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Publication Date: February 6, 2009
Copyright Date: 2009
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o oLocal News
St-BaIrth in English

rl pushed by Le Journdd
S-05 90 27 6 19 sirth


f&RUARl-l 2

T he new glass-crush-
ing machine
acquired by the --
Collectivity has been
operational for the past
two weeks. The glass is
collected once a week, in
a different neighborhood
on four different days. It is
then stocked near the
incinerator in Public
before it is manually sepa-
rated (glass and metal).
The glass is then put into a
hopper and raised to the crushing machine.
It is first broken by hammers before going
into one of three bins: one for very fine
pieces; a second for larger pieces; and the
third for "undesirable" items such as corks,
bottle caps, and labels.
This system allows for the glass to be
reused by the COM for such things as
roadbeds and construction.
Between two and 2.5 tons of glass are
crushed per day, and the machine is capable

A new year, a new need for
funds for the Saint Barth
rescue-at-sea station, or
SNSM, which has launched
its membership campaign
for 2009.
Living on an island, we
could all need their services
at some time or another: the
rescue-at-sea volunteers,
who also have need of us.
Specifically, they need our
donations and memberships,
which represent almost 50%
of their operating budget. In
2008, this budget was

ina *
of crushing one ton of glass per hour. In the
past, the glass was sent to Bordeaux by boat,
before a crusher was installed in Saint Mar-
tin, reducing the problem of transportation.
The purchase of the crusher by the Collectiv-
ity of Saint Barthelemy is part of the island's
sustainable development program, as it
reduces the production of CO2 caused by the
frequent maritime transportation, and also
avoids an oversaturation of recycled glass as
made into bottles in Saint Martin.

almost 8,000 Euros. The
SNSM hopes for a figure
equal or superior to that for
2009. These funds are used
primarily for purchasing
fuel for the rescue boat, as
well as the purchase of a
defibrillator, an oxygen kit,
and a stretcher for rescue by
20 Actions In 2008
The call for memberships in
2009 also allowed Ingenu
Magras, president of the
SNSM station in Saint
Barthelemy, to recap their


New Glass Crusher

In Saint Barth

activities in 2008. His report
reveals that the local rescue
service was called out on 20
occasions last year, includ-
ing three times to help out
during sailing regattas, and
17 times for rescue opera-
tions. A total of 15 boats
were assisted, with 45 peo-
ple rescued; 18 of which
were in true difficulty. One
victim was Brian Quinn,
captain of the yacht, Tribal
Attraction, from which he
jumped to try and save a
dinghy that was floating
away. He was never found.

Sty ntoc

m e I I wst art Iwe 3* A


Like the rest of the
Caribbean, Saint
Barth occasionally
experiences an epi-
demic of dengue.
This is currently
the case. Since the
end of October,
450 people have
had this virus,
which is carried by
the aedes-aegypti
mosquito. As a
result, in addition
to general
spraying against
mosquitoes by the
Collectivity, as
well as hotels and
rental villas,
guests and resi-
dents should make
sure not to be bit-
ten by mosquitoes,
Applying insect
repellent is the
way most people
protect themselves
against getting
bites. But it is not
the only way to
guard against
mosquitoes; wea-
ring long-sleeved
clothing, using
mosquito nets
while sleeping and
staying in mos-
quito-free rooms
are good ways to
prevent mosquito
bites. Others
include insecticide
sprays and bur-
ning repellent oils.
You should decide
for yourselves on
one or a combina-
tion of these to
avoid the risks.

St Bart Weekly n167

SNSM Launches Membership Campaign
For 2009


Enjoy our new

every Friday evening starting February 13th, 2009
45E per person

Breadfruit surprise, beignet with pork and thyme, cod fish salad with avocado,
avocado puree, crabs stuffed with peppers and chives, breadfruit croquettes, conch pite,
creole sausages, octopus salad, mahi-mahi ceviche, spicy mango,
stuffed "Christophine" squash, sweet potato tart

Fricassee of conch and Creole rice, tuna in tomato sauce with sweet potatoes au gratin,
papillote with codfish and mango
Colombo of pork, grilled Creole chicken

Served with your choice of Creole rice or sweet potato gratin

Papaya Gratin, coconut tart, banana tart, mango tart,
beignets of manioc and custard sauce from Martinique, melon salad with red wine and lemon,
pineapple surprise, coconut macaroons, cinnamon cake,
crime caramel with mango, crime caramel with coconut, blanc manager coco


Tel.: 0590 27 88 88 Email: legaiac@letoiny.com

People Watch

Mitchell Summer

il paintings with
bold shimmer-
ing colors
accent the home of
Mitchell Summer, who
is originally from Pitts-,
burgh, PA, but has spent
much of his life in the
Caribbean, first in St.
Thomas (in the Ameri-
can Virgin Islands) and
now Saint Barth, where
he is based on the
windswept side of the
island in Toiny: thus the
name of his web-based
gallery, Windkeeper
(www.windkeeper.com). -
His work will be seen at
Gallery Porta 34 in Gus- are liable to trigger personal
tavia through February 12, memories of Saint Barth or
allowing his fellow other island locales.
islanders to drink in the This is the case as Sum-
richly colored scenes that

L'Esprit Salines


Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu

Take Away

Tropical Garden

come & taste
the difference

7 days a week

Close to Salines Beach

0590 52 46 10

mer's paintings evoke the
places he travels... from the
Caribbean to Greece by
way of the South of France,
Italy, and Corsica. "We're
island people," he confirms,
referring to himself and his
partner Zoe Hazen. "We
like to see water on all four
Summer made his profes-
sional debut as a painter at
Art Basel in December
2008. "I had a great
response," he says." And it
seems as if he's been paint-
ing ever since. "I get up at
four o'clock in the morning
to paint sometimes. Once
you start a painting, it's a
commitment," he says,
explaining that he often
makes sketches of things
that capture his imagination.
"I put the sketches aside,
then paint the subject later,
remembering the feeling,"
he notes, "or the essence of
the moment."
Painting with oils, his lumi-
nous colors comprise the
use a glaze, or a mix of tur-
pentine and pigment. "The
colors are more saturated,
with a translucent, almost

I wet looking finish," he
says. His work for
Porta 34 includes sev-
eral large paintings,
several as tall as six
feet. Some of his work
I has the feeling of Cha-
c gall or Modigliani,
while others are based
on things he sees
around his house, such
as a colibri (the local
hummingbird) which
refreshes itself in the
mist as Summer
waters the garden in
the morning."
Interestingly, while
Summer has roots in
an artistic family, he
strayed to quite a different
profession as a younger
man: "I did marine salvage
in St. Thomas," he explains.
"It was dangerous work and
I eventually started worry-
ing about my life. I went to
Europe and visited all the
museums, then wanted to
start painting again. It was
something I had done when
I was young." He studied
painting as a young man,
then later studied glazing
techniques with Tom Saint
Vincent di Coio, a master of
the art in St. Thomas.
Having visited Saint Barth
every year for at least a
decade, Summer finally put
down roots on the island,
now splitting his time
between Florida, Saint
Barth, and traveling. The
contemporary decor in his
house blends with the St.
Barth-style architecture and
the fabulous views of the
ocean: a perpetual inspira-
tion for a painter who loves
the water, and has embraced
it in many of his canvases.
By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Photo: Rosemond Greaux
St Barth Weekly n167

mitchell summer
an exhibition of oil paintings

Dreaming With The Fish, 2004, 36"x 48" (91mm x 122mm)

windkeeper gallery at
Porta 34
Rue du G6ndral de Gaulle
Gustavia, St-Barths
t: +590 690 33 22 11
visit www.windkeeper.fr

1$ \E6 From The Marine Park

We have a new stock of pear-shaped
buoys for the anchorages at Colombier
and Fourchue. These buoys are cer-
tainly less resistant, but are also much
less costly: 6 Euros as compared to
250 Euros! It is also preferable to have
these buoys break than have boats get
caught in difficult maneuvers that
cause damage to moorings. We will
report on the success of this new sys-
tem in six months.

A serious infraction of the no-fishing
rules took place in the bay of
Colombier on December 31, 2008.
During an excursion at sea, the staff
of the Marine Park noticed an under-
water harpoon on the back of a day-
charter catamaran, but the captain
insisted that no fishing had taken
place. They asked him to put the har-
poon away and reminded him of the
regulations. But the next day, a resi-
dent reported that underwater fishing
had indeed taken place from the
catamaran, capturing a Moray eel
and a reef fish. An agent from the
marine park caught up with the cata-
maran as it was leaving for Saint

Martin, and demanded the truth. The
owner of the charter company, who
had always been respectful of the
Marine Park, was contacted and took
a serious approach to the problem.
After apologizing to the Marine
Park, the owner severely reminded
the captain of the rules. But since the
Marine Park had not seen the infrac-
tion take place and there was no offi-
cial complaint by an eyewitness, no
legal action could be taken. The
moral of the story: if you are break-
ing the rules, you will most certainly
be seen, and if you see someone
breaking the rules, don't hesitate to
call the authorities. Finally, for cap-
tains dealing with difficult clients,
call the Marine Park and an agent
will come out to explain the situation
to the individuals.

On December 20, 2008, a banded tur-
tle was observed in the waters of the
Saint Barthelemy Marine Park. The
visiting sea turtle had been banded in
December 2005 in the Turks &
Caicos. These turtles come to feed in
our waters and lay eggs on neighbor-
ing islands. In the same way, the sea
turtles of Saint Barth remain here to

feed and often migrate to other island
to lay their eggs. Please remember
that excessive speeds do not give the
turtles any chance at all to go back
under the water when you go too fast
in a motorboat. The law is simple:
maximum of three knots in the chan-
nel for the Port of Gustavia, and five
knots in the bays. The sites of Colom-
bier and Fourchue, as well as the port
channel, are delicate areas due to the
presence of sea grasses, which serve
as the primary food source for green
sea turtles. The turtles emerge on the
surface in order to breathe, and need
to be able to dive back under the
water when boats arrive too quickly.
We work on a daily basis to work
with residents, as well as visitors and
yacht crews.

For additional information regarding
the current regulations for the Marine
Park or for details about the protected
zones, please stop by the Marine Park
office on the waterfront in Gustavia,
next to the tourist office. The office
hours are as follows: Tuesday-Satur-
day, 8am to noon, and Wednesday
from 8am to noon, and 2pm-5pm.
Telephone Emergen-
cies only:

EXCOEI NOCE I TErc IS Open over20yers



+59 06 90 35 58 86 Aurore Balayn SALE OF TENNIS EQUIPMENT
info@stbarthtennis.com Are i
info@sm tel.: +59 05 90 27 69 82 or +590690 85 05 55
www.stbarthtennis.com mail: k.flnboynfwanadoo.fr

.. I .aa,als '?'" ." PIL

fenday, FeV

Saturday, February 7
tn ltve
outer, comeesiter, sngSer




Alain Le Chatelier

Master Of Trompe L'Oeil

rench painter Alain
Le Chatelier not only
has an incredible
sense of color, but also an
irreverent sense of humor
often seen in his work:
where else do you see self-
portraits that are baskets of
fruit and vegetables, or
confections of cakes and
whipped cream, that create
a face when turned upside
down (or is that right side
up?). Every winter since
1996, Le Chatelier has
shown his work at Les
Artisans gallery in Gus-
tavia, where this year's
show is currently taking
place. Over the years he
has developed a devoted
clientele, and has been

invited to bring his mastery
of trompe l'oeil (tricking
the eye) and large-scale
murals to a private home in
the United States.
From an octagonal room
transformed into a rose gar-
den, to a sink room that
looks like an Italian palace
with gold leaf, and an
ornate ceiling treatment in
another room, Le Chatelier
has embarked on a very
ambitious project. "I went
to visit the house and took
very precise measure-

ments," he explains. He
then returned to Paris
where he works and paint-
ed the various canvases;
they were eventually rolled
up and shipped to the US.
Le Chatelier followed and
painstakingly glued the
canvases to the walls and
ceilings at various times
over the past two years; a
third part of the project still
awaits him.
In the octagonal rose gar-
den, Le Chatelier created
scenes based on the four
seasons, and came to the
job site armed with a box
full of extra roses he had
painted to add finishing
touches to the murals once
they were installed. He also

Wedgewood, and all
trompe l'oeil," he says. It's
hard to believe the layers of
molding and ornate "3D
plaster work" is all the
result of brushstrokes on
Le Chatelier is more than
just a painter: he loves to
do decor for the theatre and
the cinema, as well as
large-scale murals, having
spent six months in Italy as
young man, learning old-
fashioned fresco tech-
niques. "A painter usually
1 .%R
W it

painted a series of birds,
and worked with the client
to place them where
desired (the clients' dog
even figures in the
design). For the sink room
ceiling, Le Chatelier and
his assistants worked with
delicate gold leaf ("There
was gold dust every-
where," he says), which is
painting on with white,
creating a look that echoes
Renaissance Italy. Another
ceiling is more classical:
"Very 18th-century Italian,

works alone," he says, not-
ing that he enjoys the
camaraderie of working
with other people on such
large-scale projects.
Many of the paintings at
Les Artisans are of Le
Chatelier's house and gar-
den located one hour out-
side of Paris. Windows let
in a cool blue winter light
while candles or the flames
of a gas range add a warm,
yellow glow. "I love to
play with light," he admits.
And look closely for visual
J jokes, or take in
the objects that
create Le Chate-
lier's environ-
ment, from a topi-
ary rabbit in the
,. garden to a vase
of purple
anemones in his
studio, or his sig-
nature cleverly
integrated into the
scene. But be sure
to look again,
there's usually
something beyond
What the eye can
see at first glance.

By Ellen
St Barn Weekly n167

We don't just sell properties...

a -


- . 7

we create lifestyles!
www r-0orstbortsh on


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La Marine 05.90.27 68 91
La Route des Boucaniers 05.90.27 73 00
Le Bistro 05.90.27 5151
Le Sapotiller 05.90.27 60 28
Le Vietnam 05 90 27 81 37
Pipiri Palace 05.90.27 53 20
Repaire des Rebelles 05.90.27 72 48
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'fe 0590279060
Victoria Restaurant (Carl Gustaf)
Wall House 05.90.27 71 83

Esprit Saline 05.90.52 46 10
Grain de Sel 05.90.52 46 05
Le Tamarin 0590277212

K'fe Massai 05.90.29 76 78
Le Bouchon 05 90277939
Le Wok 05 90 27 52 52
Le Portugal a St Barth 05 90 27 68 59

Le Regal 05.90.29 85 26

Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (Hotel Le Manapany)

St Barth \I(ML
Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph. : Fax:
e-mail: stbarthweekly@wanadoo.fr www.stbarthweekly.com
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression: Daily Herald

Hostellerie des 3 Forces


Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny) 88

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Santa Fe


Solution 82 16 9 5 1 347
Check the solutions 7- 132 8 1 5 9
to the Sudoku pagel4 9 5 1 7 4 3 2
4 615 3 8 9 711 2
3 8 2 1 7 6 5 9 4
1 7 9 4 2 5 816 3
2 314 5 1 7 9 8 6
5 9 8 6 3 2 4 7 1
6 1 7 8 9 4 2i3 5

I Gutavi


Special events
I Sunday. February 8
Carnival Parades
Pre-Carnival parades:
Sunday afternoons at sunset
in the streets of Gustavia.
Themes: "Pirates "

Live Music
I Every Evening
-Lounge mix by Jacques
Dumas, 7:30pm to lam
Bar't6, Hotel Guanahani
Grand Cul de Sac
I Through February 10
KJ Denhert, Urban Folk &
Jazz from 9pm to midnight,
Bet'A Z'ailes, Gustavia
I February 10-28
Bazbar 10th anniversary
surprise from 9pm to mid-
night, Bet'A Z'ailes, Gustavia
I Friday, February 6
- Live Music with Papaguyo
with Swang from 8:00pm at
La Mandala, Gustavia
-Beach lounge music by Dan
Jackson at La Plage, St Jean
- DJ Maxx from St Tropez at
Caviar Island, Gustavia
ISaturday February 7
- Live Music with Paulo
Coelho, at Le Cesar
Restaurant, Saint Jean
- Live Music with PapaGuyo
and Swang at Caviar Island,
I Sunday. February 8
- Live Music with Papaguyo
with Swang from l:00pm at
Do Brazil, Gustavia
- US Karaoke at La Plage,
Saint Jean
-Sunset with Patris Gero at
Do Brasil, Gustavia
I Monday February 9
- Live Music with PapaGuyo
and Swang at Le Cesar
Restaurant, St Jean
I Saturday February 14
- Live Music with PapaGuyo
and Swang at Caviar Island

Let's Party
-New suggestions every nights
: Fashion show & dance show
at le Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Friday, February 6
-DJ Maxx from St Tropez at
The Strand Supper Club
(Casa Nikki), Gustavia
- "Girl Power Party" at Yacht
Club, Gustavia

Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

- Rock band with Rain Man
and les Separ6s with DJ's
Sako and Bob Dil from 10pm
at Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
I Saturday. February 7
- Saturday Night Fever at The
Strand, Supper Club,
- House floor with DJ's sako
and Bob Dil and Carribean
floor Dj Mike from 10 pm, at
Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
I Sunday, February 8
- Djoul from St Barth at The
Strand Supper Club, (Casa
Nikki), Gustavia
I Wednesday February 11
- Bling Bling (R&B Deluxe)
Old Skol meet the future at
the Strand Supper Club,
(Casa Nikki), Gustavia
I Thursday, February 12
- Overkitch 70-80-90 (compli-
mentary Champagne for
ladies till 1pm) at the Strand
Supper Club, (Casa Nikki),
- Latino rhythm with DJ
Nando at Hot Spot Caf6,
- Gay & Friendly Party,
Brokeback Island at Yacht
Club, Gustavia
I Friday. February 13
- "The Battle of the DJs:
Konka / Aka Xavier VS Patris
Gero from Do Brasil at The
Strand Supper Club (Casa
Nikki), Gustavia
- "Girl Power Party" at Yacht
Club, Gustavia
- Tropical Jam with Mike &
Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf6,

Night Club
A Every night
-Yacht Club, Gustavia
-Bubbles Club, Gustavia
A To Wednesday to Sunday
- The Strand Supper club
A Friday and Saturday
- Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
with DJ Bob Dil & Mike

Fashion Show
I Saturday February 7
- Addicted 2 fashion, at La
Plage, Saint Jean
I Every Tuesday
- 6:30pm: Fashion show by the
pool, from the boutique at the
Isle de France, Flamands
- 9:30 pm, Fashion Show &
Dance Show at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou

I Everyday
-1:30- 2 pm, Case de l'ile,
Isle de France, Flamands
- 1.30pm & 8:30pm, fashion
show featuring Wild Side,
La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion show at le Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show at Le Tamarin,

I February 6-21, 2009
Alain Le Chatelier Gustavia
Opening Friday, Feb. 6 at 6pm
I February 7-21, 2009
St Barth Birds Show at
Jenny's Studio, Gustavia
Opening Saturday, February 7
at 6pm
I Works by Antoine Verglas
and Jean Philippe Piter on the
themes of nature, nudity, and
water, with images
relating to Saint Barth. Clic
Gallery Gustavia

) Through February 15, 2009
"Picasso X-Ray" by Xavier
Lucchesi. Photos and video,
TomBeachArtStudio, St Jean
) Through February 15, 2009
Photography of Marco
Glaviano at
TomBeachArtStudio, St Jean
I Group show by three artists
entitled "Island My Island."
by Donald Baechler, four
paintings by Will Cotton, and
works by Andrew Radcliffe.
Eden Rock Gallery, St Jean
) February 13-19, 2009
LOVE ART Exhibition by
Neil d'Ourson, Porta 34
Gallery, Gustavia
) Permanent exhibits
* The Marines from Drouot
Paris and the pictures of Yves
Nadal at Carole G. Gallery,
* Jean-Pierre Ballagny,
Antoine Heckly, Alain
Buisson, La Gallerie, St Jean


Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 g for 6 euros

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61



H^-~ ^I
AtLe Select last week (left to right) Jeanne i ud -Roi land
St Barth Music Festival director Frances Debt off
andMarius Stakelborough

Penny and
Bernick from
enjoy lunch at
Le Repair

Specid Ev

Theme Pa



VIP Assista



I a&

Schildt from
Sweden, with
his models at
show at the
Carl Gustav
last week,
in a sneak
preview before
his new work
was on display
at the

Leydier de
Fustel, with
her husband,
atPorta 34

jeweler Dave
(center) with
Albert Yaphet
Quetel of
Les Artisans
at Dave's
reception last

DestinaimR Mina piPnt Svices
ThI company tiat tarted tWb pioFmonalu
orgapnahan and wln planuwt buna...
b company trat conmnue to M t dte stndwad
Thbse held 0US2UH 5M
Ih..I f..Ith.L WUS P nN 53WK54
wwwadlntvn~ s4andmkP

Two New Yorkers, Denise (far left) and Sydney (far right),
with Laurence and Peter O'Keefe at Peter's 70th birthday
12 St Barth Weekly n*167

The Colorful Carnival of "La Pointe en Mouvement"

Each parade is animated by
traditional drums, like those
from Guadeloupe, and
played by members of the
group. The drums are main-
tained by Henri, a drummer
who keeps the goatskins in
good condition to ensure the
quality of the music, and
provide a good show for the
public that gathers to watch,
and listen.

he association, La
Pointe En Mouve-
ment, animates
weekly parades every Sun-
day afternoon from January
through Mardi Gras, bring-
ing the streets of Gustavia
alive with the music and
rhythms of Carnival.
Taking its cue from the Car-
nival in Guadeloupe, Saint
Barth has its own version of
Mardi Gras, including cele-
brations that begin at
Epiphany and end on Ash
Wednesday. The Carnival
tradition, which began cen-
turies ago such in Catholic
countries as Italy, serves as
unbridled entertainment
before the restrictions of
Lent begin. In the
Caribbean, with its former

Everybody participates by
dancing, playing music, or
singing songs from Guade-
loupe in Creole. Even chil-
dren can take part thanks to
Joel, a former member of
the group who passes on the
musical tradition to the next
The theme for Sunday,
February 8: Pirates!

mixture of colonials and
slaves, Carnival was
revived with African influ-
ences added to the Euro-
pean traditions. The weekly
parades held on Sunday
afternoons in Saint Barth
from January through Ash
Wednesday have this
Caribbean flavor, as the
streets of Gustavia resound
with the sound of traditional
Each week there is a differ-
ent theme for the costumes,
many of which recur from
year to year to avoid the
expense of new outfits.
Among the popular themes,
"A Long Time Ago," and
costumes made from the
traditional madras fabric
worn in Guadeloupe.

Obituary: Robelt Zolendjuski

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St Barth Weekly ng167

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I At your services

c- e-tieTd MeaSS ema-
North Thailand

-Lhai 7:4o4,
B n s4n;ad Racketso (
e hEgish Ieuth & Fre /o V'e. Home Service
% i0 9 433 133 or 5 90 9 89_ 06 90 59 36 57
tenis sensation@ oourn robbmassage@gmail.com


www. s-catering.com
A high quality catering
service, specialist on dinner.
A delicate and French
west indies "cuisine".
Exceptional and originalproducl
from the caraibes: vegetables,
flowers, spices, fruits.
Organic product coming
from import.
Parties, events and
Wedding organisation.
Tel. : 0690 310 249
A Wine shop In Grand Fond
A Large selection offine &
Rare Wines..
Order online before your arriving
A Free Drop offservice
of your wines to your villa or yacht.
Private tasting parties
arranged in the privacy of
your villa or aboard your yacht.
Tel. : 0690 310 249

Experts in Fine & R re




GUSTAVIA 0590 27 784 62

Full s-erves- Photo Lab


U Puzzle at www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging.
It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every
column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through
9."That's all there is to it. (Solution page 10)
9 3 7
4 6 1 5
9 5

3 1 7 6 4
8 6
9 8 3 7
6 7 4

, it

U Classified ads

For sale, 2 lands m building
zone situated in the area of
Public. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

167-Land for sale, inclu-
ding construction permit
Exceptional view of the bay
of Saint-Jean and Eden-
Rock Two minutes from
beach on foot. Phone: (33)
06 19 12 37 64

Real Estate
167-Pars, 16th arrondisse-
ment, rue de la Pompe For
sale 2-room apartment,
renovated, 42 square meters
(380 square feet) 3rd floor,
well lit, fitted kitchen, close
to stores, fashionable neigh-
borhood; Excellent invest-
ment and lovely town apart-
ment 335.000 euros.
Phone: (33) 06 15 45 24 58

For sale, a recently refurbi-
shed and refurnished 2
bedroom villa with pool
situated on the hillside of
Flamand but within wal-
king distance from the
beach. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's

1 Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeropor



Saint Jean
u Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager
Rapid Explorer
Taxis Gustavia
Town Hall
Marine Reserve

International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

For sale, this beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in
Pointe Milou offering
expansive views across to
the North Western side of
St. Barth including sunsets.
Very good renting returns.
Not to be missed! Contact
St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

Enhance your knowledge
of French while enjoying
your stay in Saint-Barth.
Lyne, a French biographer
and journalist, will help
you master French.
Contact Lyne at 05 90 29
38 11 or 06 90 53 17 23.

Mature couple looking for
one year rental, 1-2
bedroom furnished Villa/
apartment anywhere on
hillside. St Jean, Lorient,
Gustavia preferred retiring
to St Barts, know island
and everyone well. Need
year, maybe two. Ron at
drfederici@ aol.com or US

05 96 70 92 92
059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82


05 90 87 10 68
05 90 29 80 40
06 9031 7073

Carte professionnelle 07-145 T/G Caisse de garantie SOCAMAB


Pretty semi-detached house to be renovated
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living area, kitchen opens to terrace
good potential
Asking price 540.600 Euros Including agency fees
Let us manage your property for seasonal rentals.
Contact Jean Christian 06 90 76 39 59

Alain Le Chatelier

at t 4

4&Wd ~ws

rue du rol oscar II Gustavia les.artisans@wanadoo.fr 05 90 27 50 40

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