Panama Canal Museum Review


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Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

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Panama Canal Museum
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 660020455
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Material Information

Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

Record Information

Source Institution:
Panama Canal Museum
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 660020455
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* American Association of

* American Association for
State and Local History

* Canal Zone Study Group

* Florida Association of

* Isthmian Collectors Club

* Leave a Legacy Program

* Panama Canal Society, Inc.

* St. Petersburg Chamber of

* Panama National Institute
for Culture

Sometimes it is good to
revisit the basics. One of the
basics of the Panama Canal
Museum is that it is the only
place specifically available for
the memories in the form of
artifacts, books, maps,
photographs and publications
of the place called the Panama
Canal Zone. Without the
museum there is no central
location to direct questions by
students, descendents and
scholars about the unique
history of this American
enterprise in Panama. This
was the dream that led to the
formation of the museum, and
it is the dream that has come
true and exists today as the
museum in Seminole, Florida.
This dream is made possible by
a dedicated group of volunteers
and, just as important, a
community willing to
financially support the
museum. Likewise, it is made
possible by those who are
entrusting their personal
collections to the museum;
collections that would
otherwise be lost as those who
worked on the canal pass into
the halls of history.
The collections that have
been gathered in the six years
since the museum was formed
are significant and, in some
cases, the only place where
these treasures exist and can be
accepted for secure storage and
access to future generations.
Scholars, students, family

members, broadcast and
television media are some of
those that provide the steady
and continuing validation of
the need for the museum.
The number of publications
that recognize the museum as
the source of material grows
almost daily. The "Who
Wants to be a Millionaire,"
quiz show came to the
museum for confirmation of
answers, US and British TV
and Russian radio have also
come to the museum to flesh
out their stories and
programs. The number of
students that request
information from the archives
is remarkable. The museum
has built and is building a
reputation for being a true
repository of memories of all
sorts of memories about the

Panama Canal. In one
historical program sponsored
by the National Park Service
and Smithsonian Institution,
the museum is cited as the
source of assistance and
material. So far in 2004 the
museum has replied to 76
research inquiries. The
museum website at
is experiencing 23,500 hits
each month which is
indicative of the effectiveness
of a state-of-the-art Internet
As more Americans
schedule cruises through the
Panama Canal, the museum
serves as a window on the
Panama Canal where visitors
can experience the history of
the engineering marvel that
(Continued on page 2)


Panama Canal Society Treasurer, Ed Wardlow, presents the
bronze builders plaque for the Dipper Dredge PARAISO, to
Museum President, Chuck Hummer, and Exhibit Chair, Bob
Zumbado. Wardlow made the presentation in the name of
his brother-in-law, Lamar Sizemore.

(Continued from page 1)
they will soon transit. Likewise, those
that have already made a cruise come to
the museum to get a fuller picture of the
marvelous sites that they saw from their
ship. The museum is also a source of
expert lecturers on the canal and its
history. To that end, Museum
President, Chuck Hummer, Dan and
Jim DesLondes have developed
computer presentations for cruise and
community lecturers by developing a
speakers bureau under the auspices of
the museum. Jim says, "I had standing
room only in a 600 seat venue during
my presentations on my recent cruise. It
is amazing the interest that exists on the
canal and its history."
Former residents and their
descendants come by for a quick tour
and stay for hours, looking at the
collection of construction day
photographs, or seeking assistance from
the staff on family or work history. In
spite of the relatively small space

The Panama Canal Museum Review

available for exhibits, library, office Neily, the first paid employee of the
space and storage, visitors seem happy museum, has obtained a volunteer
to have a place where they can either funded by the American Association of
relive their time in Panama, or learn Retired Persons to assist in the
what that life was all about. cataloging and organizing of the
Dorn Thomas, the Chair of the growing library, but more volunteers
Museum's Development Committee are needed to fill the growing needs of
and Coordinator of the Roosevelt the museum. Executive Vice President,
Medal Certificate Program, is quick to Kathy Egolf, not only provides the day-
point out that without the museum, his to-day supervision of the museum, but
program to offer certificates to much of the management of the very
descendants of Roosevelt Medal popular Museum Store has fallen to
Awardees would not exist. The Kathy as well.
program has proven a popular way for Kathy says, "We always need more
relatives of medal awardees to honor hands to help in the many different
the role their descendant played in the aspects of the museum and its work.
construction of the Panama Canal. The Museum Store, cataloging artifacts,
Over 500 certificates have been verified organizing educational events,
and provided under the program, producing new projects, and assisting
The museum's collection is in the care of the member and donor
straining the physical storage space as databases give a wide array of jobs for
well as the volunteer staff that carefully which volunteers are needed." Those
catalogs and preserves each of the items wishing to volunteer can do so by
added to the museum collection, contacting the museum atTel.
Museum office manager, Elizabeth (727)-394-9338.


By Sarah Finkelstein

Cookbook "Gate Keeper.

A very special thanks to all
who contributed their favorite family
recipes to our Panama Canal Museum
Cookbook Project. We are near our
goal of 400 recipes. The committee is
working very diligently to bring this
project to fruition. We met in Atlanta
and again in Charleston to work on the
recipes and design. We selected a
theme for the cookbook, which was a
difficult task as there were nine really
good ideas in the beginning and from
this we had to select only one. This was
accomplished by using a grading
system to narrow the original nine
down to three, and from these three
another grading was used to select the
winner. The winning theme was
"Opening the Gates To Canal
The next phase that we will be
working on is to get;

1. Advertisements
2. Honors (individuals, families,
Roosevelt Medal Holders,
divisions, classes, organizations,
Reunion Groups, use your
3. Tributes and/or Recognitions
4. Memorials.

Any pictures used in this
section must be original color or black
and white. If you choose to use no
pictures and use a complete printed
page, then 350 words or less must be

$95 Whole Page,
* $50 Half of Page,
* $40 Third of Page,
* $30 Fourth of Page and for
* $20 contribution your name will be
listed as a Panama Canal Museum

Any questions please contact:
Sarah Finkelstein, 843-886-0048, e-
mail sfinkel26@bellsouth.net, P.O. Box
792, Isle of Palms, SC 29451;

Catherine Goodrich, 813-645-8194, e-
mail catgoodrich@aol.com, 6520 King
Palm Way, Apollo Beach, FL 33572;
Frances Medinger, 770-922-0551, e-
mail fmedinger@att.net; or
Sissy Collins, 770-489-0667, e-mail

Please send your complete information
request for Advertisements, Honors,
Tributes and/or Recognitions and
Memorials to Sarah or Catherine at
addresses listed above. Deadline for
this is January 15, 2005. Make checks
payable to Panama Canal Museum.

Page 3

The Panama Canal Museum Review


By Robert "Bob" Karrer

One of the services your
museum hopes to offer to members
and the public-at-large is the use of our
growing and increasingly important
reference collection. To this end we
have accessioned literally hundreds of
books and other reference material.
For the researcher, and in my
experience writing about Panama and
the Canal Zone over a period of over 25
years, I believe the most important
reference tools are three in number:
First, and necessarily the most
important as all three are top notch,
would be the Panama Canal Record,
instituted by LTC Goethals on August
1, 1907. For those interested in the
Construction Era this one is terrific,
especially into about 1916. At present
the museum has a fine group of
Records, but we still need some more.
Next comes the Reports of the
Governor. In the early years after the
arrival of the Americans on the

Isthmus to begin the awesome task of
"making the dirt fly," the reports came
in two volumes, with the first
including the written material and the
second graphics, maps, charts and
photos. The 1915 and 1916 Reports
were included in the recently
acquisitioned Richard Bjorneby gift.
The museum needs the Reports for
the following years: 1921-1924, 1926-
1928 and after 1936. The museum
would like to extend a special request
to those who could help fill in these
gaps in this collection. This is a
wonderful opportunity for a really
significant gift.
The interesting and much
harder to find (We have none.) are
the annual Panama Railroad Reports.
These are good for the railroad, the
hotels and steamers like our old
friends SS Cristobal, Ancon, and
The third critical reference
materials are the newspapers like the
Star Herald, Panama American, and

Colon Telegram which date back to the
'49er days up to the 1980s, when the
venerable Star Herald ceased
operations. Unfortunately the museum
has struck out on these. However, they
are available for use at the Library of
Congress and one or two other
institutions around the country.
Fortunately, though, the Library of
Congress will make copies of their
reel-to-reel collection. But this is not
Meanwhile readers are always
welcome to visit us at the museum,
and we are happy to help you find the
information in our library. We hope to
make your experience worthwhile, and
we hope that through this item
perhaps some new references will be
added to our collection.



Call us at:
25 Palm Village Way
Suite 2
Palm Coast,FL 32137

As chilly fall days foretell winter, those in the Panama Canal Museum's second group of cruisers are looking
forward to their ten-day cruise to the tropics on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas on February 4--14. The
34 cabins reserved so far by Panama Canal Museum cruisers should bring the museum a $3400 donation from
Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Palm Coast, making the cruise a successful fundraiser for the museum.

The Panama part of the trip this year will feature passage through Gatun Locks and a variety of shore excur-
sions from which to choose. Early in the day passengers wishing to go ashore will be tendered from the ship in
Gatun Lake and then will be able to reboard the ship at Cristobal Pier in the late afternoon after having spent
the day revisiting "home." While the day in Panama will probably be the highlight of the trip for most of the
cruisers, the time in Aruba, Costa Rica, and Grand Cayman and at sea promises to be fun and interesting, too.

If you haven't yet made your reservation, please call the museum or Carlson Wagonlit Travel right away. There
may still be some cabins available for a few more days. And many thanks to those who have already signed on
for the cruise. Gracias y buen viaje!

I ill i I I I

. .. .. :.:. ...... . . . .
..P . i:K P a n


Amidst a terrific lineup of Panama
Canal Society activities, including
dances, a luncheon, a golf tournament,
bingo games, class reunions, vendor's
booths, and empanadas at the Canal
Zone Clubhouse, the Museum found
itself also to be a popular activity with
its annual exhibit and special fund-
raising programs.
This year's exhibit featured photos
and artifacts from construction days, in
commemoration of the 100t
Anniversary of the beginning of the
Canal's Construction Period. This
exhibit is the centerpiece of the
museum's permanent collection at its
home in Seminole, FL, and continues to
expand with the addition of many
newly donated artifacts. Previously, the
Museum's exhibits at the Reunion were
on Canal Zone Schools; Canal Zone
Postal Service; Canal Zone Police; and
Scouting in the Canal Zone/the Cayuco
Race. In 2005, the Museum's exhibit
will feature the Panama Railroad, in
recognition of the 150th Anniversary of
that entity. The Museum's 2005
commemorative calendar features the
Panama Railway and the 150th
anniversary of the first transcontinental
During the four days of the
Reunion, the Museum Room was
chock-full of other activities:

SILENT AUCTION: Many beautiful
items, ranging from Reprosa jewelry,
donated by Kathleen Steiner Bennet,
to an Al Sprague original work were up
for bid, and the bargains abounded!
Overall, the Museum made over $3000
from this year's Silent Auction.

very special program in which the
Museum issues, for a nominal fee,
certificates to descendants of Roosevelt
Medal Holders, along with the name of
the medal recipient. The certificates are

beautifully prepared in Old English
script and make wonderful gifts to
children and other relatives of medal
holders. At the Reunion, the program
netted $480. Since its inception, the
museum has realized more than $3500.
For more information, contact our
program administrator, Dorn Thomas,
via email: panmule@erols.com.

All sixty Canal Builder squares on the
Trivia game board were sold for $100
each to sponsors of the various Canal
landmarks and townsites, and an
additional 36 individuals made
donations to have their names listed on
the board as Canal Diggers. The
museum went forward with production
of the game, and it is now available
from the museum in time for holiday
giving. The fun and educational game
makes a great gift, and it is sure to bring
back memories while testing one's
knowledge of Panama Canal Trivia.
Games cost $22 plus sales tax for FL
residents, and shipping and handling
for mail orders.They can be purchased
on the website
(www.panamacanalmuseum.org.) and
at the museum.

terrific items were on sale throughout
the week in the Museum Store, both in
the Vending Room and in the Museum
Room. One popular item was the new,
2004 Roosevelt Medal Christmas
Ornament, which is the third in the
museum's series of collectible
ornaments. The 2002 and 2003
ornaments, depicting the Seal of the
Canal Zone and the Seal of the Panama
Canal Company, were also on sale.
Other items available included many
books on Panama and the Canal; BHS,
CHS and Mola Teddy Bears; t-shirts;
mugs and tumblers; centennial medals;
calendars and note cards. Sales at this
year's Reunion generated over $8000 in

income for the Museum. Go to our
website for more information on how
to order items from the gift shop.

efforts of Dan and Jim DesLondes and
Chuck Hummer, the Museum is
gathering names of individuals who
would like to give talks and
presentations on the Panama Canal on
Cruise ships and in other forums.
Through this Speakers' Bureau, cruise
lines and other organizations can come
to the Museum to seek speakers for
their events. The Museum, in turn, will
provide some assurance that the
material presented by the speakers is
accurate and up-to-date by developing
a PowerPoint presentation on a variety
of Canal-related topics. Contact the
Museum for more information.

Reunion, space in the Museum Room
tables was made available to several
authors who were on hand to
autograph their books. Jim DesLondes,
who wrote a book on golf instruction
titled, Self Discovery Golf, and Larry
and Edna Didier, whose book is titled,
How Christmas Came to the Ghetto,
had brisk sales and generously donated
a portion of their proceeds to the
Once again, the museum was an
added feature at the annual Society
event in Orlando, as it has since 1998.
Vice president, Joe Wood, was given an
opportunity to present a status report
to the Society's annual meeting.



at~t i~

Pages The Panama Canal.Museum Rview
. . ^ *! . * , ^ \ .- .. ; .' : ^ -. * . ' . ,' .. .( ^ ..'/;!?, :?**. ., :v,' : ": -y..W ,( i

Joey Zornes was born September 30, 1976, at San Fernando hospital in the
Republic of Panama. He, along with his brother Jeff, grew up on the Pacific side of the
Canal Zone in the township of Cardenas. His parents, Richard and Ginger Zornes,
both were raised in the Canal Zone also. Joey attended Los Rios Elementary School,
Curundu Jr. High, and lastly Balboa High School where he graduated in the Spring of
1994. He was extremely active in baseball, football, volleyball and the Cayuco Race.
While attending Balboa, Joey met his future wife, Meghan Carroll, on a Columbus Day
beach trip at Santa Clara. This would be the same beach where he would propose to her
later in the summer of 1996.
In the summer of 1994, Joey moved to Savannah, Georgia, to attend the Savannah
College of Art and Design. He majored in Graphic Design, which included publication
design, brochures, posters, and corporate identity. Late in his senior year at SCAD, he
became intrigued with a new movement towards multimedia, incorporating music,
motion, and interactivity to graphic design. One multimedia class was all it took to
change his career direction to become an interactive designer. He earned his Bachelor
Degree of Fine Arts in the spring of 1998.
After graduation, Joey moved to Columbus, Ohio, where Meghan attended The Ohio State University. He got a job as a "pre-
professional production designer" at Mills/James Productions, a full service multimedia firm. In four years, he worked his way
through an apprenticeship program to senior media designer. There he was involved in many aspects of interactive design including
developing information architecture and designing interfaces for CD-ROMs, videos and Web sites. At Mills/James, Joey's client
work included Cardinal Health, Nationwide, IAMS Company and The Scotts Company.
Today, Meghan and Joey still call the Buckeye state their home. Meghan happily works as a third grade teacher for the Columbus
Public School system. Joey now works for Resource Interactive, one of the country's top 50 Interactive agencies according to Adweek
Magazine. In his role as Senior Designer, Joey has been instrumental in developing the look, feel and tone for projects for Wendy's
International, including the very personal and important Dave Thomas legacy site, plus Victoria's Secret, Express Fashion, Target,
The Longaberger Company and Bath & Body Works.
In 2003, Joey took over the reigns of the Panama Canal Museum website, www.panamacanalmuseum.org. His role quickly grew
from website updater, to completely re-architecting the site. He invited members from his work, Resource Interactive, to assist in
developing an online strategy that makes the web site work harder for the museum, as well as be more consistent in marketing and
communicating the museum's mission. He was inducted into the Museum Board of Trustees in early 2004, and has since launched a
brand new website that features a virtual tour of the museum and an educational area for students and others to learn about the
history of the American era, a new Wall of Honor and Donor recognition area, and a brand new online shopping experience
enabling visitors to purchase museum memorabilia online.

Donations Sought for Mola Exhibit

I I^Do you have a mola that has a personal meaning for you? Although molas are a
unique creation of the Kuna Indians, many of us Americans involved with the Pa-
nama Canal have molas that speak to American subjects or interests either there in
the Canal area or here in the United Statese If you have any such molas and would
be willing to donate or loan them to Cheryl Russell for a special exhibit she is put-
ting together for the museum, please let Cheryl (floridabob@aol.com) or the mu-
SW seum know as soon as possible. A paragraph giving a little background on any mo-
las you donate or loan would also be helpful. In addition, we are looking for various

Stems made trom molas: a purse, a case Tor glasses, a potnolder, a vest, etc. Please
help us put together this exhibit showing how the mola was incorporated into the
I American era of the Panama Canal.

_1_1_______1___1_1__11_____1_~~---r~11l1 -~~--

4 ::. f ., : '. i ::. i, ; ' S : ..... .. ... .= : .......

MEMBERSHIP ROSTER as of November 21, 2004
(Dues paid through 12/31/2004 or beyond)

Barry & Jackie Abels
Lucille Abernathy
Donald D. Adams
Alan B. Albright
Jeanette Altman
Milton & Shirley Altmark
Ingrid K. Anderson
Virginia M. Angle
Lori Anthony
Rolf & Joan Arndt
William E. Arnold
Pauline A. Arnold
Manuel & Aristea Arosemena
Rosemarie Ashton
Dave & Barbara Curies Aycock
Brown Baggers
Julie J. Baglien
Ted Bailey
BSA, Explorer Post 21 Balboa, Canal
William A. Baldwin
Melanie Trim Bales
Marvin R. Banton
Louis J. Barbier
Lawrence & Sue Barca
Lionel L. & Marisue Jones Barfield,
Bill & Dolores Barnes
Jay Barrett
Bill,Darlene,Brent,Ryan & Chad
Virginia Bartels
Barbara L. Barton
Helen Aneta Bates
Roy Bauer
Claire Baumgardner
Dorothy Irish Beall
Robert Beall
Preston H. Beattie, Jr.
John & Ann Beers
Bob & Mitzi (Siegel) Beers
Paul H. Behlau
William R.& Amelia Bell
Neil Belland
Sarah Belzer
Merritt J. Bender
Kathleen Steiner Bennett
Annie Siebrands Bennett
Carl N. Berg
Nellree B. Berger
Robert & Beverly Berger
Jo L. Bernard
Bob & Ann Best
Boyd M Bevington
Dale & Jacqueline D. Bishop

Arthur G. Bissonette
Margaret E. Bivin
Robert & Marlene Blaine
Marian Evans Blair
Robert W. Blake
Betty J. Blanchette
Judy Lord Bledsoe
Paula J. Boger
Andrea Armstrong Bogue
Don & Geneva Boland
Dr. W. Eugene Bondurant
Ray & Bird Bost
James & Julia Boukalis
Robert & Vicki Boukalis
Robert & Mary Jill Bowman
Audrey B. Bowman
Betty O. Boyer
William P. Brady
Hap & Beth Brandenburg
Margaret Cauthers Braun
Barbara O'Neal Braun
W. Herb Breaden
Gerry L. Briem
Marjorie Brigadier
Retta Brock
Charles Morris Brooks
Phyllis Skeels Brown
Peggy Morgan Brown
Pamela A. Brown
Bertha B. Brown
Helen Anderson Brown
Shirley Bruce
Dean & Lucienne Bruch
Faith Brundage
Dick & Ingrid Bryan
John E. & Michele Bundy
Ray & Justine Bunnell
Susan & Jim Burk
Kevin Burke
John H. & Eleanor Burkholder
Jean & Doris Burns
W. R. "Bob" Byrd
Virgil & Shirley Bonneau Camby
Colin & Rosemary Campbell
Jack Campbell
Thomas & Jill Carroll
Stephen, Tina Johann, &. Evan
Larry & Kathryn Castleman
Vernon & Ruth Caturia
Felipi Cazobon
Bob & Dorothy Hicks Chapman
Enrique Chaves
Rupert & Shirley Chin
Marie Susanne (Sue) Sartain Clark

Dale C. Clarke
Aage Clausen
Orrin & Carol Clement
John Lloyd Clement
Caleb C. Clement, Jr.
John & Jane Kaufer Cochrane
James & Dulie (Wright) Coffey
Jerry Coffin
Thomas G. Coffin
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Gary L. & Mary C. Collins
Jim, Kathy, Jaki & Erin Collins
James B. Coman, Jr.
Mary L. Condon
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Ella Mae Morales Conrad
Helen F. Cook
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Rudolph & Delia Crespo
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John & Valerie Cronan
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Bob & Jessie Daniel
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Tommie A. & Jennye A. (Stephens)
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Capt. William & Connie Dawson
Robert K. Dawson
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Don De Pra
Jo Ann Standefer DeLoof
Mary C. (Nehls) DeMartini

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The Panama Canal Museum Review
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Gerry DeTore
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_Ppter.G. Flynn Family

^ *; .. ... ..;' .;;:i">l* ^ *Y''* *":. 4y: ',::s" n '. d
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?::... ... :".4..
^ ^;. ^^ :u.;:i^ *\.V :.'"*' ;i';* W
ife^^'~I~ i.i& ^*S ::.:^ ;;<^a^^^^&^^^

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(Continued on page 10)

The Panama Canal Museum Review
Si .. :. .. :
', ..,:O ,. c.i'.. , ..''

. . . . :....
.. E : ;-.; . .. ,,

Alan Harrold Townshend
Zelma R. Treadwell
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John & Edith Willoughby
Leroy B. Wilson
Col. & Mrs. James W. Wilson, USMC
Arline Schmidt Winerman
John R. Wise
Maria Martinez Witte
Elizabeth Woll
Harriet Keenan Wollmers
Joe & Beverly Bowman Wood

. . .. ...


i Panama Canal Museum
[] ..........................................................................- -" P n m a C n l v U e l m ..............................................................
-- - - -- - - - ' -

I B a o .-' *a- Ifresht Home AutoFill Print Mail

i.. ......... .... ........ ..... ..1. ....., ~ . . . . . _..... *.1

The museum launched a
completely new website in October.
Webmaster, and new board trustee,
Joey Zornes, headed up a team
that developed the site using the
latest Flash programming.
The site incorporates a new
"branding" concept that is
effectively used by many of the high
profile customers for which Zornes
and his team serve in their
corporate roles.

Craig & Heather Wood
Brian & Karina Wood
Marion & Elsie Woodruff
Hugh Wright
William H. & Judith Wymer
Elizabeth L. Yerxa
William D. & Virginia M. Young
Maria "Connie" Young
Richard S. & Virginia Zornes
Bob & Marguerite Zumbado
Deborah Zumbado
Cheryl DeRaps Zumbrunn

In January of 2004, Zornes set
off on a mission to create a new
online experience for the Panama
Canal Museum. This process was
broken up into a 3-pronged phased
approach: Insights, Interpretation,
and Implementation.

INSIGHTS. The project started by
studying the museum's business
objectives, customer data, brand
strategy, and other issues that
define their old site's problems and
help to design a solution. Working
closely with the museum's
leadership team ( President Chuck
Hummer, Vice President Joe
Wood, and Executive Vice
President Kathy Egolf) to identify
both short term and long term goals
of the museum, determined the
hierarchy of information and how
web site visitors would find what
they were looking for as fast and
easy as possible.

strategic insights, the team created
a new information architecture of
the web site. This was a simple
flowchart, which categorized every
piece of information under the

(Continued on page 11)

Dues are $24 per calendar year. Dues
paid as a result of this membership
drive will be credited through the end
of 2005.

, M . -.
w ; ,

I --


The Panama Canal Museum Review

"g~ ,~
.E .
.u....a.i~:..' ....XI:..., r~

following headlines:
* Learn. Learn about the
challenges, hardships, and ultimate
success of building and maintaining
the canal. Learn about the museum
mission and it's volunteers.
* Visit. View maps and
directions; take an online virtual
tour of the museum.
* Act. Make a donation, become
a member, volunteer, or find out
about employment opportunities.
* Shop. Beginning in November,
a brand new online shop equipped
with shopping cart functionality,
PayPal functionality, and more
great Canal Zone memorabilia.
* Wall of Honor. This is the
Donor recognition area, which
proudly displays our members who
have donated throughout the years.

* Featured Program. This area
is designed to promote feature
museum programs throughout the

After nailing down the
architecture, a few design
explorations were created that
made sense for the brand. This
visual, emotional and practical step
establishes the creative foundation
for the interactive experience.

museum approved the
recommended design approach, it
shifted into production mode to
bring the project to life. Working
closely with associates of Resource
Interactive, Zornes began to build
the experience. Simultaneously,
Chuck, Kathy & Joe began working
hard at creating and writing the final
content to be put into the designs.
This was a highly collaborative,
highly technical piece of the cycle.
Final designs were implemented;
content was finalized; and the site
went through final production and
development stages.

The result, an amazing new online
experience which features a new
online shop, a state of the art donor
recognition display with our new
interactive Wall of Honor, an
educational area, and much more!
If you haven't had a chance to see
this new site, go to
Some of the key pages on the
new website are shown below and
on the preceding page.
Zornes says, "I look at the
website as a dynamic experience
that should give visitors a full
appreciation for our unique
museum." "It should also set an
image that is consistent with the

mission of the museum to preserve
the history of the American Era
while serving as a educational
experience and an attractive
motivation for getting new members
and donors."
The website will see changes
and additions as time goes on and
suggestions and comments are
The museum has had an
Internet presence since it founding
in 1998. The first webmaster was
Matthew Armistead who got the
museum up and running in the
early days. Matt was followed by
Bill McLaughlin, who expanded
and added new features to the
website. Statistics and inquiries to
the museum have proven the
popularity and effectiveness of the
website. As McLaughlin advanced
in the hierarchy of the Panama
Canal Society, his time became
more limited. This culminated
when McLaughlin was elected to a
two-year term as President of the
Society. Fortunately, Zornes came
forward to take on the website and
over the past two years has worked
to develop the new website.



rin" ''

a,'~ ~~I. ..?~..,.

2R. ...:." I,.I -
.. . .. .
.. ., ...; ..... .'i~..... .' .... .* " : .. -...:.. ................. .. . :' ..: , : : .. .. ..'. . -. .. . :


The following is a brief summary of the board meeting and related activities during the weekend of October 22 and 23.


On Friday morning, we visited a commercial property that is up for sale near the downtown St. Petersburg area. The property
consists of a two-story concrete building totaling around 28,000 sq. ft, two good-sized parking lots, a wood-framed two-story
apartment building and a wood-framed house. The main building currently is being used as a Funeral Home. It has a chapel, lots
of small rooms that would be suitable for exhibits, a large garage that could house our bigger artifacts, a winch and pulley that can
raise and lower heavy equipment or artifacts to the second story and a number of good-sized rooms that could serve as space for
our main exhibits and/or could be partitioned off for possible lease to others as a source of added income. The property is in an
area that is being aggressively developed by the City's Development Council and, as such, should be a highly desirable investment
for prospective investors.

The asking price is $2.2 million, subject to negotiation. Up to the time of publication the museum has been unsuccessful in
getting the necessary financing to responsibly take advantage of this excellent opportunity. This points out the need to
aggressively seek funds specifically directed to relocation. Lease in the present location will expire in two more years.


For the first 8 months of the year, our expenses were $57 more than revenues. For the same period last year, our income exceeded
expenses by $45,074. Almost $42,000 of last year's income was from the Krziza/Werkheiser gifts. Our "Core Giving" remains
pretty steady. Gift shop sales continue to decline, but at a slower pace. Cruise commissions partially offset other losses. Expenses
were up by more than $12 thousand. Wage expense plus increased advertising/promotion outlays account for most of this


Absent any large financial windfall (but assuming reasonably successful Fall membership/donor campaign) the museum should
wind up with a small surplus for the year (i.e., $5,000 to $10,000). Last year we had a surplus of more than $45 thousand.


As of August 31, we had $116 thousand in a Money Market account. The board discussed investment options and approved a
motion to seek out alternative investments that might pay more interest. It was agreed that we would seek a three-month, liquid
CD with a higher interest rate than what we have now.


Joey Zornes is working hard on the web site. He and his team are currently on schedule for a new Website launch for the end of
November, just in time for the Holiday Season. The new enhancements will include:

New online shopping experience using shopping cart functionality
Ability to purchase museum products immediately online via PayPal.
Wall of Honor, In Memoriam updates and functional tweaks will be updated
Make a Donation form will be updated.

The board decided to start with PayPal for our online sales and donations. It deferred further action on acquiring broader credit
card capability until we obtain more experience and can assess the effectiveness of PayPal.

P'e. 3. : .. ". .............' : "" T" ..;""'he Panama Canal Mu"seum vi
Z,, : ." . . ".... .. .. ,
S".... ... . "


The board voted to extend the terms of office of all the officers until the next meeting. During this six-month extension, the board
will engage in an active campaign, utilizing direct targeting and marketing to try to recruit new members with special skills and
experience. The board discussed the need to have each and every board member participate actively in museum projects,
programs and activities in order to help share the workload and spur the museum's growth.

Three new board members were voted in by the board:

Dick Cunningham, a graduate Engineer with extensive engineering and computer experience, who has been working as a
volunteer at the museum for several years;
* Jim DesLondes, former Chief of Community Services for the Panama Canal, who has been developing a Speaker's Bureau for
the museum and a PowerPoint program which speakers can use when they are called upon to talk about the Canal;
* Gerry DeTore, USAF, retired, who has been a volunteer at the museum and has agreed to become a lecturer on Panama Canal
and Museum subjects.

All three bring varied and special skills to the board and have indicated a desire to take an active role in museum operations.
L~~Bj~~~i~L~~p7.. 1A8ISs6~~-~~~8s lll~n~% ~ 3

Society President, Elaine Lewis, and Museum Vice President,
Joe Wood, share a moment at a luncheon during the last
Museum Board of Trustees meeting in October. Dick
Cunningham, Paul Glassburn, Gerry DeTore and Bob Dell
are shown in the background.

Balboa and Cristobal High School representatives, Marian Blair,
Richard Cunningham and Marguerite Zumbado, present
Museum President, Chuck Hummer, with a check for $1650. The
check represents the remainder of the class' fiftieth reunion held
during the Panama Canal Society Reunion in Orlando in July.

Third Annual Potluck Lunch to be Held in January

On Saturday, January 22, the Panama Canal Museum will be holding its third annual potluck lunch at 12:00 noon at
the Panama Canal Museum. Following lunch provided by those attending, a program titled "Panama Canal
Reminiscences of World War II: An Oral History" will be presented. Moderated by Paul Morgan, PhD, a Zonian
presently teaching history at the University of South Florida, the program will feature folks sharing Panama Canal
World War II memories. Paul Glassburn will be videotaping the program, and the videotape will become a part of
the museum's library. Cheryl Russell is coordinating this very special activity. Please come to the potluck lunch and
participate--either as a reminiscing Zonian or as an interested listener! RSVP's to the museum
(president@panamacanalmuseum.org or 727-394-9338) are requested by January 20.

,Plow 4.

The Panama Canal Museum Review
.. .*. .., . .. ; ' ,,, : .. -* .. .. .

By Pat Bjorneby
Dick and Pat (Leach, CHS 56)
Bjorneby recently donated Dick's Pa-
nama Canal book collection to the Pa- B
nama Canal Museum. Dick started his i
collection slowly, acquiring books he
thought were interesting. However, it
wasn't long before he became an avid ..
collector going in search of anything
and everything having to do with the
Canal. Books eventually became his
main focus and although books regard- .
ing the Canal make up the majority of .
his collection, if there was so much as
the word Panama in it he had to have it
also. Over the years Pat and Dick trav-
eled extensively throughout the United
States. Any time he stayed in a city for
more than a day he would search
through the yellow pages to find used --I
book dealers. He was soon on a "first
name" basis with many of them. As he
searched, part of the fun was to be able
to share his love and knowledge of the
Canal with anyone who would listen.
Dick's collection soon took over all
available space in the home. The collec-
tion donated to the museum is in the
process of being catalogued at this time, -
and the count is now at 800 books and
While Pat was born and raised in
the Canal Zone, Dick was an
"interloper," moving to the Canal Zone AARP volunteer, Helen Morris, is sho
from Bremerton, Washington, in 1961. Bjorneby's.
He and Pat lived in Coco Solo and Ga-
tun while raising their five children. His 1979. He transferred to the position of
first job was as a rigger in the Industrial Chief, Launch/Linehandling, Atlantic in
Division, and he quickly became fasci- 1984 and three years later transferred to
nated with his adopted home and its Diablo as Superintendent,
history. Shortly after he arrived in the Launch/Linehandling. Dick retired
Canal Zone, Dick was selected to attend from the Canal in April 1994 and Pat in
the Diving School in Gatun and gradu- 1995. They became "snowbirds" with
ated as a Salvage Diver. In 1966, he homes in Kent, Washington, and Bo-
transferred to the Marine Bureau and nita Springs, Florida. His collection had
became an Admeasurer. Dick was pro- grown large enough to fill both houses,
moted to Supervisory Admeasurer in not to mention a storage room or two.

wn with a wall full of books donated by the

Pat and Dick continued to share their
knowledge of the Canal as Enhance-
ment Lecturers on many cruises going
through the Canal.

Dick's books will be appreciated
by generations of "Zonians" and people
who share his love of and interest in the
Panama Canal the "eighth wonder" of
the world.







Southern California
Joan De Grummond
Tina Cartotto Ressa

Alice Latimer

Miami, Florida
Hindi Diamond
hindi@bellsouth. net

Ormond Beach, Florida
Mickey Walker Fitzgerald

Pensacola, Florida
Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
Barbara Vose-Kulig

Sarasota, Florida
Tom & Barbara Peterson
tommypete@worldnet.att. net

Tampa Bay, Florida
Muriel Whitman

Atlanta, Georgia
Marie Drake

Pacific Northwest
Dan & Pat Nellis

Gordon Davis
Gdavisl @comrncast. net

Kerrville, Texas
Jo-Anne Fields

Seattle, Washington
Marilyn Abreau Stevens

I momthept@aol.com


Museum trustees, Dick Cunningham and
Kathy Egolf, show off the light blue
Roosevelt Medal T-shirts. $15 plus tax,

, -."-- -.


7985 113th Street, Suite 100
Seminole, Florida 33772
Tel. (727)-394-9338
Fax (727)-394-2737
Email: office@panamacanalmuseum.org

This newsletter is published by the Panama Canal Museum for its
members, donors and benefactors. Additional copies can be
obtained by writing or mailing the museum. The Museum is
staffed entirely by volunteers who graciously donate their time and
skills to carry on the work of the museum. We acknowledge and
thank our many benefactors, donors, volunteers and friends who
continue to assist this important project.

..*... : .
. * ", "

i~~w"',' ~ ~ ': *^ ; -. ^- "'' '\^ ;''^^

,,< .: .,.' ,,
2. "",:, *, *;, .
.. . ..*' :, . . ^ ,; .. !. ^ .
::' ,, ,:. .f s .'. ,, ,,.> ,. .'. .. '. "' *
,. ,* ^ %' :,; .. ,'' ,." > .'* ,., .' *A., \ ',
'^.' ,, ^ '. ." ,: ' "" ? '. .

'*** : '^- -^ ^^ ^^A'
: ', ..: : ', ...:. ~

.. ," ..''^ ^ ,,, "" ''' .. :. '."'" .
. '. "' .:. ^ .' .. ,, . l *
I ..,. .. .
", .... :,, ,. , .,, ,. p .,,. ..,:
'" -"... .. ",..,.,''N
,r :- ,,. .. ... :,, ;'
. .; .. : . ..
. ; .* . . . .
: . : .. :, , .
," -' -, ".'. 4 ,':
:: .:, ,; ':'., ,,,
'r ..' .. . .e. .
: g', , iQ ,, ,
, ;...

IT.......... .

2004 Museum Commemorative Ornament
now available at the Museum Gift Store.
$16 plus tax, S&H.

Board of Trustees
President in absentia
Charles W. Hummer, Jr
Vice President
Joseph J. Wood
Executive Vice President
Katherine E. Egolf
Barbara D. Peterson
Paul D. Glassburn
Assistant to Treasurer
Joan McCullough Ohman
Audit Committee
Jack Hern
Collections Committee
Paul Morgan, Ph.D.
Development Committee
J. Dorn Thomas
Exhibit Committee
Robert F. Zumbado
Finance Committee
Davis Stevenson
Membership Committee
Gayle Hasemann Tolbert
Nominating Committee
Thomas C. Peterson
Public Relations
Lesley Hendricks
Special Projects
Christian S. Skeie
Strategic Planning
Patricia Steiner Kearns
Joey Zornes

Faith Brundage
John Carlson
Richard Cunningham
Robert Dell
James DesLondes
Gerarde DeTore
Marie Wright Gibson
Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.
Robert J. Karrer
Richard D. Morgan
Lewis A. Taber
Muriel Whitman

Board of Advisors
Robert K. Dawson
William R. Gianelli
Thomas R. Goethals
Walter P. Leber
D. P. McAuliffe


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Page 16 The Panama Canal Museum Review
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The mission of the Panama Canal Museum is to preserve the history of the American era of the Panama Canal (1904-
W 1999). The museum collects artifacts, documents and other items of historical importance and interest, which are
accessible in person and on the Internet. Its purpose is to enable research and education in the history of the
accomplishments of the United States of America in the construction, operation, maintenance and defense of the
Panama Canal as a service to the World's maritime and naval communities in the twentieth century. It also collects,
documents, catalogs, preserves, stores, exhibits, interprets and enables research on a variety of items illustrative of the I
lives and work of the Panam Canal workforce and supporting communities. It is intended to be of particular interest to I
former residents of the Canal Zone and their descendants as well as students, scholars, genealogists, and others who have i
an interest in this unique achievement. The emphasis is on memorializing the contributions of individuals, families and
| organizations of the United States, as well as those of the French, West Indians, Panamanians and others who helped to
create and operate the Panama Canal.

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Leo J. Krziza
Estate of Anna Ruth Werkheiser
James P. MacLaren
Frank R. & Helen F. Leves
Katherine E. Egolf



Grace Carey
)b & Marguerite Zumba
Lucille Abernathy


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** fin*
..^ .'
sr -?',

Dollar Club
Albert & Jane Nahmad
C. B. Fenton & Co., S.A.
Lesley M. Litzenberger


'a. 9 .
l~h a.-~

Isthmian Collectors CMl
James C. Cook
Curtis Fitzgerald
Reginald & Beverly Hayd
S. Griffin McClellan, III
" Bill & Virginia Lyons r


Msi& Sandra Taber
*iExplorer Post 21
iia R. Treadwell
M. Dorn Thomas
M8HS/CHS 1954
0ol Ruoff Goulet
iful D. Glassburn

Capt. William & Connie Dawson
Judith Engelke Montanaro
Charles & Maxine Keenan
Hobey & Lisa Richey
Thomas R. Goethals
Grover Matheney
Richard & Julieta Morgan

Charles & Sandra Hurmg
Robert & Colleen Mai
Alan R. Ford ;
John K. Brayton."
Lee Kariger
Robert J. Roy, Sr
Steve & Mary Vaup