Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
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Title: Delray Beach News-Journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Perry
Place of Publication: Delray Beach, FL
Publication Date: April 5, 1965
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- Delray Beach
Coordinates: 26.459167 x -80.083056 ( Place of Publication )
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Five Rescued Off Delray Beach.-r

IOn Satnh Fira DeparlaMaa Re..ua Suad Polllthkaadk, tthrnehalldra wit trer Io abaafedaynd twoDlhb adriakn lhb driOgb lab.o..t four saand ..al bmleF lo FF
Ihl b.e I. O ft.r olae b hlO ht bob 10 a .oyn. the. R.aeo Sqad eor b.1I Boya,.l Inlt. Allhndl a t D..lr B..b. n |iN.w..Jurnhl .bo.e. ra.10tbes .f feI arda-l I.0. Ch.4
lon bleC by CaI Gaul rd lollptor. Dock.. ph. by Ho.ard Crur tr b...lp.a r I. Bylo Inl.

sailg Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton si.on I

Published Semii-Weekly- Monday and Thursday

43d YEAR No.27 DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA. ,MONDAY. APRIL 5.IM5 0 Pale* 0Centl PerCopy

TOP SALESMAN. Mlek Bri. SON- lolalo amtler Ala lI . .aial .a.I Naw,
l1o1of I10 NE lth arl.o. oar. MeKetahe. Mark waeont wiath aaa newaloya. n addlllal
tier boy .he Newa Journal, Ia For arlllla1 Ihtmal rplr tlb. reSguaralrf. Mark aaiI
preheated with wrilt watbh by recant "Wi0h You Hlre Edition" ed 183 order. for the mai

22,000 Paid Circulation

"Wish You Were Here"

Sent To All 50 States

The fikr "With You Wer Ilre"
mail-away edillin lo the Delray
Hracn Noew ,loual. puhlihtd
,Mrth If leached a tola0 Paid
circulation Il P.1100 ol pli. Ihb
laral In the hiloury .1 Ihe NZa*
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th. Filda Palvillin at Ibha New
york Wlotd' Fair and lbe elalh
Wielom Slationl al the noribean

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"W1h You Wer. Here" will .nIf-
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I)(. Ilu ell Wrihl. proprietor of
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lDetroit Tigen. ordered 801 00pla*
which were maoted away 10i Mt."
and lmaer Ialnrnil hoi apatmentI
,rl. Hader who en the mail.
waly edition 10 tienda in the nouilh
Indeed a oi thIe in 1I3 oapien.
which wer mailed by The New.
Joural to la.re and mall hnme
t0wM In all 1O ale.t Coplre ali
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and 4Indi.
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Disabled Craft Is

Found By Fisherman
By Howard Crrel Watner tlook lhe diuabild ,tr *O i roud aol . d eed ralaoaI.
A dramatic mea :a.".nloldkd Inglow and *-.,4 lor lb. loynbon Mra. Polllah .*d th rhlldr.a
Situeday when Caplain Red 1 |ar.- Inlet. Juol Of hor ol the inlb, l.h wer, laken to elheboda Meo.
nt on the Charter oal Min eowad boat wli tlralrd ln a ha rial far trealmell ad wer.
Behavin II poll d a 21 flot Chris chatter boat Way-We io capltaiad released.
Craft cabin oralr drfllting id.way by bHo.n.rAdams. Cow, aid that Ihay had bran out
aour and on-hall mlae oil Delray The five were without food for a oal rid. Thursday ater
Beach. oIa Thurlday, but bad waerg. nd "were turnlig iud by It
WnlNoaer aw a. approach. Cra. w brouahl la lb. Boya- I. InWie I0 hoad back In Boylonu
lIa lhe dlabled bol women i n.lel prarklnl lotI. by Ihe ohen he molor quil. The bea Is
wabnla flata attached to a helimpler ad checked by the own.d by Cr.nms ampi.yar Harold
Bihln o paol. When he resebhd Boain. 8aeae reicue *qua d Wqral ln", 1 nalon Soch.
ha bonal ha ala dlatovered thaL

ar..... .I aeo ha s ... a. College Singers
Gl. Cloa 34. waho ad piorta
Ihaeaay modlomil owih a liua MObrl
.....-.... el Stop At Delray
Th. W n .le w a i
drnareasJaniaiawh 5nled Ctl A roup ol Nat England onlhaa known a loir or I clua, ended
d3. i.JIllr.ie..o prer o to ho Cal adrk-long -,ay in Deiray Banh
CoM. waa picked up by a Cow- today.
Golnard heolaratalout 0l47a. -- -Boynton Tb. aroP i0 npled of ni-
.11aw a k x- oynton ,ig .ta aw, Ex da,, loo lhb .olr Wh..on
oloy~a0h. Colbao in Nor1,11 Ma They
loy ... al ofi Minli baet oak do.
Boynton Gives Chief W ins ,,,,, ,,,1a...pn.i.dftya.V.... ",.
lea wer. hi* k d in Miami aa
Congress Ave. Legal Case ... withweMO.. "ian
Righ Of Way BOYNTON BEACH A ... hadllooa.Iaall heaadPn"So ba
year-old legal baIl witlh lornar ihal Owe ,ol a choir nor a lr
IOYNTON BEACH Cily Polke Chiel Edwaed T. Swank *:a club".
CoIncilmen l bad a deal Thursday ltminalted Thurday when lb. oity Thi wan thl int auch rip lake
thalr will eahle Ihe lat ploni of 1 unoil drided 1o pay him 14.00 in by lhe .roup. Ib. McEwan aid.
Con,.r. A .nu. be "mplelted anoonll-onut n Mellt. bul plna oall Iot a tlum trip 1I
ItbrulhSouth S 1wm h1. County. Thb uTniwoui vole in tl anu Delray Iearh i.X year.
They voted to abandon liglhte o0 ol ur.1 -alilod ihb lawsuil.
way Ior Iao unnamed an .. O oda in ohich ... IIed alla Sou.k- Int- The Chinao raid ahe liked
,he horanir. in.b tha -b l par .1l d rirlntai in [MI. 1lrry1 PaothI.htop "lybntn. eI
hl i hahcly. Swank filed hia filnl ui agai nt .aa her l= il ye ar at d made the
In feiturn, lamtr lrnal KIr lb. ciby'a Civil Se-iavo HBad bahen atangalntnl.
agmd 10 lei up 111nn o( riahl- Ihe uncll :o.k Ihb lisrd' nom.- To iManr1 he trip. the nine airle
on-way in the =unly lor Ihe Con- mandalins and lo"I'd Ihe tih.. Pooled xtit Moey Ingether and
lwAvnnuaMlt.innp oJeIt. m.tel aa 11",0 to 6'0 in Aprilt. mhufitd iinging anent In
KitaII pMypny wa lthe final 10. Swank i. the.n ti and war bloulth inds.
tliin f rllt-n.l.ay nnaded by ltonatr l .ri. "Whal we have ke1 .ter alter
the only In comnptilet Iboad Two additional ,0il r ,e subta- eparnal will I divided aoong
(owm lr)ly Ilarh 1o Iloyntun qonqly filed aainot Ih rn0y. the lb. lt." MI. M.Ewan aid.
Ctancha. i ai.i -p-e t . i. I., i, - e,-. a -ll lo.
WW Iramlout .lA.e IW | nueIllty ln i trak.
Prath I, (oIl lHad In H oyno * r 110 fheemile onhe aiinditd
watoh. and Ifrom. llyoluxo (leod In
I'alm Ilarh n rrlhounalAionl l A in 1 . I. I -. ,. . .. .r r
W.ln I'l.m IRath. lhat yea. Iblo. h irlhrmnt. and Ihe beac bbckrntd.

Brother Heads Elks "
If Wertl.R.aIher will he iiallei ag 1rved I many olhtr ooonlllerbn
egaled aolee ol rhe Dlray Halh lhaoonhui hi ULndgeer. wnt.
EIka Lodge a. ill mr.line T.ueday A ontrcinnwnrMer, he -,l mari.-n
.ve0l0. April a. Hlward HipPer, ed t. the Inr.. t Soller., and.
pa1 t dlri di deputy, will -ail the with their lotr ohildn. bhey wmde
1i0fi,0 nlricat. aubled by pot in Ho) nton l ach. r.
eaoaelledaule.o l othIyel odyldge. Illa iltthe inulallalion Includea
The ne halted ruleriIth al nol steak dinner, with ilobert Culhal.
r F5d Holbar. o0 e el otl Elk'hardat in hare,. to btlbow the mramani.-
warkl. old-limner, and Ge0.1 He. A oklail hour la o heduled p.r toL
Iher. He waI br in Walerbuy,. Ibe lrmaonla which will gt uondre
.Conn.. July 16. 1934. and i the way at 7:;0 p.m. WiveO ol the new
Iynunit Iuohminl eralted rul.t in sieol and gwel a ol meben. 1 thel
brve t e Dely Lodge. Lodle will be hnoeod grl aa.
Hohen hal worked ahi wilh Lodl.a. membeoa Cen. Mahhlmei-
dalinolion thbueh all chir. oI lh. terI alale OTalniMs. will provide
Ldp. Hbe i -chairman ol Ihe Elk muic lor Inhe occaion. Aordino tl
to e milepo rnl lhe Boy Scout the wrllti Kialted Iuler Ed 1u t.
T hop whch i he moant raoeled alm. Elkl I.aIoor inrhe aea O.ha OI
W I ROTnI Troop In the Counlil. He gho haa been inviedtoatlend. SOAKING I
__________________________ w eeklt IB DI
Iha igI CLmO 5114 N. OCEAN BLVD. FLOORING arlla. Ie* In
i.oIonaaop mLLr-itaa nlel OPEN 13 NOON 10 P.M. 101 S E. 2ND2T8-.31600 olfa of Yar

S Delray Beach News-Journal

A John H. Ptoy Noapapar

S Program For Progress
'+ I. A otitd. qoolhed itontin aomitisaof a 1 hatli dahoat
oil anov ad d abano the naaata of i qdslisad.dinaino of
2rBauttlon ol Atlati Atotr unm ocaa to paktty.
3. Poonlain oatenatlto tttlct tattbal.
4. A CpitlI Impo int iPo i. lib d al it' Uabind
.diiovalo rofeb.d wia iand hitailladit ofl ano uoidi.
ttttaadod inhoalmatta.
t. DOtloptapaoft alpanoamt to alltet eban. iltts ldonary to
al poa thai yew 'round onmy.
7. A wattr tmlooUn paolnaa *bhd *t bapoo aba quoltty of
7d.islnt aatrd hltnl h ip., ed 'dof pollutiost.

Boynton Pay-Off

Boyoon Beach City Concileaa, in a wold be dihmatd ad ats, otas to
tyat1 f on tbt Thundoay. votal to coutaolaequtlloatbah.
2tits oat of tt thi of aomer The ami for in Swank i tth aIn
Chlf of Poil. Ed Swink iaiot the aity, Wt.nt dlatd ta i tt abot iay
tonofllntn and lomor City oMaget quickly. Aba the replatsmeol of J1"
Sonny H'ndeno. IWan a ..tef wu very apld. Irwtin had
ntheaio0 vtoe lCouncilund. AAiaon leht thechairjaoblootudy.lawlAtltait.
Biohawoaaaaenttheaunbaloatedlhat jol then a iwank oa fitedt, bnoi wu
* thb m.oan (or ahea 8y9ol wat to iavld heckotlhaJobin24ohua.
Further pro c du 1e.uponAtheio- The ca. aaut .the city had u ho
ndl'OMn of City Al'o, Une GeM tta. polptned M.n.l them. on aound that
The amount paid wu .O quite a tlb City Attorney meded mt a to
im ttoavoid furheT hll pat. duat.. popna the dasm.
From the lbtde loIking in we do not Swank claimed that he w forced out
uodetitond the reaoan lor iellint out of the ob, ht ldmdnot clv.reso.Wlath
Glotta oab the ipayt money i the ity the atllMni, hbe will ne a heaurd ia
Wonralht altamoe. Ap Itntlyhecity otut.
wto wrong In lIoorP opinion, lot Wlllhealo noaverhenrtheiantlol
towerol athe ettlmenhatltalorata thn oe? Wii ank ever tell what he
ch1lootm65I GO, yelo it w Mloat who kronor? Did ahe City Co-il by It. ty
drew the olaulion h lahe ouncll out ol. bid looking alu ion ot taloha
pod.o whith loweetd .the h l. a .r qul a seles w.ih the tyt' mony? T.
matl. public ha bhe dight to know aat what
To pyy oat S4.00 (t that the co purpo* theWrmoneytIbttned.

The Way It Looks
By BGlt Make

The Woes Of A Politician
Tb.. oit~a1th Ita ndata oa pjdtia y otyattoolotterbi Eset]yotlllyba
that on tot a ouoo aot i .e tt l he boal Idi.o tht istotad I
bolder ery day. lt enuthey have even hilt lie a n~uhty child.
dbai to violate the acod yira ol (he *oThe .reu hW a dlhl." ha
pyilllna. ontiodlnumal. "I worked l and I wu to
The other day I tolbed with t locai nohnuhlOaiet homoelthat Iletltmyit
polidisan who wu nry upat over the keyitn the olon. When I waet hach. I
Doplo.-Tantituatlou. otrptitd tah wtihtrawomon tbla| pic-
I'tontble. Hom atIn .' I told him. tuaoolamyptmalpapeaat..--..~.
aThbt's nhlnI lo worry about. Alter 'You daont ythi p to ;d.Yao
*all they an' e eeywMhee." you?' I akbd.
Itll. n eick hon ." ha filled. "H.dI ? Cettt, oat. Mo ca ala.
ha. theitl eyet o ttdbtnowa." altow t eatl. I Intmpled. "I'
blahkadixaotdgltoo2 I1~ loba, I=M maon 't
t ldelhat ha ott thala [alnuulna aItyhn. I thnk it'a all I
looltuoly and I khn tmthlto wat yoourleaioa-rtnh no u1natlly
wroa when ahe mabed Ihe ashIny on. tylrn yoou. .
pelety and flipped hi. dcprette tlhet into A atin b lk camet-t ati i hae
ainsol 'eer, d armed at me. Then be caitfd brtolba
.t down .a hatnt.
t.llllabouillt. Youctlntst oe." "You don' think I opped. "1
"I'm o dala aup. t aoltd. "Ilt ill tan you could't paibly habvet that I
hapt I a wek when.. I ot posil .a 6
ohla my ebakabit. My tfe olot to oNa I Now." he !d witch tclt denp
livomelohrktalawentaoathote atq aook In hit e*r So 1It ll ha my
t ome. You'll what I Rond Ilnollon'ut r
tloed .wtr.h" n look at n tht wry." I =aid.
'A ttalo to tettalor' I tol- .We "'. Boy Scotl .t.thar, t;: t.
Bidt l t l ot e from hl a?'
a'A.Stahy alla. yo, to?"o ha loked snn llo lto-i" d.
wo tled ., "Whalt' Iha ha yona ponht? Rltba
yoaH-no, i woloct a -to l" Ih" ho aniod, pa ldala t path ol
-But tIat' wIdt dIj d oy- a lprn Ott
olUl tI n otl.tWl'I thi Ackofalthlptn."
doin iks ihe t h durtwe1 tr Ine my is.Ae p; **--* u Ioilm Irmnn
'I don't ker, dear. M abahi the kid, n ha pad atop
atahatlttolobo.' ot`t I nolloed amt pa op fb".s
'Soe 'okel" ai.' H. ld. il0tian tlhloeis."ta a .atadatlK to lt
antmallertclt*. I cotand ahe aplteay 'E,"on.1 1 soldiz ltljb- --t
alTe uwo r mad "JW anyao I wormot.ttcin
atletod It h dlnt catter t, It.. talwtb.,"thmatrltinle.
At fM It didn't bath tat, bat It igst PataHSono

ainhoe tor Mr. RoG.
hm ml niodna of Olirw
Bach who dial Tuatday.
tatI bld Falday at le .
Etl Smith and Son Fu-
atl Honm In La.e
llrrimn include hi.
widow, MUy Ar tt two
Piuk. Fih.,Lary oat Di.
ny Baat; hI totba>
Ma. Galdi Ron of Faon

onl, ltd.; onald wad
Robalrt both of P

SouAt Bnd. iad.; M.
Roy Cot oa KRimemo,
Mt. Psllin Shbpph of
Fort Waoa tad two

Mr. BEIot. 1. of La.
nn. Road. Boytot
SSaivot innlad. ho
window, Amas M.; 0e,.
Falh W.. ol So, Laoul,

M.; Ita tioo d nd pa .U NSvnl Hoital. Ba
gaodchildn. lheld.e MI nad.
Stod-i tnd bridt wil tat Ba it Ohio ha .18 hi
hein St. Louhl hid pent lwluc to :D,
SbM-CoiniN FUMer) n Bh *I 03 Br
Hon, Booynto ha Sta.. hica llamait ha
in chae of localatr ng. 19M.
Mato. D iaUo lh aeata
li te. Navy ha Bln n
KORGEI .LEMZISON b I.4 ltd 5.o
Hi l i" 1p aHt
,aPh T'nIi. B? a a aa Ra as
tot, did W Gaaatd at DIl)t Vt
.i.... ,.-..
ul5l g hi t i. palldlZ iU t
da,- t t arto ti lt and .in
ian t Mr. DoAhI B a s had batlssiatiatd at li
o0 Oataal'Ih, Caro. ad N&nIAdadey. AIp
Mst. Wa-a H nft Md.Bok hom. ha pa
RBoto R; a tot, + dn.la. lam r tktl
tlh On. Clty. td Hll. fli hao Sta W= dh
Gltotdt-ldtt n. Mnded W*d Wam I
Goaide .a td II. Doa ph.. o
hbld Friday at the Ban WorMWd he bItad.
otf Citaty. s Nto Unt C n.%.
Lon h. Baboan net' alt.. I
ato ha theet o1 artE.. wido. Mildtd Boll HI.
onlt.. dtck; own come. D.Ad W.
ad CAp JotS 0. 2Ht'
CAPT. DAVIDL dArcti UGc. adv a
HEDRICK tlt..thto Mat. P.ll
Captial Haddck. USN Wcitlb. ehr wif Ba
otlhd. dhd ot a haalb Admild Thena J. Wed.
.ltrok March 31 0t tb le, UGSN.

SRealtor's From The Publisher's Desk
Roundtable Th. ona 'b" Orboo.
taOxTtna a twe sapilt that as.. iood atmintd pttaq ,k.ta d offtcead
pointed up inm a rt7 h c ra l. Prprimay y Ca 00e tnatlta aI
BOYNTON BEACH OCEAN RIDGE RLdo'. lDient which th ol MIditor- t iaihleltpat mBolltt otion-t
Board o. IRton' Vice Paltdtio. RBtlor Aa ta a Idld bm tha pAMpl mnt-a o f
Bamt atat~ Cootilat Iteatlty tad Satatay dap.daatlt. hat hi datOTalppt, AU thaEn pa ntatttdOtol-.
Tiamatooyatta Bteah Axtmoine V. ohhell hte thetlh a delat lluth nit wlhde mi. -tot y IPdl i- lina d iB l
bath =,himof de Ptat Bultt CaaoCtt fnc-y" Chitato ahbookoa..oaa.a-
W-",C-wl Im adoe ofliooam
Wona' PA%="= -I- om Fhewtat, heOatsl .ltl ..= Gt tofabiditad iteRt tat
Clba~he o n fiake
.a?0ih tt4 athed l maotabty attatlag of Iyptto.tiahoa boptlt adtaG o-
the Wont'. toad at Jo. F7 Ofl h. f tdoata d W. a t-tt s
LaWotlh.Mad.naMt aGti. Noa aba hltd t pay 8PJ par olatincll.a ymmhllaaw couildtfrl
Ans towi. VI ItHllb U Vol14 P Mld|tM tI o imlad at Ion thats owl tt., ho ti ln (IM habit al BlRatl lootatinHha
of ha Wim...' CaMt ahlt abae PatOat pMtpW ltt asbtd'mhaccn) wo my ham iB at a
Chls t t ctl do r ratly. Thay *nau td Wato n do b ait hoal dt Ai c* Ha eb 'CapTia. b
ftX aaa.g Uah3W aa ott o~ta lt CoIG pat~b thaata aasa.
con Mto A. Btnk BPW Weber oye hseh lp i I MM Woul Wd e
K .p to hb.old a3 iv orl RI" ll o ta tt ad loaaalpapl.dlb lnhi. on p.p Tat, dio l .ib t. ha t n .poll
DXt. 1ata. tiatlat haa.Wsh~ta
D.CL faa "ta I" j Wt.h -r b I h I tear tan W .abmltadidth lb MadI. ltat t ,o O randat i tca
dofha oll Ed tI. m ...d l -t n a .tB d. t.I a b.l.l llmlh o. plpd t D.
h.il aCtl han- i 1. rf t. lh t. to. .... Bct'. hia-.. ta. Wi think I.
l n itaaq.sIt loharllry appliiabteh to ab l II lt jI th itatll t d plMta swad tha fa tk l,
t .. a. MtHomn Hy liJbdo Iik tbMa l l atla ol .1ado ba dia and.cot.
Wometns Ctnd] Puaddnt. Rtioa Mavlna datob awtM. hbt bott o w haatt Sa. of1 lhb yoan, yont ptmtmtta
Ha^n.i t Sqoete3 a mtaon to din.. twith l.th ay 3alahn '.paldebh? talahe ol.an..theoph. No Eahe
tadino at inuteast tad ll atsbks which A ETa-atm J ca W t. dailthad
totld he papn d to tba n cnalt, a aad d to l l U n. of tr |]atabl nlr it i .
Noportunltytiqm MdlnaKMl uatila We u|d br lMlrdria880 ratkm. W--oiiUn'tlN lro wt
tad otaiy tol o atliMM l Rooto. ra u W $IN can Wa l
hethhat.m tae troay aupaontlh tutm of tabo That IMa afaw tWas Naittamy *lWl. t h
CiviiRl R nlhoiw--lwoftharIoneB elatahaa aim ioo 20 thmtatethhapoattt- thal.l.Jayb tram Ita he DtaO tIllltlt>
purlol lwismla tpoiyaoia. ttatad tnk sheedta ab- tSlti- heV Et ined at hootn .n hattl .
MNo Ithbrannt.r.d thaFitoa altlul . toti otpia ltoathha hddtia la. orwouldn'tin l a t.
d.ey tht cloddtiu -I.oieqa htto t ro i i I r lb. W vl Cat i l tt o"
ibni.l tUht .5l -opll-. .Mg.a toflaoia d.e ld ttl Da 1ato b. p tpt p TlarIbIdyakb pdapIabl Gsal
cam a =,baatao and anab. qooslft of thai. oatmatttt..tpla bai Behaa? 0 .t fth gt ~tt5otobt a
oo-a-nthoaaltharitio. Got tytold efaitslanid by lb.w aIk ,aat a
that di.eflt iio ulon r ral To hhon Mt -- SMART TRAVELER. Iyt :o.l:- oItpfllll e atol--b.
awhltUbou d ot hla h paeol p atdoe .iahea oaldn.t hid ta o to Sa1a16 tonlab t hoati 1,0
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l .W. Rth lloin Porte shiton dri, Mrndme onod to. as tgh adcek Ell d l of
tthajoiciesaoisaonUo .dia td tl. sdrtch. Somt..k'notichy.
Tb4 adit.toNoahis iqtilo A., athi hal Im aS tlook oll afte to t Faiday
It $-dd M alnatoat $ that b. s. 0 ll- niJctu ba mt d ad lorSding AR ospaid laen bkem satld, tad
.al.ldel c rhile rn I ark B. . y i nfld I pOopk -e orig'll' o* inal ll a 'i '!
baV d soo d tner ala oth dar t Iso tY-a 1at to atl.at btl a0
iod. thlt.3 da..S3 w ift ALL w PB- nYs wW;y nh. a t ol y aou o W pot Hml, t
am ioltal hio. ii hahtl to tidot i.Ilhatidlp in aoaoatth an.ur tecii thl otta It
m IM dn hati b as I f oiil pon I lb traa lhBhKiba tPd. THE SEASON l.h to e deed
Ito doors to atlbel I2 e It ntk.: BIh a o Ns wnn-a i n lal y o atd at lb. ta arm. toad
ayaah opab.. w onplolt thd at tIbau aokina edvotainS tat, adl his
Siscrttw. Recall Land Caopeaiy Annooalist adh tiat.. North theaaa
ha. Totoata- lia IbalIal tiki a~t.an toounadhodtl ttaba01u.1iottitohat hetint o aa i
Jesse. diogaaa* tor tedpiolwe *W ads It to tha abah a-d-*-- -e
ACROSS OUR DESK Mra. Wayt Bealch iieaelordt a l .t aaNtVe oh N Wotid'.
Ratio. Reatila Fotay Haian'a oihe Moat. to Tb to a o ba thaoty that *nc Palt had a hal to dtobb la lta oa ha

"To-*"K' SW ^' 11"New,-Journal.
pahdaotho ttaltbato..ad --t do toto a ItOhat IBItt toat .IhI t u t ladtolrto ilaoldt tbhp y~r tdaoa mdo uaa
=baoa at.i s al tha oti1th Up ha oeoet o ho Italth woeid think =1 ta a it at .itWdi shbign.Inintel
rrI^Ue- t -tm lo om oTs OWp'b- do"
C at'tas. It amt s tShat Boat, Hotlt. tt drat to b ah, aI ta A aad mob..ab it at d
t do = ,ona to tp alt. d ansd ohh :". to that *h,1.at ia lt ab intea. bdaed of thato1dal of
wtteadmt d + HateMon Howt- cate data to people a olwanw eA adtdopta -pad' .t i Potadd
l oth a bar batl ie" .bt abamBa "m 'sR. eL"tor d Yor
abthol. t .Chd.t painted isatto 0 lb.
f .ad tai. worb thintt E a d a at a
eMWto- tatbring I-t Vonecoe lmdt n lob, h 1t .Pal N tah a=tiagt.itid ad Ita shielda ad m.
BOYNTON BEACH OCEAN RIDGE Whatb1-tinf ,ci.hoad hat, ha- tto
Raod1g of Baitoot Wadtamjday BRotdtohbat Poalt a atpattlta baatin Wnntlt ttltat t hadth I-totha
at lb. abkit' Poat. Marnkt lat bd tdll 40 Natyorhpapanhanalottattoisdol aI.todapotlthibn.
otto pa ba -aa-t, see aa Raa*a lt tonfs 'sabod TSodap hts 0.si
ia rn ollintSiad- loaalet ^ toott~et botdk. B i d1 tnpOt
con, dlcraloooao H lat".1atbg = "l that Can.. soon ___________
ohanttoloaaiolh TANTAMOUNT TIME. We ai ra
tol that Bcth C=mr t Delray Bech
A MMl Ti lM Ide'mAW~ rlU naIWI'F
Gt.llagthopottadtphotyfl tt News-joura
re lps lisk I[d ek a- u-le F-- Jr l. Adrmods
ThuGodd PThlt a heald pt ddted

e w Apilo" tnilonn h .bit of ato ishnesso wu orn X r h h- I do.
thaSQUAII fro ld ia taatthaa.Thitho o~a and aaty itework. nt tom tThuink tbo
ota~tto. taK tttt
toCh kqra'01h tdo abtAa Th"ot .ba ba Me ott Gahined todaat~Dt~o

pap.. ontoad aa oto. b atnad otab. Gam. oatttttdtaoaba am.0

So hha.LaaahARM _7 .p-n

Dalot Bade-lia4.00pa.

t onlata~qln-taul n tm-63p.

.atto-C ;S11 Cp-at


..An Okb 88 ho everling goigfor f


140E$OLoemoltILE '


-------- -l------r~.. __ 1._


The wintersaomMy eon the w but then'a
littIe pIdno of it heuaheo P ither play-she.
hea eday. "tdey ris .1
TESTALK--Delshy achContryClubh men
Mheotpehlp pontameat dat today. % I-
i meround tahue throheah the lth; pIa for
ohus hadlo- ab~s tyhine (doeaed ?, R=
Pines motooh sit he played deday. April 21th
sikh teophin ad pine psurnud during lhe
eonhaadhomlrrt h lumeatmnoom.
ROUND-TOWN Edna and M al Han In
ost aloa their eddleg attnCm an-
Mayod Jai wmer "poat ort End bye an24 l Fne
hioret and Pat Fanoeno'ae inny Waytuoilin
ows A kHnw, the PaItenona nanoer in
NorthA aiahid nway -- t to ou on Wath
taid Raelan mlaest of Fin T rip to
uir lan geu headed toe Popo Park Raeuway

Meaionthi aeIlb.'a l an d Show.
Cae" talt In April Palm Buah Li manilue -
tnuypptda tlhem.
WHIRLIGIG Twi etanet pmife tS ant
Aerio ytay. Beony ank. and Crlisndo
pailtlgu at Eleaor and Ted Stlanard'. Coeteb
alitty thntnit April t7th; o ef Koesn'a Oeaun

Mueus let=tofiihen evy nilhlthis week.
Tsn tern. Thauday -- tis and At
MIohel' at Delty BSeeh Yanh CloU.
By the my, fin and At made their uint ponty
ap n l weesa et Monday t Veo an M d
Jr. elt ie weekt in Sonolulo. DItule and Frank
ws hek hi Atlhtn aanoot adpriday.
the Fnt Natiznal Bnk pakla lot Will b
ed to ve Dbl anryetd of color.
Dflnpfeyof ty gnns ngpoablhea flSosn. IndIa.
Toi thie et to Sop and apa Trpridng how
A il treat e ia itao Saturday. the t0th. A tour
sith hmulint o peat In peor ot. TinCek6 It
starf a, t B a. Chekhell aisylnG ai th Chalhahee
of Cmerfe or eact detaia.
MSRRY-O-O D a sonwagee Saturday t1
Dealt. flat st the Sotundayt noltiwhnas polo
team eouped of Getofe Co~t-~oma J., FPus
the fotden iint aoantCoduoa -- woPl stunpe
not idttop match by kdni 4 to t.
Maoyhiae lantiaf theld Pen n Ed
RSnocllue. D SDodnan who sheh been Avne to
0.in the i Kittean and Commishuse of
E Getda. CaL Cleon and ti Whiney Ttppatt,

gtSo M eat ad Cnotp Cloao

L on d M heon a Wen, ohu at il he I nta-9
t oP. Mt nolmt, afio ,-ntte inoohnfsing
LeAuled y y htMu
tbe StnW III that the aetnot inn1
Setween the oltnt .tmouluGolden Mil Aoed-n
eay it thlt a iSlt, hS.h at Than Cstod

OVERRHARD -- nY he. to he.u to.
htppi nntoahave tf

VFW Auxiliary
Sets Election
The AntU2ery to VFW
Fot Bitt sltio ol 1 Dn.
ntuinrthe oomIrgatrot

l a..toe tnnd the Din-
feit Metn Aprl i of

hesd toattend. IIIMle


tSpecilI Femily


CUR fl jsss

^ UP&trMTi

Woman's World

Society.. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Mrs. Martin Schoppmeyer

Heads Boca AA UW Branch
BOCARATOI Mi M lorin ond venpJu the nation hun n-
SMlstto hoppiyeasue dnt. th hohen kenAUWs thos tanin prddnt.
imRd ponidnt of the a -n Hins Mo sate Ms Slmimsil in-
oon Ilo.. Brnch. Ams.- Coctd daist tothen nhas Lil BSo Snonc'h
untA nsMAs ina held lea t-24 te' I-lnyar a od
H st3lewdClo ab s. wm y

Othenolraliere dn Iedatllon of tUnlnity Ws
Aid. Rd nIMnl pond- ti at Bliohne, A.anu-
hnt. MI lnim( ". El- lia.thlapinor.
houe. oNutany; and HenHlnMrtriny nasnd
hin Roger KRen, taMti- the NtalonelAsntlon'a
rt. sppon t ol a ooanlitu e. o
Mlabheoetn td w0 e odme to PI.du
tIa F ro Anteat predict. She potd ut
byr his itln Semit o tolpo Unlftndi r .o
n." hintted by 11s ThoCrokersHost
Mh J. ladrd Sth- Cocktail Party
-onaasno ttd.ml.e Mr. and Mi ODoidI
Crh r.sok ntlyealrealn.
Cootlettes Set od a "op of La e
Benefit Wednesday h:w,; u, neda who
ophestff Coit1ttn. their ni hea In Palm. n
Club i sil hold n een. Bcath.
SIt lonohenoned panty Foljyloonhtnllasprilor
W.dsdy. April 7, at tonr et the Caru.up
the DSiny AtMios L- ond Sin hi Pa F eh lee
ulio HMor hlegnine at l MrA. ond M:i S.
11eM. Warn Fo.gty, Mr. and
Htesa us Mns. En Mi. John Ohonr 1 and
raft D4oily, Mh. Chedu, Mh. AMdreu Dvan, ill
HonifrnndMi M oa. ood s.nt lriddnt of Dea l ay
H1tnl.. Them ill he SBoch;MIr.andMn.hFsd
looaodtllproiae Kiloh and Mr. nd Mhr
w-e a teit h Me n Fta JrfP of
the Whb'h ahplte oNA Poto poaw7h.



Bmt.t.fus. u lAe I /

Peter Kolean's Spring Exhibit

Opens At Kolean Gallery Today
The hmatet oihotion of
Peter Koi n paioln O igs
ill be n r
ahbition rt the ner f l.l
slin roinfi odey. o
i astefa roftheDlpal
rtte knife tohduli Ioil

Paint" ,og t Aew s- hias
taoy nibs -d he o,, of i "
ook aie tinnthe -, -'l-
hsdn.Ants a. weof
tome water r ""oyplo.
Sop a.11 silt be on di.
Peter Kolon'o art it
e.-ktown tso bfhfin the
Plim Beach an. At a
wat thow at the Worthe -l.
AntonW ; ;. aly. h.1 se ant
alant 'I oMan, nwteth
pintin of tea and and.
nonpe." and partnolao PCTER KOLEAN at work om a headaMop
-ntlinwa Inade of hi which s111 be asaop hie latest eolllleeo onf
adopt.tnf sh iat o Iing s whh gho on niew tday ot hin
theorondof hinnohlnto." Uery
Klno i a neWim of
"Fhn I FityAmodon A I in dealltn to PaeB. ditali andlon.on ndh
IMot ",a. rou obf So a tlI
op heoaan. of ohe meltU- ohibiend ot the NIatioal whilh he ttfut to
In the fin art world Aodamy, Salogeudi. onua.
between ometnur andpr NeWton, Canton. 0ued The PatIer KoIn Sai-
set9oal ipinlog, .owt CenC idnt ndu ter- lem y ir loiai otefit N.
on contoenny hetwea tioon Sobeeeneun and Ocean Bfid. *I OQuu
modem and olnoalatl the Lord *nd Taylo Art Ridge. tlallry huen as
At^.Cingoops^aytonlf- Gallarn in Nsw Yohk tnlt2no nnntitfllp0m
d in fli n city "Cl e Sn nn among daily.
noond pflndhe of 1t roup kistnd by the M.
eps.c ahandd "trmhecher Copny The S. D. Cloughs
Mrs. Clitford Notw iao SHi heaen Ha- o t
Homo From Hosepital nLau-e, H MI. and M- Sheaan
shea he taughtll, w*at DCeluiC hea entaesnnfineln
Ms. Dorothy CHiftid olor alnd pn d ink their oleo. Mi Vkitoid
of 316 DeCade St.. D- echniqun, and he had JaIck. m ho sia I hoe
ay Beach. Bow hs con. tuoten studio a Soutih. gua t nt M he, home on
nlaenlo at home rollow- enpton Loeng liond. polo Drioe. GuoSttom.
in 10 day. at Sithedl AmanofflowilgPetry lth Jalckwn in the
Memorial Hupll, hher in ton shn he paint., daughter of MI. and Mh
*he s a puaomI pa- Koleon aito i knon tor WIneild Jackon of Win.
lient hia. Unny _emory of Mtka, lllnola.

0- -- 6

AnM iaolM s to "asor e.as. #Wg Coi yost pua ta.
Take an ordlnry back yard. Add a little Hiht--nd you've got a brand-new,
bne-awsept levni annI for the eveonin houot For family tokauot. For
enjoyable ntertailong. Now atik In a few electric muadom-type ntactonr
in you m o bedg-hnd you'w oet yountelf an ftleralrk waondttelnd. And
think of the camnwonie of an automatic on at- dual, off-adawn elctric
poatllfht that lo a wakelcome to fiends (a good nafety factor, too).



------------------ mi iim -iiiiiiim miiPrTT-'i

^ ^ Realtor's From The Publisher's Desk
.. .Delray Beach News-Journal I Roundtable Ratrsn_ .......F., .. e P s.... .... .
AJobH. P.r yNospop~o BJOBYNTON BEACH OCEAN RIDGE Rood.. 0p in 11o.1 I th.o .. to go y oohl0
Bo1d of olloo.' Vi0 Prldo o it. Ab lll ho 40 Iad Peon, 0 K po. .o* i I 0
B.o.t jO Com Booby .0d S, y -- 4p.4 hBo g.t bote.ab ppiy. AU 00.0d0
Program For Progress ITh--h-oooo-I3=Cb 0.v.la --,mb.----.-- i-e-"--a-.0fd
Wmd'S .hc] *^A-bg fofE doni imh-s.e oss|ls
,of;- d;o<. faommlannorsucha ,lm.411sisro, !:w^ M l fi^ ailt *"s,ls. & ^ as
7 A .ove fnd d lmL llat0i.0 Io0f0 .ap ll|. q liR4ld o Wons. rS kClub)ooso otoo 0.0 toh v m i o v h t lp Ikildinemf l
moo. 5i'. llSH. F:;,l.f2a *CiohO W.SI. h tS5rio. alda 1. -
oooooatko, 0t,.h CooodI Un o JO. f pr l P 10S0 0. Ol bIulW-n1 00 Z0, Is
2.BaotoololmtonoOAth a.inoA..enuoef aom tOLmaky. LohoWooh.BoMoe..ooud ooyo,01000, No W ud~o lh. l~laJd. + Wpay ne.er0 pl to.ofooaoa~o0~ooidm
3.P .lo OO otrattautusittoobus. Asce toain Vi 1,tlbong V Ng o g hl..fo' bd r .00.. fe o lo h. BoolhoOodh.g 1 t
4. A CpoaA lapssoioooort Pro o.s.. o0ld1, aith00.. unsound ofr/ho Wo...'sCo..oil .og oow ho a...d-oyol..tiolh00r a
Cho jA.h1 IJ F ir. TASoy omd.b d Woo. jao Southb R 5oM. I skl, oh "CopT0.."

cas BoynLon Pa-f How..SS^Si "T"E"., ^%.'S!i^
5o = .lo o.h.C .a dimn. wi Istal n laltion, sns, ut h pl" "0 0y3lhel 0 M 0rn P RpW= r s -W in .0 .0 Io p mmooI ay Jlrd Inlt lO.%

CU ioI0IP.Ii.oSo..nh.Otoo..ploodofpwotot'o,o ;So2t S l~l~....p~. lyonH OOODfftaOD.4000r.o.. a.- .0 100 00.. 40.1. oh.t~t ooato ho I.. pojd tolli. o0
q.... 0lopma.. s po01rlo I tinct oo.n,]Olhe hidu lo to .IPaa' IsalloatlprO On o Thad, p.11 .a 0
.... 7.2y md oo -I.1ao 0 aa h h.n rIe
Wino'. Ido i h. Balo lbW Bd s had 1asho.w Sso. doh. olowIslas. 10 to0 .
+ 7+ A WlelI... + atkp the qul.ty*cl 0` ".C. 'aar m sl i yu ll ---hed- "hlo"h P w"h**'
lll ,)ota ll ktod bill t adi o mm to1 Oh. ty a balolloac ?rt B Oruc buo r l ya
had Io. ca.dy hesa ..,. I. t .. J ?,;.1.,hi "*" c ..... .'
Ost l btotl / a 0 0 0 0 an d p kd w td tAu I ar the ,
= =,alllldopunwh I- lo m l hern -Blht.
Bak. Molelled drink muhs Of m i'Ihstock h
Boynton Pay-Off .... ttma 0 .Et.t,,. .t o ti"ot.hmt m .ll...... P 8 ol.... .h. tihoh.oa
--=tLd p'.'= ,lto hc d1met" In older~ to ncutor P. cnam tln4
Boynton Booth Cl Cooooojhoot. 10o .ooldhe 1. udl ndoo. ve 04 oo. 00to .oo~pomltytoquelo Mal~b m B,. Webalm oio o oopl hod tootlh... oo~m mal's WObhyoo
yo on.0 .0.01.0 1.0l 1 y. ot eoy .00.0 c oorosque~iw. 0100 Oh.. 00. w osay ao .ab h I of the That o Weo Heo' ma wol- yodltlon.andwhil

Ifyhwaohno 0sdt L. wh"Wl oth ow5urot of ji.- t 1ci-.1omp ololn.0o .ooahty Compyoo j 01 1 0 i hor. ..a u atn stooo sh
the .n fdoo0t00n Wl t c ouid kat hjo o 10 hoo oh w ootat0eoolo oUl he I Iao l lBotoayald rehle by 0/, ll.0 o y ofyza
TtOlplrmuespnh~ Th o aootm a l 00 ot y 104 00.hee Ohe dOdcllmlaftoohon~olkboobh.Olo--oo. 1MART TRAVELER. 00you ..m.wolthlo o p *0.d--0l
mtn Alonolt.MhA n.ttod h.1. olt. P lan I bo. tLt.l A o c!b or1 00 t ous, tohle0eonSy l. dt Sif ju0 hd0t o. sy, o 0h00 0 a. .010
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r.00 O ao u 1000 .f pooce dou.. y-pm Oh. deeoa dho0m0n0oe.pgalt Oh. w10 .000 lO 000 Inoao. Boo .d0to., the a tpo 0' 0100 th. do up luo l .
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ll.BIIIth. rlo M a i for tpnpkof ou. 1 f as lbaV In o=thflwMl]ulto..nlthy--

WII .. I. CB sljl .,l~ ol.B'l costt~ k~d~r i~dl byI da;! ', Va .& a
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Pop oyyht Illy n,--.O'O 00." to m0ol00k.00. 10.? boar..00. P- od lc ot d t o4itt o.dw alt!h -o oof
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00.!.- -og Orooh 'o o o-"bhus "... 00 -O ga. 00 w 0 I.,--- Al ,.. P ol ,.0.
wat.e000m oobo.. 110.. 000000 0000do.. to Pe.phi.w. 000.0. .0. .4.o;o1o 4.po. th10.00., hoododoof 0100.00.o
goftth.e10000 1amte"h.o1kln0pe" oerh.,t0.B. .o poop we 004. by th010 otholfP.4
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thoOOat d10000muh 400bouat Ill 000000 .10.Eyoolylo 0jy1071)N BA kCH -- OCEANU DODGE .0000tO0.hpolhe oloff00Po0.R.h thol00000oI~hddooodOt'.nheladwoo..
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'w ?.,,,,B-.'-d by^, "" suallSf2' al as do-ata n
To py ano. 5,.M. ou,, otc. Al o, t y. ol .. TANTAMOUNT TclME, W. C.to
"Bul ~ ~ ~ ~ Seoday lhmir. Land Coc =id ""I = l ~ S5"~~ya "'" nDOS
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___~ _L


Twint twoan rnuy bI i the wane, but there'
little aidew of it ltobiat ither pisp-iae.

TEETALK Delny Bach C aonty Clubhian's

hampia talp all ue act sats today.
itt.ll ttnd r ,eth h t ;

cism adde- J ti i ( natdwy a,
MeioweR) floust t tb.
Final stah wm l t ep layd Sundjy, April 25th
wlth tIpuh pad prio pnaten duian the
aot all hoeur Itt m pnni .
ROUND.TOWN EdaIu nd Mis tl%% in
Nusu elabalint their eaddi, iulnngl t

-0 t that Oais l P
isd Et water tpout at W at End y 24 ou.ao
County Club home IM ben boughl by the udiit
S. .C., MTal nit'sh.e owto.
Gleind Fsd d Tchtet lett Mday ftr their
Bald tnd ta sliM eatt at Fanehlia. This trip to
ul t gan hebadd tor Poapaa Phis taa.y
smlhot od totanat The M t wis the ht otl nlght
antdms aaor e bIey Mboew th tlowdonderfl
Am.ata as this sctdee "Wi a

-- +DEI KpSedSIow.!
Case" article hi Apitl Palm Heath UIt miaglae -
t rlysIppna'in theta.
WHIRIGIGtt awo aatacll pvltes at art
pgaise yattoeday. Hany Bankba sad Ctlsdonuo
ntlC *t EblMoa and Ted Slasued Cobwhb

wisp- a l. l ad sateronV o.
Nuaieaua gt-tonthetm eare nelsht this sakh.
Twa 1 i. gal Thue.day Hales sd Al
Acnbasu at the tsa Clubh Ihat and At
Micchseleat Delay BHah YTcht Clhb.
By the say, Itwi aad At nade (halr tiBt party
sgpeatgnoinetahalht Mtdind at Van ond Ed
sale gatnd-dau|htto whifi Cut ti and Frank Bird.
Ja. ant al weeks In Honolulu. Dulstl ad FPanb
k In Ah U ta oin UttFrddgY.
the Firt Natlail Buadk pldnrkl it sil be
twaheae to+ al eutuhle finwsa asint.
nursery ptduntM
Tsk tie. not ao atop snd gpe- uipfodag how
aundh hlgn. hemboau.
A ml mat i in son Stutday. the lat. A tou
of the twou tne, inms that spply te nation
with bhesutlul bloom. yaa hi. peae out. Tlhik B
la at* e t.m. Chebk ttle FiemiRg at th Cumber
ol C-mioam I,tmest detalk
MBERY-GO-ROUND a weeb ono ataday In
C I. That wa the SRtuWdy a Ctstsa pao i
nteasyntot (o1Ge C. sa, Jr.. Fani
HuttDWoath, Jim he1l r iadVial Chaisaplayed
tb3higa lteatatsn FId.-1s td upt.t
otatadtingnlchl. hmalt] to 4 t.
Maulgof is-"-s( ihi Bald. Fate an Ed
(c2in ed m W h Kit1ha hed toiag hi
Drl. 9,u"d. S L .. .B
Edid, tl ita sd Ui WMltney R lpptt
Ha utn Pegga de hiiyta t Sad Cinhia.
Joiany Anraur, Tui-y and Eltlis'a ow. was
ltChtl at Giden H AliTud nd Camtry Club a
Fund Bsbal Wadten, pnlttiasrh "ner, atMt
ial tor Mbowt aKted about ,ha ftndthcominl
lMad Ait. du in fivelaak.
Lumad Mhyb.hn Knhut ileCuo, masin
the (SB-aoun tuctd7 that the aMttusula tIotnely
Betwen the ultngsinanlut Golden Hilt. Ande-
my Ba that nihb.. houh at Theas Castao'
nfnitleant home Sunday, s ltt a Ite T Ippetll
dll witeh tl pa. l at at the aalr t db.- ed
Oathinos'tsltrishellbeintinw Detiy.

OVERHEARD "YM has to bel.s in.

VFW Auxiliary
Sets Election
Th. Autllhip tn VFW
Put 4141 walU lell otfl.
i1. imattln Waltslda.
Al 1, *t a pm. it Ib-,
Pisamtoaiteed the Cle-
Irn testingl April i at
Boynton eHtsh she sItn


(specis F.amiy



Woman's World

Society.. Clubs.. School
Dot Fraser, Editor

Mrs. Martin Schoppmeyer

Heads Boca AA UW Branch
BOCA BATON- -Mi. M r aond slo pnd. tbe ltln hatben WI.
Mliatn Schoppmysr sa dent of the SIte AAUW, thoutavisepacldeat.
hanMd pEti=at ot god Mn. Htameyw ae. Mhis Sim will i-
Boa atoneBrahAm aed delg a thot he riew tBe BI Baeth'
edn At nistina oOl tlual AAOW ainotebat appat to tsimela the
asl WSo at od Ieen Oreon June Find Childmna C
uatoi nmeelI i li t 21-24. n ali ad income ad
ash at the Hao Btow Itt w oisllB osi that adata las Pilda
HotltaUdCinb. the, |ttemins Fane.
Othroiletnelalectdedt ia n Unlvettil Wo.
tMt I Bll, MWt. ocn will et in Foarnven i .l
AoMld. fit slta. tlin at Bth1 l.. Amat.
dent: Mba, litnlg MEl. OnLthisyer.
hiomM. Mtaryl tnd Htlen Ktlrty views ed
Mn. Rope Kn, t sa. the Natlaom ali A moiin'sa
r. tpuppoalol oft m onsltui-d.
lemisapytosed tsa l nat -owat to agide

an." nluned b'y ilM The CrokersH oat
Ms. J. BalUd ina- Cocktail Party
m-aas.osndaml. Ma. and mh Datd
Cootlettes Set eid s a o tIn-M t-
Benefit Wednesday hawl, N.J.. Ilenda bha
winter in tIn -a. at
gophentei Colltle their "` hom in Pain
Clib t51 will hold ebhne. Matti.
fit itcnhnated party Enjoi.nlcoctkll ispdo
Wedieda, April 7. at to dlbM at the Carrdp
tih ettyq Ainaein t asnd Sl Palu BSach
lion Ham helginEl at ere Mr. ad Mn. R.
1Sa. oon Wenm Foatfty, Mr. asd
aienta as Mm. Er. MrfAlln Jh Ok. Cian d
nlst Dooy. Mn. Cheies Ma. Anden DCiln. ill1
HelloteildMs. tsHod winllr loarleot ao DC ampOy
Hunth. 'The will he Heath:bt si M,,, Fed
dou AI atsbleim t Ertelgh ad Me. and Mrs
tnHera H. Poate Jr. ot
the duthbaseltll hid., Pam as Beach "

Klt,. S-sas

N--._..--... a-&cu J

Peter Kolean's Spring Exhibit
Opens At Kolean Gallery Today
The isteut ollactn of
Peter iKolia pllaninlg
'ill bhe p at ia om *
nhibiltne t the at D i
Kulon, iaicr is oon

painlln ha t a.dh pa Hqed as
pRlntind s. ah oem n t l -

slaCTI aheo, snd hin .--.
worka treard nor athe
ieotot. Atr

tlog sbh will be s dit.
Pater Kolean'a i
well.-known to bull in the
Palm =Bch -a. At --
-ont show at the Wodth
Avn ion Ui eay. hst
ea scisisd s "lydr-
,ain Itn ds. r, dId
scas, snd patillhr, PETER KOLEAN aI work ma a -i6
eweiowass mode af is which .win he sees hi. Intet tttllcl
a'dakpnosM at atchins g liaslniae which Ba on view today
K.kinl.o is a s o
T-e iltyAmdaanA-. Is add tin i Pal-. detail nd aln
ntb.ato.e.alsd e BatcP
a betos ot the olio. teletil at the NtloIt etch he Int
beltentmasuraasdpta- Newtsn. Ceteta. Gtad Tim Poar1 Koi
istalostpahiugisal s .el Ccotat Gaiostem.. h.y loatied*t
iu mtiroatriy herra linna, &hmwn and V Conn HdA n
madearaod touotin the told sNd Taylia At Brde. lm alneuy 1
ad is. t ai Iinthe C Hs U; amas a ship.
sand p 4ri 1o rup by the M.
down hybO t MheOl aee. c.empoi n,' The S.D. CIc
Mrs.Clifford Now hbti. H has Hntm a- veHouse
Home From HoMpiltal :y' M,. gdMs.n
wbte hat Uiht oil. estr D.CIoulghe ante
-Mmh. Dorothy Clflord cola *nd een *nd Ink their nises. Mli.
of 315 DeC.is St., el. Iahniqsa. ad he hed a Jackn. who is
ay eath. non is as- nwr itudo it South- gatat at thee
valelita it haes fll. haspiaonntLigtBhhlo. Polo Dasiv.GuHS
itg 10 day at Botlbeda Amnoffllnlipotty Mil Jac-1
btiandall Hfpitln where in motion wwn heapainta daahler oe Mr. a
she was pmuonti Id. tiaw soe is hkeow lo Winfisld Jackion
tisnlt. hi unnnyo m mory otf .ita. Iinais.


ad Mi

oS Win0


a hose

is the
nd Mrn.
ot Win.


AIMdd rooms to air hol.ef WM C ou Ip Mue.
Tak an oediny beck yard. Add a little light-snd you'a ot a nband-new.
bhienapt vwing anra fhr the evaenti hour. For family ooouts For
enjoyable ntertlininl. Now stick in a few electric mudiroom.type sniectos
in your flow beds-ald you'w t youelf an iteldark wonderland. And
thik of the konienos an automatic o-at-dus, offlatdawn electric
potlight that tlown a wekonm to frise (a good fety factor, too).
F lwOR (aa n edct aPO W t& Itiig. LrIGH M eP A rs A.. naU... In
cFntoRD OerAor LEiiris1n.




0 1 t

___*__~I__ ____


_ ______~~II__ _ ~_1 U~ __



LOfa -tya R.. I-. M = -W C=N O1MC0 fo 1111AISO -~.. ~
REAL =0 AT IC. 11 =-0 PA ItO.. = DIMOSTS__m~- IC o100050 iSo a o

AMENAOTROC'Ij INI IN Lld20 -0'2.t ao.CCO'N N S ~ ...A.-DIP. o-

SA. Nt2z..,- REAL OTATE CC ooN 0.9"- 8.C13 CT ~
C1rn -dw bit -JUNTALS06 ~ ~ DCC S~, ST.00.-
WflzpR 9MCT COM 162 -C
___ REAL STATE ICC ~~~~~~~RACIL EfAIt 0V.IOS..~ CL C000 AI

~CNA .AIC t 50C C1lt A-
L~ O24AS 42 CTU U~ ,C ..s n ta.4 j= C00.0
REACEW~~~~~~~~~~~~~T bUN UaRFs Liau" a.-.o~- o~S~M-i ~t~~C
Ci-, nCo..yd tft,.a No=24o FIRM aw's ___t.A~sR .. Cn
004107* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ EDE a..& A Aods~g .tIA l. IAO ~t SSC 06 -g. 552 C O.It S A" =aC OLSCN

COOS.. ft.

hOC II. A t.9-.I '
VCC.C~,C .. t4CC*"" '35,0C0 LAKIEFROF D" 1`14 2001... 5 AtC C 5C

PitJMCCICC 801 s,.alIntOi
O PI. N I I o v s rE a0123 Ai ENCO rn~i rC E`BC* Cal. 2C t 2 r.,I R. MINtE O
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ su o=aN.d C~'. .Iia.d CR S E ATIO FERIN. SALA IR

ELEA P. OLIVER &,- 20.NSOCCO C.tTCaAtma~ Ca.ti,~s AS S PATIO SALCE ooaIN a N
IDICCII ~ W-k0d1 I=-t...... TA RSl COTMOM.CC

.0.ON uII~U- ~ N~N 42
CDPtFtot*.Cttl 0A~, -.t~t CCLUTIC YI INTRACOASTAL NCR~ f 4?40 ~ .MCI tI. d ~ .COtiCC

..C.C~.:~nC 506.0 P..COGblt (u -aC x003. ,CO -.C oM
OWNERCAO C10DtRN C id ICIC F. fSih. :W4-- Lm..O5CC tAO a~ ~t.I

LaeIdmCnI GEIDI.TNMlINEN R.M. N CL 'CI04 lto YN0O 20
WILL Youl sicA FILOUNDER hl'tnitCC~ an.d RCCIC... 250 CO .80S~ C 0000C00vo. AA a o
EX SEASON? Z1oattn*1.1n0inntit PhE.. HIM0 ~lO C .00*0PN

* AC~iCCq Cd th. ..~tad flhO.t -mlnt 833,51114 PATIO PUSH. REWIRED WHITE AUTOMATIC tOCI-Ci lt
Z~t .0 fitA CotU CC 'uddt~t.Cay E.Ad. EllA FOR SALE mumm I~O C..- CaO C C01awttt0C 53_~C CH4ANGING
Cloy d isntt. ...~t d.,ittbk RRtt)CC- SCHOO0LS
I~t N ON. If IC tolA pthol lIn= t6ttACCCJLtC'tSSC C us.. WStPATIO MART NCM~~~C 08 E2 ~l CAM f sSCGCCCC8OC
phM. 276.7046 -A A NN4. so wao.5 811208 N 40CA C
riol~nC, A 2 hbdtoon I bath CpdtINC fel~y nW h-s. 1113,0011 IN1050 0-C 0 R .lonC s *i8
lIat=l . CC 10 "~.I Clo ia doiihtlui 31000 .tU r ..n vm raw(*;: AANM NEW 7~ ~~a
b2ild50 Th. 20i0 zm= ..8 FORD51 CO L C
C.,t~t.aC S1,8t00CO I., IOB I." MENA 27C.4A 105 V14=1 4"i 00wM. ..*5 ~.o~t2 RC
-2.E 1611y ft.E LIS it276 a 03. MM41 O

IN- COS ICC ME ? CttoUANIC. 00C St O.. o00
ACALA*0ol.A...NA~n275.3C13 SI IN LAKE IDA ~ AS20MCC .0CItAtS150
G3LddA Dw7-33AREA E HLAHMCOC ~ 58.200 AtttAOi stOAl N4C CC ~tA

EXCLUSIVE hITIG swi H 1110TA1, CATS MR MALE avt'Mv waI "O:
IN 1 m I mC.L0C.CAO
61 NERE~~~~SPACE on O~lC AS15 At~5a Aa.
MA. CC~ooA Waiot .d 18.t Co. t18 NCCA520RISPACON -
tC ~ ~ ~ ~ GRnULYlMAn 61=.N'~b, aCnC.ACa.- ...Ot latIt~
ann~~aA6-276 t016 Miii ISEC N ENNC NVl - -O~tCCCF Ut



T W O AC C 5R O M 0 1 0 S O N I NCC A C M A ST A C R A W &I~ A y o n i o o o ti b t H C CC & O M I 2 0 W 4 u m5 ~

N A ...... AADENA00R.M0..
tloI..AI~hA.. .6.~noa RA.70Cno 0* 0-753 .CCY 6440 CNEWC
tO~iaC~lCC~io~~to~ti~CC~lII * t M ~ ~ j Cto.ona~o. C~o.OCC.FIN".


Tot] 53 9 55 I9 to 1953 Incliain C5
59 5,15 k.k 7 3-3 .- 35 1 5


no iasta 2s5a c
TOTA 3012

Peace Corps Pair At FAU
Th Anditd hio Corp o.orkr. w osI ln Tl e t9 o yun0 -epb 1nd c i re Indlna a Mor.
been i of Florssid. iLi59nt t k t9hom I0 di.wotd the pr1b99 of c..ll.ndwayofriioiilbt9o
Atin-9 lolso y Ind Uhe 5t . while hi pp o0hor- 5n59o5etu59ohhlphi.
I9 -.5r595la Iu Ar. -orklno Ih U, 519.5 t.t, IW9 n t hos o
hi Unl 0t0d 9tl9- I .d S.1 di59 oni5 d e95.9 ban.. IO5 to I9e .ity btlhen.

success story: '65 Mercury
II ---

. Itt mcn t towlnl deF .an ( 11 Ai I d-
oUds up I o )'A 9 ): hl'l dtkplh l s woisooi

9*,905 .n0i5"<9 5 5 .9059.9 1 now In the Uncoln Continental tradition

I----------------- I
I1 1 .............. .............................

l"A .... .. ... ................
*R .................. W AS ...................



I mhUhag.t-11
I urS.,....R.,



p -- ----- h 2 4 plu5
Spans afors d mIvor...

s4 N. 4th AV oIMa

Boynton Plans

Marble Tourney

, *... .5. ,.,99 ..I pK. 4
fT -tT* ViRYliUiitAnkMl

99.5. ,..W Iti,3<.. ... I 7|,9 i l.. 9 .9

95.5999035.0. 109 i9. z 12'."'
la iBI. tdio ol ll 4 l,9uan a i0 16.
+ly. dim . l 3.0 'lib lo n

r4 X( AVL rRo -nrUM

54 N.. 4th AVI.

^*~ k m ir^i-^~~
44 R W RR4M4. -- 'tt~S'



Jose Ferrer Shines

In Coppelia Ballet
The Royal Pondaa the Hungandannt.
PlaybiJ pMnted -im elective was lh.
Fank J. Halt Aademy J nilhln Dr. Coppe.
Royal. Theatre in np,. lba' doll lahoIatory,
ain with bhe Floid whe the movem..a nt of
Ar CouncilInthenlu- the danInn c1- nowyed
Unl Petana n.l It.he *umahollyn,althMynt
Fllida An, Ftlll. clmonlnally about their
RacrntJneaFrnnin he pan;.. Outcadndln w
iatlnd ball "Coppelia." the aidler dollt, danced
ir. f cnc mid. won-a by VBion nunlntJ GaI
denitl Dr. CoppltuBdnl KomLNr. Ra.M K.ondar.
naker extnardinade. Ano. .ll dar. Menllon
Sanhllda. Claudia Ca. mu.t alo go o thel orien-
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and la n balaondilnul wilhult appatnlly b -
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dalne. itiradi"n in and ehibitl a Ionndetll
bat anla aa Dnlgttta n s andla white aba danana
Eln Ellin. bn l2 hap- uni.th onal ena. dnanla
plity rehc end in hera alolan wi ho hern n. .

Edb KLroll -h- _". 11 Match lur
dtnaic Sta i An "A.naa 1e ahci deliriaabtk.B
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ittlly. a",nda iap it a Al Ann Klnntand.
citlwhon nila onidm- na anal hahe planad Inn bRa
aird boa i ntla it Cbaonab ybayn dannTo
yno In atob hnhen bld an ebhibil a danntion In beill
danin. Ea I m onneat an. m aol b.n the nah
lingaana lt.p aperan.- phonmnl whe ita Inn
ad by Kaly B tans, a acting I n h.

Ask Storage Facility
BOYNiTON REACH atn ton dennll thlb
Thl -me ann coa. building and nla thel
ntt ill aak tlhe Inw l inty a parking Ill tol
anncnil innitba In pnnllarily dbedownaena.
another aloara fantlity City rlanaer, T
Inthe lib. aationn depat. ain pnointd an It thelb.
peant wan t ol d Bah. 1%ntle than baa tillt
Iabrd Celub un Otenan oa a e atoo nead olni a
Ananae Ia for eeald I .nto. l ln cu I In l anai
a r. p n d Mnrln H, t hall ml.e Nllb* 2 n ln1.

Hananala Ilnl naP nPat bib. d0tSannate Dr ab.

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A.u.k tIll.....ad l ot l .na Ie Itay cntden d
"R:atnla nana n airect In aoptnnahlb.dnan lb.l~k
anay Inn lb. "- ani.+ pnpI y an a ano a tnt.
n~Ily 11 antna ,anblth 6 pantia A anue, nn
.blnin It., i tn, t Tha nmatta .
inr te ce r, inea "" r prkn Iot
ikigIn storage on sp ly he iatd.ne, t 1
A panpnat baa ben o nnaity"aoea.

Cerlificates Of Meril
The Civin Benificatonl. Cninettta wIh the. an.
aattntn a e Delray eaah Gatran Club.
awarded C.III_ ten hlnlt a1on lbe Inllnand
htnnen. farrwinltl-akpt lndao"d gaonads:
Mr, and hln H. Fill. Dibly. 4 N.E. Eilhith
.d anMm i.n P. atchn, 1014 Sat, Ddcna.
bin gt Dwtyeraon a 34 a BRaly Cain and
TIna ta tab tp b.- F'oEnn DinlCb. Bitty
anodn t 3Wofinn' Golt Sta.lin and Marea Buitta
Anaaliatlnn Even.Hnlt annd In nba saand
Tncaan flt at bah Dat- "ihb.
Saa alach aounl atr Cin tat Conti,
Sraahd band whrda ialts. biatals Ratia.
Diaa hlripann dna9 and hiadon Dna, La
Inn I ntnd In thl C laa A Itigh ai L a eita W itnldmn
aNtoinaltEaon and bam Fana, a atnd
en Cina ,Ino Cakb na6h.
airnd a lD tan tint plta. Thilba wetoaunamat
_nntan a tldat a Cy LlCeantl CZ u
haimn Aih wnne and Club btaMnas ai Ao n
Halen HIralb boho clar ion a a "ha, 9
hom` I 4bn a. hatnanna.nTb. wino
An RD by Vat btanala IIICaA Adlaidn
nwinat ann ntbaday. Dinr lahbtll, a 26. tn1.
TL.Hina-hnAniJ Da.I lonad by Anan blay aa
any Rach Cn1ntr Club yRD. In Clan H. ab.
platydnlb. aalenata tinent anna. na Edith
han a Nn t hunit t nana! R..tlh nH w it h a a dt 25
attnat Thufalday. -nanad ho Ulittn HSONI.
iha Plight innadna. nantz.

All 01:
11, U111:10

.. ZI-r-olyl.r.


PAUL'S -0-L,

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AA AM 3011011


IRS T.11


1011 L& BIT

bu*~Vdu.hRnqu -~-naaa --

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PARR2 a~

CYPRESS Mnahaatn
CREEK Aaaaat
ElatkCoft, ..S4.U
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Maliw PAWa
NI~a~24I8 r-3176

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96 S. .th An.


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2201 IlL L2AVI.




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maEy WENN?



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