Panama Canal Museum Review


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Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

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Panama Canal Museum
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Material Information

Panama Canal Museum Review
Physical Description:
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication:
Seminole, Fla.
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Panama Canal Museum (Seminole, Fla.) -- Records and correspondence.
Panama Canal (Panama) -- History.
Canal Zone -- History.
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Panama Canal Museum

Record Information

Source Institution:
Panama Canal Museum
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 660020455
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Charles W. Hummer, Jr.
Vice President
Joseph J. Wood
Executive Vice President
Katherine E. Egolf
Barbara D. Peterson
Paul D. Glassburn

Assistant to the Treasurer
Joan Ohman
Collections Committee
Paul Morgan, Ph.D.
Development Committee
J. Dorn Thomas
Exhibits & Special Projects
Christian S. Skeie
Finance Committee
Davis Stevenson
Gift Shop Committee
Faith Brundage
Nominating Committee
Thomas C. Peterson
Public Relations
Lesley M. Hendricks

Robert E. Dell
Marie Wright Gibson
Barbara Green
Reginald M. Hayden, Jr.
John F. Hern
Robert J. "Bob" Karrer, Jr.
Richard D. Morgan
Marc Quinn
Lewis A. Taber
Muriel Whitman
Robert F. Zumbado

Board of Advisors
William R. Gianelli
Thomas R. Goethals
Waiter P. Leber
D. P. McAuliffe

On July 10, The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), an independent agency
of the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government, notified Panama Canal Museum President
Chuck Hummer that the museum had successfully met all the eligibility requirements for receipt of
a Federal grant under the Management Assessment Program (MAP).
The MAP is designed to provide for an intensive evaluation of the management and
operations of the entire museum and will help the museum set priorities, prepare for strategic
planning and operate more efficiently, thereby improving its services to the community and
increasing its base of support. The grant, in the amount of $1775, will be used to help defray the
cost of travel, lodging and other expenses incurred by an IMLS specialist who will make an on-site
visit to the museum to conduct an in-depth, professional institutional assessment.
Hummer expressed his pleasure at receiving the news of this grant, noting the difficulty of
the application process and the extensive research and preparation work that had to be completed
in order to meet IMLS' eligibility requirements. He applauded the efforts of Vice President Joe
Wood, who spearheaded the project, Executive Vice President Kathy Egolf, Treasurer Paul
Glassburn, Assistant to the Treasurer Joan Ohman, Conservation Committee Chair Paul Morgan
and Trustee Dick Morgan, all of whom provided valuable input.
It is important to emphasize that this grant will not only improve the museum's
management and operating efficiency, but the mere fact that it now has gone through the very
complex and extensive application process and actually has received a grant from the Federal
Government will make future efforts considerably easier. Once the MAP evaluation process is
completed, the museum will be in an excellent position in the future to apply for larger Federal
grants from IMLS.


Canal Zone Police
The Canal Zone Police was the central theme of
the museum's exhibit at the reunion. Historical photos, a
number of police related artifacts and two mannequins in full
police uniforms highlighted the exhibit. The CZ Police were
marking the 20th Anniversary of their final days as a Canal
Zone fixture that went back to 1903..
Many former Canal Zone Police officers and family
members came by to view the exhibit and to share stories of
the "good old days."
The museum volunteer staff had some excellent help
from former police officials, such as the last commander,
Bill Kessler, and former officers, George Tochterman,
Rick Williams, Mike Gordon, Bill Thrift, Gibby Freund "
and the families of others who served as police officers over Museum president, Chuck Hummer, presents a plaque
the years. in memory of Lucho Azcarraga to outgoing Society
president, Betty LeDoux. The presentation took place
at the Society Annual meeting at the reunion.
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00 0r 0 0 0*

Museum Secretary, Barbara Peterson, Roosevelt Medal Certificate
Chair, Dorn Thomas and board member, Marie Gibson are ready to
take orders for the commemorative certificates in the Exhibit Room.
The Museum's Donor Wall of Honor can be seen to the left.

Museum volunteers, Dolly Thomas and Barbara Green hustle to
serve customers at the busy vendor table at the 2002 Reunion.

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The museum's annual calendar
also featured the Canal Zone Police
as did the special T-shirts, both of
which are available from the
Museum Gift Shop at the museum or
the on line Internet Gift Shop.

Silent Auction

The museum also hosted, for the
first time, a silent auction as a
means to raise funds. Between the
auction and the donations for most
of the 200 cases of Panama Beer
that were donated to the museum by
Cervezeria Panama and Baru,
the museum raised over $4,000.

Other corporate sponsors of the
auction were, The Orlando World
Center Marriott, Caribe Royal
Resort, Decameron Resort,
Panama Marriott, Condor Travel,
Sprague Editions, Outback
Steakhouse, Smokey Bones
Barbeque and Carrabas..
Special thanks to Peg
Brownell, Joan and Ed Ohman,
Faith Brundage, Kathy Egolf,
Bob and Cheryl Russell, Steve
Nehring, Paul and Stacia
Morgan, Paul Glassburn, Dick
Morgan, Bob Karrer, Joe and
Bev Wood, Bob and Marguerite
Zumbado, Chuck and Sandy
Hummer, Tom and Barbara
Peterson, Greta Hummer, Lew
Taber, Beverly Gregory Post,
and Don DeStaffino, all of whom
generously provided auction

Gift Shop Vendor Table

The museum vendor table
also proved very popular and
successful with gross sales of
over $13,000. Thanks to many
volunteers who staffed the
museum exhibit room and vendor
tables, the reunion was a major
success both in terms of meeting
the museum's objective of being
a storehouse of memories of the
Panama Canal, and as a source
of funds to keep the museum



The interest in purchasing
the special Roosevelt Medal
Certificates was high. Board of
Trustees member, J. Dorn
Thomas, reports that to date over
sixty-five orders have been
received with two hundred thirty
certificates prepared and
delivered for presentation to
descendants. In addition,
numerous inquires on possible
family Panama Canal
Construction Service have been
answered. The program has
already provided certificates to

descendants of two individuals who
were awarded the Medal with four
Bars (only 41 Four Bar Medals
awarded). Certificates have been
delivered for descendants of a
female medal holder, for the last
Roosevelt Medal issued in 1914,
and multi-holder combinations such
a brothers, father-son, and dual
families tied together by later
marriages. Descendants range
from first (son-daughter) to fifth
generation (great-great-great
grandparents) and various
combinations within.
The intent of the Recognition
Certificate Program, in addition to
being a Museum fund raising effort,
is to encourage an increased
historical interest in the Roosevelt
Medal award. At the same time it
would support a wider appreciation
of the value of having a functioning
Panama Canal Museum to
recognize the "American Era" of the
Panama Canal.

Centennial Medals

The museum has designed
and minted the second of its
commemorative medals. The
current medal marks the centennial
of the signing of the Panama Canal
treaty between the United States
and Panama and the founding of
the Republic of Panama in 1903.
The medals measure 47 mm and
are available in 0.999 fine silver as
well as brushed antique bronze.
The face of the medals has busts of
the two presidents at the time,
presidents, Manual Amador
Guerrero and Theodore Roosevelt,
with a stylized logo of the Panama
Canal. The reverse has a
commemorative inscription over the
crossed flags of both nations.
The medals are priced at $40
for the silver and $15 for the
bronze. Tax for Florida residents
and postage are extra.


The museum has started a
special commemorative ornament
program to add to the very popular

The theme for the 2003
Reunion will be an exhibit that
features all aspects of scouting in
the Canal Zone and the role it
played in Zone society from the
earliest to the last days.
While the plans are to cover
the full scouting program, a
special feature will be an exhibit
centering around the unique
Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race
that began in 1953 and is
celebrating its fiftieth
Rick Williams has already
assembled a full collection of
Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race
patches and Paul Broussard
has donated a winning cayuco
for this special exhibit.
The museum staff is asking
for artifact donations,
photographs and other items that
will add to this exhibit and fill this
niche in the history of the Canal
Zone that the museum is seeking
to preserve and make available
to future generations.
Those interested in
participating in the special exhibit
are asked to contact the museum
at (727) 394-9338 or by email at:
collections @panamacanalmuseu
In order to make the exhibit
as significant as possible the
museum is asking experience
scouting participants to serve in
creating the exhibit and as
guides at the reunion.

Museum president Chuck Hummer and Collections Chair, Buddy Morgan
accept historical flag from Jeannette Morales Keepers. I

The Panama Canal District
Boy Scouts of America Annual
Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race
shared a long tradition with the
Panama Canal. Because of this
scouting association, the
Panama Canal Company and
later, the Panama Canal
Commission, permitted the use
of its waterway, facilities,
equipment and an enormous
amount of support personnel for
this truly unique event. The
United States Army and Navy
provided an LCM, escort boats,
medics and safety swimmers.
The first race was held in
1954, with the three day event
beginning at the Panama Canal
Yacht Club in Cristobal and
ending at the Balboa Yacht Club
in Fort Amador. Over the years
the actual starting and finishing
lines for each leg have changed.
As a matter of interest, the race
was held as a two day event one
year in the early 1960's. In 1998
and 1999, due to Panama Canal
Commission policy changes, the
lockage segment of the race was

Museum Executive Vice President, Kathy Egolf gives Treasurer, Paul
Glassburn the good news on the results of the silent auction and gift shop
sales at the reunion.

not permitted. The Cayuco Race
Committee, in the interest of
preserving the Ocean to Ocean
tradition, used a route which
allowed for portages around the
locks. Although the original
format of the race was altered,
the overall distance of the race
remained unchanged.

2003 Reunion Theme-Scouting in the Canal Zone,

2002 Roster of Museum Members

Abellera, Bonnie
Abels, Barry & Jackie
Abernathy, Lucille
Albright, Alan
Aleguas, Fred
Aleguas, Sal
Allen, Grace
Altmark, Milton & Shirley
Anderson, Valerie
Angle, Virginia
Anthony, Lori
Arbaugh, Peggy
Arias-Lang, Bobby R. Lang & Georgina
Amdt, Rolf & Joan
Arnold, Pauline
Arnold, William
Arosemena, Manuel & Aristea
Aycock, Dave & Barbara
Badonsky, Leona
Baglien, Julie
Bailey, Ted
Baird, Kim
Baker, Matt
Baldwin, Graciela
Baldwin, William
Balmas, Steve
Banton, Marvin
Barber, Bill & Lynn
Barbier, George
Barbier, Louis
Barca, Lawrence and Sue
Barkema, Dino & Melodye
Barkowitz, Paul
Beall, Dorothy
Beall, Robert
Beattie, Jr., Preston
Belland, Neil
Benard, Christa
Berg, Carl
Berger, Bobbie
Berger, Nellree
Berger, Robert & Beverly
Berrey, M.D., Bedford H. & Marcia B.
Berry, Frank
Best, Bob & Ann
Bevington, Boyd
Bishop, Dale & Jacqueline
Bivin, Margaret
Bjomeby, Richard
Blair, Marian
Blake, Robert
Blanchette, Betty
Boger, Paula
Bogue, Andrea
Booth, Patricia
Boukalis, James & Julia
Boukalis, Robert
Bowman, Audrey
Bowman, Robert & Mary Jill
Brady, Richard
Brandenburg, Hap & Beth
Braswell, Mike
Braun, Margaret
Brennan, Thomas
Briceno, Berta
Brigadier, Marjorie
Bright, Adamary
Brigman, Bevilie
Bringas, Rafael
Brock, Retta

Brown, Bertha
Brown, Pamela
Brown, Peggy
Brown, Phyllis
Browne, Blanche
Bruch, Dean & Lucienne
Brundage, Faith
Bryan, Dick & Ingrid
Bums, Jean & Doris
Byrd, W. R. "Bob"
Calleja, Mario & Melinda
Camby, Virgil & Shirley
Campbell, Colin & Rosemary
Carey, John & Grace
Castleman, Larry & Kathryn
Catron, Jim
Caturia, Vemon & Ruth
Cavanaugh, Jr., Charles
Cedeno, Catherine
Chandler, Robert & Dorothy
Chapman, Dorothy
Chaves, Enrique
Cheeseman, Lola
Chin, Rupert & Shirley
Clark, Sue
Clarke, Howard & Emmy Lou
Class of 1961, Balboa HS
Clausen, Geraldine
Cochrane, Jane
Coffin, Jerry
Coffin, Thomas
Coffin, Jr., Joseph
Cole, Paul
Coleman, Clare
Collins, Lyn
Coman, Jr., James
Conley, Roger
Cook, Jacques
Corbett, Edward and Geraldine
Corbett, Sydney
Corrigan, David & Marcy
Corrigan Ill, John & Gloria
Cotton, Allen & Edie
Cousens, Theresa
Cowell, Geoffrey & Eileen
Crandall, Edna
Craver, Ken & Dot
Crespo, Rudolph & Delia
Crespo, Rudy
Cressy, Richard
Cronan, John & Valerie
Cullen, James & Evelyn
Cunningham, Janet
Cunningham, Richard & Lynn
Curies, Sarah Marie
Dahn, Bob & Bettye
Dally, Lynda
Daniel, Ennis
Danielsen, Richard
Davis, Gordon
Davis, Judy
Davison, Norman & Alvera
Dawson, Capt. William & Connie
Day, Clifton
Day, Lisa
Dayhuff, Hal & Barbara
DeMartini, Mary
Deakins, Randy & Joella
Dedeaux, Jon & Debra
Dedeaux, Louis & Barbara

Demers, Norman E. & Cecile L.
Dempsey, Joan
DesLondes, James & Linda
Detar, Rich & Tina
Diamond, Hindi
Dickerson, William
Didier, Larry & Edna
Diez, William
Dockery, William
Dolan, Madeleine
Dollar, Robert
Donoghue, Michael & Jane
Donor, Anonymous
Doolan, Edward
Downing, George & Ann
Drake, Marie
Drew, William & Hide
Duffus, William & Elaine
Dunn, Dorothy
Dunning, Bill & Betty
Ebdon, Paul & Connie
Eberenz, John
Egan, Isabel
Eggleston, Jeannine
Egolf, George & Roberta
Egolf, Katherine
Egolf, Mary
Egolf, William & Carol
Eide, Darrell & Nancy
Eldridge, Mary Ann
Elich, Ruth
Engelke, John & Laurie
Engelke, Louis
English, COL (Ret) & Mrs. Edward
Ericson, Helen
Evans, Roberta
Falasca, Carolyn
Faris, Jani
Farley, Joanne
Fears, George & Frances
Fenton, Sr., George
Field, Bobbie
Fields, Jo-Anne
Filos, Orlando & Deborah
Fischer, Greg & Vicki
Fisher, J. Robert & Monica
Fitzgerald, George
Fitzgerald, Mabelle
Flynn, Peter & Rae
Ford, Alan
Forsstrom, William
Foster, Harry
Foster, Nancy
Foster, Peter
Frangioni, Ralph K. "Tony" & Dorothy
French, Charles
French, Gene
Freund, Gilbert E.
Friar, Robert & Karla
Friedman, Egon & Dorothy
Fritz, Carol
Fritz, Cheryl
Fugleberg, Kenneth & Fern
Gagliano, Cathy
Gagliano, Lisa
Gallin, Alvin
Gamble, Bill & Arlene
Gansen, William
Garrido, Donald
Gates, SarahAnn

Gayer, Richard and Marilyn
Geisel, Elizabeth
Gerchow, Jr., Frank
Gerhart, James & Dorothy
Gianelli, William
Gibson, Llori
Gibson, Marie
Gibson, Robert.
Gilead, Rosemary
Gillis, Norman & Donna
Girand, Juanita
Givens, Jimmy & Hilda
Glassbum, Paul
Goethals, Thomas
Goldmann, Sylvia
Goldsberry, Richard
Goldsberry, Jr., Kenneth
Gomez, Thomas
Gonzalez, Frank & Sharon
Gonzalez, Richard
Gordon, Litabel & Sara
Gorin, Jeremiah & Rosalind
Gough, Sr., John
Goulet, Carol
Gragg, Jason & Monika
Graham, Robert & Penny
Gramlich, Beverly
Gray, Robert
Green, Barbara
Green, Jonathon
Greene, Arlene
Grez, Alfred & Patricia
Griffin, G. Wheeler
Griffin, Sue
Grimison, T. Richard
Grimison, Thomas & Anne
Gritt, Rick, Lynn & Alessandra
Gruman, William & Mary
Gunn, Jr., Landen H.
Gutowski, Vincent & Pam
Haines, John
Hall, Patricia
Hall, Susan
Hall, Will & Kim
Halsall, Edward
Halvosa, Annie Laurie
Hamilton, Robert
Hanna, Max
Hanna, Thomas
Hannigan, Jim & Gerry
Harrell, Jerry and Betty
Hasemann, Louis
Hatch, Jr., Aram
Hatgi, John
Haugen, H. Joann
Haydel, Norman
Hayden, Reginald & Beverly
Hayes, John
Heintz, Carol
Helmerichs, Dona
Henderson, Gerald
Hennessey, Dan & Frances
Hem, Jack & Fran
Hemandez, Martin
Herold, Joe & Pam
Heselton, Jr., Leslie
Heyd, Elaine
Highley, Leslie & Jamie
Hilliard, Dave & Jane
Hoffer, Lynn

2002 Roster of Museum Members

Hogan, Iris
Hollenstine, Mary
Homa, Bruce & Chris
Homa, C. William
Homa, Diane
Hood, Eleanor
Hood, John
Hoover, Carol
Horine, Larry & Mary Ellen
Horine, Norma
Howell, Roy
Huffman, Willard
Hughes, Sarah
Hummer, Charles & Sandra
Hummer, Greta
Hummer, Phyllis
Hunt, Louise
Hurst, Harris
Ingram, Betty
Irion, Oren
Irwin, Jerry
Isthmian Collectors Club,
Jaworski, Eugene & Claire
Jeffers, Barbara
Jenkins, Catherine
Jenkins, Ivan
Jenkins, John
Jennings, Olga
Jennison-Williams, Jane
Johnson, Nira
Johnson, Robert & Carolyn
Jones, Carol
Jordan, Hubert & Margot
Jordan, Thomas
Judge, Jean
Judson, Philip
Kariger, Lee
Karrer, Jr., Robert
Kaufman, Jean
Kearns, James & Patricia
Keenan, Charles & Maxine
Keigley, Daile
Keller, Peggy
Kerksiek, Charlotte
Kessler, William
King, George
King, Loretta
Kleefkens, Suzanne
Kleefkens, Walter
Knoop, Roy
Kongable, Beatrice
Kongable, Mr. & Mrs. John W.
Krueger, Ernest (Buck) & Barbara
Kujawa, Len and Maria
Lane, William & Debra
Lanfranco, Martin & Nancy
Lang, Peter & Mary Lou
Lanphear, Robert
Larrabee, Laverne
Lasater, Marion & Estella
Latimer, Charles & Alice
LeBrun, Charles & Lucille "Sandy"
LeBrun, Kathleen
LeGrys, Jr., Warren & Dora
Leavitt, Bonita
Leber, Walter
Lee, Frank A. & Deborah J.
Lee, Joyce
Lees, Roland J. & Patricia C.

Leisy, Henry
Leisy, Robert
Lessiack, Katherine
Leves, Charles
Leves, Frank R. & Helen F.
Lewes, Jr., Herbert
Lewis, Elaine
Lewy, Gerda
Linfors, Gene & Diane
Little, Michael & Elaine
Little, Tom, Sid & Chimere
Litzenberger, Lesley
Loera, Helen
London, Betty
Long, John & Joan
Lord, Guy
Lorenzo, Joseph
Lyman, Agnes
Lynch, Mary
Lyons, William & Virginia
Maale, Joy
MacDonald, Charles
MacLaren, James
Mack, Edward
Maedl, Carl & Alfhild
Malin, Ed & Gloria
Malin/Whitlow, Edwin & Dottie
Mallett, Richard
Mallia, John
Mallia, Louis
Mann, Anthony
Marczak, Mark
Marsh, Annette
Marshall, Jay & Barbara
Matheney, Grover
Matt, David & Victoria
Mattey, Peggy
Mayo, LTC (Ret) Frank
Mays, Joanne
McArthur, Charles
McAuliffe, LTGen D. P. & Kathleen
McClean, Richard
McClellan III, S. Griffin
McConaughey, David
McConaughey, William
McCullough, Judi
McCullough, Thomas
McDaniel, Sheila
McGinn, Charles
McKeon, Don & Joan
McLaughlin, Bill, Margaret & Allison
McTaggart, John & Tilly
Medinger, Bob & Nikki
Meigs, A. James
Melant, Victor
Metivier, John
Meyer, Carol
Meyer, Margery
Meyer, Nicole
Michaelsen, William
Miller, Carlos
Miller, Kathyleen
Mills, Bud & Patti
Minden, Vicki
Mizrachi, Enrique & Muriel
Modelo, Nivia
Montessori, Countryside
Moolchan, Robert
Moore, Elizabeth
Morales, John A. & Margaret K.

Morales, Lars
Morgan, Paul & Stacia
Morgan, Richard & Julieta
Morland, Virginia
Morris, James
Mott, Frank & Marilyn
Mullins, Charlotte
Murphy, Emily
Nellis, Dan & Patricia
Newman, Betty
Nicolaisen, Andy
Norris, Hugh
Norris, James H. & Lina
North, Mary Ellen
O'Brien, Erin
O'Brien, Sally
O'Donnell, Jim & Gemma
O'Halloran, Michele
O'Neal, Alyce
Oberholtzer, Anita
Ohman, Ed, Joan & Jason
Oliveira, Ted A. & Lourdes
Parfitt, Harold
Parker, Donald
Parker, Gloria
Parvin, Jane
Pascual, Vicente
Patton, Bridget
Paulson, Cash & Mary Jane
Pearson, Diane
Peterson, Tom & Barbara
Phelan, Chuck
Phillips, Karen
Phillips, Noble
Pierce, Emie
Pierce, Jerry & Kay
Pileggi, Floyd
Price, Sheila
Priest, Kathaleen
Pruett, Burley & Peggy
Quinn, Marc
Raison, Ruth
Rankin, William & Virginia
Rathgeber, Betty
Redfield/Merry, Bob & Carolyn
Redmond, William
Reece, James & Janet
Reeves, Jr., Walter
Reyes, Ramon & Laura
Reynolds, Georgia
Rhyne, Beatrice
Rice, Annie
Richardson, Ann
Richardson, James
Richey, Hobey & Lisa
Riley, Jeffrey
Rios, Monica
Rios, Randy
Roberson, Jody and Dolores
Roberson, Patt
Robertson, Jr., Hal
Robertson, Jr., Tom
Robin, Mark
Robinson, Sandy
Roddy, James J.
Romaneski, Al & Marilyn
Rosales, Phillipa
Ross, Don
Roth-Roffy, Charles
Rowley, Sam & Beverly

Royston, Marion
Rupp, Robert & Jeanne
Russell, Robert & Cheryl
Rydell, Laura
Ryter, Don & Joni
Sampsell, Frances
Samson, Jayne
Sanders, Laura
Schafer, Catherine
Schear, Gerard
Scheiwe, Marge
Schmidt, Douglas & Sharon
Schmidt, Jr., John C.
Schmidt, Jr., John E.
Schrader, Frederick
Schroeter, Valeria
Schultz, George & Virginia
Schwindeman, George
Scott, Alan
Scottino, Jr., Anthony & Raquel
Scribner, Catherine
Sears, Kathleen
Sergeant, Kaye
Severy, Anne
Sharp, Rebecca
Shobe, James & Noralie
Skeie, Christian
Smith, Frank
Smith, Gila
Smith, Gilbert
Smith, Gilbert J. & Sharon
Smith, John R. & Evelyn "Tommy"
Smith, Lester & Andrea
Smith, Peter & Connie
Snow, Betty
Solien, Larry
Spector, Norm
Sponberg, Carol Ann
Stallworth, Ed & Adrienne
Standefer, Luke & Joyce
Stempel, Courtney
Stephenson, Michael & Elaine
Stergion, Betty
Stems, Reginald
Stevens, John
Stevenson, Davis and June
Stevenson, Sydney & Stella
Stewart, Joanne "Jay"
Stewart, Thomas
Stidwell, Brian
Stoakley, Thomas
Stocking, Annette
Streeter, Jack
Stromberg, Russell & Gladys
Summerford, Duncan
Summerford, Frances
Swearingen, Richard & Betty
Swenson, Carl
Szymanski, Jr., Fred
Taber, Alice
Taber, Lewis & Sandra
Tanassy, Louis
Tartar, Mark
Tartar, Teresa
Tassinari, Marjorie
Tatem, Lee
Taylor, Dale & Mary Jane
Taylor, Kathryn
Terrell, Lance
Tewinkel, Maurice

2002 Roster of Museum Members

Theriault, Marc
Thomas, Charles & Josephine
Thomas, Cynthia
Thomas, Dom
Thomas, John & Glenna
Thomas, Tony & Stephanie
Thomas, Jr., Jed & Janice
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Jane
Thurgood, Harriet
Tibbotts, Bernard
Toland, Nellie
Tolbert, Gayle
Tooke & Family, David
Toscar, Aaron & Joan
Toston, William
Townsend, Frank & Marvel
Treadwell, Zelma R.
Trout, Beth

Tumer, John & Lynn
Twohy, Henry
Ubben, Mark & Elisa
Ulrich, Sara
Unruh, Olive
Usher, Barbara
Valentine, Robert
Van Overen, Peter
Van Siclen, Nancy
Vantine, Wilbur
Vestal, R. Trendon
Vickery, Joan
Viglielmo, Frances
Vollmar, Jr., Joseph
Wacha, Mary
Wainio, Annie
Wainio, Robert
Walko, Nelda
Wallace, Robert

Walsh, James & Stacia
Ward, Lisa
Wardlow/Sizemore, Ed & Vicki
Watkins, Harvey
Wells, Fred
Wennik, Virginia
Werkheiser, Anna
Wertz, Peggy
Wheeler, Robert
Whitam, Robert
White, Ruth
White, Jr., Joseph
Whitman, John & Muriel
Whitney, Janice
Wilbum, Edward
Will, Irene
Williams, Beverly
Williams, Richard
Williamson, Judy

Wilson, Leroy
Wirfs, Mary
Woll, Elizabeth
Wollmers, Harriet
Wood, Joe & Beverly
Wood, William
Woodruff, Marion & Elsie
Wymer, William & Judith
Young, William & Virginia
Zeigler, Page
Zemitis, Carlene
Zomes, Richard & Virginia
Zumbado, Bob & Marguerite
Zumbado, Deborah


First Transit Completions

John Brayton Thomas Goethals Lesley Litzenberger Hobey & Lisa Richey
James Cook Carol Goulet William & Virginia Lyons Robert Roy, Sr.
Curtis Fitzgerald Isthmian Collectors Club Robert & Colleen Mate Lewis & Sandra Taber
Alan Ford Charles & Maxine Keenan Grover Matheney Dorn Thomas
Steve & Mary Vaughn

Second Transit Completions

Lucille Abernathy
Reginald & Beverly Hayden
Bob & Marguerite Zumbado

Third Transit Completions

Dollar Club
C. B. Fenton
Frank R. & Helen F. Leves
James MacLaren

Fourth Transit Completion
Life Member

Katherine Egolf
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Museum volunteers thread the cayuco, DUE
PROCESS into the museum storage.

Tug GATUN bell donated by Pam Roe
Herold in memory of William G. Roe.

At its October quarterly meeting,
the Board of Trustees re-elected
the three top officers for another
two year term. Chuck Hummer,
Joe Wood and Kathy Egolf all
will stay in office as president,
vice president and executive vice
president until 2004.

New Members
The board also unanimously
elected three new board
members. Capt. Bob Dell,
Barbara Green and Muriel
Whitman joined the Board of

Name Change
The board also voted to change
the name of the corporation to
Panama Canal Museum. This
should make it clear that the
museum is a separate
organization from the Panama
Canal Society.

Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors has
also added a number of new
members. The board now
consists of William Gianelli,
former Panama Canal Board
Chairman; Walter Leber, former
governor and president of the
Panama Canal Company, Lt.
General Dennis McAuliffe the
last US Administrator of the

Panama Canal, and Dr. Thomas over last year was $18,436. It should be pointed out

Goethals, grandson of George
W. Goethals, The Board of
Advisors is intended to serve as
a sounding board and pool of
high level expertise in guiding the
Board of Trustees.

Financial Review
Janet Baldwin, completed the
2001 financial review of the
museum accounts. For the third
year, the independent review has
determined that the accounts are
in good order and the policies
and practices are consistent with
acceptable accounting principles
applicable to nonprofit
organizations, specifically,
Treasurer Paul Glassburn
reported the financial outlook to
the board. A summary of his
report follows:


Net income through August
was $51,062, versus $32,626 in
2001. Net income for the gift
shop was $21,066, up from
$4,788 for the same period last
year. Contributions &
membership receipts totaled
$29,996, compared with $27,838
last year. Through August, the
total increase in net revenues

Year-to-date our expenses
have exceeded last year's
expenses by $14,857. Through
August, the museum's rental
expense was $19,456 more than
last year. Expenditures in all
other areas have been reduced
by a total of nearly $5 thousand.

Cash Position
As of August 31, 2002 we
had $55,383 in the bank Last
year at this time our cash
balance was $48,274. ( Our
asset balance "improved", from
$76,800 at this time last year, to
a current figure of $89,827.) Most
of this increase, however,
represents a large inventory of
unsold medallions and, to a
lesser extent, Christmas

Projected Results
At this point it is projected
that the museum will finish this
year with an income surplus of
$15,000, These results are
remarkable, considering that the
museum's budget for this year
originally anticipated a deficit of

that these new numbers are
achievable only if our
upcoming membership
campaign produces results
comparable with last year's
appeal, which netted nearly
$20 thousand by year end.
Realistically, this projection
could be a stretch.

Future Implications
The good news is, the
museum's performance during
2002 demonstrates that the
organization can, with
imagination and considerable
effort, generate sufficient funds
to sustain itself, even in the face
of it's new higher rent structure.
The not-so-good news is, the
museum still cannot find a way to
support even a minimal staff of
paid employees, needed to move
the operation forward.
Furthermore, there is no
guarantee that this year's
outstanding financial results can
be sustained year in and year
out. At this point, we appear to
be no closer to achieving the
type and amount of funding (i.e.
both adequate and dependable)
to permit the hiring of personnel
essential for the long term
continuation of the museum.


7985 113th Street, Suite 100
Seminole, Florida 33772
Tel. (727)-394-9338
Fax (727)-394-2737
Email: president@panamacanalmuseum.org
Website: www.panamacanalmuseum.org

This newsletter is published twice annually by the Panama Canal
Museum for its members, donors and benefactors. Additional copies
can be obtained by writing or mailing the museum. The museum is
staffed entirely by volunteers who graciously donate their time and
skills to carry on the work of the museum. We acknowledge and
thank our many benefactors, donors, volunteers and friends who
continue to assist this important project.

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* Desktop publishing volunteer to help with
* Exhibit Designer
* Office Manager volunteer to keep files,
correspondence and administrative matters in
* Volunteer Coordinator
* Volunteers to take active role on Board of
* Experienced grant writer.
* Refinishing Tivoli furniture, $1,000
Thanks to Lucille Abernathy and Paul Broussard
for responding to our Wish List from our last

Museum Tour Now on Website
Thanks to a great suggestion, the museum has developed a cyber tour
of the museum. Also on the tour one can see some of the artifacts other
than those in the core exhibit, which this year is the Canal Zone Police.
Likewise the site emphasizes the importance of volunteers and the
activities of the volunteers.
A map showing the location of the museum is also now available on
the Internet. Just go to the Museum website at
and follow the navigation buttons.
Thanks to Museum Webmaster, Bill McLaughlin for continuing to
improve the site and keeping it current.
The museum's Donor Wall of Honor is updated regulayrl on the
website and has been redesigned to make it easer to navigate the wall as it
becomes more filled.
If you have suggestions to improve the website, please notify
president@panamacanalmuseum.org by email or snail mail.