Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: July 20, 1972
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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'London Double Decker

.Courtesy Bus Ordered
b,* . .,.. fstcbccttoll~iotsilad coefucibe lo an etbhusod us aodolebfst asdntr II hitbsrod
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TroorpeN red bus flhl A, of IfM.stoo Cobk sold n eI...... aod tatI ll Ibenbepicke d
SbIheb. pouibly by a group
fnfflheflray bosch bemon.

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Cook said he fsim-Iod or
..MidI fl bu of ,tooo a year

LONDON TRANSPORT DOUBLE-DECKER bus Is been ordered by Delray

reldents aod

h caeB businessman lamele Cook to serve as a courtesy has fo

County Votes

Imiudln I driver (or opers.
lIn or Ihe bNo. but Iha the
operallFa could be olfot
by slll odvertVing Iapln
OHth. ooferlorol d lI o of
FIrsl Federal Savings and
loa oclatfi of Delrav
ttheh w0 s R the n. Ino
plodge support lor purchulni
the doube dcker bui and ho.
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econd levelof the bu. CIob
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ofd within the bhonci area,
"0u0 far. Cook sld Co rotf
haa been proposed ffe said

Inlet Appraisal bSta.. .o.s

n, -..... Cormmiloner Geore V Airort movement. .un. ','""'' '"
,,- l, . .- - .. -,. . der the bod lue wioth In- '
I .t .s.. .. .. .. i .. o .lo ou nle.. o .... I.
i l oled Co or luf her r Ilude expanded public parke .
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Cofmfloio e Tue-. Jd y Jfoarir e I ,e fr cilr 'at vab Berrt1. Nr 0fh .a*m -. hT-
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munricfal beach opetaled bv Inr and loghtbin specined by
The bard l Cfar on Reach In Ocean the Federal Aviatlior Agey.
SHfober bCF, ulpeprr abent. Il2ge Officials o Ocean crash r vebehle aid am- Wth bdrod Or, n.
also kep hopeave for Ie Ridge rcntly endoIed the bOulaN fafdillf n eW apron irth hfdredsnthor
aequiillfln ol rererfatonal toyfn eypasi lon provided ndImprovemlnd lo tai- I looirs eatnc w IIt ol ton
ar o theo Boynlo lnl by a the Cony Commison >osgfl oayrs Cook saidbhe s slI sch a
f cte v fol r oadfocbte her oo anlron acreage In bta would bf a 1nafuralforc-
4 urged bhe comtnlsion to re. t belomi. A m erfsudy, required by neoling the bullffhl reel.
o( idero w l hada aftred io he PAA. w1f1 be opderaken de1 ,l aro1 hwilht he hern
be a cloIed door n rbtaling Only a bok agd fomfia- tnifiafllo ersn eiftafed dff10. mmuityf
more than tooI t A land ad- lbofn Ufhorised bhe applieas 00 with0 aid from the led.al
jornll ore I hlelfnnhe ulh, tlb fopr Sdt50tO federal old and etate gooemenr Air- 'We've already ordered the
* the ote approved lfo apprai- lor Ihe Boynt enlafomel ports Dirmlor Ricnard Cle bu and eoecl to rrele de.
aul odefermft val0 bllh folfl appraised value sel land wO dirled lc fonraf t livery in Septembet with er-
lt bosS co$rbrlllng trIo for proporafs eke to begin October I" Cobk
Abeach committee tusk ortbeefody, fsprted tofthe es ouoral
lr1 beaddhy Cou'ntyAfor. Conl,,,,onc r r ft thwud,
r Mihe S fotlf twoo s Webe r Iad .obe-rC i-w oo.J- tolt
ag mrotended ben IN, fawilesold ol.d wthp-.
d.men Ietl pFflbe a-q. rillf o Mf fte Byno ldet ion .oe.tabf"'ishdbdngt r". orA' ft1 duri the day
'slll obtl.g fOat prife d r iabd, a1 were supported b barblc I n on bea esO in be Cobb Mid if Is 0ip lbehf h boy
tefbhofet already tolunder Acting Cbuirran Loke Lyfol toley Ibe board adcpefb en. ewil be abte 000 b te boo for
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tor a lire tO foot weesfardot such a. trips fc football
SIhe tlurIlni d Idlen II wfts Ra1
Nod u 0 lnfd ust hal 1a 1ut lt
SCounty Tax Ro l oryooe,, be I.-
Hit $3Me by Colli Al,.............M,... ilt.INN.....I

ofo are s ct i the snty te INO
~ ~ht ies harend eomprifed .N
Hlits o6.ba B million berefotbecou>,tc<00
that all cor munlto lie l Mrs b cfOba F E,
In~Mn Ahe$1' No ea N N.li Ne

be elltmatedlas clloilti Ioerlt bonita Ior bbfoturdufn ddo lobodeilnferorexll direoor of the Palm Bheah
. billfo, up arltos IST million emplofe Coonfy CiOoumer AffdirR
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cu.ilderodby CoM7y Comm)is tr lloir requlc but, In ....,e, d brc Cfo Cf oe o
."oen Im dt cases of cofhs fiber office .h a .... br.Ive held an a m- Thurkduy
P Thftr177 bhdhefinrded. Ibehoae dhaiittlerortno hon-each. a>a nfloral torfJy 20y at the lraray Beach
ded to b eshmllftd o Tna.ta fcoindertaw hblotr>le.ie UI ICub. SI Fourth ADip
haueeoflfiolfason In hs report. Dea0 faled Mn bkslo will e>xflan the
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bemmllono by Couly ASses. sidered thlyearc lfeeired lo he had elected t1 membereol curner affair ordlncne
41 Mr Davhi Reid roycol an in. plecotatlon of a new c0rt fbe Disrict 0 CifliarY" Park sd bow It wil be admonLeA
ernam of alrmft 1f mlU]i lyolrmsy nejollalionbsocooolv and forefilfo Cosril and tnred The perdoim will be
ore In elaeo II Ite pressot recorse form commercial air. prepared quetiblobares or apolored by Plflrdgde AOre
fI mlllase rle nere o re- liner, enres sharing ad the needm for cnty parks sipecll
in in Inefect. Sitd Comty omhnali boy ftheHatlellor. IcallfyJol~nbePara l
jBudetDlrectorJacntDean ney sd oroly folicior o- MANAGERCOFFEE
h ounlyO bestlc~ yeur. fifes doccepled for the record an povetos Beofh Cify ffsseg.
whdih eda Seple 0 isoperat- Bdeeel requts lo dale A. tnlerfm spendtbo plao Irom 0 Trani KWiffore wiff be
l o s milio budget elude 3 illio for capll Adrnistrator Jack Den who ei akera he ater
io y edoopiabib ced dbdel nlB+hCflamber of
M lc l lngtl. i In 111r1op6- ftW ou olay [I million by Ihe .ldn keyed a prool-id Ibe M IrI. Soh C e
erty laes, Sherrl eprlonl p c. od nor bepre C .ed due ree CoRfee Club s-
I In aprobedhlbndigdtu p lOmmiyear.llllllho to ick of informal Deanf tofbeheld atII a m Friday.
which yeas ubblted to the for the Coobly Hom abobit bbs rfom ended a two per JuSy of atlenttemunsJims
beard peedig receipt ol A- eveo; 1f1 mliorbyt he Wel+ ceni ftclrlfVng dkearou mfutabn, IMn s Federuf
nme lgureo D work up a ten fare Deparlot, up t almol a thc bued for _nly e.mploy- Cihway
tallvebudlet the is A hall mll=if dollar tfy due fr.pl llie per rent a merlt The offer l I bet .
Sofmreodalton for an acos- to hospital care or bhe edl tnyreaut bhefe twarraed orod by C. Kf'orI eftop
thiaedanl of lllnhikeo i ef l and It 7 mfe l l l ortohe currel budWel lI Mf5 ned and oeated by C, K
iwo perentoremployeiyc le ilthADepadrtnl y" pRuO mltill lned tlo i b16milt Smith, a dlietor of thechm
alRo or y ive perBocon o In ad aicrtloomn ber

DAY, JULY 20,1971

~ll ~110

WESLEY fOLLEY pcogltulafel his pel Kanro gram held at the hcbol nso five days a week from
rat Jated Gertbil o wlnbi| otr place Inbe Plumo- B; A.M. to 4 P.M. to fl oP e w or lor lunch Over t00
so Elementary pel dhow held las Friday. A crowd of students fram the age of to 1f are enrolled for hbe
over 13 demltary suddtl entered the pe show od uommer program. More piclaor o Page 10. Photlo
oll of Ibem wboei h. hoern. The sooummer po by fRayloGraam

Judge R. H. McIntosh

Seeks Fourth Term

nj ,i ;; i; ;. ., , i . '* ... mnemberoltheBoaotrdofhlfs
. ... .I -,I .- . . .. .
.i ., i ;: *i *i ... ..i. "',,# r i _.,'f. ,, 01 f1to of Palm Besch County
I.. .Meal Heal.h A.....at.i.N: ofheq
i 1m -L,,, 1.* .I '1 a,1 11 I, i, 11,,r II.I 1 I i reved theCitlzen of the Year f ^
r. Award from the Well Palm
U..,c Civ loa Cf I. GIot; he
Grcou 5 Intheoo r p ..l.. .,h'. ........o as te bunder of the Itrafee
eltionIoS.jlges Third Ary Sigal Corp; and Athlelic Aluard Onn.er r -
altf ihe war b e ere ed as d. ored by the Southlde Kiwba-
i ,.- ,i ,l ,, m utallo bnd Rellgios Alfair nre Club. the bouth Florida
..-1 .,.. ollcrol the Millf a fiGove Fale Parde, and the Goldm
f f'Itc n Lo 1 ... nt Grmaoy Palm Fetival, he hf red.
us Chai n o[ Palm Beach
lot rlt and Vice PridtMnt o f
Gulfttram Coucol the Boy
:'.I :" .. ..'2 ';" "'. "',.",..:'."/''; ou,,of^so ,ra
.'r ... ... ..i...*i ", ', ;. ......" Sc uio ~ e ca iii~~
i,.i .. ......i it1' -... .-1o f the Flrt Bah tf Church of
... 1 .1... Beahw ounll 1 arAs flatl.
MIutbCol. 6w, n-floorto,
S,.i ," ,'...1 ,. ... .... ... ,. n ,aor Soulh Palm Beach Coanty Bar
,,-11is ,,r ... ..... vtasa member ol the law linn Andto.Sjl a nc-,^ ^
I -,,11 i ,-, o vfes.MclnlfehandoDais allon. Slate Association ol
Cort ol ford JdgeS. Na-
lie wa graduated from .,. . ll J.dttubr- Scielny. KIl.
Lake Worth figh Shol In -.. .. ,, wanis Club of Well Palm
I was a nmber of he .1.. ,. ,1 t ueach honory comber of
... .. ... ...11 1 ] Lake Worth Lions Club, Soni ^
,' ", . i.* ,' .I i. ", ',. ,, .... of ihe Acoycan Revolution.
I'- .... .. .... i ....... i .n ..... .. Gul(f ream Lodge of Fre M,- JUdO GE P
tm. Lake Worth CoMutory, ,rt
--C---K KC ft. thAmbasidorloMohf
k oie 1 m.. lre. Pafe Beuch
Country Ihio Clbb foyaf Or.
e so ........... 6..... ... ....
w slelNote Ordero PoliceA.la ... '

. II, MIcNrosil
Kayf Photol

.I.. .. :I-,

TheBordolTr oihe It *I ,. t'"" Primary Registration
.... Thre filoo leciudinaa I I
*,'.'"...':.:..".'.'::" rbyfe, pcr Books Close Aug. 12
,-. f ., p ari . e. to cow ribbed Iolae
ment of he E i0on Cool to Ihe Diney troe ife eries M .. .. . .f ilh."Secrflar) SlmeI -ld
Une It Moo Hon with the I ll tbe hopn at m tint of .. . The firn prinrort dale it
Dtoly Beach beach tora. te Royual Palm Audubn Soc. September t12 and the s'ond
tcandpyroratmlprsjmtl elyFrlday.Juylf.l.pm.n ... e pnmry sill be ylob Mr A n
the Delray Beach Publ Li c .. Florida fundredsolrf tleand
br1ary ,oe. .f OlV poits oill be t up fr
PLANtEBAPJ0 IN0P To D r, ,,W ...... ie tate and cnly pr r) eletldn lo
.... ... 1 .. ,, .,.. 1 o , rciflo e and bedeadloelfr Se trelan S tun ld hta
. ... ... i p i ,,,-, i, ,., i ..1. ...... .... peiplewhoha rtfoulregislered other deadilno lllb mmclg
... l for Ito pml es is op

"iii IiI. i-* i 1.11- I i i *i. *ii ..... i, 1 ...... now IUtlhana m nthaway" li,,, ; ,o,r ; i
.. 1,,1. .-. ti .....i f; Serar Ste bbylaw te .-, r .. .
S ,, . .... at 'No I rIe lloi o ilal . .,,.

e. pefed lo be or top lob .. ,. 1 to ... h I" r. r, .. ", , ,
wlt hln mol h. Kolllai cur e I ,..w. radoflcltec hoareel. ., ..I
rntly Seling uspolt ll dI s -
Mlor 1 Cryltal Lauke. II lfe Children mull be acom. ... i i , .
spyrilo lys i orplanner Iedbyanadull -,, ,, ,, .
ft Ihe Lake Cunly Regional The sIumir ser l "= ' i .... ....
nan Commmib in hnaukt spoeeored by DIelry f-ach KI ... lb o in I ee eUn
gn. I.and with theo Cr l' h ani Club ,.=,. si jtd

aest, ,esJma.Jn.'l.sdre Jusl na Is7

Tough Act to Follow
The Demnocratic convention in Miami Beach INt
week was typical oa pat conventions oa any lpolitlo
party ci o in control of the Pr1nidecy was full of
promises tor a utopia tal east tar some peoptl that
circsntances will assuredly hinder.
Democratic Presidential Noninee George htact.
vern has continually said along his campaign trail tihat
he will pull out al troops in Vietnam to end the war.
but at the convetio his poilton was changed to
Include thai all prisoners held by North Vietnam must
be retlnumedas well
Should McGoverm be elected to the Presidency, it
will be interesting to see what action he WIll take in the
event Ihe pisanern are not released by the North
Vietnamese. And if they are not, thi st ipuatlion lv
the South Dakota senator an .oul" for keeping troops In
action .a position not unlike that In widch President
Nixon ads I masel.
And al the same time Sen. McGovern declares we
will poll Iroops and military tinaniel aid oul oa Vie-.
nam. he oers to provide eiianry equipment To Israel
and trcea in the Medilterranean "Ito deer the Soviet
Union from putting unbearable pressure on Israel"
Perhaps it I aoes t o lighting, he feels I will at least
bea shorter war.
"V umaltaraon assistance" Is to be offered Ihe
Virnamese I North aor South? i to help them repair It
ravage" of war. but no one has ventured to say what
will happen in Soath Vietnam when Amecarn milhtaay
aid Is polled out
If It is anything like what the North VMietnamese are
reported TO have done in the northern provinces during
their inovaions, there will hbe wholesale slaughter of
anyone who might have acepted American aid.
With all the side shows of the '"new" poiti demon-
atrated at the convention such as the inclusion 1
radical leaders who demonstrated on the sireets of
Chicago into the convention hall, the Republicans will
find they have "a tough act to followw." as the old saying
goes, Aug. 21.
Although them ar some benefits of being an In-
curbent, there are also some drawmhaehes The Presi-
dent must mn up to the good and the bad oft his tem.
and Is somewhat hampered In talking bshout what he is
going to do If elected .. because he is alrtneady In
office, so why hasn't he done them.
But Preuidenl Nix hasn't had it easy. alter al
there has bee a Democratil congress bucking him all
the way and that N something that the Democrats will
havetlollveuplO... or down as m the ase maybe

Young Passengers
Florida Highway Patrol Dinetor Odrige Beach
issued a wamin to paron this week tha "noisy young
ipaselers" can he the ause e dangerous dnng
Beach sggtess five safey regulations:
-Never allow children to and up tin the car seas
Teach them to use atety behalshor infant seals
-Keep dooe tlocaked at altl me.
-Have behavior rue to prevent distrahcng the
-Take toys and games along to keep children
quietly occupied.
-Parents should not attempt to physically disd-
pltINe hildrenwhiledrtvJng.
Beach suggest that on aong trips, parents should
take frequent rest sto when h 'divig with children to
keep them as connmed and quiet as possible.
It Isn't aiwamys easyto hep small children D infant
meats.. -espclally when they become fired and want to
lie down for their eno orate mid-day naps. And sealt
mlts are looked upon small chiolde as a torture
cause they are just not used Io silting sll in oneam
plaee or very long
As lor toys to keep them occupied, the attention span
af small children can ha counted tIn minutes on one hand
so it Is hes to take a hag full of small toys rather than
fust one large toy.
That way. the child has a bigger variety that can hbe
rotated as his attention onoe toay wanes.
Frequent rest stops and aightoeeing ventures are a
good way th keep children from beondg h bored, eape-
dtally If It is something they can appreciate. But don't
start alkng about I too soon as th wll bug you to
doalh'wantgto know when yu'll get there.
Older hildre are more easily entertaineald, but
often get Into sqiathbles with brohthe and itleas.
bepamlratng them I front and bck seat Is onse way 1
bringing about harmony as when they do get back
together, poee will reignp...atleast or awhile.
But perhaps the bestan way of traveltling with young
children is to not start too early In the momiog. nor
drive too late In the evening. .. hey always look
toward to hbounng on the beds of the nelt motel,



James M. Cx Jr., Chairman
Roabert W. Shrman, Prealden
Gory L Gosde, Publisher-Edithr
Advaisttng Account Excutilves
Danny Usnderosd
Mm. BtMy Goader
MGlon Hboril wdIy

Bookkehper. Mrs, CacIl Sny dr
aCrculatlon Mrs. A. 0. Haeock
Clasilflsd Adv..- Me. Patr Kotaan
Womenn's Editor Mn. Stephen Wpndfldlh
Phologreaphr Rasymond Graham
Publt.hd sary tahrzd at la 0. E0 Fobrth Am,
Dill sohi. Florida, 00004. EnlIesd o Sond
Clo' matir o1 US. Poit OReie Otiro B1mh.
sa~.rimceia al .... ... IfO$260,.
DabKeiplsn Radthi or 11.20a spier se l.a i
m rlho. WBehrnnion1n
Nolklanl AdonllI~ne *ilpitmfllllft
Saw se.FPiguanWa.atk Ca, 34a Psik Ao,,
New York. .. oy10017.



Under the Sun

am has always moen sn
Intentilol games bua never
htoriIe I ie ight as II
Nor bee dunng mhe poc. ha
monit and epecmal y the lal
ew dayos wih the help o l BoI

Thin far. Flmer hae suc.
ceeded only in toIlng one
game. ortelling one game.
aend pm titng M elll as a
"'lyIpleal" American in the
opinim of orliea and Ithe
Commnsmt Party pmpagand
.. reedo'. pampered.
spoiled. self-centrred. and
Flinl, Filher mpaond Ihe
beamplonehip anuse nol
eNough lons rasoi rt and
lhen so hnglishman came
- -. ., ,i=.. , .1. .

Further delars crred
or stir and hially one
rame mas payed alh Fincher
Iosng. On 00hhday. FPther
walked ot cmplaning about
Ihe tselelim cames set up
in ihe hall, me was r
moved and I aO he rcl- "
caled and then Flsoher 10th-
de his objtllon
BW .dhen. Ficher vame up
aith Ihe crning mve in hIi
lffboard game o ing

lhal the torfeit lr thegalme
he walked oui Ion a stokeac
s e mauld i0a agatn whll
only nem 100
As of al nwtllng. that to
about wher the h mis h r tnad
anl, ug o is.her, n6 d

ale ol dmeric"
spasoy has to i timmen.

it game.
As I he 0 ey Oinvlved,
Fischer will haee to pay a
good poton o his winnaigs to
lhe gorement for tlxa, but
we wonder iul how muh
Spaky wll geet 0o keep.
lI as doubtful that he woll be
able to keep muh a ha old
be soniewhat of a capltafitt
he I =fed,
hitnselaiaadl a
Fiarterstics tan o kveen
pal ofltsmewhal as Inletelu-
al Idhyrncies becam e oa
tIhe bidup Iven lo the game

Imagine Jack Nicklea or
Lee To not ol howing up on
the rnel Ie In Iha 0tlsi
Open to preiIl slesvision
cm rlo ted at Ithe come.
onr ltcklas desandtng lhal
Trevls's rod na l couI t I heI
idn't show up in ord Oor
Nieklam lo be back on ev
sen lor thene imr d
-".11 ., .-N .. all .

they banh take \mmemc m-
cnirationo beto a winner. Uns-
like ehan. a cet ain amont ol
tak iihelploletion.t
For the sake of cess, we
hope that Filmer will klnacko
down andploy e pme with
spauyo ote mo re Picer
eIu wtllh hae pawas off the
rd, the Imlaspport he has
roo1in him on ... and it
doesni seem his Tan ctol
em toomany as II is.

And ania Folher changes
his atll.ude, spasty and the
Rnlaiat will me out win.
nes In mre wsy ihan oe,

Eight Ye
The ama R'on Annual
FIlAnI Tonment we a
wlopinuc lacesm wmlh mrly
2o nchliden panrlclpasn.the
re"p alte 1 hot doi'.
cheese saadwltem. W Iatoes
o. 1. poi 0nd it e I=h
Imi- Ib, la sham mp
Cslesttant In Ihe mperi-
IoI wee slh sparl Inno tImee
olams and atler the loIr tour

S .,

Too Late To C!Assify "
ByRUSSELLKAY Mg ch wa named calrlnis t11a nds m al 0m01
During Poideat yNin'e al an acion cammlliee to inlsaaciatat
Itp lo Ch. msvealIUh dUc- boim It abuol Dr MNch sbot alt d ietopmntsthis vi
Iors were an an opporte ly oinlly wailma ian ke up ar h lled and I nwita to 1 I1
lo ltnes Ithe in til petice a viitallm poory fmm fiern htnd alI I I ca about rapocn
oltcupemiamauspranthoedby sted Floriida docnrt but in- tural ei'i
Ite Chnles. They olio Ir n tem In the plan natonwide The Chinis t be mob aoi o
ind patjlon before and slier Irtelhi the dnhilon o Invite the trthetlae tor cenLaa 0
op ll*. Thia ei rimc s doclo un=rm KrmS Ihe -I ,en yIZ"l y c"helor
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S Your Elected

Officials -

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Area Deaths

FuPre otrvicd (or Mn
pMabel Luell Vatn Winkle
A Snka. ., wen hed SatRurda
elleme at SethtIareob.
Poller FPUwneral Home wth the
de. John worodtooe. cLon
United Me ihods Church, afl.
2rder o l Ito Flema1 Star
ktertin peceded IHte eiewl
inle* end clompneled ihe
itennefe anvlcain of dtoy
lath Cemwtery.
Pallihye n monarto werena
in E.Eker r. Jewee

ID -..i WE Eckier Sr.
t, C.ID LW Cook Sr,.
",. Irwin. Archie
Mlrtlear.Jot lNenand W.ll-
11am Merrill.
* M-i S, widow of Irin
J. Stnk ho died In M1... had
be*n a reildeni el flnay
.teh for on oml She mred
a F elrad In tl Ierom Irinois
o lirl. =Z deete1tl

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OLake Perko belWre comle, to
flaw w law

* B Wher a 0ye ar metnber
d SIemhetor 77. 0OS. where dn
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lad In o~lbr dticu; mhebr
Nt Ibe arin Award of Whe
4 Rmheneh; crler memkcer ol
Ihe SIM soJul aub. sb wan a
member .e C.o. United
Me.tftt Chu.h.
Suvo are i auI~hter,
4 MI+ U 8. BSill. Platka:
ions. Je Irwin ad Albert
Let. Daely Bach; abter.

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Itlaarolinedbytonfdow. Comply in PMaaburo b lite Dtl Mr in DinrydBu hdled
WIBah. and two brolicn Ar- waa member of the Filt Jul aimt
chllA and iadley f. both of United PnmbylferianfCnrho M cd by a e r,
]Or~nl doynh Buc h th e it Enineito Elfeno Jlalt nGIeievlem. Ilf
At- we bold July 14 a club zale B inF )watetoerdi me n w. held
t lloSc bee'-lrlwlndPolter FUP flm of nl lull of cr- ulo y 12 o1 Lo etaerbln Fu.-
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Jeuei D. aenfetib., 74, for. he of Momanm 1. oni. he Dec .. 0Si0
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SFReNK RAYMOND'BRATl 81 4M vof heryne lt ienrt, 0f1 oTh. d Courhl.,
Front Intle Sen o B t ne two redthldnee maed doa Ce da.andadautferSar-
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tiodhule wan n of fhe a toheaw onh Patenfl July le at SnbtmInfltaRd.iPo.
fe he i ired In H7 ar for ft et gthe fey ae 1four Parotf t eand henal
Inner F ndenf of Cent. wa cn Sytoad Seth MetZ. n oal
N.C. ftr toafut tyate nel, Par.
ew n nfnhoeeoray hemowiadeStan
Baptist Church olanetot ot eh Plan
bye tuie toolwi. ..w Summer
dazle Mn. tfiond Rafe. terafl K Miller, 61. 04
meeS' yo, tool....te...o. Activities
Mr. ]E di .1R e ra- Seekh ted doy Itt Mile
a. Able aond, Lfl W, e nfaed hRdtnedle fdo doe dentina Wine chaltn-.
fohrt t.. hee of S ea M>r.Mlferwyeae lndrnrn. ollheSeirpelm"ehCoo n-
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PRANE J. WULLIVAn Bec.ed toJuly id ia with to bere atin pB icl+
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had red In brbe a. il ernel Inan Fl d wMe lly Is on NioN Ie t
omallfrom FBUl P, Bir aswel. iillOeml a- INX 110 I an

One of the most common fllaces that i encoun.
lered by a Trust Depatment It the notion that a
living trust means surrender. Namely, that one has to
give up control of hi asso Noth ig couldbe farther
from the truthl Lets see how it really works.
The provislons of a living trust are limited only by
the imagination of the Grantor. . the one getting
up the Irust. Working In close cooperation with his
attorney who drafts the instrument, he can make the
terms as broad or as narrow as he doelreo. For
example, he can make it revocable t any time.
What about the invesmenlt in the frust? The TruItee may recommend changes from ie timo time but
connol carry these out without the written consent of the Grantor. This guarantees that control of the
asset are not surrendered to the trust, even though custody of the assets remain in In he hand of Ihe
Trutee. On the other hand, when the Grantor is travelling or is disabled, discretion may be given to the
Trustee assure the continuityf theIrusL.
Since no control is surrendered with a living trust, what advantage does it offer? Often the
Individual keeps his asts scattered in many different places, such as oa sle deposit box, his vacation
house, a northern bank or under the bed at home. When a dividend check arrives at home and he is
away, It may be weeks before it can be deposlied. If o stock is old, he may have to look under the bed
or call his northern bank to find the original certificates. If travelling extensively, rhe individual will be
unable to clip his faorile couponl Don't laugh ..uch things happen every day.
A living Irui bring, nli the oassil under one roof in the custody of the Trustee with the Grantor
matni ling completecontrol over them. Tha Individual can do anything he or she pleoe. knowing that
ther aotlarf e being attended to. In the event that permanent dibilitry should enter the picture, the
Trustee can take over, paying all the bills and looking after the property. The mechanism has een set up
prevlouly to there can be no question of unwanted court actions, thus assuring complete peace of mind
far the Grontor.
Ahy person who hat a few assets lucked away should investigate a living trusl. A visit to your bank
Trust epment crele no obgaion but on m qution A conference with tiur attorney
sell the wheel in motion. Your banker and your attorney are members of your loeam. Don't henilate to
utilize their seaicen ... nowl For further information coll Ted Cumming at 27811-4511 Tru


it- -o-r.. -t ot t-

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Stier Mdtll Fuandllo Educatilon at FAU ktt l a Inrpl-tonnln e "leCnim tw rlr eno nl aw"atrds
tetee to cLer Ion Cot arrl to A oe dy1= e6ren oi me lyolhettri pronro hononine daoiro
tirully eoeallw aldmlnlltrelton and upyrvl auleted ma ad wmimen tor
The rtelr, bdelnMlne ir lir. Colleoa Ediellfa n Dr Ut LfllleDetdier enotruor eactylirjl annece, nrhiero
sizth year of oerretmon, W VSM Kteo ky Indiet ol t ,o.1 -t .1i ni 11 ti naanro, ud leadenhip in Ihr
ornl|tailly lord wmit a Sti./ theMotnLt i rlanh Ponnrtm o ..1 inne a1 m o. I ltildole darjilat
me Dtil Imm leU Mott haito MerdtoredJtr durl
Foundlltn in IU P, FoulatItn Ito 1 yern of exIlEltmce. Dr
reIdY of the Cgtier. wlth oht Ed Chek alao |
olete rmmtty edaneolte dineumb, Ale wmhec 1. lee
t slera end Gtla,. no dep a olmentf. includlne Ihe
toiMroioeoureolnan,a0w Otarlrwn. Dr Jowac Dt LOice
The tU Cnnetwhith p ao Ownanwieellet.
nidle ,btowoillt e, d iet oAdI
arnne ott I ro fied 5 o f om0l-
dnte l wtefaolnwe. ., ., .i ". -,
py edoMIbllth to meaol tifewn
Fnlal nemat onrpyred by
tit enia Onmalt Moat Ponlde-
nol tne ..ol $ntam atnlAw
o i tien aetn fbl eatafl re d
utfnIdear Infrmal er in =

eto lln oV e In e.
C lmabie leead e in, t W I

It.ofFihll. iteem wd
I mhe lilt cr etbihedr HUMA HAI OR

Me PLAZA 500 en .wM ..... O......

oSpen den 213 lKder


Church Topics
F LOUWS IP ship service li:. 0nd II
Ini 0Lcm700" 7il be the 0 n Church o Boo 00 lon 0 0
100Rw 0PR 0 0 0 of 75 E 7 y .J01
1it 710 0n10r000 U0n00 t TheoHm arvi iS bd-
Chuo. o ll7et P0lmeId c. er WSBR. I0 n 0he
P ark, Rid. B Rion At dil

I O m c .% Nd by l he
n'00eaU0 Th0 publ2 c li In. SEACREsT PESBYTERIAN
vlte7 170 lmIeMe b1001 w00 771 topic (o1 100 Sundiy'.
Orino-our-OmnBr~er uL. 110 m 7ervl "There ti
nisE and Rynt wiII (ve
02. 0 E., "M72
0u0t0r *nd 7 lo IntiirelUM TIINITY EVANGEUCAL
and h dl in will be oi A er To M "n'"
lobWalenetd by W ner. Dr. N=21" 710 b. 7 sub|ct o
at th0 I.m, w-ip M
FuI PRESBOYTEtIAHN OF it Tilty E a1li0, LuIWer.
aOC 0n Crhwrh, Mo NSwt0l
"Te PNoA Le.11ve 1 willeb Ave. Delr. y Be0c., Bible
lb topIc ,. .ta I llo l e ..... A nd Sunday Seh.l
delivered by .he Rev. C. elatl: Sl i m.


News 395
KEU.A.PARK CO.EGE at ......
M.. Judy reek HuM o.
Kl7U Park N y. hW been,
0Keu0 cOlee d.or I Ie Tt-Tl
Ihe d 1u|hter 7 Mr. 0nd M10
Frank Peek. 145 N, Sni- j
H0.Del dy.Beach.2

'.. 7i 0 ,s .7 ,,. NEW SUPPOR'
oiudeni to be 12m0d 10 the
d..n' hnor lie. it Me U.-
teat ol Denver lor hlh0
a O N- ,llc Hineln'durg
the'prinl qurr M,
.. _. 2 72.,, ". r.-
:S-o.11 12 0.. oo S

.o IM .. .. i T,
Ifriy Beach, hu beenniied Al

She li member it d otBeU a0
iernlty Wine hoi ayll In1

Kir7 A Jo4Ion. 0 0un771 Honoi believes il
r 1 he Ulvenly od I 1 1 1
1onh C0712 .l 0re0ntr, should be felt, no
-'N 4m4 to Phe de.ant lit
iartbetpr0iP1ile2 tr. RIht ofrofch fizOi
and Ms Curtsl C. J S he,..
U.0 -.E 5h Ave. 4elr y
Andral J DeVe- Eight 11.I}r s"lin

College I.ud1 i eNr2201d a7
AtM Coll C.e ot Ars and SJ, (

MjZ DVaA. 0 cheved 1. Ile2
ye.RAe dIrinV hie term


11 Wed in June
I-HlIe Min, Toyloee 0. d ih lowed at he Public lio- In
,r 7 l Mr. and0 Mr. Mer n St1 7 d.CM
ero.a,,~y 1.710 l)ITAIe u111 10007 a 00077
l07020,70720 ..E. !0..0 .ool hee,o M
aJIh, so 1 0i0rled0d0e ONo CJin,. w0 A d1o 2 hon and
Willliam Bjt III. M a Mr. Jefrf BaIl o Id verta n,
And Mn. W1illiam Bil. Jr.. Pr. wa ell mm [or h.i
STI 7,rwn.p. brohIr. a e bride's bnnh.ri
1 ^HThe "ermony WI per. Michael and Bebel1 Tiylor
Stormed by IMe ARev. Otre lervl. ..
A NMcln a WaMrvlll. NIl., Mr *Nd Mn, -t areow
0In the IarAne A T .r MlpH rldl4n0. Palo ANo, C000.
YIn2717. 0 00l"'t.2 IsN`IA 714.. I B. Ia. 0A I..
1 Y Anr lre00I2Ny. NH 11. w AIArM,7 B 120 1i law 5u0
| en. Corn A reception ol. d1l. la.iE oOIUnloie. y,

Miss Nobbe to

Marry in

North Carolina
AIR..., Owen Nobbe. .I K11 I UfL0r020 00t.1.
Htne Shoe c, N AC, 0nd .tl l ri 0 Ibe r70u0 herQ(0Mn.
Edw0. Len ed. A IIt4eJ,-. O TrSelleyolDely Bech0
evllie. N C will Nr I A NI TI p r le Allm 2
lllnWbi|Men~rialChupcIo Ihe unol J ,i Leniani

0. Ed..so 104 "MN. 0 NA20M7 011u077
CwPr7400byerj 020.11010 p 107. c Mn. taii ,
0701Me1 i i7 le. M1 na A ab7 i li 0 l2en2d1 n
02e7b.ade0b, i t7e. h- GA .sf1 o ro Co010 e In 1 fl. een
ter o I M In Co W.elI Seeky bum. N.C. AM r. LeVI a
Ardxer mid IhiIlie ,Edwird sladent *I tbe Unlvenllv 01
Hw Nobe. P loulle. NirlhCarllna Taell~ll
NEW YORK Mild ol honor li the mot ira- earrig or a beadl bractle
port INt o the b 2rid2', 0 2en- talloredg0ldor0tO f 7k-
d0an Her (i1 I0 alwys I 111. "ace 0nd e70 nin or p0 and
t0ei12e1et02 ,0o owlh 7r 07i70 wiil p1 y Ihe th Oor.
0t1t0a 1 the bride'i 7, A 711 (h dewelr Industry
IN,0. e1.4.0*0. V coI
lnil~e strand neeklaee ol Ctnl,

(formerly Ptlumoln Kindergarten)

276-5388 278-2357


Southern Bell's

Happy Hour
That's when the low evening rates go MAXIMUM EVENING RATES
Into effect. Afteryo can.. tal to anyone -
in Florida tor 3 minutes for just 75, plus 5ODD
tax. Just remember to dial direct with-
out an operator's assistance. The rates IO ron o
are even lower all day Saturday and up 0a,'s O 12.0
until 5 P.M. on Sunday. And 3
look what you'll save if 3SON 00
you dial it yourself: ~ 00

ShIareasmile. $1 0" 000 2.25
Diallongdistancetonighit. I"

@ Southern Bell



00 0. O lf E.11 Ao7 ll l~h 0A.
(_. 01170.177se21 l

St1. Jorh Epi.007lop. CI .,.,,h




11:00 77110 011

0.7. *~ Fd-0E' To. The IM.
Iii070,07 Chreo7Io. Fo.lS."


Ih h, 10oA "k-J.01 ,,-
1o.0l, o 71.1 01 % .J. 7 P~.M.
ReA.U1700..,., III U.,. All""-11 WWII.0. PA1.

0111 ,oI, N 001, A ,07 11.,bo.1
Orc. Wor.-. J. T0.b,,. f0.: ,




I t 1 I,. I. 1, A-rEl


IIe. 71,.10,.. 7. Illll

(;RACE: IAPTIT 1:1111 01E

INL R.rw .lan Aene

I. 01, ..lOIN A.A n IoW.,tN,|lS0A

hiletprone, 1 L34i
Hoir 7odoslSti nh II-i e| 147 0

809 S.W. 8th Ave. Delray Beach
Rev.Lay R. KIIgor., Pastor 276.5718
O. fiAMILn .I.I..G lHoU.. I 30. ,
Il0. 1AOI5 PRAYf MEETING e .7O2 4A.8
0 'ordiol "a.,ll' el 1111117717,

[, '!.



I A BRIDAL S RHOWII retlrrng weund an nor e bloom r Iheme w ieven In
hoeor o( M1sr-erlle rlbolL, bride.elct o J. mel 81ood, Il the ho..e oI Emm.
P. SMeMurray. Forty |uents Ilteded bthe pre.brddal event for the couple who .
wil be wed July it. lloinileu and guests re: left to rlmbll in.. Mctmurry
MISy Ttboli., the bride'. mother, Mi Tilboll, MSr.. Norm. Blood, Sr., the
Irae-'. moiher. ned Mr. Stiryt Mahoek. the bride's ulll.

10 1,10 0 lYouirOledluo.CheO
Shelv o{ medkld, .e,.to.
bl~nln whn nfdod rum
luIlmlyem~dnc eeS.u curer
* t.pinn, tor loelenc, iJ 50od


Se ll bald ts. 1MMt r
Iern Id Wo ,
So. *II hb o lP 1m 0i1li0
Dnbymetla one Wedner
Mel BivY 5h CUvoomity CM-
an l tAm.
The nddleS. of Baclk No.
Le1 M bold himr Omlln et
he um. vIml alter *bckh l
mrblMd Kelal hour will be
rThe lIrm AluUrlum
hoey ill held ml nly

Weeg In ite COmmua IT
SMMn ut Pompeeo S'eehlee
Tbe tpop0c oledcuadoe 01ll
Sc "Sclleng Up end lDec~oilnio
P fet peeher will be lleevb
We Inoite our momber* 10
ruder der bwl eht.. The Ilih
h 100d00 Ileeimonlh eudi he An.
"ifrell. will be

O,1 Ilve 0 "000ed eIeirhlae
Ovi I eIe 0 en
fleu..vlv h i. o oeu e l.- dN- l lvrelvi

ho.e. SMIT &cvi SONCre Avoiov

417o 1.0 1 ATLeANTrIC AV ut ELRA BEC H, ie


Tots to Teens

4122 E. A&LDIRAY

WIDSee 111.1.11. 1-.~~,J~ M,, aMt lutolF IN

... S,flccr ST. lJtt oolro
lIHPL.ICATTS uedM,,, F Kuiltn0' Dk.T B
,. .-,. enld!url IT A-lueoo t.,MOVD
Millm W*0 Lr MMr. en 277. .00. 51h A'4li
tiut Mini Min. 01e. eo I A LTRESIiTO
rT. M el nhiMr., V lT. 1 .c -m e e imer. In*11 Ad lt R-aliun

ioiDU o iN 130 ~!! J7NO-rbSo Te S
27.64 cacti.,l eAI ste~ atue ae n $

Pre-Inventory Sale

Swimwear Ladies

rtHc.ede. ed
NameBds Shifts
Redu. ced d

Se / s$1499

40% 4


Ma's Men's
Famous Makier e t .re

Walk Slc*

Shorts !
SIzes 28-42 ICoal
Special Ree

409 V

SUL hl J

AhtkOo waUla rorlor -n alap poprly 1 IeI Doree
ou and ir P lm le dlr 1d r

al a all per a an r l der ed i tlas tragic
s Nb a be p. nte d W I 'Oa r companyy has lon. he .
t a e E land trl a nlea er 1all al
170olm By oblern l aC .
wad, onl Wrd atom 1 .hal
dalon waa alaien hui owe t bal her U aalna
T ItI TEdh r m alore t 744 a. r pein at e pMITteed

11". ir.":" :NWed heo ndIhe 1y enolon Iue mnlladd d a i alele".i
INeaaTa qalll: or ItS CarAl
"Our a15eo"a'l, Ion is lltn y pb rce. 'Ilkylll o1
ankaadfUGloraEA ia9lo 17By. pe albDldeni ol Mhe Gold Casllhaplf rafl I h t Ne aa Z7w e hi. a llD i l e, liand ao I IM I alri
m icra iaeieca hcolaciia ate dlacu utlg Uf I, S Boc OIghf Din..r ato b1E, N b b,' John P T.,
ItI alike Iutll Sc Inn iglhland ieccb on July 20, 1972 Iie. W a o.6land V -airrraa elh C-" Sr" I
Year Nheduledfid a. a, I, R, hed C. DoI and Ilhamaa V. \ellei Jr, A ..an...ld.eoae !arlm W.7SD+iil I
ce3ih-,ted geeaiy a 1i ta lcoecc aD Ithe eoommuiy cl large, i otai l by bay "The rilyol oureW writte I1alM. .. Ito e Wad
h..plo and C o-ni W bhe t .toW d be aabmlled w111Nn 3

Stork Club

ne ', .,i 11, .t d M i. I lb ion. bn mlokl. MBaln'.a' OW. AtilantlI ve
S .. Ae Il Ea Delay BR eh. a a,
nlrc dh el) 7 Mr and Mr> d D r D r
.... dan', il a Snllh heinr Dr An, Botnlo Baach. a i yn a B ach.adoiehlar.Ho
Deiera Beah a bi ler ... .. : July I -- r. and MA, RobA
. .ea' .." .. \ rJa '. . . lhll 'Carol A
Jh 6 Mr and Mr na n't.a .

e.n.. ...., ,A,' e *
*l I r e I. REED & BARTON
"* ," ", *, .'', SILVERWARE 27-983
"Jh ; 7- Mr nd irl Jo4n tt /c- __ __H

Let's Talk About Geography.

University National Bank is convenient
to the north end of Boca Raton...
to the south end of Delray Beach, and with
the advent of the 40th street bridge...
we'll be just minutes away from the beach.
right at your finger lips.

University National Bank

In a Great Position to Serve You
....ni l* a i l Cmcn m. 7 7 a ae .e. a. .a an. a.. I
* i ,eaiuaieolicinofluolie 00 ___

Ilach a on Chrisloplhr

ifers 5,000uuu ewaru
d .y I llr lIaa..... IN Oa, A lipola adlbl ,, "I. the
=wlthland Cleroralio W reward abet4 inDlUdlelrxa a o. ', oo'
North llanet Ave Dall. ltin btwoDen claimani o the , ,, , ,

company. and Iomember* o5 MLti.R NO lRlMAN S ,iEIIH1iS




12 ..............::::: s i hn A. o. STIR UP SOME
15 p I ........ 5.10 SERVING
S s P .si BreoklastSpcial..... ............ BUSINESS WITH
iP. ....... SDy Lc Spio,,. .... A2AB UA TH
. wf,,._ 276-6321

1 wail


L F.. T itl.JM1

Ne.I 0anul. flandar. Hal, I*. Int t'aaoi
jNew!* 0.-I .1 0 j 104 1. 1.."--
| I0 COL- DINFG N ral and ip't lallY aelerid t l Th o lo l i smo nd pI During esa mprtnra, ea. Or"aF R NSAM IOvST a S Dier rrin ourl
MONTGOMERlY. Ale. lln for higher oran d IK, servr during lhe Korean Je becoi fanlllr with the FT SAM `IOUSTON' Tt> S (re Ihe llniicmt ,)
EEaoLt Sirrd 0.9 DlngFLa, and -fai nd.. lons M. develop War nd ho.t a .. ... da.ur lI.eand aille.. llAirt COat *.. lal. ltn ar. n t .....i. .int.i.l.i..o it,,
9 an 0* ol Mr -Loro BDing. In, g an ndentandlngI a odin na duly In Veltnanm Ril baes and I an eamlnea, nnan, d A Faughter of Mr- and.
HE L mFLoS 1 e5W, eenr dO O lary ntnte por I, wlo nd dteS raler Ino t n In whichtlheyaa nll wi. h R.ru Fain Read, yanR
oAHE E L S t99 0a a r o t Fory ado tal in a p F L Tw a e t r m a:f li
d h m f kn na iaes ated rut. R eDS iU r rue, Fotuo.t Rirarlt ony pol ne.. elate t Sle Sle r, Ihe Le- tolt retinld koran Pal. y end e orlettda tee.
r nihrnll.S a tl r 0 alon al e n nd Teo y In alnon 1. m r,, ue 14a tai n, rl Itnlom p lmedale
e n gin e e r w ith M is m t r Irdee aa c r P a d B I t
a, Maanse RFS, Afla, |' dledvlo% I aaon. ya, Colonel Rsngm n, a Inu indo inaln an arry ,eatital h Mydnal FiedA
:\ 1 SdIV. TltrI~ ~t alO nth Herl tl e n. t n naiUa |roup. l he indale ol M, F To, MM ur elrt a Hli a te re S1 1, .Plo. fity
ij(C a D Clllnrpla H a 0 eld nepnr pndranlaotfa l- PFntogon.WaMdngton,DC, Secool. Norfolk, V y,,tned Ininn and ntsit otter dir MedtralCeeo e Fi a rn ll0..
M ~ B. ..... .n Us Inlnd
anholl His Allpnx~
O '. i m | the UO, MIliary Lletaetnt MOclael gd. T eon pro idd Sl
.anrre nodsasa!,SI MS, C gear=hleeoa ,. Sarfrn
S403 E. ATLANTIC AVE. DELBAY 1tds, of M. Fh Maounter S In6 n ch ra nd oHi mtakani
BNKMEIICRD& ASTR AR HOORDdqege in aeropan ertioeny. Rtratemati Sehool, Nn ~e Or tioy eeey Cnewly iaoined
n.. RIO.' 0n ~ C ad W ando I s .41 up lsonar a
t* 00000 0 AR dy.0, H e -ane d S.MS t at d inHTlat .1 narha,, cleDad odno
.R rlrl/ thn teaoity It. lnd ll, ellI ,$Sara. He t o D ay ir n tna lreltanaetfinn
Jit ll l~atodlJJ~~lJo rn~ao Osiu/hee n[ My, and Mrs in eredieal neeeod. an yr
I a wHie, Francr J1 Ihe GleRi Arr llh of RH. H. Grn porn., Held rnddirne and nur*

,;" H B ^BauH" us~-.i~ h iero1 aMtm. o Nal M ackiay Air V oi. nn wh ry, Ra Tel~ fee.

^IIIIIBIIIBIII~lHIH~li Pla.ild~ WANorlP-al folke ^ ^ Preventii n i vTe medrciU e, neiurtnui
MAC A OK stied inil "I. Law "

Other ardidae Or. MOUNTAIN CDMp, ]any Vt Snur a Mn MUrodulale -
Wait CAN:HCap tlon noMro -OS. AlrFreeMJt Tho- C Drt o nH ibon talrdhi
00KA I IC R AWiAV I 1nenA .0 d d O ttl fec n iu a tmote rl rea ,,.
ide uil h i. n dia 11S P o le &. is ~atdO ~ol. FMR. bu. dg

l, Mnu r doeOlaoet meyt darnW at Hal o avd O Siae ea For LouderJate, n
Mt.. Mbz~atru Rarbaneral Food, St. Lout., 00. rntend
alerele Qulilodploan Hain duly t" Moarlln gome
andmergoig Ma Hint dFe.Idaho. I. n a..
[it-M^h e aid, F--,'e.,..oa. ;IM ohaaaflgeAa.UARan P..t He na kie. W
md ooa lapr l It IMaI Sad 0anith a n N l-
faMie loantmemnerotyanval TaetiealdirC rnecndenlleo
CFranpat Palm SaeRc Janlor neppor OatiOSr Tnainitg s
e ty n ,dr n e a ,tatr L Aan, Oio ers
jP~tatattahtaahaca 3a9ua -83a0tha Colce nLoakeWofIl lIe prenlanuty earned at Msa-.
a3 3l AF. qA., Sl. en. enplted
TCA O a poor u In ietnam and
P, ACoLA v- N..IA., Mh... ..I ,0R on r -
ottI tonto aernauna rulin

ODO kenn of Mn. Iatnnorpilot Honore
eae M eiaoe oH 01 001 Pon
Real Wood Wall Panels Pnt d.......e....eneady... ^, ....lannaa 1 FIa,
rundy eumplete i J i M. I Ncoote o nonthbolFoe m Ofl T i.
70 Variaria.-n Speak leg Corp. tAFRTI nield erecined M BA deree nn t Me aChd. L ale Uith an
Intiseeen rem fat F iM et O tI W all S. N o., aeSlaonS~ ra t

Pan-eli Company RFn. el,, a n reeieed0M ,.aaeaud "e'ed.whe r net-a

II Hleaternnn Mltboeeaanwaa onyve Otflean Trningtl Farpa Dr. & Mn Merfir Woathan.
Quolily WallPaneling fin as fit, U.~r d M p8o1m.hm e e ott b

"Ihe l aahia foenl ard grot. ad tSr'
Col. R.NG. Dl lea wy. Boao nnyat Or RNF.S..R R. Meonet an o nh reasn. Lake ovew
.s~w rs o nd d rnd M .e nI "MOdikeo-
Hal~in mechaniae l enginenr. te 4f151 SA etol Trl Iad, P abr a a toe ta tern
lc Raataoatn l399-e 8a30ed In other atd.
fit INk IzjediIr

Where can you munch on crystalized violets

Discover an unusual 18th Century Porcelain vase

Plan a weekend to Mexico

try on the latest Italian Fashions

Listen to the latest Broadway show

have a relaxing facial ..

and never move your car!

Where. . A

Boca Raton





as '


a..n I..n... C.

asl riM

Seed t atp 00..tinl
tol Oea. akOOoa

MaR~on onlt
XIotea .aate

naran,Vn rS...

isa Oz"a:alr

Reyholds is...
a box-seat

on "Wall Street"!
One of the beslt you can find in the investment arena
Not that e always catch every dell. of every play
Still, whc our customers and their portfolios arc
concerned, we don't know anybody who pays moe at-
tention In just wha' going on in the oIrd Lof tks,
bonda. and commodities,-or dne mo, 1te IOrnOalt bui-
ne news into possible prot for Invsiors.
One example?
Our bi-monihly newister, "Generl Technical
Here' a comprhcnsive IO.5002000 word rundown
n the past few eks in the market. A concic, cIearcu
and unequivocal appraisal of both Ichnical and funda-
mental Inctor-plus specific reommendatirnr on pr-.
licular Indurlils. companir and sf.i ,s
Th-ouands ol our customers male this report ust
reading every other week
It you'd like Ilon why.
ulos aik for the neIt too ldFt t I ,) ll
or tIhre Isue. There' .. j
no uhorg. siniply moail

oenmrnl Ttentlal nums.

Ttlts ------- ------

Reynolds Securities Inc.
IsaP E.oHalno PAKi ROAD OCA orTOr, FLA 31H1a


Pl e.-a.-nn n.Jaaraat- arstu .. J t O ay ting to lnt h pIatbe "pr achy" way. io uan thea'..'
TI-I ... elunm llaf Tollowing pt c I u to w
The Local Scene Ju s P e a c h y ,,a pad'., -,,,........ 1
I, lt lon r wuy and alo prolong. Ieh' tcuptrramctreh e
lb Iali' liii" 5 '' rwnolappearamrandtlanor Iouptytonaisre C1 .*, .,.l 1"
.......................... i:'~ ...... n N a 'm
"Ins cr- otherrr ltred An tItadd a pdans aO

hilBt" I r n 1, th e pe ar*P* h. cb iEwNalLy5 i org rote =.l ru d I. sb o ro esr .t '
' h l gpeaches geaehilly h e EAyST lo hoer ve onl lt p 'cl "
f ffa^^ B l^ &K ba* lre t I"""Ln the "*- nl llamau A hard iweu "FUZZ" Today, many sa -UMl> ndl(u ritp ulid gm ,i Yield.tn'emeleonPn Il'e~ y psee aerl*lnyiduzde~ hmdnluz epoonull : R
IIn" bee l"lri .e1rh.

Bi tll al l JIhunJe July BIPENING STORING:r If od-"So, Ifdolr.youra n PEACIIDESSEnRTCAKEr bn lar id c r .
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I .I., fur. mhrlel Itn, ee d us h T eI "r w r len d
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Cmenm alninlo N.d augur1 t"a with Ow down auga

nolanistl oud a number 0( 1xw PEELINGi For pfeling re h in nd 'r lore with e .b m .r
Do you realtor the sumnnert s hall over already? type.ol peath naet toChllu. llBi arre quantlt 0 oe neaha, IU Itlti then add e|g .nd M0l butter or warrleI in
lope you all are ltaing udvautgag of tlh greatl hach Aino. htlatami dlsrovered n+r I^a tth e l gltlratita 0 to l ilk Silt tageher four, dad. HEAVS sklltn tly teaJleS
wealair--atleasthelweenthesehowenrs. nerou. elterene to tIhe dip Ihe llntritio lb thorld iN powder and atil Add to SLOWLY o IltMender Serva t
l ward wa1 tIe udneiary attwo hitoty p h by IA Chine. n Mle isl "" On I 1. m llo te 11
changing events: the tii atlrom ormb In hIS and the *Tao'" In the Illmudre l that lowaveri the ouler ..h ay tilt lm i.d,. Poor subter r ian a I
fist mrn on the moon It '6n Both event.drew mAet. hoid dutie I Daidc to 00 .e' ,r .r alr,. d ,n.,al Qu.... Pour h air
third.A.............it .... .......i in A d
cans together, O DSomnartllt wnenllttn latl mk %ONlln d iSd llep, ur flanu i ,
itroabty did jot thpe.ppotinatleant there wereaus auit ebwir Tn liodint .. n.t.. HAPPINESS S'
nnay faclat ons a hos onr clock, oll paldng their tort It tuhle p belief that ',ot I ul p aI ,
Say. Antle Brl od otald in Chin. talr lItneolon
Ilrlu.ur dalughterwho had aopntidaimuB nlPenla. =l' Te F NG Fmi W,= h*I
cal orop sh>e worts with in TamSa Mto M iami Beah t ItI thu 01>hilla On maoo to^ tar and" od PEHSOILIZED oEBN wiErT
........Pa .... ......^; ;. ^ gs,'^ 'i .....Q E,!S.~ lal"" ~ ................... PLAZA O .
ya r o wa I e N th W .oli peand Co edh bo tsr rCnag Site o-.-
am. are Iight loot wee cthey had had their hli 1 i ns worl Iva DARKENINn Tdr h Rather T
vere Gm prpr aMid nlGOGI I

"non-delegal." Although al ewmay haor rome to ore I Maim The tOtled, ut PEA1 I DESSERT CAKE .eltae miaaammer s J Aiom toh its peuda of 00
hr democraticc pr, is." ae claimed, mo ol I0te t S nm u1,a nd s redpabandst.h rd s a u o alnFrlohia due me.r t .l l Me l ll Ill M ,k.lbIr s..Mi <
2 OO (ah.m-lppl n at aFlamnguPrn had htnd in ot o aor inonl h, d.k. l.a nmtmk. n l pa p ah nd nthi ng c. ua arIhn Ol. l d., C d t 2- T8"iM8886d
DRol IticsBvenInwa Thyeuanrhaecre pnippar : Io 1 Ila

hickac Tap wild a dilthale amoaremrd 11, ray thal mor yi aort-att eah ptm e- o d at 278-8886
krnl....lll, niingwi >*ldy"p dh tgo rmIh lloath. PONiIrohetlnd e so a*" I,' mi. rA
est' Today. Ieache are "ol
Qle a lew ol our. early Osummer travelers arena btw u inaa" wany SFle.
hack In own from ecursthns to jot about evenwhere G aia has named the name
The Everell Moon relurged home Friday, hang left "P'eah Stale." butd Caituomla O PM l B.tif .
Ju.. I .lo t in tIe moth Fi rstaop waa Ia. . Miidlk.. Sa aI tn Gon r, b n) ...
Ohio where they Oaynd B yogol s Oalph Moorel .1arIGHTLaY aepmsd 20mrm.2r.ie 22 2
Thin week antdM Mh n Jtly fO.21.2, 1972 .... Cl. _
chaneind h.m tte nsraddughhre ornd14ale. Adlu- ow ro m an. Warsy Han It rein
wards. Ralph drove the Delrayitte to Columboi, Irere 'olorado ".O.y w n.
they stayed with their daughter. Evelyf n B oldmrih and a FOiDA PEACHESn 3= I C A
her lauily At Cbmon. Ohio. Evereltt and E =m nilited The tin t peanhs mw DIR I a7
friends who In tlon drove them up to Newark lhe grown in North Fodyda. But.
Moores' me.thwn. er they visited his brother, era, erwe rut teedd, faimll, Is !-- G O n--
Claude Meaire cnd aetnral old 1.ron Neat atp waIllon. Our Ine i p-aua i yield
Mnllerw tear daugkeye Lake and astoprol Is s a r totui.M nRiZNG arm A
n:pirm torrid Morre. The nierIs thenvtniteduanthar mernial production autlE T
son Kenneth. aned hit au ily at Ripley, W he t Virginia 4 a ih lor iaiJblte ay e .o
eateg aolh. the maple I her paid a mit 1o gatS' owilnoew word oed I DIO E MR" AT
Rn Own+ 20d ntrend or

daughter, Metiml Parson in B0h lol. Tenynessee 1 "r auua w t" P 0
beforent ylng ah ktoF ioida, "eh i tnd i n OrI ,S CAED ,an m 1 1
Rethinlg last Wedneoday aBtlt ax weeha abroad, coh However Ihe trees 6^
the lRarold O olanchets had a number o inmeredlng atir proved dalhppiLnnaly w P run JsuiceA. 49. wB
taleM. to lll. A itpegh arlthliakt d about th1e tip, they d m adinllted that we mhd is Europe with tenages mp"." a k IndW l 'do l stit map t re "t iS
IMaryoledB Salt olltoola i lnecie alltte wayst. Peen rsK ee, go iced Peeahee 3 .
realt thina they o. Anid the laIgIge( har.ier I n a `ndeo hade be- unow Ws to be .
preohtw "OW wane bhli.jaykud 1w Rowe." Setly laughed ee Melton atthe Dol~n^ty ?ru Cocktil,.., 3 S 70
Ihen eplainnd. U n eaTieing in Rome. the Boynthnlta h Athu.weak ho lV
rented c nay ac d athamptnd to aRd the hcleI where F0..p am ryi
rtltcrJlBprlnhhl]hn. lnp. ~ffild'lsUS peaS^fichi^^ ^ tn* ry Rsd^l ^ RBI41tn........... 6S 1,. t.
they'd reIerved I n. ConIurl d, they parked. Whll e oineI d a bo lh a u dh Asas wO a
getting theirAarin hey were asked, "DO you have tmi lce Ihe t Earlydmdt CremStylf
Tom?"' by a manon a motohihek.Altertahowln g St' dygbo haiy pem aat
thei.ir Mee otlho l ald "Follow m e." w d temd in Thu pea c I gro int t o i v.................... s a
do Cowly oar BowhcolLe, As > -t e'y
and tl and around and abot anlil he arrived at hi, prog omerSalty prnt Gree P ..... .. M
OWN hotlC or pensiMe, aheu l 00 Inet Iam the SiM. Ito i a suited to e
Vatican. Knowing they'd never the nr their way back h ma thero ledllocol theM. aTm--
acreolinllcy~ayedandlaredi. I mrm a ahor elli / green Beans....., 5 et 1 1
Near Naplae Ihhe Blanheat e. wlkne d on e a live ItoI d sionp tIl eIsr VOjwt
.. ~ ~ ~ ~ i swa eu~ Ie grdat. -9Jey02l2,17

noloam. the lhalatan Ponaudo. wihdh mao ery erit' e awart. h anc iesI ae t Slic
lr, "It nan uotually bhuling apl" they Naid. 'Two n .pe t t Muo hro Imn ........2' '1.
yea o. the t le lown t hee tam rtem rsh ing up. Gou l and heuth CuCwm llH u SPpr
Everoedy dea erted their h tme and E tl tneeGi s Ior td ilndo rkID i. S St w d
aeu moc nwe nthn!" TROPICAL PEACIE JJK Tomatoes 40?0
haseh Fp'rcdlta who ye1 Tomatoes ....... 4 'S1 *1.
When they ofldn't lind a place In aOay at Laudem- rtr honnrTwn. IJre-pened U p\l c
beurg. lwo Amercan kid, told them to Iry he hotel at peachas thooid dv lipte Ahe Ught Tuna. i* 43. o
the nad St tho a1,pot where they Vane tlan Ne o rone d"CSevy"e Iwhil s wRill Ana
wBM there, nth ug .1h they posted a h iey the door 01an ad hut Mail ., hI asrea
the Ceomm dae..t Iepprowoeh .a horuc .. ...s + 370
empty dmaw Alter several tour o( freezing in t there "hetRnm d'i Ia .'ll, 11 i 9 L ayer keI
rented car. they deidend Io do a l the kids aggegled In s l Bt it A 5reo quint fira I.
use the room. Picturing a posibth Jail aentente or atone. Aavorcul and. (a. r lwam'> 3oaiita CBo.t BBla Hoah f; 490 9 Mlxes ,..,.............. "t 35 0
breaking and entering. Ihe family T ound hard to Gleep au t ol cl h iT und iSoiall Tarkhy Dlnnar .. -t 79 PNbllu II1n. wiJdth1 r ,fWiHjgOi
seol dey. however, whmn Ihe thn keeper relumr ed trom pil. l pen In April and uFly am I.. aoa NOt. nolaott Aluminum FoFl r n 59g H 9
an evening out. he oldn't aplgle enough or their M and te t i [ uiie cp 't. u cg Inh ha BOX drodI ngs ..gn.. mi m 39l
scant accomodatthna ins of Ihe young AmTertanns I ,a n 1ABVa hearh pe Ond Wutwat lou .. 691 $oro nWs ap ..... t0 49 a.
bravngalcne the a the Bthnc heasu 18 w wrd only i Civen fmpl erlFor i und 's ,aideewl
anxio to n er t icoC. atera d. y aw, 0en. tErtue, COaa h ...... *e pi Behromt"ll .,.a1o IhB t 4 3% ;
Rcadayseemedtobea myth. ul. the Ceylta yield hevalnt Wt r hl'.tImilytpalo
theHu id an Wed d numer I Ier ass n d Isla prve ditappatln Fr gh Juion ........ .... 4 99*r

thiln in Ariesheim. Switol erland. our b oynlon trav- ctqiac... On.. Rig, .. 49 0 ile33
eler stayed with former area residents. Rdy and E oentale wiit ata lt o t I as ,
FrMe Curs. Borhee dra ttlonurant fanre l cr3 had just aop 0ng = -1. as
ai b aatuiu b mawoo howe TheeS e rce6d Mary s0 Co ma .iC laain -
lteun wsnwne td the lingt lIn ed t atoon lana wher ow and Ane ny 1O=n e
the hinlly loo a traighl up train into the peaks where with the I 's iowa d iJa n od.
1l 3. de grtA e and ll nrlou n> They went Ot nd t Cey nndlinl art PollS ..th. p3t ott 1te1,e MEStAe S'ul
to bylteOrland It theothenro nsw vlitin Derwa, matbode pre it'. adniaht ...... . O n4
eoy'p. Blard orol. lilan. Cenoau Pita, Florene n and icata rtwitha aSon Batn ed0 Sl s AnFl'Sk l l '
IOri whe nre they sodaw the deatl al o u d dinl eda l tci euenanhp rnol. btoke s Morn to. t' 3?1 B r n Tw P J ,
tdhe A aur coared ing all. abot thel he ~ IC attnve hec han'ina t do _11na fl Pop" Froth.

rthena pt h er il lnuga ll, havf l nd I or neanhu. Ahe. a Skim Milk ... ji,. 4% ir
iwla'yearly Butritwal sar~ hat'. ea+at U.onepI
In orn he wiow thep oer h a veryeaomplnttur the y co ararommadedbut T o nat yn C, e l 8d ....... I 3
Soend up atmehow to a l el m In PlaIs Pigle "The tinCn0co rea. 5 = 4lr .
itht nwe naw"rteent nlly e while nlh at n sidewalk suPsaaru"kSS Chpl .,,S
ANROT [heirihen o 'L .Gre Chip ........ h l5ld
aon Beowlty rewar ed The bctrip mIt wondeGrele Idt 5 1 e ite gn ar o Be \\n'u dt 0h.lahll. Ba
tn Ilowe er. sIet added "The no plah ihr e ht ae .e nel ortmitle.tnd i m lo nct..s 4.r..
wo.d ad USA,'" oinon an hivr r add ma Vonll Gas
Is se me ry natly -it Puding.ISlc 3
In1;w aen tuahlly bablne. Coonon U hbw dy TOMe dnolr naamaro Vartty te. naatta

pa pular t el ters at Dlrnay Seanh Notcnal Sunk. Apar-='iwa n p 0 retCer i ne a a
ntly ae onuther o l her roicoen there had Sotedrd 0n eoi o th ~ II te I sl '25'0 -
n tam Mroln. ...M 39 ...........ana P= 1
Whenthey cl l ds l Ie In t arad. P eplaceinsta atW Lre -he "ect Mr(gg glhr yMo 1"d S ..I| ,...- .H j S- -.i HR~ K iA i iS ^''

rboMiud he r ec n u se o l anedt t .he o tYcnne's h o'elia'te.m nruo olw cr 1 1.. Fruit Drinks .......... 3 r 43.
"' Swnion and Aienllt Although the wallpe r hot'e pNaoeh, la at NOem mann sl t
hesn in all n coni n theie"grnmd" r Wd. n tkeyCbt Inlinn theh door af a
tatyhe a and Peg -thbb n und Paul Barkrn han, B uder minor. n0 the b',V, Ehenlo. ap nalnd Dre ., .11. 337(
inodcepnea tnl a rclrd gna ,.cnaasu +~J Cra nrot .adaataoaua ,te :,0at tOO a.s.~l
rather ooiquo arrangements. Bo d one k ids at elnt spa K rou1d.a.uneu bweaowutrt C i
an, 1l~ra. .1 89.aftA

tonfuses their blehnd, Pram ol "Pec Ilohbnah Inet'r aiwold he yeslo S noar c n ay ~ tluChedl.n ..... liT 59o Air. Cot Pccd.. A 3 .m8snaooaiy
ors" han her onw druapey boisne... mthed Bad thehadk peale. whith haoe a itahialy, eaoaan'u Hi~l'.ana~ln
1 tie narme niom and Paot. oho in a retired .e..le Brenit na t n lb Uadothtwn. 3 49 o FChd .'"" I -09 -- *7 Mouth W sh ......... 6-w B 1
at, t.erate 'Ucod Nighfors'Floor Funmiththps a ith-6lsh a. tho tZ Tand o 79
.ratti 01 Loe mover', nhe a GO lte Cam it t m aca ani h Arr ally n eVEO h a ... d" " l ualmort Fi S1 5.e" """nItG eNO"ah
teanth t m l ..ltCr other, and Jat -OCrah o a airy... a.m. r W. r ". I --.. .. tI.. .
cit a retired bsines mar robe. in c od helps tire all m, eo e d oh aul .aaaora DI .maao
tot.. wtzr, a. add. .Pe nn...... "We'r three B att s ... a ne' hr-tr II ."- I.. ...... U 3 D O,
car stayed Vpeth Mame hand residents.te Hadyo onanda~aaas oe~
th dln l acka sotrtaigt c up I uirn" anrim toe Cooo won m to ma e Sr :ctn Shoestring *:3ILC39auIAn R.- 3t

Youths Attend Music Forum

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Caby Walier- Cindy Walk .. . ..... i
or Wed, W bbenhon t Tr ..1 .. ..
t Co roy 0 ker K0t0 h ,1
praven rioitar Nu'bem a=m m '. "
Vi 4le a n er a_ mpa lach o( lIe you people m

cwea SALES

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. voice and In trulnti A
I0as In ndbells far handbll
1.0in .l diared by Dr
Ilarold Cater o( V0ld.la. Gi
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Happiness is ...

Greens Fees .s2 I
Good all Dayo

Ten Play Book '171


NA Helps People Cope

With Emotional Strain
M ,ny peopklesler m rv ... .* ,, .. "Tm.I=v (1-1- I"- i.- .
rdy men l nd e .

ne dvlop Plt pa ln pa r pol i
IThe Net.. on -.11 a4A "a
ne. r, l ,b b no hrn and Ineo we o.. n atpN Ias, learn
evnn lat In cnA n2le e heloln0 alally and ollon fm I a4d b54o1 beler
A nOail chnptro l Neuoamtl ally dilurtd Indlvlduala Ao peopetlorln,"t heeptalna d
onysni. ha, beon staffed rnoer (o m Ihi. r llona and
In Boca Falon lo h lp peop l li m olalnolnie ore ooery tNe idea If. NA wa, on.
copwilhlhflrilllc, "lhl p1= 10=' leachl u 1 bavwd by a Ian who wan a
auraoll Anynonnln 1> a honto linve nadcopewllhallu renoverd alcoholic and
i-ll we Mind ubePraho e tieos hl he could help peplsa
nliane, one I he oral. .t. ol wih otwomal p ofbl
. te C pm .ram. .aid add.
l. I9ha iomn wh hava e d rvI Iie baIo d hit Idea on he 12
II, NA li orks> hasewlpede tondA ole
,"eo ll o e con nay .ne., r n. f
I Do N) 1eem mhave mild nterolei aIdd.nc.
Iad we do aillll lo or ool 4 Thla p us i nto Ienae-
In,. wj o.calloaolvtoA re- leu deltrmlallon ll04ep d.
Nc.utlill' neurotic+" ihe c.5 Inon our ,I al*P pioroie ol
o 'ln asd a reapL wa ol I0nd n.
Y Aan A DiIN 9 4m0en 001 nevr lie worthwhile ad oD nali.
0I. Ihelr lat namil uld tio l hnt we tmv a purpose In n e11 "'
Slor 0Ithe lint liIn -lIa DUlaleo'ncluded
a* aI nnli OW.llll lot hap. a Te Boca chapter .l NA
9pl* Im eneroWederAday
P-I1 reas pm .t1at theel ? er.
ea e .ehO00ntaoed I s t PalMnsouPrk Rd

rwkGfCub 12 Steps of NA
Borwick Road
ilry Benach, F nl. T e 11 lu, ltd s9ept ol I, We0 admitted we were
eurot Anonymou are powerha overourati --lona
278-5444 0k.i f rom the p.mphtet, wat our li,. had be000 on,
S"Me4 Nseurollc An aw00 naable.a,
I Yo I Like II! oaw,' pu out by Ne0040000 l. CamI Io elleve Ohat a
?o ay Utematloau l Ill. 0ewer 0o greater o hb uelv..-I
.4id0u tod n0to0nelty,


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............ '2

Lh.n.eonMnts .... h e69, a,,.l. no.nd
as- ag.I s r 6 .% I.............. do,9

Sirloin Steak ......... Pickle p t., frt. Di49. ........ 2 98
Boneless OM. So oml or.
I ound Steak ......... 4" H.r.y l........ 79 B. ,. ........ ,

TSBone Steak pl.. t .*. o. ... T I .

:Chuck Steak .. 0 .... ,t. ..
'California roast.... -I- G enoa Salami....... 0 79 RalnbowTo uL....... W o 7
S Key ClubSteak..... h hlUi. ..'-,= 'r oI sI
Keiyken C S I ................. S *r Simonl~ ks...... 'la 't .1


-" RIEIBVID "'"'

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Made 0 drion Wo lAton
ar will *nd our liv, over lo
..e eareol God we Ulder-
1. Made a -01101h, and
fNraeu _ml iuvetaoy ol
1. Admitlld to God, to our-
--el and to anther huanu,
being Ihe eucl m luto. of our

SWere llry ready l,
live God remove all these dt-
[eli of ehi racer,
7. Humbly asked him lo re
4.4Md. list ,,01 04wn
-ad harmed, ind bC..ame
011000 01.0009 mooad to

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ine them or _lan.
090 000 ro on,4An4
10. CoZ lu to .ike pe.d rs.
al Inventoy end when twere
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09nd medlSt0o to Imp.ve or
=m iru cemts wllh God as
w understood Him. pyin
rely lor hoowledge el Hls will
Io l and Ite power lo torM
thal out,
I Having had a spirual
awarenlai an the redt o
theme steps, we Imed to cary
ml renagee to a'urollci and
lo pretict Iheie princile In
as pubal thm bn. b;



TeDelray Beach Pony.Sea-
cemt Les(ae A~ll-tar team
booveled 1 Dick Brown Field
10 (0140010 940040I=

In Lake Wor.h tes Mday
nlhi top0l0y their 4int 4ame
Sthe Plo y League tlodI
meat ilil0 Vero Beah.
P byl a thboth th 'an bowh
le' "B' bl" Brawn and
Ohuck Jone broughl ui Ihe
inly ~two hitl of lIe nighLt fr
Befay beoth 's e the wall
The Seac ntt eam kep' wh e
Vero Beath team froiinoring
aymo Uu two r iilt
the lop ol the eilhih wh en
Ve p p r put Ime bll oer
the wall lo put them In tee
liad, Vero wn &lI
D0 l y pla Maso0 n 0o0 il
Tueiday night t:Wo at Dlck
Brow; ield.

I Blaik t White I Col, e

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irssami "Thg aa kysr
i ,147N.E.'4lhAe. t

.,o, Beats 27 -7297
_0.0100 1 P070.

01I.I., mT ad ned!, 0.0, ad0 .t, .i.0




By Charlotte Knius

vlll, N.0<0, ome. 0Ph-to0y -4t. .......
Last week e arrived a the Knam Spot on Ih
Delaware River In Pennylvania. On arrival, we anmid-
pated a flood [ mail well. It wasn't a flood, butl we
did esomet ldhis ofnews.
The plur,. o. Je and a1ry Malll of .Secla. IV
was lken In front o0 their Handersonvllte, North Carm.
In. bone which Ib neled li a woody area right art
l o the Jay Pk's pice.
The our trouh the house was a revelation of
armal beauty elinved by a warm and friendly amily
room and a beautiful view out of double glo don,
which opened n a patio porch surrunde d by big
Ir in which bintds estd and cavorted and p0ovi0 d
co. hr, entertainment with thir lovely son and
comih and ging around the feeder nexto te porch
They even chased the squirrels who tried vainly to
reach the oeed.
Joe is panellina the pograe o that they'll have a
pertea spt or quire dancing at a moment's n e.
We visited Jim and Htoeen Khchbaum who had
finally replhaced their Illle Fan travel trailer with a 12
loot wide beauty which I situated In the IUendenaonvell
Trailer Park. Ielen lays she Is already missing her
little "Fanny"'! Th1ere'll be a picture of the new home
In a later Inue of he column.
Jim and uth T.enny were alo found In lenderson-
vlle In their home which used to be Ruth's located in
Summooner P ,aths Tir Park,. They hike a lot and bhod
lJust walked trouh the Park where we stay, Iookith to
see It we'd arrived.
O0 Sually we vstled the Malthnenm. Ohek and
a4, tl0l-War.y Tree Park. Altera ddve through Ihe
r1114g- Perthaps. 10 1hoid be "moutal0 a "- 0000.
Jiist1. I slop at eethe Cn' Iei iNIer (i al Hl-Iany
Toree) 44ve40ed the f4d f4at 9e Inoam wme Jlot
ack 0rom a0 weeb' slay to Rainbow ake where they
.qure decda0 iy. .1Ber other oHl.toire bridd,
amdshulbleborBwhich are ltB l.Way rT.oo
Alex and Emma Crow who havejat etumnd from
relatioveWvisleg In Coatenville. Pa., had 0a cocktail gt-
together fnor 01 Jeaen4. Ralph and Grethe. with Don
and Ella Pease and Bill and Irene Bame0. Jersen
were vidit g and renewing old acquolntnes.
Another mor0l of news at Henderonville: Bert
Alkin, former Briny resident and "w In Stding Vl-
laogo, has bought about a block o. grond a4n0 tIrn
Tom's Park, known as the Summer Cap(t1l of 0 he
Shuoneborud World, and Is bu0ldin Town m nse aear4 -
ment there., What with the Mountain Es0atew that Paul
Bayleo developed on the side of a munn and Bert's
project 1 looks as ih4u1h Plodrids havng a big hand
In I0e advancement o0 I lenderonville!
SpeakinE o0 Bert. he as lu4,4ed 6s tIiler In
Parhi Park In IIrendersonvIe over to Wilbur oHaw
kis,. recently or Sectio III now In SectioV. IV, In
The Jay PFols with whom we square04 ned that
weekend, along with the Malthanem and the Maills,
had Just reud :a rm1. a telindy v4ist to the Orvl00 e
W.oltonr in Eagte0mere. Pa. and sa l 0eqent trip
back to their old tampin gRounds around Pinneld ,.
N.J.. and a banquet In New York Cly to celebrate the
New York Times' lh reunion. Jay had worked for the
Ardene Dava wfihot thaley are all fe ie1 Eagine-
mere but te 40o00h0 tbe 4l0ther 0, se4bl,. WeU,
Arlee,. don't lee ]the he Lie uRer, B'I 0, tha00
Pway aE over be ellot, 4coRB tla itl Itpe vie.
Part of the htogills' news Is that they are expecting
a islt fr'm their "n and his wife from Germany
where he work. with the Peace Corps. He taugh In the1
Palm Beach lhono fora while few, yean ago.
t4.em4,r our s04mer add0 I for news 4 lelm:
Geea. DSelveoMhlltord, Pa. 4law.

l' ,t aeacalJDl,lTiunda), Jt) aI, lt7

Speaking of Pets . .

IX)iS AND DOGS Here inor in the 'tumoea Caaratllo, leened row) Ellt. Pulterlea, Harry
Elemeulary pet sb e, Front rao, 1. to r, Kath)y Ito. Tim lunt, Sauta Sloke, Gerri Lamb, and
Straight. Julie Straight, Lorritne Smith, Hartmra MaryAanatW.lPblotebyRayGratam)
Smith. tMary Ann Jackson, Emma Verdiil. and tear

Delray American League-

every Skeehday it abe Ard
, J. E. otabln, DIvid SeIaoha ltari at I:M A.M
aad ro-) Jerome Bars (Phioto by lay Gtrea)
idt, Edwrd PaIa, Spea*
, and Anthony Carne.le
dHte.rd.Gra.t,.a... Atlantic


Freot te fothall felde of
n At i Hil Sl chooeal Coach
Connoe Wile mtak anp tawi
revr. Lh Sot lIdvfro
S the flDrat Erde to ibe eith.
* ahtelr St a a rnt at the tarter
eariekhmt pramart
their summer vacltsr.
Thepr orum whid la
hat !m S tie nria wd i
ii. Imo inatrtot era

Lane erythLae homt.
I ,. a Wte Bro ll, ,tMin the m a l atillt

re Rca276 Gl, 0550 t ma the re ary a te
I.tHew ramp MIlttdaetl r AtIata mm. o Ha r ap
tlam lerterl l hxa. ara1, I tdie arr t t t.\ ar t
1T: Tammer erlthm .t
Preorm MideS d tf het-
e r e t t Atlantic

I a WiTeH ) Ntlr alk A ill. In wvde
Fert Var t. lme n lm,4 ar the sportsp
ent. Ia Superinte nder e atf p et ". h a 'i e
'rie tire O ttre r p a h hal o rc ro a aet tere dbrte r
O lllrarr Jle Aaieerehat. rrtel

See Us r

Traveling Money-


Jahn M. Hwell te letphane.
Prlldol | 732144O0

Royal. 11h ,,, amrLiZ l...tl a t.
Acr-. from Sll, "'litllae DIC

TELEPHONES 276-0436 395-4300


A llC A DI
1 i F"%. ISE.M 'R
| imM TUImaFR ^

Business Review

500.?. OCA BATON
Jo eph W. 0cKee w.
na-wi T00 Oper'11" OIlI-
q by Ithe B0oa ol D10eco.-
o Pint Bak a1 d T-nl Cor-
pny bol Doca Raton al their
p0.07 1 0002 """. II 001
oly tlylrOTdu~dy.
eh announcemenl wau
nude by T[bom F. FIemlin.
Jr.. Cleinn ol I Boa.d o1
PInl Bank,
McKte Joined the *UII or
iA oDl A kinA iutlAtlon
'durln| I FIll P TI.01, rmIAI
Ao Boca RPlon loom Rochu.
er. New York wh.e hBl ml
0 1 bhl"nmen- u wllh
the Mr M. MIr Md 0Ibk In
bSt cily. PriOr No l.a1 lime
0he w ai$0000l M.ager of
INe Sea lleI. D6iv.io o.1 Ie
Mellon N.i.onll B.nk "nd
Tot Com Wpny in Pittburlh.
Ott. new Tn0l Opwtolad
001c0r 0nd hif wife. Judy.
b hree Ihmcildren and their
mhleic I* *I tM or~thw
L0.00 Mo w 011 .00*1,
tIsh Court 0 Poc00 p5on
to 1. Bolonbad Totl
A.maed 0 lm Corl 0abt0,
Flrld1.. r.1ntly eLtndedO
Ah new 00oi0 lon I-0
to Vlaf FBoTIlo..0In.. P1001.
Yf. .he amorl ol 0 OB.C=
will be to 0 d0lr0ct Ih0 r
1ddll0lo0.l oodominlum wU1d-


lyourbestbuyis.. IB O C IR i| |

Ocean Boulevard just north of the BocI Raton 401t St. Bridge / 305-278 -268
1 -S . . .. .

hA pmvlo.ily Inud WIvt Aon.
flU tio nrI0 oer Inereted appllcantP should
domLnims in Ih ame p0ro p rm Ihe Ao r0 l 0 inA.
-0. rill slitte0 oP Stlr bilt
nn. a peronul .0tel d
an dl te oI mhe amdt o(
O*BA1EPBESEPTATTVE 00. 0.2, ad Ah. ps.r.Ct o

SSBA) wIl conduct lnterlle wIl be made throi00 pMrtll.
by ap.00Lmenl only. Jly 011 p.uinoig l b0.k1... sferb0lnU
A -en I e It th0

menlBoard.W lrforBuidin. .ono0doo l tion. 7N, nbr

SruM bt002 Iton y be ed.
new b1.AMue. -oor.Ooot Pk.ue all .11Q-d tor
ol beildlail. pP.0hm of M appold t eL

See Delray Beach's


GED Tests Set Aug. 1
Thn Departi nl D1 Adult
i.l.. ..ll o l .' o o '."
0nt G0EtDr lt 0 h ae1 y. 1 -
wh0rh qujiin. one (or .he
Floyid. 11gh School 10o , . ',... .. .*' .
meoy diplanu. will bt glvrn lul1t"*' .
0lnglbewprlodAuguO ll,&i 0.* *,'- r O 2 0i
i, mid one .mnUl apply at leat
Men I days prir0 to he
TN Ml ul mttey which ts o lt date of I1lin$

10' Jamaica Bay ,

Jamalca Bag




Ot LAKE HIGH p O .I 0.0. 0 .

I BIdoo.., It bath 2 Bdioo 2 0 lh

17,490 19,490



147 mIll Pn.t 11. DILRAY tIIACH
(all W.t Al1-anlc A..)
Phone 305 278-7334

Joe Lee carn't see

the forest for all the trees.

MoIAdng hAn shislled. cactus They mod through the Lee ob.ws
opted Ino llianio l lell od ll bng the The Ham Iet of Dely
blooos, giant pie casl long llh t about |o eell Bodtlto each. Groat Golf Imrltaiolott
shadowM acrothe Nsmller rgjh:Jc ..sd. "Thatwaywe desOgnn ts condominium
mpalmeothol, t n mse ha clump orpine tonhouand lls Aotn
Then amee Itel of Lhe -r there,,. munltvf people.
Ininrde-rJoeLeeandti h Goflcl knowJoe Lee And tree
rsolato-.Ward Noothroop buids groat a hndeloe our'. C-oe u0 nl In,
TlurI folLage to ape{ riboned Woh d Or the atwo B0 ihe Palm Infomtlylon (enter >"o Wfl 1

greeluandliolo achmplof Bulnoleyorsoneknc . .. ,
ship golf me Lel I; he to bloehe t akeshloInsure Coure.
desOgnlng at "0The Hl mteloo Ihelnlt10 or l llhe trees and
ea,, P ,o ,ihh m ,,e o n
-"1 h 1 1 bil who Isill nave pl iiyAk I
"- .' lch kp on blooming

""an w \f ake Ibi a geat cou-e" .,- .-..


P!L 13. N111,Feuree. TNn45,j~y ek IM~

meet* Take plye4 V,, Bach5 Mb3&y eight in Ah. SF1331
Till sad .335 rthe 1333030 --. Lak k. "'e". Deal
Tile 40.3,I d134,311,, touren eool.,e. [beach Peter A
III, week. I-3. 10t, 3ete0r.3:~n AMRO Price, 33 u.3. N133 pie
111l1clural 503t Tibu. Jo3, 455330, Vincnt hlMIb. bin...3

Hockey League

Recruits Delray Ir A

r- Stal 133,13410111 A er I.. s I313340 runAs II
boning I OY1, rye a0,, "1' Ankl e o F= 1,1h1 .1.1c
O3fEIn Le 920 SWlfa m10p3 I-0l -33 RusgIn, S
=IST d 0, 01: de I 3 *11 k.. I..3 led I ol 3.1 f 0r

431.1h 1a. u.1 rIl IN1BueI
I. h0103le DY., c,, 0 1 .. .1 .7110 Talk, In t
f-. I ..3, In h0, [in.I petted brI Y,
nine04 I 3,huck, D.1el
CI,., 1 '1e 3n"05D31.0 y L Uthle fiel
I, pa.333. Ihn .. Ilt., ays Boca Avn.
O. 0 r.l~ S.Irrl~e013 kS
01.IeI., Sa Ohre. in, Ga. tomb
un 1. We0 IAela, .11 Wednesday CoNI
,R 10 0 31131 i's 111u If te f"ork
ORan 3, MY 11011101 IIIe n 10113 03.3k DI, 14 11,e.Il
Eac l 1131
00c4'1310 c o..p 11 Ice eeBa,
Red U .3133Slg 43 Yil p1.0A 401
eedIn* 33IOl~I l ee Pe.313.331lo C. a
1.1 See~ing bIl PAru. In the K. Lucie3 1 le IL110T ,
ThI. Rcnan loe~ alnerId l 0l 1E 030l31. 0
lad deen St... Kouki,3 C1130 11 114* 1314111 he3
leek pu, 1135e 144 En,5lOW'l ~lel.0301
W1e131,13 aia 1,c """n Menetn. NRm
0 13 1.44 n. 140 114I,531
lIeN. Bo- Aol ~ l"l *' .111 -'11
re-e --se-er- ded- de sup k

Your a"l
IC eJebtugWi To TP


FaaiS -ySd.en ,

4300,03 1013 0031fly
031331 DM310

G.,. nn te lrgd


0od row Scoll Hernley, W.ane Sarer, Vie
I, Rudolpb Owens. Jeff Morrison; top 3 rw:
Epn, Mike JohBan., Iuea Browa, Mara|er
A. Cusmano, Chck Jones, BIl. B nr.
l oured are Coc Thomas C. Vaug..h and
Si mn erV3Searer.

Jell 0101, il~k, NIcK.... III03 ]GORE
Thir. W111140 lmIled TNIdoel, M..Iog3 Pa.3
N, I plictred Kee Scull McGuire 3.d Bill1
Tnfi- l4,eed.blear.a ,


11.'1. aadao..3aeo

N EWS-JOURN101.0AL,5,8




BIL1B1 E ..........

IPower Squadron Boating Tips
Yan albn 6 -1YAo 1r3,0,3010 i

.1 133, In 0 p30 e"f olda 30,8-13
0531. h h11 03 13p431 301 d ndl 1. 1

1033 11110 er. dd .41, Onann343.* geal,13end a-r l ne toe 1a.Ila*1 be
In03*1 3.3 end NOIa 4'' 3003 ,000 p34 brute11_
33 ealeslt, rule I. = I k1 Wk.e hurie epnn .nmci4e~r 1003 *
,3.313la310l P,1 Ye,0113*he 314~l4lY0l rek1 V3pe.C33 03 1 130
310( =mZ:b; 11e o~l0Ie1-1. ldeSI 1W.Idte rcYO 'lem1143*511 0ol 331 F."n' .0
In, 1 30 .l~a 730 yoo re e114 1. nloh led aoo1rOI 1310310 11. 'm nhu PI3 p 13 In I~ 3



20. 1 o. O. NNFRo. l "I'ill,. .. ..
243 ound|.. o-r 45%o tan I

=AL =,'"1- SALES





* ,l fi n s, U h. /A. ,.'" .



ive by lake


Blue Ridges,~
In.II ..... SAlfllRlCZ I
geasvays or for I
all oIf our dayN




RELAXING AT ROYAL BEieMUDA Yachl Clab ner a pue
tomeon n the rewmmnben otn bea h t lotp, oarery. The C o
In Ibe lm Onion Pitch Iopy lref of wlkh Ie NewpOnerlOn
vwas se lanl hnl. T lhe loop t ow tad led pry Jamoe Fri
ol Poore Ave, Lo utl Valley, N.Y., and Delray Bin, Fl..
recnod 1II y0chll lo terr ltli bneolsal 'Ohtosi ID be nkla
placed fourth IC o i clan. T(e new we h ae et Iher moti
Be-nudo Vlta.1 Cluh by Ml. BAldwin lnd M r, Sim S1iali
S Bermuda ftor Ihe tocclo., Mn. St rin, motcr ol one of ew
Irom Sydney, AUallla, Ia be N bled (or tbe nlih of Ihe nene.
ewo spnd nhe wiDer In B elrayic, Flord.l, nod Ihet smnn
Mel.., *nd Oyuler Bay, LI., ire meolen of the S9tne swUe Ce
uL s. Sted t 1ltone Is Ms. 0 SSlrlD| o1 n*t DE innipoyltm
I,. Sydney, AudlrlHa. Piet -, L-t: Mnl. nd Mr. damt FP
crew membel obenln S11,n. 0nd Phil Chln k. Bock row: No
Sydney, Norbel Schue, MNke S.lillne.

S$100,000 Women's T
1 Tourney Slated at Bo

B OPATIKOCINSKIl om tents., t sa.

inni s finul conI i i sod Co dnell a r.
Iio ec p or tlme nd d, e yb n n er
Itelle .tHlllk and a e t e ll hn rn
No" ..i or h s *
Pla th B $e Uielothwl taund menw
Ssin, k fun liuleAol= "M .

oncnt oe e n|nti5 ui eined
alled the 'Viir nl inima l t sn I .e o n.. .
Cba Ie ." l..e. a i t
*H i n" I I I1 'I m he l i n IS a C. D o
*, e lot saIo n El te l all Sie J an "dw i n. w s
S to]u. tem ut the Itn w Iee t Int 0 a*
thin1 = It IReW
"the a ,0101016 n nIh e t.y" Cdi Itl do n.l th ednauen
omk, edth i w1 h reei p re oefd do r Inild"
-k o the a tw l en Mn. lr1mml a ten
LASK1rN, ADV OllT CSTOi eintti.
tut. suken iee M an he t h enter. .
ain Oe nd 1 1 tintlt W Sllne qeiLon of Cokl cnel
R-p e.lle Cori n th e he tntl . to h "ml t nl1t
a....... n e O be =1 Un id

e Cobbea in b: h n oIA IC ol.
dt em AllIant A te h e a o COnh t eed.
itin e n(d of ncpt 76te6Fh a.
.rom etievn wial r lei M il 0 edon 6nf Rder is and
2.00t. Lnner CI the eflo p n e P oinlnplr ote oeso y.
Iln r mled r e al inlore l dt will
Zo 510, 0c h player Gld. 'Wenre o1mtn In ktieOnthe
"lme loatertince~l~n O. U ILT t;o Al ntdei r l
4[ .d il_ b n a d St i, her wIlP. to aynd hol it mon lr
INRo d radiotatim nes R or5. neii mw "M:11. be+
15 h wi iothi c o Itln Cclienl te rllhle le
lor. Auk i10 er l l.n hi In
n fthin oi ther re :=1,4e1h b.O
olfni 1 S im t w ilJ E- GS t I I m g ,
i ol th I he On e | lloid A ral s n wheo On
e he-...t -dled by On c, C On te
*f. en em n th0 0 olai WilAeo O c ', ton
Iurn.mn tIith .o NO p .y w0lith Ce I aon.k
|ato Sony ohen th enseon onl rhdingcnte r tol en3Me
I le00 oull t h eA Int on e
n nno yaun uge Me. IO-,- The v toal por i 1tgnoi al.
lend an cnllrlnl itour reod nnnolreenc l k lue ta selche
dot a rnoend" siC Gialdyt or nen Aire CIILoI y
| dman, dit or see Bdlaey nil hane aInmd Is le nom.
tWol Tonnole a a ip. lne rmoloce(lltnea.-
5 sopelt h Inrme aity ii he iaord theI n

FSo te oratioelk n VuiM r1e e
Ii, -O t IoT lo oknd t f i
ri' u i" iliiiiiiir iilhlili E5iitih AV
I9 dol) nde nleghtn fith hrikek of 43 d ailing
dae.lthmu eheltober. Theahl =elaayourho-
letl hnoughnul Ihe ru[ n Rnd rneiidnd in a embli.
nation of l]nd lur, At ihe V oIu y herl .l cal.
iol s11 e ontiie s d Itens nGlten EndIeft or
I Tesay And Iioedn, BCn ute Cty N.nl.on.l Menu.
I Rd el Cd i otl et i lc an Pinene De rnI lketch.
1 nn .une Sknoe y nd Hin 't ChlIlkoot.
I nd rsei e ao ardte shipen IThere ni amp.end '1 Beu
Intornility in thn ynl d the

i. h nh no,. ont lee. Celo n ............ an

6' I Freok GtJJilh 0- 1
1 507 East Allantic Avenue, Delray neach I
I Phone(305) 276-5261
Am ....... milll No. M mim


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699 977 12 579

Paltiomer 2" TRIM KG nil"

t U4r 0415.11 1l1 12n 9
S 261 2nd Ae,3 .. ,3,," a
Po 27-236 Pho: 3950732


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Area Golf News Bud13
UED~LH~jAV BACI L n ia n Jul 0 t SEWOOD PARK GC lU with a Io M olb KravelI of
[i *-- L M.IttArklok lohic. lu1b, A B E1.1-~f look ellti AllimwlouuMCrd"ilhaa Q
S.. . .,,,. ,. .. Th field will Il ld pbia neo t nhtetoi I ti en' Fr-
onlme 1 te 0l0y e .nin wth mnmum A o Onealel n ctI ShiWoed oSrENAMAT'EUR B Take-Out
Bach Colty Club I cwetk tl illyy p lIni e.the ne. ae- Ptrk Gal0 Club. Aee Graham Mn Ae Dyc we |t l u "ee
km Shkn ca'rded n 4 a di to ToUloament ohilr. p7c0d aond nd1Ka1 O|en uali(ythi amcleur n tIhe
(DrfInlplsnlnCluiA* inun A ikeZ Wli.nd le"r. l tok uitd on' n einutur 712 third
InClsa. 0,EmmaE oiu u Ponda PGe Section ak m l Glif Toun tenI Al Kat i t Tanlnrtle
Look unl wth 78 end lGrace ma.ine. Th.e tornmenio JAVCEESJUNOIORS coiyMondeyuinlat7. sNi *"
Ca lo n wasend wlth71 will 5e a full tunanuodi np event. Gre l M le o( De ly Bech
lnayey wtlh n ontloi handj- in o In In it t he FCoit JFl
TOClNAMENT 00 ,0Thao wi. behothsni n'a cni51 p *t Lehigh A tim I te e...nloo
Local and South Felida e d wom.. diOn ekd Moue cooed Eltoe
goll., aui ur ane d pL et- Entrln and m 'l ft chei le wt it eLto Jone oK toty- OME J0 HIi US
ilon will py IriLbute In ot tt toetd b sillted to ne a, alter sah Wtlic a 5t IF YOU WANT THI iRT
ofe$0hit r*vutee n nlred alult ToChtkiVrrtitTour- eath re or f lt ed Rwih aacina a o y
I Idnor ( be Plm Bu ch enl. P1o A Nlikeel Goll JaneMcKAtR nlVpraMno .jllla
OT-TIMES, I In ala ind DIll AD n o North
fnu nhind Pllt in at'stflc alsdnen Ttia .1ine r te z Mnien e loine .nt
PAlm .Beh .. b.. the even
Barwick Golf Club Leagues ofte A, mnsni'tn Otie
reMONDAY OnaTnrDeinhlteo 11 of n4 o thne seon ey tt/--
MENSLEAGUE C Cperk Crek Coetey Cieb
Boyd's nylShep reLe B--ln&Carr 4de B
CPpa Cokt C nre. Cleb PeetirtncCMl5Fnethi. i NICHOLS ALUMINUM
,liah. race are I of Lk. Peru t
pdr t lt CUo d l AuL o Tri m ile QCtet Wll ind CePttin. al
Wnt.I.! W tla e u I sr Iinot lnSe "cll&cd %
ludn yeTM rac II +Piole iipn eel
tch uBedn, 0 BaSrrckGotClUb 13 Vt I FeDAYNIGHT 4"
-De on< the Ca=piell C etrui, .ne ei cmoUI EAL.Roe ". +
path," sad 11 Sc Sice 5 nCentr IL AMERICANZLEAGUEoin
plletanioal iWolu.eSt e eem S Po i l.
0.iih .uffers and4.
enboll," ne T""ESDAYNIGHT 2 IS r and
666.. nsetl teseic I~tlCtb 14k ratocone etercme. oto
Fld oodpusn ri- eIj t Oak 1n I Downso iuts
Sd Is : te 0005 Ie A00 t. It
Bls it .+.,+ r,, kOhnIN, u 16+
non. filenlI1 A. 1 ei R ne, In ",nelii l I
ulco r udutn Iso l et o t Block 14 MAD OFRU5T-DEFYING
lW" pag5eiiieost S CCCmhCCIto, U$
Arrn t Moe& I TrePeru P e. 617 ALUINUM AND FINISHED
nn'- J. ..... ..l. It ll IN WHITE BAKED ENAMEL
or,~e Cointrke 12 Sold 4tSaV~d
..ennis =3S ei s % & Tcd1omoMii 0 1 144 -t. PERMANENT INStA LATION
ao n&tity500 n O:Idin&Tc Luc It MAIIITENANCE-FREE I.
Bmd.sen s A nm Sel Trae 0
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Gulf HoweI .. KASGUM Am o
reats Jomnonp Auto 1 r0C teL/ 1ok EUTTd" 3.50 4u.2
Tli rue C tn Au Tn Tamol in IDOWPUT 13.10 2.40
13ttPoo 1.01n e. 13 AMlJoWQxP0U 1.2 COBSE

Get You, DWhle.'s id.meon
Cbrlitiols In Only 2 WoIkO -
EIRUUl ,lUTIIuIIIOUSlR on nn etro ,
IERRlEOIHIE 151IIIiRifIIII6R 50m no m neen m rntme wamm e no so
WMITH lIt, see. SAT1IllO[I0IEi 6ll legateest in.tt, I.e n e Nl.o. ALUnI.U GU TE Ou N Do tDeiWNSOUTS
Cme ronkor for
IolI s.d GOh to f00 Fln pioeeet Rd.,. sur OCEAN CITY LUMBER CO.
.],.U ien. ton:1 Coall Toda 395-3444 su 276-533, LUMBER DEPT.
I be heldDouler 213 E. ATLANTIC AVE. DELRAY BEACH 276-4151


Advldinel, ----c CYOUA -- -----'

m'T "l u I G E appltnc d--pMAl, lauM .
Sdr llll RNISHED. nlh
n CobASSo FIEDo s E p ho bedtow racrsmoth

.. A, nO.. pd . C e ourtn OT-Tl ITFI
TO PLACE OUR AD. Ph. 27i6321 or 732-5070 noet UrEDn dolas,'i-
-aretnAR FllhaA Em o
l-Announcements i-1ittb rut 0lrtr. You ioruh
n qUllFe pLrA o Completely FURNISED ONE BEDROOM
TTTORING- All lubJl- AU quipped air odtiied ran at Apartm l Adolu 00ly pte0e
Drdr- Masten dWeo Tloro, r hon or uT7 B ouoanan VnroEMd Coilt eMUl nTFI
dAl license o yan N rjneon IRA. CoooryCluhnb i o E TLAcrel n Y APABTM T-.a t
in privlOe and eOpa r.dhooi Pul .1t 1- ITl Au uly T
in "I rn' q 'hlin Io Nt Pu t be y
Re T ETA I'to Cntrol tIoo 2-Rent- Lease romm P ibotEl S tot SIl"
tuns onr r I room g I h, .11U T
SuResidentialo lootingo1m. or Ier-e
E- YOUR l.IN ty IR~n RAt A io y Totsl p roeto TrOeR oy-
Pay onA orgon So nmsn mylono A Ra A~ ol o y ry -
Cony, to otenl, ino.'nll LAKEDELOAYAPTS toS0i ""TF U
leIn ouo l oRNEll oo an toid o uEA SF E
o h oo y oi pp o m n ,.t b O un o n e w ltmoy t. 0 a
teoby tnumlont Fu ponaoCu aE.dm nal o
ToId by O. IShe ilt lt ceall rtl On wtero beau tem ponmor ln and eflt-
t 0 rTo s doneiCru 1 litul iRound i pua NtlooNon nir orcl u Io Rli ynorly u e
:ou S V ,. . ZB $Su d ol. idli n_ at- OP, t i .. .
.lron BethG odel T ,11 AF Y
fish -0, rLu mICass.ll .N. A E.F u. t Alr

nlT y ET6I. ,,
KENLANDCOLLEGE .1 WtIle or pior, A? f -r a Pa &lsit 1 1i bilo l I- m
FOnTt'lO'S te or nm or CT0,?I7-741 o nto a CIIEA.`WD- T.)
.1* 0 Man I100STUDIO APARTMENT. pol,
Own ?AM t- I5P NW -Inlo 5NE OUNI SEDwo u b.d- nP aolloeid im0 wtkly "It
loon oms, 5 bath altairtrioto. cut 515. To-ot
E,1tl et tlillt.. Cenlit rr ond l"et e 00 A O SUBLET UNFURNISHED Au-
Tnth i e Oro Bahy P.1 l
itli 00 Gtrt &i eotA pTuo]n to mer,-AOAA D
1-pen lo / A".. to Balla-oll Plame
M Ol.l 1 t N,E, tl T Ano non. C ,nmiemt A ul inllvn ClI.eI., : l 1Tga Tll7.-b
D0y WonTh Mmllnp 0e01 IT lonmllhd. e bedom, YEARLY RENTALS, LOVELY
-,,, i o,1 --. -o O DULTYS seoouu l only. TDO- e bodrom oparn t.ww cmno
!. ,. I J.l CoJa..... NS.ITF) pun. aLr. etN llEMy loutlm,
S SaMdr It ApLoMA N. TM h
Real Estate A w. 1 n l Sern th.Aluolrgen
tior beio m d0ple0 Nyortlini
.m.d...o o...po.o To bodioo., 1 blth,, nu, nn n u S I, .du. Al p
pl.d on drop.d G t. 1 cIV h. f hasl fls .llrlglrolar, 115 0 nt. le"e & euriq,
Randy 1io ro dUI. A n, I nd I m all ptrol, g o "t"t ITt)Ito o t
RuIal ElateI
1000 Pulm Trell ILSMIEa TIM,1,

STARTERic TI d.276" 01B

Thil si a perfect hone for lhe young couple. Two
bedrooms plu, o large amlein kiWch~n. Budget prlc-
ed ol only $25,500. including -rp selling, drp es IJ,000
end appliancm. In Soulh Delroy near Federal I bEdriora, I bolh op...
Highway. Just listed, but it won't lle. (MLS-R. mla gioud floor. in
1199.EW ) Palm Bee)h IlT i rDuyvill,

FRNTAGE H'a'l '" nu lly (ine ..d. d o, firlplocd In LRIaU gd
U.S, #1 DEUUIT rlCH balh. Centaol l.at aMd ail. Heo1d p.l with large ue
80x13E zonedC2 with Vtrk do.,.
Nw ofli building sP R.11981.
ol.PritSe25E000. .
(MAsL.B.52-H) WEm. Curran & Associates, Inc.
CAPl PIPE Dtl-i < R.I.
IOENL EnIy, iNc. N. E.Fuuoh A-
I 27.33S1 276 36A

,JONff -$ iaia

1 "lIr 1 In".lr., I INA
The 0_Wl 1-o bedroom, 2 both opoit. .. as .
menlt EoU oi U.S. #1 in el-, $1 hIlil I' t

11. No rocre-lion area lease i$IOEUELL RELTY, M0.
#2. No land I 27e.3303
#4. Walking dallonc Och Need,
S,. Ap.rme.n. ompl.T LK I
p alnl.d ESTATES
.III Al l ieletric .llchn. bl-"d,... Pothine ..

Iromo l houlD~ 5* d-d.. A 1,n.

.,.c:,i.i oat~, .. ,, 276.4191

500 Sq. FP. .1.5 T FIHi Elion sth yI SH ORT Nor
- -----S-A----to Calloanytime DI IONINI SSIInED Solarycommensuratewiobilbity. i
....N ....... .. L 276-5A19 278-6548 I hlSD i~ILL' HOSnI TAL
sSoreTt, .r .nd .HE.D...... ,iIL

SI om .E b BI Eoyn ro n ,Fl.33 435
Son1.1 dulio e A h South 3-Rent- Lease ___
outl len, TEA t UA R Commercial E U ,R IERI.eT... BI.ni

S a r ne o TO SERVE D nd nlon T eE EDtM, in l wllol
GOTTE AFT to oem p'b Lonatd r eal E;D star-Or A'.e0S UIIP. hea
S. ,N i ona A In, UN mI To T tIN.rNo. NILE DSnnln-io
DUOny, 0 t S onwoNAr, r.Aao _,in AFILO

"""N"' ."" th AEve ID UNDER youniianlD Ec *
* Alo GEroa J. Y. nban, FIVE E OO beat home, ruam AllodoL otouot. DO rSo tr 'loVrd, 00 .O L EA F T RoPr U AR. V -
.H.ilor do..n .. "a Soon D n0 -. l to Au it h Al nd o, ohro ue
TOnot, TTrO E11 IT.1 I r O nt .l T____________
0REAlO.R. Eo o s I--Rch FluD TF Fianly r0ooN :-1a or P l. NITIIED w badiom. N "I
-R.-Ron C aahR t uo Cu].l, batS our D moorn u I
SPACIOUS I beoaU, 2 Soi -Real ERs d E ar t m nA i .
fuTy car d. itnhm nolon A- Co .TN room P. 4a- an on Ld o, ode Loo. As t iro..tyo 1 Ds I,.
I np o I h li
v a nro t oy P atn, t o eo o W a l g F o r S a l e t o. K A f RHoo o l i A ml -
nd-ro. p aoT doo __ Stob d o A Oo mu

.. . ....... ..* o -****11E BISIA S T E c ixlllM b ut".
Taslnflly f nishe anod Niped, t Ib e. Ve ry d a beR h a l omu 1 I h&Dthrod, nth -l.l
40AI0,.Oooo IISOD R e lIOUR ACII Nonoo. t 0 o.100 E o olar 0 0 NI l J A FU DUC S S A
N EW SonrB o oE Uomb H. NA-OnitoOak DRAW by owin MIuMl looiaioll YIN. Il oron. CordImmtn.n IbT rU.

/ ~ l0 NE P ENT UNITS di V
t on m A both OO l tm t I"EtT A-uS Cer n Lout Wo-n h e w0 Pi I n NCentralA RA 4111
on, Hotil~ p.o E o SE noon oklno. l.E N Y IEla '10,0E ., S l lo. 0i0 llo I

TAoD SPd- o rto eh ou A ..a.. To..o A bol lbb ..m .o w (MI .. S. tour. o u I .T .. T I .
IREALTOR, TIN s, F ed IT REE.rl HLY TO D aro t b h A 1 aF
T La, u Pa. l2o ha. owiEos+ ella om V Rr w.I oat s N 4o h
ttrot1E, tang.n 9IBENA AM ATY a wr r.Flrl e Pl. l ar pt.,
M O V ED zL7 ; r 3 ab d U ICT4F PEon 0,ouingdo owr Fully fragvi ;

TO 44 lflToo Enlyt paitmch Npoot>ty rtnd sobiated whort l oo wd dul b -
ay^ blE ohuT Alo to rp. I DO S o aln oo. lo 000 n tid o^- on oiU. nl.W
S tla-, bol homI. Aoct n, Two doml h t D an Po d1
i n W hM yel "T HIN K ,.a ..1 1, ro le, lrl, e rl p & . .... .... :
o.m..... ..... ..to. RO .DO. .INI ..tu r o. toonn .... 0.T..... N;
2ii9 shE ~th dC 'I

0EWHOME. .OLEt SDJU IT A.NISH lI l*oo'a'b"o'' .'
Tlotoom. 2l boPho thi ra at w.n, o p laIte, oo AdTuL r w

....JOHN ...ANTING REALTOR ". A o.i N...(aMS.lo tSN Pn r U 'd. Co,
D nnUSEm P ro i 5nCRS. .ORE 170oP.M. i


64 N .EW FPftho ne (d ,s ad ledmbwr b..ln l I

276..................... ... 0 i ow sc,,
NEW /l b p~l tow NA br .TocoONOa ooGiEO O .Fbl,0 .0Ore j R -a SD.. NA-A, O 0
BHTEWoTElWOT :i 1 AELFOIE SI I P0 tiadeltowmorbeoto1.30,DV, Rel lENtaf
110N.uS Io.oyS38... 0 o IN REEE ForoooY ||ingo hll o
ON N bo a dNN, .o AN G, lor oNn. REALTORSToo bldn F,,5 0 o;b:ot -

"oTew co See. N f.el .L poCoII TN Ie ETN

ln elreoyoo.ForS4oer.Ooksdp. ol p oo d h e In he u o
NEooo P n roB o llM n l9 .

think "SANER" REAFY LNC opx R-N
........... u..... u....... CHE CHASE CO HIOMIHIOM o og- aII
64 L PorE. Fifdh AvnA '
ESTATI... W A LERAY SUMMIT APT.f SALE *nliT Ra i os o at
T eo 9.Sl0ly fnriheNd ond qU ipped, ho hd VA 1d2)hl a a p l
room, T both op r I rd" Tho Condolwuw ao N.T.. non la I

meoritulsU y o pr nseionl cubing $39,$0000 fUrT O Rwn erAlng oS
TE,0. (31, I. ..4
sbodroom, 2 bor6 heard & oin-oond0lonod Omm 1 ooo Dctoiota.ar
2 ..2Rhr pl lrnd o, 276-4191 A.T T *


bedroom, 2 brtos, uorrol hoot rood olr, Cpa. oi boh ho.A 2 h-au

3bdroom, 2I. boIhi Terrol hbao ord iri birch-Ib h

04 NE. Fifth. Avenow (lSN otrod NW)
W ohon 9-ou 00 doIlT Proad 0. oAlooS,


Piroefer rirei Polc. Ofcr .ono B 0131r-0.0OsO ..e.00
Vork y- -ooho-.r..udcj.I .,knio lgc-di.. on-r 02
colonIre, ih-,eghly ,p,,i .... Ado AW-1 1, .000,r OO~0OeA.erO..!..r.
,..pemp rAoloobil., FURNISHED. P ....... I
oil0b..c or ghl o-. Oni... 4A.,
Apply1,poeenerir IOA,1elf. RE ~ ~ o~~0
202 N.E 6t.Uh AT,,.D oy Boch 0. ouls *nrs~

Nplovnmet ...et~p ~ onM.I..mI e,~ o le

T- v C..r

Am "WW .0.00 InA. l
_____________w ..f.. I...~e~vor
Aveftm In001 o0

O~oINO.c01 ....
00 1. Iie, OI o j,/ 3Ii 15. 543 "Allben.l,0 Serniocfnwec~oeno A -An 0 C 0.00 ....

Ap~~crquoIIU.Ao-..A AtT.......... ....... o joA
on -iesokP t ..... .4 0000 old 00 ren.s...rr..,n~l

S loan .. N or cr ALOne ed 2.30....0.... J122An91

bote stei aA Um zolord.%no.1.

A0ll I. latero p0 e. ,i Cr
ItO~.::rw A 0010 "I OI.bol ,, -o Anh5l~p~f1~ ....r e1%
into 01101000 orso4.1 Ee. 2ee Ave~ i. if~~ 7-7- ",0 :.r m w
A l4~ well. M. Ar.................d..A. YO~h
10411.00l c hads AA040
oap ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o .020 U. .010 .r .o. .Ol 0..O.jle
C.0 A70 Pthen MIN T bd
Apt.SIni I-A,10 Coe. i A I

C~&h 2610 oneol ITro SO.c 3400 00te.00-n1042 :2.~L

lllLtifl Too~
To0~~.~! 000

11.Mobile.Homes 12-MarineBoats Delray Junior Tennis Team Beats Lake Worth
.n i Trai il u I '1str T' J-I' -t I. i a
S.... . 11 i - , i ": U1 r. rh n il I lan p T ry e In the gk On i h 1 day De1lra I N I
*. _....., ... .. . . .. '.I I A ,AD lit " ', AT... .
- ,' ,,... , ., i .. .. ln rILd lu n' A Kn ly n I ll a'l Reg I. S. ... I.. i L,- 1, 6
t. a ma Mbt Ia d ..os L
as l1b Stalk n 277l NE. 'sh AVE.areml latd ao
S wacanlt In a-lt halil -a I. b.... mknl Ilownhe 2t
. ,. ,, .I hli]IO Il ; s . .d..... aaptll as R b Ma tk wl hst ..... .1 .a,,, 1 Tl alnal BoE Datba lFotat
.a .a .1 ........ ..I .... I l , i. .a..ad. thhmlb el la'd bimsl ..1.1.... ..l ,0 . 0 I

._ ,. .. .r ..... . .. .R ,. .. ......B I N .. .... s TL.Ab Ba ths 3ll l


Scheduled Saiurday

ro m e a b""s....Cls ing for :Summer oRAN .... .......................................
SHOULDER STEAK..... $1 SPARE RIS .................... FRYER PATS. '...65'

... .... .. SMOKED HOCKS ............ 49' DUCKIHO I .......... 599' STUFFED CLAMS .. 79.

"......sera tOC "" "a ':SeeHU

....-,-,".':":' Team Cheerleaders ..a.A..... ...... D....

Ai.R,..i. .. lDR IiasV oabsta asg sd etppad IlhS OUEIsBLt.GREEN.EANS..... 14' CREAM PIES ::... '29' GREIN CABIAGE 9'
SDERA YiDAldTyAuNlPNl thc.el I.a Mau nh other tu In j oujk, '*'* '" "0;"i *o nL A
tr'in xCitatCaat .Uo duaagRa. OGRAPE JELLY.............. io;49s POUND CAKE .ao75' JUICY LEMONS.....I O a29
,'atm ttacu o tacr U aaoioaaanas clna sAaen oas aa
nPrma an b"ast l a.s p* s almarlaJi.b POTATO CHIPS .;I 58' COD CORiN .................. ':;t 452 .'uw e , ^ ft.
a, ,0ts s F R.. U I C O C K T A L. ....4 1 P O T P IE S .. ..... .. . 2 |9 c. .
--'"'" S'" Alas naTgtaijapadtaansao PEPSI COLA..........8S;L 78' ORAANOE JUICE ;:;18' SEMI-SOFT CHEESE.... .89'
loEsma 1'rne"l ba a6 IaS ORBIT B EER...........6",' 89 FRLINCH FiRlliE..........'.A+.69" ITALIAN DREAD......:. 350

t,, ,I ....l.i. g A ,. [. VU r ....REENEDEA ........... I: CREA PES6
atd abd t a nd o -ma d tasnAsstaIn 1d d t a It-- a IMllie IARt 1.

rlPRsdpV.sm a .VA tagL LLas JaUt DCYal s Lot. MR ...10-- 2atl lJ i.

kOpbest Ai I aaib. Eg, sad 1a oLn 1 h COTTAGOE CHEESE....l 73' MARGAR .1 INIE ... 2 IH 35I SANDWICH.asVitJA..... ...2. 275
d..t.s RdI'Aadat... EY f Svil /E I.......... 78 PRANE JI..........'.. ,"t ', SIMI-S.O TCHEES 89'38.
Kl if IAAwlSJRBE ......D.UTE8MILK .......... 49' GRADE AAa UTTE 79 FANKS OR KNKS..95'
V- 2 I I n""YI)ItI sillta tZ I':I I ad
k rbt Co tdL 1RU.td H .t"m a iacslsllO MlARo E
sU iYFt toa t took I o, y

b...... I 76 ....... l Frills & Fancies '0 t
INCLVAIiED mtotEUT 82.1. A Vatatt .ti 3 0
MOVING aIR mlE Stoine A at tIto Boitidga. R,5rcay

., VC LUEE F0G, T 00 W N g1 C LEANS,. .Is soYD PRICES?

I n0r .CO. aFFE.E E.E...E. a .........9W A A R b i . ;
SF n gs.. 60 S. 4S R A .. .. .. P PLATE .... 2 ', 727
a 1 sAits a s a I I 0 U li l sI E S R O R T I O R R PEIRs O w- 1o a A a ti lt, 2eLR
IT',rtY PrteY bt *. Pp 0 ICE CU REAMILK ..... ......... A' 584 c RaR- RR E E N I l M RUE 00 95


0 !




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