Panama Canal Museum Review


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Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

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Panama Canal Museum
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

Record Information

Source Institution:
Panama Canal Museum
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 660020455
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VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1 May 2003

Donor Challen

* American Association ofMuseums
* American Association foraS tre and
Local H itory
* CanalZone Study Group
SIs thmian Collectors Club
* Leave a Legacy Program
* PanamaCanalSociety of Florida, Inc.
* St Petersburg Chamber of

at the-.
<1 *n

Leo Krziza, a former
Canal Zone resident and an
early supporter of the museum
project, has made a major offer
to the museum and a challenge
to former Zonians. Leo has
pledged a $25,000 donation to
the museum in memory of his
sister, Esther Condry Krziza.
Leo, an Ocala resident, visited
the museum to determine the
status of the museum and what
contribution could best move
the project forward. A week
after his visit, he sent a note to
the museum offering the
$25,000 donation as a
matching grant to contributions
made by other individuals.
The donation serves as a
solid challenge to his fellow
Zonians to come forward with
individual donations to match
his pledge. This means that
donations received after Leo's
March 24, 2003, offer, will
actually count double for the
Since Leo's offer was
made, museum board members
and other supporters of the
museum have started coming
forward with matching funds.
A bequest of over $13,000 by
former Zonian, Anna Ruth
Werkheiser, was received
recently. Other significant
donations have gotten a good
start to matching the challenge
donation. They have come
from the Fannie Mae
Foundation for $500 under its
Dollars for Doers Program and
the volunteer commitment of
Dale Clarke, a Fannie Mae
executive, and Wal-Mart

Museum President Chuck Hummer and Museum Benefactor Leo
Krziza at Ditchdiggers Meeting in Ocala where the challenge was

Corporation with a $1,000
grant. Finally, major
donations by Bob and
Marguerite Zumbado,
Kathy Egolf, Paul
Glassburn, Fred Sill, Lew
Taber and Lucille
Abernathy have been made
in the past weeks. Museum
President, Chuck Hummer,
says, "It looks as though the
five years of work since the
museum was founded has
resulted in a credible
operation that now warrants
larger monetary donations to
keep it going. I hope this will
allow us to meet our next two
goals in our development
plan, to hire part time staff
and to begin the process to
move to larger quarters."
Museum Executive Vice
President, Kathy Egolf is
quick to add that this
challenge really offers the
museum membership a huge

opportunity and incentive to
make matching donations to
realize the full benefit of
Krziza's challenge.
The museum has its mid-
year membership appeal
underway at this time. In
addition, Gayle Hasemann
Tolbert, with the help of
Mike Barnswell, has taken
on the job of chairing the
museum's membership
committee and has started an
email appeal to contact
graduates of Canal school
classes. She has established a
regional museum
representative concept and
continues to seek people to
volunteer to represent the
museum at regional and local
meetings and events, serve as
conduits of museum news and
stimulate membership and
donor support.

wwwanamacanII Iu IIeu o

Roosevelt Medal Certificate

Ctritifiatt of tecognition

.. .. w I-wnw Qa**
9I.C. *rn r 8i1..c 4 i

t&aa m"* i %wm m e a& t $tM *<
O 'aw r0 uWnM wnfil 1007- 1#14774

** f f .SIM.

, ., . . .

The program to produce
and provide certificates
recognizing those
construction day workers who
were awarded a Roosevelt
Medal is a big success. The
certificates are custom made
for descendants of Medal
awardees and list the name of
the medal holder, the serial
numbers of the medals and
service bars, if any were
awarded, and the names of the
descendants for whom the
certificate has been made.
Board of Trustees
member and chairman of the
Development Committee,
Dorn Thomas, conceived the
idea as a way to raise
awareness of the Roosevelt
Medals and those who were
honored by the award, and to
serve as a revenue source for

the museum. It is also a
project that Thomas has been
able to perform remotely from
the museum, which shows
that board members and
volunteers need not be located
in the area of the museum to
make a significant
Since the program started
about a year ago, 342
certificates have been
produced for 80 customers,
bringing a net revenue to the
museum of $2,776. The
certificates are accompanied
by pertinent information on
the history of the medals and
other historical information.
They can be ordered directly

a Program
Roosevelt Medal Certificates
1809 Elmart Lane
Richmond, VA 23235

Certificates are priced at $25
for the first one and $5 for
additional certificates mailed
to the same address. The
board recently approved an
increase to $10 for additional
certificates ordered to become
effective in July.
Order forms are available
on the museum website:

J. E. Dorn Thomas
Panama Canal Museum,

A solid membership
base is crucial to the museum
to have sufficient operating
funds for ongoing and future
operations. As of the middle
of April, the museum has 813
members, of which 552 are
paid up active members, and
261 are members who have
not yet paid their 2003 dues.
The museum database now
contains a total of 1,775
individuals. Besides
members, the list contains
names of museum visitors,
gift shop customers, and
artifact donors. The mid-year
membership appeal now
underway will approach
members who have not yet
paid their 2003 dues. In
addition, the museum's new
membership chairperson,
Gayle Hasemann Tolbert, is
extending the membership
outreach to regional groups
and class coordinators who
may not be members of the

Panama Canal Society. The
first such appeal went to over
1,300 alumni in the museum's
first use of a strictly email
Museum Treasurer,
Paul Glassburn, continues to
estimate that a solid
membership base of at least
2,000 is necessary to meet
current operational needs as
well as providing for planned
growth. The recent challenge
matching grant will provide a
one time boost to revenues
and the establishment of
funds to start planning for a
move to a larger more
accessible location, and the
hiring of some part time staff
to conduct the day to day
business, and increasing the
hours the museum is open to
the public. "But," Glassburn
adds, "a stable membership
dues base and successful gift
shop sales are the real key for
sustaining growth."




SFbid Lp

*3g DisW




300 3000

MINm p


... ...... ..... .. .


- I I


i i i i I


I ,

__ I I


Museum Boat in Cayuco Race

Board member and Special
Projects Committee
Chairperson, Chris Skeie,
conceived the idea of an
official museum cayuco to
compete in the Fiftieth
Anniversary Ocean to Ocean
Race. With board approval,
Chris sought sponsorship
shares and traveled to Panama
where he procured a rough
dugout cayuco, assembled a
team to finish the boat and
finally man the vessel for the
various races. The cayuco,
tagged, The Fas2Rass, has
proven it is a top contender in

Board News
The Board of Trustees
had its latest meeting on
March 22, 2003, at the
museum in Seminole. Ten
trustees were present and the
following is a summary of
some of their actions.
Honorary Memberships-
The board recognized the
contributions and support of
four organizations and
community leaders. The
Panama Canal Society of
Florida, the Panama Canal
Commission Office of
Transition Administration,
the Panama Canal
Authority and the Mayor of
Seminole were all extended
honorary membership in the
New Trustee- Gayle
Hasemann Tolbert was
unanimously elected to the
board. Gayle promoted the
concept of a Membership
Committee to stimulate
museum memberships and
agreed to chair the committee.
She is another great example
of how volunteers not located
in the area of the museum can
make substantial
contributions to the museum's

the various preparatory races.
The team is made up of
Roberto Rojas, Eduardo
Sousa-Lennox, David
Sajaka and Luis Armando
Lasso. Chris Skeie, who had
considerable help and support
from Jay Gibson, enabled the
museum to provide tools and
supervise the construction of
the boat.
The Fas2Rass placed
third in the Trophy Class; a
great finish for a great team.

welfare and development.
Financial Outlook-
Treasurer Paul Glassburn
presented an encouraging
financial report. Net income
has risen to $27,969'for 2002.
Donations and dues brought
in $59,158 and the gift shop
recorded a new high of
$28,304. At the same time
the cash position increased
from $53,984 in 2001 to
$77,673. The board adopted
the recommended 2003
operating budget that projects
revenues of $120 thousand
and expenses of $96
thousand. The slight increase
in 2003 expenses is due to a
contractual rent increase,
provision for payment for
professional grant writing
services, and shipment of
artifacts on loan from the
AOSHS in Kansas.
Research Statistics-
Collections Chairperson,
Buddy Morgan, reported that
formal accessioning of
donated artifacts is
progressing well as the
volunteers process the
incoming items. He also
reported that the library is

now a reality and
that research
questions from the
public continue to
increase. Forty-
seven inquiries or
presentations were
handled during the
October February
Program- The Board men
Institute for and Kathy
Library and Exhibit pre
Museum Science
grant for the Museum
Assessment Program is
progressing. The extensive
submission was completed
before the deadline, and the
MAP Team ranked the ten
peer reviewers submitted by
ILMS for consideration. The
peer reviewer is expected to
visit the museum in August or
Archivist- The board named
Dale E. Clarke, a Fannie
Mae executive, as the
Museum Archivist. Clarke is
doing continuing research and
reproduction of items at the
National Archives in College

nbers, Buddy Morgan, Joe Wood
Egolf, examine Cayuco Race
,pared by Rick Williams.

Park, MD.
Webmaster- The board
recognized the extremely
valuable work of Bill
McLaughlin, who designed
and maintained the museum
website for the last four years.
With his considerable duties
as Panama Canal Society
President, Bill felt it
necessary to have the museum
find a new webmaster. Joey
Zornes, who is involved in
exhibit design for the
museum, has also agreed to
take on the job of webmaster
after a transition period.

Fas2Rass team takes a break from finishing off the cayuco.

Gift Shop Key Provider

Edna Rigby looks over items at Gift Shop table in Ocala
with Museum Executive Vice President, Kathy Egolf,
looking on.

ISilver Gift Giving Ornament from Smithsonian has
Teddy Bear theme. New in the Gift Shop.

The Museum Gift Shop under
the management of Board of Trustees
member Faith Brundage has proven
to be a popular source of Panama
Canal related items and a good source
of revenue for the museum operations.
The challenge is to keep coming up
with new items that have special
significance to those connected with
the Panama Canal and do so at
reasonable prices, but with sufficient
profit for the museum. In the period
of October through February the gift
shop sold $15,190 of merchandise,
which is up from $7,360 for the same
period the year before.
The gift shop merchandise
includes commercially produced
books related to canal or Panamanian
history, as well as specialty items
produced specifically for the museum.
Some of the latter items include t-
shirts, postcards, calendars, tumblers
and mugs, baseball caps and unique
items like the Christmas ornament,
Centennial Medals in silver and
bronze, and the very popular maps of
the Panama Canal Zone.
The gift shop committee has
new items for sale and others that will


be unveiled at the Panama Canal
Society Reunion. A new 2003
Christmas ornament featuring the Seal
of the Panama Canal Company and
creating a pair with last year's Seal of
the Canal Zone ornament will be
available. On the shelves already are
the Teddy Bears that have mola T-
shirts and sport pennants for BHS and
CHS along with one that says, "Teddy
R said 'Make the dirt fly."' Another
new item is an oval decal patterned
after the country decals, only this one
has CZ prominently displayed and in
smaller letters above and below,
"Panama Canal Museum" and "Canal
One successful outreach for the
gift shop has been its presence at out-
of-town and even out-of-state events.
It was available for a week at the
MacDill AFB Post Exchange. The
2003 Molas calendar and 2002
Christmas ornament were popular
items that Jo-Ann Fields sold for the
museum at some holiday events in
Kerrville, TX. The full gift shop
inventory can be seen on the museum
website, and mail orders are proving


Board of Trustees Profile
(This section will highlight a trustee in each issue of the newsletter.)
Charles "Chuck" W. Hummer, Jr.- Hummer joined current vice president and founding president, Joe Wood, and past Society
president, Betty LeDoux in founding the museum in 1998. He is a third generation Zonian. His grandfather was a Roosevelt Medal
Holder with four service bars, his father worked his entire career in Panama, and he worked and lived in Panama forty years. He is a
graduate of Balboa High School, Class of 1955, and the University of Notre Dame. He was Assistant Chief of the Panama Canal
Company's Dredging Division before transferring to the headquarters of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Washington, DC, in
1979. He retired in 1989 from the Corps where he held the senior executive position of Chief, Dredging Division, responsible for all
navigation and flood control dredging activities in the U. S. Since retiring he has been an independent consultant and contributing
author to the international journal, Terra et Aqua. He has also served in a number of community and technical organization
volunteer positions.
Hummer says, "When Kibby Bouche started the move to form a museum to capture the history of the Panama Canal some
twenty years ago, I was a strong supporter. When he found that he could not get the support necessary to sustain it, it was very
disappointing. When I retired and returned to the U.S. in 1994, 1 thought it was time to tackle the project. With the help of
farsighted leaders like Betty and Joe we started what has become the Panama Canal Museum. I won't say that it hasn't been
frustrating at times when those who have the greatest stake in the history are slow to support the museum. But we have a great team
and the growth has been deliberate and steady. Today, I have to say, I think we are going to make it thanks to an increasing number
of supporters. When Leo Krziza made his surprise announcement of his challenge donation, I was speechless, but both grateful and
convinced that the museum is here to stay."
Hummer lives in Pinellas Park with his wife, Sandra, and divides his time between Columbia, MD, where his grandchildren
live, and his home in Florida where he spends his days at the museum.

I -

New Artifacts

The museum's collection
is growing both in quality and
quantity. The library from the
Washington office of the
Panama Canal Commission's
Office of Transition
Administration was recently
received by the museum and is
available in the library. All
Panama Canal Company and
Commission Board of
Directors' minutes, bound
volumes of the Record
published throughout the
construction days, bound copies
of the various canal studies, and
many other significant
documents and books were
among the items on permanent
loan to the museum.
More recently, the
museum's former curator, Alan
Brian Albright, donated a
beautiful framed copy of an
original map of the area

surrounding Panama in the era
when it was known as New
Granada. Brian discovered the
hand-colored map in
Edinburgh, Scotland where he
purchased it. The map was
originally from an atlas dated
around 1650. Other
acquisitions include a large (5-
feet in diameter) mounted
hooked rug of the Canal Zone
Seal donated by Buzzy
Kennon; an original cast iron
hitching ring from the
Administration Building
donated by Bill LeBrun;
historical items including a
model of the original ANCON
donated by Sue Sartain Clark;
and other items donated by
Alice McGann, George
Chevalier, Margeret Curies
Maxwell, Dick Cunningham,
Brian Albright, Dr. Eugene
Bondurant, Patricia Hall,

Former Museum Curator, Brian Albright, presents rare 1650 map of
New Granada to Museum President Chuck Hummer. The map will
be a centerpiece of the Spanish Era part of the new exhibit,.

Marian Evans Blair, Chuck
Hummer, and others. One
rather intriguing donation came
from the great grandson of
Panama's founding president,
Manuel Amador Guerrero,
Jose Antonio Amador
Alvarado, who donated the

New Exhibits in Progress

The centerpiece of any museum
is the main exhibit that visitors see
on trips to the museum. To date,
the museum has relied primarily on
smaller versions of the special
reunion exhibits to serve as the

main exhibit at the museum. The
Exhibits Committee under the
chairmanship of board member,
Bob Zumbado, assisted by Buddy
Morgan and Paul Glassburn, is
preparing a permanent exhibit that

Sydney Townsend Corbett, Virginia Townsend, Grace Shadeck, Jerry Fox
and Dick McConaughey view framed scout patches in Ocala.

will follow the history of the
Panama Canal. Beginning with
when Spain first foresaw the
isthmus as a potential shortcut
between two oceans, the exhibit
continues with the French valiant
attempt to build on their successful
construction of the Suez Canal and
finally the American construction
history and the operations,
maintenance and defense of the
canal during the American Era of
1904 1999.
The Exhibits Committee is well
into developing a traveling exhibit
for the Panama Canal Society
Reunion. The exhibit will be
centered on the role of scouting in
the history of the canal, with a
special exhibit commemorating the
50t anniversary of the Ocean to
Ocean Cayuco Race. Rick
Williams has collected a large
collection of patches related to
scouting in general and one large
display of those patches related to
the cayuco race. Rick has the
collections professionally framed.
A focal point for the cayuco race
exhibit will be a genuine successful

cayuco which is a several-time
winner. The "Due Process" was
donated to the museum by Paul
In addition, two other off-site
exhibits are under preparation.
One, which will be centered around
the importance of the role of the
mariner in the history of the
Panama Canal, is being designed
and prepared by the museum for
the Maritime Institute for
Training and Graduate Studies at
their main training facility in
Linthicum, Maryland. Graphics
artist and former Zonian, Joey
Zornes is working with museum
president, Chuck Hummer, on this
exhibit. Chris Skeie is developing
a cooperative exhibit with the
Panama Railway Company that
will have a main exhibit in Panama
and a smaller exhibit in the
corporate headquarters of Kansas
City Southern in Kansas City.
Joey Zornes is also scheduled to
be the designer of this exhibit.

results of a genealogy he
prepared with the help of the




($1 TO $99)

Barry Abels
Donald Adams
Grace Allen
Lori Anthony
Bobby R. Lang &
Georgina Arias-Lang
Pauline Arnold
Judy Baerg
Julie Baglien
Louis Barbier
Lionel L. Barfield, Jr.
Paul Barkowitz
Robert & Joann (Foster) Baum
Dylan Beers
Merritt Bender
Carl Berg
Betty Blanchette
Robert Boatwright
Dr. W. Eugene Bondurant
Raymond Bost, Jr.
Robert & Vicki Boukalis
Audrey Bowman
Robert Brandenberger
Phyllis Brown
Edward C. & Helen A. Brown
Bertha Brown
John & Eleanor Burkholder
Marta Calleja
Jack Campbell
Felipi Cazobon
Catherine Cedeno
Lola Cheeseman
Walter Christmas
Dale Clarke
Jim Cochrane
James & Dulie Coffey
Clare Coleman
Jacques Cook
Helen Cook
David & Marcy Corrigan
Allen & Edie Cotton
Geoffrey & Eileen Cowell
Larry Cox
Martha Cramer
Richard Cressy
Janet Cunningham
Joyce Danford
Emilie Daniel
George Dany
Tommie A. &
Jennye A. Davidson
Cheryl De Raps
Jo Ann DeLoof
Reuben Dejernette

Robert Dell
Florence Dempsey
James & Linda DesLondes
Roberta Diaz
Jamie Dickinson
William Dockery
Barbara Dombrowsky
Edward Doolan
Bill & Betty Dunning
Paul & Connie Ebdon
Carene Edwards
Jeannine Eggleston
Elisabeth Esser
Gretchen Evans
Britta Evans
Capt. Evan Evans, Jr.
George Fenton, Sr.
Kelly/Adam Fenton/Mitts
George Fitzgerald
Ralph K. "Tony" & Dorothy
Andrew Fraser
Gene French
Gilbert E. Freund
Gene S. & Carol A. Fritz
Kenneth & Fern Fugleberg
Monica Fulton
William Gansen
SarahAnn Gates
Erica Gifford
Shirley Givonetti
Kenneth Goldsberry, Jr.
Richard Gonzalez
Don Goode
John Gough II
William R. & Susanne K. Graham
Beverly Gramlich
Sandra Granozio
Richard Grassy
Barbara Green
Raymond Greer
Harold Griffin
Thomas & Anne Grimison
Bea Gunn
Landen H. Gunn, Jr.
Vincent & Pam (Maedl) Gutowski
Philip A. Hale
Susan Hall
Patricia Hall
Mary Jane Hamlyn
Carol Harris
Aram Hatch, Jr.
Carol Heintz
Dona Helmerichs
Leslie Heselton, Jr.
Leslie & Jamie Highley
Virginia Hirons
Ann Hoag
Roy & Marlys Hohmann
Bruce & Chris Homa

Jack Hood Earl & Nancy McMillin
Roy Howell Virginia McWilliams
Willard Huffman Gus & Nelly Mellander
Patricia Hunt Malena Merriam
William Hunter John Metivier
Ellie Husum Margery Meyer
Margaret Hutchison William Michaelsen
Jerry Irwin Kathyleen Miller
Robert Jack James & Norma Miller
Dixie Jeavons Vicki Minden
Nira Reyes Johnson Enrique & Muriel Mizrachi
Philip Judson Robert Moolchan
Robert Karrer, Jr. John A. & Margaret K. Morales
Paul & Margaret Karst James W. & Marie Morris
Daile Keigley John & Joann Morton
Louis & Sook Keller Paul Moser
Charlotte Kerksiek William & Jean Muller
William Kessler Michael Murphy
Tara King Stephen Nehring
Ann Kirrane Mary Nelson
Kathleen Kredell Andy Nicolaisen
William & Debra Lane William Nordstrom
Robert Lanphear James H. & Lina Norris
Laverne Larrabee Donald Nungester
Raymond Larson Erin O'Brien
Marion & Estella Lasater Elissa Oakley
Charles & Alice Latimer Russell Oberholtzer
Charles & David Ocheltree
Lucille "Sandy" LeBrun Jane Parvin
Aurora LeBrun Diane Pearson
Mary Leach Chuck Phelan
Bonita Leavitt Monroe Phillips
Bea Lee Sheila Price
Roland J. Lees Kathaleen Priest
Elaine Lewis Sarah Pritham
Gerda Lewy Allen County Public Library
Gene Linfors Fred Raines
Michael & Elaine Little Louise Rainier
Isabelle Lively Bobbie Jo Rebennack
Helen Loera Georgia Reynolds
John & Joan Long Jeffrey Riley
Eliezer & Lydia Lugo Randy Rios
Al & Joy Maale Mark Robin
Richard Mallett Joanne Robinson
Anthony Mann Dalys "Didi" Rogers
Dottie Manthorne Al & Marilyn Romaneski
Sam Maphis Sylvia Rose
Mark Marczak Sam & Beverly Rowley
Margaret Martin Marion Royston
David & Victoria Matt Don Ryter
Charles McArthur Jayne Samson
Richard McClean Laura Sanders
David & Donita McConaughey Gerard Schear
William McConaughey James Scheibeler
Robert & Kathryn McConaughey John Schmidt, Jr.
Charles McGinn Valeria Schroeter
Jon McGraw Jeff Scott
Bob & Kathy (Malin) Mclnturff Catherine Goodrich Scribner
David McKenna Kathleen Sears
Don & Joan McKeon James Selby



Barry Seldon
Tom Sellers
Linda Sherry
James Shobe
Gilbert Smith
John R. & Evelyn "Tommy" Smith
Larry Solien
Luke & Joyce Standefer
Thomas Stoakley
Duncan Summerford
Frances Summerford
Joseph, Jennifer & Catherine Summers
Alice Taber
Teresa Tartar
Kathryn Argo Taylor
David Teller
Charles Thomas
Ronald Thompson
George Tochterman
Capt. & Mrs. Philip Tomlet III
Jess Totten
Joan Townshend
Bonnie Tudor
David Vaughn
Nancy Vega
Barbara Vose
Sharon Wacha
Robert Wainio
James Walsh
Virginia Wennik
Thomas White
John & Muriel Whitman
Janice Whitney
James Wich
William Wichmann
Edward Wilder
Beth Williams
John & Edith Willoughby
James & Constance Wilson
M. Ruth Yeilding
Maria "Connie" Young
Carlene Zemitis

($100 to $199

Frank Anderson
Ingrid Anderson
William Arnold
Manuel & Aristea Arosemena
Ted Bailey
Bill & Lynn Barber
Larry Barkema
Virginia Bartels
Barbara Barton
Neil Belland
Bedford H. &
Marcia B. Berrey, M.D.
David & Diana Bishop
Robert Blake

James & Julia Boukalis
Dick & Ingrid Bryan
Vernon & Ruth Caturia
Dorothy Chapman
Enrique Chaves
Richard Cheville
Sue Clark
Mary Coffey
Paul Cole
James Coman, Jr.
Sydney Corbett
Vamey T. Cornwell, Jr.
Rudolph & Delia Crespo
Mary (Nehls) DeMartini
Randy & Joella Deakins
Rich & Tina Detar
William Dickerson
George & Ann Downing
Dorothy Dunn
George & Roberta Egolf
Ruth Elich
John & Laurie Engelke
Roberta Evans
Marie Everett
John Fahnestock, Jr.
Carolyn Falasca
Jacquelyn Forrest
Robert French
Donald Garrido
William Gianelli
C. Robert. Gibson
Jonathon Green
Thomas Hale
Robert Hamilton
Terrie Harmon
Louis Hasemann
Dan & Frances Hennessey
Walter Herbert
Mildred Hickey
Iris Hogan
C. William Homa
Betty Ingram
John Jenkins
Ivan Jenkins
Ross & Beatrice Kongable
Philip Lampert
Randall "Bo" Lane
Kathleen LeBrun
Joanne Mays
Judi McCullough
Jim & Gemma O'Donnell
Mary Overstreet
Harold & Patricia Parfitt
Diane Park
Marc Quinn
Walter Reeves, Jr.
David & Velma Reilly
Helen Ress
Ramon & Laura Reyes
Annie Rice

James Richardson
Phillipa Rosales
Agnes Santomenno
George Schwindeman
Anthony & Raquel Scottino, Jr.
Anne Severy
Rebecca Sharp
Jeanne Sperry
Al & Marsha Sprague
Marilynn Stevens
Annette Stocking
Marjorie Tassinari
Dale Taylor
Maurice Tewinkel
Patricia Thomas
Tony & Stephanie Thomas
Chuck Thomas
Gayle Tolbert
John & Lynn Turner
Wilbur Vantine
R. Trendon Vestal
Jack Wagner
Ruth Catherine Walker
Fred Wells
Robert Wheeler
Joseph & Marilyn White, Jr.
Beverly Williams
Judy Williamson
Maria Witte
Harriet Wollmers

($200 to $299)

Virginia Angle
Dave & Barbara Aycock
Bob & Ann Best
Paula Boger
Colin & Rosemary Campbell
Larry & Kathryn Castleman
Charles Cavanaugh, Jr.
Rupert & Shirley Chin
Howard & Emmy Lou Clarke
Lyn Collins
Mary Condon
James & Evelyn Cullen
Gordon Davis
Thelma Davis
Bruce & Claire Douglas
Egon & Dorothy Friedman
Richard and Marilyn Gayer
Carlton & Elizabeth Horine
Martin Lanfranco
Frank A. & Deborah J. Lee
Katherine Lessiack
Charles Leves
Thomas McCullough
Mike & Vera Perry
Robert & Cheryl Russell
Nancy Schorsch

Alan Scott
Fred Sill
Christian Skeie
Peter & Connie Smith
Betty Snow
Ed & Adrienne Stallworth
Elizabeth Thompson
Frank & Marvel Townsend

($300 to $399)

William Baldwin
Robert & Beverly Berger
Marian Blair
Hap & Beth Brandenburg
John & Dona Brophy
Virgil & Shirley Camby
Judy Davis
Norman & Alvera Davison
Anonymous Donor
William & Carol Egolf
William Forsstrom
Frank Gerchow, Jr.
John Hatgi
H. Joann Haugen
Elaine Heyd
Jay & Barbara Marshall
Paul Morgan
Virginia Morland
Ted A. Oliveira
Patt Roberson
Frank Smith
Courtney Stempel
Brian Stickney
Mark Tartar
James Will

($400 to $499)

Rolf & Joan Arndt
Andrea Bogue
Orlando & Deborah Filos
Bill & Arlene Gamble
Marie Gibson
Jimmy & Hilda Givens
Robert & Penny Graham
Joseph & Lucille Kane
John Mallia
Louis Mallia
Bud & Patti Mills
Jerry & Kay Pierce
Jody and Dolores Roberson
Robert & Jeanne Rupp
Sydney & Stella Stevenson
Olive Unruh
Robert Wallace
William & Judith Wymer


($500 to $599)

Nellree Berger
Boyd Bevington
Ennis Daniel
Rebecca Erhart
Fannie Mae Foundation
Sue Griffin
Len and Maria Kujawa
Peter & Mary Lou Lang
William LeBrun
Frank Mott
William & Virginia Rankin
James & Janet Reece
Betty Stergion
David Tooke & Family
Edward Wilbum

($600 to $699)

Lawrence and Sue Barca
Faith Brundage
Mary Egolf
Lee Kariger
John Madden, Jr.
John McTaggart
Robert Valentine

($700 to $799)

Edward and Geraldine Corbett
Ed, Joan & Jason Ohman
Tom & Barbara Peterson
Emie Pierce
Bob & Carolyn Redfield/Merry
Joe & Beverly Wood

($800 to $899)

Charles & Sandra Hummer

($900 to $999)

John & Veta MacLaren

($1000 to $1099)

Blanche Browne
Sarah Marie Curies
Octavia Garlington
Juanita Girand
Richard Morgan
Wal-Mart Foundation

($1100 to $1199)

Richard Danielsen
S. Griffin McClellan III

($1200 to $1299)

($1300 to $1399)

Paul Glassbum

($1400 to $1499)

(Second Transit)
($1500 to $2999)

John Brayton
Curtis Fitzgerald
Alan Ford
Thomas Goethals
Carol Goulet
Charles & Maxine Keenan
Leo Krziza
William & Virginia Lyons
Robert & Colleen Mate
Grover Matheney
Hobey & Lisa Richey
Robert Roy, Sr.
Lewis Taber
J. Dorn Thomas
Zelma R. Treadwell
Steve & Mary Vaughn

(Third Transit)
($3000 to $4499)

Lucille Abernathy
James Cook
Reginald Hayden
Isthmian Collectors Club
Lesley Litzenberger

(Fourth Transit)
($4500 to $5999)

C. B. Fenton
Dollar Club
Grace Carey
Frank R. & Helen F. Leves
Bob & Marguerite Zumbado

(Fifth Transit)
(Over $6000)
Katherine Egolf
James MacLaren

In Memorial


Pacific Anchorage
($1 to $99)
Salvador Aleguas
Fred Aleguas
John Alexander
Lois C. (Johnson) Evitt
Adrian Anderson

Nancy Sullivan Schorsch

William M.
& Manola Wentsler Armstrong

Jayne Armstrong Samson

Eugene Askew

Judy Davis
Rev. & Mrs. William (Fr. Bill) Baldwin

Greg & Vicki (Baldwin) Fischer
Seymour Isaac Barkowitz

Leah Barkowitz
William &
Annie (Boyd) Bartholomew

Fred &
Miriam (Stevens) Bauman

M. Ruth (Bauman) Yeilding

Norma C. Belland

Neil Belland

Mirt & Dona Bender
-of Gamboa

Merritt J. Bender

Claude Emerson &
Zilda Mary Berger

Nellree B. Berger

Buck & Barbara (Bartholomew) Krueger

Ernest Emerson Berger

Nellree B. Berger
Ray Boltz

John & Glenna Thomas

George P. &
Digna M. Bonneau

Virgil & Shirley Bonneau Camby
George Julius Booth

Patricia A. Booth
Jean Bouche

Charles & Sandra Hummer
Tom & Barbara Peterson

William Bowen

Susan G. Hall

Allen & Ethel Boyd

Buck & Barbara (Bartholomew) Krueger

Fred W. Bradley

Betty Bradley London

Edna M. Brancome

Louis Brancone

Barbara Brooks Breivogel

Betty Brooks Stergion

Beatrice T. Brooks

Betty Brooks Stergion

Frances S. Brooks

Betty Brooks Stergion

Maurice Gettleman Brown

Carene Brown Edwards

Robert E. Budreau

Rick, Lynn (Budreau),
Alessandra Gritt

J. L. Byrd, M.D.

W.R. "Bob" Byrd

Virgil G. & Thelma C. Camby, Sr.

Virgil & Shirley Camby

Eligia Cedeno

Graciela E. Baldwin

Rialto M. Christensen

Wally & Dee Dee Russon

Leslie "Biff" Clarke

Howard & Emma Lou Clarke

Connie Clinchard &
Gene Clinchard

Lola Cheeseman

Dolores Coffey

Nancy Schorsch

Joseph W. Coffin, Jr.,
of Gatun

Jerry Coffin

Ernest & Ida Mae Cotton

Allen & Edie Cotton

Richard F. & Shirley L. Cox

Larry Cox

Stefen William Crabbs

Roger & Marilyn Crabbs

Henry Kenneth Day

Lisa Lynn Day

Ann E. Worslev DeLaMater

William L. DeLaMater

Howard De Voe

Betty Brooks Stergion

Gene "Topper" Didier

John N. Hatgi

Alexander Dombrowskv

L. Jean Dombrowsky

Jack Dombrowsky

L. Jean Dombrowsky

Mary P. Doolan

Edward A. Doolan
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Glenn Curtiss Dough

Jean Dough Judge

Dr. Harry Dowell

Kathleen Kredell

James "Jimmie" Doyle

John N. Hatgi

Robert E. Eggleston

Jeannine E. Eggleston

George & Annie Emslie

Annie R. Rice

Mr. & Mrs. Sigurd E. Esser

Elisabeth Esser

B. I. (Emo) Everson

Louis N. Everson

John A. Everson

Louis N. Everson

Capt. Ralph Fadden

Kathleen Kredell

Elizabeth Saffo Fears

George W. & Frances F. Fears

Ila L. Fenton

George F. Fenton, Sr.

Thomas 0. Femstrom

Agnes F. Lyman

Joseph & Helen Flynn

Peggy "Flynn" Mattey

Thomas P. & Mary Denn Foley

Ellie Foley Husum

Gloria Foster

Nancy Foster

Stephen Fulop

Lucille Fulop

Gatun & Gamboa

Charles & Jean McGinn

Noel E. & Mary A. Wright

Marie Wright Gibson

Dennis "Buckshot" Gilbert

Sheila Bolke

Michael Gilmore

Ann Merlino Richardson

Paul Dominick Givonetti

Shirley A. Givonetti

Zelda E. Glassbum

William & Connie Dawson

Karl "Pete" Goldstrohm

Isabella Zemer Lively

Gregory Paul Gramlich

Beverly A. Gramlich

Robert & Lyla Green

Jonathon J. Green

Ed Greene

Arlene E. Greene

Marion Greene

Tom & Barbara Peterson
John W. & Margaret A. Hall

Michael Adam Griley

Betty Crooks Ingram

Dean & Mrs. Roger C. Hackett

Martha Cramer

Ruth Hall

Tom & Barbara Peterson

Max Hart

Edna Hart Crandall

Eva Harte

Hubert & Margot Jordan

Jane Thompkins Heselton

Les & Jane Heselton

Victor Higgins

Larry & Sue Barca

Gustaf & Pauline Holmelin

John & Muriel Whitman

Bob C. Hood

Eleanor R. Hood

Sherwood Horine

Rolf & Joan Arndt

William L. & Mary E. Howard

Patricia Howard Hall

Jane Huldquist

Charles & Sandra Hummer
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Charles D. Hummer

Charles & Sandra Hummer

Edward J. Husum, Sr., &
Edna Bull Husum Sanford

Ellie Foley Husum

Benjamin Elkins Jenkins

John P. Jenkins

Winifred M. Johnston

Charles E. Johnston

Thomas T. &
Lucille C. Jordan

Thomas M. Jordan

Louis & Norine Kaufer

Jane Kaufer Cochrane
Martin & Nancy Lanfranco

William & Geraldine Keepers

Geraldine Gaqnon

Norbert "Nobby" Keller

Peggy Magee Keller

Captain Dean L. Kelly

Annette Kelly Marsh

Myrtle E. Kennedy

Nelda L. Walko

Geraldine Knick

Tom & Barbara Peterson

Ernest & Ila Krueger

Buck & Barbara (Bartholomew) Krueger

Capt. Harry T. Lacy

William & Judith Wymer

Berice J. Leber

Walter P. Leber

Marjorie Fuller LeBrun

Charles & Lucille LeBrun
Kathleen LeBrun

Etta V. Leisv

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Robert R. Leisy

Henry Theodore & Etta Viola Leisy

Henry Leisy

Earl & Miraflores Lockwood

Betty Lockwood Newman

Charles "Muggsy" & Susan Allen MaAee

Peggy Magee Keller

Jerry (Tiger) Mahonev

Pamela Crowell

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Mallett

Richard L. Mallett

Kenneth Manthorne

Dottie Manthorne

Victor & June May

Sandy (May) Robinson

Charles McArthur

Tom & Barbara Peterson

James McGuinness

Bo (Randall) Lane

Henry McKeown

Hal C. Robertson, Jr.

David Munro McLaren

Virginia McLaren McWilliams

Ronnie Mead

Rod Coale

Harold "Mel" Meyer

Margery A. Connard Meyer

Allen K. Miller

Kathyleen R. Miller

Carmen Modelo-Diaz

Nivia Modelo

Pete & Floda Monaco

Louis & Suzette Seldon

Paul & Margaret Morgan

Peggy Morgan Brown

Lloyd Munsil

Mike Munsil

Capt. William Harry Munyon, Sr.

William Harry Munyon, Jr.

Anna Murphy

Michael Andrew Murphy

Delbert N. Murray, Sr.

June (Delbert N.) Murray

DeWitt (Bud) E. Myers

Alice F. Myers

Bernard Jacob "BJ" Myren

William & Judith Wymer

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Lee Nash

COL (Ret) Edward
& Mrs. Andra Nash English

Andreas Nicolaisen

Andy Jens Nicolaisen

Robert Nordstrom

Robert & Pat Heitman Whitam

Ronald W. Owen

Ellen Castles

Panama Canal Society of Florida
Members Who Have Gone Before Us

Harry D. Foster

Richard "Dick" Patton

Sheila A. Bolke

Walter E. & Anbritt E. Pearson

William & Judith Wymer

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Pierobon

Marie Pierobon Drake

Alice Stillson Pincus

Gilbert J. & Sharon Smith

Russell B. & Linda R. B. Potter

Janet P. Cunningham

Antonio "Tony" Prenzlau

John N. Hatgi

John Mayo Purvis, Jr.

Elizabeth Pun/is Woll

Alberta LeBrun Quinn

Kathleen LeBrun

Capt. Chuck Rainier

Bertha B. Brown
Louise Rainier

William A. Rankin

Carolyn Sanders Falasca

Vincent Reynolds

M. Jean McAndrews

Michael Rhode, Jr.

William R. Gianelli

William Henry (Bob) Robertson

Hal C. Robertson, Jr.

Mary Roddy

James J. Roddy

John & Terreso Rossetti

Mary Rossetti Wirfs

Jane Roy

Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.

Robert T. Russell, Sr.

Tom & Barbara Peterson

Maxwell S. Sanders, Sr.

Carolyn Sanders Falasca

Philip R. Sanders (Pinky)

Laura Walston Sanders

Jack & Louise (Heim) Saum

Karen Saum

John & Catherine (Kitty) Schmidt

Douglas & Sharon Schmidt

Edward W. Schnake

Barbara Schnake Jeffers

Michael A. Scott

Jeff A. Scott

Adelaide Monaco Seldon

Barry J. Seldon

Lou & Cindy Seldon

Louis & Suzette Seldon

Jim & Wilma Sherer

Peggy Arbaugh

Raymond 0.
& Elizabeth K. Simon

Geraldine Gagnon

Clara Means Smith

Nellree B. Berger

Dudley Smith

John N. Hatgi

Horace L. Smith

Beth Brandenburg

Spencer Bibb Smith

Nellree B. Berger

William Charles Smith

Nellree B. Berger

David & Sally Jo Studley

Rolf & Joan Arndt

Charles E. Thomas

Retta H. Brock
Alyce A. O'Neal
Charles A. & Josephine Thomas

Charles & Anna Thomas

Tony & Stephanie Thomas

G.G. Thomas, Jr.

John & Glenna Thomas

Hugh Thomas

Cheryl L. Williams

Edna Tipton

Sandra M. Granozio

William A. Torbert

Annie Torbert Wainio

Wally Trout

Beth Trout

Frank Turman

Rod Coale

Carolyn Holgerson Twohy

Henry B. Twohy

William A. Van Siclen, Jr.

Lee Van Siclen Tatem

Juliana Garrett Vestal

R. Trendon Vestal

George Vieto

Fred E. Wells

Walt & Iola Wagner

Sarah Ann Wagner Gates

Bobby Walker

Joseph Lorenzo

Joseph H. & Marium M. White

Joseph H. White, Jr.

Walter W. & Helen White

Cash & Mary Jane Paulson

Clyde Willman

Jon & Debra Dedeaux
Louis & Barbara Dedeaux

Edna Olcott Wilson

Jane Wilson Parvin

John E. Winklosky III

Bridget J. Patton

Robert C. Worsley
& Mrs. Anna M. Worsley

Helen F. Cook

Saul Wynshaw

Egon & Dorothy Friedman


Eric Adema

Iris Dedeaux Hogan
Katherine Adams Lessiack

Lloyd L. Anderson

Ingrid K. Anderson

Reginald D. Armstrong

Andrea Armstrong Bogue

William A. Baldwin

William A. Baldwin

Celestina Barkema

Larry Barkema

Capt. Kenneth L. Bivin

Margaret Bivin

Sheila A. Gilbert Bolke

John N. Hatgi
Suzanne C. Kleefkens
Ann Merlino Richardson

George W. Brady, Sr.

Richard Brady

Nora M. Brennan

Thomas A. Brennan

Robert Marion Bright

Adamary Anderson Bright

Austin W. Brooks

Betty Brooks Stergion
Marjorie Tassinari

Emily Horine Brooks

Katherine Egolf

John & Kathryne Brown

Lucille Abernathy

Mario Calleja

Mario E. Calleja

Frank A. Castles

Ellen Castles

Ralph & Isabel Cauthers

Margaret Cauthers Baum

Capt. William T. Clute

Capt. Wilbur H. Vantine

James B. Coman, Sr.

James B. Coman, Jr.

Richard G. Condon

Mary L. Condon

Gertrude Connard

Lucille Abemathy

Varney T. Cornwall, Sr.

Vamey T. Cornwall, Jr

Ed & Ellen Coyle

Valerie Coyle Anderson

Francis M. Criste '38

Robert W. Blake

Mike & Marguerite Crooks

Betty Crooks Ingram

Ralph Curies

Rolf & Joan Amdt
Dave & Barbara Aycock
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Milton Davis

Thelma Davis

Jack B. DeVore, Sr.

Frank & Sharon Gonzalez

Philip Downs

Dr. & Mrs. I. Robert Berger

Louisa B. Duffus

William & Elaine Duffus
Marie W. Gibson

Ted E. Enqlebriaht

Dorothy Englebright Dunn

John M. & Mae C. Fahnestock

John M. & Mae C. Fahnestock

John E. Fisher

Toni, Bob, & David

Merin A. & Marion French, Jr.

Bob French

Shirley Scott Gianelli

William R. Gianelli

Charles R. "Bob" Gibson

Marie Wright Gibson

Coach William H. "Bill" Gibson

Marie Wright Gibson

Leo D. Goulet

Rita Goulet

Herb Greene

Lavinia Greene

William Wilkes Griffin

G. Wheeler Griffin

W. T. (Bill) Halvosa

Annie Laurie Halvosa

Stanley & Martha Hamilton

Robert B. Hamilton

John Hannaman

William & Judith Wymer

Mr. & Mrs. L.C. Hasemann

Louis C. Hasemann

George L. Hatchett

Donald & Patricia Clark
Thomas F. McCullough

Lowell J. Hibner

Geoff Hibner

Joseph Leo Hickey

Mildred M. Hickey

Bobby & MaryBelle Hicks

Dorothy A. (Hicks) Chapman

Conrad S. Horine

Katherine Egolf
Norma Horine

Natalie Hine Humphrey

Adamary Anderson Bright

William Henry Hyde

Harry D. Foster

Nina J. Jenkins

Ivan L. Jenkins

Howard U. Keenan

Charles & Maxine Keenan

William "Bill" C. Kelly

Barbara Kelly Barton

Hermanus A. Kleefkens

William & Virginia Rankin

Beatrice Ann Lampert

Phillip D. Lampert

George (Mac) Makibbin

Rebecca Sharp

Betty Malone

Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.

C.W. (Bill) March

William Diez
Isabella Zemer Lively
Robert & Pat Heitman Whitam

Theodore P. "Ted" McGann

Charles & Sandra Hummer
Ann Merlino Richardson
William & Judith Wymer

Captain Arthur J. McLean

Virginia Bartels

Eleanor Kelly Farrell McQuearv

Frances Farrell Viglielmo

Gus Medinqer

Bob & Nikki Medinger

Frederick Oscar "Many" Medinqer

Bob & Nikki Medinger

Alexander E. Meiqs

A. James Meigs

Capt. Frederick E.
& Georgie Zeh Nehls

Mary C. DeMartini

Lauren Nehring

Katherine Egolf
Lesley Hendricks
Charles & Sandra Hummer
Ed & Joan Ohman
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Elmer B. & Dorothy Orr

Charles M. & Maxine Keenan

Howard W. Osborn

Donald Garrido
Kathyleen Miller
Thomas & Barbara Peterson

Leon & Dorothy Parsons

Bill & Lynn Barber
Mit & Mary Lou Parsons

Lloyd & Ruth Peterson

Robert & Cheryl Russell

Bronson B. & Celeste C. Powell

Rolf C. & Joan (Powell) Amdt

Jim & Millie Reccia

Joanne C. (Reccia) Mays

James, Beverly, Stephen Ridge

James Ridge, Jr.

Tom C. & Georgette Robertson

Tom Robertson, Jr.

Wallace F. Russon

George A. Gerchow
Michele O'Halloran
Wally & Dee Dee Russon

Lee Sampsell

Frances F. Sampsell

August Joseph Schwindeman

George B. Schwindeman

Ronald L. Seelev

Jolie A. Seeley
Laura S. Rydell
Glenn D. Seeley

Charles Samuel Smith

Gila M. Smith

Frank P. Smith, M.D.

Carol F. Meyer

Les & Edith Spencer

Janice Spencer LaCapra

Darrell H. Sponberg

Carol Ann DeMesy Sponberg

Reginald Heber W. Sterns

Reginald H. Sterns

James Franklin Stevens

Marilynn Stevens

Robert Harry Stewart

Joanne "Jay" Stewart

Richard G. Taylor

Ruth Catherine Taylor Walker

Semon & Dorothy Theriot

Pamela Theriot Brown

Howard J. (Bob) Toland

Nellie (Nell) Toland

Robert J. Valentine

Capt. Robert D. Valentine

Robert Van Siclen

Frank A. Anderson
Katherine Egolf
Charles & Sandra Hummer
Tom & Barbara Peterson

Marvin C. Ward

Jacquelyn R. Forrest

Joseph A. Wertz

Peggy Wertz
Richard S. & Virginia Zornes

($200 to $299)

Tommy & Edith Rowe Alley

Joe & Pam Rowe Herold

Ralph & Henrietta Anderson

Adamary Anderson Bright

Paul Badonsky

Leona Badonsky

James A. Brigman

Bevilie G. Brigman

Howard "Bucky" Buehler

Larry & Sue Barca
Katherine Egolf
Richard & Bev Grassy
Tom & Barbara Peterson
Judy (Buehler) Williamson

Shirley Ann Cavanaugh

Charles A. Cavanaugh, Jr.

Julia L. Daniel

Ennis E. Daniel

Robert M. Donley

Lynda Donley Dally

Paul F. Dooley

William G. Toston

Frank J. Gerchow, Sr.

Frank J. Gerchow, Jr.

Joseph L. Hummer

H. Joann Haugen
Bob Hummer

John J. & Nora F. Madden, Sr.

John J. & Ann L. Madden, Jr.

Greg Martinez

Teresa D. Martinez
Maria Martinez Witte

John J. McConaghy

Kathleen McConaghy Campbell

Robert "Bob" Medinger, Sr.

Bob & Nikki Medinger

Alice Garlington Neely

Octavia Garlington

Gil & Millie Rowe

Joe & Pam Rowe Herold

James & Nora Scott

Alan Scott

W. B. (Bill) & Ruth Walker Shutt

Suzanne Shutt Griffin

Fred DeVeber & Ruth Melgarrd Sill

Fred Sill

Jason Skeie

Paula J. Boger

Palmer & Eva Smith

Peter & Connie Smith

Lanelle Tartar

Mark Tartar
Teresa Tartar
David Tooke & Family

James M. Thompson

Elizabeth C. Thompson

Mabelle "Mayno" Bliss Walker

Katherine Egolf
Jeremiah & Rosalind Gorin
Blanche Hartman
Tom & Barbara Peterson
Jack & Jeanne Walker Wagner

Bonnie K. Wilson

Leroy B. Wilson, Jr.

($300 to $399)

Jeanne Bonanno

Jay & Barbara (Bonanno) Marshall

Albert, Sr., & Sophie Evans

Marian Evans Blair

Charles "Tuck"
& Kathryn Hummer

Charles & Sandra Hummer

Steve O'Donnell

Cathy Gagliano
Lisa Gagliano
Bo (Randall) Lane
Sarah 1. O'Brien
Carol O'Donnell-Jones

Chris Oliveira

Ted A. & Lourdes Oliveira

Richard C. Sergeant

Carol Sergeant Hoover

Katharyn Tanassy

Louis J. Tanassy

Earl F. Unruh

Olive L. Unruh

Ray Will

Irene Will
Jim Will

Capt. W. W. Woodhull

Virginia Morland

($400 to $499)

Captain Lloyd M. Kent

Dr. C. Robert Gibson
Llori Gibson
Marie Gibson
Dick & Mary That
Robert & Pat Whitam

Andy Lim

Bill & Arlene Lim Gamble

Robert B. "Bud" Mills

Bud & Patti Mills

Charles H.
& Margaret R. Peterson

Carol (Peterson) Heintz
Michael & Elaine (Peterson) Little
Diane (Peterson) Pearson
Tom & Barbara Peterson

($500 to $599)

Richard W. Abell

Rebecca A. Erhart

Richard W. "Pat" Beall

Robert G. Beall
Faith Brundage
Louis & Barbara Dedeaux
George & Roberta Egolf
Katherine Egolf
Ralph K. "Tony" & Dorothy Frangioni
Gene & Carol Fritz
Charles & Sandra Hummer
Thomas & Barbara Peterson
Catherine Schafer
James & Noralie Shobe
Davis & June Stevenson
Peggy Wertz
Robert & Pat Heitman Whitam
Richard S. & Virginia Zores

Mario & Gloria Calleia

Lucille Abernathy

Clyde R. Campbell

Zelma R. Treadwell

Arthur V. & Dorothy D. Corbett

Edward G. & Geraldine P. Corbett

Arthur W. (Larry) & Marjorie F. LeBrun H.T. "Tommy" McKeown PACIFIC ANCHORAGE Richard H. Eqolf
($1500 to $1599)

William E. LeBrun

Charles Lester Pierce

Ernest E. Pierce

($600 to $699)

Charles W. Hummer III

Charles & Sandra Hummer
Greta N. Hummer

Frank & Margaret McLaughlin

Bill, Margaret, & Allison McLaughlin

Johnny R. McTaggart

The McTaggart Family

($700 to $799)

Jerry & Dolly Steiner

James & Patricia Steiner Keams
Joanne Steiner Robinson

($800 to $899)

L. LeRoy Barfield

Lucille Abemathy
Lionel L. & Marisue Jones Barfield, Jr.
Raymond & Sue Barfield Greer

($900 to $999)

Wesley "Red" Townsend

Ronald & Sydney Corbett
Louis & Barbara Dedeaux
Katherine Egolf
Mary Egolf
Frank C. & Marvel D. Townsend
Steve & Mary Vaughn

($1000 to $1099)

Howard & Evelyn Engelke

Judith Engelke Montanaro

Russel J. & Juanita Orr Jones

Juanita Jones Girand

William J. McKeown, Jr.

Frank Rorke, Jr.

Stephen & Patricia Lewis

B. W. (Larr) Treadwell

Zelma R. Treadwell

Melvin "Mike" Harrison Walsh

Jean W. Kaufman

($1100 to $1199)

Goerae & Carrie Heim

Donald & Patricia Clark
Allen Cotton
Dan & Frances Hennessey
Barbara Jackson
Judi McCullough
Thomas F. McCullough
Ed, Joan, & Jason Ohman
Jack & Helen Saum
Karen Saum

Mary Louise Danielsen

Richard J. Danielsen

Cristobal Harbor
($1300 to $1399)

Charles "Buddy" Williams

Del Rae Allen
American Mechanical Dredge
and Argo Automation
Hap & Beth Brandenburg
John Patrick Coffey
Anne Crotti-Wilson
Katherine Egolf
Charles & Sandra Hummer
Todd & Anne Jarvis
C. Todd Livengood
Josefa & Elizabeth Lowe
Carlton & Martha Luthas
Vemon & Elizabeth Luthas
Bob & Nikki Medinger
Ed, Joan & Jason Ohman
Nancy Schorsch
Jay Sieleman & Priscilla Hemandez
Betty Snow
William & Fran Stock
Mark & Lanelle Tartar
Beverly C. Williams
James A. Yates
James & Mary Beth Young


Clara Brayton

John K. Brayton
Annette Stocking

Reginald, Elizabeth,
& Richard Hayden

Reginald & Beverly Boyett Hayden

Charles Keenan. Jr.

Charles & Maxine Keenan

Dr. Robert & Evelyn Matheney

($1601 to $1699)

George W. Goethals

Thomas R. Goethals

($2000 to $2099)

Caleb C. Clement

Ronald & Sydney Townsend Corbett
Jon & Debra Dedeaux
Louis & Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
George & Roberta Egolf
Katherine Egolf
Mary Bradney Egolf
William & Carol Egolf
William & Debra Egolf Lane
Frank & Marvel Davison Townsend
Steve & Mary Clement Vaughn

Jon & Debra Dedeaux
Louis & Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
George & Roberta Egolf
Katherine Egolf
Mary Bradney Egolf
William & Carol Egolf
William & Debra Egolf Lane
Steve & Mary Clement Vaughn
William & Judith Wymer


($4501 to $4599)

Capt. Charles E. &
Marie A. Van Clief

Charles E. Leves
Frank R. Leves
Yane & Helen Leves

($5000 to $5999)

George Akin Jones

Grace Jones Carey


Anna Ruth Werkheiser

Estate of Anna Ruth Werkheiser

Ruth Eqolf Clement

Ronald & Sydney Townsend Corbett
Jon & Debra Dedeaux
Louis & Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
George & Roberta Egolf
Katherine Egolf
Mary Bradney Egolf
William & Carol Egolf
William & Debra Egolf Lane
Cash & Mary Jane Paulson
Steve & Mary Clement Vaughn

Harry C. Egolf

Ronald & Sydney Townsend Corbett
Jon & Debra Dedeaux
Louis & Barbara Egolf Dedeaux
George & Roberta Egolf
Katherine Egolf
Mary Bradney Egolf
William & Carol Egolf
William & Debra Egolf Lane
Steve & Mary Clement Vaughn
Tom & Barbara Peterson


Wall of

Bold underline denotes person
being memorialized or honored.

Italics denote the donors)

Honor data reflects
as of April 1, 2003.

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In Honor of


Pacific Anchorage
($1 to $99)

Claude E. Berger

Nellree B. Berger

Nellie Berger Walsh O'Neal


Nellree B. Berger

Blanche Adler Browne

Betty Brooks Stergion

Shirley Walsh Derrico

Nellree B. Berger

Margorie Walsh Tulev Garner

Nellree B. Berger

Virginia Hirons

Mark Scheinbaum

Charles W. & Sandra A. Hummer

John W. & Rita H. Manly

Elaine Vestal Lewis

R. Trendon Vestal

Carly Marczak

Mark F. Marczak

Burt Mead

James W. & Marie Morris

Diane Vestal Morris

R. Trendon Vestal

Panama Canal Society ORGANIZATIONS

Harry D. Foster

"Last Man Out" CD

Robert D. Bryan

Amador Causeway
($100 to $199)

Thomas C. Peterson, Past Presi-

Panama Canal Society

Marjorie Brooks Tassinari

Betty Brooks Stergion

Bridge of the Americas
($300 to $399)

J. E. Dorn Thomas

Jed & Janice Thomas, Jr.
Patricia Thomas

One Complete Transit

Cdr. A. C. "Mike" & Eleanor

Reginald & Beverly Boyett Hayden


Amador Causeway
($100 to $199)

Tallahassee Picnickers

Balboa Yacht Club
($200 to $299)

Panama Historical Society

Miraflores Lake
($500 to $599)

Fannie Mae Foundation

Gaillard Cut
($700 to $799)

Panamanian American
Chamber of Commerce

Gatun Lake
($1000 to $1999)

Litzenberaer Family


Robert Litzenberger

Wal-Mart Foundation


Miraflores Lake
($5000 to $5999)

C. B. Fenton & Co., S.A.

Gatun Lake
($5500 to $5599)

Dollar Club


7985 113th Street, Suite 100
Seminole, Florida 33772
Tel. (727)-394-9338
Fax (727)-394-2737
Email: president@panamacanalmuseum.org

This newsletter is published by the Panama Canal Museum for its members, donors and benefactors.
Additional copies can be obtained by writing or mailing the museum. The Museum is staffed entirely by
volunteers who graciously donate their time and skills to carry on the work of the museum. We acknowledge
and thank our many benefactors, donors, volunteers and friends who continue to assist this important project.

Board of Trustees

Charles W. Hummer, Jr.

Vice President
Joseph J. Wood

Executive Vice President
Katherine E. Egolf

Barbara D. Peterson

Paul D. Glassburn

Assistant to the Treasurer
Joan Ohman

Collections Committee
Paul Morgan, Ph.D.

Development Committee
J. Dorn Thomas

Exhibit Committee
Robert F. Zumbado

Finance Committee
Davis Stevenson

Gift Shop Committee
Faith Brundage

Membership Committee
Gayle Hasemann Tolbert

Nominating Committee

Thomas C. Peterson

Public Relations
Lesley M. Hendricks

Special Projects
Christian S. Skeie


Robert Dell
Marie Wright Gibson
Barbara Green
Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.
John F. Hern
Robert J. "Bob" Karrer, Jr.
Richard D. Morgan
Marc Quinn
Lewis A. Taber
Muriel Whitman

Board of Advisors

William R. Gianelli
Thomas R. Goethals
Walter P. Leber
D. P. McAuliffe

2002 Christmas Ornament
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.:.... Medam



SThe special member discount announced in the enclosed Gift Shop Order Form
is being extended to July 1, 2003, as an incentive for present members and to
Attract new members.

Bring this coupon to the museum, or include it in your mail order.

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