AV
1_z - _;::;<-,,-, .., 3 A ,.; -, I:i 111., ...I . ,11 I I 1
__ 'Y' i J, ;. I ... ... e .1 ... I ..i. .. I "I '! 'i", .. .-_ -- ..
I : I I -1 "'. , -, v ; r . 1, I.. , ,;. . 1, .4 ;. i--. f- .,- ..- - I x .\ "', ;: .; '. -,. -I , I/ .1 1, I 1, ,;,, ,,,`- .1 ` I
-:- !'=- .... __-_-- -.: - 1 .;, 1. . _. .., :,
., . '. '. ... .".;, - -.'I,- %, "if, I ;,i , I -,-- . :- -= .6 r,; -
I . _, - ; I
. .. .. .. ./ .V .",'/,,;e, ,e ;:- .. ,:; , ,
I --; ---_ -, -_ - '.I j... "vA:, \' '. .;.' ?v !iI.-I,
. '. . 0 : -, I -.- `: .111; ?:., fi..,: -
I- -7.- .- 3= _ ,.., --. . Z ;.I'i 1,:),I., 1 -;.I. ., .. .'...- q! :M -, V. .". -, ;;. ...... `,_
_ .. I.: I./I..1.1. ." 1. ;, - ... _. .. r t: -:,, -
-;:. T _' '. I., %_" III: M. : ;7 % K,
1, ,' I I .-- '. . _ ..", .. ,
,- -:az .:!'i
.- ., N .."
.:;. , zz 'i It ;: -, ., i,'-,_, -,/,.,-..,.,,,-, , I , ,.. t .... .. i, ." I
--- _, .. ,.',, Y.; '.',' _ -- -. 1, , ; I 'x_ -L I---.-
11 ,:,,-.z.z. ___ .. __ _. , -N, "J I: ; 1, ." -, ,," ',' -;. ... ... - -, 1:
"I I : . '' '.. ,- ._. -,;" _-__ -.-. , .. 4... '. ." ....... ,- I I -- 14 ; ;:, . li., Al I
.,z ;-,.-:, -_ *;., !,:,4.. -., /'; ., r, - M 1.2A ff
T, ,_ .. .. :. . .. ..., .,-, -
_'.. . i 1 -T .--,:., "I
-. "I ,_ ....- _.:- ,. - .; L:;, ""','. ; I ', ., ;-/ t. M . _. -- I
I /. .. :t, ? / I I - I, A -- ,< ., ".." I .1
I, '!7-` .------" _, - Z-,Z- -,:, .. !;,... .: Z'',Z_,'j,% I Vi'l,;j, 1 I L,, fp, ", ", ., .11 i., f .. ..... i'm - " -
;.'-..-- --','1I. k%, I (.. .1, .. I I- 11 \V ',,-/,Iy,,,_ ,-.F-_ . = 11
11,V ,.NW, \. t , -V "b" .5 .1%1.. .1. ". .,, .- . ,'\,;, -1
1 -, - . .f .\ - ,
_. ...., ._. -', k, I ..., "'. ":.- ,;,- -,-' . ... ... .-; .." 't'_ .'.,. .. I 11
7_._::_117!E.:_-., 7 _,____- ", ,11 i. 1, _: - -W
- ., I ..! .:,` ,_. - ., 'l ,, ,; ` 1, ., '. i. m -, 1, ,- ,.t, , _ -,
... jP-Vik, 1. , I .. -, _- -, ... . ,". '' I -1 I I .
j, : _ -_ ......- ` ill .111 .!',,' ill, 41 1-1 I ., //-'-.-,--- -_; , _.- -L -.-
; -, I ..k ." -,,,. ,'- . ; .I \ "'.
'... il, ,_: 1A ... .. -
- 11- 1'%IL ".
..::, .-- _. ,; j _-. .. L`I, e, ., ,, :,.: .. -, . ,
__ .. 9!
' I '. .R ,,--:-_ .:', . - ..
., '- , ,-"-4- ,,,,-,,, .,*,, .. ,f ,.
:1, __ z-%:. -,;:-.--:-:- -:::-.z;. ." ,',',',,',-...-.', ,Z;- -,.-,-.,- I I .11; - r", ,/ . -- I ... I :7.;, -, '-- .
., - .[),- 1, ., -_:--- ,-, -_7-_ -._-. ...., ;.
vt i 4 I '. i, "', "l f 11,/ -: --:
=.---: .. .\ q, .. ..
__: -.- _ -- -_:,,.N"A .. ,,/ , i. .., -. , I 1 Z_! __n71z:_' __ '. 7:z- 11. I I
. W ::" .. ,1:1, , /. . P_ I ,
-.-.-.. '. 1, "& p i ".0, y , ,; ., _,;:-;- --- _- !_7-%z-- --. _. .--_
-,7:,---; _,_!:_ ":,: ;- -, _.. ... -.. .1 '. t t,', . "': : ." ; ,L'_-- ---7--'- ! -
'- 1%11 11111.11 ," i",(111; .1 ,,-.: , ,,-., '. .... .. .,
.... ." .. Ij:111.. ."?/ w;. . .1. e I
v ''I '=-----,. _ Ii'f "ih.":-,t'la'.o. ,,.- ,.,`,'-: ;,..
.. I,,; .. ,. " ,?'11- ,- .::: ; .y .. _. __ -...- .. .... _::7z.-
-:--=-.--!- -.-z-_-..- ,,, ii o"JI-1 ,,I , ,,,;I,,. --A ,,,. ..-_ .=-m1-7:- '- _7-_7.-._: -Z7-77-_Z.::. ,::., - _ .- -,'. I. I ,, /, ,'/ ,; 11 - - ----. .- -= ---_'-.,I,,..%: .'. :_:nz I~- _. .
----z ... __. ..., _. .. I ... ."- ,/. --.,: , ..,". ,- = __.: .::7:.:vz ...... -!-7:, _r. -
10. 11 X, & !:'.. _:-_; ,:: Z .. ,I
. .
_.... I /, I I-/ 11 i.1,1111., 7, .... : . .... ::
", - '. _. -,- 7_,Zzs:z.,,-- ,,, 1. I,;,* ..,:" ?. //I, -1/ ", I .. . -, ., _..
-- '- .. :,-", ,-'.,. -.jj,:, Jf,/ifo" " -z _7_.Zm ...... zi,_ -.:. . .." -
: , -- : __ - .. ,;_ -Z
.7:- Z, I I .11 N1,11'. ; % I.. ---< -,
"%o,.`_ :,. _Z4 -=
:zz- I _. ".., z N ,.;
_ -_ 41 - !=_ I - :_-r-_- :';, -_ zz.. --L,:, ,
'. _ ---. N.N_ "" _. .,- - - ..
..._-_ \1 ,,,: .\. I I - 11, -:, , ; 1'.., "V !.. !I,... Y. ,rt- ,A 't'!.lw ., = ,...'.-
1, - -- .-Z:.,;---z_- -, ... -, -, - ;. -,,,,.;,.. -,tl. 7 -,:r ._Z- 1'_ ._`-,_: _-_
.1 I I __*z -z..7---% "\I ,L,:,.V,,,y 5;,-;- ,.:! i. ... ::E:-.,,Z,,, ,'\.' _
-7- :*-__ ,j,.fi.. I; i - 'Idi :."-, , `;-;:Z: -77, -- --.:,.z. _. '. -_ -..-. .,; '- ,.-.
__ - -; '; : .,.':.' , , i, I _ -- -__- 1::Z.- :-_ ft::..
_ _- :-. ,-_ W A _q/ /` A 'r. _ .- -
---Z-,X;,_":--_ -, _- f- ,\' I I le, I 'I, r., ,'I -' -- ---'. _. M. -_
'! I -1 -, /j h -.-.-.::-7-___ -4:--. -- -:f.-.: ,:m-,;=. j,!_- .
__ .j--%', .1 I-\ (11. ;,/., , ; i i., ... izi
: -.- 1 .. '. \1. . - -
-11 -1 IV: % 9 / eff .I..." __ ----. - - -.= -:_'.> -.-.:
,7- ., ... ,__ _ \- .:. 1- -_ .- _. . ,. '.. ", /.-,k. 1-1 /,/- A, "'MR; .,
-1 - , . ,F...N 01-- l.../I I .. B., .. - ,:L;.._-_ L:::--.:"--.,.-Z-.,ziF.F.71-..= I
-. --_::'% .. "j. I --,''.,. .. ,
L .:Z... "\ .. I ,.'. _, ., .." fj. , l"W -.'.! _ i ,.-. . ___
_- ., ,'..:.1 :7--=-;-_:'-_'-,-,Z "z --
-. ,,.- ).. , , 1 ,-; I _X, 11. __ ..".. _.... ;-- -_!_:.z 1 _: __-t-- __. __=. -.

..", I %- - i, I 1'. 7 -
: - .--r ,! .L _ 7FW7 ,

I ;.

B *.. i *. A K"'' '




s~: ~4t!;J4 *
t~vx. :*

P. 0. /04


G!f ofjthe Panama Canal Museum




. k



Business Manager: HORACIO CHIAL


i --


,. .

For his patience and understanding as a true teacher .. for his
sincere encouragement and guidance as a counsellor ... for his active
interest and ready humor ... and for being one of us ... we affection-
ately dedicate the 1950 CONQUISTADOR to James A. Lyons.

"i-'. " - -


~LeJh fi Ld1P V!U

S. After we had been here a very short time as freshmen, a
"// \ new face appeared in our midst. He was from Baffin Land, he
S told us, and his name was Ikki-Bluk Oomalik Yuk-Yuk, which
in Baffin Land means Little-One-Go-Long-Way-in-Sled. In
sign language and by using the maps in Mr. Bowen's classroom,
he showed us how he had been stranded on an ice floe with his
II I little toboggan. The ice cake had moved rapidly southward and,
before melting, had bumped on the shores of Panama.
So when September came, Ikki enrolled in JC. He stayed
with us for two years and participated in many activities, sports,
_0 and clubs, taking enough credits to
J( ( \wear his cap and gown with us on
S(Y\. June seventh.
We hope that he has enjoyed his two-year sojourn in JC,
and that he will think of us occasionally when he slides down
the icy hills of his native Baffin Land.

6aedI .S

Faculty Activities

Sophomores Athletics

Freshmen Off-Hours

Hall of Fame Advertising

07 1'a .- *



The main college building from Roosevelt Avenue.

Northwest entrance, where engi-
: neering students "take a break."


L4. .

Strolling onto the campus from the southeast end of the building.

A shaded breezeway between the
Science Building and Balboa High
School. ,

(Above) A view of the campus from Sosa Hill.

(Below) Balboa Gym-our memories of dances, games, and carefree days.


Dean and Instructor in Social Science
A.B., Indiana University
A.M., Harvard University
Graduate Work, Oxford University

Maqe tol the la o 1950

"Biggest and Best" have long been affinities in the "American" language. At
present (February), the Class of 1950 gives every promise of being the biggest
CZJC class graduated thus far and it is my hope that it will also be the best! As
the members of it go out to take their places in life, the Junior College looks for-
ward with confidence to their winning honorable places for themselves in their
respective communities, and acquitting themselves in such a manner as to reflect
credit on their Canal Zone alma mater.
The College is always interested in its graduates. It is glad to hear from them,
and to have them return to visit it. It takes pride in their achievements of all
kinds-a pride not unmixed with a sense of proprietorship! It hopes and believes
that the lives of its graduates will be fuller, richer, and happier as a result of their
two years' sojourn in the Canal Zone Junior College, and that the communities
in which they live will benefit culturally and spiritually by their presence therein.

Instructor in English Instructor in Commercial Education
Dean of Women Dean of Men
B.A., University of Kansas B.S., New York University
M.A., Yale University M.A., New York University
Ph.D., Yale University

In every laboratory, every class,
There peals each hour the shrill but welcome bell.
Instructors stay; the students rise and pass.
In college halls their voices ring and swell.

"Is the lounge open?" "Fine!" They make a beeline
To that strange den of gossip, noise, and murk,
Gladly forgetting formula and cosine,
And everything remotely linked with work.

What care they for the culture of the Mayans,
Or tabulations published by the Dean?
No jokes inscribed in Gregg by Mr. Lyons
Can claim a part in THIS convivial scene.

Rather, the talk's of Wally's forward passes,
Gloria's dancing, japes by Moynihan,
For learning is a series of morasses,
And pleasure makes them easier to span.

The faculty, in office and in classroom,
Toils on, ungrudging of the carnival;
For bells will call again, finals will loom-
The teachers have the last word after all!

And thus, through years, the streams of pupils flow
From Junior College to the world outside.
The staff remains; the classes come and go,
But echoes of their voices still abide!

S Instructor in Physical Education
for Men
Athletic Coach
B. S. in Education, Panzar
Graduate work, University
of Miami

Instructor in History and
Social Science
B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College
M.S., Ohio State University

Instructor in Physical Sciences
B.A., University of Iowa

I Instructor in Commercial
DB.S., New York University
M.A., New York University

Instructor in Physical Education
B.A., University of Redlands

Instructor in French
A.B., Duke University .
M.A, Duke University

GEORGE 0. LEE ..: '
Instructor in Biological Science
B.S., Iowa State College
A.M., Columbia University
Graduate work, Universities of
Chicago and Southern California

Instructor in Mathematics and .
B.S., Knox College
M.S., University of Chicago
Graduate Work, University
of Wisconsin

Instructor in Physical Education
for Women
B.S., New Jersey State Teachers

College Secretary
A.B., Mary Washington College

Instructor in English and
B.F.A., University of Oklahoma
B.A., University of Oklahoma
M.A., University of Oklahoma .
Professional study, Rice School
of the Theatre

Instructor in Physical Sciences
A.B., Ripon College, Wisconsin :
A.M., Columbia University
Graduate work, Universities of .
Wisconsin and Colorado

Instructor in Spanish
A.B., University of Nebraska
-" A.M., University of Nebraska
Graduate work, Universities of
Minnesota and Puerto Rico
Instructor in Engineering
B.S., Central Michigan College
: of Education
M.A., University of Michigan
Graduate work, Michigan State
College of Agriculture and
Applied Science, Harvard
University, and Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
Instructor in Physical Education
B.S., Ohio State University
-Instructor in Music Instructor in Art
B.A., University of Minnesota B.S., Columbia University
Graduate work, New York M.A., Columbia University
University, Columbia University, Graduate work, Columbia
and Cornell University University
and University of Chicago
Instructor in Music
B.S., Kansas State Teachers College
M.A., Columbia University

1. Miss Moody's secret weapon. 2. Sunshine boy. 3. Where's Bowen goin'? 4. Vinton's still trying for
gold. 5. Don't let it get away, Georgel 6. Dean Roger C. in action. 7. Branny's again giving his valued
advice. 8. Miss Gardner, taking time out. 9. Turby's out for another victim. 10. Woodby takes a break
between classes. 11. James A., the moneyman of JC.


President ..........................Leroy Lundy
Vice-President .............George Schulte
Secretary ...........................-- Jennifer Lee
Treasurer .........................Enrique Ho
Faculty Sponsor ......Mr. Shepard Clark

Mr. Clark, sponsor.

Officers George Schulte, Enricque Ho, Jenny Lee, and Leroy Lundy.

Sophomoe ClaI

At the first of several Class meetings called this year, the officers were elected, and Mr. Clark was
voted Class sponsor. 1

The annual Christmas f 1
of detailed planning and wa c
and convincing advertising e
missions: Santa Clark rolled on wi
the group gathered around the pia
their version of L. Tyler's version
ning's entertainment.

)wed the results of many months
er held on the Isthmus. Artistic
3 programs to occupy the inter-
could guess his subtle questions:
Madhouse Players ran through
a hilarious climax to the eve-

Other duties that kept member b r '5 e year were taking ring sizes for
those beautiful Class rings and getting rates me eir all-important caps and gowns.
Plans for either a picnic or a Class Party were being made at the end of the year.




'i i

OgIO JOoW4n Rll -

Jap1 aHnd Qoarw


Joan Horter and Wilma Hidalgo.:

I\ ilah.H Hid.lgo and.Eileen Rabiteau.

Ra &ammittlee

First Row: George Schulte, Leroy Lundy, Ronald Seeley, Boozy Myers.
Second Row: Jolie Ann Kilbey, Nydia Gonzalez, Joan Williams, Joan
Horter, Jane Williams, Jeanne Capwell.

Cht'imaAt 5b ace

Macon, Tennessee
Football, 1-2, All-Star, 2; Basketbal, 1-2
Softball, 1-2, All-Star, I /

ncon, Ca
-ootball, 1-2, All-St -; Baseball, 1-2,
All-Star, 1-2; Wat Polo, 1-2-3,-All-Star,
1-2; Softball, 1; Valentine Dance Com-
mittee, 1-2.

"Ruthte" "*
Colon, Panama '
\,.IIlvbail 1 1.2- "\" Club. 2: Tropr,al
Collegiao I 2.

",Ii r.s'v Ballazzi"
New York, New York
Tropical Collegian, 2; Conquistador, 2;
Gamma Chi, 2.

v Wvashington, D. C.
VTropical Collegian, Editor, 2; Gamma
Chi, 2; Chorus, 2; Volleyball, 2; Basket-
,2; Softball, 2; "V" Club, 2; Christ-
Aa441 Diance Cojnmittee, 2. C
.' ^ ^ "A clrIe
^^'^^ ^ ur

\ "Yogi"
Panama City, Panama
ical Collegian, 1-2, Assistant Edi-
2; Chorus, 1-2; Conquistador, 2.

Guayaquil, Ecuador
Gamma Chi, 1-2, President, 2; Natural
Science Society, 1; Conquistador, 1;
Basketball, 1-2; Christmas Dance Com-
mittee, 2.


Panama City, Panama
Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1.

Panama City, Panama
Baseball, 1-2, All-Star, 1; Basketball,
1-2, All-Star, 1; Track, 1-2, All-Star, 1;
Football, 1, All-Star, 1; Water Polo, 1-2.

York, Pennsylvania
Football, 1; Water Polo, 1; Dance Com-
mittee, 1; P.A. Crew, 2.

Peiping, China

Santiago, Panama
Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2, Treasurer, 2;
Lab. Assistant, 2; Natural Science So-
ciety, 1-2.

Columbus, Ohio
Gamma Chi, 1-2.

Panama City, Panama
Natural Science Society, 1; S.A. Treas-
urer, 2.

Panama City, Panama
Gamma Chi, 1-2, Treasurer, 2.


Vienna, Austria
Dance Committee; Football, 1; Softball,
1, All-Star, 1; Water Polo, 1, All-Star, 1;
Track, 1, All-Star, 1; Basketball, 1, All-
Star, 1.

Providence, Rhode Island
Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2, Secretary, 2; "V"
Club, 1-2, Vice-President, 1-2; Tropical
Collegian, 2; Volleyball, 1-2, Captain,
.. .1, All-Star, 1-2, Championship Award,
1-2; Basketball, 1-2, All-Star, 1, Cham-
pionship Award, 1; Softball, 1-2, Cap-
S.t..ain, 1, All-Star, 1, Championship
Award, I; Intramural Trophy, 1.

Territory of Hawaii

Fort Banks, Massachusetts
Tropical Collegian, 2; Conquistador, 2;
Chorus, 2; "V" Club, 2; Volleyball, 2,
All-Star, 2; Basketball, 2; Softball, 2;
Swimming, 1-2.

David, Panama
Gamma Chi, 1-2; Natural Science So-
ciety, 1-2; Camera Club, 1; Chorus, 1-2;
Volleyball, 1-2; Basketball, 2; Softball,
1-2; "V" Club, 2; International Re-
lations Club, 2; Christmas Dance Com-
. mittee, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
. Water Polo, 1; Basketball, 1; Swimming,
1; Football, 2.

West Reading, Pennsylvania
U.S. Navy; Delta Psi Omega, 1-2; Cho-
rus, 1-2; "Shooting High," 1.

Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone
Gamma Chi, 1-2; "V" Club, 1-2; Natural
Science Society, 1-2; Chorus, 1-2; Tropi-
cal Collegian, 1-2, Business Manager,
2; Conquistador, 1-2; Ring Committee,
2; Cap and Gown Committee, 2; Volley-
ball, 1-2; Basketball, 2; Softball, 1-2.

Panama City, Panama
Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2; Class Treasurer,
Ancon, Canal Zone
Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Gamma Chi, 2;
Chorus, 2; "V" Club, 1-2; Tropical Col-
legian, 2; Conquiskador, 2; Ring Com-
mittee, 2; Christmas Dance Committee,
2; Volleyball, 1-2, Captain, 2, All-Star,
1-2, Captain, 2, Championship Award,
1-2; Basketball, 1-2, Captain, 2, All-Star,
1, Championship Award, 1; Softball,
1-2, All-Star, 1, Championship Award,
1; Intramural Trophy, 1.

Englewood, New Jersey
U. S. Navy; S.A. President, 2; P.A. Crew,
2; Lab. Assistant, 2; Football, 1, All-
Star, I; Baseball, 1-2, All-Star, 1; Basket-
ball, 1.
Ancon, Canal Zone
Swimming, 2; Water Polo, 2; Band, 2.

Kansas City, Missouri

Ancon, Canal, Zone
P.A. Crew, 2; Lab. Assistant, 1-2; Foot-
ball, 1, All-Star, I; Valentine Dance
Committee, 1.

Ancon, Canal Zone
U. S. Army. Air Force; Natural Science
Society, 1-2, President, 2; Softball, 1.

St. Joseph, Missouri
Volleyball, 1-2; Basketball, 2; Gamma
Chi, 1-2, Sectetary, 2; Phi Theta Kappa,
2; "V" Club, 1-2, Secretary, 2; Orches-
tra, 2; "Shooting High," 1; Conquista-
dor, 2; Christmas Dance Committee, 2.

,;; f

r-C -


New York, New York
Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2, Vice-President,
2, President, 2; "V" Club, 1-2, Treas-
urer, 2; Tropical Collegian, 1; Con-
quistador, Editor, 2; Chorus, 1-2; As-
sembly Committee, 1-2; Class Secretary,
2; Dance Committees; Volleyball, 1-2;
Basketball, 1-2, All-Star, 1, Champion-
ship Award, 1; Softball, 1-2, All-Star,
1, Championship Award, 1; Intramural
Trophy, 1.

Lima, Peru
Gamma Chi, 1-2; Volleyball, 2;
Chorus, 1.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Assembly Com-
mittee, 2; S.A. Vice-President, 1; Class
President, 2; P.A. Crew, 2; Christmas
Dance Committee, 2; Physical Edu-
cation Assistant, 2; Football, 1, All-Star,
I, Co-Captain, 1; Basketball, 1; Base-
ball, 1-2, All-Star, 1-2; Water Polo, 1,
All-Star, 1, Captain, 1; Intramural
Trophy, 1.

St. Louis, Missouri
U.S.M.C.; Track, 1, All-Star, 1; Footbah.
1; Basketball, 1.

Oneonta, New York
Natural Science Society, 1-2, Vice-
President, 1; Chorus, 1-2; Band, 2;
Tropical Collegian, 1-2; Track, 1-2.

New York, New York
U.S. Army; Class Vice-President, 1;
Dance Committee, 1; Camera Club, 1;
Conquistador, I; Tropical Collegian, 2;
"Shooting High," 1; Football, 1; Track,
1; Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1; Softball, 1;
Water Polo, 1.

Ancon, Canal Zone

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Delta 'Psi Omega, 1-2, Vice-President,
2; Dance Committee, 2; "Shooting
High," 1; Band, 2; Orchestra, 2.


iL -

New London, Connecticut
Softball, 1-2; Volleyball, 1-2, All-Star, 2;
Basketball, 1-2; "V" Club, 1-2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Gamma Chi, 1-2;
Delta Psi Omega, 2; "Shooting High," 1;
Cheerleader, 1-2, Captain, 2.

Akron, Ohio
Baseball, 1-2, Captain, 1; Football, 1-2, J
All-Star, 2; Basketball, 1-2, Captain, 1.
"Colette" p
Colon, Panama A,
Gamma Chi, 1-2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2;
Volleyball, 2.

La Ceiba, Honduras
Basketball, 1-2; Water Polo, 1-2.

Panama City, Panama
Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Chorus, 2; Gamma
Chi, 1-2; Orchestra, 2; "V" Club, 1-2;
Trbpical Collegian, 2; Conquistador, 2;
Dance Committee, I; Volleyball, 1-2;
Basketball, 1-2; Softball, 1-2.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"V" Club, 1; Football, 1-2, All-Star, 1;
Track, 1-2, All-Star, 1-2; Water Polo,
1-2; Basketbal 1-2.

a~ e
a t Sci i ,ista-
2; m 1 Ieta Psi
m i i n agee r 1 2 ; "e P o o t .
1g h "V" F
vy ,/ o v

St. Louis, Missouri
Class President 1; Class Vice-President,
2; Representative, Interschool Athletic
Meetings, 1; Athletic Manager, 2; Phi
Theta Kappa, 2; Banquet Chairman, 1;
P.A. Crew, 2; Dance Committees. 1:
Football, 1, All-Star, 1; Track, I.

El Paso, Texas
Dance Committees, 1; Football, 1-2;
Track, 1-2.

Panama City, Panama
. Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2; President, 2;
Chorus, 1-2; S.A. Treasurer, 1; Christ-
mas Dance Committee, 2; P.A. Crew, 2.

l Fort Hatichuca, Arizonaf
k'jK i,. Water Polo, 1. II.-S[arT..j'PF,\ ._ 2.

Jackson, Mississippi
Gamma Chi, 1-2, Vice-President 2; "V"
Club, 1-2; Volleyball, 2; Basketball, 1-2.

Colon, Panama
Delta Psi Omega, 1-2, Cast Director, 2;
"Shooting High," 1; Football, 1, All-Star,
I; Softball, 1, All-Star, 1; Track, 1, All-
Star 1; Basketball, 1; Conquistador, 2.

Brooklyn, New York
Gamma Chi, 1-2; Chorus, 2; "V" Club,
1-2; Volleyball, 1-2; Basketball. 1-2;
Softball, 1-2.

Anniston, Alabama
Baseball, 1-2; Basketball, 1-2; Football,
1; Water Polo, 1-2.

"Jo" i
Akron, Ohio
Gamma Chi, 1-2; "V" Club, 2; Band, 2;
Orchestra, 2; Chorus, 1-2; Tropical Col-
legian, 2; Conquistador, 2; Natural
Science Society, 2; Volleyball, 2; Soft-
ball, 2; Basketball, 2; Delta Psi Omega,

"Professor Vesser"
Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
U.S. Navy; U.S. Naval Academy, 1; P.A.
Crew, 2; Conquistador, 2.

Washington, D. C.
Gamma Chi, 2; "V" Club, 1-2; Volley-
ball, 1-2, Captain, 1, All-Star, 1-2, Cham-
pionship Award, I; Softball, 1-2, All-
Star, 1, Championship Award, 1; Swim-
ming, 1; Intramural Trophy, 1.

Washington, D. C.
Phi Theta Kappa, 2; "V" Club, 1-2,
President, 2; Tropical Collegian, 2;
Christmas Dance Committee, 2; Volley-
ball, 1-2, Captain, 2, All-Star, 2, Cham-
pionship Award, 2; Basketball, 1-2,
Captain, 1-2, All-Star, 1, Championship
Award, 1; Softball, 1-2, All-Star, 1,
Championship Award, 1; Softball, 1-2,
All-Star, 1, Championship Award, I;
Intramural Trophy, 1.

Baffin Land, North Atlantic
Conquistador, 1-2; Tropical Collegian,
1-2; Honorary Member Gamma Chi,
1-2; "V" Club, 1-2; Phi Theta Kappa,
1-2; Delta Psi Omega, 1-2; International
Relations Club Lecturer, 1-2; Chorus, X 1
1-2; Can-Can Chorus Line, "Showboat;"
Football, 1-2, All-Star, 1-2; Water Polo,

Not Pictured:

"Dave" San Jose, Costa Rica Panama City, Panama
Nashville, Tennessee Chorus, 1. Football, 1; Track, 1; Softball, 1.

"Marcos" "A l" Panama City, Panama
Bayonne Basses-Pyranees, France Kemmerer, Wyoming
Natural Science Society, 2. Football, 1-2; Softball, 1.

Gau Wt11

John Hower leaves opening the lounge to the next SA president.

Lillian Norris leaves our school spirit with Jack Johnson.

Enrique Ho leaves his firecrackers to Leo Presho.

Joan Bentz leaves the TC and an aspirin to the "unsuspecting."

Kay Masters leaves Joyce to JC (may it ever be Masterfull).

James Jolley leaves the Natural Science Society to Mr. Lee.

Ann Nichols leaves a rusty needle and an old cork to Jeanne Truly.

Wilma Hidalgo leaves Mr. Sosa's pictures for Barbara Gunn to struggle over.

Aileen Baltazzi leaves her "heep" to Miss Moody.

Eileen Schneider leaves her habit of coming late to class to Marie Pierobon.

John Moynihan leaves his playing cards to Fred Horton.

Eileen Rabiteau leaves her shorthand notes to Joyce Dugas.

Ken Millard leaves his weight-lifting to Mr. Lyons.

Jane Williams leaves her dirty basketball playing to Bea Reyes.

Jim Russell leaves his Atlas card to Jack Gill.

Bob Johnson leaves the Tin Group unknowns to Bob Jones.

Anne Leigh leaves her brains to Neyle Theriault.

Joan Williams leaves her basketball rules to Coach O'Connell.

The French Class leaves Marcos DelBusto to Miss Johnson.

Bill Cardoze leaves his baseball mitt to the BHS first baseman.

Jenny Lee leaves millions of unborn fruit flies to Frances Farrell.

Ronnie Seeley left in February.

Ikki Yuk-Yuk leaves his "midnight" whale oil for Dot Taylor to burn.

Richard Herman leaves his "poke o' gold dust" to Brian Albright.

The 1950 CONQUISTADOR leaves the SA treasury empty.

We, the Graduates of 1950, hereby leave JCI

42ae4d men

OcPresident .... ...............Tom Peterson
Vice-president ................. Jim Trout
f Sophie Papadopulos, Jeanne Truly
STreasurer .............. ....--- Fred Horton
Faculty Sponsor
": Mr. J. Stuart McNair

All during the year, member th p student Association in numerous ways
by selling season tickets for the a tic m and or lays.
The main activities sponsor nd by e planned by the officers and carried out
by committees. Early in December, a it rated the gym with green and white
streamers and took charge of handling es n t r ana organization for the SA's semi-formal
Yuletide Dance. Then, experienced facte hs working committee to plan a successful
Valentine Dance at the Sailfish Club. dopos oa ively decorated with red hearts, and a
regal throne awaited the "Sweetheart oge Queen was presented with a crown
of red and white flowers; in addition, s emer court, Mary Lea Azcarraga and Bette
Farrell, received gifts from the Student Asso n. Nex, nual Banquet and Prom, under fresh-
man guidance, were held in the middle of May at the Hotel Tivoli. Generously sprinkled with witty
speeches, sketches and skits by various school organizations, and smooth, dreamy music, the Banquet
completely fulfilled everyone's expectations and wound up the year in grand style.

Mr. McNair, faculty sponsor.

q~rehc~ Gla

First Row: Carol Sergeant, Jeanne Truly, Joyce Masters, Bette Farrell, Sophie
Papadopulos. Second Row: Marie Pierobon, T'erry Trumble, Jerry Raymond,
Jim Trout, Max Kurillo, Tom Peterson, Betty Newlin.

V e ,'osd #e

First Row: Lois Baumbach, Joyce Masters, Bette Farrell, Sophie Papadopulos.
Second Row: Barbara Curles, Jerry Raymond, Tom Peterson, Betty Newlin.











"Gerbie" "Fred"


"Corny" "Jack" "Barb"








.. .. . .. .


6 i,
r4 F I
'4 .



im SE





S "Bill" "Fred"


"Susie" "Jackie"


"Lou" "Catch"
















Ww'j ," m
"Bob" "Doug"

MW -, .-, Fwli I /
"Isa" "Jim"









l1o6d I)Opaid4i


i g ', ju



MA0t 141l-47u20d


'31W A
It *'r I S^ -'

* (4



Mod Atetic


/de 2a2ceut



Madt ielz i/s Succeed

Mo yntpeeckial

lwa.- -1 bnw

Mo d 17alened






pagze46- '/

Best Looking: Anne Leigh, Ed Allgaier

Most Popular: Jeanne Capwell, John Hower

Most Intellectual: Enrique Chi, Joan Bentz

Most All-Around: Wilma Hidalgo, Skeezie
Townshend -

Best Diicers: Beity Newlin. Johlnv' Johnson



% :

'q -(





"' ~Fr iendlieIt: FreddIl Horton. Joann Therrell

-- .. lltirest: John Movnihan. Ann Nichols

AMost LihelY to .Succeed: Jenn Lee. Dave A cock

Lost Talented: Aileen Baltazzi. Jerry Raymond

'AMlost .-lliletic: Fred Cole. Bea Reves

T, C, IH 312.o^ 12
,C, 11zt
Chorus 12t
V-Club- 12:30
GAMMftCMi- 12:30
COmNa&utaThI t IZ4

0 oply


President .........---- ..........----------John Hower
Vice-president .....-..-.. R. B. H. Stroop, III
Secretary .....------------................. Marie Pierobon
Treasurer ....................... Felix Filos

President, Secretary, Treasurer.

The Student Association is the governing body of the Junior College. The association is comprised
of all students who buy activity tickets which entitle JC'ers to attend the many SA sponsored functions
held throughout the year.
At a general assembly called during the second week of school, the election of officers was held for
the Student Association Executive Council, which is also composed of the officers of the various organ-
izations and the editors of the publications of the college. The meeting was presided over by John
Hower, who was elected president of the SA at the end of the last school year. Also, the faculty sponsor
for the year was chosen at this meeting.
The SA sponsors the two school publications, the Conquistador and the Tropical Collegian, as
well as all prizes given for literary contests in connection with these publications. In addition, the SA
finances the purchase of all sports awards.

SAEC in weekly session in Mr. Bowen's room. Mr. Bowen, faculty sponsor.


I I'

Ab J

First Row: Leroy Lundy, Marie Pierobon, Jennifer Lee, First Row: Mr. Turbyfill, Jennifer Lee, Mr. Hackett.
John Hower. Second Row: Mr. Bowen, sponsor; Felix Second Row: Mr. Clark, Mr. Bowen, Leroy Lundy.
Filos, Enrique Ho. Third Row: George Schulte, Tom
Peterson, Ronald Seeley.

This year the SA contributed something special to the men of the Junior College football team,
which was the first team to play tackle football for CZJC. Seventeen jackets were awarded to deserving
players as a memorial gift for their part in the innovation of such a popular sport in the Canal Zone.
The SA also purchased new green and white uniforms for both men's and women's sports and sponsored
the sale of season theatre tickets and season athletic tickets.
Among the various functions sponsored by SA, there were dances held at the Balboa Gymnasium in
September, October, and a delayed Thanksgiving dance held the first week of December. The Christmas
and Valentine formal dances, sponsored by the Sophomore and Freshman Classes, respectively, were also
financed by the SA. The SA's recently
adopted annual hay ride to Madden Dam
was held in March and was another success-
ful affair.
Among miscellaneous projects this year,
the SA submitted a petition signed by num-
erous college students and instructors which
pertained to the well-known controversy
about the Albrook-Howard Field change.
The SA also promoted a March of Dimes 11
campaign among members of the college. -
Tentative plans at the time of publica-
tion promise another dance or swimming
party to add to the activities of the year.
And then, too, the SA Banquet is the occa-
sion of the year to which everyone looks
forward with eager anticipation.d season athletic tickets.
forward with eager anticipation. .._.~_. F.iY Y IIL

Athletic Managers: Jim Trout and
George Schulte.

First Row: Joan Horter, Jennifer Lee, Eileen Rabiteau, Dora Perret, Jolie Ann Kilbey, Barbara
Fritz, Lillian Norris.
Second Row: Mr. Turbyfill, sponsor, George Schulte, Enrique Ho, Ronald Seeley, Leroy Lundy.

Phu Thwa Kappa

President---....................-...................RONALD SEELEY, JENNIFER LEE
Vice-President-.......----..............................---JENNIFER LEE, ENRIQUE Ho
Secretary ...... ----.........-------........ ........................ BARBARA FRITZ
Treasurer ....................................-......... .............. ENRIQUE CHI
Council M ember.................... ..........-- .................... ELLEN M CCLAIN
Faculty Sponsor......................................---------MR. SUBERT TURBYFILL

This year, the activities of the Delta Omega chapter of the national honorary
fraternity for junior colleges, now in its fifth year, have been the traditional cere-
monies. An informal initiation ceremony in the fall brought Joan Horter, Jolie
Ann Kilbey, Leroy Lundy, Lillian Norris, Dora Perret, Eileen Rabiteau, George
Schulte, and Joan Williams into the group as active members. In February, Dr.
Lawrence Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, addressed initiates and guests at
the annual "initiation-assembly," after having been presented with an honorary
membership in the fraternity for outstanding achievement. Those admitted into
full, active membership at that time included Frances Farrell, Jack Gill, Bob Jones,
Betty Newlin, Marie Pierobon, Jim Russell, Carol Sergeant, Dot Taylor, Joann
Therrell, Tom Tyler, and Jane Williams. Mrs. Fields of Balboa, one of Phi Theta
Kappa's earliest members, was guest speaker at the annual Scholarship Dinner
held at the Hotel Tivoli on March 29.
Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is offered to those whose college grades
average a "B" or more, whose credit hours number at least fifteen, and whose
school standing lies in the upper ten per cent of the current enrollment.

First Row: Dora Perret, Betty Jo Underwood, Eileen Schneider, Marie Pierobon, Lillian Norris,
Anne Leigh, Joan Bentz.
Second Row: Alan Townshend, Clifford Myers, Terry Trumble, John Moynihan, Joyce Masters,
Willis Pence, Richard Herman, Mr. Turbyfill, sponsor.

7beka Psi Omen

Cast Director... .................... ..........................ALAN TOWNSHEND
Stage Manager.....-....................................... CLIFFORD MYERS
Business Manager............... .. ...................- EILEEN SCHNEIDER
Faculty Sponsor....................................MR. SUBERT TURBYFILL

To become eligible for membership in Delta Psi Omega, the national honorary
dramatics fraternity for junior colleges, one must appear in at least two stage plays
and participate in staging and producing. The initiation of new members con-
sists of an examination on the history of drama up to the present time, a knowledge
of the Greek alphabet, and a monologue given by each initiate.
Two new members, Lillian Norris and John Moynihan, were installed early
in the year, following their participation in the comedy "Kiss and Tell." At the
time of publication, those expected to become eligible for membership after their
work on the March production, "Antigone," are Joan Bentz, Anne Leigh, Joyce
Masters, Dora Perret, Marie Pierobon, Betty Jo Underwood, Willis Pence, and
Terry Trumble.
During the year the organization celebrated Hallowe'en with a party given
in honor of the Dramatics Class. A Christmas Banquet was held at the Hotel
Tivoli, as was the Annual Banquet, supplied with plenty of entertainment. The
usual closing-of-the-year party took place at the Hotel Washington in Colon, and
so ended another successful season.

Iirst Row: Anne Leigh, Jeanne Capwell, Eileen Schneider, Jolie Ann Kilbey, Aileen Baltazzi,
Joann Therrell, Lillian Norris, Ellen McClain. Mrs. Quinton. sponsor.
Second Row: Eileen Rabiteau, Joan Bentz, Ann Divney, \\V ma Hidalgo Anne Trimble, Jane
Williams, Joan Horter, Nydia Gonzalez, Dora Pe -i[,"ltVeii Jo inderwood.

Qatmra G6lu

President --........---............--..............--.........JEANNE CAPWELL
Vice-president-.................-.............MARTHA GRAHAM, JOANN THERRELL
Secretary- ---...................- -......-... ............... --JOLIE ANN KILBEY
Treasurer .....-.. --.................--..-- .......--...........-- ANGELA FORD
Faculty Sponsors............MRS. MARY QUINTON, MISS DOROTHY MOODY

Being one of the most active and useful organizations in the school, Gamma
Chi again had a successful year of activity. Traditional rush teas were held at the
beginning of each semester, the first at the Jewish Welfare Center, after which
only sophomore girls were asked to join, and the second at Joann Therrell's home
in Curundu, after which only freshmen were eligible for membership.
Other social events included the semi-annual initiation banquets, both of
which were held at the Hotel Tivoli. At the second of these banquets, the Balboa
High School Spanish Club cordially invited the Gamma Chis to join their Carnival
Dance in the ballroom. Accompanied by excellent publicity, the sorority girls
presented the highly-successful "French-Follies" at the Balboa "French-cafe" gym
on March 24, with chorus, cancan, plays, and specialty numbers. Helping the
office on Registration Day, ushering at college plays, selling soft drinks at games,
sunning at Taboga Island, and having the "goats" clean the Lounge regularly,
numbered among other activities on the 1950 calendar.
Towards the end of the year, Mrs. Quinton returned to the United States,
and Miss Moody became the new sponsor of the sorority.

First Row: Ken Millard, John Moynihan, James Jolley.
Second Row: Felix Filos, Nydia Gonzalez. Wilma HidJgoq Marie Pierobon, Enrique Chi, Mr.
Lee, sponsor, ila tco, DeiB lii,,.

IVdat^a1 Scietwe Soci4

President ....... ...... .........----------.....................----- JAMES JOLLEY
Vice-president ............ ........... .................... KENNETH M ILLARD
Secretary ............. .............. ....... ........... NYDIA GONZALEZ
Faculty Sponsor.................. ...................MR. GEORGE O. LEE

Although the Natural Science Society holds no regular meetings, various
events are scheduled throughout the year as opportunities arise.
To start off the year's events, Mr. Lee showed the group some slides which
he had taken on several of his frequent field trips. The next meeting included
movies shown by Doctor Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, and an accompany-
ing lecture of explanation on the Code Indians, an ancient civilization recently
discovered in Central America. As a sequel to this, the Natural Science Society
visited the National Museum in Panama City where the group enjoyed a lecture
on the Code Indians, given by Dr. Mendez Pereira. The most recent event of the
year was a waffle supper, expertly prepared by Mrs. Lee and given at the college.
After the dinner, pictures on wild life were shown by Mr. Per Hoste, who has
entertained the Natural Science Society groups on many previous occasions.
If plans that have been tentatively made will develop, the group may make
another trip, this time to Summit Gardens to hear a lecture by the botanist there,
Mr. Mitchell.

44 Editor-in-chief .......................................-----------------Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor -- ................................. arie Pierobon
Business Manager ..............................H--------------oracio Chial
Sophomore Editor ..............................-------------Wilma Hidalgo
Popularity Editor .......-----------------............................Joan Horter
Ph Editor ...................----- ..--------..Kimfield Parks
Art Editor ......-----------......... --.........-------........Aileen Baltazzi
Girls' Athletics Editor-------- ...............----.......Gloria Glaze
Men's Athletics Editor .........................-........Jim Orvis
Clerical Editor ...................................-----------Eileen Rabiteau

Marie Pierobon and Jenny Lee with our embryo

1950 GoQua4 a do4

Even though the Staff was late in getting organized this year, plans were
trustingly made for an early publication. Meetings were held at night and at noon
between mouthfuls of ham sandwiches, where the fine points were hashed over;
the cover was based on an original drawing by R. B. H. Stroop, III, and Aileen
Baltazzi began work on our theme.
Under the direction of an energetic business manager, the 1950 Conquistador
acquired its own printed-in-green-ink stationery and advertising contracts enough
for all the Staff. Our outstanding salesmen, Horacio Chial, Marie Pierobon,
Sylvia Altman, Gloria Glaze, Wilma Hidalgo, Dot Taylor, Alan Townshend, and
others, faithfully pounded sidewalks and knocked on doors until signs were hung
out saying, "Sorry-Revolution!" Also, persuasive advertising letters were typed
and mailed to many large hotels in the States, but with little result.

Elvia Suazo, Jolie Ann Kilbey, Eileen Rabiteau, and Eileen
Schneider doing the dirty work.

Sylvia Altman and Horacio Chial get ideas for the adver-
tising section.

Gloria Glaze, Jim Orvis, and Dot Taylor.

Our finger-worn typists were Eileen Rabiteau, Muriel Jordan, and Elvia Suazo, while Jolie Ann
Kilbey and Eileen Schneider served as ad-hounds, typists, and general pasters, kibitzers, and caption
The biggest job of a yearbook, the photography, was handled mainly by Kim Parks, chief photog-
rapher, developer, and printer, assisted by Al Adams. Also snapping pictures were Jim Orvis and (when
things really looked desperate) the editor. Still others who added necessarily to our store of photographs
were Dot Taylor, Marie Pierobon, Gloria Glaze, and Jerry Raymond.
Special thanks are due Dr. Moody for "censoring" our copy, Dean Hackett for his cooperation with
the Staff and for keeping us supplied with Junior College pencils, and Mr. Lyons for his willing advice
on every conceivable problem and for the use of his scissors, rulers, and typewriter.
And so, to those who have been asking, "When?," we proudly answer, "Now!"

Alex Bernson and Aileen Baltazzi look over the sketches
of Yuk-Yuk.

Two of our eager beavers, Joanie Horter and Wilma
SHidalgo. ,-

\\ 1ll I' Pencc. Unailbi.a (-.unn. nd Man rTonlicnnd

First Row: Alexander Bernson, Aileen Baltazzi, Betty Jo Underwood, Ruth Appin, Joan Bentz,
Eileen Rabiteau, Bea Reyes, Sylvia Altman, Miss Moody, sponsor.
Second Row: Joan Williams, Dot Taylor, Wilma Hidalgo, Muriel Jordan, Robert Sager, Barbara
Fritz, Joan Horter, Elvia Suazo, Jerry Raymond, Gloria Glaze.

T'aopiccd Q /e9icGm

Editor-in-Chief ...................................... JOAN BENTZ
Assistant Editor ......................ALEXANDER BERNSON
Business Manager ..............W........ILMA HIDALCO
Business Assistant Dnr TF i OR
Feature and News Editor ................BARBARA FRITZ
Assistants .........................................JOAN HORTER
Boys' Sports Editors ........................ROBERT SAGER
Girls' Sports Editors ........................JOAN WILLIAMS

Art Reviewer ............ ...................LV IA SUAZO
Movie Reviewer ......................SYLVIA ALTMAN
Music Reviewer ......................JERRY RAYMOND
Art Department ........................ ILEEN BALTAZZI
Technical Assistants ...........M.....MURIEL JORDAN
Faculty Advisers ...........Miss DOROTHY MOODY

The Tropical Collegian is an active and influential publication, which comes
out once every month to present students with news, features, stories, and editorials
covering school and community events.
At the beginning of the year, four policies were set up by the editor in an
attempt to make the magazine as readable and inclusive as possible: (1) standard
organization of written copy and illustrations; (2) unity within the magazine;
(3) teamwork among staff members; (4) a lively, person-to-person style of writing.
In accordance with organization and unity, the staff divided the magazine into
four categories: a news and feature section, a sports section, a reviewers' section,
and a literary section. In addition, a new personality was introduced this year-
Cassandra ("Cassie") Collegian, whose job it was to expand on each month's cover
theme, to editorialize, and to enliven the magazine with her own particular brand
of humor. Another innovation of 1950 was the publication of an April Fool's Day
issue and a subsequent April supplement.
This year's frequent contributors were Jennifer Lee, James Farrell, Angela
Ford, Jack Ray, and various Tropical Tramps who wrote "Hot Air From the
Tropics." Joan Horter and Aileen Baltazzi are to be especially commended for
their artistic contributions.
During the last half of the year, the magazine was mimeographed in the
junior college by the staff members themselves; the covers were printed at Diablo.

First Row: Gloria Glaze, Anne Trimble, Frances Farrell, Jennifer Lee, Joan Williams, Jolie Ann
Kilbey, Susan Hutchings, Jane Williams, Eileen Rabiteau.
Second Row: Marie Pierobon, Dot Taylor, Sylvia Altman, \i'Tilllj I-Tidalg.~ Betty Jo Underwood,
Joan Bentz, Joan Horter, Barbara Fritz, Ruth Appin, Elleen ';,Tiinc-i.l, Joann Therrell.
Third Row: Mrs. O'Connell, sponsor, Carol Sergeant, Bea Reyes, Betty Newlin, Barbara Curies,
Bette Farrell, Ruth March, Jeannine Dorgan, June Atkinson, Corinne Combs, Joyce Dugas,
Nydia Gonzalez.

Qhis' Va'^di4 G14

President ........................................... .........JOAN W ILLIAMS
Secretary .................... ..................-...JOLIE ANN KILBEY
Treasurer ...........-..............-----.........-----.........JENNIFER LEE
Publicity Manager ............... .................... FRANCES FARRELL
Faculty Sponsor ..................--....... ......... ....MRS. PATRICIA O'CONNELL

The Girls' "V" Club promotes good sportsmanship and an active interest in
athletics among those girls -who participate in at least eighty per cent of their
volleyball, basketball, and softball intramural games.
The activities calendar of the "V" Club proves it to be one of the busiest
organizations of the college. Early in the school year, the old members planned a
"Jamboree," designed to entertain, feed, and enlighten the new girls of the pur-
poses and activities of the Club; the response in intramural games was over-
whelming. In December a Volleyball Playday, the first of its kind, was held in
the Balboa Gym. Balboa and Cristobal High School girls, as well as our own, took
part in this well-planned day of activities and helped to make it a successful
precedent for further interschool activities. February brought "Winter Wonder-
land," with its sparkling decorations and original entertainment, to the upper
gym; the results of weeks of careful planning and hard-work were appreciated by
all who attended the dance. The biggest and perhaps most memorable event of
the year, however, was the glorious, five-day Easter vacation at Santa Clara Beach;
free from the restraints of "civilization," the girls spent all their time eating,
sleeping, swimming, and having a wonderful time. At the end of the year, a Club
Banquet was held at the Hotel Tivoli. The activities and memories of the whole,
successful year were recorded in a mimeographed publication and distributed to
all members.

~, ,
hCLA 6 C) ^

aj,- js..A

First Row: Betty Jo Underwood, Eileen Rabiteau, Marie Pierobon, Nydia Gonzalez, \ mih HLllg.a .oan Bentz, Marilyn
McConnell, Bea Reyes, Jeannine Dorgan, Carol Sergeant, Joyce Dugas, Joan Horter, Shii fe\\'.dJ all ll, accompanist. Second
Row: Jeanne Capwell, Dot Taylor, Barbara Gunn, Gloria Glaze, Susan Hutchings, Sylvia Altman, Eileen Petersen, Jennifer
Lee, Ronald Seeley, Mr. Branstetter, director. Third Row: Willis Pence, Alexander Bernson, Jerry Raymond, Ronald
Angermuller, Richard Herman, Bob Harrison, Horacio Chial, Terry Trumble, Ken Millard, Jim Orvis, Eddie Allgaier.

This year the Junior College Chorus has become one of the finest activities in our college. With the
enthusiasm and support of our director and the chorus members, we have developed a group of readily
capable and versatile singers. The notably wide range of abilities of the chorus has covered a great
variety of music from the a cappella madrigals of Lassus to the modern choruses of Gershwin's Porgy
and Bess.
The chorus members and "Branny" met to practice and rehearse informally on Mondays and
Wednesday during a half hour of the noon hour. At these rehearsals, music was prepared to be per-
formed in three public programs, given at Christmas, in the early spring, and at the end of the year.
The informal Christmas program was presented with the College Orchestra and our soprano soloist,
Barbara Gunn, in the College-High School Library. This program included works of Bach, Handel,
Gounod, Mendelssohn, and Wagner.
Much of the success of our chorus was due to the devotion of our director, Mr. Neil V. Branstetter,
our accompanist, Shirley Woodruff, and our official record keeper, Wilma H idalgo, \\lio took care of
most of the paper work. ----


A gusty chorus of Shortenin' Bread dur-
ing a noontime rehearsal.

The combined College-High School Orchestra at the Christmas Music Program in the library.

/3a#u awnd 4chewAa

The Music Department of the Canal Zone Junior College has added two organizations which
emphasize the practical side of music. Both groups are happy innovations in the curricula of the college,
since they afford the students added opportunity to partake in instrumental music organizations. The
repertoires of the Band and Orchestra contain more mature selections, and though not excessively diffi-
cult, they do present a challenge to the abilities of the students.
The Band meets once a week and performs mainly at school pep assemblies before big games. The
Orchestra is a two-hour-a-w.eek class which takes part in the school concerts presented during the year.
Both have been raised to the status of credit hour subjects. Under the able direction of Mr. Neil V.
Branstetter, borrowed from Balboa High School, both organizations have increased their membership
and have become very popular.
Orchestra members include Carol Sergeant, Willis Pence, Joyce Dugas, Richard Herman, Jack
Hilliard, George Boynton, Jolie Ann Kilbey, James Raymond, Eileen Rabiteau, and Frances Farrell.
Band members include Willis Pence, Ken Millard, Clifford Myers, Jack Johnson, Sam Irvin, Richard
Herman, Joyce Dugas, and Mr. Subert Turbyfill, faculty member.

The College Band goes to town
at a football pep rally.

S ." o . President ................JAMES RUSSELL
SVice-President ....GEORGE SCHULTE
SSecretary .........o........DOT TAYLOR
--.-_ Treasurer ..........FRANCES FARRELL
Faculty Sponsor
Reorganized this year for
Sr the study and interpreta-
Stion of current world af-
S- fairs, the International Re-
I. lations Club held informal
round table discussions pre-
ceded by a brief report on
the evening's topic. The re-
ports and the ideas ex-
pressed during the discus-
sions were later compiled
into mimeographed
pamphlets available to any-
one interested.

First Row: Dot Taylor, Nydia Gonzalez, Mr. Bowen, sponsor, Joan Bentz, Marie Pierobon.
Second Row: Jerry Raymond, Alexander Bernson, James Russell, George Schulte, James Jolley.
Organized this year to handle the broadcasting of night football and baseball
games, the Radio and PA Crew provided stimulation and new experiences for all
who worked on it.
During football season John Hower and Leroy Lundy combined talents to
give the radio audience a vivid description of game action, while George Downing
announced baseball. George Schulte gave the commercial announcements.
Bill Vesser, aided by Bob Jones, Kim Parks, and Al Adams, kept the power
lines, field telephones, and other equipment in working order. Field spotters
were Bob Johnson, Tom Tyler, and Doug Shaw.
Mr. Lauren Woodby served as hard-working faculty technical adviser.
First Riow: Al Adams, Ken Millard, Bob Jones, Bill Vesser,
Bob Johnson, Doug Shaw, Kim Parks.
/ adi a a d$ P A4 4ew Second Row: Tommy Tyler, Ronald Seeley, Tom Peterson,
Charles Carney, Leroy Lundy, John Hower, George Schulte.

Codele 4Ac&ctie Cealenda


Assembly Election of Student Association

Class meetings-Election of officers

Faculty Party

"V" Club Jamboree


"Get Acquainted Dance" at Balboa Gymnasium

Assembly-Two one-act plays entitled "Fright"
and "A Wedding"

Delta Psi Omega Hallowe'en Party

Phi Theta Kappa informal initiation

Gamma Chi-Rush Tea and Banquet

Football Dance at Balboa Gymnasium


Football bonfire and snake dance

Assembly-Rebroadcast of football game

Assembly-Color slides and lecture on Peru by
Miss Weir


Volleyball Playday

Yuletide Dance at Balboa Gymnasium

Christmas Formal at Hotel Tivoli

Christmas Music Program

Gamma Chi-Skating Party and Cake Sale


Assembly-Speech Class

"Kiss and Tell"


Valentine Dance at Sailfish Club

"V" Club Dance-Winter Wonderland

Gamma Chi Banquet

Assembly-Phi Theta Kappa Initiation

Assembly-Presentation of Baseball Trophy


Scholarship Dinner


Gamma Chi Dance-French Follies

Hayride and picnic at Pedro M igul I


Assembly-Music-Drama Program


Dramatics Class Banquet

"V" Club Banquet

Freshman-Sophomore Banquet and Prom

Assembly-Speech Class

Assembly-Awards Day




(Gk2tabo 2bance at the lACe 4elj i

Valewine .2ance ai the SaCiih 6U4t

Jackie, Dave, and Big Fred stir up some cheers at the Tense waiting as Balboa gets the ball.
girls' game.

9 ehn~ .

With tackle football introduced this year,
pep rallies were thunderous and games were
packed. When the Green Wave neared its
deciding game of the season, green and white
were everywhere, banners were made, cars
painted up with victorious slogans, and a
bon rally, featuring the sure-fire burning of
Buster Balboa, preceded the game. College
spirit was so intense over that one game that
Close teamwork spikes another thrilling game for College. it required weeks to pull our hearts back
O\e- oitur' shoctop, when we lost it by tuclh a
snmall margin. Tl'hat s. ol Ibuo\,lilt .pIlt
wai infectioLI,. SI-I l:lqp int- d bo\ 0heel-
leader, itirgcd tht: girls on, to their clle)ball
chamipiollc hiip; tjhe w\alet p,.Ilo titIh c;.iia to
.JC: the girl took IbaketbA:ll. then. a ch:-in.
pionhdip baseball team, and so it went. tII(:
alle green and hitLe popping up to win
again and again. TPi \%%as our Splii lot r

The powerful ifaclt It tea ini .e, iI u t1ore i \l l N-sal -linall.
"JC Dimn, BIS." bIIt nuMt lo long' ild thdie l oAi \atc rcceded l n 1 t% o l in t nigitn

- _

A carefree college crowd enjoying an SA dance.

The "Get-Acquainted Dance" in early October, where one found out
who was who and why in Jaycee, started off a new chain of jivey jamborees.
Coming at the end of the month, the Football "Victory" Dance was un-
fortunately appreciated more by BHS students who gleefully crashed through
the college crowd in a howling snake dance, than by our own deserving team
and hoarse rooters. Another semi-formal SA dance was the seasonal Yuletide
Dance, an early December version of a Thanksgiving celebration, but never-
theless heartily enjoyed by all.
Two happy characters.
The Yuletide Dance at the Balboa Gym-soft music, smooth dancing, and a wonderful time.

6 1 1 [L. 1 "l d 141111. Il

Rtill lnisl tih FldCult\ RPal wih% n Ron.
lil Sele 1ai I llilCce and l li t It [ l 01 Lh 1nll 1m 1 mo re cake and filhil q uareI in led
it oil? Well. e lln alter being sttilted ~nith
good blood, tile All-Sta: still squc~aked out
on1 tp ol tile lactlt\ n a o I aclo,: s Ot ~otl( -
ball g'mtnlL .
The "\' Club -4rt cd a IirC l- unh to
jtcLe's lemininieli non nilt:ilmbers nand lamt
nlltiatid a hi Cge nuniltI)ir oII girls b\ :,lail
-V11har' telt Bar?" at the Cla iton -eeln-
.-\gr, C.lub. Anld speaking ot Eskilmo Pies
and "W\iltel \\Wondhrland." who xa; that
ineri cgtic llno an aiii n a, ; l\ ill, h i lAnd i
on 11 lth tauI ht i those ills to taLp da(Ilie!?
There must be an easier way to get a free coke.

Miss Keenan entertains at the Volleyball Playday.


A desperate Gamma plugs the Cake Sale to skeptical Well-earned rest at a Gamma Skating Party.

G, PruC4 ..

Two one-act plays, "Fright" and "A Wedding," followed by full-
fledged college productions of "Kiss and Tell" and the wonder of all
wonders, "Antigone," made up the dramatic schedule of the year.
The Gammas kept the dorm girls well-fed at their rush teas and
their numerous banquets during the season, but feeling the need for
an additional snack in the interim, they prevailed upon the "chefs du i'.
college" to bake for cake and candy sales, the winners of which received
a "kiss" from each Gamma. Then, gone completely Parisien, the
Gamma Chis produced the "Folies Francaises," containing ready-made
entertainment for the Balboa Theater stage.
The TC Staff held a barbecue at the editor's home to celebrate
getting it out on time (!), and all in all, we've had a wonderfully
successful year!!

Hang on, Skeezy-it's only "A
Everybody kisses everybody in January's "Kiss and Tell."

Student Assistants Ellen McClain, Bob Johnson, Fred Cole, An appreciative CC class enjoying one of Mr. Bowen's jokes.
John Hower, and Enrique Chi.

B B0* Ke*29 ^fp *

There are two things a freshman learns to ask: "Can I have
your old term papers?" and "What were the questions on last
year's CC test?" If he once passes these tremendous hurdles, his
easy life as a sophomore is well-assured, and he can begin handing
down his knowledge to other freshmen.
That is, it would be an easy life if it weren't for Pat
O'Connell's modern dancing and "Sound Off"'ing or all-night
physics labs at the end of marking periods. And have you ever
N Sounded big rocks into little ones? JC's conditioning course for
Sthe Batman and Tarzan has received so much publicity in Frances
S\Farrell's column that Mr. Vinton has serious doubts as to the
Relative size of next year's geology class! And incidentally, "Duh,
j how's de fruit flies?"

Good ole physics lab.

Miss Moody's English comp'ers composing.

Hints from Mr. Lyons on how to discourage the boss and
still keep your job.

"Quick-where's the eraser?" The Dean giving helpful hints to an orientation class.

*. Thace ^Q 3e-PattU" .. H

We've heard tell that Mr. McNair is running into competition
with Mr. Buckley in the wicked way he wields his colored chalk
around a math problem. Before long, a practical, writes-in-three-
colors pencil will be required of all engineering students. (I
wonder how the Jones Formula looks in red, green, and blue?)
SIt was an overpowering blow to the entire school when Mary
Quinton, the office secretary, personal counselor, and a friend to
everyone left JC for the States in February; she has been greatly
missed by all who knew her. Mrs. R. H. Head became the new
permanent secretary to the Dean.
Physics assistants for this year were John Hower and Bob
Johnson; Leroy Lundy, Fred Cole, and Wally Olhoeft were assist-
ants in the Recreation Department; Enrique Chi worked hard in
the biology lab; and Frances Farrell succeeded Ellen McClain as
assistant in English to Miss Moody.

The rest of Mr. Lee's biology class
wait while Lillian locates the

Modern dancing class in action.

"Now, you do it this way.. ."

"Hurry, Mary, I've got my name in the Spotlight."

Jim and Ronnie muse on future college days in the
Commercial Office.

Ye older hangout for chalk and coke lovers.

Ye olde hangout for chalk and coke lovers.

Another Board of Directors meeting.

&. . ae',e ~~7

*0 *

There's nothing like this campus life to study up a bit.

There's got to be an end to these geology field trips!


Boltom Row: Spiros Hallax, Richard Gill, Jack Ray, Bill Alexander, Bob Saarinen, Terry Trumble, Dave Barney. Middle
Row: Burnice Herring, Jack Johnson, Bob Gibson, Wally Trout, Fred Cole, Al Neckar, Frank Sogandares, Jack Corliss. Top
Row: Harry Schulte, George Boynton, Al Kennedy, Wally Olhoeft, Lou Mallia, Dave Aycock, Fred Horton, Bob Harrison,
Coach Beckman.

Tlack he ootlwll

Junior College Wins Inaugural Interscholastic Grid Game with Cristobal 13-6.
Over 2500 persons packed the Balboa Stadium to watch Canal Zone Interscholastic Football make
its grand formal debut as the Junior College Green Wave, sparked by speedy Bob Gibson's end-run sweeps
and fullback Big Fred Cole's line-driving thrusts, took a 13-6 count from the defending Cristobal Tigers
on a field that was covered with a blanket of mud.
Bob Gibson scored both the Green Wave tallies on runs in the second and third quarters, while Dick
Sassara scored for the Tigers on a spin hand-off from Arnold Manning.

BHS Upset JC with 13-6 Win.
Balboa High came from behind in the second quarter to take a 7-6 lead. Gibson had scored on a
hand-off from Jack Johnson early in the second quarter after a BHS penalty had put them on the one-
yard line. Keith Kreth of BHS charged off left tackle to score after a 70-yard drive. Trembley split the
uprights to give them their lead. Kreth carried the ball over again late in the contest to ice the game.
Gibson, Trout, Aycock, Cole, and Johnson were the sparks of JC.

At the helm,
Coach Beckman.

Our captain and mastermind
on the field,
Fred Cole.

JC Swamps CHS 24-0.
The powerful Green Wave
ran roughshod over the Tigers
at Mount Hope as they
trounced the Gold Coasters
During the first half, CHS
put up a great battle, trailing
only 6-0, but the College boys
had complete control during
the last two quarters. Fred
Cole's plunging through the
middle, Wally Trout's sweep-
ing around the ends, and Al
Neckar's passing were too
much for the Tigers to put up
A fumble on the College 5-
yard line cost CHS their only
real chance to score.

Neckar, Trout, and Gibson warming up before a big game with Cristobal.

Balboa High Downs Junior College 7-0 to
Cap Football Title.
After bumping heads for almost two quarters, BHS's Bill
Mabie found an opening in the JC line and galloped 65 yards
for the only score of the game.
Al Neckar capped the Green Wave's offense by completing
12 out of 18 passes, while Dave Aycock put a stop to many of the
Bulldog plays.
Final Standing of Won Lost Pct.
Interscholastic League BHS 4 0 1.000
JC 2 2 .500
CHS 0 4 .000
Second string line-up-Line: Jack Corliss, Spiros Hallax, George Boynton, Bob
Jim Trout, manager and trainer. Saarinen, Al Kennedy, Richard Gill, Harry Schulte, Frank Sogandares. Backs:
Terry Trumble, Dave Barney, Jack Ray, Al Neckar.

Gibson, starting an end sweep.

Gibson fades to pass, while Cole and Johnson do the

Trout looks around for a receiver.

Rear view of a
power machine.

Camera shy?

Practicing starts on a hot afternoon.
Thompson goes up and over the bar.

Junior College had a fair 1950 track season in
defeating Cristobal High School twice and twice
losing to Balboa High School.
Standouts on the JC squad were Charlie Mc-
Arthur, consistent winner of the 100 and 200-yard
dashes, Wally Trout, top timber man on the Zone,
Jim Thompson, high-jumper, and George Boyn-
ton, agile runner in the 880. Other members of
the track team included Fletcher Phelan, Harry
Schulte, Tom Peterson, Lou Mallia, Bill Carson,
Bob Saarinen, Frank Sogandares, Burnice Her-
ring, Clifford Myers, and Jose Salas.

Boynton takes the lead in the 880.

Lou Mallia, powerful weight man.

i.:li '~a~tc~l~r~ ~~ XJ'* ~ ~ ~ i~;: 4T~~~~1Al$.
L4-` I_.....~ -%.4 i4 ;

A CHAMPIONSHIP BALL TEAM! Bottom Row: Lew Tyler, Wally Trout, the Trophy, Wally Olhoeft; Al Neckar, Enrique
Quintero. Top Row: Coach Beckman, Osvaldo Cardoze, Willie Hidalgo, Bill Cardoze, Leroy Lundy, Leo Presho.


JC Wins Baseball Championship
Losing only two of their six interschool games, the Big Green Team won an undisputed victory in
the battle for the Shriners' Trophy. The trophy was presented to the JC team at a special assembly by
representatives of the Abou Saad Temple.
Wally Trout, the big gun of the JC mound staff, won three games and lost one, while Leroy Lundy
won one and lost one. Wally Olhoeft caught all the games with excellent form, and Osvaldo Cardoze,
the league leading batter, played third. Leo Presho, Enrique Quintero, and Bill Cardoze made up the
rest of the infield; Dave Aycock, Leroy Lundy, Charlie McArthur, and Tom Tyler played the outfield.
Coach Beckman called on Al Neckar, Bill Carson, and Lew Tyler for reserves.
The JC team was also entered in the Pacific Twilight League. Winning sixteen and losing seven,
they placed second only to a strong American Legion team.

Results of Interscholastic Games
4 6 15 6
2 0 6 2
7 6 10 11

Tommy Tyler taking a cut at the ball.

Coaches Lundy and Beckman plan the day's strategy.

Trout, the Iron Man of JC's mound staff.

JC's Old Reliable, Wally Olhoeft.

* ,.-

I I- --~
-' E.'v.I ---- -- m~ U

WATER POLO CHAM'S! Bottom Row: Sam Irvin, Bill High plrint before the tdorning begins.
Howe, George Boynton, Jack Ray. Top Row: Jim
Orvis, Frank Sogandares, Larry Parks, Terry Trumble,
Jerry Ashton.

VU"e Po044
After some rough and tough, "glub-glub" water polo games \vilh HS, tih College team cnded up
above water with the Interschool Championship. The team de'crier a great deal ol credit lor hard pla\
and good sportsmanship under difficult conditions.

A highly-promising basketball squad turned out to don the new green and
white uniforms of College. Bob Gibson, Wally Trout, Leo Presho, and Wally
Olhoeft held up the main end of the Varsity team, while others who made the
squad were Charlie McArthur, Jack Johnson, Ernie Freudman, Bill Cardoze, Jim
Orvis, Dean Bright, Al Neckar, Tom Peterson, Bill Alexander, George Boynton,
and Leroy Lundy. Because of high quality and less quantity, many of the Varsity
also played for the Jayvees.
Johnson tries a lay-up. Up for a rebound in an early practice game.

Olhoeft and Trout,
two basketball

Our cheerleaders at the last football game: Betty Newlin, Joyce Masters, Bette Farrell, Ruth March, Barbara Curles, Lillian
Norris, Bill Grigas, Raul Dickinson, and Ed Gould.

Intramural games for girls include three main sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball. Teams
composed of sports-minded Jaycee girls play after classes according to the scheduled season and enter
into a healthy spirit of fellowship and good clean sportsmanship,

Game attendance is important for becoming members in the Girls' Varsity Club and also for con-
tributing points toward the intramural trophies, awarded at the end of the year to the ten girls having
the highest number of points from attending and winning their games and from putting out extra effort
in refereeing.

Championship All-Stars. Bottom Roi
Joan I

v: Betty Bougan, Gloria Glaze.
-orter, Jeannine Dorgan, Barbara
Tl i A TI.Irhl 1 Fnl

Joanie waits to boot the ball from Betty Bougan.

, Joan Williams, Coach Pat
nell, Bea Reyes, Jane Williams,
rbara Fritz, Susan Hutchings.
The intramural sporting season for 1950 got under way with the
well-liked game of volleyball. As an ample supply of girls turned out,
the competition was good; it was only by hard play that Joan Horter's
team came out on top against those of Bea Reyes and Joan Williams.
The All-Star winning streak began when our volleyball team
captured the championship title from BHS and CHS in a two-out-of-
three-game series with each school. The scores for those games are as



A highly-successful Volleyball Playday, sponsored by the "V" Club,
was held at the gym to create a feeling of good sportsmanship and to
give the students from the high schools and college a day of fun and
Intramural captains Joan Horter,
Bea Reyes, and Joan Williams.

Boge Fritz blocks a hard spike from BHS's Amalia Osigian.

Tense waiting for the starting whistle of the game.

Umph! A traffic jam on the squeeze play. Champions again. Bottom Row: Jeanne Truly, Joan Williams, Jean-
nine Dorgan. Top Row: Jenny Lee, Jane Williams, Susan Hutchings,
Sr Bea Reyes, Joan Horter.

In this most energetic sport, requiring quick minds and quicker feet,
our girls again had the qualifications to prove themselves capable masters.
Three college teams, captained by Joan Williams, Bea Reyes, and Joan
Horter, turned out in full force to gallop their way across the courts, and
after a close race, Bea Reyes' team took the lead.
Dressed in their new green uniforms, the All-Stars gained an edge on
Balboa, defeating them by a score of 28 to 25. Cristobal was royally
trounced by a comfortable score of 51 to 27, thus bringing the basketball
championship once more to the Jaycee girls.
The number of enthusiastic rooters who turned out to the girls'
games this year was indeed gratifying and gave the teams that extra win-
ning push of spirit.
Intramural captains Joan Horter,
Bea Reyes, and Joan Williams.

A tossed ball between captains Reyes and Horter
starts another game.

Jenny Lee tries a high block during All-Star practice.

-. ..-~i~u;c~C
'' *. X"
~ ~

Boge Fritz stretches in the race with '-i....-'
Baseman Horter. aIll
an Laj,

Bea Reyes (green) and Joan Horter (white) were the captains
of the two teams that started off the softball season. The games had
been scheduled to be completed before the Easter Vacation, but
because of rainfall and several team mishaps, the season lasted a little
longer than usual.

The person watching the softball games after school saw the
numerous fields dotted with hats of Jaycee green and Balboa red.
These hats were supplied by Coach Pat O'Connell-for a nominal
fee-and added to the enthusiasm of the team players.

Well-wished luck went to the well-trained softball players to
make the '50 season another win for CZJC.

A clean strike over the plate.

From One to Three, and the runner is out at first.

.w v* ,.7

h~ ..fl

Jane Williams gains second on a steal and a slide.


~r :r,
' '-" :r,


Of- f Jlo a

Botv' .bem

The cars don't go with the boys' dorm.

"How about Friday night?"


Plenty of dishes, but where's the food?
Plenty of dishes, but where's the food?

This is breaking a dorm rule, boys.

Anything and everything but text books.

The girls' dorm or "Termite Terrace."

That everlasting shorthand homework.

There's nothing like a private room
There's nothing like a private room.

Time out for some music on the old piano.

The cook was a little slow tonight.



.- . .

- ?

S L*
J .. -- */*[..'
'' -- .. -_

r <


. i j

1. My aching feet. 2. "Act normal," the photographer said. 3. Taking a breather between exams. 4. Pure
comfort. 5. Is he trying to get away? 6. Who cut off those legs? 7. Where'd you steal the car? 8. Break out
the flit gun. 9. Haven't changed much, have they? 10. What happened to the "no homework in the
lounge" rule?



" '
p~t g

;a "9F~,~I~-~"~



rCI~ t

";.i.-..; 14--

11. Pleased customers of the Gamma Chi cake sale. 12. Cramming for exams? 13. Tarzan's mate. 14.
Strong water in the gym these days. 15. Something the tide washed in? 16. Rehearsal, no doubt. 17.
While the cat's away. . .18. Remember the Roller-Skating Party? 19. A little higher, boys, you're flat.
20. Extra-curricular activities for the engineers.


~1 r

',.' a




-- ~ Iri

'I I~


s- - --A


I 11
* VI

V iA

1. "Such a wonderful tea..."

2. Mary supplies a soft
shoulder to cry on.

3. Where's the bar? Over

4. Caught in the act at the
Gamma Chi Tea.

5. The things you see when
you haven't got a gun.

6. The substitute lounge.

7. Food, food, food!

8. Notice the longing ex-

9. Dignified college women.

10. Drape shapes.

11. Trying to hide the heap?

12. Somebody must have just
put the empties away.

13. There's nothing like a
conservative tie.

14. And lor the Icne \'e;-Lk
the Iprc-lcd.

15. Is hc trying. to hold him
up or hold him back?

16. Getting iii practice lo,
"The XWcedding?"

17. In her high school lda1c.

18. Ever\hod\ want: to go.t
into the act.

19. "But. l.bA\, it's cold out-

20. Who hit that oLiii note?

21. The mad geologists.

Our most sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all those whose
contributions and efforts have made this yearbook possible:

Mrs. Bernette Beatty and the Southern Engraving Company.
Mr. Ben Granger and the St. Petersburg Printing Company, Inc.
Mr. George F. Barbers and the Kingsport Press, Inc., for our covers.
Mr. Gene C. Lockridge for his sports pictures.
Mr. Ralph K. Skinner for his excellent photographs.
Mr. Philip LaClair for his helpful contributions.
Mr. Allan Erbe for the use of his Speed Graphic Camera.
The Student Association for their generous appropriation.
The Zonian Staff for their cooperation and moral support.
Our Advertisers.

The Conquistador Staff






Best Wishes to the Class of '50



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Gift of the Pallama Canal Museum LPlf1N AMERICAN COlLEC r IU ... 't. ..,,'




. 1950 Business N[anageT: HORAcIa CHIAL


For hi s patien ce anti und e rstanding as a tru e t eac her ... for hi s s incer e e ncoura ge m e nt and guidance as a counsellor ... for his activ e int e r est and r eady humor ... and for b eing one of u s ... we a[fection ately d e dicat e th e 1950 CONQUISTADOR to James A Lyons.


Faculty After we had been h ere a very s h o rt time as freshme n a !lew face app eared in ollr midst. H e was rr o m B a ffin L a nd h e to ld liS, a nd hi s n a m e was lkki-Bluk O o m a lik Yuk-Yuk which in Baffin Land means Littlc-On e-GoL o ng-Way-in -Sled. I n s i g n l a n g u age a nd by u sing th e maps in Nfl'. B owe n's classroolll, h e showe d us how h e had been stranded 011 a n i cc flo e w ith hi s little toboggan. The ice ca k e h a d moved rapidly southward a nd b e for e m e l t in g. h ad bumpe d on th e s h o r es of Panama. So when September ca me, Ikki enrolle d in .Ie. He s t aye d with u s f o r two years a nd participated i n many aCli v ities, sports, a nd clubs, taking enoug h c r edits t o his cap an d gown with LIS o n .J lin e seve nth. W e hope that h e has enjoyed hi s two-year so j ourn in .Ie, a n d that h e w ill think of LIS occas i onally when h e s lid es down the icy hill s of hi s n ative RaHin Land Activit ies Sophomores Athletics Freshm en Off-Hours Hall of Fam e Advertising


The main co ll ege buildillg' (rom Rooscvelt Avcnuc. Nonhwcst entra nce, where e n g i n ecring swdc nts "take a bre ak { t


Strolling onto the campus 1'1'0111 the southeast end o( th e bllilding A s haded breezeway betwee n th e Scie n ce Building and Ba l hoa High School.


(A bovey A v i ew of th e campus fr o m Sosa Hill. ( Below) Balboa Gym-our memories of dances, gam es, and carc[rcc days.


ROGE R C HACKETT Dean and J11slnlctor in Social Science A.B Indiana University A.M., Harvard University Graduate \ I Vork, Oxford U ni versity "Bi ggest and Best" have l o n g been affinities in the "American" l a n g u age. At present (February), t h e C lass of 1 950 g i ves every promise of being the bi ggest CZJ C ciass gradua t ed thus far and it i s my hope that it will a l so be the best! As the members of it go out to t ake their places in life, the Junior College l ooks forward with confidence to their winning h onorable places for the m se l ves in their respective communities, and acquitting in sllc h a m anner as to reflect cred it o n their Ca n a l Zone a lm a mater. T h e College i s a l ways interested in its graduates. ] t i s g lad to h ea r from them, and t o h ave them return to v isit it. ]t takes pride in their ac hi e vements of all kinds-a pride n o t unmixed with a sense o f proprietorship! It hopes and b e li ev e s that the lives of it s g raduates w ill b e full e r richer. and happi e r as a r esult of their two years' so j ourn in the Canal Zone Junio r College. an d that the communities in w hi ch t hey live w ill benefit culturally and spiritually b y their presence t h ere in.


J Ai\'IES A L YONS DOROTHY :MOOD Y Instnlctor ill English D ean of WOII/ell Ills/ruc/or ill COII/lllercial Educalion D eall of Mell B.A. U n iversity of M.A., Yal e Uni ve r sity P h.D., Y al e U n ive r sity n.s., New York University I\L:\., New Yurk Uni ve r sity I n evel)!laboratoTY) eve?)! class) The,.e flea Is each hou,. the s l"'ill but welcome bell, Instructors slay; the s tudents Tise and jJass. In college halls theiT voices ring and swell. ((I s the 101l.nge 0IJen?" Fine! They m.ake a beeline To that slTange den of gossijJ) noise) and m'lfrlt) Gladly forgetting fonnu. la and cosine) And evel)llhing Temotely linked wit h worlt. What ca,.e they f01' the cultu,.e of the Maya ,m, a" tabulations published by the Dean? No jokes inscribed in Gregg by l VIr. L,10nS em} claim a part in THIS convivial scene Rathe,., the tal/i s of Wally's [onva, ,.d passes, Glm'ia's d ancing, jajJes by Nloynihan) For leaTning is a series at '1'1wrasses, And plea"nn'e makes them easie1' t o span. The faculty) in office and in classroom) Toils on, u.ngru.dging at the carnival; FaT bells will call again, fina.!s will loomThe tea cheT s have th e lasl word after all! And thu.s tll1' )lea.TS) the sl of jJujJi/s flow From. Junior College to the world outside. The st.aff remains; the classes come and go) But echoes of t./'lCil' voices still abide.'


JO>lN FAWCETT Ins/ nielal" jll Physical B.A. University of Redlands NATALIE JOHNSON Im/,ruetor i/1 French A.B., Duke UnivcrsiLy M.A. Duke U ni versity GEORGE O. LEE /lI.flnlcior ill BiologicaL Sciellce B.S., I owa Slale Co ll ege A.M Columbia Univer sity Graduate work, U ni versit ies of C hi cago and Sou th ern Ca l i fornia .J. STUART McNAIR II/Jtl"llctor ill A1athematics (llili Engineer ing B.S., Knox Coll ege M.S., University of Chicago Gradu a t e Work, Universit y of W i sco n sin EDWIN BECKMAN !nsf.melar ;11 PhYSical Education /01' Men A tMeti e Coach B. S. in Education, PanzaI' College Graduate work Universi t y of Miami C>lARLES R BOWEN Illstructor ;n Hislory lind Social Science B.A., Baldwin-\

1'vIRS. PATRICIA O'CONNELL 11Is tructor ill Physical Education [01' Women B.S. New Jersey Stale Teachers College MRS ERN E S T G. QUINTON College Secretm)' A.B. Mary V,lashington College SUBERT TURBYFILL IlIStl'Uctor in English (lIId Dramatics B.F .A., University of Oklahoma B.A., University of Oklahoma M.A. U n i versity of Oklahoma Graduate work, Columbi a University Profess ional study, Rice School of the Theatre KENNETH W. VINTON Instructor ill Physical Sciellces A.B., Ripon College, Wisco n sin A.M., Co lumbia Uni versity Graduate work, Universities of Wisco nsin and Colorado ALLEN B.\1\f ARD Illsirlictor ill Spallish A.B., University of Nebras ka A.M., University of Nebr aska Graduate work, Universities of Minnesota and Puerto Rico LAUREN I\lOOUBY 11Istructor ill Ellg ill e e rillg B .S., Central Mi Chigan Co llege of Education M.A., U n i versi t y of M ichigan G raduate wo rk Michigan State Co llege of Agr i c u lLUl'e and Applied Science Harvard U n i versity and Ma ss a chuseus I n stitute of Tech n o logy W ILLIAM E. ZEMER, JR. Illsirlictor ;11 Physical Education B.S. Ohio State Unive rsit y NOT PiCTURED: HELEN C. BAKER /llstnu;tor ill Music B.A., University of M innesota Graduate work New York University. Co lumbia University. and Cornell U nive r sity BEATRICE S. GARDNER I lISlrllctor ill Art B.S., Co lu mbia Uni vers i t y M.A. Columbia U ni ve r s i t y Graduate work, Columbi a U n i vers i t y and U ni ve r sity of Chicago N,.:IL V. BRANSTE"n'R Ill str u c t or ill Music B.S., Kans a s State Teach e r s College M A . Columbia Unive r s i ty


I. 1'vriss Moody's sec r e t 'weapon. 2. Sunshine b oy. 3 vVhere's Bowen go in'? 4 Vinton's s till trying for go ld. 5. D o n't let it get away, Geo rge! 6. Dean R oge r C in action. 7. Branny's again g i ving hi s valu e d adv i ce. 8. : Miss Gardner, taking" tim e o ut. 9. Turby's out for another victim. 10. '\ V oodby takes a brea k b e t wee n classes. II. James A., t h e moneyman of.JC.


CLASS OFFICERS Pu!sident. ........ ...... .... L e ro y Lundy Vice-President. ... ... George Schulte Secretary. . . ................ ..Jennifer L ee Treas'U .reT .................. .... Enrique Ho Facu./t)' SjJOnsor ...... Mr. Shepard Clark Mr. C l ark, sponsor. Officers Geo r ge Schulte, Enrique H o, J enny Lee, a nd Leroy Lundy. Al th e fir s t of seve ral C lass m eet ings called this th e officers we r e elected, and 1\1r. C lark \vas voted C lass sponsor. The annual C hri st mas of d etaile d planning a nd a nd co n v incin g a dver 't isinl! missions: Santa Clark th e results of many months h eld on th e I sthmus. Artistic prog rams to occupy th e intercould guess hi s subtl e q u est i o ns: NIadhouse Players r a n through a hil arious climax to th e eveyear \ver e taki ng ri n g s izes for all-important caps and gowns. Pl a n s for eithe r a pi c ni c o r a Class Party were being m ade at end of the year. JENNIFER L EE .J OANN THERRELL RONALO SEELEY JOAN WILLJAMS JOHN HOWER ENRIQUE Ho JOAN BENTZ BARBARA FRITZ ERNEST FREU O i\ IAN JANE VVILLIAMS JOAN HORTER LEROY LUNDY EILEEN RABITEAU .J AMES


9'ilma Hidalgta n d Eil ee n R a bi t eall. F irst R ow: Geo r ge Sch ul te, L e r oy Lundy R o na l d See l ey, B o ozy i\ lycrs. Second Row: J o li e Ann ({ilbey, Nydi a Go nzalez, J o an W i l liams, J o an Horte r J an e V illi a ms, J e a n n e Ca p we ll. Joan H orle r and W i lma Hidalgo.


"Vn.L1AM PAU L ALEXANDER "Bill" lVf acoll, Tennessee Football, 1-2. Al l -Star, 2; Basketb I Softball, 1-2, A Il Star, I. VV &ANOR Ap (A.,r7' (.c,. r'" --If' 0 n Y 'e610 1 Pal)ama "V" C lub, ; Tropical .. ,?t I-2. Y ..-_ .L ) AILEEN O'DONNELL BALTAZZI Y" Missy Ba.lta.zzi" New York, New York Tropical Collegiall 2; COllqll.istador, 2; Gamma Chi 2. BURTON BENOIT "Be Bob" Ancon Canal Zon e Football, I ; B aseba ll, I. II.1OAN BLEW BENTZ Jo" \ VI" 2! ) 0 ':./ V !Washington, D. C. \ IA /iVv trr mJ) i cal Collegian Edito r 2; Gamma 4 \ V C hi Chorus, 2; Ba s k ,et-. ... r-",",. _, Softba ll 2, V Club, _, Chnst. { e-' 1.0t,1f, -Ie, J \ I .Je l>i ", \\ "Yogi" \, {: ,,-" ;i; P'anama CIty Panama sf;-o/JicOI Collegiall, 1-2, Assistant E di-0'1/ ")tOI', 2; Choru s, 1-2; Conqu.istador 2. JEANNE LOUISE CAPWELL "Cappie Guayaquil, Ec uador Gamma Chi, 1 -2, President, 2; Natural Scie n ce Society, I ; Conquistador 1; Basketball, 1-2; Christmas D a n ce Committee,2.


O S VALD O C ARDOZE. JR. Chiqui" P a n a m a City, P a n a m a B ase b a ll I; B a s ketball, I. WILLIAM A L F R E D CARDOZE L ous t e, P a nama C ity, P a n a m a Base b a ll 1 AllSt a r I ; Ba s k etball, 1 2 AII-Sl a r I ; T r ac k 1-2, A ll-St a r I ; Football, I A lI Sta r I ; Waler P o l o 1 -2. C HARLES L CARNEY York P ennsylva ni a Foo tball, I ; 'Vater P o l o 1 ; Danc e Co m mi ttee I ; P.A. Crew, 2. H O M E R JVfl NJEN C HEN P eiping C h i n a ENRIQUE CHI Q uique Santiago P a n a m a P h i T heta Kappa, 1 2, T r easurer, 2 ; Lab. Assi s t ant, 2; Natura l Scie n ce So cie t y '. l'VI ARGA R E T ANN DIVNEY A n n Col u mbus. Ohio Camma Chi 1 -2. F E LI X A. FILOS P a n ama C i ty P a n ama Natu ra l S c ience S ociety, I ; S A T r e a s ure r 2. ANGEL A LOUI SE F O RO P a n a m a C ity. P a n a m a Gamma Chi 1 2 Tre a s urer, 2


. ERNEST F RUI)MAN "Nasi" Vie n na, A u s t r i a D a n ce Co m lll iuce; Football, I ; Softball I All-Star I ; Vate r 1'0Io, I, AllSta r I ; Track, J, A ll -Sta r 1 : Basketball. I, All Star, I BAR IiARA FRITZ B oge" P rov i de n ce, Rhode I s land Phi T heta Kapp a, 1, Secre t a ry. 2; "V" C lu b, 1 -2, Vice P res iden t 1-2; Troj)ical Co/fegi(III 2; Volleyball. 1-2, Captain I All-Star. 1-2, Championship A w ard, 1 -2; B as ketball 1-2, A lI,Slar, I Cham p i o nship Award I ; Softball 1 -2, Captain, I AllStar, I, Championship Award, 1 ; I n tramural T rophy. I. BYRON DALE GEORGE R ebel" Territor y of Hawaii G L O RI A F AY GLAZE "Clo" Fort 13anks Massac h usetts Tro/J;caf Colleginn, 2; Conqui stador, 2; Chorus, 2; "V" Cl u b, 2; Volley b all, 2 AIIStar, 2; Uask c tball, 2; So ftball 2; Swimming, 1-2. NYDI A GONZALEZ D av id Pa n a m a Camm a C hi, 1 -2; Natura l Sc i e n ce Society, 1 -2; Ca mera C lu b, I; C h orus, 1 -2; Vo lleyball, 1 -2; Basketball, 2; Softball, 1-2; "V" Club, 2; International Re lation s C lub, 2; Christmas Dance Com millee, 2. S"IROS C H ALLAX johnny" A n eon, Can a l Zon e Waler' P olo. I : Basketball I: Sw im m ing, I ; FOOlb all, 2. RIC H A R D C. HERMAN L iclde" \lVest R eading, Pennsyl va ni a U.S. Navy; D elta P si Omega, 1 ; Cho r us, 1 -2; "Shooting Hig h," I. V V I L i'"IA HIDALGO } "Willie" Pedro M iguet Canal Zone Camma Chi, 1 -2; V C lub, 1-2; Natural Society, 1 ; C h o rlls, 1 ; Tro/,i elll Colfegia l/ 1 -2, B u s i ness Ma n age r 2; COllljuistador, 1-2; Ring Commillee, 2: Cap and Gow n Commillce, 2; V o ll eyball, 1-2; Basketball, 2; Sohball, 1 -2


/' ENRIQUE H o Pan a m a C ity, P a nama Phi The t a Kappa, 1 -2; C lass T r e a surer, 2. JOAN H ORTE R J oa.nie" A n co n Ca n a l Zon e Phi T h e ta Kapp a, 2; Gamma Chi, 2; C honts, 2; "V" Club, \ ; Tro1);cal Coll e g i(lIJ, 2; COTlquisllador 2; Rin g Co m miltee. 2; Christm as Da n ce Committee, 2; Vo ll ey b a ll 1 -2, Capt a in, 2, AlIStar, \ Captain 2 C h ampio n s h i p Award. 1 ; Bas k e tball, 1-2, Cap t ai n 2 AIlSt a r 1 C h am p io n shi p Award I ; Softball, 1-2, AII Star, 1 Champio n ship Awar d I ; Int r amura l Trophy, I. J O H N HOWER JR. E n g l e wood, New J e r s e y U. S. N a v y ; S.A. Presi d e n t 2; P.A. C r ew 2; Lab. Assi s t ant, 2; Footba ll I AIIStar, I ; B aseba ll 1 2, AlIStar, I ; Bas ket-ball, I. S AMUEL S. IRV I N S a 1n" A n co n Can a l Zo n e Swimming 2; Vale r P o l o 2; n a nd, 2 .J O H N E .J O H NSON K a n sas C ity, M i sso uri ROUERT MORR I S J O H NSO N "Bob" A n co n Ca n a l Z o n e P.A. C rew, 2; Lab. Assislalll, 1 ; Foot ba ll. I AlIS tar, I ; Val e n t ine D a nce Co m m ittee, I .1MVlE S A. J O LLEY J i m A n co n Ca n a l Zo n e u. S. A rm y A i r F o r ce; Nalll I'll I Scie n ce Socie ty, 1 P res iden t 2 ; Sof t ball, 1. J OLIE ANN KILBEY S t J oseph, Misso u r i Volle y ball, 1 ; Bas ketb a ll 2; Cam illa Chi, 1 2 SCt1"Cl a ry, 2; P h i T heta Kappa. 2; "V" Club, 1 Secreta r y 2; O r ch es tra, 2 ; "S hoot i n g H ig h," J ; COllqllista ( / 0 1', 2; C h r i slmas D a n c e Commi tt e e. 2.


.J ENNIFER LEE jennif oo" New York, New York Phi Theta Kappa, 1-2, Vice-President, 2, Presid ent, 2; "V" C lu b, 1 -2, Treasurer, 2; Tmpi cal Collegiau, I ; Con quistador, Edito r 2; Chorus, 1-2; As sembly Committee, 1 -2; C l as s Secretary 2; Dance Commillces; V o ll eyba ll 1 -2; Ba sketball, 1 A II-Slar. I C hampionship AwaJ;d, I ; Soflball, 1-2, A llStar, I Champi o n s hi p Award, 1 ; Intramural Trophy, I. ANNE ROSE L EIG H "Wabbit Lima, P eru Gamma Chi 1-2: Volleyball, 2; Chorus, I J AMES LEROY LUNDY Ancol1, Canal Zone Phi T h e ta Kappa, 2; Assembly Commillee. 2; S.A. Vice-P resident, I ; C l ass Pres id ent, 2; P.A. Crew. 2; Christmas Dance Committee. 2; Physi ca l Educa li o n Ass istant, 2; Football, 1, A ll-Slar. I Co-Captain, 1; Basketba ll I ; Base b all, 1-2, AIIStar, 1; Water Polo, I AIIStar, I Capt ain, I ; Intramural Trophy, I. KARL H MASTERS St. Lo uis. Missouri U.S. M .C.; Track. I. All-Star, I ; Football. 1; Basketball. I. KENNETH FORBES i\lIILLARD "Fats" Oneonta. New York N altl ra l Scie n ce Society. 1-2, Vice Pres id e n t I ; C h orus, 1-2; Band, 2; Tropical Collegitw, 1 ; T r ack, 1 -2. JOHN OWEN }\IIOYNIHAN "Mont y" New York. New York U.S. Army; C l ass Vice-President. I; Dance Committee, 1; Camera Club, I; COllquista d or, I ; Tropical C o ll egi a/l, 2; "Shooting Hig h," I ; Football 1; Track. I ; B aseba ll I ; Ba sketball, I ; Softball I; Water Po l o, 1 BE" ITY DOLORES TvI ULLINS IIBoots" A n con, Canal Zon e CLIFF ORD CLAI R }\I[VERS "Boozy" Pittsburgh. Pennsyl vania D ella Psi Omega, 1 Vi cePresident, 2; Dance Committee. 2; "Shooting Hig h," 1; Ban d, 2; Orchestra, 2.


ANN GARDNER NICHOLS New London, Connecticut SofLball, 1 -2; Volleyball, 1 -2, All-Star, 2; Basketball 1 -2; "V" Club, 1-2. LILLIAN lVIARY NORRIS Ancon, Canal Zon e Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Gamma Chi 1 -2; Della Psi Omega, 2; "Shooting High," I; Cheerleader, 1-2. Captain 2. 'WALLY C. OLHOEFT Akron, Ohio Baseball, 1 Captain, 1; Football. 1-2. A ll-St ar. 2; Basketball. 1-2. Captain, I DORA MAVIS PERRET "Colette" Colon, Panama Gamma C hi, 1-2; Phi Theta Kappa. 2; Voll eyba ll 2 ANTONIO E. QUINTANA La C eiba, Honduras Basketball, 1-2 ; ,.yater Polo J -2. 1\1A R Y EILEEN RABITEAU Bunny" Panam a C ity, Panama Phi Theta Kappa. 2; C h orus. 2; Gamma qli, 1-2; Orchestra. 2; "V" Club, 1-2; Tropical Collegian, 2; 2; Dance Committee. I; Vo ll eyba ll 1 -2; Basketball, 1-2; Softball, 1-2 .1 AMES RUSSELL Russ" Okl ahoma City, Oklahoma "V" C lub, I ; Football. 1 2 A lI,Slar, 1 ; Trac k 1 -2. A II,Slar. 1 ; Water Polo, 1-2; Ba s ketb a l 1


GEORGE A. SCHULTE "Gas" St. Louis. Missouri C lass "rcsidcnt I; Class Vice-President, 2; Representative, Interschool Athletic Meetings, I ; Athletic Manager, 2; Phi Theta Kappa, 2; Banquet Chairman, 1; I'.A. C r ew, 2; Dance Committees. I: Football, 1 All-Star, I; Track, J. HARRY L. SCHULTE El Paso, Texas Dance Committees, 1; Football. 1-2; Track. 1-2. RONALD LYLE SEELEY "Ronnie" Panama C ity. Panama I'hi Theta Kappa, 1-2; President, 2; Chorus, 1-2; 5.A. Treasurer, I; Christma s Dance Commitlce. 2; 1'.A. Crew, 2. DOUGLAS B. SHAW Fort Hauchuca, .... l-, Wate'" Polo. I. JOANN THERRELL Jackson, Mississippi Camma Chi, 1-2, Vice-President 2; "V" Club, 1-2; Volleyball, 2; Basketball 1-2. ALAN HARROLD TOWNSHEND "Slteezy" Colon, Panama Delta P s i Omega, 1 -2, CaSl DireCLOt, 2; "Shooting High," J; Football I. All-Star, I; Softball, I, All-Slar, I ; Track, 1,1\11-Star I ; Basketball, I; COllquislaciOl-, 2. ANNE MARIE TRIMBLE Brooklyn, New York Camma Chi, 1-2; Chorus, 2; "V" Club, 1-2; Volleyball, 1-2; Basketball. ); Softball, 1-2_


TOMMY N. TYLER "Tambey Anniston, Alabama llaseball 1-2; Basketball, 1 ; FOOlba ll I; Water Polo, 1 2. RETry J o ANN UNDERWOOD "Jo" Akron, Ohio Gamma Chi, 1-2; "V" Club, 2; Band, 2; Orchestra, 2; Chorus, 1-2; Tl'ol)ic(l1 Col legian, 2; COllquistadol' 2; Natural Science Society, 2: Volleyball, 2; Softball 2: Basketball, 2; Della Psi Omega, 2. WILLIAM CROCKETT VESSER P rofesso1Vesse,-" Coeur D'Alene, Idaho U_S. Navy: U.S. Naval Academy, I; P.A. Crew, 2: Conqui s tador 2. JANE LEE WILLIAMS Washington, D. C. Gamma Chi, 2 : "V" Club, 1 -2; Volleyball, 1-2 Captain, I AlI,Slar, 1-2 Championship Award, I; Softball, 1-2, A ll Slar, 1 Championship Award, I ; Swim-ming, J ; IntramUl'al Trophy, I. JOAN LOUISE WILLIAMS Washington, D. C. Phi Theta Kappa, 2; "V" Club, 1, President, 2; Tropical Coll e gian, 2; Christmas Dance Committee, 2; Volleyball, 1-2, Captain, 2, AIl ,Sl a r 2, C h a m pionship Award, 2; Ba s k etball, 1-2 Captain, 1 AIlStar, I Championship Award, I; Softball, 1-2, A ll-Star, I Championship Award, I ; Softball 1-2, A ll-Star, l, Championship Award, I; lntrammal Trophy, I. IKKI-BLUK OOMALIK YUK-YU K "Yu.h -Y u.h" Baff i n Land, North Atlanti c Conquistado)' 1-2; T1' 0/Jical Collegian 1 -2; Honorary Member Gamma Chi, 1-2; "V" Club, 1-2; Phi Theta Kappa, 1 ; Delta Psi Omega, 1-2; Inlcl'llalional Relations Club LeclUl'er 1 -2; C horu s 1 ; Can-Can C ho rll s Line, ;Showboat;" Football, 1-2, All-Sla r 1-2; WaleI' Polo 1 -2. Not Pictured: DAVID L. AYCOCK uDave Nas hville, T e nnesse e J OSE MARCOS D ELBUSTO "Ma,'cos Bayonne Basses-Pyranees, France Natlll'a l Science Soc iety, 2. WALTER MEL F I SKE San J os e Costa Rica Cho rll s, I ]\I ALVI N "AI" Kemmere r \ I Vyoming Football. 1-2 ; Softball, I. \1\ 1 ARR EN EVE RARD LE.ON Panama City, Panama Football, I; Trac k. I ; Softball, J. CARLOS T ON G Panama City Pana ma


. John Hower l eaves opening the lounge to the next SA president. Lillian Norri s leaves our school spirit with .lack Johnson. Enrique Ho l eaves his firecra c k ers to Leo Presho. Joan Bentz l eaves the TC and an aspirin to the "unsuspecting." Kay Masters l eaves Joyce to JC (may it ever be Mast e rfull). James Jolley leaves the Natural Sci e nc e Soci ety to Mr. Lee Ann Nichols leaves a rusty needle and an old cork to Jeanne Truly. Wilma Hidalg' o l eaves Mr. Sosa's pictures for Barbara Gunn to struggle over. Aileen Baltazzi l eaves h e r "heep" to Miss Moody. E il ee n Schneider l eaves h e r habit of coming lat c to class to Marie Pierobon. John Moynihan l eaves his playing cards to Fre d Horton. Eileen Rabitea u l eaves h er shorthand notes to Joyce Dugas. K e n Millard l eaves his weight lifting to Mr. Lyons .lane Williams l eaves her dirty bask e tball playing to Bea Reyes. Jim Russell leaves hi s Atlas card to Jack Gill. Bob Johnson leaves the Tin Group unknowns to Bob Jones. Anne Leigh l eaves h e r brains to Neyle Theriault. .loan Williams leaves her basketball rules to Coach O'Conn. ell. The French Class l eaves l'Vlarcos DelBusto to l'vliss Johnson. Bill Cardoze l eaves his baseball mitt to the BHS first baseman .Je nny L ee leaves millions of unborn fruit flies to Frances Farrell. Ronnie Seeley l e[ t in February. lkki Yuk-Yuk l eaves his "Hlidnig 'ht" whale oil [or Dot Taylor to burn. Richard Herman l eaves his poke 0' gold dust" to Brian Albright. The 1950 CONQUISTADOR leaves th e SA tr eas ury empty. We, th e Graduates o[ 1950, h e reby l eave JC!




CI.ASS OFFICERS President. ............ Tom P ete rson Vice-president .................. Jim Trout Secretar)1 Sophi e Papadopulos, .leanne Trul y T1'eaSHre1' ...................... Fre d Horton Facuity Sponsol I\1Cr. J. Stuart 1\IJcNair Offi cc r s Jim Trout, J eanne Trllly, Tum P eterso n and Sop hi c Papadopulos. A t a meeting calle d e l ec t e d, and rvCr. rvfcNair pos i tio n of sec r e tary w h e n r eturne d and both Sel:le ''''''es after sc hool b ega n, the Freshman C l ass was organi zed the o ffi cers were ted [aCldty s p o n sor. Later, J eanne Trul y was e l ec t e d to fill the I'apal : lol )ullos t e m l e ft school a t mid-year; w hereupon Sophi c t Assoc iati o n in nume rous ways T h e main ac tiviti es l anne d by t h e office r s and carrie d out b y committees. E a rl y in t h e gy m with green and whi te st r ea m ers and took c h a r ge o f tion for the SA 's se mi-f ormal Yu l etide Dan ce. T h e n experi e nced n g committee to pla n a s uc cessf ul Va l entine Dance at th e Sailfish C lub. decorate d w i t h red hearts, and a r ega l throne awaited the "Sweetheart w a s prese n te d with a crown of r e d and white flo wers; in additi o n rt, Mary Lea Azcarraga and Bette Farrell receive d gifts from the Student Banque t and Prom, unde r fr es h -man guidance, ,,"er e h e ld in t h e m iddle of NCay at the Hote l T i voli. Generousl y sprinkle d with witty s p eeches, s ket c h es and skits by various sc hool organizations, and smooth, dreamy music, the B anque t completel y fu lfilled eve r yo n e's expectati o n s and wound lip the year in grand s t y le. Mr. McNair, facil it y spon sor.


First R ow: Carol Sergeant. J eanne Tmly, JOYcc B elle F;ur cll. Sophie Papadopul os. SuO//(f Row: 1'Ilarie Pierobon TCIT}' Trumble .fCIT)' Ra ymond. J im Tro llt M ax Kurill o, Tom P c t c r so n B CllY Ncw lin First Now: L o i s Batltllbil c h Joyce Masters Belle Farre ll. Sop hi e Papadopulos. Second Row: Barbar a Curies, J erry Ra y m o n d Tom P eterson. New lin.








E'LE I ,N P ETE R SEN "Pete" L EO PRF.5 n O JOYCE .MASTE R S T HOMAS PETER SON Tom,my" RAMON RAMI REZ "D1Ullbo" JOliN RAY J ack" Fl.ETCHER P'iEl.AN "Fletch" I jA1\.n:s O R V I S "Jim"
















B est Looking: Ann e L e i gh Ed Allgaier Most POjm/ar: Jeanne Capwell J ohn H ower Most I ntellectual: Enrique Chi, Joan B entz Mos! All-Around: \"Wilma Skeez ie lownshend Best Dancers: B etty Newlin Johnny J ohnson


F1" iendliest: Freckly Horton, Joann T h erre ll Wittiest: J ohn Moynihan, Ann Nichols Most Likely to Succeed: J enny Lee, Dave Aycoc k Most Talented: A il een Baltazzi, J erry Raymond Most Athletic: Fred Cole Bea Reyes


11-1 31z.oX I ,Rc, -IZ,Z, -12uS' V-Club -gAMMII(.I4I-Iz:lO


Preside lll Secre L a ry, T r easlIrer. SA OFFICERS President ............ . ........ __ ........ J ohn Hower Vice-ln-esident ." ........ R. B. H. Stroop, III SecTetm)l TTeaSUyer .. Marie Pierobon .................... Feli x Filos T h e Student Associat ion is t h e governing body of the .Junior Coll ege. The association i s compri sed of all students \vh o buy ac ti vity tickets whic h entitl e J C'ers to attend th e many SA spon sored functions held t hroughou t th e year. At a ge n e r a l assemb l y ca ll ed during the second week o[ sc hool, the e lection of officers was h e ld for th e Student Associat ion Executive Coun ci l w hi c h is also composed of the officers of the vari o u s orga n izati o n s and the editors of the publications o[ the college. The meeting was presided ove r by John Howe r, w h o was e l ected president of th e SA a t the end of the last sc hool year. A l so, the f aculty sponsor tor th e year was c h ose n at this me e tin g. The SA sponsors th e two sch oo l publications, the Conquistador and the T1opical Collegian as \vell as a ll p rizes give n [o r lite r a r y contests in connecti o n with these p ubli ca ti ons. 1n addition, the SA finances the purchase of a ll sports awards. S..-\EC in weekly sess i on in Mr. Bowen's room. J"I'I r. Bowen faculty S1Jollsor


First How: L eroy Lundy Marie Pierobon, Jennifer L ee. F;r sl /l ow: i\ 'lr. Turbyfill, J ennifer L ee, i\lr. Ha c kel!. John Hower. Second Row : Mr. B owe n s p o n so r ; Felix $ ecolld /low: MI'. Clark, Mr. B owcn, L e r oy Lund}'. Filos, Enri qllc Ho. TlI;,.,1 Row: Gcorge Schulte, Tom P elerso n Ronald Seelcy. This yea r the SA contributed something specia l to the men of th e Junior College foo tball t ea m w hi c h was th e first t ea m to play tackle football [or CZJC. Seventeen jac k e L s w e r e awarded lO d e serv in g player s as a m emorial g ift for their part in th e innovation of s u c h a popular s port in the Ca nal Zone. The SA a l so purchased n e w g r ee n and white uniforms [or both m e n 's and wo m en's sports and spo n so r e d th e sa l e of season theatre tick ets and seaso n athl e ti c t i ckets. Among the various fun c tion s spon so r e d by SA, th e r e we r e dances h e ld !t the Balboa Gymnas iulll in S eptembe r O c tob e r, and a d e layed Thanksg i v in g dance h e ld th e fir s t week of D ecembe r The Christmas and Va l entine forma l dances, sponsored b y th e Sophomore and Freshma n C l asses, resp ec tiv ely. w e r e a l so fin a n ce d by the SA. The SA' s r ece ntl y a dopt e d a nilu a l h ay ride to 1\1adden Dam was h e ld in Marc h and was another s u ccess ful affair. Among mi sce llan eo u s projects thi s yea r. th e SA submitte d a p etition s igned by nUIll erous colleg'e students and instructors w hi c h pertained to th e wellknmvn controversy abollt th e A lbrookHoward Field c hange. The SA also promoted a March of Dimes campaign among m embe r s of the coll ege. T enta tiv e plans at th e tim e of publica tion promise anothe r dance o r swimming party to add t o th e activities of th e year. And th e n too, th e SA Banque t i s th e occa s ion of the year to which eve ryon e look s for ward with eage r anticipation. AtMet.ic Mtll/tlgel:f: .lim TrOlll ami George Sch ul te.


First Row: Joan Horter, Jennifer Lee, Eileen Rabitea u, D o ra Perret J olie Ann Kilb ey, Barbara Fritz, Lillian Norris. Secol/d Row: Mr. Turbyfill. s p onso r George St:huhc, Enrique Ho, Ronald Seeley Leroy Lund),. P1esidenL ............... RONALD SEELEY, JENNIFER LEE VicePresident .......... ........ ........................... .JENNIFER ENRIQUE Ho Secretmy . . ........................................ BARBARA FRITZ Treasl.l. rer ........................................................................ ENRIQUE CH[ Council JV[emher ..... ............ .......... .... .. .. EI.I..EN Faculty Sponso1"...... . . ..... .......... MR. SUBERT T URBYFILL This year, the ac ti v ities of the D e lta Omega chapte r of the national honorary fraternity f o r junior colleges, now in its fifth year, have b ee n the traditional ce r e monies. An informal initiation ce remony in the f a ll brought Joan Horte r Jolie Ann Kilbey, L eroy Lundy, Lillian Norris, Dora Perret Eil ee n Rabitea u, George Schulte, and Joan Williams into the g r oup as active m embe rs In F ebruary, Dr. Lawrence Johnso n, Superintendent of Schools, addressed initiates and guests at t h e annual initiation-as sembly," after ha v in g b ee n presented with an honorary m embership in the fraternity for outstanding achievement. Those admitted into full, active m embe r ship at that time included Frances Farrell, J ac k Gill, Bob Jones, B etty Newlin, Marie Pierobon Jim Russell, Carol S e r geant, Dot Taylor, Joann Therrell, Tom Tyler, and Jane Williams. Mrs. Fields of B a lboa one of Phi The t a Kappa's ea rliest m embers, was guest s p ea ke r at the annual Scholarship Dinner h el d at the Hote l Tivoli on March 29. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa i s offered to thos e whose college gTades average a "B" or more, whose credit hours numbe r at l east fifteen, and whose school standing lies in the upper t e n per cent of th e current enrollme nt.


Fint Row: Dora P erre t Betty Jo Underwood, Eilee n Sch n eider, Marie I'i e robon Lillian Norris, Anne L eig h J o an U e lll z S e cOIui Now: A lan Townshend, Cli fford Myers Terry Trumbl e J oh n Moyniha n, J o y ce Maslcrs Willi s P e n ce Richard H erman, Mr. Turbyfill spon sor. Cast D iTectoT .. .. ... ALAN TOWNSHEND Stage l V!anage1".. .. CLlFFORD w I YERS Business "' l anagel'.. ................... EILEEN S C HNEI DE R Faculty S1JOnSOT .......... ... ...... .... .... .................... iVfR. S U UERT T URIlYFILL To b eco m e e ligibl e for m embe r ship in D e l ta P s i O m ega, th e national honora ry dramatics fr a t ernity for junior co ll eges. o n e must appear in at l eas t two s ta ge plays and participate in s t ag in g and produc ing. The initiatio n o f n ew m em b e r s con s i sts of an exami n a tion o n th e hi sto r y of drarna up to th e present tim e a kn owle d g e of lhe Greek alpha b e t and a monologu e g i ve n by eac h in i t i a te_ Two n ew rnem b e rs, Lillian Norris and J ohniVf oynihan, were insta lled ea rl y in th e year follow in g their p articipatio n in t h e c o m e d y "Kiss and T elL" At the tim e o f publicat i o n, those expected t o becom e eligibl e for m embership after t h eir work on the March production, "Antigone," are J oa n Bentz, Anne L e i g h J oyce w fast ers, Dora P erre t iVfarie Pi erobo n, B etty J o Unde rwood, Willis P e n ce and Terry Trumble During th e year the organization celeb r ate d H allowe'e n w ith a party giv e n in honor o f the Dramatics Class. A Christmas B anquet h e ld at the Hote l Tivoli, as was th e Annual Banqu e t supplie d wit h plenty o f e n tertai nm e nt. The u s u a l c1osing-or-the-year party took pla ce at th e H o tel Washington in Colon, a n d so ende d another s u ccess[ ul seaso n


Joirsl Row: A n ne L e i g h jeanne Ca pw ell, Eilee n Schne id er, j o li e Ann Kilb ey, A il ee n B altazzi j oann T h erre ll Lilli a n Norris, M cC lain M rs. Quinton, s p onsor. Second Row: Eil ee n Rabiteall, J oa n Bentz, Ann Di v n ey, "Vilma Anne Trimble, Jane Willi a ms, J o an Honer, Ny di a Go nzalez, D o r a Ilerret neay joUnderw oo d P"esident ... ........................ .1 EANNE CAPWEL L Vi ce pTesident .............. : ................ WIARTHA G R A HAM, JOANN THERRELL S ecre t ary .. T "easuTe r ........................... .JOLlE ANN KILHEY .. ........ A N G E L A FORO F acu lt y Sp onsors ........... M R S w I A RY Q U I N TON, MISS DOROTHY l\ 1 [OODY B eing o n e of the most a c ti ve and u sef ul o r ganizations in the sch o ol Gamma C hi aga in h a d a s u ccess ful yea r of ac ti vity Traditio nal rus h t eas w e r e h e ld a t the beginning o f eac h se m es t e r th e fir s t a t the J ew i s h W e lf a r e C enter, a ft e r w hi c h o nl y sophomore g irl s we r e as k e d t o join, and the second at Joann Therre ll 's h o m e in Curundu, afte r whic h only freshme n we r e e li g ibl e [o r m embe r ship Othe r socia l events include d the se mi-annua l initia ti o n b anque ts, b oth o f w hi c h we r e h e ld at the H o t e l T i v oli. A t the second o f these b anque ts, the B a lboa Hig h Sc hool Spanis h Club cordially in vite d the G amma Chis to j o in their Carniva l D a n ce in the b allroom. A c compa ni e d b y exce ll ent publicity, the sorority g i rls prese n te d the highly-su ccess ful "Fre n c h F o lli es" a t the B alboa "Fr e n ch-ca fe" gy m o n Mar c h 24, with c h orus, ca n ca n pl ays, and s p ec i alty numbe r s H elping the o ffi ce o n Regi stratio n D ay, u s h ering a t c oll ege plays se llin g sof t drinks a t games, sunning at T a b og a l s l and, and h aving t h e "go a t s cl ean the L ounge regul a rly, numbe red a m o n g othe r a c ti v ities o n the 195 0 ca l endar. T owards the end of the yea r Mrs Quinton returne d to t h e United St a t es. and Miss Moody b ec am e the n ew s p o n so r of the sorority


Fi,'sl R ow: K e n Millard, Jobn Mo ynihan, J a m es Jolley. Seco1ld R ow: fel i x filos Pi e r o b o n Enrique C hi Mr. P r e si dent ....... ... ........... .. ....... . .................................. JAMES J OLLEY V icepres; d e n t .. ....... ........................ KENNETH MILLARD S ec TetaTY. ... . .. .. ... NyDIA GONZALEZ Faculty SI'01l s ol". ..... .... .. ....... ... .. .... ........... .. ........... . M R. GEORGE O. LEE Although th e Natura l S c i e n c e S ocie t y holds n o regular m ee tin gs, vario u s e v ents are schedule d throughout th e year as opportunities arise. To start off th e e v ents, w fr. L ee s h owe d th e g r oup s om e s lides w hi c h h e had tak e n on se v e ral of hi s fr equent fie ld trips The n ext m ee tin g include d movi e s shm' n b y Do ctor Johns on, Superintendent of S c ho o ls, and an accompany in g l ecture of explanation on th e Cocl e .Indians, a n a nci ent civ ili za ti o n r ec e ntl y di sc ov e r e d in C entral Am e ri ca As a seque l to this, th e Natural S c i e n ce So c i e t y vi site d the N ational Museum in PanCllll a City wh e r e th e g r oup enjoyed a l ectur e on the Cocl e lndians, gi ve n b y Dr. rvr endez P e r eira The m os t r ecent event of th e yea r wa s a warne suppe r expertly prepare d b y Mrs L ee and g iven a t th e co ll ege. Afte r the dinne r, pi ctures on wild lif e w e r e shown b y i\l lI' P e r H os t e who h as entertaine d th e Natural Sci e n ce S oc i ety groups on many pre vi oLis o ccas i o ns. 1 plans that h ave b ee n t enta tivel y m a d e w ill d evel o p, th e group m ay ma k e anothe r trip, thi s time to Summit Garde n s to h ear a l ecture b y th e b o t anis t th e r e Mr. Mitc h e ll.


Marie Picl' oiJo n a n d J cnny Lec \\'ilh our embryo yearbook. ,., CONQUI S T ADOR STAFF Editor-ill-( ; /,ie! Assistant Editur Busines s l \ ifanag e r Sop/,omore Editor Pul)u/an' l)' Editor PhologmjJhy Edi lor Ar/. Edit()r. .............. .Ie llniCr L ee ........... i\I J ari c Pi e roboll . ............ H oracio C hi al ..... Willlla Hidalgo ........... .Ioan Horter ...... Kimficld Parks Ailecn Baltazzi Girls' A tltletics F.dito'l" ....... ..................... G l oria G l aze M en's Alhlelics Edilor. Clerical Editor. ............. .Iim Orvis ........... E il ee n Rabiteau Even t h o u g h th e Staff was l a t c in gettin g o rga nized thi s yea r plans wer e trustingly made for an ea rl y publication. Meetings were h eld at nig'ht and at noon b etwee n mouthful s of ham sandw iches, w h e re th e fine points we r e ha s h e d over; t h e cove r was based o n a n original drawing by R. B. H. Stroop, II I and Aileen Bal tazzi b egan 'work o n our th e mc. Under the direction o f a n energetic b u s iness m a n ager, the 1 950 Conquistador acquircd its mvn printe d in -g r ee n-ink sta tion e r y and advertising contracts e n o u g h for all t h e Stafr. Our out standing sa l esme n H o r acio Chial, Marie Pi e robon Syl via Altma n, Gloria G l az e 'Vilma Hidalgo, D o t Taylor, A l an Towns h end, and oth ers, faithfully pounded s id ewa lks and knocked o n doors until s i gns were hung out say in g "Sorry-Revoluti on!" A l so, p e r suas ive a d vertis in g letters were typed a n d mailed to many large hotel s in t h e States, but with littl e result. Sy l v ia Allman and l 'lorado Chial gc t ideas for the advcl'tising liecl ion. Elv ia Suaw, Jolie Ann Kilbcy, Eile c n Rauiteall and Eileen Schneider doing the dirty work.


Gloria G laze, Jim Orvis : lIld Dol Tayl or. Our fin ger-worn t y pi sts we r e Eileen R abiteau, M uri e l J orda n and E l v i a Suazo, w hil e J olie Ann Kilbey and Ei l ee n Schneider se rved as a d -hounds, typists, and ge neral pasters, kibitzer s and capti o n writers The biggest job of a yearbook, the photog l 'aph y was handle d mainly by Kim Parks c hi ef photographe r, d eve lop er, and printer, assisted b y Al Adams. A l so snapping pictures were .lim Orvis and (wh e n things Teally look e d d espe r ate) the editor. Sti ll oth e r s w h o added n ecessa ril y to our store o[ photographs we r e Dot Taylor, M a ri e Pierob o n, G l oria G l aze, and.J elTY R aymo nd. Special thanks a r e due Dr. Moody for "censoring" our copy, D ea n H ac kett [or hi s cooperati o n ,vith the Staff and for k eepi n g u s supplied with Junio r College p e n c ils, and Mr. Lyons [or hi s willing advi c e o n every conceivable proble m and for the lise of hi s scisso rs, rul e rs, and typewriter, And so, to those who have b ee n asking, "JtJ!hen ?," ve proudly answe r ((Now!" A lex Ihe skel c hes Two of 0111' eage r H OrLe r


Fir s t Row : A lexander Bernso n Ail ee n Ba l l azz i Betty J o Underw ood, Ruth Appin Joan B e n tz Eilee n R abilcau, Bea Reyes, Syl via Allman, M iss Mo o d y s p o n sor. S econd R ow: Joan W illi a m s Dol Tay lor, Wi lm a Hida l go ivluriel Jordan, R o b e r t S a gc r Barbara F rilz Joan H orte r Elvia S u azo ]cl'1'y Raymond, G lo ri a Glaze. Editor-hl -Chi e! . ......................... .......... .. ]OAN BEN TZ Art Revi e w e r . ... .............................. ELVIA SUAZO Assisl(lI/t Edito r ....... .............. ALI, XANDER B ER NSON Movi e Rev i e wer .............. ............ SYI.VIA ALTMAN Blls i n ess 1\>1(lI/age r ........... ...... .... __ V ILMA HIDA L GO"1 Music ReT/iew e r ... .......... ........ j ERRy RAYMOND Blisiness Assi s tall t .. ........ .... DOT TA\ LO;-Art D e part melll ....... ....... .... A I LE E N B A I-TAlll F eatur e and News Edit .or ..... ... ....... B ARIIA R A FRITZ E R IC DUCR UET RUTH AI'I'I N r h s i s t(lIIls. ................................. j O \ N H OR TER 1 3f. :rry ] 0 UNDERWOOD KENNETH MILLAl W T ee/mi clll Assistan t s . ........ . M URIE L J ORDAN 110),5' Ed i l ors . ............... . ROm:RT SAGE R BEA REYES j M ': K HILLIARD E I LEEN RAIIITE A U Girls Sport s Edito r s ............... . ..... ] OA N W I LLI A M S F a cu/ly Aliu i sers . ......... M lss D O R O T HY MOODY G L O R I A G L AZE M R S H E P ARD CLARK T h e T ropi ca.l Collegia.n i s a n ac ti ve a n d influe nti a l publi catio n which comes out o n ce every m onth to p r e se n t students with n ews f eatures, s tories, and editoria l s cove rin g schoo l and community events A t the b e ginning of the yea r f our p olicies we r e set up b y the edito r in a n attem p t to make t h e m agaz in e as r ea d a bl e and in cl u s i ve as poss ibl e : ( I ) s t andard o rganization of w ri t t e n co p y and illu s tr atio ns; (2 ) unity within the m agaz in e; (3) t ea m wo rk a m o n g s t a ff m em b ers ; (4) a live ly, p e r so n to-p e r so n s t y l e of writing. In accordance w i t h o rganizatio n and unity the s t a ff divide d the magaz in e into f our cat e go ri es: a ne\v s and f eature section, a s p orts sec ti o n a r ev i ewe r s' section, and a lit e r a r y sectio n In addit i o n a n ew p e r so n a l ity was introduce d thi s yea r Cassandra ("Cass i e ) Collegian, w h os e j o b it was to expand o n eac h m onth's cove r th e m e t o edito ri a lize, and t o e nliven th e m agaz in e w ith h e r ow n p articul a r b rand o f humor. A noth e r innovatio n o f 1 950 was the publicatio n o f a n April Fool s D ay issu e and a subsequent A pri l supple m e nt, This year's f r eq u ent co n tributo r s we r e J ennifer L ee, J a mes F arre ll Ange l a F ord, .lac k R ay and va ri o u s Tro pi ca l T r amps who w r o t e H o t Air Fro m the T r opics." J oa n H o rter and A il e e n B a ltazzi a r e to b e esp ec i a ll y commende d f o r t h eir artisti c contributio n s During t h e last h a l f of th e yea r th e magaz in e was mime o g r aphe d in th e junior co ll e ge b y t h e staff m e m be r s the m s e l v es; the covers we r e printe d a t Dia blo.


Fir st Row: G l oria G l aze, An n e Trimble, Fran ces Farrell, J ennife r L ee, J oa n Will i ams, J olie A n n Kilb ey. Susa n Hutchings. Jane Williams, Eilee n R abiteau. Second Row: roo'larie Pierobon, D O L Tayl or. Syl v ia A ltman Wilma Hida l go .. ,Betty J O Unde rw ood, Joan B entz. J oan Horter, Barbara Fritz, Ruth Appin, Eilee n schnei d e r Joann T h e r re ll. Third R ow: lVII's. O 'Connell, sponsor. Carol Se r gea lll B e a R eyes, Belly New lin Barbara C u r i es. B etle F arrell, Ruth Ma r ch, Jeannine Dorgan, June A lki nson, Cor inne Com bs. J oyce Du g as, Nyd i a Gonzalez. P1'esidenl Secretary. T reastlTer Publicity NIanage ,. F (lCli lty Sponsor. ................. JOAN \ 'VILLlM'i I S .................. .JO LI E ANN KILHEY ..JENNIFER LEE ... ........... . ................................. FRANCES F ARRE J L ........ iVfRS. P ATRI C I A O'CONNELL The Girls' "V" Club promotes g-ood sportsma n s hi p and a n ac ti v e inte rest i n a thl e tics among-thos e g-irl s w h o participate in at l east eig hty p e r ce n t o f t h e ir volleyba ll basketball, and soft b all intramura l ga m es. The acti v ities ca l endar of t h e "V" Club proves it to b e one of th e bu s i est org-anizations of the co lleg-e. Early in th e sc hool year th e o ld memb e r s planne d a J amboree," desig-ned to entertain, f ee d, and e nli ghte n th e n ew g irl s o f t h e pur poses and activ i t ies of the Club; th e response in intramura l games was over wh elming. In Dec ember a Volleyball Playday, the first of its kind, was h e ld i n th e Balboa Gym. Balboa and Cristobal Hig h School g i r ls, as we ll as our own took part in this we ll -planned day of acti v ities and helpe d to mak e it a s u ccess ful prece dent for further inte rschool acti v ities. F ebrua r y broug h t "Winte r ''''ond e r land," with its sparklin g d ecorations and o ri g in a l entertainment, to t h e uppe r gy m; t h e results of weeks of ca reful planning a nd h ard-work 'were apprec iated b y a ll w h o attende d th e dance. The big-ges t and p erhaps mos t m emorable event o f the yea r, however, was the g l orious, five-d ay East e r vaca ti o n at San t a C lara B eac h ; fre e from the restraints of "ci v ilizati o n," the g irl s s p ent all th eir tim e eating, s leeping, swimming, and hav in g a wonder f ul tim e. At the end of the yea r, a C lu b Banquet was h eld at the Hotel Tivoli. The acti v ities and memories of t h e w h o le, s u ccessf ul yea r were recorde d in a mimeog r aphe d publicatio n and di stribute d to all m embers.


First Ruw: B e u y J o Underwood, Eileen Rabilcau Marie Pierobon, Nydia Gonza l ez B enLz, Maril y n McConne ll Hea Reyes Jeannine Dorgan, Carol Sergeanl, Joyce Dugas, Joan Honer Shir cy Suomi /low : J eanne Capwell, DOL Tayl o r Barbara Gunn; G loria G laze, Susan I -Iulchi n gs, Sylvia Allman. Eileen P elerse n J ennifer Lee, Ronal d See l ey l\'Ir. Branslcllcr, direcLor. Thirli Row: Willis P e n ce, A lexander Bernson, J erry Raymond, Ronald A ngcnnullcl' Richard Herman Bob Harrison, Harada Chia l Terry Trumble, K e n Millard, Jim Orvis, Eddie Allgaier. T hi s yea r th e Junior College C horus has b eco m e one of th e finest activities in our coll ege. With the enthus i as m and support o f Ollr direc tor and th e chorus m embers, we h ave developed a group of r ea dil y ca pabl e and versatile s in gers. The n o t a bl y wide range of abilities of th e chorus h as cove r e d a g reat var i ety ol mus i c fr o m the a capp ella madriga l s of L ass u s to th e rnod ern choruses of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. The c horu s m embers and "Branny" met t o practice and r e h ea r se informall y o n iVlondays and "Vedn esdays during a half h our of the noon hour. At th ese r e hear sa ls, mus ic was prepared to be p e r formed in three public programs, give n at Christmas, in th e earl y spring, and at the end of the yea r. The informal Christmas program was presented with th e College Orchestra and our sopra no soloist, Barba ra Gunn, in the Co lleg-e-Hi g h School Library. This program included works of Bach, H ande l Gouno d iVl ende l sso hn, and ''''agn er. "Muc h of th e s u ccess of o llr chorus was due to the d evo tion o f tlr director Mr. Neil V Branstetter, our accompani s t Shirley VVoodrulJ, and Ollr offi c ial r ecor d keeper, 'l\Tilm a Hidalgo7')who took care of m ost of th e paper wo rk A choru s o ( Slim-leI/iII Brelld durin g a noontime re hearsal.


The combined Coll e ge High S chool Orchestra at the Christmas Mu s i c Pro g ram in th e lib r a ry Thel'vfu s ic D epartment of th e Canal Zon e Junior C ollege ha s adde d t w o org ani z ati o n s w hich emphasi z e th e prac ti c al side of music. Both groups are happy innovations in th e c urri c ul a o f th e colle ge, s in ce they aff ord th e students adde d opportunity to partake in instrumental mus i c organizati o n s The r e p ertoires of th e Band and Orchestra conta in more mature se l ec tions, a nd th o u g h n o t excess ivel y dilTi cult, they do present a c hall enge to the a bi l ities o f th e students The Band m ee t s once a w ee k and p erforms mainly a t sc hool p e p assemblies bef o r e bi g g ames. The Orc hestra i s a two -hour-a-w.eek class whi c h takes part in th e school concerts presente d during th e year. B o th have b ee n r a i se d to t h e s t a tu s of c r edit hour s ubj ec t s Unde r th e a h l e direc tion 01" Mr. Neil V. Brans t ette r b orrm<\red from Balboa High Schoo l b o th organiz ati o n s have incre a se d lh e ir m e lllb e r ship and have b e com e v e r y popular. Orc hestra m embe r s include Cat ol S e r geant, 'I\filli s P e n ce, Joyce Dug a s Ri c h a rd H e rm a n Jac k Hilliard, G eorge B oynto n, Jolie Ann Kil bey, J a mes Ray m ond, Eil ee n R abitea u, and Fra n ces F arre ll. Band m embers include !Villi s P e n ce, K e n Nfillard Cli[(ord Myers, Jac k .Johnson, Sam I r v in Richard H erman J oyce Dugas and N fr. Subert Turby fill faculty m embe r. T h e College B and goes t o t OWI1 n a f ootball pep r ally.


, = Preside,,' .. ... JAMES RUSSELL Vice-Presidelll .... C.: ORGE SCHUL,..: Secretar), .................... DOT T A LOR T,'ellSllrer .......... FRANCES FARREL L Faculty SIJUlIsor MR. ClIAIU.ES BOW": N Reorganized thi s yea r for &-:-the study and interpretaRow: Dot Tay lor. Nydia Gonzalez, i\lr. Bowen, s ponsor, J oa n Bentz Marie I'icrobon. SerOlu/ /low: jen)' Ra YllIond. Alexander Bern son, J ames Russell, George Schulte j ames J olle}'. tion of current world af f atrs, t h e lntern a ti o n a l Relations Club h e ld informa l r ound table di sc ussi o n s prece d e d b y a b ri e f report on the even in g's topic. The reports and the id eas ex pressed during the disclIss ions were later compiled in L o m i III cog rap h e d pamphlets availabl e to any" one in te r ested. Organized Lhis year CO handle th e broadcasting of ni ght football and b aseball games, the Radi o and P A Crew provided stimulation and new experi ences [or all w h o worked on it. During football seaso n J ohn H owe r and L eroy Lundy combined talents L o g i ve t h e radio a udi e n ce a v ivid description o [ game action, w hil e George Downing a n no lln ce d b aseball. George Schulte gave the comme rcial announce m ents Bill Vesser, aided b y Bob J o n es, Kim P a rks, and A l Adams, kept t h e p owe r lines, field teleph ones, and ot!le r equipment in working order. Fiel d spotte r ; were Bob John son, Tom Tyler, and D o u g Sha\v N Ir. Lauren Woodby se rv e d as hard-working faculty technical advi ser. Firs' !low: Al Adams. Ken M ill a r d. Bob j ones. Bill Vcsscr Bob johnson, Doug Shaw. Kim Parks. S ecolI(J !low: Tommy Tyler Ronald Seeley Tom Peler so n Charles Carney, Lero y Lundy, j oh n H ower, George Sch ul te.


September Assembly E l ection of Student Association Officers C lass meetings-Elec tion of oHice r s Faculty Party "V" Club Jamboree October "Get Acqua in ted Dance" at Balboa Gymnasium Assem bly-Two o n e-act play s entitled "Fright" a n d "A Wedding" Delt a P si Omega H a llo we'e n Party Ph.i Theta Kappa informal initiati o n Gamma Ch i-Ru s h Tea and Banqu e t Footba ll Dance at Ba l boa Gy mnasium November Football bonfir e and s n a k e da n ce Assemb l y-Rebroadcas t of football game Assembly--Color s lides a n d l ecture on P eru b y Miss Weir December Volleyball Yu l et id e Dance at Balboa Gymnas ium C hri stmas Formal a t Hotel Tivoli Christmas J\'Iusic Progr a m Gamma Chi-Skating P arty and Cake Sale January Assembly-Speech Class "Kiss ancl Tell" February Valentine Dance at Sailfi s h Club "v., Club Dance-Wint e r \ 'Vond e rland Gamma Chi Banquet Asscl1Ib.1y-Phi Theta Kappa Jnit i ation Assembly-Presentation of Baseball Trophy March Scho l arship Dinn er "Antigolle" Gamma Chi DanceFrenc h Folli es Hayr idc and picnic lit Pcdro Nf i gllc l April Assc mbly-i\lrusi c -Dram

J ack i e Dave, and Big Fr e d stir up s om e ch ee r s at th e g irl s' g ame. The p ower ful f ac u l t y ( em n goes d ow n befor e the AIIStars-finally. J C D row n s IH-IS," bill n o t for l o ng! Ten s e wait i n g a s Balboa ge t s th e ball. vVith t ac kl e footba ll introduced thi s yea r p e p r a llies w e r e thunderous and ga mes wer e pa c k e d. Whe n the Gree n Wa ve n ea r e d its d eciding game of the se a so n g r ee n and white wer e e v e rywh e r e banne r s ,ver e m a de, car s painte d u p with v i c toriou s s l o gans, a n d a bon rally, f eaturing the sure fir e burnin g of Huster Ba l boa pre c eded t h e g a me. C ollege s p iri t wa s s o inte n se over t hat one game that it r equire d w e ek s to pull our h earts ba c k o v e r our shoeLops w h e n w e lost it b y s u c h a s m all m a r g in. That sort o [ buoyant spirit w a s infe ctiou s S e lf appointe d boy c h ee r l ea d e r s urge d the g irl s o n to th eir volle yb all c h ampio n ship; the wa t e r p o l o titl e came t o jC; the g irl s to o k ba s k elball; the n a c h a m pi o n ship b aseball t ea m and so it went, t h e sa m e g r ee n and "hite p opping up La w in again and a ga i n T his was our Spirit f o r 1950. A nd th e G r ee n W a ve re ce d e d s l ow l y int o th e ni g ht.


A care free college c r owd enjoy in g an SA dance. The "Get -Acquainted Dance" in earl y October, w here one found out who was w h o and v h y in J aycee, started off a n ew c h a in of ji vey j ambo r ees. Coming at the end of the month th e Football "Victory" Dance was un f ortuna t e l y appreciated more b y BHS students w h o g l eef ull y cras h e d thro ugh the college crow d in a how ling s n a k e dance, lh a n b y our ow n d ese r v in g team and hoar se r oote r s Anothe r semi formal SA dance was the seaso nal Yul etide Dance, a n ea rl y D ecembe r vers ion of a Thanksgiving ce lebration, but n eve r t h e less h e artil y e nj oyed b y a ll. Two happ) c h aracters. The Yul e lid e Dance al th e B a l b oa Cy m -soh Tllus ic, s m ooth dancing, and a wonderful lime.


" food food food!" R e m ember the F aculty Party w h e n R o n n ie See ley was Emcee and t h e rest of u s we n t b ac k f o r more ca k e and th e n squa re-dance d i t off? "Ve il, even a f te r b eing s tuff e d w i t h good rood the A ll-St a r s s till squea ked o u t o n t o p o f th e f aculty in a cl ose se t of volleyb all ga m es The "V" Club served a fr ee lunch to J aycee's f eminine n o n m embe r s and l a t e r initi a t e d a l a r ge numbe r o f g irl s b y pl aying "\l\1ha r 's the B a r ?" a t th e Cla y t o n T een A ge r s C lub. And s p eaking o f E s kim o Pies and "\' Vint e r v Vonde rl a nd, w h o \VaS th a t e n e r getic snow m a n a n y w ay hm? (And w h o o n earth tau ght th ose g i r l s t o t a p d a nce!?)


A desperale Camm a plugs th e Cakc Sal e t o skc ptic a l cllstomers. 'Vell-carncd rCSl at a Camma Skat in g Pany. Two o n e-act plays. "Fright" and "A Wedding." [ollowed b y full fled ge d college producti o n s of "Kiss and Tell" and the wo nder o[ a ll wonde rs, "Antigone," made up the dramatic sc h edule of th e year. T h e Gammas kept the donn g irl s well-fed at the i r r u sh t eas a n d their numerous banquets during the season, but fee ling the n ee d [or an additional snac k in th e interim, they prevailed upo n t h e "ch efs du college" to b ake for cake and candy sa les, the winner s of wh i c h r ece i ved a "kiss" [rom eac h Gamma. Then, gone compl e tely P aris i en, the Gamma C h i s produced t h e "Fol i es Francaises," co n taining r ea dy-mad e (or the Balboa Thea ter stage. The TC Staff held a barbecue at the edito r's home to celebrate gettin g i t out on tim e (!), and all in all, we've had a wonder(ully success ful year!! Evcrybody kisses eve r ybody in J anuar}"s "Kiss and Tell." Hang 011, Skcc1.y-il's onl y "A Wcdding."


SltIdent Assi stanlS Ellen McClain Bob J o hn son Fred Cole, John I I owcr and Enriquc Chi. ,\n appreciati ve CC class e nj o ying onc o f l\h Bowcn's jokes. Good o l c lab. l\liss Mood y s English cOlllp'c r s co m posing. There are two things a f reshma n learn s to as k: "Can I h ave you r o ld term papers?" and \lVhat wer e the questions on last year s CC test ? If h e once p asses these tremendo u s hurdles, hi s casy lif e as a sop homore is wellassure d, and h e ca n b egi n handing down hi s knowledge to o th e r freshmen, That is, it would b e an easy l ife if it were n t for Pat O'Connell's mode rn danc in g and "Sound Off" 'i n g or a ll ni ght phys ics l abs at the end of marking periods, And h ave you eve r pounded big rocks into littl e ones? .IC 's conditioning cou r se for the Batman and Tarzan h as r ece ived so muc h publicity in Fra n ces Farrell's column th a t i\1[r, Vinton h as serious doubts as to the relative size of n ext year' s geo logy class! And inc id e n ta lly, "Duh h ow' s d e fr uit fli e s ? I lin ts from l\1r. Lyon s o n h ow lo ui sco llr agc lhe boss and slill keep your job.


"Qui ck-whe r e's the e r aser?" The D ca n g i v in g h clpful hints t o a n o ri c lllali oll cla ss. W e've h ea rd t e ll that Nfl'. N fcNair i s running into competition with Nfr Buc kl ey in th e w i cke d way h e wie ld s hi s co l o r e d c h a l k around a m a th probl e m B efore l ong, a prac lic::d wriles-in-lhreeco l ors p e n c il w ill b e r e'luire d of a ll enginee rin g students ( I wonde r h ow th e Jones Formula look s in r e d, gree n and blue?) Jt was a n over p owering blow to lh e entir e sch oo l ,,,,h e n Mary Quinton, th e o([ice s e cr e tary pe r so n a l co un se l or, and a fri end lo e veryon e l e ft .IC for th e States in F ebruary; s h e has bee n g r ea t l y mi sse d b y all w h o kn ew her. Nfrs. R H H ea d b eca m e t h e n ew p erma n ent sec r e tary to the D ea n Physics ass i s tants for thi s w e re J ohn Howe r and Bob J ohns on ; L e ro y Lundy, Fre d Cole and Wa ll y Olhoe ft w e r e assi st ants in the R ecrea tion Department; Enrique C hi worked h a rd in the biology l ab; and Frances Farrell s u cceeded Ell e n McC l ai n as assistant in Engli s h to Nfiss rvf oody. )"roucrn d a n c i n g dass ill a cl iuu The rcs t o ( Mr. L ec's bio l ogy class wail while Li l lian locales the amoeba. "Now ),011 do it this way.


. \nOlhcr Board o f DirccLOrs m cc tin g. Thc r c's n othing likc thi s campu s lif e to s tu d y lip a b i t. musc o n fUlurc collc g c d ays in thc Commcrcia l Off icc. Y c o ld e h a n gom f o r c halk and wkc lovcr s The r e's got t o b e an cn d to thc se g e o l ogy fie ld trips


Bo/.lulII Ho w: Sp i ros J-Iallax, Richard G ill J ack Ray, Bill A lexander, Bob Saarinen, Terry Trumble, Dave Barney. Middle How: Bl1m ice Herrin g. j ack Johnson Oob Gibso n \" all y Trout, Fred Co le, A I Neckar, Frank Sogandares J ack Co rliss. TojJ {low : Harry S chulte, George Bo y n lOn, A l Kennedy, Wall y Ol hocft, LOll Mallia Dave Aycoc k Fred HOrlon, Oob H a rri so n Co a c h O eckman. Junior College Wins Inaugural Interscholastic Grid Game with Cristobal 13-6. Over 2500 pe r so n s pack e d the Balboa Stadium to watch Ca n a l Zon e Inte rsch o l astic Football m a ke it s grand formal d ebut as th e Junior Coll ege Green Wave, sparke d by s pe e d y Bob Gibson's endrun sweeps and fullbac k Bi g Fred Co l e's lin e-d ri v in g thrus ts, took a 13-6 count from the defending C ri s tobal Tigers o n a fie ld t hat was covered with a bl a nket of mud. B o b Gibson sco r e d b o th the G r ee n '''ave t a llies o n runs in th e second and third quarte rs, w hil e Dick Sassara sco r e d f o r th e Tige r s o n a spin h and-off (rom Arnold 1\1anning BHS Upset JC tvith 13-6 Win. Balboa Hig h ca m e [rom b ehind in the second quarter to tak e a 7-6 l ea d. Gibson h ad scored on a h and-aU from J ac k Johnson ea rl y in the second quarte r a ft e r a B HS p e n a lt y had put t h e m on th e oneyar d l ine. K e ith Kreth of BHS charge d 0[ l e ft tackle to sco r e a fter a 70-yard drive Trem bl ey sp l it t h e u prights to g i ve them th eir l ead. Kreth ca rried t h e ball over again l ate in the contest to i ce th e g am e G i b so n Trout, Aycoc k Co le, an d J ohnso n we r e the sparks of JC. At the helm Coac h Beckman. Qur captain and mastermind on the field Fred Co le.


JC Swamps CHS 240. The powerful Green Wave ran roughshod over the Tigers at Mount Hope as they trounced the Gold Coasters 24-0 During the first h alf, CHS put up a great battle, trailing onl y 6-0, but the College boys had complete control during the last two quarters. Fred Col e's plunging through the middle, W a ll y Trout's sweeping around the ends, and A l Neckar's passing were too much for the Tigers to put lip with. A fumble o n the Coll ege 5-yard line cos t CHS their only real chan ce to sco r e. Jim Trout, /IIrll/ager (/lid I .railler. Necka r, Trom, and Gibso n warming lip before a b i g ga m c with Cris tobal. Balboa High Downs Jltnior College 7 0 to Cap Football Title. After bumping h eads (or a lm ost two quarte rs, BHS's Bill Mabie found a n opening in the J C lin e and galloped 65 yard s [or the only score of the game. Al Neckar capped th e Green Wave's offense by compl eti n g 12 out of 1 8 passes, while .Dave Aycock put a stop to many of the Bulldog plays. Fiual Sttlluling of Interscholas tic Leagu e BHS J C C H S WOII l.osl 4 () Pel.. 1.000 .500 .000 SecolI(/ string lille-uj}-Ulle: J ack Halla:..::. George HOY lll o n Bob Saarin e n A l Kennedy, Ric hard Gill Harry Schulte, Frank Sogandares. nne/lS: Terry Trumble, D ave Barney, J ack Ray, A I Neckar.


Trou t looks around for a receiver. Gibso n fades to pass w hil e Co l e and J ohnso n d o t h e bl oc ki ng. Rear view of a power m achine. Ca mera shy?


Pr act i ci n g s tart s on a hot afternoon. Junior College h a d a fair 1 950 track seaso n iri d e featin g Cristobal High Schoo l twice and t w i ce lo s in g to B a lboa Hig h School. Standouts on the JC squad were Charlie McArthur, con s i sten t winne r of the 100 and 200-yard dashes, '!\Tally Trout, top timber m a n on t h e Zone, .Jim Thompson, high-jumper, and George Boynton agi l e runn er in the 880. Other members o f th e tra c k team included F l etc h e r Phelan, Harry Schu lte, Tom Peterson, Lou Ma lli a, B ill Carson, Bob Saarin e n Frank Sagan dares, BUl'ni ce H e r ring, C lifford Myers, and Jose Sa las. LOll r.,[allia, powerful weight man. Thompson goes up a n d over the bar. BOYllt o n lakes the lead in t h e 880.


A CHAMI'IONSIIII' IlA I.L TJo:M,t! Bollo/ll Row: L ew Tyler W ally Trout the Trophy, Wall y Olhoe h A I Necka r Enrique Quint ero. Top Row: Coa c h Bec kman Os\'aldo Car doze W illi e Hidalg o, Bill C a rdoze Lero y Lundy, L eo Presho. IC Wins Baseball Championship L osi n g on l y t wo of their s ix inte rscho ol games, the Big Gree n T eam wo n a n undisput e d victo r y in t h e battl e [or th e Shrin ers' Trophy. The trophy was prese n te d t o th e .IC tea m at a s p ec i a l assemb l y by r ep r esentatives of th e Abou Saad T e mpl e W ally Trout, th e big g un o f the .IC mound s taff, won three ga mes and lost o n e w hil e L e roy Lundy wo n one and l ost o n e. Wally Olhoe ft ca u ght all th e ga m e s with excellent form and Os va ld o Ca r doze, th e l eag u e leadin g batte r, pl aye d third. Leo Pre s h o, Enrique Quintero, and Bill Cardoz e made up th e rest of th e infi e ld ; D ave Aycock, L e roy Lundy Charli e M cArthur, a n d Tom Tyle r p l aye d the outfi e ld. Coac h Beckman calle d o n A I Nec k ar, Bill Carson, and Le w T y l e r for r ese rves. The ]C team was en t ered in lhe P acific T w ili g ht L eag u e. vVinnin g s ixt ee n and losing seve n lhey placed seco nd on l y to a str o n g American L eg io!l team. Results of Interscholastic Games .lC RHS 4 Ii o 6 IC 1 5 6 10 CHS 6 II


Tommy T y lel laking a Cllt at th e ball. Coache s Lundy and Beckman plan the day s strategy TrOUl. th e Iron Man of j C 's mound s tafr. j C' s Old Reliable. Wally Olhoefl.


WATER 1'01.0 CIIAMI 'S! /Jollom R ow: Sam Irvin nill Howe. Ceorge ll oy nlOn Jac k Ray. Top Row: Jim On is. F rank Soga n darcs, LaITY I'arks. T c rry Trumblc, Jerr y Ashto n High spi rit s before the drowning bcgins. Af ter some rough a nd t o u gh, "glub glub" water polo games with BHS, th e Colleg e t e am ended up above waleI' w ith the Int e rscho o l Championship. The l eam deserves a g r eat deal of credit for hard pla y and good s p ortsman s hip under difficult co ndili ons. Olhoefl and TrOIlt. baskct ba II g rcats. A highly-pro mi s in g bask e tball squad turned out to d o n the new g r ee n and white uniforms of College Bob Gibson, Wally Trout, L eo Presh o, and Wally Olhoeft h eld lip the main e nd of the Var s ity team while oth ers who m ade th e squad were Charli e : McArthur, Jack John son, Ernie Fre udm an, Bill Cardoze, Jim Orvis, Dean Bri g ht A l N ec k a r T om P ete rson Bill Alexander Georg e Boynton and L eroy Lundy. B eca u se of high qua lit y and less quantity, m a n y of the V a r sity a l so pl ayed for t h e J ayvees Johnson tries a lay-up Up fo r a rebound i n an carll' practice game.


Ollr c heerleaders at the last f oot b all game: Bett y Newlin. Joyce Masters H elle J :arre ll. Ruth Marc h. Harbara Curies. Lillian Norris. H ill Grigas, Rllul Dic k inson. and E d Go u l d. Intramural garncs (or girls include three m a i n sports: volley ball, ba s k e tball .md so ftball. T eams compose d of sports-minded Jaycee girls play after classes according LO the sc h e d ul e d seaso n and enter inLO a h ea lthy spi rit of f e llowship and good cl ean sportsmanshi p Game attendance i s important for becoming membe rs i n t h e G i r l s Varsity C lub and a l so for contributing points toward th e intramu ra l trophies, awarde d at the end of the year to th e ten g irl s havin g th e hi g he s t numbe r of points from attending and winning their ga m es and from pUllin g Ollt extra effort in r e f e r ee ing.


Champi o n ship AII-Stars_ /Jo/lOII/ Row: Hett y H ougan, Gloria Glale_ J oa n H orler, J ean!1ine D o rgan Harbara C unn. TOI} Now: Ann Nicho ls. Fr a n ces Farrell, J oa n Williams, Coach Pal O'Co nn ell, B ea Rey es, Jane Williams. Barhara Fr itl, Susan H ltlchings. J oa ni e 10 boot th e ball fr o m Bett y n Ollgan T h e intramura l sporting seaso n for 1 950 go t unde r way w ith thc wellliked game of volley ball. As a n ample supply of girl s turne d out, th e competiti o n was goo d ; it was only b y h ard pl ay that J oa n Horter's t ea m came O llt on top aga in s t those of B ea Reyes and Joan Willia m s T h e All-Sta r winning s tr ea k began when our vo ll ey b all team captured th e c hampion ship titl e fr o m BHS and CHS in a two-out-or three-ga m c se ries w ith eac h sch ool. The scores for those ga mes arc as lollows: 1 C 2 1 2 1 CHS 1 8 1 7 I C 2 1 2 1 BHS 17 17 A hi g hlysu ccessf ul Volleyb all Playelay, sponsored by t h e V C l ub, was h e ld a t th e gy m to crea t e a [eeling o[ good sportsman ship and to g i ve th e stude nts from th e hi g h schools and college a da y o f [un and fellow s hip. Intramural captains Joan Honer. B ea Re),es, and j oa n Williams. R oge Fril z b l oc k s a hard spike from HHS's Amalia O s i gia n Ten se wailing for the s t arting w hi sLie of the ga me


Umpht A lraHic jam o n the squeeze play. Champions again. iJOtl.OIll How: J ea nn e Trlll y J oan Williams, J ea n n i n e Dorgan. Top H ow; J e nn y Lee Jane \Villiam s Susan Hll t chings B ea Rcyes Joan Honer. In t hi s most e n e r ge tic sport, r equiring quic k minds a n d quicker feet, our g irl s aga in h ad t h e qualifications to prove th e m se l ves capable mast e rs. Three college t ea ms, captained b y Joan ''\Tilli ams B ea R eyes, a n d J oa n Horter, turne d o u t in full force to ga llop th e ir way across th e courts, and after a clos e race, B ea R eyes' te a m took the le::td. Dressed in their new gree n uniforms, th e All -Stars ga in e d a n e d ge on Balboa, defeating th e m by a score of 28 to 25. Cristo bal was r oyally trounce d b y a com fortabl e sco r e of 5 1 to 27, thus bring in g t h e basketball champion ship once more to the J aycee g irl s The numbe r of enthus ia s tic roote r s w h o turne d out to the girls' ga mes thi s yea r was indee d gratif y in g a n d gave the teams t hat extra winning pus h o f spirit. \ tossed ball b elween captai ns Reyes and H Orler s tarts another ga me. lnLranwnli captai ns J oan Honer, Ilea R eycs a nd J oa n W illi a m s


Hugc Frit z slrctdlCs in the ra ce with Bascman H o rt cl". t-\ clean s trik e over the p l ate. Bea R eyes (g r eell) and Joan Hone r (white) wer e th e cap taill s o f th e two teams th a t s taned of( the softball season The ga mes h a d been sch edule d to b e comple t e d befor e th e Easter Va ca tion but b eca u se o f rainfall and severa l t ea m mi shai)s the seaso n la ste d a littl e lon ge r t h a n u s u al. The p e r so n watching the softba ll games afte r sc h oo l saw the numerous fie ld s dotted with h ats of J aycee green and Balboa r e d. These hats were supplied by Coach Pat O'Connell-for a nominal fee-and added to t h e enthus iasm of the team pl aye rs. V\/e ll-wi s hed lu c k wenl to the well-trained softball players LO make the '50 seaso n anothe r win for CZJC. F rom One to Three, and th e runne r i s out at first. Jane Williams gain s second o n a steal an d a sl ide


The cars don t go with the b o ys' don n "How a b ouL F ri d a y ni g h l ? "Ie lll)' o r di s h e s. bill w here 's the rood ? T hi s i s break i n g a d onn ru l e. b oys. A n ylhi n g and eve r ylhi n g bill leXl b ooks


T h e girls' donn or "Termite Terrace." evcrlasting s horthand h o mcwork. There's nothin g like a private room. Time Olll for sOllie musi c 011 the old piano. The cook was a lillIe slow ton ight.


I i Vly achin g [ ect. 2. "Ac t normal," the photograp h e r said 3 Takin g a breather between exa ms. 4 Pure com [ort. 5 I s he trying to get away? 6 Who ClIt off those legs? 7. Where'd YOll steal the car? 8. Break O llt the flit gu n 9. Haven't changed much have they? 10. \lVhat happened to th e "no h omework in the lounge" rule?


II. Please d cus tomers of the Gamma C hi ca k e sa l e 12. Cramming f o r exaJlls? 13.'s matc. 14. Stro n g wa t e r in the g'ym the se d ays 1 5 Somcthing th c tid e was h ed in ? 16. R e h ea r sa l n o doubt. 17. \rVhile the eat' s away .... 18. R e m embe r th e R olle r -Skating P arty? 19. A liLLIe hi g h e r b oys. you' r e [Jat. 20 Extracu rri cular activiti es [ o r the e n g in eers.


1. "S u c h a wonderful tea. 2. Mary supplies a so[t sho ulder to cry on. 3. Where's the bar? Over thar! 4. Caught in the act at th e Gamma Chi Tea. 5. The things you see w hen YOll haven't got a gun. 6. T h e s u bstitute lounge. ,. Food, [ Dod, food! 8. Notice the longing ex pressions. 9 Dignified college worne n. 10. Dr a pe s ha pes. II. T r y in g to hi de the h eap? 12. Somebody Illu st have just put the empties away. 1 3 There's nothing l ike a co n servat ive tie I ll. A n d for the next week they peeic(ul .. __ -__ 15. I s he trying to h o ld him lip o r h o l d him back? 16. Getting in practice for "Th e Weddin g?" 17. ]n h e r hi g h school daze. 18. Everybody wants to get in to the act. 19. "But, baby, it's cold out side!" 20. Vho hit that so u r n ote? 2 1 T h e Illad geo lo g i sts.


Our most sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to all those whose contributi ons and e Horts have m a de this yearbook possible: iVfrs B e rn ettc B eatty and th e Southe rn Eng ravin g Company. i'vJr. B e n Grange r and th e St. Pet e r sburg Printing Company, Inc. I'vfr. G eorge F. Barbers and th e Kin gsport Press Inc. [or our cov e rs Mr. G e n e C Loc krid ge (or his spons pictures. Mr. Ralph K. Skinn e r [or hi s e x cellent photographs Mr. Philip L aClair for his helpful contributions iVf r. All a n Erbe f o r the lise of hi s Sp ee d Graphic Camera. The Student Asso c i a tion for th e ir g e n e roll s appropriation. The Zonial1 Staff [or th eir cooperation and moral support. Our Adv e rtis e r s The Conquistador S taff ROOSEVELT AVEN U E B A LBOA


TRA D E M ARK B es t Wish e s to th e Class of '50 KODAK PANAMA, LTD. FILM SUPPLIES CAMERAS PRINTING MATERIALS ]<' ILM COLORED GUIDES FLASH GUNS Ar b oix B uil ding -Col o n 98"Centra l Ave., Pan ama 12 T ivoli Ave. P anama Compliments of SMOOT & PAREDES Eight y e ight


++++++++++++++ ++++++++.++++t+++.++.1111 Illl+111 111111111++++.+t! Lucky Graduates 1 to get gifts from ! + I TAHITI I i //EMORIES r eminders t ... (/f' o f this most important occasion t 1 a r e the jewelr y gifts sugges t e d t h ere. Hundreds more thro ughout + t our store; select yours today 1 t .. .. t .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. t .. .. .. .. .. :: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. t .. .. TAHITI THE JEWELRY STORE 137 CENTRAL AVE. 137 E ig h t y n i n e


Nille t y Complime nts of Samuel F d ne man Inc. PANAMA Compliments of Novedades M orrison TIVOLI AVE. I n Froll' 0/ A IIcon Post Olliee BOOKS MAGAZINES NOVELT IES Lewis Service Inc ] 24 Ccnlro) Ave. o .., m 4 Tivoli Ave Books Magn;:;;"es -Novelties Argu s Camera s Sheaffe r P e n s Offi ce S upplies Com.p /ime llts 01 C i a Ah Chu Compliments 01 Optica S osa Eye Examination GALLE NO. 11


P A N AMUSICA Your f a vorit e r ec ord shop Distributors of SEEBURG JUKE BOXES Monteserin S tl'eet No.4 Panama City Complim e nts of Cia. Internacional de Ventas S. A. Manufacturers R epresentatives PANAMA COLON LA CASA DEL MEDICO Tel. 2-3302 I Street No.6 P. O. Box 1689 M edic al Equipme nt f o r: HOS PITA L S CLIN ICS LABORATORIE S VETERI NARIANS PHARMACEUT I C PRODUCT S N i netyone


Panama's most 1JOpuiar s1JOt A drier climate and superb ocean beach CASINO SANTA CLARA Santa Clara Reel-eation Headquartet-s LA GARANTIA FURNITURE STORE No.4 "J" Streel Tel_ 2-1752 Off e r -fine l o n g and f an t a s t i c e a s y t e rm s of paym enl. Congratulations from ALEX 70 miles from Panama City LA CENTRAL Shoe Store Shoes to the styles of the day 8 .oj" Street Panama Nilletr-t .'Wo 42 120 Central Avenue CONQUISTADOR Panama salutes th e graduates of 1950 Invit es you to discover the ex tra quiet, comfort and economy of the Bristol, so cen trally located at RADIO CITY_ Famous Cocktail Lounge and Bar P erfect l y Air-conditioned HOTEL BRISTOL Television 129 West 48th Street Fine room with private balh One Person, $3.50 to 85.00 Two Persons, $5.00 to $7.00 New York C it y V. Jakobsen Reside", Mallager T e l. Circle 7-3600


COMPLIMENTS OF 34 CENTRAL AVE., PANAMA BAZAR J Street No. 5 P ananla If! e Constantl.y Receive Fine S ilk Linen and Rayon Mater ial a lso F I NE CURT A I N CLOT H S Pay Us a Visit Phone 2-2759 Compliments 01 Agents SMI THS F I NE ENGLISH CLOCKS 122 Central Ave P analna COIIgrlltuiatiolls to I .lle Grmluutes EL CENTRO TAILOR SHOP E lias Cohcn, PIOp. Specializes i n CASHMIR TROP I CAL SUI T INGS AND SHARKSKIN Telephone 2754L 120 Cen trl.ll Ave. Panamu City Trunk &-Bag Mfg. Lorge Assortment on Hmul OCTAVIO VALENCIA P h o n c 2-1069 Ave J. d e La O ssa 28 SEDERIA MIRAMAR JOSE WONG, Prop. CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATES Nnety-three

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Cook With COIIgrntulatio us Irom ESSO -GAS HOWARD FIELD SHOE SHOP Ninely-jour W e Sp e c i alize in Beauliful Handmade Boots and Low S h oes Albrook Curundu Tel. 84 Idea l for Country H omes Cle all e r -Faster Cheap e r ECONOGAS, S. A. Lux Building 34 Street Panama City T e l. 3 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1950 UNIVERSAL CORPORATION

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" S ee a ll th e g ood pi c tur es a t the be a utiful n e w B a lbo a Th ea t e r. A f t e r th e s how, e njoy a c ok e a nd h a mburg e r a t one of r es t aura nt s." PANAMA CANAL CLUBHOUSES Cong r a t u lation s fr o m Compliments 01 STANDARD OIL :[Canal Zone]: CO. Excell e nce in Photography Marketers PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 7 Fourth of July Avenue Panama, Republic of Panama BALBOA CRISTOBAL Nine t y e ight TROPICAL FRUIT CO., S. A. New Orleans, La. Guayaqnil, Ecuador S e r v in g th e Isthmus with W ee kly Ste amship S e r v i ce from N e w Orleans CANAL ZONE OFFICE, III T e rminal Bldg B a lboa C. Z Tel 2

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Complim e nts 0/ elVA, s. A. Cadillac Pontiac Panama R. P. You jud ge a cigarette b y the way it ta s t es. And your ta s t e will t e ll you why LUCKY STRIKE i s th e l e adin g c i garette o f the w o r ld. MOl'e people smokc LUCKIES than any olher cigarette. Tel. 2 One Hundred One

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FOR EXCELLENT DRY CLEANING SERVICE OUR VERY BEST WISHES American Steam Laundry Phone 2 "Tony" The C leaner Peru AvenU'e, 16 Congratulations to the Class of 1950 CALL PHONE 2 Panama Trott THE CLEANER A6nGIAS OTIS mcALLISTER S. A. Representatives Representatives & Distributors Central Ave. 39, Suite 203 SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. P. O. Box 1721, Panama City Congratulations to the Class of 1950 llnited States Life insurance Company Hand Estudiante Street Panama City One H U1Id r e d Three

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Complime nts of STAnOARO fRUIT & COmPAny C RISTOB A L C Z. COlltlJlillt ents o f Pan Anlerican s. A. D istributo r jor C HRYSLE R PLYMOUTH T e l ephone 2 Compliments of t h e Man u fa c t u r e rs of Salad Oil H. de Soht e Hijo S a n Sa lv a d o r E I Salva d o l Pan a m a, R. P D ll e l1ulItirc ( 1 F ille

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Gift Oflhe Panama Canal Museum I.ATlN AMERiCAN COlLECT lOt UNJVCRSjty OF FlORIDA 9 J

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