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Local News

K-Barth in English

I Published dLaeJurn de Saint-Barth
_0590 Jhweuldy@wmadoifr

IN1111111 11111 1111 "


First Territorial Council Meeting

Of 2009
The island's territorial council met late on the afternoon of Friday, February 27, for its first meeting of 2009.
Some of the 18 items on the agenda are recapped below:

Vignettes & Building Permits:
Violations Can Lead To Fines!
Those who scoff at taxes or urban
planning regulations will now have to
pay the consequences. While in the
past they were faced with administra-
tive sanctions imposed by the urban-
ism and taxation codes enacted on Jan-
uary 1, 2008, the territorial council has
unanimously voted in two new ver-
sions of deliberations N'2008-022 and
2008-023, as adopted on April 14,
2008, calling for penal sanctions for
violations in terms of paying taxes or
construction. The new drafts were
called for by the French government,
which considered that the Collectivity
exceeded its jurisdiction by fixing
rules for penal procedures if necessary
in terms of infractions. Therefore, the
new deliberations simply list the sanc-
tions for each infraction.
In this context, in addition to an
administrative sanction, the non-pay-
ment of taxes can call for a fine as
high 37,500 Euros and a prison sen-
tence up to a maximum of five years.
At the same time, contempt for the
agents citing the infractions can lead to
a fine of 75 to 7,500 Euros as decided
by the court. Another example, this
time concerning construction: to con-
tinue building after a stop-order or
judicial decision calling for an inter-
ruption in the work could cost as much

as 75,000 Euros and three months in

New Port Fees
Last December, the territorial council
adopted a modification to the tariffs at
the port, which resulted in a major
increase in anchoring fees for certain
clients, with the price jumping from 10
centimes/Euro qui, pour per meter per
day with the 50% discount for annual
customers, to 50 centimes-or four to
six times what they had paid in the
The permanent boats in the harbor-or
those the most affected by this
increase in prices-requested that the
fees be renegotiated; a request agreed
to by Michel Magras, vice president in
charge of the port. The negotiations
eventually led to a revised fee of 25
cents per meter/day, which was agreed
upon by some of the boats. Others feel
that the difference in price for resident
and non-resident boats, which pay
only 10 centimes per meter/day, results
in a habitation tax, which the residents
in the port would be the only ones on
the island :li1 i 'ukll pay such a tax.
In this end, this was the decision made
at the meeting last Friday, which will
allow port clients to pay their fees, as
payment had been suspended waiting
the new deliberation. Additional

changes were made to the chart of port
fees and a new chart will be distrib-
uted shortly.

Six New Taxis
The six candidates who recently com-
pleted the second part of their profes-
sional certification as taxi drivers are
celebrating: the council unanimously
decided to attribute six new taxi
licenses and parking permits, allowing
them to drive taxis on the island. Raid-
ed to 27 in March 2005, the number of
authorized taxis is now 33.

Rebuilding The Waterfront
Other than a budget modification
requested by Michel Magras, the proj-
ect to rebuild the dock along the water-
front in Gustavia was unanimously
accepted. A walkway built of wood set
on concrete supports, this dock 550'
long by 9' wide was completely
destroyed by hurricane Omar, and had
offered mooring for 40 small boats.
The rebuilding will not be wood, but
consist of a concrete pontoon on
pylons in conjunction with rock armor
or riprap to break the swells. The work
should start in June in order to be com-
pleted in time for the tourist season.
Cost: 2,215 000 Euros.


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of Swedish design,
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Tel.: 0590 27 88 88 Email: legaiac@letoiny.com

The council unanimously agreed to
acquire a piece of land measuring a lit-
tle over three-quarters of an acre (3200
m2) located behind the cemetery in
Saint Jean, adjacent to a vacant piece
of land of less than a half-acre (2000
m2) :l-i;il l.idJy belongs to the Collec-
tivity. This acquisition give the COM
approximately 1.35 acres (5500 m2)
located between the cemetery, the
playground and the fire station. What
do they plan to do with it? As the orig-
inal idea to build a gendarmerie was
abandoned, the land does not have a
definite purpose at the moment and its
use will be discussed at a future meet-
ing. Its cost: 380 Euros per square
meter. A good price considering that
the Collectivity has bought other land
at much higher prices than the official
estimate made by France Domaine
(official agency which evaluates land
values), which in this case is between
230 and 260 Euros per square meter.
The second deliberation adopted con-
cerns a land acquisition that in reality
is a modification of an earlier decision
voted for unanimously in December
2008 concerning a piece on non-build-
able land in Saint Jean. This will be
used for communication equipment
needed for direct communication with
the control tour at Juliana Airport in
Saint Martin, and to improve commu-
nications with aircraft in flight, which
is made difficult by the low-lying posi-
tion of the airport in Saint-Jean.
Instead of an initial 3,675 m2, the Col-
lectivity will actually purchase 3,441
m2 at the price of 100 Euros per m2.
The third deliberation concerns the
purchase of three pieces of land in
Terre Neuve with the intention of
exchanging them for a property of 300
m2 in Flamands, where the Collectivi-
ty would like to build a parking lot
with 20 to 25 spaces. The cost of three
lots totally a little less than 1300 m2:
450,000 Euros, or a little more than
350 Euros per square meter.
The vote was unanimous but Benoit
Chauvin and Jeanne-Marie Greaux
abstained: Benoit Chauvin considers
that the Collectivity could simply buy
the land needed for the parking with-
out making such an exchange, while


& L

Jeanne-Marie Greaux is worried that
the latanier palm grove on the land
will be completely destroyed when the
parking lot is built.
The fourth and final deliberation was
for the acquisition of land, which is
quite controversial due to the high
price of buying 3,023 m2 in Public for
5.5 million Euros, when the value of
the land estimated by France
Domaine, including an analysis of the
financial records of the cement plant
that does business there now, is
between 2.4 and 2.7 million Euros
(between 800 and 900 Euros per m2).
And it the majority of the council vot-
ed to ignore the official estimate and
purchase the land for 5.5 million
Euros, Benoit Chauvin and Maxime
Desouches voted against, as they feel
the price is too high.

Access For Foreign Workers
Able to rule on the matter of foreign
workers, the Collectivity recently cre-
ated its own service for this purpose,
yet il. :uh exactly defining the crite-
ria for access by foreign workers.
As a result, as of now, the service
treats the dossiers as if under French
law. At the suggestion of Maxime
Desouches, an ad hoc committee has
been established to reflect on a local
policy concerning foreign workers,
and a study of the dossiers that will be
submitted to the executive council.
This committee includes Nicole
Greaux, Benoit Chauvin, and Cecile
Tiberghien, as well as two members of
the Multi-Professional Economic

Chamber, and Carole Perron d'Arc,
the head of the new service, as well as
a territorial police officer.

Hourly Rates For Volunteer
The territorial council has set hourly
rates for volunteer firemen and those
on call for duty in Saint Barth. The
rates are within a national b? ackc i \ ili
fixed maximums. Patrick Kawamura,
who is a volunteer fireman as well as
the executive council member respon-
sible for security measures for the Col-
lectivity, proposed that the local rate
be fixed at 75% of the maximum
allowed. This would give the volun-
teer firemen 5.22 Euros per hour, and
for those on call 62 centimes per hour
as remuneration. These rates caused
much discussion, even by the presi-
dent himself, who noted "we might
have to go around the national level.
With the cost of living in Saint Barth,
it's not with 5 Euros an hour that we
will find many volunteers."

Housing Aid
For Professional Firemen
The territorial council also adopted a
second measure concerning firemen,
but for the professionals. They voted
to provide a housing subsidy of 400
Euros per month for a period of two
years for professional firemen who are
officially transferred to Saint Barth.
This subsidy would concern four or
five people.

St Bar Weekly n171

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e .em


Le Christopher H8tel
Pointe Milou 97133 St BarthIl my Tel : (590) 590 27 63 63
reservations@hotelchristopher.fr www.hotelchristopher.com


Focus On Budget Orientations
Voting on the new budget should appear in the new
should take place by March budget for 2009. Already
31 at the latest, but the debate secure are eight million euros
has already begun on how the to acquire various pieces of
budgetwill take shape (budg- land, six million for road
et orientations of DOB) with work, 2.2 million for the dock
the outline of the big budget in Gustavia, 1.7 million for
items discussed at the council hurricane protection at the
meeting on February 27. A new desalination plant, 5.3
report made to the elected million to build the retirement
officials includes a consider- home next to the hospital, and
able increase in the Collectiv- one million for the laying of a
ity's budget for investment in fiber optic cable. Another 15
large-scale projects. This million euros remain to be
budget item goes from 36.3 allocated. The operational
million euros in 2008 to 66.4 budget should also show a
million in 2009! This sub- more limited increase, going
stantial increase is to the inte- from 48.4 million euros in
gration of 39 million euros 2008 to 49.7 million euros in
comprising 23 million for 2009. Considering the global
work that has been budgeted economic crisis, the Collec-
for but did not take place, and tivity also decreased its
16 million accrued over the expected revenue compared
years. What will it be used to 2008, by 15-2''".. based on
for? At this point in time no local taxes, counting on 26.7
details on specific projects million euros, compared to 33
have been released, but million in 2008.

L'Esprit Salines


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Tropical Garden

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Antonio, a Portuguese resi-
dent of Saint Barth, decided
in May 2008 to get together
with his fellow countrymen
and create the island's Portu-
guese folklore troupe. Today,
there are 40 members who
meet every Saturday to
rehearse at ASCCO. Part of
the ASPSB (Portuguese Asso-
ciation of Saint Barth), yet
with its own activities, the
troupe's goal is to revive Por-
tuguese folklore that dates
from the early 20th century. In
doing so, the members have
been exploring the culture and
traditions of the Portuguese
community in Saint Barth,
and its large number of luso-
phone emigres.
The population of Saint
Barth first saw the troupe
perform during the Swedish
week celebrations held last
November 16-23, as seen in
our photo.
The folklore promoted by
this troupe dates from 1900-
1910, before the industrial
revolution in Portugal. The
traditions come from the
small, northern region of
Minho. While many of the
traditional dances have

already disappeared, the
troupe has succeeded in cre-
ating an ambiance of times
gone by. They have also
learned such traditional
dances as the Vareirinha, a
regional dance done in
rounds with a partner, the
Rosinha, which has a
melody boasting of the love
the singer has for a beautiful
woman, and the Velho, that
tells of the force of young
men and shows them in their
older years.
Traditional Portuguese
castanets, tambourine, trian-
gle, guitar, and the
Cavaquinho, or small Por-
tuguese guitar-accompany
all of the dances.
The troupe has its linen cos-
tumes made by hand in Por-
tugal. Respecting tradition is
the name of the game for
this association, and during
their performances, the
women do not wear make-
up or jewelry, so that they
can look as close to the peri-
od as possible.

Sara Septier de Rigny

6 StBarm Weeidy n0171


'7 1



r 'A' j -
^vF uI \







*~ a *Y"~i~
x ;~~**%


SREM\6 From The Marine Park


.- "

On Sunday, January 25, a group of
dolphins was observed near Gros Ilet,
and close to the Port of Gustavia on
February 9. Jean-Clause Plassais,
president of the marine park associa-
tion, saw the dolphins near Forchue,
and confirmed the sightings. And
while inspecting diving moorings
near Pain de Sucre, marine park
agents heard the song of a whale.

Ornithologist Gilles Leblond was in
Saint Barth from January 22 -26, to
continue an inventory of marine nest-
ing birds begun in 1999, with 15
species counted primarily on the
small islands around Saint Barth and
on the cliffs of the island. This time
he was interesting in the development
of species during the time of wean-
ing, noting the presence of the White-
tailed Tropicbird, the Red-billed

Tropicbird), the Brown Booby), the
Red-footed Booby-very rare as this
bird only nests in trees which are not
plentiful on the islets) and the Brown
Pelican, for which a second nesting
site was located.
Leblond took advantage of this visit
to inform the population about the
wonderful marine bird life on the
island, and he offered a few words of
wisdom for observing these birds if
you are walking along the shore or
out on a boat: certain birds are quite
timid, and if upset might abandon
their egg(s) or even their young,
which means they would die from
dehydration or the eggs would not
hatch. You should approach them
quietly and keep a sufficient distance
to make sure they stay calm. If a bird
is coming at you, turn back and
avoid its habitat.

Meetings have taken place with rep-
resentatives of diving clubs, boat
rental agencies, and other nautical
activities as well as local fisherman,
in order to make an end-of-year
report for 2008. The meetings took
place ii. :.u incident.
It was agreed to raise the fee for
commercial activities from one euro
to two euros, to work together on
future projects (such as an underwa-
ter trail) in order to offer new activi-
ties, as there as has a decrease in
clients, as high as 15% for diving.

On January 15, two fishermen,
Pedro Gargon and Patrick Laplace
visited a seventh grade class to share
their professional experiences with
the students. Hopefully future gener-
ations will be able to enjoy an even
richer landscape of flora and fauna
in Saint Barth.

The marine park, which provides
moorings for pleasure boats, would
like to remind everyone of the
changes :l.11 i !ci made in the bays of
Colombier and Fourchue.
At this time, all of the moorings are
yellow and can handle all sailboats or
motorboats not exceeding 20 tons or
a length of 20 meters (65 feet). The
correct way to moor the boat is as fol-
lows: the buoys are only there to

identify the moorings, so you must
make sure the ropes are properly
attached so that there is enough slack
not to pull too hard on the mooring
The correct use of these moorings
helps preserve the underwater plant
nurseries that have been damaged by
bad 1 Call conditions (hurricane
Omar), or bad behavior
(anchoring in these protected zones).
Maintenance of the moorings is a big
expense for the marine park and their
proper use helps them last longer.
Contact the marine park if needed, to
understand in which zones anchoring
is not allowed. Access to the marine
park zones is by payment of a fee,
and a permit must be issued for all
commercial activities such as charter-
ing, snorkeling, and diving (commer-
cial or private).

To contact the marine park:
resnatbarthi @wanadoo.f
0690 31 70 73
St Barti Weekly n171

- -

Sm m

Paddle Cactus: Endangered Species

Karl Questel, the brilliant web master for the outstand-
ing website www.sbhnature.com, which is dedicated to
the fauna and flora of the island, has issued a warning
signal. According to this nature fan, who criss-crosses
the hillsides of Saint Barth on an almost daily basis, the
island's paddle cacti have become an endangered
species. His observations are as follows:

Among the 350 species that
make up the biodiversity of
plant life in Saint Barth, a
sub-family of cactus has
already moved to the status
of severely endangered.
These are the Opuntioideae
or Paddle Cactus.

Commonly called "pad-
dles" or "raket" (en Cre-
ole), the Opuntias are not
only part of Saint Barth's
biodiversity, but also of its
history. They were once
very abundant and served
as a barrier from tres-
passers. Their fruit was
used to make a popular
local punch and their seg-
ments as decorations.
Today, of the four species
native to Saint Barth, three
are on the verge of
- The paddle cactus with
yellow flowers or Opuntia
Dilenii: This was the most
common variety 30 years
ago. Today, we find just six
representatives of the
species on the main island.
Three of these are dying.
They can also be found on
some of the smaller islands,
such as Forchue.
- The paddle cactus with
red flowers or Opuntia
Tuna: This is the rarest
variety in the French West
Indies. There were only
two in Saint Barth, and one
of those two is already
- The tree version paddle
cactus or Opuntia
Rebescens: This is the

largest and most
one in ile
but h, s -"-
almost .
com- ".

pletely disappeared from
Saint Barth and survives
only on the outer islands
such as Forchue, which
may have the largest
colony in all the French
Antilles. This species is
protected by a decree
issued by the prefect.
- The flying paddle or
Opuntia Tiacainilih This
is the fourth native species
and the most common. It is
found in many places on
the island and is not endan-
gered for the time being.

Large numbers of these
cacti were destroyed by the
major construction on the
island and continuing
assaults by goats.
Today, the largest menace
and most destructive force
for these cacti measures
less than an inch long: it is
called Cactoblastic Cacto-
rum. This is a caterpillar
from South America that

appeared in Saint Kitts and
Nevis about 50 years ago.
Hurricanes and tradewinds
brought them to Saint
Barth and its outer islands.
Their impact has been dis-
astrous for the Opuntias.
Today, almost all of

the native paddle cacti are
infected by these orange
and black caterpillars,
which have also invaded
other Caribbean islands,
provoking the same dam-

With no local predator, the
Cactoblastis cactorus will
not stop its path of destruc-
tion. And given its speed of
reproduction, the most
remarkable paddle cactus,
such as the tree variety, will
be gone in a year or two. If
possible, try to collect seg-
ments in order to make new
plants, and conserve their
seeds, in an attempt to fight
against their total extinction.

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6 euros


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Dave Stevenson, Les Artisans,

I Through March 11
Exhibition 'La Vie en Roses:"
artist Jean Verrechia tries to
capture the vibrant volup-
tuousness and sensuality of
the rose at Clic Gallery.
* Group show, Piaf and
Christine Vannier, Pipiri
Palace, Gustavia
- Jean-Pierre Ballagny,
Antoine Heckly, Alain
Buisson, La Gallerie, St Jean
) Artists' collections
-Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
-Didier Spidler, Gustavia
-Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
-Mitchell Summer, Toiny
SArt Galleries
-To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
-Sandra's Art Gallery,
- Pipiri Boutique, Art Gallery,
- Spindler Art Gallery,
- TomBeachArtStudio, St

iLe Sapotfter

Invites you to discover its

cGassi FTrench cuisine:

0oie gras, sauteed and terrine

rogs legs
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Spedal Events

Them Parties



VIP Assistance


DeIetfinina Mzagrn pmnt Servie
The compMay iat larted IW prolmsinal
orgarstion amd evnth planning businea...
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1-Christopher and
Kathleen Snow host a
dinner party for
2-Daniela De Luca at
her exhibit on the
theme New York
3- Young women from
Sweden with Eddy, the
renowned restaurateur
4-Musicians from
5- The end of Carnival
with the traditional
burning of Vaval.
St Barth Weekly n171

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I At your services

Centied MSaSe0thA49e& r9
North Thailand

-Lhai 7:4o4,
Ban an4;ad Rackets
S gish Ieuth & Fre /o V'- Home Service
9ON 9 433 133 onr 5 90 5 3 89 06 90 59 36 57
re.nis sensation, m tcom robbmassage@gmail.com


Experts in Fine & R re


www. Is-catering.com
A high quality catering
service, specialist on dinner.
A delicate and French
west indies "cuisine".
Exceptional and originalproducl
from the caraibes: vegetables,
flowers, spices, fruits.
Organic product coming
from import.
Parties, events and
Wedding organisation.
Tel. : 0690 310 249
A Wine shop In Grand Fond
A Large selection offine &
Rare Wines..
Order online before your arriving
A Free Drop offservice
of your wines to your villa or yacht.
Private tasting parties
arranged in the privacy of
your villa or aboard your yacht.
Tel. : 0690 310 249



GUSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

Full services Phoo ILab

0695514 0590293002'}l Y~ -t

U Puzzle at www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging.
It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every
column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through
9."That's all there is to it. (Solution page 10)

7 9 1
1 3 7 6
3 2
1 3
3 4 5 8 7 1
1 9

8 4
1 7 6 3
2 8 9

, it

U Classified ads

For sale: 1,000 square
meters of land with building
permit for a villa with swim-
ming pool. Private inquiries
only, no brokers.

Mature couple looking for
one year rental, 1-2 bedroom
furnished Villa/ apartment
anywhere on hillside. St
Jean, Lorient, Gustavia pre-
ferred retiring to St Barts,
know island and everyone
well. Need year, maybe two.
Ron at drfederici@aol.com
or US 703-963-8861

Real Estate
For sale, this property situat-
ed in Grand Cul de Sac
offers a beautiful ocean
view. There are two villas on
the same piece of land that
are separated by the parking
lot. The main house has two
bedrooms, a pool and can be
rented weekly. The second
house has one bedroom and
can be rented yearly. The
layout of the properties
makes them perfect for
rental, generating great rev-
enues; St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For sale, 4 parcels: This
group of 3 villas made up of
1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, each
with its own renovation per-
mit, together with a piece of
land with an ocean view and
a permit to build a 2 bed-
room villa, is situated in a
lovely area of Vitet and can
also be sold separately;
St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

For sale, this property is set
high on the quiet hillside of
Toiny with beautiful views
to the east of St Barth. It
offers two independent liv-
ing spaces of one and two
bedrooms. The lower level
can be rented weekly and
the upper level yearly. There
is excellent potential for ren-
ovation in order to make this
into one single residence;
St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty: 0590 29 75 05

Enhance your knowledge of
French while enjoying your
stay in Saint-Barth. Lyne, a
French biographer and jour-
nalist, will help you master
French. Lyne at 05 90 29 38
11 or 06 90 53 17 23.

Solution S 6 8 9 Z1L I L
Check thesolutions c v 9 9 z z L 6
to the Sudoku page 14 z t L 6 C J S 8 9
V C 6 1 9 i L S 8
I L Z 9 6 S 9 V C
9 8 S V L E L 6 Z
L r E P 6 8 9 S
6 S9 L S]8 L 1
8S I j 9 6 L V

St Barth W\ LY
Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" IssN-1766-9278
Ph. : Fax:
e-mail: stbarthweekly@wanadoo.fr www.stbarthweekly.com
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald


Carte professionnelle 07-145 T/G Caisse de garantie SOCAMAB


with 1,300 sq meters of land, a swimming pool, and incredible
views of the famous Eden Rock promontory and the ocean.
Asking price 2.700.000 Euros Including agencyfees
Let us manage your property for seasonal rentals.
Contact Jean Christian 06 90 76 39 59

Tel./fax: 05 90 27 50 40

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