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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publication Date: March 21, 2008
Copyright Date: 2008
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L'U ASIS Facials
Body Treatments
Manicure / Pedicure
Centre Commercial L'Oasis
Lorient Waxing
97133 St Barthelemy + Services for men
By appt: 05 90 27 90 67 Boutique
9am 9pm Mon.- Sat. / 4pm 9pm Sun.



High Seas Should Calm By
ince late Tuesday
afternoon, the North-
ern Islands were on a
red alert (the highest level
alert) due to the passage of
strong swells from the
north generated by a strong
tropical storm evolving
2,500 kilometers north of .P
the Lesser Antilles. The
alert was in response to
larger swells than tradition-
al, but also due to the pos- e... -
sible high seas during East- ,I
er week when the local i..-. -
population traditionally ,,-,I- : "
camps out on the island's i
beaches with their families to the airport looked more Gustavia was closed to
and friends. The high alert like a beach in Brittany navigation as of Wedi
should be removed on Fri- with waves breaking on the day at noon. Before c
day, March 21, as the high rocks. But what called the ing, all of the motor ya
seas return to normal by the most attention was the big and sailboats at any of
beginning of next week. wave hitting the port of four docks all moved ot
As expected, the swells hit Gustavia, near the anchor in the harbor to
the shores during the night Presqu'ile Hotel. Late er moorings. Inter-isl
of Tuesday to Wednesday, Wednesday morning when ferries were suspen
with the largest waves on we went to press, the when the port closed
the more exposed Northern weather forecast was for the same time, the isla
coastline. On Wednesday, \Ii-Ilig'IiIiIg of the swells,
on the beach in Public, with waves as high as 15
campers were able to create feet, during the night from
levees in the sand to protect Wednesday to Thursday.
their campsites but weren't
sure if that would suffice to Exceptional Measures
hold back big waves if they An exceptional phenome-
arrived. In Saint Jean, a non: exceptional measures. a
section of the deck at Nikki As of Tuesday afternoon,
Beach was torn off due to swimming as well as all
the force of the waves, and other nautical activities
the beach from Eden Rock were forbidden. The port of


it to
. At

water plant closed its doors
as well, and the intake
ducts from the ocean were
closed to avoid infiltration
of sand into the system.
Everything will reopen
once the swells have sub-
sided, but in the meantime
the island's surfers are
making the best of this
exceptional situation.

Exclusive collection
of Swedish design,
heritage and origin
unique inspired timeless
Les Amandiers, Route Saline, St Jean
Phone 0590-291440
Mon-Sat 09:30-13 and 14:30-19
02 St Barth Weekly n0144


Good FrhidayJIv
pe hMW in aauj laftftea

t-Nu .


Why The Bucket

Is Important

For The Island

ften criticized for
being a closed, or
private, event in
many eyes, the Saint Barth
Bucket-celebrating its
13th edition March 27-30,
2008-is a major event for
the island. Unquestionably,
it is an event with major
economic impact, and it
communicates the image of
luxury and excellence that
is important for the island as
a tourist destination. In the
outside world, the Bucket is
considered one of most
high-quality nautical events
of the year, yet ironically it
is not really understood on
the island. To get a better
idea of its importance, we
met with Melanie Smith,
the local organizer of the
Bucket, to go behind the
scenes of the event. An
event unique unto itself!

"There will finally be 29
boats on the starting line for
this 13th edition," explains
Smith. "There were origi-
nally more that were inter-
ested but we had to open a
waiting list in order to
respect the limit of 30 boats
that was established during
the 10th edition. In the end
there were some cancella-
tions so the final fleet has
29 boats. We estimate that
there are 800 people who
come to the island especial-
ly for the Bucket. There are
crew members that even
come from New Zealand, as
well as owners of the best
boatyards specializing in
large sailing yachts who
come as sponsors of the

event. There are journalists
and photographers who
cover the event for the
biggest sailing magazines,
as well as nautical architects
including those for the Mal-
tese Falcon, Athena, Rebec-
ca, Perseus, Ranger, and
others. There are the owners
of the largest nautical equip-
ment companies that serve
the yacht industry, as well
as insurers and financiers.
They number at least 800
without counting those who
schedule their vacations or
bring their boats in order to
watch th magnificent spec-
tacle offered by these giants
of the sea."

"The Collectivity of Saint
Barth is an important part-
ner for this event. It pro-
vides the services of the
port and all of the necessary
support to make such a
large event possible. But in
contrast to the Transat Ag2r,
which receives 100,000
euros from the Collectivity,
or the New Year's Eve
Regatta, where the Collec-
tivity is responsible for the
awards ceremony and
champagne toast, the Buck-
et is self-financing. It does
not get, or ask for, any
donations. The organizers
handle the overall costs of
the race, from the installa-
tion of the tents to the petit-
fours, by way of various
events, and the security
services needed in order to
host this kind of boats and
their passengers.
The boats that participate
pay, in addition to other


"u- i-'

fees, the cost of docking at
the main quay for four days
or for anchoring in the har-
bor for those boats too large
to pull up to the dock. They
do not have special or pref-
erential tariffs, even though
the event III L additional
boats. In other words: the
Saint Barth Bucket is entire-
ly self-financed, supported
by the organizers, the spon-
sors, and the participants,"
explains Smith.


"The organizers like Saint-
Barth, its quality of life, and
are perfectly aware that the
event must have a major
economic effect on the
island. As far as that goes, if
one believes the members
of the hotel or restaurant
association, the Saint Barth
Bucket is the event that gen-
erates the most income. The
organizers of the Bucket
alone inject several hundred
million euros into the local
economy in terms of suppli-
ers, caterers, and services
required for the organiza-
tion of the event. Several

hundred hotel rooms and
villas are rented in order to
house all the participants
and their friends and fami-
lies. The official social
events for the Bucket are
programmed to end no later
that 9pm so that the 800
people of the Bucket can
have dinner in various
restaurants, and go to the
bars and nightclubs on the

A ( 'cta
"Every year the organizers
donate between 3,000 and
7,000 euros to the Saint
Barth Yacht Club to help the
development of sailing in
Saint B.! ilicii ) This year,
they will also make a dona-
tion to the SNSM rescue
station, whose new boat
will provide safety services
during the Bucket. In col-
laboration with other part-
ners, they will also organize
a collection of funds from
the participants of the Buck-
et. These monies will be
donated to FEMUR, Saint
Barth's Foundation for
Emergency Medical Equip-
ment, which is marking its
25th anniversary in 2008."
St Barth Weekly n0144

St Barth's lovesign

n[or-iecr ipiine
T61. 05 90 27 66 94 Fax 05 90 27 68 13



DJRavin VS Carlos Campos. Buddha-bar VS Barrio Latino

Two Turntable Stars

in Saint Barth

ou don't have to be club
addicts to have heard of the
two star DJs who were at the
turntables on Friday night, March 14,
at the Yacht Club and again on Sun-
day, March 15 at the Manapany
brunch. The first is DJ Ravin, resident
DJ at the Buddha-bar, and creator of
five of the 10 Buddha-bar compila-
tion CDs, of which the most recent,
Buddha-bar X, came out on February
18. The second DJ is Carlos Campos,
resident DJ at Barrio Latino, who is

preparing his ninth compilation for
this Parisian temple of Latino music.
Carole Gruson and the Manapany
organized this exceptional event, in
collaboration with Segeco. Yet it is
Jacques Dumas who began the trend
of bringing the hottest DJs from the
Paris scene, the world reference for
this art.
Part of the Maurice family and
brought up in the Hindu tradition, 41
year-old DJ Ravin has mixed Indian
sounds and mantras into the 14 com-
pilations he has done to date. Living
in France since he was a teenager, he
first started mixing on the turntables
at Buddha-bar in 1997, where he is
currently the resident DJ. After Bud-
dha-bar X, a blend of world and elec-
tronic music, he plans to bring out
three new albums in 2008: in April

the double CD, Clubbing In Paris,
will be followed by volume 4 of Sid-
dhartha: Spirit of Buddha-bar, and
his first personal album in the
months to come.
Carlos Campos is originally from
Chile. A hip-hop and street dancer,
as well as choreographer, and sound
engineer, this multi-faceted artist
owes his international reputation to
the hit "Ritmo de la Noche." The
first resident DJ Barrio Latino in
1999, Carlos has made all the com-
pilation CDs for the club, and the
most recent, his ninth, will be
released sometime in 2008. This is
the third time he has come to Saint
Barth at the invitation of Jacques
Dumas, who has invited both Com-
pas and Ravin back for a "big mix"
in November at Thanksgiving time.

The Exclusive Guest House

The St Barth Way of Life
Peaceful andRelaxing

Michel and his staff are
happy to welcome you to their
pool-side restaurant for lunch & dinner.
Lobsters Fresh From The Tank
100 gfor 6 euros

Enjoy the magnificent views
from this new luxury Guest House
Amazing interior decor down
to the last detail

Personalized service.
Be our Guest

Contact & information Patricia Grimaldi
Tel. : (50) 590 876 868

H6tel Baie des Anges Flamands 0590 27 63 61
St Barth Weekly n0144

"...We could as
well be in Paris, A
New York, or
London, but we
prefer to be
here!" After
more than
thirty years tra-
velling all around Asia, and the
world, Jean-Pierre Hennequet has
opened his second "GalerieAsie"
in Gustavia, St-Barths, at the back
of the harbour. His first one was
opened on Paris'left bank in the
mid-seventies, after he visited
China as early as 1972.
In Galerie Asie, some visitors feel


like being in a
Museum, disco-
vering a very
personal and
eclectic choice,
ranging from
Papua New
Guinea to
Tibetan religious pieces. Jean-
Pierre also shows an impressive
selection of Khmer sand-stone
sculptures, and many smaller
objects from almost every single
asian country. As well as a few truly
exceptional "Museum pieces",
including some from...Africa!
A"must see" when on St-Barths...




TEL. 0590 52 09 01 FAX 0590 52 07 21 CELL 0690 400 195
E-MAIL galasie@wanadoo.fr


L'Alva, The Last European Cargo Schooner

converted into a "school," tak-
ing students from the Dan-
deryd Maritime Center near
Stockholm in Sweden on transatlantic
voyages, Alva has a colorful history.
In days of yore, this schooner with
three masts-which sailed into Saint
Barth from March 11-13- was a car-
go ship transporting freight through-
out the Baltic Sea and Northern
Atlantic. It was the last sailing cargo
ship in Europe to stop working..... in
1990! After 50 years of loyal service,
Alva was converted into a charter
boat, with excursions through the
more than 2,400 isalnds in the archi-
pelago of Stockholm. It has been
completely remodeled with 25' added
to its hull, with a total of 15 cabins
(plus those for the crew), and on the
upper deck, an immense salon, dining
room and kitchen that were added to
comfortably serve the passengers.
The masts were shortened to 18' to
pass under bridges, and the sails are
smaller, but still measure 500 square
yards. In 2003, Alva joined the fleet
at the maritime center in Danderyd
and has since been used for various
length educational trips. All of the
students at this private maritime high
school-where a love of the sea is a
must-spend at least two months
aboard Alva as crew, as part of their
three-year curriculum. In addition to
their daily courses, they take on all
the jobs of a crewmember, from
swabbing the deck to KP duty.
The 32 students in the marine biology

department (which is just one of sev-
eral areas of study) who were aboard
during the visit to Saint Barth, arrived
in Sint Maarten on Saturday, March
8. They then sailed to Saint Barth, the
first stop on their voyage. Thanks to
ASBAS (Saint Barth Friends of Swe-
den Association) they were able to
observe the behavior of local fauna in
the waves off the coast of Grand
Fond. On Thursday they headed to
Barbuda, and planned to go on to vis-
it the volcanic eruption zone open to
the public in Montserrat before going
to Guadeloupe, Nevis, and Saint
Eustatius, before returning to St. Mar-
tin for final provisioning before their
transatlantic trip to Europe. Two final
stops were scheduled in the Azores:
Faial Island and Sao Miguel, before
arriving at the final destination of
their six week journey- they should
land in (l! I'ili'u! France on May

20. There, the students from the
'Communications and leadership'
section at Danderyd pick up the relay
for the last next transatlantic chapter
in the story of Alva, a boat that has
been plying the seas since 1939.

Kristina is 18 years old. In prepa-
ring for her study trip aboard Alva,
she discovered she was connected
to Bernd Robert Gustaf Stackel-
berg (1784-1845). Even if she does
not yet know the exact connection,
Kristina does know that she is a
direct descendant of the Swedish
governor in Saint Barth from 1812
to 1816. Her family is researched its
genealogy in order to get more
details about this branch of their
family tree.


: 005 90 27 50 0 COLLECTION 2008 IOe nnnnu,,nnnAln er

St Barth Weekly n0144




* T. Ar a tt

Li .
S vS5 t

Dh D



Au Port

05.90.27 62 36

Bete a Z'Ailes 05 90 29 7409
Carl Gustaf (Le) 05.90.29 79 00
Caf6 Victoire
Caviar Island 09905246 11
Do Brazil 05.90.29 06 66
Eddy's Restaurant 05.90.27 54 17
Jao 05.90.29 52 24
La Creperie 05 90 27 8407
La Mandala 05.90.27 96 96
La Marine 05.90.27 68 91
La Route des Boucaniers 05.90.27 73 00
Le Bistro 05.90.27 51 51
La Saladerie 0590275248
Le Sapotiller 05.90.27 60 28
Le Vietnam 05 90 27 8137
Pipiri Palace 05.90.27 53 20
Repaire des Rebelles 05.90.27 72 48
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'f6 0590279060
Wall House 05.90.27 7183
Esprit Saline 05.90.52 4610
Grain de Sel 05.90.52 46 05
Le Tamarin 0590277212
K'f6 Massai 05.90.29 76 78
Le Bouchon 05 90277939
Le Wok 0590275252
Le Portugal a St Barth 05 90 27 68 59
Le R6gal 05.90.29 85 26
Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" IssN-1766-9278
Ph.: Fax:
emoil: stborthweekly@0nodoo.fr www.stbarthweekly.com
Director & layout: Avigaol Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation: Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression: Daily Herald

Le Gaiac (II6tel Le Toiny) 88
Saint Jean
Eden Rock 05.90.29 79 99
Kiki e Mo
Le Diamant 05 90 29 21 97
Le Jardin 05 90 27 73 62
Le Glacier 05 90 277130
Le Piment
La Plage
Le Cesar 05.90.27 70 67
Nikki Beach
"Z" 05 90 27 53 00
Pointe Milou
Ti St-Barth 05.90.27 97 71
Grand Cul de Sac
Bartolomeo (HItel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (I6tel Guanahani) 0590276660
Kazz'n Blues 0590 522126
Restaurant des pecheurs (Le Sereno)
Francois Plantation 05.90.29 80 22
Les Bananiers
Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 6181
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01
Anse des Cayes
Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)

Santa F6


St Barth Weekly n0144


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

Special events
13th Edition of the Bucket
: 29 boats including
Thursday, March 27
to Sunday March 30 :
I Thursday, March 27
Captains' briefing
) Friday, March 28
1st regatta, start at 11am
I Saturday, March 29
2nd regatta, start at 11am
) Sunday, March 30
3rd regatta, start at 11am
6pm: Awards ceremony

Live Music
I Every Evening
- Lounge mix by Jacques
Dumas, 7:30 pm to 1 am,
Bar't6, hotel Guanahani, -
Alan Landry, piano, 6pm,
except Sunday, Kazz'n Blues,
Grand Cul de Sac
- PapaGuyo and Friends,
Live Music, at La Plage,
St Jean
- St6phane Cano, sunset live
music, from 6:00 pm Carl
Gustav Hotel, Gustavia
I Through March 30
Darian Cunning Quartet,
Indie, Soul, Alternative
from 9:00 pm to midnight,
Bet'a Z'ailes, Gustavia
) March 24-30
Evan Goodrow, Bet'a
Z'ailes, Gustavia

) March 30 April 26
The Ruby Trio combines the
soulful voice, the melodic gui-
tar and the infectious groove
of percussion from 9:00 pm to
midnight, Bet'a Z'ailes,

I March 20, 2008
6pm Appunto's Fashion
Show at Carl Gustaf
Hotel, Gustavia

Let's Party
) Tuesday
- Chic & Romantic, Jazz
blues, Saoul, Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
) Wednesday
- From 60's to the 80's, Funny
& Sexy spectacle, Ti St-Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Thursday
- Angels party, Ti St-Barth,
Pointe Milou
) Saturday March 22
-Live Music with Mr
President, trio pop Acoustic
live, Le Cesar, Les Hauts de
Saint Jean
I Sunday
- Brunch at Manapany, Mix
music, from noon to 3:00 pm

Night Club
I Every night
- K N'B Private Club,
Grand Cul de Sac Beach
- Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Bubbles Club, Gustavia
- Hot Spot Caf6, Lurin
I Monday
- Electro evening, Yacht Club,
) Tuesday
- Caribbean Influence, Yacht
Club, Gustavia
-Pink Party, dress code white
& pink, Casa Nikki, Gustavia
) Wednesday
- We never know Evening,
Yacht Club, Gustavia

) Thursday
- Pure House Evening, Yacht
Club, Gustavia

Fashion Show
I Everyday
- 1:30- 2 pm, Case de 'ile,
Isle de France, Flamands
- 1.30pm & 8:30pm, fashion
show featuring Wild Side,
La Plage, St Jean
I Every Tuesday
- 6:30 pm, H6tel Isle de
France Boutique, Flamands
- 9:30 pm, Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou

I Through March 31 Sue
Mcnally at Les Artisans,
I Gerald Tessier,
Photography, Toiny Hotel
I From March 21-27

Pilates 8 Fitness
Plates, Yoga & Reformer
Group & private classes
Fitness studio, spinning...

Illya Kagan, Galerie Porta 34,
) Bruno Prost, "Cactus made
in St Barth" Wall House
Restaurant, Gustavia
I Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
) Rose Murray at Comptoir
du Cigare, Gustavia
I Dave Stevenson
Jewelry & sculpture
les Artisans, Gustavia

St Barth Weekly n0144



t was very welcome
news! Thursday
evening, during a
meeting of the island's ter-
ritorial council, the presi-
dent of the COM
announced that the school
board plans to add a 10th
grade class in Saint Barth
next fall. Before the
assembly, Bruno Magras
read a letter from Alain
Miossec and indicated
that the COM would be
interested in this eventual-
ity. The academic director
plans to visit the island on
April 16 in order to make
it official and work out the
details of adding a new

grade and class to the cur-
riculum at the Mireille
Choisy junior high school.
The class should hold 30
students, allowing almost
all of those currently in
the 9th grade to continue
if they so desire.
The idea to add this class
is not a new one: the for-
mer academic director,
Jean-Pierre Chardon, had
brought it up in 2003, yet
discussion was tabled at
that time and was just
recently put back on the
front burner. Is this a first
step toward a full high
school in Saint Barth?
One can always hope.....

Specla Events


VIP Assistance


Destination Management Serices
The company that started the professional
organization and events planning business...
the company that continues to set the standard.

PhlonlocrW1029 854
PhonsromtlhUS O11M9090298454

From March 21-27

Illya Kagan's Paintir

at Porta 34 Gallery
i.'ii March 21-27, the
q...rk of Illya Kagan
1.ii be seen in an
exhibit of his paintings of
Saint Barth at Porta 34
Gallery in Gustavia. Based
in Nantucket, this painter
(with roots in the Ukraine)
has been coming to Saint-
Barth for over 35 years,
since he was just six years
old. The oil-on-linen canvas-
es in the exhibit show the
island from various vantage
points. One thing that is spe-
cial about these paintings is
the wonderful use light- or
lack thereof for those paint-
ed after the sun has set- that
emanates from them. There
is nothing surprising about
that; when asked what
inspired him in Saint Barth,
Kagan answered, "the varia-
tions in the light, and the
colors of the water. Com-
pared to the monochromatic
green, or white in the winter,
of Nantucket, to come here,
even for a visiting painter
like myself, is like a new

of Saint Barth

Between his visits to Saint
Barth, Illya Kagan splits his
time between his home base
in Nantucket, and all the
"great 1p.'i'" in the world
where he is inspired to paint.
His work is "alive" as he
always works "in the fresh
air," looking at the land-
scape he is painting. He esti-
mates he has done 75 paint-
ings here to date. He has
also painted extensively in
Nantucket, New York,
Aspen, Tuscany, and the
South of France, where he
followed the trail of the
great Fauvist painters, Van
Gogh and Cezanne, whose
strong influence can be felt
in Kagan's work. Vision of
the Island is Kagan's sev-
enth exhibit in Saint Barth,
with an opening reception
on Friday, March 21 from

Illya Kagan, March 21-27,
Porta 34, Gustavia
The exhibit ill be open
daily from 10am-12pm
and 5-9pm

St Barth Weekly n0144

'iS ,*dif2s r



Villa Creol -$ in Jecan
Tel./fax: 0590 29 84 05 %mil: ilena2@ wanadoo.fr

H At your services

lew |Tmennis nstre cutq.

tENNis ,

L ..i SI34V1 eE a
6,^ 9^ 4i3; 13);3Q or 0.

S Personalized
ejramie sign
and tableau
Veronique Vandemoo
L : Blue Gecko Studi
S0690 39 92 74 0590 27 97 31 e
7l veronique.vandernoot@(orange.fr 1

f'I.vffrl inF l'ieC CS /Inv wi. i,
A large selection of grands crus
Champagne Billecart salmon
Armagnac, Calvados, Rhum, French Vodka
Foie gras, Salt of Wine
s,,,.n ,,,,,y Wine tasting every day at the shop
Easy to park your car & Free delivery
Your Wine Shop in Grand-Fond
Tel./Fax : 05 90 52 20 96
open Monday to Saturday
9:30am to 12:30am 2:00pm to 6:30pm



GUSTAVIA 0590 27 78 62

Kiki-e Mo
Specialit6s Italiens
XKM-e Mo KiV-. 5Mo
a,'-".'" Private Chef, Deliveries, TRAITEUR
Oapn 9am h Dood T ATERER
e 9Shopping

Open 9h-22h Daily T61: 0590 27 90 65

U Local Weather

Scattered Clouds (
High: 78 F / 26 C.
Wind East 22mph / 36km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 75 F. / 24 C.
Wind East 2iniph. 32 km/h

Scattered Clouds --
High: 80 F./27 C
Wind East 20 mph. / 32 km/h.
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 77 E / 25 C.
Wind East 17mph / 28km/h

Check the solutions
to the Sudoku
page 14

Scattered Clouds .
High: 80 F. / 27" C
Wind East 20mph. / 32km/h.
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 77 FE / 25 C.
Wind East 21 ilph. i ki i. !

Scattered Clouds .
High: 80 F./27 C
Wind East 20mph /32 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 77" / 25 C.
Wind East 21 iph. "' kin Ii

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J2 _6 _4 8 1 7 9 3 5
73 8 9 2 5 842
7 5 1 3 6 9 8 4 2

Sta intoc
0O -- Stheek



H Classified ads

MAM: Marvellous view from this two
bedroom villa with pool, located in
Pointe Milou facing the sunset.
Price 2 800 000 e
CDS: Beautiful land located high on
the hillside overlooking Grand (ul de
Sac on about half an acre, 1800
degree ocean view. Building permit.
Price 2 900 000E
HMW: Quartier du Roy 0.49 acre lot
with a certificate of urbanism. Quiet
area and gorgeous ocean views.
Price: 1 865 000e
Tel.: 05 90 29 88 91

Real Estate
For sale, a 3 bedroom villa
with pool with beautiful view
situated on the hillside of
Vitet. Very interesting price.
Not to be missed. Contact St.
Barth Property/ Sili',)',
International Realty :
0590 29 75 05

For sale, a land with dramatic
view situated in D6v6 with a
building permit for a 2 bed-
room villa with pool. Contact
St. Barth Property /Sotheby's
International Realty :
0590 29 75 05

Marigot: Very nice 2 bedroom
apartment like a small house,
recently renovated, nice decor
and paintings, large view on
Tortue Island and Marigot
Bay. Contact Immobarth
Agency Benoit Loriou:
06 90 465 833

Vitet : Boc-.iil..Lidng view
above Toiny and Petit Cul de
Sac, facing the ocean, uphill.

For this charming villa with 3
bedrooms, 4 bath, pool, deck,
large piece of land sqm 2 200.
Contact: Immobarth Agency
.Ti,-, ii. T, !. ,u 06 90 465 833
Extremely Rare. Spacious
apartment 3 bedrooms, office
and pool. Seaview on Eden
Rock Hotel. Contact
Immobarth Agency /
Christophe Sachot:
05 90 519 519.
For sale, 3 lands with very
beautiful views, situated in a
subdivision on the hillside of
Lurin. Contact St. Barth
International Realty:
0590 29 75 05
Anse des Cayes : Beautiful
piece of land, nice view on the
ocean, Building permit for a 3
bedroom villa with large pool.
Size about sqm 600. Contact
Immobarth Agency / Benoit
Loriou: 06 90 465 833

Looking for
144-Owo Group Companies
Seek Pt/Ft Workers. If You Are
a Students, fashion designer,
mechanic, bookkeeper, barber,
accountant, secretary, sales
rep., customer serv., computer
literate, printer Or graduates
(College/ University) Willing
To Add To Your Incomes
.111\,l1i 111 Per Mth.) and
willing to schedule your work
hours. Then apply with us. By
sending your resumes to
Or call 206.888.4647 For
more informations on job only
if you are legally eligible to

2 bedrooms -2,5 baths with
stunning view
Exquisite furnishing and decor,
among the finest on island
Very quiet yet close to airport
and Gustavia. Also available
3000m' hillside land with permit
Amazing view
001 610 587 7441 and 001 610 775 1553.
or visit our website : www.stbartvilla.com


* PuzzI
There's no
m a t h
The grid has
numbers, but
nothing has
to add up to
else. You
solve the
puzzle with
and logic.
It's fun. It's


II 6 21 8
8 7 3 9
1 2 6 9 4
4 2 7
6 4 5 2 1
2 1 7
2 6 8 3 15
9 2 4 1 17
1 3 8 1


challenging. It's addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every
row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the
digits 1 through 9."That's all there is to it.

I Emergency numbers

Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeroport
Saint Jean

059027 1170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03



)A N TI '

E~... _~ I

p p ** 6 @ 66

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