Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: July 27, 1972
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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T A Delray each, Florida


31i IYEAR N0. 30 I1 PAGES


* NINA SCOIMIDLIN alruglea to keep goitg In the hbeaautroke vnet I the
Dory Beach Jaycee. Swlimmb uand living Meet l0r ovI0 hel d it 4 h4 city
potl laso Saurday. For more ltomation, see really I3lde. INewe Jourm. a
photo by Ray Graham)

BRADY EARNIIART lead, devotional at the Delry Beach Cbrilltl Day
Camp loeary lacraudd by Scott ebSchwerI, ey Urdlt. Brida Clever, T acy
Dlmon, Chril Te0,lt3, Richard Ioyle, te Gillis, Todd Rom, Gray Pihoell
aid TlmmoyTerelll.

Day Camp in Last Week

O Monday. the Intoelor.c ml a-
i0al Delray Beach ChnLllan
Day Coamp, 11-ng1 ito III .-
ni w tk ol 3he I01 sea0 n
Althourph In pevtous Jean. In.
teet has ollo dwindled
SIthe Ium e progasd, the
00eve 00 mr i Ihi year.
ccontig to Dit3tor Frank
logan Themo l a coinlUn g
large ailns.danee ol Io..9-
let wllh severer coninp
i I10n10 004 .,
in Lan"nl Woynon and
Thle MInlilertal Assocation
playrd som part In the city-
.ored opemtlwi Wn the
began seven yea ax,

. ..

Doesne Gwynn may the rspon-
'lllpolt. I:;ll 1I
Ire. t.. . W ,ni,

Prom lime Io dme lalentted
guests ae aliro sailed upon..
Thl wrek. Brady E Iharp
Fmm 1111. "R0 3100110
held a goup 3 0er 30 chl-
de ipelhOtuld al hes baaed
filly told Be itory of Je es
ind Mary Magdalene. A0e.
he led the group in alnglng
'Jeini Lov.. 0e" and other
retlgloi ons which pa30 u-
larly ppelto the young

City Limits

0yPATK0 1 NS0 I Cm odn W lk, addin
11C0o0y aIa deidd M M Nue Ir ,I rela. -r Frd. A
horporate l mie th e o a hed cat) T o a re a k fh m to

bu~till~el .." ll IM ad*01001
redelned to Ilude te = nty broken within 10 day, alter
e dlaiv llia dhe g OnR pabOvl.y 111Dad 1 lhepoj- tull1

honed ito01,0Bee d,. 0.etlmydaellieoooatIntUOn
The Cilly Alorney has been clendarday I
ae .onriIne d thr h d motl Dr W.an J NSuborn, pl. I
by 001 to p0 eenl thi0 re-I a or t0h0 kvlew Baipllit
quDito the Palm Beah C n0 t.hure h, llc bue appointed to N HO.I OM N dp O a
yc:glita1ve D.clegatimn i ht Blrn y o mItog Aut y heIy t. I Mn;d4I
TI o wu pa by a r N abem rplc Dr. FrWt
become p 0nit h u yrio l m oe d F. B, dhox. term a d-

a id.Soorrnhoan-oo Ill. toan cafltodi taoondil
oMe eea ry S.1 ospib Ir lin o u'aaE~qrat 0113
Laughlin anelrunottmg ha red Jul 14 The apptadtmn 3l

aureteepaind,"e 4 r. e w0ll .e o afElecteder
1o do nis uvenl yea1 aRe eedingJoly 14. Im| | |

" -. "'.ao~l~numi. onooih
su antdldalw k," C paled a lempor a ry 1
'*Irirgrethtwehaivetouw anitauns providers [or lat |||||||||||||||e||||| k k
n0ed inmo Ielray Beocn." famly r dwelltig colyePnnt
W~tB coltnued. adding lhet up to and l~lultng niM untll ^^^^^^^J|v \"
he wold rather Icoe. lunnCo and mal, ei"w oI all upp "i
.annu. rath0 r 1 .0 haid by t ae m or td corarlloe oli JOHN BORDEMAN rb ipyl aI e plaque blearind M Sdiur Warrigaloa Ibet
taro ernd nd n 4rpr oval a!id mo ttledl 1 bu ff Ithle lor by ofdet he c lB e 04 i3 5 J1.1 m b'pBoSt Ol nil hatly
e ll.x m ilonIh p l e 0 wh c1 nmil Cty m 30 mldBm ol. to i the Playbo eth dI .1 It a s I kk l as.. 1 -t lcribed,
l pa on adn r ol e' mnhDr ln et ffr r Wl riDr oa With nppridd llhu for a inpu ilDs he Ddamy Beach
Wllsm H, Lamln m lie l P acutCIty MNaler J. EI o M a. P tlyB, de 1o hould 4i 0he 0ler 0ad o nr hi iane diren oad wd uch M are 1
b-T o Ime purl the cy, hey rll rented tlha he re cied aIthorily."
aid lo he can lu e wa= a Mid0' dCys ago c liirm.
ler and Jwer .0ee Por hli dhg thai -In B.lr ,d I e. r
e a.....emy INr' I.. adh....... oDrp M oy ieslol Elec te d Bo ai a
Lauhln li nlr d ||l. ti oy the IIly and Delha |
Laihi nonrcn h 1.1 h iyabuildlin an South Federal rmy on.a u M~ ben c-~plet-
"'I ;;;n ;; old, In cutD r. M oyes Eljected
llml,,a_, Iell ,y le laid lhil .1n, hM N,
In he. i -N lan, vol. r eved Ihe lint call, he then
......a... INe .n.tr................. Playhouse President
Ih e s o u lh d ral im e p ro j a s to r e s id e n t s o m p lai ig.. o |
Ihe Cllyloi CoClrucIloIl Co mariy water Maethll old he | ol Marmora. Hew Jerny, luil wanted lo lucre Ihe reil- 9 l*TI- '* V SX 0JV._A i
w.1ch1,ubmllledihelown d o deni th. i the problem ws
sm ,20 Th Is aw ird dten- lenpoary nd cau-If by Ih1 A- a -e"eni orptodona] Moye., Sibley and MrI s lerrespattlvely.Thinum.
talive subJHet Io the app.l ihtf t a( i old lylu mee lnp of Ihe ptayhouM ReeveRe Mr. a dberl Aher. mar, both me ar Involved In
olIheDepatrnlmenilathg and .he c ting wllh UK BoardoGwtmDr. Rob- :m m Markeima Eugene = _eh workhm .I e New Yor
and Urban Devoupmenl newaystem eiE, MOyeOfDelr Be=th YFeldl ManrkThi, areo A .mle ol Mr.
I IIUDl. ,Waler wai completely hul wu e thcedt Pm identtor 1BT- Cr' F lld edate K lo Ilughe extra ordinarily i tde
Mayor James Srhirllev n~l for aff ul IS mlnutH and Tl. lhaFtyhaalt'tlver t hlmyas Day a l Golf Ipan- .Knp UlelU can he Eean .a
i -ii*ii ~- ..l ,- .1" ,, l builtl ii preiur." he vertry year. Other Incmthg sared by the Belray Beach the movie "Tne Godflther".
,.... ... a. Mm . d of Bcer will be Gordon L D 51 Playhouse. accoIrdth .. a ow appe. rthp al neihbor-
bley, Jr.,VlePA. ldeni Slell n3 untieni by rllring Pthy- hdt i .
TI~ji 1 f Reevea. Secretary: uid A. houupreildenlJ0hn.3101osd-te Guemndali u
P B C C o n s u m e r ....O'Brie.T .r. Th.e 1. S a .
Next~o OIr r:a." h mdtJh .Br noaned the oenat J. SlualdeWa.an"

Director Speaks

Mes, AlIc Shesaa. director
o the Palm Be0Couty De;
parlment oConsua er All..
1aid Tol motk that inck hs
mmu Ut or a Jnxnder-
Ianding U i n per cent11
of compltahnli received by
her oite.
Mrs. skno wa the u0.t
speaker ttohe Delnay Beach
0 1 9e o41 Commee Colt..
club meeng .4 JUbly 10 n-.
dier iponaondp the PMe
slrlde AplC.
TakIn4 charge ol One depart-
met as e the lrectdr on
May Mrs. ShgPs id the
fond Osat uicy 1that a n-
sumer atflin ordLnanne
paoled by the county In Janu.
ary I Hecessary.
l~sr =he -.7.61l hd -`Isu
i mu mad desisl oder on
Me li3. and 0h0l the herlig
wa Btill lan process Ihe fP Im
Ii lond guIlyy b Costumer
and Merhanli Advlsy Corm-
mittee c1 nlting of fie per.
It rom eaoh I.oup, a dele.-
&at may Z.1p d ....
4003000 apnal
Mrn Oh l said sie hsa
found lhat-401 i0re really
*'three sides Io ee story:
00e 000000011, 00e 11011
nea n., and Ihe taclts."
Eplalnit that 03 per cent
oal ie ime tha Is lack of

County Rescinds Inlet Action 3-2

A 232 .001o lIy or

'Conty Comml 11onr v01ed
m130o recled t actl loken a
w.i earlier and to en

tN n Beach '

. a' ". ",r. "

lr0p appraiseed

,r -Cnm1 h -oni dul n ire

h1e -nindl.1 during flare

heartgs prlo o IJ,,e 0 il and I3 ,B074 3 0r tl them.
di. year, beginning oct I Crabtree Conslco 0w, the
Syear the cony poaid apart I bddero an ad
St 1 all. coal. 0 dilonl t lanthi nmJecl on
guards In mnucipadlil 01 d3A n Ahb ue Lroot Ben
vedere rad to me 1. over.
A able lelev13, 0 ordnance pa uth o11 k013 ho0e4 0 -
c4ded0. ollow0Ig t0dmony |oIen Was the apparenl ow lo0
3Im0 COY bm ih uo a
31 a 4 b030 mn c brea. dth l I a to
C, n .Al s t dli:emheraweaO. Jhn 0110tn4 Pa "In
r.t31 0 1 to 0 0 p e n g 1 lo0 l n01 0 Be r,4 r a lU ,4 71
lor ue of county rihlsol.wly -
oand o consider reue ofl lie Aree4tuo pn h final
per c r subcrber each t00do lnon or 003 0 nkLh
year t t comly. The ordt, pe1 it luace In the hans
nanIe will Ipply oly to of the commnulos ba he Envol.
rorporled ro*s ltheoomlm ro0etalConrnl Bord ater,
slon indicates thne dire.ive, dn ely l. by the 7 uCOy
Heslh Department The D,
In ehor acon. the board c parlmtI Pollution CMntll,
T- mO. bid0 00 verat al the state 3el,. ha4 allo.
pr1j l03 llardr0 oDl E lray cared t OOO K on the onty r
wad he uap'rn low nto e l he program. l the Ipall the
nlcoufl InJohn Prin Park heal3 departmenL al 0he
with a bale 1tel of I or M ul O d stale level had lull
- for three nromm .1 ptOc pemics.,

communticado o a misude-
standin. Ms. 0g4 sold
many dmes people "s and
hear only what they 10t 0o
and hoar," She u.d 03
most mpialnn 01 ai eslved
by a mere phMne call,
Mn.Bs.eaggsald se prefers
to handle as much buinues
a pnoi by telephIe n s It
son*telapyrs on ne by

year. el00ted In J0e by a 0te
holder, sare M0. 0Ge e
Mudge, John S. Parte. Dudley
BRemus and nest G Simon.
Holdone Beoard member. i
addlll4 0o John C. Baordem..

Seniors G

Stove for

.1bchandscoso drr in. Aioalnn33hda.
p oo."MMny heel, 11llrd it 3he l
in pa rionso the Ault benter l M =ll , I
candumer altali ordlanc. Po, Juy 3 marked e ,or-
Mirs. Sxa le copy o e al Pret n otheyof
1ed 0 I a. the chamber 0 .hte131000 w lmoe, by< in
laeof cmmerceoB oliclor mafyne = [ l- w*tc {re11"nt the
w104 bihes inomt u an.l W
an Dtota as R~een
0101.001s0 amladouMn. Prafidmnl 0 Lamo BowtIng.
or and M SPh S 0d0 r Le Traril, IpnotdooStnhor
0330wo. 004 wolu te CIIMnm J31 RMod y'.l-
state's allur. She sald her Mnorl Sfled A03gh
033100 haa i)000o0"0goa0, EoL plen 03 Alfred
iSl^te, d pha01.'*' EIIloth director ol plrks and
medial, ad o ll ree-onfle. an olllcli letter
City Manager "To reaCItyodelrayil0
great appreciaedon tor the
to Gel Award 400 = t ',r 0 m
tohente34,3300 i00n the~ obd By
CitOy Maagerl J Eldon Ma. "inry bea.,te cluns
Itoll ll be one o( ihri W0. Be Ad.ult y0000.
m113an 10m lo eee rfCompla, the Lawn B40.ling
caie tor oemphlelo onl ye Clubh The Seor Cltimen Clb.
service a, a y maaer by TeShf udCu.re
the Inle01 lio. 0110y 03 4 a0ed ,b hulpelernedClab.ar
3W, 000 0 t pi 00 00 Cn tre "ity
er'l Anomialion ul Its 0ven0 ot Belray Beach the new ele
o Sept. IT-11 at MtIhelo lia. 3iris st3 reenlly .Inslaled in
Mine0 0he kRohen of ie Complea
Marot look ihe Job hre In Buldng, May there by man
May 3'70 e, preouly happy ye,. g ooaing 3for.3
ored, In OItvete. M Deer- us."
f1ld Beach, and lommllle, The three pMildeno wee
Go ne0lnltle In ther n1le fo

avet llnh Connir lbol toaB 03 l 3 ece11 e 1.1. placque In
Flortdi. alw the 0ill of honor o hi many conilbu-
yr'a ou000, 4o o ti e Plyhoi dur tg
The =1sd alan a-onced iS yea P o operation. Mr
that eCtaIn Stmmo. and Warrntmlonwas directorofle
Richad Bughn. will be back Playhoae fI a number l
wilb uhe P hoi his e on ears th tee 0 ad GOl. and
a as tc drleclor and 00 d et laul m turelued to dlret
all Hal 0 Ihe major pyal pro,
i ,aaeied The placque, appoprt.
ayive C ity a. the.d an, ring
eb e placed In the Payhnite lo-
/-, i ~by on LakeIa
Corn plex .u.uti.comn
^Ul~~leX and details ofhe aeiteive re-
modetllng cuntly belsg done
the ciy The ld, h a nn tu tre'o .ir condition.
claimed, Wan being ul d I"to inlg syam relroOm llel,
3i0 utmost ele tor the pla- tI.. palio and lobby wall be
lUe of meny p hl In el- eleaed by he Board (or pub-
ray nd he city uld becono 1llaed In d et hcoinal g 0lue
grnal-ed n offering 1 m0h ol the News Jaourn l
to the clllus "
"l I, opn to all cllie," PBC Student
they onUncued. mpbaaluiig
tAall t o Is prilate club!''
IA-3 t I erit prtis Registration
P.R. 0 and nem m ero u A g
01 e daom e -otrm Day, Aug. 24
Iclollt aRo.ii, the040i 00o e00110 day Inc sinm
on. I tiary book 00e 0 atlonthnI Pile Rach
ohloh I. "3%1 by 0hm0 0 I_ AC = 4
Md.". T .he d.a.....[
.At t dne Inc 1f5 Aurdflt
Roled n the SnIo Clllens Scliololleals>aid tastu.-
sp; I O111 In Lam IBowhlg 3000 104 0 n00 I Palm
and 0 4 have 0o03d 0e Shu. '-. '.,,- 1 "'. ','',
04board divlalo T1here I a "' -' n
cormpaolo hip *3 e Ad0 t 00
Center, MoI oa the mhend,
are over SO. arrving lo artnhosl

Voter Shopping

Goes to Market
Permitlion ha been granted by Ithorae Beoley.
Sup-rnlor o( Electllon. to the Leagues of Women
Voler of Palm Beach County to register new vo0g0 in
the varlos supermarnkets. a "int tlIme'" or the Conn.
DThe Soth Palm Beach County League will conduct
reglalration I fellows:
In Boc Balon H. Wyonn Dilxie. Thursday, Friday. and
Saturday. July P. 1. 29: Boca 3aton A & P. Friday and
Saturday. July 0 an0d 1.
Delray Beach Wynn Dixie. Friday and Saturday.
July 1and 2
Boynlon Beach Wynn Dixie. Thursday. July 27.
In order to register you must be a resident of Palm
Beach County for sixty days. reach the age of eighteen
by election day. llegglralion, 3or the Fall primary
election will be closed August 12. All eligible cii0ens
are urgd is reister and 0ote egLsltralonJl can also
be made at the city hals and the County Complex in
eilray Beach Only relitraltitns or the primary will
be closed Aupt3 1. ReghiraUlon 0 for the Fall clectin
close thirtlly day prior to election day.


PM t, Nee-sJem. Tndae, Js.Ic on Im

Learn to Swim
Over the past July Fourth holiday weekend, there
were three drowninig* in te Palm Beach County area,
two in ake. ao third In the ocean.
Even though thete ti an abundance of water in
Florida, too mary people lose their lie by drowning
A a mailer of prhctpal. It lI becauMe there il so
much water that people should learnM to swim at as
early an oge as poulibl e.
Smany Inine down occur because ol lack
o1 precaution on the pact ot the persons who becomes
victim o hIls or her own error.
Baltern., Ir Instance, should wear or have at their
lingertips enouitgh ile preserve or iloicalln devices
tor everyone In the boac,
Divers should be eftra cauioun about their breath-
ing apparalu= to be certa It does not maulfunction.
Those who cannot swim, should stay out of1 danger-
ous areas and play In water that Is prolecled by
Too many non-swimmers get carried away and JuIt
because water Is only up to the watal or chest, they
stray out further and further from shore. Suddenly.
they either step off a ledge or into a hole and find they
anncot touch buotlom.
Panic is the greatest danger to swimmers or non.
swimmers as It prevents the person from "thinking"
their way to safety.
Mot surfers are excellent swimmers, but often the
best waves are in rough seas with dangerous under-
Iows. A urfer who ges daned by a bump from a
aurfbeard could find himself pulled beneath the surface
and In eritical trouble.
One of the best program oltered an a public servicee
to any community is the city'a learn to mwim program
tor children. Starting a child at an early age is the best
lime to overcome a fear oJ water and duclking their
head beneath the surface.
Fear of water i sometimes passed on to children
by the parent's tear o water and so If the mother or
father O afraid, the child is apt to adopt the anme tea
It the parent i not" a good swimmer oand does have
such apprehension about water, then they bhmould gel a
qualified awnmminast Ilructor to each their child to
And it in beat to teach the children to swim In a poeol
and eat In the ocean, because the waves often create
more apprehension for the small child than the water
toset, In addition, the salt may aling their eyes and
create amnohe source the child wishes to avoid.
But b all means, teach children to swlm and how
to react in the event o an emergency. The life they
save could be their own, or yours. GG

Long Range Planning

Beynlon Beach City Manager Travis Klllgore said a
mouthul at the monthly Chamber at Commerce coffee
club meeting last Friday w he commented, "We
need a long range program and golai, not day to day
purling out o tires."
Although be talked at lemth about renorganIation
and other Aspects of municipal government and the
coutnil-manager form t government, Killgore's state-
mrent about og range planning was the most Important
As far as the future of Boyale Beach or any other city
Is concerned.
With the teflux of new residents to Florida with
many coming to the South Palm Beach County area. n
city can ait by and consume time with the "day to day"
putting out ofiren.
preparation tor a high type of community such as
the South Palm Beach CoUty cities desire takes plan-
ning and not J1t days. we=aG and months Into the
future, Laung rage planning ismeauoredbyyears.
Master pinas are an Imprtant part of lhat long
range planning, affecting the residential as well as theI
asinesa aide of the commonly tHvolvedld
Hoadge-podge development will result in hOdge
padge living and a eonmually that Is 'ndesiathn.
COnsequenUy. property values mid decrease and the
economic bhos of the community will be lower dhan
that of a community that has planed iol future.
And the Wcommunity tbat (als behind In its planning
at this toge o0 bhomthg development wil have a much
tougher Job at trying to catch up. let alone get ahead In
the luher.
For the benefit of the community and the people
who make up the community, we hope that council.
manager, department heads and the people will recog-
nite the tat and go to worA on those that are anot up to
It.ndarda to olve whatever problem are found to
exist. .and not carry on petty differenceso to the
detriment of lthe community -GLG



Jomes M. Cox Jr., Charman
Robert W. Sherman, Pesldenl
Goary L Goodar, Publisher-Editor
Advertising Account Executives
Mrs. Bast c Goodts
Mis Dsebahr Cowdny
Boakkwepea Mn. Cocll Snydsr
Circulation. Mrs. A. g. Haollock
Classified Adv. Mr. Pater Kl7an
Woman's Editar Mrs. Slrpien Wendfeldl
Phaoormaphoe Raymond Graham

PvbtflAd ery toqoday of 54 N. E. Fourth A-.
.taron Bnoh., FioidA. tu d. Entetd o t B ond
Crlc Motl, otl U5. Pout Otih,, Dilray Btoch
Subthpoltn Reols on0 5000 o yeoo S160o il
S~.m-nl 9.$1 30 thr 0 Anth.

NotiLanIl Addrilthig gpre.noallwr
Sawya.P, uo-en.Wolul he., 245 Pak Ae..,
New yerk, N.V 10e17.

... 'SNEVERTOOLAE Your Elected

h- e. f e oOfficials -
O ly h. how I Ioowo dlld t w In a mO re A "= .111"1
t pro te wlo tin 0n c 1 k.d 0 I. lI:honn
Sat r in th waor a h d eo t cn SENlURNVY euve adloyalys.ndura em 00w a e ltr onnm

-a M.. n wiuaetvaio ltyounaun al n ns- o o o outs erdla iut t and o aoro
.t sor abc is the ml l oal t pm we.tin 00 n eeol "I wu mo ti d tippolnred to mint s11 latetr tr c rond Irv itosla 0 rora
-.. . e. n by. Ied e IAlln I m NI an dacomplthmea
York snato r Ja lt a. hw d e e lcr Gu mey pr b l e 1the ol al .1al. So r t h"n til
0 ClAII'u BACK a r vOKB j tided to Initials the isotlIm l Ieorl o Ihe Faranr's lone rollike
.' the Orl O ViFeald o ateiMt(i ticr i law i
viri r C ''< '0 Inthe Unled Stais I mu Wen I lle in Ufo Seul ine a tale in N oit very n rentl ITa
SsI ata I s o the a ot aelnB lo a rhipoa m c ndit vcere e rt 0i
1oo to, Va pres. EI A"
W. s O yaipPpet lot Vie Fol la year throgh Flu pr rin toWhen a rural sellI
am, del Aiw. tIt IM eettt our enw s could not eel coneitnion
P a rty sho u ld n o w d u m p A g .rate r pavi l ipdi o n by c wed t 0 h r A ,m e a tI r
onew." ea Se I* J. G lu... he state'h r1 crliso 0 ....... u- nmioll inel
t. larcc ihum t up t enuth or bod 'till eilow 1 tr. o D hhumb up ollot yos i b ody r11 vl iaw hIoaaou end hoow i rmroce iiicanleicrnuiraia
.0.0he0 cosu bend. ohienpeak utnd. Ii worth rmeo mberat nmetl proamen ti litrely due o lrp llto e n lA Io uDn Itib
U ..1 t r a l t le le a t I b oIn t he t h o e AndMlan In c mr e d t i F e d Ae r to u si n A d m e -r o

l\e. dctilinmtoe Eer the one Aout IW0 Fe A laso tool.
-I -al lo a Z m il-e d. com A
Itic teO p irt elitd tole lanstd in o sle l. Cetl r bWO O As I .A."
A ee or to trdlllo dl d t l hoe credit services will credit rurAn ciao l la a
o a tha earonr to leel his li hs renco rdhleothl ear. Aodusin preaile d i n r
o, Ox~noarJc-, Thuonoenter weeIert ut-- Onue $4 metolo oO bcaawd Wesand lrot dw5 a
. w 2. Exnd itIht k with Pm out M r in Else And the A i "An d
pi tm tu 001 out h wnd c alnl a w lter ah srpl u, U ti d ou Ol0d 5 of h tn u cut U w tr rir good rear oo, lartu t ( or l ewdit thi eeotondtoty I h* a lt e i ta praren piu
tlobeuefeidlort tli pornat FA to Iblen oe ntahp .as in rbdn reasa r arae.
____ ..... A L bthat the vie P.ereiIAt. a oe U imp m el o fl Ife 1 a. O nen h00 rn a nlt
good loa the emh i mp t r a ditein 0l A ng nabet FIAto ela to t l oL a alr e A Zthe people hd ad s ?1 Hihe so
Praldnel, While bhe Preldleo heaal 1 mlllla miii ba used Io stoaedrd hoibng 01 lhe 00l1l
tha ietoed filcty that he will toa n punrooe 0 *upp0ll sa laes
aneasoes hi choice tor tle andequlpa t.
FrePstne at th a appropriate Podant A ahFiieAr
.*?, .-r r.~~;: itsat u Sire Frenoy sod Oeiar ntoiea riO aintnt it mtho horeemphisis to Fcsii r rpi

heA lar s I em ma ed. The total divldd paid byh I newhoeow mhpo i
mr .we Lacw a srwl Vie Prol his pr dtodte tn FIo- rural ta= O lir e who s ed it
A. goto In Spire Ailoew. wm hae da Ien osud In Aermi Ine 4 ne bhoee ulth ibout
;' tilletd IhL oallie wrnh tseat t thBe rs ahia r0.o0 mad- wIthltlhepautdlre years.

..drine .- yToo.r T Lateg to Classify
ii p i n lhU~mb up l~nzdth of hredy W A s*t A mr irom or0 At I1, man o e olki evm r s o h e
nATIfI.G: itnhale on the alds -ut Ao. -1Vdla tit oi the only state acre strt Immlwnals te sad ad" i
f0r010 Iot roto. tahlst Into oh. watww. r0n st-ferinsl ro net po Oirs. eo-n trtrer fiiront bn
down. KICKI0NG: em0 u ior th croml. No Un e k. riWAed rr i t their wakea haRe tollowad
i icu.t.s' ciao, kick it mwn t. hiprs, s.0a000 W ermn hluxifeat ean ire .ona maonded ciy theat O he biLet tloe d kp
knre nx O shtl. SiA u iu s r to twe anateis Ita 1 I o ha diseoal astu a tki delireittic isnda ms ai 1.l 8.0 ta In m

Ithat attend
and horn
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", de~me,
Under the Suneredthe
-, .** **, ( hare hermon

Under the Sun

Grad Mutlers could w with- Arste n u
out crmel eces to the ea.

You people bhame bi At.aarenIr
0001w cnhaf~eythNathmcac Vietoatr pe
boe is ea Viam t es Bt
bhl buainee isn't mikiog earnm ao
North Vittonm Invade the IO wis

iWih ue I i the r a l nrir to
Ibdo ileltan dobu until te en
Vbere on country is nol r i~n"

contl t liv wihin t wn ifiso. *Ih
botet and tstee to donate be di
eactter reuroe wrnhetoe ten pm~ IS
politleal doetrtnh, wltlry i tibl
ndIg n, sorJt plainc trene bewoall
ter af e elonlm wma rinot ahu
aromaU remwod. Soca Vlel
Then dea ro d nelw iste mar as SIb
ileon.a idthredot oeir.toto tolbeun
have eerlaUng peam gut Bet Ibe
pers b na enwlded eft. Ireedoa a
It mast me from Ih parp-. leadenrlp.

ByGARYGOODER y es Jin. war doan brin
death i all tAn mWny/pe A e.
Jiam Podas baa relued butdtyouaskteNorthoVIt-
I a iour o North Vielrm eoei to slay 1ol o South
I.d hs ome hama wit tAe Vltulm.. s to ret the
=totm ones Itat hambin pe lnew 0d war to United
iad war kill. Staod di.
retwon ne w o be Ior-
Dear Jane. you didn't have geti Be North VIetsm i
Io Ao hut fr awy to dlio r m tegc r uor invading
thla .. iberet renme rout Suath Vetmm and ha I they
veteran hers In te United palsed bck ar their hoe
State n i me d oml that war der delayed tBee, te bI-
kMthinWoridWaridBAnd t tlie nouldg end, pere Awld
M retoe
And U you did wal to tAvs In the pall we have UIkened
el, you didn't have tlo A lheVietsmwr toarmstei
thraih sheastoasa to tour cbess wher on dde to handi-
North Volaoam. you could upped by c ot bSi abie to
have ga to Sooth Vietnam cmaalhhtcearenodhoiird.
and esked at Ibe bodl. 0 toe
cilalas kbtd hy the NoAls Now with Lbe FideberdSpo-
Vietnaym wany wli A kyc h x mnatot oa on. .he
byonel ron ihrooh and no ~coelaUos lof en ctrmCer
by themiddenbuhrl 0 aodmb. bewananihero 0 trewCean

Waen Dance San wasro
draft mer Ior the are
loame. ha cmOns ther i
,lasolinde a l i i htyI
When UBcle Snr leo
I t lsaxpayer li
Wltk. ite even 0mph. so t
los moaillailA to help toeI
opmer 1111 otl the blonban
Baroa .1 ncr. to In
ScoTao, whoEte A o to
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0e cah ulwy to note

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maksniodes mors ditlt
emotes too a tomihesi

-stanlymmytose a Las
Id coper vd SO MeLe
0I Born .o" An aera
Fund tone of the mews
ou0 "sodbaha" or sdmlnli
tIes dastoclto to retoni
neidonvy wrtetalre .et:c
pies reglatratton erocadai
esomptee shamane hlot;l
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Letters to the Editor
To lr endor excld ante ntle madlbtrAloe Mreqdrnta to LUl yep
lto Itls poulble tor.ado.dmrnil- tilnnchbent. n tnhoa
med liatnors to manpulata pre- cat Im
Ade. durtlosee aeir on poit' Wil theseretor aend rin tis Ies
tke ea dvant am e or phtoeby terloits. tie oter wo=d be worthy ea
aodleyoltnado, aleto eslafuyetastl abl pleygroutl
le im without lhenoeedol e dorn orshl5
In- venee. ptoa ed lmeIt we us tha
toe Tereurgrlneed lorre- nowlaknetohieotea*teaid- hlmmnda
aert loa11. tot evident 0 She bus" itemIom p
lax. state level where lows impede DOROTiiY UTtnSKY Im ge
end rather than encouaige the LEAIUEOm praise o0
the rist to ee EleRotnallulielab WOMENcVOTErS nelthie
e Iouldo the ltg limit l eat l anoofithe
powesn to relatively eoterd LauleriTo Ispilaor.
>1dle riobl Ato voetoeveryeli'- dok0llev.
will Merltii. Slohte* etauM here TtemctO Ilbalnuatl too.
ibe beAter itorpwalla t d ad- err loin the embur el We wem
ohp winltrloteoore0leeolloeteod Co home eh t~dvoer. 'sedeteas
ely and rerdat nmaedtf ra eoulno th t ot d flare. .10 en
mad thasanedas Ion hoIiciab~lps Oan~ta.o0toli.wl0h1' ltoerns
0n Satins b arIsh~sl, linlaobui roeaoh ertotali
do. ana ddelop elecmo prole- A vmoe a:
tie de with thit v Anieu. e areto
Briny Osyh has Ane. Ive doo
aon nrs. bheca oa tle intremw lest A
erih since olli hare oaten dus igration ornm thenmtta,
Delr|may Reen o 11 doclime
Ira- bemn anwlliogIq lapport out. onrib; secndub.eaan 001' problne I
irs rek ellortl. elllA op y Bach Aob Be rhnv. ell eockana
saek u ve Lague on Worn male and charsor alt- t.
n.been rnfifn Ia wet -a n s r otmeIn
Sote bave eedo i n' r wH.ee. cflcori. Be I dl
in. Itle reiLstiton and oAtea ented people; ad. tesrdty 'e y wo
aeri The biueal stadye d- hee wh0ll1 Deley Beachr k is ld
Ani Ii v 7inrf a by pardls bharie thar beei v s ice. tdloo
ma other 0l00coEanlutinem org. and tedh here toeJ oaourlal nt
o. ltg themr ate to dernnd ade- beaoyiend Millayolthe ni| alA
qnte repmenlaUoa 00 Scol el In IBe
mr. :.dslaAteoar j eleatn It ince Coucllinowtetom- is doen
v- cA lis Ho41iical pari sto in( Involved In et year's Iealid'
010X sitypori aeeto SuMdia or budget we r l tA l ui ma li
on elentuot ollciih It ief|g( sd time to nemnAd you Ihlt.
ily he ma medis sh01d'nlorm in our 0pnion the ed mu really 1i
per publcol ollirfghtAnd c- lod Ily aDely reI ddetswan, foryou to
-ly rr operation k eitlco in the Iaadber olCamm e, tdatitne
Wrt well 1s the elecam Ibew vervtate budget tervndaled ThI II Im
i te hlrelv rtee II nhile e l reiUOn to the clelo needs sblist
"rk tes end hihb Kitoo la pr nd p1oylel., Bie a .dvei Raina
i vide enlocntlot n I beir cal r A pnd dlAture.ro y lun ol al a eachPro
Laeti rdo on Ce hosi and ad- |btloWoiaveryhoehol Oroersg





It h a orfMal se or ae or .1d n r Whit, iI.r. Jauptin
R=to00L Tbey ln a sAimmer home., wene er oarA aaod
lhu t bo nth oti Ese lppie are stkitg oet 500 adomuelumi arepioned
aen -hoa wlith Ain. ar their eommrun lo be c m ruted im d pri-
ieatdalall dObou. w thenayCnakav patand vraeioltaad tklen~ilites *
Ois and hety 01 In cler lobe sd
ari, x aa And t eirms Tour 11 and It- To make milie wos e
Andtol he reto sn nharsa lAOki oe n di manyaoulldenrsore uls toa
rand isaid doves adhllhay. thBe eale In sar ol deploy.
IC"mt sad wiedtoa 090 n et
ss leeletotoqpen to setsedieso eurner tare heneold tlrnrpatIt.,
ewlto p ensl s ha sand sr Opers "Vewt a101 Venalt

Ieev.Ctlt irgulieg erer toaroautos are Be o ryotomaha i
itmarsr01 three to the orrnd lite new otooyio alto wllIt.
hoar ra.et, holU., eapee tar eng bilihasrus, hookyr*
0ellt A the gfed- eariamoaked fb. She. ritt tis. ne. and
..,,.,.^. s ^"- ..Ilk. a
I trnl." ad
we otfohe s well genieooth r I isw lhro en
pawlt oets Itbo es K i olthesat ed to close i lariwel*twiIothle|a
buaod. oie Iam ped Isht e onanarems
ft North "om , ollted lakes a-d to ibdu mcMrikkaml
opeeels ti vtoee. otream*ntoaeirandlYreanM Pornet deaifa wiam sad
er Be Spoth Vietl re.0 old seClem Inm sien ant eld eooa, l pnitia BeM
tpell IL he Olb e Ith te 'er t hotr and ao. as 00 awl ot wer ii

f. eaatoigtortht eoanh aoeoelae
vv iankt o ha l renoedth, a es 0 te .lmt n AVe
ther ind lto hrM eia dO l toan dlaprln r teudctoe. Iqan w oAoidak h Ve *
aenrMereto. tell r ntrYor atd Dm- and tbra re aomta tA e ft
personal en e t lli thaut awa. hullceaesy mctwi- e t"s
or of raltcUim iNe t hen. loes nrhOe smtd Aiend nrseIt "Ik ad
probable u h oada 5of leed s ,l0in 10. dono g each othr r Ie l
ti o buelt, t ite T W r s aylaesd i.A! tiwmtow ve I e t
a r t Eight Years Ago A
i sen the Comrerl shelter Chairmian Alleh Coenis 1"r e rine W ei.
It y eatm cltot e mituhdws'i B- r aa pacl of Pa, 1Rdeli.
baa t thecr wterdnuelIe to Tao is edran nAedbu hartoatndo
new etelr to (Be Clog OW Omalan Sa ` Ion All As As
lapnaihods aiaealiedmreler imeonialtolalon.
ac0tiv Oe VRt astrCon = bs m wabaaoso
Eouv Athai Am t re hald a I Be ia rtha esked to dapi-I ac and As
As dasistbosesrnet 0 1 A Fanar a'dtbt &raiarlntoe aa ,
o oa qn RAW sate so rt Twnaer "mo wteneptd to
taMoi tow me the 0d100 ntheaCud, Beach 00l a eallneers sdroilp
Ote, to amber e nairloer emnstlu G tN. a mtl to lheniK sot oZli-
1poairam, We enA Mliar taoBer at Be C1lo Be ate 71o, ladIH Io
tmedotaeyw tan al omly les wme had to thaypwleac. y I
it yu ml the toudotheplnclI onder- lv S rl actedmvrsnt
tparatiofl.Otrike the macen due to hbe ssieiinf dumrped elot newhilei road
islytnIranIeIece' met me Sourt nd aCnatral idthe sealeenlioss at a
l ad -M seerthe Florida Plead Conlrni Blatcn onrhesd mlAIa 01ggtol~rs
midea ehe an tolstodredeinatheeal. en t hoes to`id'haI,
rned, tsr the lain' vashosare wino the Coile atop the esohlie stol 01 tue
dync tor a sh. tAM t htn e
mehohbolt akns weetala goAn ma tetahcoeo
_4. oulomadnim AOn An. Ant
tiherteisoeli e to
Id be cred. if OR" so*~ adnwl Reptnt
en Sa s Bethesda Memorial Fund
rmeet pah tmop' Ml.andMr".athanS Sherp
r""l -e t Mr.' nd W WylieEwin
wed _0m100 ANtORLo DER Petr Vender
AI been nan:bly GEORGE MAIN Mr. Edna II Jdn
Wll an ddllliuln DONBE. GRIFFITH Inthenaional Buitone MBahine,
do.. tomhwn into inAu
tanletAp. ptrob FANCRON W. WILKINSON M Clone Wlinr'i
mrSanlea Iu I NAP. GUTHBIE Mr. ad Mr. Ancdrew p,
h"l 'lod JOHNHEINDEL MrL. J ohnrW pice
ipan, th IROLDBJ. ROIG Mls. JohM to Flp'rr
I s hcteywpnn MABEL L. SINKS Mr. M.Chs V. V.dtn
coent dra 011t Mor and Mrw d
st w.iht be IIENRY R EBOJR. John M V a0.
501ommp." F. .TERLEARNSHkW tow Balph 1. JoyW n r,
WILLIAM E. HANNA Mr. and Mrw Leon ht Veckn
:m on are iskI JOHN PALMER M A ler
npldeae aour -. COL SOTEBNEH S.P.MEEK t
withann ee eime Hr.&btw E SOIneyatlay v
Oe Iota. las a Gilt to Hospita l lSlimily Shecay
edainaeeqast Mrs Ul Lhelroinn
Jp.Wo thornSen'y c unfiftli to the Bethde Veamrhin Foul e
on be sent to Boa 4d1a Delray Beath. Florida o

W001.000000, fl.1.d.,. 1.18 El. 010. 'lIeS

Service >
:TACQA. walA.L
F0aA 2.1oo 0001. at10010
R.0 Cv 0,10W. rl 00-.0 EST0 ISoooBy,,6.
.., M.. 0 I'll 0. AWoS
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R. I IA. d bo y Icb C
lar OIoiD1I10 &o WieO o.ITeiU.S.
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00w~t. Wa AhohlA.N-001
Mil.fta Aft,01 0 a01. Ink P.CMKJ.E00OOVAVOyOC.IO SToI.Wooy.C ol0
*~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ lI.Y To 1t St .10001C.OYDO ol~ 00 0 11 Vib.,0 F

HwitO MSOSI. 00.001 LEST ~ ,IEIO~c
Recrite Viit r..a
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o i ttleo o A n n a h.0 C o o li C_~oi n ID 0 0 a V 1 0 AT h.0 wa0 ce l
0 .1 .1 hl E.i000 10 1 ,1011. AN,'C Oi~ioJ000 000.. O~...0 00.Clc oer
Pa "d ~ooi, 5 1.1 IT... te1 e laslt 1. 0 .010 l d.ko C PIa cby010 R ay 0001000. I. 11 ,10 PO hO.eoa o1h
1 I0 0 r.00 0 ma dI i c ,A 101. lirw C. I.Alr.oD e,,O 0 fly.
alnO0.0 ccl = 0.1 *0. 1 1.000.10i.00 O0swcdl

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.m O~~ae~ eacbOSO;. UM1 PiW tt 1 0 00 0 0 1
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0,00.,. Wew~~~~~~mo,.r Oc.i kAl kn0 e bal. I. fo 0co.00. 1 00a100.
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Thla ThUS.I_"W .00 b000.-lW.1

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.0 I0 :. Uk,00 500 'I
CodG ldCet bk1 _UI' it A n "" .cIP.0W1 .lam
*o "'"' E C0.WVI L'5H 021 at 0 M. D 04M 0 m~ .1 oFroll J.n ANY0000 b 01. eO~coO .05000

P~pehle~lTI file
geteest pT!11 ol


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Wh.e1 iO cI"..0il

Beauty Saloo
N .b10c. .-110 111.,

Area Deaths
1lulh 0'p0 r.0alll I'lliOburh uf I01 N li l 0 50 1 Roynl0 ||e 0 a0l i j0 im0 br .( lhe
Pa fdlhr' an, hlld r T Hea h didN2Jhly 10I I0 M lop d y, r pt l f Church1 1
F-I -i Slid 001 1-T'NER000
lRal rflc 0 eG held
-1 11. IIo W on the e Ite im Bnl 0 0l 1. in .00d000h10,. 01 CRherine
1 1 II. SUmilh pul, or o 1, Be01 0
t. llrsh United Prtiblerian W lA. Cwo hlioi Ir' yul-I
C0 0h of 01y0 0 l10ich, o01 Ia liew York, l o0 ,IN. lla,-
ROBET BlIP' 0 .y 0 ilroy Beach thOre
b't. ,r $d o A A b E
001.l P ild, died July o1 0 1 Ocnd I

J"ly AN L;-U-B.b,. F:, "'.
-1.- ... L 0........ IT'S NEVER TOO L

0 . .... ...... 0 00.00 1.. 11 "ll sLOS ..TO LEARN1I
Ann .ubelh Braim St. I Brl JHom. lIFe worth.1
III cW 1h Pi0e. 001001 onJuy10 1wl Ie G"i
USicJylf.m N RI. piir Nf NO FI" IT
Ft M. Ak ..... LESU.S

01relan.0 ROBToCoSUTTONy Pouinlaror Claroic
Funeral u wer held Robert C, Suttos C I. of .. x d N. l~ly air rcdit
July m 01 00 om F0 I8lC OOIOOeh Pld,, tonirl a.e2tnn s 1 Int.em
_ner1 o00 wih te RW., N0l Bo'n0on B0.ch. died Jul 1.i
00 Mwr., p1utr oi Uh FI T Ir l11 W. 0 o- W. ol Welcome ANY AG
dUnted M0 lod1l- Cihurh. olll- ltl o r Boynto0 h1mI0 y
clbtb. 0 Bo0 0l W0 in 1 0 Hol. 1i0 Milled 0 0 i n Il i. lIe 1f0 Inl0m00
lywo01dMm0rhOlCnlO. 0pe1ried lor Oumber o, Brure Wi
ye.ln 1.11. i Owl B wr. beL Oelray B.ach,
UWILLIA WALLACE l erCs n o r Sa gs.W.CoI0e 0 --s
with1.. 1..Wafiog 10. 00I




For that feeling of security, I o Y ese O


., .., ..o

PASSBOOK SAVINGS ,,m,.0.s.01..,, i C .i...,, i O"*'

' 001A 0 0ITHD001. .a0o!. M'' \ 4O1MSE

i Your l dterail i o f Del.. y ....r be

0[L400[000 001A i A000 iO T0T0m IA0H0 KEP ItUi.il.
0 0.111 i0010.01111 00701iW 1W .. . *Wi et tl i

hs MOVED to:
277 S E SIT, AVE.
276.4 16 6
Ph. 27B..7042

ing"".1i ht
.ditin, a ......
I Par Lesson




3050a AVOCADO in W ii h~l TE
FREID TO DRISIV Scuffs" 0l. ic


-.18 01- V

Fast ... mOObw0 Pagy~iu oShrin ViuI fltI


rPed N.4Jg.r TI- la, r.. Ja n1, imn

Dr. Wood To Be Honored

at Farewell Reception
Dr andrs Ry L Wood e tunlnlothelrhmMai orn on o manr y new
will be honed wrih l cp Sunrl*. Boulevard. Fort 0 mr.he, Incl.diln Wh Pint
lio byemlBoulmrd Pierce Flor id Dr. We d P M .Io r hur olNo
Pmbyerhin C(hurNh S0tndy. holds hohe BA d D.D de- P.lm Bech, Ihe Lake O,
July X. [oloiwinI lMe 11 e oi ron i roorm Frenhlerlm Col- boone pF byterrin C'u'h o0
wonhip Arlo, T111 wIll be iee, Clo, Soulh Carolina, LAke Worth. 10e Eer.nIde.i
held In Ihe Ed trIne BhudIni n el I B D 0 ad M D0 dobreen PF bytlerh C- bur' ol "'lle
Member o the (hroch end Ira m Columbia 1neo1oioil Glade The Indian iver Pm-
rood. Arn "ardllly Iiled o Semiarrn, D Gaeor.li byhlelen Church o1 Forl
allMd. Dr. Wodh nahln Al,0o0 h0 pun0ed G.0d0le 0I0 Tm0 .-e hAnirOml B
urrh'a Interim Pallor lor P. ndM. I. h eher. 0nlo Ind P OUri.o Chch In
h1pat yreer+ Sou00h CA llna In the depar. I.
lie hu e-rd Pm-yelei mr al eEd r ilon d Phi. Or Wood hl eerver e
churches In Florida ilnce Ioa lIe fi Ie tMluIU h Nw Moderor of0 Tempa PMw -.
lo Dr and Mn Wood lor Tooaetol LIrelore in Ihe err St Johne trehbeler.
the pat yeAr hoe ade heir Uni hoMly 1 Temp., und Old EM read Pobleir, aee
rsMwInlheChurchiM-w Trollmlt LteratuoetIn Palm wSa daloront eosynodol
a l Norh WIl 170h Simi BeachJ rColl Fotord t I Ie Florid I
in r. B h, Th0 will b u rn n P ore, nre ole I r
haeN -nbo 00 lI aed, A0i. h
o PrIbyierlirn ChAurch e whe loI, ud The U.o.
B *de Pr reP bylerin. rint.e WrIorldf lini o. w
eChurch Temp h WRel CorTf itW oI The MInIter
mIr p0byr0 h ad lis Worl' M ho
ri Chrh o. WR l Pilm For furth, r InlarAllon .11l
Beah WhiPnIOroMr hMe i Mn N, IE M"eMIlIn. M.
Di h he Reelt P1al W or Mr. 0 OfN I SkIU A Moe
DR. RYAN L. WOOD Beah,0 he. w In the. 000

Club Clips
SWEETADEUNES yle,. For mn ienormtin 0 Aa rl. Elan Ckird nd
The IlraYr BeAch chapter contal' Emeellne Noylor DoNlyA Cmproll
o h Swmel Ade i hn In.t l7 eI r Lor mw JaO
hav.eino.esed thesellWiola rnI t WE lreME WAGON
the 1oI10,4 arleem n nor 100 Alu0m0Hi0 e ol he Del Ba.
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p rnidel, Mn V) Buoe 01 C(0p.e0 of Women in Cone "will bold 1.t010. AI 11;t:0 0
00c.0 R00n. v0l0 perldenti; e lr n C held It h 1t A0l1. a.m ThuNrdy, Au00ul AI
IMn N0. AdAs of Delroy vre r Banq-r nd ""4 m"'i L "li Rfle Manle eo S MRS. GEOFFREY JOEL POX
Br00h, rm ponder g emw l1o00OllynJu0y10 B0 e Federl Illthway. Boynlon
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Toynlon eiih, I Monllng Cro, IlUlhorbehic. Hheerallone should oB
rotary: And Ms. Lorelne N R. ilarl DLrertor 1 rode by 110t0 Mn Glbert S0out10ut toted IIn 10 B00
Jon 01 MWet PI. Obe NAWIC. Lolele GUaM. 1I.u id O'Brm atsolt0 ho Meday. Commnin"el r IPAIoIO
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rolo II. horio wdnnen lied nor frMe a wlia Mo.

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nMrt H ren, I el l 1.1. ll en. Jugl y Met Wa n Me1 eh i0n" e ih
Do. DUPCATE 000-anWdt WAlate e; W arW FiIIiT PR.ES1I

B M o ror, loand e K Wlhilld; Mir. o r. NOWe. DR. SETH C. Ml
1eldon ndMn. P CM IhU:00 00 r. 10a Mn. we. 1 NOW I1M Me E.. R 0

L~rndrn10M00 ond ( I. T. n olrols
mn. M R.. 1sc m rd M -. RIw d. U rIe LlBB NW' 3

....... or.: AD ...00 .. ... KLINE'S PATIO SO1 PIT\
Nort0-1 h l wen MA. w. R 000n00 COlmo iewr. ll(.
Mand Mn. M.a seo MA m; win o eade .00ol 0ll; Lunge. R.ng. t n5Oi d
04*Mn0. 0 Sl0n o and 0SM twailrtNe. 00o0I Ara 1 0B 0 o tO a w. w.e .
r. A. :u ..; and Mr0 W S lrJW uo j W Miles ChaItFree. Ulfi O II| $3I0 O .l *.,
H.yd .MnE. Barbele. Sea,. Mll HIMU *IT" Fo..Rl$21 Now FIVE


I.L E D El I i.-,,,l ,i,


LIDiu IM- ili,



(Before she tells you)

Far complete 4 monlh progorml
extlniiono grrnled for all mslsed
ollm joln now Start In the Fall -
1t 000 I A Sl00 1. 11 l .11
iO ou e o( e t0 I 0 M OK 0r
Iu Im B t iA n :. no

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Own Ceremony
Krei Donn Wst. d eaughe r d Mr. Loul. Sn.g 4 A chApM eenepon .lo- I
D1 Mr. Rnd M 0 Daid EI M nonlown. Ohio, nln *Mnd I owed ImmdlItely. A0ler 9 .
WeOat ho. uo n. B od .nd u eof A bride, and Tr4y horl wedddinf rp the coplel
Gew lrety Jo F ot Clar. Foe, Fluhin, NY, S slter oI i t -
loaI. horth Ca rll. we rown _____ will rside In Cvarlaite I
rnli-d _n wrria., loodoy J
h1re horrid Foe oh Flash.
IVY. N,. Boca Roaon 399-8305
Th doe u nl reny,
porir edi n Ihe home bo. Mr.
end Mre Toa MS Mrry o
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dh grown whIro Mee Mo Quality Wall Panelilng
er e ~5471 N. Dixie Hwy., Boca Raton Z
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0000.10CHA 0.10. .00 I I do I,

Inew'a S.l'n 1:0RIDee 1

Rev. OFrr TH. Kilgor, PasoNr 276.5718

WED. FloAMLY RANIG OU teeeherr IIj Pod.
lerA DS Irelehl leshrNo -1 :30 AX. b~

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llelslrhm .............. ll llon . . ......... 25
A'livllyF ...... ... Sl1 Acll yFe .......... 28
Tullh ............. l.75'.,,, T ilon ............. l I.H ..

TERM 501 s. Congress, Delray Beach
Congress Avenue Baptllist Church




Vows Spoken

va.ud ra 4ogwher, An ad ~As .Nl~~a hrenvllv
Daeu nalist ON awobenn vnnOuN 0ev Iner 50 ,
atkvav nnlnoeJon a~ 1. rfe ar a 1 -war ev.0I 00 n00.P Ih
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J. Amld
S R.1OOM J.BEIER 'Carter
Can Unit Scheduled ""
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i. UKelt d drolonhm ana e...o aN.iomnum aa Onen

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-1 Pr Parekin A. Beoh e.An.
*i Upsal, dovdai, ndorsOr ul h __va vrntri GbedTa lieis ul

Marriage Soemnizedl
0 ~ I Ln ll PvH A N1 0

ION. add. I, ..0gl4

&I..and red. Ilov Dlray
M, ,od Mvrv 0.Wl Me..
75.T held,'. A01. Are M
00aa Ir welE lb op.1.
fee. ap1 a.0 be1010 "Irao~ 0 II

reA .0.0.a I aar. ia sra~~ ~ asn01r
PetdN a ,kvl I" I J 'naL'2Z! YOU SAVEFII

J.H. ~ .00 st.a ON---- -
540BI~r Is _-Fd
A. arc a.,oa n a
t. 0 ALAN COE 510 vC0 0TOenvnueasaaca


Miss Dawson

to Marry in April
Lucy A02R1E 50D an da te h ddF llrS l i pOSe
1.1s1 A, we03 n e1 In s. ra ll is ChuI h
dir their &Iigno April In, II~I o

IF of Air7 oeh --l-s A- Th Sdohl and allended Urbana

--- Gove-Nyquist Wedr---

in Double Ring Ceremony D eI
TO 03. 3r0 Ave, ral Sy b L E 5lEh LAbolI h A n -

Gove-, indy e Weh Wb RF In.
U. I ignis 1.LIs udanLoi,

Mn in Do llcdu bloe e trc R n Ceremon ey ind Dpd .
e o sn s oAlan S o e 9 U25 V lldI nnie. O sY o 1 oo ol s

nh Ia -Nyquist Wed 1.
057505t D0. Ion h A Cl.

o A L s o so 9 snhLH Lr
lenl lin Double Ring Ceremony.
sT 1,llI Ge- Ir.ed In olnse ar l itp 1o i nn 0 4 A OF -Ir n Endek o o ori. Soo-

doblemn ins sns.5 nas S rh sk nso bnh II ou nn e et
,Ma .p y la 1e In dghInetern -- wl-- -e I- -- *--
- 7s. 5h n,5 """ 30 W.5 ...- Me A

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'q 71 W Orani De, lid, .11- '... -Isi-S % ./I

e. ach 8o0 od h l a,.d bn. R.e pA Annsis, ", II AT*i
st... sTA, -.. .............0. -LAZA 500 L

Orw.. Issosr. i .t.... ,isd S -1o A ^rI rw r
i o Oll, a i sh e u l
.od .5 head Oare A Lol. -o7r IF Nl SE n- Palo #

Ih l ins AfAmi o .50 A o
Wertz-Lan2 i to Wed

' C.oi.g an or1d& Allsoea unet Ftve
3eu 3 In5 Gree.t in e t i sh!
In s I Intgndt~ Z P I71
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Fioe W ot M 55e505. PSu o y like 0svl. a PriatE E"E

Chicken I -n is

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e pe s RE E R EE oS--e-e OBLeBB
57u,5 0ur 0 a y o dt ailed records, and automatic receipts. yr
ly2 29 30 having a Private Eye



"W'B0W......*r g Nn


.,Dn. J Mo 10. 01-

ftnlu ledm, and faculty
.leisn (or I -hir m Lg lUds

Bud's Take-Out

leo ZeY I E'ny Salon
,0 C.., "" '--

S mn....nl p.. ...oin reo SALE,
il 0 '10& up
MIDi 0 .................. $24;i F .......... 112
xl ......... ......... SO o ......... 114
,r :t, .................. i ...........'
r hud IB ................. $14.5 ........... bar
A KIS ................... sI.S ............ 75'

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53 N.E. 20th SL. Boan 305-391-7933
O.WIfHwrMnOisos .og RosAsoooslw

Schedule of


Florida Atlantic University

Geneal Clau.oom Building South
T.siOy, Augul I, 1972, 7.9 p .. Bo. 115
Wd are ed. Augui 1I, 1972, 7.9 pm. I m 117
al Palm B3a.h Junlor Cellsg*
(11 claS-t ho nos sIllWd)
Monday, August 21,19;T. 7.9,30 p .
T.doy., Au-sg 22. 1972. 7-9,30 p m.
Wodn.sdoy Augl 23.1972, ?7-9,30 p.m.
Friday, A..ugu. 215, T972. 7-9 p.m.


H3 50 55555 ,.h= 5o w o su o
HH 101. ol ..... ...M o o 11 ]

im, 10) 1(1 m Cand O im-ol a O. m not.. .|g 111

.. ".'o,, o.... . ......

5 Tele700 pho55 958000055 5d 304 0,03

5 . s. so .-. O . 5 .. .... s. ., .... . A .... ..... ... ...L

NAfils: This cshl dul. i 5lnl.l5 snd soubhie 1i hange e.oi.dine dols.
5Im.e, ,,Em and ln5l5on0t, snd I ns and will noIbecomentsfnI05AI
appssssd bp .h D0i 55i5 Bored of t.o.s...
Csngnrl Asonu., Lan. W."lh, FIlsidd 33460
Telephone 965-8000, ext. 204 (day.)
965-0006 (after 6:30 P.M.)

-New Jeu ,al, .n ay l, Jy n, I'
Pony Leaguers Take Second, Little Leaguers Lose to Boca
..ByWAYGRd . Che ek Jore alei i, od 1 i,.t chedul n oid i... ".':'. r .
I 1 Winh cit ciemde o -er -oin ran n ie CleW IInst ll Wedlnday Wd eicnt .I ell ,e .. .111h.I. .
Shed ad thee muIddy field the1 we ninoenl e l the pirt ol e hind ...... ,
e I. It wl m being the ea e
petted f i n hr btll. hut icni wiih Delray eleait Boca wB a n e I., lint wdat ID a bu
uthie elur ached I 0 ,m Wih Vero up ao bel, John he pllcher ar Delny had dll- tra w.. hL gam el, B
t'hc t eaytle umte otk h l the night r the i h t hre e oW Bocr t aerting batd gN a. e INIII
,- LM ttl te1 ld their tint echnerne e lt Ihot die gm 1ee ,. The lto t etm. Bath i 1mallc Bau
4Ji 1SQ H e Pony League Teuemrenle VYdlTrr eac (a, or eDel. played Ih i eth oe bll bult
HwA H B a aa Me a n d MrrRn n y B e c t e n e tig h t e d i g a ri e c r e T I u d d E yC I He| 0 FI C G SIEiO
I, te I ewho PAu.ENGE FREIHTE M*
SH C ty plyIed ale tint ge the def td Martne C ly md wth Ihe rien cinieg erc IHI sNIRS I I A-esO h
t d|ie evrning with Jeueen 1wh With eltinl nde lot diwe in the bottom tol iht y ct r HI eIyimeI
mi oute a ron ie bendt theelnBec TamaLc R
icnl edoeer eMrUnCoety l-in we n e deredyT to nttoule oahndDenlyl "
thg Je1t c BMl.t- mete t Jnen BeacB In the tie camee reeheduletd t.k1 f%1t A.eIee. IH a atI"e
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asce nd ffer hut the e(n do( I ie r levtn a neree dinrg amet er en u 5ie to p lay becae of yleffHic y'aete O N area
EE CH[AMPS ol the Ddny Bestch All-Sten UIllle Leope lem were ep re the bard r Veto 54h1. to wme er aertseond wm erinii*ti
pled last Wehesatdy: DwhIl Tldwell lthet resedved lee PIScita Cmha n. o rg both diam played r aisneo W s phay -h S en -fe s N.
Aw.rd NW.taI MeM.ee trrl IOt he HDam B.. Chnp. ad ead retl.. tt..... Iein B.et TRAV'L.G PAM
Vaoelaui tghktl)ede iallD eaumig eeird. nteIat *ydIaI it =g t te ea THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL VACATION PACKAGE. STOP.
Detna tnt . ,e e~~rt det ubeli. a c .r d m PASSENGER FREIGHTER 0
d id THROUthiANbae DELY EAC~e TA teaEL SEthal kept tICE
Shndnie die thet erller ie w trom niSe di e MASTER MARINERS
Spt e ny the erd. d i 507 Eapt Alantic Av Delray Beach Phon(305) 276-5261 T
Vertrt 5. lest ann me a a he etretece d fi .. ha ie SUITE SINGLE 1SUSILS
L eLa" ie atsi E a .
atloe l e a te eeda vs. B MASTER MARINERS
end, Ise Ireh eatinythlltii i2th aicci ey
.ady .I slakde, 507 SEaI Atlantic A truss, Delray Eeach Phone (305) 276-52611
......... ..... ... .. ..... .. mla lll ilt am ilythalalym llm.

prodly by their "Goe Delray" ag lti Wednedly alghl. (Photo by Ray

wall .t the Dick bIrows Field dia Meaay light aelael Vere Beach. Iu sa
scored oe of the two ees of the ld ht kiaIg the d fHtl core 41. Veto ails won o
Friday In l e pdiyoff. (Rly Graham phboto

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of rest

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(Via Beia lio Hoemlalad OdrY)

os; '.o'"oT"OGO
op aIaImIOgOnOI

Tod V




Plll, Nia I Ja ~ n.dniay.d1Jd n. InTn

The Local Sce.ne .

Whether itaya or net. nil that lovely saind washed
in along Delray Bieach look like the answer to .
prayer. As a resident noted, maybe we've bonn pelt
Inning the wrong antthoriltines!
And speaking ot 11the beach, lifeguard ner on the
alert again Saturday at Delray, saving lives of two not
of town berhen. A Belle Glade man wa caught In a
run-oul those powerful sea rivers rushing out from
shore through a gap in a and hbai Woody Sterling,
who was active It" year In a spnyta"ular boat recne
we've heard, brought ine swimmer In. wilh Doug Gill
iasslislmig. They brought him io. and gave him odygn
The emeringny Squaid then rushed tIhe erausled man
n toideesda. Abtu an hour later, a Ponmpan man na-
caught in a similar runtf-ut li reue was speedy lie
was revivedand r Slasd
Did you nee the waterspout head for land hlonda
The summer ereteation program has been keeping
many area children happily occupied this )ear. At

several week wk work by arius classes, such as aris and,
crafts and drama. Then n August 4, 7.30 p m. at tIhe
Delray Ellementay Snhool. the arts and crafts plus ihe
drama deparlment of summer recreatllon. invit Ihe
public free of charge to a play.
Although the only bush was Mike Kovaes beard
which stood him well at the Playhouse last sneasoni, he
and Dawn held a "dush party" Io Ielnralte the "top-
ping out" and "oo-on" of their huge new Chapel lill
home The pary, attended by a hundred or so. started
at five and continued until ihe car light tlluminating
the unfinished dwellitng started to dim. The traditional
"baltle in the rain" was schedulned, but atner sand.-
wieth, and drinks. the "run-around-the-hone in a
whenelbarrow" was suibstiuled for a drive to Big Dad-
dy's for further celebration with last guest
Lu and George Matlemon Just returned from a iem
days in Naples a golfing holiday which they spent
at the big country club (here. On the clean white sand
on Naples, the Delrayil founId theselves completely
alone for lhie first time in 17 years, their son was al
campi and the vacation was jus like "a second honey-
moon." they said happily.
It Is always sad to hear news of kids being hur.
Janet Barclay Is recovering from a cu eyeball which
hospiallized her for two days last week. Partlcpating
in thn summer school program at Atlantic high, the 14
year old was une tedly jumped by three black girls
in the hall, and was "beaten byt baelt buckles" Althnough
the school did nt call autihorite,. baher parents did. "We
turned It over to the Ashberitf," said her father. adding
thai they would press charges in an effort to discourage
such altse. rret rdles ot race.
We're always interested in the episodes of tie
ludenits who take off ch tyoear tor Eumope with the
Foreign Study League. But this year we have a special
Interest since our daughter Laura tas did several
other.n) worked after school and weekends [or two long
yeara, tving every peny in order to g. We hear fra
several parmnis thai, although the ids dint wrine tar
much. they all seem to be hvng a gd time as wel a
tudinn Tiy found London tfan but rulingng"; Gail
ib.ir and Bill Weaver were among thOse who acciden-i.
tally got ff a the wrong stop on the "ndringund".
The kid, aw "Hair" and were invited nn the stage di
were discouaged from lighting sparklers on July 4th o
celebrate Amerlia's iadapanence from England. Steve
urkhardi writes good lelters,. we hear. He Iold how Ihe
group misSed their train and took a but, thus seeing
more county. ita Jenntinga, dtirctir, wrien that
the stldenie limbed a mountain In Austria.
Steve Judd and ireve May who have been "back-
packing' through Eunrope to ee what they may have
missed last ySear. Joined halr the gup in Pars Ior a
motorlen ride threngb tralft Laurai,. Lit Harome-
ning. Wendy dKane,.e Mark Weaiburg were a aew. And
nmvernl attended churh aI Note Damet. LU' tolksi
nheard through a friend who had beard froa Debbie
.henotlth tat Li bad pieed her eat (even Ihough
she had not written tlem thit yetl whari prots that
news doei get around even ovreni, doesn't it? Only
tomppintt: some parnea hive already gotten SOS',
Irtm their youngitenr for more mnoyl
And it', noIt J identi who mb are traveling. Up in
the glgeoa "mountain living" ounta y of North CaO -
lina twneh Sherm and Bkely nRaveon pnblah an ever-
growing mngaine by thai nameo, 1n many Bohyon and
Detray folks go to cod-it a We hoar Chat Shirey and Bill
Hunter f aOean Ridge ire working like dogl' They are
raining .5In tomatoes plant on thee.ourhl o an areo
Although their home t Jae oulside Franklin, no onea
Ian rach them till iundown.
At nearby Hilghlanda. N C., "Wa" lElisabethi) and
"Hit" tHarald) Thobn, of Delray. are enjoying their
summer home thee.
We alo hear ltihae Walter and Eleannr Seymour of
Ocean Ridge,. who summer In Baone, N.CC., are travel-
ag In E1urepe at thls point. They went over to pick up a
But not everyone han left town yet. In fait. we have
a letow viston, Wayne and Rlto Mesner S"oIrtrldge are
in Delray with their lfour ute young'un visiting her
folks,. Jim and Cora Lee Meser, t'I good to aaee thi
Jimmy is deiniely Impoved fier bi mSerious h anpitl
Aperlene last fall A milracnleu coamehakl
Itsph Bickel. Ihe teabsenadmnlnlttor ftor tein
new middle school oe the Advent Lutheman of Boca. ha
just moved his family Into th former paronage there.
which became emplyti wen minister Ron Disgin built a
new nome. T m school, grade 6 and 7 (with mar to be
aidedl in a co-opnarvie effort with St. Pal'. Lutheran
which already h fint and ",cond grade. "II's great
to be hack in he area again," Ralph says adding that
he will nmtnue "trying to foster the Chrisltian atti-
tuade" into the study program. When Trinlly Lutheran In
Delray learned hat their former priinlpi wa relum-an
"g they offered Mary Btckel a contraC. She will be
lashing indinrgarten and special reading.

MIKEAND DAWN KOVACS (.I. with cOldn H Lidre
sad Cheme. say og bye to inal iis si at Iltr "bush
oapl", Gtorge ad La M.lletga lenri and MtMla
I AroGtdnierrcnie with baby Uu nlll).

i.y4 nnd~ ~Frosty
.4t,. ':'.

d ~ ti~ngn

1rely C+'0e n It
Cnnlit bwngera and ht.
guilry ealter ao hand In i
hand Somehow. a drink
"bretk" wlthe a it of lrtly
liquid nm tn1 maie high
temperatorel more be~able

4.1m .i,gis thg.I haday

n"Vn FIZZ comblaei 'V
Juice aud diet Elegann In
emprlin ntliee bided budyI,
UlO-TIMt 1W(4 LEH&
In the old duys. betlo me.
chanical relrlcertinn and
Ptomtr women gathered roo' !
trnti, leld l and aurdea
Fran thi. Iney cont nedn
rIlreilnR "hiome brews".
caled nrater Inrirnimtnaitely
"bn', Thin iprlnnhonto wn
uind fora"len
Early letn in In Vlrglnin
and ih Carl often Aent
5-1cl, ho drink made of cld
w aer, pr apple tider vine'
gar. ilan end "pepped"
nuth nmrAd ganan, r tom
olrkint In Ie ifeldi Uonder a
hnnt tn Snl II kepn el even
w nheot re,:leralt. N outh-
m oon learned to rtly
qite heavily on hulle, .k for
talnnt pnik up" to aonghlnin
toither Ginger Ale wa made
at hone. t.n, by tombning
water, sugar, Onund iinlaner.
n aite. ltr eon Juiit and
yenl tollotted by "inin" to
toun a dark plat belor
In Mtlir and ciran. vir-

lulatn hgnvnn mad, (mm
fleely-gound null or le.dd.
In-ped In hoh.enar yrup.
then it alndd, nlvore, childd
and sewed oer I.. In Sount
Amerltan countries (roly
nmocha-flavored drink, ar.
nFor nnl renrnhn,l avoid
rely leave y : thirty" Inltid.
Srniato Iteeteltntl qhtnoh
and park you in at Ihe am,
lime: Iced lea am cile some
..u to have enfiiulene col-
lwen. Milk In -e Io. it
an llent pickup or "al
ane, VegetaibleJuince mto
hk te spot tor mid. nrnimd
seoka iand anm to appeal
particularly In live n,
iV4." li a nudrlon ed N-
oie oel rrden vefefeo
ble,; I. ..oad =u ,3ol Vita-
min C and hs only aboul 30
alorlein a 2.lInld.onnce
nMnln' Fruit drnki amr at-
L. popu-ar, espedally if
usy re -ad. l.n0 Rlh lm.
SWmEETENEIhS: iloney.
orn syrup or Sugato.ier ir'
up. lelntit called oar

.... e ,.'a,, i.-a .
-. ..... I r., 1 .,n'a .`

Phur Ulab a clean an'r anra In
nignatgr Yteld hinul c t r
,1.1" %1...d i wI,,V tuns..
tn,, ata1 e.,,, gi,,latin it,

in pnli. a ta. ( In..... -on,' o
prarl Inn so pur-n~t tb,.tt
,d Iu-,i ,,nin t.,, prn.i.,
dulled baton Milk drinta an,
terier wtll taor tated nl-
Pnon gnaoinlatnSd milt Ire
Ruled I-r IprM .te"e-

inni1ng, twe. Int, -un

"ahake,". "tmitede". togt.
nt n tot.ntorn, tm,
diutded fl..+M kdnl r
et.oer with fend uoz, V1

Pour rmeentale milk Into
,shak ,med -'es
.11. over enbes. eI
CUBES: Prepare I an I
asI= llo enf Ronorlede,
trlt punh. eitc. a dirnled
in pa n ur into Ie
H I7Uri`

elray; Inrm. U toi p' rII-
-r l fIll drhlni, ponth.
er.. Or -ake a tlantedd
"quickie" thil way: Fil

4" Cocnktail Vegetlble
or a Iiaty ealer thai'.

pinaEl lwdn.te, p nrtilna
iv l. Odita, nantid n
the. ee, fromn namll,.
ire tiatlv looking "noten"
or a unch bow. A n-ca
tohasg a g .ld s. an

amtoh pie pan. requiring
llaI| ull i ,DR Pi Fredded

hEre tnl, st ilnsl rns,r
Ing In chllted baevenng. n
rim ulole totei ri cm
plaee or Frm or ln; mthen
dalp at lnm, Ia ceruil ol
wbll* or colmred gnr.
GAR IgHES: Wk (resh
oamint Btinp le hua nna
or "teinarn", cgtr glIn, o
wedge, .t:, aive unil bever.
age and puanT,. a hmp Far
Io. :a ,,ha nn nub,.
ping, toAt EDhiuotnaad pinto.
;apl Udbllind.nra~hpt
series let alternate andlos
oal Ice a tay.; edd water:
ftoe. Un in llant, and
punth banle.
For piarl and epeinl to.
alainu. ,you my at to
drink, tamltin etyle
in Natnr,'. an panch bowin
- baUganddntl mweannneona.
annaie, pineapple. tot,
Ant. ge.
Cooled su manl fehAlng
If rode frfl cold liquids and
I= Mrv P In Prevlou hindd
i, pltchan nd plunlch
Crbolasdd bevemge amd
*parte and ilp to murt troll
mm n.tngUanu hang
in E WEtI.Inhtiild hE
FORE1toadi T(*glhe bdy
loIidrindesc pas.4Fr uryu

n u r S0e f a BBill


Inn Own.m
Wev ae grin. .2n .

Ca kies ................ . July 27 P
-=-494 20-2-29,1972
Iml Cro .. d............. g

i Inrenlitercoa Lighter. 29. rli Softener... o a -a
el '. hip 5 h Z Zn atesansal
'ag t Chercol queti ,ts 87 2 Com4et Cleanser .. 18r
.w.......... = : +

.'l ahreit .........X. t 49
Maryan n ...... 9....3h r ........... 49o

SeoffMotaldn 415 MouthW h ........ 1

" ..... .... ........... S
C evonaan Chee ~se '% "j3P
ni~rkomn alae ite *lfil

.__r i-- -hl- ...... ;Z.. -. 49
Cla.dan Shag,

inanct-ionaoranaa wans.4 ag
innnFii Cha ..Cocktail 3 4

!,, Pinealpple Juice. 3 9 .'

Pineap le ......... 3 794=, 4
Potao-Cipe......-4s e-_ y

Catke Mixes ....... 30' Omen Beans...4 9..1

MliracleWhip .' 39 ren 4an .4 1.

onch D n 1 3 . '-.. .. C .or ........ 4 89.,
PnH.. yonods, or69 ............ 4 n .9
Freth riling+,,+ She4llsj S5U s. igi

g ile, Do ltw.n Oem iartange
Wte 3, Pork and Beans, 4t 89e.
p intg.nn e .... .an Weenee 4 4.

de ,

mid -ve.lee, ue Inlil
1. or fee flavor ed tea milt
noe on Ihe market,
PoLlowing are -e I(rty
lUielleanto lor lumnechuir
rFoilaninle Mat i, lm m-
day "epecnini" Innering lit.
lie mn tnan nmbini ckn.
vnlenc prodouta Irmnllcb-
,n helse n or e tintior,
a loon,
I Panni Caine
I Inapt, nbar
Wuh fruit c"holay; iul
Into PAPER-THIN ,le; re-i
mo.e amb, planIcelemo
Illt n i islge boIn; n an
rull wlth mor. Let itand 10
manltes Ihn, prla FWMLY
nit, potato t anr to eztoet
ul,. Add witer, odlnue to
Banus with rniher 1111
ikudI* well (lkrrd d
I iUrrlnI I dLnalke,
plan t ee 1 bs and addl-
tonal lemon iees In ench
tall |hen whan mornin.
Yied: kboutnsKrnuinis
Rsllau 1 limn Ior 2 I-M :
INCnREASE lugar i I In;
I p pm .Ipple elder vlien
isca nol....e
I qrl Mid Wlier
I Ulblnp~im inild |i|Ir
idd to cod wvier; idd |ln.

i Inna lla ,
inn, mint WELt. dinli;
hbatlgn a o ernuiag lanai..
la ti 0I.1 "V-a" Coknall
I elIdlel iebnle
Sototna "VA9 spa gingert
*ie; anve In Iintll gian over
le Vteimn Abeuln gplnp
In Ii nteimel ebh
. ten tIm t tlin,
feoinars rlee
11cp eI filr t

ai)nlhine alt cntndnMle n nnn I 1, t Iahna ra eld ,m I
aw ltrbiIn atanan rflttgas ntnsgn
over nce "in i glt gntan
Iatp nondtAout a In Pue amlnettI dll nrd lletyangn~ nlro i tX
gladIN tuanin1,1 itnt nta
I Clt. l nll, lain, i nit 'EI" ln. Im I d 't
h.Uts nniniii Broilnw n mornings '"1 nah natlnt
tot t attanmith.+ add inon* taa erna~ ipn e~t
I1 p ll bllt mli por oed r inr u p'l r d '
lain I nyol nat .i~ at n ntan an glarraatltIn a ritl
Ml Itogelher torer. ll.mli nl i h eaat, ann'3

itK-tit^ CdU^iplSt .i
nYiaeld nt.1 e dnt~ ning il 11 7 _,jtn (ii lssaii.bn anh ,
a n dpa ntl e dtIlk, nd d ki a n a n !
anlim in e o tlr,'phale In- "'ods a,,,
.. p' ...p. nded. .."o 's

in tub, rri nor-oeats p p n OAn~nstanaa dnC In
pc lantoenn l, ale ot inpt, to tial ira -.
-rd ki t in del0llb..oalm oli II

rtupd inpul g .ee hlw gadd n1 ng .
everi o,. _.,.o untsirv dil;
C -dOLER SINLE ,thhtnpLh dy Ie
in cue Vital At l botll ll a n t rota i nrag

g'at{ipn araeltned ptenah' to1 niahtipoon Iiinta nra,,,
slervinl di ina ct n tat inatn il lsan a
rlnanap ltna e )mlae ad tIet, ceasens ,"

(pr merly Pluu. a Kinde rgert sol
pINIAPpILE.LIMjE 4mnetigs d

dSEPTMBERl, 1972 In
i S 14 IMOREsi.d1 icN, bECTOs ,- no
(1oradry P/uio.o Kinalergrfen)
276-5388 278-2357
DELRAY i CH -- .

II__ _
404-- A --------Stork Club -
,,,,ir i a .. .. ...... . I,,,lo t oo o i to Buoert Booth .do,,ht., o ,ndranol- t.t a ,ou,Io ouhnrr

PERSONALIZEDi .RMANENT :I Ad.. .. ..... don ntia
Oo~h -: 4., ~~ Z k.11hL u.. 11h
,-.I ,.no .. . J ..ly1-Mr andM Lul ,. .. .n I,. -A. ,.,,
S.PLAZA 500 I Maldn van a h..... ,- ...
S s" Ast. Sen lah, Ih us IN a. ahlrsy "o 'SI.o ..* d

aY te d2 l - - .. INhOY K E VAm N MELCAL Churna 541 North S', =

'fClothing ta s i .ttho
Y tooe ea. S. ,l nMy.,
O-' I" -" I.., a. ,l..l... e
.,,,--.- ,-- ,,* ....... ,I.P A _11.... .. I.dcm RallJ y, .ls. --I. .. ph.

s Tots to Teens ..' ..' .., .. o :.:, 1. ir.tIt...
snChurch Topics

"Led Bear You Tlde, n i. -

O ONAE A OEY T LDistinctive B.EAY hCs nI. .d d a tu
Children's ...... Sodium _wih _.0 11 1.... ..



Cau l 49*

Mobs a 11 49d;

Santa oat u ... 59

Cucumbers.... 3..... .... .3 29e "


Pot .. k 59. [Jlian5

7ou Nv Non

0cnsld 990
No. EngloandLaoos -o 59n ____
Thoningon 6at9' 4 fl am

Swiss Ch....so.. 99n Z ZZ.

o [7W7re

L I In


1 2 stsaqud~sls

d ihsoo.iouosnis.Shnit uc

SShoulder Roast...** 79
Shoulder Chops.... 9. 089j eu lCoiv u*k ,Sd h t rapi1'u'k'd O og
Round Bone ".so9 .. Con n 4 A q.
Chops........... ..... H9. viu oms .wO .. 9:3nl
Leg Portion or Hts..'e o t tund 49u

SLolnChops............ S1 Sliced Bacon ........ 79O ..a ,..
Neck for Stewing.. 490. f= ,,r ki- anum skra Sh, imp ........ r H. Ne omanmoff, 4%9
Breastfor Capons .......... 79. "" Fias. r ..9 "ustl.
Stow ing SAN 290h U.,
Barbequlng ............ 29. r neysr.t ... '89 PB. hF. Is 7 m 7 n as Cok.. C 79





dt a

N. or

* will


he 9I7p`s tIo ol u oirm
ln be presenled Pjarents'
Night. Friday. Auat II.
Dr S, Franklin Loogdo oh
Laro. Florida, will be speak
ing at 7The blentt Commu-
nty ChuBsh oh Noca Rato al
the -o.ml evnd inR e r-
vlot on SdayJuly i h.
Al the 10.11 a.m wonhilp
irel hl0 subj l wmll be
"'Btht Pronmle For Darkn
uyl" and at the 7'00 PM
Service "MoollnItTho Cut-
relGenenltJiGap ,
Dr, Loon lov thurlty e
neon paslnred chuthoo 0n
PomouIin Marlasnd. Isew
York Onaro llinoIls and
Mlrhissn. Ihe tut vlabe be,
in, the Moody Churh o( Chl.
iaio lie Oi eunolis enoKv d
In Ilul~tlm BIble Iclurinf
which trt him lon *n pnrt
or the Uneted SU$ s and other
count ".
Dr. dLodon hBs uhlbored
nine book on Bible uubjet
and tribhul.eto oiu in red.
glouuperiodicls IlltsprE Fn"
laiono ao always uxpoiBory
In chtoiers Biblebassd In
oeni sand practical In ppll-ti
Mr Tonrry M Johnsa. en-
ior MnSiter of Biboleon ex-
lends a ortdial invitiao to
hrrhdu und voillon In Florida
o Attend htan ervlo In .
B.Ad CounI sol be..ll .

..nl.,...s. ..,,.


"Be Joyhul" will be the topic
lor Ihe ore n to be delivred
by the be. Albert Gl ShI,
phont at Ihae two wonhip r-
oice nIatouth ItIo ad l 1the
FInto Phbyteru Chunth o0
a o alo SNt noday. July o
Th( I ttm snr1in will be
bmdcait over WSBR at 70

* sItk A Whits Culor

Is O T


147 N.E. 41h Ay.-
Ostoy Beach 278-7297

Nonud .nla Thansd, $. h*. iM r, P.use



Chatter '

By Charlotte Knaus

Bulksl mIdeiae. From let, Arie and Brsnc Kilter,
REy KinoN. Etld uad Bob Ihords Ilbe oboulac
gue iBs),GIaaoadJaaeli Pie. itnani n
Up here in the PoesM Maulotai ol bheamiful
Peanylvanls, it Is sometilm difllnl lo gauge the
spee ol tho mald od, u o cn seqwic, t u o h olume lar
Ie Puirth, wkhch hd to b h earlier dHdal make il I
Wh pulled lout week to bruin ynu saol.r no Park
DneoIm trimtvelhint leredud Mlslhben.
Since then, much water ba passed under the
bridge, figuraively and lilTeraly poakns; lt of good.
refreshing rain. boh north and south, making every.-
thing look nroah Iu a ead o ebeg lef ue.
BRINY BRIEFIES: Charlie Letlerhbahadohe ret
naeeeplo laced th his ne.
Ea el Selle I back In Briny and dug well
Buth Freman bu recovered very well from her
broken kneecapand is now driving berarl
oMbel and BUl Lupe had a juovelting lea days
when teir su, hB wise U sd orle 'hldron s ae tho
vall toem. ne ioill like id ldres. iud ruaddill-
danu S oake old things and plets new taga n.
Mimi Madsly of Briny Breze Botlevard hue I
oun condlion a nd Is th Bothob a Hanpltad. hlor hlband
Frank Brewer Hadley i In Eason Nursting Home lA
Lake WolNh. lsp they're both on the mend by now
May Sml.is houband Ben i sufherlng. rom a
nerve condlion and it looks like an operative cue
ometimle In the future.
Lou Landon is silll in the Boulevard Manor Nonsing
Home and the report is that she's failing. She doesn't
even retognze Paul.
One other Brnylle who has entered the portals ol
Behte is entry Llnch. heart o e.
This report o lick and aMns don't mea n Mthe
are no healthy Brnthytos Juat that thbe oes who 0e0
enJooing tIe ano no bps)' iwlmming, ohopping, sh-
Ohioh, et center. that no one'. caut up with thorm lo
enough to gel a report oR to me except for the Laps'
vititon, whom Gay Van totth u w o onclt wUh.
Goy uys theoe' a poolside hunch who ninm dady
at 10:1 .m. which Ihcludes FlOie SommervsUe,
Waneto Thomusn, Mael Laps and Gay and Abe Van
oinen. AhI Forthohallse ofthetrpioo!
Aif.s DBOvh luu been o tEIulagi aodu u IS.
She wenl so ile weddall of did ,o, goeu IA? B.iLL
SOUIBGNE ld DORA SEIBERT. nes remplon war
gIns by AmAU Hnbo uI utr lamianr bome sI Omiuqa
Lake, N.Y. ahlser IMo onrnop ans w held A lbs
Cathlio Cbuinch Lady ol Somn -at Veita, N.Y.
Aue nd Bob Wrigt itued sp tor them otd, esept tIr
Aoue' lamUy. Ad.i sd buer flded Oanbn. Wait, m
olleor iw were prMn.
Arteoe anya, "Dora looked lovely wore a long
dres checked llas and uppnle green and a w
colorful border on the hbom. Anoe wore a blvusead
kirt HLung) ihade, of orange both galh aried
nomgays o misedpridng flnowen." /
They were headed for Bill's home to Introduce DoM
to his daughters or the beglioing ol heir honeymoon
and were to return to N.Y. Sto etBlll'a roller. Such
excitement ./
We hear that Henyq qlhdad a fallal his home n
NJ and broke his hip. Hol tille i bearing up under
Kahlly L tIfletd win In the hospital Just before they
left for their homo In N.Y. She's not ben ee ling wdl
sIne they ,rved In Newburgh either.
One of the bosh1 oleh l rprsed a rtenlty w-
the nol u Va Yonlleor'i dotih at his borne in M-.
shallI Creek, Peuiylnaudo, where hoe d a larel
mobile hore hulaet. VanN, ormer Bray mridemt
and .tl s lot ownur and brother l An Veitr, we s only
It. othaerls e Yeourl' tI hope hs l ht e'll come
back to Bro. Arrs asd Vu's mother aud tbutr wereo
Bonaylte.l ton, .my buk!
The picture of the Pries' picnic brings to mind
that Arlie and Grace Kitiner wmere in excellent health
and good spiri s aare the Prices.
The Bob RtIhord were. delighted (orller In the
month) by a visil (rom Joei and Hellen Dillon who had
traveled from !heir home In Ohio o seen their daughter
Noma whone home Is In BuffaDlo, New Yorn While
there, Nora drove them down to Auburn, New York.
to ee Bob and Ethel.
Bob. being apprised of their Imminent arrival.
decided to meel them at the crossroad to keep then
lrom going aatray, but as Is frequently the case. he
missed seeing them and they him and he arrived
homne onl to find that they'd been these or the betln.
part of an hour! How oOften have we had tha happen to
Boll end Evie's brother Bob Hill and his lovely blonde
wife Carol, plus Boy and iyou Iruly, went to a benefit
nUaren dance in Clark's Green Ito aid two couples from
Wilkes aoare who had n i completely wiped out by Mo
flooding of the Squehanna River the end of June. At
the end o0 the evening ach ouple was prevented with
well over 2c0 and an envelope from one of the Scranton
Clubs containing their collection. 'Chdarly begins al
Gary Decker o Ft. Laderdalen is calling Ior the
Casetolf Boynrlo Beacth on July 2lth at the Civic
Cenler- rom B:30 I dll :0p m
At the Crosotaileoe' in Deernlel'n i .ioner Park.
Ernle Bas will be collih on the 2htS,

Pil It. a..l. lr lnArTsrd. .,n.re, iI

Jaycees Announce Swimming Results
He i yge-elh a ms to ol miS yousiaein tin s tci ao r leand aor Iton bank. dMa Sarae nl, and Carnimn chlilin anled D Sn araig
Ira Slmmlin I d Diving 00 BMt mu divided lalo mr wn a m IO enir 1Ba dNI. Matio Seral. an Ba. -ladunder. b aUlrlke I1k lo -yrnl builnrily for
lh. Delray munallpal pool eladmitr.0O llt Wu IM cota per amal iBt &amd-edar. Boyarn ba.anks Scihmldln.aud Nltuieth lilt. S-cant binhedly Inr
mWallinlN lld e n r rli: Snanii n ra i n d
*,1 1bo a11Al no Bac ali, G o aBdlaLcrlt. i S, Strnd kra.bmlotiln 1" "1irInGrina
irele sore Bt r ni Sd ___ tia, aai bilenke Ion Inc> Wfllc Bill, Mank lien DIVIBN
-- M IIc lalmdill b-Ou Mi rk D nakler, Boo kler.lAndIwSoden -and rnderor bays Mario
Ia. i. So aea s d bens ll e l r k or s r Manr La n ild a Si r
I"^ ^^Fi MaBi .o. fea I d in s Ba i r la .. MacoN h= S oadd.!Sn. l l, drand k aa Bnalru i adi Vai
aried ~at enea na 0wralan se~enn. m Baliry. and Mary Pai Inn Itar y Bill Fond .e. OFm Di oclmdiin
qarade id dirao d l nae me. lar 1M arld i Mi.dClrdP iior lno, n. Andie na
d e d b Mya el i hasa e den, larry iak es. and
Ts276-6321 BERR a l il n e. ui chrI a led n ma ny B uri r a ki a
TMARTY B AN nUB s. rurnl.andbenind a nra Gdllag T ad m a l di
Hero .p .,...,l Bet a B yi mAUlray ;.o mah iday. 1i-1. d en! u!;g;: lke
ros Other dayton eI ns l .ia. .1S-yard Bnacleke n 11.11.l SBa trd tp arc2 11-10cr Ior B ill: Fales.
D IR ECtTt tRpandolod n e Baa ya Lucky B1e 1i113. andtlehlaldh n flk*o,
Vn276-6321 K BEDSp. p.t Sc, Cad Bar. Ko. ld.OMS
Chell elker. TB l iris: Ke Kotlnae an a. Bill Pa'i..Bean Mar. l f-
STOOLS ah e e bpressed tan leyand rBMa
onc yih Sk w m itrlai larbys:O. itMach. inlt inda SBallr. Mansy 1lola Rrlylc MOB B.alt
YOU Rmath lad Aana i ddics Yr
,n T ATLANTIF ES la a ta. An DBlB, ,-,l u' i
E"T'"" 1 RII B, Ba Ma.. .
8_ _ s. era Ba Balnoy -m "
cel6 2 l, ifMOG LDS 1 o
T,,, dOOLS Che t, r S-yar d l Iae .
Mac Benol aal. aid Cadtdc
rasasmaS B *.aed.aedma rlI I tr
Fle OOI NG 00. fCa:Sane _, OSa. ,
B oI B;: Ma t-;ql :r. dndsrew

a, bnol SGrc, Mary
SOBBING lon: Milm F Grbo .ume
imtl, INISOING ll. ST yard itano B.
5ER.i'. i lG FII ,BMMASB 10-11. S-Card Inaclcifar hald tat Saaanday athaLe r Baaek 8ioB1a poo. TB =noP at Yo;. .ens
Jitlitlona. kay IM 5 o.s: tacky # A ~I a aalt. 11.1 ai t uRyeOhsli

Alex Connell only looks

like the villain-he's

reallyThe Hamlets hero...


nAthrittdN.Conai. A dlllhrnityha. bahcoamoeandipebl o ulhd aI
landlhlalnllapedol ndan I~Lsmdollld CosndumuselTlro
mhcc~soeyl mm.ner Iahnierr d iinrdelda ttnrrenlhehmy cns
rrd"'ntgInpD ln dmumadcnodsed.0-01 fnl, ronrnohcanlm-=Nlda
vilain he.. klill Grnst a AcInnIcA -a itena.1
Stil;aenel h gnrinparnlst.loretsmtna. She-isid rkI~lCram I-
blmtklaimim rltrlalal Ahmistheproltiaansi
drariyelao ltaalesr teotkl Conmefl.Plant t I SEI
Woo1ndledrinc Gcrlmrndnnidnrdmnn Ijj
,uliamend.,lrirsm irahe. stryn ica
=lnthmtrdryl iaitlhntdnl ma ide 505a
orher ntle bealnndr th e a~kyaulltanhieadrnlnni Bnilaranon
diadgmar=1dwirrali dhe lhne.-~Nlepetll nmaadtayi
inan. inca naaapamal (AndhIiooslyINvll _. Baleda ira n -adl

[ Brake Adjustment
We'll adjust your brakes and add fluld if needed
O Tire rotation
we'll also Inflate them to proper pressure
O Front end alignment
Prciso alillgnment by killed mechanics Air. Cond. ExtIr
O Brake reline (Drum-Type)
We replace linngs and ihoes on all 4 whlls with Feaw lining, $
odlus brakes for fill drum contact, and Inspect complete broke.
system, Ford, Chery, Plymouth othen s'lighty higher.

S10 point brake overhaul
linds n..w II.ng on all 4 theill, .. whl.. cyllnd.ra, or 88
linlng, turn and true drums, Inspect mfter cyllnders, rpack 88
bearings, inapecl aomplatl system.
O Engine tune-up (6 Cyl. cars)
'Our m hanict Intall new AC plug., new Deita polnt, nrwn
D.t.o anda. r, ria Dicm lo.ar, ad lil timing, 'adj ab. S 8$8
reor, chack generotar and votinge rgulitr, $4.00 more for 6

O Oil change & lubrication

Includes complete chall lubrication, IfmanmI on nd differen-
Rodl oll thek and full li chanao. Price Indudes alllobor and oil.


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Economy Auto Supply
8 E. Alantic Ave. 276-6636 Delray Beach
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Area Golf News
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BOSTON WHALER-FORMULA sa,-.,.aaa ,h..dn oap^,fc Ua.ttea,. "bi
AND THUNDERBIRD BOATS: .tnrro,r+ T.1 n an. Uqo .>.Gl a Siuq hlatanar..e.
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JOHNSON MOTORS T ,i .. t .- I a .11 ,
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MOTORS: FLOAT-ON a ROCKET canlaod4anidrloa.n thrabaoidfllawlhsa. 5t taUhdTi h Va. .111
Alc Grahom and Jktt R l Tl Mllrl i del el Uhe im
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W&- Ili- STORAGE -r D
FREE RAMP USAGE. hobt, aCoa e a,n m "n
LAKESIDE MARINA INC. l tthenld ; tr.. ...

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Tennis Boxes on Sale
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Get Younger N

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Delk-4 278-5444
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IA Secret (OR RENT)
for 76 Years I

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SPot. a ll. yt. hl p"ac.-S.Ta h e y.....
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Thedellu lSI oadr ranne hubeenwSil turn n your fJ ucet s. L

A ., y,.d. tt,, ttatttd,,tii 5 | finin9(tuntllons: .
h y t y It'I a clarifying unit; 2. 'o wae sote ner; 3. an 's a lle
tn e and odor remover Provideh sparkling lear, refreshing water
is.,ivhoM. ^ .Nc o t Ohh i O - call us, then turn on your faucets.


*. 276-6104



We thO underigonad. Inlendina to oroit ind oprat a national buk in
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11 That the m.in oflicr olr ld 0 tiondl ink ha hoe sa In ah vicinity
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Beach County a Boynr t Betch Area. In IrM County of Palm Bech, Slt. of
* tIl Thft in order ot prtefetr ld n.liamal hInk ha on of following flu.:
a. Fint National Bank of Wat Boynton Beach
b. Boynton Beach National Bank Weat
c. West Boynton Beach National Bank
131 Th.a fhe .lad nltan.l bInrk b ethoid a liei 40.0w0 ithr ohf
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dir Il by i t b b I .ll lolad M ol :
1 ninl.ul 4 w.00.X0
SQ0.n t 30.0001
Undlldad Profill 250.000
To, Cor ar, atiMild, t.0l0.0
S |G| That DOnald L. Jkatn of 401 t .E. 32 Strut. City aof Ba nllon.
Coanly of Palm Betti, State of FPottda. oaf M anla nd oxtlutnia aearn to
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FOCI ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0044505 ,45.4? It', a 00a -C0-04.44 P ~ 41040d4. .


De.adln.. Kv OU--- You ON BliP
** .i.2., F 0 1.V 41 AIN 732-6697
c +.'.,'4>J .. .......... EI)ONE E.B 73211'
bselole.. ta 0 0 F llpcal Adulaf o lf pt e -
(CLASSIFIED) A r. m1 Call 7 l0 m TF l ,O l e
Is No. (CLASSIFIED DISPLAY) bmdifl hstI W al.a. I.
i ao-.I -na10 m 6A46 doI e.owdOn l l a1 -1. y Ar amonh Ca
1TO PLACE YOUR AD. Ph. 276-6321 or 732-50 ONE0 BED OOMtI As 0,
vulg t dto n I01 SE 2 I me
-Aanoaeme e 2-Rent- Lease 1.1 IT" "'-7 UNUSUAL. INTE ET1 ING,
COM.9 X Y0Ll 0110141*100 *l'0 Ig. Mano. 2 boll hoe, log
I* nMINo ol- Residentialp I( m duple tlp f l rm l IA1aled I'm I- lA y'l0n' ra l
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n.rve lm. P t mh- ;a''d om Artr mlt .. COMPL'EELY AND AWLASA A'"l r.7 RTP
l s a& l C' s dIom S ]a3S. 2. Ipts. l 0 PAed & A A T. *E nI I lTIod, lI"NI 0 1
ZI, am. bo ne E ARI S .04and du Paolo. N1 r nl. l
c o dd----ptleor o. h 0e edI t ool 0I, Cgnvenlli 10 tl re. $I2 & 1 20 ll 0. 0 1 -163 a 7slt
c mEarBI CII .. ,. CO.B *I.nlr stm I= lumpla ;aS m of the I ap_
NRIC YOUR l ife F ma by. nl. dll :- P E TIIV EAT DELRAYr. 21l
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12 0I0. St dnl0, Ulton l EW UNFURNSee1400 111F 0 ho, beO.
IbITtiaeaMOrlt.ll 0 Fel. 0i00m, 2 0*.700 la, E2 DlOOM & BATII l.,ate MODERN
en Hw. D7. ra 02 s 7001020* Bllao $2010 001.0 ol ml WITH POOL
--'~"" ---- a 1 N.E6 hAvin.Dl BellA Rmmn"'le '55 A5t u'* AnnACTeYE eoIH IN F0
lai w be).ddhsr ig ITM EE Mm-1 IF1 rI Em ]| m .
KEeNag DCOlg Eg E IDBo DUPLEX A I"* 0OgAll, 101110 S?5Ig. 0CA 1G0A0 C70
RN S.WM211A*-1DelY Ot dugllhed. 0 0e SPACIOUS 2 bedroom. e ah, rAL IEAT eANDA CONDIATH.
NE in mD Sle d, ST 5kl n Ron INP
be. FZa7i VEs na, al p WITH sPSOL

W AT0 A P t ---- 0100, d0 te belch, healed l tN ,10 AT G Ee. FM
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MIl l... Cl .. m A E i'mg, 4l S O e 00110 hadM0 h MlO gCuEd R OlN.Al

de-.i Maio CALL M EATr

0 .. .t.,1 701. d "6l y l 1, 'sl E
SEelTA1 l oALn SERVICE fo 0 1Tro tahdl 1 P0.EALTOR. lo.t Fedomllh11.
70 0oe.0 i 1W 0 b10 og, r -uge. 010 tbaIr-,.l Sl0d000 o lbii0O1oriom
ep or~fg~re 0011 y onr 0u 7000 5 0l 0-nterI: e00"70-
l ne Ir rg r r g Real Estalte

N o f: l" In, pM n d + S3 2 ,9A (M i S, a be d. Ind la o I ll l
hOeW--, p-v ta %, a hard wood flo,
TAN. Ar .....nd0 V14 Pr04" N .. i
oll n, '.*. D m i I, 0 00A 0 2 g fw) I M I 0TT) 0'.kM
e.I, 0 F L....,,...,.w oo

!uy io bdoo. 2 Two bedroom, 2 baot
0.. a0, ..., ,, ha ,lIl ...o .IPr home ith, Florida ,o, APART
20 0,10.00. 2.! rg, n 40.2 and carporte. Fenced B R
AN.'blh.i.. lo l.. T.. .. yar ., 7 ,u. Bar
W.... ll>e.AdT e BreeHV I'y location.. ho 0d 1. 0l5.501. IT .
-o yo u r 2 l l a .o h 1 S p rin k le r sy ste m p u p o l s e a t h e T
Ao. d tIei WWa.l. pl deem' a hop. and w.l'l $23,500. n"li l [ k Ih
pol. NULTo l I' k with IidHlp b I Ih MS R-I. 1 -SW) Aflsnl An. TIN s E1 tl I ad Ol
Icm. 201l or Ia 0ea.d 11. nE pN S. 1 i
30 S. Omn Blvd. NH ELLrrie
278.6767 0262702ue.

Bidoer s own home In eiri ooandlon. Ho tw0o 3 bido., 3. 3 bll h1.
bedroomm, t ball. Iorg Florida rooe, h.9 S01t0 At oA g I
and .ir. "o g ,r M or, wmhi g ohle, ol l... d When yu
opal, drape m Inl uded 0 $302,900 ( 0LS bdIa. l.. -d thin

1Be S S N.E. 06t Ave. I pgL o 1 .2 NW)

0O0117lI H n O BeOYNTON I, 1itu.t;s1

l,.R-1062-S An O 7, IN

220 Nr1 fir A~ *0. floeleer1d
o ar0 Fioldo 33032 & O 02 a 1. melnr it0

000.0 *+ *+ .* *.0 h eS HOR$ELOV
399-5F22(Eoe) NFRAIR0 learn, otI

I CLEAN! I 0ad, 0.,

iW, h.oe joer ol.ed Ohio sape.r-oN, three bedroom h.l.a SAOT-.. L0 A ,2., SANe
-Iio b y22 hoa polt oeralog, d horge heldd p. 2 0g0d0rom PLEASE CALL US FOR
pool. Two 1. lcllock with ohlp. Aot off thn InIoN 0,1d4o0 polIo m a00 SALES A WATERFRON
coastal. This house aod 00 0unds 00e In p. rlect S boor 4o00, gol,,"
Yo E Willm n 'ou r s I o n $ 6 5 .0 0 0 Broae 2 n R.o h io eVra 0
harry or OIls oell Make an appollmeenl nowo 10 IN, lo 05
0. IMLS- 113.HEW. 0 (.1. .1 ( A

IORII[iRELR .TTIRI i 276-7401 days





.1401 R.5. 02
TO SVE ,r1u14 101nt .
loae your builw In the nn
ihoapn1 re an3er wneinx
lio on S.E Unl Ave. *ceo
(m AlftedO'l ReIl.an 15
o 1.l eeltable Aljl 1it.1
Foar 0m.2 1n(1aman 0.10
P. 0. 0i 2, D0.r,0 Be.ch
4-Real Estate
For Sale
041 taelHi, Pel.
420 1q. l 1 bedroom. a1l.
00. i0lr00 tl. Ei II.0
Mi 5Jhbort010 $0y. by ow60
i.170--m1 Lake SIa1. Or0v
,fconlnume of N.W. 9 Sl.I
Sell blk traim lown. PJB(II<
0h000oul0 FIroploe.F0Ot, *l1
Ik I tie.. eitllI
Pi.ed T00. (MIS.R77 SE11
0e0l HeCn Rile1. AU0.1I0
Pi11ard $114 11010 0
020 10020 000117101772011
Bf AdlinF elly. etar R 7m
411. 7-M1)
Elta. Fo 1nd quie gn be
you'* In IhIli honw nr $1 oU
7 r0 T 00 1e00 5 I 1
Nl0l0 10O. C elS 0 211
C*oar. Suems 1201400024
111111 ol Eo 0~. McFO0 hllo.

1lelp Waed

IDEVELOPER t To Adirlnhiramor
............... ok ,,e t. l
whorgol oI mll.o.... I ....
GeI nerl roi ,,' ',l;n".i.',';lg .g e. e ,
Please call for ap. Salary cormmen. urola wir h ability. .
| 278-2849 t oayno8.. .ch 3ma4

21 n-i Ia 1 . Rnl.-. I-- l-a.t ,o1e20 i

RAL Am, LorEy rE1RCH
EXTRAS. 203. MAS A 1I4
"222 0ld0llal amk8r"

Gol VLie Hmrbor. W1
Owner Innilerred. to you can
bar UIl, bmnd new 1mr b1d:
,ad aus- le "m e lg|.
111100 000 _4,2 .

Clttho11 7at00. P 004A0.
100.Oel 000400. 110 14t,4
EaNa3 ''cS:
tand0, 2m, 0I0 SvW, 01 AP
eInautlAL Lol ad Lrk r.

lIMS, dRotWe, Snow 1ll
THREE BEDa M 12.0 400h,A
"30' N.1o0, 2o0 .l2 P22
IN ca.7T."llu]Gl VkeN 4kArt~r
PM01 do0n. Bp00der TRANI
(TV) _
=lit bedo, Ilul. CeZIde
70r 1 00 Mo0000. p2 000,

77S A BEAUTY, l1ke ,E.
berom CIMll alr todd, horn*
In nl irnn ol South Boyntoi
0.400a. iMlS e1OISB) 0115 J
AlNSih Fouillln. Amoeilte
D. McN. RHUlAri n7ll

hNie, VA i md n ueLrha:
Imlg w.111 oaw dos Pait
4.n BileI Aplrlme~
DUPLEX. N, E. 7R ABme. EI,
20012141-17 11 .1.

cUetltaelu woln ( lovely tI w,
.. piMnp. Two, e bedroom
Bi1ker.AlOclU B Admj
Rmlty, eeeior ITlls-l-

Itrotlo, compJleldeley nflmled on
INSy heu. Le.+ S.E.
Bc. Two bedroom,. I 000,
0010 d. 00 204l e2r0 0e0

Cnrotl. me, ,ed Pa t wit
ulUli~y t etonu rooira, For ta-
trmul, Uaa. til aililr Prop

FURNoS0ED two bedorm, A
beth heir ocean & tbmltn|.
Ground1000 0nd propgry 100,ul

ly. 7lnljne0. (M0S C-2540)
nnem..ltar.B- lTFI
,llM. wt1h0 C. JYIale.
010 0171000 0

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= -W TOO I SAL cu+ li-
Col*0 0 10r0o0ll No

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weo. 11202 0020. F11 0O72pal

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Imn hip~e pwrtnit, Sm d

ihOUR CHANC lor Il giwPal q
01110.04 w ae ola0d
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Real Estate I...'
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to 122,900 up ,y, .

A delghlul smoll home. 271 |' i 1ed0.
3 bedrooma, I baloth and 10g1 mr.md porch
imilyroom.Deluooop. ES0. Ate *mI0. 0i2
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pl1d ond drop,& dG+. 15 . At. Arem, ftr- ,ifig olor.
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1000 Palm Trall
Delroy Beach
ON LARGE LOT 100' 1a70' 1
Many trees, excellent landlcaplng. I
reedro.... 2 baorth 0 o pl. A
troclAl. Short wol, Io bach. Unfurnlihed wilh lUgl
drolp t .11l *1.. equlp. 147.000 SMIS .1144-0 A)

276-4191 Ev.. 76474

The Ml' two bedroom, 2 both apart
monlt Et el U.S. f In Gol.
ray under 820.000.

#1. Nor:c AatloSnalrala
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#3. No olning c2t 02
#4. Walking distance 1 Beach
and ihopping
#5. Apartments completely

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..-..1, i ii..l..| Cindy Murry Captures
EE n9b id gc hertr otu Ioldr
ro011 i COITIoI ACoOUNT MAN ..ED E. I"G"s .. Southern Regional Event
I Prefer retired Polico Officer uSenl m F *5 ". A1t w i .
MUST BE BONDABLE S s. Ilaru ionb., | .. .!3 l .-
'|Work your own hourI. Excellen working condi. 9 es be oo ti p plt l ll . ', -. . ts... 1 .CnI Iis
No.i foroo.,.Muh incep d Automobil. i 0." 0'. a "urr,' t i 11111, 0 > ,, o.o.
Cpon A.lorbil FURNISHED. P an"t.... I U lco ObeiR b T .. .,y et to k.o;il leo. lI.- C r..irrs .h C A
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oAppl, Ipn,, ndlylOA. 1o P. 11 9trd ls. UA M b r s Lr r n the ; l e 'Us W. .
S 202 N.E. 61h Av. Delray B.h 9 RI dIwT I o CMpGdtr .t;10 > boe dpluerI !0h. . .e r
P4-i-- -2 -- ?i'i"*** '****, atom.Ty B B, O .pt'thdps0,0iS 0,11I ,'ttee ,*y ',," ,
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Sll or e lrrr l"Tpered P (1 .... .. .
able, Proetei. Servi ces Boer Travel nraiers *. 1. V L1 wo t e at P l ii, t boors I t t h 1 i
S1 w s.ebo Ise Was. A Mari 1141 Io.8 o lfme. Wr boele
R T t i tP a. L ve, I l D.E ATE IT s ... .ts '.re r..it. .W.. ...a d l .......to r
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I- reome oP or 0.10.2700 Hoinmes % ,=b 1,Ss.P,%(o 1r. 1. Iis s lt MLeW 1.-.. -4 need, ori .
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0r,,,r PO- estP erII i be in= .1. toIrd .101 Fn. .-O.
0. E 0nmta Heo.e as A. adose etl. M.
riM. I's 1. to- 27M,, be 0n.lbos on O, w.11i, thu Barwick Golf Club Leagues
SALESMEIN Cell 3tOn .ml, IN at 33 f't ... ilf TV
0P.M. N(o1 [ I t re oot ard F 0 0 0art IT IsDAYNIPHT
Pos. o -s .e L Udror S1, 0ld 1 I rd Et 00 se d Tlii a lp, e eDIe OLIAGUE
m cIO i I I e w i ln dw Mlrn Is Chlpooe foo a ,d LIlslefltON Pl to d de h o
5".eIm07 "A ri3 t to d, o 0A i u .1Ml.0 aiwt m a
IGN o Yan had Mi Nn. lnd treh, ell. Ale INLOMN -HMUiER 5NlI Crk Country HE
APORTA TION Fe olM. SI" Gls '. Best ae 0Mi 0 li rode l d. INop istrWa II T 1.T IPC.
.S 'i.r 5 ........ r I P 0 Wk 2A~6 6Mis A s. 1
a Nd- a. Olfl I Y o-U lPON M m .0 7A h tNre e ro rd. Her lou lel t C se
I 0 Z oms ort RE".. .. ilW CINDY MUR7Y .s is e IElse tey Isw b ed 20in0 10 P ,LuN0 M e 00Club wt 10 '. Non- it
On.1Sae 7113 Pedort, m. Itoio mr osti te see e i n ss iea regl mt 80 Cody ot
MraON oo 8l o d p- p COl, M Apt. IA., lo tU A.l ",l o a el o.1 S ote l o W er I1S Oi m n l Cot r
- 00 SI HOP OPE0RATOR. ,ra tr e int to0.. heml, Tens l cOl? RI& I',,*
l N HAN 0C L Ni wi.I 01110 i0 0 B, n o. la 0 ESC k 100 N ,e. Ic s YtOnt 0 l .e aeA tI CI ty a n lo l .
ea. n C. P e uN.. i4 Gene CRYw Rrhein
isPera a a ..oCy Fade. 5+. r r To 1 Ors.
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' lok WeHI E Od neM Pcr. admll. A0r. O tR IM 4CA ERO 1E BM b o 11
.,: N .I.. --, N.. F eDiin. Out
I o e .e. y1r B.-Marine B oats IMILY WI Nul
Pon^ nlo 10108 10c- b'll. IT so H R CORll .Ae -- > IC0o N W
;m55d5,0~J~i G; .^ i.. P lIAT ITS
i1 0 "PI.UP S;;7100000 O .MrIC un tee' O".le 9171.MAO Int, 00--._- BEST -
h-- .. t.lr 1, Uk. .. e P O. 1I" 0 27".diSIW il. | tB l............. 1 HI i
,yeeded 2,SO cob 4 HIal" m lo balm On...... S7+ .SU
P N. P00ee -00 0r

1"37 :,07!'i'S.a P.h"01YIEL..... USED"f.ie....... .. ll e CA11 b!iBIA bull cbe5*] . 8 u. . hi lN r

J0 0 0 10B.. 08.00 --. 0 0.MA..10 0.8W- 0' S
I bedpsoc, I oth opo^.* Moe0 be "sPS THE ONIY mTAL GOOD E U tbel 5 DAGHE
0M5cr. et a Nd tiecordir 011KIM
PolurteioO. teh r %Dle, d rMn 0 8 I7 2 Leorto

WALTRR DGITLCH Aid O l.dI ,.I -r te I ,,r FOOD-A- N M BRAMAAC 73..
10* r,.AO. h I- Rent .0?S1a oi 11a .P.M. DAR T

HNUG bome ysl e Inlraooaloai.,tl orr0FoeecUA- or torWe
HARBOR M. N. bedmel flh ,oep .

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,creend Pron por~h. a a J1NSAES.H Y. p. mimeb trm.
Luou......wllng & w roroiekd. AI/C a" Mall016 "STEWKP E.. .
dew p kitken Cenlral Heel All y u rd l and. aS INI F UE
ko o t & o ir c n cd if o n irn L ln aen LB i ni Rd., 0 o. . . n S T I 2PS O M EF178 4 5 2 5
posal 026,500 .... 0 nInt- 000. __ eaea z D0 ...l pu ol. ..... Se sirly Price.
~. pleloly fupnisked & U oryOaned. A Hrrlyirpo "ssO3

t )3 $CANLLonaA Popr i m fle leet.n lloa C hopat, pre r.1d
3 2 .el33a Bdei WAt,,O0,D..1 0001. d2404S.FEDERALHWY.IOTNTOHRACH

S 0 U b Gdro, 1or b r b
N6LoWe Flodd oo, s o. "a W
D aop te& I r1 5uded RESTAURlANTlr &OU $LOUNG
pin tor ..oe n 00nd0 h.c. ... .... 0....,. s 1 iAH. HOUS &CoKTA IL LnUNGu
to e liro. o rlnl u. 1 SAeGrGI SUMMERI DELSS Norl

hoo or air, ihe om SALES 0000 000.
.0 porch ond daorog. UOHT...UR.nP-kC.

Idtur aill It or ad oel l
o Ps lty fdrnishoedon ,.8.00 -A..sm- a .eIo o A.
27te.92 Phone732-9754. 276,U32: DIANN$4,3I14 .. IDS Aw i
P.. . 5r I Yii1im imiim0iI

BW ......... JWX El. .. Business Review ...........
B a nk si A NT IN f -r Sd dIlrln s M IB| (Ohe rds dim s o rad T, vA rloul en p u lu Up te DC.pMa-oa St ir V ce a rm r rtid pt1 M wr g oi Ioc r I" 'nnob(d l tal r
oNational Sd. A. Id...t Is sub an imaa at 14 ISol al s- Nroa :S itD .. forl,. fis 11 at | ort
Jonk S-S-al;, a be o K l. R Baeawa.^pA in^,imLClehm PrD~m-A, UxisxsyJuS"", pllrcaliolC^'rnr
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totatfarsr tars im bask tao Alon dA t. O ts, t w G ilt e, A n ui.sota i le t .. Cn D lm mt f.r PAVrIIAOE 5 I
Bank R,,, ... Real- R I-.. is .... a .. .. =b 1,4dL 7..... o b .. .. tn

Smoist is Us U tt A ,co etat n lo rden forIa adSms td a ioai s e Ag lt s at d Jir S Ti NDoARD forNi Ipft, EI, bri llo Ide a lut oo Is Iot E .

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taamedfs m i doa Et u, KN ,

lProposed .im....a 'rtss of. a ', atm- o- -.t. II to. ad- J Jna ... .. 1.Rors.. .... ...
Ca .ihhltltn lnl pl lltt- s, l edornrantoBslapcsld. sdrsiatts rl nar r d
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a. A R tad J. 5M. t, a t tard Pe ed SrHdl To d U U D L
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RDmpocrahan otonpis tts at fork- tat o orod IF YOU LIKE TO, SAVE MONEY, YOU L LOVE PANTRY P NDE aM r
* e ^ a/k I fasI Fr Fancie m*rOMlDNa, saa *" sorU tS9a da at a 59mfm
PsIll sluHr s0s us s**Hr Inn-O IC.t. te st tn.oMI M.rM ,
w(fkaar v 1 r ean a t Jamaica re Tq 'S 1,,SeItEJ.
--o-herty ++ C~llaclosingfor Summer BUTT POTO 9,
DUIIVOF+EtIItf Itt~. ULYTY raoaANsrmosI ras PkMMACtaaTo OUDA'ie r


,,,,%uN~ orIe U TH lMntiI.tBEST l *,+ -- ooi,, AOI rzti~i.M~l K
Files Everythin /PRICE ... ETE HA..............'.M SLICES. A. F..R....E

. '.',"""' AL UIITONDRIVING. -SCHERY OOL ll l tllX.........."Sl lITW SA M | lo t ln,:ll"..+ :19 FVE PulcTLMO +N,.,..' I 6 9
D[i.el A, Dchony ao AR ondaccW asoes
SE Dai."hi" r io,,,. r l or. mcPnrta Ta.l.o ,.lta naarPalo a b -mi tSU omrtIU .mes.r
OEh. lid for P l one ueek only CUE STAK .................. PlEK LOIN 'HNW dS9D. RUMSTICK.. 9
S hlycnooalatemaalaiborm am? week onlyT .IOK sat

ss?s'hor. natar totin. ES Xaa^^ ^^ B RyasDT II ...! -MU ens..... "~.7 'TK1TBI. '8
tr bZ,.s b"o Frills & Fancies iOUND STIEAK ......a, PAIE EaiS ............ 89 FISH ICKS ................... s '
Moanr-onnc; a P 2 E.Atlat PO|TEENOUE.as-o R1 CALIF. EOAMT ........A..S... 1S99' OIUPIE CHIP FILLET. 995
from tI AnEs niad ob fl Int a
toft atmn tm UcoAathae Bridge, Delray
lb fints Yorklr anlk s
nParr tramd IRn tot to-
oninfat U.rtS. Mao, an
Fm(o Im IN In..~h BANQUE
-Z.r~ Amm rrtr,. A EE IN
.............. TEENAGERS:
irl itoi. Air Farm VRe_____n___
ate iotin s fl san anate in- Cab s iak. 1. Only 2 a W-6ala -
saraso aScot. aarottt a-
Ipso ai floctd a k err. dram lA-plu* o
office mansgsr far Palm NUUO." IU AI
euist impr.tar fan Us t he Os asatd- Sa ale(top sIn oot our eu1anO r rl.nna osnati11s,...o m c lras P 1
Pairs Oaomm rlb l at C gd. aa sllonmar n1oyionn oalr.n.nloIn y laBA R. .........ro Hr VIE A ............ ta3 l
clm "e ch no. amb .id ........

lud.S, r Canclou M' .S theioo .........** ";;.-.";.h.".o!!?.m-",",?" 29- Q 111111 NAP IN* ....... 199-
*.,...M POT Pumll a'.... ROOM SEA R... U....I...... W0 4NCREAM I
a-rraoteasp-tasd AIR AUTO DRIVIKS S IN L RAPE JELLY ............-...- 49- MEAT POTP
U ot 1r1 ri a a m O ats p 1t n pa1 rorcunli i n rsi rsv s a Si ll rANT Him y m ni r+rH i 11
n.1ra 8nath 3a e TA TO CHIPS ............. E nd P OR N 711111G E ............ i.
1hr. VPW Post 0101, lolV CafDToday 39S.3444an276-5353 aorsr orome irrraot, ormAansortam natnoorasaTI '4
Vans fanely. KifA~hNao ALLm refl mas ts m m~ t ~O 1000 ntaafarann
Nr.ss, rra creak d FRUIT COCKTAIL-..4 RjI 1 FROZEN WAFFLES-----.- -------OUBLE DISCOUNTSI
atrid ark On- hand cmoriok O, o11 saa na I*ntmllI 1 aO t nnra W >I.Asr
0...... O t ... a ".. ...
11h`17 b12 ma. s
-n h ado k r io aINTT mDy M..y M LK CHO I ZAE ...........C P 79 T;UKo EY LL ............ROL 195a
nmo. oarMLaar.. Es sn a-m. oM m
.Oe. ......... W SWISS CHEESE .59
three z SI aT Ia dyS .do.3
Gent 1

Jr. Remiefs" and a inaman ot snsnurtnioa ant-nosnroouottt
Na m PIeaig and 3,tK a29d9
fro EidI yaar, has hs ludo O U N.E JUICE -...... 2. WIENERS-An .................... SIWISS CHEESE ...... '
na1meR A I.rpArry Da4ray WrAN6 mam nansa L, arooay 2m9 atla 00000eor Oolrl tsaIo ItI
Eo I NI'm'~ h.. S trona` Sw iss...................... 5
M.a&ot s hhol tanda star-- 1114Io 9
Omar ba asresed fa araept Us '
toIo, f A an te s
eonr msttasdtfllotdis of
R ...... fo IIE NR RC
Utab... fit. Win 1
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Na tstae, dat Ust da drdd i modal tIE Colonial prim you con s MACLEA ONES I PstCE$ IN PnA r DRAY.IATION A.. *i ,
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S..mao......... Ci ll ..... mi .othre I1,.,Wo. *"I' o -oln AN OA..................-N-i
$19.INENI ................... 3,0 1$1II29IlA 0 I A lUP A ii....c',1
datis e~lla "n formom mAnt uiy WI torn'RSO asa LISTERIN1S6l llR~i-RRP fIs~ Wa its To. arf PAPo :anir--.
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rsate a I ull n ,tuddd t h l any- SUGAR ............................ i49f-you. 3
Alpco. kee ...... thrdy ,cndmi build- ,C......... ..UiP D ,.U..L.
tmoasn olriawink Use O ODII.! .......... -DOUL DISCOUNTS? a OM TISSUE129s
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=, :d h stu It IIn d -ln Cacpti on C] INII-NO *l i SC llN0MlAl WNIIIN NK-E(
74 IEABY FOOD ............... '. 7, ItEmnEJ no r
I.. 0, Innatmt on NAPKIN CLV3cz r so sparV ueW sss or ssaaats PKI o9o
'Nftot,. it to ,- ,II Danr a add to your sAeT IOW C E .... 5sa JOaa S P a strU l
no rICl CREAM ........... t%,' 5 8 M& ,1 -la.-|L 1, 1,P-IIAL CLOROXIILIACHI. '15 6.
C- I SODASI Os' 330 -AR N
Ij .. . LncmfK, l lswpdll Ihl nIh nos SOtl~~! I s~/ 1t R| &IM$| RVU ..I..- .. '




Delray Beach, Florida



Price Resigns

Coaching Job
Noman K. Pre, hed bhe In dol emelille, P11 Cnaci it AtUli HR10 bIlck
keltbal -b AllOen. B- b taed, "i ua uch oWele. e WU
nrutout led AaIbllc Rp heela ie dlItilnhla ore Hi poilad t l. t, U tede t a
Sheol ltor U ymel. emimed he mc.etag idtulha at At. eMlu denncal, I me .
in poot lt wek In H butr Iti c HRih bai I le tor would (doet l Charelm IiIi lthe I.
t Hd Jrlt lmth aild. AMd Wa. .. md m ildlu bnremt AdA
iral alponlatidD.t 01 nalh A tZ ooleIi -ooldid o f teltisboe bei

THE WETTEST EVENT al Ike Peyl CaMlval beld LaLuade aad ikdhlli Farell, aelh, eplared jdey
lThRy anud Filday t the Delray Bek Rere- red prle. Phtelgrapher Ray Grah.a paed that
di Cel, 1 aile id oP it*e .1 "Imbibeh fo 1 Wh.l .I o.1 the beit .lluded evtu be.-.i of
ippl.b" Gelil kaed La Ike pet ", Mallde Is. eboMh" olwetelltrlllhelanlvl,

=v4ol" alIt th I ool dt -

roves Allocation

"ell Project
bu thlemD lt. u uemeldeimp Aru'. P u1
Ho Ro wl"tIs" l C w -

City Receives

Master Plan

Delray Men Win

Soaring Event

Moroapy idlhl'. fly CoacAl
eel~l thabtitude intao petbl
noasdl rteleg old IUt hean-
plered MulerrPia bel. pre.
ano~ed by lye flty Plamdn.
Clm.n .1 the blrde. Cl
Jlroin. lAnluded In hi pren
enltilen ertlfed e nln.
rblpa tor lbot Ahe edltUR Aty
lola ndi iew el40|B ioeia
ardhnne to p Iplen the
Tee toml l ee the
p. ns.bal.nmiinlt.
At oity lye lip fleet Z ill
the A JiIit em1 dl Sntl .
at hb UAnta. d- 0p
*1 lie hearing wii heb bild aod


Golf Tou
Irt. MoC iHmr lter*el ot
it V.F.W. Peet l141 teia
BItd. will hold teir d lith
I IuI1 |0011 iMltant oIt at.
Pncod 0.K 1 lyeeaR ce
lout oh ond the VinU loupi
mima will |o Uwe PMint+ heipl
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Sets Nature Trail t,+..+ S.. III. we i r = 14 W '"='.-"
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Driving Safety Program

Begins for City Vehicles
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lhinorth cl~ltinonfR ;iRTalluth. June C. Q-, A.NI. ] liuinet Credit Depart- UFIE REPORTS BALE3 Firttyfr ptmu IJnwme IlO I 000, Tb filur do
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New Boynton A Ti, iR- A I fut osf F ERrH IP lL f,)
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kseiiat, F, C1e1. --e ebb i. N l u a wt llie
860,ndlnide"lprati. lo ialana a paoda.. Jaty FICMr NATIONAl S AV ING S!
ESinare e te hoe anal tll. 0.11t l.l Vto nb IF YOU LIKE TO SAVE MONEY YOU LL LOVE PANTRY PHI.i .*, 0 01 ft r. 0 a r ,oe

ANerli LOnt.TY
T Doherty Cos g1f- SM r B mer ,

Files Everything 1/ PRICE ....or ......VE..DAY LOW PRICES W.ALS AR. EVEYAY LOW PEICi
nl A r. no SE Dol ph1in Drive. Delray and L I cesSoess 1OU L E SOtl.ES 1 CE NTE H lM SA 0E0 FY UICK Foit.N o D U L.eY
r o nek y U AK .................. PO K LOIN .ioI DR R MI TIeK$ .e 29*
in . .ICo Inty nuColltr I 1. an
tperIomoo Ulkel I o d o, rOeC lWliTM o tlol oaeroHN C8 o to Co UNtir lr ei H0A0 AND LeAVI F8 1i
ohety. ewoo. Frills & Fancies SOUND ISTAK ..F..," SPARE RI*S.. 9 FISH STICKS ..............,9
or. r Anon Slam uetl p TIHOBA S E.u ," .iI 1" CALIF. BOST ........ L99' UPER CHIP .LLET.99
tIM e1uAld eI the Uniornlnr o~t'oh Bridge Delr*y
oh rNM New York endFJ

.......... BNTEEASNGS
Dobe rty y berherooeo ind GdYr tou Drier's Eidua. '

000 mneottar 1. the 4 l1i1 I loa lnlco dh9 4 a 7l l ea reocoor SeoUI 080200 IH eeoooitoeooooo cllS n
Ceb Sel Fob l IlCb. e.d
rliOtwlbroe. 0n= AUTO DRIVI-Gi SCHOOL RAPE JELLY ................ 49 MeAT POT POIEN 89 -9 JUICY LWMONS.10 29
D tr ear, lks lk Loge POTATO CHTIPS ..._ $I ....... C OR e O.............C in SN
Andme G entln o eb. 008000000 10O1 0 A0k reeHITE oJI 11
IItek INSBTANIT DRY MILK..., CHEE2SE PIZZA l,.9......... '9 TURKEY lOLL .ROLL 0000 98
H :e Yee C 2bee l tI n u e *l lo a iaMni si OiKk r
rMend r th ea n V O ewe TA .. .....S........ 9 WIS CHEI S ..........
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bioe nlerodl oul Iwo s t iooe ecak 0 t only yL 3 0 1N 59

G en t L n ......... ........
Name I

I.Neoto l .m ,PKO h P FEL.I LI ilE T o.. ... G.. 2. I A ............ O R xAA7 UTTERS
JH. n atio n C o teer 00 T oi MI IT K MLN.. ...
ts O ........... ,29eenhe.,k.en.0.......G. 'GE JUIC E 2 WIE E S ............ .SE 578 $
r2r 010.0 yer by CleeC EES
..... ...... ..--......... In 9 -N1-D. OX'WOD

Cryctt Lobe, 000., 10 eble to
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ant will dolay Iba lIln ir Cr.
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Merbodymha t kat ofedctded noodf t in C.we di ntwp rnvl-y p de MACLIANS..rY.'. !.0p c;r 59 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES? ;1W IRATION ......... .
to the taet.nrinota a .lSO O r b other lra Enwe8k only OALollknt W:O'"t AND ITAIyT 08008illlio en An e 1. E1 MDA-11
l. i nllln y my r tO Umm n n try. We took aIuO. t np.n LISTIERIN ..................... i, 9 NNU II n INIiS TOO we IIH PAPER PLATIS at", 9
lob(len". pink'e d In- 68 2.pll o 1 e u eoey del%y f I n 00 1eTIILI te PRICES AL 0 0 01
..... 1.u l he In.. ... .. .e..i.nAa.......SUGA ..................490 COUN.T8See VIVA TOWELS !--V33-

an kciColoI"i ,,i' 2 1IeioLrerottSl lr 2800Sout ... o a..... -- ll'oO in PUNC I TOiNOC,
6, otenolC E IrlthK. Federe h 100 onin Seok SODAS .o... ,cr FDIC88 ,,0.. P C T G s

C+=re .+ l'ii. ',e

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