Panama Canal Museum Review


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Panama Canal Museum Review
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Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
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Seminole, Fla.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

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Panama Canal Museum
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

Record Information

Source Institution:
Panama Canal Museum
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 660020455
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* American Association of
* American Association for
State and Local History
* Dun & Bradstreet

* BuyforCharity.com

* Canal Zone Study Group

* Council of American
Maritime Museums
* Florida Association of
* Guidestar.com

* Isthmian Collectors Club
* Leave a Legacy Program

* Panama Canal Society, Inc.

* Panama National Institute
for Culture
* Sociedad de Amigos del
Museo Afro Antilleano de
* St Petersburg Chamber of
* World Ocean Observatory

Donor, Griff McCellan, is flanked by museum trustees Paul
Glassburn, Pat Kearns, Bob Zumbado and Museum President
Joe Wood. All are classmates from Balboa High School Class of

The museum is pleased to
announce the receipt of a
$25,000 donation from Griffin
McClellan, a former resident of
the Canal Zone and a long-time
member of the Panama Canal
Museum and the Panama Canal
"Griff," as he is known by
his friends, left the Canal Zone as
a youngster in the 8' grade in
Balboa Junior High School when
his parents relocated to the
United States and has always
cherished the time he spent there
while growing up. Several years
ago, he "reconnected" with
former classmates from what
would have been his BHS class of
1955 and began attending their
class reunions. He soon found

out that several of his
classmates, Paul Glassburn,
Reggie Hayden, Chuck
Hummer, Pat Steiner Kearns,
Joe Wood and Bob Zumbado,
were heavily involved in the
Panama Canal Museum's efforts
to preserve the history of the
American Era in Panama. He
was also pleased to learn that his
old friend, Lew Taber, CHS '56,
was part of the founding group
of the museum.
Griffs gift to the museum
represents his deep appreciation
for the hard work and
dedication of everyone involved
in this important undertaking
and for their role in helping to
bring back wonderful memories
of his youth. In making his gift,

Griff wrote: "The folks who
conceived of and brought to
fruition this wonderful idea to
preserve the history of the
American Era in the Canal
Zone through the museum
are owed a great debt of
gratitude. I can only imagine
the hurdles and frustrations
with which they dealt along
the way to give us what we
have today. It is a great
achievement. However, the
work continues as the
museum grows.
"My thanks to all of you
who have worked so hard.
Without diminishing any
individual's contribution, I do
wish to underline the efforts
of so many of my fellow
classmates from BHS 1955. As
much remains before us, I
hope all associated with the
place we called home will
support the museum through
volunteer work or donations
of display material or money.
As far as the last, dollar
amounts are not nearly as
important as an increasing
member and donor base."
The McClellan family
has a long and interesting
history in Panama and the
Canal Zone. Griffs
grandfather on his father's
side went to Panama in 1928
to log mahogany and was
initially quite successful. The
family followed shortly
thereafter and Griffs father,
(Continued on page 4)


The Silent Auction proved to be
another crowd pleaser at the 2006
Panama Canal Museum exhibit at the
Society's annual reunion in Orlando.
The auction brought in over $7,000 this
year compared to $4,841 last year. So
the trend in revenue bears out the
increasing popularity of the event.
This year's silent auction was
another fun-filled chapter in a story of
success. The support of the numerous
donors was magnificent. As the auction
unfolded, onlookers and bidders
enjoyed the exciting anticipation of the
close of bidding on Saturday evening.
Marguerite Zumbado and Gerry
DeTore co-chaired the auction this
The auction table was a potpourri
of color and atmosphere filled with your
generous donations. Included in the
array of items available to bidders were
molas donated by Rebecca Green and
necklaces contributed by Kathleen
Steiner Bennett which were the product
of her own creativity.
Other items included a Canal Zone
Photo Collage in which Tula Brown
added her interesting special effects to
photos by T.A. Stepp, gift certificates by
Air Tran Airways, Resort vacations by
Condor Outfitters, Panama Vacation
Quarters by Bob Medinger, Inter
Continental Playa Bonita Resort & Spa
by Bern Hotels & Resorts Panama, One

Frank Leves studies the wide assortment of items on the Silent Auction table in the
Panama Canal Museum Exhibit Room.

day fishing aboard the Molokai from
Tim Kirkby, Leo Critides, & Joe
Chamberlain, Restaurant certificates,
memorabilia from Panama, all of these
and many more items (168 in all) have
brought fun and support for your
Future successes can only be
guaranteed by your continued
donations and support for which we
thank you in advance.
In closing, the final rush right
before the auction closes looked like the

Old West, all but the gunfights. In
spite of a coterie of eight auction
monitors, some popular items brought
intense last minute bidding right up to
the closing bell. President Wood said
that next year he may have to call on
the BHS/CHS JRROTC retirees to keep
order during the last minute rush. In
keeping with that plan, ROTC retirees
are requested to try on their old
uniforms and have them altered if

Donor Item Top Bidder High Bid
Bob Medinger Panama Vacation Quarters Eddy Coy $600
1 week visit
Condor Outfitters Condor Outfitters Resort Package Isaac Hay .$590
Lori Stevenson Snow 3 nights at Amador Country Inn
2 nights at Coronado Resort
2 nights at Coronado Resort
Tim & Peggy Kirkby, Leo Critides Fishing Panama Bay; Paul Glassburn $500
Joe Chamberlain one-day Fishing Panama Bay
Air Tran Airways Round trip Air Tran Airways Ticket Lori Stevenson Snow $425
Tad Hutcheson
VP Marketing & Sales

___ fpr f _
SPage 3 H Z .. SI N..:' TH GI F S....TOREP.i m aal .Miew
PH .ON .;.:. :.YS !,;. .. -' "..N',"" IN TH.E*'. G IFT;-R


Darien and Marcy Corrigan are shown
here in the museum's store admiring a
couple of our many items that make
holiday shopping so easy for those who
shop at our store. Darien on the left is
partial to the light blue "Land Divided,
World United" Glory Be Bear, and her
mother is showing the 2006 Panama
Canal Museum Tivoli Hotel collectible
ornament. Marcy says, "Every year we
have bought the museum's ornament
and always look forward to seeing what
the new one will feature. We love
hanging the ornaments on our tree,
and we plan to give the whole
collection to Darien someday." Notice
hanging on the screen behind Darien
and Marcy are the new "Panama Canal
Zone: Adventure of a Lifetime" license
plate and the museum's beautiful 2007
full-color Panama Art calendar
featuring 14 outstanding Panama Canal
artists' art work.
Darien, an eighth grader at Largo
Middle School, was volunteering at the
museum the day this picture was
taken. A member of the Junior
National Honor Society, she is required
to perform volunteer work and has
chosen the Panama Canal Museum as a

place where she can
fulfill this volunteer
requirement. Her dad, I
David, is a third
generation Zonian, the
son of Carol Morland
Mead and Larry
Marcy says good-
naturedly that she has
been told she is a
"phony zonie."
Although she has never
lived in Panama, she
was one of the first
people to volunteer at
the museum and
continued to volunteer
for many years. "I just
think it's so important | \
to preserve David's and
heritage." Recently, the
museum hired Marcy to provide part-
time clerical assistance.
We are so pleased to have the added
help that Darien's volunteer
requirement and Marcy's recent
hiring have provided the museum. If
you do your holiday shopping via



mail or the museum's website shop,
Darien and Marcy may be the ones
who will fill your order!

Buy for (4a
If you buy on the Internet from Buy for
Charity, the Museum gets a donation.

Treasurer Paul Glassburn shows off new acquisition of an English
O N mortar bomb recovered off Fort San Lorenzo in Panama. In 1740, during
the Spanish Era in Panama, Admiral Edward Vernon, commanding a British
I Navy Fleet, attacked Fort San Lorenzo. The British used large, high
trajectory mortars (short-barreled cannons) to lob exploding shells such as
this one, over the walls and into the fort. The British gunner would set the
mortar barrel's elevation angle to clear the fort walls. The gunner would
then cut the shell's fuse to an appropriate length to ensure that the shell
would explode inside the fort about the time of impact.
This particular shell was fired at too low an angle. Apparently the shell
struck the fort wall, and then bounced or rolled into the water below,
extinguishing the fuse. The shell lay dormant in 40 feet of water until 1970,
when Mr. Chris Edwards of Ventura, California, found it embedded in coral
in the waters below Fort San Lorenzo's walls. Chris was stationed at the
Coco Solo U.S. Naval Base in Panama. While diving around the fort for
lobster, he often found old bottles and smaller, conventional, cannon balls.
Chris retrieved this particular treasure and kept it among his belongings
until 2005 when he generously donated it to the Panama Canal Museum.


Dear Loyal Museum Members,

As you read this issue of the Museum's Review, I hope that you can take just a moment -
to reflect on what goes into making this publication the informative and interesting read
that it is for our members. Chuck Hummer, our highly esteemed President Emeritus, "
spends countless hours writing, editing and formatting the content, while many other of
the museum's trustees and volunteers prepare articles and other copy as well. The
remarkable aspect of this is that Chuck is suffering from the debilitating effects of ALS,
or "Lou Gehrig's" disease and it is a laborious and time-consuming task for him to
undertake. But Chuck and our other volunteers do it willingly and enthusiastically and,
in the process, reflect the same indomitable spirit and attitude of the very Canal
Construction day workers who toiled under the hot tropical sun to bring us one of the
world's greatest engineering marvels the Panama Canal. They love what they are doing
and feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are helping to preserve our heritage and the proud history of the
American Era in Panama.

As you read the article elsewhere in this issue about Griffin McClellan and his generous donation of $25,000 to the museum, you
may be struck by his sense of humility in deflecting any credit from himself and giving it, instead, to the many volunteers who have
helped create and operate the museum. They are, he says, "...owed a great debt of gratitude," and he hopes that "...all who were
associated with the place we call home will support the museum through volunteer work or donations of display material or money.
As far as the last, dollar amounts are not nearly as important as an increasing member and donor base." We couldn't agree more!

The many events, exhibits and activities described in this issue point out how much we have done and how far we have
come in the eight short years of the museum's existence. There is much more to do and we welcome any and all who would choose
to volunteer to work with us as we continue our incredible journey. You have already shown your support by being a member, and
we thank you for that but if you have any special skills or talents to contribute (in addition to your continuing financial support)
we would love to hear from you.

Joe Wood

(Continued from page 1)
after spending a year away in Lehigh
University, returned to Panama to work
in the woods for the summer of 1929;
however, the depression soon wiped out
the logging business and ended his
college career. Having some experience
in operating a bulldozer in the woods, he
worked in Madden Dam during the
several years of its construction. He then
became a policeman in the Canal Zone
and later transferred to the Accounting
Department, where he worked until
moving to the States in 1951.
On his mother's side, Griffs

grandfather, Harold Sutherland, who
was unemployed in Detroit during the
depression, heard about a job opening in
the Instrument Repair Shop in the Canal
Zone and went to work there in 1931.
The family followed shortly thereafter
and his mother, Mary Jane, graduated
from Balboa High School in 1934. After
his mother and father married, they
moved to the Atlantic Side and Griff and
his sister, Kaye (McClellan) MacDonald,
were born in Colon. Through his
mother's side of the family, Griff and his
sister are cousins to Owen and Janet
Sutherland, with whom he has stayed in

touch all these years, and whose
grandfather, Gilbert Owen, and great-
grandfather Brady Owen, were Roosevelt
Medal Recipients. Griffs mother worked
for the Army during WWII, also the
Navy for a short time and then did much
volunteer work in the Canal Zone. She
now lives with her daughter, Kaye, and
husband, Jack, in Punta Gorda, Florida.
Griff fondly recalls his time
growing up on the Atlantic Side and the
lasting friendships he and his parents had
with Jack and Millie Sutherland and his
cousins, Owen and Janet; Tyke and Edie
(Continued on page 5)

46 m. Revie W.'

Pa .. T, -, ,a .

Al was born in Panama City, Panama, at Santo Tomas Hospital, in 1936. At that time, his
father, Alfredo Lombana, had already worked in the Canal Zone for seventeen (17) years.
Alfredo would go on to work 34 more years prior to retiring in 1960. Al lived in Panama
City, Pedro Miguel, Ancon and Balboa during his twenty-two years in the Isthmus. He
attended Ancon Elementary, Balboa Junior High School and graduated from Balboa High
School in 1954.
Upon high school graduation, he enrolled at the Canal Zone Junior College for the sole
purpose of playing baseball, which he did. However, upon completion of the baseball
season, he attended no more classes at CZJC during the remaining 2 months, and his GPA
suffered tremendously. At the time, that was no problem for Al because he knew, "he'd '
never set foot in a classroom again." Instead, Al applied for and was accepted into the
Canal Zone Apprenticeship Program (Powerhouse Operator) which he completed in July
Because as a Panamanian citizen he didn't "qualify" to work as a Powerhouse Operator
journeyman in the Power Branch, he left the Zone on 9/11/58 and spent two and a half
wonderful months living with Joe Wood, his Mom and two sisters in Gainesville until he was inducted into the US Army in
December '58. Upon his honorable discharge in December '60, he worked in the Parks & Recreation Department, Pinellas County
where his boss was a Zonian, Larry Siegel. That employment was short-lived when in October '59 his St. Petersburg, Florida, based
reserve unit was called into active duty due to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Upon completion of this one year tour of duty in Ft. Eustis,
Virginia., Al returned to St. Petersburg. By then, Al had reconsidered his dumb, immature "he'd never set foot in a classroom again"
slogan, and he enrolled at the St. Petersburg Junior College. Upon completion, he went to the relatively new University of South
Florida in Tampa and then on to graduate studies (MS & PhD) at the Florida State University.
Al met and married Judy Stephensen while in grad school; they had two special blessings in the form of David and Andy, their sons.
During his working career, Al worked in the State University System in Florida, the Division of Community Colleges, the
Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services, the St Vincent's Health System and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.
Al now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where his two sons also live, and additionally blessed with two grandchildren, Daniel (9) and
Emily (2).
Al says, "My recent involvement with the Panama Canal Museum has been a God-send. It has allowed me to retouch base with
many Zonian friends from way back, to get involved in the great cause of assisting in the perpetuation of the history and way of life
in the Canal Zone during the American era, and to do this through educational programming efforts targeted to a variety of
audiences including schools, students, researchers and other interested parties."

Cotton and their sons, Larry and Lee seven grandchildren, moved recently
(CHS 55); Charley and Margaret Hardy from New Jersey to Vero Beach, Florida.
and their son, Chuck (BHS '55) and Jim They are avid Duplicate Bridge players
and Mary Selby and their son, Jim (BHS and Griff keeps fit with regular exercise
'56). and biking, logging at least 4000 miles in
In 1959, Griff graduated from each of the last ten years.
Harvard and enjoyed a long career in Of his family history, Griff says,
commercial banking until his retirement. "Each of us has an interesting story to tell t- -.
He spent 12 years at Morgan Guaranty in about arrival in the Canal Zone where we
New York and subsequently was so enjoyed growing up and making B
president of two banks in New Jersey, lasting friendships. As is true of many," ,-, .
both of which have long since been our families have examples of folks -. -
merged out of existence. He and his wife taking responsibility for their lives and '
Linda, who have been married for 46 families. Would that there was more of eln with Chuck Hummer
years and have fourGriff McClellan with Chuck Hummer
years and have four married children and this today." | B Z .bd

e special recognition to all donors who have completed at least one transit on the

*Griffin McClellan, lIl-Cristobal Yacht Club

Leo Ktrzia-6uaillard Cut

loth Transit
FranK Vl. Leves- Pedro Miguel LocKs
tate of Anna R-uth Werkheiser-5Bridge of the Amr i n

Sth Transit
Katherine E. Egolf- Cristobal Harbor
Lucille Abernathy-Amador Causeway "
7.: Anonymous-Amador causeway
Tames MacLaren- Amador Causeway

("th Transit
robert f& Marguerite Zumbado-Amador Causewal

5th Transit
6-race Tones Carey--Gatun LocKs
Lesley M..itz.nberger-Pedro Miguel Locks

4th Transit
William &f Virginia Ljons-6Gatun Lae
Dollar Club-6&atun LaKe
l Isthmian Collectors Club-Barro Colorado Island NI
S C. B. Fenton & Co., .A-Miraflores Late
Albert fir Tane Nahmad-Miraflores Late

3rd Transit
ir& ever (BoyetI) Hayden- Cristobal Yacht
James C. CooK-Miraflores Late
Surtis Fitzgerald-Amador Causeway

Znd Transit

.. E. Dorn &r Doll Thomas- Atlantic Breatwater
Lewis &i Sandra Taber- Atlantic BreaKiwater
Carol Ruoff 6oulet- Gatun Locks
FRichard ir Tulieta Morgan- Gatun Locks
Zelma R. Treadwell- Giatun LocKs
Paul D. 6qlassburn- Gamboa
Charles fr $andra Hummer- Gamboa
:ooe fr Beverly Bowman Wood- Gamboa
Charles fir Mayine Keenan- Miraflores LaKe
Capt. William fir Connie Dawson- Miraflores Late
William E. LeBrun- Miraflores Lake
John fr Tudith EngelKe Montanaro- Miraflores Late
Carol F. Meyer- Miraflores Locks
R-. Alera Davidson- Miraflores Locks
IHobey fir Lisa Fichey, MD- Miraflores LocKs
Sob Fedfield fir Carolyn Merry- Bridge of Americas
Fichard fr Bette Swearingen- Bridge of the Americas
Peg Milliten- Bridge of the Americas
Olive L. Unruh- Balboa Yacht Club
Blanche A. Browne- Balboa Yacht Club
Marian Smith Kariger- Balboa Yacht Club
Thomas FR. 6oethals- Balboa Yacht Club
Class of 1154 Balboa/Cristobal High Schools- Amador Causeway
Alan F.. Ford- Amador Causeway
.Robert fir Colleen Mate- Pacific Anchorage
S eA, 6Eplorer Post 21 Balboa, Canal Lone- Pacific Anchorage
Edward fr Geraldine Corbett- Pacific Anchorage
SGrover Matheney- Pacific Anchorage
Steve &r Mary Clement Vaughn- Pacific Anchorage
David fir Elizabeth Sane Hilliard- Pacific Anchorage
wdvard K. Wilburn- Pacific Anchorage
Fobert 3. Roy, Sr.- Pacific Anchorage
Sohn K. Brayton- Pacific Anchorage
William McKeown, Tr.- Pacific Anchorage

Paradise Lost

The dreams of one man
Fulfilled by another
A Paradise found
But lost to each other
A perfect Endeavour
Of man's great might
To create a great bridge
For two oceans to unite
From ocean to ocean
Of two leagues and ten
This bridge made a path
A miracle with no end

In uniting the world
And defeating the seas wrath
This "Ditch" as we call it
Forged a great path
While in the making
A society emerged
A unique and great people
Of each of us, Love surged
Brothers and sisters
Unknown till too late
A bond which we had formed
Was all lost to our fate
And all that we are
No other will know
Our glimmering star
Will no longer glow
Memories are dimming
As one we will travel, alone
To Paradise Lost,
The Panama Canal Zone.
See you in the next life, at
Alfred E. Cooper aka: Al Cooper



Travel with the

Panama Canal


Montego Bay. Cartagena. Puntarenas. Acapulco. And, of course, a transit of the
Panama Canal! These are a few of the ports cruisers on the 2008 Panama Canal
Museum fundraiser cruise will experience as they depart from Fort Lauderdale on
April 13, 2008, on a 16-day cruise to San Francisco on Celebrity's Infinity. June
Barlow Riesz will again be heading up Carlson Wagonlit Travel's sponsorship of this
cruise and invites all our cruising enthusiasts to join her on this fabulous trip. Sixteen
cabins in our group had already been reserved by the end of September so it's not too
early to sign on! Call 888-652-1365 for more information and to reserve a cabin.
You don't want to wait over a year before your next cruise? Then call 888-652-
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Panama. Other ports in Jamaica, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Honduras promise to
make this museum fundraising cruise a memorable one that you won't want to miss!
Would you rather fly and tour than cruise? Condor Outfitters (800-783-8847)
will plan packages for museum members with as few or as many fellow travelers who
want to travel. The possibilities include a Highlights of Argentina Tour on November
13-26, 2007; Museum Package to Panama in the Fall of 2007; and a Peru Trip in 2007
that will travel to Machu Picchu, Lima, and Cuzco. All current members of the
Panama Canal Museum are entitled to a $25 credit on trips over $500 and $50 over
$1000 on custom designed packages for their specific travel plans world wide. This
credit applies to land packages only

Below: A recent skyline photograph of Panama City

News Flash!

We have just been informed by Carlson Wagonlit Travel
that Celebrity has raised the price slightly on our April
2008 fundraiser cruise on the Celebrity Infinity from Fort
Lauderdale to San Francisco through the Panama Canal. If
you would like to join us on that cruise, June Barlow
Riesz and Arvid Olson suggest that you make your
reservation right away in order to lock in the current price
and avoid any possible future increases.

L is hah. h


On September 29 and 30, 2006, the
museum's Board of Trustees met at
the beautiful Shingle Creek Resort
Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Shingle
Creek is the destination for the
Panama Canal Society Reunion next
year and the board got a first-hand
glimpse of the hotel's many amenities.
Election of Officers- As a primary
order of business, the board re-elected
its current officers, President Joe
Wood, Vice President Pat Kearns,
Executive Vice President Kathy
Egolf, Treasurer Paul Glassburn
and Secretary Barbara Peterson, for
another term and ratified the
appointment of Elizabeth Neily as
Assistant Museum Director.

Investment Portfolio- Among many
actions taken during the meeting, the
board approved the establishment of a
diversified investment portfolio to
maximize growth of over $100,000 of
its reserve funds. The goal is to
increase the reserves by employing
sound investment strategies and by
adding new funds over a period of
time in order to finance the
permanent relocation of the museum
as it continues to grow. The portfolio
was recommended by Certified
Financial Planner Fred Bremer, who
has agreed to assist the museum in its
financial planning. Bremer also
briefed the board on the intricacies of
charitable giving and its tax-related
implications, and offered to provide
information to anyone who is
interested in making charitable
donations to reduce tax obligations or
even receive an annuity, too.

Fundraising Training- The board
also heard an interesting and thought-
provoking presentation on fund-
raising given by Herman Trappman,

park ranger/environmental
educator with the City of St.
Petersburg. Trappman provided board
members with a number of proven
ideas, tips and suggestions that are
being used by successful fund-raisers
and made recommendations for
several museum fund-raising

New Trustee- New board member
Shawn Rupp was welcomed to his
first board meeting and accepted the
appointment as Chairman, Buildings
and Facilities Committee. Rupp
recently negotiated a new three-year
space lease and saved several thousand
dollars for the museum with his astute
negotiating skills.

Strategic Plan- The board reviewed
its Continuous Compliance Strategic
Plan and noted that the plan calls for
the appointment of an Executive
Director in 2007. A committee was
appointed to develop the criterion for
that position and to begin the process
of recruiting a museum director.

Educational Programming
Committee- Dr. Al Lombana, Chair
of the museum's Educational
Programming Committee, presented
his report on initiatives to be taken to
increase educational outreach and
awareness in the community and in
Florida schools, with the purpose of
helping those groups learn more about
the history of the United States'
participation in the Panama Canal.

Family History Program- The board
approved further study and analysis
regarding the creation of a Family
History Program, whereby museum
members will be given an opportunity
to submit their Canal Zone and

Panama histories for publication in a
special book. Further information will
be forthcoming as the project's details
firm up.

Dues Increase- At its meeting in July
the museum's Board of Trustees voted
to raise the museum's annual dues to
$26. The small increase will not only
help the museum in carrying out its
mission, but also enable members to
move more quickly from one landmark
to another on our Wall of Honor.
Membership benefits include name
posted on the Wall of Honor, museum
newsletter, travel and vacation
discounts, unlimited free museum
visits, special discounts in museum
store, an annual membership card, and
satisfaction in supporting the only
museum in the world dedicated to
preserving the American Era of the
Panama Canal.

Other Activities- In other actions, the
board reviewed plans for developing
an exhibit, in collaboration with the
Panama Canal Society, to help
commemorate the Society's 75th
Anniversary at next year's reunion. It
also approved several new products
for the gift store; approved the 2008
museum cruise and Panama air/land
trip; and discussed the upcoming
Potluck Lunch scheduled for January
20, 2007, at the museum, with former
Panama Canal Commission
Chairman, Bob McMillan, as its guest


Nearly nine years ago, Joe Wood,
Betty LeDoux and I chartered what
would become the Panama Canal
Museum. We followed the lead of Kibby
Bouche who had tried to get a museum
started almost twenty years ago.
We have come a long ways and
gathered some fine volunteers and
beneficiaries. We have a small museum
with a library and collection which is
unique and truly represents the history of
the American Era of the Panama Canal.
We set some goals to form a
membership base of at least 2,000, to
have sufficient revenue to hire a
professional staff and to find a
permanent home for the museum within
our financial resources.
We have been successful on some
fronts and have woefully failed on other
fronts. We have our hired staff with a
museum professional in our new
Assistant Director, Elizabeth Neily, and
her two able assistants, Helen Morris
and Marcy Corrigan.
Where we have failed is to convince
enough people to achieve our

membership goals, a goal set that would
have made the museum financially
solvent for the long term. I am not sure
where we went wrong. I cannot
understand why more of those who speak
so fondly and proudly of their years in
Panama, have turned a deaf ear to our
pleas to join us.
Our presence at the annual Society
reunions has been enthusiastically
received since our first modest foray in
1998. We have sent membership appeals
to over 4,000 former Zonians twice a year
for the past five years. It is a
disappointment that we have not gotten
our membership to exceed 800, far less
than the reasonable target that we set.
We have successfully undergone a
peer reviewed inspection of the museum.
We have a museum that is open to the
public four days a week and we have
established the museum as a credible and
reliable source of information on the
American Era. We are at a point where
we can now compete for grants and we
intend to do so. But in my opinion, it
may be unreasonable to expect grants

from public funds when the very
constituency for which the museum has
been formed has expressed such little
My days of being an active member
of the museum's board of trustees are
coming to an end. While I value the time
that I have spent on this project and the
close and continuing support from old
friends who have come forward to try to
make this a reality, I have come to
appreciate the advice that my friend
Kibby Bouche gave me seven years ago,
"The Zonians expect someone else to
take care of their needs, just like in the
Canal Zone and they will not materially
support a repository of the memories that
they say they look upon with pride and
There is still time to prove Kibby and
me wrong. I hope that some of you who
have been waiting to see if we would
persist will now come forward before it is
too late and we must go the same route as
Kibby felt he must.
6i&" qstrte



a -
Elizabeth Neily, the new Museum Assistant Director
shown in her Montuna with President Emeritus, Chuck

A familiar face for museum goers or at the museum activities and the
annual Panama Canal Reunion has been appointed the museum's first
Assistant Director.
The Panama Canal Museum's Board of Trustees approved the
creation of a new Assistant Director position and appointed Elizabeth
Neily to serve as the first person to hold that job. Ms. Neily was
employed originally in early 2004 as the museum's first salaried
employee. She was rapidly promoted to Office Manager and now, to
Assistant Director.
She has vast experience in the historical and museum fields with
particular emphasis in grants and fundraising. Her knowledge and
understanding of computers coupled with expertise in graphic arts
design has provided the museum with a valuable resource in helping to
create and develop our publications and promotion and publicity
materials. As Assistant Director, Ms. Neily will also work closely with
the Educational Programming Committee to enhance the museum's
community and educational outreach programs and with the Exhibits
Committee on development and design of museum exhibits and

SPa.. Panama Canal Museum Review


Robert McMillan, former Chairman of the Board of the Panama Canal Commission, is scheduled to be the guest speaker at the
Panama Canal Museum's annual potluck lunch on January 20, 2007.
McMillan ran for the United States Senate in 1988. Named by President George H. W. Bush to the board of the Panama Canal
Commission in 1989, he was elected chairman of the commission's board of directors, the first and only person who was not an
official of the Department of Defense, and served in that capacity from 1993-1994. He has co-hosted the popular PBS television
program Face-Off for over 13 years. Mr. McMillan writes a weekly column for the Anton Community Newspapers and also writes
periodically for Newsday and the Charlotte Sun. He lives in Garden City, New York.
McMillan recently wrote a book entitled "Global Passage Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal." In it, he explores
the history and the strategic importance of the Panama Canal and explains the ramifications and controversy surrounding the
proposed expansion of the Canal.
This is a crucially important book for anyone interested in the threat of China, terrorism, global economy and the politics of a
great canal. Written from an insider's perspective, McMillan details Panama's fascinating history, his own involvement in Panama
and the Canal and the ramifications for the future.
"Global Passage -Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal "is available for sale in the museum and online at
Mr. McMillan will be pleased to autograph copies of his book at the potluck lunch.


Many Panama Canal Museum Kurt and his book as well as to the
members remember Kurt Muse's stirring Panama Canal Museum. The museum
presentation at a Panama Canal Society has Six Minutes to Freedom in stock and
Reunion luncheon a few years ago. offers it as a great read!
Imprisoned in Carcel Modelo by
Noriega's forces for many months back
in 1989 for his clandestine radio HOW A BAND 01U HfCKULS Uf H U A UIL AILD
operations that foiled many of Noriega's
plans and rescued dramatically by the ~ND HELPED FREE A NATIO
Delta Forces of the United States during
Operation Just Cause, Kurt had a
gripping story to tell. He has now told
the story in book form in Six Minutes to
Freedom, and the story continues to iH -NT
intrigue and engross all who read or hear T B E

Bay area, Kurt visited the Panama Canal
Museum on August 1 and once again
enthralled all who had come to hear him
speak. Muse was introduced to the
audience of 40 by Museum Assistant
Director, Elizabeth Neily, and by trustee,
Bob Hughes, a long time friend of the
Filmed by C-Span-2 and repeated
several times on Book TV throughout the
fall, the program gave great visibility to

CANAL PanaMILITARYma Canal Museum Review


During the American Era of the
Panama Canal, 1904 through 1999,
"Zonians" established a rich tradition
of service to the Nation in the
uniformed services of the United States.
Thousands of other Americans also
served tours of duty in the Canal Zone
and Panama during the American Era,
thereby, becoming "Zonians". The
Panama Canal Museum has compiled a
list of such Zonians which was
displayed at the museum's exhibit
room during the Panama Canal
Society's 2006 reunion. Nearly 400
names of Canal Zone men and women
who served were added by visitors to
the reunion exhibit room and the list
now numbers 2142. The list will be on
display at the museum and the data will
be updated periodically. In the near
future, it will also be placed on the
museum's website.
Since the reunion, many have
asked, "How do I get on the list or add
someone to the list?" The answer is to
mail or email the names to the museum
or to Bob Zumbado at
bobzmarz@aol.com. When the list
appears on the website, corrections
may be sent in the same manner. In
addition to the name, include division/
section and years of work in the CZ or
year of retirement from the CZ, the
military duty station/base and year (s)
of duty there, school attended and class

Wall honoring those "Zonians" that served in the military is displayed at the mu-
seum's exhibit room at the Panama Canal Society Annual Reunion in Orlando.

year and finally the military service.
The uniformed services recognized
are the Army (USA), Army Air Corps
(USAAC), Marines (USMC), Navy
(USN), Air Force (USAF), Coast Guard
(USCG), and the Merchant Marines
(USMM). The National Guard and
reserve components are presumed to be
part of the parent services.

In recognition of the Roosevelt Medal and its importance to honor the contributions
of dedicated American workers, the museum established a Roosevelt Medal Certificate
Program. Under the tutelage of trustee, J. Dorn Thomas, special custom certificates
are available that list the medal holder, the number of his or her medal and the number
of service bars, if any, are contained on the certificate along with the names of the
descendent of the medal holder.
Certificates can be ordered directly from Thomas at the address below:

J. Dorn Thomas
Roosevelt Medal Certificate Program
1809 Elmart Lane
Richmond, VA
Email: panmuleirerols.com


,v f



Sl, Musem Review


Space Coast Panazonians and Supporters of the
Panama Canal Museum

14, The 2007 PC Museum fund raiser is scheduled for April
14 2007, at the Dog 'n Bone Pub in Cocoa Village, FL. We
have checked the Society and Museum activities calendars and
this date should not conflict with any of their scheduled events.
Each of last year's teams is encouraged to recruit new
X Space Coast bunco players. Our 2006 attendance was 35; if
." .,each team recruits just one new player, we can make a
$1,000.00 donation to the Museum. Let's make that our annual
goal!! Entering an entire team is not necessary; just let us know
you are interested, and we'll save you a seat. We already have
folks from as far away as Virginia asking about the event. New
Happy Space Coast BUNCO winners last year are, Laurie players may contact Peggy Huff at phuff@cfl.rr.com or 110
Simmons, Diane Croce, Sheryl Alberga, and Blythe Simmons Hacienda Drive, Merritt Island, FL 32952, for additional
Grossman who invite you to join them for another round of fun information.
and prizes all benefiting the Panama Canal Museum. Others around the country are encouraged to pick up on
this fun event to raise funds for the Panama Canal Museum
and to have a social evening with friends from Panama Canal
Days. If you can suck in non-Panama Canal friends, so much
the better. If this type event is adopted nationwide by former
Zonians, it can be a great source of sorely needed funds for the
museum. Peggy Huff has agreed to be the event consultant for
those who wish to get involved.

.To the Assembled Panama Canal Force
Colon, Rep. of Panama
November 16, 1906


It was without precedent for a president to leave the United States, but thi!
work is without precedent. You are doing the biggest thing of the kind
that has ever been done, and I wanted to see how you are doing it. I am
profoundly thankful that I shall be able to take back to the United States
the message that the nation's picked sons are carrying themselves so well
here that I can absolutely guarantee the success of the mighty work which
they are doing. It is not an easy task. Mighty few things that are worth do-
ing are easy. Sometimes it is rough on the men and just a little rougher on
the women. It has pleased me particularly to see, as I have met the wives
who have come down here with their husbands, the way in which they
have turned in to make the best of everything and to help the men do their
work well.

% T A ..7 E.- V '


Shop for the Holidays at the Panama Canal Museum

Are you looking for a way to remove the hassle from holiday shopping? Then try one-stop
shopping at the Panama Canal Museum, its website, or its order forms in the Canal Record and fall
a- mailing. The 2007 Panama Art calendar, 2006 collectible ornament of the Tivoli Hotel, Panama
S.- Canal Zone: Adventure of a Lifetime license plate, pink hibiscus mola absorbent coasters, bateas
S-''- F with carved attachments, award winning cookbook and recent books like Kurt Muse's Six Minutes
to Freedom and Robert McMillan's Global Passage make ideal gifts for practically everyone on
your shopping list!

giving tribute to their major donation of The Gamma Knife Center at Morton Plant Hospital named for

Clearwater Morton Plant Hospital former Zonians, Norman and Cecile Demers.

Norman and Cecile Demers Make Major Donation

to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater

Norman and Cecile Demers, two long-time loyal supporters of the museum, recently showed their support of still another
institution in the Tampa Bay Area, Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, by donating a million dollars to the Morton Plant Mease
Foundation. In appreciation, the hospital has named its Gamma Knife Center in Norm and Cele's honor. The donation is indicative
of the support Norm and Cele have given church and community both in the Canal Zone, which they left in 1973 on Norm's
retirement as Deputy Director of the Transportation and Terminals Bureau, and in retirement in Florida. Cele, too, had worked for
many years in the Canal Zone and had retired in 1972 as Manager of the Central Employment Office at Cristobal. Once in Florida,
Norm went to work for H & R Block and counted among his clients a number of other Panama Canal retirees who had come to the
Tampa Bay area to live. On the side, he became interested in investing, and it is this "hobby" that has helped make possible the
Demers' generous donations to the Morton Plant Mease Foundation and other causes such as the Panama Canal Museum, Catholic
school scholarships, and support of nuns and priests in their education. We are very grateful to members like Norm and Cele who
wish to preserve important aspects of their heritage and leave a lasting legacy.



Carl Berg

Southern California
Joan De Grummond
Tina Cartotto Ressa

Alice Latimer

Miami. Florida
Hindi Diamond

Ormond Beach. Florida
Mickey Walker Fitzgerald

Pensacola, Florida
Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
dedeauxl @cox.net
Barbara Vose-Kulig

Sarasota. Florida
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Tampa Bay, Florida
Muriel Whitman

Atlanta, Georgia
Marie Drake

Pacific Northwest
Dan & Pat Nellis

Gordon Davis

Kerrville, Texas
Jo-Anne Fields

Seattle. Washington
Marilynn Abreau Stevens

Page 15



-0nide a Chrtal Gift Anuiy

o007 DijU




7985 113th Street, Suite 100
Seminole, Florida 33772
Tel. (727)-394-9338
Fax (727)-394-2737
Email: president@panamacanalmuseum.org
FEIN 59-3532182

Elizabeth Neily-Assistant Director
Marcy Corrigan- Clerical Assistant
Helen Morris- Clerical Assistant

This newsletter is published by the Panama Canal Museum for
its members, donors and benefactors. Additional copies can
be obtained by writing or mailing the museum. The Museum
is staffed by one part-time Assistant Director, a part-time
clerical assistant and volunteers who graciously donate their
time and skills to carry on the work of the museum. We
acknowledge and thank our many benefactors, donors,
volunteers and friends who continue to assist this important


Board of Trustees
President Emeritus
Charles W. Hummer, Jr
Joseph J. Wood
Vice President
Patricia Steiner Kearns
Executive Vice President
Katherine E. Egolf
Barbara D. Peterson
Paul D. Glassburn
Audit Committee
John Hern
Buildings & Facilities
Shawn Rupp
Collections Committee
Gerarde DeTore
Development Committee
J. Dorn Thomas
Educational Programming
Alfredo E. Lombana, Ph.D.
Exhibit Committee
Robert F. Zumbado
Finance Committee
Davis Stevenson
Information Technology
J. Patrick Coffey
Marketing & Communications
Joey Zornes
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Paul Morgan, Ph.D.
Oral History
Richard D. Morgan
Special Proiects
Christian S. Skeie
Store Committee
Katherine Egolf
Grants & Strategic Planning
Patricia Steiner Kearns
Joey Zornes

Faith Brundage
John Carlson
Richard Cunningham
Robert Dell
James DesLondes
Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.
Robert Hughes, Ph.D.
Robert J. Karrer
Joan McCullough Ohman

Board of Advisors
Robert K. Dawson
William R. Gianelli
Thomas R. Goethals
Walter P. Leber
D. P. McAuliffe
Robert McMillan

P&Canal Museum Review


The mission of the Panama Canal Museum is to preserve the history of the American era of the Panama Canal (1904-
1999). The museum collects artifacts, documents and other items of historical importance and interest, which are
accessible in person and on the Internet. Its purpose is to enable research and education in the history of the
accomplishments of the United States of America in the construction, operation, maintenance and defense of the
Panama Canal as a service to the World's maritime and naval communities in the twentieth century. It also collects,
documents, catalogs, preserves, stores, exhibits, interprets and enables research on a variety of items illustrative of the
lives and work of the Panama Canal workforce and supporting communities. It is intended to be of particular interest to
former residents of the Canal Zone and their descendants as well as students, scholars, genealogists, and others who have
an interest in this unique achievement. The emphasis is on memorializing the contributions of individuals, families and
organizations of the United States, as well as those of the French, West Indians, Panamanians and others who helped to
create and operate the Panama Canal.



2007 marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the
Panama Canal Society. The anniversary celebration at the 2007 Reunion
will include a nostalgic exhibit in the Panama Canal Museum room. The
museum exhibit committee is coordinating closely with the Society's
75th Anniversary Planning Committee to develop a superb display.
Harkening back to July 14, 1932, when a band of loyal Zonians met on
the SS Ancon in New York harbor to found the Panama Canal Society of
Florida, the exhibit will lead viewers through the Society's 75 years of
preserving "American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships."
If you have any objects, photographs, and printed materials that
WILL help tell the story of the Panama Canal Society over the years and
our trips on the Panama Line shi ps, please contact any of the following:

* Cheryl Russell (floridabob@aol.com),
* Margaret McLaughlin (billmac@czimages.com),
* Bob Zumbado (bobzmarz@aol.com),
* the Panama Canal Society (office@pancanalsociety.org, 727-391-
4359 or 866-726-2262), or
* the Panama Canal Museum
(president@panamacanalmuseum.org or 727-394-9338)

about your ideas and donations or loans you can make to the exhibit.

* J.IEm i~l: eidI.U tllJ.U.m..U nl.uI u..IU II..I.