Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: April 27, 1972
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00017
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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aTil YEAR NO. t 18 PAGES

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.red, darlda the HlulHppey Appreciation DiN~er for
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Sjwors of Ine coffe club |
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Council Adopts Land



......1 Use Plan in Principle
il V ji i ,avv V I Purd, 1: cii roupi WaserlleLageoWon had 'INll (.url. thee. na.ec .llllo .,,.grd. ihe
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i t ndv land mayor Ihe m Vote, M el Bodurn w oerd ad o at o yl ompteyem
tort theBeac clly r ou1p re orotlt took tbe opic t r Pal hdmt Crvh r Aee roen -rA Apvl d ton l re dingh
p at llllh wtitha petil emed Mayor beltnay Sld ther a orrlie prhlbltinh open
J to and hy 1t people, V. alma- red ohbeapahy atoerd tornhe n Ityo( Delry
and loerlter tooe adopt the Utem. prldent at tbe Berck be ue. aod thereetoe telt no heat.
etproad land oe plar In prin- Ptrperty Owerr Aaoclailbo, actlon au momntea iloce no paaed a reroullo toup'
cpleua ,oraloha hlel.d John Piti, Fra _.hreytied ae..llyteedtoca ngeIt. ptoita Ihe co7:ly' corari.
ntodnlotdoplolcluded two representalieal oe te Coune kalO: .o eaio edroig
^^*^ ^^U u~s rrnK *- i- U tierduatimn that eil pereooa ThreopileCtlvckAeocltothe -tlpdated the orerllhegen. oltiaoth boyoed Ihe nily'e Hlol
^/F ^9ffflEH~fflii~lj ith onything toeaty, or Itoi tn tobar aokon county dei geneer erecheddi with Oa' atom iyereroierveanuinrea.
"eektrhat ge*m will be head nIloed he aipott ol q p rilandAteor teed Itm pyemith for me
.l^ C Q -Ai BB hycoowtil. heard rommorerdatlon Ihot Approrid undeirrotod o1 mobile heone au eathe 01
B H eObJen o the peroel or th iorre at Aylrot Avennae etin te Inemlt ol city alrf, icee and o tor a ee k bar
rildtt who had a Cetne Io rehot. At hoed table *re pound thlat the tottk hro be chaand ho Adtie Bodet -- Awaded a bid a or Nt O athheeSouthCouy Complea
Macboete rb rae Fet.. Mlopp' m ^ nal eon the mailer pla n rend a euggelted b Jodhn lo replze threat docka eI
Diiietl~ll m leh N~orrou pmtee. nialaloppcl P rrt- ponrt orm h the clt yaid Rto aad r preilde olhe IbthoWeat Park o the it-ra'
dtet Dr, Monro Ferber.. adVleK nl b eem
    lheproye.(remNewmJarnlptoltobrtyGtaodenl Atoalimei ,u Mn e. d Although Councilman HerldartleCotnintlrIn. Bir Freed
    Mlrttwhoaaid.t"ltanc oto T ineoorb dho to oWrtPalmBeach. Bir
    dimtied Mith the filer pinp MAn the plmul oa n whudkinh datherlerd etea piu 105 Debara thank FINe Depart.
    1 beln| ph bea Ihroeh m rut t mrn l lrrned oul ilh two vehl-
    owe t ct ount bM tver oe. end totr pen Mondoy to
    .. R a .. Young Need Help ,.,a . ..
    rs pcs ..itd ..rtplhe
    aid II plu lt~l I) onl i l -m / r R o sol t to. pl. ;7 0 Overcome Dru at ko.. en .er
    Co ml Leo Wee k oheir arrival aer ealvls a
    dot. u e t ... a PhdoeohedwAth.M L DQIr L in to All. ,-... ..... .S..a.A..o
    f tk.a thttheco hd l Id r llB Seoh. blackbcrd A ailnKe
    B n e rl|o| t mel tormlly with (bo h rpldhe down with IIt le
    Basketapi orog Ie Drhd t Kes Pr MIPeth F rier D e o d w hllbe otmono ll f it" UiWllenaklletrlnii
    ad world likely reiew ny the Coiaele at Phinnjc a l helw no t hleti Ml hot Thetlitenr climbed be
    Jui tlinlteplu, Unlrenity olenrdi. urled wl l heroin 1 an te l release the bird and
    Cotnclman Jack keoodee oirly Beach toRoiri Tne+ a ddre. wOd etve t e hl|hiorh diloverd 11 tad a bhokenl lt
    'Alarale at all eid be tell theerch tada diyhe'helD yoqratpbpi lm eet erettatlt. Ilaiia their llre ald lropn?
    erlo(1 l ber at idte the rouhthedrUgpte.' Aother pr which Dr. the reue workVt Iped trh
    Puit lo de bortd, tbrhahtha aut Dr. Finger apoke B din| Piler dhdnt appear to imo. il willh a band aid and re.
    lo w '.r o erM ad plutdtly lo d o heta e abot he Seer nd heroin would be lo have the dreg leaiedlhetild
    younilood echoeds m S n. olay nmee notln( HUt. adlce otde weey until
    pohtpmolooolIflohemurdtie Il noeehem Phil Pieme. Don Mayor Jamoa hehilley whe "*Everytdni|Ial hatkaaeeetro theyere readyrwlooeer. ->
    G. .i Grand
    i.l o~ nnwwhere It Batldwin.lWe. FerellttNorman toremtttoyetnldthee mtor onthihnbran emI nobe to Pfe~pte the citneplpied rfn
    ooreeeltheri my." Pate.. ewei r pap inte Pla n S od1 land ae Plier kora e ." dAl ttoat Pre-6, PP. Fi= -
    kCooper ald ote aldehet pro. ftoball toath CoPey Wtilder. das lad r to t n r i peaklrot o oel p ol dnat fia t Utpit ed id led Mt .at" .
    aoer o.need help Peep.. r....a ...a hand need Dean Leroy Baline. Rull S'aIpreindlhe kudeipt mLiotre lbeled' e" Utlhet "ilutlot Io n o reI
    hel adly.I, people will row, nhr rolat dote o u ed that e I t lea ined wllh m lol bt u 11 ait duddl the Civil U T l4Ofl
    letlantmretlnltohemeloolt dy wllt. idmenalellolr mr loitetia, Pr. Fat -to the War mhme ore ol entry -N
    nieer," mltfnl| In the athletic pro oy 1watad..e nijg. tc Ptcln lOdge In the were addieted"r we r, R
    Checkni' h inuel( or Iim. ll M d e n the bntey o rkcan d eart ad n Dr. Folder lad dieed d ,
    Seth. "tBl that to too't w h a tTh llloppren preinord moiddritiledolteaoythtoa. caa wbat appeal to he a It "tttt'a ioader t 9~r~ C central \^~ l
    we're here for" aed cItnued Cooperwldhet a tl t l clube Co umea n, epteptlor hatlltoyoon to. tme t they wire d led to A reailto1 p-t r a ore
    wlht lath to btlll m lt nolRdip the lpped.atoe Mrtl. Martin, eppareotly But Dr. FPnigr ii a 1e Ihior hke lh mm oto ore otolly-owned land Ihe
    ltralrona"maatmekhtndaid dinner. cmed tbtelrmbide avred wanted to emphidaoe herotio a al e tial with eeykth e tob Side or SEt Tenth Slrt
    never lnletrfed Yo'are 1e slhtr.rota fmortitoplop? addtll edat It Mau ht o n e red nee Heroi w a und mar S Filth A ve or In.
    flrco-t iap+ W Ih tol ase i hn le

    neret aro the oly rmom R plln hy tel ade ltto Iorre ae d Il more n emere larer M a cure tor molpoleM oololor In a te-eore Grand
    rare here ea Ol deao other lyre. "'e**u" t ddleoloo I d ml t it m wa die.'- kelersopi n "eter w
    wemn lhelhpe: ro madeomy | f t or re KoldlthJ oondk Adrew placethehadt a.la tom dfll- emet to be mimi. Dr. Finer rt.un 'rroMedonday night
    Ire n Delray Beach very J D eO flo s kGtmmt.ryetapoke. cutln t paltor tt ml o( 5y M lt. ,b Arthur Sptrth, ral milate
    piatanu" Jacottor tol cort, tbey eoeit." The UITveirlty o0 Floaid1 i t.
    Cooper, who m el rem ccit Ikto coualda arb o t bO rotolyhruoane, bhtto D dea al dat edrotlaverIre- City council member
    oWet Vltlltl. laid he Iot TNT .. I dopit land potnInpr err adrerti to p Ma em atlulkelo to a laa ee to them the b err
    r.nchng....It' el.er dear 1ifl eU11( ohle'^ Fh ot tack right m|. Dr. Fer did tn tha pe .i..hud at e wr eetig ai d
    'oSI o a in I a l mine'.., mt n a t i t W "iediM aied r nmallng ot a t he redeJed. Mi did not eel Councilmaen Jal k Sunde
    dt'lmhogee dlome." Donatloaimare illll beipg tnhe'jittdilectloe. heonlpdat lmtl trt t rortt IMallt d tomo ollnMer alkedlttlSproolbert fledto
    Cooper lad teI-ied towork mide loike Clle RedWain t le e l 't M ofa kta b00mo h t ool t ehe e nde o ole d.rp akleoueh he edmilltd becoud attend wend the cat.
    inery mot and man he tad Pund oe the Delra Beach etoltaitl odianfce. Sipplto e 10dlieor a overdoar Mbal Heaeth mu dllterenl. ler t l P mu'r e l e S d
    feiau "no imt~an Igon to tiane met F'roltimlanml mtoathetoedm a tdi and br. Fiiaer mmtdtthere are that It hat Ito hehavohr rllecte Sprolt f~ied mat o the
    win by himself." and ex. Wom 'S Club thal ti ipeai, d l kS eehea oedmioe. let addints moe tO 1 Mat mth at uhereatler. meellnei In Seplember during
    hploned lel. "All tIhe aoet heading a drive to puamhm a Mwtbtt dirertllon, JIemoe mm. e etth er die ol in Dr. Finger lad that on i o whbh he dtlkc ed the keor
    I had wore tlahlen. Ill oem. new lint aldrme or van for d. __ M torta because they do't every I00 mariljuna Mmn wlh corenil and a leiler Irom
    peUtot *ad we tourhI to wrn. tencly., ntamt I i'mrt .Mr tlr onow b trem aor whet they entale to heroln, e t tlal il nIlt Chnlgc. oener el ta 4
    ilkerl. you. mghehtluwell Lllt donon*re Mr, and tMb S iteUtn 11 mattel tha pihe te oulotheutreel.or heron umm na ied mary oretraoSFederal1 1id g-
    tke down mhe rebead you Mn Clarence Pefwmtl. S. ybroh.gbooed 'e1k I"ey a rme leor pyue a. JL may, mw rea re bynh onilllt-
    wioudn'tneod-IL" aeni Graham. irmeel J, m ortt o0'nloprmt lhtt ekneadrellibet tal AJtorI-enlaommmnt. Dr. irliblehe'idlbe Leahoey
    Ghe iIa elendino the Cooper FIlet Plumblt t.Mm Ma ihen ..terPiN .moettormita. Fi ratldllhubeenh oodn pSoh cenler"Wllhlntheyer"
    eoewiedero diprer lindde Willithm Baker. Mma d. tM. loo 00 the Otoonitatto it there oral abhut the addict mhe Malut twocyear*uderrPreil. Spatl told oeuncU lhUl Colt.
    former SeocrmtoHIgk Priod. Si. a Mr andM Vico were ite ni to be chuie. fiSOM detlRkherdNthler.ndte.- pem odl the p ertyInFibni
    oiirdototed Cooper t o r. and Mmm tt t hS pelniaied 11 t at Gl-a
    Bal l oac h e urret AmlanUe Mr and Mr na M .Charlt* BMa. nMn W lgboaedo ameetlnl ,alout mf-i. bB thl he otly o m d Turkey and Frare. tow. Srnam Boeelenrd and US I
    Hilh Princpel Robert Joh- Ieod. Mlan Mnr obert C. mpa"n.oaW tr" d lureoketln IN ep erm Dr. MlFtir laid CbeK nd now ukin hwntod
    ta, Alltdebn ref-~to liond Wkemlenmee, MO and Moe Atnootdthste~alnaolort oltoat ip _,eu --n eoiew dt lren Mieoh..n an.e the amn
    is CIatt'h ..... tt ... kid S u'b

    cleanup U 3 .. B o aub-Agency Job
    I'prDto ai k : I r i' ar

    s "udge l. ... Gi en PB Coundt

    o l-oe Mat lkm. tie rilime hadtotm ledtehroll .l. Cooldy Commhaieofe hive to Lake torik and Deltay
    timeiaea$ temeeletqnu t M el I t Dor Foaer She tit a.Ih ryionow ser aie. O.., r to ho.
    t aror IIe tIenup MnMI t u ihe *"Mellm'o H e0 corlro m of Wliler utd uwerRep wnoel APB hat nade luoh
    miaonoredhy Ullh elrayBeecn otornr trEtm wu m e.ll s a b r utno iyoraled dtol|rpom Itar l 1om te>
    1 l--Cgg^^B^-tfSfi^ Bord elr Reallors." iild reelhdolclMethidoneluu ar~m wntof Llk(Worih nd Boynton Dclch, Writ Palm
    njac s oosJS Ille, hasmobo e LAI`laltatI lB,.el.d Woet "lrl
    a wtea 'Alenarralheweoith
    IhS J udE^ M l w II? l bh h o u n ed l l elfrct 'llv e o n lly Ig u U o n M l ae A M W P l ml e P e II e tl T epCke .
    cii D pedielot ii Moeth a herlto lidd"rTek meMeta llnhlare- Cmleeiiurmiioy pennet
    Plilder ito teum o, tntilt I 300 M a l, ,w fendio rni by MralPlm Daertrllh wed creeled bv
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    BaH ^ ^^'-hoo wlfii jI Illl C ic Al ie In Co m lllee i l bene addk 'thn laeum-e iilw In uninopateds where mon lclnalypllme d uha
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    cletiga otd Ret tona.e at ihe tat, pine. The niP a torttifa o M e pl h t So mIerm ithke preldttom JPik dllnh h Atiore' Thora ofliirarD ot ilh pre trern.
    did go ma ea Aikeh moo nmIc et t itre the mati to the eleirrte by the are the reel treatwinto that the c~oomlaieln moat enk Sollntiawitnnh ardevnloper wlo
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    I ndter eetg le Dc. Figert hal by M a IPI In e tior inetim heli Boisd
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    1'.- 1. I.". As0T00,0 A 1r 7 i0.

    Letters to the Editor

    lTl uEAL btlvhlo, lofiorl by Sthe sti oommo =utb doth, iay God bll. eacho
    CIIAB.TEa1 SE love a mnde wslch In ny way deals sold
    'alhn Ba0Ih Couly Ovda pa 0 dobylli51lLatn |ila,- ilt pnou lllml or people A ri tdallkt
    Lltto Gnv11000m~il' It at- totuo Prl000 otample Ii he prbally 0ldla r 011 I Molh Luoj tably
    mInt ooutntrncvh th al wor l 0 n tat ,Io lqCommltt lon CMp tltaly uld tiK It It 0 t 0071N UE 3E0010
    m Palo t Beoi h Coto ty hr which I* bln| ym d tlh ponttd 0l Ital tse Chatrtr PLAYhlOSE POaM AT
    d rot hi chrala r -oo 00 Stotot~ootototto. oest|*lioto on, ot pruted baa behn pro- The Delray Beach Plta-
    alocal 0 iltulthn w or wtn y 0o toport IO 100o th. poe d to ola (ormsnydtadn hn under owK rth alot.
    (fct. any kind of bloeprlol (o, Sle Ll.lllO Ueqlloau with im aendtLl a a d w0 en h to ol J. Sltat Watato,
    Co0nly ioerfnme lnrtclur' to wflher or not a Oobolld, ne1dd, a it ihuld be kept and ably 0wl0ld by hidhrd
    Palm Be ach Cou ly al- oo trype o/loh mmmt wo-ld Io taonly In mind hns l I lt llI b" end cCtInSlm ,on ,
    IIoih itpop. y ti S Couon b- l.llabeo n .-r Ooded tor pl nl( did'sf f llo e. tlorOr brau ]loo n otnad I moel
    ly Cooimmloo ntt to n lhe Palm Beo h Cotb y further ao l t any semiail ofdllds- itootul oa I Is tong
    rnly -- i not I l.i b ;ing Impal =oi upo, iofpietIe at dye 1 n In arli II wma do- aorined bilatory.
    runby Ildul (lot Co DIm od 4ot y lto e1 oy ai In sl up a charter B the *ao hl obtm beoo
    luion v olbr otltl l*ll t Ied mo t -dy o cOh, n n w (u.rn om ,m tdirtion floodtolotmey
    dlol,- knwn uCoololulio .- r ibo lll lt14 10 7 0Id ind0 prolfscon to tse ol.l There wem some who
    Tl Ollt0n 0 I Tt Aumor not a bnh thrlupono lt l maybf lltldbyetted peodl baMan b.l M a ot o
    Tao Colllor b C brk ol Cir- by late 51 e we0 0 ilready p iople n.d w .hit mttt *uch atbb' despite breath-tikls
    cull rout -- thtIt 000ir1 underoorthaIrleramo ao[|ov- ofict rtepooible to the .llj|n( hd brltllh nl 0I00 In
    v0ior ol Pl0,ll0 i r 1f.0 ro ommal people l Pal Bhoc Chouly Ibe adin oll, wuo loo drab
    a1iedl by th0 people o( Ihis Cbarter toDernmnl or l tor tolr Ith, 0P0plel good a apers c to replaceb
    cooty to -n tbhooe v oo tve Palm B. ab Counlywould c overmntOldpltleOtoo tmuolotltaomndy.
    orlce, I Ihte County hut ellmintle arther I0,1e0de 00 UndO rt.nr C.ovheo tl "olo wThvt e 0 o 08100td
    tbnc 5 CMlolunoiOl Offices and dirttl from Ibe Stdte ;-badgt oud b "too 0ldwo uno ttlhloO"
    alo 01 andt I rotl ire no0 Lallltalurt a. ltr Cminly b e heCom e Chotlt dopith mattoho .01.0d000-
    mnponi~bto to Ito potpie ol 60vt0iinni1 Otlwturt 1000 c on 0,00by 00010 obtoto and 1000, and 0iul0t0na108i ptrt1-
    P Clom B h toutly itty *e learned II 00u00 u11b0r 0,ake moloBy t heo 0,0 l boo desp0te a ho 070 lead,. 1
    ....... -..................as ... as .S.y ......... C"'n ~ m.
    Mpo litblto tlh Sla1t I.0 tIh prenhy tilled CoW'll' I0 00 |or 0110 Olh bwb" Wo 0000 00 to ho 0u
    tlol InTalltluhoo -001 i l tatiooai OIIrt Ino 0 0rtt aoo 000 t Poioloh0 lhelribll o lt e. M000
    Ite Slte0 Conlf utlot nd llul Othalt cb1 lnll00 taa leo h ly a io t o'a co" t, cur0.0em0t0 thib. eololtalI -ll
    l> why they 0, railed C t.11- ol 00po0lblhlly lrom 1a0 of o mo" .3 1 000 a moot pooinntn hoy
    lot 1. ber tobeOO Ii -ov I.- I -e n boas

    laOoO~ltlliceTt lpoyltrOlotseStl01-lollt O ot^ dodl otlbth ^ stollo I000it ln1000 110w0
    01 00 b lo l.bd no- ol ourlin to f ice Ct. y C tallt Ohie Mlo nlut llttpr howedo l Bod ay
    t-d cmilu o[lh prporto d Cofaol wowod ba t btondmB oonnte ordl- .tfl erBl ltmr det -
    ly~Counl Otlt, 0 0n00eled0ed r 0f11ia0mol the 1 o.l-.10 lCoun ly rni lyra- 1, equ0 t lon--wbl I
    WIy c lio y h I Coonam ly pOrpleotllaColnty, I 0nd, als0 05 2 1: m yi eCo0
    C.amotlm n who Tare OtTtiI O n. In t nu.leli ell t. f l I p. oboto 0l0l 0 m tily it bot 00
    dly 11nd 1,ruly el arted Copr h w til Ittr m lid lo thi o w alde Op o ulo ooenf te elr ol iih h1010ll0o
    CHitl.m ol the people of Cme nly m t tnll |om, ent Coan Cleo=e hr I I u"'.... bud.or
    Palm B chCoumy 0l0-- Iaon l toalroe. a n1 -- a tn0 .1 1in i per llhlb, Irothy 0mnedl. -- t
    0000kew01 odto s lo lltln lotal 000l0l o[ 0 e ,fallI ol ttOt.l0 hio 000 n f0 100 o day. f10r0010 be
    (ery old oouroonlyoot .- or Conly Goveomot by u*. un17mBormwiH eod l. t. Sbolb d Ott ilo pleds-
    elomoeooperalbt IthBCouty Ite people--nlo 0thah0toLe0 0000 00001 lt0 0 depafl- tlmolPto hIa tsisOyOp
    Commlion, m.0e "' lyal hl l lut it to."Fun "o 01 bra, to In the i0flt 0 ie. ith car
    tPamroy thay rt m --o whom our prel etoCyltta- Im ot 00 r00000 Cdly o hopp ea Lrotntheom.
    nloeotstomo ve a m [o seho 00010 tr
    eio -ted hIt l- Mypr o ed0 i00 oo" ltn e rI bCumbaao'y Under ("dl or b M l let r tedle pondeato
    000otolttem ut we omnedy 00 hltadto1. toot
    Iso'ro sy o' -mtCbn. 01 ..0 onIaIddI00p0' or00save000001110100Five
    scrpl a.. .. ... ... tl
    Schools Need Help OP ",nw-
    bur1,0 ooeot oo ahe l ba 5000 t 00 year yp, otol
    II ,,Udertbtootohnowndo G_ hp0
    liat week. the HillBtoppent Club held an apprt'to- 1ri0000Unodnr Chat,,0- 0 d000. 0,0 l e we
    lion dinner for Randy Cooper who Is rei00ng as head emrntl we cotd ,obmplhbhh Ia 0.2d8 01 topeWrlltM
    coacholtheAselattnrtHlohSOhOtIootIoo llignam. a eqollodal ol no prw to. 0 ol d Oolotylp b00M10
    During he gay. yel sad cetobraUon which marked i IO dtoropoild e ha bro- a obltto eltser toe 010-
    eworndt 0 yd t aoed00ott 10000 orf ettatlo1 d mia1;y ot
    theeend oICooper's I!Mconeanul year ai eadOd, c adi. u'ndsr ^^re~oe IIPK~sqln lel01
    theshotrl but powelCooper addr, dtheio gPit e we0 0tS00 oenOO t* popokltei m.
    Vice quiverln to a 10g0 e. Cooper issued a plo.: rl l eIo Rtei --Refewoum 0 hoed hore0 po 0 o a dded
    "Tlhlseounlynendyourhnlpmorelthanot er.Moratee ..nd Inlltie aotno w I ;, alt it dis0O to
    aldanaBll eoinwamongeducatior." w'eablel.o uCaoonlyC-ny C se0 mO 10.0 but d"mo '"ed an'op
    Poerape it was the tone of Cooper. or perhaps the ieo asrotUriet to CUl0 tt p1=e rtanYt l aor may,0l0w
    orioonel r o. the plea co. 0ng on the hers of jovialty G m w bn = I r To
    as n wised the best 10r another man who 1010has bive=pn eboeootaiet be lndys ="ul Cotu
    hiobest overfIheaool12yes.. M tnllel0, c0r08 ."y1 To. soo11bhon lotlh
    Bd Cooper's plea tor hlp "if the public school Oll.. s welluony tnll Oly.
    apslom In tosurvive" .trk oild on the IFall au1- c S7vrm% 0 1 d ar to a ne 00lr 0 0,
    fy. Many r already knew that the Kaobel spstem i in la ""t, 11Lidslpe of ska p
    '.l"y 000, d00001000to .I 01000,0 aC 1.11 Ths e tro .mm 'Ponoo~ot loon
    dil ttly.'Tletploaodda ndndtemobeslltol heiend, h S.tcouy.7ThK,00rL0! thPomtriooelotaadpio[0og
    Ta11 a once '"trg and -plrond Ithool UOh as c ar0trl00. nomtebdetod.
    Sacresl. now AlIanolIc. and in0 e Palm Beach County b0lTloolea t tto bo hoped Uhsl a eW
    Schools should be bent to their aneeo Is t bright ot BOlr0 Be30 Board of Directors. when
    adutilt and students alike, T.hN ti i o elided wl iIdmdlbtlR rto
    More than ever. blacks and wltt,0. youth and MAKS IS. P it0tmO 100
    adu needled to rach an accord and ithe bho eck To Mark friend, Imho to0 |llUira0l0ott
    onheirfeel thi clt n wt hinlgh.-GLG -w00d, ho lodendowlho ooeojao a
    and waho roe Maed rk 0nd r lllSi' S Dr
    T Lh T00rlleO05 110lle w011 W.p1l0l05lo.oh, 0l.05N
    Too Late "a.. h' v A
    o Lt Eight Years Ago
    to Classify ...... ............
    Ou a tLO tn ho oill Sl i oprto r. 01 10to W h ied .ind o. i ll was h. co1 oul
    0000t01oy. ao T h~ m bbo lt 1 Oil 01001 10 b1e Ptse E01nchJ00dl aIatos00e 0 00 000 moot abilnnd on 001'
    H tim V eforden.1- He oeeloMr~oB a ~ WM fid d= e==R

    ,o I lcle tecmmLPmd-mem~lv
    BhO today. .70070.50 mol t Itr0e to UM b. n art0 o of = t atHit 1 0h, IN aUM hto a0 10000,00
    %0.%.'. ne ?l"le Inljrpl.=ay Part s WW I = = & Bl
    angbol lU. mio I ed loto11deel IO4 bal wnmd S Ih n Ind i"? edl fo41 !o!"."'ed +
    ano 0 P_ Or1 r Jk, 1100 10 11a00000 011h0
    I ol ml u oray Tehk 000,00r loo IedJilh ato tnoinM yC1Bric em oisk pyoelOla lt Iha wodtiB" M p
    ..nug omgeon. Zl :ren. o==1t ueltpa llbel. 00 totffito0 1000'0ddM raolf othul!outDih
    alt 0tl h. i co 00pleol0 hundred 1ct ooto| l teo t 080 lal00 Me n wm noo fnhatdrbewou 0 00ay fo
    101.do B of GeeFrial ntumber.
    70e0,0 noo potltocira oo.- Co line 10 0. Ito ooetboer .00S that h~p woob po'., 00010ee 0e,00)qulf haimo 1,0
    itolldeld. V h We1k01 aolout I e doo't ton t1ak thoielr e001 0ember0 of UeIB. ataona
    S aotre, younlhte .uhbb or n mOn aot 1 o 001 0 0o'
    'KS~i as =M bithsK~*^ s. s^ ^ S ,
    .I=lrl lp~l 2" ul] combat *vrs 1. "I hem,. God good was losrsomadvallit
    sern;,'K& !.;n" an ".1~.^ 3,~ ,^ S
    he100310 010.11 .or e 10010ordnh ott 000_~ asa-si
    tof. wm t hl 0 0n 0 00tos ( 5llds- wllJ 1010sd. 0 00 10 0
    00rotor- 001-000- 0011, 80p10000 1111 moor 00m to B 0th 00I 0. totse Ohe tb00 Jere7h0e00 .0 S00.0
    00ont0,100070000dmo 0 000n coinm~~t b10de ooya 000 00 boa. 0100 000 0 p.r0e n 0 0tho 10 OomtS~etoatO
    pIe~rtom.0000 p rtor000 O e o 08003 o~ ~ 00 listtlm- beDmoo mtlot ooOtodOl 00001000101000
    molwy.we ao yu loto per. Lto .0010 0l0 .F" mbo arltog .1.11on1 ut aoortorhbeboai.
    0l0010 10i,0tO tobtiOt poe~lotoottr. i

    James M. Cox Jr., Chairman
    Robert W. Shorman, Presidentl
    Gary L Gooder, Publisher-Edltr

    Advertllsing Account Executllves
    Mo.. hotoeyGo Miss ebo Cowdry

    Bookk.per-. Mn. Cecil Snyder
    C dulation. Mrs. A. A Hollock
    Claoulted Ad,. Mo. Pe>tr Kolean
    Woman's Editor Mo. St.phon Whndoeldl
    Phowogrmphe y. Raymond Graham

    Do,,arb 8*Dc. Floddo., 334. aErld dI Sond
    Clo0 both. at U.5. Poll C Oltt,, 0,h 0 000h
    Chbu ,plion ntal a,, 10,8 o r 2.60 1,d
    mo1l0l00 SlO thm monlhl,
    Nallional tAdvrilnlg ItopeIl thIl
    .* Wy.WhO 115O.2 both 1A-..

    Bethesda Memorial F'und
    WILLIAM C. BIRD Mra. Hlrofd N. Munger
    M1n. i0h0rd C. Qullevan
    Mr. and Mn. F. Gorkey
    Man. tuh R. A11rd
    Mr. and Mn. R. N, Shlelda
    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey T. H8I
    Mr. ad Mrs. Russell J. Leader
    LEO E. CROY Mo., John L. Blir
    Mr. and M.0. Henry Otery
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Selm
    Rueal C. Flomr
    Mr. and M. John C, Sturtevant
    Mn.. Me0an0 PIl1ner
    DR. WK.M DAVIS M0. R. W. Albright
    Ceaptn. and Mo. Royal Lvell
    James W, Huglhe
    Mr. and1 Mo. Edward J. C-unly
    Mo. Marpent C0eron
    MILDRED H. OPFFUTT Mr. .d Mrs. Ray Raynor
    MRS. JOANNE FINCKE Mr. and Mr. ay oynor
    VICTOR BASS Mr. and Mno. H8iy Ray31r
    CHARLES F. ZELTNER Mr. and Mo. Dalvd D. Blider
    CIHARLES A. GORDON Mn., Ca0rlea A. Godon
    DR. JOHN F. CABLER Mr. and M0 Peto Dye
    HOWARD C. AMEIGH Mr. and Mr. John K. Glessner
    HENRY BERG, JR. Mr. and Mo. WUlltm A. Bagby
    MUto-Mye0r Pont 5, Amoericant 1egi.n1
    Boynton-Delay Soroplmlisl Club
    DR. JOHN J. PILCHER Dr, J. Donad Wargo
    S Mr. and Mr Roderick F. O'Malley
    CORA E. ROGERS Mr. and Mr. Charles L. Davis
    Gil to Hospital Mr. Vivt0 n Bonert
    Donamld P. Whitney
    Conlribeioons to the Bethonda Memorial Pond
    iould be st to B3ox 01. D8dray Bea.c. Florida.

    JURNEY'S BLACKSMITH SHOP tIn ollr y Beach 1
    1 a S ou Avenue nd SE 0 0 Second 0 S rvel
    wene sothnrase Bll odey.

    The Village Smithy -

    A Traveling Man Today

    ByLUCLE TEI1NMETZ Arabian matres boarded the lor A.J. Ier o Boyn0'
    West DIlray Beach i. hoe counlrey today but Beach.
    wheoare tihe blackamrtlh heops? Lee. warLe g -ete. gear. ]nd 0e 0hou t ot 0 .
    In 101B. when horse and mulss were taken to motheat and daughter tok-alike. I.m the field 1 l0 ;
    Albert "Pops" Ju2e to be 0abed, his siothy stood o Carmnan went to work on a oot of the0 younger n .
    S, 80w0n0on at a pot behind what was then .hndn' The old hoe was removed and wilh01i shtrp bte 0i.
    Gre, now Fntn's dy-good stor. The morning 00 of and lo.1 were pared. 71The frog, 0hat tender o '
    a01er 0e her lcne oi t Is he I n utly (the shop nol Ihe growth In esoled. was nleanedand 000tmmed.
    man) didn't stand at all, I was gone 1 0Accoo0g to00_
    Pop' son. Jim Juri of Deray Beach. "Al ha Pn0ait his thumb Into the oprny lag Car0el0
    remained wral thean0 l o If block" 0id. "s ac00 0a pump when the h0 e sto on It,.
    and pushe, the blood and ol outlaround the f1OL"
    10nd 1e1e00 t~o 00111 Lorntel oo..ooo It
    Village B I a _: Carmo0n opened ah e k. m0al lop door to 0et
    Boot Is hdlod ; p J. ry. ,1 t the bases ot 0,000be000n00,n.0r Jumpb ao
    "Even wben hedind'thinpast anua^.. i ,. ", l1150' J^ ^ amr jupe .
    .."PotsweldedI3eo1~. widnn0ed at the oepelod noise. "Arabin ar 100
    opw hd po0 "b." BIty Furk rd, theyB step 1 0 0. leaf their,
    Paps Jr0y, was a second generation 0mlth. le pachtaf."i
    eamed his trade In los fathe10' Elmond, North C0000 0,0 0. 01
    Iran [In 0 910 0hI l ate ,T op. O 0ea 0 10.0 0,W The. eo wet one. tw 0 O n. 00hr our 0 e.'
    Deltaso workIpe inhilacksmit o,,O IONN' b id nales as well as lighteight racelande sh-e aroa ld
    thinand aluminum. mine with Ine irobs S oin g Is `
    lapMooP00oory.t proper ahee. 000000 ppo Ifit to fl 00e 0. 10,01:+
    By 013 PFo was in his own place on S. Sw0alon 01t. lrequlredsevemal 0pet0mhorsetoannlL,.
    where he remanedun til the M hurricane. Afterwa0rd Th7 hammer i. 0 h ard e laIsed ovr h hli i. l '
    he moved to N.E. Ave. where Plrce's Tire Shop 10 bos and put the heads of six a.1. In 10s mout. 1t .,
    no and throe years ffler to SaE. 4 Are. where South. the o 0lging ar folded her knee and preetntd h0er
    em Bdl Is today. fIl ca ean rested It nn l> lather covered. d 01 1 0 W.-
    Jim Jumey sao he thinks of his father's career pou0nde In a bel0 Afer bending. clinchlng and nipp0 g
    general blactsrmlRng In 1,s hop horse and mul off the end where it c1me through the line1rlOve '1ol
    werehd ,mleswerev.ven "muchkshoes" talent rtnch wall. omthediteiurfane witlhhrasp. ',
    plate bolted Uo boOf). mato1 were, built and repaired. Coarnean 0100ed tohe h0rae0 nd prepared o la0 0:
    and steel rims were shrunk on wheels (by coling fte Why, he was asked, was he called ab0lacst? Why 01
    hot m0tal. Pops w-aded nIn, created ornamental imr black? -'
    for a number of e1lam0 bult Irritation pue and .. r ... 0
    rendered a number of vetenry Baernve.s I0nldi "1 Sa I's because I work w 0 the hard metals.' I
    cleoarigmandfroor 00 boe'. I.rC.-. a0000 sa0d. "the melas that MI.e black scale (ta
    Jim-'i'-"V i mhi '
    Jim i'emenlMth0 with good humor how he and hli dlch1 : .
    brother Jack. mw of Boyoon. cank1d 0 he bellows aT Lee untied the mares and lurn0 them looe In t0h'
    the (orBe. mlkd barefoot between hot places of metal feld. With a los of their heads and a lah of chetosot''
    and lk a bth In he slack tub he ob e contlaner t1il0 they gilloped to the ar s0d of the -e0do0.
    und0 iolcooling metal). 00n0n drove away In los bCihnck ollh ibeopio--wn
    and000 hea01. 0.r h00net cu0ome. Good 1ees40 00etlo
    B0 abo&e. al Jim thinks foodly of1 1the .1 0black-.d0 fIo r hi t ..
    s00lto sp as a too place to be. Thee were men sitng
    around do01 lighBti over thle choie otrng, and
    tomelbne0 men danced while Pops beat out a rhythm ,
    asiratl the hoeon aule's loolt.
    After M1 them8 were an blacksi.th shp. In Dd8. '
    ray Bach. Today. I anyone wants proteonle hotrse-
    Ro~l e ulBd llaeling bacinensth."sDais
    Cotnoon ofLake Worth isoTh. tn,
    His halt10. 1. phio 0k-.p track. lie covers the aro
    north to Start, south to Ft.P Lauderdale and we0t to
    Belle Glade 70 miles nornotand south and about 0

    He t a man of rneianu build, wflh iom-tmanned fae.
    I11tl1 of he ath1er, apron of Jumey'* day. h0 wea0 '
    leather 0 a ove his I0eol. "The only dillffleree
    between n and tbe o d-Ume bictB lh" % .7
    tudd.'- theoeV ." wb
    The nling farrier (bon shier to "the noOae-lre
    000n) nee0ds0. Io e. He f ots te horoe cmld. Ile
    uses hlo hmes, 0o called 1beca 0 they 0used to come In
    1000and1 01 100000 pa0re7el 000. N eo n pnpcartos. ed
    With Ihe rear doom of oarmC n's tCH prop
    ope. he Ie. 0007 00000 to10800 Hlisa s0beelni
    s mtd "al oo=dy". Ito bldan Ippera, hammer, m ov, -o 0 -o-
    and sole knife in the bortom toy, ansesnbe i1lIn in
    the omallcomparonents h t latorm lom hendle.00n -'-
    On & bentot viIt of his to Downey and Belly ALBERT D. JURNEY AT TROPICAL PARK during
    FuPokas EDF ranch In D herayh he atended the two bistlermnl[lA assoeraetranleklatoelmetor.

    TRAVELING BLACKSMITH Dale Cames" serve A.0 . ee's Amblan Mare at Downey Fuock's EDE
    u a.rea 0i0 Sturlt ab t.eaMrth lnPF. Luderdale Reacb twIt.Io ODlry Beb0.
    Mi tong BoeD Glade weast. At H0IM, Cmoane, oheem

    I41 -S

    .ewJul.J, Tnu.day, A.prt arI, tP:e

    ......n...... ...Area Deaths--... .
    llNA AMEs Foieuatnl TInye WeIt el OL oiat ma athl Chaunh a tnn e stoer h horyh Centrad A-
    lt od h rn i e t Mernltal Partef WPIt 11 And llther, Mr end M IS t r0i ae is esuntved by E w[i e
    no: tne taun eo d 11orf i le t Be h bee. Co Funeral
    ro dH e llIr A r iT I
    ter e ifvtore sliyear hat tee hi ensBa fg uwe elie tlarreant nt Coiplm, geVA IL W rad it "
    d y r e ,l. ttIO eene"h ed Florida d his mat t in eret l va l alker. 71, ato. sW I
    Se it Ill Ap I, S Se hnaa iied a nr date W. r Cety SIE 4 A.. te, ira teeth. died .. . .
    Roetnerteoth Ciflelnd llehu Ohio the Fmeeld seven* aen held bta ol Llaealew ta l ist P t
    l teeitaed hr tin et i w ansmbtrf lIheacn- e m. M dt atIlbe5o- Oturh nda teraneo ad d ihri ny s nae
    Glori BS other. Lia Wonl |i Lulheran Ctthrcl og rey bteeJrlaendtPolier Froeral Wart. .. t>b?.t3m y be made
    sore. D l reel n i Bl t le c Steeth .the ltd y tloome.teteytMe t. tlelesol ndn i >td n 1t ttbe tieeaCo-etetheel.
    lbtaneI T, .d allo .Y,

    lHntG.eBle ch,ertt t.r vitll. Ae two irdndnaa 11Tf 1lo. SOU bh, g eah, li l And Ol id ,s d
    le'ter. Sr, a Aliettd oriJ r tet II. ot oytett dd d' d S." ff, tie to4 *htther,d t.w m i.W t rtliel. -
    e t, synO if t bh. lt Beeth and M tll C B teell 1vnd Ie ( toe t .e.n a t m yiach.
    hthetet. terte el ttlet'h 0 Lekt Wyori, meise is l r ett son hBhheoda. TIagD mm rr n bte held o
    IllendAlbtrtoell l l rede I ll i tr CeelsdOhlo l nwuaeahralFilBn t em diy el Lakvsew Ba, tt
    tl i d del rlee d Ch, b aI D I rll In Ihe elt L Distinctive
    tIpm A prIl IAM e htc S a. Scbee .Combs funeral btt e t h Ceh try. otVl e-Ied S AI V
    Combens FoP tal Ifle BSYn. lTen. tynon. Beeth at 1 ]He It aeiud by hb wt e, ld IPtet Futnl l DeH in t
    . t.et iS t We a Rl et. In I eI t. S t eth. n Children's
    stnle, leanto at Atnareeleo hetbnteealfe alvoeea dsia to doenten. eor oan-
    Lutlh.eranChtrnoh.leuli Lltae.ofit klHOW KBiaAM 1 V ilt, inA,B IIOS CAdBIoieTnr oM Cilstelhing
    .AI.......... A.. II. ..SS.'... ,, Clo
    tINShm.Da. ll y0 M e t dIBesta. -
    nno deth1b M.attse _O athBc, ad plul n. es Mta. tewtrisear,
    t _.in tot 1 Ansterdm. A StlIol ahi By III d lie s or e add lD| eltt, te o ldes e of Mml-ltr. Nh lie -( k
    ser lin 7he retired NJ. ws eteflran o( World Ibetienan e liir. O tee cm s d from t-sIm je4 J
    St. 1 WeatM E 'e. rndCmA nyei u ne lHo Boyp B 1at- o1. S ool, l hennt- h W Dt i Shp
    i .e.an lat imtotde nre-e. hi. leci rieenoleTenepmg teendtd dene GrOtoduale 276-6342
    Ill osroted hy tie eill. a ie survied by hti wite. Shoel ar He I t veser-
    thy I Smilh of Boyn5lt Miararlt Ber o ol Daray 422E. ATL. BIIHAY
    Bea h. t Mree IIItrad Mrs Bl And .( Jely1 o Grv ie ld RFlci lor IN R., J an d---.-

    e nn COtI t er a t ae a e t 'd t t attends r, Ott

    te.C "hs anerl llae. ieWom naSi N CAL Vhildren'
    ets at he letruet w llama La Salter at t oty tn aa sep
    tonyAtnStzh a he the n dB e tl, te ... teh alt te 9, I 95 .CAn 1- AA-11t4
    slteite Ifad j tand ted;es be*
    V FoWSLltaat nii ,Yn dn tm hi t"hem ol r Beau Bathe tA, Ilt aTeens
    3ai.l us;e. Iel.a e, r. an, CW. `7i .e ft ne l RISao,. s .
    ante rattd in or. ott a S Swie Includ e eatenido, -> tW P0 0, -"
    lite nmoat ffat rlee Lade.. n...ey dite tmp ; .hdAdpd,"yed ,,tL CARE FREE
    Nt Mt P.aOT .U aeo deanlten, 0dM. InS C ad led Het .tt Addi
    ye lIwvlmednrby th oue ansy *end Mta. normoe 0* a o near en yatnkton Thin per io prtliorm shoe
    Nd..miI, a t.PA, e lellUA SP, y A rnhet dndhe a rbiam .. .Seae
    d it de srtit. Mt Vti-M. tGr. 5.. t = ,
    tet "oeld t .ped M een dabtrtnt, PA ELASULrIW
    astd ad d a ,tterrl. .t ad. li- = %. MAn o I SE YouIhad
    it taNttday. Oe ISM S1I d b Ly e 50 lnh ar S ti. Mar 1|s GM?

    IM anly nRd byIl weil 422 Er Al DEA
    is a a lt tn y AdeI Ad, I. ISI
    FarnN Senr.1lte d o tetnt
    B HIS_ Al..bler. CLEB RI `eA.lON = dwd,
    La NllloB ao Fart PleS rIa hllrt. ii EveybdyI'Takig bo, u ta
    o n It ad doApril 1i >Ie eI w p e 0y April 1, IYo Mn I a yo r m
    r Sllern-Fvlll Southdwle a m.oHe o b i ti aunnd d en en pSt

    Uk ...NceY^.... aima.

    m.......i....h..btn.iut Everyybodp Is Talking About.r lcI

    :fm eyIn many ltown i mn bam like eryon knowu everyone elr bul nes
    ISiHowever, when i coe to your perse nal financial affadre absolute
    marl. ev i ory ind i ndu l You w ant o be certain that your affaire are
    onfidnnc confidence. i
    Investment portfolio with the Trust Department of our bank. Nt
    1.mouths shut, but our fiduciary capacity insures that we dol In ad

    confidence, of cn 1ursel

    Beaurilul obpe lilaed lIth lhi newetl and
    moas t p de irabI merchandi e
    Jfost IS O m! 3 2 Sut h A N A VElalSnREeR E
    N.. an Hllhwoy 302 E. ATLANTIC AVENUE

    clue Is 'guiding information'
    S. ays Webster's un-
    abridged . .
    Clue . for evening wear
    S. for glamour. a long
    exqulsite print or pastel .
    Mark, Fore & Strike.
    Cue .. for man MFS casual
    evening wear that meets the
    evening's mood,

    X=,. H .. lon, J.- N. v.
    10 y H*EA T No J*ArE
    1045 E. ATLANTIC AVE.

    ffnrlters F.Lf.I.C. @ I'IIS .0

    our Business?

    S"Gossip" is one of
    privacy is the goal
    held in the strictest
    tcy is to place your'
    nly do we keep our
    edition, you have at
    t our Trust Depart-
    II want to give us a
    you-in the strictest

    l'q l,Nni.J ad.T n.n y,


    Plan W
    333 P000d 3.04, Hyp330o0 on.O
    du10hler0 Bell0 Jo Se1 e 11 o,


    for sale.
    30 l 3 . n3 i3, 1 01. <
    liu 11 000IKl fll00
    1010103iiii lo b,. 10i. i]
    UN.In I S. I tI A s ine
    ,.k3 i0.3. Nid 3i, tIil 1to<
    s,,,ii I. I. sl ,,, fir It. 0 0 ,

    ine i # l imll I
    ILL 0 l1 I -1t1l I R0il




    A" ....'_, Kennedy-Bone To Wed

    om pkins M.n ratl .. The couple plans 01..

    I l 11", I d"n 05000 330 3
    e d dir n ga t " "* L t '" Te Vii e nFerrt r

    S .Wedding Set.
    ,i ns where the l BLi. Ad

    r i lllm a .

    COS0E41C P1 lib0 0 I. Ti 0I
    W.G.l il 1 Ma SeM hs

    dKendra I

    pd- MEN M etWOMEN-r a lL.
    AKElTS 23" SLACKS 00 of r
    Allia~ o se1 Palm B k J o Mo, ior Collge

    pANyi 3* ILOUS15 ''E S
    SHIlTS 02" MAl ISKI 2"*
    S1N W.. OTS .i.

    ALS 11. t PAT I IE- 1 SETS. n '.11 P

    31SdTr.T An. 10 1oMrs 14 M s

    AC is Mi 1,t t 0 ,0 In

    When you flip

    the switch in 1976

    will the lights come on?

    We're spending almost

    4l million a day to

    help make sure.
    You're using more and more
    electricity. And so are your
    neighbors. Our job Is to ry
    to make sure thai the electricity
    you need Is always on tap, ready
    to serve you at Ihe flip of a swllch
    It takes a 1lo of planning. Thars
    why we have have to look ahead five years
    and more. And it lakes a lot of money.
    Tha's why we're investing over S300
    million a year in facilities. Everything
    from new generators that make the
    power to new transmission equipment
    that keeps the power coming to you
    dependably. All aimed at maeIng ..
    sure you can always flip that I
    switch with confidence. t

    WUe can't afford not to.

    Walker- Weeks Engaged

    Mr. and MAl IIarry E
    w.Iser BA fnion B.ach an
    n.unce I3e enhlAs emeni 0
    11ir duolbtr,. 33010 bare+.
    1 aichard Kenl Weki M ol
    Mr. andMe| Artr Wok$

    Mi.. Debr. Irep W3lker.
    atmoly I Fitr'Pr ri-
    In Curch, 1 BronI o in

    Isaac To

    en Bivins
    vi00. Jr. o( Me *r d 04
    Il.yde Bl3i3., Sor 030il

    An Act1 l th3 w0ddlni I
    Mt. uc I i or *I A-
    n rdie ad i J .
    Mr. 3BJ3t3 10 p.uale ol
    03l3nll3 )3|3 S0l0ol ind 0i


    ThenMplewill benedlni
    Pm m Iremoy I1 51 J.l1ph0l
    pilio10l Ch13rch o3 3oynl33
    B=ch on Frlday, Miy I7
    Friend* ar e In vaed io a el~ie
    The bfld~lenll In (irldml
    01 S30coot3 lllb School .were
    3ndl She 0i 3rrently em-
    03yt Bjrnfon-On-Tloo.
    Mr, W3ek3 w-o nidned
    frou Sucrt Hl-h School
    whene n wu member of Uw
    Wlbll 300m lIe i no. em.
    Eploed by id 3il3er..

    Sgl i foi your hope


    516 .. *lllti1 n. llel. bl h h 276.0144
    I-. ----- -- - --

    does for a steak or a
    chop what VOISIN does for
    a continental delicacy.

    One o the rt restaurant o /IN oa theWorld.

    Ill Vt sl, Grosm
    no a~m


    13 0,00 0. 0 o, 3 Bt A,30 r,0 A1 *.
    Woeip S1m3 10 00AA4 .
    Isn NrS iSIAt:II
    SI. J l3ph'd Epillm0. Church

    F3-+o lkio4,Iom Il.O;C1,,o.M I,

    ll,1 I\TIIX lllh It
    3l1, 1E 33411 rT )IM 1I
    I'r0imhi3 e 3 ipl]islt :hurch
    11:00 1130.m,.int 7:00
    o.m, "lloldlne Foal To The pm.
    ilori, Chrlollnn Filth."
    \,1 i. fil 0'l 3 3 0lh 3ir ,niil A .l,.ll0, It 1 01110

    i11 3.W. 2.0 Etint 5il003. 333 lall3
    X., L Auhrk. mi.01 :3lM

    ,. r..r w si- ,. so 10X1M

    (1,4hfgo. Stf..4m-AIoO

    33 In."- I30.. -
    T-tI, 3.,3 .1 M-[ P.0* M.
    t'lMt 1h5 h *~ *I>1l. +Irntll
    2. hu1rr r'IrI d .,Wl4. Rll --

    3 i.hnt A. ,l.

    r. 0 rn 0J. 00ub0.r lnlilr
    3,I3 0,*, 00,0 0m I" *,1.



    ST. PAIL :S l3Sl3LLPAI. 1 111 l31
    |II So. S.Inlin,,ip.

    ,.,. 0 l 1001 00..,I, .... ..,


    3llO..lI* %<.l.l|>, ,,linl^,> T3\\


    ;I AIE IAPT:IIST ':1 11 111:11

    m 3 .00 .. 000


    I50 SW. Ilth Av.,IIM BeI


    VEIN No WORSHIP. -100. P..
    a cordial irteo.-nw 03is0, !ut +



    i lu


    Plan Wedding

    ?-... .:iTh. -;i ta n....ird.. M.
    rvmoun Junior Colie In
    [ADolX la e c'ad eJvaed her
    M tc baChllelo t lee deCmur
    Iram Forida Slae h Unlvelty.
    W H She I pretll, emnploid 1
    S* an elenla hool ohe
    iMr. flohmeaXk elendd ite
    S U nvenily or Mi n where k
    w a Pal lies I. a ln em.

    SAlIonaR h Ihe R iac. e bL. -
    Iklni. aalhn. nad ioincine .. T. H, ,?..- EL, uBS A 0.
    Re .d CMross i .S. WILLIAM D.
    !kepilna E la pogo I dnt a *....
    Iattrcllve. J. C. MItchl Com- ** ** cower El5n beld
    OI~iC ai b Is c imo l IoR a r" E Ib. lE, 6 I ||t St C
    .... IE IO IR. 'l ,I a" a .e a".0 S...pe GardE S
    n aa. or Ihe home a".,.,,a n ,._..,_r.. LL no e
    .L bb 4 LO o EE m. Banel,,t A
    . . ,, :: .. .... .Im Bowen. IM
    n.. n., n m n k -. rn In... P.O1 D -, ...' Al 1rlL ,hn .IP
    S .0 ., ..,. *,. ch ie t J C, iloell Corn.- -----
    n, ....m... .,, l wek NOW
    '1 r .... ,, .e n in s m tm7.3 .to ..:M pjn a F

    S'C ond ian thi iua wln L .. Rectyling
    eir iaonallpl Clel er- AlroeasmI havngt ...,E o n
    a i Ior Ihe., l six yearf.. Th.Ixa~ iy tx i Repairing
    obu FiN e 0l THe n o o Cleaning
    iS; ior fl pe co.utlvn i .ao
    OladJnv CJiOLI. OReicigrlalon y jfH n CamplCEt Una
    Tiled l T3pOr lampla d FaIEd I C KE, a /,L
    Underwater ItruictoE ap- ailnedoIT a" lSw l(alar i
    proved $ucl Iun cu O DIvIne poeoi a InpD y
    iholCob.lCyJ, C Lions Lair A
    M Wy. anlib dale wlii bS an.A po rOGn rN
    iE aId pIl n r. 271-2a5il T. Ln ASU E sI*..

    Red Cross ......." ....

    mnd:Ie FEa aIm .6-l
    0niy.1 C plaer c J. A imrkcTn I E-
    bertndle To In.
    Pon lEr 1.0 &.=hm
    KlOle Tchlid no

    ,icae a e Volrtn er, had bym
    Mra. Juin H. Drxel in of
    Palm BTS Mn. DearTuE i -o

    Mn e, Pitril t YOU ARESi
    WFAt P.Im Beah. The wlte "I INI C
    ir HnELsiE led Ileall I KITCHEN
    CCTTiCO SbT irbioa BTElEUT*W WE, AT
    a ,imteTr Ites, Tr Had 4 JiOUR CLE
    Cre Mother and aby Care CIENCY
    doh Golden ol LAke Worh. WE USE
    no r paCired E N ier in INGRED
    ad Senior ih Sool, b theBEST FO
    cIbTrmin oi L5O Chaplnr'E
    Youhd AdvtS Co mllil TASTE
    'dan Va Va a Wed ,
    PAm Seich hau w;ae CHAR BROILED SL
    If IeNl ro I IH eAn l.S EISEAKEUOER, a Ib ......C. a9 e
    ...ICt raed lsLh i. "All ThE War" ........ S Hell
    n at S=Ca ui neiai. 2.. CHEDDAR $UROER, '% lb. .. b a m
    S la Sd t "All The Wy,' ........ C.
    cr a STt thead 3. FRANK'N UN W .......... N9
    ErE ml ln relies n WeU "lPua. P"
    Pih o Bea c h ranch lc1 4. HOT CONED BEEF .......99 IS, ITAI
    I Eab and SE 5. HOT PASTRAMI ........... 99 )6. ITAI
    _6 +l iMPORTED HAM .......... 79 17. Wlh
    7. HAM i SWISS CHEESE ....99 IB. STEC
    8. SAtAMI "KOSHER". ........75 I7F.CHa i
    REGULAR 9,. BAR B Q. BEEF or HAM. ....9
    0C, ROAST BEEF ............99
    S CK II, FISHFIEI .............. 69
    TAPES 12. AMERICAN CHEESE ......49

    S9Ir %,1 ,,.11 Co

    Sale Tapes SOUTHERN C,
    S1S0 Ve, al ol thHOIh DINE
    Si : :................. .7I OPEr DAILI
    -Delray Music p ................o SISN.
    & Appliance FRIED SHRIMP Delray

    Oak F......... ...... ... 7

    * E-T" ^faCTKi-n.i-,l-AS7^.- v. -."'r ---12-r

    STURROCK won lint pIzle or a
    e.a durlng E Eldld piEcemIuaet
    April 11 Ihe hlome Io Mn.
    ...n d le vited e ueda of the
    lub. BlIe ribbSon In bRe Artlilc
    rded Eo SMn. Panl Lay.nn, MCn.
    E. Frederlc Benh, inJr., d Mn.

    N.4.TIl rfl4.nl. AItn.IT.PI CE. .l -
    Campus Happenings Carter
    PALM BEACH P1l0 Bch JuiLor CollEAe P*... ... .
    JUNIIIR COI.LEGE hil ne w chief o aCImpLA pa C+l', la "" t '
    A Tnew, T ne-yueiIpro ai iol I l ai.ThomuP tire ,n l ermer, len l q r l oIItCldEnrllu"ie
    iAuy .L .1 . . .. ly cualy chlel c C The iar1 PCIClW Je
    College .... = I pl !iAXPaiTBe:ThGiiAC nlor CoIele. May !M1." he REED & BARITON
    Room T lhniclna., l nw le Prn1IIT. velerain polC o b. lId 1'm lurE It ao-l -o SILVERWAIIIE
    cl occMlicen elu bSeomam lla i en t far p r I leEcu alT tei wboce ITflelTnC 51aWAM
    p Hul rlo l tl pill peUIece AlRCH. Seleaibtly In- d he h ie le c1 17 eim T
    Slndenai who wish to enler Sa mpie icurily np Ie n eIeIne canl I. i Oul now biT reco aaai a
    Ihe prEinm In Ihe PllY T .rm i ." en i.nTriantI 1041d amnIE ia
    m. tlke i i al li l In 50l o( tse law etocmen -
    n Inua] and n W deete rty o, of t he cl ell ol h1i plelu r *' M e

    HinT II member el e Ie aurill SC I C
    ;;................. NOW I rion + lff o++A I
    .SiS.VSSSXS a TlMY1tha .1 b wo.-'|

    perillon i Il renlinte reprd \\,i ^ B m ^
    n.h I I lime Ya1 H.l
    nDlteITncude, roCtn 4101
    Ci..].....,.... in Thank

    +11~ ~ ~ T pMAYm 1161h~l p
    E Aiilnt In 1 rofpadnl I
    cfldEun ind a Tndln I pc 11
    TIIIOI ITd worel aCondl-
    3Ta.,leled -eie N i BI- to all our great friend
    lim aple y .... reC Il el R who helped to make this
    ..n.. M(C E RESORT WEAR such a wonderful season
    S i. .Molld te-l-11'e The Store for Men foru . .
    A lrlnemn o la e Ie MODERATE
    oOT7!Feryt y I o..'Fde IT PRICES See You Soon
    beran y anaII A
    .nm AD 'r clleg al, U nnl i Ave
    ctr,. or by lel.hqb 1130 E. Atlantic Ave
    .ato_. ely Beach Bill and Sue Burke
    mo.aMR ieo Ieom. De lnoy sB
    Addiallea I..i'ami-es 00

    Call'0. BH Jr

    Glazing Dyeing
    Relining a Appraisersl
    Sof Fiarr Fun manufarlut. eda our Premia

    martin furs
    liSnwrdiiysiOllelsTii rd
    w. sm oouvKwMNI rMj B.SI

    ICorn lla|...99 EMd. tome
    nd H. Capkl. n. TOMATO & CHEESE 1.35 1.I5
    spied HPm. Lone ,r s
    "'S, 0.1..A, T'T... l, I-.
    On nd hAYTl DY,.anl. SAUSAGE ........ 1.65 2.15
    HOT SUB'S uSHROOMS.....I.SI 2.1
    PEPPERONI ....... 1.6 S 2I.1
    IAN MEAT BAlL .... .10 um nm.m .1.95 2.43
    IA HOT SAUSAGE 1.1I "mw" Ean m 2.SO 2.95
    Peppo .......... 1.3 BYTHE SLICE .......... 30
    .K and ONIONS ... 1.20 EXTRA TA1MIN5 .....40
    -se .20
    oN..n sE.. tsS BEVERAGES
    SIDE ORDERS coae
    .6 Fr. ....... OOT 1R 20O
    ked l ....... 30 ORANOGI 14.CUP
    .l. Solaw... ...25 GIUAPI
    bonC.. ..s...s

    IN OR TAKE OUT wno .......... ..,
    1030 AMU TIL 1:30aM rM I c'S S suce ......... In
    federal Highway ieci -.iwsua ..lua
    Beach, Florida oiro ..Tao ..... ........
    6 276.0166 U *e a 'S'




    tuu a ban..

    foncs rm then ou hue .

    -t n.1.0 TElaa -.aX IeT~

    u rt nt, or t m the H t

    Bridge Tally

    ntd ,. nle..MO~l .-
    .1 1, 1 l.... ..,0 I tu t s -I : :. n
    ..... ...., MIA. n a ..o .. .. 0'

    on. ~ I "a.p Gqo. Sly
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ag 1. Itt MI.O~t W.o Gte..1Opn .

    ..d J. Oh6. ta bad .G
    ,,nd 4pm a. MW M,
    ,adI J h FO 50 amopto

    nrM no Gt sateltn~.
    4 12t. 5 W it. fat;s MU.
    Iad 010, 4.00,,, Ustud:0
    I. ~ Ga W No 1t0.tsnt e ~ipp tl
    Hdp d Bat l n5p m. ttS
    -,10., tont;h, .T.naoDoIN
    AM, Ik 1, M' Ed-In 11111d,0" "I" : 1 0 M- 0I M"* W,
    ,11t.t. tril opI bSo.,,Il ~ *o M ltp I Utn 01.a tOP kAla ad I.0
    Soy.W esh. Dtina. Ederdhpttosp by Bary eu 55am as M.H ., thIrd, 0 V

    wovpo eomto
    j 1 i 52JA 101

    No Service Charge
    on Checking Accounts
    For Folks Over 60.

    315 Selkf drolH y.

    I.~r frl,.dl Copunilr H".nk
    A Ioe.. topm $SirIn Vlll...

    All gas

    appliances now

    on sale

    Big discounts on


    and water heaters

    duneng our"Gas

    Spnng Sale"
    Entire stock


    don't delay see...

    the gasc
    WI1T PALM IACH 111.2-41, AU WOITH. 515401, DISAeY BEACH I75.123
    103 oral UMmto TO POUA0 MAN N 0W CU0TOpIM

    cmG Hurry! Hurry!

    Auctions nightly 7:30p.m.
    Last Auction of the Season
    Sat. April 29, 1972 7:30 P.M.
    Free Gifts Prizes Refreshments ij
    Special Values
    Watch for our Fall Opening
    This Summer Viit Us a:
    Blowing Rock Galleries
    Blowing Rock, N. Car.
    Thank you for making this our most
    successful season. Irwin J. Sherwin -
    Daniel P Lee Bernard R. Kae .

    Deerfield Beach Galleries, Inc.
    DANI. PAMIR 0Ul 5 5 *AAYI

    j-Z'-'In the Service-
    *~61015o:1!: Cl.0 Iac a, -30 bur In. 06,kna, F l 4am I18.,, o., o* ~ ~ ~ .va79.411
    :"osw~nLr .Fsll Z...11 ** a 900*5 .10 15A, I,0.*5. U. ,o.. ~,0 11.56al*600

    I.. INc w,5sc011 054. FL. i lts.a50* Z=40~ 004*1061 or
    16171C IL I,6 ". Qbf -4l~ 11. 'V'66 aat" La k, I ag ~'C`I nOr
    P ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Cl =., a. CLSATUI review Baptist.To,
    U..ArF n Open Kindergarten
    ,W. F. Md,0.. Osana I'm cvv41b 1.*.*540 00l10061
    Ens h, ..05 Mr d.y s ie n *11* a0. u'0 000100. ~.6Il
    6*0061600.6.060.4153 00ev ckovc that08Co 10 0. 60611 klvds.ar
    II1I 661090 06m Th.110 .4.. 1040Will50-0.8050abral
    0*40 b 46 rOtill 1 6*t I ill ballo10 116 1.65 m i Ib f In1.0*4, s0
    I, 460 od 71t.6031lovlr100 -.I ~ poe I0 16*4 ll~ 5 04011 5 6 M
    ant I-80 115 .o6.l .04*06 01 60, *1.4. an,5 5016

    6II 1503 m Win0 BA5 M115 dvl~. Ills Du110040 aW w., SIAIAX
    E.,15.6 00.1 00.11 an 84r.- .60 vaa- h Kn 0.40.0010
    116l. 0610 A0865 US Air 004 134 G00loq4

    0y0 0 nd 566 603615 00 C660 loam sod..
    *1 001*00 11550 arana Ig1n0.00Ap.C INlII5il
    3000100S 05,6 Jon SMITH & 006
    too ~ ~ ~ Lntuad C.o.061 F, 35. Ov P 01'01
    Bipys.~at 00 a01. Mr.es 'gll Or.WadLERS
    College New 417 1.1 ATANI AV1E04 DELRA BE.06. FLA
    01o1*r PeaV 105*08
    S1an000005510l SALE
    300400 It 50 0 00n, 1 Isar 0l I .L FO k h~l ,A6r..80 0
    5008. Ca40.4*03100 50 = F.D. I000. 03049
    I,4,6036l0W06C "04 I086040 Park1. N '.. ~1

    Ma, _AdFsO J.ka 0636.AL
    At040 LIGO, a uF' tnS 10. t 50 F601. 650009 nn
    6500a auln617 dallnut 11*0 W Flio001t. 70
    bi r 5=' .,' oo olI 1
    hFrank A. 55Fo067 d 103 10 s003640000 1NIoroovd i
    01r Bann. 5, Swat d*0030l4.. Logo ~a' ihlolh
    oAn sm U41 6 .4*105 0.904610 1, ssla6 49 po
    06.01'" FO. tlry "d06.

    113 ia la00 Unit 0 31 in, OS'I vsr ubrnin kag ..06006.160
    u- un00 an a a Dal Our96 So.or M s 1aj 0%.1

    da, Bouev arn MA" or 00et, Spa. 6EDUCED
    ar, wni I, z Mr ~ *50I~, 1*..NO

    U. U.." Durgin. bubbir 0d.01 TO1111........1295 &

    of ~ ~ IE bo. oo..,.
    C010PL'0OFAIN0.. .*. .1.
    Joo3 ~ ~ I lacol2 / / ,

    0641100393.4 ano
    101.03.940ok 16.0IMIrh A ose NURSING
    LowC*6T90spob~iw (ONEl6
    01r0406 by, .40000 Hwy nd 1c amOO .<-.
    FeN0015 2.2ooIo sl 4" u ...l



    1/2 OFF

    BEL HURD & (o.
    1165 E.Allanl cAve. Delray bachs
    Telephone 276-6930



    A high-riser wit&f
    babyfine tucking
    and a row of tiny
    pearl buttons.

    Action sleeves...
    scissors pocket...
    back zipper

    Style 7953
    sizes 8 to 18

    white only
    /4 sleeves


    F... Fokn fRo Enarnce

    o 0

    * the 40th street bridge is open...
    and our full banking services
    are just minutes away from the beach.

    University National Bank

    In a Great Position to Serve You
    N. 40th St. & FEDERAL BOCA RATON


    FCU STO tot 00
    MADE ~~00

    WE Ko~oS EEUITEE.7A13
    Iso~a $ 40110.40

    The service system

    of tomorrow.

    Built into every new

    Volkswagen today.
    Imagine ow g a car i11e con tell you how
    it feels, When Volswogen deoleshlpu sa
    eceve their compule loer this m ye .1r you'll
    be able o drive in, hveb your 1972 Volks.
    wogen plugged in0o the computer, and gel it
    s1roght from your cor whot's right or wrong,
    How doo II work?
    Evey 1972 Volkswagen hat 0 nelwoth of .n-
    sore o.d check point, built inio crlgcal areso
    l, le re engine ond nleclricol syilm,
    Thei.e senior work hke norvei
    When Ihey'e atached 1o Ih. computer by o
    simple ocketl in the back of the cor, the sensors
    roly the condition of vital are.
    In the lime I lake o mechonic to collect his
    ltooI, lhe computer checls 1 hing li Isong wheels
    olgnmenl, engine compresion, ond bollA.,ry
    And tivre you Ihe rasulls In plain Englih.
    The compute will be 1at Voliogen dealers
    rotting loter this yer, 0so you con come in ond
    let our, brain ltake lhe lod o yoR .,
    Miller Volkswagen. Inc.
    2225 South Federal Highway .
    S Oe.lray Beach

    Pse.a .. Nn.Jml.Ra narmadary Aril fll

    Stork '
    pahl<-. eM r, td, JIIr=. ApT kR, sIIm~i J*
    S 10-PITAL
    April II Mr, And Mr J,.
    neFb Loboralo DAsbast I0M1r
    ..' CaC.O 2t14 N0 E.th
    Ave, Boa flims. A -, j.
    A;rlr 1 Mr. and Mo.

    aIs PIlfl. ma ~ln l. *\ 1Wf w B^^H
    Cs Fea. rs l ; .
    Am at 1 amirb wll.
    Apri 11 Mr. amd Mra
    I1.0ta e S0041
    `-hI1 HERE tTldobodh
    e tee Johnson tsoroi
    Gorey PO. I0 0 bO Oyrnoo
    Oeayhiradaagter 110000tl
    Apr l0 I- M 0. and M
    Jarn. tInty 0A tal~ey ,
    000u0ePa kearl. a dau01hter1. bn ERE ARE TIlE RESELTS 01 0 flrowearynqiung ohlasa~irllb thn
    nyrgi 10 Mrl. lila him u. Doylno h~ebr Gardegn01 ClubgIagonnlthn Wllb0h 01..0 Dayb leieachRe~tlath
    gene F i. SIT Ja lell.e Depoerlest. Th class 1 held erery Tuenday at Ibhe Co eoltor wtl Dnew
    Allen-. nj N51 1 Orb non A oe dais edd to sthr In the h a flbny tF l ne ooulao, hntt lhe noiri
    0000 Rolass. A duterm 1 D10 Ce.eit 1e-1ddg0
    Art LCma.

    Arts Calendar

    At0TSHiOWTNl Ielphon open0 or. wo low
    oo,,i..ao....o*,i*.00,ai,| iigi d yblay lb. aular
    ia.ij I l ,1 MI ol o Lhlr 01 bi widlt 0 old
    i 0-,-,-, th C-rol.a dele.on
    ....... r' I' rlernd by MIn Allited a
    Thethaw i* lr lothenpub- cd
    telo10a .m.top0m
    Mil. CIrrog 1 01 n ralt stadrs Thoma., Dtlray
    r nirminl Flaid Pn Alin. Flori04 AirnUe Umenrrav.
    hc U n~lry and Btvorlt no (Biln audrl
    ecn. will retun lo A 1 Cll
    FLORIDA FOLIFESTIVAL ringa wil h hyr Jne s re-
    WHITrE SPRINGS Tihs t'lriotalod atMew11llbe
    MDanoni F0or"1 Polk F Ra. t.0ed wlit Richird Waren
    .lntt idteno atUSwl 1 Lon lihNd. N.Y. i new.
    Slaorir b Are May ,4-1 will eor lo the FFF. or meol
    present *n Inltrwlmee arry o 0 001 numb0r0 Both pty er.
    erior0e.r and cri[tUmhn illnJkrbt'lo.lnclbilnbland
    o he Sulbel t Flor.da 1-trlg |ul- r-. and habe
    0re4. en00.ltf to The11 A. pereoleg. In 0 ny 0 wUvels.
    0l0 popun. Iony-lLmU 0l1e00 oi colea tnd cn.ft hf. A
    Ihe pigubriprirt'Umne evfl T-yerold mandoUn which be.
    at lb. Soo phnpater Momd. lolgd 10 1da.' great aoll
    at in K?.ent ,y w0110plynd by
    From Palm hnch mty to WCaTr [or nome number
    l e lra y B e0 ch F"t L-d 1 r-
    da0e000d ibe Mblml Irea. gad TIa lebUvrl. wicth 0 1 l0Id
    btck lena a Eoerildei Al andre aiMeA tBute 01
    tha Smtinol.. will 0 o0 l Flor1d0 In lame wi_ y re
    hlo0100 re0i00Uni *n an aemate* an old..auy n t Lt
    ol the *tile fr rmerd (n.n lilr. well enltrilinenit gl.
    she 1.10 Ffl0lr M Il lore povlded by 101,rd. ol
    Palr. Juit 10 m110 oth o pA tlclpAnlrn Sco0e*0 l c0el0
    t10.00 it'gle me. milton, by.legeo
    Tfo Dolay Be0011 *1r1.0 010.0.0 *nleabo~oodfo.1Ocut
    Mill.yttllbeinOieL py rualic booula on the
    M0e1 K. Alled. a Tehey 01rou0dl round the ihld,
    Beach lint "0dert0.0tbr "wo la|e MNodr-pedpln.onk
    m10100 her pupils la *a 0 00. m.ad..ll provide g Ill.
    al fol ioun. wll harin ber lnl bAkIdrap (0r tie plu t
    lr the 00 rod Wll.hl ear. hlalorto Suhaee. node 'l-
    I0 will b0 Joined oa i0.e b 1 m0M in 00ong by Strpae F
    lhurle Alty. FMo t Laderdle er.

    Circuit Court
    Opens Branch

    The ...11 l.001.4 b al Wo~na. andal 0,h
    00se 00 S pla, Fe1s=10 POlebs Fen-rab st Mlarc
    1.111 ialnr 1000 Flame ash.o

    SARAH JANE THOMAS, Atnlt.le Hi0h School
    lu0deInt rom Doyta Belch, wan preiled the
    aBBuI Soropylmlll Youth Claeniip Awlrd by the
    on"tseo Beach Sonrlpstimt at 1.unce held re
    really i the So.0 Wk Rnstaura. Millss Themi w
    lcompauled by her mother, Mr. Bernard Thoma,.

    The Cerk ol Cirsut Courpt poapptll.anm e. le el dloe. tnlortatl n and ct n a l
    ianian a opening ol 0e mrary mp Beaut. ln y Saolo n Migtlr
    blrh alik In toom 40 01 deelaralong of domleilea Cout-Crimldel Dvlllan
    Ib. So0th Counly Complex al de.da torta|n g illIed Addlikesl arrlcr will be

    Tha .ineulyC .n Parkr. e per. by "a "in .*Lac . .
    1will 0 1bra 5t the olt i
    S.hddb Joa ,. Le Zey Be0uty Salon
    ibet ba witg boalno e lto Ist ne 0 r
    Tht op H lll to ndl pud c't t a.LB A t.


    Southern Bells

    Happy Hour
    That's when the loweveningratesgo MAXIMUM EVENING RATES
    into effect. After 5, you can dial anywhere __
    in Floridaforjust 75, plus taxi youdial ODD 75"
    direct without an operator's assistance. -
    The rates are even lower all day Saturday "o t195
    andupuntil5P.M.onSunday. so.t. ,..
    And loak wha you'll saveif ..
    youdial ityourself: 0. ,

    Shareasi, il. MAIu '2.25
    Dia lltongdistancetonighit.

    @ Southern Bell

    Bud's Take-Out
    B 0~mlnf

    Mothers Day

    gift of DIAMONDS
    will let her know she is the
    most cherished mother
    in the world.

    From 1270"

    J.B. Smith & Son


    THINK CARPET Home o/Cf pe Experts
    If h Ihn To o ITith Corpet
    002i0002 i2 WE HAVE A SMILE
    W. hbhe 0... knar ihe l' h e 01.
    . Crpal loae.ra.l Ia brao -Alm WAY.
    io..ttatlt d nat mrtubbmd depe.r ir1. th.
    fabrcs. CAR tODAY .0 fork Wa n w.. n it
    r .ro,,,.*. J395-1337

    Sat"r. PERKINS RUG CO.
    5601 N. Federal Hy.. Boa Rolone

    SChurch Topics "Our Little Miss" Sought
    alRISTIANSIIRNCR CHURCIIOM N UNITED l l C. un t Mlod t A i elnl c 0l will lI
    P- 4ine ld I MU" nl HEor IN "l .lh Palm ly amc z .ore r .nd .l. "Our LlPlT MIlu IOM by Is .1 .ld1
    et. N^ice, flu tr.' Malci ? WomlA AAl ate'nno heldaic n.r Mooey >. 1.,^ elS lS 1,11E7 lITil ...r
    ". orn .ay l rMay.lll Wre d 1 ly l Se n ICA ACirle t E AlmEC IH A ;U lS SILe0i 1 Itda ALPnT, *OR E I e T A ., "
    mhu -iao-Unan s n ch I e e dR. CCU >: M w ll l Co 11 Cr. C Oi TH all P.Am. tmpe T O reordA Y ill bet T i. t P il td .l l ll
    uh alloh t wl li Woeln Untied ol el"ynlor trt l ay I e ilhI d ra lllt HI m.M il. r 0r m td. Olr b. anytLlnI lh t alonle nenhit-inceirelveyca Il 0 tl l nt _nn
    Sew rt tion o l tdfle t-ayl-elr elh mrrnd In M lien B htwaiela ull
    ,eeCOINtm.SO.. eb m w m tree ler Thu ATeec, l", 910 lw o tugeree he dm I nn at THM e L IM
    launr ter Eh,. l e w uI t c1 an d n g it 10 indm P ,M, m it t i be e s I ra:7l al Al Id a ..ru t te -tel

    'linda pleimel rae hel to-

    StIl ml .etd ttel d pril A W.
    e. toAtch w dvi neb lmww and 71 1 P | ,EydfsAA I, ,d- III THRU SAT. I[

    A"Avu e e.SllA. AAi oI3 T .. PAN RE ORE IPAL ACHCOUN s

    n will L." DM 1 C. I IN UNDAIVES
    - "*1 ,, p96 nN C. 24 AVE. 1
    pa ril n 0lid 00 Ah 6ir[

    ^ Dr D. 1 C KI,- -.beS '99- g OlAellM.........,uac3'
    I*cmps.....PT O .M 58* cAKE........... +.75' mWHIT+ATou" 59
    pmcRURe 0E WynAel BIeen.smott
    IAA Oi, M M4OIIIMAmi "H1
    ;1daem Pe F eRE C RITI 18
    S ThT. M .. .*
    tn eIt "iI Bt wll UI l.eoLnl, FRE

    ledSnemy ........ is com ing ........... ........ 1 .............
    001001000. -1 Oem.o CLOSING FOR SEASON CR05551 ROAS .tls2 GROUND CHUCK i 391 CENTEI HAM SLICES L 79'

    be%'c; --- o Ker KNOCKlSM95' ALL MAT Wil ra+ 55 Pu c oaet I224 T4Aslg s
    A tan 4atenr e 1iWlTAma. V n rKK on EOWL1.

    l3 A eS vr l rai t.nVClYnW l EV A Wt

    S" ...... TR.......... B OOD'S uITWL ...S R4I
    l '' lo CAInJIOUHaIWe nROTE AST ei 84SSI S ipEA S KS t e go LRO mL T.S...S. I*02

    1110 RESerrIRN OaWINy DHAKLM .ESAY 5"1PR..T.6.- II: g59 .xO.g .,:T.UN991
    "Wbe A r m i [oi LeI n.. AVa l N eers In Uo lr D AILLe ranI em
    CLoSlING FOR....... SEAS 0P!Nu11w RA W" n050 01 C T HAilM SNII .. ro. 79.
    Aplel m9th theIamoTeA 0III ......... o .u. 9.lR VASSNT AN
    10 Or 01 ConI eAI, .................... ..! 111 IA pi
    A 1d11 A ern line IulS . .. AND Q IRA!i
    h.1n wa r b, S- OCA CJ OANECS. -1-1

    n. Pole 0mis I10111 10 DAIL 1 5e011 CO DUg
    n, DEl W I O tS.W 211, STREET *iSOOA..ND.C MJU,.AIIIMn A E. 1 10o0 1 1wo IlERW UST TI --

    POil CH0 POOlt MIIOT IONmeet
    U ola lhe 0 lid *1 D be

    01.00 FAmll n%".3le1 W IN in
    We bent leeJ ley 104.

    !70d1t 110010010410 AU EVERYDAY LOW 111l0l EERYDY OW P0hire1 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES

    64..0 I. wRily 1 01-U. $ERlw1
    1000 ndly. tlenaid FRANKS orK iOCKS X95 ALL ME1AT1 wiIImI55- CHEDA NCHEESE. 51

    1b Tahettene 1 A,.e.11. h lIA I IN O ,.- wL L4
    13pr1i, en~le be R. hewnt Allnd AIn IAIAII TEN 4i
    1001 0000 Alory MS. iIhe!I 1* rI
    0. ,0001010. 1etneas eEVERYDAY BOW RC5 Ii Y EVERYDAY LOW PRICES

    wimltw deereea 00. mro l 10w. Itnnt- l 113 06~11. l ltl 1103 0 0RARE11111111 CO51 *S TI S ins oAL. 01 0
    21.11AlL enLECT01I0.HOME HOU A]T41, 95 "II" 11INI llRLHI UID SL U H ..ii...... ,54i-I

    141ll =4 e I TOM A TO SOU P .11M1E RouNm Y TOWELS. .. 39

    EA1011 ml1dARTAL 1131301AC meCAK0111 INUXIco Ino101II010000111003030000-

    Pan. II. N.do.00al, TrmdA. 4.0. nt m

    MURIEL DE YOUNG leaner) president of the Dtl*
    may breach oW the Nadioned Leasse of Amtid.. pa.
    Woen, Jnc.. -o e ea. .. .. Nichoa .. be
    home April 20. (Lell to lrimlfl MIldd I. Reid, Dal
    Dlivl. G0y D0el. F..rol, Mlo. Yi noi. 0eye4
    Faollu.bee and Citltte Ciolem. Nl03 show0 ar
    Dorothy Appr. ld her gpan Edhlb Calomu. Nome
    4hue., Madi ur.ert, Gnee ich. lbeNl Knom.
    Be. E.t. athinkh actu. Made: B.ron, Shloiey
    lltnier, 4l0Ifi Ayers.

    The Local Scene Q
    I, Jolh, Qlur

    It'i. hor o believe Iow Inured we've become to
    0c0h nr1azi0g feats as men walking on the 0 ,. But
    Just ask the al e resident of Boaynlo, D Dray or
    Bora, Hiow many hou0 did you Spend watching THIS
    trip as compared with 11e first -m walk such a s.
    But here on earth more spedncally South Palm
    Beach Coounty tolng. are hlwayo 0ctv0. People a8
    either co0n 1 or going. At th4 4ie, moAtdy 8ni4. by
    pltane. ar. or au1o-trln. And lOfehisI tupo a and d lwb.
    When te year old Tom Hawkns stopped to pat a
    Germ0 n shepherd on the sidewalk of down.owl B00
    .over wo weeks ago, he didn't= ,What S S letting
    Into. Unfortunately. 00e dog did n4 appreciate beng
    pelted;: It bit the boy on Is .nd. An appeal wa .lt
    out by is parents In hopes tn t s eone familir with
    tI0e animal c1OU.ld verf thort11had been vacctiathd
    spirnsl robie. No one lame 0orth0 Tom 0Ierefore w00
    forced to undergo a 110 of 14 very palrdul anti-tybia
    1bo1s tn the stomach! T0it ordeal lt ended y00erdey0
    The child was allergic to the serum but there was no
    choice. Tere4 hai been only o0e known cure in 11 of
    history oce the victim ha ot4. ce0d the dise0ae.I All
    thi hasn't a.icled Tom's affecon for dol. according
    to ale brother. Bred; he Ull l.ih lihem.
    lour tamlly went Lhrouh tBhs r.isery Just before
    w moved to Dolby. While In South America, three of
    our tite weie bluen. Since tblnp south of tie border
    are so much "0 mau 0". we didn't know the do w1
    mad. un. l 2 weeak liter t day of 4h deadlNne tor
    81at0. W8 were 0t the Unr airport when the nero
    reached u. lust roady to take oft 0or a vacation o0
    00nd Caymaoo tilad. O0e there, no one would hane
    known where to reach us and odds have It that at least
    0one of our youn00i0l, pobbly Melody who wa0
    bitte In .1te mout- world hve d Aed. A It wa., the
    lost plane for 4 4our W1 go to IN satei was held.
    wile kind people franllclly r0r00aned 0hedel0 and
    gel U. to Columbus, Ohio where Mother and my inten'd
    Family were. Donna like Tom was aSo allergic to 1hot..
    and t at the expected time. 2 year old Melody came
    down with all the aympoia. and wa. Isolated In
    Cblldroo Hospital. What a te! She turned out to hove
    a middle ear Inflecian combined with a reaillon to the
    alots. Even after the sies of shill, iI we were od
    we "wouldn't know for onlolho.'" They're all ne
    today. You can see how Ben and I can appreciate he
    Gordon thak4 44idlte.., 1.t0huh.u't y0u? )
    Someilrnea gremllns get Into te type and m up
    sent.n.ei. Last week It was Just me. Apologies to he
    Sanoey W..ve. (or AN g "Birick Cotwtry Club"
    lusteadiof CRe ."
    Woholds the key lo the reyteey of the witer
    lower? One Might Ila week it wal GO, GO. GO for the
    anal pint .Job another bunch of student "atom-
    0u01" climbed 0 o Now e Oll. te.. i. North ela
    Delray and South Boy `llo reed "Seacrest '71" lagin-
    not "Atlanlc" IIn big lette that reay !ul ill AugUwt.
    If Smoeere doesnl get out with the old paint emoOver
    bo ore hon. MayI pople 0hod I bll thse kldL.
    Emia Seymour of Gulf Stream rTravel Is one of the
    trvel agents from our aa n the current latour to
    Rawa. Mary Hahn of Arcade Travel was to have alao
    been one of the represent.tlves ro DI r Hay-Haynl
    hut became e her C.husband, haole %Hahn unfo=0a0 e
    broke Wil leg the other day and IN now clothed In an
    Immmse cast. Mary of coune, postponed her trip.
    The Donald Johnoos are pl servlnd a bit of old
    Deolry for poterity right In their own l mvori ro ,.
    W ohe" ie old endowey Eat Hotels landmark on South
    Oan Bled. for over SO yeN ON. Tla .l TouNo m iner.
    the wdl preserved 0 yp0 ss pa nelig wm s too beauU0
    on dis M1rd T1e Jno.s rescued i.I Jyce removed 1 the
    old yellow varnish, and In approximately 10 days. they
    hadil up in 4all He glory on 0heir wall, Look0 goell
    14Cl0y0on O1e1.s P11e had busy 1mon11 To
    ogin with, pClay 0d It 111t om a canoe trip .m t.
    M0100 11 *I i00.0011. 1-000 000000040

    Myenl (where Ibey parked Ibeir tnucks) wilb three
    oher couple, an.d headed out on the PeIce River. "It
    1 beautiful. Peace River Is really 1pret ty." l yo Rit
    who bad never taken a dier trip bI ore and was
    ."dead" by the Sseid nig, The o ihers. ihe udd, were
    ..Hll Inolved with (coutlng. (me of Ihe ojeeld of the
    -.trip WUi to red-lambe l od campitesilI) and writnduod It
    Iwell, (Even one gl. OVer, wbo hM hid u d I ln edet
    In her p a C01 mon01 spre00ouly0) Theo lw IlTla-
    ton and A hCg variey of birds. Strnely, the Il. 1a
    0 0nnd 5 .0 bll but went 100. W.e Be i got 1 lE i
    atthog s they uld, whoever heard ol a bni tost OB
    a river?! ") At one point, the dyver wu Impa sale and
    . portage ws necesury., thuoo efldiyni. Hie tIm.
    WHe by the third daw. they ally rehed their
    destia0L0on 0 Ri w 0 11 .lad. l4 l o10ut ot 00 the c0e
    and 1did1ned her ankle. But ie n- adds eth.ila.
    call. "Anybody can. do It. I w. thll smillest- u4de
    100 1ho."
    0The Olen0 had scrcey gotten back ,when they
    repacked, ts me with d0u0Ihter Katy and W er bus-
    hand Wayne Newnun (both lechenr on vacaUi), and
    Noadru to thelr new summer home In Yantse County.
    N.C. an top o Bald Mountain. Since the r1ad ended
    hIlf-.y up" they were forced to solicit he0p from a
    farner and two sonslhlS rulted In a hoge rowd of
    kibiers since pLll"n the Maton wgoIn an. d taIler
    filled i1th tolleon up the rocky slope with a tractor
    proved 10 be suh a divelsion.



    - 00- o , ,000 ..0

    0000n II 00g.. 0 4l1m.00
    Wtlwa il -ee Inflm,
    mHnt Am-down sy, "Mike
    "4 080col0d0 '. It coaor
    at no luarvriu lit over one,
    00r of hnri'sOtloole
    supply Ii omunwl In 00
    cb ry!
    Tbhe word 1 Indebited ito te
    A.l* I chocolate: Thy
    a11ed II "XOCOATL", r
    '..r wt*r", probt 4.be.
    .ui It tM Cosrt o Molt-
    IMre whoreC i = l0 0ila-
    e 11.11. li ervedu a old.
    u00HU00d be0000|,.

    Cbneiolte relned e Span,
    lib "-rte' Ior ntHrly -
    tuy niter Cotde returned
    I- Ow New World wtn his
    "discowry"' Durina Ihou
    y001, 00 bpnn4irti 5000t
    ened Ihe liter Aittc drink,

    dd4ed vi.ll1i and d00mLn
    Indruled Inlnurtls
    ol Sptaih and Pr fnch roilly
    80ro0ht chocoalje to Fn10.
    410ns. 000It 0
    08rom 8l0 Idt iprd Io En
    dlind nd ewntuillly relrmtd
    W100 0 ew Wor0 wolh 1
    cao Ba

    Chocouite I. pipired If
    Hbe seds o te s rcor l C*a
    Go Tree wdech I. i0 to
    Cortbl and South Amerid
    ut grol 0od0l In minu
    dl le ssariolU worl
    INled wNh 2 defres oi
    -.1nawail id Use
    tal k Is f0irs.0 INe Grek
    word lor co-o mcents,

    "o~olis0 ol 10".
    Matl ot de Wormld- raas
    bum no U Iro Ari~c
    - Stone, Mldcrni and UM
    Cameroonl -- Iollowed by
    Bnill. Ecaud, or tnuli.
    MeMlcond o1oib
    1AUN0 OR M 0WEET0 .
    ENED COCOLATE 1.s r.
    pil ctocolile Uquor whidh
    bttn bemotaed In-to qt*e
    i d hiren. 11's used lo
    b0400 and 0coo04,
    LATI. For 00 v0ri0s s0nd.
    sett occalel. M .u ei-
    In Y c wio butlel smPlvor

    500 41011 a .8. 8
    1,is a dded to cnocoLU
    o, s CtmH cOAoTE:
    010 0008t 1800 0004re 118000
    remteH cbocoutoleand Ii
    Updlly Milted lo andy
    ""k seml w cbo-
    boe 0i.0 i Id0l l000018
    ou1 o( hand and idd Internt
    Inlik i.too.
    Still mote supir It idded lor
    qrM. dbecol0te It's "00p00

    %111=440 In 01.8bo40n
    Wllnr. Phlce WRAPPte
    olop ol double ho~lle ove
    00B0 0 t0r or10 I04o n0
    Inu,.4O. Or, UNWRAPPED
    bso104; 40o17o 101O."

    iqur me y be played os r
    HOT wiler la lop oT double
    bdle'r UII eield
    w4 M CARE, chiocolite oy
    be ml0 d In i pi0 over
    VERY LOW dir ILt SUr
    m.11 holt 1oon 0 w M=ti0
    O. II oina Ii wIrn, use 1P to
    molt chocollle: Pllea
    WRAPPED mm pic
    pin or piet ollol: heat In
    In i~o0e bypl,1 cbltl

    My n ombln- d wlto sqsid
    oriherrtettin tootlled.
    For imeteat cavtneneee
    0id 0pe0d, bu0 0 p00ki0
    contalnli una picfeui ol
    OLATES, Metn Sni-Sweel
    Chioolie ..r HOT woter.
    011o Uos4e1d0 Choel-
    lit1. with 0one di0emo:
    When PARTLY led. re-
    00.. 400n eIl 80r Ull en 0

    from R elt sirtii
    0000 l0 OCOLATE!
    Any U dsd 7 2Mco rode
    00o 0 lied ao i 0o1o. dry

    *Mboh Whne* *ii c*'

    147 N. At li An. OB
    IId7 roy ltao278-7291
    *180 m .nk1. 4

    ires When nhoeollle b 1, v11t.bse .r In no we.
    mm00 w0rm. UM cooa but- 40. *ho0 o Phocolate wllh
    ..0.1l3 0.0 = b.044 I_0*4*. to0.. 00O bOlet. 010.
    0tr ,m.0 to 3the 0f0 1o48 i04ok0 Th0 18ner 4e0
    form" fi o, cat er ber M
    (ormlnt t iny film, liled i COCOke.U murUHOrt
    "blom'" T170 doesn't hurt OCOA OR 000.
    IN c0o0o*1 1o coon0 0 or 4T11: 0 whwkpon. Lono.
    bakini IHI does nke It = qn: pil l totpoon ih Ul n ni
    sly (or .Un oat o hind mey be ubad Indeed ol i I-
    bemuse UM cnla i1n th e e = q: ol ua te-ed
    Mnter lcomet crubly, dlcholte.
    CUR": Plaic nqure in taa t1 l n llenl. i it i pl.-
    winnpltc till lull S 'IlT- as ol quick ,rly. wdich
    LY seltedor. bold UN- ..... .ltOrle. per nance
    WRAPPED iqu. In h mnt toit IUem's bow they
    to warm *U:hny, Then. dip ldd up: One on dt te u,

    twa.M.Trnd charaers. The gTgted o...e rnd wldb
    ripples hro. hill the boiler wcceui the rich
    heocoathe naar ind Is the ,,ecrd. tit Duoe thele
    browoltei very special todeed.

    3..00 ~d .!' = .I N8103
    147; Nw80M0 011800

    flneibe lon180.01004


    cookflrs. 3q01 00nd.1 008

    .BrENi .lS, n E!
    '0af C~oool 10 il.11y

    orU 01041,7 oolo

    Add 0 bar 01.fI004

    =pq04 cato YloI4

    N.0co.Oar n

    240.., roull.8r..,

    I I0 ogronluo40
    minawas00 .W1scan
    Has1 1 AVlPt
    Candidate 03010000.04 004
    0~ -9.~o 88.0 r Ink00

    powder 0nd ulL CitTlm -
    ir ind bulter or numrline
    Ull lIlhl i" filly al"0 In
    eles nd vinllla OADUAL
    033*0001 1. 100010.
    LV l.s In a otr mlItun
    Pine lijK ol biltet In *[wth
    er bowl SUr chonolitt InSo
    .. M1ill of b ollr a 0inge
    rHld into oer Ulhl, s
    ehocltle bitllr Inis GREAS
    E0 0 0 l)Inch bkn0 0 n
    chickrto3rd itleon. Fill
    spas wilbln ore batter,
    GENTLY I:" t`0h bather!
    wtih kidlo or epitota ls ilve
    00lEl00 e10l B04k0 In POE-
    IIEATED I ei r 0 0en00
    4O mlnutw, or Ull done,
    Cool COMPLETELY; 1.l
    into squire; iprasd wadh
    Yrocol01. Iloif 041r
    y[eld:AbOUt 14Brwelf

    A si00 II EACH1I a.

    Iluw INSTANT c001
    I zes,pi
    1t is, milk
    I tompown -nl
    00 op 04o1rely
    Itimh}lop tidOble idni
    Iis .wu willl
    M ip lti wir and 0t.,
    0*10000. lopil
    804 0o Op 44 0000l0 b~olt
    8100f 0108,0 aie nd 04100
    Cook d0iUr ower HOT. NOT
    BOILING. wi ll 00t k
    and imolh SUr In M cp o(
    the niu|r Aded milk to elu
    yolua; stir Into bet-wcouite
    nl Wur. CooAnd als ov ber
    LOW hetl Ull tlck Sur In
    v.IHlli: chill THOROUGH
    LY, BM| T ndtu w.ts
    d.*h o0 ast till tonmy.
    GRAEUALLY *dd 0U1l0ni0
    i. cup (uur. bclltut to MllH
    loo nidCntoc.l4 Ihocr
    LOW 0.1 oHl000 =rI

    11 1ill ire Fold In 0IPdt
    if0m. w1 d,0. 0 Ito
    Inln dl o lllllK ;
    IwIn ime Twhen. 1 dllt .
    i0m w,,h dollop of hlppd
    nreim rind few caibew or
    pecnsYIyd Ito d00r0in

    Spkil. p r mirprta
    000P0* 080110

    3 npi U"ED .11-Pi^w r
    800r 10 001 000. 0000

    I10talan noee
    l lfiputi
    I hto atImllk
    01 he0 I l adamr Oil
    Cr imbilo 0ind8u0r UNo
    lllhd" 1 t l.y Add esi-00
    *tit*TiBe.beaUnl WtLL (-
    l ich 0dd1ith on0.1 ,Il I
    vinlll* *nd c~hocta lt ill Io-

    Sflolw Sl 1meti ind. il-
    lteiitmyw1Hl lterdinl. be-
    310440 and uninto w10
    hua pan/bto itXI: d|rTeT
    1 hor .nd 0 mnu18. oh Uon
    .k3 M00 d0 Cool In pn
    0s ris AT LEAST 10 X1
    um be0 v. o 0.0i Sim
    p.04ii oUnf COMPLETE-
    LY on Uick. Then, Irbil *I
    Gla0s. 'reM. Yield VI:
    I Lsllrie l
    U, etller Bllrto
    14.100 enIIoo.8*4
    l0100 0000004dc3 00
    V, pckrt w i
    lubtM ulbtcrm

    0il30. SUrIncooonuleind
    nute. Spr In Conedhst1
    m04t0, opoel over C50
    llle P0und CJl~io *40

    a~'pAR. majo Flrda9,00

    .,008 ."w" 0'

    Applo Doloppdhogo 1-1-99.


    S ~. pinachlSoonfll I=1494

    UntriP la.0 Boon. ';91 394

    #.Antlipaptc 81z31
    Ih-.V0.5 Choddor Cho...
    Visa,.oollo 'lri INS, Heir Sprair S89. 0003looomoo

    LEE -i~s Toaton Cat........... 59. boas..C40. NewAl 43."

    Pudin~~ .9* Ib. I ooos_1


    eanh.......... 39 41 0

    .000 00 TiOmato Saue.. 12

    R41,(Q000Oyt.. Tomato Painste.. is.

    Got; Ch.0LA0s
    ~C9 ~ '- Ong000,01F Is
    oo~ob.o~oo.Oo~o Do Cono 'r~ 5
    ~~~0 0140All' .

    r0~O0~00 hicken Broth .,2i1-- 33. D010083o1 111U159,

    .Oooooo-o. ic Cream . .=79. Be, ashroo '1"o..
    E]164;0FF E] 'At8ooo ag Grape Juice -w ego 0* hall 1 59.

    Z -.I:0 Snarl Ch.. 43
    ~ Soff rinks~ t59. Pineapple. L T9 .. Bass ~ 59

    ....... ..... I. I C lub

    Clips -

    " R..I.....1' la.., ,. 111. .. . . .. ... 1 . n ty. C... M,, rs.c
    .. .... Ir .. .ro Ta ms tht er

    Sa Vga ill be l onn i l ite y Mrs
    a... .... b..i ped y pWP a the U. ceoIt lor sludels The pr- auleyt earnI r Stutrohnk ll tolilly Mr.
    lbon Cihmtn teinDlrayieah ram will be pro nted at On Arbor fDay. April o Ihs I _, I a i rwas A t'rd
    Apt o l ior h clu will lt two I. i "
    Admitolon tAtt1 o hr Mtotthetpu. Aon Sfhn t a WO re. | k in merrry of o' "" r o '..a r. *i;y; ri;" ;r a
    U IO le Hflm hmtnt s games end two tmet ib os di ed duri ng a. In 0 A. .. M r r MiteMrr oln 'nrldje.
    yIno ludodlg grand trie SEAOnAPE CARDESCLAD itiadl year tri Aeldt. parllarrneerddsn Mn, Crale pubdcl alars.
    ^ I I M I t o( an ou ttdoor pal it Iwil be Al a sIandard plamenr Commlltlttec lrmn will be MrIn Wiles. oll or p M"irs.
    ^ available e ProceedI. Io t tower ,ow Aprti i1 M m HAd ..idrgie, member er g Morsn Mikolp. dbdly. Mrs
    wtt Ihn Mrn Wal.er Cok M, Davis. scrapeonk and slof
    words I chldreci slltli obowflboslos mw lioW DB WMAN'S CLAUB M P-M n n o r r
    ld held by I Seb aymn Garden O"ficer wll be Il.ll N M .C Maynla, .r Mr. Prsi. Mrs 6-o e onds yer Ik, Mra
    C^th 0ll~ stint otier~nc Br IN so~ l ooe faol toy =N a .le. ytrp bre k: rs tih. Ity
    william D. Sltrrok. pml. Beach Wom .Clb oI Apr shil as eiaa ur bmook' a tol Almtionlhetl
    Moon t m M i h Mifofuienl The flohmtrolmetnnlfeloeow
    /''lH S /' ?ub year mill bN e held H lay 1
    Shou lderIIIapIEeMPr e floes CLot mitts eo pr
    ,II{117 \ 1972 i|U|i" Tours M. It. o1 the UMA Clb Io ry Nookay., paotpld fy
    tod k. l la.f l felray Reach "ma hcld Apryl IN alid Addere a remden t
    R"b Ckp.. dk a'"i O'o o l' h Ltan Merrl w i- AWA
    NEW COTTON CASUALS la.t0,. I *e w oln ponaarnC. by Mr e MIt" ary Friend .as noted
    rmAREHEREI .- *..a Wl i Gold Co S t
    HURRY INI Coar 9. ,. e s hi.... .n. 1 8 ? i',l n p A ",, t
    o.'n.atr ChMur.. .. c.......... mo orMn dames Mn fi r t nl mIne Atpler nnCWe
    SCl f r a I do t M rs e or d alr* ab oyfir m
    C tei Aonn leI on Ay 8loan onsTow

    ........ 1 w Sq......... o a. 2..'.....eredin soiml iar m Mrs fla e perlli ncy nd
    .._._,_ oot ........ o..... . .... .As..hou. .
    IECTiIDJUNIOR SESSIfI a00 rm o sd n r r flT fl5 owr", fi.T. ywamt" Cnrp a

    f JUlDE'S a. u,- 1- 1.a
    Arnnapl n ee. !7k.... .. Aan.4 Unlvay8 CH And JRan
    .1wb.. w`dermsoe tn wwI,. I. e h DMa rt l alltn ns schap ntear .1. nlarslya
    aI dAa in, A us e I or

    Pr. irTIt. A dso and
    HOUSE OF FASHION ECENTEE' f T CCRP ImWLTV AND E OUS INC C oenminr cM for Wle Murphy holc Altn c
    231 S O. DHWY. DRED CR E toot. ATIRenIL Aes TUeo S yrar on Mrs A flor tesrto 'tihe,
    IOVIDON gVACO. 1R. 130.11"0 stsliy loo.M, 1a. 33444 Mn, e BGo e r Sr. n. PW
    daco. Mr MHrgaret Wfats Nem ntfD ro nI e Dlray
    -diM Womon's Cmo nfr ToD.

    on ,residmotedn. doled

    aolary laedlneo.

    / Ipwro tyes or w iatllon
    April D ` "tty n beh ;ng
    Sam. m os. ontoe d.a.idon
    Shoulder Chops. 89Oi P tos l ma ast s Com
    Round hurIn' rt-Sl. trl.ar ofToobtyt na h farso o -
    Bone."' Chops B^o8 *ril* 9 an"- Iwo "pi Starar
    Lag of Lamb Whole a j1PnidenNAig. In

    3, Shank Halfe............ *s. 4r er 1 N ul.rId d laM
    R ib C hops ........... 8 9 To.. ES b ter ric no
    A. lldadta Do meget

    SUNSHINEsrsr~td.and KeyR SHClub, CETE TS s
    h an Ha.............. -- 29. en BCxV.]M Is
    ea -r r .roFi nxa r aet Iosw0o

    B regan Eniv..0 -19 69,D

    H.y oo k .....e h k tak........ 79
    Franhs Singaore9S iad .Bs,

    swa. tasm 69. Uw,1jaC ool3
    me n Yelow Squhuh Sl.eaw. 792

    ro telyao C RICO C lunn e ak.... 43

    -uCherry Tomatoes ...... 3 1.

    A otis .......d Singapore Salad .......... 39-

    Dn..., 99o Turnip Roots ................. 15

    ............. 3 Pine9pples .................... 49. .......... Z


    FIST THEr CEHEMUONV Ithe Ihe cake. Ed and
    Cornelia Woodrlch lied rhe knol aI high Ion laos
    Soilurnd). iSlory elow. PeoobyChr.olrer .

    Briny ^


    Chatter J

    By Charlotte Knaus
    One ol the mwet O riny-tended weddings ol ihe

    Afler Pa omple ceremony. lhe prbl hlartlld ndt
    amused the whole congregation by IIldng l deep silc
    with Ihe amnnneener. "You're married:" the ripple
    ol later nbluo waved ohdnou| the quiet ichbrh orled
    Ite Woodrlfch. os Ireo martial palt h mi smile
    which we prIy will be porminenl.
    The rewepyion at their home oUtcrIs was s, e
    Ihing to remember. We were bil that fhr wive i thn
    policemen wee resonsraie or tite array ol Iui nhctit
    wos pDentilul and Ntautllult The happy tupl' I ll liat
    evening lor a brief weekend trip. Piclure alveir
    Agnes Pearson has retired tio he busy u S s tn Si
    Mary's hospital for a aoaract operations She was vtrt
    high-spirletd before she letll Sunday so hope liat tier

    are the proud grandparents o twin ays' Cngratul-
    ionu. you lwol
    bando. Edwards returned this week I oidle up hri
    Briny alfai n before leaving for her homde in Cintitntit
    Briny will miss Ennis Edwardl buot we're contingi on
    Martha omcome back ro us in the tlo.
    II you've beo reading the local paper Inlel), )ou
    ar probably preity coanlused abuil ihe owuly charter
    Iproposedt by now. Yel you will be asked io vote os
    whether lo adopt it or .o it Ibe i .0loo 0o be held tn
    Ibe oerd of Moy. Tbhls ii a ipelal election which Its on
    the adoption of the charter and the ameedmenl. The
    laller 0re o provide [or ppolinie Inslead of elecIlr
    CouoyW s Asi or, CoUnoy Tax Collector, flreleor ul
    lectonto, Coanty C.k and Sherif all Io be appoint.
    ed by an APPOINTED COUNTY MANAGERl: riDe tn
    obe way government li aden out ol the voten* hands so
    gel yournell a copy ol the proposed charter and become
    intformed. Mst ol Ib City llll. have Ihem.
    There is no proposed salary for the Counity Manarr
    which leaves an opening Ior another whopping sMir-
    lor this Job pluis under this carrier. iSeclltn 1.05I
    TRANSFER OF POWERSi "The Counly hall liat o
    authority to lswume and perform all olunetio r ani
    ohblgatons now or herinafter perlormed by any itt-
    nicipalty . whenever uch municipallity . Tihaii
    request the performance or iranifer ol tht lunctioi I.n
    Ihe county."
    From infrmed sources t has been repfdlte lhi

    Alio.. Miami has been unsucce situl In rettlng rid ul
    bMeto after finding thai taxs Increast i nslead wt
    being reduced by County coonilldotlonnmc yeanr cgo
    orlny won have ewordabop on the coarer on Malo
    s In the Cluohase as StD p.m. Than's ne0i Mondsy .
    come out yoea voters and al olter n the park who
    are Inerted. This could happen" In our home coul.l.1

    mer chairman, and those devoted hielpersn to nlUerio-
    lo mention. is he very wenlL-storked library In he Eadt
    Cluroomw IIt an asset to Ihe Park mI so ccrntrai
    located thai many like to stop in Io read ur fih, an llid e


    FAREWELL PARTIES In Brln aire always Ion an4
    Ibis no excepllon. From leoll Tens Audie Dllubb
    and Bob Wrlig. Aele's dlughoter Shelly AmsOnog
    Ariee Davtis; lordA EDliti; tIald or lor *nd on-'
    lie Bnchs; llD Artmsrno; Ednad Elli; In Ir[tr .l
    her Belly SIpoPl oed Ulle Slppel. standing; tihe
    "oing aswy"' Ial, Don Selben iin pink slack slo.l
    and Hill Sa llge: pls Stollle'l moul er Maco
    Copeoh.ver. The ..ene: ill SIoullgte' pM1o, .

    Pae I1, Ne..ade, J alnmease, sar nE. IEm

    Semi-Pro League

    Starts May 14
    May i will be ine oenE n G ame wills be played o .
    Noy o! the Florida Eal Coast e rtl Suntly and Wedos.
    Semi.Pto Baseball League. ihy at l:d pmn. and I pm
    mtmbert o! Ihe Nainldl Bale oeiovely tlhrurt Aug. 10
    talI~al~ores tellthe ldyollf to be held
    hallen.1o. a
    Eight slt' will play 1i the tale Inugt
    Imsue tha is divided sntl wo List weeai.d, the All Stat
    dirislom. Play t in th North detleaed St. Peterbur tstwo
    Idisiioe will ra Sdley Beach pm ltsr to one mnd *it to
    All Sus. dieiers Beaih tive.
    Breers,. Lake Worth Sed Eddie Odom of Deiray
    ind Ihe PFort Lauaderdile Mo. uch ea ld eah l mm wil car
    m .th n theon South DIVlia rylITlayeeaoitrr terdat
    wilt be BroeWrd Warv. Fort a mthlmua Daablebeader
    La.det8ale Basel Fal hol. Iam 'Sday will be l.
    tarernslanchBealandlsrt. asinnlnellunesatnddthealnle
    an MaTel. pm on Wednesdlay night
    On opeAne Sunday, Mdy 1. mlllWbealelttia.
    Iho Ddry Beach All Sta1 ,1 e dirilaal ptayotb will
    wtill ot the lVide Brewer: be between the lop Ie leaa
    the Monarh will hast Geor In eea dI m, Le beeat o
    SMarket; CO aer Bam will tun 3r01ia snd Ihel r In
    l he Sassall Sdmool sd eah division. North a nd
    Lde Woitt Rrda ei l it South. will tay taor he gase
    le onBv. damplhiIp

    DB Tennis Team

    Ends Undefeated
    Delrav Beach o omen's len- lua 003ke and T.Ady Wdin.
    Il team r mIpleted the m a be l an Ihe aim mitd. 14.
    hadelealed with s our o I wo a 6.7.74, a kqueke.oerovr ielt
    vWclory er aVleW' of Pslm IltynandBerllaAolhory.
    Beach. April 2. L, the Palm The lmeOnd and fourth
    Bech Counlv Waomn'i Tensl r lh weh o n by davlew
    L asu d A playeB Jane dedfidd sla MIM
    Pmtthaaeeaddd Bca Attoor stPerk. 44. -g. (4 ovUa Det-
    on the litl tem rilch 3ad ny's doe Paphudros and
    7-t over Jane Graie and Joae Smulhon: and Lucia
    Bas Htlle while Ann Verily Waken and IErmy McGrewor
    Ad BOlmae Wait, look the H.. d te MaZry Ele. Cook
    third rlho d h, h oer Dph- nd Pali.ighl.
    ne td und and gier Alexi twmrda will be presnled to
    ader, the tehmia patyen durng ai ad-
    UbbS Mahser and Eleanoer chesn snd afble sow to be
    Htadard wo the fidh learn held May 11 i the Palw
    mtah 7-, -2 over Miary Lao Beach Tower for II pbayer
    P amo nd Dottho Lrel.and ntlheleal ue.


    Host Tourney
    Thi Palm Batch Jloor Col. tueaseh 1 The two dorelae
    l emete lestw wIT molt ee tesne them eacr olilele will
    Diln IV Fhloid Juior Col. ai pl id ah. No "ed
    ,t CoslertnerTousmamldnt are
    ylm dath T Je r Colelae Te orn lelm I oa the hadli
    wih11a1 lthe Dvielme IV l. or epoatoet lor h wle in
    stor Collee Taeel Touot- emrhdviod.e
    ml Friday and Saludtir "Sedis becomes ry 1m
    ApHriM 0 a pordti In howaomn play. or
    The toamam t wa' osill.1 Modiri ad. "Seedud tor te
    aelyrkhduledrelarlye *a te e louamel will bhe de-
    year. budt wea reachedaled ethlned by Ibc resll oa the
    whetIhae new orltl pBJC dihfi e atJmament"
    wie a edyin Uew for ear- COarh McG t lo a la leahm
    Ifoedelo (eoou1 so be a untod out ol
    Lls week the oras were rdametr play In iplle o
    tarlally opeas ed followed bt nlthd play msleOI ha ra l
    5 dtpastweteteB Pa ia .y edisedal
    PBJC's Pae to Gul CoaI. 11A irept tlw oa oir
    wedli Ith pooreslmat pd y elht Ilo e, were by one
    m oalieetldCTwilrsd pont." s e uld "aid toan-a
    gl me, meat play s' estrely dltnterew
    PBC leanl* orach tarrtl twwmmltehpeta."
    MhIrt ud entrees har been McGIrt uyi ha dme noaeh
    W'elved them terred. E.I. Blev then will be mh oar a
    m. Mtami Dmdo hat bore mad Manot admdaa.e tor Iae
    NorIbth. ad thail be eea to Parke.
    bear f India. diro sTee .r ae ex ellent."
    complete the Didell IV o he mld. Tdae bounoe ioel r.
    tar And lower lla lu nI e
    The lotrnament will be erttclay. ledhootl| lrre
    layed in divlelo., wilh all "A amd played Iak no
    INo played ply heacoh- l imd. I al lo .amUl reeaTly
    r. ai wll ai .Numbers eal mndillosieU"

    Carver Announces

    Spring Activities
    to as e(Ite To areratai Patrol osar. Wah played
    IWe Ihemo of thmmully I n- hard ttWrdri
    etohermet and the o "liilUon Inl whbodl ar tor May3
    odmmItlyreoem .Cor- Si: harters e hare abee
    r unaor Itie Schml In e reIteed. Conle rao between
    chidt ead Sprint Adiolty P' Ed 51 and IT d0 far ehw bsl trip
    Irm Xadladhoalon.
    In relypone to Praidl- Th eall evest He the aoil
    IXOn'e proclamation thai yar, hWrde Day. will Tlake
    EarLh Week would h be IMm- nr oAtllerj erente1oJ
    memoraled from ArI 1l IT A i t te. muataed
    tbrouwh April ot It h Oeid or it udestL wmite h galp e point
    Salltoe or Selray deamh In avele.mt,'sror mahlm*ltmt
    mooperadoe with CJHS and WIe deslt, mad atelet, trom mix
    Sudert Orpldled Adslil diffemwt sorts wE ha Wa.
    PottldLon have leanbed a elty orsl with aradenlt tdetletle
    wide oreadoup project whirh letter. Paper ertaealn, or
    twil rinvo lome within A mlthtt atere. P ireta an
    4 add two crmceutle Sautar. tivled to attend thLi elewor
    dae. Cad reward will be ihyoenL
    lene tar Ihe behlt laaeup Preao ahaetlle bndiuded
    perforure, he Forth Amulo Ialnmalln.
    May I bl been dedaetated al Siiomtugird f ufflate sr
    a tbe day or he tlarty to Itfeda tbea ma pear
    dlat Wbe "A" Team Bakel esli ol Aprl 1., sod Carder
    batl quad In whal p de to Day on April M whuarere
    habe a hull and poll. drbete and *latmlea ol approslamely
    driecoutedt thirty difllerent prelNaloa
    Siodent Godrernueet aey ado yaptllopa r rledpre
    wildee MToayuwithdi imm rh asrn s
    dlm0 amasnleBlj at drmldtra. SeI Aprll 14. Ito Porto d8edod
    tea ad Iselty padltans sa CosmlJnie Asittlth rheodi
    dr Whe ewtrltol add arma Mate Tomtswesl wa heM at
    ern0 oW et ow-dey "mai Patlm Bemch Gardena High
    rin Shool ,ml Vmo lhw o laetnm
    -arer Junmor flilh sdeool -ha repleenCd the seoal
    will irsor '1. Annual Spren I'rom the oellh ge we'
    Cd r day It the hew Mletoel telten. Malro Fad Arr
    etn ol Ito stIdent) Se May IT. Taill Jeore, Jamn Sweat. ada
    Iht MUfa C Departrmt. udder Tim eoidi toerth rate
    the reincsllM ol M e t A ese W wp. were
    tlam add Mr OCat Wetey. B Smler. RoberKem.Tamer
    will preil the Annoil Spdr Palmer. reel pollock, Mar-
    Ceost lor Ihe benetl otr m shah Prall. add Ke WhJlc ,
    plar aied We shmmuiely Pelpan e tie r h eo.
    Cdt Utin lme lI p me. ene were Tsder Je ud Kle
    md. Chartel nerirt sladerll whttle

    htttdidOdthttiteittt.mtytthtteoit.tdhhttmhlttlttthtlrotittootgoheerrermtwthdtowttltltyttmhowmt. .1]

    IfiEfE REF ...5... 5
    N.Y. STRIP ....... 4.95
    i Aa K RIBS ... 3.95
    STEAK RIBS ... 4.95
    KING GEAN LEGS... 4.95
    FILE MIGNON ..., 5.25
    TOP (ONTENOEi ... 3.5
    SNIMP FIY ...... 4.25

    J 14




    5600 HOMES
    TIllS ICOLXr 6"
    SPACE. .

    For only

    further info.
    Call Debbie
    at 276-6321

    Chine.e&Am riandon

    Plus ourT regulrormen o

    German American show nt.ely
    ofat 8:30 Dave (Angus Williams)
    For Res. Call 278-0755
    Delrey'ls aly nilte slb

    . 'Ipc


    I Iw278-5525.

    L 25 S.E. 6th AE., DELRIEACY A

    oCodsEd Hor 4 to 6 P.M.
    dAMON. Thru M L

    271N. Fld.lalUSiItI) BOCA IEATON

    ...A... M EXI

    'Delrays'Oldest andMosl Famous. La


    FOR RESERVATIONS 276-7200 OR 276-0401


    Entertainment Nightly
    IIAPPY HOUR 4:30 6:30
    All Drinks 75' lIut Ilr. d'Oeiires
    [the / MANOR HOTEL
    '- ^/ / Phone 276.6375

    CABIN r
    for he Surmmner
    SundalyEvening atB 9:30
    APRIL 30TH

    So You llil 1av tim to aV_ oy om, of our
    ...ul food de ... "d S 10 10
    P.M. "'d Snda, N too 1 9:30 P.M.
    At thll tam wi'd lkd ID lhafrk It m Iny whoe
    ham diad with u this A n's It'o bdu n a
    happr esisnam.
    And wtl onnutl to nWVe t, eltootd upon
    the JnerM csl tit lUr.S 11 vou'ra In
    ar aa, lvi u hall. We'll delight isaed 1
    mriandl l made in Floida.
    Capt. Jay MEvlilly
    311 Brodway,t. Plueit Boid.NJ.
    e3 Channelt ODa. Pt. Poant Roech. NJ.
    zly t yo Ese up Ineto Cantda, dine -
    datk Bakol' LOBSTER SHANTY
    Moentgeu, Mail Edmard iord

    S( No. Fedealj

    Y APRIL 28, 1972



    1317 NO. FEDERAL HWY.
    5 lOCK$ NORiH OF
    I2 ST.8 IGTOUS] ON5 #1


    Delray .eard

    ,111 E. Allantle Ave.

    Area Golf News
    CYPR ES IK0C hBtCNIN211tiL D tt c na o Creek Co flub
    Apri Mr e the day at the MetataatthaNmneitteem thra~te
    Ciar'tanOpen ala nta held or ..nheon Thuaday in sre place with Ue e
    mlite ahbhetitratdat Camly (abat 1hkthwaret ItlgleaehIrdwerMr. mtt
    Uy eb 8n s,.ddm e .a. .. A,= .". B.
    Daytigh Thr Tim wreT wee. presented tor their Mn, Jtaii thetM
    alith te tiates had tremem. rhamleehtp Wtuttnedr Bed
    er at beltr titnh ahead ..l e .e. taledn a tiMW Dh I AC
    aseu-r hnthet ingoaedt Ne- et1ter= are Paula Three halea.te-e mere
    hubIeutlumand t etae alsml ,re sl. hadi n ed trietChOeUoedtarkGhai
    ond. a t ird$ t a mtalere. vlc ....i.ir e Marat 0th tea re. ertdla
    harthec chicken dairer, hall lier. acrelirty, ad Foaraete pr.Muata Jk Perta hlne e
    tar etA Bream tee Adddlmleatliurnleb, t urear PreaeMooreeyt hoe he.
    ahen d e ; tr 1 Im a Itaile liter Ca t ared hi ate the .
    at b dt play t ,,ay a r ad editr the ard t he Lib OuldmSey
    K.S.'SK^.;~. Ga.ial;S S H ---
    ohlallark eati taatrouet eat Jo e wa al 1/etay heamh an ha It-
    w eedy. ga;ree:a hem eleL Tord tepa ieS n E at Mb. 1
    Mt b aTIccC eat i put Lettielp let at. ama tl eaten oru.

    noul : ^ .x -i; S S to = h anu . ; ha.t M
    The Rmaea malf Aecta-e i melream and ,elhthhoae
    t l ptw alL fora n Mo lylluipt e r (r the rI tie M .aa alt M.
    emee C A p eaneteti diahin hab heVot teare hh tar rant
    Ua.ay.A me r. ty. d 91=r

    I~~~ ~~~ 11 The, Ill +l Ml ! ; o *SwS ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -
    hwe treViot Dalheat hAlti ndae 0 Mcomali nw hF- ohethewiheqeoead, aredMlhe dlpaIthe trophiea atI
    Oreta Mia Cey Mathdle luaie h "del'h t Finat. eRay hutatrd I -a Ml d a
    pathlLtbeh nhredot anMr, ealptea eruhenelied ar tdathh hal Tounemeeh ta ha n
    prm etBay. MkGA at hICC eat Chpree Creek kOUaehy OU
    Tare teen tied Ibr eartar Suhstitliteepr tar three
    dit Tht tatitehtd: Molly eeat halee wua the ealqac
    (arlolltte Weaver; lree Aprll em by the Wamben Oa tt l 1G
    Orce. Mary Haee, Muld el aol.iatln =a t the h TWet'reylT
    Martyn. Behe an Lrdecna (aichcouniclul. oo
    Neerall. Ardrith Te nt. at Hla M m C ea A
    larlththniea 0rth I I d telMe Toa1 -
    o n l In a h n h J er r = 1 hY t
    lPeae aed MarinM Blhelock
    G ulf 'ream arhm n Cl C' a d ie
    itemeaeith wlee
    Doubles Team .. CSMS DcC
    Mr. ned M .. F eedlst ad-
    Wins 3-2 gEteIm 5ed4. 'I-
    nm leader hlT larrt R

    .. ',,..; Corbett

    .... ;'i :...: Cleanup '
    .e ,Up
    S ME BtnWT PALM BEACl --
    Meter>d ia ri Clan e tt e ana edltm b llehard
    Area iamf.l me trabttlle Wihoma. wIiAm', BE Slab
    Anr lUU H-.6.7 overUbrn.e .a mlti he ApilrI J ^r^^e^f
    leyhl a e aU ln Pmtaeicor bed + d Oa t at ilh M Catbe
    Smal, Jo ltiletleld and Pat tlre Menegemeat Aea C eWldn
    Dhare 5.. Id. a4 tart Wid itir rlt .A rmeera n
    Dsa da Kah e terae.. The Fied. Gh.me and
    Ssae Soader red Be. Ar' Freah Mater FlpCammhale
    r r i-e. .a m+a over Lmbh mill a-mardinte the dllaert
    Siler a mA la Papme ren. to t Say maaiaed
    a lm v' mmps byworkhlaeaatemtheWJid.
    h .ltr. . mt lla an.atelbe NINE 1OLERS OFFICERS Inaalled lall wleek .1 I
    bh l u. IIah b aed itblh Al|bel d Illra Club du ie ai n ImlealHlon and aeards l.head i
    ECkara ,.M e.e ater hAr aed tny el t hare I* Imilll". Bm3t.1l5 Nal-e Sotbh Airteprelneti I
    Bur and m uma ,m ; t .led aren ltmeh anm c laneer eltare. reer.
    aed PaS t aud Idalar ht help aed will make tre .k
    Fe.IlfnM a, 'e Utantie Ilt Mat Am hae llee I liapt y.m treat
    P................... Fri act.....ne.. Ia the.. o u '
    the... .. aIt Gulfstream Junio
    Dr. Enid Akhunl oM IM D
    ITr Part 1,I,%AM:,eu~m d
    P.la.rium. um ad. ea I ourney eins I
    far hetophrke, ne Begi
    eilm UpjEtlml er John je y Buch Twil Pt' Thr nl'yer!i' rllllt'H
    eacaaceaaacaae 1c Mddle nut help the anl la T eatem Diat erh Ed ad 1 .Bditdorn x
    ............. fun. l .. ..... ....r. A.. .f
    + .bear.. ledhome Iyet ot ., aerem this m-ek h ia atrg ua
    the heat dIef a the MedicO e.(I
    US1i Iluiiiii tS and will a.Mr ie .'.,IiS s e Cs ma entl Aprla, *-nd etbh
    MOW eat te "m,=,. Juar Theste Ttc dr.ed mKs i ut anId t
    G RlTOBlWSht imetaan Ieae. mri oteatl thllintearlherrel a F raldl M l all kat.
    MAYES YOS1111U01 rllme.
    SNOUIDSHRINK me .. u j-.'l.rds ul U =i nE ul Hlyurneled. ly naked IS.d -ul-
    a a l wtte atetrhal~l~latmeedtb. Ihe blettalrthl elV IIeeld, it teldred Bet M he i1 teahed
    mare ate aid tr.l ateca e tyn tactlltl ared.rnPalter o1M oldeil loBeutnlme he
    a 7e.a e eatr h er re M itlh aaithleldheaeamtotiarlg d lhterinai terdl to
    dW eatiaSrieflt'ell aitl ename ra- Eaar m e e T-led drlhe- -
    IDi n I noleollrir mi -hreC trape'aked'"l r aM egl t r
    and T st slb a Am F u ad
    $2236 ....... MtMi.a.........1 e .
    2Ih CorhetU At bm i th iPeleg ; ia n Io ply. c ll __rM__ Delray _ _ In
    S leunl rn In ll .______________ Ihe IIduder dInilel. She
    DELRAY DATSUN I Itsi elohtsaae e ltuIariked alnol tele Soti
    S ; ~ ara.!. mAi~ ~ ::.meuts tee m g dr, opr s cedi Ic th. e iire Jwta
    no BEm h A- (U, e S 5. a1.a) rejl.ea .tat lm Iyte
    : ,r t Bomb 279..6211: lIow ,crl.mn ll'cw .iw L|n E|lti.,Ju]I.Pr lw
    .................... ebieilbleit worth milliloo olars Me a m ei td ap
    q ArtwYoNkelftl-kI.N.- P- Eert. Thad II
    ^^^^^^^^ ----^^B rW', Irle I ched l John Knndy, and To- "':
    N E W wS-aOR N a hm as t hln ll In l e tr re cta t Te lrrl ked p.a
    Am*~~Sflul^^ Irtl. II o au tht dStAniro mteita aMN-E howl emmpcat
    IO Blk o= atltnlm. t ie BoT t -ir under dlvIon.
    Hl~~~~~~~l ~ 1 I Ja1 A.-- a fHut SUUI ud Imllolill)+ mnln
    DIRE CT 1 O< thY cheek wu plier In re 1d th-ns-lu,
    ^^,^ J||&A~lf ^H niunidtnll~mlijdhij *r InlnleH ddl; BeCT. Vin
    l athI He rnetd a remued Wlk. BllM WMaeaboe.
    To P o H flr to na le Me Mr, Bab AnMdpr. Sin ti
    To Plhce r """ + ------"-------

    HeYour Ads anG i


    S ATLANTIC Clearance Sale
    ***". it L + m A ., 25'..... 16.96 FflmyHes
    ;!i.3 am: 30'.....$20.3 30' ...... S9.98
    35' ..... 23.74 35'..... 11.64
    ., --40' ..... S27.13 40' ..... 13.30
    ""i;;.*;': C n .'c...ed Bll .................. $1350
    I 31 FLOORING CO. c 1Tlmio Puoes ................ 6.11
    M no M-,* DeO17a a 7 "hl Ta l ltt .elIe Fro i Fa."r Crtdg ...... ea Ctrch $1.e11m
    *__ C COM K Mulollt Add gal ........................ 79 t
    W MIt IINYL aH`e11 CM .. 2a i1. 1r.7e ea'tp. ...... 79 Me. a.
    HI H t o o b . . . . . . . . . . $3 4 .6 4
    i ~ ~ ~ ~ CUSI am r t. .hold 7111 ............................$ 44

    lHAlDIl I I 10 C.a i

    i .. ..... .... 111N rd INl .Y.
    ILt aHI .. 1207 South Briu. A...
    a k ur. t. tarr M outhM Fll. 171. 2612
    ar"t .I c M HSM D LR I I I N+tnhtd wy

    eIlaet B Eatte Mint.27 ot SkonAl
    tt heirey Ceate.he. 07C. 2/1111

    NteaJleart,. Tfmlta. April 11, It. l'. IT

    lIke bn tbe Cvllu opim
    held Sederiy. April U. aI

    SDelray Bmebh Omirv
    nere: Irn ell. Paula
    lado. Deer. ieerv;l

    r Tennis

    Boundurinl. Bob Burr.
    onw Reat and A Moll-t.
    PFlerm sldiil play nill be
    cki at I I.m, Fdday, April 2.
    It boh the D.tra7Bteh Ma.
    nil Comte., edh trleaum
    Banui Teneinaub.
    Pony League
    is Extended
    Re~litntllon lor Pony
    Lelue lul been cntlnued oe
    wmk Iort b I aend 14. or
    tbew ho Mwi la ble hlafo
    Aula 1. To retaler. tal lhe
    oltr t-h Civ Cenlter aI
    or uM.,T.Ibn I7 -
    Although I ur lso have id.
    iiiii reel le nt=l ="led
    Tomai, y l lle bella ate
    l wm in May with double
    header twce t Meet with ihe
    n dln In mlddua.
    Thte Elk loern iuield by
    P'"e Cmlnun. Ihe C'vlum
    by J. Broam, Emirate by
    Jim el,. ried milebr "im
    yet hbe amed by D Mick fli

    You don't really get more bohanetb
    a a teotlo of J. W. DanL iI t alas be mtat Way
    Taste J. W. Dant Kentoucky Bourbon,
    IOmd honoet bouibOn *t a good honmet prio. "'*

    Kentucky an

    F 2, ;

    GMC CM4 166 97303
    149"WB84"CA i 973
    Now options available fiberglass till hood, Dual Step tanks


    Pw H, Nne-I.edTterai.da ,Ari", t S

    Ad n .In+,"f 7dR U'I

    (CLASSIFIED) ., s '.

    TO rUE 01i Fi.L 214321 7/32.7"11

    CM ARWMONT for oU y
    IRNSlleM io 4,atr' in NC mOnbed In
    . olnt ELECTRICAICL thl RoBant 0 1 ed "lon, a*nd
    iBuoaand rewre>re my l- ren aCA acredll de mnkt-
    Ancdledlllt IdinI ltry Beth p!menltI Prp rtl iI
    apI ICW Hil0t 1l criO e en ALCOIIOUCS ANONYMOUS
    n 131b7r 7Be-I R loetIc, MOUnti,. 10 N.E. A 00000.
    I'enrol l olnwA lontfecn Detay Betan MoIIv est0
    eome rom Ineo_7 MlSh-A Noon mai* WeBn
    J Ji e aidSles, N t-
    TTOBlOING tAAllj- Alt A .DR O A
    IrAiO Rleal dimAle FA o REDOUCE EXCESS luid wi10
    co lIMnI. r yeen Pieroo FLUIDEX r to Com weolEt
    In pr0it1 end p~rohlbhaole nearly with De.e.Diet SI M at
    in lr qtialed o El ItoD iORE IT i s
    SRB & l.RB na CelAl loma
    edroom --- Residential
    THERAPIST Year 'rnd tor 1, 41Ap.. ml.,
    d-Iba W o pPeWt el 1
    Slo mmer r, .. No leae
    I 0-SIbyoRlUI-Nmerdrln Olirt l prking. Colt EI02
    MItS W, efh Ae.IelMy r= apa.roten COental ir &
    UT-Ir77 bl. "0i0 a0g E. sppll-
    Opn 7AM t tPM IdrP 5 0n. mlepaot. 0i0.1 100.
    ynoe o reo Smtl SIS. pm. yely
    7I0llentl acl tl, C1atIlled e. R tenI muoier, ChiR
    Tnalre An peo ll. M s w 3A
    0 CourtCI-MH ITFV
    Real Estate

    3501 WATER FRONT
    Ior- I lom Bull ha. 3b b2d.m.. 3 bolh. 2h1eS 00m0.
    ly lmn. All clMtt (o,. 2 O1 0orog0. Ple $7,500.
    unurn. (10S R-IO41 NW)
    Contact Esther L Powoll,


    Brand new 4-plex oprtment, partially renled.
    All two bedrom o-l-both partimen. Property
    onolyal Ahow, net ;pndabta olour on inesl-
    mntof 17%'.(ALS-A-S.aeS)' "

    James J. Rifruns-h Asseodaies,
    ReEALTOR .
    ELIAT IUCA, R IIA Fbe 276-7293

    Very d .O bl. on le dra oS both 1,7p op t .

    To.p8.. 18,500.

    CI nal J. L FAR Ai I


    Applo ple order fm.lly home in Forl.t Hill. ase
    olIoyton. Two b "rooma, two bolhi plu oa
    poruload family room whlth con tbo O thIrd
    toedoom, Latue ttnd laundry room wnh halt
    both. Kitchen ho recently ITn remodelt d rand
    norpelng tI neody n.w Large s prinklerd cor.
    nor tot. This homo il truly in Immaculoft condi-
    tionr. (MLS-.R.1025.5B.) 49,0S. with carpets
    ond drop...

    The owner of thil two bedroom, Iwo both cu.
    tom hoan. h moved Inato hit operhmen ord
    muot .11. In a try deolroble oeMa of ina homer
    ord IMendly people in norlhwen Delty. There
    t o Florid room, oneened porch Inlde loun-
    Zdry arn. two coP goroge plus a moll oldie or
    lowing room. Nitely IondcopTd `prlnhlared lot.
    Imedialf occupancy. Redord to S37,O0n.
    but owmpr I open to ofter. (MLS-R-935-W)


    700 East Atlanllc Avenue
    Deloy Beaich 278-2628 1

    I ED Il EVER I
    Repairs Only
    IlAmI.. Iily
    WO BEDROOM ONE Bil un-
    etclhed ID0ple0 Air & RIl
    urly Itto II1 petr mO
    Tll M o ITFI
    PlOo and 000te Crloln.
    Iai *Pmon h yel ty. Cill 1-

    ADULTS saml otly 7O17
    3aM ITFi
    0n0 need w lu.0T telat p

    COll e + A relOeN l e
    r0oo00 0" Lud ieUBt Ddt
    r P.retna Or On. baI-
    loni A redone, bot
    OS I 100 an c l o ma.,
    li Belch 1( FNdnl Uwy
    0 .1. JutI acth bo Bon. OR
    I ). Write or phoner or e h4r

    0RW UNFMRNISIED Ioo bed-
    Un I imtppi &
    i macA ealty. ... And...

    re. Delrty Belrt. phone 1-
    lanUc Am teloambe COUUD
    PIld Wmekly mait crvm Del.
    rMy Bch, Apt ItS SO
    Ave,,THNHrTF 'T_ E

    nd air .11ill to wll el.
    Ade i. .e1rien1or. t$1I
    Se r e Rlto. t
    c eAn eterj Or STB1
    Real Estael

    I WATER F jrOT
    |in Songmto S.cto: orn
    L"Il Cove, DON
    I1och. Bao waol, .atfr

    $ris b oAcd tOO, .

    l IIJUT, I
    Or. beir.... 1% me,
    iM b i

    Pool t ,m, I,

    I.lISR, CL-37LR.01
    AlM M tEr iT

    idit liS u TDo Y.tr
    I11111 *-i [n I.

    I II l

    rOR To HOUSES.

    in I. WIiLL FIN1Etr


    0LL RI iETIIEII o'inTi ,A

    32.6697 I-.S I

    SUB-LEASE JUNE ibU no ALc, iiSlW O1l 5MWi.. :
    , 01H unfrli0hed F
    r ,art e ud b n t a bed roo m 1 b ga ep arb a ,L Fnl. '
    in lrlted Al lapncael, .I aa ApTe. Ddra n e
    .1t.Pow STe. 140.01 ihetlloed
    e bedao iprineac In BROTH ERS, Phonbe V&t t4-
    mlronl sed Cothllt CR00h. STB 014

    lor mrdlMoa eletorl Mktic. 0 1 t ech
    S mc uIbat Open o per n Tel M.
    Sdly, IOO N E 6 Ave.On IM tI- I
    WUMMER RENTAL atlbeblo 10 00u0ur0 y eaumned ,t
    r Uible Hmi.rr oireA led room overtbe. E bao All
    -ople Lovely bedroom. p i.l io rea-nl ti0-r
    completely 1loomb opireal u.% baec. Lon gommer igte
    ind1.plex. Coteoeflt 0lo0ted U O S, AdultE No Pel, C.ll1
    Sir caloion. tn- t 0rn ranlr e & evenMgI MTn-rw
    ArDenror. elOclriE Hnae. le IlT I
    leoned 0rch, me irg0a.(MSR1 0NW
    t Gcc rAqCuined Phol 0- ONE. TWO & THREE BED-
    M5.-.RI ROOM Apromelt e*llbn
    41 CONDITIONED EFFI,- 1 t1, aon Ww r
    1ENCY oaotmenl. Cl1M io InI. lIr .oadlUonI.. Compete
    pminln a Ile 0 K0 ROTy. lo'Tal In K IlA d
    1IM No FedeNIl tIny rly0 t lallel. ES-aol
    O NII olrm nAll ITFIm E2e oThe I aM
    - PFuinhed IpleI, 1elm0c0l. rm1t-- kUU
    o MAn I Cat [Nor ltt1 lpem -E00.1 EASdn.
    Sab root, YNp oonm& odnlr leSlodd AoelOm Selry IRS

    AVAILABLE SUMMER R tel O. E ROOM efTO eny. t
    BouUluaIIy urmlibed one a bed on. All ulUe pldO Mild
    MIen Air Ao m% di l Gbeoe or tw Ameipeoe
    Roal Estate



    Family Home. 4 bedroom 3 balht. Control Heol
    & Air F.F. Refrigrotor dlihhwcohr dlpoeil.
    LorgE lo. 3 cor goro*. Bo.ll in tobar an.d itro in
    Fomily room. Ha, 6% mto.. and ownIr might
    n.sdor nrid morlgcg.. (MLS-R.1084 NW)



    Lovey 3 bedroom, 2 both homl. Nicely landKap0
    d. Many fruit tree. Ownr n town Edd
    9OOONW) I

    BEN ADAMS REA L Y Realtr
    276-4191 a9

    think "BANER"

    VAll o1, term IM, 3 bildro, 2 bolh home on I o-i
    Is opprox. tOiS. The p~tl unllng In whkh io II o1
    o countr qurll MIS R-1090 S 346,200.00 uol.

    Ytu, ,aanobte oelfr oy loL. ihll hou-. Th o.wmotc
    In o hurry o" d wonit IMl tois... Ihal mot b7 your
    1. lkl A hodmng, i lo l o *. 3 .Adroom, W2
    bole,. Oitrel beo' ond al, fomlrS RSE m offl ilchen. 2
    cor gaooe. $49,.e00.00 unl. R-I016 NW

    THINK BIG. .
    If rour hmo Ib bunling o` th mi wilh o -owing.
    Family 0on0dr Ihll lrgo hoir, lhinai. 4 bed-
    tmOL 2 b4lh, d1nlnlo moe, lomIly Im, cerlo1 haol
    ond nr. lcrl.nld In parch . 0Coutly 0 agll
    43.500.00 anf. 0-1017 S

    Thi hol. I ady lo rmdotl- w.mlh ... and ,elhKt
    tAonl. dck ... 3 bolaomI, bol opln o- 0 p1"l
    I o ... ooag. 170.000 unl .,. MAKE OF.
    fErS. -9S3 HEW.

    64 N THEh Av.no.
    276-0.7401 doy nlleli391-.1173

    MOC""AR, ISORR. BEST OUAUTY I |,,l m lAt
    *O 1010 BEST PRICES l.l itG UMdlio l
    j j~l~ FREE DELIVERY 0,1, I : rt aI
    I INrEtOOII0 5DM Sq. Ft. r yeilly'. t
    0 NOT InGHT SiM Date ayie tAt
    *ellJar sDai tinela

    lOnA.t .Ba.nM,, a ileafe t,Deia 2399 N. Federo Hwy.
    THREE ROOMS. tmlAmad HURRY Sells Imdh
    OMr-m Alt Con0itmrea-
    E00 per m unl0 Nov I, No irFuvNISgED BOME FOR .n "-D m
    ohildre n d SNT aN DBELEAY 0 AC S acm .1i p--l."l
    BoytonSlTlIT I DT. E3IRABLE N.0. SECTION. ,W.te Mlh e l n E nd St -
    SPACIOUS GROUND ocor TWO u EEB- ms.l EAT MT ar.-..L..
    nlhed o kdoo. blt- Ad. IL ARGE VI N BOM.0m OCEAI tO. ArE 1|ry
    m.n dreil dIod. LY ROOM. MODERN 9T71R- O nm tll blak t. r
    Ilichrn. arla .lr, room and EI, GARAGE CENTRAL :D,. Br el AD" .
    U. sAll R11, n UU lted mAT AND AIR ORB IImOmN e IFn r
    !mmer raIe NO rePETS M I M. PESNCED BAC YAR ER.B,., dt*:
    A- U--- I-- Erow CALL n
    lAp U..BE Ra.l MARMTnAOd A SOd eATE iObedroom Jcll t red

    sp d 1 uit.lI h7l
    poolA odalla on ll-BO p alesl IlEN.E. 000 n A e eehnlhrle and Per amslfn 0.

    ll M dIs l
    cell W nMI* "' reno large two bedlm ad' ,

    tbled hia o l l m Ebdroo Mo.
    dock*, etc. EM por mao Mbl bm n. Eno S pr t D 3 H R L
    WALTE DUT REALTOR. eo l ei' O e 0 "llSntM aellaa '

    Si .E I t lA Mnan I TA Com mercial r .0

    CoIKERmNO. DEUGoR Real Estate ,'
    '"TkneMIaIIIBreie' Lovipy larEa llngm room, peillied dining room, poer
    11tNEtA.EbtAe~ oiled den, hree bedrooms, 2 both .,.d iitche ao
    A ,lna 19lnk, Alo td1
    erdIS.BHe-IEIlR caorpeted. Sorened porch. Beautiful lo. Just reduced
    I Snro: e S47, OO. to 3500,. Anxlos omwnr must aIll
    FOR RENT BY THE YEAo imm" diately.
    D ro o bou ai SmI 276-9581
    1.r10 A". lnry, Beal /
    PrtIer mddle aigd cuple. no
    Sl o IT c om .

    Real Estate SEE OURT

    Mon,,- EeI n :a


    0040 Nnllbeo Nt.or uo
    35.1l(Doy) W ALTEI DUTC

    HERS RM ET 39 .1922 .) __ ra o

    Zoed .TU IN. 2 I Am
    S. Eth AS. IMMEDIATE NB, lth''oa I T eT R I

    (cor) 10030 dred OUP AN!
    (GYBS 043N,11 M P-4.40UII


    Zoned C-2 U.oS. It
    N.E. 6h A.. 94.x130
    S.E. 6th A. IMMEDIATE
    (o) 100l130ool OCCUPANCY
    Sos L .ATmicA TI b. 2 & 0.


    OEi D ERR ERY fiBoiiImIoeta

    Coloao. mi~le. 3 toed. elli 281 9Mt o

    9B N.N. St A0.

    W it l W t d

    sEilldoinK 700r Iusines? plinnin to itlm?
    PnOI margins loo thin?
    Taes. lakin ltoo big a hbit?
    Talk oul your lproilm, with in 5 psro.
    Onced iroibtohl.sh nro Ol .n unbilid *im
    pnint ol our builine and new ipp oichc to
    asoeplbsi soluilns, Cooplnfly onslidentll
    *nirlce, Fin. t rsisrnncn.. By ippolntccnb
    only. Phnun 278-.703.

    Bulineu and TOo Consoltcnt

    I-Real Estaie b4I,1Hou'rono
    Par-o .ale CLOSE I loauiloa. SaLi
    l*-'- ___ lyled oiler baom *Ith rlbod.
    *1lllama.DOno rooti. IV, 20 Ih6 CLntrol cii
    O M E F O R S A L E I ,r o n d, l u o g i "M b u l l 'Mae l
    Ha ^ ral .,k.HM P r
    onw Sa slosl itil nd irtog trnc sat d a pnY: r iSl'Snh"
    In+,I on b 'sil 11 I.01 c-o. iaouel iancdL nsoisnist
    Irish F"uotin. Aso t012. l08 olo p. oiMth .iton 0W
    A G MCFEE. ilo, II 0 cOMiyanRnoo
    "'1E ilk lt.cks_ ioo M c mHs RHI.
    I2 ,SW ulh AsI. t bedrcool m ius indleo Ict. w itolnop
    ;1i ,0 L7 oi.O,'Tt"" noa, Piisesrsni
    cay l-lllTl ---- el. o wn H WUeXtr iboplc
    .FAMILY II' ME l.loil.m.8isi.t ibi
    TIIE B034 ROOnMRN l-clislmsMBwnn
    70RE031E0 POUCH. 1A4IL0 I8J5o.
    M A00D MORE0. LoATuE Thin ~droo-I baol. GOLF
    I&, 0417 nnt4 1110 040,"0,11-yic oil
    11, A11.1 Our EOWil ANG VIEW HA0IgOR-Pl500 0
    -EE NOW -CL17-IWOP II?-
    PIn CE 'n Lull CinCAM M IN; TlE PINE,
    ollARIAsNN oQUES AS1S11? u
    1.,, iTI71 FLORIDA7 ROOM 300S0DE NCEis
    I~~~cj"I 'bu "sl "D or l~
    H[1lsin*utios. ns 0502. I 3A 0A8010EN AT
    So In asnIl 0 su "NLOs
    Il,. yP. Iln", MLS. A.tlM III
    In 1. 1 m w., a.oN mnu Gi
    I F
    MYkis He Onw I = -t q LSW c IIN BANTdING
    oItto.0O Ciltona 0 kG, REALT' iR
    M t F ee R aor .. M, 5Lk PAL T W
    a1 blN.E., nlAm.i
    a RTusIMiM S1CT10n. 1 b 0d 7 54011nT7 c00i
    euin.a'i itMlr. nlsly roimtOs hip SnLEaCins~icl
    ni. wlll Io wl ll ct adllhk. olrn n ,oon lull
    oillMrhl, MRok rlon 008301 6loyo Ia EnoI ~b. Loll
    Oi EnmsrnhsrI 1i57, ITP l EM38. 1T77

    Cloy 5inch LaOWi baslne. .CopobI* prpomHg bolan~
    Do t, pioll A lo. nd payp l t lum. Not wo1nol

    B No. X644
    Delray a ashNwn Journalb

    OWnER .811 .il. Trdmieon Otn hli mull dwnll-
    rm o.lbto. anitieait. In I ot el AIA in Ocan
    prlll, lirt roim,. Fencd hugs. Osn Eve0 Lsi
    E I
    50r 171 i
    I lmal. 0L ANT TO dBUY I..Jh twoa
    c-is Hn.. Osn 10117on0 aimooilksd Inn
    HOUSE FO SALE. Liu. olooL. Poelnyn To bl ivnill.bi
    IM D'a fonint Tarti bWd- May .lll.plc o11 Ecaaint I -
    room. one blt, ila rte Ml
    paisln D-h c -IM I5r..0 OLDERm FRAME bo an i
    cimuiinls-sB, ni .n..e t rc onlIndsi or trl
    -tistei.,A"tnsflan c1dcllndiO ainawoIunOd.,
    Pt iL IDE APT. n. lr.no .t o On.
    IEXCELL0NTLYLOCATED Ini lch oJ5it, o clirn
    T0E INT COASTAL W4N Epoy- -
    WAY. WS F070R THE; 7-Eniployaent
    sOaItMO POOL Saba CAR -
    EaN TYPE co.o o T.A T: rlsHsIsisWlpel
    0AJ10RiN00 T50 RMD. 04010 IIOUITAOMRPOR-

    M OD N ITE l N, CARPET. R ]. R pl0 o X.

    rcScTke I 3 o 0 o toalon c ill
    J-l I.N BASTING "HmorippointmIc-ni
    btnItlboon 0el1a 1oR
    3-OITPb 01N-m4.i nnla d1 ton, porsuin e
    RBId. '"oo 14t0A. 2 IMd- ao"tlond hno. 5T.V1. Coo.

    Ios a ,nn.50 Plssosoall ti. 17 1b l inn li onocosnr
    ibm. i. 7ocr. G0 I lirs. ApPiT to los
    OinX. Dnlocp 8nsob ONo Jnon-
    bl md.lbl mdiintt snlitRncrenciordirJ 177)
    CHOICE LOCA11iON l T5m001 0L0AY LAW Am6 00e0k ilul
    Hitlo. Two bedroom-a biM. Ime rZ.cerZoalcry. RkO
    Rd inanend potc mmoEa blR s o p ol XOni. lni B laloh
    bCuHICl irTIorN & itln.cotsl. nLJRiAYl. 7iTF7i f

    essI EtiRRRLa bl.,csipns-mc
    -Le-Ilitao Ulwuaaakop I n, eal Estate

    tHIAY RAC, FLORIA. GOs on i ora si
    -Mo,*moy (nm hr Conm. d 197). c bIdlomsn 3

    I R,. b N.

    Wialn. l l lon ain lom, I-% both Cod. rml p in,
    iomeIn haledinon kolDrl f st pou ar
    *u~Psed. (MLS C-325-BW).For PrFu Or informtlonl

    SBONrLM 6 IM S


    NEW SHOPPING CENTER. th) F an d or Inbedia on

    CA DW E LL H PO tS 6 N d ar

    BOGEN INC. Realtors

    271,101 e.I.,y K.afh M*d.I
    GU! L ST AM Inarge bd, u home on lUraEaSo.
    O W LK oh .. ol CInic l fiinLiNTRuY SOoL0 WLK

    VISTA DEL MANR V IaERli 5Y bdroNE. ho l near
    bh W d SHO ppIrog, wCNS. Ihb ond pa lor t
    ics4 ao oii. (ic s tAn 0O2 s)

    DBANYAN HOUSE 2 Bedroom, 2%oth, Il i
    po 1-io on c nian.

    -'COASTAL HOUSE 2 Bedroom, 2 Hnlh, Pnilit
    house apartment o n W. crer with lviw of

    an$6,000 (MLS C-332-41
    b Ma c Alo n pa.al.
    87.o00 Aa A -BObh
    $95.000 (AIS7C-36R-0)
    : COASTAL HOUSE -+ 2 Rdroam, 3 5h, Pn"c-

    276-6 002

    In'. INRACOATAL, Coca.
    Rtidp, Poet om quco t otrtt
    Iulu1 view. Pd an, dl

    Real EstRtR

    1126 L Altlh A
    Tl. 276-601

    "TWO rIAs oLDo

    On Intrauooll, 2
    bcdoaasn, 2 brIb. 24
    opil. In Il unall. Vry,
    low .ol.I.n.nc.. Lond
    OWNED, NO licn.
    (MIS C-343.B-EWI

    278-3383 .

    Sawll ond
    Dock $S5,500.
    I(MLS V-474,l


    High School Olploms,
    On* yeno csinol nnplnlsns.
    4153 00 annslly.
    A0m 50mtlolDl CLiskal
    poilono aoailcbhi.

    Apply p Itonni olll.
    ao. Rolon, 39105000
    El.- 2S4

    aOOKKr EPERpm to ad jn-In
    Soclor' aRtce. S0nd ruic ti
    alr InSt glra -1 Jril In-
    luirs ossMcyi F or parl
    ime. Cell ton Wekol I Wik-
    o Runly Co It.. Ptone 171-
    NOR Hrt 'P lnaos

    141Dy MA0 porter (or
    ocs tintl spinrmeni optn
    Inrn'iNud I7640L1

    i .. n wbk. 81 n bMUo
    I.cfor .d4M1t. -I S
    lorts LIMn. Dilrsy. nI.00
    Iinlor wor k e l rnullt cndomlnl-
    i0a. I l r wdo k. 401O
    1n1et. CMi oni niniini.
    Fun24111 Apllnid. Froodc
    Lkmflll. ClR 10-rI bdlee
    IoA.M, IO 274 P.M. oTF)a

    osckod 14401

    Sp-- CLk Rl10 booLoanu

    :Wcl.p hi IM asi IOJ
    csS~fl W..B P.O.m Coo

    VI.ry dil robl. 2 Ibdom, 2 balk mfndamlnlIum
    Sapartont, cntrally located. Aanoosssl only
    $20. p.r mash. Priced 123500. 2 urnishd.

    coina8t J. L PatIsnt, AdM. a



    Aso nnso l 041. a OA. 105 n.




    o on. Mr.di nanca.. 7 i3.. i...c, i.e.
    Phocns 732.9754

    At Delroy BkMch
    4000 Lako Ida Rood

    PHONE, (30) 276-7471 276.5427

    Full c, poll m* I toc.I
    b ull Ti Fumo-
    Colltgsl, SaIool, Public
    lWasokl, A lttFlsll.

    -;S. Mcllh, Ion.,

    BmiI h unt 1| n

    niliidns Insi.lar-
    clpio.ly ,Po Fll l.in In
    Poll aia- I 1. t canony.

    r.l R .orId Hlsi. FSos
    S Olclan dlay. il.o
    m o W i r Oan, 4 or

    "ni'll 7.0 "o function

    Mdas Mo DOn7 B7 )
    rN. tbo walli. I1sn k

    lhull or it alb-llM PA
    S.a0-0200 to nocr cyri

    S40S c& 1001. lel 1-lltm

    5oed loprer t dour inn

    aUTnER & C1AFFEUR, lul
    anr po tibr. Good rn.mcn
    C Rll El-lil

    wit st, hst, 1ob- hl.
    Real hil..te

    In.amensm IE" W
    In" W-bHii. nounm
    snll c o n a l a oia .

    MAP snalsocu fans"ny n
    clli ll flm I lla s.

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    1i 11,4113R |i
    l O*III lllt n

    WHli Till. 'INo ER I
    lIo yocr nan potc. Or.
    bsdooil.tIl bolh Cando.
    P= !I cr onit 822.100. ko-
    iaionIld. Mdc 00onyu.

    IM Im I LIF.

    nmMuilllli /T

    Feoluring 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Uving and Dining
    Room, Family lRoom and Doubte Garg.. Quality
    ConslrucGlon thrn out. Fully Landscapid. Central
    Air and Carpsting Includsd. Prices Start at

    -CI,, ,! -+++ ..'."

    Oil I

    Rlal |Etelt ........... + Rill Estale
    &ll Wllldlt Pl llrlp

    """""""""""""""" "

    M@t It eOBOI@ O@Bt Ottl @ I@lt I!@ O @1 I tllelMOtO'

    RssN -ifws.nOdnn. Anri. 13. PasI

    ......... -'
    IN D AY 100 0iql| o Ooclo
    AID s Ie VICI Colinto c 80. .b Oil Si.
    CCn. for C '. r ck s
    RAll odnnn nlay Ampin pornin.
    Canasninnon C.Ll.hcl cir condiltining,
    278.4444 lcndcnd. Conlar P.O.
    an. 2311. lrckay acK .


    S-Busiless Servlca les as 5
    dMOVINO 0c-n Ilnk=hiop
    1UA.LLOPRT or W--e- a milkhin.,
    EXPERT TREE IRNMIN, =IkplF Tl iAM, Florida
    0 5 lUn tr. P7k50i_ ll I- rono .mboo una j rc1 -
    inrl sl- si. FTins. rl s 0c m sisc I 0, 00
    itn. loots+ ,, sn. 1.6V
    l~a, 1OY IV. I ;4% p r al
    M d & I al ld SR u M rb o' l
    Cl 0 aumI, HD hl.r i SCOnHY SD TCIIaED ING-
    'er and od I A oiLm an odl- bros.an

    L*merelmdae bo ond '" M i'on3c a

    n i Nr M liallr. VAi H A IMIN.F1lelo y,
    l. (L. 1b; 5itm- SconHounl-i
    14o1U tildtunan s bi cM -sold io 8 bsu,.

    c 4-2
    nrl bI d ro IS. nO u WE1 ir 61..

    Els.m1^ 7X "AR." &m.".r1
    iA..stir 74 uto be d Hi M. om yIwle
    II t cos I c nniaE In oya- 0sr.0 RodSper nani.
    scsiIO ;.Oan RioniAasEl-

    S-nM at I Iuni ld I5 It, lcJn n A r "nul E
    D bolT1 .'B Itn 1 CL ll8 .6bh li
    dUALdY 0Ink 0 11 M. Roqn'", .

    do-sI. 81.41 is T a OR --,
    -s o- i4. n r OnMg-1


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    t 1 Otni.on i lo o ar ld m And c. icCni
    -anclas ans. s poInnli Ornon co.i bi in a lOC k od

    Donald Allms & Co., Uiolln
    905 .. 8fth St. Drlray baksh

    NICELY FURNISHED 2 bndnoa "CONDO 2 bath on
    Waooxrni ond aoll AIA tran Ocsn. Corpaln.
    sonod pool. no .tonl (cMU C-2SI.IHW)

    uPlnhi.i0 Pino amo.,,71.11"
    Makn l.Lk, n. i. "UoN

    3 8*dino 1 8roh trllcioal a o rilo orge gos olo
    w/aurto drin do, Sck n, ol,2 no w/a r L -O onlolc
    Itr & hel, hadwod Ianan, pusp wsll & ,prdinklr,
    bkooulill loandaopod 29,500.

    LOP ZO2og pi"My, 23 f. oinI 170 Ft. d.p, clMrd 4
    U2lI 17..00.

    3 edIco 11 o11. uondr ca inMur nIon, -nrol air & kM i,
    oin 1o aon aoil orpo oad tllly o m S100, .

    lS nsc cocd ppirn .. 10oo I. f loo l 1 Highway Soulh.
    boknd Wail ild 1.000.
    CALL 276-9600

    i YACHT

    S ItNacs tlos bod0m. four balh o ol in OMlray IhIs
    blinsn lstrocoolcitland onan. Ons bld oa. and
    bIolh dstl-nd fr lI n m;Ld pl dan will balh
    Ibu1 ccosrilbn M guch bdrmc. Two : ol dook on
    wids cirmulouhn cot IMi ic tldics 4l and lrOlh prob-
    fil. Pool polo aM p ul lho lcf pasio of ntrl
    (MISt- 1013).

    Th. mninrifw Oaiiorl
    700 EaiHLE Allanllc Avenu
    DOnlmy Beach 278-2623B

    v 4

    ,.r. niaa h,,e e a and ,..

    !*:'.l'"'"^'' i . L;, ;" 1 Cunr..I JOa, Inc. hax bean In Flordal silMe IS l hl~b~lJHlinlbinea In UKe *II over
    ! :: ?" i' "i" -.' r ; .. -.. ... the ortd tor th . nm l ......ol dlporlae priductt such ll* baby diaper*,

    L. .......... Joa Firm Receives

    ..... .President's Award
    *2 i u11 l *j !"| 1 I ' L'uC G JI. Ic. o Sn, aho. wIlh 1Il1n K. NWithim. phi l unde'p(1. In addlll lo
    J. '. .. ". "' "'" . .an ol Wl ied elo er.. Geners l Ma ni er ,d re'il Arlnga r.rl n ial l
    Wi la,.(tll-a

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    anE Iaj lj*-l l i i c re 'a~ry d D| lmerc l titr ule nalnelarea dinpanire rnruda n ane man babe d ia er.

    aee P 1eeae I aIhr lnuraa act vlU oC-r the Ea-. In Alnar malnl-n lea -
    i' .....-.... raldVnllal IndSir' Award r in P rn d Soun h A wrmerdl ',A ,h
    S^ ^.*^^ !;a^ *'*L-^<>l.,.lu~bl or texprt aehievmenl. m rk* a^ S
    i, n,,'f SIS ~ n "lai*,';f l :y~?.^ ?M" T he' (^ *'"mpay previoly hiid Since recelvlng the Prt~l. yea hll'mImaler e m-B^
    elvcd the PElienl' n *-E" Award ln I Ip. and ad r pidd r
    Oa.lrtl(,an ..%;an ( l .< ,> ... .. n~. .. ......ll...Ian .r M. J ane. I.l. In t aned alia ni Jlain
    T!,,e 1Sl tl r P t aIa aleailI alde IC eanlle lt ind. o
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    el ll S ll.r. iEK' =i ,i'i ..S W '' Mo 1y ^prtl lh. on be- Tae Comnin'splclldlzei In Curt G. do Inc. h e com-
    a.ii ^ ;, "a ,,_ liC I 1 *" n."a llo .arap llr. e timt mh acbgenrlna m-.nu(clu nend nllenllely ow ema
    .-----,-.e e WF K iefi. A Comp, iniln irllilon a(plnt equlp bardeniedl lpe erale lo
    "l"S [ hT .lK"la. ny Oireclor, accepted Ihe 5on, tnt Ior iIe produllon of dai n l indrl ap. ll a5reby (-
    w 'a!olorhr tialhr~. C 0. Ja. peble prodeke Ciuch bliy eraih ll lo the laldd* ei.
    lHetiif EltR r ,'I .l, 'i, Ilide al o( Ihe Company, dlapetult liiy pkhll, chM porel c apnlo Iproirna dd
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    __,.a,.,eI l. etAway' at Lhateiaine
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    .... ..... Estate
    Arm. Ctane F bna. a Cnap and l i.ndolil raplant d N n :n a 1W

    ^^^X'^^ fr !'"a^*F^ '9.^l Raldenlia ol Chl'teralne do Chtletalne t a BHBtI*- yl- ,
    a lirltrlae G. neerpln A le m re l l Mad ella Ml ic. ByEtId WA DG1. CUMMINall

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    Li ~te n SAna eneane

    gT~-WE~e. __________ ly lidS-rc beln| conli-nc Two to four bedromm mreli w"1t' B U ,
    ^Eiili~fliU aO )i llld a~nlc!Ihe hi+ *" "vldobl, *11 wlUi tin lac ol p,~e tat in
    TV-AA.lrL -ft

    r ~bl llC il to mke me thisdonzna hi
    ~A~4AA a ~ Allaaln

    .......a e AA V.

    an -- CONTINENuTAL STYLE HOAMES.. at 1.d Inbe Claotlalat dn lapen I ,ni
    if l CIhn nlA d in ite lni napndine-
    a r 'Get Away'at Chatelaine;

    en., 1S d eet a ls.a 1

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    On---- hilrS. a .nd -- d (I ,. -=. ,.... . .
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    law, eIftan nel"And, ni.li bI4

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    5A h^~~l. .1n aa1* Man," S!^d.!i? v.dbtalnS*lii(byh~
    i-fe li~a'S"8.'1"1 ------------n oa I n "I*lfdS only b.o AuU Uxed D
    liKlANSlC~fAbMS Korr utes --- :- ------ fitbttd
    If~tliiEHiiif '"'rS'ifl^lIS^" )5%i5SE?!?Kl oE siT t aTn t epittl

    pulin B~r~j tiA irn Ui Sb'*lH..I>l '.tI 1-,'' '',1.o 'an "'nal -*i"i'"' i-**iir
    a*^ .^S~ OEMur~i~t"^^'"'''-^^'' "*L gillp Can ''* ''T;^;".;
    s^ ~ ~ ~~y nBiall-an,' ^ .

    N M. a~-J dA, 1a7. f apd n, I or, 170t

    At Jack Nicklaus Pontiac

    We Have Pontiacs,

    Smiles And Service!
    And we hav"e them by the cor.l Our electiofln of neW Pontiac, Is tremendous. Every color
    style and option imaginable so you can drive off In your new Jack Nicklaus Pontiac, wilhoul
    Swelling. As for smile, they're everywhere at Jack Nicklaus Pontlac. On the wall., on the
    windows, on our salesmen. And hrail be one on your face when you check our low prices.
    When II'l te for your Pontiac' check-.up, you a* who real service we have. Your smile
    wi a n and on and on. Thal why we say Jack NIlauc Pontiac is the home of the

    only a few doair more and you
    can move up Jron a Nova io our
    New '72 Pontiac Ventura
    Wthya a twal d cil a d a.1.1 ola, t.PA. c, wdni

    6 .... .. .... $2 4 9 5 Air
    S i waConditiohned
    New '72 Pontiac LeMans

    2wJai Sal 3rcira. = catid 3n .ipl. aro y ob-b $3 1 00 00
    1.awirg c-ln .ad a 6hac .-1r3 8

    New '72 Pontiac Grand Ville Our Finest!
    Air Conditioned Air Conditioned
    We've got a better big-size car at an unbeatable price u "pmentn
    New '72 Pontiac Catalina .-,,. . $1 o
    40R SEDAN $4588n-dn-,c
    'Nt I.-=.. .'l. .l -( 0 .6 .A I .. 4 Do HARDTOP
    pow., dM b,.lel, lorbo ta .mdl.al drivca w l...ll lirg rih Iir i
    *I. push bolln radio, Mfl ry wi dhlid d lol mo 2 ry.
    ,hi.r f, d. Ycu hcPpyl $3 8 8

    A different kind ofcar for
    the unordinary car owner
    Air Conditioned A absolutely Magnificent Brand
    New '72 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Th Grand hi4 h4 -y b8a t a- -ch- ao
    G-dury g sparl (wluc*. But you con ll rod lhat the '72 1
    Grand P t, a nops 'vm oNI Faaluret Ioclory ir dnaltionra, paol
    iiu dng. power di brain, l.' rba hyd.mo..c ttonlmlsitoo, whil.
    wall 1ib -~glai lres, puih buxom rod. o windsield and a y 4 4 8 8
    ha lot lo hr$


    *Open Daily

    why drive just a sports car when you can own this
    New '72 Pontiac Firebird
    pkd . Jack Nklou.pis. it -nl ha-wfll 16-.
    gla 1 ll., 2-ha.rl 330 "V.-" 1-glni, .nl .obillttr br, ,
    .2,..d.., $2.. .995.

    y Deal"r LEASn
    'woo? *Wsa kCARs P
    8 AM 'til 8 PM LEASIN
    y'0il 6 PM aiC 278-3
    2400 SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY s DELAY BEACH -PHONE 278-3217 s W. PALM BEACH 833-9693 s BBOWAHD CO. 399-3200

    G CO.

    P'". It, "N- --Jounnl.radaI. AprdIY 17!!
    ( i.h r l tr m Id |

    orlh Ffenal

    1971 DceilinK m (PMrNl itr ^^ ^
    1ircyde lop 1rt IkIpI ra


    '.'.'. ALBERT ,LET Am bA
    s1 Directons ol (he oye
    knt okld T-1 aecorudi.
    'on '.110 I ,telran d d b ta pBllde, ol a s en
    Men preandent ion Rush
    a.s ,.S year d. ae .-. ,,y ,,I ,. b To K
    L .e'oreorao J hr-i deco and die o l" `" i
    d .imo.... Au laLPhaby Poe

    ::' :;: ;] *l B u s

    R'' '" 'm i'i' OCA ATION ~ llle

    el M-,-lro v o f the n
    ..... .... mrger Mand IMTr chMr
    ..... l ,' ,,, det. Rley, *1 Mm' Is n. .1
    n B"rd I ea bee d.nd preld e l t:of lua h
    la l n "* u y r'eenduly and 1. UI i o
    a. A, ,,. ,.

    .On.. C... u

    AdganiiennIn 15- 'lenui
    . n re iaM Uneed.a
    .. ... -' Owe nid iral n a Urtao

    A ral i n Olo to ic op-
    S trlt b e.... I ndeth d In, .s

    Adidawerg dbr
    L.. na in as.a bwaii s'e a., o
    '*" '- me Apri l H i areheMn hTder

    n ,,^ ^ l', ' ":, '... 1, ''1'tkIo M lW il. 1,l
    nmiii) ric monior i nor* tm nireo Cwand ahe dlr orn
    -". An Fndcral dm0dnsee

    ddw sesdoko Ado I di oo
    em 'n e n aonalakwwe olwMldel dsnoi
    dnid do. Uta wbeotaleder a

    ...... '" sl Tam rp. d Inn 'ad
    I-.and e d . ..eInle
    11 l do Ioreo r aa llcrwned nd op anc de

    w***' *' oirdes irC or b anic and edird

    i eUrndersn ninlllewi or
    .Andeenaello acn SleInand-

    radwa dank o ned ela Unda

    S' bAspridl A dienon sanrledern

    re eP lo to limmhe cpanwa tohme r p sn
    tnosid oisendU If larlorase
    Hoarhmal~o~ 1bauklv aulh il- Cli A E Tl

    0 n, s,, r iork E~robed i anOde o
    r. ,,'' ,.,.-', .., a mcqulf Ihf o.' masolv lni
    P.n i Mer ome oerae r cmnI
    .lT. .a [ I = T imp D. del 1.
    .lnl will teonneea[odi*

    ,p Of d Irri E iii S. Mend
    pendentbaol~olwdnaoideannin U ao

    h publeon'. oyned mBeart.
    dten nowanty pAms donexpand

    I olen p Zro O t lie ellde

    \C I 1,1n H ihl n ens., c SI A s n
    A d F. P.I. iBwe =soeisadnIekpebrad
    l AI.t 1AI-1 sgtiwini, C 1 ociarie Porla rwaldrand

    radi. I r. > rn.i InlrUnr d a died lon on r
    Iarket ri_ e al Co h o aa bad

    | Slled o yor ip c qll redoi W he rh o lve ine
    | ... q i dc nor era lCorpnb ran) o
    The prodlsn It1 Inolodn
    .andnddrdan Is a d ds pbasd
    wo,, ,.n slfenrseHIAn I.Aean d
    n ill 1,Teopead ilclhesaedbt
    ... ,'n ,. ea l' rndondk P Pro, prendent,
    Vindenn Ved vo e io l resi-
    .nn dent .anddc n al1 aier.
    warknemsdinimdadoonls~ Tide
    a tidenorild aln lyal is JyodOlt
    S Canrns Annes. Meleya


    Styled wo y.o. spanecillnotwn. W hk-e n w eid
    ectono[ quality de doo faer

    lo John M. IOwedi, pdei-
    Eod. BoyHro Beach, haa
    Feed and Grinal Co. Ior
    the ded Induery lonr the
    fOrner vWie president ol
    .oxvDle, Tenn.. and p"n-
    IdI Feed Mllnulalurer, i
    iO Murall no Florndad

    FdT, SOA
    maI F Flemgm. Jr.
    nan or Iel oare do Ihe
    bank and Tru Complny
    a Rieon. N A. baa an
    ,d Ihe proinla on Bo n
    P Rdic Io the In Uo
    nl Loan Otpa rtment
    s0 'med in une Inn

    In 1B61 He lI a gaduae
    Al libh SOMeol and at

    tended CenrIal Flld Junior
    Coulle. r where e he mijn In
    .usines AdmriOntl lie li
    currently enrolled In Ihe
    wAmrloan Inlltdleof Bankir
    educaBonnl program ad Palm
    Iinanh Julda College
    Pr* ior la bemIn *n old.
    wr. Rich held Ihe poilllon ol
    rrColleion Mnier in .Ihe In
    oalmen t Loin Deorie nt e
    Ii wn dceve maeidr of die
    oran Ba. Jayon
    .ile) and Si edle, edei r1.
    aide ad Sandaiwbo Cone Bocn

    Flre l bancnare ol Flori ,a
    Ine had a II per cen lncraK

    In aoFll dal net nme be-
    tirnl quarler Ihl5 year
    Oieoh If dqIrnle In Boca
    Ralo. F~nl infmohare >i Ihe
    BInttulllbinlihoM~ng copa.
    ny Io be based In Palm Beach
    Ac-dordln to Thoans F

    iness Revie'
    boarh in the Sbereond lrk rbansem beoao k l. D reate
    ShonppIin ,enier %pporlnlde flor A mrd
    BOCAWdST The malor ilacle we1
    lOC iATOe Areid. a.. on deal wiu,0i Ubdr
    Copeorak dl baikin e.n aacO"n WrIn aeLnU ndI
    O. .r nd byr hsWintdeuor m l
    '", ', a ,n ,' e .elp ent"

    ken o and Aelr re an I ta

    boon,, 1 have an qulvaden rioneibll
    S wher, w owu lad i I
    rli z und Ii well uied
    .". .'". b ,,n, e, k , e w n r, 1 opa.
    mwpaeny pltai do doeielp an nrm wlmnalnemeon e Iim o
    property I im o0e In i'alm ainr n e tlalt 1 An Is Ie
    Beach Osranona and Dade sesonalbete are not Ane.
    CokunUe, f d" o
    Cobb noaid lha "the role ol PUBO.OX
    the developer haa become The Baird oA ideilora A
    m ne wmplex In recnt ~e a Pubbla bIoern n Mdrhket, Inn. a
    ihronughol the country elr anhne nd bat Mr. Georie W
    lker denlltn, re aien- Jeknlas w.ill la-w he psln .
    lioon d eiln al and aenv'rs un on Chairman ol eO BLaed
    menl llors. and better Mre Jekini u aI bnM pr
    plaJni or Irain c parks and dent and F.nder al An ir
    ina Mr Che are H. Jnli. VIce
    .a n*. i : e"ed ..en.andi.d. e.n.al baist.
    .IG company. n nwed
    President of PubliD Super
    wm uhanh el APed In l, Id he Markeil, In. eIk yeeR In-
    upan e welcome lheee dlaltely

    Happiness is ........ ft,.,
    EFFECTIVE MAY l'etll, ,
    Greens Fees ... a 2
    inoed ALL DAY AJ) /)
    Ten Play book. 1a7s1

    Summer Night
    Leagues Now

    8n2 BBarwick Golf Club
    VgSS' Borwick Rood
    **, S Delroy Beach, Fla.
    i~-'\ 1 R 278-5444


    A "'N 'e. Concept


    o,+ol Mth wih il( o.n trob nouH rindd iwloon
    mlng pool.,. Avll6ibod 1ou .and punin ~ grin

    ..1.... ... s16,990 1 DRO,
    --... a.. i18,990 j o



    ol On+

    InileR. I. tbarrmin od U.
    koreard d cn M Isales
    eore acurdlen lin Inr
    created 41 ptr cenl lo the
    lnsl quorler o d lnla I d olalir 'i
    Al eha I. or 1ie pl er bned
    dlon Net IncA e a the end
    ol 'Me Bl quarter. a Per M I|
    ... sel or
    i0 per labre orpared io
    Wan.ns. w i41 per lsare a
    Book Value per hiare In-
    rsaed o por ent nrom I S
    a yer alO inlo an dMarch
    LAW"e ""oni. P"".l
    dene of Ohe FIrsl NaUdal
    dank & Troui Company s(
    Lake W-0l. hai = 4nun~
    -he apominlment A( Mrd Olla
    Carlo am Manoger aO ohe
    bnO'. iandl aleno, IdeFd
    beach Tuan The Irdal agen
    V, wbohichaIt sbauidsnyda
    0nda Ualna bank, locaied
    within the lodby A Ihe bank
    building at 114 Norh "J"
    Siran. take W nk
    Mra Carlohanabicknarnd
    ad nearly OS yenar esperenoe
    in the Idal agneMe pronud
    on prevlouily+, IA han been
    aIoolaltd wih travel amen
    res In New York and fhe
    Palni reach She bai OrUo
    Ipaled In many DenUe and
    Inienunldal Traiinga Schoole
    Ilo driel agenni prenenled by
    De nJor Ilrllnei Ain. M.
    Cario attended wany menwnan
    sponsored be varlba Tour Op"
    eraloni enabling her to keep
    a bream o the rapidly eadn.
    Ing Iravel Inaui
    lI:ted eaw Maine ,I e
    Mr Ca rs haa traM le e.
    aniielo and I nonn lly vla i
    led wany renreia In Europe.
    Cendea and South Amer.a,
    Mexnc andw moil o tde Carib-
    beain Isfnd. at well as Oe
    United SUoea and Iawali She
    II pretelly p~lnnlnj ularl
    Ahraah A ttla or her-en In
    I 4 and Ihey Itve reideld In
    the adly i ne I n e

    ORLANDO The morse
    (eulon ol the Florida School
    D a.ekin5. ieonord bey fe
    FlnrIda B"nkera daaImoa in
    coeraUan wiet oe College or
    Bulnfu Admin~litrlUo al Uw
    Ulvenilly or Fliorida Gilene
    dvllHe nbe hldo re Inl.
    iR One hundred Avenayfla

    auNsiOtS es (esa$1cim (
    UNIlV. ini iOWL I.d.


    Hitlm^ I ,-r lavini ur In u II R i;r onu BOCA N;l dO .r,.. ,on wddie ..lion

    Xr,*iooiln, lie u swr,. rne t hem wan.

    IMMEDIATE / fg lCl"ItA C
    DAliY AND SUNDAY 10 A.M. 1. 611.M. iJ T 3 l ff 21 aig


    ou best buy s..BOC fIA IH

    Ocein Boulevard just north ofl he B ca aliton 40th St. Bridge / 305-278-2669

    king News- -

    Th dlrk ....a.. r ....e AM BASSADOR
    l)prnaorn. Ihe nnd year drke compunrled mndel COFFEE SERVICE
    anve i invtelnt and Credi b ank
    I'nhcy. and the blird year is Tne purposn ni Bhe In n Officn -oSan.- Salon
    denoted to Crdlei ilolicy and year School ia io provide bank
    Ilabilliy ennaminmeni The pernannl ald he Juni oer o Fi EECrlffoe Mont
    Imlmhoi ol he a hraenyear and d upn rln ry lelne wlilt
    ponrarn Is lihe bdnk doanan- onporpn niln y Ior increailng (all ft. liaadidls, Eellll
    Cadean.r end nrbbmlna 1.563.5721
    . n ,, *. o e Ind'urnoonnbl

    This Week's Specials -

    Banister River Oak s7% NOW

    Ivy Birch R..s$12.95 NowslO0

    Sequenced Bokmatch
    Walnut Uan. s$2295 NOwS 19

    PAN-ELL CO,, INC. |
    43i1 ll[11 HWY. it. IT 1 aUO N /t4l
    4el N. M1l u ll 1net l 110 l t 3043s _I11s


    3 BEDROOM, 2 bath homs ncnlral wir conditioned
    and heaot. Cathedral calling narpetod throughout.
    ThMa ar lovely homks sifualed an lerge wooded lots
    with carport, sloroga room and kaystone polio.

    Priced from *25,900

    Conventional mortgage aolle at low inlhrl
    Located in Country Club Acres on Military Trail, I
    mile louth of Atlantic Blud., Delray Beoh, iFlo.

    Ask aboul our "Leas luy0" Oplioe Fla
    P .O ft 6 9 Bl O a lo n F u s. 2 1 I .4 0 1 1

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