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rLocal News
i St-Barth in English
Ik KL05 90 927 165 19 s



Island Calls For Better Recycling Habits

Saint Barth needs its resi-
dents to be more consci-
entious in terms of recy-
cling glass and metal,
having noticed a serious
problem with the inciner-
ation process for house-
hold trash; a process in
which trash is burned and

France rather than
burned, while bottles that
make their way into the
incinerator turn into a
glass paste that clogs the
vents. As a result, trash
combustion does not take
place in a normal man-
ner, which causes a

can be burned for the 48
hours it takes for this to
happen (cooling, clean-
ing, and restarting the
process), and in a domi-
no effect, no steam is
created during this time
period which in turn
slows down the produc-
tion of the 1200 cubic
meters of water needed
per day, of a total capaci-
ty of 4000. Franck
Greaux, director of the
water plant, reassures us
that there is no problem
in terms of water produc-
tion at the moment, but
difficulties could arise if
the trend continues.

Relaunch Of The
Recycling Campaign

A new communications
campaign intended to
make recycling a top pri-
ority is on the island's
agenda, as the lack of

vigilance in recycling
household trash could be
linked to a lack of infor-
mation provided to new
residents and guests.
"There is frequently a
large turnover in the pop-
ulation," explains Sophie
Oliveaud, director of the
island's technical servic-
es office. "Newcomers
are not necessarily
informed about our spe-
cific recycling system.
That is why we are
launching a new informa-
tional campaign with the
distribution of flyers in
mailboxes and public
places. We are also going
to make sure that our vis-
itors are made aware, and
encourage rental agen-
cies to place two separate
trashcans in villas so that
the occupants can also
participate in recycling
and separating their


Saint Barth In Pre-Epidemic

While the walls of the incinerator should be clean and its
air vents open, today they are clogged by glass paste that
accumulates after burning a large number of bottles care-
lessly thrown into household trash.

the steam created from
the combustion of waste
is converted into potable
water. The cause of the
problem is a significant
decrease in recycling
efforts on the island and
the fact that more and
more metal cans and
glass bottles are found in
household trash. All iron
and aluminum should be
sent off to metropolitan

decrease in the amount of
steam produced, result-
ing in a decrease in the
production of potable
water; the steam is actu-
ally used as a carburant
in the desalination of
ocean water.
This leads to another
problem, that of cleaning
the glass paste that col-
lects inside the incinera-
tor, meaning that no trash

The infectious diseases
panel of health profes-
sionals in the Northern
Islands has issued a pre-
alert warning that the
increase in the number
of cases of dengue fever
over the past few weeks
could indicate an epi-
demic in the making.
Over the past 15 days,
the number of weekly
cases has been superior
to the expected average,
and suggests that if this
trend continues, it could
indicate the start of an
epidemic. Various meth-

ods of prevention and
spraying for mosquitoes
have gone into effect,
but visitors to the island
must protect themselves
from getting bitten. To
do so, a mosquito net
provides protection for
those who do not like
air-conditioning, and
skin should be protected
with bug repellent, espe-
cially at twilight and the
early morning, two times
of the day when
mosquitoes are the most

St Barth Weekly n182


Les Voiles Unfurled

Les Voiles de Saint Barth
is the first large-scale
nautical event organized
on a local level since the
famous St Barth Regattas
orchestrated by LouLou
Magras in the 1970s.
Plans for Les Voiles were
unveiled last Friday in the
reception hall upstairs at
the Capitainerie. The first
edition of this ambitious
new event, featuring five
classes of classic and
modem yachts, will take
place April 6-11, 2010.

Photographer Patrick
Demarchellier will serve
as guest of honor and
patron of the event, while
French sailor Luc Poupon
will play the role of race
director. The Saint Barth
Yacht Club (SBYC) will
cover the organizational
aspect of the regatta, an
idea launched by the Ter-
ritorial Tourism Commit-
tee of Saint Barth
(CTTSB). In addition to
creating a new sailing
race, which the organizers
hope to develop into a
leading annual regatta and
a major event in the
Caribbean, Les Voiles is
also intended to prolong
the tourist season and add
a new facet to the island's
promotion as a top tourist
destination: "If we can
count on the participation
of 100 boats, that means
between 1500 and 2000
people coming to the
island for six to ten days
during Les Voiles de Saint
Barth," explains Frangois
Paul Tolbde, one of the

For the first edition, the
CTTSB has contributed
100,000 euros toward the
total budget of 265,000

St Barth Weeldy n182

1 ne organizauonai commitee Ior Les voies ae sairn narm
euros. To finance the (which takes place about sailboats that come to the
additional 165,000, the 10 days earlier) as well as Caribbean in the spring.
SBYC has launched a others as the Bucket is For additional informa-
local fund-raising drive limited to just 35 boats. In tion about Les Voiles de
primarily intended at addition, race organizers SaintBarth:
businesses. At the same hope to attract other large lesvoilesdesaintbarth.com
time, the organizers are
actively looking for spon-
sors, having named the
first one: North Sail, one
of the world's leading sail
manufacturers. Banks,
jewelers, insurance com-
panies, and top cosmetics
brands are also being
solicited for funding, both
for the first year and
future editions of the

25 Boats Already
Les Voiles de Saint Barth
already has 25 boats con-
firmed out of the 100
expected. Three of these
are in the maxi yacht
class (over 80') confirm-
ing an interest by owners
of these large boats in
such an event. Frangois
Paul Tolede hopes to see a
total of 20 maxis includ-
ing some that will have
just participated in the
Saint Barth Bucket



PHONE: +590 590 29 84 54


Clean-up In Grand Fond

Thanksgiving 2009 marked
the third year that some
friends from New York
rolled up their sleeves and
set out to clean up the
beach in Grand Fond. They
have been coming to Saint
Barth to celebrate this typi-
cally American holiday for
the past 10 years, and
noticed how much trash
washed up onto this cove
along the windward coast
of Saint Barth: and they
vowed to help clean it up.
They deserve big kudos for
their efforts!

"Everyone had a great time
as usual, and we had a
GREAT beach clean-up in
Grand Fond," says John,
the leader of the squad,
who notes that they collect-
ed three big bags of trash.

"Not surprisingly, most of
the garbage was plastic:
bottles, bottle caps, flip-
flops (!), plastic rope, etc."

The Americans noted some
encouraging signs this
year: "First, the beach

St. Bartlis



seemed much cleaner
towards the Toiny end of
the beach. Second, there
was a big pile of garbage
on the western end of the
beach where it seems that
others had been gathering it
into a pile. Finally, we ran
into a local resident, a
woman walking her dog,
who said she remembered
reading about us in your
paper. She thanked us and
told us that she herself had
organized or participated in
a beach clean-up in Anse
de Cayes."
John wonders if it would
be possible to put a couple
of large trash containers on
the beach end of the wall

that runs along the path
from the parking on the
road. "I have learned that
in the past, such containers
along the road had been
abused by people dumping
their own household
refuse," he notes. "To help
ensure the containers
would only be used by hik-
ers who want to keep the
beach clean, they could
have big wheels to allow
them to be pulled down the
path to be emptied. Of
course, they could reside in
an attractive stone enclo-
sure so that they would be
protected from wind."
Might such an idea win
local support?


Avarable In
bookstes and Match

Edimotsoso ndhlmges.com
Phologm rhA : JWoaMre Lcerf
Texts: ClWnes Mour
20f pages- Pce: 35
conoro oceasonimagest.com

On Friday, December 4, the
23rd edition of the Telethon
will be launched in the
French West Indies. Orga-
nized to benefit AFM, a
French non-profit organiza-
tion that has fought against
genetic diseases since 1957,
this national project mobi-
lizes thousands of volun-
teers, as well as the entirety
of the programming on the
two public French television
stations throughout the

event. As part of France,
Saint Barth also partici-
pates. As of 2:00pm on Fri-
day, a donation center for
the Northern Islands will be
operational on the Quai
General de Gaulle in Gus-
tavia. Through 9:00pm Sat-
urday evening, members of
the Lions Club of Saint
Barth will field calls from
donors in Saint Barth and
Saint Martin who want to
make donations to AFM.
St Bart Weekly n182


PRIMANTILLES plays an important role in the culinary
life of St. Barthelemy.
Specialized in importing and distribution of fresh, "super-
Fresh," and frozen foods, PRIMANTILLES provides only
the very best for our wholesale clients, as well as the local
population. We also employ knowledgeable butchers who
.,cut and prepare fresh meat and poultry.
PRIMANTILLES offers individuals, a large selection of
top-quality products: from dairy (cheese, milk, cream...)
and desserts (ice cream, tarts, cakes...) to fruit, cold cuts,
Fresh meat, and a large variety of frozen foods.

--- ""D
SLes Mansliers
,, St Je n
, "- T: 0590 27 99 90
F. 0590 27 99 80

Open Monday through Saturday 9am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-7pm

m N.N.E

A Coat of Arms For St Barth

The new collection, Blason St Barth,
at Donna del Sol features a coat of
arms, or a crest or blazon, signifying
important elements of the island's
history and traditions. Etched into
beautiful glassware, this crest was
created in 1977, when the French
government asked all municipalities
to create a coat of arms. The mayor at
that time, Charles Querrard, wanted
to create a crest :l1 \ .i.u l commem-
orate the centennial of the island's
return to France at the end of the
Swedish period in 1878. At the sug-
gestion of the French National
Archives, he hired an official heraldic
artist who specialized in the design of

The island's complex history provided
many symbols for the artist to use in
this unique design that blends different
cultures and eras from the island's
past. The word Ouanalao at the bottom

of the design represents the Carib Indi-
an name for the island, while the Mal-
tese Cross in the center illustrates Saint
Barth once belonged to Malta, from

1651-1655. The fleur-de-lis stands for
the French monarchy and the first
French rule of the island from 1648 to
1785, offset by the crowns of three
Swedish kings that mark the nearly

100 years that Sweden owned the
island, 1784-1878. The top of the crest
is gold mural crown representing the
Greek goddesses that protected the
fortune of a city; a symbol used since
the Empire period in France. And the
final symbol is the pelican, or pair of
pelicans that evoke the popular aviary
mascot of the island.

oBut the artist was also an astute busi-
nessman and his contract gave him all
rights to the commercial use of his
design. After several attempts, the
island was able to buy back the rights
(for 90,000 francs rather than the
500,000 originally demanded!), with
profits going to the island's coffers. At
present, anyone wishing to use the
design must get official permission.
The crest on the new giftware collec-
tion at Donna del Sol is certainly an
elegant example of its use for exclu-
sive tableware.

In celebration of Hanukah, Mr. Roger Cohen and
Mme Donna Rosell invite the Jewish community to
a candle lighting ceremony on Friday, December 11
at 4pm at the Donna del Sol boutique. In addition,
On Tuesday, December 15, also at 4pm, Rabbi
Moishe will lead the candle lighting. Rabbi Moishe
lives in St Martin and shares his time between St
Barth, Saba, Statia, and Anguilla. He can be reached
via email at rabbi@jewishsxm.com

S. rth

St Barth Weekly n182


SimE 1 h. If am
ilis anJchaFm no

Enoi s~vl o iebech. Wine A

UlfNordfjell Joins

Swedish Design Center

Gold medalist at the 2009
Chelsea Flower Show in
London for his design of The
Daily Telegraph Garden,
Stockholm-based landscape
architect Ulf Nordfjell is the
latest in a series of Swedish
designers whose work is
showcased in Saint Barth. His
superb new collection of
benches, planters, and pergo-
las for outdoor spaces and
gardens will be on display
exclusively at the Swedish
Design Center in Saint Jean.
A regular visitor to the island,
Nordfjel will be at the
Swedish Design Center to see
in the New Year 2010, in the
company of owners Susanna
and Nils Passburg.
"I think Swedish nature is

always present in my design
and I like to use natural mate-
rials," says Nordfjell, "but the
structure of my gardens and
parts is always modem, with
very strong design elements'.
His contemporary style for
the The Daily Telegraph Gar-
den won the 2009 Best Show
Garden and a Gold medal at
Chelsea Flower Show.
Stephen Lacey, The Daily
Telegraph's garden journalist,
writes: "Ulf's interest in com-
bining architecture and
design, with horticulture and
nature is well known and he
has developed his own style,
based on he local genus for
every project. His passion for
designing with plants can be
seen in all his projects."

The prestigious
group of luxury
hotels and gour-
met restaurants,
Relais &
recently present-
ed their top hon-
ors in recogni-
tion of "savoir-
faire and excel-
lence in the arts
of hospitality
and exceptional
dining "
Stephane Maz-
ieres, chef of Le
Gaiac restaurant
at the Toiny
hotel, received
the Grand Chef
Taittinger award
at Relais &
Chateaux's annual con-
ference held in Biarritz
on November 16.
With this distinction
under his belt, 34 year-
old Stephane Mazieres
become the first Grand
Chef in the Caribbean
and ascends to the ranks
of the world's best chefs,
as there are only 160
chefs, many of whom
have stars after their
names, among the 475

members of the Relais &
Chateaux group who
have been so honored.
Guy and Dagmar Lom-
bard, directors of the
Toiny, are honored that
Stephane is the first chef
in the Caribbean to
receive the Grand Chef
Relais & Chfteaux award
for his creative, sophisti-
cated cuisine inspired by
French and Creole


Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin

unique inspired timeless

Les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sa 9:30-13 and 14:30-19
St Barth Weekly n182



r*r *rur,, ^^


1 ."i

RELAX... its R5MB
Buying or selling property in St.Barths doesn't have to be a Foreign experience



GREAT OPPORTUNITY to buy and renovate
a 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, house with pool!
Fantastic views overlooking Corossol and
the islands beyond.
In a very quiet residential area and
on 1670m2 of land. A must see!
Asking price: 1.8M euro

UNIQUE! Buildable property (3680m2)
with an existing house 3 bedroom, 2 bath
and pool in an exceptional location
with great views and just a step away
from Gustavia.
Call now for details and price.

EXCLUSIVE Buildable beachfront property
in a unique central and very desirable location.
One of the last properties oF this type available.
Call For details.

So kick back and relax,
knowing that your RE/MAX Island Properties-St.Barths team
will deliver the top-notch service you expect.
Each PE/MA.X real-estale Frcce is in.epenrdenrli owned and operated

mU... E

Les Artisans Moves into Historic Building

Les Artisans, an innova-
tive jewelry store and art
gallery combined, has
moved into a handsome
new location that evokes
the history of Saint Barth.
Founded in October 1994
in its first of two prior
locations in Gustavia, Les
Artisans is now found on
Rue General de Gaulle,
closer to the center of
town. The shop reflects the
artistic philosophy of its
owners, Jo-Anne Quetel
and Albert Yaphet, who
have renovated a charming
old building to house their

"It was this past summer
that LouLou Magras asked
us if we would be interest-
ed in moving into the
Gallery Baghdad/Porta
34," says Quetel. "Of

Left to right: Albert, Jo-Anne, and Agnes celebrate the opening ofLes Artisans beautiful new
jewelry store and gallery Rue Gednral de Gaulle in Gustavia (fomerlyPorta 34 art gallery).

course we were just so
excited about the idea of
having our handmade jew-

qt~a sO ~a-~t. ,,dcC

elry in this historic build-
ing dating back to 1851.
We're hoping to find it's
original use and know it
was at one time a general
store. We kept the changes
to the building at an
absolute minimum. We
added a partition wall to
accommodate more paint-
ings and to separate the
atelier from the rest of the
boutique. Our atelier has
taken on an Old World
feeling with the large arch-
es, stone walls, and heavy
wood beams."

This season they have
added a new artist to the
mix: "Sandrine lives on

the island and is a
scrimshander. We plan to
have a vernissage in
December to introduce her
work. Sandrine will also
be in the gallery for a few
days to demonstrate her
scrimshaw technique. Our
jewelry collections are
eclectic as ever. We will
continue to provide unique
pieces in silver and gold
alongside our own cre-
ations." Other artists on
the roster at Les Artisans
are French painter Alain
Le Chatelier and American
sculptor Dave Stevenson,
both expected to have
openings in February

rue du Geniral de Gaulle Gustavia
les.artisans@wanadoo.fr T. : 05 90 27 50 40

St Barth Weeldy n*182


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party i

Special events
I Through mid-December:
Gourmet Festival
Cuisine by Guy Martin of
the Grand V6four, a
Parisian restaurant
on the menu at Bar'to,
Guanahani Hotel, Grand
Cul de Sac.

Live Music
I Every Sunday
Sunset Beach party Mixed
by Patris Gero (DJ resident
Strand) & sunset party at
3:30 pm at D6 Brazil,
I Every evening
Live music every evening
with Naia Ket6, 9:30pm, La
Plage, St. Jean
I Through December 15
Adams Falcon, from 9pm to
midnight, Bete A Z'Ailes,
I Friday December 4
Papaguyo & Guests: Vince
& Miguel Dec 4, for dinner
at 7:30pm, Do Brazil
Restaurant, Gustavia
I Sunday, December 6
Brazil party at Nikki Beach
Live jazz music every Friday
during dinner. Restaurant
Le Gaiac, Toiny.

Night Club
-Yacht Club, Gustavia
-Eleven 12, Gustavia
-The Strand Supper Club
-Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin

Let's Party
I Friday December 4
International DJ at the
Strand Supper Club
I Friday and Saturday
Crazy weekend at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
I Friday, December 4
Latino evening at Eleven 12,
I Saturday, December 5
DJ Ping & Pong at Eleven

12, Gustavia
I Tuesday December 8
Woodstock evening, with
Show Girls at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Wednesday December 9
Emergency Party at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
I Wednesday December 9
So Overkitch 70-80-90 at the
Strand Supper Club
I Thursday December 10
Lady's Night at the Strand
Supper Club

Fashion Show
I Every Tuesday
6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique
at the Isle de France,
I Every Evening
Fashion show at the Yacht
Club, 11pm.

I Through December 29
Dominique Rousserie at the
I Through November 18
Marco Glaviano & Michel
Perez, photos at
I November 19 to Dec 8
Philippe Chancel, Val6rie
Weil photography at
I November 15 to Dec 18
Raimundo Figueroa "It's All
About You,Eden Rock
Gallery, St Jean
I The Water/Bodies exhibit
kicks off on December 21,
2009 at the Eden Rock
Gallery, St Jean

) Permanent exhibits
* Works by Cyrille Margarit
at Nikki Beach, St Jean
* Paintings by Suzanne Mac
Nally, Les Artisans,
* Photography by Wolfgang
Ludes, Jean Philippe Piter,
Antoine Verglas at Clic
Bookstore and Gallery,
* Tony Caramanico at Clic

( excellence des ens
yw Ciwfmtophe Mwrchonomi
0590 29 48 10 available on location

Bookstore and Gallery,
* Jean Verrechia at Clic
Bookstore and Gallery,
* Alain le Chatelier, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
* Dave Stevenson, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
* Group show at Pipiri
Palace, Gustavia
* Zaza Noah at Bar't6
Restaurant, Guanahani
Hotel Grand Cul de Sac
* Rose Murray, Comptoir du

A s;

Cigare, Gustavia
* Sculptures by Timothy
Holmes, Comptoir du
Cigare, Gustavia
I Artists' Collections
-Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
-Didier Spidler, Gustavia
-Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
-Mitchell Summer, Toiny
) Art Galleries
-To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
-Pipiri Boutique, Art
Clic Gallery, Gustavia

St Barth Weeldy n182


The first Christmas songs of the season: a "Chante Nwel"
was held on Saturday November 28 at The Wishing Well
restaurant in Flamands. Flamands. Pronounced "Shantay
Nwell," this Creole phrase literally means "Singing
Chrkitmas e(aromn "

Standing-room-only for The Count ofBouderbala
when performed in French last Thursday and
Saturday in Saint Barth. Fewer people attended the
English-language version on Friday which is a
shame as this stand-up artist who shares his time
between Paris and the comedy clubs of New York
was worth seeing.


Skip and Judy
Kapanka carving
a traditional
turkey in
Pointe Milou.

BAIE nbi

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6,50 euros

Hotel Bale des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61

Diana Deutsch
wishes Tim
Thornton a
happy birthday

.& Happy
residents Anita
and Frank
I celebrated their
25th wedding
- anniversary
during their first
trip to Saint
St Barth Weekly n0182


... .. ..6I I

. . . ..
-" "4 .. .*. -" i ...
;'villas~ri ,,he iot

- -- ,


-I, .,.


60 .3 : :1 :e
m ,. ui S

CArtCif u Mgse riurs

r a n-aional
-Thai root Reflcxoloy
Asian Combination CDeep)
s wedish
(+59) robbi

Yoga Aquaclass Pilates Fitness
by International Certified Coach
S 06 90 64 95 61
re6 AT
06 90 46 40 04
Massages Energetic Massage Deep Tissue
Body Care by pro essionnal

* Puzzle jat www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's chal-
lenging. It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every
row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the
digits 1 through 9."That's all there is to it.
(Solution page 23)

8 5 4
7 1
3 5 4 1
1 4 9
8 6 2
6 3 5
7 2 6 5
9 8
3 1 5

WWIAiIA It L ir rI
mm n areemur

GUSTAVIA 0590 27

Solution zL 6 |t 1 9 8 EC
Check 18 C 6 L 9 I S
the solutions IS 8 E L/ 6
S I 8 F 6 Z E 9 1
C E L 1 9 S 6 8 V
9 6 6 E 8 Z Z S L
8 Z 1 9 1? 6 S E Z
6 9 S Z E l P L 8
V E Z L S 8 1 69

14 St Barth Weeldy n182


U Classified ads

Real Estate
Incredible offer/estate sale:
St. Jean, overlooking the bay
and Eden Rock. Property
with two independent
bedroom suites, open ocean
views, garden, parking,
approximately 850 square
meters of land. Price: 1.7ME
- Tel: 05 90 27 89 83 or
info @dbarthome-sbh.com

For Sale: This villa is situa-
ted on the hillside of
Flamands and has an ama-
zing ocean view. It encom-
passes 2 apts on the first
floor with 1 bedroom each
and on the 2nd floor 1 apart-
ment with 2 bdrs and 1 bath.
Perfect for yearly rental with
a good return.
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in
Pointe Milou offers expan-

U Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeroport

sive views across the north-
western side of St. Barth
including sunset views. Very
good rental history. Not to be
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For Sale: This charming 5 bdr
villas !i ccc.ll refurbished
in St Jean. The main large
deck with pool overlooks the
hillside and offers a distant
view of the airport. The villa
features 3 levels in three sepa-
rate pavilions. The layout
makes it perfect for rental,
generating great revenues.
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

Looking for...
181- Professional couple on
St Barth for 15 years, is
looking for housekeeper
manager work. Call. : 06 90
53 10 86 e-mail : lesmor-

05 96 70 92 92
059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13

Saint Jean
U Useful numbers
Tourism oTfice
Boat company Voyager
Airlines company Winair
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines
Taxis Gustavia
Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office)
Water system
Post office Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
.I church Sunday 9am.
F .. 'church Gustavia Sunday 9am

St Barth Weekly n182

05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82

05 90 87 10 68
05 90 27 54 54
00 599 54 52040
05 90 27 62 00
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05 90 27 95 38
05 90 29 74 63

Villa DML :
Unfinsihed villa in Petit Cul-de-Sac,
with building permit for 3 bedrooms and pool.
Sold as is. 890,000O

Apartment ROK :
One-bedroom apartment in residence
with pool close to Gustavia. Lovely seaview.
440,000 E

Land TEO2 :
0.264 acre-parcel of land in Corossol,
with building permit for a 3-bedroom villa.
Quiet environment, panoramic view on the
sunset, the Caribbean sea and Gustavia harbor.
1,500,000 E

"La Maison Suedoise"
rue Fahlberg Gustavia 97133 St Barths
Tel: (+ 590) 590.29.88.91
www.sibarthrealestate. com



Do Brazil

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Shell Beach Gustavia Reservation: 0590 290 666
Ouvert tous les jours de 1 Oh A 23h / Open every day from 10am to 171pm

DEC- @7:" fun t
7 :30 90

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