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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publisher: Journal de Saint-Barth
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Publication Date: May 11, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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J1 k fflA




The St. Barth Weekly is
happy to be back for its
fourth season. The Wee-
kly is designed to help
you put your finger on
the pulse of the local
community. Featuring
an English resumr of
the top stories in our
French newspaper, Le
Journal de Saint Barth,
as well as original arti-
cles in English, The St.
Barth Weekly is the
only completely
English-language news-
paper on the island. It is
distributed on the island
every week from
November through the
end of July. Our most
exciting news is that
each Friday, The Wee-
kly is also available
online at Saint Barth
Online (www.st-
barths.com), the won-
derful web site launched
in 1996, and now run by
our friends Bruno and
G6raldine Colletas.
Thanks to them, you
can download every edi-
tion of The St. Barth
Weekly, so that no mat-
ter where you are in the
world, you can stay in
touch with your favorite





n keeping with the
majority of French vot-
ers, those of St. Barth
showed their support for the
right-wing candidate,
Nicholas Sarkozy, who was
elected the new French
president last weekend. The
vote was held on Saturday
in St. Barth, like in all the
French departments and ter-
ritories in the Americas and
in American consulates,
while voters in metropolitan
France cast their votes on
Sunday. Sarkozy will
become the sixth president
of the Fifth French Republic
when he takes over from
Jacques Chirac on May 16,
2007. On a national level,
the new president won more
than 5-'. of the vote while
his rival, Socialist candidate
Sdgolkne Royal, had a little
less than 47%. The percent-
age of voters at 83.77%
came close to the record
turnout for the primary with
almost '. of all registered
French voters going to the
polls. In Saint Barth, which
traditionally leans to the
right, Sarkozy took more
than 77% of the votes, with
Royal at 22.27%, marking
the highest performance

i nre out uj eveyjouu legosteilu voeuI went tu Ime puoAs ius
Saturday to vote in the French presidential run-off From
young to old, there was massive voter turn-out, including
Marius Stakelborough who cast his vote in Gustavia.

ever for a leftist candidate
among the island's voters.
With 3,328 voters (out of
4,709 registered) casting
their ballots, there was 76%
participation at the polls.
Among the 91 write-in bal-
lots, there were the names
of three deceased persons-
former French presidents
De Gaulle and Pompidou-

as well as French comic
Coluche who had thrown
his hat in the ring briefly in
1981, the alter-globalization
candidate Jos6 Bov6 (who
had run in the primary) and
Saint Barth mayor Bruno
The composition of the new
French cabinet will be
known on May 17 or 18.

LUNCH & DINNER (Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch)
Tel: 05 90 52 46 10 Near Saline Beach
the food, especially the fish, is fresh and reliably excellent."
Town & Country

he food is excellent, the ambiance ultra hip, and the decor out of
radise. No wonder that L'esprit is the restaurant on the island where
erybody goes." Vogue Paris

e "Hot Tables"

Cond6 Nast Traveler

St Barth Weekly n0120

French Presidential Elections

Nicolas Sarkozy A Big Winner

In Saint Barth



rare finds from asia & beyond
After more than thirty years of traveling and collecting
throughout Asia, we present a very eclectic selection of quality pieces:
furniture, Buddhas, primitive arts, Tibetan religious art, curiosities.
We welcome your visit daily (except Sunday). We can provide worldwide shipping.
Or, by appointment, we can organize a private presentation
of a large number of remarkable or exceptional pieces (museum quality).
Interior decoration projects accepted throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.
We also offer a free search service to help you locate
that very special piece you have been seeking for so long.

Very unique carved wooden pannel showing Dharmma & Citragupta
from Heavens and Hells, as per on the walls of Angkor Wat S. Gallery, E. wing.
Cambodia. XIXth.C. 210 x 85 cm

Afghanistan Burma China India Indonesia Laos Nepal New-Guinea Thailand Tibet
on the harbour Tel.: 05 90 52 09 01
rue Samuel Fahlberg, (opp. Sibarth)
Gustavia Saint-Barthelemy (EW.I.)


First managed by the Accor
group, then by owner Didier
Bensa himself, the Christopher
Hotel at La Pointe Milou closed
its doors on May 2 after 15 years
of existence. Purchased by Pitch
Promotion, a French develop-
ment company now moving into
the hotel business, the property
will eventually reopen, but the
date depends on the extent of
renovations determined by afea-
sibility study.
Last Saturday night, a closing
night party was held around the
hotel's fabulous swimming pool,
with more than 500 people in
attendance throughout the eve-
ning. Party photos capture the
ambiance of the event.

Ellen Greaux, one of the
directors of the St. Barth
Film Festival, Pierrette
Guiraute, editor-in-chief
of The Saint Barth
Weekly, Didier Bensa,
former owner
of the hotel.

1- D & K, Diane and Karine,
the party planners
2- Tina (Teck)
3- Sam and Jacky (Christopher),
both moving to the Carl Gustaf
4- Geraldine Smits (Christopher)
and Jean-Philippe (Faconnable)
5- C&cilia Carra and Laurence
Busone, two Paris-based actresses
in St. Barth for the annual
Theatre Festival, with Fred,
lighting director for the festival.
6-Patrick Benaben (architect)
and Brigitte (on vacation)
7-Alex (Geisha Vampire) and
Thierry de Badureau (La Plage)
8-Rosita (CCPF) and Nelly
9- Alex (Geisha Vampire) and
Thierry de Badureau (La Plage)
10- DJ Jacques Dumas



"yo ot lVtve cxrtvei.






62nd Anniversary of May 8 V-Day in 1945

M ayor Bruno
Magras presided
over the 62nd
anniversary of the May 8,
1945 Allied victory in
WWII over the Nazis. As
he does every year, the

Spedd Ev

Theme Pa



VIP Asssta


mayor placed a wreath on
the war memorial in Gus-
tavia. A few moments earli-
er, Danible Belotti and
Philippe Enault, president
of the Saint Barth foreign
war veterans association,


i es


had placed a wreath in hon-
or of the victims of WWII.
Usually played in a record-
ed version, this year La
Marseillaise, the French
National Anthem, was
played live by a group of 50
students from the Mireille
Choisy junior high. A spinet
piano placed near the War
Memorial allowed the
music teacher, Mr. Parisot,
to accompany the young
singers and violinists who
learned the score especially

for the occasion. Three stu-
dents then read the national
message from the national
veterans association
(UFAC), distributed
i-.i Iu Ii .iul all of France.
Bruno Magras read a
speech by the national head
of the War Veterans organi-
zation, Hamlaoui
Mekachera. The group then
went to City Hall for the
traditional champagne toast
offered as part of the May 8

SB Jam Hopes To Hold
A Caribbean Music Festival

SB Jam hopes to hold a
Caribbean music festival
to open the fete of Gus-
tavia, which has been
organized for several years
by this association based
on La Point. The festival
would be a fuller version
of the concerts usually pre-
sented by SB Jam in Gus-
tavia each summer. The
new festival would be ded-

icated to music from vari-
ous islands and be held
from August 15-19, with
three evenings of free con-
certs held on the main
dock in Gustavia. Passion-
ate about Caribbean music,
Jackson Questel, president
of SB Jam, hopes that two
concerts can take place
each evening for a total of
six bands on the schedule.

06 St Barth Weekly n0120

Destination Management Services
The company that started the professional
organization and events planning business...
the company that continues to set the standard.
Ph lnele09o 29 54
Phoa fomathe US 0159 590 29 45
nrW.dd)i4ndniuanapn* d fAkel.lt



:~ (, i

.. .1

:4 ;;t

W l ',"I I -
k 4-1.

* ,

April: Hotter Than Normal

April 2007 was the hottest April in metropolitan France
since 1950, and temperatures in Saint Barth were also
above the seasonal average last month.

The daytime high of 86"F was Ii;khci ili! i'.
7, the expected average of 84.5"F. The night-
\ time low was also higher: 76.1"F rather
than 74"F. The lowest temperature of the month was on
April 17 at 71.5"F, and the highest at 89.40F, not unex-
pected for this time of year. The average ocean temperature
was 82.4F.

S Gusts reached 60km/h on April 1, blowing
from the NE, and 45 km/h on April 13, from
the S to SW, and reached 25 to 30 km/h
from the E-SE at the end of the month.

Unesco Club Encourages

Renaissance Of Pirogues

In Saint Barth

1.9" of rain for the month: average rainfall
for the month of April, which usually has
several periods of heavy rain such as that of
April 17 where .8" fell in less than an hour.


active in the protec-
tion of the island's
heritage, the local
UNESCO club-under
president Daniel Blan-
chard-has a new project:
the building of an exact
replica of a traditional
pirogue Saint Barth using
traditional techniques.
Used since the arrival of
the first settlers in Saint
Barth, these traditional
boats went out of use
about 30 years ago,
replaced by boats from Les
Saintes, and are menaced
with a total disappearance
from the island's heritage.
By building an exact repli-
ca, the UNESCO club
hopes to give a new life to
the pirogue. Their 18 ft
boat, cut from the trunk of
a gommier tres in Domini-
ca, is already under con-
struction. It arrived in
Saint Barth on April 16,
and is housed in the former
Bernie woodshop located
across from the infirmary.
There are still several steps


before the bare hull
becomes a Saint Barth
pirogue, and the work has
been given to a team of
volunteer woodworkers
including Etienne Bernier,
the son of Octave who was
the largest naval carpenter
the island has ever known,
Jules Brin, a municipal
woodworker who loves the
art of lhipbl uilblii .-. and
Jimmy Questel, who had
boatbuilding and renova-
tion of old boats training in
Newport, and finally
Philippe, a woodworker
from France. They are
being advised by a group
of old-timers who once
used traditional pirogues.
Once completed, the
pirogue will be on display,
but also put into the water
for special occasions such
as the arrival of the Transat
Ag2r, local regattas, and
neighborhood festivals...
Stay tuned for additional
information about the con-
strucion process in a future

St Barth Weekly n0120

M, I

I [',AIPI P,' 1) Il kVA PI!VA I -AI 1 1[AN

II lra I wvvl la g r i c cor

Lingerie &' Beachw.


h~ic-r q

A ,-_9 ..


an .i



Au Port
B6te Z'Ailes
Carl Gustaf (Le)
Caf6 Victoire
Caviar Island
Do Brazil
Eddy's Restaurant

La Cr6perie
La Gamelle

La Mandala

La Marine
La Route des Boucaniers
La Vella
La Saladerie
Le Sapotiller
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'f6
Wall House

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Le Tamarin

K'f6 Massai 05.90.29 76 78
LeWok 0590275252
Le Portugal a St Barth 05 90 27 68 59

05.90.27 62 36
05 90 29 74 09
05.90.29 79 00
05.90.29 06 66
05.90.27 54 17
05.90.29 52 24
05902770 11
05 90 29 89 70
05.90.27 96 96
05.90.27 68 91
05.90.27 73 00
05.90.27 51 51
05.90.27 60 28
05.90.27 53 20
05.90.27 72 48
05 90 27 63 77
05 90 27 90 60
05.90.27 7183

05.90.52 4610
05.90.52 46 05
05 90 27 72 12

St Barth Weekly n0120


Maya's 05.90.27 75 73
Le R6gal 05.90.29 85 26
Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25
Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny) 05.90.27 88 88
Saint Jean
Bacardi Caf6 05 90 27 68 09
Eden Rock 05.90.29 79 99
Nikki Beach
Le Diamant 05 90 29 21 97
Le Jardin 05 90 27 73 62
Le Glacier 0590277130
Le Piment
La Plage
Le Terraza 05.90.27 70 67
"Z" 05 90 27 53 00

Pointe Milou
Ti St-Barth 05.90.27 97 71
Grand Cul de Sac
Bartolomeo (16tel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (Iotel Guanahani) 0590276660
La Gloriette (La) 05.90.27 75 66
Restaurant des pecheurs (H6tel Le Sereno)
Francois Plantation 05.90.29 80 22
Les Bananiers
Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 6181
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01
Anse des Cayes
Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)
New Born


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

Special Events
I Saint Barth Theatre
Festival: Contemporary
Theatre highlights the 6th
edition: May 4-13

Live Music

L.,'. *.

I Every Evening
- Lounge mix, 7:30pm-
midnight, Bar't8,
H8tel Guanahani
Grand Cul de Sac
I May 2-28
Causeway Duo
BAZ, Gustavia
I Every Saturday
Cabaret night with specta-
cle, at 9pm, Restaurant "Z",
Saint Jean
I Every Wednesday
Cabaret night with specta-

cle, at 9pm, Restaurant "Z",
Saint Jean
I Every Saturday & Sunday
Stephane, Sunset Concert
at 5:30pm,
Hotel Carl Gustav
I From Wednesday-Friday
Alan Landry on piano,
8pm, Le Ga'ac,
Hotel Le Toiny
I From Tuesday-Friday
- Nadige, Sunset Concert,
5:30pm, Hotel Carl Gustav

Let's Party
I Saturday, May 12
- World Music from 8pm at
Ti Zouk K'f6, Gustavia
- Live Music, special evening
La Mandala, Gustavia
I Monday, May 14
- Marrakech evening,
mint tea and belly dancing,
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Tuesday, May 15
- Pirate Night, at Ti St
Barth, Pointe Milou
- Creole BBQ with acoustic
music, La Marine
Restaurant, Gustavia
I Wednesday, May 16
- Ti Brother Party: A bottle
of Moet & Chandon for the
best costume. Fashion show
and dancing. Ti St Barth
I Thursday, May 17
- Night of the angels,
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Friday, May 18
- Latino party from 6pm

at Ti Zouk K'f6, Gustavia
I Friday & Saturday
Crazy Week end
& Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Saturday, May 19
- World Music from 8pm at
Ti Zouk K'f6, Gustavia
- Live music with Azar
Band, from 8pm, Caviar
Island, Gustavia
- Oriental evening,
Do Brazil, Gustavia

Night Club
I Every evening:
- Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Bubbles Club, Gustavia
- Hot Spot caf6, Lurin
- Sexy pole dancing every
night after lam, Yacht Club

I Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
I Basile, Haitian painter,
Galerie Asie, Gustavia
I Philippe Bertho, Eve
Ducharme Art Gallery,
I Through May 20
Ry Rocklen, renewal of
found objects, gallery
Me.di.um, Gustavia
I Nicola Hicks, Visual artist
Jane's Gallery, Eden Rock
I Group Show : Women
photographers at to b.art

Plates s fitness
Pilates, Yoga & Reformer
Group & private classes
Fitness studio, spinning...
0590 279321

Gallery, Gustavia
I Permanent exhibits
- Michelle Marie (paintings),
H8tel Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
- Philippe Defruit (sculptu-
res), H6tel Carl Gustaf,
- Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
- Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
- Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
- Antoine Heckly, Galerie
Indochine, Gustavia
I Art Galleries
- Eve Ducharme Art Gallery
(appointment only), Toiny
- To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
- Me.di.um galerie, Gustavia
- Didier Spindler galerie,
- Pipiri Boutique, Gustavia

Fashion shows:
I Everyday:
- 1:30-2pm: H6tel Isle de
France boutique, Flamands
- 3:30-7:30: Geisha Vampire,
La Plage, Saint Jean

St Barth Weekly n0120

m N.N.E

The Gli Gli Stops In Saint-Barth

Twelve men and two women
originally from the Kalinago
territory-the Caraibe Indian
reservation in Dominica- left
Antigua on May 6 aboard a
Caribbean-style pirogue christened
"Gli Gli" (the name of a totem for
bravery representing an eagle) to
travel along the islands of the Antilles
archipelago. They will stop in Nevis,
Saint Kitts, Saint Barth (from May
13-15), Saint Martin, and Anguilla,
before crossing the Anegada passage
to conclude their journey in the
British Virgin Islands. They are cele-
brating the 10th anniversary of "Gli
Gli," a traditional pirogue craved
from the trunk of a gommier tree. Ten
years ago, for its inaugural voyage,
"Gli Gli" made a historic trip
between Dominica and Guyana, in a
symbolic gesture to reunite the
Caraibe Indians from Dominica with
their ancestors from the Southern
Caribbean and Guyana. The BBC
covered the event with the film, "The
Quest of the Carib Canoe."
For its second journey, "Gli Gli" will
be officially welcomed at each stop.

CI (L &

Saint Barth was not initially on the
itinerary, but Daniel Blanchard, presi-
dent of the local UNESCO club,
heard of the project and spoke to the
organizers who agreed to come to the
island. The pirogue will be anchored
near the Wall House and accompa-
nied by Fiddlers Green," a 90'
schooner. At each stop, the group will
give a lecture about the Amerindian
culture, play traditional music, pres-

ent demonstrations of Caraibe artisan
techniques, and hold a screening of
the DVD of "The Quest of the Carib
Canoe," and sell products from the
Caraibe reservation, as well as pro-
vide information about the survival of
the Amerindian culture in the
Caribbean, which is not limited, con-
trary to popular opinion, to the
Caraibe reservation in Dominica.

Father Jaouen And His Boats In Saint Barth

he Rara Avis-a
tri-mast schooner
126 ft long and
26 ft wide- and the Bel
Espoir, a 124' sailboat
with a steel hull and
three masts inspired by g
the barges of the B
Thames River, both
arrived in Saint Barth i
last Saturday. The two
old ships are the proper-
ty of an association
called "The Friends of
Thursday Sunday," cre- ''
ated in 1954 by Father
Jaouen. They set sail on
Monday in the direction
of Saint Martin, then
Virgin Gorda where they
should arrive on May 14.
Since the month of Febrau-
ry, the two ships have been
offering short cruises in the

was aboard when the boat
anchored in Saint Barth.
SA Jesuit from Brittany, he
Sis 85 years old and spent
Sthe 1970s working to cure
n y 1 drug addicts around the
world. His experiment
Sailed as a community of
i g addicts was not the solu-
t ..t. tion to cure their problem.
ed of JuSince then, this old salt
f -if has set his cap in a new
S . direction: drug addicts are
,. welcome aboard but
_---- tourists are welcome too.
And everyone pays, since
._ "if the druggies want to
Caribbean. On May 16, by August 12. They will improve and they can
they will launch a transat- sail by way of New York, pay for their drugs they can
lantic voyage that will take Halifax, Madeleine Island, pay for their voyage." On
them from Santo Domingo Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, Saturday, the ships and
to Brest: Bel Espoir is and the Azores. their crew returned to Saint
expected to arrive by the Father Jaouen joined the Barth for the first time
end of July; the Rara Avis crew of the Rara Avis and since 1971.

St Barth Weekly n0120

~:::::::::::~"""~~- -~-~

, -, _- =

Temenos Anguilla, A St. Regis Resort,
provides the ultimate Caribbean golf experience...
a Greg Norman designed golf course with
breathtaking views and challenging, dramatic holes.
Temenos Golf Club located in Anguilla,
BWI is now open.
For information or Tee Time Reservations,
please call 264.222.8200 or view our website:
www.temenosanguilla.com or www.troongolf.com

I At your service

S ten% rt
N .en.n;s cou..


Spca42 Er9Ji, SPTien,
p9,p%-4 ;3 q 5 523 77
zitoun.3 @Qnadoof

Phone from US: 011 590 590 276 265
e-mail : marlintag@wanadoo.fr

U Local Weather

* Puzzle at
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but noth-
ing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle
with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's
addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every column,
and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9."That's
all there is to it.


3 2 5
4 6 8
^-- ^- ^--
8 9 6
3 5 4
^^-^ ^ ^- -
6 8
2 1

9 7 3

Scattered Clouds *
High: .4 F/29 C.
Wind ESE 15 mph / 25 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 80 F. / 27 C.
Wind East 15 mph / 25 km/h

Saturday :
Scattered Clouds ,-
High: 840 E / 290 C
Wind ESE 13 mph. / 21 km/h.
( l,. cI 1kk I precipitation 2', '.
Night: Scattered Clouds.
Low: 800 E / 270 C.
Wind ENE 13 mph / 21 km/h

Sunday -
Scattered Clouds ..
High: .4 F. / 29 C
Wind ESE 15 mph. / 25 km/h.
( I1..d I k .,'precipitation 41 .
Night: .iliiil Clouds.
Low: 800 E / 270 C.
Wind ENE 15 mph/25 km/h

Monday Scattered Clouds
High: 84 F. / 29 C
Wind ESE 15mph /25km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds
Low: 80 E / 27 C.
Wind East 15mph/25 km/h

Please mail, or drop off this form, with your payment
to the St Barth Weekly office at Les Mangliers
(near La Poste) in Saint-Jean before 2:00pm
on Monday. 20E by issue

Stay~~ in tocIHRVE O R

I Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy A6roporl

Saint Jeai

05 96 70 92 92
059027 1170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
n 05 90 29 02 12

* Useful numbers
Tourism 05 902787 27
Harbour 05 90 27 66 97
Boat company Voyager 05 90 8710 68
Rapid Explorer 05 90 27 60 33
S cormany Winair 0590276101
St-Barth Commuter 05 90 27 54 54
Air Caraibes 05 90 27 71 90
American Airlines 00 599 54 S 2~ I 1
Taxis Gustavia 05 90 2766 31
Saint-Jean 05 90 2775 81
StBar 1. Service) 0590294419
To' I. 05 90 29 80 40
EDF (electricity company office) 05 90 29 80 81
Water system 05 90 27 60 33
Post Gustavia 05 90 27 62 00
Marine Reserve 06 90 31 70 73
church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia 05 90 27 95 38
church Sunday 9am. 0590297463
B 'church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am
St Barth Weekly n0120


I Classified ads

HBR: Very charming property
located near Flamands, includes
3 bedrooms and a studio.
Exclusive listing
1 100000

COM: 3 bedroom villa with pool
and nice sea view, recently
renovated, fully furnished and
equipped. Exclusive listing
2 200 000

Tel. : 05 90 29 88 91

Looking for
Rental villa in Flamands.
Manager to provide house-
keeper and greet Guests at air-
port. Regular pay + bonus.
please list experience. jbl-

Real Estate
For sale by owner : two adja-
cent villas on approx. 1/4 acre
of land at 300ft elevation. Over-
looking Grand and Petit Cul de
Sac. Marvellous land and
seaviews. Quiet private road.
1,900.000 Euro.
Tel. 0590 27 78 71

For sale beautiful parcel of
land of 1263 m2 located just
above St. Jean beach with
lovely views and within an

Check the solutions
to the Sudoku

easy walk to the beach. Per-
mits have been authorized for
3 bedroom villa.
Contact St. Barth Property/
\ ,liu'i ', \ International Realty
:0590 29 75 05

For sale brand new luxury one
bedroom villa perfectly situat-
ed on the hillside of Anse des
Cayes with unobstructed
North East Views of the sea.
The spacious terrace spans the
length of the property offering
covered living room and din-
ning space as well as wonder-
ful sunning terrace surround-
ing the pool and jacuzzi.
Excellent rental history
Contact St. Barth
I'.p, ,c .i ,ilhichy's Interna-
tional Realty: 0590 29 75 05

For sale beautiful two bed-
room villa situated on the hill-
side of Anse des Cayes with
wonderful North East views
of the sea. The living room,
kitchen, and dinning area sep-
arate the two bedroom suites
for privacy and all open to the
large terrace surrounding the
pool and jacuzzi. A third room
can be used as a kids room or
an office. Excellent history
Contact St. Barth
P'l. lc-y I, .hchy's Interna-
tional Realty: 0590 29 75 05

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Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald
St Barth Weekly n120 1!

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Le reseau mmndial des proprinets d'exception

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g ,=i Agence Immobiliere- Real Estate


info@missimmo.com www.missimmo.com
Rue Jeanne d'Arc Gustavia
BP 475 97097 Saint Barthelemy Cedex
office : +590 (0) 590 511 854 Fax : +590 (0) 590 510 073


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Chic and Gourmet Wpstaurant





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