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St Barth's
S www.anataina.com

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87th anniversary of the end of WWI

With the tourist season
the Saint Barth Wee-
kly is happy to be back
as well for its third sea-
son. The Weekly is
designed for you, to
help you put your fin-
ger on the pulse of the
local community. Fea-
turing an English
r6sum6 of the top sto-
ries of our French
newspaper "Le Jour-
nal de Saint Barth",
Saint-Barth Weekl is
the only English-lan-
guage newspaper that
comes out every very
friday from November
through the end of
July. Our most exciting
news is that each Fri-
day The Weekly is also
available on line at
Saint-Barth Online
the wonderful web site
that our friends Lau-
rence and Peter
O'Keefe created in
1996. Thanks to them,
you can now download
every edition of the
Saint-Barth Weekly so
that no matter where
you are in the world,
you can stay in contact
with the island.

M a y or
M agras
was the most senior
ranking official to
preside over the
Armistice Day cere-
monies of Novem-
ber 11 that marked
the 87th anniversary
of the end of WWI.
The armistice was
signed at 5:00am on
November 11, 1918
in the railway car-
riage of Allied
Supreme Comman-
der Ferdinand Foch,
at Rethondes in the
forest of Campieg-
ne, near Paris,
France. At the local
celebration on
November 11, the

mayor and Philippe officer in the L6gion
Enault, lieutenant- d'Honneur and pres-
colonel of the Air ident of the St Barth
Force Reserve, an association of war

veterans, each
placed a wreath at
the foot of the war
memorial in Gus-
tavia. As part of
their history, geogra-
phy and civics class,
and in collaboration
with the war veter-
ans group, a delega-
tion of four students
from the junior high,
paid tribute to the
soldiers who died
for France during
the first world war.
This war that took
over nine million
lives (in France and
in Germany one in
six active soldiers
was killed) with
almost 20 million
wounded, half of
which were
maimed. The mayor
then read the official
speech by Hamlaoui
Mekachera, French
Minister Delegate
for Veterans Affairs,
before inviting all
present to join him
at City Hall for the
traditional cocktail
reception that is part
of the November 11





@stbarth.com info@stbarth.com

The villa experts since 1989
Espace du Centenaire Gustavia
(590) 590 29 75 05
In US: 800 421 3396 or 508 527 7727



t the same time as
in France, yet
actually a little in
advance, the residents of
Saint Barth had their first
taste of the 2005 Beaujo-
lais Nouveau, which
debuts the third Thursday
of November every year.
But thanks to the differ-
ence in time, the first bot-
tles on the island were
uncorked on Wednesday,
November 16 at 7pm, as
the clock stuck midnight
in France.
The warm
climate this
year has
an excep-
tional vin-
to Inter

who has
pro -
nounced the 2005 wine to
have aromas of "wild
blackberries, huckleberry,
and black currant," as well
as "red berries."
To make a bigger state-
ment in the international
market, the traditional
"Beaujolais Nouveau Has
Arrived" slogan has been
replaced this year "It is
Beaujolais Nouveau
time!"- easier to under-
stand by foreign clients,
especially the Japanese,
who since 2004 are the top
importers of the wine.
Vintner Georges Duboeuf
first introduced Bci.uij 'l.ii'
Nouveau on November
13, 1951. It is a wine from
the Beaujolais region of
France made from Gamay
grapes, and whose sale is
authorized immediately

following its fermentation.
Be.,lui l.lis Nouveau is not
a wine that keeps, and
must be consumed quick-
ly, within a few months
following the production
of 450,000 hectoliters, or
a third of the production
of Bc.i, 1.i

Close to 6000
bottles in Saint Barth

An estimated 6000 1; .ii ie,
of Beaujo-
lais Nou-
veau have
imported to
Barth. The
importer is
the Group
ASB with
3000 bot-
tles of
Georges Duboeuf, "the
inventor of Beaujolais
Nouveau." Les Grands
Vins de France have
imported 11,000 e1 ,iihilt of
Bouchard for the Northern
Islands, of which 1,400
are destined for Saint
Barth. Match supermarket
imports its own wine and
has three kinds of Beaujo-
lais Nouveau representing
a total of 900 bottles on
the shelves. All of the
orders have been delivered
to the island and could be
found as of Wednesday
evening in the markets
and wine merchants. A
short-lived product, most
of the bottles of Beaujo-
lais Nouveau are generally
sold within the first three
weeks after the launch
date each year.

L L.tdoate the top
of Me CWaW DvDOr
S/Fax: 05 90 27 92 80
830am- 12:30 pm & 3:00 7.00 pm

Ti Z6uk K' Fe



La Pri~nte Wust(via 05 90 27 90 60

Special Events
) Friday, November 18
Cocktail reception by Le Square
(open to the public) in celebration
of the opening of the "Renato Nuc-
ci" boutique. From 6pm with live
music by "Louisa and Mr.Presi-
dents," Cour Vend6me, Gustavia
) Thursday, November 24
Special Thanksgiving Dinner with
live music, Taino Lounge Bar &
restaurant, Hotel Christopher,
Pointe Milou

Live Music
) Every Evening
- Lounge mix, 7pm to lam, Bar't6,
H6tel Guanahani, Grand Cul de Sac
- "Iguane Compilation" by Mario,
6pm to 11pm, Caf6 Yacht, Gustavia
- "Black Snake" from Boston, a rhyth-
mic mix of soul and funk, from 8pm to
midnight, Bet'a Z'ailes, Gustavia
- Alan Landry, piano, from 8pm, Gaiac
restaurant, H6tel Le Toiny, Toiny
- Live concert on screen, from (. 6 1ipi
Cafe Yacht, Gustavia
) Friday, November 18
- Nilce & Philippe Nardone on piano,
musical styles from the Copacabana
to Montmartre, from 7pm, Taino

Alf J'I

''I'll k- 11- ., , '_

Lounge bar & restaurant, Christopher
H6tel, Pointe Milou
I Saturday, November 19
- Nilce & Philippe Nardone on piano,
musical styles from the Copacabana to
Montmartre, from 7pm, Taino Lounge
bar & restaurant, Christopher H6tel,
Pointe Milou
- Balearic afternoon mixed by Franky,
from 2pm, La Plage, St Jean
- Evening party with Zouk music, DJs
Vincent & Tony, Ti Zouk K'f6,
I Sunday, November 20
- The Big Mix by Guillaume, from
2pm, La Plage, St Jean
I Wednesday, November 23
- Nilce & Philippe Nardone on piano,
musical styles from the Copacabana to
Montmartre, from 7pm, Taino Lounge
bar & restaurant, Christopher H6tel,
Pointe Milou
I Thursday, November 24
- Nilce & Philippe Nardone on piano,
musical styles from the Copacabana to
Montmartre, from 7pm, Taino Lounge
bar & restaurant, Christopher H6tel,
Pointe Milou
- Latino night au Ti Zouk K'f6,

) "Women in Art," presented by the
Eve Ducharme Art Gallery, in the
wine bar at the Wall House restau-
rant on The Point in Gustavia.
) November 23-30
Jeanne Susplugas and Fabien
Verschaere, contemporary art, pho-
tos, drawings, videos. To-b.art gale-
rie, Carre d'Or, Gustavia.
Permanent exhibtis
) Hannah Moser, Petit Cul de Sac
) Antoine Heckly, Made in Saint-
Barth boutique, La Cr6ole,

Fashion Show
Every Tuesday evening, 6:30-
7:00pm, Case de l'ile, H6tel Isle de
France, Flamands

Night Club
) Every night
Feeling Zen Caf6, from 10pm, Lurin
I Thursday-Saturday,
Pumpkin, from 10pm, Gustavia
) Monday
- "Studio 54," Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- "Total Rewind", retro muisc,Yacht
Club, Gustavia
) Tuesday
- "Let People Talk," Caribbean music
by DJ Chaya, Yacht Club, Gustavia
"Funky House" by Franky, Yacht
Club, Gustavia
) Thursday
- "Ladies Night", Casa Nikki, Gusta-
- Theme Night, Yacht Club, Gustavia
) Friday
- "Magic Soul", Casa Nikki, Gustavia
- Real Yacht Party, electric music by
Chaya & guest, Yacht Club, Gustavia
) Saturday
Resident DJ Max, Casa Nikki,
- Real Yacht Party, electric music by
Chaya & guest, Yacht Club, Gustavia
) Sunday
"Surprise," Yacht Club, Gustavia

Let's Party
) Monday
"Diva's nii*hl", 100% disco, Ti St-
Barth, Pointe Milou
) Tuesday
Fashion show, Ti St-Barth,
) Wednesday
"Plastic I. I" by Carole, Ti St-Barth
) Thursday
"Angel Night," white dress code,
Ti St-Barth, Pointe Milou
I Friday & Saturday
"Real Ti Saint-Barth," cabaret & fash-
ion show, Ti St-Barth, Pointe Milou
I Sunday
- Amazing Sunday (DJ, fashion show,
showcase...), Nikki Beach, Saint-Jean
- Romantic fashion show, Ti Saint-
Barth, Pointe Milou

jjJ(Lll j 1)1((

...... ....... .......5

"It is Beaujolais Nouveau Time"!

r-- -

Every year year, Saint Barth Properties invited its clients to taste
the Beaujolais Nouveau. This year the tasting was held at
the Cave du Port Franc. Photo: Saint Barth Properties Dream Team.

Keith and Donna, Wednesday evening
at the Cellier du Gouverneur tasting
this year's Beaujolais Nouveau. Keith,
who loves Saint Barth, is here for the
ninth time since 1993.
For Donna, it's the first time.
"I love Saint Barth," she told us.

to Villa Case et Cuisine

Left to right: Dennis Carlton,
a friend, Elise Magras, Wendy
Cartlon, Dennis's mom Pat
Carlton, his niece, and in front
David Anderson

Happy Birthday to Penelope &
Francis who share, this sunday,
their big moment at la Route des
Boucaniers with friends and the
local band RMI

A marathon
to celebrate

On Sunday, November 20,
at 7:30am, the 15th annual
Gustavialoppet, a mara-
thon celebrating French-
Swedish friendship, will
start at the sports stadium
in Saint-Jean. Launched in
1991, reviving a marathon
previously organized on
the island, the Gustavia-
loppet (which means "Race
of Gustavia" in Swedish)
serves as a reminder that
Saint Barth was under
Swedish rule for almost
100 years- from 1784 to
1878, before being retur-
ned to France, its former
ruler. That is why an ave-
rage of 20 runners from
Sweden participate in this
race every year. The 2005
edition, held on Sunday,
November 20, will be no
exception to the rule. Led
by Roger Richter, 23 Swe-
des will take part in the
race.This year, the length
of the race is 10 kilometers.
You are also welcome to
participate in the event. To
do so, you must present a
medical certificate when
you sign up for the race at
the sports service at Town
Hall in Gustavia which will
be open from 8am to 11am
and 3pm to 5pm this Fri-
day, November 18. There is
also a 5 kilometer "walk"
open to all, organized in
conjunction with the Gus-
tavialoppet, that will begin
at 7:35am at the stadium in
Saint-Jean. Inscriptions
will take place on site.


Nils Dufau : A Swede in Saint-Barth
A column about islanders
by Ellen Lampert-Greaux

Though he was
born in Paris in
1970 and has a
French father, Nils Dufau
studied in Sweden and
has a personal perspective
when it comes to the
Swedish history of Saint
Barth. His Swedish moth-
er provided home school-
ing until the time he went
to boarding school in
Sweden at age 16. By
then, Nils spoke fluent
Swedish as well as
French (thanks to Papa)
and English.
"My grandparents were
teachers, so I think my
mother had it in her
blood, and I had a won-
derful childhood," says
Dufau, whose parents
decided they wanted to
leave Paris when Nils was
but five years old. "They
bought a boat and after a
cold winter in Stockholm
harbor, we crossed the
Atlantic and sailed to the
Caribbean. My parents
earned their living by
boat charters," he recalls.
By 1978, the charter busi-
ness brought them to

and I came back to help
my family," he says. "It
was great to return to the
.- place of my childhood."
Once Nils returned, he
decided to stay.
Among his many activi-
ties outside of the motor-
cycle business, he is
involved in the local
Rotary Club (and served
as its president). But
S r more importantly he is
-- very active in the ASBAS
association, a non-profit
organization that pro-
motes the friendship
Saint Barth, where they between Sweden and
arrived in the middle of Saint Barth, and whose
the 100th anniversary of main goal is to remember
the retrocession of the the island's Swedish her-
island to Sweden. itage and keep it active.
"There were Swedish He helps organize local
flags flying everywhere," events such as Pitea Day
Nils notes. "It was fantas- (the town of Pitea in Swe-
tic for my mother as a den is the twin city to
Swede. We hadn't real- Saint Barth) and the Gus-
ized how important the tavialoppet, a Swedish-
Swedish history was to style marathon that takes
the island." Once the place every year in
Dufau family discovered November (this year's
Saint Barth, they decided race is this Sunday,
Ssy, running November 20). Twenty
to stay, running the char- Swedes have come to the
ter boat business from the isnd espeiallyoinpartc
island especially to partic-
island through 1982 when ipate in the race.
they decided to stay on ipate We rac.
they decided o sty on "It is very important not to
dry land and open the forget the Swedish history
motorcycle business they of the island," Dufau
run to this day. emphasizes. "You cannot
In 1986, Nils left for prepare for the future
Sweden at the age of 16 without understanding the
and stayed to study politi- past. We want to continue
cal science as well as the traditions we have
computers and started but want to organ-
audio/visual courses at ize more activities in the
the University of Lund. future to strengthen the
He completed his military relationships." One idea is
service there as well, and a student exchange via the
did not actually return to Internet to encourage con-
Saint Barth until 1995. tact among young people.
"Hurricane Luis As Nils would say, "Halla
destroyed our business, och vlkommen."









3 f

"~' ,O

......U ....... .......5

Bar't6, la lounge attitude faqon

following a new trend, the Gua-
nahani Resort opened a stylish
lounge on November 1, and it is
the first of its kind on the island.
Enclosed and air-conditioned, with a
unique ambiance and soft lighting,
Bar'To as it is called- offers the
perfect lounge attitude, or "loungi-
tude," preferred by the 25-55 age
range. Former model Alex Dumas, a
well known hostess on the island, will
manage this new lounge at the heart of
the 4-star luxury hotel, as well as the
gourmet restaurant, Bartolom6o,
which is adjacent to Bar'T6, and
whose kitchen has been slightly
remodeled. Far from trying to be as
hip as possible, it was client satisfac-
tion that drove the creation Bar'T6.
"Our clients wanted a bar that was
open at night. This allows them to fin-
ish the evening in a festive lounge
atmosphere without having to drive, or
to simply have another drink after din-
ner," explained Marc Th6z6, director
of the Guanahani. It is the kind of
"before-after-before" place (before
dinner, after dinner, before night club)
that is very popular in France at the
moment, and is open every day from
7pm to lam. Open to guest of the
hotel, of course, but also to other
tourists as well as the local population.
The elements are in place for a perfect
lounge attitude: a personal welcome
by one of six very pretty hostesses, an
elegant decor with a mix of colors and
textures, yet very cozy and with works
by various artists to complete the pic-
ture. Plexiglas pieces by Denis Perol-

laz opens a round of exhibits chosen
from the To-b.art gallery. As far as the
all important element of music is con-
cerned, there is not a false note: DJ
Jacques Dumas, a friend of celebrated
DJs Philippe Corti and 'ipic',ii.c Pom-
pougnac (he is also Alex's husband),
has concocted the musical mix heard
during the course of the evening. In
high season when everyone wants to
party, live music and a DJ will be
added to the scene.
When it comes to the cocktail menu,
all is at perfect pitch here as well:
Franck, the bartender, and one of the
two males on the eight-person satff,

has quite a few recipes in his repertory.
His specialty? The Apple Martini, a
real treat. Another specialty of the
house is vodka. Bar'ti has 28 different
kinds of Vodka on the menu, from the
four corners of the world, including
Grey Goose from France and Tanquer-
ay Sterling from England... and of
course the best of the Russians!
Finally, for those who want a small
snack or ..,'iclii;i sweet, the menu
at Bar'To includes two special plat-
ters, one for a light meal and the other
for dessert, offering a little taste of the
excellent cuisine prepared next door
at Bartolom6o.

arki Felicia, who was married to Cerge, passed away about 10 years ago,
and has just been immortalized, at least in St Barth. Her family called
her "Gangane," a name that signifies
grandmother in Saint Barth, and as of
last week she can be seen on the doors
that separate the Petite Colombe
bakery from Le Bananier restaurant in
Colombier. Actually what you see is a
large-scale painting of Gangane by
local painter Antoine Heckly, who was
commissioned by owner Alain Gr6aux,
great-grandson of the small woman
seen in the hamac. Created on plywood
and attached to the central door panel,
the painting of Gangane is just one
part of a trompe l'keil mural that has
two additional panels. It took Antoine
Heckly a month and a half to complete
this charming acrylic triptych.




I *.
- p qm

I )jMI .
I j '



... .....




Dr Jean-Michel Valade, Jean Meyer and Benoit Delecourt

doctor at the De
Bruyn hospital natu-
rally meant that supplemen-
tary medical equipment
would be needed, especially

to take care of medical evac-
uations without taking equip-
ment needed for the emer-
gency room. With that in
mind, the board of directors
of the hospital approved a

budget in the amount of
70,000 euros to be used to
buy new equipment includ-
ing another ultrasound
machine to be used for emer-
gencies and cardiology
patients. This budget also
allows for the purchase of
duplicates for equipment that
the hospital already owns but
uses too frequently to have
serviced. Additionally, the
hospital will receive two
multiparametric controllers
that have been donated to the
hospital by the Rotary Club
of Saint Barthelemy and by
FEMUR (Foundation for
Emergency Medical Equip-
ment, a non-profit organiza-
tion founded by American
Peter Mund).

Two American companies authorized to fly to St Barth

he American flag will
once again fly over
Gustav III airport
where two American compa-
nies have recently been given
the right to fly regular flights
in and out of Saint Barth.
Since a hardening of French
civil aviation regulations
regarding charter flights, it
has been impossible for
American companies to oper-
ate in Saint Barth and no
commercial planes flying
under the Stars and Stripes
have landed on the runway in
Saint Jean since January 2,
2005. Today, things are differ-
ent. Since the beginning of
November, Air America and
Tradewind Aviation have
received the right to operate
for six months and have in
fact started to land charter
flights on the tarmac in St.
Jean. Two additional compa-
nies are still waiting for
While Air America, based in
San Juan, Puerto Rico, flew
an Aztec and a BN2 in and
out of Saint Barth for a few

years, this marks a first for
Tradewind Aviation. Based at
Oxford Airport in Connecti-
cut, this business airline has a
flotilla of eight planes, most
of which are less than five
years old. The company also
flies out of Westchester Coun-
ty Airport (New York) and
Teterboro Airport (New Jer-
sey), and from mid-October
through the end of April, out
of Saint Croix where their
Caribbean fleet includes a

Pilatus 12 and a Cessna
Grand Caravan, both set up as
"executive" planes.
Tradewind Aviation has
signed a contract with WIM-
CO, the American representa-
tive of SiBarth, which now
offers information about char-
ter flights San Juan on its
Web site.
Locally, Brice Cagan and his
company, Saint Barth Ser-
vices, will represent the two
American airlines.

After a fight with his girlfriend, the owner of a small car
that he had bought for her (but was still in his name), deci-
ded to get rid of it. Which is exactly what he did by simply
pushing the car into the harbor with the help of his other
vehicle. The car was fished out of the water the next mor-
ning. Aside from the fact that the car was totally ruined
and towed to the dump the same morning (where it will
join other wrecks), the overall damage caused by this unu-
sual incident was minor. The dock was slightly damaged as
well as the concrete mooring buoy belonging to a boat
owner, who filed a complaint. But the angry lover agreed to
repair all of the damage, and an amicable settlement was
reached after an interview with the police. In the end, no
laws were broken and no charges were pressed.




to Juliana

The general
manager of
Arrindell Avia-
tion Service
(AAS) recently
announced that
Delta Airlines
will begin its
from Atlanta
within a week's
time. As of
November 1, the
daily Airbus
flight on Air
France has been
in service, as
well as three
weekly flights
on KLM's Boe-
ing 747-400.
The number of
daily flights on
American and
American Eagle
will also
increase in
December Dur-
ing the high sea-
son, charter
company Sun
Country will
run three week-
ly flights on a
Boeing 737-800
from Minneapo-
lis/St. Paul. A
new company,
Zoom Airlines,
will fly a Boeing
767-300 every
Saturday from
the Canadian
city of Ottawa,
and Miami Air
will fly to Sint
New York on a
schedule yet to
be announced.






1~3' "


T c

Accused of capturing an endangered
species, a marine turtle weighing over 140
pounds, GL and IL were called before the
criminal court on September 15, and have
been found guilty as accused. After deliber-
ation, the verdict was announced on
November 3. Their penalty includes a fine
of 5000 euros each. But the strongest sanc-
tion was the seizure of the material used in
the capture of the marine animal: not only
the fishing nets and the boat -a Boston
Whaler- but also the pickup truck used to
transport the turtle. The judge also con-
demned both men to pay civil damages in
the amount of 500 euros to each of the fol-
lowing: Grenat, the association that man-
ages the Marine Park, and the SubProtect
association that protects the underwater
environment. On May 8, 2004, GL and IL
were surprised by two agents from the
Marine Park who found them on the beach
in Toiny, where they had just loaded their
pickup with a marine turtle over three feet
long and weighing more than 140 pounds.
The turtle, which had been imprisoned in a
large bag, was released.

Four sea snail poachers
caught on November 11
Neither wet weather nor a public holiday
stood in the way of four poachers, and did
not affect the agents of the Marine Park
either. On Friday, November 11 at 3:00pm,
the agents caught four people in the act of
poaching sea snails in the bay of Petit Cul
de Sac. Immediately contacted, the police
were soon on the scene and questioning the
four poachers, whose defense was they did
not know it was prohibited to collect sea
snails in the waters of the Marine Park's
protected zones. Considering the size of the
sea snails found in their plastic bags, these
poachers were also unaware that these uni-
valve shellfish must be of a certain mini-
mum size to be collected even outside of the
Marine Park's jurisdiction. In fact, of the
100 sea snails measured, only ten were large
enough to meet the legal minimum size of
four centimeters. The sea snails were put
back into the water and the four poachers
were taken to the police station.

Caroline and Karinette:

Get up and walk!

up~~ -. T 1

aroline and Karinette
are both handicapped.
One thanks to a car
accident the other due to poison
that attacked its central nervous
system. These two red-footed
tortoises luckily came across
Florence and Eric Demouliere
who have taken them in and
cared for them. They have had
rather unusual treatment, but
that which today allows them to
get around. The story of their
Poisoned by an anti-bee pulver-
ization, Caroline arrived at Flo-
rence and Eric's house almost
completely prostrate, with para-
lyzed feet. A treatment of vita-
min B seemed to stem the poi-
soning but did not treat the
symptoms. Two months later
things are somewhat better,
even though Caroline still suf-
fers from minor paralyzation of
her feet and has difficulty mov-
ing around. Florence continues
to carry her at meal time, but
the turtle manages to get back
to her "home" by herself.
This "home" in Florence and
Eric's garden is shared with
another "miracle tortoise,"
K.ii!i.ii., who was found in a
terrible state. Run over by a car,
her shell was seriously dam-
aged and some of her flesh had
been crushed. After an initial
antibiotic and anti-maggot
treatment at the vet, she was
given to Florence: "I contacted
an association, The Tortoise
Village of Gonfaron, in the
South of France, where there

are specialists who could offer
me advice. First, we had to
make sure that no maggots had
come back. Then for a month
and a half, we treated the
wound with diluted Betadine.
When we were sure it was
clean, Eric repaired the shell
with several layers of boat
resin, making sure not to touch
the flesh. There was still a small
hole that was eventually closed
with automobile mastic." But
K.i inii.ili was still not walking.
"Gonfaron -i 1.u ;ili that nerves
had been severed but she had
good reflex movement. So I
started physical therapy: first I
attached a sort of stabilizer to
her breastplate to facilitate
movement of her back feet.
Then I encouraged her to walk
by lifting her back end. Using
her front feet, she would take a
step, then two. But it took six
months before she really could
walk. Her walk is more of a
"tumble" but she gets around"
But things were not easy for
Karinette. Separated from other
tortoises, she was depressed,
says Florence: "Afraid of possi-
ble infection, we kept her on
our terrace (that was washed
every day with very hot water).
She would only eat frozen
string beans, she refused every-
thing else. Then one day she
would not eat, or walk. I was
sure she was depressed. So we
brought her some friends, and
within the space of one minute
she started to walk and eat

il11 a new plant installed
In Public to desalinate
ocean water, the
island's capacity to produce
drinkable water will increase
from the current level of 2300 m3
per day to a little more than 3000
m3 per day, once the new plant is
operational in December. That's
the news from Hubert Magras,
the local director of the Ucdem
(Caribbean Union for the Desali-
nation of Seawater, a division of
G6n6rale des Eaux). The new
plant is located in the former
water production plant in Public,
and is expected to produce 800
m3 of water per day, increasing to
seven the number of plants put
into service since the late 1970s
when the island began to desali-

nate the ocean to produce drink-
ing water. This increase in the
production capacity corresponds
to the demand for water which
comes close to 3000 m3 per day
in times of drought or the peak of
the tourist season. Ucdem decid-
ed to add this new plant in the
early part of 2005.
The new plant functions on the
principle of inverse osmosis. A
cutting-edge tc l'.!1i -1 intro-
duced by NASA to provide pure
water for the astronauts, inverse
osmosis is not a new method for
treating brackish water or purify-
ing city water, but it has just
recently been employed to
remove the salt from ocean water.
It is therefore the latest word in
this kind of technology.

Coiingratulanoin onth th ird edinon of the
" \l eeklh". Tho\e ot I\ iiho t on.ider our-
/el'es loyal St. Bartenl but are sernouftl
French t hallenged do apprec ate an "enlg-
lish'" piublianon. It tielp, reallyy Io be able
follow the proresv of ltfe here. especially
'illne seI7Ollu. changes are on the horizon
o or our island. Keep p the good Iwork.
I would like to onminieilnt o onne or your
arn les. namelh the one about the nmoe for
reusable bag t repla, e te perennial phl\-
rn ba'g. \liule I conniend the t onnurtee
oil a iert useful effort to mnprove the enmt-
iroinenrt I am afraid then has nor been
recognition i rlhe "Law qfi i 'iUintended
Consei'eqluee~\". I do nol know holiw other
folk\ uws the plas~n bagms in wh-ich then
g~ot erne are ae bagged. but we ii.e them fr
our nash and I lsu.pelt that mo\t other\ do
al\o. So it there re lon Iger any pla\irn gro-
tcer bags wIhere are the naM h ba.' t omiini
from.' They will have to be bought aonew
again replehinthimg the bag %upply: Seemi
1lf' to me when biodegradeable bha, are
atailalble unitersally at reasonable to't.
A great modeim olutnon tot a eniioui.
el I'ronlienltal ( oil e17m.
All the best. Herbert Rust. Deve


SQuartier du Roi
j / Anse des Cayes
S "" Tel.:
.. .T l'SIT'S HERE n^


At your service

Hair Dressing Salon Manicure
Kerastase L'Or6al

Tel. : 05 90 27 78 62

Hair care, Manucure, Pedicure
Hair Treatmen Leonor Greyl
Ist Floor Galeries du commerce
Saint-Jean T6.: 05 90 27 70 31


06 90 741 388
05 90 271 561

Christine ," P.ci iolIied

Jetn-Jtkcques Ir^ 11 11-11/
Bcrceteti BLEU t/l 1r0l,
TI I (ON II \NI )):: 0690 58 78 98*
I 14 )M U'SA : I 1 I,1?1'-) I +tk I 54 "s "s$
I IL : L 1h0rtll rkil 1rill L ittli- % Al.il .llir
h ttp:// \ .-h t IN. l l i -.i /, i Ir, l in -i-hl


0590 27 92 44

I Local Weather

High: 81 F/27 C
Wind NE
11 mph /18 km/h
Night: Clear
Low: 79 F/26 C
Wind NNE
11 mph / 18 km/h

High: 80 F/27 C
Wind WSW
2 mph / 3 km/h
Night: Clear
Low: 780 F/26 C
Wind NNE
6 mph / 10 km/h

Scattered Clouds
High: 80 F/27 C
Wind SSE
4 mph / 7 km/h
Night: Clear.
Low: 78 F / 26 C
Wind ENE
6 mph / 10 km/h

High: 80 F/27 C
Wind East
6 mph / 10 km/h
Night: Scattered Clouds.
Low: 78 F / 26 C
Wind ENE
6 mph / 10 km/h

I Driving in St Barths

The traffic circle at La
Tourmente (the top of the
i. hill near the airport) has
D altered the traffic patterns
for who has the right-of-
Sway. Now, vehicles
"" "' already engaged in the
traffic circle have priority.
.t-. Below is a small diagram
to help you figure out
What to do.



You do not
have the
right of way


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Price: 6 900 000 $
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3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bath-
rooms villa in a very pri-
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Large swimming pool, and
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Post Gustavia 05 90 27 62 00
Marine Reserve 06 90 31 70 73
church 0590279538
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S church St Barth Beach Hotel Sunday 9am


I N,,


gastronmic exc llence, ffr4 willr~l'r(

Kichn Sh ha 0ee twc oiae* o h

Cindy has created, wt Pi 00ou0
G uanah0ni. . . .

00ERATO 0e. 05 go0 27 66 6o0

p I 0
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II'(~lI4 4'1~\I BI

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