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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publication Date: January 23, 2009
Copyright Date: 2009
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I U" S *L U



42 New Cases

In One Week
here were 42 new cases of dengue fever
recorded in Saint Barth during the second
week of January, marking a new flare up of
the disease. Two people were hospitalized, bring-
ing to 14 the number of cases treated at the hospi-
tal since October, when the recent bout of the dis-
ease began, with a total of 375 cases to date.
Dengue fever, one of the most common mosquito-
borne viral diseases in the world, is an illness
caused by infection from a virus transmitted by
the Aedes mosquito. It is characterized by the sud-
den onset of high fever, (which can last up to 7
days or more), often accompanied by one or more
of the following symptoms: intense headache,
back ache, body aches, joint pains, loss of
appetite, nausea, vomiting and the development of
skin rashes. The most severe form is known as
hemorrhagic fever (which includes a tendency to
bruise easily or other types of skin hemorrhages,
bleeding nose or gums, and possibly internal
How to avoid the disease? In addition to general
spraying against mosquitoes by the Collectivity,
as well as hotels and rental villas, guests and
residents should make sure not to be bitten by
Applying insect repellent is the way most people
protect themselves against getting bites. But it is
not the only way to guard against mosquitoes;
wearing long-sleeved clothing, using mosquito
nets while sleeping and staying in mosquito-free
rooms are good ways to prevent mosquito bites.
Others include insecticide sprays and burning
repellent oils. You should decide for yourselves on
one or a combination of these to avoid the risks.

Tourists Who Drink and Drive:
The Result Can Be Expensive!

endarmes in Saint Barth
collected 4,358 Euros in
fines from tourists during the
first two weeks of January!
This sum was primarily the
result of two fines of 2,000
Euros given to two foreign
tourists found behind the
wheel with a level of alcohol
higher than 2 grams per liter
of blood; much higher than
the authorized limit of 0.5

grams in France. "We apply
the law as it is written con-
cerning foreigners. That
means they have to pay the
fine immediately where it is
given. The fines for DUI are
set by the French government
and vary from 1,125 to 4500
Euros," explains lieutenant
Cadario. Lack of a seat belt
or use of a cell phone results
in a fine of 90 Euros.

Marine Park Resumes Management

of Fort Karl

Last Friday, an annual
meeting was held in
Saint Martin for the
Council of French Shorelines
in the Americas, whose presi-
dent is on the board of direc-
tors of the Littoral Conser-
vancy, a public organization
whose goal is to acquire and
protect natural landscapes,
and the coastlines of lakes
and seas.
The next day, 40 of the dele-
gates came to Saint Barthele-
my to visit the outstanding
sites on the island, before par-
ticipating in the signature of a
partnership agreement for the
management of Fort Karl.
The management of this site,

which was acquired by the
Littoral Conservancy in Octo-
ber 2007, has now been
assigned to the Collectivity,
which in turn assigned it to
the Marine Park of Saint
Located above College
Mireille Choisy in Gustavia,
the fort-built during the
Swedish period in Saint
Barth's history- is accessi-
ble via a small rocky path. It
is one of three forts that once
protected Gustavia, along
with Fort Gustav and Fort
Octave. Its acquisition by the
conservancy means that its
historic importance and natu-
ral beauty will be maintained.


Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin
unique inspired timeless
21 Les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Z Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 9:30-13 and 14:30-19
2 St Barth Weekly n*165

Le Christopher H6tel
Pinte Milou 97133 St Barthedlmy Tel: (590) 590 27 63 63
io-ns hotvchrisoophefr www.hotelchristopher.com
-^ F- ^ -*C ^'^ ^




First things first: a big
apology to Alex
Klein. I know full
well he is one of the best
oboe players in the world,
not to mention an accom-
plished conductor, but last
week when I was writing
about the 25th anniversary
of the music festival, I was
thinking about the bass
oboe he played and some-
how wrote bassoon once,
and bass oboe once. I heard
he joked he'd start to learn
the bassoon right away, but
whatever he was playing it
was an extraordinary solo,
and a prime example of
what's so great about this
little festival. Where else do
you get to see so many top
soloists playing in an
orchestra, and sometimes in
an opera orchestra, to boot?
Speaking of which, this
year's opera evening featur-
ing Madame Butterfly was
quite an experience. As the
sounds of Puccini filled the
Catholic Church in Lorient,
it was great to see some of
our local singers up there
with the pros (hats off to
Eric Houchant especially).
But then came Madame
Butterfly. And let me tell
you, if you weren't there to
hear her sing, you'd never
believe your ears: Latonia

David Everson and James Tha


Moore, an American sopra-
no, was one of the best But-
terfly's I've ever heard. Her
voice, her dramatic pres-
ence, Wow! She won the
hearts of the Saint Barth
audience and we can only
hope she'll be back next
year in another of her stellar
roles, perhaps Mimi in La
Boheme. Another highlight
of the festival was the Miro
Quartet. One thing I loved
was watching the four musi-
cians from the Miro playing
in the festival orchestra,
then playing the closing
night concert on Monday,

firo String Quartet: (left to right) Joshua Gindele,
Sandy Yamamoto, Daniel Ching, John Largess

Members of the festival committee: Ingrid Lehner,
Liz Ghibaudo, Laurent Cl6quin, Corinne Hardelay,
and Lydie Berry
January 19, with works by premiered in 2007 in
Charles Ives and Antonin Carmel, CA. The piece
Dvorak, as well as a piece deals with various images of
written for them by a friend: America (a country we hope
Credo for String Quartet by is now off to a new begin-
Kevin Puts, which they had ning....). If there is a com-
plaint about the festival, I
think it has nothing to do
with the outstanding quality
of the musicians or the pro-
gramming. But the fact that
over the 25 years of the fes-
tival, there has not been a
local audience built up to
help fill the seats. If free
tickets had been given to the
island's students for the past
25 years, surely some of
'U them would have become
tcher on French horn. amateurs of classical music

or jazz. They could no
longer use the excuse that
there is no tradition of this
kind of music in Saint Barth.
Where are the school teach-
ers (other than music teacher
Gatien Vilain, who attended
every concert, even bringing
his 80+ year-old mother
along)? Where are the violin
and piano students? True, on
an island with no high
school and no university,
there is a large segment of
the potential audience miss-
ing. But it's a shame you
can count the locals on one
hand, or maybe two.... But
all in all, from John Ellis
and his fantastic brand of
New Orleans inspired jazz
opening the festival to the
Miro Quartet bringing down
the final curtain, it was once
again a wonderful event,
and a big bravo has to go to
Frances Debroff for her
stamina over the past 25
years. Those who do not
take the time to come, just
don't know what they are

Ellen Lampert Gr6aux
Photos: Rosemond Gr6aux

St Barth Weekly n165


Restaurant Invitations:

A new way to pay for meals in Saint Barth!

Since Monday, January 1 .
"Restaurant Invitations" are avail- il relSaurant
able in 27 participating restaurant .
in Saint Barth. This new system :.
meal vouchers, each worth 2'
Euros, was put into place by thei
Restaurant Association of S.il ii i
Barthelemy (ARSB), under the aegis on the
of its president, Didier Bensa. The island." For business
vouchers respond to a need voiced by es, it is also a nice wa
various groups on the island, includ- to employees or cl
ing those in administrative, cultural, "Restaurant Invitatioj
and economic sectors, who are look- limited to profession
ing for a better way to invite people can purchase them as
for meals. "We have not invented they are sold. The vc
anything new," explains Bensa. "We sented to the participate
have simply taken the French concept and simply deducted
of "Restaurant Tickets," which allows bill. Stickers on the
business, and organizers of cultural restaurants indicate th
events who can give vouchers to their in the program. A list
technicians and actors, for example, ww.RestaurantsDe
as well as government offices who www.RestaurantsO
can prepay for people who are work- complete with photos,


y to offer a perk
ients. But the
ns" are not just
als: individuals
Swell wherever
)uchers are pre-
iting restaurants
from the total
doors of the 27
eir participation
can be found at
StBarth.com or
hours and tele-

Invitation Restaurant,
a new, practical way to pay for meals!

Everyone, including government offices, local businesses,
and organizers of cultural events, can purchase
"I'Invitation Restaurant" to give to their partners, 3
clients, or guests. When it comes time to pay
the bill, the invitations are presented to the
restaurant and are deducted from the total cost of
the meal. Members of the restaurant association
will accept the invitations, each worth 20 euros.
A sign at the entry to the hotel will identify the
participating establishments.
The Saint-Barthdlerny Restauant Association

- phone numbers for reservations.
The Territorial Tourism Committee
of Saint Barthelemy funded the
launching of this project.

For additional information:
Call the ARSB at 05 90 29 06 04
or 05 90 29 44 19

Write to ARSB, BP 1115, St. Jean,
97097 St. Barth6lemy, with a specific
request carnett of 10 only), including
your address and payment by check.
Purchase at participating restau-
rants (list available on the associa-
tion's website)
At the Tourist Office in Gustavia,
Quai de la R6publique (carnets of 10,
or individual "invitations")


- ---- 20



How To Buy The Restaurant Invitations
write to ARSB, BP iiu, St nean. 97097 St -arrhlenrr/ (ajr a spa.iw request carnett of o only) including your
address and payamnt by checW
purchase at parricipatigr restaurants (ist availaoe on the asociatiwn's websi~
SAt the Tourist Office in (JustaLVia, (crnenso 1fo, or infdiidwuaf invimrlan
For additional information, call the ARSB at o5 go :9 o6 o4 or o5 90 29 44 19

Check the list of Partcipatrig restaurants at
St Barth Weekly n*165 5

invitation re


People Watch

Susanna and Nils

In 1998 we chartered
w a bareboat and
sailed from Mar-
tinique to Saint Barth,"
recalls Swede Nils Pass-
burg, who with his wife,
Susanna Freer Passburg,
who is half-English, half-
Swedish, owns the
Swedish Design Center in
Saint Barth. "Olle Nyman,
a Swedish honorary citizen
of Saint Barth had told us
about the island and first
planted the seeds of
curiosity about it." Nyman
had been the head of infor-
mation at Scandinavian
Airlines (SAS) where
Susanna and Nils were
both working when they
met. "We arrived the same
night as Jimmy Buffett
was playing on the dock
for the 50th anniversary of

the Select and the port was
simply heaving," says
Nils. They loved the island
and kept coming back,
even naming their daugh-
ter Salinne, after their
favorite beach. When
Salinne, who is now five-
and-a-half, announced she
needed to live by the sea,
Nils and Susanna returned
to the island once again
and began to look into set-
ting up a business. They
had been in London for
eight years and Sweden
for 18 years before that,
and ready for a change.
They are both interested in
contemporary design: "We
were often among the first
clients for young Swedish
designers," says Susanna.
"We thought why not cre-
ate a shop in Saint Barth to

handle their work. We
made a list of all the
designers we wanted to
represent and all except
one agreed." As Susanna
points out, "We look for
work that is unique, time-
less, and inspired," and
these attributes can be
seen in the wonderful
objects that fill the store,
from modern Swedish
glassware and silver to
jewelry, books, and occa-
sional furniture. "Even
with new designs, you can
tell if they will become
classics," says Nils,
emphasizing that the work
they show is not overly
trendy. Susanna adds: "I
hate shopping, but I love
buying beautiful things I
really like. You buy some-
thing and you become
friends with it. So for the
store we want to offer
things people can buy and
take home, or offer as
gifts." A list of the design-
ers they show can be
found on their website at
www. swedishdesigncen-
tre.com, and Susanna
notes that new designers

now come to them, asking
to be included: a mark of
their success. "The objects
all have to work together,
like people at a dinner par-
ty," adds Susanna. So are
they in Saint Barth to stay:
"Yes," says Susanna, but
being practical, Nils adds
that Salinne's schooling
will be a factor in their
future plans. In terms of
goals for the design center,
Susanna and Nils hope
that more of the designers
can come to the island to
show their work, such as
Sebastian Schildt, who is
coming back for the sec-
ond time in 18 months,
and be inspired by the
island as well. E-., c
object has a story," says
Susanna. "About the inspi-
ration of the artist or how
it was made. Everything
that is special has a story."
That is especially true of
Susanna and Nils, two spe-
cial people whose lives
have definitely been
inspired by Saint Barth.

by Ellen Lampert Grdaux
Photo Rosemond Grdaux

EXCIEtENCE IN TEn IS Open.ver,2years


Patrick Sellez
. Ef AL fA 4E E afi



.3 O V033 6O Aurore Bcalayn Al=O-INN =UII:N
~tel.: +59 05 90 27 69 82 or +s90608o0 55asos
www.stba rth tennis.com email: 't.flamboyanl~wanadoo.fr

St Bart Weekly n165



--' ~' ~~- ~----' ~-



^-> -
L^-' <-
b- ^-.
zS\- ^ '-:*^*;


All in the Fam

village Saint Jean
(villagestjeanhotel.com) is a
family affair: the hotel is
run by brother and sister Catherine
and Bertrand Charneau, whose
father built the hotel a few decades
ago. The rooms and bungalows,
along with a house called Villa
Iguana, need to be updated to stay
fresh, and this year, the villa as well
as one of the bungalows were
redesigned with style! The two-bed-
room Villa Iguana is located on the
hillside behind the hotel, looking
out toward Saint Jean bay and the
airport. Catherine Chameau, a great
aficionado of contemporary art and

design, turned to French interior
architect Stephane Caubel, who has a
practice in Saint Barth, to add a con-
temporary sheen to the villa. "Cather-
ine wanted to keep the same terra-
cotta tiles, and mix the new with the
traditional Creole environment,"
notes Caubel, who orchestrated his
color scheme to mesh with the floors.
Pale blue walls in the living room and

- --
- -

I -
*- --

- -. .



kitchen, punctuat-
ed by pure red
doors that open to
reveal the ochre
stonewall behind
S. or the sea in front.
The focus of the
S living room is two
S modem sofas that
were custom
designed by
Marielle Dela-
porte, an interior
designer based in
Gustavia. The sofas, which are proto-
types built by Gaylor Dessome in
Saint Barth, feature gray fabric on a
white frame. The frame serves as flat
arms for the sofas, as well as back
(the sofa in the center of the room has
a wider back panel, which could be
used to display objects or books).
Two white wire chairs with bright red
cushions accompany the sofas.

Caubel has also painted the inside of
a cabinet for the flat-screen TV, and
the underside of the white dining
table on the terrace as surprise bursts
of red, which is also echoed in the
bright stripes on the chaise lounge
and matching chairs by the pool. "It is
not too sophisticated," he says. "Sim-
ple, yet colorful."
Redesigned by Bertrand Charneau,
the Jacuzzi Suite now has a totally
new look. The overall feeling is Zen,
from the pale white floors to the min-
imalist, yet stylish, pale wooden fur-
niture in the kitchen and bedroom.
The living area has a hot-lime-green
plush sofa bed, and each area of the
suite can be closed off with sliding
doors for privacy. But the true piece
de resistance in the suite is the show-
er room, designed with the look of a
Scandinavian sauna, with wooden
and glass walls, a low wooden bench,
recessed lighting, and an oversized
round showerhead under a glass sky-
light. Marielle Delaporte worked with
Bertrand on the colors for the suite,
yet the green in the living room is the
brightest tone in the palette; the bed-
spread and lampshades (which tilt for
extra light while reading) are white.
Custom-fitted wooden closets with
slatted doors came from Deco Eva-
sion in Gustavia. There is an open,
airy feeling to the suite, which has
been completely transformed. And as
required by code, the suite is now
handicapped accessible, yet that
accessibility is cleverly concealed in
the design.
Ellen Lampert-Grdaux
Photos:Rosemond Grdaux

St Barth Weekly n165

St Barth's lovesign



D.\A, I\ UD G EN:E S
T1 60590 766 94 FaM 0590 276 13
m ainMearrm



Bte a Z'Ailes

05 90 29 74 09

Carl Gustaf Lounge 05.90.29 79 00
Cafe Victoire
Caviar Island 0990524611
Central Park
Do Brazil 05.90.29 06 66
Eddy's Restaurant 05.90.27 54 17
L'Isola Ristorante
La Creperie 05 90 27 84 07
La Cantina
La Mandala 05.90.27 96 96
La Marine 05.90.27 68 91
La Route des Boucaniers 05.90.27 73 00
Le Bistro 05.90.27 5151
Le Sapotiller 05.90.27 60 28
Le Vietnam 05 90 27 81 37
Pipiri Palace 05.90.27 53 20
Repaire des Rebelles 05.90.27 72 48
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'fe 0590279060
Victoria Restaurant (Carl Gustaf)
Wall House 05.90.27 71 83

Esprit Saline 05.90.52 46 10
Grain de Sel 05.90.52 46 05
Le Tamarin 0590277212

K'fe Massai 05.90.29 76 78
Le Bouchon 05 90277939
Le Wok 05 90 27 52 52
Le Portugal a St Barth 05 90 27 68 59

Le Regal 05.90.29 85 26

Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (Hotel Le Manapany)

Solution 9 6 ,C I z, 9
Check the solutions L ; 9 9 6 6 '
Z SF Z V 9 S B 6 1
to the Sudoku page 14
Se z i g 9 6 I
9 6 i s Z V L e e
8 ~ V 6 L C 9 L S
E L 9 L s S 6
6 V Z C 9
L 9 C 96 S V\ L Z

Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25

Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny) 88

Eden Rock 05.90.29 79 99
Kiki e Mo
Le Diamant 05 902921 97
Le Jardin 05 90 27 73 62
Le Glacier 05 90277130
Le Piment
La Plage
Le Cesar 05.90.27 70 67
Nikki Beach
"Z" 0590275300

Mango Bar restaurant (Lunch)
Ti St-Barth 05.90.27 97 71

Bartolomeo (H6tel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (H6tel Guanahani) 05 90 27 66 60
Restaurant des pchers (Le Sereno)

Les Bananiers

Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 61 81
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01

Santa Fe


St Barth W.ELY
Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph. : Fax:
e-mail: stbarthweekly wanadoo.fr www.stbarthweekly.com
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe : Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald
St Barth Weekly n165


Where to go dancing? See an at exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

Special events
) Sunday, january, 25
Carnival Parades
Pre-Carnival parades:
Sunday afternoons at sunset
in the streets of Gustavia.
Themes: "Long Time Ago"
(Madras, Salt, Traditional
Creole Costumes, and St.

Live Music
I Every Evening
-Lounge mix by Jacques
Dumas, 7:30pm to lam
Bar't6, Hotel Guanahani
Grand Cul de Sac
- DJ Max from 6pm at
Caviar Island, Gustavia
I From January 12
KJ Denhert, Urban Folk &
Jazz from 9pm to midnight,
Bet'A Z'ailes, Gustavia
I Friday, January 23
- Live Music with Papaguyo
from 8:00pm at La Mandala,
) Saturday, January, 24
with Paulo, Argentinean
guitarist. at Le Cesar,
Les Haut de Saint Jean
I Sunday. January, 25
- Live Music with Papaguyo
from 1:00pm at Do Brazil,

Let's Party
-New suggestions every
nights & Fashion show at le
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show & DJ every
lunch and dinner, at la Plage;
St Jean
I Friday, January 23
- Code Bar, "The Island Best
DJ" at The Strand Supper
Club (Casa Nikki), Gustavia
- "Girl Power" at Yacht Club,
- Tropical Jam with DJ Regis
& Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf6,
I Saturday, January, 24
- Saturday Night Fever at
The Strand, Supper Club,

St Barth Weekly n'165

- Tropical Jam with Mike &
Bob Dil at Hot Spot Caf6,
) Sunday, January, 25
- Djoul from St Barth at The
Strand Supper Club, (Casa
Nikki), Gustavia
I Wednesday January 28
- Bling Bling (R&B Deluxe)
Old Skol meet the future at
the Strand Supper Club,
(Casa Nikki), Gustavia
I Thursday, January 29:
- Overkitch 70-80-90 (compli-
mentary Champagne for
ladies till 1pm) at the Strand
Supper Club, (Casa Nikki),
- Ritmo Latino- DJ Nando at
Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
I Friday, January 30
- "Tickets to Barcelona" Dj
Konka (Pacha terrazza
Barcelona) at The Strand
Supper Club (Casa Nikki),
-"Girl Power" at Yacht Club,
- Tropical Jam with Mike &
Bob Dil at Hot Spot Cafe,

Night Club
A Every night
-Yacht Club, Gustavia
-Bubbles Club, Gustavia
A To Wednesday to Sunday
-The Strand Supper club
A Friday and Saturday
- Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
with DJ Bob Dil & Mike

Fashion Show
I Every Tuesday
- 6:30pm: Fashion show by
the pool, from the boutique at
the Isle de France, Flamands
- 9:30 pm, Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
P Everyday
-1:30- 2 pm, Case de lile,
Isle de France, Flamands
- 1.30pm & 8:30pm, fashion
show featuring Wild Side,
La Plage, St Jean
- Fashion show at le Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
- Fashion show at Le
Tamarin, Saline

I New photography exhibit
with works by Antoine
Verglas and Jean Philippe
Piter on the themes of nature,
nudity, and water, with
images relating to Saint
Barth. Clic Gallery Gustavia
I From Friday 23
Martine Leydier de Fustel,
Porta 34, Gustavia
I Through February 15, 2009
"Picasso X-Ray" by Xavier
Lucchesi. Photos and video,
TomBeachArtStudio, St Jean
I Through February 15, 2009
Photography of Marco
Glaviano at
TomBeachArtStudio, St Jean
I Group show by three artists
entitled "Island My Island."
Works inspired by or
produced in Saint Barth dur-
ing artists' residencies: nine
designs by Donald Baechler,
four paintings by Will Cotton,
and works by Andrew

Radcliffe. Eden Rock Gallery,
St Jean
I Permanent exhibits
* Jean-Pierre Ballagny,
Antoine Heckly, Alain
Buisson, La Gallerie, St Jean
* Sculptures by Timothy
Holmes, Comptoir du Cigare,
* Paintings by Suzanne Mac
Nally, Les Artisans, Gustavia
* Acrylic paintings at Sandra's
Art Gallery, Gustavia.
* Alain le Chatelier, Les
Artisans, Gustavia
* Rose Murray, Comptoir du
Cigare, Gustavia
* Jewelry and sculpture by
Dave Stevenson, Les Artisans,
* Group show, Piaf and
Christine Vannier, Pipiri
Palace, Gustavia
I Permanent exhibits
Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
Didier Spidler, Gustavia
Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac


Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 g for 6 euros

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61

mmmmmmmm0 0

"-I ..

m- --




nee Sod&

Destinafnm ManagrnPmnt Sesi
Thi company tit iubd 1w proh mor
orgazioan and swts plAnig bIusm ...
the company tat contmues to se the rtsndard
Ih r brmtlFW 1S" 54 IR
wi fpti Un OU = e9 4 %

1-Paul and Mellie Nelson "escaped" from inauguration fever
in Washington DC to the Normandie Hotel, for their first
visit to the island in 20 years.
2-Americans in Saint Barth gathered for the football playoffs
on Sunday January 17, (left to right) Kari and Dick Gyde,
and Erik Nnoska.
3-Howard Lipson and Tatiana Conway celebrating the second
anniversary of their "getting engaged" in Saint Barth.
4-David Anderson and his daughter Lindsey at a party at the
Normandie Hotel.
5-Saint Barth's Catholic priest, Eugene Kaze, with Latonia
Moore, who sang the role ofMadame Butterfly during the
2009 St Barth Music Festival.
Photos: Rosemond Gr6aux
St Barth Weekly n165

There Pa
VIP AssMsa


... ........ ... .. .. .. .


.... .5... .. .
-u- *. r


St:C 00 1

I At your services

_. i-.;.ICe 'ed MSSea-
North Thailand
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Pev4/e Ve. a
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www. s-catering.com
A high quality catering
service, specialist on dinner.
A delicate and French
west indies "cuisine".
Exceptional and original produce
from the caraibes: vegetables,
flowers, spices, fruits.
Organic product coming
from import.
Parties, events and
Wedding organisation.
Tel. : 0690 310 249
wt ines
A Wine shop In Grand Fond
A Large selection offine &
Rare Wines..
Order online before your arriving
A Free Drop offservice
of your wines to your villa or yacht.
Private tasting parties
arranged in the privacy of
your villa or aboard your yacht.
Til. : 0690 310 249

Experts in Fine & R re




GUSTAVIA 0590 27 784 62


Full services IPho Lab'
0690559143 059029300

U Puzzle at www.sudokustar.fr
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the
puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging.
It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every
column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through
9."That's all there is to it. (Solution page 10)
2 9 1
3 4
9 5 6
1 6 3
3 8 2 9 6
1 7 3
8 2 7
4 5
6 1 4


1 Classified ads

For sale, 2 lands in building
zone situated in the area of
Public. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

Real Estate
For sale, a recently refur-
bished and refurnished 2
bedroom villa with pool
situated on the hillside of
Flamand but within walk-
ing distance from the
beach. Contact St. Barth
Properties Sotheby's
International Realty : 0590
29 75 05

For sale, this beautiful 4
bedroom villa situated in
Pointe Milou offering
expansive views across to
the North Western side of
St. Barth including sunsets.
Very good renting returns.

Not to be missed! Contact
St. Barth Properties
Sotheby's International
Realty : 0590 29 75 05

Enhance your knowledge
of French while enjoying
your stay in Saint-Barth.
Lyne, a French biographer
and journalist, will help
you master French.
Contact Lyne at 05 90 29
38 11 or 06 90 53 17 23.

Mature couple looking for
one year rental, 1-2
bedroom furnished Villa/
apartment anywhere on
hillside. St Jean, Lorient,
Gustavia preferred retiring
to St Barts, know island
and everyone well. Need
year, maybe two. Ron at
drfederici@(iaol.com or US

1 Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeropor


Saint Jeai
U Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager

Airlines company

Rapid Exp
St-Barth C
Air Carait

Taxis Gustavia
StBar- .-,. (Bus Service)
Town Hall
EDF (electricity company office
Water system
Post office Gustavia
Marine Reserve
Catholic church Sunday 8:30ai
.1 ,_ church Sunday 9am.
F ,. church Gustavia S

05 96 70 92 92
059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
n 0590290212

05 90 87 10 68
)lorer 05 9027 60 33
ommuter 05 90 27 54 54
)es 0590277190
Airlines 00 599 54 52040
e) 0590298081
05 90 27 62 00
069031 7073
m Gustavia 05 90 27 95 38
05 90 29 74 63
unday 9am

Carte professionnelle 07-145 T/G Caisse de garantie SOCAMAB


Balinese villa woth two bedrooms, swimming pool, Jacuzzi,
View of Saint Martin and other islands.
Asking price 4.300.000 Euros Including agencyfees
Let us manage your property for seasonal rentals.
Contact Jean Christian 06 90 76 39 59


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