Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: May 10, 1965
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00012
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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sa.iw, Delray Beach. Boynton Beach and Boca Raton Smn. is

Published Semni- Weekly- Monday and Thursday


era-yte.l $1,203.99 Sought For

Create Colony In

Arcade Building Added Clubhouse Work

T nwly frntd De.ly Ar T lbM( 1.bu plj -o include a
9is9 nnrh. d ambltous. pasc I monlhty .rt 9 hew In lth A.nda
i.fAnt ,mlbonhip mboiew Thbun during th wiser M.n. and h.e
day at the Comm.. lly C ater 9I. paobilitY of n A999 Fgtlnl t9W
[ .oIW cllion .l 9nc9pontinn, de. i.n lb d9n6 n n _e o who9 artitiU
.lpifu byiLm ond bombolta hfom Ibote Gohntom '"' will
o.llnb. b invi.td to .how. Ih9ir o.. Thi
A m.t ". po.nLt h9uo ot hand ` ype o( f(lvCI wou.. Ibnhd. an
* hutodwdd.aontlemnrlato ws Iodmn 0 t9.
in. ie AnIdo bulld6 i i estiablish Tb i,, ue..w 9, me ctulfutic
a Roke to hddrloh e gmn g writh It.^.nd tho b in n
ict9n9 is9 o1 the 9 Isue. It the idbaeluth 1 hb baen added th
Int9en9 n ol 6he beuo .to becme I6 Th6. will bloy pjapls
6.l9-99p6o0L99. Ih6 .ulh 0 i.Idl.. geing ITbir q9.l9 m 99 shap e0f9

*pa to R bby or 1oe:rnl art
9. 9d 9 .r9ilS, i.7 sfun 9 h.9 d i9p6n. te p*ro s on. 9 e7l1
9 9o7 I9 9nuliun II f Mhl Ihtl 0a
,ldrlealin l wl r11 t M otlr shoppe w.lle chock with b he. uL.
ed spare and bemm purl ol h fb. wdhre I 3rl willkbe a dabioh
'999I ud = d9 999.99.9 .Me9
..colo Roo fo 0 d 'co"
metl nlndy F lXr. ,. M tsur Tnd pole l ual wr t alt
n.pt hl rallon9hl li W y ad7 lnr it I.t"rt'1inta9. no.. tht
uptlh b bolo of tllw indeiun d th tf t i amllehmli d t ok pir bo |
oii re ll he n tNom iome d. sho soambor d
Actd. To Rcm ho extended
Recreautiotector edfa e I:.
Thlnltrou wmhbrutlBd h mhtth*erplIn iditteriiltbnt
Mth Tap Room lmanwmnt. wi3 o1a pra5et:m:1...5lon.mtt .
efubhorN. A I.ut e t h llnd. b- held lnth nw Mrte h ich
i .O.th o t oi e .tha to pcrod i .hdlanh. Aled t hobe I-i
he TMa(r e thbi uhaR. 2h wdl. bpinrtedto R Oe.. d

Alfred Elliott Named

Recreation Director
Allied Musot wld head the Cityes took his mtesin dilt ratimn

_11mt-lRr r Wuttcl anjour c 0. W 1y M ,100 poldaet. me eptof th
a9d9T9dJy. tbodit *Chk. T th. tineisd pud h
CEllfutNIl whon wM iattaIBhd I'i l l st6 t so. et
9iT M Rc m r 09.9lonS1tor ple p9 t-Ill 79o9h.rl9 0 99 (1..99 p9 d
Anlftr. wid idutorDfor, ill htMhe.,Niilpont and Ellioetpt Nam

hot had 14 yearn of opsadonu as whil `ddl the City G='an -
Recrnlontlonde tori wd.iEd, lolr ando
9Thn. S7.690--yar pMei. o In Mull dcet6ul. ond is 9 l9 6 ll6o1 L
Ine -mrin. *dletor wrrs creted 61ddiriu onmc l ioc f Int
dutll nrerOtk. ditor OW ly 21.00 publint-olmmln provided
6 .t9999., 0 a9l9 9. spo99t Cdly *Uncld919 14C99 m
it. Jrwa flred by action of di. a | wi a "T, r ph.n.
City Countls Mach 19 the ha of the city for 5Park
Th7.---lI.udh. e .orwbe .u9lltbo ith bal Radwdla
In Ihers.. of, and -ol0lt. .A.rll raud qu ipet and Photoal
Off h n It".tice%. n. Buldin. 1'.is .1.
ml. n1 d he e .t.. o Idd t. th. pa.; gllttI.
Sewt For Delraynt w so in bol of "er o *f
9duL rocodf. 99where 6. pt ret pubd6Io9 hadl. l pooh le
F, mand .. M9he..h.ppThp,;.. W noof9999.909s99

Sunt.m th Counlt Ciy, attnd814 paunl

S.et For DbeBlray M..hn
dao he pp l B atcdhtay onadele re. a uer vhC g
mSouth County ah"'. D .h Cm ""w.

kdu=`n to 6w b so be Mrs. Lautham I
Office Building y,, K.mqsintnd,
(lold bhy oa rerea a llby nmb
Set For Delray S, .e,.
P e .iam fu ith tun.ty ComKe. L9ch... H6 S.

k-or uid lt cat li o'. FP sL Commends "I"
eakTbilt w uelt 9l o* aide ie ldh
-Th,.rwr+mm..p. tobm FOrRSeric ,

t.l e tteSari ot o Bepr ae ntA in Fmlo d Itor .t
mtlh e u9d9I9 9M ayiison 0 116. I "l0ht Cpo pany 9lroy Bech of-
(or1tO L9.000...laaa bE .. a i p by M. Chal .
W=ad ci tlloulw a9L w "ao .e the . Liki. C .
tL9.y o B699l6. tB6 u 9a d h. M9. publi. hme e 9 I. bI
Black from Chumhul+ Ohios. who
[oldt in of l ourth PcoRudnty wItb hin tended ohio le U i *ndty,

BTwa andl bultot at E W o mpoo-d i-wn Ohio by Wh
o PmPNtrd mh.Gou he eni OhNIPor CEopn Aund. a-b
KIRad hy a loan b uilt d Rh a yl M I. I.Fhlomidborto
6 99nu0l09r96ltundI pbod .0 Chu 79h 7 Z 999 Club In,
Wam99d, C 9 o=9 bo.6 9 dW. em99l,99. ndMose0ndldyle o9
Weaver 4uid lIt the bull ~ I( "~WheolnAmef inWoen+m"
Sodd he pCo unty 9M9. 00999969 dutie in9lda, .9
Oafell a Is a r irMllionrmes dBu'itdiianng of sto.ullr'Am
Shet or t Dhe $ y0 w C 6prR 699906ulamut. lId999u99996
Also epe. d By le Bec a h L thVes. aml dbst o
9u9 l 9o9o6 of P sthe Path Good1.. oo u h
9.99 adc.9 999999 C9699 9a,- 9.99909999997 99.0 .
9r9dp9 oar th9 9 nt.-ou96 l.9 9 9-9 9nd .0nd 999990t m 99 99l 099999
9.y in Boynta 999 9fu96nd bh g9n9ad9publc. Sh9 .9691 9 U 90

CONITOLLEaIRiSII DelD.- scas aca ellk ac nw. ArM- dhrheml- sr-rul lallrh .-
y Beac oty dump uIt lfridly IyI lh eIn Wa w o a m idenl. dlliona for aedacin Ihe manual
bnllhl .i..qui.e. fn 0 cul.ul S .ra.detY eu 11 t w IA lo 9.9 ofw l 0te m 9erll. (INws
.r.aldtr whol b.elied it w n ch.dofrbY1lthPir Dep0n9 nl Journal p9olo by Bill M9 ok)9

Jalbert Named Boca

Industrialist 0 Year
BOCA RTON Dembes. 0
J..albo l pp9i99t 9a d 9.oud e oI the 90
JftboJt A.Wc "d L 'hertoy. '7
Tt9out 96.19,9.996.9M9 7. "
9a9.d Tnmadbe by 9be RIncab
.nd Dno0 0Scree CouS.oc9 of t999
Wha InvnI n, plnd of I.
aur.n lu th I it lbo i | *n etR
Hot9l9nd Club M part of lnd0tr90
Appatclalt Weak i. 0 e.
DispainDut -Mtod 1. the CI-
daT., p.m ad 6ho .hotl by 9h6
99a6u ledu. of Boa 9999 0 Ra
Dluro i at ednhe Ificad 4 luo th bo-
MIniled aly. Bofd lodbu d.
onaty Couunclr Grpau WIN-

...o.. C tm. slm tm lleds l f.p. o ._m9.W s 999illi9
in The CaoMme Mi cUliede In he f I -
si 9. .6canl with hit 9fll99 l A6e. h Labti l In h V lS T s/ 't
I 9i7.fo0. Beat RM u .i.. 99e95hed wilt aw s 3.s. 'C
Cttilad msaull de73ce lhet bo owIt \
6olo, qn. 9 .n..d a,-. aGa.,. o 9 9 T.. o t a

T i t l CofC Urges City T
.a dned bidy Jofhat 47 se G
mia n St ", adtertxb.. Beti an a a n e
9utn00 999999in099L9 lo I7* d9mb9r99 G il999

mads9e9 p or .99to 90on 99 une7 90is hlany t 6h Ch.merel Com-. 9al s R9od t. the N.,909. Jayc
toda u awrmbrh, mee decous rged s -C e t Cou,

Pric "i 9he _6.ti 9e9c e 90ion nof dera Bepp. c eti.n l t yr Cat mb. i on S Warr
Gobld at a la dd l ordin M tool bolrw a bl a me d tnohe JI .E Print e P k
Cetoo6.i cut9 9or.90.9996 S uhl C9999otl9 96. Y91 .l99I990S99
9099'990one 9 u rai n a6 9to 9 f 9r 6 0997in -9 ACREI,9 to tH I ..n.9 idea.
0PAUeirtd leaeo9dn utnt or and yo6ne 6ni.t9o9..itcn9 int9ihcy919 9o.mmtt9ee,
th.irC ,nrihtino atot abo 9 unl- h.ir l.gi9r 9 a tlie Frid. y n Zd.
p teduet 5er today tpumnt th e

entSAd' oundconla a Ba 0.9 Ra9 The 06ir699n B9h9 r Exc9queted6 -'
Inn'le ,a e lhtlt. Ieity uniltot upI p l
Oust spanker M the funeboon win commaite Im frthe puP e nl ,an+
-oh W, Fie, m~jer o_ thA inl oritatfun prior tn rantin
In[d. ,ofMd Ersdte Dico.te Perit tolalciin my ch.
of NASA' Kendly Spee Center Th, Clumher i = ld in bh
.i1 lhe, iuch cllidlteinn on the
Tax Department A the A mln And Gusnt
Claims 473 t.9 porm heh 6dinle99r d 999t
marel ad would C pmr In "Alnl,
Delinquent e.and n.m.9 r o. ,po1 ...
aounrr ni. would be mde ont
The City's Ta, Dep.rme99nt n.- ndtostarion.th.uu90outt999 int9 99"9g
n99n09d 996 th9.t 973 9eopl 97 O(el.der, 7.en Goo.. .sdeJi
hM, al paid Hdi to, bis, 6in1 JunM. = nd HGau HIs n n we j .i
6.o.999799.996 9 .l ad 999.9th C90699.999 -99999
Payment of tod dueh ould be Touronme k T To- id,
ede p9r 9 u 1o A .m 0 on u 6 I 99t hold Innu9l90.90 0 99
whih ime he teame n .. nel ,act ,ky1.r1woas us
.1 itCy HI ll, aidingtoC9ty ; .erk Tre wu Tbend to 11
ClckRa .1." o0hin.. Sunflh Rogesit Coommltte an,
W .a hinh a b tnodtht ny-..
tbolrtx =Ia.eitnquent, oenyone L0999 99 .l.9e the A0rfull9 6
0w99 99 999n9t0n 9bo.t t9 9 pIay- i $ CAit9E.8 S909999 wr, 9
ment,,hauld u ntctla '`h T8., Deli.0y 8h eh E;haule Club
In9.T.he Deparenhot.

A payment o.l 1=0.99 nwll b9
N 6i.derd thb evening by th6 9el-
ray Bech council Iot addilinul
0olk on the ity's new 9 tmin club.
Paymtl w deferred at the lal.
Council mting unlil 9 n .an maly
could be nde ol te. m court
ofrctollnn MIl and o origin o.
ulhorily Wr -elt addilak tM the
The orlllnul bfildln enlrfel
wla Ibe *mount o S5IS7111 A
ehu.d order for IS colum. In
I.e *mountl 0 1570 Iao. I
be.. improved.
Under oilderhion will be
hang.e order m9 untlnil to 577 7I
the Iuol9tstion o'f drinking louI
l9in pipeli, fnmldlighl rmpt9cl.a
on building rve ln ., ddkd elwesr
.l +Nrl I.o lutuo ,llre Iltln ol
oulkda llhlnl mnd the i-lonis,
of 0 slidin. door ..o pen hinged
Almo io be omilded will be the
uomhln.. ol mae9r9I *nd in0tlllnd
* fence with pllinn Io compstet
Ihepro4lclrveencliou.n o lhennli
9ourli. .nd Lume" 9' In urtfin
lor wreenln of Ihe ndditialI lme
il9ld999ion, col ot which, including
S30 ror nc9lW i he openin.p bova
tbo door nd wall fl the tor l
Archite9 for Ih9 leni9 n prhj-
el. Kennelh Jcorbsen, h. ad-
ri.d the Council th9i he fulhi-
tlned Ithe ddlllon.l work. a-
erhd the two Itemr o 1577 *nd
Ia.99.g, oa the .ppavl l of
ormro Clly M:at.r Rlobert
Rolland. le wel staed rlthat
need ,or the work had b...
reendieu9d, .ndelntod 9nd
udrerd upoBlalt rall
Cou09l recently ditn1d a study
l. bo ndoe coMceIl beh n9 r
viable lo thi fsadn public.
principally due .id vri9u r9m
puiinulrom lcarilise +l
As rul o- Ihe > ecoummnded tht .uitable nark-
!%.9 be povided 90 onnf9e9 nbuuo
cen .n laion within t160olot
anr it.lutinh with shnn.r a*u
(9 9t 9n opn fur puble 9-.
This rommendaion will be fu a
period beginning Oc9. 1, t9o nnrin In
of((t larltheneuin|IM1lralar.
Subjectl I Council approval. 9.
ib s 99r9i0m9irs will11 I90dvtnd9
ol Ihe Kdulito in nrder thlt they
take te nerpmnry lep tlo ,on.t.
their cllvitlel within the allltted
re during Ihe litclyear.

Ocala National
Forest Features
In AU Florida
Do you want to take a trip (or a
day. or t9oT 0o you wnl to mo
Vbh f u tlh Iodin uMit h? Woofd
you lik lo trub rr the bl oma in
clhur, tsa water? Or tae the kids
on rcampin ltrip? ^.
Jetn All Florida AlwiIUU In a lip
to ter Bl Scrub, the 3a.M0,eac
Ocala Nitlenal FoI Ihb we>.
Fint nred ho this v-l adrs, O
co0nide9d w9rt 9hk n0o I9 p99inl
dividendl in lot produce and
ritl. lol both younl and oldb
90 9. 99 10.999. 6. 9919091.99

0 99 i
9999 999 999 099 9.9 999 9999

Delray Beach News-Journal
A John H. Py Netopaper

Program For Progress
L. A uoBtd. qulailad nctlon ommhaon of Ifol dtita hbo
Se ll oen- oa ditrlt t.h adctlita ol a q iofilddlnctor of
2. Balutuitlne of Atlanti Atenu* I0 ocun to poLkway.
3. Promotion ol f at to attrct ltuitu.-
4. A Capid IftplomMla Plronai, ith l itdlt*' uobiaed
I. tloe of ot'arhold Ifr aed iulatollto a of m udlr.
pound in tho t niMeo a.
6. Dmltopmt ofl plornm to attract cln. tiht Indutlry to
A sot p t hd the quality of
drikiu etlMor end l t he ipd of poll tio.
More Help Needed

Brownies Tour Bethesda;

National Hospital Week
SBRed of th Hop" ry a pp t.hey
he*i h for NX hll l aeoopi W k. iy
tome, Blk d MeIorial HopUaL
WIRh hi.lr laden MrW n A. C. H baLr t.d
Alm Jobs W llt. the yeopumam enjoy sbod
hlIolti, Iln;L ..tuptleta addu-
:.d adfao tl hod Lep ad d=ddella
wlloat 1l klow t d hl kwow a f t the


. utnla diorddr. Ihtllh it ha in thef in ol Polf Suf h County t tonad In
nomf el ample nor compltemoattnetoloabalfmenitatotod
tiooniiy. ha lor hunodre. of yea bn the ptit toHollyood.
thea ulbec ol rioid taboo month *- Arid. trooh ttloible ulatom
0iUed-iophttLated" o tolitud"' per n.dotd. ft nt bhe pointed ou th at
ON Only In enl ye n hnlhl thL menl~l fUnw b n alntemly peoniol -
po ionm boo afIordd amt nlu of l lfltion tsart n develop in any penon,
Sopenoinded oidenllon. rather than rilrdIle ol hi* atal atandis or eto-
the hbpen eod laughter nnomery tM nolit tvel,. A. ohb. it involve nol
tellaitdilhil. people ho oor. In daily cntct with
other b I mpl: mn mll. Maend *iratd | -
Itntuneot etlbmisi ahouit o thinr: em.
the mreny lly it dr- r raolu nidr It i* cl what o entIUy dittured,
lion. Lu.a yur. amndln to a naoa- praoM nted. pfoh.p aba0a anythl I
*ide utrney. thtre e 25.000 known et.: love. uandendint and moral -
kildW. In th Unied Slate. Moteor. uipoe Iorom th people omd thi. '
melorhea nuplct that n additiolnl They do not nod pity. chae nor many
Io.000 deoathe lr year hih oere Itoled olhoetlhe ltto tla ptohahly 1ot rib.
titental or otthetoo wna. A actily utodt otlhegnallntff in the tiot piha ni
e ..odtheywooldrakeo eoirtcho t
Thi bltnp the total to a p.ounnibS teloa wahtonrehetpieIdo th
12.0m ll.n thlh ner lotl. dirly or lltorelre. nal t Ielna. THR BSECREM of Ilie 1. llo .l Mil Jo
ItdieIly due to -enil ioo1 That a h oarn otho C
I l Uoo i a lny 1 hree line th" much. A.,1 h *a I Iet o th r te nd oe f U tao e
blf .l .i.hy l.. I.nhe UniLt People Heart below am.d by meda f.ule.m. il. M-. Ul...
t tor t. And tne tn otdy uue* Aberlnhy at Beth Memaial HpllaL Jo
* h n y limne ant mnobita wa d AIl Jolled tolehr tartBh O wnea Trp
a a totpono"t.ldu lito. Of A Hospital oe tor .. t.clc bolr of aa blopltl a,
Palm Iath Co"nty i n.t neepted u N
to Ihib trlit b11. In Bo aln t Al*.ltnalln ouufy me u k tn laakl 1ntt i
durinlthelpautteetoh. thanetfoo pPeotnno.taMhinecnpralcn. 1
.al..ly y.` .. ....... e ......... _
tetcly tayln Ioingotiolhlttcl intent. Sot "I' hcpit"lI.
A liddlared omohl., eraotn.ily Ins The "puh button" hc intdet Ii
"nl". ta her gap onn t uheao antlheptldrr Mo t of tha amnain
her too teptot ohidrn "nd th"n otak doro and dIrrl.e bina totad today
her ran life. A ditnuihlt a-huaold e I n'ltknorntlolldMl l entejue taIn
relith lht hidrtn. to .v hml a.thn M ago". ye. prdtaitvy. thl p, l
muld.e hk lotr.ng ee. in hmoaolda t "- hat reved to icmoI th need lon
betl onhimil o p e lat pietmult attopta to Pe""ko;oTllhtlptrP.ta
klllhltllwlrilh helM uleamon Nclydevtlopd qulpenhcltrtdaentatokteB
Th. aho.rnolon.e.d viti,. .d the tc"hnlt.u- nod medittotoal,r equine mt
tmlu d lei orSao. l he lthmtim.tdoth h e ti t uedt t Itt highly r fined1
ntito.ld mou ,i Ibathan ii ty t o i fehilt
of Fot Lan.Lderdae toin ar ol.e ea An idot n een tarn ltnd
dCe t e- uton n hl. nI o he"c bun Itn b .h1 <. n U-
i c hn it l In. nt It npomat uand r h o the
lleoin n e tnu i ilel d 'aItltolhatel on ienll c *
nlr kit.,er der .v. lat-l oout.ch Th.oc thk lNa to t .11t Ho top *t
'Ip.ni. iromn aolni .nd the Week Moy 0 thnmeh fI. "'OPp* -WOW. WHAT IAPPENS NOW1" .ai Man.r
tomon-nthort t e l o the oloHaphal." couIldbt he mM Aaa Sateola 'dLttc" n* hldotc.cd f
ippnoplNtI O Bui mn Bthoa Mmoil Sicr. mclhine for bar owale paulon a,
Surey. tm in the pt 0tw .o he h lnrefd t toolflhe hOpll itl BKt lt t loh te.. Ir Aet. Oltla a- e. pllt
e..th. that llthe tmt rll to..Ic In aIen." Wrillten nd -vol. teibuh t hfo, lot 1k te mlel doed bor II otrk.
Poida t io menal 1inBm faitleio onre 1m0e patletlll to thae trt illt tall
Pl llRfIh H.ituihaoh and Omroe "MtllS ta" -- Ihi than et nothinl
Coont. Thmre. l the ltl'f m nt l naipletly Itlulllitl aehut Rothec
hoopitlt at, lhatetd in no1 *It oahl do.
y one. he South Floiidt HIaplUl n Oe the oul the rial *oeoafv.n
Hotlywood, AI, lted In moteopolitfn hmplitalt PonoptInt lhihoo.
^.d, 1i .^^ 1.*IIBHI Kha'.
awtr al to f41 erpt aea for every tre
A more handful of pmctktln paythl.- pttitec. Boathadn 40 nnmpbyea to
tIinal heo.ti In Palo Batch Cunty ll-o 1B2 btlhed
and lhre it onlyto tn tenlt t. iliiy. Tender. tlanin it and, re he
a nd on St. iry, r' Hoplt In W.M leya will bh the hlftmirk Iof he
PaloBhabh.ThMtn. l -lHulathAMoclt. hbptllaloklhand,.


El/WM/ MR.N1AR97.13
Me. Noh 5. of Is
N.E. 16ih AI.. Bofnton
By ln t to.oto Seach. died Wednedy,
Seon h orelon ln itder AFS olllMn an: piat. M"y
lonom Chile, Entland, denl. Jan DntTo, c*hn She to cUMra" d y y
Fanae. Noraay, ;nd mollyiMiaulie' "Amar- daughter, MhI Dick Co
dfn printed thele l oni hnon ". vloeplcti. penhtr of Alekrcal
ountn ofthAraecoftn dmnt. COlhyZfar; eate. t on i, John A. of
.PfdAmehf,.hMtyoy n t or, toNo tptp i loynton Seuch and Ray
.tFihoamnoludm. inS atn Ann IIn C. He t. Calif.; three
Satcmh' AdFS "Itod dem. 6ondohlnd cod lolM
.tfln(MenI, Mtaln.ex Bob1 Spipher oedu Funeonl Brvii we
tone fhallpmoth tudtn toua held Saturdoy at Ice
ploainft. th e Po eld ot f phooc.. Soho-Caha Funolf
nutnto hnd eo HoaeeBnynt onhBefoh.
he stodenta ntrctoed in ati don orMtnnfit rtn Inre ntd
SIhith apo rtore to Maohr tu nTh e Bhap te h
lunm internall students oat tithe
*oMnoorm' In the United lotllwing, in ordWer: Rb
.atle. and prhepi to Spei her, So lt Knt,. HENRY R,
La hte a m e for tnioa : e BTom Sthil EI Rph.
on e..th.ade. o [RMikRltne R.eo r NRIKSON
I'.tlenctnd f ludet te Jefll MF nPhereon. inlor,
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ItheirlaMn tU con E lmm, Bobn Wh tr.A Set acond A te.. Delley
oct Me. Sal Tat a. John Lund, cnd Nbnay Such. died Thuody.
.. Ney eeted 0'1.- S ToTer .oSl .
if____,__ Thas toer ftdlit r y1
:.Deira we h Ifle food neta.ht Rhesitoothhit
elo7 ..-erlhta Se widn. Ann ol Defry
News-JournMI ,t h. po.t.npa In iMkhiroI.J-n.F himt,
OfUO.0i t ,5 thoee tMtart hamoonttd th .k- tw 1 s ldtes ,.
U..LY w Mr. Robhet Shaw, ""o Moth ona lehon tl "I.j
*+. 0lL ntd, Manh D etartent Younnh d e f ool
-ow Ji Hotc n d John. Rida fi chl.
0.tat t* U StMiller h h ee. n then
X.et laO a at* 0~04 t the 1965 Boy'. State Mt 1onert are
o oB. RohoihPteenaa Bloinbo Fu Ir H t.
tmtornte. Delay Reh. Ft
0Say do, S..aul+
________ I. heIeI.


TRCHNICno RORERT OlE (ROBERT a ft DID) =pt:da "t Mt reOrlnact toe. cco
palyrter of X-ray. tn. L o .., Do.. Ottoah 0. Ho Ethe Roroocatt h o fn he eeo to Botbodo
Barbara Kennedy. teenreJooeeot photos bh Al.. Itoaptf Ott 15 o. now rct n e to helpful



city i _C_ooaCttboft.OIt .
ASSOAY TAM 11110 pmmv scom
.Idg.... U-9: a...`~~.
Dopicatelldd -2:0.Mttlt. 0t.,tO0cI
Jo.foCff. SLEEP d I r. t
Homeo L 3noa.710T0art..
0 P.O. nnatcik. bnap io. d lto omen. --.b- IUC .:=
CIAltotoa lhf. .0)itharh to a. momeot
Orchid M..b Hmm- 30 = mum .=w a
Sur.Ma ncoh,11 R,11-8 :Jp.r a-kl Limmaferamn
5..K..ia~th0tr. ~th..ertal0erot.P N.earaet

DNESDcAY to me
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Eottetoir.?eletrtno. a hdn t
teb,..t ~ ttnr feoonto I*YO( (I IIIWICV
C~ltltC CENTER. a Yd..*a rec.. 5. 513 hoot hoto reotec
OSPaotnu Cu o l~t0Oa b14:re.


i~ ~t At

V"*UfA8 Woman's World

B.,.BE..... Y Society.. Clubs.. School
FRANKLIN, N.C -- N.o Dty lrny monh Dot Fraser, Editor
ld Mw .II undlra wa Deisy artao loinlh.
oUdrioro ho 5U Gla t Smoky moooii hlio helobo.
lnBofe o oilo>l o'oir> hlu JOII.J1l'd.,. a
.J Ras.., D ., aino Marjorie Watt Is Married
Palm BRoh'o Fnu .d Bym Sl M o Bya
0 an Ri ofoo. o h oik.1 C.o. To Charles E. Waldner Jr.
Ian and DeaIS Ra c of C"itoy o-1o Ja
htiohog lot twoo osob .i.. yot00 dftad Jo
Byrom-D..n r 'n> d.ulhl. BOCA RATON- Mi.
Hilfh Hifpo. ; u d CfilR y Club opon hoe Mljorie Anna. W tll. th
Isth llb F l kSchm ah tllh ttho l t Sb.hoL: oReH y dooghoolf Mr. and Mo
4ndEilH Pop. ,er ll lpy h o;lo hl Winm Wllt Jr.l131,SS.
lublmiuod..helyotb.Or hoolobmeo Moyo Palo Dor. Bon
ASIDE0 to Lomo Dr,. Bob Rob., did m y l 0. tlo nly o "f Ro
hoowynt- o Noo, Tld oo. JooeOo .0d Moor, P.. hel.0. tbe
Job. HuaPh.ol 0e 0 helo P oot bFon ho 4 oD. Ch.r-B 0u
is.wm.4hooploo .hi isiJ.ly+. o.y. May 8B ot St.
VIA CARRIER PIGEON Winnis ood Roy Pouro Eplicopol Chou b
Haydn o. die y al0irhei o Wy., 1. Delay a.b i.
vO1l Coumtf Club 0m boar arb ud Ray Tha brid 10 lb.
Caoao n handliu Loi M.hio boy Itsk M : Mo. bee M
atha'inp0inaJtl. 100i1b00 rip hck. No iCh.o Euo Wold r
EutOt I01 thi. y Ca d trila l f llp 0 ta .oll.o.h. Vb.. Cy H b
IlPnd.0 .mol=dm. The N-R. Dr. Stlr R'
Trb Iaon. D0 Il. heal d fdi L-im Li- in .dlkthe. -9.1-
.i0r. o.. on. i el oo. f ....I o o h. oH.
MIol llkhi d b Rchrl lld t o hi eolb hook dh oh
ohlooa of a MtIl* h bl u' .1 "Mrh 10.0 0
Iuarn00 P0L. Wolt.tthC n. b-.. l Iot l ile byr hor booy. -w b- na
to P0l0. eronhard of the oloodo 00000 ho. le ndoothaoo 0ed-
diar Is0lm hdOehwOowltyo diloa don ofi lti.
Hei. and AI Aolbr.o plan oa.. oiN. Here h M b.oidared b.I
York and the n lo OY 12b. theib o t0 sulolao 0d4 hoaiof 8ll010

sprillgo Jtbl lhn.P 100. MOO orohdao d
He that yoI r John SMhpl*y I0 the ou. r life 0ai1 n il of I I Mi S
uionod.tbeopoifh oClubb-hbeIhna f l lbio Wo h00 hoyd by I
Pisr4da500 snue ol 0 line i.,
E8a 0n llC. Al 8r oNl to Rlul Aw.y Ray, 42 ad 4 o k. hi t.
Ifon.th. book h.don w o h Mb MW.. N_. Cantll.. loo Vlew J'.
Ortgloi dJa Jek b Ditt headed aorPlha 004n Mb. 1.3.00 Wood.
Loke Plai0d. N.Y. The John Cuorate ow l d Wolt. d1er (ho Men W t
Loy, IN.Y. .h m1 M sWalterFunck GardenStudy
.-.Hl y-nd 1 "a.01dy.. Tbmo.dllISo ab Mr" w.. Om wN. EntertaiM Club Club'sAnnual
o yo.. h 51 lb. ol Mn. Well., Puoch1
afll. hppsy In MadRd. MHor Idd: Dooo I. hood l n. f Meeting SlatedMl o
omnl 4. Api.t1". D bmy wo the hl d lll- G Cb ( l= Th. Delay Dleh Gen.
DELRAYi them auowloh- oan.lyhu 0.o nat.May o. S1dy Clubw H hold
Loho ob ooha h Mnobsudo.ol boakhat ult Thundey it0 a0uol T otoi atthT
ad booa. V 00 Countl~ 7boon. Mt uoyd K.S
fonr i). PTao D. ooISol Dely e Ibuilt thi nop i d ol Club Road, Hlddio V.7. Amli, 00 N..7h St.
f0 by od 10 h.n woo. baOdiog o.m l nw Cheobla Eaeo Wld. by. Bin. RotO. Thundody.
"ott. oo 0 tAha -l Mhe n br s inb l o w Moy 13. whe. 1905-61
U04snd th00r0l01l.0 d0 o io "S o Toy" .n. Th ohkn woro M.ruhbbadM.Louden oo 0 .1 inlb holod.
(L DldldlSn t tsorih]nI.olh.lo Willa0o R. Iruen.. .d Me Shon 0. B .Iumlllon r
to rtuo pop'. aknieurJo ,. bther--h.. ol theO Conugh. m Sywoll rluoirbonio
Q.uool .hi ld any or y enooteoap o ol .n boibl, 8 00 Wol 00and onool po o.
...ol.. ,hoaU b.4.,o" wos 0T.11 E LRareoyh Gopherette Club .0d0 by8l.0. ..
t.0 o l ooooooonb.oyo obt, M sob ohhh lo.t o. Mn MoSoo U
l. oyd M I L. L Meeting Scheduled M. D1w.s will hb O
Ao. and Jo. Ker0 Joho Anita I rmat Ro n ll. lb. 0tb0 7 giop Ctt oCl1t00 ro Hl chin. Mo i
Wo0loonol dMieL Sheot Dvi Joihn; t1h Dat e w, hald at the Royal Club rI' wil 0000 Kl.n=htobao .w111 b
ohro 1Ma oy.;0yad Goomrgenog BUL PalY, .,1t4Conofy Wodnody.ed ly o 1or da1 by Moo. Gui I
DID YOU KNOW h41o1 ob Al. TrOal o Club.plub 0 0 t ltb M.h Jo. Co.'
Lao. 0 1 o lK hnwd 01.04. r10 hod I iIIZ
0. ur.4 Dal=o? HoI dovelopl-o wo : orodu- 00. M p Sanrior r .11 a41 Mo. Jmu
4 0 hodkoOX tomCtlf oy Cod, b0 0l OOo hior. Stoohtm .4 Moo. 80 1
da.dlolRag 10bMou .uH D Ishbdh I. Ne.o J' r.. ducln* by Ma. Go. N0. c
N.C., Iw h WldeU., 10 ben 4dl nl1lr.
DIIlard Hoe. a:I
ROCKROUNOSTAKIIE N1-TC11Cm OhalioodYolYIulo D-ito o t0 lbu-
VolnRuby Minumoponoy.oJ. BPdd t 011s01 potlg m. Auoloo Of Clhogo. .lL,
Hl jhisd loo nd. cbone 10 0oy 31 e 00auh 0 0in be e d rid u.ol .
OVERHEARD ft Sb01l bde R ld oh by wm0 eIolo o C td I e I .e1art 0rahd
-Tole-lobbnoi.mfloobhaoh dlh.I tdp hod.

Hibiscus Club
Ends Year's opIOI
Activities ltve GPM Waw
M.0. a.ndo ,5 0 at your Olds Dealer's!
tb. Danty Be.lc Hhlbi
Go aden Club .* 0jO0
lb. olobo ll o.

Tn il0rin0 p00,ul-e ,
Mro Golao. halyr,

00enn poonod. Sb.

0nt,0 oho ooomondl
.inll1. 01.1ra.0. 10
IS(.0 .d spoh o

im ta omii.
t T hemetohitthe open road intHe
aELELiD ins Rocket Olds! -1 I ommm-

OFAAY RACK) -"~~~-

Miss Susan Louise Olson

Wed To Michael Cantlon

Nwblodn Mr. and
Mn MlhaoI Clbo ilf
be at horn 13 N.
Clift, Pak RIdp. ItL.
followni h tw-weik hen..
.ymo.Cin aolod.
Tbh fobnr Snuu Lou-
he Ob... the daughter ol
Mr.a Mud Donald Wil.
nObon ol 1. 1 IW,.
27bh Woy, Boynton
Bchk. *nd Michael Pm-
e1, Coutklon w.ne mLd
S lUl.y,. May l.tl31l
M ark bl Church In
WhoL.oo llnoi.
T b.dhloo m o 1 Iho

Briny Breez

By Charlo
A nnl. reminder to
any oTyou Brinoyitn who
may w. o vote in the
neot eletshn you0 n
Boynlo Beaoh. Delnay
N&oh or Ron lon.
No ii1 anod tlme to do
ilfyodidn't vot in lh
Ilt e 11ctin th nh
fmilon borhk m c.o. d
30days befo elkllon
Ulnd i Mlht .l ml he
oobk no -l. .l fall...
If tbeo. fan kefl-l a.hnl
The omyleoy of tlh
Keaelohy Cohoe tol.
Ylooldo oid hehtl. I
aoo oldedl 041 Plani

B 1. thadiny er.t
Dlony Bom.n 81id.
Brewer w e.cld
"Phi Dell of th Yuer" i
the 451h *nnuol dlnotr o
lth Phi DellU Kpll m0.
tiool InlemiSy. HeI
member of the Oimu
Theoe Cha.r 1. hi
He.or "l rfnd Jude
Riaoo Wear of Ft0l0hli.
Havln beehn thui il-
nally hmotnd by th. Phi
Doll. l Judge thoauht
uch a dnillnlod
Irend should ab he lbltd
koioKoal bKouchkyCol.
aBnd Ier' meandt ood
nd the fll -- Mr.
Hadliy i on., olficialy,
Colool Madly. u. |o..
We -e uddened to
her ol the orildont whch
happoood 1o tho Eorl
Shbwoothehrowoy hinM.
In Soulh Carolin Er]
blached out and their ar
0u oopetbly dloal.
tlm hmpltal an itn -
Imn -- h'a n ro
ondltlm hnd IM i n
erted to he InbUd

I n of M. ad M. e habqua of ehl
J.rn Colno, .1 Nilb, onaood.naphlooib.
Illntno. MI. Roy KhU l
Chlobo 0. tha nh. om
Th. R.r. P r.J.Ku onf d l. bld
pObfalmd thb.double.r oid .oth of
aony 11 o'lo e Ion borob'. B.., h. bold'
(hl m oonlg, *', ohtoi Beofy Pin,10.
Gln in m ou-ip by bt of BLo G0.i. Fl..
her hlltar. the brbld wo=n oAd J Ekhlrom of Park
SIlom-.tloorilb gOw wib Rld. Illiooi.
chp.ll.nil, ol.hlobdd of -Th. atteodtni worn
whbl. oranU oare0 l19 .otrl-lnlth otaM of
U.IfHhrUr-tlsIndUolof 0 u0tp0u e nd mIr.
ilulo .u hold by chin1 hbd Thwa
hbod how of oBbnlomd 0000 _itd. bohqoow
0olyi0, oad oh.a ned of ruby lad 0ne.
Herbert nuldtt of Chi.
zes .Ch d. *< .,.dc.

e Chatter a beo a"
ZUr11., ad EdSard
SheL.n. both of Chin.
tte Knaus go. Br Pngis of Park
Riles ad Pl.e Gbolold t

tthe ^ ldSchisE'ukInnow,
n arm AFa r B hi o go har da ui hter.aw nd
W0 earned the olher ohot *nd glchotn an.
dly .th0at. Mrl. Booi 0o0l0M. Sho onded W
rhoae0d0 olloootM211. pTne 00w o(hiO
c"Sol.o3 = .I yon,, IO. 0nh b.
Hinm .rhe. Eyrn To|- 0. .ifh omthlg c..
Dom.4or intod boy..
OMnofoureondJld yhdo orhld 0r-
MbmI Well. 1hu jumcnuh, YK.
dou 1t l Tuoln. C.L to Imreodlelty (oUowl|
o with her doughtl. SU- Iho oerlmoIny. nnplon
un Walt. who wu In o wu hold 0*t t I-to u
hod 0001'd0n .l 10pr0e. Coy Club. l HU-
entylyltmctisn. letayno
hav bo.ho olislod. 00 A goodolol 01 Sa.
ho0pe. toa.po. r ll(h heISi
te St od l I t l h r H ll S "oolh U l b id
rndltnn, it aln ts alled he n v"lmyO
W. ho,5 00. lo oISouth F0.1lorida. Tampa.
Suu and 0 o' mnt I a*d prntwly b omployedi
p lyerinyorurdlrtctlon. en "In ilatt with
'loouht the editoriab Mainii. Lynh. Pir.n.
"To oun o Drive" FearerrSnitlh in Chi..a
Student"o n folt 0 Mo. Cnth. S nda-
day' Dolooy Rfuh I. 0I DtPulI And.my
foll Nlyb. n oo 004 inoPoolUoloooly,10
tdllon-o l ad -,. o,4 oand r itb Anour
lislo .nd tl. Y & Co.py In
|t lomchlhlgtooponde. ChelO.guoeaudloar.

Rev. Loeffler ETI D?
Will Address IE EXTRA
Altar Society INCOME?
.rTb 8.. Pa.ul Lain.,b ooa. r-
oL S5. Vianoat DOplld n.iI.W
rSo eldub al trllo or hin i..
Cowmunh Chl hn h ,o
ho 0ddno.. Iho Rouoy
Alsar Soclosy of SO. Via. 00.000o11
n0t looror Churoh urch 0
Theurae,. Moy i3. 't a o'io.olm.r.e .n
pll. In ho school cd % 0i re0i. eIK I-

31 1

13O W1O110 1M&C1 Z43EW

Scttionrf yourDetat y BenrchNewsr-Journo a

Ispm4 D awyt-1 tdiontimt0.tee*

Realoer's Boynton Round

S Roundtable Th. CIhembtr I.- in club rlundon po
ran i 411i 2il bea 2r12 1lin hTearhe
s*rn satieM held Wednerday MIy 12 iring Ihin put year
BOYNTON BEACH OCEAN RIDGE Brard at Ih Suga. Shoak on from the Nbhl rrnlg
o Itealto Beoard oft Dilcto1 -wl at Berd S.E. 2nd Ae. All ser- rth Boynlon Ar will be
Pelldeat,. Realtor Walltr Dutich' of. at 4:00 rhlnA n urlrd to at- un.tsolhanor.
p.m. Mitdny. May 3rd. Vie Peidant, Realtor tend. Du. to Preiddnt The Sropltlilt Club
AnsBu-n.tt, Smltsray lnrrr.Aocinatei Peirlavinlf.. riptto tornaliy prntad tbe
Holtherg. Director R alot 'lIlm H. Yale, Europe Vi.-preidemn pirtun of th fonaer
* Clhal N. Ba lary F. Shu. and Haey E. Bud E Frimn will be in NMiyonol Boynlon 1 the
O yr Jr. on derk to lep the Rimlloa' ship on herle. City Council. Nin. a Ihe
ur en. Howard Hmd' ton Ifrmnermyowepplr
T Florida Asriation of Rallon (PAR) hi ik,.Bwhn io in n th n ai yated ned nin hare bhen
1LtglalatllCatiwtear atl ntattlneethe lhfit sato.dr lr fo nine promild.ut lf wnty.
iLqialatuan Ia h alan. Thi Comrlttehaes mne inte ha tnh eln lhldilera,. onho ehee aerr d in
i. lotI a B rle Inlmad rgadlnl uaptreinr legal. eano H. had hben h. Ihicnapdl.
tine- HRaing etoneda Bllaein h. Setl Bil4 aaoath Laat Saturday the dub
the Diretom raflaly to lud, Ihe bhl tertr arl, N, ot ,,hohi ,.. reeurndar the dintr.
thn r.led ,and a llrltr, of luptport to th, y d.y a Ai ho e.blaoh Aklho.
IL"gblturn. ; rm at wta l Ar.hn
Senate Bi480hntdorlith brkear .pnrlr. S& Hope ya. had a n d A .dein! nm dp
drip." PAR .ad the PloridA Real Erta Ctm- dyl arnd nry oren. r. d withe Boy Shou. t Ht.
.10 (FREC) heereamnatantly triad to apedada the ea tr Rolhell wl rith the antcoatthe
quality atBolapeu in them ral mnts pnrei., Fr Ihi ta1l about age in By Souts. the tin
the aat fre .yea. it halbo *no dtory hl. t allI C n l'ery"timeheine p* e Bi ahthelr healuta .
epnrna wanlil to take the eamrl. n f year o der- eror n tionipler.
-l aats .bheromat firpaawaelHreekeaae i11an! H in ouera a gaat a
* BlEatale Pndtloand eriipbr. Thin.Lmod. Irwin nd lom Watl. Juior Higlh lp y? Well
but ot blood enouh artal ipMrienc b ah 1 will ebra Iheira nnii. you o"ld! LLt wok I
andedr to .be ay ulepeoInol hare lliontl .r Sy M .Many atlndlld 'Ten". b il
abnily to b"mnl n bkr qalifed to prpely ret. glonir" held at the
a r.th y .n di aipublre. Baynton Junior High. Rt
.ird.nd d e a deliahthtl tmoedy aspn
emoe hook l ad rtudlnt hn bin hbl hi will hsv annivmon, d bh the Ztud nt
cquire noubh "bo'ok kldg 1 .n tw h My Ib on aymny tunlh ditened by itr. a
ulimantl eI e rll he leqaud lih -take Ithe ""o mln nnd al.
prllamiary rtun an the brhara te tn- hatn Fnlnareraeitr nlored br Sirn nd*.
Sthaae and oenrab ita-rllbale bryrutelidr ar tee
he.nl any atul phrn!. S s8 ll ill r.ake lor makin'' our" own n. Smith. R
thin tpaihib it will ntsblaeh teqalrom;nn on dhi ;Tsheequel p art OEoandersuehtil dr
pl that the e.rlum has had the Cottul kindra. dnalitutu therealhingtheyio.l
unphenn eanar fbr the pelatia of the ait Ihghtlaa aed n erree day, they rly b,-
pubtinteral. Mretiwth In. tleda r r T tar.
Bynaln Saach-Ocean Slie Boeard Realtors he'pfulwoednAddai ne f wnt to lre Ia w
uttl byhado laltn t Indhe Fileins Port R etrT.TL.n.a' a tina oyo b. Ian n ya i
Wedtndny n. y -th tunad into a npo cheeladuna SIt rish n of l o dhet pa tlndr
ting" n titl. Praldent Walter Duth epornd hearty iLah* Sre wh Into the o piy ndth
that N hand attedd Ie ynon Barh Counl ::trw diagad loJb.i
eatinl MNdaynenlo 3r. td had, nu in. Wendrll Hall has The were a lot ar
rZqoledhythe Soued0Direonre,. redltherletr bhen e.td!pld pient olle Ih two orr un l C
to the Boynon Beach Cmunciln uln, that th, Ihe Baytn Bah So. in writh the ure lst
Baytoa Baih Indutrlal Board be enlarged lto pltit. Club. na.. au.. enmtn for
npmne n a wrlda acrNitlon of inteetd lkadem Oher oldr. eidttd on another. Ol ne u
rhadburakI q lood ql ntetohtliehitatneoSuiodndsay darin| the nan mili muir nd.l the tthea
ltotheCityoloyntonBachiobhtalni|lndulro. lunrh meeting held at plywrlghhtl. What a reln
alo lt it he nat. to Ithe Counrihnen and Buha rwe .r. Helen up Ihey lot Itol. but
Chairman ol the ltnditis Board. Henry E. Gi ViW Pmrldedl. ebrythin lmud out in
Tttopaon that the Geod at Ditonram enr n ng Sr Bandolpih Stlnley. tIhnrd.
tbelirautn to the City lndutlrtn Board. Tmuunrer hlS Terf a Ild, Ct AIqaInut.
BRealm t ulslu.Ptrilt of CarnI-Rl* y rapod Padel eordin Se. e Thundy nht
thatIl n ChlAninat of Ba Rnaa. Cid, Atlr S e". rham'!d.ok rith hdelg t mov.
Comaitt. he a wnorning ele rith Acle rdge C6 eatdln Se. le ol ree dining. They
Hoary E Thltpeoran o hed the Indurdal .ary. Sn lll i. r.eed a H irea taun ,
CmItteI en Ihe ReahreD Pa~nnd tilopt rol, Ite year diowr r 1entheldl nab with22
mrhe pnrLjet. Mne and nmu potential hnil 1 and Sin. J.W. I lt o ontrt, Inludin the
d detnll property p ute at.e beomlnl m adetle. Untld Siae. ThAn
--red with lolduti IsU
Julsn in aking WaltR Dath. prLen ot ite iCllofrodid. al lea In Jimnffhrth
Boyeton Bh'Oannen l Berd otf enaha Bil Clfinle iR ubn at. pf
Wigbh. Vit Ptiden of Ite Fleet Bntk 1 H-ll te re. Ro adtpart.
= -Bato Broth sad Chlearn of thne Boan Efflnrwillhedelegattdt The rtondr 8.EC..
Buch Plinnlni and Zoninl Beard, Myerd Wartn the ""nle"n tlo be held ea diing will be held
SVk Prnddnt ot the Lake Worth Fit Fndetl 'lay 1-l-Bt at Holidy Jun 13 t Homnstud.
Sna grand Loan Company and Prntdent of the I on Th. irt Scuba tInur.
Boyntan Baich C Ihhere of Counmeem and Tom FoloraniB the o.l of ment will be May 23 iau
PKln. Boyntoa Baenh City SlaugMr to nr on hi t uhml the club rill honor Phil lter. Prkh In WeI
romiltte.d tho retrldng iher n dur. Prlm Brach.




Success is
a beautiful automobile

Success is
74% more buyers

Success is
winning the
year's top honor

Success Is
Mercury In the
Uncoln Continental

Special Family

S~S i 2102 S.Federal Hwy. Delroy Beach
neno5r wan r rs merea on n wm.. r etao. in enoeon. nen roe. mt ,ra.

up Boynton Junior Women
wr.u r .

AN the hbubell parka W ill nee
aomnd na are .In aull
ming. In tlklng to Lynn The Boytlon Benr
Emrha.l found he i ery Junior Wourn'Club will
plaued rlith the iu out held in tudl matini of
ollh.egiei hb.lllea. b. e lub l sear Thusday
ThMer are tor wleld Mlyl3.atp.m.
formred. Lynn rld llkel Out peaker .11 be
to leo noa older gilre Mn a.entud Fentor.,
n. ou. Tthe Ilr will an 1Intri danatoar Ior
eon be phyinnl mn. Cato, Furlum Comnp
snd aun hope you nn y. Her lapin will bh
umne tim e o dao e nt "Deo. tlag on a Bud.
andln thm play. net -
Rotery ret Thutndy Th Amrioni Hao-
Iao l..unh at H.aley with li o, d Pln Adt. Da.
Ptlde6t Don Combh part nt will prelde
pr ldini ando, n, rm nlrps deran
AiIn Ha adt l th e a areyfn at the e peaktre
unini. H MI thr uIM theme. bN& Alvbn
ind l7oillllnlRot.in. La.aehLrhi|r gnd M.
An eppUlkaolon tr chr- Nare enSltuen *aa elra-
.r we appeared April 15 ae.
lor Rotaey Club o Deer. Mu. Jae Bryant.
field Bach and Ptedent beenheup hemarun,
Don sou like t o n the
Boynton Rotar uke up bOPADDS LOCAL
a thin olub si n nr elh RESIDENT
hem kno thae Btyntan
olary i Inltelnd in ByCharlaltleauae
heme. When the County HBe
IntalatnM oa the ne pubtlian Eeulline Cm.
lrice. .iU he Jun 24. umlt net nlat Thundey
rht plen ftr thi will he in Wetl P.alm Buth, nin
nnounced ntor. soumh only appliants
Doa.n ope wUll oLi. o.r mehe lp ere t
n Leaue. A. you kn. d in u nerw ommltt
otary apona a t tam. a.n. From Delay Bech
)on rwold lik o M the Libby Hnri. Helen
lub mermben attend the Mayer and aiul IHern
erswhen Rofnry pliy. we ok'd. The nw me.
Vim Eul lntdued betn from Baynl Bulh
hIn peakr, Dr. ChrlHe mn Patty Pr mbhugh
. Kollmnki who wu in and CoL Albert WehrnL
evein (or 22 yar. He BoRiton'iiddlik to
u Mulern and Do. the Commltle were Ann
ore dgem. He p on *nd Witliom Cundy.
trn A riaf t the ae Lapliun and Jack
;mrada. Bulltr.

ar decorator
iDl preo l lour an hoaun ol Mr. Jan AX.
mbem o .titr iltlon, BEwin Ji Antinis Mu.
MHrMllchJonea.Mna Efin in Mm. Bryant
John Pollock. M. PFnt ad M. Clnano- Kin.
Klly and Ma. Jaue A cheek tnf 1113, pa-
Gllibler. LWed a from Ithe r a
NMr. Philip Traylor, BE aew nentlype-
pridet, rIW aanourn entad iato nold Coasin
dLalI of the Dinitti 10 of the Smnil P loida
Junior Day, May 20. *t Tuboero Hopil l Inbl
the Sun n Prt Club i Lantaaa by Mu. Ja1.
Bo aReon. Dak. on bhelul of Ut
Club enmbewin llt dl dub. The momey ra giO
trether (or a bun h and toward the para ol
pool party Wedanady rebree and dry tea the
Inorein. May M 2, at .the hpwtapl rtist..

Boynlon Calendar Of Events
Duaplte Bridg. 30 p.m.
Pre-Tm andTn Arilny -l:30- S p..
AmanM en Por 164 .Lal Hall p.m.
Otdor oa Ean.tare Ban Mnuan T~apag. .7 p.m
AaaandCrat. :-10.00-1 :00
ProTen and Tme Acttvlta.-1 .0 p.i
llwbnin.SBaMh' Ree u- 12:00 non
gUl'. -Olla Clab- pa.,
V.F.W.-PonsiaS -V.P.W. Hall p.m
.BB Chmber Coeeamm 8 ae.

Tt Pll Palnli 1O:O0 a.T.
Pre-Tn and T Actvliy. 105: E6,0p.m.
Ciitthenl1.:O :mBIa..
M lna dpo-f8.p.u.
Vol Fi.e Dpl.. 6:30 p.m. Fine Drill

Glt(is i3elec trcal
It'a mea to add a touch of maic to any Ao ectrie gift i co ml ort, onealnmce
it-gllvbnaocaunde.Give BetterEletrknlly and plieata l after oathew ita fonrgt
T'nhaemMalthlanI nlectla ppianco tn. So do a bt of hn ing in your vaEo
drme rtam...popular, peatical, prthfen ato.You.'lldiaoeruomanygift futa agMn
and appn etd. Yeo ru s let msomthln and uaalwantnd ... e.letril, t coum.
leo at any pr--fr home or paranal ue.


Roultine Roundtable

flysrenon Roundup
Returenalms so. .*

Monday &

a|ij aT .i.

- l d m.tm Ititm o

M- aama

m 10 Tm _mc

ammamMIX, am m

RE 41-tM HO.ME

C64 I'. a Hinana a Im.A ad 56
a .taaa.. ad 2 l MilsS m it
inlaeaaa ad N "a

a l VEIaaiaaL VISI.ES O iEaiaa.NOME
It-l-ra it.tuaa maurs

Ah 410 II006"k- AS. Ladm.
-4.0,ma camal"ae"a
summ~ph- mu"
nm O e. L d Ce
room. r 2 a lm. l rndllan n
InIm ~P Roomad2 elnrPwlrml
Flria ala. eapel rndlrapaie
Like Nan

Raallne h.tac~1
ib. 2kTOt P.. 7674

NES LVwlsiwww

444la.Iaals adliar awa. dI c ralm
aimair mdaa Ia tal.(l we a peal.

CORNER1 U.L Sn *. El I~

hdraa w. k 0* alsIalwa. 201) ~






Gardn Apiaemmisaad To l oaa

ironS wtttm~llipl




It emm 825.000g 1 18,500

Ommmtw tifdita f adtaheoalwm



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ChPlakas waaNa

$130ma m
4:1 A X.R

mm d'am

w Vita,
lEGislarn um
aaa AOC~ 11.64

lO w.16

.4117hz MAST, tIC
4 r. a.aaa

WAaamVITI. .16 daa. al

II- mah
cam aInaiadN
r UMami. a~lt.
.m amlm O.a a
6.ad daIa.a

SeI 1*I asaa

Im uut~ioEsE-
II? IlaenaaTd m
.4 alAh -mlm.
wa-nOli, -a-i
chra am
11i IIuO.TalZI
ma.a,51m ~

whr.baa. abmald

* -I~ih* Sla*~Iwa Ii

lId... 1. 6. litrw

$U3fh Wa. ih
AA 1151. cTOWka1

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tamam llarawi)




bad. loqi al NW.1 lal A

Four~lIO -~LL~

-.ail.. SW altl.

I Daneflad oaiouraa.
ala Vit~O bai~rn
S~t O( ViaN iaa1
tm6a ilria~iui

Naal. W cnadLi (Ia

aaia Id. ta. thigl is
105w Soim.,
61 joIma omor
matiN sa lI



SIl~lS mMIIaaalaOl~.lnIIIal
CC~~O o I th

IONFr W. r a"

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Ias LonWon SAL%

a a tao. l It

u.m Ill Iat Del '

Oal filr4 ftf-lI i.
A Ihaun tdaana~

1~., .110

Wri *IO a-l.


Y~he VacaIola

iiaei n orah

Itama 2744056

-I ....- ._ '1-

Dinner Is Slated
The American In-
land Sciet ol Florid
will hold a din dmrd
lI thi Tamrck Yacht
and Teais Club Siaur
dayMay I.,
The cocklail hour will
bat in lp.m. .ddinr,
ll a1 ir -od a1 8, *llr
whkih n olfnn of 1th
ornintlan mill bt
*mKld. RrvatrclaMr I
to .I mid. mith Mn
Cutllr Cobb ol Hlllbhoo

il~liaraat~lraadl* Laaajaatnadaaiarlhirtb a

K11mur7AASarm ,

SAlai tI aimd
Imagam, Ism

uwaam At,

vem ft. eM= s

114,X 01-

PIu h- as
64 al. Ad
Kadmet aa da

madacL nel.?.al

4111maman a
664 acn .2a


aola. a. m.1km

CInu maw. ar

Io ama --

5.11. Id. liwa 4d aa.

-w 1164 664
raala.ara .. lLld.

64 ala~wl 312 d

aIlmal.io. jara.. ca

Uo 1114111
illNaLslin Naams
ala a- aUra ia
cam,. ISS 16
Jdaiwcd nma0


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Cmi alm Il.ml

mi.. _~
s moumw

a Aaa in

am Nadaa lmlata1,11

64.M. ism.C

9a painNdiM:6o

lom Is.64mS

ca-ic7!; XW isa 5"'

e Is. a us a "a"
hIl lalIl a.at


add am117?LY

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ramta. 1aUlA4
Sisl. 1512

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640. 56 maaasm

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m 3tr. hel bia 5


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Ollino0h P.0 ,lw

aLona lo NO
jam Pad. 4 dam

iitaat 34212


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Ca Lnac IalLeNIA*~

pit 4 1 6m DIrIs a

acm ala One a
a moar~~
M m--Y~

5I~ Ia. 65st d
NL*I 64amPwiMa
land ta 5664 1
Na cadait~Lat
D malma.
a mlr m

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a..,, lnSm aem
ad. l apa61 aS aa.m
orm 54h mala,.
CaUN tea 01h
.tma wawmEIT:
5. 27.iwa4
WI wat.lta s
ad4~o. S
Mw Cili. maw
4 6161 c

la 64,6 a

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-gum --1
ir0.a.nemao amaC. 0...l.... am.
a a* -.ul

w *-- ---

S a-a--n--a--m---

o i--.a.a...a-aa. a


al~....... a .iaa aaaa-m..aaa...



kw: mm
.5U d tP IL

~rncn~om aadit.aam thc.laa=

~a ..d M- Ktll...RM
~a ,

M it hbdpl-b.-~~=I

~ e~iiJErao
Tuesday Grou
nu Plays Weekl

Du I'r

McLm1 Cam

okt mw amnd and
Mm laanarra n

I~l-r M~~unr l--? --



I'nah- B .-a lFO a mlau cJama lu f1 ]

Boca Sets


Regslraieon blanks
have gon out to all
school a plaN lor Ie I
FP.a. Tork and Fidr
met ar romopltion IIat
the .ler.ao.n Dp....

This year for the h.1 TlHE LOYAL ORD
tim. b.e m."e l i ha .OOSE. Baoynat
ediddinto wo ptand 1257 held 1heir In
run on consecutive week. ofrer Wedneada
ends penniltlno the lt Beok rrow, lef to
loe ru0naertheheanol MurdrL, Bill Tre
Pfliminar tn [nn
SSaturdly nihl and the
Finals oif he mt will be
held on the polling Val lenell oed a
eikend. as at n i".ra ,' h- o". -'"

and inrhtluding 1 yea. d ol noln Tiamedal a, thl
age "i llb eliible Delray bach Co..untr
palnidpa.in iheprotm. Club.

HOME RUNS prayed ll oIver Boynlon Lllle
Lnaluc field wmb Ilhb Irlo reat o hat
reaenly. ieek I back heome runs rc hll. by
JlmmIe S huyler t. Randy S.glrfor.
renter, whlel Job hnShnkokl. rig h. arrounltd
far the orlheround eripper. (Newm..ournm
phaot by Carrie Gladaey.l

Jr. Baseball

Games Are TER

It you want to 1 s. n me
good ame and enjoy an
evening ol enlrt ainmht.
rm niut to he Lillt
League gF*i1- De
I veiled a (em game
in wmkandw sialed
L.* afme I ihed. pla
- otary had a iripvy play
d they looked like poi
lruianala In thi play.
And bthen. th an
4 me uesl plays. Take 11
Iark Tnmbtig. He ra.
h,, ,, r , ,' .'.,- w *A
bM oinn enrm
How aboul an. e of you
Dad. cnmin0 nut and a.m
o pirin lor the klid7? Lh loo
bad the oach. d and 1 anl
p* ge s am doing all the
-ak o. you. boy n
.play. de nted yor htlp.
*Come out and try *nd If 55
things don' ho rirht yu
o tAn catp.
Monday night iolary
w.n e-er Finre Dept, 4 to
2. *1 TifIf
- For Rolary Jim Schau my.
ltr had 2 rl 3 hila ForI "
Fi Depl. Allan Fnklin l
had 2ln3, Chleky 6Zo y
2 hits and Dannie Dunan
had double.
Turada niiht
MIClaln won oaee LionsI '. FORD
1 For Lion Keih Han d-
S n had I hit. One nl he
CGearyboyshad2hil. 4
For McCini Gfing
Week. bad 2 hi.l Mike
g lcCin and Nick Fuao
Search had 3 hi and Del-
w ben Week had e triple 0 O
Sand double.
a Wednloday nighl RIa.
ry won over Idt Bank ol
SBoynton 14 ID l
Jimmy SDhuyler and
Randy Schi'ee had a
back to bak home run
beadde3 hif. Jhn Shivm-
lkaLk had home run and
i 3it. 1obwl tlmucl T i R
nd had 6 Rih erd byhir
each had 3 hilo. Fatr the
Bank Allyn Mlannlon had
2 hit nd D.o Golden I
Thumday night Lions
waon aorelud 1f'to4.





Kay Neley look Cla. COUNTY
II honol wilh a ooe of COMPETITION
Vl1 Mlnrel lhot an 3 eah marked a itoy
rlrowaralorlth.day. l m, k in lbhe nem.
pin.uhip flihl1 ol Ihe lur.
E.I.KTOURNAMENT da mu0rh play toua.
The Dlray Beach Elk. lmnf ponred by the
r.. Palm Beah County
". 11 -" ."-.".. n Woln'Doll Aoiiaon
('prl Ctek Courvr- at Ih. Abllnls Country
CluhinJn. orJuly. Club.
lred erli. oum0.ey Iunl Oup in lhl flithi
,ainnan. announvd the wlb Hael Hfrwn of Lae
sile at laht k*,i londge 0Wolh.
mtninl.nhelnetlnrd Winner 1 the liot
on1p0n1.h0,r Ieevent, flbl gtampolem rM
lloh1bl ulhan an- Mi"alh F lhri t ftfnl alm
,inmrd thai he fboal Ieth. Sally Kimdme ol
lami1 nighl1 llair under ham Horbh mwnn I he
lthr ow nadmin.lralinn l ond o ligh nl lats
hao hbn o hduted for "k'tldsy.
Sa&u-d-.May 5, ^ ith A
turkey dinner and all the
,aSd Haulerr |eber
Iloehrr replied Ie l the
1 .b houdl hbad been
pphrd and 1-. n. [ /
Ihleh ....r. ... J.
Mae i. in h Ah Loe o v




uru r 0c L~ I

'a 1415


I := c:I
p IO





,"M $35

': PAUL'S 4
AUTO r01 & FAIloO?



a-t EaIg


-Ott~tlt gPac





Y ~ih. 1 ,111mUa1 Go

SAU15 om,n..R m, 278-2847
'm OOauMIU

2104472 11001~IhFIlI


a--- -
F. 7p.


. t2


bedh .... Ras

I 4




o wtO t~nlltf P


;9Iantcs i


133 _.Ldd*Aea.

UrSE 1098






...... .... r




EX OlF THE B.d Iler a Do..
.Aflad.. of M ... lLk.4I. Lloyd G"S, I
April 281b. George H,,-k_ (N.-
'101. Jamb Jaaaa halbb t,,C6,L)
pe.. a.-IIl


"-. Plant May Locate Here

I duct Air Purifiers

By Porter claimn Ithe adget will lid ionier. work by building up oynlon S. MlaHaet ar of tIhe
i h Ih *ir ol I odn. faeip i parlis-. hbieb noitai which a w lehed acj m anulatturing flm. who hea had his
fiA all actoy in Wete mwt bact eia and all mildew iunopi a anirn pare. thue adding an etlra invntion under leting tor the plat
Sprinp.lo I.. i tLuning oul home- It i being pe nrtly usd in hospital atm f ocygrfn to the tnnmal three yean.
cied de.i* today thtl nay pnove .aner tda. mol bt. hote la hotmn. nd cn inIo e. P.,ele t nd tlat the to hine
ta bea boon to ale rgiy victim andmalianl-ni lhonpitta.h id. A fan the mo the tmt l won't n any dieae. "but in
hrTa hcarlen .a.ieolpalhe 1t kitbd i l h rd aing oone into Ih oom. The e n t htre lf e dradtn ir benh e
They and d AS l e t Bl u tra s t I her ct u n i o id ol tiletltetiern u. ubnlet o oneo mbine eetnditly p enit wnBihdin the eniraoment
IioncAir APult nnd.i th m Ponrt.r ud lge a lid mole wlh any lonign matter n the .ir. cntrolted by thenmshine."
iplit. they depend cotely u onn ne -ntly purchased the .Ir erh gt dt. polle %o n or l aTn nd
43rdYEtR'o al ",Me I|a" DEBl ackb, refief-harPdical
eleelril meso ln to eho the cit poeit, fo fire of their units tene he re n olygn. Hen dded lb. netelifao o pl to
n.lhebthn .themitmegd I rviouoly nnrentable due to the leainlthtglecl n. hyl...eeand. mpbhymvnn timt.in.
David Pe.o .170S. La Ae.. Cild do, femtheh, in behodhe ne H
Delnry Healh. baa h nt tooTb b e Pportidheei tdh H nndMelRedlc idne t t ton ind i nlt
South Flodda to it th.ee in a hoehonnmony.m hlghb he mathtie oon nr en a *ao nm p, mnibiliny o in ht F*lid. h, ecroti
market hem (on Ihe product, which i, eni. b for year at t o m in South Fld, i i- .
madn by the hMiceR Indouite, The deviceinmrienlifn lly otaned abouotendollr, bly in Debry Beach. if a definite
lnc..eWeeiteSprlie. at bnmtion om Cntr ator d The Airn Mter in paltnred by ntkethnnrlhprnduc . David Poreb and Atr P-r1mer
&ntn Ddmy Bench, Boynton Beach and BoAl Raton sl hae

PuTblished &mi.eWrrkl-- B londay and Thsursda

Tennis Building Costs

Are Cleared, Approved

tib Rt.o Jlame T. Peeneo, 1. f gained In "tlflleotnry" eondl-
114NW 141h Ave.ad u tMlehal tlon Wedneedny at Baelheda
P.B Hilel. If.R.ofe NW 3ird aRI tere Ilonpttl. The ee.l-
ll of RBoynlc Beieah, were In- dent aneured lt Ihle teteelltn
Juerd when thi cear, drlene by of Trple Iale Boulevard and
Fultoo, rnoled over Into an utlo S. Federal Itllihwcy. (fPhOt by
driven eby Kthryo T. Belh. 9. of Ste heetI.)

Bethesda Good

Insurance Risk

BOYNTON REACH etheeda Beach Counoy Bipila Dliet
blemorinl Hapilal will py hu l or .bondsy tht tlhe imuone comp-
he liability lutoaneo from now on ny hoe been mking morn profit
became of itl lo rk rte. i wmu Iewm RBelhde than Ihbe salewde
learned ondy, pofilt average.
laItt Gaey. prnantlnrl the Thei, he mid. entille Belheda to
South Ialm Beach County Imor- he placed under a leroIpetoi
ane Agent. Alanalion. Iold mo- raling plan, whleh tll. lor a wehale
mkrluneol Ibe Southelenm Pim ol me of the profie to the lnnred
ypviding they remain good eke.
Liquor License ..,y mld "the .'"pl wItul
he re enivd about $5.000 in rtlum
Squabble Ends dad been tundl he w plant
plnted nut. however, ht thi ih Ihb
In Lawsuit l nimed the pino heme"" "erib
It, Rethonedg.
BOYNTON RBEACH A Boyn- D)uin Ihe mrening, the cuommia.
ton Beach etaurant operate filed ion opemnd bid. on Iwm dllerent
cull in Clrcuit Coun Tuedy ckiog item.
t hat the Boynton BeSh City Coun. The Citlea Servie tfin wag uwaed-
rilihueot everaheflcenaltohim. ed a oa-year cntrnrt to provide
Named Oa defendanl0 In the fit uel oil tor Ihe hrpilal alter il `w.
filed by Solomon C. Rolle wai he a the aod Ith belir bid o 110.5 "na
ounol nmbem.eand the clly llrk. per gallon w lwer than the olher
In a .nnlt .-2 roe. I onnl thtee hlid.
tlufod down Hulle' reuni lo With a bid of 1.95 fh r sunienl
peeialt IlenM to allo him to mre pump, the Suroil Equipment Co..
drinhkat bin tlautotnl.thAinmla 01 Minmi, under-bid the Amendrin
The luol clime that the city itn Equipment lirm by only four cennt.
Role no valid ean for denylnl the Themnmmibon decided 1o puthaw
nquet. een ithulh he he i noe- thaderie lom the ln Oi bidde
plied with all ltate lanw and ha In other actn. Ihe commiluion
Inurned nnrompinntn approved a reqyt rom aorchit
The rily meu ehow why a nicei Itobert F. inBlake that he e paid
hnuld l be luued D Rolle at 1 500or his work M r on Ihe
hearciog May 25 before Judge dame. pnroped InteniveCare Unit tor the
enotel. haptla

City Comnalmn aeetl in a
workshop mintrI with lbe Teronn
Committee nd totmer City Manag-
et Robert Holtand cleared the air on
enrel added pendlitur to the
nm clubhoal building.
The oentinl, lt up by Acting
City Mblnae Robert Wonlhin by
dtlntlionn otbe ooiluat Ublnday.

Realtors Ask

C-l Parking

Be Reinstated
The Delry Beach Boaned ol Reeal
tomn mt Wedneadey mowinl and
ungnmously paned solution
tequting the City Couneil tao rln
late olf-etet pyraing einlnlintu
inthetC-I commetcll dhtlrit.
The until bad dropped the o(t
trtee parbinl equirement at ill
meeting Monday. nllotling a public
hearlnl at whclh no opplitin wau
mrllra dianlait the proposal.
Robert Groty. spokman lor the
Rellon. uid tht hi group. "be-
lIevinglhat adequale ol-teemt park-
inlt la necelty end hellevinl that
private enterprbe, in the pent
olbeule of unentinty, will not
provide ol-tIeetl pwting," will aek
the clty to develop a definite and
nomptehenlve plan lot oll-ttn
The mnoltor. Graey uid, will ui
the city y toanly defic it, pllicy -
whether olatmet prklng will he
pmolded by private enletprL, by
the city lovementl Ibrough oning.
or tihrouih a parkin aulthority.
The ealtot will eommend to the
clty council that public parking be
acquired and regulaled by a parking
authority auppornled by a la district
in heavy onle ted aea and thl
nmlpusony otellet pnarkin be u.
quied in olher aime ol the C-
ditrict. The heavilyon ted re
which the Ioerd will mommend for
nexempllin c nlude Atlanttl Avenue
between 7th avenue on the Etl and
Swinten Aenual th wemat.

mu held In the City Mh lert g
tloonat 4o'loakWt ednesday.
Honlted eyplined to the nonoll
that he had tapyrovd the wonk in
Mach and had enpltedtope t
It to the .couil fI lor fm l ypptorl
at their ret mealtng, but .na niend
In he, mAtelnoe. Meanwhile hben
Wothlnl tb oer Ae city mner.
the ornT ws doE and he ptmnt ed
the latilie with the bill.

eu don tndminiltntaine proecd e
I1 nhi tIha council ies ponible.
the facility lor the munt lenne
tanammet and change of admlnl
tnlln perMnonel nuted the mi,.
Aery added. "I altuld lieh ton l
the e job they hoae don in
=d;r Dln Dry Peh wih this ,,
Cot .o the project an ar, rmu
noted by the .ounpll to he S.415.1i
01 whih l11.914.35 a pent on the
building. The binneen for Imo. NATHANIEL WEYL. athoe er y r ylelten eyle enthuatll-.
Ill the toun a deo an whldenin.g Red RAtr OerE Cuba. di cn.ec t-ly endne. Ithe pelgerm.
AlnolieAoueo. the Delf-y Beach Joyreenten INAeboJl Urel photo by Alan
project Opertlion Itnomed CSehm..
Meeting Called A"'m.I ... th Cheftn ... S.

On "Delayed" Informed American

Congress Ave. Gains Momentum
ino to dinouo bhoa he ben teamed
"Ihe delayed pe.o ol the Con. The Delray Beech J1y1eet1te The film will be hown in.
.ma Atenue e.tenion preit hen bee working fatoe ese OReleoytenSyH t R00 P..
thlouh the mouth nunty an he Iime now on their up=oln 1 ithe Flet Federa oielnge and
behn heduld Ior I0 .,rn. hu. proeelel Opergatoe In.ormed Lean Aleon.. Eat Atlantic Ae-.
day. May 20. t Luhl'a Rmteurtnt Amerlan. which they re paes. nMe. Thsi eme __ enlg the
by Chamber f Comone yaldent netR to theDriray Beach repe puolelpantl will gel' for their
,_ldeIderte. Ino luettlon with the Florida eerlltetee. Their .Ignttuctse
lWeo.l id gnym, inlermlod mry BergAaeeltloe. Ill beo wlnel ed by City Atlloe
titeld Ihe renting. l 1l bulin. The Jayolete plan to p Me- cey John Rrnm Adams. Mre.
Mn. Chmber ollidinl gnd mpn- atn., freee at nl. hendenme Note M.tlenry. Chlrmand other
nnl. of Palm Beatch County l ertincte to er.y peeron who eoenh. hns ..nnouned thgt Mr.
em enpeted oatttnd. nmplfete the 1.oln ltn euaote. GeOnt ie tgkre Thomeoa lSOe
I1 -a.o "e rt.. menlt I. Renoad the Coentlt.- Chnim.n te the Flnrld. Bar
S. In ', -n I r Ittne. the ill ofll Rightl, nd the A.lletlallte. Cnmmltee
i~rl... ,i.,l, I Da Irel onnlt ondp eldeeenee. I. Agsnuta Communl mo wlll he
'. d. It-, .m-, I Read J.Edgce,, How-'.boo pere.nenndweLlodwi dUOltcl ee-
I.lundda Itlnn tn lhl hteAl. STam a I TBERS OF DECEIT 3. ee tinn cad nelwor period (llao.
otnebtlinnld umn. the film "OpeFlt..innAbholBit ." 9l the fit.

Ocean Course At FA U

Is Country's First

The pyorm to nnloemnlnort lo
i l .i II h I I.-

cmmennc in the September irims
ter itl lS.
The nmr. which will nser basic

hy a summer tritmeler ol pttical
Ibnealorty work which lmrlude oix
eeksof w .rkl .

applinaion ol ee an enoinfng in
undeemtr etploation, develop.
ennt. .nn .uctin n and dtiein pmb-
Im'nSiw.iinlluludentswill teoie
Bachelor ol clenn deee in oean
engineeing. Thee announeents

lrther huie h Inoi.alt on oo an.
enincetnn .hla.nhiin caino o nh
a i nthe cheair
I. I r *. inI Depart-
-e-i i iBu ," 'nhe.iy,
Ilta Hallon.
r. Itnamund F. MrAllite. an

nl the tanoenineoin. depoutnent
in April. 10i0a. Educated at Corell
I'nieity IS inm Atrirulluonl. Uni.
S 1 ... eit ... M ..

I:tl M adan to anodla ingn in bI
rine (indlo

IUiemity. Ith.L. h in (inloal
Oceanoaphyt. Dr. lMrAllul.r hbe
had e.tenoe egn,,raphir and

it.r ig lr enioilic and en.I-
neing purple intludml under-
ualer inltument innellahinn. nsu-
nod tlvtoe. ncble and hip t. nt
nrootvery. intrpetion ol soInurc.
and ahip blyis.

S.... zv--

Delray Beach News-Journal

G A John H. Perry Neespaper

Program For Progress
A unirId, qualid rnel ron cmm aon ofli critih waho
will owvnn and direc the aiilivi Ml qualifed director oa
2. HBulilctlion ol Alnllr Avoenn rem an to parkway.
3. PMaotion elenlloaIlltact louril.
4. A Capilll Improvemen Pogram. with a citicn unbioed
Sdvriory commilI.
S. Removal ol oveihead wir. and intallatlon of aun under-
Developtm el ola program iattlnact can. light induray to
iproepe the year reund ttmy,.
7. A water motur prtnm *inad at improving th qulity ol
dnkingn taer and hellitn the pred io pollulion.

Count Your Blessings
It i aldenm that anyone has anylhiin that w hat a lraoln real e*ate ta
ilood tA uy about lare.b hlt iatn i hiN tmnlrurr he r hchrta tod re:: u why
part othe ctnlR". te ehnuldhe Ihanhtul all taxe.aa I- .hauld take ttran tnlem
thethe teI tatte a. -tnete n
bhealent when compared in lan. in i i.. ,i. r ..... f ..
ome ot hr part ot I he natinn. i Re.i 1
't'r exchange lh t me nnrlhern hnme And iti a pane nLd prince to pay or
twn papeat and eveta titee wa rad l> la.f i>t.donn'l)lu iateea
tham. Ih, Iral ta hbita etmn mate like a
nibhlae in parw. n I e-ceation
The : ho .. ...r in..n. Idalmu, _i* ce l Dono
teath tcunty lailat n 166 mill, ort
......'... .'.. ..... M..... Of llecrealion
tin. In aubuian a Ne Yor. a h3 ,, i.l lax The Cily ol elaty Beath Itak a wi
r .lteto$5 t pter$110 i aeacdrd aa tew. alep thti Wtk in the appointlot olaf
and Itha t no Hlmeleatd Eemplion. A qIualld., palnainal atnatln dihtlo.
anew t1tl0 h.imn in Palm Heath Cunly and we are Ih Iat eh will do much to
pay, a chml tla o ahnut T.lI). llh re.taa atltelraye'aewatiaann ptrm ,
ede vdlualimn ol ta pet e l.eea A n tt e""ealin ia an ia eatal t iat 1
tIe.0a halmr in ml.l Nte Yoerk auhur- ctmmuniy liet. and in Otela Iaeh it
ban nraeaweed t atl per te ai. dr a purpaa, It Iat enly ahuld
e.. em ll. n-l.lin.e n.hlla.Lte .hc prntIde liaryear .ir1.d ee.tl itA
p tro rm lo i I cra.. but it b h ld ha
S. .... . .c Ufulin Ihe devrelpe..n onf the tmmu
, .,, ., ,,.. -.. nils 'a ,bl ndu. l .
-* ii *~ *r * e like tht day Hadlay Donnvan,
minimum. I'alm Beach County laIpae editorin-hill nl t he naaiia. Spaoat
pay Irnmll t.llol 140I al al ereatflta Iclatted.," rearda rtliaon. He pull
on lm new b.O hom ithi 6way:
S. w. 11e.a .e .e .".e W pama une he wir d rme litn; it
S And thl abautl aunit u. II .houldn
i i i..F io.. -. .. m^l. a numbT ot n[altiil*l in lhb
S- i.- .1 ..... .re. rounllnywhle he deltriorated, *nd
itan on tlp ol their real elre taxe*. it huld give new lit. tn Ihe tmnunety
Thlpleeamay unda lie ba Chambrol though a wtall-rounded, eamprahenaia

Seacrest Sports Rounm

By liemml MHaeLare Abo included in hi re- inch* at
The 1965 dillton the cold aelletion a. Ihe .e t lotr
Stemilt trik cad Mwim. line-t mark in The P-lm ered. After
min lram t l.. aed nat PIeach Ceunty Helat.lhh able I tet lit
their ecmpait with the Lake Wonh Invatillonal. tie A. he wae
liate metalat lSaturday the Cnley Iltadium matk a veral itnI
Only two meme*n and ih l ~e mmInal .unile elcti
the Ihlnlhad suad which Field .ord. Alter tIw nevtr tnalni
linlhedelihtht theSun, early laan leIetI in hie a. nhela.ht
MaIt Cnlretne Chain. lnphom.ie Bwana Mlike Wilhlhab
piAnhlipqutl.hfidarhe remainedundlealede uneil eiht ingrht
...an ind up a.tOina*. hi. eeior)Iar when John ktyrih ket
vllle.TheH.awk'"Mira Carrel Ilml Iliei.a mar e ith e
dk Mile,". Mike MtFed. Heach Mneed him nul in with the bar
den. ltnuedhe lp the linifinE kirk Mh two inecht th
ourc in dlippoliMlnl MiFadden attempted to theeliemn
time o :32. whih run alter h had nuel hd e en nuth t o
l.od lo eihlhth plate fully emtered m a itilonlwthaul
anonE all the double A virua inltion. Thi year an attempt
laallcatlon ho-le in heloweeeredhieowneenler. underhehebr
the soFalFlorida. ..i e I, Ce a Theoea
hlMcFadden ommenled a I I. eat I 'r tSraat al
Otter the meet". I awc t at . e e l.r c. Icr hltte rt
i at all happy twith my -.'e'r irar,-t,- r The nelata
pl*iacuorue t Im.awahol. kI the lop binthl in Ihe hack It
SIo under 4: d ad a1 Sunlhine Invilaliunal helundin lto J
ekua leuIlh plat. My Tratk Chamnpinnhip* at The tanned 1
nmin problem came in the Mhiami. lMay 2. turned heak
int laIp. Heel I Pot Thi m"tl aelually tlo during
lam drw and a wae xaed draw tlhe ltate' lcuhel ,ea*an. spl.e
In and Auld only a et a 6 eompetilion as Ihe top with a nu
acod ..i, ta k nnt tineehen Ite the io.r and ime lo th li fini I he our and ilth pl
hap. AlleratimeiLke th divisioanllh. eetttemt the 210 and
It wac herd lo cam bheck e wel b a M me e nl the IreeItyl erenl
and I really had t ihhl I bater alnored perlaoeen Inhe 2Oyl
alehablhiha Ildld." itm the Nem StIle he mounted I
Diaple thin plate etl tllide, bluk in the I
McFadden lill locedout The heh wk only th- ol he *)ea,
what probably will rank Cr qcua.iler wea junttr end later i
a the finet track carmr high jupe John Miller [our erth I
at Sucarect lor many who linlahtd end tth Thie mak I
eprinag. During the comun drietct mett to lhe een- a11 elisnial
fl hl Ihte year etay at tual Itatee inner Richtd and wal hia
ISeaeret the *lender enior Catllaway oI ut (all. ,t lomane tlo d
Mt ahol. cunty and Miller hit hio ann anoiherpenmr
ditltle anodinthmile peak t ly in the uaen i ite ainm
run. iln fir e t eleven 4:II.3clxkln|

A gieup of 36 lIderartea children fero
the Firl biapllat Church of Delry oeah take
on hour each chall day a.o ea aeqclnted
wihl Ihe wler.
It' part of their eadeeallal progrea at hle
Liltle Friends Kindergartea. .c drdlal In
MrId Th.an. J. EBhel. kinderrlearn diactor
and eraheer.
Thin il the third pear the rewlanalhn leae
h.ve bee. held "aed w've had oanderfal
rault." MN. .ekel.nId.

i Two other ta.ech. M- Tho aatw. Htber.
and Mrt Carl JReo-y telp I. the lawmlmad

irTee ealldde,. In Ihe foar Io five .l lriup,
dOIh m M thaeea i weel nwimnminsn plronm
al ,I* muaolpal pooL
eld on W. 1'1a e ly .. lee IheI how lo nwlm," Mr ,
Mayor Atl ekeI ald. *bcaue they're am l frelld
Gliorey, a id fa teliar vra("
leerd Ihe


utadrancula CIVIC CENTER-
new uhl nlSeni Cill Brlde.:lO;DOa.m.
Ihi he wu Dra.inLa==e an2:30 p.m.
little pra-. SpanihL M.7Owiop.m.
SInvohled In Garden Study-Mehe .Howme,2:30p.m.
Ie tludent Fire Dept.FireSttion.e:09 p.m.
ioa and he KlwanieUon'aClubBlld.-12:l15p.M.
'd hi eally
ret live it FRIDAY
the prinFy CIVIC CENTER-
eand the Canter DrnIlnlg Gup.;:30 a.m. Allemnle Friday
we, owe1e CubSout-2&:45 p.m.
up .n..he Balon Lhne1 T I p.m.
Sprenuce ol Te" Dnae.7;a30p.m.
hit him and
Itheomnpe- SATURDAY
' "e.ekin CIVICCENTER.
a he weael Stlek.CnB-ltlOpm.
Ihtalmenh eat uor Molb-7:30 p.m.
klate bled

....... Recreation News
l.ck Decker.
owhead who On Fridaay 14ht the Delmry lecnh Civic
*all amp1ll- Center tn danae will hal Ihe eer-papular
ihe nRulr "Olliaie." snd the "'Slepen" two dane-band
ihed home lavorieI with the In crowd. Admiuion c Ithe
innol foulh dane ih 7'. and theatlinre informal. Daiea heltn.
e linih in a 7:30andl.ountUil limp.m.
400l Yrd Ch.perone for Iho e dante ae nantinolly
'. eeded. Parentl am urced to volunter their d rvim
ard lentil loe n. evening. It prvide an opportunity t ee
ihe tertin haw lthle ten dan ame oateld, and lot know lint
liaer metl hnd the company your on or daulhlr kep*. A
and l:54.5 call to Hill Saltlh a the Civic Center, T.fS623. will
touched out bring plant evening chatpen nlne a dana.
ilan (inh. On Saturday evening the Civic Center aIway
heimbtl of pnrvideaa utan movie tore t young gpeopil- IAbl
Iwl norde week the movie will be Th Devill Fou O'Clok"-
linhe per- with Frank St.lat and Spen-r Tracy. This is, n
ate. lie wt e.lltinl ronflc bheten men and nau.e, with an
nll owlater enrthau.ke anid a vo.nano hrinkin tIlogther two
mn with metal nemlea. Mhov lime-7:30. Parentianeaktld
! in the 410. In pick their children up Iby O: p.m.

CI o plal .. ............ Arnold F. M
MHa. Deac h. Shnanm ........... r. iand Mn. NLthan taheflt
lre. I. Anederar lilubbard
the Women's p.Oubl Cluob ot
elraty Beach
Mr. ad iMnL Wallace e. Care
hit. and Mne. L at L. Perhlaa
M. Waller E. .Pen.
Mr. and Mn .Jaen Bawn
Mr samn Olden
Mln. FalayL.Cater
Mr. cad Ma. Wllbu J. Wel0to
Mr. and Mn. m- K. Dennit
Mr. cad Mn. Nebe a PhiUlpa
namrd F. Aen ............... MrA lroHi 0. BMa
Fral Hedgn ............. MrL Soplde Jurgemn
CGit to Il[plal .. W.J. Cnrwoed
Mn. Herer R. ( Mar)le Vadellt Mr,. sald Mn. Robeh t W. P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Sith and
Dr. and Mn E. Dean Babhbg and
Mr. ad IMe. %Valo T. Ccapenter
Mn Anna N ................ .. Mr. ad M Houd J. Gerhty ,
SHo Cmern ............... The Ceriel Servc,. BeelbtaWom'aac.r.a
Wear R. oM .... ........ ,Dan.l M. Heaand .
Idarvain A. Searl ........... Mr. and iMn. Williaml J. T=aP
Daid Robert Wadltad ............. The MIodlol Salf S f Betheda Mealc,.
e ,theaa moial It-al
Dr. andd Ma. Ji. aINdler
Allan W. Stewart ................... Dr. and Mn. J. R. Nied,
Wplamo L B ................... Mr. and Mn. Tlihanu B.Thm
Mn. Maelle Jl .............. ar.and Mi RonerS. tHa eBrm
Dr. wlht L. Uchyd ............. Weaner Dlie. Inc.
iI to HO l ................. Mn. John lwly GaCtl n
Reld W. Sim ................. Cau el.SeacreHlhScho.ol .
Jot M.Gulh ...t........a....... ( gee 1f iS.Sterte H g Sehool
Mn. Claa A. HIll .......... C. Ia o 19CB eam Hih Scl
ti Day od .............. M. land Mn. Crlel Mead Ruel :.
Mr. and Mn. John H.a 0r11n
Foyd It Idulbert
Cotlrdnthkeu may be Mta to the U etheda Memorali Fnd. Box 4l. fllr "
nBeach FloMda.

Delray Lions Rummage Sale Success
Edward etr Ilinall, P Prle A good auppy ol wIller e hllnI
ChelenMnolth DOelrny B h Lioa and auplie amaicu untlid. Hanr.
Club inlotead Ihe clb 0l iln mat. dlhll h ltwmenn de dtht the club
.le held atithe Pony Laguoe Fild Iheld .nther ab in Ihe Fall wlhen
parking lot on Stlurday w" s he l e arell dnemnd Inor thM
am replete briiLo le n I "m l11uch aul. will hbe valued
$-I.1i to ue. o the tlub In It latewilhtheprmceadsgn io the
aarioluaheritableaetlaltlaa. pe a .1 0 plano ry mut c
net at e ed by Ihlb..
Mhny huyeliterewrlhng ret 7:00 Uon who came to work ween
am..,e he enntuned btige be.gin. BaMnlinlll, in Chanel; Hill Lore
ninl l Ikha we. to Inrpnt and ehe lumlsei lhb caneau anopy
puarhc n lothinee, .het bauthekld R nda Rdllu.ea, lele. etl.. aand
aodk lutmitu, hmane pplinme m te MleMan; A[ Olnther, K.n
nrdothierwdenrheandlie. RinLhe, Mike Ma.lk. Jit Bat.
The west ldmand e me ea to be ard, Bob BreM ll, Edward Coop.
loe 2h in snd ltniture. summer r,. An Loekwaod. CharlM Tdriet
clothing. and ah. Alte Ihe lea. Huhall Lockla. and Ted Rolh.
l, benl unsold ma.heidice Thl hdin waitingg with the u .
wer dona.td to Go-dwill lnda. welt Ho Benredinalli, nemeher .1
tll.fo their in their wok with Ihe YVW Auliry. and Yoland.
the hdiapped. Hnli. LiensClubehel.

In The Swim n! Bethesda Memorial Fund

TllIaE B tEnSnlll l m .t tllT INCORPORATED

?,!!M In, initial Me"'Y

In Boca Raton

Coming And Going
Idaho hill b tb haud Unirnily Wamaa of
qo.rtm thih .ammr o tfo ab ldid Atlanti, Uni-
Mr. end Mn Robert nnliy and thie hau.
Hamey ho Ifth bb bak nd. ll anjoy n, dinner
ora oath* 'na on c.rui aboard bth Jun1b
rlatiu alt ectiom of aal Quen Saturdoy. My 20.
United StteT. Thay Mo The bat la- oPart Lau-
plaa no vbflt nfin ad dndkal**t 6:45 p.n.
fIrindraloaoglb-y. Samr plan ol Mr.
lHmgu olf Mr *and and Mn. Lwll Gay cnll
Me. Rirhard Fish 11ld. fa sanealn b Nn
put .. k .an. Mr. and Hap sha with d al.
M. Robert Wone.r of etfthl rI&iotur.
Mra.l. Rnb Wnd..a aabatndalaao
AkbOin. Weehend nieft .ith bla
pants Mr. and M-
Lalvbithla kLndo I E. RMtConnugly
apand tab aunarasa itbair oaf Sitnar Pal nRoad w
lam sLakeaTan.y. enjoynd by Ja E.
S.C.a.an MaCnuUghy Jr, ol
- Cnrnn. Wtpert.f Cns.. ;while in
Holdin| North and tbi a on buaina
point Wat an wlmtr trip.
. .idtaU of aBoa Ratn. IGuat of Mr. and iM
L.av.ln thbe month an Ranamond Paoa oaf Roy.
Mr."Mn F. M. Sny. naO Hill a.r nMr. ud
dar to ntauon to lbar Mn. Dnatd Chrlton ol
lhoam I PtlU butal. Pa.. Chlnan, IU.
nadMa diD.M8 Ma ..Cpaitlansntn
aRn nlW pad lIb tlaed at I dr-a.baidg.
mn a*t ilhbama n il Na a aatbh ala.E.PlSfh
HRnpahmn. Mr. andMa. As. fan f2 guesta
H. B. Bban phea fo ean. Tltnday
tbe ndof b Mr. n oth In
tbair hbann baMediaa iutnra Mt. nad Ma
Obhi.D.and MaWilly aabert Ralth al Ibter
atth for thoo hm n Mr. nd M n. Hry

PtIlflMd. f Me ad b l" MKay of Rllael.e, LI.
nida at af and d.ad. Th. Reihfi a feonr
In ad nd Maalau. natdenolaffianmn.
tttU. PhiMallir blua.ly n.
Wekad -ont f Dr. "a o a"" Mr. and
ad Mn. A. K. pinaold and S (ad n. had
-rn Mn. and M n Eu. wM iit Van urT. and
iaran Saalner o If WMuh t ae tk W lar to
In .n. D.C. and Cear- l Ctnnay to bea
-rto'.ta. Ia be ld t1h A=lIka od.
tMguH unl Mr.ad bthe Carune, nena yuan
+Sla KRamatb R5ioaa aga, nstba.M ana..
flhe pa wee warn Ma. a bla alln yarn
and Mn. Raymend Pan- ol MaLh and -y ahb
or.fKahinsu.nId.Mr. ab*anb wu IdRlan d lhb
Paine, alntenadlo lb Rinena In lonm.
PRud.it I aunmn C. When thy narnd to
onlaa at tlab Diplo. Chktg., IL, thay had
MaI HtoL ie HoUl.yod. holo oe.al No1

Woman's World

Society .. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Gladioli Court Honors Mothers
Moltha we hano Inducd nn wedd J..amn Klherimn Aldiner. M
at a mrlinl ofl oidloli O'Kek. pal gnnd J. L. WUliamr. n ClIf-
Court 14. Order of lth royal patrol; nf Her. lord Calttdlne. and Mn.
Aarantlh. Thursday an Booth an, d hhto. Nonnan Patte n. Pt
lihl., Mayl t Del- Nidan. Oni. T.undle, oyalnl r.
na, Beach Manak Toi. dand'lant irand Ilfturan O'Keie inaltd MI.
Pi M. Of m Taybr. Ma KIlian an al.not r.nd
Mo. Paula Duth Robert Kila, MIn. laturr to Gldioll Court
nw cted lo r _lee to hr_
bhly "d eeied
tPr. ,| John berre
-i.. nn eeran
b tn I o aalnd


LOWS.. nunsak
Ma Uno.

rU Y n afaipa
paanf, OAaaM omI

1 16 x 20 Enlargement FREE


PH. 732-3228

Lutheran PTL Catholic Guild Lists Chairmen
Will Install ROCARATON- Mn Omlfcen aong wth
Riand P. Rosn t mly Mn Ret. during the
Sllalied plidMt of the 1t.I5-6 year ay n M.
New Officers S A.Joan ole oGuild, ha Rou.e, vie prneident;
anMouned lhb Ippolnt. Mn GEonSa W. Ohian.,
NylolfnlMtlhTdn. mntN ofchlbain alothe Ib rdinl reary: hin
ltiy Lulhaenn Patrnt. eooinyar. Waller J. Cahill. aorn.
Tencher' Leagini De. Sliva u camm nal din nl*etaryi Mhl
ray senhlbel itarled head. wi ha Mrn. NtPatul rt Dodo, tealuu
Monday at 8 p.m. duria i *Sl. Coaatlho haritlea; or; ad Mn. Lo VOn..
the lbt nmetEin of the Mn. J. Donald Waro. hlohLan.
year held aI the Trinity cLvine pAli.loLn Mn
Lutban Schnal on NW Lwia Waarn. lolin n.
FouthStreel. lil: Mn. PhUlip B. Gib.
on. home and nahml;
They include MnR. Rob Mn. Michael Kuran I-
at Rabha. panldana; blaa en Undlaun;
Mn. DodHunlt vienansn MaD.F. D aO'Cionl.-
oniJdent hf1 1re1
sd' nrl;roay Mn. pnidealak. and d.elop
f at; Mran Paul s. Jn.
Judy SltnhouMh.areur. meheii. unn
". At. AMn. Buton
* Th. enainl'a pnafmn Panha apioual dsveop-.

of Mla Jdlth Snhnod. mna; Mn Waiin D.
and thlb prloamsan o ala d. lenhrdrentnl U
Sni olay by th. a Yr M .YI E rd r Bals. icU.
dat al o n Edward lond]h M. M.A. NEAL
Sobar. Rouanu., Thdi Shapl;
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Success hasn't gone to its price

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to Lotn torth 1In t %1. ftrsha
@umu a Ei. 11011 I UIUSLIET, IN.


1 302 East Atlantic A.ve. Ph. 276-4171



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Bethesda Hospital Stork Club
Mr. and Mn. Douglas John Reid Jr. hbm Mauy Buler. 120 N.W. Fourth
R. Kenyon IChrlene 2. Ave.. DeIay Beach. an.
Littlljohn) of 420 N.W. Mr. nd Msn. Dae oune the birth to a
inh A.. Be.nton r.GenBif(Ju Danm daughta. La Olivia.on
Btah. annaea Phe bith P N..) SIB Nahan H 5ie ay
t a dauhtaR. Pfn Rd.. Wan pana Bh., Mr. a. Ad Vleor
ue.on. y. "th t paI t Wilner Romaro I(Milded
Ma. and M.. Hober a. Oe . A. Kobe. 0
J.mn Milh (JcqutiN a Tad. Wind W.y. Lanne-
Miclhud. 3889 N.W. M n tb. .Uo
Iounh Ct.A. tota ae. Mr. and Mn. J.aRb dAauilr. Linda Grac.
announce ihe birth of a Shelby Cnig(Nncy Lou- bonMay 5.
aon. Thom Goridon. b.Rohbn)..2M lahAv.. Mr. .nd Mi. Harr
May2i N.. Laka Worth. an- Jearo. toldt.ain lRbec-
1Mr. and in. Syltnlor nMuna the birth of a aa Anoldl, 4881 Ptah
DaisH (IR Laaier)l 245 daughte.a Jatnn(r Strrt. Cat St.. Weat Plnl
S.W. 121t Ae.. Dolray on May 4. Bach. an he panla oa
Beaoh. nlhe plents o Mrt. and MSn Wil.ie aaiahle. Jnodi Lynne.
S.dauht.lr.Caol Pal.u. pord PFanklin Suun bohnonM.Y.y 2.
borne on My 2.
Mr. and IM. John Reid
Shappard (Joy- Edar
Sinlhl. 88. S. Fdeal
-y.1 i.y. B.ah WEDDING


.. D0-.... ..nb i--....uulT. i.,. .> 1. -I

Mrs. Bryant Is Active

In Club, Community

MY JUDY SA5ND=S iettalld0 n iorlla
Sbhe ha. .ctiiy 0ppat-
Th Io0 BCb hnd .1] club actvltlel a.nd
Jiunml Woan's Cui'i pnrotkeutIndlhu idpr-
Junior of he Yer". r, ln dting*tt.cnd e.

vhe .ip f orh e r t =n d L Xin clu d el ehin g S un a r e" h A M -
i..mniktolbhluband dry So"l h FI.i h..oanfodLe n.
th ombunityr., hpabyrelno Churhb- pr baln t lom lbh
M8FBWnttnbr.d n oher t I OndWhihe l dtfuh
MBot vlah eidenot .th Pak ent oary un.d byoaot Wtlle
hlub yeari. slu B o h ul.0 whim P nhe 11 lh lP a.n
505011. o a."w hio h I Srdoollo e rlb. 0000
and m0oa budge n.d Adoh n' ThcheloDhn 00 01 tbofa b ttl and
ddr. Fpl= lodne =o odld
10 Rolon or d*linr. Tb*
Garden Club 8m A hold ,- hinre. olleh Inwe ad hl ale
n ,nl -o hon I fll. han. In..d.d oh. bo.
Sets Benefit w he. ra.I.rneln d-ym.elehda andel00.
Card Party At Lw hie W .r n
or naue, for th. Sn-. ay trilp0 told ip
u Pa Ralroad and wulle no.tik'l1df.thlbanam
BOCA RATON The. moon her lpo. endbaonllht podl.
Oarde Club iUhbold It'. tht. oldillonlgbb,. lithe i h. plla+
ianualbenelfil od party Mt eolonltnd beodding
Thuondy. May 13. at 8 ol by aont onurliaur-
p.m. in oh. Community .. n. Th1ala obeo allpl
Cnlf.n~udlloriuig. boso dmonlonn. nlbol.
Mh. William B. Strn. wi. e 0a .urk .nd
thaLbmn and Mr. Llle .- l htetBin thle bhpphlw
E.o. :o.chainan. .1ll -0 chon.
be Mlaled by MN. Air, -mvr the plan, eL
eod.r B.ak.an. Mn. Jo- d I"hlte" on .oP l tbe
nph Caulleld. Mn. Hr- pnod Iao.rl. Io with
old P1.'u0. Mh. VirgU A. 00y0. thbl b olnalm.a
Hoo. Mn. SB,. iller, aplond nb 10101 10.with
Mn. Joh. D. Mlnrrdny. tennwd"b.dmal-"
Mn. H.S. S.tr. Mn. Toln. mople Mt.
OlennSmtllhown.ilnd Mn.. lln. oth bet vileu
AllbrtZlnZm.r. and i.tletloreoy .r.e.
P.nMede rll Wafit -r thabt poobuLe ol
the lub*. hlahip l bedlioerr oh .hboppa.
hond. The public I. nvited i' alh ld kap lhb folnl
totrosd. bMrl. ccin mind

Miss Reynolds MJ,.-j Bu.a.r< BEDLINEN UPPLY
Heads BPW M1n fh r. p td,' *-
u ryan nm o rdies to bd 1M. a.
Club At Boca Fd In I.l7 ad ,nmded. Thbl
mridr at 2715 S&. btr allow (or 2 on b
BOCA RATON -S Ml eghh SIA. l In sloyntl- bed. 2 Ior l-uodl and
Colan ee Sayold. ru BeSowh.henhnlunbnd 2ontolb.hlflornmun-
olete6d prMldaol of he lb hinl phemaritt 0*. cle.. Four a oc bd
Bu. and Pla.ooiol ,of lda Memloriol Illpi- ronoldennd ndqoea. l *n
WoWun.Club.aa Inwlt taw. aoulodlllO nauhor end
log Monday*venln. dryo an 1 Lnd. it i
Other k imd A p .kn dhd, otobl to Lk. do
wn Mnl. l. Oren, otl hae I* lho another of lour wihbJta 2I
vi.e preddaol; Mr.. Wi- children, Mlcharl ae 10. Ihen bold be 3 pU-
U.i Malhlba. M Aond vc nanny. PDenny. 5. Lnd lowcM for ech a olow.
prMldoant Silu Dolr Timmy.3. ut i le paol*lito in
HaIenhy. inordoliwro Amonp har inlt.t*. by lith hulo I or aeoh
Mtul Min MacH yrl Mr Bryant li6t puylnl P bw. pin depaenldi
onnrpoalini n nay bhrldnnd dinl. 0* wahlnt nd d Wr.e
nd n.bM. laren lmBrown., ho sIlw.
Tbih. lubS l ams CIBorU[CT SIE? INE
bheql llt b. M lay Mno.M
2B it thlb DletId Coun- J.iO..OnI Sb ltU hold be blo
l oClub. "I "linoli I and wld. aotouh Olonr
Plan nor thel Dfi lrkt no fLLP thb bed and 0o tuck under
p on3nl .inl| to be -*0.* n al||odniroly.ole
M wldMay 23lso |M [* onlttn and bd cnn
dbeune Monday+ anpitafled. gerin ct
shet ri,. boo. ulitn
EARLY 0BIRDp1ICE -DO dl0l.dWo; Lenoalh.
width, thkLka-a all. 1
ilTO--WKDAt 5 r 0 nt lor rinb-
ao; nnooaenr thLt thet
io BONI LASTOAY Ian. alO stold before
"FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" ".. '" .the b.orthe
ai "DOR.HO" olh Inacb a I. d, coa..r.
I ll look.i loodl e 0t nlr*

sip a 7 Isalel 7M dk 4 for

6 5nob M oak .d.d tor

JOHN abFORDh det loh ; .o ror.

IBL.....o LLo 00 or """ ol "
If' bea .-tedl I.t
5S r.it.e allowed too
1 IKKB CHA..LOl f n .ti allowed to,

lOS Lalclow. ftarth

Ina..00gkpo H~o IAN 10ralleiI

5w110 .IN05 I

The width of Ib he .
.adied dependa on I
.. ol the bed. Forn
almpla A cridb nqulr
Ihl 30 or42 1ww.n i
0 .0 00 day bed a Slo-1
'aheel: r 0lnl bed I0
ha. a ihet 63 a Ie
wide; forl tuhn bd a
Inch thnt: double b
m..d. o o lt 1 or
Filled ihl hlv b..
on the ult oro I .
IS yen. or o antd b
proved ery popular wl
many honaerm n ke no
clay far botll.e oh
alnn they mein bltl.
iolo*d Vnn md H000
10 object Io Iop-nilo
prolde:ulh(ootr i
Aho. the tri.k of Ioldin
filled Ahate lor ton
mubt be loarnd. Fllt
hbnel an bought 0moi
lul to type ol bd .a

ion. MUNm pllow i
add 2 inhn.l l widlh a
Slobhin lnitb.
Thoulh otlOun 10 i
"kibn" for btdilou. 1
.r flmn. ieh u Ulw
modem .ynthekla So
vraou minatlMu d
0tor 10. WlLh metO
MUSLIN snett ai
pillow Cms an wonn o
crdad otte ymnu wll

n'martoedd lor I.O
oronn. aln anythli
La mnnlly IndloaoM
"ail*r" or atohsb alul
bua bon appyd lo Bl
Il al fo'ly," U.
ally. thb w..A. ul, .
uoltlnl In pFor W.r.H
qt.nitle H-mnr. bih
thoud 0o0nt m10a0 ha
laneu on very dumb.
iod 6r11 pr ti0
frrun.l we
on nade el oodnd
mbed cotton yanm 0i
180 to 200-pluthn d t
the. qun in".l H111
ullbn>doowllt 100.i
umlo. p".10. an.
boouly *and lb i
oal1hb, i-lom-nh.dM, bo

bor bMauI. TP, l
]wr Cu Thma
roarmln whh. hbn
luindoel prt.1.t.
-- 0on bolU pn b.
*nd pndlr dinylq l
eo. on. 1o wl
lifa ol hehdll and
nM utialad orly Mlrri:
1. Pnvnt und.u atnI
on Ihrio : Looon odr
o 7 heet all aeund brtI
orlpplr bed. Nelor u
*lSIndcu nlot ui
dry has.
3. Launder bed SUm
InqMnlly. Check on lu
don tet and colorlua
n0m b1foe nludi blhe
then fallow bhlarctl d
n01lo0 ouctly.
Neq00t0lydmd Mill
blabh olutol Ia pn10
bnd to b aiant, ooo.l
o.whte "do." *ovnh

no 3. RiM. lohablly 00.
h ar wUahino to 0 o0 f
el Mp or dtelnll nd-.
a r dub, lh tnd lon wak-
: ananddlawlonfbrhdL
h 4. Yy the. foldln y.
Itmo ooMtent cluu. la
hel thbe pl- miy la.
2. Jau libn..
6d 5 t l e 11- Ml ol
00 bed lo.ndrullyf. "I'0-
InE fruhlyIlundend0
aI the itOt l IepI*Ue
ua.h tlr. ThI nrlbod
dberibalt* wr morn
00 only and b taaooolay
00 hopomlnt la oh. pnroen-
0 lion lof t nalld "e".
. ta" nUlM and nildew
I p n na l In o.lh Plod".

- plrid. ao aUllno.d obono.
0, tld'onocnlaok.oIpl
ndbtma on onr ahnboll

THE OARDIEN STUDY CLUIL NoI. aa 0110 GaiLo Oaa Craft
p.aoaujolo~~nal 00.. yaad g gaod1I a na.haao~ thai .aaIa at
P-.I (Id jau l-w-d..1 Real -.11-1.run ~lL
tho .o0.al yna. ?rlare Wo.. t heo 001100.00 Knoon. Ilb. P.aado0
Awa f ,OI a rd0.Fod Pd4.-,:. wad Joe. Khaoban W.a.nat0.
Anb.It...01ua Awoard preetwle.d. R, aley .a bay a~d a 611 lo.0o
,be J-1-aClob. 04-4-1 a~aluto ooyAt.. Clark)

Legion Unit
c;rl Rtita

n. tbhe ldkdupoelildo n d Booho nepartl Onn't0 0. po0 theo lalt rInm theb
"O kinao" sl.en o) o.u lood -- he wibomlnl I. Earl Seh ws who had hlt Ml M Aaedoo
00 utd.ondAbeddn. hnpelnd by lllll 0 1 t ld0 l .p Ii Solh Can. All. oi l S0
ad ItlIn doa and ondrd p.a ld 1. ollno. Thy *nnbolh n UMOM L ewoUl ,
=d; ardnnrmrw bloulh er0an .TNlbli atriau 0 ndltlon b-- otfIalo p00E
ad lo. obk In.->. laloiod. oll.o.oodoooo. O Nor the c"ll Il A11. i ft*ira m tl.
q.Mldy and uoder pa. aodgoottlhe dudnallth tik poodenol l lu. a .m dha.mfl0 0t
dodally. anon tboelh day. W undnl h a Sh it ld n hun Lo
. t.L Mal"y b.h Lelea
01th mb ha tbaoyJl.t.ll.lto w l h ub. o wbo at In h e Od 1
oald. So.. "mlb"' Ino SauM Sn. If anyo am. I all oIl. eaI lu O e.
our eoulmt p. luhany*ulhntndele a nbuken til *nd 0 h04 r 00 D. A,,II.d
"pnhblml.Mmn lmpor- t yrly phnb mnn huMt..hchw l 1 llhelha yToy bo~o -*bo
n AInt: Alilltl~.00 of.-Le.p hfod .elllhtn lnei, h l l m lStf a nan
nd 0.0. Poarole WllN *d m.?0 l1e nllr eooAo, oeb.1 d aih nlfl
opamd hm Nof lllt 0p M h b I.Ia onf.r ft tho Poap ltony ol u d Mn. Cb
I Im eb n b i an ; w em o eln to th em M.l g" rl' t+'UL II'11! ." !
S lolilphli. *I b 0lad0lhllabh.lou.ron- d A Ml nla 1, Dt.
a n ,Perry bridge 1. dwl-. ianda aeduo .eebf nO 1dm- d h .ad
Th deoa-onhy. lv00 l- d n e n The Clflu I [a oy n
Ikebana Unit ,0t Q lt.ay far. I.ay m lotoc h o tnelh
do Will Exhibit .b."he Thb. lw"" ASllr, al.l0. thern o. r .r ;Cluo l
Mtae f 0r rt ti0e WayrIi llpoplnd al .
At Library etb"Sl-h R n .0d0 1~- hh -'. 000 lob
Pel John b ay rnt enrny. p ld r to the I da
"I 100 nd Chbre I oller b lnho Lt 000. nStiu _. alon 0t TYarbuh
10 Tho pbU viud to lu Inobn thadol r i thlblmlmor.
U) ahbit of J.ta f aH I l ,, f ravai
ofh a ".labll 0 A 00p. 4 ..,, Royale Club
sIbyl I Listsnoo Sp. cae Cab londty Ab"'
1 to 10 plod 0 lb in. tIb 11noiy lad.r Lists Speakers h 0.d0. .E1 nal H
S*Olry Beach Lbrar o h 16 Sutl Howe of 5oal ad 0i p.00wd -
Tuenday.r ay 1?. Repmn"tO r allly re- BOCA RATON--M.l .0rt o .th. Il.ro.Cflub
d Tb.1 a.lbt w l adt f wl0 ar 1bb ytop o Ahllnw n hanbtb. acla Coua"l. to aonr dulol
.n o iannmOn 0000d folo.. o. durid thb. uaonlH. lhpn, the 1o"h Leoal yu.a
a by arl.en o D tirme they .a w.olkIM fonr oo lalla RoyaoLWmW She L.a 1. el of the
bl 3B Chat TallaLa. Thoy on. Club. ll pTnU 1 DdM ,BIch Polmobyueri
784. oho lonr I. d0o'.thae i -eonolt o ooo. I.- CluLb aCnmonh."
0. Jo lo0l. S hL w0b1e ,lhm.lahel Wo o hbl l o mtlloll Tlndyo May
a iro a 10tl dlodnaol do ..onlhinlg 0bo 0. hir 3, 0t 1 pl. 10 l. MIdS'g. ..wth. at
01 ullln. .- Uri0. it we .I nt good Ceamo lty C Smtel nI0I S eam Inl ud Red
i Ho.om In the e. e to hbe wer 0to0 lo rum.. Cron Leptn Lrnlddnt
Repo:rtsoE thmFue N tltt 3430t. Iv4-S e, 1 u4 =t
hlo 91 1 pldyuobooal.othlohy J0th C L m i
thtbenlr l l ti getly mrm oh,. d. aIndluo o S0Udl Cou"llNoh. la.
01 000010U110000.1 Ialoandly e0 010.01al limoi Sooliey.
o0 ior li11d? Who 1.0100 10r 000101 00dr
on Debble-Rand Board .w l ld'thn.k 0w0 be- k to h lod loplo o acead the A*latl 0
Reports Flesta Net .~' 0 dayl. with V _m w. V L Carw Mal Method-d
alaonoInm Hobpnloly.p.n1. ...n 1 Cbo b L
Ba BOCA RATON -- +Tb el Sll Si.ecer Edca1.
i" 0..0 tofNolt0 l N ITlrdlythl'. n.ao It10 0 t00he Ploldlt AtlU n
Dah laRd bMaoln b. *n addom ln, 1h ILeUllndrtly.
= I-San*dr lflq., I-. 0N0 NonhNldad Apabln
Imth t &R Ct b Club lab.e P--at ONO". P. CLheb w*O M
1 00biod l 06 n. do thlb Firs olledrlln F ln Sanlcp.m PL0M!a'. l.3
reBo I. i Rtoa ,h.ld 0u ..nd loan -_ on theo ol
p. tooy 10S, aoouo oo Snpread 0l Coounolm m 0l.du.tol thl ln o.
S... in I. Aednl." l.nn ohent MMd.l Aoad* C y. II
Sll d. OdaU bl O. by Nath(ndol Wool .o nlo" 10eUdd 11. Ela deal
g 0 ohloato 0001 Dalay be .l Oh. and dht nadtt wort a

A t0 n l4 l Io0*0 00 0ohel.n y b r tok l N lwnYo n City, bel .o
r4ah t FLeawhkh heo- eal.-M-utntlth
fltbth CormawllyH Hn;. Ch.n Chrfbeeao.0. W0lto0 0 C-pay 10
Ml.i homeo O.m 0e. nloended B-00000..
01 Dnb d 1... im
Boynton Hills Unit I 1 .11 dh. Ul | m
Sets Final Meeting iLtheobrm vndl *&Nl 5.
SSth Antr who h "l Aifto1C I.Uah.
Hli Lu.mheo-. G 1-up I 00. l.
will .eho Ill llolunconi Al Sblomond 0Lh0
Pawwaw _,.._at Me -dool y I
t.. e idayih. u.nd0hnw nmcih t-
la o u t Ilivnd to Zh lo.h ely
H1.0 |on lh dday LbelntfIuld.
H; M n 0u. I b i l
ilb Mn lStGolm 0n. Th. F.k S

IMn. Tb..u buo. 004

A R00 SLEEP0M~aw

O. W lsona TIREh hn r ll v PIuf


~ __ C_ ~

Briny Breezes Chatter


Little Friends Marie Bach Is Named
Slated Friday Dean Of Saint Ann's

Hi Neighbor!

Music Is Her Life,

Antiques Her Hobby
*'Ulm h np m lif de m nd
looflteko ond 0 031i0u
ty hobAhy." ( M S. Aln33.
llar3ff told an t hot i...-
If home in R aoylral
H4lb. khb 1 lefamhod
with prb nliqu she
nod her he0 on. hon

bet atd In th eir tv
ohem andiabd.
ro here l- o ok.
otem ot heutlli So..
on.th L0 t.l%. pietnt
Aith endmed inls.
signed Auore1 p000es. 0.-
sales amel pki tode
ndi.r then Wodonoood.
benatiul Rtobio l-p.
Flotodoo -0t.t0 1.
Pteoonhhque. Aso.otrly A

l*od.tworohyluottpl- Sh. hepheod Boy." during
w00ith pri0m. ond too World Wr0 II. 33 hlaim
Doeden plet0lth I. 3.. hne 0te flood ift0hio.
31 Altonlldn, 1il0l0 it and 00nl when she
f03me.e- ualoot I ool played nll tior him
horootyoopontklouo o rowhenhotumndooothHir

itle F".rnd. t idt. B ecA ATOw', no .ha.s o0 1 o0t with D ad on li. .
orott.IPlt oBpti r 310 Poh hat boo ad lr a -n d winoll h ile dtls al

A .S .2 L h a Iha= I
: m Sk 1 d. da. h. o 0 il
I a Fam N JrlWy. Mi .ll I .q. 1 orldooll" while llnt i
t~Link P0 PodoY E. 's.d
n domod I 3R l- A01. 0 oft pr W rin ul mpornl in oir. oller dIuhrin
M 'a The a J. Echl ve. dy 01Mlam 111u 3a Hl oa .- M.n Mi llrP that the he an
Ond r. O. OuyWoodln with k banchlor 03 0rt noptr.dp nt. n. d tadyn bll
,.IU dlet tho mu=kl do., .nd rblthd he ther ldtly b Iln, and IO
pb,,leyktl oUld by Mt otrta drte in 1953. hSpo 1t dn lyIn In0 r touOlvdy.
" 1. dolSoty0d400m00. Sha e tauloh eotodles w ollia Aoltr h.e 3
,~ldd111.T L ho o to t t h r. d o Ut r I d ust entt 3 0r. 3l I n ft ll mo v edn tOo 3 0 0
Neti Dr,.m.,, DLer move 0 oUt f Well
""s0aoIl lo the l rin. tb Clht Cold edttsln Iro- high C.ln.. andh
. O'utn d3 h o. a"rO .cSoolm t lk ;. At tO .holon laoe 1l3d In Noe Y.
Srtoll l o.tSaid 3i t.e Cf mouamt (ulterdt .he1l61p MI the N mv Not 3 ,ld AI
.,wil pi nt dIplau to School In California and nl00li0d Coruotn. ol Coollo. .nd th
,h ldo Curia. erldotloagclcb k lcL3.Anele-SUICld- Mt It Bfs ton. Mt thBEranRt onl
ZA se. Tl aneithd h or as.hlm.tI d k Mhe -le a inid htr Clab.
,,m.ttheothlt hurdh.nd ,lt0thl. yo0h.l3oi .nd p, B.0 33S. Inee 1.u04c. Sk. Wlhie In LoI
0,000du 030ll7rfr 0yn moaioUl. Meto Bach.he t oanmd obo studed *l London ovtlolumo o
:'. HelP 0.YouroChi l d adt ney to 0,0so7 03. to hoo^llrlol tobo d .1t0h0 tHn t int0 SIoib.; ,
to Pltpo.0.., h,. andohodot poorrtonv o dth ottl ...tsp Rld "o 27617. 91 tek3303
l tr Fl~ anl O Hy." MB H-idN1b9fll. uses, at. has ml almovel 9 toln l
rt pnnan aed al dt hf
V -.l.. l. .d .. .. 301.0.. bd te hal t h. .. %l P ooomto
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.on t0m0all V 0 DelrO y nn 0Ge col0 o, inSe leoo her.S 0!heistio tnthO 1ci3. In 1933. heaNu.io inpte
Bocth .h. toulhlt 0d phllIoVby .ndi4dtoo. okow holety 100 nol ihoj mord. tl zploy."Coll
"the. .notd t 0 o ovl. D Po t- tl 0 studi03,ad0 l-tll andklt.. w Shh.. h. 4bndir.r3 l.hesma." whkh
0 too t Mh 7.0 I le ra Mnd wllbth 3 t Untlt. It o nts ld po S m e o n blk ohl. n'ItlIm
W.t Vlld P.ublla ed Sutat Arnnd Poro ptiv luen I lb S ,0 0.Wod t isnen
S0htoll .tt. 0lllth3l.3yn h olllo. Imtd 00 00d Th4lt C., 3ii.0- lt. -
A uo w07 tl ko 3. Par n S n- 3OO U. Oceon -oulevard Mt bell Co.e.. 3 0
`* 0 3 dlootr hk3.h,3kithe Ssdont BaRn nod Woke?.. .30 3
d lt.thtlOha.,0l3b101 Sehoo]Syo l m30. n 3900 ... .0. ; u. htlto le oppt. O-Io t ... .
Weld o *Al e rtrndtofo ogse d 'l + ttsukt r mt-`o tptto --I I- r I
B.oh to .ho ho. .l piano Recital ,l ih <
-p_,,_.e ian Set Saturday I=dpne """d."".4 1ndvhl.ltit
n.tdd In IIb utue 3l Mn. M1l30 hba 00rn. in the mudr d
Welcome S1BteAnthShhme.wlM2h it.aordayo yool d the Pa. ._0k
l"c lhortnelo.ndnd 1 M Brl .tdolahOMto p .um 111 .a .... at thI lofdst
W agon toob0t.7 33k. 33i (3eto M.H..arn tnatM.a. pradhorRltl o tdtdl. ol. Wooano CI
e mem ber jtS Bhooal f 0. 3 o P w pnt 0 .3ted to ho. heoheod, 00. no lOO,. he

R eimempee s l p k len1 In0 t0 d np U M -o.r tled o'Slumbr. 01.r olly- ootd.hytl
Remembers .n laried thte Mod .1 1 prlo mt t w0
npeewnl Family .eI'stl. ..h,"' h AOSO-l l mhint hoolntdao
TOhOe...... b, h o d C Pey-M m Ministers Endorse
l ty tor *udyl al MI MOny, nwho s
.. to .i. C d M... B- "'l County School Plan
034. hot;-~io~lodDoo Chnhbo 0Md.. 0001
' b v5 p w c UIBl tu ulea an ln leelln hai- who Ae Biadut ol lhe
Sd-rido t h.toMainatk. JllUbrd ltlula of Mu. Mhembnol the Delray Palm Beach
i.. tad.a3.0o3. 3 e.0 3lltnit. m .B. kp[ .and3 30ta01030tl3n3. Bl.3h Mht1rt.al Aoo. Sard ol Puhli
the ot t. ha o oola. h l lln. .tnd 0oh chiton. s individua. t3In 3 deseo
o. le0Lpot0mit 03l.1 t H3 pat h o w p tnd H 3 oallol 00 the county's 0lL I a
o.3u00tionh. 5S y 73o, Thoyoh o lutleo 3 0he.r be nnu.l the lBd1968.
othlanrldwheouttimo played .a0y p0an0o and ittlnl held l.t wekt byl3gua0unte
m nunldtln n iontoale ora to o a fln hePttoptatChuNh: hlldnof oour
I tm.n undendln l .u ohu o -nhkro Whleolo ton whet am ty 3 nW 00 Ot
S n ot hh ln a n to is 3h .0d M Cu ll. M llnro, d t uo oMt lr d y b oppount 3ly .
I ~1 P soel.ll oli..>4 b0 M 0h00u t o 0 M m uy het e lt ...l ... ..n ..
,uvntoa. tho goet I Pn . m .-lrnF 3 01; so i.d M ihIotl .d mi090wE n
lawmiluv nt br ml~r U ln l :;V,,"d Ount I Chap r l atr.

-MmT ldH & em ll mn la HL, both .e. 03 |ohu t 3.l.n Inht S "'.i Chut,
otto9 oithVFane. othtd po3he ...d-Ioott tll P.oCot T. -h11tdhst lea
t JEWELERp ol. ;34onobt lt "tt* o 10y0 P;l?"0w n
1II.Alll hnndMI oundU.In I.d bI e Olud unde nlnd tll Rn.CB .SI
00,,0, 3mrilln 0 tnd H a00o> oTur C*rt 3 D *nHa' 03u adtrI D Poly B ..e: Roo
an. I H --.--t M n. lead. o1. 0 I.3
eve h tali bDKwh.isidllmh ihlouth M Fivt P
te.lewd 4YlnrLenadbyM+ tlisnsnlmrmmmuly d.il mV ISl m
.0.t"Pa0d0ute, Puooaoad to poyo .0a4 olo .nd4 to ptisyt; Dont1
J. B. SMITH & SON "M".3h30-.0" b 04d trhe ltu pol. ,loio l .d r All..
*. Sl. rky 0 .th. oUl Prldptilolho IW t||eo
.41 L L nIUALAY J n Sk Knk. Pgtbhytt.
4 e1 L AeA n S ne ISThe publicjlald- u an h Iisnvte C "mm Jhbari
fooon. p'0Barn N ly. %p...1
Slated A t Boca 3I0 Ch.h.

S aidl th fii ri u d y iWi t
P0tntor n th pmpme 0 0YOUW

,l.n0pl, tht.. Little
m."'5,3..e.l .In ...m FIRST
fA ltn labr a badd-
A wollhvsranld build.
Said the famous Game Hunter, "l've caught p0ad 03ythl READINdyit
ont...tno I d hed o READIH
Al those Tigers with narya shot -afhidoto-a ll he 0i0.
the hoep003l e 0 .inet. 1
A only iles sm... t31nol00 0 ad 0 a MU0 (
g6m1 no. toololemal4d, muic
But milk so hguilea em... ,=Oo.. .d Bro.
S0.rv1. oeoe Int.. wll
They sit up and purr on the spotl' *rhe. ,. oo.3ho 276-791

----- eolleedlllthe =othe,
l e hbulldlin. ComMo
Hasll oha l at will be .1
....... .......... I nldlble

(on. tmot
Air Hald
Ihe Lo.

11 the war
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Sto Bath-
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corn munit

Dr. D. U.
I B.Ipni
Duo, W.
h of the
ytoo. Fino
R. G. ,Mo
eby larian;
dlin. Fiot
Id T. Wad-
Chad. C.
reliopt lt;

SSenlt Jr.,
*I Method.

I The Church Week

ChurohorIthPalms. DOelryBenoh Pre.byltloa PlOBapltlotChurch
Co..t.o.lsl,, Ch.r.. .ch .U. *', His S..nt"...
Sunday min wlor- Sunday, May .160, R.I. Ib -P .* the onoO
.hip it .1 II .. The. Pl W. co wiun a n .n:t.d by Dr. D. D.
tior. Du. W0. Smith .itnt opb--"LieW SeIrir, P3tor.for h
will have or hh manon: Rm.de" ntth 11 .m. I3 I 3 .". orte. Sunday.
Thn Dislint So010dl R o n shp .r0ic. At the Moy I.
Ih. T.m*pet." Clhuh 7:30 p.. B :10. tr. Atl th :O1 rioe.Dr.
Svh1lc=Luo >ll tlt C'lot pic ill he "Dot Stn rill poal on.
o10:45 1.. in the 00 it Ptay" Senior High & P.p3llCotom.N ".o4an
T"Lr Pi o Youth 'tio speC.l t" will ho
ThO Chu;h .th PI- .r. ill
Pl.o. il ho hoot ho Ih pnt...old by M..Rn..
Council tor Lay Life and ld Half e..
Wook hote Trinlltlttt iUl C
Irom thI SoulIhtl Cout Triit L-thenCk P hyrl
Ao-ilion of the Ullted The Mothr.Du.htUr Churoh. o. RutC.
Chur.ho lChrist mmholll Bnlqul. hretd F .idI
he =.lig ft. th. thur"h t O pt.. I 3 Up- On leaking Clhoi"
SSuondayrte.ln nltoIm Ot,,d moth old Wll bthemnnontnopito
31o6p.m. ohooallmidin. he deltrvehd .t the ro
Sunday oVoi rt S tt at wonhipalloie. 90oaod
Bota Ra3to UnTiotria O L) and 11 tn. Sundv 11 a.m. n Sunday. M..y
Dr. Will t'itid Shol ndShol Bible luto, 16.
ol3k C.tltg. Edoma. "All.... Slundoy. Iay 15. Ih
till Ith ro n Fat :45nd. Stnilor Hith Fell..hip
lion at F Whido A3l0t0e Firlt P..byltri.n w'ill spor.. rooto. h"
Uldlotly till speak 00 Chureh Intkhurohphrklngl.t.
Sunday. M1 It. av C.
held al 10:30 .m. in the "Whetn God C.Ib" hu
Drtfid Bonh lChmhbtr been oanounatd u lhe
.1 Comm.r. Building. otn topl of the B.e. CheurhtofChrlol.
Sunday aohmol tlot 3obert I. e Moay. pOntor. Sintit
ftrtat the tmil... tor Sundly morino w0m. Mlnkindisqot tlortim.
ohip ervin *I 3 .m. mnrtlily wiU be pomn
Churth Shool bol in IntdolEhrihlienSinM
LocalStudents .thesOtutatl.a.m.A Aheolhl. Sun04y
nuro InHislao=d for Igh thasto:ryJohn
Take Part In "'nt,. '3 lve fil, I-. h pthl .nd hi. I..
ltn. and toddleo dutle tiloohip On Chelo J_..
Music Festival ,i*..k. sbhlt ,h Bibbh LT.
10 "ItooB. and Io.
Thltimldentamt tho CoouMlmor.nl o ontb." Golden Toet:
lo-l sna *ttnded the "-'h%. *l n" m a
ilhlth ..nnul MU. F. Melthodl.t Chl.th t bul n. a.d if
i..1 ol -S.tnlh.d1y Ad. Alt he 11 ..m. ...hlp n. tha n n helro l Ord
enlMntIsuenlnryandlin] le ttl Jlhe by n .
tl.htlmomett li. te ti tl 13o. thtotmn Ihomugh Chrlut 4310.6
twradnit-ohoehkldtl Ohl 33.. 4. M11-1 1.:74.7
rotret Lohe Altdeoty, Swet Jr. will be'.p riup .
M3lotlnd. la. Fla Ma3.e1. olf Ctoto'
Them Al th& 13963 p. At Ihe 7 p.m. HPr the Unity 1O.Ieorty 3Bo.
llr on "Let Th-.. he O Ih. lth oteeon ill be Sunday. Mtay I. Ml.
M3ii." >nd JIll Zonl- "Whoot Cl.mnplono An Elt. BR mn. 1tmlnio.
or. Llnda FPlhnd A"d Needel." will poont the lubhjec
Joh.n Z.rn..r woe Ale.tloltho.dyllll L. -Sp.eak IhO. Noe
amoanh. lhesudente play. hbe the prlblpaton by i.nooaoo"
Inlg lth the Welt Palm the pain.us 1 he yulth Weneldaly e.Illt.
Boech Junior Atdtmy oi.thrhuhitont. S MN.y, 12.Raymond Py-.
Bond. n4. E.. R.. Supper" and plannnl. m1nitEl.ro .duoclonth
d. d1- l., op. 0nirm. .h1ch .ill il. chion ]h e lco;.n topic!
rondt.dirop. loot. "Y.uC.nbe.Hppy".
Appmdl.ttly f03 30u-.
dent from thtuotoul
the 0303. part0liiltd in
th = moAed ohooio *d DELRAY COLOR STUDIO
ptedll udn l numlbon YOUR PROFESSIONAL
nl v 0l warren. PHOTOGRAPHER
Linda ad John 030d.
on forl Andadey Dl May
4. to our he k.nmpoo
wrh eD they boh will he

Host Banquet
Thoe huchwoomn o
Auo LuthnE VIC S I
Church Baynton Beath.
oeently hateld a mother- Ded'r B.Rlh
do.ghter h nqu. In 1th BAPTIST-SOUTIIERN
ldo10l 0r00 0 l t0 k
ohurh. First Baptist Church
To totmitlt l0or lthe t.o.l.h wn. .o.uo
Tl.heoo. ad ll3 0.n '0'"0asa'!"
pmtted 03o M. Donald -lo ttO O-
td.lh te Mo. L e Grace Baptist Chu. eh
MeBr Ithe Ou.nlIt 0t0o.OtOO .*0.
mot he iM SlelMSh. t. .a ;o
ihe oldoet mOnthe; .nd -to tooL }noi
7on000. douohle, pro.
ltA tot. "%h O*tlOo'.l"
fhen mt 1 e I?.
Dnulher am I?,*" wu l11 rlfurll
enjoyed by tIl lttndbl = -=Il *-
o.m.. a1utnie Mn.Vl Delray Church of Christ
luehlo., pltoidenl; ln o.. ow
Shull. olte p0r0dcni man tot.itb
Min. Hotl Wanler. tono. O.3.* t
surr0; M1 3 muryo Koat. 3s.o
mo a nd n. (undrun itonM
Ln ...oh3. hlrmen. CONGREGATIONAL
the uoth and Mh Chrh OtT P -Cog lol
oid-oupectIIely, 71Ia ,.

First Presbyterian Church

Delray Beach
Presbyterian Church, U.S.

Unity Of Delray Beach
onte. -11

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church
4-I IKI Alc

Friends Kindergarten

400 S. Swinton Ave.


I Swimming Lessons
Individual help

hure Available
18 276-6004
3,4 and 5 ySeas ds
M oeUMHllTT 1411I


Sicion ojour Delmy Beach Neios-Joornal

Monday &

P..otIooO..0000.000~ L~Lvd.'otI,004bo.f.O 0

Realtor's Boynton

Roundtable Roundup

olReelfootobotm o 0m 0 ho l 0 J. t,0 RRR x Aoto. y I
To.. of O00 RSdhip T-o Cooot.Ilo.0 to.. O o.0. 0
Cm0iooo. TomeCano slt.VI hobme am bot h h, .0_.;0ea
fee mal Rtoheally AmooolltaToo. V1. 1,.t heo boo oh.I do he
W.0I.oJ.R VW H.oM Z10,1 Roao d rolhlpItaly mm.0 1..
'.RorlE o. W y t 21"' itl
..o. 0100 0 G w0"
Ha.l, L.o.-. Rod Idal He,, fill t. Oh. 0.... aid. he".,r -. It00 T~t 0001000..
ora bhte ho. 19..ioo.t ... ..$Lo 10..,., a hm by J0000, H
bationlimloommallLllembldlop, be--." 1. tr-sh it, "Ill.
Industrial Arts Visit it. A." bo .5thC l LRoofood'. .o1
C.116do.0 1-Y d;td. Tb... 00.00.000 Ratme00 dOto JIM oRltodeWoWed... theyhdollueloo.l
oohoolhoolooo1,ndo boy... 0, .ood Re ,. t. 4, a "Had- '" I o" t.SoalWed.0 docks 00 Nd t1h0 Lt
0. B00 la J100., 000 a .od t a ooo= d:7 00 S"o CollImate d ...oo ford 00d..010.0.
High Wb l 0 0p 0e t.oo1 .o.0 loho Htmell latt. t.."..oh WI
,boo d.001.l Atoo Iht:Ibolt,1m.dt.o 1., thlat -000 ..0 I0.-ft-Tool. MotoolUlo1t.Ol.g 1.
AItJotli oOd theoo, Aoodhl o 0Kim.. O o to loop illbohJR..olp I ..olitiomolo,.
1,0.0 Ot ,0t totprimp .cam. Toot dOltotUy G-0,, C. 00 110 a be loaud
.,udmi:ohnd a Ubt, toulh0~da, .oo Haitdd I., ol.tma.hod loortlutiam..He qud emile Redal.Romyl
emol. 00 o. o olootdlc h,,I, Rod to.tal of ordlo.00.07. thkob do ... t Fall. loo..,0 Itapps 0 1oo.d .to0Rom0I
oogl&. Rd 0,00, I Ioo1ed o0b" .1a t.00.01.0- aetolotolomooooo tllp 11they am bo... I Ilhoosh 00
16- '"" For elL ou~iji. doing d~yloare 9, hit ploimay my doo loo, ibelaou
At ..Rod at ( th e You. may .oki b. H..y IQ"1h1.0. bobbode d tb-. fm .,h.:
lt.hataikIi.heob h .o.td of o he ..ad themetall1,10100410ot00 otbolmi.o 000. 1.d 1,h
bs.oapo 01.0 1.o 00 Tm Hnoooo Dootoh Wm I .!d o hob, d 'Y.0
00 to phe R.olooooh .01,1 bb Yh o.in Lpp-toolot boo 001,. .00 lh o .Ig D I olha l alum,
1,oourlog1,00 1,.1,00by 01,00 Loop 0.1 obtobk 71.100.11,00'. 10.1 onrdho oooo i ..p.010
Gam.e.. p.00. Th. .d0h1. It..u. 0 Tht .d =ptobo.00ld0=1 .1d to0 Soya &d sdo
.00010,0. Inl it d01 Atodt bo h- m0 oo.o00 .000.0.1 olO. lCoomd.h.0o000- to 0 '0.1 J I qol Rod
.0.00h010,1.0 00d.jop.1 1,01. To-h'bitI" oolt.p oI.d41,,t. ..mlo-10 01. 0111dalso01-010
.od1.00b.1o~ohbony .001,01.0. mooI.. .oold .'b ...oohdo.. ot: L oT a ;:.0.101000b
o~ld.uro~u~tb 11toa~nI.-RamooY"ldlimam
Boynton Calendar Of Events OdoCt ooo ltitd I.o 100 Rem. 000 Wo.ooloboool
.oyologrt*.0.ool.toolA10oIo..0.oOIo...0 0001dod. 00n.0.00
THIURSDAY -onrlootlImal. dm&ol yo boae y.
"".a~ bhrm6 it
CIVIC CENTEN O,.10..0 1,o 00 p o. .tbol toot. p...d0-05 t1;ool
P10001001..l.m, hob:. 0.A.0d 0:0. ivead T,0is. Th" l 0.ll .,.l -1t to pfot o . .Ntl
O.It'oloO(opCI...to.0.00..oo. oodl p .... 000400.011 clabom.go i -4..ooeolb, We .11 ois b101.o
Pn,.TmRRodT~oaAoi,fty.01100:llpt. o. oogmalod lerbo.labor,.opoOatitll Ooo.1=,d I .1ooI.
H..ooIbO.ooonT~~otpltTU 10b.10.1. pnooot.pa l..00ot~oofo1 Rodoo. .o0 ho n.
C01 .L1kT ooooo-h 01...I ..100 to o 1,00011
0.F.W Hoot C Wo. lCl.Ooo. Th"1.O L,0 1 ,pr S. as, .. .111 NJ%
P500010 Coodtooh.Ooo amilo o f00 The Tio~000 a.. eth dot,. 0.000,
I'omy.Tm0d;; l o~y te 0b all0.N:00pot oR ool.. llto. .1.11 gladly Pub0b R uody Z I
00,0000. by 0.01.0- Z 00.0400.1. .000 tum 0ee to, bhe ob. 0
61oo.bC Bet Glob.W $p.m. her Tb .111 0 p h T
FRIDAY Ctboooot10.r Je.1 W. R0 oad proom0 bd C-.l A
Los "-hZ1.!m-fr R*n typ p. h adolea. o L

CIVICCENiER OIooCoo~too~lOno.T.Oo.t HtI,0000101O1140 Oolo~ottul of bdl,
kIt d olloomloatalated to I.- I bee~d~

dEotboo=olo .loo;t 01M.10 01 0.1, 00, Pooh of Wool P-
SATURDAY 1.4 theat heall theattaid foor Jim Too, Wadeu
Wol 010Too l R Co l. .0. 0he 0. tlo Clloo 0. : n
0.oobo00.ool WUIIO ooo. (oolotad 0000 e f010 p0 0 00f. H.tt. he.0001 0.
T IOIIR Cha d.. I0t v -n deci. e .00l. 1otot. Coodt..
VIHIL oo.o.i 0tbOol~hbo.0000.otoraioglbool .01.100 W~ll. Wobldbol Hobo
000hRW 010.015001 R~~~dulou~uI*to~nob i' 0.... r 111,0.N 5000
doheain he Inlet h..ls~~b Om Il, Albot ic 1, Llb

WooSUloh0 b teolRW Cmtooth.,. Cmuo01. o1t lith .00
01.0. ShipJ t total.0 TwoMs1."' Do-sky Clmto Club. hooo
Wllb. iam 0. Rooltot 001 toPW Many 001 It, ot omlbotRoTaitpD.
Areastrade colood. aid. Blow Commi.a

omce OCEA Ci 11 dMot40d..Eo`l o lqo0E-
~o~o0 At~ o..o = 100. R70, Hoou b.ou o Y
.1-M pilreamadidaell W alojoe Hubm Df
r tt 1 am. eal fAS

Who In the world seals the bottom? Volkswagen.
He.'.it a tid 1 olRe Ih* lA i. pep- ooih VW blO No holonw pocktl
n. b ilo hi o une dr0d 1. 0h It c0"0.0lly 0d ngg p0 t0 t0 oi0r ad lin you
*,Iotao oatmoleld mih obbtr 10 Ot tl do innls drg, Bd r gat olaogo A VW0
olpoitO a V itol tt hmgh o oo r T Vooni'ol hti .a d d0ihailr
a a.. 0m Im0 .0001,. help0 W M
ihol00 .0i oli lr lOR a. o 0dml o pon o.l - ch.oni blUe o Int and
OmaR. toml c .n crol ih~r~lor *e ludhm In .. p* V
0* (0. 1 -pLmBta 1 .,n 0wal lop .o bo01.0

Miller Motors, Inc.
3223Il Salh Fnl o hwoy 1m












"HIELLO BOYNTON". I Ml iter. Pot of 0. .me--%n
..am of the umorouis .imle l. d.i. le. I.. b ow. 1. -
wtllh .oroful brl. by Emlbo .I n.de 'k0 d0ir00in of Mary
Sill., to 1b premeJed by St. llto. Pparmkr tr dlhl. Left to
Milk. ChMrch of Boayot rifh,. 8000y Shao.Lo, Llodo
Beach t the DGR1UA B0e0h C.r.t. Shirley Ha0.a0, K
Pkl.yhoum May 2I-2.R Thr. RBnZrhlhiinwdPooHs .
producton Is under tlh dIt d1Y.. (Nw..rMal pbo.t bo
lion of E.I. S.imon ad Bob AlooClIrk.)

SIR Head Speaks

To Industrial Meet
BOYNTON BEACH- Iom Welt, prndet of Htooemall ntheled lof
Th. BoyTloo Beach In- tho Fort L.oudedain bo prMpid oll Iodlutly 0t
dutla0l 0ord,, Iborly ofl rltor., t 0 .M n fhel riheL0 t teir I.-
knoa u It B0.oynlon Modaynlshl. quirLb mlll b 1ld 0t
Indu.trlll Com0lU00. t1hI.r.tlMolo onoldonn.
eaad C== a. nl. Botbhmn dkbdL the Th tlo e Ihte
.6od opoen. by I0o "'.idllne0" weraU| t 0 i qatiy h .h1.0t0.
.u0. spol.a, Wa.yn iodnl.00 lt51. .00 dollytrllBlotw..nd
AvMoIll. 1t0 pre.sdnt o by th0pnp00iv a0du0d the opa100 need of
h. o11.tly ol Iond1il0l '1.Th n"ino bord Iloatlonn.aln Re R B.
R..lom (S).nd Wil. I ,nd tea ,Tmn b*ibhemaskt.
.O,,eLd lb Ioe bhel int Alcordig 00 1enry
Sign-ups hi ih, a
o n al itmoom0d to the -t f0e0
-".?" a d d. Il" 'r'i'b ." b
Taken For ."'"Th. ""l""l 0. 01.- tiho.o.
1Tk, 00n...fil .00111 dmy.-,. 0001 oI e
f indUbri itself with the eonultUe wiU bh up
Jr. Patrol Wo d p000000W00l0 ol Raonytl
Regl.l0llon b1lnk th.It Idol h lod tio l1 go baCh lo 1 any 0 pmlbb in. -
n viliable for bo. I~ BDeah blen FPAU duilroy-lmlodt inM
0d al0am 150ymitnd ad PolBl Bh uato lamdrlL S.
u 4dr for 0 th 19651J0ido College.o
Bucrlr. Cb0iA ..J l
8_6 o Chad. Aafil]dYoo turSbud.S h Sske
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Put lht YoungHa pirit In
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up with Cheron,, the limlir
al .=tom-mde for your ode
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thei whiperqulet perfnc, too, Get
Chrooo todoy oot 0r n I St .00rd

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UN H01Ii

Delray Beach, Fla.

Hpolloo\ Ho~ooolalotl
Sooniol Ronundup
S.,,.l and ci, N-c*


, FOURAEA TIULMODELS .. ". ... ... ......... .

S- Ia TI S EA---T A
P0111 EUfAUV3j1LMO~hL5 ^^1u8taw.T.u n -8 anafa:

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-:... FORD
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.aI h1 1 H HspMlr Lj u hlllla rI ^^I I^ I II

CLOISTER "--" Ii= a-
BEACH TOWERSO-- ---.. ..
-I I,. a Il, II I...^ nm1"..0. II -

ilull_,________________________________t___ RaeS h 8 11a1 Champ.e..,
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im. ~i %g"y PU;D RENTALS ^" *'-'' e0^-5 ...,-u,= ^*sf" _
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mea -- .am SINGER '. g.6 AUTOManTIV
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-Ilk~n .- -.= 0-

.0- GOLF aSCORES Boynton Little League
Inannul at M ea nnng aA
Cmup.n'- ahat a d ae. B. nd t .aC g d b.A.dI EGLro d Y aotithpe ttt p lc pl. i t tdh n al ll avbena
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... ... Jointd It S..
a. a. ,Ja Pj4mph.pbe an trm1dientaa wanl and Elianhatb lDun- In Iand cnndlat ind Itn
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P on o n. a ba ll eai pA t
ehmp znahip, andwin lohaw p in.

I T Z6 5 Io l P n R ch
b. .nt al p. .. Tlt 3 SUPERB HOME MODELS
T nh .h.. f 1h -Y N KoffIMDF

annnau aiil a n n a t suI Paper-
Rl ph nnann ad In
aaNatbnll LakdnWona gal
ha ao o tdarie ina wl

nt tdga Yan d HeA A lI 'WI
S tnd Wl ter and

.nSAoM pa.tic- kiI(OtB .i
lo4onf C-oil in"

""ru- Sets May Dance 1'...

a Ropal P ain Y aht An

.=1h ,A da...Ay 1
on a y. ther wil
SRoyal Palm Y.Ch
Club. 0__ e "r KAn AIRIe Ifflr'2llll

t cdears

Home loans should
bo face to face

In any tranacllon at vital at gating a loan
on your home, h' good to it down acros o
desk Iron the man whoe inltitutlon It going
to pu up th money, andho. co ay or
no prtklly then and the. to a lot of
Youll always find us anger to talk to about
your lana prohlemn.
Your F edel loan is a ry elatk. You
may makeadvanca payinh at any time and
,husredwyour totolInm,, oin,
*h 'an shra aolinnlaratttamn.
Wn ralnt you othr tpelal "lnafomal"
pdrilega nh at allowing you perhaps I
borrow mnan later on your odngnal moltgga
o mane th npratmanl an your homn* or or
other palpuec arpo
A homl loon I a IMng thing, and maybe
mmnthlng youll want to change rvaol ianel
In Ict aourn o unnrol ywan So don't gt In
In another dty ol soambody who thInks of you
ai uit a numh In thm lis.



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30" DELUXE W1 "
fa o pad1 aan.l... pLUS
ldan. Choneoa alflaed -rdnal
had e nha u emtn A trly



I'4i; S

II- un

Tmtioll Hnardwkh upll
priced 1to ecomMy bud
MMmo ar" am w( I
TIo bhanr. Smhelan honlta
...man, othaohfnta..


US GRILL 3111181AI
nh.d-natta.. tabs an
010 00a 0171=o 1 GAS GRtIL I,
-1kto IIt to a 5 n oyh en






the utma'ute la he anoth
*lra. In .... 't





PM. lla - ..a.....~Llcsd. ii. -~

..i- Cc
I'M lb-

Ground i Bee --1-
Ground^^ Beet 5 '1H89

..i.M , Sliced Bacon 49:
STUFFED TU SKYS 4 r -- a,,* .e
.*__._._ ,. Fi onks ..... ., 49:

*IQ..a Baked Bean. .. 29
SMOKED M Braunschweiger . 49:

I irescalps ..... s, 98;

Halibut steaks 69"
4*-. . 6 B Sausage .. . 49
m Y*r l Yogurt . . 2 425

NI .. mas. t I.....
I ;Sharp Cheese I= 49'

Blue Cheese A,. 99.
LUNCHON MAT 3 S7. d F|ilets . 59
...I' Scallops ..... 98'

Haldbu Seaks .69
l; ,,., Margarine... 4. '. *1
l-Caa Si ced

I CGr Cheesepead tt 69.
La--?-- aCheddar Cheese a. 79i
GELAlIN 3 S Ijc aira Ci... 1-
"--*--^ Mn.l Sharp Cheese . 'i 49)

^jJWMuen^m 'Blue Cheese. . 99)

On.. ian Wian. ni Iil.d
GrmPE Cwanhmrry Sa.co
eSYEUeN T*%I SICed fBis.. .

Eve.. Beam * ...

IPlus 100 S&H Green Stomps with coupon

s Premium Quick Frozen Govit-Inspected
Ijstuffed 1P_ 5


.4 :~ 1

*8~ '6i
4 3iin.
* inna

Pricn Effective
May 13-14-15 s""'s P-m'M Come
Beef u h....... si:-l

Spinach 2 t 29'
Baked Potato ... 2 7
Macaroni & Cheese 3 t
Pally Shells ..... 2 97'
Concentrate .... 5 1
Concentrate ... 2 29
Cia Meal.Z..... 99'

JlOS.L1I5 All .
..d SahAVI.
IP SA1. A *M l

I~ _ __ ----L--~Til*I~~IR--~- -.

E-po-ttd Milk 6 87 49

CHAIIMANG. OHGETALMOT OID REPRESENTATIVE Cliren.. Danldoad mad C e. nl r Cel2ah e OMMITTEE MEMBER JIlM Wllaa et. a peta olL DI'O AtL eCA PE LL nr
oril, BeReae e eCal loaell W.rr.. dlua. ay tha the late ad.. c y ean elp Delra bei e r .ayoa beach .car.calaldthea ll. het Il.e ah t- .cre ha
coaducled theeot meltinlwith pra Nt. (Neclone~ potoo b Hacard Ca r.) earloouproblem a Ir lhearh
the City Cauell Friday after-
".. serine Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton simc is

Published Semi-Weekly- Monday and Thursday


Council Seeks County And SRDj1

Aid On Beach Erosion Pro et



aailmbit to.r al sudelt at Slil
-t High 21M,0 auegtontio prIt-
dp.l Clilnl a pRly. He added
thnt i l lhbe nnt u.aneal NIad
enter in SullnrhPsB. Clean y.
Thirclold almmr perame aolt
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po -aa endohmnt. Sludanta In
grd. 7-.11 my Wehallr stll,, o
n.e ur ouee a apote u
owelertdee1rt.mal te T w
one rmipla lb. l DO.a
=Irl lb.aS. goune t. ot itlatnded THIl WINa tIIm Wh snelr.t l hI t R of t
eaablg .ttdenta to ihW( thei.10 euld, Real E.ltatt'o(ne. 416 le pear lasnu.r dyowad lipoa
hmllng in la ti. 1mY12; do eenl E. Alatli Ae..nue. ...wa .l- mnd ar tc.a alona N. gr.winl
th it thin wi gie tudn n led It ThIurda by F dl A, 1 od tb higl Aeera .. aeged 1, b
opponallrli to _U=o b h wh mwnld duryll e aevreun d eerm bn- a broken f b the ro ind.
noEtally they nnt Ulin ea l l n i

Th Saet High Sehl lih L library
will bone en eh day .to a -m Mwi ibrary
Olfaed Its ,cedil al 2.awat hI.
aouneat .1112 b laed.ilolng a..ro
auWreisndh lre ad .12.. .hn O opposed L locally
-: Etglith.gteda 7121Il Oetml
M Nt z .tk-md e 7-9; Algebr I
aed il.red.12; POrie.Olna. Mhayr Al C. Alrm 0Ul hand 2 riyp np hedet th btitbuth
Itrade s 10.1 Soelt Studlaea d deilcar a hillt to he Palt Ieaah und.ernandie .1 his poup that the
7.9; Oareal Seianogmds 7-2; County Cmmn.elon thia morning po ted ,uny0 yeme would pr.
'o Rlolo-gortda N-Ill Chemisty. eklg Icelhlity Ity s t a avid library eoie. Ihbtleh book.
ada 1U-21 Cvil-andt ta1d ; m9h.lalihrlbb.ylobartenty muailba to outlying eaa. and aanl-
ild et, igu(nn-dl Fraidy tlanul nmnvlod In nlthd le li br.eao theIir n.
will be oallrndl Ridea Sduoalna. latllerehb they bead roml Coon. Fund, har thlouny oi ha
by a .rirt p tlollypholel edutaon ty C -mnlaa fGene \tnen aid. would a nut n7 thed natl
aolilt.il.d.a 1-11 pe'al that e d i e oaen aVoln el lund. f b heey. a.ndthal ould
lypin-gm olle mh Wli Nt laitall l tel.h wea e rb u itn am.ount o tin lly 1,upt tn mill
..enalion ibend-tadn 7.12; and the Comle int ,lo upp 1uedlt lAmh untyl ote.
o Grltnolehend-r dn7.-, thmrIrberBl. Th. Ieay lt T eh Lbtrhany Aa
Elaninilng th e Otai lnot bed Mtt Rgey. Inaide.nl t. elan ill ol.r ti .ugg.tlon tha
nela. Ripin e bod. a hald Belah uhlla Libr A. Aro. M. Idhla p Ia, t1 a
vtd a omategr lahMd cirltienl.idlddellahathitp desirinl libhrry aen.I. to anald
oucmdedggnnrdmHadly *.r y Oplxecd to lhl. ollnt llhmy ay.- double taatilon 0 Ihba, ltmmunl-

ding aand lisleong an d thn E
thniral Y le epoel r speeolhe, an d "\l ae not oppicd tu lilPrad i
deaeahpebapm.ra h;ahy edc. "hul e nyna thlb
eal pln n i. May h ouIrently wlt ap.
herau it wnalld met lall ll ol
Elks Change .I... in ieela odtni. i ray
Entertainment Mnntlaen thelr n liharite"

To Monday Playhouse Names
epo.in at last Taada.y 0itn New Directors
Re L.edg Leeting. ChetOn. b meeuiei TW law Oto leby
REeay L thbe bos.. tmmittle Thee alnnbnlel tine .l tbed el
a nneolnadthat e Aterl inmen nirht Tbe llch il,ndy wrry hed at the
ha been changed om Th.udy to t rn teM n Urde r M.a 3el wN
Motdta. HI u.md al m ib T nd the rw1uar I .. Ditrl i.n a! 0
their I dXe to Ion Al In tlleila t led ll eao 1 and
th elhbbeal. nday. fany cThe a '60. The lulleineg people we
p.m, elated al this Ietn -atin.;t
oL..ud1 Rohr Werer Rulthe, Roien F. Rsk.. Francis M1 Ku.r.
peld ihalt h will a in.t Grace MeLaughliin. Stell RNe.
tlltrlorteoetonrugtomleeoeltth e Robt. Roy. D,. Mtertll Stla,
GReed Lodg Ht=au. 0otur lac Thea a. T2.h, Attbhur J. N,
aild thbt the other Days e0vlee Vaianet, etlyWWkha
Inaind*dafinpgmnalith M.1- At the lint meeting al 2t new
a, Vata Y eanal aoioht and ChaLt amardal 2ina0t.a which wta held
Ih0HalopatdeiaL. Mlenday. Mly IOth. olle were
PaRlltneiagJeM rphy hIreled: Pleedent. Arthur J. M1.
ndeapoeonptep.edhbnetl n Valentinae Vim Prsident. Fanedi
." Zby ea 0n Ld. nd Irblla M. Kut.; Slelurlty. MMr. ilaliem
wu elaid Ic Sle. Kdtlia. t2 a. J. MhaLughini; T1au e, Mrs. Clil-
l-odgesterd. feed W. Iatepeyer.
.I.I... .......N.. CO. I............R.... TWO IBLOCKS fle City .all..
eh.otPobl.eap, ~ prererid to be nideantifed
SHOPPING N121 maiY ettlled the New.-Joanaalt at-

Operation Will Split Costs

Head Start To Maintain A1A
O J 14 -,A .u.o elthI.e Sclal and Cenc .. d th City'* enach Em.
n ne Conty id In Jhu City', bech d.7an Cfmllt udined thh nead
Jranial prloet wn dbptd by Ithe or Inalcil lid o tlhe SRB and
City Connil in Ipcal lwin Pria F ril support In the County
Opllatin "Head Sun" for died day .ft.em0tn, CPotin.
..ntlagedhlldnre .l. llleltr th blig Cl rePt e .vldmn Sitaeldlabaimuhlbl nmbuild
nt rde st lh Fail.,lated to. thSItaelRHadBldl.ndCdlnly a 130.[ Fllatldp lbta.hlyigng nlt
beln ,lhl-glceek alIUn 040n- Cmolt.inr O.Rge Wrren. Ih. or1 an d djmntl 0 tlhe pubke bedh.
tean thbolghal Pal. Beth Couo. Th. poton. Il tla.1but
y. on Ju. I. The pmi hc beach i. lpwaly ble.n ploel=
.m. Idebyhairs halm Seacrest by .bbbe heal h.d ana
ibv stalldlth Pdi*isoh CtAunyl. o Hihay AIA by the t ed
ant Sept. CbrlaT. CoeAli. L Dlapt. lb.
Teachers ,bclog pape obael-the
.1 Supeaimo, Dr. Ed Pear. and CPeity a aheLlng tlb CPoly
AiItant Atltendenw Dirtor. I... CoPm0 ondloadiotopplrt to1th
.o.l. H.'nlci.. aT d
Tsi a..... ,hi c.a by To Study tI.i, o..!.id.
ColntySu at. Ra.bn W. Pull.nchu Ltleata 1 I lllyb. D.ldam .
aMi cpbea n. ~heo ty's 1.n bad The. Seaw Hilh Sheel heah. .I.deLd that IlrlcyBc l..
ben onl to D Wuhinton toleher an hew been mimtd Iltnd .1l "anMa1tp l" aM pel-
with mrequt Ior 33.772 Io gIradate inatltulun aI smulhne I.. He peltled oat, b. lver,
Itnace it on 9*1 Mlhl bull he te mm.er. that I It .. the 616 Ia t.o...ll. tI
aIlhlbl. nlypayinl>lt -lenth Watllr Murnay. bend lbhla l 'td CtIhDul peqt.. and Igf trl
ahaln Ihrouh the U o rebool. studio. dpartent will attend n rmy ft.hd mtl e n be loInlerd.
el... lor 1he par.. Tb. Claty N.D.E.A. iNat"lonI D[I.. Edut. the SRH will waat to Ilt t.
School BorId 'pyt. reply Imeo lion At) llutllule in HileryM the _culnaeol_ nalerlr edapcr
th Olin.ol Eonomla Opplonunlly Unlwnily ol Virgnla. vi.luta l.lpclcn brl e pneJel.
withintwowklc The afdenie proray. wll neit WllthApdll It9*gaatargldate
"Head Stan. I tlad 1o Presdet ro June 21 to Aulu It end wrin Ia, h2 beginning l oc tlatloe.
Jobah0an'.W ..On.rvstyptoerm. ecat ol n.rflanrey ot Amerhian bare a th rracin
In hi d. Su.e n Ful Hxta-, Hills tawey. 1eatlin at' ,p dr.
ton noted that th. 1920 eu tliaearomn
oed that Plt. Bench Caty CBohaimil. a th Eb. it de-d Id n previeOn .eeln. Cu11.1C
had 17J311 families *ha annual luplmtnl. Thouse KubLk. I th.e aeptd llp G lted Enaleone eCr
Jo in lmily lname i. leb than reipl.enl t dsi wte.I N.D.E.A. peslinaa apo n 01e bach r1 .
3.000-5.4821ltemwrilhaJnt Intilute for Advaned Cotmpailia don problem .nd Iltlruled the
nmilIy Inoee ot 1 2.11 S.. ath.lUnivet..ye.lhnimd. ..ll ie 1tt n la .1lt. h thibr .ol.
Also, i w b khen. 9.4 pee ret o.t Obhjel]lat ol Ihi imulll n to 1 ote = ouruy s poo intea"lpted lre
adull Palm Ieach Caunthlata be shulpen the Imeashes dlaicb Ily- Si Athayrbylugha.
ha, n fIle ye.n ec..gad el. 1ni .1 od ttlnol. d City Ally. Jhbn Ro Adinam i .
ne. be tmhbe l with the w.n t mclerl- invMlitn ttl in A legl plnblnt
lat childa.n eans.l Iet erh eLnd ibthe t liable teahnke iq, ms ea leg elmhlp a5 tlb I2
baklomunde lck Iheb voabuoiy, inehIateahineleof olpoll*a. tel el beh nb onhiI ath public
idl nd ep.*d.ne .1 ehild. Rehl. Sh.n Nhet.e e. the eac ,h, hblantmi.lMt cpte
frea .o.0n lttuplta h athdlp.nmmtl.wlllpnritil.in beenlitelhrougiteilon.
,ad Iha, citurally diepred.. make a --m- parot.m ap h n*ad b dy Ih2.
ap r.. elartnl 1 afltold. That Natilal Si.n.. Faunalllon cI Tb Propoed Baeh .taon pTO-
t. bhy needah.ndl L reI.iCSatSal.tlUlni.elly. el inooinn lh. elle nlth ol 1 h
lat stool year. Ml ol the A lronellI..ouy..alptots. titl cIly blan tem lb. eab h c'ly
ounly'e 5.576 fait gNdeban *ailed to will lid to an edvona d de ,in limtl lolt.h llh.
bep oldltothe. iond0nede. mlhtbemalin. This itliute whichbb Sekllan olr Ihe bach wlh
Oyeim"a .l0 fl"e. P.1.l lha to 3.. lfI 4110..le. I
ti1"HdsFr Mr. Paul Ilast m June ad tb Aut 9. in A eprinl.elyaadwlhveta
ton sid. .11il th.lane aIrly deIal.ni.d priatrib or h hah eaht, be bhulae en l. 1etmnt
upgand the .e11 ll -.1ty eds. teabea ho tar.o tne ac dan. al lltrge d.tobylu l
clnboram, Matbe aa Itm ,da1. the .ied tlime 0 B111 ha
re ........... al PI 1.4 the
enbIll I.aeh., amnthlee ehash-
Caa C..el.aIt Gloron T.all
insEnginhave. ctotmamded that
the m.t eableb elhod al nbuil
diol. *h be Ide old be to build an
ielerlenlg raeal block aet-.
lane. 1th. ehahe, bard or mIain
1 1.1 raton10. ndatr ,o thet 1 uti2id
Theanhthiet methd weindiatead
to be the 0at laahibl, the ultcela
deanillt c d.nd a the ooterea 0l
urthe a tdidn luhoeland by
The Naliocl Arealtlao at Re-a
erd Civil Copnaina INAIRCE.
Jephb I. Hcp. Chapter, Ne, 642.
will hold it, 'l__" snt hb"Snel
I p.m. Wedaday al 2he Ccomun-
ty Ceelt.
Al nelltd I.o.nmet eampinyl
in the Bloc Rate,, 0.lay eaach
6d. oatl.n Banhtu.rseeinited
toiatendthe maliln
A ptll".o lunehsn will balt at
ncn. parwdinl l2r ceallal.

cnt"let tat Friday. He ald thoe nn had been dace In
u t h he Jtaked anertlha had othec Is. la orat .telI. thurs- l01S. .2n dAVE.
b.en there e(ore a n.llel t. aat Jure..l. eheIulo CIill abet. 20."00


Delray Beach News-Journal

A John H. Perry Neaipoper

Program For Progress
l.Aluirdd.Ufe d l a n l"ammi anl olao Ina llica 1ho
i1 ene t d di-mt lb. llti ol q t.lifed.diaeor I o
2. Bautifelioa ofiAtlntiA.elnlel monon to plrkay.
3.PTnellotlanofirlat totlctloulrisl.
4. A Capilt Impnemnnit Proram, with I dtlue' unbiaed
.4.4n.D1 ecmetcll, l
ieemol oi oe..head ie .and inltalka o.1 amc under.
Devel.l'nt oa poglm o Ia clea. lUlhl industry to
7 r -Eul pg -. d at in.p. lag t q.~u y o.
detihin IlerEandl hllini tb.pn fPolhti Utlol.

Grass Roots Opinion tr-al h ""e "" new mcetottit
is elemplaled. INSTALLATION Or
On The U. N. En buil din.h Mill be c.tnut. Delray Beh.. Show
d on lhi lnd: whe, there ir buildinif Comnrndeu Bob
Tha ma enly nflading. conligumaI to ope ComnnrIl WecIly
ThimiI bc lratblr.butphi d. 1 1.ltewl parking could atI be phal by Al.ClI.rk.)
b loKcal. ptroildd under the old il; at pmant
W her t lot. them dnay about -olnn hi ly d can bhe built upon. and the oll.
on In.me. Oudg Iumlimcn diqauaily _le Parking ..i th 1-. 1rh. to.f- st
lh.auIbe an do .hr ietarld lilyl
i.s.allhe. : deteeo toibc .a .d cy.. Patri
.iihlt whetnhe siubjlt ll hbnd my I it Ie ilable Ihat Derny Beech will
Inhol'e a.nincl o llletl O the the a. ha e other ecmunci cnd Th, heic yae mt
hand. f ,tmrn they don't dqeily unl. osIttet parking I iqulird oi m.a k e w tuttedi by
thel'nul Ihir cnnls o( inteM Ilt builder oef rn ceetlin. eenttully Witon Cbuehill whe
thminttbl the ciy will hae to apend a lot oI th he todhlepelie:
Nbr haurtlatn.lthe Bed Chitarnd Ilyapye' moty to pvide Pallkina .llywuitlun. ibh or
Ileaitale.l"l hbe. In in.ee..t in the che.)it l .ed. eight Ihen y, .1n n. ily
telnhla oltoertnmtlenlllmd the ntab. I Mny .ounilltk.i .he Ihm hu i ll ciholut bandlhd:; Il
ihaent o9 Cn.oIunllt neglme. Thair n theen..mall iefi|l lghto pmolde fr you will not i hen .
lntll (n the I.upplyini el mon y, .ulun P.in, i h b ten m.te.,-yor le u nilory Iill h ltune
a ennrad Ilnedalitnetd leldetl. h |h i ll r quiet land ad eer deen and tal I tatily; you
honm a nation nI. to defend iltll exiting building to provide the needed may col to 1, moment
it cI Hed Ik--l.Wi hed by a h making. pae. ften by m.ean otaepeai chen yan i ll hae to
yepathetc atian suth e lthe United aceneatl an prop1ry -lea in Ihe Oight & ih a& thl odds
Sit'. th BedR t up a big hand ;al agelltn y70 lad only
demand that tllon be Iklen by the Tefole it w.old nwe that eveyon pXnu. hane f lu.
Unild Na.lbt emnillt the United SltIm wi|l hee by ie tein. nthe. Ihe n rl ll .|
antd Ihtaelenrdoun.ry. Olten Ihaty .i.inaine. palini tequinel. Inb ClI Tilehtkieiayu Yo.u
scy denlnd aolete oncu. ad other ometnaYl enne. lEve.lully ee helir i eetn'l happI l
Ionder hlnHoutldhappn.netxtlni t I inll o moy lor the geiranl hel all yo cetl In But
eolathing utch -u Ih u oBt p. II Ihe ,,yaten .nd indiduil properly "n- nearly eii l Ibth nO mil-
ple.idl ,lner Ih . nlnehl itdlelll l.ly c n d..l H, tn.d by
IheB Rueit.l.i t Chlnr7 U. en.. ad wilea the city gat del pople e by
hl, .ndlhea the drBedCltene. Ct. n icemull inftre n mye., lb. Communal Ill
CttheedaiiPhectelBdMeteilitee icc probably ald lfb
a l..niylciel emt"'letie, DO We Need A a.mh. uy ha.
eienonyliet n"? =ht.,lan. youi
This ely cund illyb. but Ilhund ee t don, ble ocln "t I o
havnehacned nlb. n itevdNai. IMobile Library? ehe. Mh that yo9
And In ahinton and Taaheee io e a in ed fin ei
shateotste. AreeentllegneattotheentyeeteIa. C. Ba 19 yen telt
lien or e obie Ilbnry han hneob, i Adreen and he Proud

Off-Street Parking .eewilhe, y pb.- niandisd eeautthaingY eun d
WhyshldUtdlblntycyoeilanlo nlrk to lead and tludy. StUn
Ala ommunily rto. ol-itntlpalk- thlatelnadyiheaing gldndby 131ill note mba it e amcly
in. or the leek o it heomen l p.bin inthc nty tIhu dupliall.h.l atwe pJ.t" wei leoc.
which an bhe toled in ...ay.. haM? citity pojniec. Help the
One i by iontight and the oher ib by Thi emr nnice which ih been Da.ht lny Baebc Jayntne
hlerdlihI. The lator il much aoe by the We PFlb Belh Leau of a tcb e th yer prom
Iexytdne T ,. Wone Vten. ilihc a studlcy Opn.tie In a eamed
Thenelonef i diffcltBto undetntd librhtin aahe etnty wih lneet Aceel I ne'itneci.
whytlhedtycounttlln.hepelnnlnland double Uaneai. An *oapi hemn in laoutn, and. oue
i9nin bornd failed to heed the reco- Dlnty Bech la the oe and onnethild n"n bnnefl. lulrl the
'emndttionothe city'. pirkinnmit- mill cal I.lve to the l D elny Pubb I ile ltociniequttcntl
iN. which rtuited that the ol(-tteet Librlrlymunlnletoleady183.1001.
tbkinil m .n.. in the C.I Dithit Thb. aunt loul. t iro tbhe b.u Ly I The Te
tionee860 plu an additional mount frlo
SCumnlyb the H(ind of l(ealteN i h I ialt ID provide Ien mbile unii to THe TEB MITEIII
ashlni the city io reefeidne it. decaiion cmr thb ounty.
lodepoi.let lpalklXnTequlnmenlaln We admil that them my be oum Th. Uelfta earkIet
the C.i dirict. To be sure. then a pockeb t. the. county that need ihbray Ih. bl"eenudce l
buildings in the C-l .a In hlrih Ihae emi. b but llve thaI ti di.btlt for IpieIed by A lme dcl
rklnig retloi en nt he applied e b e A b.plliry pol' o
heldin d in ll unlty rwrin. Th pInoi l of ita h f' teded.l..l
ipn e(ltof lt-rlt pankling. lhe Ielay Bech cunci le e leeihbilyity They orle kte oll
But then re olher nua when there iludy orth Il mnbll libr ihery I pler nd Und l the l al Itu l lot
Ilnieint vle.nl lend In m.ke thae polnl teUtken. TAdhn.llhae ht

Obituaries _. A [
11. oliti. 79. of 401
NE gnd Ale.. Delay
Beach. died Tuwtday.
May It.
a ueanied by hIa
widow. eeu A. fI Delray NBy Ge.irt D. Se.leI
Beach; ftewn By
Kl.ahlDualphelnv .; T"'nty.ibhl Seameei Student nrpnentled
c..eipdeauleher M d Ad eir hool in lh. Sl9te Band Solo and ialmble
lelde Har, nlf Olendn; Canteal lhed May.InhlecMai.
sl mnudhilidren and Eamllbt clnrare aw wated lwti: c lephan
Ilnt.- dehll idn. qalyet N by On ille Tibo; hletrlnedl qualtel led
Ftuneil nrvli wee by BhL Beeut a odind qwl untet led by Pam
he. Friday t he S heel Bis'ln nd nldul by Een Hill and
ind.Poltd r ui Heei en Van Behngen .
HoBm. Diily Bemah. Willem Robtione, band dinctor at Seacct,.
y commented a ble nn the I=grp. "1 m proud oe
KBNNETH R. HEPARD e peple Ithat allatnd; they played diltlul
nit n and did thbieI helat."
Mr. ShepId. 67.ot381 On Friday night. May 7. the Band Booaen
NW 30th St.. Boca Ha. p-nled a denn-buneh loe bhnd memben a nd
ton, died Tuuday, May (heir dal It Il Btee Rlon Hotel and Club
11. Cloiiter R The Rev. J. Mtvin SweIl (av the
: He i trvived by hi Invecationand Pindcpail CillendB .Ripleypoke t
idow. Freda f Ba thelup
Balan; daughter. hn. The band pfenled isc ltl bil lnacrt of Ih
Carol Suuan of Toledo. year Tueday, May 4, in Ihe Delty Playhbeu
Ohle.andl brelarndehll. hal a leM la udinloe. The hand received
Sden. cmplnedntoIy letter ferom member o t.he New
Funeral ev-ln aned YorkAmericn FednetlonalMuidclanonlheande
hudl wiU he in Toedo. peiane.
Ohi. The Kraet Boan
el Bl nerl Holm wcn MeBhanoial dn iln itcl denlI ane etllln a liul.
.ilbhartoflocalarltnne- oel deindtnl "deam ha.m" Loui Culepper.
.enlla. retrctltor o lIh cleee requeded the folleiwln iloor
.,-I. letw b edlnoo, 3 hathe. a lVlnl ocn a
MHIRB IACEC. kitchen. dlnia ea.adaitoe .nd rae
BAYTTP Dreaml heoe arnl heu oly'drneam bein
M. Bytle. o 818 dilnd. Va Merkle. a menlr at Sacemt, ha
*ChukberR d. Boynton deilnd a deam car o fclhe flu... He hpe to build
Beach. d.ed Wdeeday. a ifilera *le mo naldy uillt hinull a 8.1oot halt equipped with a
1Suv1ivon include a Ih.p.engine.
daulhltnr. Me. Rgeehel Men. dean Hill. pyeh dineetor It Seleel. iA
Bith oSI. Charkll. 11); c a intlnea he ctuddetnl an thel diletlni oli Telvi.
n An rtber ofNorth a ln pPlrle la Sledenla ann leiel ninl Ih le pe-
Atttebon. Mau. and I"N'ldltenrpopularlheonT.V. T wool theml
Ilm gnndchildn. "5hindia" and "The Adda. Family." On.e .nelnel.
it ludlr ily t the ,e he. Imn Cia .
Co=b1 4a tale1l Mr H l ll uld, "I alwaya [l k Imeord to thee
Boynitle Beich. proam 'l"

ots...Stand Up

I. re-and the De.la-
lon l|ndependenn.
2. -read tIh Ceautitu
lion. Bill of Rilhtlad .11
Aendment. (lhey be.
nif to y'o a cwhy ml
know them?)
3. RBead J. Edglr Hoe
r Biik Mulen of
4. S. the fi. Open.
lio Aibolitan.
TION will hb thun on
May 2th only. Tuonl.
*1 8:00 p.m. a the Firt
Fed nlS Sa icp and Lon
Au. Bldi. EutB Allnlitc
Avenue.. Deiay Beach.
Upon lulinilel lh
aheve melntHed lequi.
sente one will receive
rmee eerlllllel at-tlnl
to th lct that hey an"
en Ieloncd Ameran,.
cnd thItelaHe Modee
Patriot. Thne who have
lullled the nqutlnmenll
by May 99th will lve
ollifleee hmnWedleely
*tler the ihowlni of the
fim. It mne l unable to
omple iilt1 of the r-
quinement ofI Opeatlion
Inlformed Aeleleen by
May 6 th, they an t.om-
ple the requhmhenta at
theI own nenince
*nd upon dalegleo on iSll
reenle eniffeleal Iro
the Jaynllen by nti.-
fyle. ne member l ithe
lompitleoI of Ihe squire.


Private Corporaitoll

Controls Our Money
S"lhat lappning 1t Out Mfl ny" wap th
.1 h I t ir tlein e i l. Ib Ioa n lt n M 0." .s
idle Hepublinc hld in the Oean lidge Town
SS.tll .oplari pad lhat "halt is happeint 10
ole onre, ,Stalted happenii aon Chrpieetlt.e ol
1913. "tl el the nmemten C.nyrle had glee
home Ior Chslmn d vrealhn,"te he iplaion
enml. "bul en ..lber na ined and p uld
bill which eae Ihe righ Icn en Ind wlula'e mnyly

tha the Iihl to cin and emulate nmoy Ihall he
vlnd in Ihe Cunerr "
a.mptn wetl w n t y thi l i amh 1 n m Ien
ma clllzn to hone hltll a p"iale infliluliOn -
anden tntenltailone lhat hIo .ll.. tei l
c.ampCltly ontmleur mny and Io limit and shut
of Iht nitlsniu reitt I lie the lai1 o et I the
iniMteliokll ha.ke. who hte heade the F-ele1
Iltlre Syltcm and rmlnded his Iltemn thai
Andetm Hotlhhild once uid. "Giite m the p.Ceto
u t a nwlmi't muey; Ihen I do catl le wh,
makr the law"."
Thepakenthm npoinltd .t that ll money -
that i6. .,ile nirtialan hich art bacebd up by
citr. -- llut diletaptinl and thal other paptt
mnony ic anl.y IO.U. Iml the Federal kHwre.
"The priatel crprlnin. !hih Lak" and

menlo control our mnny and in rhih our mnveinm
Even lhuih liI ol the ha nnmy in lan. h rederl Riere has e ver
requirementl have Mt had an audit and yet e pay private
been cmpcleed tlb Jay- torpornalontielolt "
Ilt. ure all to come In the eahene o( Iha pidenl, ilr. Bkhard
May 25 to e Ithe fim Vlanthey.whola n lenc i the Ilantli.andlhe
Operalion Aboliion viepnienlt. ClI. Allert WehftU. ho ie n a
thi wiU be the only ime ctuiee n Ihe Iaric. he m tinl w- prmided -mr
they iiU he able to hr Ily lhe rattny. in. Chadrllle u nau.. Aln. Ida
the filmlb I hlena, and it Jdnh" atld ea neceary rotei.. I arry loirlt
lempotaenlthat lle il. crtnd a Iulreu r in Ihe abIen = 1 Ithe gularl
not only M the 41h e. ta,.:ur.M. IiMlelr Mav.natd.
quhamneL of Opeation Trt.0n -11 1*411nlteLtI IItIS l" h 'rI
nleonned Alican, hu 1 .. Tr.. I ...I llr l .
beacun it I nnoe el the .i,.' '1-."". n er- 'i'"c l"
mallt conloenial eqal
Il-e, ol film In lhe aya eeete
United Stae at Ihe pre J yCeetie

Obituaries Lions Club Dewray ,each
MICnA. LeCHI 'ie"e Speaker -.""
Saivlsw Tnailer MIrk, Mr. Shaty Mcllenry. wLcL . Boynton Belch. died chainn of Ihe J.ycwetl-. i, . M*
Monday.Miy O. pnyjeie Opertion In.m I* -l *..t -
He Ie ulivetd by hb Ioned Amenian cc
cidow. Rnl oi Beynlon eaeaher al the Uon
B .eh cndI tkl. i. Club lnc ...t. -Lt l"It.
Berth GOle.r l -J-y E-c.s O dD*Ly
City.NJ. lank aeRen otf Ih.f tMatUanIeMu
Funtr.l n tri e n re Southe Bill Telepheln .. 'nt
heIFeldayalllhae.Eati Ceopany handd .a lit ui.eo-e*e .knlc cr
Smilh and S n ll 10lld F "Cunrnabn. in .IJ. cLL a
Chapel.L.L. Wnh. Aclin." e-., aa.. e

(lu uaea w?)



(A ll.e l *limel)
Who'd Ibiekano ..eII .. I.e.>
Could cca. pealn eiter el
Beula e their wek le biddec
SoIe ay they d'll eliIl.
While the. wrt ell. Diaulerquite
Heedl laon lheilrIldil.
Ac hled ua blicd calle*
Mee wic ifoeir diasmler
Aed embrane crllel pbhyi
TOd ll l ail cctel
WoerkC Ihll O l rletied,

VihmeMctc dlyc Buel

COlcrihuled by lia Dnelay Beaeh JYtfllc.

B.P.W. Chamher Ollin 8p.m.
LIl Club Lie' Club Bd. 7:0 p.m.
V.F.W, Pat 4141 V.F.W. 8:30 p.m.
h mbitid mbholnidery- 9.1a.Om.
Duplile Bddye -.12:30 p1m.
Bfldridp ieLon. 730 p.c.
Ji. NAelCadl 7:OOp.m.
Home Demotation 10:00 i.m.
B.P.O.E. Elk. Club i p.i.
ClIn.- LUon' Club. 7:00 p.m.
Seelnlpa.hMemertHeoce-1f0:0o *.m.
Exchange Club i Mih.byn RBulntnl *iBii ptm.
Jr. Chamb.er o Com. c J-dyce Clubhoeu 8 p.m.
Mano F. and A. Mahnlc-Hall 8 p.m.
V.F.W. Aux. V.F.W..8:30 pa..

Certilicats Of Merit
The Cilvl Be.euliBcaiin Committee with
ihe anpeeallnlcafleiray Beach Grnden Club.
hea awarded Cerlflealec or Merit Io ile
following homeownen for landicca.il cnd
well-kept aotund'i
Mra. R. B. Andereon, 7 Beabeee Ave.
Mr. aud Mr.. George S. HMdela. 1202
8e...ll.y Aenu.

,,,., ---------- -"_;-- ---



~11010 INS 4=UII MI

162TRIMP '40 441 '6 IM IA

421111 I 114LWYI111a


113M W



Cootietes Elect Delegates

Gophltts Cooaittu RMnf S In Jclhanvllh
tol thaGrmd Ca tol Nancy McConnick
hMd in C N Lo. IlL in
Auoi4t. t *i t in laFSC Graduate
Wddymsissonlnloltthe MH Nonso MtemC*
VFW Po0t Hlm. DWlve Bnoh
The dlChst* ae lt. ik oiD.A B. dtl
Mn. Oie elowlr .,d Salo swnlA. oilhoa
Mi Edw.o Mll. .r sro rtlw.
werSunaldna.i rit Woloo e olASt.
dube~lANd At lEuid, S*uthE
pln0 utlao luohaoon~ood This Atphe sonr oi sod
sany nhduotd Wedscc. Sen 10 the mliti
th. MoyttihaW noownothowai)ndnd.
Pat Howe heeinnioi ot A tOI irndott of
5 n. The pushle is. b -t High SZhol,
odisllyilvlltd. Nlw* i thlr diulht.r of
Mo- 1 M.6.1 sod Me.. d brw
U FndotoyheohriS. Mrionlk ot IMon N.
od mweer of C .s In. yendtliw,, Dalcy
wssde 50 otoltolo6h to Scoth.


'10. Pwimm t Wu av' 7.5

2.50 Cmuinmrel
Pnhshdil hair pllO FREE
witlh eda petMlmue t Wv

215 N. 1. l 21wU. Dode, 1ch
PHONE 278-2342

ntlc. .aJow. l petpo. oh Al..- dIrtk)
Woman's Club Briny Breez
Members Enjoy
Cooking School By Charlott

ahot at the Florida Pw hi d o
Sod ltht Coospi colw.whohud hl
Wedaoly. MS c It, he. *toMas at BitMdh ir

ed by FPL HMa cno. L.
iot Ky Lothb nI ho L't Thbudy' I
demaMulnlnd the um of halonsit It attend
lstot oomkis applisncs at wlo. nay omad
with e bmpheis ao blend. clyha tooh a Ma -
et*. Sh wi o m t by em' Jst thauo l t
Blohre bSaom. nw so tonado n0 thb
Tathbworo Joyed neck ol the wiodtl A
luchaeoo ollowiso the br so. shod ndllpup
detont.tl.n, with the i nt .11 thet w. sono. d
onau Coalstlog ol food to ct thlunp a right la
pnpoa1d y the hbowa ot p1c thnUih Ins
5ooota. M-cht its h6 kt bWi
The Wowan' Cbd, hu tem to the snoh oI hi
Khaduied io nnual My tr&ir. I nolt l tlht bhe
May r. ftom 10 aM. tho t tm mppod to I
i3S0 p.m.. with rd Wy aoh a imeos aro und
pMal Hetiann ol the Ul Rd bi o
* flar, auteod by Mn. sow hon mwhaew hd-
Arhi. Crkhtm and M n.. l uadlitu.al
Cri.eW.t. The hobehoo.d s.et
at Bolos so stmS he tit
Virginia Home Et Shecon.
Is Married To o .. tothe
Scotty Robbins h the Poa.
P Bi 10 N l". Wit
Mr. Sod M. Cheohe StStiksl tryd .tw
Bod 01 Bocas atotno. lo the psmoouc
=wthe sa rnsp o c Den't o.yhed
Bond eHon. to Sootty S
Rohbhi ol Boylsto T he BoynA Bechi
The-ao nlopiop Club will ha. e it Mh.
111 loot Polk.tte, Oa= -othe i t rThundy
Fod the n wlwAda tow

Mr. Ild M.n RDMohl. ioheshdiptan
Bsoch whew thep ntum I Ma*. 0 Ohtonted
fron their weddl" tllp l4hsCiktI.
ilte thismonth. BOT lth
Ill RF10 ib

alter goi
bws0 the m...
foru dtte, V^

S Alecoi hopia 1o htalt. lt'tlgooud
Sktulb dtn tm c la t(hei{r In the ch1b
hoist sod .-d up fhetcos witel hfld.
IVVIt hetlea dwe ho the ddln that soes with
ldmotoos .]crtt-olIo, thlttqidtohnlent
Ves, bhcet mon to nl withll, ge-t Fo sohrth
=mn o t lor utno. So whoever 3ur i 0on-
iMrollng orhafbal -awlmtnu mr ttlCa-nIl-K
atrul winnth the o tllf-l sole of bnto,.
stis sls 031 htoo.
atwrotol Of O ~sso~.iO

Vorid Auxiliary Celebrates Birthday,
Recognizes Members For Service

Heotl ocirhreed it.
or, Editor rhthbihthdaCia I lft
ad Nadoo Hospital

Ht,. of Oor H itE
AmosL 128 aLh otlao. aw

l.honor iB h etW et. -
Lonfi n ln for tIH e Woe.e. A owo

4 o o Att t. eihth b did"

the olth- to e.eo
hour L o. 3 t 4.001 o

5.1. niolo n': Seniors Name Bocat Legion Unit

M. pc.L Winners Of Nomes Dologates
ReheI;g, il 5,2n 6T;

;esChatter 9ee Weekly Bridge 5
t .pi.n ti s od oto fl. Dpltay Breh so within
elte nto.1t Ero. Mi. Edo Wt Auli.0 M Wils Mihth id oy
teK aus TheCirclettes l 'b"o iH'' il spe
1,4 Auit erda of 3 to 4.0 Wia t u h

W.id t the ..n 4. ...Ay Mi goo MordA t-

awI TewHIS..53n Host Husbands olio llt he Deloy B.e.h q. .Pot T2n,.ll, (Bhb.
ide odo-3,1tsgtCo SeniorsNoame Bo-aLetion Unitt
E, viy ,e WinnersO[ NamIsdDelegtes

.es Chatter I ,..d At Weekly Bridge 0 ..dhMet we. s *oo

tw hts hooCnCotlC .Wiieo. io o nlth. d t h n t.
I O tt of The tondCircle ttIes o it t the 21n IT
RIapThl Psty Ceil. Co. munt t hidc. ntep Tininly hoidgt piy Pc.
pl. elg.ottohi lt ly AtBr idge ot th l we,. M. o. li i; .
The al o te b od o Bi D n KIp otud;
Ail Tdoih pcdihr h.o p Cere MCounty. Club A. M t Sea Grape Club
eo ws =ut lt o h l ert o ind Ihilr h fei ,, b. gets Installatmon
ntowoott ollirdlwo tiooi' Mi.1 Wolts 1I. Bewo.tiow I., she
i ot tI aldd. oCf a y. Cltieb. wldhYbp r Th. De.Iy I.brh S .
it.t*lmol. tl lBpt ot hl..d "t Gh. A.w MI Co iant;

So tk. the th WendUY B eaSth hoS.. o Moo yhSteb,.nd;
aI.d oinsos.oloMw oo Mtn.ophtho hoige 3 Mhuidne tIhisd Sea Grape Club
dl.tho loo tn b h o Hillrhnhld Tuwd. Ce n olthe irt S 1 B h 1
ro thi the h mddiww l h .ny.S.W.i (DM h Dwld- dh Mony Bn. retll BowntS. l TheDlsbta h SeaoS
tinilnti l Dn hYofill tsrd: M Sr f- blhdyM npat.M Sonl i 4 W i Gl enos l t Club.i y
III. fourth; d MrHl p. at the mu nit .

he -ulln8 22 11 uar mo -ni i bMlh prtyM t&I. B e.. Th b t the

mhiJ is woascu husl a, 28 Senth M, Munlut Suae J y will be toedueted by
uyc to.df helwmr. A.. Dely Bech. eonl stcalchelwlr n. ItM-AnrthrooBh.


Il UtMl lahallt ItU 8iE+ @ ex It wp rlt lr 0H1 Il flI r~mm T.( i
haont with glootoupq Rae oIslto Dt. the pa ho hISh sit..aie p ai owh g ser he. T.
shat: (U len o a ged 0 ia har tow s re b st ig pw hh l It r .. tle tihe t Mthe
pw. itd ter;, (2ta) uitlmoeniin soli .rt~f ppMor'*

HUMBLE -. -.- ----


Section of your Delray Beach News.Joutrnal

seederUlHad Chdcitytn

I Realtor's

of Roundtable

Bonrd of Hnllon Puident Walh, Dutch askl th
t"Rbundtble" ttold an invritlion to nlighbo,-
nlg Rullon tnd Amciael. u well u the local
onmhnehip to ttiend the monlhy Progranm mrt-
lno a| lth Flehi' Po h tdn-djy tnoo. Say 19-h.
Program Chairsn. ,Rltor Ann t Bnil, has a
Ipeoi Imt tor Ihi meeting Chale.sSenieof the
Plodda Por and Light Comneoy will b Ithe
RSood ao d 4lh Wed.e.dy of..eac soolh
I thle ft-toeIthere Ite foe Iei Merohont -
..ervles Divion olthe Boyaloa Beach Chou-
beror .Comrer 0--.0 0.n. the IIth of
M ew lr togthoer.-u t Ibh Sua.r Shetk
"Boa Mon" of this Divotiso. Ptire Branr.
ar (dolni buhloeo In Europe) had H rrmnbd
e.pablto hodlnlo of this a0eelIR by planlAg It
Stohe yo ofr M r. "Pbll lorehrnd.
Tuod.,y My Ilth wos .ugntld a student.'
pankipaeion diy In the busim mmtunity. 75
otudfnts at the Boynlon Beach JI. Hi one nedy,
Rllin and be to .nter Into on invntifllise Tail
wlth Iool blolnft people any od thts young
popb eheda.rlopd Ir..ninl...rd n... litn
ot trvt or bulne nd vudt uch ou his wuold
give Iht, on opponunily to h an "inde lod. Iok"
at their poltentil lilet. ctvity. Inlt-lted proprtti
tor nmy ontelt Mn. Etino at the Jr. H.
To Commilltt Cheietn, appointed by Ir.
BnOtr, wre. non hend for thit t lnei mtohem
ot the toynon Beuch Onen Hide Board ot
Realton; Rtellr Chudll N. to, ByoYnto
Beoch Coullunlns; ppeinted to provide Boynlo
Bch wthlh o rge detPrtment on,. Boynlon
Beach Rlly Aoiatit, VI tHollhrg. Ocen Ridge
Comntloner aw uh.d to find ttonmitl bhle to
lotls btnoh olo ianrgt irnto ogiety or a dit
proriln1g comopny In Boynton. Wiling? Ye.
Tetnttlve pl or on .nnuol Sumer prmo-m
tlen wn. tomud gently about ue u al Jo1int
vcntun In ndvtfliln. Chuoen Admen of the
Boyntoe Beach FPineetNioul Bank. Maymord
Wertsotlho Finl FederalSaviunl nd Loan ol oke
Wonh IBoynton braohl and Gornge Wilde ol Ihe
Flot Bhnk o Boyntln Booch sl tpenlt and
olorneg their .n and their rllhutino 'pecldied
ket In the Summer pongrm.
Boytalon Beehcb.can RIlde Boord of
RBetlon "louodl4b.ls" t the FIohin' Porn
Wodadoay BeoB. MHy 121h found Proldont
Walter Dolth At the helm eranrno Jeulia
Patrick, ICmleRllal-Rte llarey Oyer. Jr.
Wlhe1,MH. Yelots nd CLdrl, N. Boo., hit
Seret Aol-iaote Arthur MaeMI.Ial. Coml-.
ItIe Al-ootlle Alfred A. RBoh and oyalton
Roach Aimeolte VI Holtlltr o. deCk.
SBenri. ttil on lled into Ihe dueuionne -
BReaor Oyer m ,ked thlt an hi mnnt Irpiee pw
In ArtoM, nu itlion on each end o black pltu
one In he middle oil emingly buy poulbly
noononinon neoulete the ptotment ol still *>
-oll u oofd te quttloned wu the leslity ol
suyln *ny tpetiled huloeu tn or not be any
fetln dirtnt e Irm etnoher like buino.
Aglin nnltioned . dirtbhle ddiltln to the
Realiton Rhundlable m tinog: e etnding Invil-
tiHn- to eltlud bmei ue and -lir lo join the
Relfton l their "Ioundlibe" mtlinr eoelhanga
Idw -- on erhltel could maleilly dvann the
Ihini on ro utruclon w ol m honn builder.
buildinlgiupply houo. Ihe fionciel InItlluliou and
the lille ndbtc ir could nd se In od Cd common
ground on hlh to rd with the Roolltn.
Dluialoe nd 1. to Preldet Wallter Iuleth
.dltll n aloRtlol aperell moesato m r Ihe
Purnos of puslli two reuluions, iNlt to(
thnk Ihe Count CnoImIItsl tn ron their
o oaMldelrtilol sfor ae nmod Io lroaly urte
them lo get the C.o.ess Ave.ue exleni.o.
ageetnd *I tho earlier BoIoible time. The
Rol.tons fl the elteola. In lmpertite to
the oogtlnrud Ireeth and dev.lopmont or our
Baed Scletry. Amintle V Hollbtherg. an
Ocun Rild Ditor o, 1he Rtuhe Dte leep
eat Bord tI Plm Buch County nd mnber ol
RDB'I Buoth rouon Commlttln hid loller fIrm
Coamoltts Chlnnrn. ,l1By's Nytr. AI C. Avrty
uellin o meeting ort ThuTday. Maiy lth. or, the
purpow ol nuklni t tsonotomndetion la tor
doeletlon In the leeIdtlun on Hoonu Bill 8iB.
Dr. Jennings Elected

Association President
Dr.H-.rdJtnninnlof take pol in Jun.
Bonoton BRooch ns n0m0 The slots. ptn nted to
.d pemnldntl ohI Floeid. the gItup by Dr, Donld
But Cout Optometric Ttllmn. Rivter Btch.
Am. at itso BUIul leo- clrmun of the nuolne.
Iaoaeollnmratenently. tinI .noltteo, as *p.
Dr. Jtnniop ll h oa p .ro.d unalmouly,
oh 101040 tee Dr.
Dunold Feh of BelBl ,.u lnl T
Gaod. peddant-fect; 0 "1000
Dn. KenMth HauonM o T ,.uo ,
Bou Rteon, msctary; o ll
sud Di. l n G-na tn t
of Lake Park, 1mun .

It---.,=- -"

orrr*n *i *ot -I
MSU;"~... Mil 11 ^ltrtr.WMl. ~tf-iii

SITavern Owner Sues

Boynton Council
BOYNTON BEACH trict who have equeted in Hurrnan Clo in Au.
i iCoiuni n wiI d- nopportunityl o e t 1M 4 IB ouanulin toI
4 tV 0 sod OJT U i leittd agu'itlo o ucIlIhe loose o end70 .
1 th, eCitCoutlltiht teonlohl ol t a.ot ,onn Th to.nwll abo
"r^f i led by Solomon C. Rlle South U. e. I, which lS o he a In equt or brer-
l inwhithltuheabn l be. dnhelopd by th agUten. br ad .l..
S' I i rthe trpy lerk we ned Bonton Junir Chaeber lo bheaomoned n pot-
1d tendae ,overd t hethe of Comg erce o a *pa th. es ony. by Marvin Lee
C m|I neotto en e liteno. Nen loinoo mitt he Boil, Dorite RBmtouonot.
SUdr old bul. de the b ppdra o, o ndarquthenbvne
S oundlwlUbhearaprM Colonel i Alln to ILeMe to tthout, beer
( L tiMn byy olleh of the pren a rmLnu, to only. Kieno Boo Jamet-
i lCido NVotlon OD k r H lome eatolned n. Su Shk, 400 A N.

County Home To NewAIB

David DrnlmenudO.of Boyrato Boach. sa. to *lltetlo Rehesimt
InlK don.e routine with hi, m re Pm Webb, II. of Ltlbtnh (ten)l, d
Klthryn Winaherr. 13, or Delnry Bcih. They wlll be amoer youns
den..rs oppeoring i MluGollinlln. .anul dente reone.

Miss Gillian Schedules

Annual Dance Revue

Apprimatelyo youen ballet chortoirphed by
drnoe o Ul piltnn in iMle H llllen. entitled
those renth n nul dne "The Ugly Duckling."
mve to he pnrntd by Sol poit I the ballet
MiO GSllian' ol "o l he domed by
Dancing *t the Bynton Katloyn Winehrl nnd
Beach Elotenta.y School Borbhot Thomn. both oe
Friday, May 21. It 17:0 Delry Bruh; O0y Woab
p.m. Of Ocean Rde nd Mth
A sptlil Ifuture li the blhu O'Cnnar and Anne
hme w1l be on editlnl L.onr.n Io LIke Worth.
Boynton Roundup
0 c00rr1aChdm
Mletheat met *lps to tonect the bho-
Weddneday *t the Sugor *rd. of r td long Ithe
Shack with 29 ntth lnl cnal. The Govert- no -
intreoed in building dtred the Sate Road
good shopping p.lot. r Boardtoltahoction.
the ton. It u. looked
like they so gettig on T will n On 23
Ithe hll with w Io. o t rdlto m rditd.
build up the Inletrt o Soy to her Bill Dtr-
the lnnt' pepl, byhie lo i1 the hputptl.
May 18 will be ouh in Hope you ne leling hbl -
Bu0m0u Day. A oup of nd w ll n be out at
Junior Hiah students wll Ih 'Little ld agin.
be In diltleentl ato Joe ad Klthfne Ben-
aond Boynto. i "d h0r *other n reved
At the tnt neelinl. to thelr nw home at
Ideo Ior a umm00 pmn Ratmphire Gaidet Leinot
gratmwillbldbuuincd. o luck In your n hon
Chombor of Ctnnnm e loltk
willam tFday.t Mhay 21. A happy birthday to
8 a.m.. for bnkaiat a R.enie Ltonln Moay 19
Luelgt. and J.. Be B I My 2o.
Rotlrymliol lunth at Hope yuu hoe olno to.
Illpoy'o wlth Pienident JM i etlebrlatin hie
Don paoiding. birthday in Cerony.
Car Johneon, DTnnli
Tolmro. Bill Hl0i. HIrh-
ard McMahll. Randy "Griffin
Campbell nd Jim lllle
we. tues t Rot B ry. SE u.no'oL-
Thee bhy, re oil nlnm, lnrhs
tIrom Seacr H.h' 0nd0
m.btn. f the let.tI VMTL
Club. f. r.
Had 16 vnRiint Rotai-.
On oMay 24 mn of tlh t
Boyntlon Rot aria nl will o a -INIpM
to DOerlled Rolai l[ot ilorto
heir ,horter bnqu.
Vinto ilrley Inirtdured eOmunl w
speker,. Henry Eaotod. .
wh1 spok. on "CsaIl SIIRoOSC o
Hautldiin Flarida." mo su ost
Alrmdinlg to Emtod. U0-I00O
in. h ma louionl he
eale ha* Inally taken --



12 8xl0'sS70

1 16 x 20 Enlargement FREE


PH. 732-3228

Pro.eeds from lht
yel'm ovu we u*d to
pureh u ndllu to pedt
mn lor the rit 0t th
Boynton Elementary
ScbooL Tlkhoa for the
oMay i21 aho wi be
aval.blea t he dm tho
night tl the event or they
moy be purhad fen
d ,'t. n

Hear Dixielanders Officers
Dlolerudet till play hlbwellkeptoudoleo. The lollewli oBlont
or the County Hoie Golg fuotlth on yo, wen theted to mm the
Tiuedoy night. It muto e ll come to the ho o nty cu.plte of Anedl-
the kid. let hled kowinol bhind the tpilro wh e an Ioullte ool BInklnm
They will rin Jo I nto the lomn slmp In the otf ntlthgldoMyldP,
the UM tO lhe older ln on i e r I thl nd th Ist Boyn lt Beth
peopa ld. men on t he thiht wlon. Plst atlioe! Bohk.
Thy pyed or between is a Peddont -- M Ed
the boehaelo andh Ie En oom nd 0 aklnri Klupp, Comameer N-
ond t -ne tlby didM oina"rd the back i th b l Beuk. Lke WoAth .
edorly uwonn wule.k In d4inoe aoor nd klehen. t Ve Pdeen Mr.
bed but sh, had them T.hb m Xt (orl tro i NlIa Mohoeb Fleorld
done her end blno h or aththbleindtbhroomli Natlonml Bak l Trut
tt o hed the bhad ploy. keptln k*ondcenand le Comany, Wot Pebl
SitcthenthehhupuMd s loy gkl thot every. Beo.2atd Vie Pmeldeo
wny.. limeh nelonrhe. -- M. Nonna Cocl.
Lot tollk little bout O llo thebJd. lei ng Boao Rots Nloatul
thebahee, wbhihloated IinLM om or T.V. mm Benk. RB.oR 1, Tme
45th Stortet Waet wr !het nluetyhlni nmr-e-Mi.Pai Wet. -
Pal Bueh. Tumn Into Iteir pirornm, or enjoy gote. Soureity irohng
Ihe Igund. ym -uil lBt pylino' the Ipo. Thle Bonk. W, e Pole Beath.
pno the hoopll whetn Iheoonlthebundteutp Bemtery, Mi. Lyoo
haM whod neom he. nd relly plyo ,nd en. Wde., Fint BnLk A Toot
wonder.lu n eith the yoplnin tor tb.p Compa., B. Rtto.
be.tTtd.atoo ndnur. p. Flod.

This family enjoys

perfect indoor comfort

every day in the year thanks to

safer, cleaner, cheaper, flameless

reverse-cycle electric


I What about your family?

Why "simmer"n in the summer (or hir in the winter? Prices of flameleas
electric air-conditioning are 'way down. And revere-cycle cotas so little the
winter heating fealure in practically a free hnllou. One streamlined, compact
unit does both jolt, not only having space but also the ex.ra no st of separate
cuoling and heating snyaemn. So why not join the hundreds of thousands of
Floridians already enjoying cleaner, quieter, safer, happier home where they can
work, play, sleep beter... feel better, lit better all year long! Beat the heat now.
See yourair-conditioning contractor or electric appliance dealer today!


] -

Realtor's Roundtahle
Booynlon Roundup
u{.I.o .,A l'is,i No.wo

Monday &


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4 e 3 e t

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Q-0 LLJL&&67 6_5Lliflmk~


wxa sa d Ut. readi 141. Sa teb

A.* S-t.l- L ta1r
R l M ROn 15"II k K PWIL

tXmp Iuti Hit diet iAebnitianKM Dabad

Ititai it PU -- .1 Pyta Be ceerb
cahiat,, ay h I ss tta. ratrca
lhUIo. Pane*M nU.M 7111

A00 ARROWMONT ettca. Sit a, as d
' HI. meI. .aibe I N ,d n em ,


tedI... i ... AL-MATL C

*l65,0 eoth mI :w it d e a
aT.T r ea tn rc d rateattc. r
a d ailec al it B a
iM. d trsttr i I Wraic. Tall

*lU ,wmu taa maiiialt mic Iw,
_________kea -al ra lTTa l *benutualt
mertu atbi wsneh behi e t a. a inl. -

E hildre"odsof i Ml call OfA B
CaT Om IH K car marCt.
it stat ar? Nt r 5e a u*Odbc c lit rSnat

h e*aFce a I heewt-
I WrHa. Ia 1h b.

eat t ... IAHblte. A __.__et__ee_ _
t fUUH UM inCME0

.k- Irl et tl. .UI. l.t


HE. L tULY EasrA IteaGtlOate.
itea cm. a3t F rice. nUBVt
11 ala bali. Itta~d e SidiI Wtteb. Boat Sam.

lll^ttriatllr RENTALS

^ ..Iirnla iahetar. Imit r APAB EISteti -* 1

tLtUid and eqad i L to Ultee,

TOLttUM BNt. iiL5

It ateroomta. Caceleatr

MinAy..h.Badd. ^Aa


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t-it t r KmPea Smrl dr -
A-tV ( r MIt. itS lt

'ttaMitlt MtAb IFlT wd Altt m o Tam
I* S c Ii i t Far e aI .

tMit o ICIY t "M BI th Ibee
1Mtet M iMt- SI ,tle e.al SM U,,tit
'S M -a a r 'd J .
L h. P~l .. PacIt,

w mPllD ,,..,,.. 1r 'wSTAT!*
K a, p .o I .. i T

A, IS- t ntu OWt Fr ml. aalnd et
aNy. .E-uaB N itin- a tl nu, ad. ab,
A, TA ,a . .

.wru 11s. ia. M Beaht MMtea t*

iea a
*e Sit a tai rit tilt Itl OiSt l H Ml
* at. Delay. -. IrI

L e mr5 lH.Itcit i two l

.c L m. 3 11 u1a..,l t
t rLGare.d Zsoned I eFi rmelb.lA

cat ci t elbSa t fi C. Nee a tea ja
t gam., 4 Dei l. Satr A t I Pa A L aw

i l i 3 tS =a NORVli ca STl I ti 3 tra..
a at'. its SW. rad "a. a bat t ret

st0camsmai ittuatat - a
Ftebed lately. AirBledai lor iml. AeA b"
I rnk'aB ab a. tIO LIe.
verl SUlOa A E it fie mO .
SIMStbi yeat(l as, aMBcdtIbtr

AAnt aa sa ade t mte b
NbIaa. aa A1WM I I 0ltebeaee I

Ultlltna t an inL SS ..5 5ieiu.*

ca Set c Sb c h h i d
Pit. ari liii te Itt ir~iio At ai"

Nac mm Bin a IBnt

late e bea cAtoliae. KS b.EXbECORa pat.. Wi.
We MaT hr P hr 1. oa O bit ate Pit Ir

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iOltfal.E.I Sati 1te it

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flE a aria l ia S CbS

Farbt flai t is"t
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t bex aical i t l FLO
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ccud ty TcL al aR la
eae Oi
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4261IM. 51 r S A I.I


iiim caWM i N

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aallurt la cade

TEr. 2I s U. i

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t Stire A Btn abe.
hla daob. ifa, S& are |


ite 1ota in't 1tle

Talsh steea Ju it

cmaft teat. -Pt7


-iehattla -

Boca Students
Will Attend
Boy's State

Beca Roe., lt b 0 e
Crleuarrtalefinr nI Me
drol Chadia Guthrie,

bhers Mavled la aiud
ihe leM Hayc Slate .
e d u-,E-
eath l.dea.t and 6I,
*ponMin i Robert\
tilanla Club; Titetd y

Zttininkeri. Amrira.

Music Study Club
Ma Lt .ri DI. Tee.lli
etay Da at ine

Club itWr.t Palm B Bari
alllhedabet. Ai.i atmrli
Oltt.. letd at thait
tli iner te. Ltr
Hatl t. pitldent M H
ira ymatnl: bre. C. Har
ittrlySr.. ittllreim. 3W
ki, ttirerildira a te- Yea
taby. 7.8

FlI.. we ha nrd al Rat CarlinaColl e laGreenville. S.C.. ltae
Sunday. May r. when a semlnar rem In the tellePe'a new AuWtin
BIUtdi w-i roremally lrent hia nmea. Dr. Frank mtved Io BSol
HRaon aner he retired a chairman of the hLitory department o ECC
In November of IBS5, lie Jind the iCC facultyy In the all or 194. A
portrait f thie rtlrrd praefcr will nit in Ithe A. D. Frki Semtl.r
Rotm. In the photo above art (Ham lel): Dr. Richard C. Todd oa the
history faculty, chairman or ie reo dedication pmrJeti Dr. Hierber
R. Parchal Jr.. director of the KCC hltory depertmet) Dr. PFank
beside hie portrait Dr. l.u W J Rnkine. BEC prealdent Dr. Paul
Mlurray, RCC history profcaar who unveiled the portrait Suaddyi
and ICC rell1ious activities I)lrrtor D. D. Gall who partreipald In
the dedication caeetmoy. (Photo by Joe Brannon

loynton Chapter Of Moose

attends Mid-Year Conference
IOYNTON HBACI ville Itutea in tlimi ITou ment. held at
eneral maeten otlthe Beach. Ckat In April.
nlon reach Chapter OnSatud.ay., ltr The two tropiha rn
Sto Wntm ol th ly Atlell wu- awarded awaadd at thie onfe.
at teaodd the midd twtntbhii lgnaylnt ti 1eIte. i lt Atwelld0nated
rncnreatae.held ly Set and Ill (iamo In tIhe an olfh thtphia tto thi
, and 9, at the Deau- ilea State Bowlinl Ioyaton 1ea.h bhoe


Bo) n lton C.lelnat 0o Ef 7I mo Joe Rose, Mlethodist

-IK"AN1DPPII'EV G -1-114peaoeeb,Ihee=dC
' 1

ah, Ddny 8-11,x Lan'. Sh."~by tL I'll t,
rerbeeIrorint.r. orthe CberplonhlpTenteA re~ettll
Lrnno.e n the Itetont Etordftt Lnea. SL~ne0. let S
Snyder. PhtA. I..r~ertn. Vol.1. llornet. Jo Ee.Enl .
I etee.Joortrh- h, Ala, CluEtt.)


Itef ll. VuhltV Itor CYPI'ISCREEK
trut nt i redn f I.,l on
oeThldli.tll. htlo tUh
e~yLfenhC,.outtryClth. otr.Cnrronlldhotn
oly Sohoonker C ,,e to Ao not
.trot nrtl fo in fnon .017 th~Ir. pet medan~ll .1
H h-m, in 11. ilnf D hOdaoylh~.oO
66.'wnl .lIy.
Lo, _coo for ti.r dfo d., Gol.11 A-Mbror .t
8n 9 n -,8Sord by .Nel Copera Cok Cot-a"
Hm Club.

Winners Of *Y- h ..
fond by heat, H ITgeen
Conwctt o3.

150,,,, I l
DZ., Coo,., OH ~ "i
otdo lfrryorf hrr 1 5 h a
1-6". h, h" end. CAn

nnrooe Ihto ' BI

Itrio teed fon dtfrrt
hr chifdrortpr Sloe
theA Fefiti tI the fi
Coor d g.lo ron
All..nr nod la!Cntt- Welcome w
fLoe Wagon
D0 YOU TAKE Remembers
VITAMINS AND Special Family
ten- -. S
tt UH

wee Onnit nAcnot

~- A"-ta. -

QA1N)"ate_ On**tV, 2O10 DA

"-w d ...111alawall 1.3


El Uatl 11111 VIES VI W1l VII EVEVUV

BuomraA~aAn RIEMVTI I10lE

eA~-forelt.tnlln 1 illW
VotnAa. 'Lo tl Otn~A1.UIf yeA.eno
Atnrt tttetIoUna W (tIon

On0tt LtnATLNI 4OAtt
S.Vnn~llnU.et tOrlelntunn
odIbe.tVt.M V tt~~tnto 110* 1u
ACrnlfunt.Imnall n..aIO. tnntto~t.0eltetnn

Pl. 7.56

floploorte BHtfee ISO or.m
r.-TyrrnrdTorrotilOR, PeiodM l0O..Spor
Dltide, m. GO. V p -7P
Ordetotfnlinfne i ltd.. haniTeorpfe.7pm.o
SOpimort Cfbh- 12:.W po.. -mok. IRn_.
A.V. CitCoro 7;iff ?:ap~m.
A--dC, 11.4 0:12:00
Ten1it, fonli o. I" : .n.m
PlT-etdTeerdovily N'. -eI:3.o.5. p.et
lionroor. l1ft ooo
LionnSCftuh~im. 71.~
V.A.tV.A og.. I.tiS.V.F.WIt. 11.118 p_.
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