Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: April 12, 1973
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00061
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Five Acres Upi For B3ids

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Sat ill e a Sciencfeek. Fairoff -and U- ko mlTooooo 301
I~n l ~llla lihn Il r7 a fall in I, im last *m mr
bandes, the Fo-d-%lal~rlft .11. month am I.- Boul-rald I ,~.
M. .lll(bNI Im~UBIa nd = 111. hall~h u

Stddentsnl~ulh80 3000t at DI 1b l00.IO. l
State Science Fairlail~
and Ido'tkow how .1m 11h d

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Int mdears P~mDo o. isunity
Rl~kRadn Branyt-I m~m it- wymm by Wall- n

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Ca~rr~U~llor l Ill~~nnllsrlm dtmulL Min ~~lml~p ia~n I

Playhouse Prepares

for Season Finale
Tl7 13l.r7 Beich Playhoue Ti"n to 0mpl a r8e 1lIer1 .
Ifn Ml, l sllllnro)ean- he yWg~t brother of Ihe
I i. r "SMy D10h7er 1 Y1r b-ide c0l0 3 t3h n 8lge
w L, arnndy by p ebe g lll 11 .11,uble wadn I
pall mrame rforlmaes The t Is lud : p-..ntlI
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Mln R,* my geae. and .R.W ll.,
rd 7030y ,vol around a iT0 037 Aller1ln ol Bon,lon
N York uple, very mu ch Bea, both lamllar la o
Inlove.07bd0cl.d1tog .r- 0.he .playhos slage 0he r-

ik 0m moll er0 "appy," a
ples 3s00U._aid 020103 ft... 1113h 51e0h0
lest e S he aye hy Llnda Me-ll o
a 1 .er lamnily In lola o and Michael Star ol
d he phone i paet* in plm Beach and Dennis Lov-
0110o to unce the soad im o[l Boynton ounds t Ihe
ano. .l11h younger bther.
EMiwul. l .h.ir (id* "MDaulhter.YourSon" I
it In Nw York. to make ,e .h and lll prndutl
Muter eL they deine Io el the Plpyhouie ioan R+-
t Ibe 7lanIn, lalor smll0 3ati are 1w being lak
ceremonyn. ll Ibe rrane al the Bo O111Ice and can be
m tnts areanantl made00 by calling n457i or
Iandia b~ an Ib o oal hkdays a h m 9.30 to
lIrger eodo thhe tiugsb. .

once 0l1ory. Senior Aln
GOdon waMleled tool autt
ompeutlon i random sy the
ud30 whoe l1t, Ill hit p3
eel "Elluarlne ole "
A member ,f the N1ationil
Ion Society. and The Gold
Coast AqAuul, Aan pla
to I slend he Unier.ty ol
700id0 8010II.

alp y and Ml up ol .h e pro -
Jli and not a much o ase
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Sophomore DOna Kovah-.
fall 10 0ml0 10033 0 t Wi.
toek a blue dboa at boeh
schbl and roseioLa ilenes
(tIn. A bard erUnl.g pen
minded sUlndt, am Peliil.
a in e.
Slene Director flor Atilna0
igh, Alvln Perlmt n con.
meled, "We did beller tn
any other tChol aI the cournly
In .Ihe rMlon l aeir 3 a0n
Ibtn1 rowad 0, mlldn1iy to
10e ilal d 7lr 300 3nth 0

Delray Beach Sickle Cell

Fund To Assist Blacks

....d lPlOotg m a s
-mll olwao, bohlnd h1r
,nm.- Mrls 0nbb sp1ll d 0t
IlIe purpose *nd Ihe iutul nl
I.m hual ng o -" u

Th. .was -o.'s
-raln ims rum he pun,
lo in I he A1way7 which
Irnm 1ering I7 00e07 h0dIl

wned lady .0 '1o m
Th1e rwl eo yunam "I
were Iher lu lullhll ihenl ns.
silned lalk and timirlnhiL
what they cLd

UirbarJ Dearman, aind MI" I
Ihe hlrst mayur A.0 '7..10,. 00 .'
Fu 7 ...", ,
lIea Inh0 e0r.wo17en

0r1mbn adke" Jr ne S a.
hospital. was placedten charge
3rol aloblihlng the ,lraY
Uch .Sickle Cll a 0l4 mnk
.1- I 10 .7 II1
were put m rhir|e cL he Itrull
lund lsablhn' 'at Irm es-
ll0l B.ank ol -0r3 y ah
ull. Wrllhl d io- had the
lund rillies 0g 01lr0a07101l

h 0arman hA d ol the AmerI.
can 70i1 Cross iL'apiM in
ll)h Palm Bfaeh Cmnly.
oIllfd lu auaII in anyway
passble MrI Wlllams halor.
'will form oth,0 .boul Ihr
1Sickle CI ll0 disese und pr
pare uiro m s

manage ,.. .*' '*

c a 0 I0 p0 1o1r am10 n

.'Z. (he IS g i".I I a 0 '0
ld, ." .,. "I' . ', :11

'.a,' se' y and,

h- 1,. .. b- m-
Irrand preens Im rom
=...,h aprryist. h

.| ud.iln...li 1 Lss.

1i01e o0 'nd 7 1 sn. 0 1 o r0 1.
mended them Ioraltn, 8011

;,thI a ul pountn uiy ralld
' is 'o,... ..

yerl unldeil ll ted Iecuse

pelapl iht nr t b10 n Ihgr

<,,ed ai a uon', 'during

Mayor Proclaims

VFW Poppy Days
Delray beach MayoJam. eno0. The prceedsl 1 thir
II S50e0.ey, 3ha proflamed ole ar used eiclulvely 1or
April 5 a1 llcl l 0 Pop, he b0iei of d blnd and
py D, Inhc rof ,h e Veof needy VE- era s. and the wid-
ans.. leg nn Wars,. and .0 an ed
,3 .....0..d p ja,.... ,. ..
Foren We. PoANo. N l 4 '1'4'1 *v
which "o-lr m n opplunity , *if *.f
0or 0he people of thl coma ""
nlty I on eipeU Ihel r s .ll d l ddey 0' -' "
for those iiort le perfons "i urge all an tolic lilenl
who havepai dm. han .her to w er a setddy Poppy 11
Ihare ol the coIl of [random", muLe evldece ol eir graUlde
sadSlh.m". o. the me o I hi :.ntry who
*.... ... r.. : .f ... ..a.l. or h... .. e.
j ',i .m a A .. i lll3 l, iaobllho"os.
...I? ..-. I -m rlcllAl .

YUGOSLAV10 DANCERS are lyplo.l 0 0I00 o be Isea n 1I dao*menlruy
color tiN. e.t11.d "Yuasollv.h ud Ibe Siavle RBae" lo be p e.ted by Deflny
Beach KIwal Chrll0 ii .11til1 p.m, Tnhrday, April 1I. .i St. V1ce.l Far1er
Pa0ibH 1111. lm 0 Tril, elray Belch.

DR. ROBERT RABO N bas been elected Io the
Bornd ofl Dirconr of the First National Bank ul
Delly Beach.

FNB Director,

Advisor Named
Dr. olbe r E. Riborn .wa N ;- n
elected a dllreor00f3 03 e ,1 i. .i
Reimh and H0 idS, Bond w3 ..' ...
1Vonted3ameberofl. 3 A- -. 1 .. . ,
tnnounccne Frederick y ar I
Tesehke. president oftbe Dr. andl Mn1 [{abrn end
ban, 1heir thr. 0hildr. rousle In
Dr. R0born I 11harer .17010.. ..n.. m...
moral H1.lplt.l medical tal . ,. I
and srd .al Chief o te ..1 ,
Medical Sial In sI He 0 ,-,, .1

Feltw and Lite M bor o ,
Ihe AmeIc Coll.ege , "
anColleeo( Cardelan d !I ,,
eatydnlernl Mediacin ';. ., -
.1011am10 llat.0 113100 11 00,7

0r, olrvedaPrl- .
de l he ae Socy n ... .
I11 and re.eived ,the l- .. .
Oultandng Inemls Award .. . ,,,,
fi0rom e Sa.1=e Soce1y In O- I
healaeI0 11Boardlbtlof 11 ; . .
the Florida Heart As-iialon ..... i,,, ......
and a peildeni ol .he Socli- .'" ..,., i
0400ll l-deal 010.501 Swda
Economic add Education ... ,
Soillyolidnlel Medicah l '- -

Documentary Film

Benefits Charity
"yugoslavia and the Slavic Raee," a documentary
lor ilm of an area and people lhat have prcally
Influenced Ihe history el the world, will be presented by
Ddlray Beach Kiwani Chnartiea al 8' 15 P.M Thurday,
April 12 a1 St. Vincent Ferr Parish 11lll, 710 Palm
G0 ne Wiancko, who will narrate the film, has
produced seven educatlonl, documentary and TV pe
dlai on Yugoslavia and i a reconled autblrLty on the
Balkam. He will portray the lasinating whirlpool of
races and religion, In the storybook lands ol Maced
na. Serbia, Croatla, Bosni, Slovenia and Monenegro,.
assembled in one country hat i scenically one of the
mostalbeautiful In the world
"Mr. Wlancko has narrated more than 1200 film
per0ormances and Is one 0o the beat In the entire Ilm-
performance field," said Norman R. Colerill. chair-
man ol Ihe Klwanmi Club's Travelogue Commlrte.
"This Inhe last of the five-show 173 series, and we
will Inlish with one ot the most dellighlful performance
we have presented.
"The largest crowd ol the year attended our last
how on China, and iI Is our hope Uhat more people will
come o this one. Tckel are only 2 at the door. the
puble library, .spnlh r river Inn, Red Carpel World
Travel and Tou and Na.onal Car Renal.
"The process go 0o numerous good local causes,
such as the h eal band and chorus, ttle League and
Pony League baseball, lehool sho3hlar3 ps dental ln.-
Ic equipment, drug abuse center, library fund, Saltation
Army. junior tennis touramenl., Audubon Society and
haskseta, clinic "

Page 2, News Jlournal. Inurda, Apr 11. 1973

Police Support

April 12 uil b "Polire A epreciation Day" In

serve In I he ll)
Iongnllion will be al he Greater Delray Beach
Chamber of Commerce coffee rlub meeting to be held
at Ihe Iiumu Club buldig on SE Fourth Avenue.
Although the chamber is setting aside that one day
lor reognnling the efforts of the pace Sfleers, it Is
only to make official what chamber members fel
nrouglhout the year.
There no quelion in the mind of the residents of
this or any other city. that Ihe police have a full time
Job nn their hands trying to keep pace with crime.
Delray Beach and Boy Beache both ileey
llle towns one upona tme and cnsequntly heir
problems were little whether they be in pmvlding
utility series or Ireand poli pro ecllon,
A the area grows, s grows ll the problems on
providing services lo the people.
Obviously, e of the problems fell mos . either
physically, financially or mentally . .is that o crime
and Ihe crimnal who abuse, robs and terrories vic-
A burglary ran be forgotten with the passing o
time. especially i one Is not ea home when a house is
brAken into Financial loss an often be recovered by
insurance although not even Insurance can replace
senlimntal value pced on objects.
A ra burglar who come into a home while one
slep leaves I he homeowner with many sleepless
nights thereafter along with embarrassment that he
didn't wake up, but with a deep seated thankfulnes
that he and Ie family did remain asleep.
A law abiding citizen, threatened with a gun waving
tUiel, or a illisen physlrally abused by a Ihlr carries
that memory sar longer. And of course, those who have
lulfared the loss o. a loved one at the hands of a hiehl
will never orgel.
Sis the Job of the police to keep the law abiding
people safe and secure from such Iridents, but Ihe
police are handicapped by law whd give protection to
thee who would violate them and harm olters with no
more thought than stepplion sn ant
Intermingled with ihe job of kepin up with the
major rrmin ls, the drug adcdilc and the burglars, the
pole reare shackled to other jobs which demand even
more of their time including traffic control and InvedtU
gating triat accidents.
During the winter season. there are more than 9 or
1O aclidenm per month reported which often mean
two or three accidents happening almost simulaneous-
There i an old saying by people stopped for a
trlfe voladon by police: y aren't you out apter-
Ing the real ciminals, the rbbher and maurderen?"
II might be well for Ihe speaker io remember btha
eoring the traffic law Is part of he duly which
burdens the police oftier. and It that motoaril had not
violated Ihe Irafir law, the perhaps the polleeman
mlght jl b out getting the mudeer or preventing
a moreserlounerlmelromhappening..
Pulling things In perspective, the robber might aim
tell the policeman t o g ou and apprehend the stop
sign-runner ao that he doesn't cause "acldent. the
drunk driver so he doesn't came ddeatl, and the peend
er s thai he doesn't kill himself.
People make taew, bunt Its eal people who break
the laws. And It is he Job of the police officer to
enforce thosetanws
The dictionary dthesrbes "entlare" as "to make
strong" bt unless the police oficr hal help from the
general pubr In obeying the laws mnd In gving support
and appyreiaton to them tor their Job the police
oftfier may feel It i a less task.
me policeman must be all hng to all poleC, bully
or omlorter dependlng on wh seye view himn bt hae
loo needs comforting and a pat on the bhak at least
mee in awhile and nhat Is the purpose of "Police
Apprelstion Day."

Eight Years Ago

The Beach Tsiep le bhos reidedts amccounted le
League aired rmpliaba to eu bout rar met of the yemrly
Cfl cl a spet e rl t llren tdly.



James M. Con Jr., Chairman
RoberI W. Shermn. President
Gary L Gooder, Publisher.Edilor

Advertising Accout Executives
Danny Underwood
M. Dealbraoh Webb

Bookkeeper M. Cesl Snyder
anulaiaon Mi. A. 0. Helahck
Classlied Adv. Mn. Paler Koalsn
Women's Editor Mrs. Jt GOraddy
Puboblnhd pr, Ihuraloy enl 4 N. E. Fourth A-.s
D.leo ih. Florida, WdaIa. Erntlnd sa hound
Clso Mo "I, o U.S. Pi Olru., oDlo asih.
Sboh.,p.onRo eeh., e 3 o a5o. p 12.0 0la
m lhn 11.80 him o.nth,.

Helienol Adverlltng llpreunlallif
Sowyr-F.gUion-Wslksr CEo., 1k Pahrk A..
Niw Yah, N.Y. 10017.

Pic-Torial I

GOLF AND TENNIS are nw hin il nred by dedl- appra renlaial alrotela. TBt earn by R.
.oa n 1. ne dov.l.pmra.l, smel *b aly UsLta ad- d t Ui ed RanI qelp Oa a eefse In
vnolgo at the se popltslly i3 teral. Eelr La Weent, emr el e m Ip!lc lutlla"
a lee II us Unll ep le laud thm bIt retired aport oele t new eald t empe.
for gll oune m d uI eNinIa them hI dlu eer

Under the Sun
BsARYvOODER p iw st s roe-rMs u1a~dUal aUte vIdg UIhaL opaI*.S _r

< Twenty years al wheh we
moyd to t he barly Seekh-
Boyte Deaich area, ype cld
count lI number of g ll
rous here on e hoind
Thm eu the Boca Deem
Holel and Club crse. the
Denray Beah Cauntry Club.
Ihe full(ni m Aoll Cub and
Be LaeW h Cuntry Club
SInn e th lime. dae ol
orsen sne coen Into beied
In Smb Palm Bech Coeunty.
inol I n -y lo moun. I1
alone name for fesr we mlln
Thea hive hbam sman In
UManUa i gall durn thlt
nsme perd. Gotf mu lied
Inso bkueleg dvelsenmts en
than riga maw sit In tah
IIbemlanuould lllant mr
thbe o nmean and leI they
bid reed mart lo thri
Then. older goiters who
haven't ym laded wy wese
given onuidenlaN bhy the -
sitlnealie Couries which
rve Ibm aerrae nd a sit I-
Iraln buat wI' qui llu ts
ing as paying a ull sIee
tb'e. etilI another Innova.
lien which perhaps hau't
quite coa i on as Cardl s
here a par te cone IS
rarucanld wibh 11|hU Into
able galers to chip and pull
tllr dark.
wulAo qelln. gl was
Ube AlB| le ndangr the en
In FIda ld it will probahti
lM wltl bs wh dellgt InU
bfiling a little round bill
s sa o iroa red paclm.
IryLg lo drop it bI itny mnd

tennis with fe 'ull linltsre la ria ma' a
a: bmaheo A msl s m et a --te;
soKullyh, e st -lu m ,tha 0"lly tun M
- tty. nse mmurnltn.ranlreala We. ma pslmaA
Slly.p td armleo ( u a rthela cos reSt mmPsU tuam ram m .

Bethesda Memorial Fund>

C. P. PROSSER Mr. and Mn. Bay aynor
ERNEST J. CAPEN Edwin F. Pollock
DR. ALLYN F. JUDD Dr. Peter Palmalun
Dr. Martin Wels Jr
Dr. WilltOmn K a e
Dr. F. P.= Oi
'r. L. Lmetace
Dr.L a Mnll LI. OGldnl
CECIL 0. STANLEY Mr. and Mn. Carl W. (Gli
Mr. ald Mn.sAl An A. Doherty
IIAOLD V. DALLY Mr. and Mn. Alvin A, Doherty
HARRY J. MORGAN Dr. and Mn. Robert Wadlud
AD DAIIL Mr. and Mrsn. R. P. Hecreld
DONALD W. ROSE Mr. and Mn. Thama F. Walker
Mr. nd Mrs Edh Buley, Jr.
Mr. ndMn.W. AIld Hays

Mr. and Mre. B. N. Randall
Mr. and Mn. W. E. DlUend
Leouard W. Prnclor
Mr, and Mrsn. John I. BaIlantne
Mr. and Mrs Ernest R. Gratu
Mr. and Mn. Edmund C. Mogiorl

; Mr. anold M. Jama FPld
Mn. J Aan We lCombnl
MIluMarNprt Wl
thn Obten Web
Mr. ML.F. Mnlnit
WALTER E. HAUCK Mr. and Mrs. H. T. McAml
Mr. and Mn. WUuthiaCmKlinetng
Mr. aSd Mn. J. B. Wondbhay
HILDA KEAN Mr. and Mm. Haunld Patlendl r
JOSEPH D. PATON Mrs. Arnold W. Jone
Mr. and Mn Jlrs J Bultne
FRED D. MOROGAN Lursle La Unhlt "N'a
ARTHUR BrINER Dr. H. Peter Wintrich
KINOLEY DAY Mr. aind Mm.Beot DATfla
KENNFETC. MOOK Mr. ad Mr. R. W. Murry
NATALIE N. BUH Mn. Jane H. Baboe
Mr. andt M. VIne V. Cnbia
DR. DUDLEIIGH. .TONE eore P. Kealst,
Marrpet C, Ctart
Ctlrlblalons tI the Betheads MenOrial Fund
iauldb ha to box M1 l. De0ray Beah,. Florida.

Letters'to the Editor'

Edithr, : :
Once aain we are headed (or Ontario. Caadn, We..
dld a to thank all our friends In Boyntlo Beach, O
Delr Beach and all'our riend in the Del-Boy Tale
Pal for akidng aour halidaly uch a cnens ,,
BOyomn Beach ibmdde very proud of all their.,;
employ. at ihe beach ind eslpcally the Ideguard.,,
Thiy are reaBy on the Job all the. time In all In of
weather nd qat a lo w npeoplea owe their Ble to taIbtm .
they really n a great bunch of boys and should I,
u should very pro of every one of tem. .
Thanks aga ind and God Ulg, let's hope we ae e e 5llt,,
heree gether nemtdyer. rab D oa.Eh
F Mr. nd M. D EdugtL
3, MN.Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach',
Edhir .
Mly I .emplimet you ,on Pour "Under elhe Sn"
IUtlte n Ihe April C NewsJouenal. It In the bind of'
InlformaUon many pgplet ihbuld have brought y o their
atltenlon. High ptfe should not be blamed!onthe
arme buht on Unioo menmbe who mre always
demanding htgBer wage and mere be in.
Now thBl thL over. The tarmen hbay plows, Itra
,teo, ctl atonr, binder,'mlltlung naclh and new
equipment all Union workmen male.
Then he taen his product t anurket In a tacru
made by Unlan Labor, at the elevator or pacn plant.
It In wdgbedon1 Udnionmade icla, i ken lin the cawe
o tment) to Un-mde B .mnag refieneralton on Union.
made hand trub, put up and wrapped In Unlonmade
bu l Thn T I I sold to he retailer and delivered to
hem on UnlnCmade trucks,
The reader put It in his Ulnon-made rerigeratr,
then eul It up tor ale with Unlon-made tool and
knvei and he the sell11It to a culstmer and weighs It
M Uolon-made mrale, wrap It and B tiet I nt uln ln.
mude paper and hiring. Then he rin up ptheM re on a
Unwos-made caih rgater. And athea .nla..
always alkngl for a eia,
SO now I wonderL why not cut down oll Union wages
and e how quitc prices wod o downa m .
Delray Beach
Fight years ago a writer dug up ome Itemn about
Dloy Breeean Trailer Comunlty which an now eight
yean behind the Umia, and prited them as current
news In the Mbarch Delray Beach News Journal,
leading he public t believe we has a run-don area
and arm ud illng to Imb rove maltehn.
Long ago the shulfBoarh d eoerth were r-built and
covered oertthr bench inatalted. At great eI pe a '
dsIlghtful fmotain and pool and landeaping wmere in.
taied. and the auditrnuma one of th finest In the
enrUe asea, Wan nuaitd d a ts leoor laid. A new
roat to the hobby bel ldiag, new cell" g and llting
create a unmatched place for e variety of leisure
acrUvlfl. The office has been redeIgned and crpel.
edr and we have a beauuthfult, targe heaed ailmmlng
peel; and we ot only ake care of each other, an
ounelvI, but contribute geerouly to Bethesda Hospi
tl, and the Heart Pund ad oley local charites.
At the preUnt ime1 thl Is one f the most truly
aunieonlng democratic orpgnlutdor, net rm as a
benevolent utocry, but trulyby represenlaUen ol the
peple Involved. Government In a democracy does not
ue Uanllnu agreement; and critics should not
expect us to votn e o Improve everynthg smultanesa.
ly. We pay s we m igo, and owe no one.
BryB M.V,B.

IIENRYGdETLm ORP .. i0. i.....lll.-. I11 .E, bIB Avnue. Uoynlon
Iemryn Elleldoral.IlBS c-.., |- c .i a, Ijour Beach, diedAprli Surivora
EBB 1Avmue. Wel ne Bech. rtBhr Jim, John. Anuir uInien her huled. m-anve
didd April allr In ll H s. Ben Slan. ill ol t ulintn, ParinM n. oa Baomn Beach:
nm He waul IT elnsnduale Oa M n t vl Wi al l over,
o Marqnuete Univeniy In Bhit. Fuinee rvlin aed
Wlonln ind m menbenr o u r I I b Wll ki plce in Dou
the Pall BOmai raltenil tie F" mre l l weetrerld r, n B. Blirdm Pu erl
W end In the Armed Fr nre watn l thD iA d lame BaPal. Beach. lI n
1Delal Corpp In Wrld W tar melC"I th. ,lesM B dan rA elo al nd tomardlng
le placltced denllly I In Bee m"ionl crdoeranngemln. emnnemenl.e
BYl. asln WsImm 9191 AIIeC.sRUBLBB
ls ad i ad WaIe m .. E CARLA.BOTELLt.SR.
rI'n I tI to IBtB After tmr smh C K. E S Lt .r. II, OI te 11 B r, n, t
pitlIMyem dofr e .. B ttnteet1, Delnay 10 N. Old Dilel Delnay
rM ielr. Beta h. lie died r In Lt e ded April e p Ie had
l illaetiome member I he W s n s Whall ll 'olh nled t a o21y t beam,
A. hKnlih Lt C im li lulel d rd on lme Lr (s Bsnch
Bar WIe hMa Club:; Et-Elke abed nC e ed r n- NM at O e All e le W penl
Club ai. Ie Delay Beach i1ld M l. "d Creiese I turnlurm rpalr bdl.
ub and Ie retired Medi cl Beach. Cmn.. bhlane cnoe rma lie li ea elea n ol
en. I Club. He wa m b Delay Berbch. S a "' World War 1. Survoed by hBe
or"S. Vincenl F-cen Cihli "z ra I teB *"* MIldrld M. ot Beray
Church. cDel ady B h al *l ctl v lr n t R 0r Beac+: a em. Clr F., ot Born
He l eZvlved byhu wifem g h oB BeIo ch; hlk-bralbher,
Marcelltte Flue Eiteldesl 0f By e dane at at Nt.:
oEneis of by NJ.s
Beley BeaC: one s. Ilesry She luma* l e by ean* bieUadirer. ameM PalO. CdIlI
F : s 9N e heeaB. W l ln m e B bea. i d s iP t t .tl da d : F n d .
dbuabterrFInah Lolitm of Besi wERe'1 BaA st me, PlIUp. mnel *erniea
OatneallBe;LnaHmola el Wan'L.HIBde led;: B ll+a nelad nApril lt I e tss
Madimon. Wimin. lI l g "a h en bee-COmb Puneral Icome.
.edl., Woe llln, ar dch i dnm ; hi to.Bd. .c
drtem and i la Mrl. J e- aenatreem adaal W. Brd N JrBof9
ltllhe Fesalt A P a.lA B A I '"a t"e ld E. B lautdi. Jr. U ,
tl n vennt Boe Laso tea IndlnPlltt.e In BIe a, d id A WnltCr aBBe ed
mesh .e ine am. Beurwnedeedoyan-

E C aH ll l ltm Ias.e sad

Bed. died Mach Bn Mae Cdltnl mae e da
iMar mar e mad BoEnpla e JErcgiA. Cnl T. tn, t MD Baed Ielet
Ba Ntrel oin1me y, Ht Ill l ,I e...a p l B
Reas Ba oaaes, o ed A% lm .. .
Bed BeAnaVnw ry C oy. B ema Bin 7.s A.U W
THOIWASP.MCGMAThII n M e aesoeelnu.nh.
Mttl, P. MIno Uth U, I
M n W. n.1ide el n n tyI Id HA. M lN. t m
etrbetm n y C Beh die aled pi 7 Se l dml.olRe d t
amiscer Bemlad Atmeanit in latN ealtls, m Rl Be,
Pialte e e tnu m U H de w t L h -mU

buigslabmstadl. mneadre atunln dUml
alyName PRudeMlR. Wet.. Beds st nBaPetume Pad
vBmel BeIm tAtla clme FIhnl uBlltM Prbnayiel
Beo mae Em eds. t Wentelen. Mia, nim., on e ta .
mnere o r hla sob
bie~i o llm d Be e

Berl eloa'rrtia (Aimaep
Isnflped; onllHmn satlna ll .
WEreBalheemnat Eem Ca ShotnedhYhebu ad,(
abrd. Ceeneltdinal Pu 11. Rynnrd -lmeiern el n
Mark. BCaTiBs ,cnh.Bes.: mypes Sp yrnemr. BOr ndy
M.wytt BrBeen I ds a Bll k.
MaUt L o N Firt Bted PI.benla
1 nidied Aprl BSunor mb l itlF llrleWi l P
tni~;AlU :inUa. rna un-o dAmthes
Slan, b Th o Boynts B qeach: aytben lwArc
Be d : d,n Barser: Wlde
padres o Pompn Bea LENAAKARTMAN
sad KBo. Poe ot RrEA Leta AW.K ma, N, a let

Crinkle Patent.
The bright
move to

shouldn't be without.
SlIk and chiny crinled plen by
Lutter Brown. Shaped to o perfectly with
your daughter's favorite dress, Let her Iry a
pair- experlly fitted by our specialilts.

5 1 10 1 16.00 *

Setn lll.t t_

NcmwJ iriL. Thursday. April 12 1973 hi' c 3

Area Deaths

Sn.Hlu amlnyohe at m.i _rmk a mnie .......E
I wbe in lreedeit PBin CIIAMLESA.SBOMMER . ..... and two rel-lrndln'
N.y. e D..t Cmbl P el Chati, A. eamemr. o .. .. Ilchr, and nd oll Frtklm
..'u . 1 ',1 1 me in cha ge ol( o ln IL BE h A .u Boynlto . ..i -. funeral i mlc w ere held
. ,si ran emeneal die d Apl I. Scoube .... Monday, Aprll Ira. lde.
Buach Fuaenl srvlns tr Combm charh onl t n| a.. .. loynlton Beacrh Memurlal
.. .. JOSEPINOE HM m L = ....' t1rk ca'1 S.obk mha n bl har.-
Jaelp e Boaem. ., of, + .. My.9A,. MAB E.B olTEBmBmNn ll
M .1 B. h., -i Sh.rood Bird e Bl.lr MAYVC.PAIIor S ON B e
Heal c died April 6. Me waMs Y IS +. PIteie.. ISo r d
fl b 1 Wn ... a .. ^ Le B y Ileauty Salon
Dlob tSu lced by henhusande. i a d a re it IIOLtu N A N VIi.BTyild
iL e i r r at um n er at" D el nay Be ech; e W lleal ay. Ma s. Bc ee EIIntI I J
Bn .mBB *.,tye.,. C A ecr .la,.tr. u t I- o ad en
A d a u glhe r A n in S la. = E m ea
Tall"J'li ",m II mIn Y -- --. -- I

B.W. sed Street, Boynlon
Beahd dBed Ape e. Be Bad
hm mdle of Ibe I ra tar
the puat our yea., maint
romn Pnendmm Platl. NIY.
He wm i member OF e F'ee-
dom Plains PreabyterAbn
Buetn Freedom Plain.
AlIs l member o B.M.
QuIrter Century Club ol
Braege Bflatornll Socltly.
BatBnee Coundy_ N.Y,: old
Vten of Worttlrd biu Ldie
eurlved by 1ll wile, Abe*
Pl[Itsp. oe Boeyton Beach,
I e : t nm Serlgent Ed-
BO, Pdi, u o o be
W. #u~luplote bM(~raat

5tdhbildrn, a brolhe. Na-
tIhnlel Jacoby of German
lawn. Ten; t ailler. Mr.I
Ethel PFleny oe Yamulh
Porn. Ms Puneil lervlei
uAd hlis wIll be l Plalns
flud, NJ rIn lieu o nr wme,
donanonDu y be nrde do IBe
bee nelend Poit In chdien of
Edwird J. KImlal, ofl
Soulh Balvd., ApL IB. HBld
Polm. Bayntu Bech, died
Ardl 3. te had ben realdel
o Boynlon Beach (or Ill
yen., omidl fronm COrbcry.
N J, urlvedby hli wie. Dor-
lAy.oBlaytton Beah; milh'
. M.M Moct KIamul of
Morlille. Pa.: Im lilern:
Genevleve MIcklo, ieio o
Morltvlllie ed illls YSeeL
Il l Lnden, N.J.. ne Woil-
in, later Kimul Oa Plllni,
Pa.: ter nephen ad deo
nRese,. Faetml ervamie end
burial we In Linden. N J.
Sobe Cnmbu PFunrl I.me



ELOISE DAILY, Owner Operator
135 S.E. 6th Anu 8:30-3:30
Dir.ly 0-h 276-5334 Tu.. -S.t-



Check This...



No Minimum Balance
No Monthly Service Charge



Pqet ih r1 Tliatursday Aprill2. 1973

Putting Things Back Together Again

I g. ng us,." he says., and aw he does It because ,
.. .. , .. ...

ra.kly. you an make ... mony wIth ns ow
I tan ythi.ng an .o lke w y. cn
. .' .~. s, . ..
.. . .. ~ ~.., , ,. ......

makhe loneyon "
But money Is not the ruling paslaon in Brewster's

A STAINED GLASS WINDOW s at III best with liht
flnoing Ibhrough It, says Donaild rewstr, who d.
mirne the workmaship ot Oe pill.

Bridge Tally
OULF EAMODUPUICATE ped llrst b or Ihe esitg
Ba PFlscher and Mildred west; Do. bhy Iaden sod
Johnson ook op honors at the Grce Adams took seond
April playing or thl 0- cpla; Mr. K. W. SMbers
trsum upUobe Bridase CbMn. Bron on thlrd and
IsorsdhMulhpiyayn. Mary Ilhntgan-Edoa Bak
Jseph and Mslan M t routed out uhe rumer l the
wee s osd; d. 1. 0A0l0e, club'tlopwlnn,
B. alJwgt" Ihigdrd snd Bae
TledemanLu Ilelntl ere DELRAY BEACH DUPIn-
LoutsPlMsndA, F. Pabic NorUlsreth winners i or
nf- m irtor el51nsotn Pin. opdl 5 nith 5 tItas plsyis

as I tsic or Iasrth pin ben
twn omce ContU-ll' East-west winnens were
RoHbalan nd Ed. P0nnledo Ch*acKurrt, Ia'nCOalni:
sndW.R.B mi Baer.Yr ad Br. and Mrs.
Ella hoblni and alrry ADULTRECsEATION
B aIln ook tAp tmIas lo B On At rl 5. Johe Marnh
10-.1 dub April secnd Georng M osov, Joyr Hall an
plsce olinnn wre Bmi Ml- h1alO Gnnler wner 0top wn5
cehulMMry Ba B slosnhllitner at nle Aduli Oentloa
ancy Sans- FtPIscaer ub.
look third pl1ce and Cell Winning M April I
CIMellRIE AMlrnm te Ma nir In PiDnc Gelniu n
i uptsor ertna-thwnlns, 0.iAaprly. oedM Psnmk
M r. 'an d M ps. 8 B. M y er id n M i g t i a p.l

Ill,. Although hre may nut say II. the simple beauty ul
stained glass creations altracls him lo ialdy boosl by
the I famous artists. Tilffany, and to work on his own
dralgns in his home workshop.
'Stalned glass window make a church a church a
far as I'm mncerned." irensler says. "and now all
those windows are taken Into the ban. Is there more
religion n a bar these days."
nrewslri's homes a tresmredrove o antiques. lie
and his wife buy old furniture and fix It up carefully.
then either sell it, keep It for thermslves or give to
their daughters
Brerwsrr says he had "'usl about furnished their
homes. oo
rewrster was Ilra inspired to try his hand at art
glass many onear ago by an old master In the field lie
picked up enough Ifm Ihe man only usually, but
really tiugh himseol by trial anderror.
lie got his first glass rom "the old building behind
ate onAr lotlel in Deslry each whemthey used to
keep the winos and Ihe adtdteU." Breawier lays, adding
thal he windows ai that time ere completely covered
"What l spent in paint remover alone was enough
to make me lom money on the deal." hesays.
Ioi mainly uses old gtass, or his creation these
days, becauseesays it has beltre olon.
lIe shows a rll ol lead which must b inu skiangly
attached to each pice o glat, then soldred together.
"Some ol those Tlltany lamphade have s many
a- 1t.00 piece oglaua on them,' Bramtersays.
lie maintains a penmn mul have a good Imagina-
tion Io create glass deglns and then cut and fit them
carefully to mate he design a really.
Birewtrr'g work with glss in't quite so far re-
moved Irom his work ai bodyhsp owner as I irt l
appean. Other e hpieed ers out of wreks, and sed
his Ingenuliy to make several nvenllions which were
Dreter anys he Invented (he filst disabled voter.
an's dovien" when his brother who had a broken leg In
1941 asked him to make something that would enable
him to drive onlegged The result ws device which
worked, and which the naive Brewnlr saw on the
market ten year later, patented by someone else.
Then I1970, Brewster perfected the lint reiracl-
able backbar bumper, very similar to the design now
being used commercially. Again, the patent was ioo
But Brewler isn't daunted. He's now working on
anolber Invention which he won't tal about until II Is
registered oficthlly.
And as for his stand lass, he's also creating
something which he says he's never seen before.
"I'm working on a uined glass globe lamp."
Brewlner says. "which wll be 1 Ihee In dlamoter.
II will rlotae and Ihe deign Is "real difficult."
Breter says a hae lls among his antlque.
And somehow you believe the nex lime you sen
him.t will be done.


KEELER'S hr k. |

Uo~t c

_ '_'h -'a "_ 2 _+2 __

Donald A. BrI a ielsy ae chtchles anoulnr
problem l beovmerst Ihl new window desll. i

If you're
to make
the most
of it.

I lalld li. r Id.
Wrtil: Halp Boe 1B00,

, -V 1 I PHAT rDAINHT cu.lsn 5:,;0 I

Fully accrued ed, crnifid teachers aurosndllonedd and carpsead room, new
eqa pmAn. aB Ca from Ages 2 throh oud Gade 6.A00 p.m. Membnr of
ths American AIsoclionq of Chrlllan Schools.

'73 '74 ltM W lt.
DAY CARE sI r ',
GRADES 25* 14-
UBfore JIun I. telt-trindon fsr swo sd Ohild onir 5.00. Atir Ihla dolls. 2,. A'o.
tuitton diounl lar soaen Ihnan O hld In lanlir. Book ond oslilr Ion 50.O0 lor ach
student in 'tail., Cok' an I1 C




I ~,,,l,,,,,, i.. . .. .. ......... I q,.,. , .. .. ii I

I.-firt' May 17. 1973. "Ytttr I'tmily I'clinnry'" Loioia n Int h1rtl iiifornmtilii
ault wills. M -ilcar,. Sm'inl Scfurily land vrletrllns al6llit.
I1 is an un.lllnupliratmR d )yeI nlllrlllhlive Imfthldi four krllhing a rmin[lhte nmord
of )ar ur eonmic antl private affairs. Send ltday for a frm "Family llheisnry"
miovitlnl a o rvite to yn It, ntv your 'rilinis ul Iaulm llitBah MNIt riinl I'anr
anil Naliontt l (3tal ll litrlitury.

n-, -'mssa.n.Bni
u a .. soul sth uelia t litom nrattlt r iltt.

co, mal I- -


with an exciting New Hairdol!



Mr. Arthur Mr. Constantine Miss Audrey
Miss June Miss Debi
Manicurists: Miss Madelyn and Miss Judy

Come See Us for Complete Beauty Services

Phone: 278-0488 or 276-4373

,,q.... A-n- 13.pht Ch.,ch

7 coC.


Stork Club
UrAL April 1 E r. d MSn. im.), IA ON.W. T 5rdi Y
To, -ari ITe Mla TE- W TE. l, B u* Tltr DI
WETA. ItE.l SN EAo Tloy Ly n.
D. TSadh. lT WC Cinton EJItidA.
Br. Ai. SN.EIIpMll- ad L
ar. A I l M o. CM E L M Udm M ma E(` h Ca ;
"IIaL Tild CooET CIr IIIII AN 10. T, OmTyS
DSVi.riclln. AprilS- Mr. Mnd Mr. DCO
& step OSka (TroudT I
Won A IIS-noo.N ANC& S SO ft.
I All--Mr, nd Ml hw 7. M Cor.othSL;ITI


AprM l 4 Mr. Md MDn WII
lim HIrrinIton IPEys A&d

Ncws-Jiltntal, tnIrs y, April 12, 173 Pi s J.
J. A mold
School Carter

'l .... ., ,.. .. PROLRX
A ........... ..........


M. _, ft., .......... ...... TE.. E. i9 u
P.. Sa. TikT7 &7mSE a.--. E 1_
SH 1 0 WAREHOUSiNO. I7 hl SwRk
Couple Weds DES u.
luol $, hl SENT S1 RELE SEE RL

rVHA IST SilE DS eIrls. HOE r ve l M WI ilN O Fl e LD atloi o i e bAld I '
MyON ALba OISSTI^ Tde l n TieidAlEl i e'e l Eals~. y wrie *aItE iEo O

Be|iEor Gilh nd TEnll O brtd'i lE( I rand lheO r'I *
oub. MIln oE hoSor for Ite browser, b h o IA her rea -iT
,dAd SaIISlli SArom F rirAd J.1 T.ll WIlA:SS.uII, ."r F RowEHl
l.Eg, t D IVED RT hoU MD II TA ......o..... ..





M.. W.Il. Moor.

ALI dki

SIlldi ih ti Id t ruA a llS OiDO A U A" G IBo iTra *ll
L TgEboEulOho A I i D IIU Air

Cl. A. dMITT. Rod SE Tildlnn t U

S ITIhoawr W..EalE =c.b w *ho I th e brid's iI i
O by USt INdl Wood L b Tro lber. E L
D. Jlihaa WIOSIRIDIMMJl l Hunt o( E oa OlUnN
aS white STO l mT shAt OT. E
10 A-Io O .... SE o o "T U SA ff
l .t .v d. T .dr ,h. A w ho dt j roME cll -

.W.dO It. 147 whl' A'67
, .... .... .. .. h 2
-nNl~ Ar

~~YIVII~~~~IM Wr GEy 1)(IOlBlP


PErhlpls our harlS problem.
rouorr tlmu mo~v imooto4
rarely 1l. *i

We're famous for resort, sport,

and beachwear. But

we really hawe

much more to offer.

/Mark, Fore & Strike

1031 E. Allanlc Aven'e Delray Beach. Florla
II C"tH*UtOS~lnlllt~l. lI*U5(TrSIA II. B *r H tM UL8VILLE. KE*fUCI1


Jof~al o
~OlrIII TLA"1 :1 TlI~o I'll Ttl

MiRIA N Mr. Rd Mn.
Terry MirUn Pn1mc Sou).
mtl N.E. 4Ih SL. BoTEno
BRobo, i dWll, Toai .tDI.
MarT 2 -- Mr, end Mn.
Roberi Weaver Cicrolyn
ImaT. I41S Pak LnT. Wut
I' lmBeich. lO. JmT. Md.
T M 2h EI Lr. "nd Mn.
T ,aR BES S T I Sr J r-
h lV u.W._ :,Wu. La
,y .w eIT E eS.W)

MlrSh il Mr. Uid Mn.
aYVd Qujlll (Jim dom*).
R.O. AN It. DtIlry Baich.
IlT diuLhte,. JeMOllTr LTT?
l*Ki Lphie AniL
April -MrA. MdMn. Il
lheN "urnr (Gloria W'oln).
IEl SW. IlT A*.. UoIEny
SVnltt MDoSthM Mrih MI7
NAW. Al AveSS Apl 511. Bo
ALAalaT. aun~tIai TIujl




I A -'l, e w -.lJurn dl.' uTdy April 12 .13

The Town Crier
.. ar1 no lh A .I h publIcwluh iwe k *and t glh Cull- 'r m t PI:. ll.-, '
.. ..,.. I1 ..... ouothfar A t n deot l n tion ..-* tr . i ...
. & I. andmayprgonemlo whn ..,I. -. ,."..
.. *' PALM BEACH GENEAUI hrnG Ith ared lanCd Cl Ire 1 ,.i. 1. .
*I .1 CAL ialht by Mil GBlllln ol behou plnu. b
The Stulhen SA.l. ol Ihr n Bch. ho h* been
alm I 'm h Cuntly Gt ilol.- iethm it iheert lea nt IBOYYMONWOMAN'SCLUBm
-lteal o lrey will mni rom l o- Ia I* pat ive y-eat Friday. AprilA lj ith
U.' rt l n"n WBedeny. Ail II. at Clun w111 ni tAnhnu h BOYNTON WOMAN'S CLUB
S.'I h lny h mmy l Cm iI. NUmm. and IIt r e ill mfet in ihe Club betdlldn
i C Itt. NW Ful A- l atve r Inttlnnl. Uei d c iaBn O al 1l eS Fedeal Hlh .y In
S nu" lnrewelola met t1| t be olerte F. ur(. Boyinteh atAl m t
S. .. B ther nlornulln u d nroll-. Yoheroveed dli unch h
- I NARP met., mcl the I er Binr r a nIM tlam e n -
.l| npdn I -n ,oe tn T me te nlhr onlhly rt. re-liCtn-ti raUlItr M. ,ah B 1ot lt eEdoca- t
n ing ol the flry Blh Chip- lion and chotlrlhip rhaitr-
*tlouns b) Ilinr of atlm tar No Mt N" t al lon ha. -i. ABDNACIUBIIUVY man. will pr -I L=on Wra.
lI,,ht lllbhuown tion of Helired Federal T* Grud SIudy Club will ner. lwho ihe Storho lp D" / '
tlr Il *hni rnialin tall Empl.ye*n will meet !t I mrl e I Ie home ol Ml E, r toil r ralm Bech -Junr
i It211 p nm. BApIt I1. 1 t Ihe Del oy M ton PFrb. Id N E rd Collee He ill ipLk ea he
areh ou nity Cent IM A"u. Dolre y Ber h. on lm o tlon, h iir f
AIANO% N W It Amuer. tite hae April 1I at l nl m Mtn Rob- holrnblp t ultr Fud mwo.Be
iir. I H.lrat Uranci Anlnm l planning l have.* rh lv Peir i d n Cliordd W and who n&d lt. Th! ut Club A
ly mlerloUlnme r c ing Hai nert wll be g*ilnllng lve.n alifh lpi riah tr *
*, .n ins t oh All nlicr Bllh
[. Atehen. Richand teeldel r 1OonD.

DJEl.RAY I'EmWUMEN atblrn of l Toy Clinic will

nl l l aae rted a n d ineO r lot
01, t*lro e. ortlon 0eath A ", We1da. April I' Mn be m t eat enl entot

(aii0i wih ie l ahi lunc to lur1 S Poian Beach Club mlii be wllnlbaANedatT ,S
-l 1 Bapal C" I on A un r I A Y
Iyte~ wilnl Pr Moer ee e r h Ft Ni. eertlly b

.. ... 11. i., ,;",1 ', | Hlin o be ietollnd fo ry. ClnePltUo ih nlnt. wil ba
The. r.t in t mill bnte M Medro April R lat Eim a

,. Ilur drm ilrl i O on Q e MiT llrll preldeH M Ie ntll'*ahonme
he making ol a benri by J e WfMike. lratm Vinepre. NM ipenil a llnt will be
Mr0 ,rt ItdTnan Mra h d*ent: Mn. Mp Crlll el M nd Ar 1. with a specio -tonlII
d'rl mr t ( ioth Ulrlot vItepr ldent: Mr. William lUl.0o l -Conlme n Suhnd.ry*
,ill lie Amrntlin nl '- (t BtDon rennde tenne Ma y0. ale tII ae MWorlth

I'. ,H= "k A SESAN ol AS
liie y t lv t Womca'a mb r t o
"'IAu no.UPha. R u e"
tell conf!. F ,, Am. In-amp m.

tRB.. .tR... nt,

*i .. l ln o dre.. d.al-.ed Thy Pp mhl.toc.llh ll
. . ..... A, IN.

m ind It be Included In ite Sprln-r collection ot diis INo ll
ui ,1 h rP.rnwill n, i Sytlva', at Detlry Be=h at Ohe FAU Women' ClubWr
Bii'.ltio h.hidii benefit lunabeon..tlhna iebow O Apri1 1T. The ile.
jwiIO wOM'i sN, che-nlhloen .how, wh1h will b6thth Om Student
....... (lab. AlA. begle at 1:9 a.m. TkeI m I gaine

,,, .oan d r m he pe t Me pa..a ba I rIIllM

;......... '*'cl'"' F'^^cr i10 J P ror girls whoR
AI,.A,. n Cuh& Wl h WEL ALL NE.

wlbne, ehJao
Md MILsa I Frld and hut dOt G E
ingot. Non Ih grle.


.o ftiE A PHON A
mill \0 lIla IerrnihjSroh

tr ...iS..... \ / ...... .

= 111o Ioino e B e 4 . A o1. 1 nn B o o

Mid ruay pPrdildd .

1.1, I..rd IV

2 44 HOURS
.~.. -DAY'

GF.IHGINE CAILSON. carmling lecturr ned lIal
en.d arny, Ivoe a .Itk Io mmembrI o( Ibe Cold
Oil,1 Ne Bllarl. Guild 1.1 iue *I Uniy Church.
*Irne ibke .oke ined w tlld ei O quills, n Bvl
motk a olher band m or. I hr litoreI I apprl y eh
tlurbed on Ohe nilllryind orlglldalLty f n redle mork
Ib though hloary, hitd bhe mplull n. nlo Ir.
aI. n:dle nlll a to Ihey Ihn nlyt r or. a r-llUllilp
i.d er. atlly 1e dIal workl which will be lef for

S:,i | t IN "'Yt ||t< t~ierJ."
mON. I lTO i A t

pi m Z t a IiB h illr Ta 11

t h ifu Fn foltom to r of l* .lln liw*r

A Ei A PT .'.
wror. n o.us n.oa hn o
A l n n teotdtir c l d ant a bio k fil m n t, ned

SH aP. 3 end n
tene "- '"". a
ueh h Hated ou sol no .di .me at nIUd n*l ton, ar
of t RM ern*.ul .. r ingl onocha..
u aaln[ r nnllXr a ft l t mo a a armuo
ko 74tot bO T efrayark
ke-ut Y**. OUS *

A billonat em... Utn aldenoNnrY, ealer MInt.
l tlb h tlllt e$1td by,
In. nlnd Iu .i l -hilhtvt j. .. Ino.aolnn.*
goilonI mhkh EtI ratd .outt 0. diffeanl l nd1 d rh ihum e nrA
f I* 1 l nor E- ivpr It.ulonc in.nd.r, 6h-rming V1nt.l.n t.. th pri nt
In ru.,( "hn art. lq mintr, o1 MhommBderlim on d Chitnl ty In
IN. eltelord n IN -,W.)
Apr II2 Vn nt Pt. bol 15 Pm
740 .lm Tr ll, Dainrn B0ath
Ti ck00 etlal iblolat ih, due, t $2.00

gad I Cnloh t mtldTInn 111 AltlantA A.ne.
Mantaman Ban f enta l t2, L rA ..a..


Jhn M. Hwmll

'i"id iII Iph.I
3 ar lx I L :!: / .1) FblaRell *l,,.D

N orows J l.i 'uiorsday. April 12,13, l'a(e 7

Auxiliary Plays 'Show and Tell'

..d, d i c a r ihoel r c aiii a cm lh, llcnpilil lrl IlM.nlnlllr nm
I.. ,.rllll Tilo drolat tab lpiot io o
. .. 11 1 , ,,', ,trjil i '" ie p i ,l hi ll' |i lln 1 n
. . Ir Taa rr" l II kn

crdlrii ojmnlhar Hilh hocpnbal promo elol io.oroill l noii lt ho plio icohlco
tlitnc sl ow I)nd lr I Ioon plc) iooil ioc. oo..o
1,'hlr rn, oon i hl l'jul i ... nir -K all m n ri L n l I I , .: i
.I l .i' pillol T o' r* li S oin Te. o o oio
.I I *i *i Iihculin g Ihdr pr moo h i 1.muor o l Ihrhopllol I ilolil

PLAY PATIENT TIACEY SOAN helped Into her Paul' Epltcopl School were eiger Uiener. oif he
boapllal gown by faM O'B0 en while erml or Suldre rilal boplal olenUlaion program which will become
Snow lookI o. CUlldren from two claue I St o1. earular efrlareofbeoplille.

Effinger Appointed Steering Chaiman
Oirlnto n (lococr Tom R Knotwfll lhe indoromemi 0 Commlulon'i "llolonn" nlm be rao l by tlc eim l-
S-1 0 Cn Coi.. oi.. Choir, c.cI. e.i cucnc o ckio hIr
..M a L keLyaSt rrle b ll q ally of Itl Ellnler. a Wel I ai
I Alln o'lG Im ommunly In C merrT lorhrlhirilduc L Icch nallve, li Dlrtlor ol
* * ** .,r ii rlicipaloio pnocriw Iorocto LorgIheoge Placnich bc
liNE obo rvcS ce lJA d Palm ,each ciCly In Ilo lht
I. I 1 g by a itrln rcimmllw rrp 0e -... ... cmpllrd land uie plan lor
ee LS Le Ca Io PK. .c, .CH ..
, '. .' ,,. .-., r .l.lna .rouM+lo -*. .. .. .. . .' . "' .:' ;. ",:..
.W c c a CHl M I GorNiEloNhHir. r. I I -A........
*. tro ...r -, ,i cmptlhtd In clebralio ol Thcr (undlo are war.r.dmnll- r ,- -
. ... i c lh ci on rBi coi o lal olt lrollve pa n lcriog ro or. i' rodo. achi ocd
... ... .-.- lowlni to mdlocii BSi.. er..i. Mootee ir ooal ojec+ will ootpltals
Beila's.... ..

ra+11 at ,ly irnlng Apr 1211
,,baaCb.dirio io the
cow cc 55od. 5.r la wiciin

cc A AlYl i BELoda n pir i
S ll b Ion uid Pb l cw

Iniaro od mlolnl ofd iwm
e ar pllcipoi1e in 5vem-
IA grodoina ofll boel Co
l olad b column l 0 Law,*
low c nl r i I orinl nr10-
M, il.M ran holnd oil
fa y hrooah ltt_
EOlLL AIIEUI i owe ofhIbe Sol whiocb bce bc-
o aan d came hoe apecal fnsdrmarb. dill hc apelng ct PAYU ff d.al

S 1, 5 All Frigidaire Appliances Priced Unbelievable!

at Bryant Appliance
one will be given away FREE during grand opening

555f SUEl


Come in and See Our Great Buys On:

1* Fronl Ledigl (oInve li tl Dlishmllle

Frigidaire Authorized Sales & Service

101 S.E. 4th AVENUE
PHONE: 276-4169 I

l'Pag B. N s Journal, Thursday. April 12.113

F Church
FIh u AImI T mabk u-r ot Ith Re dln
Ob sen rialm county in a Hne
_Rlyp Iarr a the 'int IEAC0R ESTPRSE TERIE A
tY pltll A Sinton Or F. CrSlrey qorg* .
.ramu, Milray ea s Ta m land lnT mlr ller Co Ie
Ionlcao r d, ten.ane t Idtal l' .reva adn t tOo lOue It.
nte I1m P lr ep rll G I amp erllMt, will bd
In Ihelpn I a re. b er erat rd. PFetlr trl
m re tpie l ill be 'Frm ehulch lomi l 1rAi Iac d
irler e. with Ihe lly "'ar vn Us~nd ll ielra

ttatai *t ,- hrdii the t ou n g fm ylttn
Thetl I srn.mo v lu et. l April 15. It da at I M 1 5
rta u April I Ih irllhan m, adltpm s larreo the
Saela Itr s A "Ar, SOr le rab A. A dll pre.1 Sa-
i e c d Da lbt l l" dt tar E tu F0riday aT L m

a in R n DoaN Ml Rasal. m it

.battcimio, ca oma m ssI
m1 p~re m u "e l'C l.um l

Th I he Un lrlin Un-vellll
wyandn adtvdd y| .. .. ,,, ,, ..m...... -,R
mt ruvto u mvrmty mal. ". a:'-.':.. ',a '."..;
red .. .en o. a..u relir
TnlE JUBILEE RINIGES or Ibe Labnaeve Bapltit
Church mill prerosm Itn cmra at Iha annulm Isnllta.-
ion trvice or Ife Relry Beacl lZoa r oub sn
Tunlay, April I at Ihe Usoa Club. Tm I grpU at
anar high asc l sad re lleaga i ba atler dy
be ame knowa th ettlea of Delratly Bach lnsng
priormed balvt er.e ic v pgras ad Cburches. Tht
.lep I a reem ter a the uslsr l orglallstla ol the
Amerlcal Gbid ot E0llllh Iludbhll Rilnga tad
ia r ie i aIi ol Fiorlda ecrb Fall. Thm d|lrl tor .l
Ibhe Sap II Dr. Wrreer Nubhre, lnllltr at abu
Lakeliw Bapllist hurch.

Mt 1i,lt t 111-1 I. 1 hillt

Food Course is Relevant I:nE. M"INhIaEd
u.0,1-11 l.le -. k Icicllher Ilk, I eucn 1. ,ev*- ------- ^ -- --
Ot l mete .evereavvt kn nt an a A iee t alI
. .... mabeandrnuletio dinl m ra nnmeur a l I0W
,ur..t n o e~rded Tk, Itld am t-,t cakn a
.Imll come I tn c ttil te m'ry a Inwahlel r e pl ala ed
Itv, toliar. ttr ad in ah taI a. dih In tie bLLerr clglos ah r t. I uOretla fired
i -,11 h1-r ea111.rich l, aar d ienm a ia U teabic v. m lh Ii acorarinllasd Oatar hach, Radda
m na the flad: tanrly ylt. 27o .2096
sot INV a. Was: rev
I,,,h ihinrr v pytlrtr. SEACREST BOULEVARD

h-ilv thl t r-Ii neta r S i. Ir5.. ...
r o Ikebn ,1. ldoth Il v ld eunap lc k Isher Ao UNDA 1!5.t A IRtS II0 I
>1 bole(e Ilrhe allav Io .ouldbepled ll rar ueird MONDAY.FRIOAY. 1SA &PM. k
c;...... 0... mi mon. iae have a


. ,, i hn.tr
1 .e . .e ,h llaer fea o Ihe, u
., u-A A ll I lorr i
k - .- .dndu The ludem, A. aErtar

Ai.ca I a .. he
a, r h... .

1 e, -l d, l Iell ," n. .. .. 1 d

It one rporl a sludenl
iund hII.tI l.hnuh bm e.
rIItlh r bI.kr 1p l a mrtb luo


Volunt ieers


nea,-loon, wan oy, ilau,
eoilrlbullon or m r ira '1
oulltanding omn In VOLH

auro mal tn enmr ll uao
plrEat ca llv, IMr Lad

. i v lt e -.
pIcleali'neel leuliralad
nI. . .. .. .
... ... .. ,,. ,-
,;. s ,,'. r ..
.. . .~1... .. ,..
,.,l mdm.,~U I

The miphali n m reaitaI

Kaeh ol Ihe eight lab

i In er ealure
.li Orlandi

p.C(ioallf lk Ihke. rmp
ll'l raitv ,*o),"

OtS i



Boyce Evans





tanl %*an *Sv ..l ni.ta .... B a i,

April 29-11:00 AM. 7:00 P.M.
April 30-Mar. 4 7:00 P.M.

IBOAATOKRNEBREW bal.n at 7 pm Emtlr at 111 play t owt l y m lnuly .,. .
RabbI RBnlamlnA oue mtlI aklnrluda l;)mn Sunrla Immadtlatly pratdlna Ihs a ."**- -
nedfct SabbLt vl ol r rkl 7! W1 tnho. t i nd I n.abt -, R a
hBoIRaf.ionHLebrisC a. d.al.ammonslare ;o p | ..ad .t .. id
ea Aria lr I. at s m a t t I rn by lr r ... n
pr. S Mla vl ul, SW lhth ( eh Gt Delray Raat, Ie.

The Siero ant sem onU on R S.a uE. At ? o1' bl..k from BIauh
0,maaFR Pts st PalmaSundl.rApmit6
a I io .hbat tolliar o The DELrRAY BEACY BE m tH Wthe b a Ib e t, .
aervi.eaal Cheryl The gmnemr Fmimly ltio alTaeat Mi Jaer etubartaol I 1 V "

ll or Worship Srvics 9 and 11 A.M.
c. Kllmm- Mm IAlt Suns

*tamnmsaaaor Broneon Ston f E. Atlantia, mom black from Beach
'mae Oaai R a ant Poalm Sunday, April 15
be tta ibam atl Fa Hur obei Worship Services 9 and 11A.M,
I, taeoc a de slsn.
b l dlie D t ae a t.sr Ray I. Seh *Ma w, D.D.
butae of Palm will I e nlud-
ed COummosilv e-I1.,
IY Thuiday slerlle iat Twenly minutes before ecl Scerve.
n a mns ra"'u Pino. J'nle Roberts, Violin. Cynthia, Cello. Tie.tlty

oTiem b IDetareU will o Nuory sare during i a.. Strlle


i.... en.tldA ni.ei., Chur.h FUNDAMENTAL INDEPENDENT
0-1 .z w ..u ZL ll ill U N

Sells lmrp ltr5.4 AM a-d IFI P'Im ai
tarder hbo 1,30 AR All A..
C.d..m.tto.. a a.a.s ..^i.tu.vsave -um i n.i.". ru
,.Rub pirtelipIXM. p, |iedI< 7 PMW

ItNartss.i s .l ,l, ., caca o n1. ST. PAL LS EPISCOPAL CHURCIH
Dr. sAndrew A i S. 1 J88 S. t inlro AIe.

I 1. J O A U n.Ih, R lIlST E R ul. t a r... T T .

tamoe t d.a. n wa ...s a. .aaso. o U Anooatv Ave
caiaoavtan.aeea I ~owa Wiaraldlk trae hah) ,

Trinity Ev, Lutheran Church CHRISTIAN SCIENCE
SooNta.sd u.aa.. 0c aa.a. mco First Choureh o Chris S: eloia
a.ac c a.. c u u,. db.. ...u, I) S.DELRAY IBEACII
a ..a,,...ec mA... .. a,.. r., a r. .. t.. .
. Ian -' Selm. i a t
I fitMIn I\nlruTl it\ll LlU nl m ____ ____ l__ *, _____

mfltl H. eilas Am St. Joseph's Episcopal Church
A v:Eln t lnl Iit E l'luC lA, D., lal iE .) OFDELH ISES

So. I TIli Fa To T F E t os
7lh,30ll FR. laaavcy tIbia Iad
rtAC YTB EA All. .
Dr. AIS.. J. Nibmlen t,$1tSut
Primitive Baptistuhran Church C.4A.MISTAibt SCli

1:01 77 NE. SE CO ,DA ,NUD :00 1E1,1 r n 6I
o. "Ilohlin FalTo The .* 7,30 P.M.i Churh eulahrIl Sludy
lsluri Christian Faulht"* Dw I.l 11 nd KA CII

Not Idit A. r a. l iollC hour Ale 3, 4,and ,
C riih rOtita 3l53.3032 -Pndro ct. *sotut rElAinG Rl unRliPE T*. I r.E.

Sr an.a. at* a ... a, .1 aa.al..ca I.

Mail N.. 4, A. Be S Jioph's EpiaNol St.l Churchl t

T hin D r Ith ll D D" s e CHURlr ii SERI CE SUNDAl I I A.IM
_Famlyr, 1.i M U,_d Mg hi l 91ll AM.

Drv Re :l_ I, Dt .rltuf WED. LAK EVIEW MEAPTIST 8 PCM,
PCimile hplit Church 39363 te. 395741 EADING R oPEN TO TE PU L
11:00 i /.e. sroeyE 7;00 I1' .1' 1



As the Egg Turns: A Fowl Drama
oJaL' .cIIAIIIII v mc g .in m *, .. I n lohel ranqull, anal r udra tl le uihutoln lime i mental Ir n theh b qu .
'. . llcll l.. ,, re lokN in, LAI t 0 oi I

nrrcnhlly the ulhr hail ,l f .......... .*.,liaI.alo cl rledwiihlh k a ., I E.,, .. dT I Y
101010 l b--l n hlhmo lll. I indiara .. . . . .. .. . ... r tg. w I...
Cert W cae'' .r. d.9 """" "" I ", "s 1,1 "" Pl

2i oT,.. .-. ........ .....

.mle Mlhedr,, 'a.ieldog K l hh ,a.g holue te llat i i
ahd ta a1l1lgh.ih and cpit1 saaa

1 a. 11W h rr... I, ea
-i knc.la.a .waull .. . I
h IhllId ialer tlba releasedo ld lan p 11, b.laoc
LakelIda which iaoyyaltlla ,nla hrl b'lue Ihlll.*l i ill

l all I. bll, 1. d 1. d IM1.1
ad,. ,, , I-r A.i . .

ta. a0 cormahin c -k III = -g lad leady a p.Cal
m adwll yrid waen wn cs rh i tfmt neocallrn d t iher. l.lllii,t l .Irll,.l ,iiiii.,

10..d. l .d.....l l'n h 1 gb
herinlAthe l iIk tkanld rim a
l.aer ane.. m nd tk br n11.0 a e, llaa d he rwlm i well, in ) allll f.tlld
ag s can I e . .d
o e hed zlill 0 spedi

apea u Ill In` ch l r i n FLORIDA ATI
Ia au I. oth nl here he Ioa i ,rlnl kll h t M g, h... 1,I

cn. i, "ha ..n ...mi ...l n hi.atil" 10, 0 ', lap,. 1.. 1..
hira nand erln I.. eaat- f ...

.1 ar.dpl af 1. 1 .
Po Ia teaw t I a telyI ,. l k FLORIDA ATI
w + te lrllay d le hate c .lams.anmeA. I an iAprl ,a. r h in2 a.Ju

n, drrw l e e oa I I catl, g0 ath e M h u 1i.1

gnaled an. .1ahg 0 kin, a ,hmia .. m. a
it IhI.er boylri nd. Iunaor- I.
TAM I hk ael ler ceoa.tlA ,-0T 7PM .10TI AM-
in than l url ln day .h. i ilk e., ie". 6,".
r+ rnd llI) I e.IK ol. .n.. ....,,
tan, b,which wre zrblull,

plOer ina, hleal, d e IF YOU'RE GETTINC
made y the bIrdPot,, the b'ml Nm rrod. nomdylhc to

hhIME I h a a ld a, .1 .ol d ghrJ. d i KE TO GIVE YOU Y
detod A d Classroom to Playtime LI .,
d iard iaabhdully over ewad, al a de tanl e mmlethm

ll' hllealowknd e M .N ,1 th. H.,n lhlU Clothes toC Mr

By. t d Fit Tal to Teens tqu
iltd thal IhCt BY- II MT

C7mmll el I ~lny Oeh. Mo. mvud D. Blxler. ITu.h

;-,,",.' ., ,""..:'.' ,-,,.+;'" nrm:'r l ; "": ,' (lo.T. ... .

S Boy Twirler Wins Events

SJame Mahany t-yearold Ck Iigh School Pompano
n of Mr. and Mrs Joh hBeac.
h..ney cI Boynhean Ibrh. ,-. -
:plred lint In all vl he
:llg r 'npelllln al C oanual p .' I .' -'"..1 "

NewA lournal lhurlda. Aprll lIill I' 0


A "Sohney" Pr-Ea.oSlr Sole for 7
d days at The Doll House begln ltill
wm.k. No foling, now, eome IC
and aga Ihr poil roduaclona on
dreasm., blouse, & pantl.
Ma alo o*e.t"io I. a' lea a "'"o I*"to
'Ic ,oa. 4,41.. .1 Th, Call d lu-."

24NW lIh AVE. ODelry B.ch
t o II klut ihald r TIil 011 il e.N

aoIrelino rraueht*ra Of amoI

I Required by Florida Real Esilot Commintion
PM Thurldy .IO PM
7 May 17-A.l5
.0 11 IlUlday AM I PM
May 19 Jule 31a
itlmln and BEoer Elamlnoalln
ao do, H. yemd I. aL tl..I sA Cla m..O o v. 00o1,,

I 359 AdmiuIIIllan Bid, Man. IkT,. 7130 AM
-Mn. Inlnrr ,iatl PK 395.5100 1i. r911 2912


Page 10. Newa-Jnurnml, Thursday. April 11, 197

MILDRIED I. IID, Iceleod drlt, with head) Ic.
Ihreic who pend hc r winter In Delray, hl clciag
oril emon or wriin s lulmdluon r I the ra 161h
wrtk. LasI Monody, bihe umrhlnd group ot
rille I her naler y iparaniecl. On floor (1t1 lo
rliltli Cnrity Wlldrih Mnluro, dAlm Dolun L lle
Stlaimoei, Senrm.u lhald, Belly Cevoll. Rl)t Ole.
Ic. Sealed: Wllinmlnia lalld, Julle MIlenr, PoUy
BlounI, Mildred Grnar, Mis Held. In back: Albertr

The Local Scene

Where were you when Ie lignU went oult We did
have eort or an electrincalel (how' that for a word?)
sesaln last week didn't we? When ombody wmrihng
o a newspaper deadline ocr. an eleclc tyypewriter,lI
"Irijoleo dum dudnri a blahouot, even though i'
brad daylight lI'i runnyi peron Mldom realLeull
how much he depend on elctrlclty, until he'l cut oaf
nr sevral hount.
And when people peted another power Illure ona
Thunday, ome oi them who bad appolnntmeoa witb
denlll cancelled, we ear. It would be corl oi roulg to
have Ihe drill fall when a cavliy II only hat fInlilhed,
wouldn't It?
ltcaidng aoult pUIenln who were "tk In elea-
aron" at bleinda HnplIal, I $akd Chief Adrnlnlotla.
tor Ruuoll Claylon. He Wao happy to report that
'fifteen eaoands afear FPL akl IU lan breinh, 3
emnera cy eneanorn" lake over. Thle generantor
look over beautully lth weekr he Sid, "and f-ctionld
aeoding to delred proagammn. We nnllUlrnd ritl
on with lurry both dayi" 01 oue, l true that
nveral people were caught bhoeweena looa but not for
long. nThe sylem cul the elevator off Initially. Then
when he enmergency power con a on hy are ake toa
the lobby and docked. All, that I, but tnwo. Adm.
CaylOn eplained at Bt hea l nihe. In emgancy
genertlon "In tlto weTkly. They operate l ull load.
We dn'l wal deflt Ure," he ald 1 nanrhl to
iolki who lWlayl cary a cpare Ure n the Mtruck of thnl
car, ht never checl k l It or a nir bltl the gey n 1a. All
t11 good o hear, for I'm lure none of we have
to ethr the boapilal f or rigery, would ce to be "cut
of" with the lobHdone.
Mr.O. (oi "Mr. G OEntroriea" D0 Delny Trlvel
Servc) eraturd In the Ne Journal rtcle on
Delray Dog ll wen k ha Ia "rammnmte" at Frank
Gil0it'l home a Iolature poodle unaed Charlle
Boa. Chadie, not wel l-behavnd I Mr. O., Shi to
slay home and keep boau =aatead aof "-rk"., Recny,
however, he ran nway; apparetly wilne the "Phore
men" we there t. x h omethng. atihlly, n.
landing the dog mloing from Iil n prmnlt Frank w.a
upset and called the pole. Ye, yre replied, we have
your dog. Seemed he'd gottni hol and Uredfter tle
tree roamln because he Wl found "IWmn.mnI In c
ladl'. pooli. mll away." She dred Ban Cifrlin
wil her hair dryer.
The big Alantgc High Open How hold eI Inc
nhool Thbunday nTi. ghve parea a chance to plen
the hudgel with Pidncpal Hawk ad the allf. And, of
coune. mToe hnan a Inw Mon.l ad ds were out of
brealh trying beal the bell beMwei "aclnae."
hAmong the epecially Ipendy were n the Jim Inmani
aI well as Mary Noin nilt daughtira Candy and
When dinern at th "lScot and Sirloin" weu k go
Sunday, uwa Boynlto m m" aot d her i two children oil
being feted ior o birthday It the ume time oIe mnaY
have aluumd It w ull I nothor "Apdi FoIn'I DIy"
riNk. Nnoto, cay. leom Pearm. "I wai homn April
tlI." hIe cainm. "So wer Ithey." ANa Ginrno of
Lolinn ancd Walter Black of Lake Worth, Neom'l Oan
and daughter, were bon aclly yei.r Iaplt tm t l
Ihe hour on theIr molher'a blrtdy. In facti, Ln anmlly
wall ealured In RIplyl'l "Belleve Il or Not" column,
Jim and Mole Malner Brellin wihl Jimmy and
KriltIe were back .ain Im SL P aete reacb ot o.ly
lo vilt but to i and lake back their trailer left din
an earlier trip lit mohin. l ting to move hack to
the area con. Mule checked olt cme of Inh telacing
opainp l va i ble In PalI Beach county while bern.
Krltl e, two, Informed yoe h w trin to
altch a bug" o h, back porch. What Iho wal alualIly
Iylna to th was a pair l of WASPS
Cindy and Helen Murry have been enjoyinRg heir
rip Io M o whore ll' both "hl" and "bhautlliul".
They were both relaxing, buurour Deray wtl llag
champ was alo pulling on an en hlblllon for theParona
SIl Cluh and iotel.
Delrayh e Ri Olman wu oe ofa the gelin at
Mlldred I. eld'l paliy Jlit belon e I ad her hbu and
Ciylon took off Ior Iner proyery In Mlccavrl0 North
Carolina, ettiniblnpc Il let lu c or ra umienrprSojet
they expet to hltite thi year. Moe aboutll Ihbl lale
The Paulon Play at Lake WatI wllin l few bourn
driving diltnre no Bonynte ad D1. ryll. Iattria
many rltlato firom here during th pre-a.tH Mrn.
Perlormancearen Wndoedn ay itlroonan ad Tueday.
Thuneday and Saurday nlighi T Anphzlinenter l twe
mlln louth of Lahe WalI, ait of Higway I, deep In
the heart of the arnge gove county,. It. beea there
lnre 1I5 wtlh Ibowe from FebLnuar Ibough IN
winter. In July and Augul, te Paulon Play move o
an earlier built imphilheler In he lak Hlll o Souh
Florida Atlantic Unilverlty Ilolt lveral local
young paUple for IoCluIlon lbthe n-' 3 o'a W ho
Among Sludanta In Ameran Unlaverntle and Col.
legri: Coaole Carlicle of Dnrlay, PbUp Parker and
iymmnd Burh Jr. o Boyantoo. Boa Ran claimed
Larrmy Bichmeyer, Joyeph Flent, 0i 0111l, IDary
Orlln. GeOrRe GbOr llth. Jr., Richlrd HIller, Rlebhrd
Perliln, Peter Ramuuo ,. Joae Harold H o,. Arthur
Seli UI. Joy Shar and uablletib ullinan.

Many-Named |r .. .

S .'Palm Sunday

Iimak rns r, illand m .. .
kinc lh ea I .d ........ ,. an II ...
RIPE OL IVE CRAtM S.A: /1 e11v1 u ill I '" i I.r .. ... .....,o.

|rllm or oOI lh' I. ..u.l l 'le I er 'n a I,.a . l
ieurn hda re.lay hicrorlab .s.. ... o,,eI . .. A D l

sees or fleal 1, 7 ,, `RMR?-- Jc.U SI &.
I frdm, l " -. .. I. Ile .
,'6, da .. ,C" ," ........... OLIE.;

."Irea ahna li tan rea ll .or. Clg.ofr l n AM I....'r..ef.. eIr i I.ft
Th.w .11t. hae arow nd iih o lcId cannoie cappnd g 11ntrn 1I '".:1, l

T~~heSndy E Ih dc ..i Sir-. t b lnln olm d h l:a l l? l lllnd* i.g rll
Ialla t Mao ha rehr r gnmIine 'u.fpo i kd l n I I i,.
along Behat. wry hk aign rl P. PomA .Ia

"Oghop hi?. Ti- cc, Wl n, et,

=lurKg le -ndr 417 1.p IANlIC "AVxE.. cH,, A.
Son ars call- b, oh

In Wrele thIl Chrisllan 01
(tuwll ei allied 'Suly tnd.
day an nhlrh Ihe ilmlly

rinr. I Oohi chnritMrd wloge
Ilre ly ini.win In H me
rll. aclhale walwi ged'
Ih noar Ie drMrlniollhe
Siai htald in la drone Io n
Inr le dll. In both Cr I l.

Ihe dead ihr ln wllh Ith IIv-
p onl Publlx m
In .me -lctwlianl r cIe

rIin rw ll 01 rhud rom Snayll
te n'l hbll or mcln d

u a .la aulon. ho.r e enin
.. II had Io be drwn Iroa
Ing welI" In Ihe n ahbor od
ind a ipfdil pllirlmll had
to ba made lo We ch ll. Suc

Ihi -nr t rithe indId II le
iiMnutd b ID~l ~mlolnni rrlu||||H|1

;clhkng Arc
Ihe whal. 11
Ihelr bottles i
Smple quil
prmnl reira
day 11 'Fig
i nilom hL
uul Imul
aell upalt

- itol A
oinrorma P

SPublix Produce
B -L.Fresh From.

i mm d n'i. di rn .

Snglell San Dr ink ................ .... 2h T.
Ian id h. 4 1, . AM C .,
sry: Sor N nimto ............. f Choaolae
h a n .L Fudel. Tao pping ..h 496
a- o n Sl d In t s.t....... .
S Pi ple ........... 3 1 el .....d
Mushroom.r D nk... 2S 5* e

Suce .................... T6 10 R
hroorn ea .......
ca bl ai......e 4 Sl ic,

S Pe ascte ........... 41= r1. c lfar
Lemon Juice.... :. 125. radiI 2&m
LonliO nly a ln a.
SwltSPSet ........et Pe. .,.
Single Story r Im 4 .T ................ '. 994
ndnirn nGroe enm ane. 4, 1. = ICallSo0 .....ki cAl .i

Fo w .t.rg. .. ....... d cAllDter i nl a 6.. 69.
A ifxed Hrooy Wiel Bread '- P/de lh... 69
Sean Salad. 3 I= 14. i hana 3, i .,
wlho Ivory...p .. 32.. 2
Pork & Banea 2 35. eac -.. awna, tn 9ara.ucrcn
f n s.j I4 :al2s ....... ........ l l Np in........ .

raPlmeth altne..+ 'C 4'd aic.I = lr. 'L 3.

o. C .... 99 FoodStraroanga 39.
Tooith Pat .......... 2 Inan Coffee.... Muffn MIe.........

M.. .. . -rnLen ... -pai J--ien'anc .....

~O nmnr~U ooacaaU a o.ecoh.,L oaI r *UnhmnJ

Camp ,' happenings

r -,t ... ... ... l,ls ,'tln

l Officers Elected

111, F

Thire 1s1l R0. women mwno

S- ,,T Palm Sunday
nIF nn lll l I I I o f ..relnp' Iai

pI.. M , Fon .o . .... . .
r A;,,. ," '. i. ,, I .
RS SES euo ni I I i ,i ,,,, '*"s s 'ni . ,,i r 0 ' IP 1; l

Ii i . ,a. 6. w i t r i o i i i i

Cold C 2 M." 98 C
Rou... nd" oneI .. .. .. .. 'lo 0' ... ... Officers Elec.t e

E ,Ijy ,, iSrmdlr ,mill n ,1 h1 i l l

', s .... .. 5 9' Ra.wl . .. .. ... .
N , 1 ii J Ia 6lll.n htrl

i , lmo r Butt Portion i nr ...... ... I I '. ,, i ,

i Sh nkulder .......* . ... ...
6 Chops Rib .......... .u.

to L nButt C ion ..........
Few .. B . ... r ,9 ; ',: ... .. .... ,"

Breast For otootud Bos9nro 4"
SStwing orB ...... 3
S Po lesh 6..... ........... s

ron s l ,onw s, in.i- . a,

o ins n Ia. 8 ... nd i
.. '. .r .. .' ...I

M A .l ..l .. -,0, 2 43 l n ----- s--.a --a .w., I

B ... 29, K6 c c.- a 1 6 3 T r
W9Ilor eab u so o wo0 -.
aioaC..son ,. A'" na"
mon, Won Is.,-69-- :.-..-..... ,;.. ..

Rlun B nnn39rnisu nsI : .49r.c s=sms 4sn I". .
Bwnnoo I C ps2 P1" o.,'sn;'t;"oaaasata.an..a ..r . 'r o ......
ranal '4 09 K TurhLem. B utteo '" 9 l' alnal-- no"w "'

PI u rh Iix. ...........

PL ~ ~ ''"lI gssUJ [ 0504


piclurn- how mans can YOU name"


Breezes 'rg

Chatter k

By ('har'lotte Knatus
Thin haon Ie. utn. n the harden olumni sI slarl.
..' we haveln make
First ame Ihe death nl Irene ll hitter of Selon

We had hardly etlmod dow .t1d haesing ule
,rporl, wn a ne intnormed that o re.a, big. elm.,
qui t Ra Ransiln had afnleord a manIon ona.ny
sad swain he ,InnivCee uno scllo Bsth dao. The
.l thas be'. hoaldn hll ,wn Obt Jal. I11, wlla
ladre and hee insc and hbrmher- Ia'a Lil and Bill
o a e Isrd Pedlmon. Wel Va., ,e here and mill
slay un1 Rus an go home. r one ol te rular
.m.ebn h l Ihe BBBBB Brlny Bnreate Bicycle Break-
fast Bunecl and all are sympathetcally with him in his
pull hack to health.

have taken hie Irip down In be with her Our prayers
are with il sl the who need Ili asrcngbh in sarry on
A beautlful ray os llBl i In he ond news thal Ed
libli in aI home and feeling lpe laoel loind uais henelf
lhas ae would nol believe Is n he had been as near she
inal curtain Just daya before!
Dolly Busell went bring hb IBhe other day with
her daughter Dolly Loell fm Cape May, New Jdrey.
WANTEBD a little fluffy, black long haired, female
kllen to replace the r oy Walker' dellghllully trained
pel whn paled away dt summer If you know l ona
please tlb Marion know at 113 Palm Drive or roil M2-
n71 or 276-25fland ask them lIo ell Maroln.
Our WIllIe Grodsman i ha the hospital undergoing
tel, treatment and examlnalon. Willi., we're pll.
ing Iryou- we mis your heerfull penonallty.
We owe Betty BKeller. the new prudent 1l Ihe

the picture In lan' week's column her name wna
mitted but n Intnttionally Please excse, Olty
Bellty was fith lrom (he left end between Dot Bearso
and DOrothy Nelson

fu. Well oa old re ll hetemptaton o take
5o5 l nl Iralure risensr?

SONS. tSlory above) From Lel, Imnl rw: Edna
Youn., LIaII Glhon, Gain lid Flo Wall, Sue Bradel.
tnd rw Irm tell: BeIlly Qua(rlern ln, George ib-
son, Alice Ormond, Beulah lMcCarly, Anoll te Slen,
Ana Chapman. GBrea WIdlt. (ladi Boirkenhiget,
Back (ow: AI Breadd, Oen Tralne, Elhtl IloulelL,
laueway MCarty, Bert and Bamlid VIanman, uab
Iedollt, Ed Ormond, DoBn lanah, InTn. olailelt.
blary SuCdotl, teo .uar.rrrmaln, Mary and Franh
Pler and Luthe Borknohea en.

Page I2. NesJAournalThursday, Aprillt 1l13

Koch to Head

Hospital Board
I'' t, t." il nlw h' n an SI tI
1 I IIIut Ain l dotwn Ilt apavl
'. ',, ,...- .11 unil lr hoipll, devl
., i A the tmeeI ng Mnliday
tet fla ted
a vUlted by Ihy tarld iare rhlieanwhtchncluddtIhe
.ttWilli A K d tr. e nir, TPnlml a or 1 ay Mrh
man: t lllam I. te'nuy. (lay) n toiltt hoeelltalCa, r
vice chairman : lr Faly ySt l andOtr.'c h rl
(.arpnler. creliy.ltrealer. ranterl GeYTalSurgery
er Tle Atard opened ea
bhll bIor Ich anded holt
linlltwer and Kch !

e. I .t'p y ItSnle,
'aiei anll.etuhd ha t teaatta
S .. i n lat oard havel
t ohopl tonliors ode r i
hptaagd atda o[l tnd1 by Mt

Aoy nsUBrance "ly Copany ol Ka.
Win C County Enhllil
f able neded In mlr iery an

bowling Evnt hang depn
plr ltdaltr rth Ammndallon

boy Int urane un a It it E n t a el en

.., paqu honOrchid

Wins Eount Mr. Display

Ihal Waled hWund P Slated
Bowlin g Evenn t e lt p 'tt

Hberh th Insurann pl i l
atb ta In u, ta "t,
:I dr.", ,,, '-.,, Nei,
d........ Orchid

S..... .... Display

A..........ine, .. Sl 11, t
Ib-Bah with v gwd r a t n A

Wins 5-0 .....

d In ta,. ta tnull
.. .. ;. .". be .... ... '1 h. -,ir da p

t. a.r t t.h a.e te .

. . ,
.t i 11 Ot t lt c, u- n*n. ,..
...t.. nte. I ..t rt

lea B bTeam-
hreil Ithfipotrinm an pd e
LThe aiteat] w e m lc ". .**' ' "

lm I mty Intlnd and B -. .
tne .1 m e a n d htl r lur

m Id .ellhea and ti. A.. .........

IunlseRcd 1h Ihea Ph If

The nxt nialrh li May 1 at

Not at the
^---k-- ^

JltroI lf

1iol o A LANTIC AV[
Tub.Ilr bl d =N+; I I luudirhnn








All S

Students Enjoy Education and Fellowship

, 8A s ,.,.T a .-ledl 'w ,. 10h t h r. n .d rrnt n hnd ale, d
emi P ro" :' .' Id I. t.h S..I-.. .. ....

xi bun u, dtite n t. th d. h rI t h
,,,d ,tt n an bd hynd l, t d .tebth n ar. . ..

... .- *.. a nh. n a a.....n Hrr e wA a
.bhxemr Sei an
r"'. aH l-&t Het N t .... ....., .d,.
m ll h hl r.u- prl lon i
1 1 th W t Aar mea le lho w e X bll d ; ln Itha the n Iftlw e

t lln DahtEa dloh Ae L I h
" "'"ai a"K"n"Te y 1' ,d1h rl 24elhe I dllayedhreln da."
n rrl.thr an am e dn I" .y-....ae oP h
bet r, "In A la stdaret at, n I K dhi l ra.1 n
...En....h 21... .. . ... .. yiner he -- -
Ieli. Pr o ...mlem clever.....m... ... .fir ehib .. ps 1177 8 Street.

.., ,., bvi., uin Delray Reac
emi-Pro 'i :' ..

CAL 395.3444 at TII OU Ca O

iames Setrh AL A N Gun do
le utlul TnnaQ i ""
SI, Aid they badil 5oa ....

ad o it o .m. he l.r. in
depa mor1,da all Co ht K $ bu ild. c nub
A s d O ll r .w. = M TdOu ][nd

T h bu ild ,1 a r e, v

"14, 15, 16 and 17 y oa OMI" o. Vh Glae PRE .tIPO
Certificate In only 3 Weeks FREE DELI"VERY l h a


Hnppiness is ........
IGreen Fees..'3"
GoodllD O ay

Ten Play Book '26"

Barwick Golf Club
Barwick Road
S ODeiray Beach, Flo.
T; rry it ll 1 Like tll

a 2 bedroom condominium home

for less than it costs to rent

A luxurious $S1.995 condominium home can be yours for Just 10% down and $123.60 per monlh'.
Including Central Air Condlitoning 0 Swimming Pool 0 Garage Parking 0 Wall-toWall Carpeting
U All Electric Kitchena [ And Much More. II' a new kind of condominium community by McKeon
Construction, the nation's leading Quad-Plex developer. Each distincllve building looks like a
handsome home and contains lour spacious condominium units. There are Ihree popular Inlorio
floor plans o choose Irom nd an variety ol exterior deslgn.. Your Delray Elatles condominium
home has Is own private entrance, double thick Walls and the guarantee of no one living above
or below you. The comfortable suburban atmosphere Is enhanced by tropical surroundings,
beaulully maintained lawns and underground utilllles. And there t no land or tecrealion lease.
II you can lord to rent, you can alford lo own a...

S.W. 12 Street (Linton Blvd. and Congresn Avenue
Delray Beach. Florida. Phone 278-4739
tot i l adlel cn ll It tll a* t1lt tlHl tn ant1. cl I.. -4 e1o,;





-Area Golf News

lN-s JIhornal Thurelay. April .12 19731. Pane 3

D0AT DOUWIEGCV hiwel, lAte th 11ll0. Te Ria
The irene Sore hoind er holley eer doin Reenlyr,.
C-ounlry club Mn'l C lub neIoL, llen
hClamphonehlr Mel Rerduleihod en i. .n- ,'-," i
by teeng 17-ter-nIld ,o Dr. . ...e I,.
mick who aplured he -lola a *M
Itel. e tr leb lyer, ed I.
D 6mick o a ember W I. FLORIDA WEOMEdN'
Sl Andraew kol ao turn. GOLF ASSOCIATION
lleck Alien dhlted P le I na Al8 a DyeO r o rll oa K
Whaie In C"e mplwaip !lra chilecel le of ull.
Cnwomaion Fligleeup. isteam h. Meternd tie FlSrl.
Ohtr wimneran a hilr re da Wme'l Su olle Autl-.
rive fliahual l conlinwi lion amuin chomCbnlhop IC-
Ella Cte J. Ben aw lea played a1 Ltuhlh Caunltr
ver L a aiainam lite a Club,
liill Marvin hellona m 3r IIn Dye, wI ol e atol
Larry Phtallt, eotneatlon coueamrcitectmPele r *.t D
Jaick Chemea over Riaph bean annded conllilnahly
Knupp. raaond lll~hl, Sill i aonl hon l on'hop len
Mwore one, Demunt. eamm ealleur oIlin. [to
wraw onAuc phiu lle Paeti.
JM Oily ella ner JOi Sio. FollOW1l ie an.ylng rond,
kdir, hinrd tlllih, Soo B-. nwlchel wHlibe wae lndlall
nlon eSualn M I.n.o.- "ournament lIbIh wCth If
U1ne Ilalry Erb oet WOihom playAm In ee s T tO chmpi-
Delray Little League
SOpens '73 Season
SThe Soleir BRach NaUolna Leaie are; Fire DpeIrhUenl.
Idl~le IM~ rotpo ho n) NenIoa' speor Shop, lea Ra.e
aunw Ciho ppwaplhtn ae.. SoealiHn,Rahor7,Sl Femdawl,
ernlena Sunday ellbe. lneitd. Ponitheoaeve.on~l Sootealoee,
Inso lhoaomlelo tn of U .t Riwleahnd inrly ewd.!ta.
da bylI foar profailal FOWalpunh.
iiplayer, RMnJeen mhe Urmea in bl lack.
: dorn PIdke pra.elatol tM p~m. Monday, TmT, Thmu.
Ntlohual utob Lwne con. diy ad PridynlibU lhoeh rn
dueled hoe onretoonh nl e. MReyandn7 p,m. oeghdJone.
ludd IntrIll am inam
mlo erl and eoansa leam ,
pmnttleoMi of the LM^l-
b rr by Mayor JEn I.
ho an hal
hony tin.
eallring ,he an Rnamld,
e oiry la d InAt Pde l

tam moved Onio i inid
*her Jolnio bued tUo (Ilrl l ; *^

ol e.m. n al
bill lle ut n.. M
eonid U n ad" '
In I38,be plhond I: hOt
ahalCands AREIRI
........ h elu hnSm IS.
h ntg not oil peA nd L
Ionn'~nrr~l~ 1 '1121

Jhohrwin iUSy in 5 38N DHNSON Saa
ieelpcnt Indh nujolr~ | o|tMIU| hull // Dlr

dfullaait of n1d tle Ateau D I
d lnlet. a elm e a SnS loi al tt la aa
IRC dalI tlearwa ibn~m. Lnegaa apaaer 14odal
prie n nleRallenI Lt lla s..
Women 's Doubles

Team Wins 4-2
IA ho n w n April I TI a team nhd 1 t 1 n
IsIt o catlsRed InleW i ,
ray ~hl~admttdCrater. tall when ho 5Odle Stied hjjjjjjjjj o
American pl Pei n a
P" Armed And EN 5M Iwtt.
Women sl mobend sh

LL Teams tins.4ee2.
Anxious M hol enanrddau.
TIC loal holAmln UhoUh Am veo Ne Elio
aln wll A esmhoa n.k .g
7men38roa~om~eti2Zlhdcon wle wer l ad~n Eloenha
Idl ho MasaoM Mcholl aeraarSomne nd Mate
delAxoh ohelagun. pWa in- nleMndwthohpaS11
FPar leand aan >a 1 et: h =oe nann .Od
bIMan lut Sme a. 0.1 entw Il cineoe y elrM a -eun edlk
Sole m bIar. l dde d AInne ho hon
IO tho actlned 1. hne
Csel f 1 R iybln e al. 's l y'l Mab Ro aodk an d
T ,e h a o r m Se n am Le t d n Rr a PW A -to tl.
included Onlleip Mul. Talw~tndMennlnnd
manaIed by Rich Grnnt; tlkyribM Meriidlftapi
Ohl l.a. hern, ISle = a 0-2 S l and
G'rahoryr hnhof MrIeplloleho
hama Roll IC pad alE" S a A labw llZ
eollh Op eAi. 4lru1 Iend plilatp = t5

aed Thareday 01811, CIIIa ij>i
mal.d pamn pisred on Prh.- Barwick Golf
day Uo.e Club Leagues
Twi-Light lOl eot4~Il
Golf League UtleO
0m aOn = RLolnd D'
Organizing TI nl die a Ry 12
Thea 17S Stlny Ble. I enm at
1a hol wll e pnm tae seill n in. 10 CI '.

la ce a ld sm.e Bill aIn. IS
ar s "'.y ".a.P
Jlu Wio seaan Is
lwdil.. Ise I. rIr Mr.. a' l no" 10".ye
o lntlerrahn Lteague IC l MEN1LBAQUE
leam dentyna Cat Sein. N
mhe mihonlm leem wnlel Toydal BtdySoe I1I.
IN D HI with P M RIMS *d e atien* Clkn p IS
dil-on -l ho lhe SInal i hone. Srwick. Sol Club lii
DadIo llhn r n ie April3 W yP, d KoNI L i Il,'
c Lot tho e MB tanl Cypate. Cltre Cenltt Club
der tyMlAY l 1 uyl M. le
T C rei| M ill pl, I llr. Ton Lc' l ina latl 11
STlrey med.Cenmu Club. t ulem ne tTeO Ltd I1

ilip Il wlAl tle hoa I ml The I. Dl un. Wome'i. le h ro-Yaager g J ick Phe. li loo d b Lol
nl orny Api,h I ot Us (RIl =Lliw I'yd the E` .... .. C", .. i ,,Cwih6,niwdh
amhle o Frlly, April1 G a eonalio p t t .. . . an I.. ,,.u c ....J.d "..a. i Denedlc. iry Crohern nd
Oiher W ith durinI TI hlll rnd .1.hol m eln 1 rpll hre ..... .,, hlady Senior all Oroped In
larmnur l ihal alelled Sun. her mhe Dun. aCupabi ThkhIm hole.lno-on il.wM. lw0ol ,, -. n, ce1m e.neWevtrw Clhn cndplancwith7l1
day .wih qnualylnlie round all B hit. I Tal h m t hoi 1R-yad. elevenh ,
ire lho iualbullmm el- i lint plato with 1 o In a M hole by lay Areron eol BoynI
hog Wednday, n 11, ad lnit rlon Mr. Raunei Ja hon iacb end Dr O re a n Truck, Use Gh
Lhe lrnimmt benquel and dlnIfdJic=HllrllnrltM lltnnenol. elayi ach, .' .. V -e 20
L lautai eller, a- ..:.t a l... C. r allel n . ..,.. n
day.oprl~lalle P S ieluh.Ornd hotl. e hOl aEdwa d Ii. in en hoyno "" .. ..1.. luei ue Yc homholi ldihll
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DELRYUa UNSO SC WRndnndiy. Aal IP, accord. CYPb ISaCREEK.CC

COMPARE! Not all stores have

the same ceiling prices on MEAT i M l
Nal all ores head Vhae ae me.l prile whnn th, freeze wn Into *lle et elle-l|
So no all stoartes ave the lome prlce elln g. Sl o nce Pantry Prelde m Sat price. Were ewer to begen with
oue price chilling are therelore lower as well. So compete, YOU'LL SAVE AT PANTRY PRIDEI i DISCOUNT FOODS

sNER DILLS 38 V ~_ "
WfNieTOWELS .... 29c' AL"fORi'
ROuYAL -GELATIN. -. 9' "ElfSRB10
PEAUiiTbUTTER ... 89' EnitfBl'TME
PRUNEJUICE 51' PfijffEjj
phEo JUICE ........... 7.' 5Effif'%
fOMAom UICE.A 33- tBO2 R fi

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AV 75"'

CO iL AtStelSIl l7 TO SAUCE Iis 22 9i
99C______ HWAIIAN UNC 1,34' N"OLETOMAIOtS 3=14 in
IFLASNCUIES Lnc. "L'Nllc "4 I 'MAIL =23' aii
VOMITl C T UIfl i 4 1 EILIEEN CORN '1 2O6 P ill

a oNe Un Of FI Wia mml$$,
... iEEN CABBAGE 10h
.l iiIPEFRUIT 5.59'
.,,53' EMiNS .. 11,49'

EneaI rlehonhlelt Ien
AcAtN HEE .89' alti8oM '1i
s'Ai'Hs SE 89 L53' iLlli KAC[lO isE3

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RENl CRIlES I.-75' E PPLEPI 'E 33' E CumiiU s t-03E' PrEITEDOGFOOD '.9' 7o.... DSCOUNTSI siNuP" 7'6,
OKriRE C 311'l EAT "TEPIEs'- ',a 19' SOi iC I'381' PiPEiiiiNii 32::i91' 'A'CAROIS ",59' PiTAI aL 9
EO leTi5 i le 18' iF riiui 1 ao l" 'iHiiSPAINTI 22' PiPRi LATEs ,.56' ImEu ROLLS ;,39' [rLM ONiMOa ".IA 27'.
PUND'C5E 'il*75I' P'i *.s 37' 0 1 ACiM lOtic C i19Eil.l' 'N S 48' CifPsii'4i8 T s w45' 8iiF EtsiL' ', 33'

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$ 1 9
99" $11? VM 7 9 If


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02 6C
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$ 10 9

IPne 14 NrJnurnal T.rr n di r ,ay April i 11197 .

Atlantic Honor .....
t iM "Uunt rtllrIf Are"
Roll is Announced A...-...
tr ., .. end l Ind etd lo ; a y w wI -.
.. .... .. nl....... ..d..aa n. I p....... ar
a aI. ,l 111l0 ird~ne Uhlhlnlllo. 0 hAoae llal Ira
A* l. lir n Aln S Goll Dike. el1 ,rea,.
AJam ll Iua u Crl Ma d" Direclor RMa Will hal ll
Tlie I1 included hMar A linMonrei n Ptiter ta n npernnneld r"u lb pUr.
lennyr. alheyn r nare' llfbl peeld S( Idl Gre: ne W wmt 11' lI Mgl ee
.A Blale. Deboreh Ca I ,
.. a:. . l nne= 1 errh re in .. 1t1 r1 111, lar d
.... .1 .. o ... e., rl dn Pr a I GH rl yi P e alle n'" l en FoU e
oh lol, -.I- .'. A r'o ia ITda 1 tn t' who lts extni. A rtl

lint Mle in e l l.ghbr U.lb Oidh,
S...... ".. ... . nn MiIri KInDe Ct (or m y
. L. 1. i...,. ,...harl J n. M IiaiS a" L eole an en lateO.

... n. r.......n .aor linr .. L e. r 5 "" I r dd . Ipona. C)"
SM a A and Garl. a e rown ll Mr. La
.It.o.r. lh WnIln ealer WM ribn LPl. a b14 it
he .. ,n li .e ...n. any Jyl $ Ih ilI. T y Ssnne ]. ee.n. lSni udr
I_ j. d I lid a ,Ir a m. ld pll d n
a. ra n. emnanyn~n, Anne. .0 Snal
.... , ,- I.r ..a ~ tr. Goh L (r epy Gfn II awdint ID mlu
l..l.n i .* *C EO Jlln. StIeve rve. c liIre aion
i.r ... .. ... ,ind Ilonrf. Suunl nllu Wn a 1 MI T="
7 ,., .i ..i 1oi L KovIaYI, isl.E
E p: wt L'wll..w Boynto... ...n.rn. R
"" .-. j *i. ) Dawn U morrlion. i Ann OirFAlo R m roiN

.. : ............. Boynton

O" n i ; j aerniJ A oit 'n *itniac -ni alnpil
LrqLN OlC ~ =lALrlunCM g ~| R EC.r1"tion
IIP~ b Tu lr+ I~nlit~ii- .,-., 81rl~l l. _ltl~ gnl~nr ~lh l Tfiilin T n.

A rts Calendar
ul ie annal Slau nti Eeh, Say In CeramcP roll and hN. n l l i ii er 1..1. ... ,a lh.' nrrpohnltln aI "Iu A
bill to open wllh to Sulte, nd William K T..i-. i .i ..... .. ... ... ri1hr olor olra oo
mrnbr ersview n Friday. Mein In Te.e l'.nlin( -,,, .. .au, ari o -r' ucc"
April l13, 5opm IIllbt InlliainI ik. *A W*i 6, D,. ... h e prae
m ai, or bpubl Apri 14 olland uW,*Al llnrIn mill, l re. ...
Ihrouhtfl Si. Lh n el i an Lh "lth*llnao pa nloorlunIy
Thlir an d vried e0llbid. lrldu and Ilh. eprmie RIC* RATON and a ,Aellnine ro I nB Iry ill npecrd alll Ill1
U, l been elted by tre o hl npellitaili lA,1 ABTGUI) lInr ehIbllneg iral In -in .aplaur publ ilrl hr'
Inlrubon repynralv lulloritea l nqurrequlaI. Th *at Iexibllion onplni (ul'iWJ ald Mr. CaIllerlil r nll l Cunulu llbe low
al .h belat work euwd in nil. r or Ml rtneiredom. Trlurdmy, AprlI.l t. Al T tn Atw.. I'rnaldnl "UilIly will irnrlti uloll May. II
Ihe CluMoll obrtI Moonln '11 p.hllipby II r llnld. Guldoldo leratArlal usIu WOrklel Ilorl'. rnhlr rUwl be open lb Ae public rA
PrlnUnpandDrwlnbl,Jait we think. In IhA rdhinJ Ie ii "The ick nd a Alle b.-yheynowraaoke ery day,eacepi Salirdatlanld
Foiom in PllnUnI. Cnnaie cIgllilly o Aleteorl In tllAi S". A piview rmepllor i l heir tltenmit Or oemmani Sndayl (Ionm IS.Ol I i n
Merlerio eSculptlunl. Tnin le Hblll?," "1e M Iht and W l 1, AA p ,


Luncheon II lll
Dlnner... 5 fI
nr Rrerlluan 276-7210 ir 276I0 lil
ERI 1. Athusk A.. ur lral *ath

I f jr $j Irlln
NOW thruN???

I SenlniJl raus dinIrn p doy IMo Sunday, In
S on unfa garloble f.onyfrnn almn lpherl
w In aL, al he asllanIr(1 4Pl S ooo I
i W15101N ?fi[ KnI, id SInI VIOI111.
I Ihbn Storda Inn n pm 'nU 1.
IN4 mae* nrOh Lf MwIB I th

Dinr r ,&



Whathas Sheraton
done or youlately?
Glves You,

call 391-7070
Sheraton Inn BocaRatonWest
at SundcaRalysn Ierchnge of FloaydasTurnpkys

call 391-7070

C"I'Ll~f, "a 0n




PB Round Table to Hear

! Joint Chiefs Chairman
a. , 7 a ilo wh sch heowgrl ple um during 7h0 gtrim pW e nimlio7on l eunlled I e-
.* .1''... " ," .,, d1. alyid nein by eirad n e rind on Ihe 10Jlo7 Mhis 00 v1ry ro ul, tly needle d 0070-
*,. i. -, ,.i i r dt Jhon, elld o r lon hi i dr pl lal io b.g.u r -arrli"
," ooI o*. 1 7 In US. 0 0llo0 o hla t nr W on oemndi auly wounded m lhaoolr.
n, .J'... o- e 0d0 na7o0mornder.ni.Ie During lh a Ilaer part o, w7 eml7tlhaveprli.ed
,, i ,,t-, 0, s 7r 1 olb ihIhe A 0inc and ad0 M17 7c wh0l, lhin hla Ie lalnr Imed o omb nd
a T r Illcle ardouls nd-lr0 1i7ht7r o of 0 rib r iqusdron whLch
'' .... .. .. A In ely oenlo l DO lnlo the nd TimolT r, RtndiInebolthtbaandO Af
...... .. .11 n m ir po. er, he lnferrl d o t thle gju o11.1r sgpin rn ra rom I bale al Key
S0''7 7 0 ,r of rinerl In he mi0 d IO%'s o kmlino obln. Wo's Nor. L'b i nAi 110n
1.:' "- u'.. 1' 100 0 0w 1 pylot IRanlng. ond '70 an oodolondod, nnnrol. Aoignod 70 lsloo b und y
..,. , ., . ni wa g lulgnd to e p r ty lio lyin bol. Ihe beo the ol andylo nilg,
n .. .... < l Fghting Squndron Onol. cdliorn 0com0 ny0nro bul Uto h0 remainnd In iW European
"i a' ..." .* ..11. la0b....n 000I. 1in g ed Flonoh rodn%, hIelor ol OprlI nUIo. ,
01une w0 r1 pn0ed by Pre ley AmI clr lra i rsat *L tnan Moo rer bavb d an ihs rlo b sor ll end ol Ihe
,: 0 r10 n 7 l 0 ocond lo canl er. sr domintod rby Imy air war.
ar te71 M0 th0 0 on's high" A a y00ni p1ot enlqg7 In 5uper0crl7y0 e.707t0d a pr i. M0O1 er we an'0ng 7 he int
007l ltllliary oUihoaty, h0 1 re th0 Nuln p0,cllc doil g e a o 0indin n 1he Opn e il American 0170i10U0 0 fo01
porldly n rip .ed cor In early dark doay ol Wr7 lWar dok .1and k ol at n7l In rooch Japan, where be 00ir.
lr e klwlc i o regard II the n Lsou leon t e o di ol threatensin o tp d In tl e Intero -
.blo rel.ain of S0 ds. ... e rte. w dd when 1,, 1 l70 haefly t7e 0 io o7 0rlou, hiSh rn00n
eanse In Ihe wake ol the Japana te Ju hll a :ir;Cplamned v Jap o J Ploan
YielIum peace i l0htly arm1. ed PoY pa. ,s sperb ill and ocor.* Admrlal M roolo li rntly
t e,0o otoleodll niral 7 1 pane 0 rth or Darwn, geo doeoi"lLon 0n or0W Ie tO d o lomeigh U111
Ion nIdl 00117 w 00"7 7alrly Aul007717 n.idt ondnoeroulnotsii pe 0077 andevenono 1rein isarde
inle aI umpnllon" hlt 70ohe No hi "7l7end gIonl 'l 0 and dcoItloAm n In dlnol 0i0

l eThe blc d o t- T p n ..- .. mi Round TaIoblo
77 0 nld di^*" l 700 l ok 1trd ou i k0.alt0ozgo 0, o. .0 .,..^, 0d reeonce, thoo.nllboata
.e1 wll'eroo l t h ,Ao. :. h "r o llso 0 1 ..S .y ..r. oe; 'o, h o urncbyaT eIeSi
he r Ino 00 0 e000 In tho soot, 7770 n,0 ,on 0 'so, Cony Bsrdlro e Nsval
'.170010 eeroourtat dagoled old bloog phon so . ,. ,. Foflletanllgbls 00l0, A ol
: a. P rI la updo la s l 00 0 d ,, - 5 i oe aing Pd o'rbIen eren.0.
n ,. ot oi -k ,. o n teJ .',',, -t11i.*4-, d .=oiedne l..
r iin n 7 7ll 7 0 t ahen t I 4 d l h e. .0 0 0 uI a" 1r 1 7 T 0 70

,ol ................ ..... ....... II.o ........ I.70 Ielodr a0 ,r ': f
00 he0 W0ind0 .. .- 0 1 1,-. NinthT A
SHAS: no, oen ng I.n: Delray Iy o
S.EAsTmETo BsCOL o be,,]blt Permits
in.1l"nLl [isd. ..ee
| CONTINUOUS Pe is" 2.
r 0 0 0 iled,0 0 : 00 01 0 1>n 1 y end In d osl t T he
DRIVER EDUCATION CLASSES 1 t0r0 1. b A:7 01 d I to n ra,0 tha om Is-
CALLFO INFORMATION winl i. e o l0in rofn

395421K or 218.4140 01101s rhtudorl I Tn,7ofero00,iw.
i l . . ib y . . .h.Vs . yl t sh i. .' 7
Pill7 NPV. Flod n It m1 uod In Mar= 4 ol I. 5he
110lon lo: 0e t 701770000' thor tee 7 7 .0 .
-,-. Iueopolson: II 0- ond coalnOItotiotoe Inn W5.10.'
W c 'I. II. ThOMn os h iBt o l00 in 17 to a.e.et In
0r0 ooonplnaO limited number ., Lde0nleo1.. ,l,10by0 0 Irl 0 r00 l I eIssd In
S otud.nl7 opp7i.l.n for II.,Thoa sl or.tfede 0 Mir lsh wl ors nod
ppi r ly..BoARlo el and 0 unll to1 beull ba y
SI 451973-N'74 W
S ST. JOSEPH'S I t"1 "1I..............
PARISH DAY SCHOOL I L...;.-i.......-

On'Jsa oras"s' 000,,rn di, F]
S ... f L -A ...b I. . h .aw

Appliollontnliod onnquon)r o 0A l Tr01070 MOBILO 0000017000111
RV. NATHAN A. ADAMS, FIIADIeASTE nss ts S.So llloool h

100000000000000000000000 000666uuuuuuuuu0000 0000
|eee 000000000000000060000000000000*000000000000OO: O


S> AND GAS, Tool Hurryl You can still get a now 510 , 10, t240, slik shll, oauomatic 06
OO tntransmissionlls, lf-ondillolning...

i.. l

t .. wagons, sports cars,
N 2 and 4-door sedans, and the all new Suzuki 4 wheel drivel 000

I*N 909 SE 5th AVE. (US #1) DELRAY BEACH

> legee 000***********************************
,oj oooooooooooooooooooeo~oooooo

N- JuliMrno l.n ThJ dr. A1,r ll 11. 973, 7 IS0 15

Villa Del Ray Reports Rapid Sales
Sal o( fu1r and olhtsun lt ory 7l uh and %Plm Berh lBy rluhhou olll rnmtn p0ipm
n0omllnlum homs ar0 ll 0 o ity o. t l, men'andl di' .
Ingat lhoroleol mo retlunO 0 Vi7lla Ie Iy ll I 07l0d on locer ruonlo nd m etling iorul or
s day In Vill I7el ihl, 0 n w Allnnllc Av tue, I omll s es| 0miO Th r orreatlon cenntr
toll conr roild tanlI 0o0- ullleTupplleIntourchae.e will Iolurs elr7ilr iwim-
nloonltloID klyeac Alhu_ h I0he .Ir.t n nhe mlng pon.l, l7nnilcour0s lot
Jerry Drliln. dir0, o immunlty'l modethomeire Ilbard-unld brbu.
.ul el em Prorpetio of plonnd tor lu7m oplinr to For oIhe ll ,,me w w ull
I7ln Lid, N.vele0.r of VII7 or7y ip0rin ol Ihi yn, the I'Pop1rll0 or Iilray. Lid. I
.ao .lll.yR poU ; OMnun7 d..; frlolpm I tecr om oicy 0n 0 lly "on o* I 17ur ml 11
del snd w7,y0 re 1 ndo It ihowinl much pol0u, condomlnlut building In II
rlnlUml hare btfn Ml d In Ihe Muhodi oth t water and wer Vlla Il ]ay rei denalil-gol
[urtdeyperip d lndne he op work and rod ntrllo crun mmmunly This wai
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Mi l llrin. Th Iml e hav e n oor t n clio ll l pl 1ed 0
cmbinedule*iprn tIne M or mptinlhinidyot. A Im b'es 'Iln 1l7l0lloy'r 07
loooolltOWS.W. Vllo 77d Roy ell I lude NK
017070 sola 7001 the coodo- one old I77-.o07 eiodcncos, o n
minsiums re lllinlg otI s pn each e ll for ,or eslht c3td-
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venn l at lan I mI. i- unin, In lu devdop,
usle osa0 sold home In ia enlo M1101M. V wilWl eoflnuo
et Ih ws. Two rodeb wit be rede me7
..b... s ..ole, .... ....ol .-.r 781.4400
00 10 lion Rot, o*0 loIn o 70t ir r
we nltyr iped our ..ne bth ol.nd on .i ro foft..el lonnr
no 117 I rosodich 171 Se7e7 71717 byaLUt
cop*io eosiolosu rhotoo eog 070 Stocks/ Bonds / 4 ,.,,.,,,
DrItltnllribuldltlloh EaRih mnd1min0nt will I C/o rmmodities P ompanoBo 7,
1, n OsI 077m 5 1 570lo r ao and Islestinlegcnoinl 7 ocoor- il
andntllln-dollrelulbhusen wilh d1"1e7, dishwasher
ond r"07 on 0i 1gelhar nd w sherdryer cnmbl0 7
uIns Irth llMtin 1 d M inn. The lrire .raondltled
comnnlty'l loao= In, ln o u it0 buve bee deloned so
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in1 r7l nnoflFleold'Tlu C be he wired to den or
plh uidtiea beIahes ad eteor study. Ife,. SA E61 V
Sullrodoinw. ...i. --1I. I

Lagging s.o.. A ..t
Tom Adqotro A onodt7701i7 1 1ir
TO llomewood B VAd Io.,
100 IAoroteonl Oonkmrte for
M u lllp l rd lnc. I l o u o n u p tlo ei' pe l olsn o n dA. A -
The lly olher pe7 nnlls i- Ioon nd dAmO lop qulr li 0 od0 goni.
eel lor 000 cooocooclion 070 We0 n or n71000r ,0lh.

ells 1l,o. n i % WE'LL rR I W I "5
ous oil dIo l o pl yinden rndomt U oh 7. 0 0Rss C0 WA5o-
Vo e all..ngle .a..so .-. toehono nd gst o FlEt CAO WASH. or o 4
aEnt, C 1077 00 Te7 ond 11 007 or o 9l01nc, 51.770,o ^o
tUnyo ,,. Wa id a WaLL
o.mo polil or iler. r LIGHT Toke Plon
FMei0 rnreti 1 M . M YOU Noy 7,12 o ll0*- Token -01 t22 da 3lo TokM
A, A-N SrwnlonA UP- 13-17 l9.^onS= ITok" T m 23 llonl=4 2 Tok .
$r, o pe"rnkoA` 122 with free SAVE 6 IOKENS=FREE CAR WASH
teie A n i wlm .lpoo, Pelican
.7 a s fIs ll Match ies Y2WidAJe.
.,m 0mAUTOm wl Come on inl.
0t Ifo reodling 2a00o e
Ronl nipuoo oorI eo .
s1i alronA e, oh. a ed 1in0
Lani eeI : `2-l"''" 27-453 b _-

IUog, pallo inbe and olCo-

,I ,1 h ot, s Ilwlr..tn rl lr 1 I77 ,, 00 ,/, lc c 110, ,a lr lo o s.liOd,.. jo r,,,lo(
o,0i0o "lo d cc to Ounll i-t, r"rf ir Irtl ,. -r .Ilaro ii t . .
So2 l4Or*., to oar.. oj, lu I, 1.7 .y .00 0 .00 o., .... ,.

eoI'll, Ol t! A,


Excelsior Income Shares, Inc.

Common Stock
A Subldlay of Unitnled Staole Trust Compmay or New York'

P0,oosrktpotO,,o17,s II u.T


C.. .. . i, . .... ..r. 07 7 7 lnr ilooit l l..J -

Price $25 per Share

no e oli T,.dlr lu 7. lh 0 l.

lalr,..; ims .nd I l !>)" r flheP.I r ) I'nI n nn zwdqor .lI> Shim. tBC
N000 ...... ..... ................ ........................ ............
A00000 ........ .................... ............ ........ .......... .. ...
CITY .............................TAT .. .......... .. Ip............ ...

Counties Receive $1.3 Billion in '72

.. . ...... ..... .... ,, ... . ,,a ..... .r . "

es.,.-." ."'.. .'" ,". 0 '+'. '.. . O 0,hte ln seditin. "' "y..... .. p, e .... .

Tli n C y
Livestock Spokesman for I l* ^,By1i- ob ..:
I. ........ .......... .. I
ema, ndnAhdu a tuoy hIve men se ",st1 mill1 from.' 'e
BuvsineAI ""'s I I I: eL
.1 .ee. and ... .. .
U- lspinetl anh Bad-.1p n M aer Vn m1 AdP drly on .uin rdy wc budldrnt g ous wlared ,, aov,. 1 'k
rr o etn r t hc a Ifll cI oi e. ible lOid the l sna prne hridgr..ou.r e iahl r
mt elen Iit od B roumn ami h n .rl .nld by --'r I oI mi "r l r e ',
"R N.:" a'estpinrs! t ei ing m..i ...
Aireli mh rneprle mhn l pi p.rr ire. 1 le l lInhlndo hi. e pld t a

J lge orkln ther re oa1 mndas l ou a n then de ndnl mea hoe dI AP 1I
fo E i oter nnlus 1%rtr, I' m d lyl f=r. ad rn 11, llltplinarn M l asdidssl orn udnsrs ere aI
r.laleT T ., iMt ilildMu
'.'fl". S S '. lESCSSSlm.1 .1 HBHBoBBBBI;

Ibbn birsesa athin i ie thal s rnb INCI ear snamib nnedi iher small hi
Poll wMI .1 t. PNnd Ln .M. UO Doldl .b 3167l comt) g e
s, .d t sod too m h foar that cit. eI hg nm5 5 thnh e re d
L Gift F ru S i in.lt S i p n opr ll "mlln of IWI tapre *ol
..VEd ulaL 6p emt p lses w: d662 I"
dons Is ll ides orni e toleg on ehr deni din l rd Me C n m h 'R tIhOliUe

Ss tk nd J elE Bo.ard, 1. _h r-din Sw ePing hO0
Iof1.1- yr....Hda. a d t llt l I ll llloCloese'n ly Aep1t1 bonem d 11
ne s eraldeh resrehacent esl eh e.h lt l erea miAir dnlenn i Is md i e SW. lSTRIETen nimENCON ku
modBak i. Mokes mats 2e pi e h -elo om

.of Irhk aHe I ie Jem ),uaIh k ordal In m.m.. .n a...y ln r

lee 'is dea bne her ers d ied l yaJ.W. Da nt Kentucky Bourbon.nth I h

Full rich bourbon flavor. 137 yeaB
mo o olltrbonmyking hi hagory eIn m m 1 l f r
Sunlmselnhu lvrd I C gedm bn aitlsl g radat rea..chng.

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.r n ru e mad :B, hi n pon rt/ oe, Mderu e aily OO d n rl PAe l m76-6321
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Blok of lo esR L,.g rea Aimre of I em York Cit UNMuROM Mltmnodh I. ..e e
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me delr of the First lta ,o oa m J. r.,a n Itn- d sl Fines C ru.. producer by dryln d dora he
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Gift ans= ..s. our Fruhltl SE ipn s1 se,

I 7\ IROVES M, ones. ad coulloill a
Io moed Hr. fl Jo SlM, J. be r sa asoZ l ft l ,, bdelp rn, amen- -
.ianl deM del e un her eine ,tr Btare, m, I e "- 1 m

"Per M sa lde hIe b n e-ioa mae. T o u N"n')i unIFl
T H Florida's Finest Citrus! h] ../m, p"
aleme Cnt and onglnerinl, I t R imna .n
for Easier Delivery

JIL I Gift Fruit Shipping -14 ,

GROVES CALL 216.6321
ON I.W 1 1k STll X II ORI oN S A.
B IICt MehENT, DlnyBa cDllylh employ mt. AINUIANDiLIrIA TAIt 137 ee 0
..l Ie Io o iS M0I0 276-7071 I li Bum 27G-r551110l
ourwbal dele ell Ite t.mdd Dlleaun, ul II
Fghoo eer h i Ified K.l. ,TO


J.W. Drnt Kentucky Bourbon. I A.D,.
Full rich bourbon flavor. 137 years td1 .NG
every smooth sil.
good honest price. ..I I m = 0
I......... ) ...... To

u pA1&EVERY And
ELCGTRIB S !-N- Buyers

te .PAS1 (276-2P321M
01DI I ,.,


JOHN OXLEY OF IOCA RATON an. thel bhll rpldly dl field for erll Inl
llnce I. llrea yeom un BDoo RhlO. poised oil Fort Lilndeeill I to Ihe
Sualblhe Plo Leapen. Mareroelat Inl Omey fin lU riet lo Freddie Fnrpco ol
*Fort nLderdile.

Royal Palm to Host

National 16-Goal Tourney
he preillicoul United rand luhlon.kll i t olFl bom e ln blulover e defend
iael Polo Ginoeillon Ne landerdale 1i to ,,ib op a n' hem S t onto n nono'
opal lIB-oal Tournamenl M animodefllted lorhlint mltery o alae oed am
I a Ioe R int Uim In lime olrotry. Bo e n- ntell ble 7 point ld.
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lndg ihmpl. nt Ie lo- hndlUl. and Ihroih hS- Schmo and Fonuiln worked
-i bol'dy, Glen. Soonth ep litvndol oe PFL I.a- thie Imw-tn dowtllend ind
Cerolle'. stoirds a1 a:t derdte drde aler a:1lkr, Fred stimmed It lho for hei
P.M. i te oyl PaIlm po. aoillna ihei Geld sirno. linlof |ior l torthedo. lol
Grin Bda wt.Ma. I. d rpckin up tI Non Uln.l the opruane o led caore snd
Thletlilolim ve Cuporroulld- the m o l sotl nrn oan d
Mrie, Al1Gl clmpop Irnlrt oof Rte Tm strted to thke
So be p n nd It oanred tl 10e tol- heir till m the FA. LU der-
Flld*MlWP. Fol- ncled Hoot la euntonar dale playeno sod lay atrhl
MRd tIn Salndly Ease, bad day. ohon oIl leuia than mlao ggosals. fdaenr ind
Mllwiuhen and ro mton mvll lmne In toe Inrt Fpo- Forugro aln "T.l g1e IVmw-
toe arl. and Inlana goIl. ad Soerer linnd l rduned intI goal hbybl
tilt mnt ybIo lio nd SL M allnltoea l polo he I l team, wnlh ltlhdad enw No.
LolalaItr in lA owe to ds- le:m did et retielo heir 5 open goal peanliy atoonpU
relsnlt aIn dEl ano lay don and In g'lo s eanl.
hi Fled Fwigool l- dedl potreesle R t as cock en tle b iol

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Ine Mllwaukle-BOlto en- iord, bolh =e ben l ulgp wo Deunsd ol down l o In
tm.lerpylt IUnlelolnntan i sinlaled dRrvel H FaLha watllen mallet of Bill Molon.
sgotol anl oter. Mtinthen deadle to tihml1-1lled u by. andbl Bial slammed It
ulot obo to a Jr. lt ID. hepereod ed. Ion- PL o t e mowed
Joe Bnly PIt Mt.F lldoIlietoy.p F. Leuodsdoea' Bob l oavnw ince haorefe UM bel hlna
glnu Baotoog Janis IDE. dgenohad to0lo 10ti on s tenn el.l, ildertog
ei. Benny lnerre Jim a ecnd eiond but tohe wbine "le BDc m, liUn Ben.
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DrBDowI R~umoll Acd otoeyG. Rltollel: ataood She louo penind waeye-
nol. "' ,So F eL Lead ar

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K rate Class ...od I5 .
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Sto I -emonstrate ..........Uixmu
Pd Cdefr. weo bolde a Il will "ng lolng ist toi Forllo pomed ithen n m
r Blak Belt In Ianle. cnte nitlb hed poladL" ol du elle 0in a o Inl* d
demonelrallon al 5 p~m. reliter itrdenti lot bir note 11t PL Landerdote had
WedEddap. Atlil 115. t the ctano, ie Bg Mrd up H Ot ioi Il horla UM KC
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K a one laer m Classn ienti Ilth0lh to lned ol ---
aimlelon to Dte den str at- wieto ilotwieltlniny.
i C Int oLder to help Worlh l "Some people ell torG ol
Into i equlpmlnt ach n tan tAc inmli asn c wnlle ond
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Dugene llerrlng. Pole Wll- a id : only ltmtonotoilil.
UlaT. and Tnny Hion. nUlhMt. Ioa lndbuy
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mil e111GnW allrtoin e a d.l

Grand Slams Hit l

by Pony Leaguers B
grand Dean. Rgldlgnd 1 0Dha ,a -nll ElImd
anul onee ol rony Lan TI0dny el.t Dig FlI de- on --
:rl u lt W1ie Il. tie ee oled
"y. 1-I, Wlllle Blernlrd *nd s

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MumlB. Mriua l the its Tidet weal a ll te
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boll Wtoo te Ion. Ti p*me ben corondltelon.
u oonnued an Wedndoy Io a Rth oindlo wonti
nilgl im only (our Inlnlege Friday eid. Eek ovorcatne
oWld haplayed Monday: tow,- Fnm Fedenl I-1 n lm -.a,
eer. n o mor le or I n 1o in ln.

News-Jnurna, Thurslday Aprill 12 13 Pagr 17

Atlantic High
DyMAIlK E. WARDEv The Eaglll wre oulols bul ai whIlela h Igl tnarm Iell
MarUionC t Iluih poomdd m ll Importantl, Ihely were S
AUInlk li y li ot ,nteored I ZWdr. The bo"i ire In thld plre
noon tJloo l o oal er nce opeor ophomore eoand n and Pearl nlb "my team i
bobh.ll..m.a. rmn.t bof ^D A- U n nlc ..uo.: r4t" .for e
Ah .: P_ held Ine Ti. ru In 1 i r l ihu l llory. s Got
it Mreleu tar tie llnl WIMer inlnled In me R icood, lou. wied IHob-
uil7ulnlbonreoa n til-. d craed whotlhr Jell i. lim oedUd Tom
d (or wphomorn oellel pich- Whie pounded a double. ben 1lonl O lBlur an d The
er Bill Lhll MIflnC ob n Ih e lh nd i ya'l" medGo y relay te ai
Il ler l Ini r bll ng tl e ed m Jlohn "J.T." T ob i, D y
Un D wltil. l Di ll, i ler'lngle, nie nd toneO andlh l-
alUndoul Ilr Mllrnl un bi W ana kwu lm plplcl vl,. itldet ly lnm ol
Sc. ralom ln hia Ind oaidual daI Is d 1Wg, eldl Good+
Ve m, 1Duti llhenm intll re. rrdtoU I. n rlo Flb
opie tllh Ie bacl Ih aed as IM .,a. the Wek lnle p l ti( rl c.
Ig s alig e m I r or m le il, a in S I I h prhoiu e It ch W ill Fiat Wool-
U m a nel e.. -to he Lo ga la on me to e :m1e r edley
Srunk ed "'o y le nrleloelnla 11op id tm, ene WetgallaO laletn,W
tlanhn l a ~liin plladinj~ttle 111.30yelnrwnen Ihalmy and Kathy

e ihnna mla *rta Itn l er'rds
Jaypndeerlll. m 1 ,ndalldorhela yai2'l rn" r+I Almtieslt layanr

Wlll. cum 0ia the Pl yL
a".1 et 0 1, Fea
1111k FoBeove 1*1.11 ndo
gI'a. Atleant le per v I" t.

nw lane u m en bmnld he dl I
ael In Iir slaG lt g o nl lln
lno repulied Jer yre launa M sl ge
...I..... S..un.-M-eig..
GId auenlrod end Ysqaaanl aal
In order a cre third Pho
yplacem e !d tlas had to 39 52
overolrl he T Lke3955286
Rlanr 114 rnlda i) In. P. ( 111. ime 1101.1s 11ie, l tieL los 1(IS
diyollmn lotilon. ______

S 400N.S Swinlon Aenu
Delray Beach, Florida

Now taking enrollments for Ihe 1973-1974
Ih l yolyear f torh I BKindergaen hru 9h grad :
o proorom. Qualil Education wibh t5 Chri tion .


820 E. Atlantic Avenue Flat

r aDelray Beach J

Spacious and contemporary office building,
unq i dellgn and conce.p ho: ma.n, iu of. 73 Buick
licespaesaailabke for l .Iana r.or building Electra
loaltd In Iouh Dalroy aoch and on y mlnutle
fi Boo R.olo.. Available Spring 1973 15% OFF
For Information sllphon. EPIC Corporation e men Pft.
(303) 39.100oo




oto.-m,.,or!.v.- a


S Open- Min. Wid, Fri. S
T ll Thurs.ill 8ll:

2501 So. Feder

AI p'n nl, 'Lr n*' l shl''lld arll i 1 11%. ii.ii
Ai 117.07el i1. 'ii ori T11.11 01 i 0i1 '1 1 0.iiiiiin1r

pl.inv itlr olrd 'tl lm. n ,.I ld Iot tlur pl.mn
S. I I . -..
1-nl t4lillI'll iN I I,

I, I, ,,,- r

You ask.
FPL answers.


1. ill 6 P.M.
30 P.M.

al Hwy.

Iii II
1111 1
111 111 111
I_ 111
1~"11 "~
'I "1IIl


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