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rt j+%unl




In spite of a replenishment of sand
in December 2007, the beach of
Saint Jean continues to disappear,
victim of continued erosion that is
getting worse over time. Can this
beach still be saved? For Dr. Debo-
rah Brosnan, president of the non-
profit organization, Sustainable
Ecosystems Institute (which con-
sists of over 1000 scientists world-
wide), and a resident of Saint Barth
when she is not globetrotting, the
answer is yes.

In spite of adding sand to the beach
in 2000 and again in 2007, it seems
that the beach keeps getting smaller.
Is it actually disappearing?
Deborah Brosnan: The beach in
Saint Jean, like every beach, is a
dynamic system subject to the natural
and seasonal movement of the sand.
But in addition to this natural phe-
nomenon, it is true that the beach in
Saint Jean is disappearing, due to the
erosion process. We do not know the
extent of this erosion, in terms of the
volume of sand lost. However we do
know, thanks to a study made by
engineers in the summer of 2008, that
in 14 months, the beach in Saint Jean
lost roughly 9000 cubic meters of
sand. We also know that if nothing is
done to stop this trend, the beach will
continue to lose its sand until one day,
it completely disappears.

Why would it disappear?
Deborah Brosnan: The beach in
Saint Jean owes is protection to a com-
plex, dynamic system that comprises
the beach, the coral reef and seagrass
beds. Each of these three elements
must play its role so that the beach is
maintained. If one of them is out of
balance, it disrupts the entire system
and the ecosystem collapses! That is
what is happening in the bay of Saint
Jean: the beach is disappearing
because the system is in effect sick,
victim of successive or simultaneous
stresses, which I put into two cate-


gories. First are natural stresses and
the others are those caused by humans.

What are the natural causes?
Deborah Brosnan: In the category of
natural causes, the largest problem in
the bay of Saint Jean is without a
doubt the wave force generated by
hurricanes. To give you an idea, during
hurricane Luis, the beaches the close
to the eye of the storm lost an average
of 28% of their sand. Some have lost
even more! Some of sand came back
eight months later, but the beaches
never fully recovered. Hurricane
Lenny in 1999 aggravated the loss.

Yet a hurricane is a natural
phenomenon, like the movement
of the waves. Why didn't the sand
come back?
Deborah Brosnan: You are correct
that hurricanes are natural phenome-
na. And in a healthy system, the scars
of a hurricane heal with time. In the
case of the bay of Saint Jean, if the
sand has not come back, it is largely
because the coral reef that should pro-
tect it has been seriously damaged.
While a living reef in good health can
absorb 90% of the energy from the
waves, the reef in the bay of Saint
Jean no longer plays that role. Today,
it allows the waves to pass unimped-
ed and pound against the shores, tak-
ing a larger amount of sand away
with them than is normal. In the lack
of the barrier reef, when the waves
surge, they carry the sand out to sea,
while it should normally remain
between the reef and the beach.

How does the reef offer protection
from the waves?
Deborah Brosnan: The coral that
forms the reef plays the role of
guardian angel. And especially the
Elkhorn coral whose shape helps
decrease the energy of the waves. As
proof, all you have to do is look at the
interior of a lagoon. The water is calm
since the coral serves as a breakwater.

Dr Deborah Brosnan, president
of the non-profit orvgani:ati: in.
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
The coral also helps keep the sand on
the beach, by not allowing it to drift
out to sea with the natural movement
of the waves. The reef calms the sea
and so the sand falls to the seabed and
creates a sandy shore. It is estimated
that one kilometer of reef can protect
7,000 cubic meters of sand! In other
words, in the absence of the reef, the
same beach would lose 7,000 cubic
meters per year.

Is the death of the coral the only
reason the beach is disappearing?
Deborah Brosnan: No. The almost
complete disappearance of the sea-
grasses has participated in this phe-
nomenon. How? A little like how
plants help retain soil, the sea-grass
holds on to the sand, keeping it from
going too far. Since the sea-grass has
almost disappeared and a great deal of
the coral is dead, the sand carried
away by the movement of the waves
slides out to sea: with no way of com-
ing back.

In your opinion, when did this
degradation begin?
Deborah Brosnan: For me, the
degradation of the system began in
the 1960s-70s due mainly to over-
fishing in the wider Caribbean. But it
was during the 80s that the phenome-
na reached a critical point with the
two diseases that wiped out the coral
on one hand and the black sea urchins
on the other. Add to that hurricanes
Luis in 1995 and Lenny in 1999, as
well as human influence that rapidly
developed and you get the state the
reef in is today- mostly dead and
overgrown by seaweed.
St Barth Weeldy n166


Can the Beach in Saint Jean Be Saved ?
You mentioned the human effect on
the disappearance of the beach.
Deborah Brosnan: Human activities
have also caused the beach to disap-
pear, even if they are not the principal
reason. Why? For several reasons:
First, construction along the shoreline
often along the tops of dune created by
the wind, which serve as reservoirs of
sand which the beach can use when
needed. These reservoirs, now under
foundations, no longer exist. Secondly,
by building retaining walls, which the
waves are continually crashing. As the
water retreats, it takes a large quantity
of sand; much more than if the waves
lapped gently against natural beaches. This coral is 10 years ol
Since the reef so longer acts as a barn- was planted by Deborah Br
er, the sand is then carried further out the reef in Montserrat, wi
to sea. It's a vicious circle, destroyed by thefirst volcanic
I think it is important to make sure the So what are '
owners or those who use the beaches p ,D ,
Deborah Brosnan: The
understand the consequences of small health of the island is rel
or individual actions. Everyone needs beaches and the ocean e
their beach but individual efforts taken
to bring sand onto their properties or Fisherman, tourism pofess
businesses, just like the building of mn other activities deve
walls or personal pumping of sand shres. i on the sh
shores. It is not enough
often aggravates the problem. As we restore the sand the enti
saw, the beach is part of a balanced needs to be restored to a n
system. When you change ,, ,uci,i ili. needs to be restored to a ne
system. When you change '.IncIl"i'g!
For that to happen, a broad
on one part of the beach, you modify F tific plan mst a broad
the flux of sand everywhere else as include s all the stesne
includes all the steps ne
well. The result: the sand might disap-restore te reefs, seagrass a
restore the reefs, seagrass ai
pear in other places. Without this integrated plan
On the other hand, these same people will continue to be lost. Wh
could play an important role in the
plan look like? Firstly, bec
protection of the beach. How? By cre- current te stae of the bec
current the state of the bea
eating a good system for the controlling the s of the
as the needs of the tourism
pollution, by moving back the build- and to pro the houses
ings away from the beach, and plant- beach t are in danger,
ing the appropriate vegetation so that it
will help retain the sand, and stabilize s o n t e bagai rel
sand on the beach, but thi,
the beach. Vegetation such as sea- done properly. The sand
grapes, seaside mahoe, coconut palms, must be taken from the s
West Indian almonds, beach morning reef, and not from inside
glory, beach beans, and sea purslane. r,.. ol n1..o f .o 1, ,
hLdIIJ) l~ dW By i

The real question: is it not too late?
What can be done?
Deborah Brosnan: The good news is
that it is not too late to restore the sys-
tem in the bay of Saint Jean. And I
think it has a b1;'cii chance than other
beaches I have seen where it is not
possible. But we are at an important
crossroads. To do nothing is to con-
demn the bay.
St Barth Weely n0166

IaI, Ian1n UcausO, uy m11
sand from within the same
problem was just moved
And we must make sure th
that is carried out does not
reef and marine life. Other
makes the problem greater.
That said, and I repeat, r
alone is not enough. To st
worse than useless. In abs
barrier reef, the sand will

osnan on
which was
ic eruption.

ated to its
ionals, and
loped here
ate of the
to partly
re system
,w balance.
and scien-
ished that
cessary to
nd beaches.
, the beach
at does that
cause of the
ch, as well
n industry
along the
e first thing
)lenish the
s has to be
outside the
or in the
loving the
system, the
lot solved.
at the work
damage the
vise it only

op there is
ence of the
wash away

again and it will be necessary to regu-
larly replenish it. The reef must be

How can a reef be restored?
Deborah Brosnan: As I have said, the
reef in the bay of Saint Jean is dam-
aged but it is not dead. So it is not nec-
essary to plant an artificial reef, which
would be more expensive, and can
also be ugly. In the case of Saint Jean,
it is possible to help the reef recover
by restoring and planting coral on the
reef foundation that currently exists. I
have led and participated in several
projects of this type, notably in Thai-
land, The Maldives, and Sri Lanka,
after the tsunami. I already did this in
Montserrat after the first eruption
about 10 years ago. Today the reed is a
zone for fishing and snorkeling! Yet
nature is complex and we must be
extremely vigilant in all of our
.llci'l.I\ to help her. There is no easy
solution. Saving the bay of Saint Jean
depends on the realization of a strong
scientific plan. Saint Barth is a magnif-
icent island and we should rejoice in
the fact that the population and the
officials are open to such an operation
to protect its reefs and its beaches.

This comes at a price.
Deborah Brosnan: Of course. I esti-
mate that the cost of restoring the reef
in the bay of Saint Jean would cost
between one and two million Euros.
But that is very little if you consider
that without the protection of the reef,
it would be necessary to spend an
average of 200,000 Euros per year in
order to preserve the main beach, and
much more if it is necessary to re-sand
all of the beaches along the bay.
Finally, the economists for the United
Nations Environment Program
(UNEP) calculated that from every
kilometer of living reef in good health,
generates more than a million dollars
in profits for those who work in fish-
ing, tourism, and through the protec-
tion of the coastline. Profits that will
disappear along with the disappear-
ance of the beach!

Additional information can be found
at www.deborahbrosnan.com

Sm m


An annual visitor to St Barth,
Dave Stevenson may be
caught riding the waves as a
windsurfer at Grand Cul de Sac, but
don't be fooled. This acclaimed New
York City-based artist brings a new
collection of jewelry and sculpture to
the island every time he comes,
exhibiting his work at Les Artisans in
Gustavia. On display as of Friday, Jan-
uary 30, is his newest collection,
including a dramatic, 33"-tall, 50-
pound sculpture called Crush, which
was seen at Le Toiny hotel before set-
tling in at Les Artisans.
Crush looked quite spectacular sitting
on the edge of the infinity pool at Le
Toiny, with the spectacular view in the
background. As Stevenson explains,
"Crush started out as a symmetrical
work, then I "crushed it." It was once
much taller as well." Designed using
steel wire and resin, then cast in
bronze, Crush looks different as you
walk around it, while admiring the
strong, abstract shapes, and deep black
and red marbleized patina. "The sculp-

By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
ture spent its first night in the
Caribbean on a sailboat in Simpson
Bay, on its way to Saint Barth," says
His other new sculptural work
includes a series of bas-relief tiles that
may end up as part of a specially com-
missioned, limited-edition book: in
metal. "Some of my ideas come from
commissions," he notes. People come
up with cool ideas, like the tiles. These
put my sculpted amulets in conversa-
tion; like painting with sculpture." He
also has a pocket full of bronze coins
and miniature objects he gives to
friends and handed out as art payment
at Burning Man last year.
Stevenson's jewelry is sculptural as
well, especially the custom-designed
cat rings he recently made, and the
bracelets and rings that are sculpted in
sterling silver. One of his bracelets, a
sculpted silver cuff called Inspiration,
has raised over $18,000 for a charity
called Parkinson's Unity Walk, and
was featured this year in such maga-
zines as Town and Country, Harper's

OR. Greaux

Bazaar, AARP's magazine, and
Stevenson also collaborated on the
scenic environment for piece called
sub-Rosa by Seattle-based choreogra-
pher Cheronne Wong: sub-Rosa will
be seen at the Joyce Theatre in NYC
in May 2009.
Stevenson's work can be seen in St.
Barth at Les Artisans or online at

1'Invitation Restaurant,
a new, practical way to pay for meats!

Everyone, including government offices, local busini
and organizers of cultural events, can purchase
"l'Invitation Restaurant" to give to their partners,
clients, or guests When it comes time to pay
the bill, the Invitations are presented to the
restaurant and are deducted from the total cost of
the meat. Members of the restaurant association
will accept the invitations, each worth 2o euros.
A sign at the entry to the hotel will identify the
par icipat ing establishments.
The Saint-Bart hlemy Restaurant Association.

I 'invitation restaurant

.- :-_- 20


How To Buy The Restaurant Invitations
* write to ARSB, BPW 15, St Jean, 97097 StBarrhelerny u: a spe~ ic@ requerr iorroer ofzoonly). indctudingyour
address and payment by check
" purchase at participating restaurants ornr 'available orn the association' s oebSi)
* At the Tourrsr Ofice in (ustavia. (carnet of o, or individual "inmmaionrs
For additional information, cal the ARSB at 05 90 29 06 o or o5 90 29 44 19

Check the str of participating restaumnts at

Sint Maarten-Saint Martin Classic Yacht Regatta

he fourth edition Jan Roosei
of the Sint
Martin Classic Yacht
Regatta took place on the
weekend of January 23-
25 in the waters of our
neighboring island. Ira
Epstein's Lone Fox, a
classic 65' ketch, which -
spends the year in Saint
Barth, took top honors in
the 2009 edition of the ..
regatta, winning for the
second year in a row. The
race set sail on Friday, January 23
from Great Bay on the Dutch side of
the island.
Organized by West Indies events and
the Sint Maarten-Saint Martin Classic
Yacht Regatta committee, the race
suffered from the global economic cri-
sis as the number of yachts was much

^ &j
**' h, ^

smaller than anticipated. As a result,
there were four boats racing for the
first two days: Lone Fox, Kate, Rain
Dancer, and Infanta, which also par-
ticipated in the recent Lagass6 Classic
Transat (Douarnenez-Agadir-S aint-
Barth) held last December. A fifth
boat, Spirited Lady from England,
joined the fleet on the last day of the

' regatta
Lone Fox, the winner in
2008, was there to defend
its trophy. With a crew of
14, the 65-footer dominat-
ed the event, winning all
three days of racing.
/ "Winds of 18-20 knots and
a little bit of sea are ideal
conditions for Lone Fox.
There was great cama-
Sraderie and good sailing in
spite of the small fleet.
And it was still a great
experience to race the boat
with that crew, many of whom sailed
with me before in St Martin and
Antigua," comments Epstein. The
2009 Classic Regatta closed with an
awards ceremony at the Green House.
Hopefully a larger fleet will be on the
starting line for the fifth edition of the
regatta in 2010.

Alain Le Chatelier

at 4 4 t

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6 euros

rue du roi oscar II Gustavia
les.arlisans@wanadoo.fr 05 90 27 50 40
St Bath Weekly n0166

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61


People Watch


e might be
Sweden's leading
"rock star," but
he is rocking with precious
stones, gold, and silver,
rather than heavy metal:
His name is Sebastian
Schildt, a silversmith and
jeweller who was the first
artist to be showcased at
the Swedish Design Centre
in Saint Barth
tre.com), with an exhibit in
December 2007, one
month after the center
opened. That was his first
trip to Saint Barth, but he
promised he'd be back.
True to his word, Schildt
has returned for a second
show which debuts with a
reception on Saturday, Jan-
uary 31, following a sneak-
preview fashion show at
the Carl Gustav held on
Thursday, January 29.

Schildt's new collection
features sparkling strands
of rubies, emeralds, and
aquamarines with dia-
mond-accented pendants,
as well as a stunning neck-
lace and matching earrings
with golden pearls from
Indonesia and diamond
encrusted stars. Designed
with Saint Barth in mind
are necklaces made of
queen conch cultured in
The Bahamas. The pink
squares are carefully cut to
fit smoothly tI' cliIcI and
the necklaces are accented
with coordinated pendants.
Other pieces include
stingray chokers with pen-
dants of precious stones:
pieces Schildt calls "fancy
beach jewellery." There are
also bronze lioness sculp-
tures which were commis-
sioned by the Swedish gov-
ernment as the larger origi-
nals grace a bridge leading

to the Swedish house of
The Carl Gustav fashion
show-where Schildt pro-
vided commentary about
each piece, explaining his
work and answering ques-
tions about the stones-
featured models in tops
made of leaves and cello-
phane worn with white
jeans and high heels: the
perfect ensemble to show
off Schildt's new collec-
tion, now on display at the
Swedish Design Center,
where clients can arrange
for a private showing if so
desired, through February
4, when Schildt returns to
Born in Stockholm in
1964, Schildt admits, "I
was always interested in
stones, but you can't really
be a stone cutter in Swe-
den, it's too small a coun-
try." Instead, he began as
an apprentice to a silver-
smith, which explains the
double design skills of
working with silver and
stones. His new collection
includes an art-deco
inspired sterling silver
cocktail shaker and marti-
ni glasses with gold-
washed interiors and a

matching tray: turquoise
Plexiglas adds rings of
color which evoke the
waters of Saint Barth.
"I have been working on
the same theme as before,"
he says, indicating some
of the major pieces that
have been in the store.
"The pieces complement
each other: The colors, the
jewels. These colors are
different from what I
would make for Sweden,"
he says, indicating the
pink conch necklaces.
"These look good with
tanned skin, so they are
perfect for the Caribbean.
The same is true for the
gold pearls. These pieces
were conceived for Saint
As for the stones, Schildt
likes any stone as long as
it's perfect. "It's about
reflecting light," he says.
"If a stone is not cut prop-
erly it doesn't reflect light
and it's not beautiful."
But as he said the first
time we met, "the most
interesting thing about any
piece of my jewelry is the
woman who wears it."

By Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Photo: Rosemond Greaux


F! Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin

unique inspired timeless

Les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 9:30-13 and 14:30-19
6 St Barth Weedy n166


Bye Bye Dental Conference

orty-some dentists participated
in last week's annual dental
conference, an event organized
for the past 14 years in Saint Barth by
David Grodberg and Francois Chlous,
under the aegis of their non-profit
"Saint-Barth Dental Association." This
represents a decrease in participation
of roughly 'i r., according to the
organizers; a decrease due to the
worldwide economic crisis. Most of
the participants come from the United
States, but there have also been den-
tists from Germany in the past.
Gary M. Reiser DDS was the special
guest speaker this year, on the subject
of "Planning & Surgical Treating Site
Specific Restorative Based Periodontal
Problems." Reiser is an associate clini-
cal professor of periodontology at
Tufts University and director and vice-
chairman of the American Board of
Periodontology, with a private practice
in S .,l! ps.1" Ma l s. s .lh n slls
As usual, many of the dentists came

with their spouses or partners for the
week, allowing for such social occa-
sions as a wine tasting at the Wall
House, a tradition started last year, and
the gala dinner, which took place in
the enchanted garden setting of the
Planning for the 2010 conference is
already underway, and will be held

from January 18-22, 2010. The guest
speaker will be Dr. Barry Zweig, Pro-
fessor and vice-chairperson of Oral
and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Uni-
versity of Medicine and Dentistry of
New Jersey. He is also Director of the
New Jersey Dental School Center for



Les Hauts de Saint-Jean Up The Hill
T61: 05 90 27 70 67 lecesar.sbh@hotmail.fr


Les Hauts de Saint-Jean Up The Hill
T61: 05 90 27 70 67 lecesar.sbh@hotmail.fr

Far from the same-old pho-
Snme"w 7ei\e s tographs of the island, a dif-
ferent point of view can be
seen in tie book, "St Barth & Its Won-
ders: A Tour Of The Island," which presents the
poetic and authentic nature of Saint Barth. The book
was created by Nathalie Esp6rab6, who has always
been interested in photography, images, and pub-
lishing-a field she worked in before coming to the
island. A resident of Saint Barth for the past 15
years, she wanted to tie her interests into a book
offering her personal vision of the island: the Saint
Barth she loves... genuine and natural. This 200-
page photo album includes images by some of the
leading photographers on the island, as well as
watercolors by the illustrator, Raphaelle Hayot, and
short poetic texts by Nathalie Esp6rab6. With
l'!c.,iiiil.ikin: aerial views, the book also allows you
to discover the flora and fauna of the island, its per-
fect beaches, and its local, colorful architecture. It is
an ideal gift for all who want a timeless souvenir of
the real Saint Barth. The book is on sale at the La
Case aux Livres, Pati de St Barth, Oasis bookshop,
Barnes bookstore, Linde Gallery, Match supermar-
ket, the tourist office, and various hotels and bou-
tiques. Price: 29 Euros. S. Septier de Rigny

Catherine Chameau of Village
Saint Jean is a contemporary
art collector, so it is totally fit-
ting that in addition to her
prints and paintings, she
recently added a handsome
sculpture to the landscape at
the hotel. Entitled "Evolution,"
the sculpture created by French
artist Yann Jost comprises a
large metal armature support-
ing an S-shaped piece of pale,
coral and white marble, creat-
ing a strong shape that
enhances a garden area at Vil-
lage Saint Jean. Jost, who has
roots in the gypsy community,
has been working with stone
for 22 years, including marble
and granite, but he also works
in metal, plastic, wood, and
even ice. He has exhibited in
France and Europe, including
at the Sixth European Sculp-
ture Biennial at the Jardin des
Plants in Paris in 2001. "I first

saw Yann Jost's work at Eve
Ducharme's gallery in Toiny,"
says Chareau, who has addi-
tional examples of the artist's
work at Village Saint Jean. "I
always liked this spiral, so
when Eve moved back to
France, I bought Evolution,"
she adds. "I contacted Yann
and asked if he could come
and install the piece at the
hotel. So we invited him to
come last August, and we
decided together on the best
placed to install it." The deci-
sion was made to put Evolu-
tion in an area where it can
easily be seen, and is protected
from hurricanes. "It created a
nice place for reflection in the
garden," says Charneau.




This beautiful wooden yacht, built in 1957 for Col. Whitbred, is perfect for your
half and full-day or special champagne sunset cruise

Overall winner of the 2008 and 2009 St Maarten Classic Regatta

Contact: 0690 332 685 or 0690 332 791
info@lonefoxcharters.com www.lonefoxcharters.com

mitchell summer
an exhibition of oil oaintines

Dreaming With The Fish, 2004, 36"x 48" (91mm x 122mm)

windkeeper gallery at
Porta 34
Rue du Gen&ral de Gaulle
Gustavia, St-Barths
t: +590 690 33 22 11
visit www.windkeeper.fr


mm ~mmmmmmmmm

Bete a Z'Ailes 05 90 29 7409
Carl Gustaf Lounge 05.90.29 79 00
Caf6 Victoire
Caviar Island 09905246 11
Central Park
Do Brazil 05.90.29 06 66
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L'Isola Ristorante
La Creperie 05 90 27 8407
La Cantina
La Mandala 05.90.27 96 96
La Marine 05.90.27 68 91
La Route des Boucaniers 05.90.27 73 00
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Le Vietnam 05 90 27 8137
Pipiri Palace 05.90.27 53 20
Repaire des Rebelles 05.90.27 72 48
The Strand
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Wall House 05.90.27 71 83

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Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)

Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25

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Eden Rock 05.90.29 79 99
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La Plage
Le Cesar 05.90.27 70 67
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Mango Bar restaurant (Lunch)
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Indigo (H6tel Guanahani) 05 90 27 66 60
Restaurant des peheurs (Le Sereno)

Les Bananiers

Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 6181
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01

Santa F6


EXCEIENCE IN TENIS Open over 20 years


Patrick Sellez
Sl6a AA a'1 c oI



* I AI r r "r k kl. T I 'I Ifi uln rkl T

TJ7 7v J Jo u Aurore Balayn Ljr ICI NII crUIrVIN
s fr tel.: +59 05 90 27 69 82 or +5906 90 85 05 55
Sww.stbarthtennis. om mail: k.flamboynwanadoo.fr

IutaBtwI a


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

Special events
) Sunday, February, 1st
Carnival Parades
Pre Carnival Parades:
Sunday afternoons at sunset
in the streets of Gustavia.
Theme this Sunday: "In
The Time Of The
Revoluion" (White cos-
tumes with red bandana)

Superbowl Party (1 plasma
screen + 3 other televisions),
Le C6sar, St. Jean

Live Music
I Every Evening
-Lounge mix by Jacques
Dumas, 7:30pm to lam
Bar't6, Hotel Guanahani
Grand Cul de Sac
- DJ Max from 6pm at
Caviar Island, Gustavia
I From January 12
KJ Denhert, Urban Folk &
Jazz from 9pm to midnight,
Bet'A Z'ailes, Gustavia
I Friday, January 30
Lounge bar with Patris Gero
at La Mandala, Gustavia
) Saturday, January 31
Live Music with Stephane
Cano and Christophe (Mr
President) French and
American songs, Le Cesar,
Saint Jean

I Saturday, January 31
St Barth's Desperate
Housewives Beach Party,
La Plage, St Jean
I Sunday, February 1
Ibiza Sunset Cocktail with
Patrice Gero from 4pm
at Do Brazil, Gustavia

Let's Party
- New suggestions every
nights & Fashion show at le
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show & DJ every
lunch and dinner, at la Plage;
St Jean
I Friday, January 30
- "Tickets to Barcelona" Dj
Konka (Pacha terrazza
Barcelona) at The Strand
Supper Club (Casa Nikki),

- "Girl Power" at Yacht Club,
- Tropical Jam with DJ Regis
& Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf6,
I Saturday, January, 31
- Saturday Night Fever at
The Strand, Supper Club,
- Tropical Jam with Mike &
Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf6,
I Sunday, February, 1st
- Djoul from St Barth at The
Strand Supper Club, (Casa
Nikki), Gustavia
) Monday, February, 2nd
"Disco Night," Yacht Club,
I Wednesday February, 4
- Bling Bling (R&B Deluxe)
Old Skol meet the future at
the Strand Supper Club,
(Casa Nikki), Gustavia
I Thursday, February, 5
- Overkitch 70-80-90 (compli-
mentary Champagne for
ladies till 1pm) at the Strand
Supper Club, (Casa Nikki),
- Ritmo Latino- DJ Nando at
Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
I Friday, February, 6
- Tropical Jam with Mike &
Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf,

Night Club
A Every night
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Bubbles Club, Gustavia
k To Wednesday to Sunday
- The Strand Supper club
A& Friday and Saturdav
- Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
with DJ Bob Dil & Mike

Fashion Show
I Every Tuesday
- 6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique at
the Isle de France, Flamands
- 9:30 pm, Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Everyday
- 1:30- 2 pm, Case de l'ile,
Isle de France, Flamands
- 1.30pm & 8:30pm, fashion
show featuring Wild Side,
La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion show at le Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show at Le
Tamarin, Saline

Dave Stevenson,
Jewelry & Sculpture at Les
Artisans, Gustavia.
Champagne Reception,
Friday, January 30, 6-9pm

I Photography exhibit with
works by Antoine Verglas &
Jean Philippe Piter on the
themes of nature, nudity, and
water, with images relating to
Saint Barth. Clic Gallery
I Through Sunday, Feb. 1
Martine Leydier De Fustel,
Porta 34, Gustavia
I Through February 15, 2009
"Picasso X-Ray" by Xavier
Lucchesi. Photos and video,
TomBeachArtStudio, St Jean
I Through February 15, 2009
Photography of Marco
Glaviano at TomBeach
ArtStudio, St Jean
I January 27-April 5
Inspired By Eden Rock:
NYC-based Artist Delia
Brown unveils her latest col-

Unique showing of fine gem
jewelry and sterling silver
objects By Sebastian Schildt
Saturday, Jan. 31, 6-8pm,
Swedish Design Center
Of St Barth, St Jean
election "Guerrilla Villa,"
Eden Rock Gallery, St Jean
) January 6-30
Alain Le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia.
Cocktail reception Friday.
February 6, 6pm
) January 6-12
Mitchell Summer:
An exhibition of oil paintings.
Windkeeper Gallery
at Porta 34, Gustavia
I Permanent exhibits
* Jean-Pierre Ballagny,
Antoine Heckly, Alain
Buisson, La Gallerie, St Jean
* Sculptures by Timothy
Holmes, Comptoir du Cigare,
* Paintings by Suzanne Mac
Nally, Les Artisans, Gustavia
* Acrylic paintings at
Sandra's Art Gallery,



El w


Photos: Rosemond Greaux

Four generations of the
O'Donnellfamily: (left
to right) Larry, Sue,
"Grammie," Jennifer,
Trevor and baby Jayden.
Melanie Smith with her
dog, Ajjie, and Billie de
Mesnil, with visitors
Richard Schmid, and
Laurie Jannellifrom
Boston, celebrating Jana
Pichova's birthday at
Santa Fe



is. t


Seen at
Nat Day's
birthday party
(left to right):
Green, Mimi
Head, Nancy
.. Green, Bev
- Head

Nat Day!









0590 52 46 10

Special Events

Theme Parties



VIP Assistnce


Destination Management Services
The company that started the professional
organization and events planning business...
the company that continues to set the standard.
Phone lboc 059 29
Phone hu the US 011590029N845
www.de-widnoiauiwmn bemetu.net

... ........ ... .. .. .. .


.... .5... .. .
-u- *. r


St:C 00 1

I At your services


Experts in Fine & R re

siur n



GUSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

-rCz;Geid Moassea-
North Thailand
7-da 7;gde;oz/
rhai F ,ro e,/
4 6;a, -m/r a)nrion(ee
/ V'- a Home Service

0690559I. 143 05909300

www. s-catering.com
A high quality catering
service, specialist on dinner.
A delicate and French
west indies "cuisine".
Exceptional and originalproducl
from the caraibes: vegetables,
flowers, spices, fruits.
Organic product coming
from import.
Parties, events and
Wedding organisation.
Tel. : 0690 310 249
A Wine shop In Grand Fond
A Large selection offine &
Rare Wines..
Order online before your arriving
A Free Drop offservice
of your wines to your villa or yacht.
Private tasting parties
arranged in the privacy of
your villa or aboard your yacht.
Tel. : 0690 310 249

I Puzzle a www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging.
It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every
column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through
9."That's all there is to it. (Solution page 10)
1 9
6 4 9 8
3 1 2
7 5 6
9 2 5 3
1 2 8
3 6 9
6 2 4 3
5 7


, it

H Classified ads

For sale, 2 lands in building
zone situated in the area of
Public. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05
Real Estate
For sale, a recently refur-
bished and refurnished 2
bedroom villa with pool
situated on the hillside of
Flamand but within walk-
ing distance from the
beach. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

For sale, this beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in
Pointe Milou offering
expansive views across to
the North Western side of
St. Barth including sunsets.
Very good renting returns.

Not to be missed! Contact
St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05
Enhance your knowledge
of French while j!Ij ,;
your stay in Saint-Barth.
Lyne, a French biographer
and journalist, will help
you master French.
Contact Lyne at 05 90 29
38 11 or 06 90 53 17 23.

Mature couple looking for
one year rental, 1-2
bedroom furnished Villa/
apartment anywhere on
hillside. St Jean, Lorient,
Gustavia preferred retiring
to St Barts, know island
and everyone well. Need
year, maybe two. Ron at
drfederici@aol.com or US

Solution TI6 lC 9 8 i i-
Check the solutions 8 F 9
to the Sudoku Z 4 2 6 r 9 8 C
page 14 F r 8 9 E
I r F 6 8 S 9
4 9 8 T e b e rF
I 8 I AE I T iZ
F E \| a I1 2 9 a
'K-j 6 E 9 1 a I I' 8

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph.: Fax:
emoil: stborthweekly@wonodoo.fr ww.stbarthweekly.com
Director & layout: Avigaol Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald

* Emergency numbers
Shipping rescue 05 96 70 92 92
Gendarmerie 05 90 27 11 70
PAF / airport & port police 05 90 29 76 76
Hospital 05 90 27 60 35
Fire dept. 18 / 05 90 27 66 13
Doctor on duty 05 90 27 76 03
Pharmacy A6roport 05 90 27 66 61
Gustavia 05 90 27 61 82
Saint Jean 05 90 29 02 12

* Useful numbers
Boat company Voyager
Rapid Explorer
Airlines company Winair
St-Barth Commuter
Air Caraibes
American Airlines
Taxis Gustavia
StBar Service)
EDF (electricity company office)
Water system
Post Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia
Anglican church Sunday 9am.
Evangelical church Gustavia Sunday 9am

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 87 10 68
05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 61 01
05 90 27 54 54
05 90 27 71 90
00 599 54 "', 141 I
05 90 29 44 19
05 90 29 80 40
05 90 29 80 81
05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 62 00
069031 7073


'K 1K\

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