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Focus On The New Land Use Map

The new land use map for Saint
Barth adopted on November 23
will go into effect as of December
24, 2010. To get a better under-
standing of this urban planning
document, we interviewed Karine
Miot, president of the planning
commission for the Collectivity.

Journal de Saint Barth:
You noted that the land use map
adopted by the territorial council on
November 23 is the first real docu-
ment of its kind for Saint Barthtle-
my. However, a first planning map,
or Marnu (Application Modality for
National Urbanism Regulations)
was in effectfrom 1998 through
Karine Miot: The Marnu was useful
in terms of practical information
about national rules and clearly defin-
ing which zones were open for con-
struction and which were not. But its
role stopped there. The land use map
adopted on November 23 is a real
document covering land use for the
entire territory.

Journal de Saint Barth:
Everyone calls it a land use map, but
in reality this project comprises two
Karine Miot: Yes, the project
encompasses two documents: on one
hand a map that defines four kinds of
zones and the rules that apply in each
of these zones.
On the map, each of the four kinds of

zones is indicated by a different color.
The land indicated in green represents
natural zones where building is not
permitted. These green zones com-
prise most of the shoreline and wet-
lands, the major part of the mountain-
sides and slopes, as well as ,l..liici
islands and other less dramatic zones
not open too building.
The three other colors on the map are
dark blue, light blue, and yellow, rep-
resenting zones where building is per-
mitted to various degrees. Dark blue
marks residential zones, light blue is
for mixed usage of residential and
various activities, and yellow for
industrial activities. Three areas fall
into the yellow zone: The commercial
dock and industrial zone in Public;
the airport in St Jean; and the zone for
treatment and recycling in Saline.
The color red also appears on the map
to represent zones that are at risk
from natural disasters. That does not
mean that one cannot build there but
those who issue permits have the pos-
sibility to require special construction
to avoid risks such as flooding from
torrential rains or high seas during

Journal de Saint Barth:
You taRtt'd thla the green zones are
not open to building. Yet here are
certain buildings in these zones.
What are the rights of the owners
to build on their properties now?
Karine Miot: It is true that there are
buildings in green zones. Most are
situations we inherited from the past,

and for a small number of examples,
a classification of the zone during the
realization of the land use map based
on the location of the land in a risk
zone. The owners of these buildings
have nothing to worry about. Since
these houses are already built, the
owners have the right to rebuild on
the same footprint, that is to say the
same area, with limited possibility for

Journal de Saint Barth:
What can you tell us about
the regulations that accompany
the land use map?
Karine Miot: As I said, the regula-
tions indicate the precise rules appli-
cable in each zone. Schematically,
there are two major kinds of rules:
pure urbanism rules and those that
cover the architectural aspects of con-
struction. We also added some more
general conditions, such as maintain-
ing a balance between buildings and
gardens on a plot of land. Or the obli-
gation to provide parking places,
which was not the case before, and in
relation to the number of residences

Journal de Saint Barth:
What can you tell us about the
urbanism regulations
that at t umpany the map?
Karine Miot: In buildable zones, for
example, we lifted the distance
between buildings as long as there are
"blind" walls (no openings) in case
the owner wants to build less than


Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
Vv Wt heritage and origin
S New Location in Gustavia
Rue du Gin6ral de Gaulle Gustavia
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 10-13 and 16-19

St Barth Weekly n203


to b.art
Contemporary Art Gallery
Raimundo Figueroa La Vida Baila
.. -

Raimundo Figueroa, FRENCH KISS, 2008

Exhibition through February 18, 2011

Show Room Elisa Bally
Cour Vendome, 2"d Floor, Gustavia


Exclusive Sunset Champagne every evening !

JIckyMarbtvlu Srk *
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T Iday Phl S aIn.4.
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Friday (ulumb,'er4 Bay
Sliurday fuurthue island
72 per pax Private charter upon request
9am to 12:30pm
1pm to 4:30 pm
Including oen bar, snorkling gear, crew, gaz, wind & sun I
Information and booking @ our office 26 quai du Yacht dub, Gustavia
0590 27 70 34 or info@jickymarine.com

St. Barth

Saturday, December 18
speot. Paella Night
wi compmentry gfoss of Sngo 22E

Reservations: 05 902793 48

4 /


two meters from a neigh-
boring habitation. We also
lifted the obligation to leave
a distance of four meters
between buildings on the
same plot of land. This rule,
adopted in metropolitan
France to insure luminosity,
was in effect here until the
new map was adopted, but
does not make sense here.
The regulations also define
the density of building. In
yellow and light blue zones,
the land can be built up to
100%, other than space
reserved for parking and
sanitary systems. In resi-
dential zones, we wanted to
make construction less
dense, yet allow owners of
small lots to build a house
with three bedrooms, which
we consider an average
home. With this in mind,
we created a sliding scale,
which proportionally allows
more space to build on
smaller lots.

Journal de Saint Barth:
And the architectural
Karine Miot: The architec-
tural rules are fairly general,
in order to maintain a cer-
tain amount of latitude in
the choice of building
styles. On the other hand,
there is one essential rule,
which is the integration of
buildings into their environ-
ment. The visual impact
should be very limited,
which is why we require
terraced building on very

steep land. That construc-
tion style helps avoid build-
ings and foundation walls
that are too high.
We also established rules for
roofs, in order to avoid large
disparities in style. The reg-
ulation authorizes only four-
sided roofs from 30 to 50,
and in terms of color, if only
red or green roofs are per-
mitted, it is also possible to
use wooden shingles or zinc
in any of the existing color
palette. Another architectur-
al rule states that enclosure
walls higher than lm20 are
prohibited. This is to avoid
the look of a "bobsled
track," or corridors of walls
along the roads that leave
little or no view of the sea
of the environment that sur-
rounds us.

Journal de Saint Barth:
President of the territorial
council, Bruno Magras,
has said on several occa-
sions hati the map is not
written in stone. But how
easily can it be revised?
Karine Miot: It is effec-
tively a document that can
evolve and be modified
pretty much whenever we
want, based on a proposi-
tion from the executive
council. A revision can be
total or partial, and in this
case apply to just one zone
or neighborhood in particu-
lar. The revision can also
apply to the zones them-
selves or the regulations
within a zone.

rue du GBneral de Gaulle Gustavia
les.artisans@wanadoo.fr T.: 05 90 27 50 40

4 St Barth Weekly n203

St Barth Sotheby's StBarth VEOUR DREAM*
Properties INTERNATIONAL REALTY Properties

St. Barth Properties USA St. Barth Properties St Barth



L to R Sit, lin, Julie Nally, Toni Laronga, Anne-Cicile Bedford, L to R : Benoit Meesemaecker, Mai Vu Thi Nhu,
Julia HurJ. M.iltiy Sclitzer and Connie Walsh. Ted Deltour (rear),
Sinrrit Peg Walsh and T ir, Smil il Nadine Rolland and Pascale Minarro.

Become a part of the St Barth Properties family
- A real estate and villa rental agency, St Barth Properties (SBP) was founded by American Peg Walsh in 1989.
She coined and trademarked the company motto Live Your Dream; it became the foundation of SBP's mission
statement. In 1992 Peg's son, Tom Smyth, joined the business and is its vice president and co-owner.
- The company represents a portfolio of over 150 private villas in St Barth, from romantic little traditional <
to palatial estates.
- Its real estate division, St. Barth Properties Sotheby's International Realty, has a wonderful selection of proper-
ties that are listed for sale.
- It is the only agency on the island that has both a United States office and a St. Barth office. Both offices are
owned by the same people (Peg and Tom) and are fully staffed by a passionate and bilingual team whose mission
is to ensure that each and every client experiences a Dream Vacation on beautiful St. Barth.
- President Peg Walsh is annually awarded Cond6 Nast Traveler's esteemed Villa Rental Specialist award*,
naming her one of the top villa rental agents worldwide and the best for St Barth.
- SBP offers a full range of concierge services: flight arrangements and air charters, airport and ferry meet and
greet, VIP level services, car rentals, dinner reservations, villa provisioning, private chef services, .li% ,iiiiiig.
massages, snorkeling trips as well as arranging other activities... Plus, an on call service 24/7.
- SBP hosts a get-together cocktail party for all of its clients every Thursday at Bonito's, harbor view restaurant...
A party that has become a lovely island tradition.
- St Barth Properties just launched its Grand Cru collection, a selection of the finest and amenity-laden
properties, to enhance the villa lifestyle experience. Grand Cru offers vacationers additional amenities, such as
continental breakfast and turndown service.

Please stop by our office to say, "Bonjour". .t.. Our clients quickly become friends

St Barth Properties USA 1-508-528-7727
St. Barth Properties St Barth
rue Samuel Fahlberg Gustavia
97133 Saint Barth6lemy
059029 7505


27th St Barth Music Festival



Just a month away is the
27th annual St Barth Music
Festival, an annual cultural
highlight on the island's cal-
endar. Frances Debroff has
once again woven a won-
derful web of dance, classi-
cal music, opera and jazz
for a series of concerts from
January 7-18, 2011.
The festival opens on Fri-
day and Saturday, January 7
and 8 with two dance pro-
grams featuring stars of the
Paris Opera Ballet, Nice
Ballet, and Les Grand Bal-
lets Canadiens, performing
at AJOE in Lorient. Once a
steady part of the festival
diet but absent from the
menu for the past few years,
it is nice to see that dance is

back on the schedule for
The classical portion of the
festival comprises a series
of concerts at the Catholic
Church in Gustavia, includ-
ing a free concert of cham-
ber music by Mozart on
Tuesday, January 11,
orchestral works by Bruch,
Mozart, and Schubert on
Wednesday, January 12,
Chopin piano music on
Thursday, January 13, and
Opera Night with arias and
love duets on Friday,
January 14.
On Saturday, January 15,
the tempo changes with two
jazz concerts featuring the
Jason Marsalis Quintet.
Having performed in prior

c I
r storor
at our st r

years, Marsalis has become
a true festival favorite.
On Sunday, January 16 the
attention is on young musi-
cians with a free concert by
Saint Barth Harmony at the
Anglican Church at 4pm.
And Sunday evening is the
festival's annual benefit din-
ner at Eddy's restaurant in
Gustavia, where good food
is accompanied by a musi-
cal interlude.
The 2011 festival closes on
Tuesday, January 18 at the
Anglican Church with the
world-famous Miro Quartet,
playing works by Brahams,
Glass, and Schubert.
Take world-class musicians,
add the charm of Saint
Barth, and the result is an
extraordinary little festival

that brings great music to
the island for a short time
each winter.

Tickets are for sale at the
tourist office beginning
Monday, January 3.
Advance tickets at 10% dis-
count available January 3
thru 7 only A "Season Pass-
book" is 10% less than indi-
vidual tickets. Children
under 13 free. No reserved

2011 St Barth Music
Festival poster.
Drawings: Jennifer S. May.
Graphics: Guillaume Blan-
chard. Layout andprinting:

OutreMer, Gustavla Drugstore desCaraibes, St Jean



C (1 6/ MtS

Preserved iced sea scallops and oysters,
P6rigord truffles

Poached poached foie gras,
ginger broth and chestnuts

Filet of John Dory in a sepia ink crust
with craw fish and morel mushrooms

Granite of mandarin and mint

Juniper grilled filet of venison,
served with cream of Jerusalem artichokes
and lemon

Crusty puff pastry filled
with hazelnut-chocolate
and served with an orange sorbet


Price per person : 150 Euros


Swy/ D1267/'s2^7O(
55 Euros per person

HOTEL LE TOINY ANSE DE TOINY 0590 29 77 47 or 0590 27 88 88
Email: legaiac@letoiny.com

Royal of Dublin bay prawns with celery

Maki of duck foie gras on air-dried-beef
with a spiced pear sauce

Smoked, cold sea bass with caviar

Lobster on a risotto crust, served
with green peas and Cepe mushrooms

Granite of raspberry and litchi

Roast partridge on toast, the preserved leg
in a rigattoni

Grilled rice pudding with morellos and nuts

Chestnuts and mandarin tartlet,
served with a chocolate sorbet


Jazz Live Music

Price per person : 275 Euros


On Monday, December 13, the local Red r
Cross presented a check for 650 euros to
Adrien Gaume Bechet, president of the asso-
ciation < Hand To Haiti" in Haitian Creole), which is
building a school in Delmas, a neighborhood
in Port au Prince. The money was collected
during the first clothing sale held by the Red
Cross on November 20.
A second clothing sale will be held on Satur-
day, December 18 from 10am-12:30pm and
4pm-6:30pm in the Red Cross offices behind .
the old town hall in Gustavia.

Pick Up Your Brushe
The sea, "and its changing
reflections" as sang Char'\-
Trenet, has always inspire.Ia
poets and painters. It is
also the theme selected
this year by the cultural
association, Saint B'Art,
which has announced its
seventh annual painting c. '.,-
petition. Painters can draw their
inspiration from marine views, the
world of fishing, or boats to create their
original works of art. The paintings
will be on exhibit during The Saint
Barth Bucket regatta, which attracts
some of the world's most magnificent
sailboats for three days of racing,
March 25-27, 2011.
The painting competition is open to
young artists aged 15 tot 18 as well as

adults. The two top win-
"ik in each category
i, ill take home a
prize: 3000 euros
First prize adult)
ind 1000 euros
Second prize
adult); and for
young artists,
500 euros (first
prize) and 200 euros (second prize).
The winners will also have their paint-
ings reproduced on pre-paid postal
To sign up: There is no charge to enter
the competition. To enter, contact Jean-
Pierre Ballagny, by telephone at 06 90
83 84 00 (or via email at jp.bal-
lagny@wanadoo.fr). The deadline to
submit the paintings is March 17, 2011.


On December 4th 2010, Dylan
Verrechia was awarded at the
Artivist Film Festival in Holly-
wood, in Los Angeles, for Best
Feature Children's Advocacy, for
his documentary film, "Kids of
the Majestic". The film, shot in
Bangalore, India, shows young
kids, 3 years old up to 14, living
in extreme conditions in the city
train station.
His other film, "Tierra Madre", a
feature film shot on the Mexican
border, was also awarded eight
times in 2010. This film, a true
story, shows a woman genuine
generosity, a very different type
of mother, ready to do I ii ilyi1
to save her family, especially her
young daughter. Already in 2007,
Dylan's film, "Tijuana Makes
Me Happy" was awarded at the
Slamdance Film Festival in
Utah, for Best Feature. The story
described the love of an eleven
years old Mexican schoolboy for
fighting roosters in particular and
for animal in general.

Filmmaker Dylan Verrechia
spent much of his childhood
in Saint Barth where he attended
the elementary school in
Gustavia. He is the son of painter
Jean Verrechia, who lives part of
each year on the island.

Restaurant & Bar Gustavia St Barth

rue Jeanne d'Arc (Inwr Miimmo) -
La Pointe- Gustavia T61. : 0590 87 79 54
Midi et Soir Ferm6 lI Dimanche

at your service
Painting, waterproofing, refinishing,
Insulation, wallpaper, floors and walls,
tools and materials
Cap Nor 0690 76 79 99

St Barth Weekly n203

TESouc fo Prvt Vil Rentas
from ~~~StBrstStToe

. ll

Charming 3-bedroom
b-osing breohko~Ihk
Pool and jaccuzj.

villa with an open living-room,
ocean viws of Flamonds BEy
E 1,590,000

rs--~ .

-- a
Cozy 2-bedroom villa, with pool, located in Poinie
Miilo'. wih amazing views of th. ocson and it sunnts.

Beutiful 3-bedroom properly surrounded by lush
vegealion offering maximum privacy. Large sunbathing
deck with pod and Ively ocean view,
E 2,600,000
Sibarth Real Estate
Tel: (+ 590) 590.29.88.91

Fourth Place For
Antoine Questel

Eric Bellande I IFCA Windsurf Do Brasil
French Funboard vice- sible for Questel to catch
champion in 2010, Antoine up. Placing third in that
Questel, Saint Barth's local race after lodging a com-
windsurfing champion, plaint, he was in good posi-
took fourth place in the tion for the last race. "I was
2010 IFCA (International anxious after what has just
Funboard Class Associa- happened and couldn't
tion) World Slalom Cham- calm down," he says. As a
pionships. The event took result he was disqualified.
place November 18-21 in Steve Allen took advantage
Fleixeiras, Brazil. of the situation and won the
race, putting him ahead of
"The IFCA World Slalom me in third place for the
Championships were the 2010 world champi-
main goal of my season, onships."
Having been on the podium In spite of this minor set-
in third place in 2009, I had back, Questel, who should
hoped for better results in arrive in Saint Barth for the
2010," admitted Questel holidays, is still in first
after the event. "But the place in the IFCA slalom
draw and the weather made rankings. Without a doubt,
it impossible. The first day, he is one of the best in the
foot strap broke, which world when it comes to
meant I finished in eighth Funboarding.
place in one of the four
races of the day The battle Special Thanks
was intense on the last Antoine Questel thanks his
day" Questel, in third place sponsors: Fanatic, Loft
overall, had a great start but Sail, Sooruz, the Collectivi-
he was knocked into by tyofSaintBarthelemy,
another competitor who Eden Rock hotel, restau-
tried to fit between a buoy rants Le Bouchon and Le
and our champion even Piment, Saint-Barth Assur-
though there was not ance, Saint-Barth Yacht
enough space to get by. Club, Margaritaville,
The result was a big fall, Lifestyle, and all those who
time lost, and it was impos- support his activities.

St Barth Weekly n203

n CM L C I C

( la calso availa l e

Q a Eggs with .ruffled Snails, 02
Tern of aoi Gra an atre

wit Sqa b and : Articoke

'6 ~ ~ 2 -)sa

an a foi ga trufl and Maeia sa uc

DoveLr Solevi with9 a7 83se M uslneSue
s rvsed nith Sevug caia sa aflton V\~ I. tcr

I Saturday December 18
Lyric Evening at Anglican
Church, Soprano Carole
Venutolo, accompanied on
piano by Gregory Beer,
sings a selection of cele-
brated arias, as well as
Christmas carols such as
White Christmas, Minuit
Chr6tien, and a few
gospel songs. Lyric
Evening: free concert at
7pm, Anglican Church,
I Sunday December 19
La Pointe en Mouvement
will hold a Christmas
parade, wearing white
clothes and red hats,
starting at 6pm, Rue de la
Paix in Gustavia.
I Monday, December 20
7pm-9pm: Live music
with the Romantiques
I Tuesday, December 21
5:30pm-9pm: Christmas
Village and music by
Tropik FM Radio

Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit? Listen to live music?
Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party !

) Daily at noon
DJ Yo One Sutter at restau-
rant La Plage, St Jean
) Every Sunday
Salsa BBQ, Manapany, Anse
des Cayes
) Every Thursday
Happy hour: 6-9pm,
Manapany, Anse des Cayes
) Every Friday & Saturday
After Work, live music, from
6-9pm at La Plage, St Jean
) Every evening
FB Julian resident DJ at
Kubbicle in London, from
6pm at 88, Carr6 d'Or,
) November 22-December 19
Adam Falcom, adventurous
mix of soul, R&B and funky
jazz is giving audiences and
critics something to talk
about; from 9pm to midnight,
Bete A Z'Ailes, Gustavia

I Dec. 20 January 2nd 2011
Tomas Doncker, Songwriter
& Guitarist, Tomas has been
a mainstay on the New York
music scene for over twenty
years. from 9pm to midnight,
Bete A Z'Ailes, Gustavia
I Friday December 17
- After Work @ Pink Parrot -
Tapas & Music mixed by Yo
One from 6pm at La plage, St
- Live Music with Soley from
6pm, at Do Brazil, Gustavia
I Saturday December 18
- Date Me Accoustic Dance
Trio from SXM from 9pm at
La plage, St Jean
- Live Music with Soley for
Sunset & Dinner, at Do
Brazil, Gustavia
- Live Music with DJ from
7pm at Taino, Christopher
Hotel, Pointe Milou
- Live Music with Papagayo
& Nungan from 8pm at
Tamarin, Saline
I Sunday December 19
- Saint Barth House Mafia Dj
Party from 1pm at Nikki
Beach, Saint Jean
- Live music with Yo One
from 1:30pm at La plage,
- Soley, the best of flamenco
into accoustic from 5pm at
Carl Gustaf Hotel, Gustavia
I Monday December 20
- Soley, the best of flamenco
into accoustic from 9pm at
B4, Gustavia
I Tuesday, December 21
- Cabaret performance with
show girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
- DJ Oliver Blake from Kube
Hotel St Tropez from 8pm at
La plage, St Jean
- Live Music with Soley from
6pm, at Do Brazil, Gustavia
I Wednesday December 22
- Happy Hours with DJ
Patris Gero from 7pm at Le
Bistrot, Gustavia
- Soley, the best of flamenco
into accoustic from 7pm at
Bar de L'Oubli, Gustavia
I Thursday December 23
- Live Music with Papagayo
from 7pm at Taino,

Christopher Hotel
- Soley, the best of flamenco
into accoustic from 7pm at La
Banane, Lorient

I Friday December 17
- Brazil party, at Yacht Club,
I Saturday December 18
-Welcome to Lithuania, Show
Girl at Yacht Club, Gustavia
I Sunday, December 19
- Casino Royale at Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Monday, December 20
Disco Night Fever, Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Tuesday. December 21
- So Staff!, at Yacht Club,
- Cabaret performance with
show girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Wednesday December 22
- Eyes Wide Shut, Evening in
white with blindfolds, Yacht
Club, Gustavia

r i

I Daily Fashion Shows
- Fashion Show: every lunch
& dinner, La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion Show from the
Poupette boutique, from
1:00pm at Tamarin, Saline.
- at 9:00pm Fashion show at
Ti St Barth except Sunday
I Every Tuesday
6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique
at the Isle de France
I Every Saturday
8:00pm: Fashion show by the
pool, from the boutique Linde
gallery at Taino Restaurant,
Christopher Hotel

I Through December 22
Peter Gurnz photography at
I December 15 February 19
Raimundo Figueroa exhibit
at Elisa Bally, Cours
Vend8me, second floor.

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61

St Barth Weekly n203

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6,50 euros


. . . . . .. . . . . .

.. .. .. .

. ......

0 Z S .

0 ~ @ ~ O06
r I 6 *- 6 0 0

- r6 *:s * 6 ..L.

* : .r*U



1- Nils Passburg with
his daughter Salinne
and her friend Arthur
at the Lucia, Bearer of
Light celebration at
the Swedish Design
Center, Monday
December 13..
2- Daniel Barbon from
Montreal with Andria
and Mark Bryer of
Toronto, accompanied
by their dog Chester
3- Steven and Karen
Grossman from New
York, at the Regal in
Corossol, during their
20th trip to Saint
4-5-6- Every Thursday,
'A' Saint Barth Properties
A* hosts a get-together
cocktail party for its
clients at Bonito res-

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Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
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Advertising : Nabil 06 90 77 00 70
St Barth Weekly n0203 Photos : Rosemond Gr6aux Impression : Daily Herald

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ly equipped, side-by-side
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For Sale, A piece of land in
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Corossol. Ideal for con-
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St Barth Properties
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For sale, large and cen-
trally located piece of
land with a building per-
mit. YBR Real Estate
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1 Emergency numbers

Rescue At Sea
PAF / airport & port police

Fire dept.
Doctor on duty

Saint Jean

* Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager
Airlines company Winair
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines


05 96 70 92 92
05 90 271170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
05 90 29 02 12



Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office)
Water system
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
Anglican church Sunday 9am.
Evangelical church Gustavia Sunday 9am

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 8710 68
05 90 27 6101
05 90 27 54 54
05 90 27 71 90
0 599 54 52040
05 90 27 66 31
05 90 27 75 81
05 90 29 80 40
05 90 29 80 81
05 90 27 60 33
06 90 3170 73
05 90 27 95 38
05 90 29 74 63

1 At your services

arerr fite fOsseur

rl .r dr-niml

Thai root RI.cle1olo0g
Asian Combinatiron CD3ep)
wih H Service

(+59) robbmassage@gmail.com

Event Manaement St-Barth
dinner, cocktail, birthday party, etc
at your villa or yacht.
Contact Nelly at 0690 61 85 77
or email

I Private Caterer
Christian : 0690 41 97 36
S Vincent: 0690 4197 29
4 ;t bbqevents@hotmail.fr

Breakfast Brunch BBQ
Lunch & Dinner
Deliveries Night Services

Home Service
A Swedsh Insriute, NYC graduate ince
1989 and member practitioner of the
traditional Shiatsu French Fedration

Swedsh .assgag
OlO 833 222
0500 524 T07 l.Ml. Iaga um


Young women who are licensed babysitters
will watch your children,
hourly fee or negotiated rates for longer periods.
Available day or evening

06 90 64 06 71 uradesaorange.r


.*~c 3*


h ,.-




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