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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publisher: Journal de Saint-Barth
Place of Publication: Saint Jean, Saint Barthelemy
Publication Date: June 22, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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.'+'* : :I i' 'i l l
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m.w. ^d+ i,'' '.

Local News

St-Ba rth


in English

Published by "Le Jond de Saint-Brth"
0590 27 65 19 slbrthwelly@wamado.fr

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>L:' S i r d susn I tu2l+

".. -::" l.: "" " "" '
....... ...- -. ... .

h ,jj lj A i i,- ,- .^_


ie ', I --i" 6' goi0 Ai.

Liberty, 6galitd, fraternity

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MID2 .1,=7jj7-rrl

The fourth season of
The St. Barth Weekly is
coming to a close, with
just three more issues on
June 22, July 6, and
July 20. As always, The
Weekly helps you put
your finger on the pulse
of the local community
and stay up to date on
local news and cultural
activities. Featuring an
English r6sum6 of the
top stories in our French
newspaper, Le Journal
de Saint Barth, as well
as original articles in
English, The St. Barth
Weekly is the only com-
pletely English-lan-
guage newspaper on the
island. The Weekly is
also available online at
Saint Barth Online
the wonderful web site
launched in 1996, and
now run by our friends
Bruno and G6raldine
Colletas. Thanks to
them, you can download
every edition of The St.
Barth Weekly, so that no
matter where you are in
the world, you can stay
in touch with your favo-
rite island. During the
months that The Wee-
kly is on holiday, you
can pull up our archives
and enjoy the articles
and photos the have
captured the essence of
the island over the past
10 months. And of
course we look forward
to seeing you again next

our lists will be on the
ballot for the election
of the island's new
Territorial Council, with the
primary scheduled for Sun-
day, July 1. At the head of
each list:
- Current mayor Bruno
Magras leads the list, "Saint-
Barth d'abord!," which is

Karine Miot Richard

made up of some former
municipal council members,
plus seven new names;
- Benoit Chauvin is the
leader of "Ensemble pour
Saint-Barthelemy. This
statistician engineer with an
ecological bent was also a
candidate in the legislative
elections on June 9;

Benoit Chauvin
Benoit Chauvin

aimed Desouches
i1axime Desouches

- The only woman to head a
list is Karine Miot-Richard
who heads "Tous unis pour
Saint-Barthelemy.". This
lawyer was on the opposi-
tion slate in the municipal
elections in 2001.
- Maxime Desouches who
represents the final list to be
presented last Friday, is the
leader of "Action, Equilibre,
Transparence." He sits on
the current municipal coun-
cil as a member of the oppo-
sition party.
The election of the Territori-
al Council is an historic
event, marking the passage
of Saint Barth from a
municipality to an Overseas
Collectivity (COM),
detached administratively
from Guadeloupe, to which
is had been legally yoked
since 1878, the year in
which Sweden returned the
island to France. The Terri-
torial Council will have 19
members elected for five
years. If one list does not
emerge with a majority on
July 1, the second round of
the election will be held on
July 8. In any case, the pres-
ident of the council will be
elected at the first meeting
held on Sunday, July 15. At
the same time, the six mem-
bers of the executive council
will also be elected from the
19 members of the overall



Phone from US : 011 590 590 276 265
e-mail: marlintag@wanadoo.fr

ell ,lleltennjis, curtq

Four Lists On The Ballot

For The Territorial Council



8200, that is the
number mentioned
by the mayor at the
municipal council
meeting on May 30
as the approximate
size of the full-time
population in Saint
Barth, rather than
the close to 10,000
that was projected
by the municipal
police, the construc-
tion trade, and the
scholastic registers.
This still represents
an increase of 1,350
residents from 1999
to 2007, when the
recent census took
place from January
18-February 17. The
first census report
will confirm this
number at the end of
June, but the official
"legal" size of the
population will not
be known until the
end of 2008.

350, this is the num-
ber of residents per
square kilometer in
Saint Barth. This
represents an urban
density that is
second only to that
of the region inclu-
ding Paris, which
has 912 residents
per/km2, or the most
of all 26 regions in
France. Saint Barth
is just above Martini-
que, which has 338
residents/km2. Gua-
deloupe is in fifth
position with an ave-
rage of 248 residents
per km2.


Former Fire Station To House Territorial Treasury

during the
period, the former -
fire station in Gus- '
tavia has been I
completely recon-
structed and will I
serve as the treas-
ury for Saint
Barth's new Over-
seas Collectivity,
called in French
the "Paierie territoriale" Unless the COM
decides to build a new structure closer to the
sous-prefecture. In the meantime, the munic-
ipal council voted unanimously to allot part
of the building to Annette Tricoire, director
of the island's postal service since January.

The Incineration
Like the local water and
electric plants, the
island's incinerator
has witnessed a large increase
in activity in recent years. In
2006, the incineration treated
9,018 tons of trash, when the
maximum projected amount
was 8,900 tons per year, with
the incinerator open 108

The mayor has
suggested that
future economic,
social, and cultural
j i council and the
i ror chamber of com-
Smerce be house
here as well, once
they are created.
Other governmen-
tal offices could be
located here as
The new building has three levels, with a
waiting room/recection area and an office on
the ground floor, six offices and a reception
area with an independent entrance upstairs,
and a meeting room and archives on the

To Function Seven Days A Week

hours per week, or four-and-
a-half days non-stop. Since
the tonnage keeps increasing,
the municipal council voted
unanimously to increase the
usage to seven days a week
and hire two new employees.
This means the incineration
will be in action from 5am to
9pm, theoretically increasing

the capacity, as well as pro-
viding a continuous stream of
steam, which was not the
case before. This steam is
used by the nearby water
treatment plant, which had to
bum other fuel on the week-
end, when the incineration
was closed.

Full Of Emotion

A final municipal
council ,,, .i tm ,; io ,
historic event. A,., I ,..
it was in Saint B, i ,h
when the last mn, m. -
pal council serve, iw ih.
last mayor of the
municipality of,. it
Barth marked th, I,,%-
toric transition .i oIh,
island to a COA .I
celebrate the oc.', -
sion, the mayor;." -
sented the island
medal ofhonor ;.. 'i.
council member I. :
in return, the co., ,, I
had chipped in pL w I.
nally to offer a gift to the mayor and to MichelAlagras, the fourth deputy mayor who has ser-
ved as representative to the departmental council in Guadeloupe: A Mont Blanc for the mayor
and a model boatfor Michel lagras, who is a great fan of sailing. The gifts were to thank
them for their accomplishments during their recent two terms in office.

St Barth Weekly n'124


They Navigate On Behalf Of Sick Children

ans of sailing and traveling,
Pierre, Guillaumem and Gildas,
three young doctors, met in
Colombia where they stopped on
their tour halfway around the world
on a sailboat, sharing their dream
with almost 250 children in seven
hospitals in Brittany. Via the Internet
and their site, Medicine Sailing Aven-
ture, created in July 2006 at the same
time as their non-profit association of
the same name, they are also to show
photos and their electronic, interac-
tive ship's log showing their tour, as
well as answer questions asked by the
children who are restricted to their
hospital beds. They sailed from Lori-
ent in France at the end of October
aboard "Lick Samba" a 40' sail-
boat named after a Bob Marley song.
They made stops in Madiera, the
Canary Islands, and Cape Verde,

before crossing the Atlantic toward
Brazil, where they arrived on Decem-
ber 31, just in time to celebrate the
New Year. From Bahia to Fortaleza,
by way of individual visits to Argenti-

Sna, Patagonia,
Uruguay, the
three French
doctors landed in
Saint Barth last
week for a stort
stay. The
impending hurri-
cane season pro-
pelled them to
head north, leav-
ing Saint Martin
This week in the
direction of
Bermuda, then
Canada, and
maybe as far as
Greenland before setting off across
the Atlantic back to France.
Check out the travels and adven-
tures ofPierre, Guillaume, and
Gildas at wwwmva.free.fr

-I V|LN' ^ r
Actress Hilary Duff, seen here with the violnists ofSaint Barth Harmony, during
l,, I.., i.ir; ofherfriends, Susan and Wiley, on the beach in Gouerneur

I III II ',.'11 II" I I l" 7 ll il II

I/, ti II I,,, I AI, 'Ii' I I 1, 1, 1\ 'l h (t 1.1i /
I ih lirjlh.,ln i ( l. ( It i 'il,l i alh
I It I If l l/i 1 ,ihh I I. Ih I I i, I l. j ,il, / Il
II, 11 l li l l i ll i i.l. ,* Ln i; i III

St Barth Weekly n124

Every year Penelope and Francis host their friends
at a large party in Anse des Cayes.

* Driving in St Barths

Fnn vni P InflPnnAAT-flnIl

* Ashtrays on beaches
Founded in 1996, SubPro-
tect is a non-profit organza-
tion dedicated to the protec- '
tion of the environment and
the underwater sea beds.
Last year, they provide
"Ashtrays on the Beaches."
The idea is to provide the P',n,; irn i-
installation of cans-as-ash-
trays at the entrance to the
beaches so that smokers can
use the cans to collect their
cigarette butts. 14 of the
island's 22 beaches will be
outfitted. Feel free to use
them to help us keeping
Saint-Barth clean!

* Puzzle Gat
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but noth-
ing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle
with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's
addictive!"Fill in the grid so :..1 c ry row, every column,
and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9."That's
all there is to it.

3 7 9
8 1 2

8 2 4
9 5 3

1 9 5
2 4 3

St Barth Weekly n124

You do not
have the
7 =' "right of way

I Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
*ceHdri N Hosnital

Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeroport
Saint Jeai
E Useful numbers
Tourism office
Boat company Voyager

Airlines company

Rapid Exp

The traffic circle at La
Tourmente (the top of the
hill near the airport) has
* altered the traffic patterns
Sfor who has the right-of-
way. Now, vehicles
Already engaged in the
traffic circle have priority.
Below is a small diagram
to help you figure out
what to do.


05 96 70 92 92
059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
S05 90 29 02 12

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 87 10 68
lorer 05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 61 01

St-Barth Commuter 05 90 27 54 54
Air Caraibes 05 9027 71 90
American Airlines 00 599 54 52040
Taxis Gustavia 05 90 27 66 31
Saint-Jean 05 9027 75 81
StBarth Shuttle (Bus Service) 05 90 29 44 19
Town Hall 05 90 29 80 40
EDF (electricity company office) 05 90 29 80 81
Water system 05 90 27 60 33
Post office Gustavia 05 90 27 62 00
Marine Reserve 06 90 31 70 73
Catholic church Sunday 8:30am Lorient 05 90 27 95 38
Anglican church Sunday 9am. 05 90 29 74 63
Evangelical church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am




H Local Weather

Scattered Clouds c-
High: 87 F / 31 C.
Wind East 20 mph / 32 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 80 F. /27 C.
Wind East 20 mph / 32 km/h

High: 87 F./31C
Wind ENE 17 mph. / 28 km/h.
Chance of precipitation -I4" ,
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 78 F. /26 C.
Wind ENE 22 mph / 36km/h

Thunderstorm .-
High: 86 F. /30 C
Wind ENE 22 mph. / 36 km/h.
Chance ofl plC ic 'il:liin 2i",,
Night: Thunderstorm
Low: 78 F. /26 C.
Wind ESE 22 mph / 36 km/h

Monday c
High: 870 F. / 310 C
Wind ESE 22mph /36km/h
Night: Partly Cloudy
Low: 800 F. / 270 C.
Wind East 22mph/36 km/h

Artfulv L' urin I ':rrnr r iiri i Pr' r' nl 'e Ir

Le rtseati monidial ties propricies; d'exception

U Classified ads

Real Estate
For sale beautiful parcel of
land of 1263 m2 located just
above St. Jean beach with
lovely views and within an
easy walk to the beach. Per-
mits have been authorized for
3 bedroom villa.
Contact St. Barth Property/
Sotheby's International Realty
: 0590 29 75 05
For sale brand new luxury one
bedroom villa perfectly situat-
ed on the hillside of Anse des
Cayes with unobstructed
North East Views of the sea.
The spacious terrace spans the
length of the property offering
covered living room and din-
ning space as well as wonder-
ful sunning terrace surround-
ing the pool and jacuzzi.

Check the solutions
to the Sudoku

Excellent rental history
Contact St. Barth
Property/Sotheby's Interna-
tional Realty: 0590 29 75 05

For sale beautiful two bed-
room villa situated on the hill-
side ofAnse des Cayes with
wonderful North East views
of the sea. The living room,
kitchen, and dinning area sep-
arate the two bedroom suites
for privacy and all open to the
large terrace surrounding the
pool and jacuzzi. A third room
can be used as a kids room or
an office. Excellent history
Contact St. Barth
Property/Sotheby's Interna-
tional Realty: 0590 29 75 05
9 e t LL a 6
Z l 6 S9 E 8L V1
S L8 6 17 Z 9 L C
V 9 Z L C L 9 9 6

L 6"E 9 1"S" 1 VZ
C Z 86 9 V GS
6 V 9 Z S L E 8 L
8 9 L C L V 6 e 9

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph. : Fax:
e-mail: stbarthweekly@wanadoo.fr www.journaldesaintbarth.com
Director & layout : Avigael Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe : Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald
St Barth Weekly n124 0'

1space (lnrcmirn (usm vi.i- (0(1 297505 In US: 1 i 52H T27
SakEleis r bir bI. r-.t'd adin-.ctan w\v.a ns twbshl-~sl)rtl-dnarhi m i

S i Agence Imrnobiliere- Real Estate

info@missimmo.com www.missimmo.com
Rue Jeanne d'Arc Gustavia
BP 475 97097 Saint Barth6lemy Cedex
office : +590 (0) 590 511 854 Fax : +590 (0) 590 510 073

St Bart


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