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La Pointe Gustavia 0590 29 37
in ofo o Fora Fam 069 41 87 57


The number of
small planes
landing on the
island tells the
tale: the tourist
season has
begun! And
with it, the Saint
Barth Weekly is
happy to be
back for a fourth season of bringing you
news about the island in English.
Whether you are a regular visitor or a
first time guest, a part-time resident or
just curious about the island, the
Weekly is designed to help you keep
your finger on the pulse of the local
We created the Saint-Barth Weekly as
the only English-language newspaper
that comes out on a weekly basis, full of
information about our little island. A
mini-tabloid, its articles are recaps of
the most interesting and most news-
worthy articles from Le Journal de
Saint-Barth, the Weekly's big brother,
plus specific information to help you
best plan your stay. The Weekly is free
and comes out every Friday from
November through the end of July.
Pick up a copy at your hotel, or at
numerous restaurants, boutiques, and
the Tourist Office. And for those of you
who are not on the island, you can visit
our web partner, www.st-barths.com,
and download the Weekly every Friday.
This way, no matter where you are in
the world, you can stay in touch with
your favorite island.
In the meantime, welcome to St Barth!

Political Status for Saint Barth

What's new ?
he uncertainty felt by the pop-
ulation of Saint Barth con-
cerning the evolution of the
island to a more autonomous Over-
seas Collectivity, rather than its cur-
rent status as a town in Guadeloupe,
has been somewhat put to rest. On
October 31, the Senate (one of the
two houses making up the French
parliament) voted to accept this
change in political status for the
island. The National Assembly, the
second parliamentary chamber, must
now adopt the texts before the
change in status becomes official.
Time is of the essence: Because
France is holding presidential elec-
tions this spring, with the primary on
April 22, 2007 and the final vote on
May 6, 2007, the next parliamentary
session has been shortened and will
close at the end of February at the lat-
est, rather than at the end of June as
usual. Although an official date has
not been announced for the National
Assembly's debate about Saint Barth,

Overseas fench ministry,
FranCois Baroin at the Senate
those in the know are saying it will be
in late January. This date seems a bit
late for certain who fear that the
process will not be completed by the
end of the session. Mayor Bruno
Magras, who was in Paris at the time
of the vote by the Senate, is trying to
advance the date for the National
Assembly vote.
In any case, today it seems as if the
new law will go into effect. As a
result, Saint Barth, which has legally
been a town in Guadeloupe since that
island became a French department
in 1948, would become an independ-
ent Overseas Collectivity instead,
with a certain degree of autonomy in
taxation, urbanization, and in certain
cases, the power to make decisions
until now reserved for the French

The basis for this change is a motivation for the island to assume various
responsibilities from Guadeloupe and the French government, and espe-
cially to put an end to the uncertainty about the fiscal status of the island.
In defending the Franco-Swedish treaty that dates from 1877, making
Saint Barth a duty-free port not subject to French taxation, the majority
of the residents have never paid any taxes. While the French fiscal servi-
ces have tolerated this situation for a long time, in the past few years the
state-of-affairs has become more difficult, and in some cases judicial pro-
ceedings have been instituted. The new status for Saint Barth will finally
give the island the power to create its own system of taxation.

7:00pm to 10:00 pm Tel: 05 90 52 46 10 Near Saline Beach
"... the food, especially the fish, is fresh and reliably excellent."
Town & Country

"The food is excellent, the ambiance ultra hip, and the decor out of
paradise. No wonder that L'esprit is the restaurant on the island where
everybody goes." Vogue Paris

The "Hot Tables" Cond6 Nast Traveler

The "Hot Tables"

Conde Nast Traveler

6,vjw ia. )*i/ .a /

f,,, /tcirfl tl'i crrde/,I t e Mri.h and ),, rK',

r/ciedc"c ymtwiend

use 9)(nae/Fi!:/l// J 1t : 0. 90 2.5

r- ft. gartlt--^iml

' ves Greaux, first
deputy mayor of
SSaint Barth, was
the top political repre-
sentative at the island's
November 11 veteran's
day celebration, as may-
or Bruno Magras was
invited to participate in
the events of Sint
Maarten's Day on the
neighboring island. This
year marked the 88th

anniversary of the end
of WWI: on November
11, 1918 an armistice
with Germany was
signed in a railroad car-
riage (that of Ferdinand
Foch, the supreme com-
mander of the Allied
forces at the end of the
war) at Compiegne in
France. This year also
marked the 90-year
commemoration of two

of the bloodiest battles
in this "war to end all
wars:" the Battle of Ver-
dun, which from Febru-
ary through December
1916 caused more than
300,000 deaths, includ-
ing, 163,000 French and
143,000 Germans; and
the Battle of the
Somme, in which
60,000 allied forces
were killed as of the
first day. In Saint Barth,
a !C.-all of flowers was
placed at the war
memorial in Gustavia,
followed by speeches as
part of the ceremony. In
France there are just
four remaining
poiluss," soldiers of the
First World War, all of
whom are now over 100
years old.



- .

iTAVIA ls.oarisans@wano .fr

Tel./Fx: 05 90 27 50 40

Water Desalinization
A second reverse
osmosis plant to
open soon

Installed in the late 90s, one of
the two remaining plants for
desalinization by mechanical
vapor compression evaporation
has been demounted by the
Ucdem water company in Public.
When replaced by a second
reverse osmosis plant, the capaci-
ty of production will be increased
from 3,200 cubic meters to
almost 4,000 cubic meters, once
the new plant is running. The old
motor, which was obsolete, pro-
duced only 400 cubic meters per
day, compared to the 600 cubic
meters it once produced and the
1500 cubic meters that the new
plant can provide. This will be a
welcome increase in water, since
the local consumption continues
to increase beyond the expected
20% increase in 2006 over 2005,
with unexpected spikes. Proof of
this can be seen in comparing
September 2005, when the con-
sumption was approximately
1000 cubic meters per day, with
September 2006,when a new
record was set with almost 1900
cubic meters of water used every
day. In the past, September was
the month with the lowest level
of water consumption in the
entire year.




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.. .. .. .. .. .. .

* Gastronomy

Name Phon

Au Port
Bte a Z'Ailes
Carl Gustaf (Le)
Caviar Island
Do Brazil
Eddy's Restaurant
La Creperie
La Gamelle
La Mandala

La Marine
La Route des Boucaniers
La Vella
La Saladerie
La Scala
Le Sapotiller
Le Vietnam
Pipiri Palace
Repaire des Rebelles
The Strand
Ti Zouk K'fe
Wall House

Saint Jean
Eden Rock
Nikki beach
La Plage
le Jardin
Le Terraza

K'fe Massai
Le Wok
Le Portugal a St Barth

05.90.27 62 36
05 90 29 74 09
05.90.29 83 01
05.90.29 79 00
05.90.29 06 66
05.90.27 54 17
05902770 11
05 90 27 84 07
05 90 29 89 70
05.90.27 96 96
05.90.27 68 91
05.90.27 73 00
05.90.27 51 51
05 90 27 52 48
05 90 29 52 24
05.90.27 60 28
05 90 27 81 37
05.90.27 53 20
05.90.27 72 48
05 90 27 63 77
05 90 27 90 60
05.90.27 71 83

05 90 27 68 09
05.90.29 79 99
05.90.27 53 13
05 90 27 73 62
05.90.27 70 67
05 90 27 53 00

05.90.29 76 78
05 90 27 52 52
05 90 27 68 59

Francois Plantation 05.90.29 80 22
Les Bananiers

Pointe Milou
Le Mango
Le Taino
Ti St-Barth

05.90.27 63 63
05.90.27 63 63
05.90.27 97 71

Esprit Saline
Grain de Sel
Grand Cul de Sac
La Gloriette (La)
Le Lafayette club
Le Sereno Restaurant des pecheurs
Rivage (Le)

05.90.52 46 10
05.90.52 46 05

05.90.27 66 60
05 90 27 66 60
05.90.27 75 66
05 90 27 62 52
05.90.27 82 42

Gaiac (Le) 05.90.27 88 88
Santa Fe 05.90.27 61 04
Maya's 05.90.27 75 73
Chez Rolande 05.90.29 76 78
La Case de l'Ile 05.90.27 61 81
La Langouste
Taiwana 05.90.27 65 01
Le Regal 05.90.29 76 78
Hostellerie des 3 Forces 05 90 27 61 25
Anse des Cayes
Chez Ginette
Chez Yvon 05.90.29 86 81
Fellini Ristorante
New Born


EEYFI DA N1 w~tbrh o r


Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?
Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let's party

Special Events
I Sunday. November 19
16th annual Gustavialoppet,
10 km marathon.
From Saint-Jean to Gustavia
via La Tourmente. Leave at
7:30pm from the sports stadi-
um in Saint Jean. Medical cer-
tificate required. Inscriptions
05 90 29 80 40 or at the event.

I Through mid-December
Gourmet "festival:" Cuisine
from the Relais Plaza, a chic
Parisian brasserie,
on the menu at Bartolomeo
Guanahani Hotel,
Grand Cul de Sac.

Live Music

I Friday November 17
"Giant Karaoke,"
at the Carl Gustaf,
Gustavia, from 7:30pm

I Every Evening
- Lounge mix by Jacques Dumas,
7:30 pm to 1 am, Bar'td, hotel
Guanahani, Grand Cul de Sac
- Darian Cunning Trio through
December 9-soul, indie, altema-
tive-, from 8:30 pm to midnight,
Bet'a Z'ailes, Gustavia
- Alan Landry, piano, 8pm,
except Monday, Gaiac restaurant,
Hotel Le Toiny
I From Tuesday to Saturday
Phil on piano, Christopher Hdtel,
Pointe Milou
I From Tuesday to Friday
- Nadege, sunset live music,
from 5:30 pm Carl Gustav Hotel,
- Philippe Nardone, piano with
Nilce and surprise guest,
Christopher Hdtel, Pointe Milou
I Friday, November 17
- Nadege Emmanuelian,
sunset concert from 5:00,
Carl Gustaf Gustavia
- Live Music at the Restaurant
La Plage, St Jean
I Saturday, November 18
- Grand M6chant Zouk,
Ti Zouk K'f6 at 8pm

- Music Mix at the Restaurant
La Plage, St Jean
I Tuesday, November 21
- Steel band Caraib with BBQ
evening, La Marine, Gustavia
- Nadege Emmanuelian,
sunset concert from 5:00pm,
Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
I Wednesday November 22
- Nadege Emmanuelian,
sunset concert from 5:00pm,
Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
I Thursday November 23
- Live Music at the Restaurant
La Plage, St Jean

Let's Party
I Monday
- Cream evening by Mateo,
Yacht Club, Gustavia
- (Studio 54n, Casa Nikki,
I Thursday.
-(Pink Party>, dress code white
& pink, Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Angel Party, Mixed by Franky
Ti St-Barth, Pointe Milou
I Saturday
Duo Accoustic, Marine, Gustavia
I Sunday
- Every Sunday, Brunch at
Manapany, Mix music,
from noon to 2 :30 pm

I From November 21
to November 25:
BBQ party at Indigo restau-
rant, Guanahani Hotel,
Grand Cul de Sac

Night Club
I Every night
- Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Yacht Club, Gustavia

I Through Nov. 28,
Raffi Kalenderian (from L.A)
(Wicked Waters>,
me.di.um galerie, Gustavia
I Basile, haitian painter,
Galerie Asie, Gustavia
I Exhibition of Pictures
and Paintings at to b.art Gallery,
I Permanent exhibits

- Michelle Marie's
new exhibition at the Hotel Carl
Gustaf Gustavia
- Alain le Chatelier,
Les Artisans, Gustavia
- Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac
- Spidler, Christian Mas gallery,
- Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac
- Antoine Heckly, Galerie
Indochine, Gustavia
- Wall House restaurant : Eve
Ducharme Art Gallery present
selection of paints : Philippe
Bertho, Monique Joumod,
Pierre-Luc Bartoli...
I Art Galleries
- Eve Ducharme Art Gallery,
by appointment only
- To-b.art galerie, Gustavia
- Me.di.um gallery, Gustavia
- Central bART Gallery,
near Ti Zouk K'f6, Gustavia
- Pipiri Boutique, art gallery,

Pilates s Fitness
Pilates studio- mat & reformer
Group & private classes
Fitness studio, spinning...

Fashion Show
I Everyday
- 1:30 2 pm, Case de l'ile, Hotel
Isle de France, Flamands
1.30pm & 7:30pm, fashion show
featuring Geisha Vampire, La
Plage, St Jean
I Every Tuesday evening,
6:30 pm, Boutique of the Hdtel
Isle de France, Flamands


-7, . "
",' I 1 "

J FL_ L 1

/'%, k1lelfrol"I Z01111ge


New Airport Terminal in SintMaarten


he hymns of Hol-
land, The Dutch
Antilles, and Sint
Maarten were played on
Friday, November 10, as
the new airport terminal
was inaugurated by the

Dutch queen, Beatrix Wil-
helmina Armgard The
government of Sint
Maarten had invited the
entire population of the
island to attend the grand
opening of this new termi-

nal, with refreshments for
all, a video retrospective
of the history of the air-
port, great fanfare to wel-
come the queen, official
speeches, dances, fire-
works, petit fours and
snacks, hot and cold
food.... and the event was
considered a big success.
Queen Beatrix, who did
not make a public speech,
quickly visited the termi-
nal in the company of its
president, Eugene Holiday.
The new structure, which
cost 87 million dollars,
was built to alleviate the
saturation at the old airport
terminal and can handle up
to 2.5 million passengers
per year, or a million more
than before. It also meets
international standards for
security and baggage han-

Eugene Holiday leads Queen
Beatrix on a tour of the new
terminal at Juliana airport
dling. A total of 27,000
square meters of space
includes 3,000 square
meters for stores. Built in
1942 as an American mili-
tary base, the Sint Maarten
airport became a civil avi-
ation center in the years
following WWII, and was
named "Juliana," for the
former queen of The
Netherlands, the mother of
Queen Beatrix.



Wedn nS at



"It is Beaujolais Nouveau Time"!
Every year year, Saint Barth
Properties invited its clients
to taste the Beaujolais Nouveau.
This year the tasting was held
at the Cellier du Gouverneur
in Gustavla.

/o-: -NSin I, ih Prol prfie's Irini lens.


16th Edition Of

The Gustavialoppet,

Sunday, November 19

A hundred runners are expected for the
16th edition of the Gustavialoppet, a
mini-marathon organized by the munic-
ipality of Saint Barthelemy and ASBAS (Saint
Barth Friends of Sweden Association). The race
will be held on Sunday, and include runners
from Guadeloupe for the second consecutive
year. Michel Laplace, one of the organizers,
also confirmed the participation of a runner
from Venezuela: "In looking at his times, this
should be a serious competitor at the finish
line," commented Laplace. There are also some
runners from Saint Barth to consider as con-
tenders as they have been training hard for the
past few weeks with an eye toward victory in
this 10-kilometer race whose circular itinerary
includes the hill at La Tourmente. The event
would not be complete ii i.:.u the presence of
a group of Swedish runners who come every
year to take part in this race that commemo-
rates the friendship between Sweden and Saint
Barth: a contingent of 20 Swedes will be on the
starting line this year. Launched in 1991, reviv-
ing a m;iii ll..:. previously organized on the
island, the Gustavialoppet (which means "Race
of Gustavia" in Swedish) serves as a reminder
that Saint Barth was under Swedish rule for
almost 100 years -from 1784 to 1878- before
being returned to France, its former ruler. In
addition to the 10-kilometer "Course des As,"
there is also an 8-kilometer "healthy heart" walk
organized for November 19, getting underway
at 7:00am at the stadium in Saint Jean. A kid's
event kicks off 16th edition's activities on Sat-
urday, November 18 with the fourth annual
"Les foulees des Ti-moon," or various length
races for different age groups. These will be
held at around the stadium in Saint Jean.
Tourists are also welcome to take part in all of
these events. To sign up please see below.

How to sign up
In theory the inscriptions for the various events
will be closed as of 5:00pm on Friday, Novem-
ber 17 at City Hall (La Pointe, Gustavia), but
there are always last-minute exceptions so
don't be shy about showing up for the event.
For additional information call 05 90 29 80 40
(until 5:00pm on Friday 11/17) and ask for

"Friends of SBH"

donate $8,000

for fire station equipment

b^ ir

Jean Louis Danet, the localfire chief Tim Thornton, co-founder
and Rpt, ,111 the association "Friends ofSBH"
and Henri Grdaux, adjoint of mayor

igital pulse and blood
pressure monitors -
arm and wrist models
-an advanced CPR training
mannequin, a professional auto-
matic external defibrillator, and
three resuscitators with oxygen
supplies. All These items are all
on the list of what was pur-
chased with a sum of nearly
$8,000 collected by the non-
profit association, Friends of
SBH, and donated to the local
fireman's association, the
Sapeurs Pompiers, which
placed the order for this emer-
gency gear. The equipment was
officially presented to the fire
and rescue brigade in mid-Octo-
ber. Representing the associa-
tion was its co-founder Tim
Thornton. The organization is
unusual in that it is totally "vir-
tual." Created by regular visi-
tors to the island, the associa-
tion, Friends of SBH, is actually
made up of members of the
website SBHOnline.com who
know each other via the Inter-
net. They were able to raise
almost $8,000 and the funds
were given to the island's fire-
men in the early summer. Four

Americans -Kara, Tim, JEK,
and Kevin originally came
up with the idea to raise money
for a good cause. After much
discussion with people on the
island, they decided to provide
new equipment for the fire sta-
tion. A first meeting was set up
last February, and another in the
spring, at which time a list of
items was established. At the
same time, the fund-raising
campaign began on the site
SBHOnline.com, and the total
quickly surpassed the initial
goal of $5,000. In the end,
$7,820 was raised. "The Friends
of SBH send their best wishes
to the people of St. Barthelemy
along with their hope that this
new equipment will enhance the
lifesaving mission of the
Sapeurs Pompiers," notes
For Jean Louis Danet, the local
fire chief, this unexpected dona-
tion was good news: "Thanks to
these new purchases, both of
our rescue vehicles are now out-
fitted with \a'il, the same lev-
el of equipment to help victims
in case of emergency."


New Owners

for St. Barths Online
St. Barths Online, the leading tourist-driven web site
for Saint Barth has changed hands. After ten years of
developing the site, co-founders Laurence and Peter
O'Keefe, have passed the baton to GCraldine and
Bruno Colletas, two globetrotters who love the island
and intend to follow in the O'Keefe's path to success.

Who could have imagined
that St. Barths Online would
become the number one
web site for the island? Cer-
tainly not its creators: Peter
O'Keefe (who has lived on
the island since 1978), and
his wife Laurence, when
they founded the site in
1996. Ten years later, the
site is one of the most com-
plete of its kind, and chock
full of information helpful to
those discovering this little
paradise, a favorite get-away
for the jet set. Last January,
they had a total of 1.7 mil-
lion page views: a success to
be envied.
"We launched the site in
June or July, if my memory
serves me correctly," notes
Laurence. "And we realized
immediately that the Inter-
net represented quite a trans-
formation in terms of infor-
mation." This intuition
would prove to be fruitful.
Peter, who is American and
a graduate of the Rhode
Island School of Design,
took on the technical side
and design of the web
pages. "We started with 100
pages in the beginning and
have 2,000 today," says
Peter, with a satisfied smile.
Their goal: centralize in one
place all the necessary infor-
mation for visitors to better
understand Saint Barthele-
my and organize their visits
to the island. Peter not only
designed the pages, but
wrote almost all of the Eng-
lish language texts as well.
The site eventually replaced
the couple's printed newslet-

ter, Letter from St. Barths,
which they had sent out sev-
eral times per year. Lau-
rence was responsible for
the French translation and
more notably the sale of
advertising spaced on the
site. "We offered ads to our
first two clients, the Christo-
pher and Filao Beach
hotels," she recalls. Even if
the number of homes con-
nected to the Internet wasn't
so wide spread at the time,
the response was almost
immediate for the hotels. Yet
the success of the site grew
slowly. "You know that the
Saint Barth people are rather
conservative," says Peter.
"Laurence and I, the Franco-
American couple, create the
perfect combustion, but we
had to wait until the site was
known, and explain to peo-
ple what the Intemet repre-
sented in terms of a technol-
ogy boom: a resource acces-
sible 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, 365v days a
year, and with no equivalent
elsewhere. Success came lit-
tle by little, and got going
thanks to word of mouth,"
explains Peter. While the
target of the site is the
American and Anglo-Saxon
clientele of the island that
sees Saint Barth as a secret
paradise, the large majority
of the advertisers are located
on the island.

Bruno and Geraldine Col-
letas are hoping to improve

Geraldine andBruno (C '
the technology used to cre-
ate the site. "Our goal is to
remain the number one
online tourist guide to Saint
Barthelemy, but also to
evolve the look of the site
thanks to new technology
with improved images and
video," notes Bruno. A
lawyer by training and for-
merly with the group Adec-
co, Geraldine lived for a
long time in Africa with her
parents. Bruno is a high-tech
computer programmer who
lived for several years in the
United States. They often

- 9 m
Laurence andPeter O'Keefe
came to Saint Barth since
Geraldine has a sister who
lives on the island. "We
wanted to move here but
needed a serious project,"
they admit. Their dream
became a reality as of Sep-
tember 11, 2006. As for
Peter and Laurence, they are
happy to have time to enjoy
life and rediscover their
island, il. -uti the stress of
a daily job. "Peter dreams
about writing his memoirs,"
says Laurence, as if she'd
have to see it to believe it.

l1e Glacier

IBv l da.ac ll
Bqsoket4ball, B
.qlS .... D S b,
H ;


Culinary festival at the Guanahani Hotel

Cuisine from the Relais Plaza

on the menu at Bartolomdo

N estled in
the heart of
the Plaza
Athenee, a luxuri-
ous art deco hotel
on Avenue Mon-
taigne (home to
many well-known
Parisian couturi-
ers), the Relais
Plaza is perhaps the
chicest brasserie in
the French capital.
When Alain 0l
Ducasse took over 4
the running of the
restaurant in 2000,
he entrusted the
stoves to Philippe
Marc, with whom
he had worked Phili
closely since 1992.
Philippe Marc became the
head chef for this hotel's
prestigious restaurants,
with the exception of
"Alain Ducasse au Plaza
Athenee," which is orches-
trated by Ducasse himself.
Today, Philippe Marc
supervises a staff of 60
and keeps an eye on the
menu in two wonderful
restaurants the Relais
Plaza and the Cour Jardin-
and two more informal


ppe Marc, neaa cneJ oJ me Kelais rlaza ana rlnuppe iMasseg
executive chef of the Guanahani and Spa

dining areas -the Galerie
des Gobelins and the Ter-
rasse Montaigne- as well
as room service and the
breakfast menu. He is cur-
rently the special guest
chef at the Gaunahani
hotel's restaurant, Bar-
tolomeo, for a special culi-
nary event that began on
November 1 and runs
through mid-December.
Organized by the hotel
every year, this "festival"

allows a celebrated chef to
create a personal menu in
collaboration with the
executive chef of this hotel
complex in Grand Cul de
Sac, Philippe Masseglia,
and provides an opportuni-
ty to discover a different
kind of cuisine. In that
spirit, Philippe Marc has
taken some of the dishes
from the spring/summer
menu at the Relais Plaza,
and adapted them to Saint

Barthelemy. He
also included the
popular Relais
Plaza salad, an
updated Caesar sal-
ad that is a favorite
among the Parisian
clientele, from
political figures to
actors and leading
fashion designers.
There are seven
appetizers on the
menu, including the
Relais Plaza salad,
and a risotto with
winter squash; three
fish dishes include
swordfish, bass, and
prawns. There are
lia, four meats: lamp
tagine with candied
lemon zest, grilled filet of
beef with beamaise sauce,
roasted veal stuffed with
vegetables, and breast of
farm chicken with eggplant
parmegian. Six desserts
range from a pina colada
parfait and an apple cooked
like a tarte tartin to a puff
pastry croissant with cinna-
mon ice cream and raspber-
ry-mascarpone tiramisu.
05 90 27 66 60

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Les Mangliers Saint-Jean
97133 Saint-Barthelemy
Tel.: 05 90 27 80 88
Fax: 05 90 27 80 85

- Real Estate




I At your service
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* Local Weather

Chance of rain
Scattered Clouds
High: 84 F/290 C
Wind East 8 mph/14 km/h
Chance of precipitation 50%
Night: Chance of rain
Scattered Clouds
Low: 80 F / 290 C
Wind ENE 11 mph/18 km/h
Chance of precipitation 30%

Saturday ;
Scattered Clouds ','"'" .
High: 840 F/290 C
Wind ESE 13 mph/21 km/h
Night: Chance of rain
Scattered Clouds
Low: 800 F/270 C
Wind ESE 11 mph/18 km/h

Sunday c
High: 840F/290C C '
Wind ESE 11 mph/ 18 km/h
Chance of precipitation 60%
Night: Chance of Rain
Low: 80 F / 27 C
Wind East
11 mph / 18 km/h
Chance of precipitation 40%

Monday I
Scattered Clouds
High: 84 F/29 C
Wind ESE 13 mph/21 km/h
Night: Chance of rain
Scattered Clouds
Low: 80 F / 27 C
Wind ESE 11 mph/18 km/h

* Driving in St Barths
,.r The traffic circle at La
"Tourmente (the top of the
,y, .hill near the airport) has
m altered the traffic patterns
Tf' for who has the right-of-
S way. Now, vehicles
.B. :: fi, .. already engaged in the
S" "traffic circle have priority.
SBelow is a small diagram
to help you figure out
What to do.

You do not
have the
right of way


* Puzzle
There's no math involved.
The grid has numbers, but
nothing has to add up to
anything else. You solve
the puzzle with reasoning
and logic. It's fun. It's chal-
lenging. It's addictive!

"Fill in the grid so that
every row, every column,
and every 3x3 box con-
tains the digits 1 through
That's all there is to it.

3 2 4 1 5 6

7 64
3 1 5 9 7 8

8 6 2
6 8 2
8 1
'- 1 r 3 6 ,4
4 5 9 8 I
9 3 2 4 1 5 6 7
5 9 8 3 7 2 6 4 1
36 2 J 1 5 9 7 8
1 z .. 9 2 5 Solution
8 5 1 6 2 9 4
7 3 6 1 9 4 8 5 2 Check
S2 91 9 8 1 F the solutions
www.sudokustar.fr to the Sudoku

Published by "Le Journal de Saint-Barth"
Ph. :
e-mail: stbarthweekly@wanadoo.fr

Director & layout: Avigael Haddad
Chief Editor: Pierrette Guiraute,
Translation and English texts: Ellen Lampert Greaux,
Photographe : Rosemond Greaux
Impression : Daily Herald


m Classified ads

Real Estate
For sale, a very pretty
apartment of 150m2,
garage, private swim-
ming pool, 2 bedrooms
and equipped kitchen.
Beautiful and quality
decor with a fantastic
view of Gustavia. This
property must be seen.
Contact: "St Barth Prop-
erties Sotheby's Interna-
tional Realty" : 0590 29
75 05

For sale, a completely
renovated apartment of
120m2. Located in
Marigot, 2 bedrooms,
terrace, patio etc.
Contact: "St Barth Prop-
erties Sotheby's Interna-
tional Realty" : 0590 29
75 05

For sale, pretty creole
house on 166m2 of land.
Consisting of one bed-
room, one bathroom, an
office and an American
exterior kitchen opening
onto a deck with
Contact: "St Barth Prop-
erties Sotherby's Interna-
tional Realty": 0590 29
75 05

KAT: Extraordinary
location in Gustavia, for
this 1 bedroom apart-
ment overlooking the
harbor facing the sunset,
including living room,
bedroom, terrace with
dining area and Jacuzzi
Exclusive listing
Sibarth Real Estate

Appartment in Saint Jean
- Sea view, fully equipped
750,000 euros.
Contact CMI :
05 90. 27.80.88

Property in Devet
(panoramic view
between Toiny and Petit
Cul de Sac, villa with 3
Bed, 2 Bath on 1/3 of
acre 1,260,000 euros.
Contact CMI
05 90. 27.80.88

BDL: Large parcel of
land gently sloping with
an easy access. Peaceful
it also benefits from a
pleasant view over the
country and the sea. A
precedent condition
regarding the granting of
a building permit is
accepted by the owners.
1 800 000 euros
Exclusive listing
Sibarth Real Estate
05 90 29 88 91

Land in Flamand, sur-
face 1/3 of acre with via-
bility (power, water, tel)
1,050,000 euros.
Contact CMI
05 90. 27.80.88

Looking for
St Barth: Live-in Hou
\ A,, , Cook/Concier
A Live-in House Mana
er/Cook is required for
city residence in S
Bart's. Working tl
equivalent of 5.5 da
per week on a sala
commensurate wi
experience plus accoi
modation in a 4-bedroo
house. Accomplish'
cook a must. The pers
must know the area a
act as a concierge. On
experienced, EU wo
permit holders who a
completely French-En
lish bi-lingual plea
apply via email to
suzanna.newton bti


Artfully Uniting Extraordinar Properies with Extraordinar Lives

Le riseau mondial des proprierts d'excepion

*t a

lr space (enrtair usmvia 059029 5- In US: 1 5 528 7727
sak~.sb-;mld odltcbsd-,cotm vwwwsolbcdir n l-m-siblanThd.crn

m Emergency
Shipping rescue
PAF / airport & port police
Fire dept.
Doctor on duty
Pharmacy Aeropor

Saint Jeai
U Useful numbers

Tourism ,'
Boat company

Airlines company

05 96 70 92 92
059027 11 70
05 90 29 76 76
05 90 27 60 35
18 / 05 90 27 66 13
05 90 27 76 03
05 90 27 66 61
05 90 27 61 82
n 05 90 29 02 12

Rapid Explorer

05 90 27 87 27
05 90 27 66 97
05 90 87 10 68

u St-Barth Commuter 05 90 27 54 54
on Air Caralbes 05 90 27 71 90
SAmerican Airlines 00 599 54 52040
ly Taxis Gustavia 05 90 27 66 31
rk Saint-Jean 05 90 27 75 81
Ire Town Hall 05 90 29 80 40
g- EDF (electricity company office) 05 90 29 80 81
se Water system 05 90 27 60 33
Post ,,- Gustavia 05 90 27 62 00
n Marine Reserve 06 90 31 70 73
Catholic church 05 90 27 95 38
1 ,. church Sunday 9am. 05 90 29 74 63
15 Fi ., church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am



Thrdy Novembe, 23r


P I'

A Salad ah .r m

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