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Title: St Barth weekly
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Publication Date: March 16, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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Local News._
1 in English

sLheB v "L al de Saint-Baith"
b27 65 19hLth9hweeklywanadoo.if

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and drop -
your mail

fI C )rr C

:N r ;r

,/6C e C c/e


Bonobo Sculpture Sold

At Fran9ois Plantation

The St. Barth
Weekly is happy to
be back for its fourth
season. The Weekly
is designed to help
you put your finger
on the pulse of the
local community.
Featuring an
English r6sum6 of
the top stories in our
French newspaper,
Le Journal de Saint
Barth, as well as ori-
ginal articles in
English, The St.
Barth Weekly is the
only completely
newspaper on the
island. It is distribu-
ted on the island
every week from
November through
the end of July. Our
most exciting news
is that each Friday,
The Weekly is also
available online at
Saint Barth Online
barths.com), the
wonderful web site
launched in 1996,
and now run by our
friends Bruno and
G6raldine Colletas.
Thanks to them, you
can download every
edition of The St.
Barth Weekly, so
that no matter
where you are in the
world, you can stay
in touch with your
favorite island.

An auction held on
Thursday, March 8
at Francois Planta-
tion has raised funds for the
non-profit Jane Goodall
Institute (www.jane-
goodall.org), whose activi-
ties help ensure the well-
being of chimpanzees and
other primates, as well as
animal welfare activities in
general. It is quite fitting
that the auction was for a
majestic bronze sculpture of
a Bonobo Ape, one of a
series of eight made by artist
Florence Jacqueson. The
bidding began as a silent
auction in January, and
when the gavel came down
the winning bidder was Ger-
man industrialist Wolfgang
Stamp, who called in his
winning bid of 30,000 euros
by telephone from Germany,
where it was very late at
night. "He is a regular client
who is a fine arts collector,"
explains Robert Eden, own-
er of Francois Plantation,
who considers the auction a
great success. "This may be
the first time in Saint Barth
that an item has brought so
much at auction," he said.
Of the 30,000 euros, 16,000
euros will be donated to the
Jane Goodall Institute; the
rest goes to the artist. "It
was a fun thing to do and
I'm glad it worked out for
the Institute. With 16.000
euros they can afford a lot
of helpers in certain parts of
Africa to survey and help
care for the apes."

For Eden, the auction is a
continuation of his ongoing

,. Fernand
and Michel Fontbonne
w - -, rt Eden and the
bronze Bonobo.

work with both the
Rainforest Foundation
and the Jane Goodall
Institute. "The Bonobo
Ape is the one with the
closest DNA to man," he
explains. "They are
like our
The pres-
ence of
the sculp-
ture in the
also helped
bring attention
to the plight of these
apes, whose numbers in
the wild are dwindling
rapidly and something
must be done to help protect
them. While the sculpture
that was in the restaurant
this year will be crated and
sent to Germany, Eden plans
to put another bronze
Bonobo from the same
series in the restaurant to

t o
about the
apes. "We will
definitely do
another event next
year, but we will not
auction off another of the
same statues," says Eden. "I
would like to do ,,,'lill;i
linked to the rainforest."
Efforts like this should cer-
tainly be applauded!

St Barth Weekly n0112


... Fully ai codtoe ,2bdo m
wit thi ow bahom soes
ties, 3 ls aLDscen,1T
rom 1 hom ciem wit dolb
stre s ytm 2 soaim 1 fully

glssa re. .. a


-5 /1 atct /icI

Gusavi San .rh

Tel. I : 050 9790



Private collection in
Saint Barth is now
open to the public:
At the age of 67, Andr6
Berry, known as "the little
collector," has taken the
advice of his family and
friends and opened a private
museum to display his treas-
ures. His collections include
many unusual objects, cer-
tain of which are of great
value. He spent his entire
life patiently picking up
found objects on the ground
or on the beach, for exam-
ple, in the basement of his
house and in his garden, he
found English pipes from
the 18th century.

18th-Century English
Pipes And More
English sailors brought the

custom of smoking with
them, using pipes that were
made in Europe, and the
consumption of tobacco
became a more widespread
habit in the islands. English
p1''1,i began to make clay
pipes tinted white, and there
are several examples of


Complete Destination Management
Yactit Servics '

Special Events Planning

All Your Heart Desires I

these in a special showcase
made by Andr6 Berry, who
was a professional cabinet-
maker. His collection also
includes Port 1;b iik', dating
from the 1700s, an era when
Port wine began to be

exported around the world.

This collection of small
objects, curios, and antiques
comes to life thanks to a
guided tour by the collector
himself. He has included
family souvenirs from Saint
Barth-such as his great-
g!.,inirlll! '\ sword, dating
from the 1800s. Forms for
blocking hats, old irons that
were heated before use,
wooden coffee mills: all of
these objects are in perfect
condition. Early objects,
from sparkplugs of the
island's first automobile to
its first phonograph, this
collection is like a mini-his-
tory of Saint Barth: To
.'!ii \ ". il. .'ul moderation.

His 2007 BUDGET

Local windsurfing
champion, 22 year-
old Antoine Questel
reached his goals in 2006.
He ranked fourth in the
French championships at
Hourtin, finished in 14th
place in the European cham-
pionships in Portugal, and
took llth place honors in
the world championships in
South Korea. LA member
of the Saint Barth Yacht
Club since the age of 12,
Antoine Questel is a great
champion of the colors of
Saint Barth in all of the
competitions in which he
takes part. Yet in order to
balance his budget for 2007
and continue his promising
career, Antoine is still seek-
ing sponsors. After his suc-
cesses in 2006, he returned
to Saint Barth to train and
seek new sponsors. If he
reaches his goal of 30,700
euros for the 2007 season,

he will ne able to participate
in the major events on the
calendar: five long-distance
trials, five AFW events, five
French Formula events, two
Euro Cup events, the world
cup, and the European
championships. The world
championships will take
place in Brazil: a major
event where Antoine should
compete against the other
top windsurfers. His goals
for 2007 include: win the
French championships and
finish in the top ten world-
wide. For the sixth consecu-
tive year, Antoine is on the
list of top athletes created
by the French Minister of
"Jeunesse et Sport."
THANKS! : Antoine would
like to thank all those spon-
sors who have supported
him. In order to help Antoine
balance his budget, you can
contact him by email:
St Barth Weekly n0112




Lions Club Leads The Fight

Against Blindness

An incredible show
of generosity
allowed the Lions
Club of St Barth6lemy to
raise $8,963 least Saturday
evening during a big Bingo
game held on the dock in
Gustavia. The money will
be used as part of the Lions
Club program, Vision For
All, whose goal is to help
adults and children in
underdeveloped countries
keep something of great
value: their sight.

Experts from the World
Health Organization esti-
mate that if nothing is
done, the world's blind
population could double
from 37 million
to 74 million by 2020.
Many of these cases of
blindness could be avoided
with proper treatment and a
good prevention program.
The Lions Club has
launched its second world-
wide campaign, \i2liII I\i
II, in order to help fight
blindness. Their goal: to
raise a total of $150 million
by June 2008 and continue
to actions of the first Sight-

'he mayor Bruno Magras, with .... Robinel, the '
S, region, and Ernest Brin, president of the Lions

First campaign in 1992-
1995. Each of the 45,000
clubs around the world are
participating in this mas-
sive fund-raising effort,
including the Lions Club in
Saint Barth which organ-
ized a big Bingo game on
the Quay G6n6ral de
Gaulle in Gustavia last Sat-
urday night. "Our goal was
to raise $5,000, and we
actually raised much more
than that," explains the

club's president, Ernest
Brin. The 23 members of
the local club spearheaded
this show of generosity.
"They all participated, even
if they weren't in Saint
Barth," says Brin. Behind
the success of the evening
was the hard work of each
of the members as well as
that of their spouses and
friends who helped with
the organization of the
event. "It has to be said that
the Lions Club of Saint
Barth is the leader of all the
clubs in District 63 and all
of the Caribbean,"
remarked Rodolphe
Robinel, the SightFirst
coordinator for the
Caribbean region, Surinam,
Guyana, and French
Guyana. "Even if in Saint
Barth6lemy, where there is
great potential, if you don't
ask people to participate,
you would obtain i ,il1ini.-."
says Brin. "It should be
pointed out that it was not
the millionaires who
played Bingo. It was ordi-

..J.... /Lrie
* Barth le'

nary, modest people who
displayed their cinc!. I)

Every minute, a child
somewhere in the world
goes blind. Blindness and
bad vision in children are at
the highest levels ever. Dis-
eases, like glaucoma and
cataracts or blindness due
to diabetes, touch all levels
of society. The mission of
the 'iglii \li program to
reduce blindness that can
be avoided or cured, espe-
cially in underdeveloped
countries where 90% of the
cases are concentrated. The
increased level of eye dis-
ease, not as serious when
SightFirst began, has
become a major concern
Cataracts, generally linked
to aging, are the leading
cause of blindness in the
world. Yet cataracts and
other eye ailments that
cause blindness can be con-
trolled with proper infor-
mation and enough fund-
ing. Diabetes and glaucoma
St Barth Weekly n0112


also cause vision problems
to millions of people who
might not even be aware
that their sight is in danger
of being lost.
The Lions Eye Health Pro-
gram (LEHP) is a commu-
nity-based public awareness
program that allows Lions
clubs, community organiza-
tions and individuals to pro-
mote healthy vision in the
United States. LEHP is the
first initiative financed by
;igliii il i in industrialized
countries, and also touches
Japan, England, Ireland,
Canada, Australia, and
Turkey. More importantly,
anyone interested in ocular
care, and not just Lions
Clubs, can participate in the
A few months before the
next international Lions
Club convention in
Bangkok, SightFirst has
already raised over $90
million, with $60 million
left to go in order to reach
the goal set at $150 million
to fund the program.
Other than their participa-
tion in the annual Telethon
and the SightFirst cam-
paign, the Lions Club in
Saint Barth also helps raise
money for the local hospi-
tal amongst its various
charitable activities. It also
offers aid to families in dif-
St Barth Weekly n0112

For additional information:
Saint Barth Lion's Club
meetings are held the
second and fourth Fridays
of every month, upstairs
from the store, A Vos
Marques, in Gustavia.

Since 1990,
SightFirst has...
* Prevented serious
vision loss for 27 million
* Provided 80.5 million
treatments for river
* Awarded US$202 mil-
lion for 841 projects in 90
* Restored sight to 7 mil-
lion with cataract
* Improved eye-care ser-
vices for hundreds of
* Built or expanded 213
eye hospitals, clinics and
* Upgraded 325 eye
centers with equipment
* Trained 305,000 oph-
thalmologists, ophthalmic
nurses, other professional
eye-care workers and vil-
lage health workers
* Launched world's first-
ever initiative to combat
childhood blindness in
partnership with the
World Health Organiza-
tion. Thirty pediatric
eye-care centers will be

Spedd Ev

Theme Pa



VIP Assista





o n

Destination Management Services
The company that started the professional
organization and events planning business...
the company that continues to set the standard.
Phone lcal9 29 i454
Phoe fromtheUS 01159590296451
www.dLint>nn aupatdKcakei.net

L1e Glacier
Bar SaMAs Ope B;EtVj DMj

Uask41baJI % aaebalI
F tbaall U$,


've been to my share
of great carnivals
around the world:
Trinidad, Venice & New
Orleans. They all have
their special personalities
& I loved every one. But
this year I decided to play
it low-key & stay at our
villa on St. Barts during

I had no great expectations
of the event (afterall, how
do you outdo the big ones
I had been to?) but my
husband & I got ourselves
a good spot to watch it
from at Le Select. Soon
the rumble came closer.
Drum beats & music got
louder. More & more peo-
ple suddenly appeared in

the street. Then small dec-
orated cars & trucks that
were transformed into
floats came into view.
Everywhere I looked there
were people in costumes,
some very cleverly made.

There were many uproare-
ous greetings as friends
happened upon one other.
Kisses, hugs & dancing. A
real party was following
the parade route. St. Barts
was having a good time!

We moved on, manuver-
ing through the crowd to a
curbside spot by the har-
bor where we saw more
family groups than before.
Across from us stood a
mettallic-blue merman,
mermaid & merbaby; a
devil father & an angel
mother, with their little
angel wearing a halo; and
a family of five cowboys
& cowgirls in matching

M ,

"Big Heart"


Villa La Belle Aurore

.M .- .
-.. g ..

Exclusive villa
in Domaine de Mont Jean available
Mavlst- December 15th, 2007
(7.5 months)
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large
private pool view over ocean, private
beach access, furnished French Sat IV,
High speed internet connection,
6600 E /month
plus utilities and services
Phone Owner NYC, USA
Concierge on St. Barthelemy
(0) 690-227-435

St Barth Weekly n0112

hats. All around us people
were having fun. Friends,
families & neighbors
were really .*!iij ii the

We ended up that night at
the bar in La Baz next to
two little boys (costumes
half off) hardly able to sit
still. Other kids ran by us,
chasing each other with
cardboard swords. Song &
laughter filled the place.
Then the rains came down
like "cats & dogs." Little
ballerinas with wet tutus
hugged each other under
the awnings & mothers
with wilted costumes ran
by laughing with plastic
bags over their stroller-
babies. Regardless of the
weather, everyone was in a
carnival mood.

Looking back, I think the
true essence of carnival on
St. Barts has to do with it
being a real community
affair. This was a carnival
from the heart & I would-
n't have wanted to be any-
where else that day.

Judy Naftulin
March 9, 2007



"yo ot lVtve cxrtvei.






Au Port
B6te Z'Ailes
Carl Gustaf (Le)
Caf6 Victoire
Caviar Island
Do Brazil
Eddy's Restaurant
La Cr6perie
La Gamelle

La Mandala

La Marine
La Route des Boucaniers
La Vella
La Saladerie
Le Sapotiller
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'f6
Wall House

05.90.27 62 36
05 90 29 74 09
05.90.29 79 00
05.90.29 06 66
05.90.27 54 17
05.90.29 52 24
05902770 11
05 90 29 89 70
05.90.27 96 96
05.90.27 68 91
05.90.27 73 00
05.90.27 51 51
05.90.27 60 28
05.90.27 53 20
05.90.27 72 48
05 90 27 63 77
05 90 27 90 60
05.90.27 7183

Maya's 05.90.27 75 73
Le R6gal 05.90.29 85 26
Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25

Le Gaiac (H6tel Le Toiny)

05.90.27 88 88

K'f6 Massai
Le Wok
Le Portugal a St Barth
Saint Jean
Bacardi Caf6
Eden Rock

05.90.29 76 78
05 90 27 68 59

05 90 27 68 09
05.90.29 79 99
05 90 29 21 97
05 90 27 73 62
05.90.27 70 67
05 90 27 53 00

Nikki Beach
Le Diamant
Le Jardin
Le Glacier
Le Piment
Le Terraza

Pointe Milou
Le Mango (Iotel Le Christopher)
Le Taino (Hotel Le Christopher)
Ti St-Barth

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Le Tamarin

05.90.27 63 63
05.90.27 63 63
05.90.27 97 71

05.90.52 4610
05.90.52 46 05

Grand Cul de Sac
Bartolomeo (Iotel Guanahani) 05.90.27 66 60
Indigo (Iotel Guanahani) 0590276660
La Gloriette (La) 05.90.27 75 66
Restaurant des pecheurs (HOtel Le Sereno)
Francois Plantation 05.90.29 80 22
Les Bananiers
Santa F6 05.90.27 61 04
Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 6181
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01
Anse des Cayes
Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante (H6tel Le Manapany)
New Born

St Barth Weekly n0112


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party I

Live Music
I Every Evening
- Lounge mix, 7:30pm-
midnight, Bar't6,
H8tel Guanahani
Grand Cul de Sac
- Flamenco Soul with
Papagayo & Friends,
except Monday
at La Plage, St. Jean,
I Until March 31
Evan Goodrow Band
Quartet, 8:30pm-midnight,
BAZ, Gustavia
I Everv Saturdav
Cabaret night with spectacle,
at 9pm, Restaurant "Z",
Saint Jean
I Everv Saturday & Sunday
Stephane, Sunset Concert at
5:30pm, Hotel Carl Gustav
I From Wednesday-Friday
Alan Landry on piano, 8pm,
Le Ga'ac, Hotel Le Toiny
I From Tuesday-Saturday
Phil on piano, 7pm, Hotel
Christopher, Pointe Milou,
I From Tuesday-Friday
- Nadige, Sunset Concert,
5:30pm, Hotel Carl Gustav

Let's Party
I Saturday, March 17
- Live Music with Dana
Jared, at Caviar Island,
Photo Art Exhibition
at Francois Plantation: Rose
Scenes from Majesty Pen,
Kingston, Jamaica

Saturday, March 17
at 7:00pm
- Live Music with Dana
Jared, at Caviar Island,
Gustavia, from 7:00pm
Gustavia, from 7:00pm
- Grand M6chant Zouk, from
7pm at Ti Zouk K'F6,
- Live music with the groups
Easy & BRH, at Santa F6,
) Sunday, March 18
- Creole BBQ with acoustic
music, La Marine Restaurant,
- Brunch at Manapany with
Christine Gordon noon to
3:00pm, Anse des Cayes
) Monday, March 19
- Marrakech evening,
mint tea and belly dancing,
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Tuesday, March 20
- Pirate Night, at Ti St Barth,
Pointe Milou
I Wednesday, March 21
- Ti Brother Party: A bottle
of Moet & Chandon for the
best costume. Fashion show
and dancing. Ti St Barth
I Thursday, March 23
Night of the angels,
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou
I Friday & Saturday
Crazy Week end
& Fashion Show
Ti St Barth, Pointe Milou

Night Club
I Every evening:
- Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Yacht Club, Gustavia
- Bubbles Club, Gustavia
- Hot Spot caf6, Lurin
- Sexy pole dancing every
night after lam, Yacht Club
I Monday
- Studio 54, Casa Nikki

) Wednesday
Bling Bling Please, Casa


Eve Ducharme Art Gallery
Richard Litzelmenn
at Wall House gallery,

I Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
I Basile, Haitian painter,
Galerie Asie, Gustavia
) March 16 22
Antoine Chapon and Paul
Elliott Thuleau, paintings
Porta 34 gallery, Gustavia
Opening Friday March 16 at
) From March 16
Philippe Bertho, Eve
Ducharme Art Gallery, Toiny
) March 28 April 20
Andy Warhol, Drawings
gallery Me.di.um, Gustavia
) March 9-18
Denis Perrollaz "Mix" oil on
plexiglass at Nikki Beach
I Nicola Hicks, Visual artist
Jane's Gallery, Eden Rock
I Until March 18
Raimundo Figuerpa at to
b.art Gallery, Gustavia
) Permanent exhibits
- Michelle Marie paintings) ,
H8tel Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
- Philippe Defruit (sculptu-
res), H6tel Carl Gustaf,
- Alain le Chatelier, Les
Artisans, Gustavia

Pilates s fitness
Pilates, Yoga & Reformer
Group & private classes
Fitness studio, spinning...
Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
Antoine Heckly, Galerie
Indochine, Gustavia
I Art Galleries
Eve Ducharme Art Gallery
(appointment only), Toiny
To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
Me.di.um galerie, Gustavia
Didier Spindler galerie,
Pipiri Boutique, Gustavia

Fashion shows:
I Everyday:
1:30-2pm: H6tel Isle de
France boutique, Flamands
3:30-7:30: Geisha Vampire,
La Plage, Saint Jean

artwlien tre


Service in Residence

Jacques: 06 90 59 38 78
Emma: 06 90 63 42 61

St Barth Weekly n112 11



Eve Ducharme Art gallery presents
New Works By Philippe Bertho

Paul Elliott Thuleau and

Antoine Chapon at Porta 34

"If art can touch you, it can
only be through aesthetics
and poetry; those who one
day pretended that realism
no longer had a future have a
rather poor universe!"

Currently on exhibit in important
American galleries such as the
Martin Lawrence Gallery, along-
side Andy Warhol, Picasso
and other major painters, the new
lithographs by Philippe Bertho
can now also be seen at the Eve
Ducharme Art Gallery in Toiny.

In 1997, after a long career,
Bertho took a new look at
figurative objects. He takes
us into a universe both cre-
S active and ull. iMiri.-. where
he presents a series of inter-
esting characters in a totally re-
invented hyper-realist universe.
His inspiration is now drawn from
the American Pop movement, as
well as the figurative narrative,
where he finds a simple basis on
which he can build an innovative
and fascinating artistic universe.

Lr. 1


March 6-22, ,'3, Paul .I and
Antoine .. at Porta 34, (ex .
C ), Gustavia.
Hours: -' pmr and -9pmr. 0. recep-
tion, Friday, March 6, from 6-9pm.


Bingo Evening:
Group photo taken
during the Lions
Club event on the

lemenos Anguilla, A St. Regis Resort,
provides the ultimate Caribbean golf experience...
a Greg Norman designed golf course with
breathtaking views and challenging, dramatic holes.
Temenos Golf Club located in Anguilla,
BWI is now open.
For information or Tee Time Reservations,
please call 264.222.8200 or view our website:
www.temenosanguilla.com or www.troongolf.com

Mona with Robert
Eden during the auc-
tion held to benefit
the Jane Goodall

IV ............
.................. ....................
. . . . . . . . .. .

Lingerie &' Beachw.


h~ic-r q

A ,-_9 ..


an .i

* At your service

UNNibs t

Sp Eac g t Eglis, S paTni ic
S9, 3 @1;3 r 52O
zitouin. 3@ nadoof


Check the solutions
to the Sudoku

H Local Weather

Sweedish & Deep Tissue

U Puzzle ( t
There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but noth-
ing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle
with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's
addictive!"Fill in the grid so that every row, every column,
and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9."That's
all there is to it.
4 9
5 3
6 7
9 1 5 6
8 2
3 6 9 5
1 4

wwwi st-barthsTcom

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Please mail, or drop off this form, with your payment
to the St Barth Weekly office at Les Mangliers
(near La Poste) in Saint-Jean before 2:00pm
on Monday. 20E by issue

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Lovely two bedroom condo in a
peaceful and quiet area of
Gustavia overlooking the harbor,
with terrace and Jacuzzi.
700 000

1/4 acre gently sloping with an
easy access in St Jean including a
building permit for a 3 bedroom
villa. Beautiful view over the
1 650 000

Tel.: 05 90 29 88 91
To rent by the year or shorter
period, nice ocean front villa
near Toiny Hotel, 2 bedrooms
well separated from each other, 2
bathrooms, small living room,
small pool, parking, very pri-
vate, all rooms and terrace
facing Toiny Bay. Partly or fully
furnished. Available as of April.
Monthly rent 3200 euros. T61:
06 90 57 19 61
Studio with ocean view, kit-
chen, shower room, terrace.
Available March 28th- Dec.
15th, for extended term offered
furnished for maximum of 2
persons. No children No pets
2300 Euros per month inclusive
of EDF, EDU. Contact:villala-
belleaurore@ earthlink.net
Phone Owner NYC, USA 1-
646-495-1686 Concierge on
St. Barth (0) 690 227 435
Land in Hamand, surface 1/3 of
acre with viability (power,
water, tel) 1,1 1,1 1,1 1 I .i .
Contact CMI 05 90. 27.80.88
Land with sea view on 3 bays.
7500 square meters Near Gus-
tavia. Price 2,600,000 euros
Contact : christophe.sachot

Real Estate
For sale by owner : two adja-
cent villas on approx. 1/4 acre
of land at 300ft elevation. Over-
looking Grand and Petit Cul de
Sac.Marvellous land and seav-
iews. Quiet private road.
1,900.000 Euro. Tel. 0590 27

Villa with seaview 2 bedrooms,
pool, nice natural area, 2 min
walking from the beach. Price
3,400,000 euros Contact :

For sale, a brand new 2 bed-
room and 1 bath villa set in the
peaceful valley of Saline and
within 10 mn walk to the Saline
Beach. The lush tropical sur-
roundings offer a delightful set-
ting for true island living. Con-
tact St. Barth Property/ Sothe-
by's International Realty : 0590
Exclusive Sale : Property in St
Jean on 0,75 acre, villa with
pool, living-room, fully
equipped kitchen, terrace, 3
bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and
Fitness room. Contact CMI at
05 90 27 80 88 or
For sale, 3 bedroom, 4 bath vil-
la tucked into the hillside of
Hamands with wonderful view.
This property offer an excep-
tional rental history. Beautiful
furnished and meticulous main-
tain. Contact St. Barth Proper-
1 '. Ii.hI 's International Real-
ty : I'i : '75 05
For sale, 2 bedroom, 2 bath,
beautiful decorated hillside villa
is set in the heights of desirable
Pointe Milou with sensational
western views. 2 equal bed-
rooms are separated for privacy
and each offers an ensuite bath.
Contact St. Barth Property/
Sotheby's International Realty:
S11. i 2'175 05

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth" ISSN-1766-9278
Ph.: Fax:
emoil: stborthweekly@WOlndoo.fr www.iournaldesaintbarth.com
Director & layout: Avigael Haddad Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation : Ellen Lampert Greaux, Photographe: Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald

St Barth Weekly n0112 15

Artfidly Uniting extraordinary Properties with Extraordinan Lives

Le reseau mondial des propriei&s d'exception

* i a g

I-space C'.nt.naire G(;tavia 0590 29 7505 In US, I 508 528 7727
sakle.sdrbanltdbt,'Saln'.com wMw.sor~u irbnsrnal-sdanrdun'om

M Emergency numbers

Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy A6roport
Saint Jean
U Useful numbers

Boat company

' company

Rapid Explorer

05 96 70 92 92
059027 1170
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 /05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
05 90 29 02 12

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 87 10 68
05 90 27 60 33
05 90 27 61 01

St-Barth Commuter 05 90 27 54 54
Air Caraibes 05 90 27 71 90
American Airlines 00 599 54 S 2 141 I
Taxis Gustavia 05 90 27 66 31
Saint-Jean 05 90 27 75 81
StBar '. Service) 0590294419
To' 05 90 29 80 40
EDF (electricity company office) 05 90 29 80 81
Water system 05 90 27 60 33
Post Gustavia 05 90 27 62 00
Marine Reserve 06 90 31 70 73
church Sunday 8:30am Gustavia 05 90 27 95 38
church Sunday 9am. 0590297463
S church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am




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