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8 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 A lmost two months have gone by since the islands of the Caribbean were hit by two Category 5 hur ricanes. Irma and Maria, the gruesome twosome, smashed into the northern Leeward Islands leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Homes were wrecked, boats sunk, infrastructure smashed. My wife and I experienced the eye of Hurricane Irma, hunkered down in our shower room with a Golden Doodle and two cats while the shrieking witch did her damndest to tear off the roof. It could have been worse, we might have been on the boat but fortunately the boat was in the yard, although at the time we had no idea if she was smashed or not and it was two weeks before I could nd out, and three weeks before I could get to her. Looking out after the storm we were met with a sight I will never forget, a sight that left us dazed and in shock. But that was then. It would be easy to dwell on the damage and there are a million stories I could tell. Some would mention heroes, others, villains, but for those of us who make our homes in the islands the story that must be told is one of recovery. Just 24 hours after the storm moved on the tiny birds returned, the cats and kittens that roam the gardens of our apartment complex, that surely must be lost, reappeared, and the iguanas were out soaking up the sun. Mother Nature began healing the island and it wasnt long before the hand of man took a turn. Slow at rst, the recovery picked up and within a month the difference was astounding. Our job at All At Sea is to continue to support and promote the islands the best way we know how. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on the positive. The Caribbean is still beautiful and, even more important, it is open for business. With help from bases in the southern Caribbean, which were undamaged by the two storms, the charter eets of the northern islands such as the BVI, USVI, and St. Maarten are coming back on line. Although some megayachts might have to adjust their itiner ary a little this season, they are coming back. Just about every Caribbean regatta reports business as usualHeineken, Caribbean 600, Antigua Sailing Week, BVI Spring Regatta, will all Gary E. Brown, Editor See you on the water! THERE C A ME A M IGH T Y WINDEDITORS LOGLike us on Follow us on Twitter go ahead and their rallying cry is Well be better than ever! The rallies are still sailing to the islands, bringing thousands of people from Europe and the US to enjoy what is, and always will be, one of the nest and most beautiful cruising and rac ing locations in the world. s vital for the economy of the northern islands that the marine industry rebuilds and that they do it quickly. Yachts and yachting support a huge workforce, decent, hardworking, highly skilled people, and we owe it to them to get the industry back on its feet. Following the storms many people were quick to donate to relief funds, it was admirable and the islands are forever grateful. However, if you really want to make a difference then bring your boat to the islands, visit the resorts, dont cancel your vacations because of a little sawing and hammering. Enjoy the islands for their hospitality, blue seas, warm trade winds, cold beer and famously infamous rum punch, none of this has changed. The spirit of the Caribbean is strong, her people resilient, friendly and welcoming and it takes more than a storm to destroy that. We hope you enjoy this edition of All At Sea we think its rather special: Atlantic rowers, Rallies to the Caribbean; yacht racing in Aruba and Grenada; a trek through the rainforest of the Spice Island; instructions on how to t a watermaker on a small boat, and the joys of sailing at night In our islands section Julian Putley takes a look at Irma and Maria in the BVI, and you can nd his storm lashed account on page 56. EV E RY MONTH, Gary records a podcast of his Column. Listen online or download from or audiovideo.html The spirit of the Caribbean is strong, her people resilient, friendly and welcoming and it takes more than a storm to destroy that.


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10 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017CARIBB E AN H URRI C AN E S: FAC T AND FI C TION There is a growing misconception that the Caribbean has been decimated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. It was not. A few islands at its Northeastern cornerprimarily Barbuda, Sint Maarten, St. Barts, Anguilla, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, St. John, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Cubadid, indeed, suffer. However, most islands south of Barbudathats Antigua, Statia, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Lucia, Martinique, St. Vincent, Bequia, the Grenadines, and Grenada were relatively untouched. I write these words from Mount Hartman Bay in Grenadawe didnt even get any rain from Hurricane Irma. The sun never went awayit was a perfect sailing afternoon here, while Barbuda was getting hammered. Thus, saying Dont go to the Caribbean, its been whacked, is like saying, Dont sail the Chesapeake, thers a gale in Maine. Another thing to bear in mind is that one of the reasons that the Caribbean chartering industry is so perfect for the local economies of the Lesser Antilles is precisely because it is so mobile. True, the posh mega-resorts on Sint Maarten wont reopen soon, but there are already arrangements being made to send unscathed bareboat charter vessels from Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Grenada to Sint Maarten and the Vir gins to ll in for their decimated eet. The fully crewed scene is even more responsivewith mar ginally-protable vessels that intended to charter elsewhere, already considering coming southward. In many ways, the charter and recreational eets of the Lesser Antilles will be the rst to recoverwith their independent power generation and their ability to make their own fresh water. If thers a silver-lining to the dark cloud of the hurricanes aftermath, its that the four hardest hit groupsthe Dutch, British, French, and American islandsrapidly had boots on the ground. The marine industry has undeniably taken a hit, but it will be the rst to spring back. All the yards, yard workers, insurance agents, surveyors, shipwrights, berglass repairmen, diesel mechanics, and gen/set troubleshooters will be busy/busy/busy. A LE TT ER FROM C A PN FATT Y G OODLA NDERL E TT E R TO T HE E DITORWas there some spasmodic looting, particularly in Sint Maarten? Yes, there was. But there has not been, as far as I know, one single act of violence related to Irma. Generally speaking, West Indians are very peaceful and tolerantwhich is why I chose to raise my daughter here. In nearly four decades of headquarter ing out the Lesser Antilles, I have not seen one single act of violence by any West Indian ever, for any reason. I was born on Englewood Avenue on the southside of the Chicagothese islands are, comparatively, a safe and crimefree Eden. Another advantage the Lesser Antilles has post-Irma is that 99% of our visitors are not here for our infrastructure but rather our nature. While Irma might have damaged our airports, buildings, and our land-based communications systemsit didnt wipe the smiles off our faces. The sail to Jost Van Dyke was just as lovely the day after Irma as it was the day before. The same can be said for beam-reaching to Anegada, or cracking sheets and running off to Culebra or running southward from trendy English Harbour in Antigua to lush Grenada or Calypso-kissed Trinidad, and beyond. Those huge lobsters hiding under the ledges of Anegada havent the foggiest there was a hurricaneit is business as usual for them. Ditto the local shthey are still as tasty and fresh as ever. In fact, the 2017/2018 season might be the best time to char ternot only because of low prices but because of empty harbors and deserted dive sites. The very best reason to visit the northeastern Lesser Antilles post-Irma is to see how our polyglot community works to gether in peace and harmony. After three circumnavigations, I can live anywhere I want on this planet. I choose to live in the Lesser Antilles because it af fords me the highest quality of life imaginableas an American sailor, husband, father, and grandfather. Yes, Irma and Maria were category ve storms but dont wor rywere a category six people! Captain Fatty, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada, September 18 2017


12 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 COVER SHOT: World ARC ... | Photo courtesy of 44 32 CA P TAINS & CRE W Sailing at Night Part 1: Dont Be Afraid of the Dark36 TEC HNI C AL T I P S & T RI C KS Watermaker on a Small Boat: It Cant Be Modular Enough!40 W OM E N AT THE HE LM For Women Who Would Like to Take the Helm44 S AILORS IN TH E N E WS Rally Proles: Bill and Linda Knowles Continued on page 14 NO V EM B ER 2017 T he Caribbeans Waterfront MagazineDEPARTM ENTS 8 EDITORS L OG 10 LE TT E R TO TH E E DITOR 16 W H E R E IN TH E W ORLD? 18 CARIBB E AN NE WS 21 EV E NT CAL E NDAR 22 S AILING H UMOR Garbage and Trash Sailing with Charlie: Boatshows 28 RA C ING C IR C UIT Galatea Tops Round Grenada Regatta R ESOUR C ES 86 I SLAND RE AL ESTATE G UID E 89 CARIBB E AN B ROK E RAG E 98 MARK E T P LA CE 106 S P ONSOR DIR EC TORY 108 T H E DISH Farm to Table or Freezer to Table! FEATURE 48 2017 F ALL CARIBB E AN RALLY R OUNDUP


14 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017ALL AT SEA CARIBBEAN16 MA P 56 B RITISH V IRGIN I SLANDS Hurricane Irma, Sage Mountain, Tortola, BVI64 ANTIGUA Team Antigua Trains for Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 70 G R E NADA Hiking Grenadas Rainforests Publisher: CHRIS KE NNAN Editorial D irector: G ARY B ROWN A rt D irector: A MY K LIN E DINST A dvertising I nquiries: (410) 929-2248 Client R elations: N I C OL E KE NNAN A ccounting, S ubscriptions: Owned and Published by Kennan Holdings, LLC 382 NE 191st Street #32381 Miami, Florida 33179-3899 phone (410) 929-2248 fax (815) 377-3831 The views and opinions of the contributors to this publication are not necessarily those of the publishers or editors. Accordingly, the publishers and editors disclaim all responsibility for such views and opinions. Check us out online 78 A RUBA Dash Wins Racing: Aruba International Regatta Earns Gold ISLAN D EVENTS & I NTERESTS70 NEXT MONTH IN ALL AT SEA : Our guide to the best of Caribbean Kayaking NOVE MB E R 2017 R ESOUR C ES 82 CARIBB E AN M ARINAS 84 CARIBB E AN B OATYARDS 85 S OUTH E AST U.S. MARINAS & B OATYARDSPHOTOS BY R OSIE B URR


16 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 Caribb ea nS ea G ulf of Me xic o At lantic Oc ea n Bahamas Curaao Bonaire Arub a Turks & Caicos Island s Great Inagua Island Ma yaguana Island Rum Ca y Sa nS alv ador Ca tI sland Eleuther aI sland Abac oI sland New Pr ovidenc e Andros Island Grand Bahama I. Crooke dI sland L ong Island L ong Ca y Great Exuma Ac k lins Island Grand Cayman Little Cayman Cayman Brac Cayman Island s Montserrat U.S. Virgin Island s British Virgin Island s Anguilla St .M aa rt en/St. Mar tin St .B ar thele my Guadeloup e Cayo sM is ki to s Archipielago de Bocas del To ro Tobag o Trinidad St. Vincent & Bequia The Grenadines St. Luci a St. Kitts & Nevis Martiniqu e Grenad a Dominic a Barbado s Barbud a Antigua C olombia Puerto Ric o Panama Nicaragu a Jamaic a Hait i Dominican Republi c Cuba F lorida, USA Costa Rica Ve nezuela Carriacou Marie-Galante St. Eustatius Saba I S LAND E V EN T S & I N T ERES T S ALL AT SE A S Caribbean Coverage W HERE IN T HE W ORL D? Congratulations P at and P atrick and thanks for reading A LL AT S E A COOL C USTOM E RS All At Sea readers have taken the magazine to many cool places but I think Pat and Patrick Carney might top them all. This is Pat on a recent visit to the Qooroq Ice Fjord and surrounding fjords in Southern Greenland. Pat notes the glacier in the Qooroq fjord calves about 200,000 tons of icebergs on a daily basis ranging in color from pure white to a stunning, stunning blue. s quite different sampling 1000 year old ice with your gin and tonic ... said Pat raising a glass to her Greenland adventure and the Caribbeans favorite waterfront magazine. Send us a high-resolution picture of you reading All At Sea along with a description of when and where it was taken, and you may win a free subscription. We will select one winner a month. Please send images & your information to: or mail to: 382 N E 191st S treet #32381, M iami, F lorida, 33179-3899. We going to need more gin!


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 17 Caribb ea nS ea G ulf of Me xic o At lantic Oc ea n Bahamas Curaao Bonaire Arub a Turks & Caicos Island s Great Inagua Island Ma yaguana Island Rum Ca y Sa nS alv ador Ca tI sland Eleuther aI sland Abac oI sland New Pr ovidenc e Andros Island Grand Bahama I. Crooke dI sland L ong Island L ong Ca y Great Exuma Ac k lins Island Grand Cayman Little Cayman Cayman Brac Cayman Island s Montserrat U.S. Virgin Island s British Virgin Island s Anguilla St .M aa rt en/St. Mar tin St .B ar thele my Guadeloup e Cayo sM is ki to s Archipielago de Bocas del To ro Tobag o Trinidad St. Vincent & Bequia The Grenadines St. Luci a St. Kitts & Nevis Martiniqu e Grenad a Dominic a Barbado s Barbud a Antigua C olombia Puerto Ric o Panama Nicaragu a Jamaic a Hait i Dominican Republi c Cuba F lorida, USA Costa Rica Ve nezuela Carriacou Marie-Galante St. Eustatius Saba U.S.V.I. B.V.I. P AG E 78 Dash Wins Racing: Aruba International Regatta Earns Gold P AG E 64 Team Antigua Trains for Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge P AG E 56 Hurricane Irma, Sage Mountain, Tortola, BVI


18 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 T H E INT E RNATIONAL SAILING C OMMUNITY R E S P ONDS TO H URRI C AN E I RMA AND M ARIA wo highlights of the many fund-raising activities planned are Sail Aid UK holding a Black Tie/Loud Shirt gathering on the Flight Deck at Land Rover BAR in Portsmouth on November 11th; and the Andrew Simpson Foundation, the Sailing Char ity pledging all monies raised from this years edition of Barts Bash to rebuilding of community sailing projects affected by Irma, said Deborah Miller of Regatta Guru, shortly before she returned to the Caribbean from the UK. It is clear that the thousands of racers and cruisers who con sider the NE Caribbean their winter home will help rebuild and will return, Miller said.V IRGIN I SLANDS CHARTE R Y A C HT S HOW WILL GO AH E AD Although St. Thomass Yacht Haven Grand may still be under going repairs, management have conrmed that the Virgin Islands Charter Yacht Show will motor ahead. es, the show will go on and we are open to registration both for vessels and for vendors to exhibit at the marine expo on the rst night of the November 11th, said Oriel Blake, Execu tive Director of the VI Professional Charter Association.S T. M AARTE N Y A C HT CLUB HE IN E K E N RE GATTASupport for the St Maarten Heineken Regattas 38th edition has been overwhelming their Facebook posting announcing that the 2018 edition would go ahead attracted over 1,900 likes, 700 shares and countless messages of support within days. It is with that friendly determination that we will continue with preparations for the 38th edition of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. The regatta will go ahead, and it will be a very special edition indeed. Its organization and presentation will be a symbol of the spirit of St. Maarten, a club spokesperson said. Although some yachts were destroyed in St. Maarten, much of the marine infrastructure remains intact, including sail lofts, riggers, and the marine stores. The YCs main building remained intact. One way to help the island and show your support is to come T HE CA RIBB E A N IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS IGYs Yacht Club at Isle de Sol Simpson Bay, St. Maarten


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 19 and visit and participate in the 38th St. Maarten Heineken Re gatta 1-4 March 2018, the club said. CHRISTO P H E H ARBOUR, S T. K ITTS AND NE VIS R EP ORT MINIMAL IMP A C T FROM H URRI C AN E I RMA The 2,500-acre resort and superyacht marina destination on the southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts, reported that the community and the larger island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis were spared signicant damage from Hurricane Irma. In a press release issued shortly after the passing of Hurricane Irma, Christophe Harbour reported that they were open and operational and providing fuel and berthing for vessels displaced by the storm and that the new Park Hyatt St. Kitts Chris tophe Harbour is still scheduled to open 1 November 2017. As tourism and yachting are mainstays of the larger Caribbean economy, Christophe Harbour joins its neighboring islands in encouraging continued travel to the region this season. Doing so will not only minimize the storms larger economic impact, but also ensure those who were affected recover quickly.G OOD N E WS FROM ENGLISH H ARBOUR, A NTIGUA Although Barbuda was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma, the island of Antigua reported little damage and escaped the monsters maw virtually unscathed. According to the website, it was full steam ahead as the island geared up for another Caribbean yachting season. They reported all boatyards, marinas, docks and anchorages intact and that for their charter and service com panies it was business as usual. Planning for our upcoming regatta season continues apace as we look forward to some brilliant sailing and yachting, the website said. Franklyn Braithwaite, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association conrmed that the Caribbean is open for business. Many people have been in touch to check that Antigua is still up and running. We thank them immensely for their concern for our island; we have been lucky. Many people have asked how they can help the affected islands. My best advice is to come to the region in the coming season as planned. I have told people not to change their plans, register early for events and come and enjoy your favorite yachting destinations. That will ensure that our economies continue to receive much needed support throughout the regatta season, Mr Braithwaite said. Here is a snapshot of the events Antigua already have planned for what promises to be an unforgettable season: Antigua Charter Yacht Show AYC Round the Island Race Antigua Superyacht Challenge Jolly Harbour Valentines Regatta Antigua 360 10th RORC Caribbean 600 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta Antigua Sailing Week Antigua to Bermuda Race S O U RC E : B ARBUDA REC OV E RY & CONSE RVATION T RUST In response to the devastation from Hurricane Irma, the San Diego-based Waitt Institute established the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust to provide humanitarian assistance to the hurricane-ravaged island of Barbuda. The International Community Foundation administers this emergency relief fund pro-bono allowing 100% of donations to go directly to the people of Barbuda. The partners released the following joint statement to enhance public understanding about the Trust and provide the most effective emergency aid, promising complete transparency and government coordination. Jacob James, the Waitt Foundations Managing Director, and a Board Member and diplomatic advisor to the Waitt Institute, said: The International Community Foundation (ICF) is one of the most respected charitable fund-managers in the world. The Waitt Institute and Waitt Foundation selected ICF not only for their demonstrated competence and expertise in environmental disaster response, but for their trustworthiness and generosity. ICF has agreed to manage the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust with 0% overhead. This means no administrative costs, allowing 100% of donations to go di rectly to Barbuda. Their generosity to the people of Barbuda in this time of crisis is extraordinary


20 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 CA RIBB EAN NEW S Contributions to the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust can be made at: www. 100% of monies donated will go directly to Barbuda and its people. CARIBB E AN S AILING A SSO C IATION NE WS The Caribbean Sailing Association an nounced that the regions planned regattas and sailing events are expected to proceed this season without interruption. The building process is already well underway in the islands damaged by recent hurricanes and the CSA is condent that regattas and events across the region will proceed as planned, said Caribbean Sailing Association President Kathy Lammers Those regattas and events are key contributors to local economies so we strongly encourage everyone to proceed with plans to visit the Caribbean in the coming sea son. The sun will shine, the water will be warm and the trade winds will guarantee great sailing.NE WS FROM HE MINGWAY M ARINA, CUBA Commodore Escrich, of the Hemingway International Yacht Club in Cuba, contacted All At Sea magazine to report that the headquarters of the famous yacht club did not suffer serious damage and that HIYC of Cuba was ready to welcome its members and guests. No vessel was harmed at Marina Heming way, proving that this marina offers good shelter for boats in case of hurricanes and storms, Escrich said. He added, For our part, we are very concerned about the damages our friends may have suffered in Caribbean islands and the south of Florida. Island Global Yachting was quick to mobilize their clean up efforts following the passing of Hurricane Irma. Staff, working alongside contrac tors immediately went to work on critical repairs in order to make facilities operational. In a release, IGY said they were optimistic that their marinas would be operational in most, if not all, affected locations for the upcoming winter season, and promised to provide frequent updates on both specic operational capabilities and the state of the surrounding infrastructure upon which their facilities, to some degree, rely. The release concluded: Hurricane Irma has not only affected IGYs marinas, but also the Caribbeans nautical tourism industry. Small business is critical to the overall health of the international maritime sector and IGY intends to lead the way in the recovery of local marine trades affected during one of the strongest storms in history. IGY will be a pivotal force in helping the maritime industry throughout the Caribbean bounce back stronger than before. IGY F ULLY OPE RATIONAL M ARINAS: Montauk Yacht Club Resort and Marina Montauk, NY North Cove Marina at Brookeld Place Manhattan, NY National Harbor Marina Washington D.C., MD, VA Rodney Bay Marina Rodney Bay, St. Lucia Red Frog Island Beach Resort & Marina Bocas del Toro, Panama Marina Santa Marta Santa Marta, Colombia Marina Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Maximo Marina St. Petersburg, FL One Island Park Marina Miami Beach, FL M ARINAS CURR E NTLY U ND E R REP AIR: The Marina at Oretega Landing Jacksonville, FL Blue Haven Resort & Marina Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Marina at Yacht Haven Grande Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas American Yacht Harbor Marina Red Hook, St. Thomas Yacht Club at Isle de Sol Simpson Bay, St. Maarten Simpson Bay Marina Simpson Bay, St. Maarten EDITOR S NOT E : T his information was issued in mid September as All At Sea prepared this edition for publication. For current information relating to I GY marinas, please visit: IGY MARI NAS P OST H URR IC ANE IRM A U P D ATE


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 21 Offshore Risk Management Better Boat Insurance Better Aviation Insurance Specialty Risks Insurance Anywhere. Anytime. F LAGS PROVIDED BY FLAGSPOT NET ST. CROIX, USVI N OV E MB E R 18 Golden Hook Wahoo Tournament ST. T HOMA S US VI NOV E MB E R 21 VIGFC Wahoo Wind-Up Fishing Tournament 340-775-9144 S AILING R EGATTA: A NTIG U A DECE MB E R 31 Nelsons Pursuit Race yachtclub@candw.agST. BARTHELEMY (ST. BARTH) N OV E MB E R 13 20 St Barth Cata Cup ST. JOHN, USVI NOV E MB E R 25 26 Coral Bay Yacht Club Annual Thanksgiving Regatta T ORTOLA, BVI NOV E MB E R 4 Carey Olsen DoubleHanded Race racing/careyolsen doublehandedrace.html +1-284-494-3286 NOV E MB E R 18 Budget Marine Round Tortola Race 284-494-3286 D ECE MB E R 16 Commodors Race & Annual Club Prizegiving EV ENT C AL END A R Please send future events to This month and next months events are currently published here and at Your specific area may or may not be shown based on identified activities for these months.B OAT S HOW : A NTIG U A DECE MB E R 4 10 Antigua Charter Yacht Show 268-460-1059 FORT L A U DERDALE, FL NOV E MB E R 1 5 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 800-940-7642 C RUISING R ALLY : H AMPTON, VA NOV E MB E R 1 16 The Caribbean 1500 Rally to the Caribbean NOV E MB E R 2 Salty Dawg Fall Rally to the Caribbean (free) hank@saltydawgsailing.orgN EWPORT, RI N OV E MB E R 1 Annual N.A.R.C. RALLY Newport to Caribbean offshorepassage@ 1-800-4-PASSAGeF ISHING T OURNAMENT : A NEGADA, BVI N OV E MB E R 3 5 Captain Lowell Wheatley Memorial Game Fish Tournament www.bvisportshing BIMINI, BAHAMA S NOV E MB E R 9 12 BBGC Wahoo Smackdown BWatson@biggameclub (954) 462-3400


22 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017As best as I can determine, Carolyn said, our boat is trash were garbage! Ah, dirt-dwellers! They are always adding more rules about garbage (organics) and trash (inorganics). Shipboard waste is an increasing problem for the cruising sailor. Hers how we handle our trash and garbage aboard Ganesh our 43foot ketch. First off, we never throw plastic overboardnot the slightest bit. Second, we do everything pos sible never to cast a sheen upon the water. Thus, we never intentionally dump fuel or oil into the water. (Notice my possible and intentionally qualiers here.) Why use these qualiers? Because to be alive is to pollute. Id love to tell you that in my 57 years of liv ing aboard that Ive never spilled a drop of fuel in the waterbut I cant. All humans poop occasionally. We might like to pretend otherwise and believe that Mother Theresas defecations are intrinsically different than Charlie Mansonsbut theyre not. Mine stinks. So does yours. I have a friend who owns a house on a bay in Grenada where I often anchor. He likes me and I like him. We often have dinner together. There are three cars in his driveway; a motor cycle, and two lawn mowers in his garage. Oh, yeah: he has a weed whacker and leaf blower in their too. His large house is SAILING HUMOR BY CAPN FATTY GOODLANDER GARBA G E AND TRASH W e were attempting to clear into Babylon after one of our circumnavigations, when the U.S. Customs ofcial began quizzing us about our trash and garbage. Evidently I looked confused because he handed my wife Carolyn a booklet that explained the legal difference. Carolyn knitted her brow as she read, while I twiddled my thumbs. Growing impatient, I nally said, Well?


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 23 air-conditioned on a setting called morgue. He has a giant refrigerator, a freezer, and twin icemakers. Because he lives in de islands, mon, he also has a diesel gen eratoroh, and a portable Honda gasoline generator too. His house looks great; one local kid mows the lawn (and fertilizes it) every week, while another local kid drops in to soap-up the cars. Y es, he has a jet ski and little speedboat to sh out of. Y ou cruisers are awful, he occasionally says to me. Y ou dont pay taxes and you poop everywher My point is that he doesnt see his own pollution. He only sees the other guys pollution. We all like that, to greater and lesser degrees. Of course, my saying we never throw plastics overboard is easier said than done. Okay, lets say I am drinking a Coke in a plastic bottle. Lets also say I am on a 48-day offshore passagewhich is how long it took us to sail nonstop from the Panama Canal to Papeete, Tahiti. After I nish drinking, the rst thing I do is to rinse out the bottle with salt water and toss it somewhere below. Later, we rerinse it (fresh water this time), stow the cap in a different spot, and carefully slice up the plastic bottle (with a pair of small industrial tin snips) so that it takes up minimal space. Then we stow these compacted pieces in an airtight container. Alas, most of our food comes in plastic jars, plastic sacks, plas tic containersplastic/plastic/plastic! This is especially a problem in Americawhere plastic is INSIDE of plastic that is WRAPPED in plastic and grouped into SIX PACKS with plastic. Thus, each food jar and sack must be thoroughly cleaned, cut, and stowed in an airtight, watertight container. Why? Because after a couple of hours in the tropics my onboard garbage will start to stink to high heaven even the salt water will stink (like low tide) if the drops collect. This requires considerable time and effort on our part. Sure, if were just day sailing we can temporarily toss a bag of tightly sealed garbage in the dinghy asternnot so, in 24-foot seas on the way to New Zealand.


24 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017Speaking of New Zealand, the customs ofcials there are par ticularly serious. They conscate most cooked and uncooked foodsfresh food, frozen, preserved, packaged, or dried. Home-canning is also a no-no. Meat, dairy products, sh, and honeythey steal them all. Plants? Forgetaboutit Fruits, owers, fungi, cane, bamboo, straw, wood No, you dont clear into New Zealand lightlynot if youre on a tight budget and dont like to watch (on an empty stomach) all your expensive food be carted away for incineration. My health, of course, is important me. Thus I try to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. In New Zealand they sell Pacic Rose applesso crisp, so juicy, so avorful. Carolyn bought many pounds of them just as we cleared out to sail north to Tonga. She wrapped each one individually in newspaper to help preserve them. Alas, the customs guys in Tonga conscated all that were left when we cleared in there. Bummer! Oh, well. Thats life. So that afternoon we went to the local market to buy more apples. Good news, theyd just gotten some in, juicy ones, prewrapped in newspapers from NZ! How convenient eh! Not only must your waste plastics be cleanthey must be well-stowed. Weve tried to put them in plastic bags and stow them on the aft deck, but we ripped those plastic bags while reeng our mizzen or working on the aft deck. So the bottom line isyou have to thoroughly clean and compact your plastics. So much for plastics. What about organics? Offshore, we deep-six itsailor-talk for tossing it overboard. Basically, we have two modes: coastal, where well be into a harbor soon, and offshore mode, where we are in deep water far offshore and wont be in port anytime soon. Example: We spent four and half months in the Indian Ocean between garbage bins. Thats a long time. We have a bottle-bottom-buster, a heavy metal rod with a knob on one end. Every few days offshore, Carolyn puts on gloves, dons her safety glasses, and sits on the aft deck to shatter the bottoms out of her wine bottles over the side. ( Y es, you gotta use the eye protection and gloves. Y ou dont want a shard of glass in your eye offshore!) All galley organics are NEVER mixed in with our plastic gar bage offshore (additional cleaning)but rather collected in a special pot and periodically tossed over. Metal (rusts) and aluminum cans (corrode) are multi-punctured and deep-sixed. This means that, even if you toss the metal and glass, you will still have a large pile of plastics. Luckily, we have a place to stow this belowdecksmost boats art so lucky. However, we certainly couldnt stow four and half months of plastics while limin (relaxing) in Chagos. Thus we burn our plastics to ash. How? We take them to a beach and dig hole below the high tide line. Then we burn them with the help of a little gas or kerosene. Weve done this repeatedly in the same area and later dug up that areaeither nding nothing or only a slight discoloration in the sand. Of course, ALL the plastic must be ash and some times that last little bit can be stubborn, especially if it gets wet. Ideally, of course, it would be cool to leave and arrive at the same exact weightto leave nothing out there but bubbles. But we live and sail in the real world, and this is how we manage our waste while on passage. Capn Fatty Goodlander and his wife Carolyn recently nished their third circumnavigation. Fatty is the author of Chasing the Horizon and numerous other marine books. His latest, Storm Proong your Boat, Gear, and Crew, is out now. Visit: fatty goodlander.comS AILING H UMOR We have a bottle-bottom-buster, a heavy metal rod with a knob on one end. Every few days offshore, Carolyn puts on gloves, dons her safety glasses, and sits on the aft deck to shatter the bottoms out of her wine bottles over the side.


26 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017I s that time of year again for annual boatshows where yachts strut their stuff and convince the brokers who book them that there is only one yacht that can provide the vacation experience of a lifetime Y ours. For weeks before the event crews are seen maintaining, cleaning, varnishing and polishing. Thers nothing like the smell of fresh varnish; it says nautical luxury. Y acht interiors are spruced up with new and colorful upholstery, linens, cur tains and cushions. When all is spick and span the water-toys are attractively displayed. Photographs are exhibited showing SAILI N G WITH C HARLI E : B OA T SHOW S SAILING HUMOR BY JULIAN P UTLEY G RAPHICS B Y A NOUK SYLVES TRE happy guests being dragged behind your fast dinghy in an inatable ring, waving happily; sliding down a chute, perhaps, or wobbling along on stand-up paddleboards. Some crews offer a photographic diary of the cruise, or even a short video great advertising! Y our guests will denitely want good photographs to send home immediately by social media to make sure friends are envious, Look, were having so much fun here and youre not. Brokers will be looking for crews that will be compatible with their clients, so you need to get all your answers right. Y ou


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 27may be questioned on how you would interact with certain guests. If youre catering to honeymoon couples then discretion is important. If you were on a romantic honeymoon cruise and your new deckie blurted out, Last night I was up checking the anchor Did you hear that thumping noise? It went on for half the night. This would be embarrassing if the guests were within earshot. If you insisted on playing a Bach concerto whilst the eight guys on their bachelor party were swilling beer and waiting to go to the rave at the beach bar then you might not be enhancing their evening. Food is important. Crewed charters are expensive so great cuisine is imperative. Dedicated chefs will enter a contest, which will include hors doeuvre, entre and dessert. There are things to remember here because professional chefs will be judging your submissions. They will examine appearance (creativity and originality is important), ingredients (local ingredients get points), texture (whether cooked properly) and, of course, avor. Here are a few clues: Before the judges arrive at your boat, have cool glasses of Planters Punche ready to serve and dont be stingy with the rum. Engage the judges with mouth-water ing descriptions of your dishes and when a bit of merriment becomes evident (happy judges are favorable judges) offer your dishes for tasting. Portions should not be huge but must look original, elegant and appetizing, like an edible Picasso painting perhaps; garnish is important. Dishes must be delectable and perfectly cooked. Y ou cant get away with rubbery, overcooked offerings dressed up with drops, blobs and swirls of doubtfully edible goo this doesnt fool anyone. A sprig of mint, a raspberry on a chocolate creation, a trufe on a pate these are more appropriate. With a bit of luck, youll win a prize and ensuing photos can be added to your web site and brochure. For a solid three days brokers will be quizzing you on every detail and taking copious notes. There are parties, theme days, happy hours Make sure you attend them all and suck up to every broker around. The more youre in their faces the more likely they will remember you but a word of warning, dont drink too much, no politics or religion, and watch the dirty jokes. The idea is to leave the brokers with the feeling that, ow yachties have the most fun of anyone on the planet! Finally, its all over. Sit back and relax and wait for the deposits to come rolling in. Julian Putley is the author of The Drinking Mans Guide to the BVI, Sunfun Calypso, and Sunfun Gospel. JOLLY HARBOURANTIGUATHE MARINAA safe and secure destinationFree broadband WIFI on your boat 24 hour security with CCTV Port of entry Competitive rates Fully serviced concrete docks 155 marina slips suitable for vessels up to 65 ft. Harbour dockage available for yachts 70-200 ft. Resort facilities adjacent shopping Restaurants, bars and large, well-stocked supermarket 18 hole golf course, gym, tennis, large pool Short walk to glorious sandy beach Budget Marine Chandlery, fuel dock Showers and laundry Long term special rates RESERVATIONS RECEOMMENDED. SECURE YOUR BOOKING NOW! +1 (268) 462 6041 or 6042 BUSINESS AS USUAL!


28 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 GALATEA TOPS R OUND GRENADA R E G A TT A R A C ING CIR C UI T CAROL M. BAREUTHERS ailors enjoyed lots of late summer racing in Grenada. Fourteen boats set sail in the two-day Round Grenada Regatta, held August 19th-20th, and a dozen teams competed in the rst J/24 Match Race on Sep tember 17th. Both events were hosted by the Petit Calivigny Y acht Club (PC Y C) and both produced some great stories of competition and camaraderie. Wind, at rst too much and then too little, was a theme at the 3rd Round Grenada Regatta. In fact, Barbados lashing by then Tropical Storm Harvey almost prevented well-known J/24 sailor, Gus Reader, on his Shakin from sailing south. In fact, Reader and his crew just made it to the start line off Le Phare Bleu in time for the race back north to Carriacou. Decent winds on the south coast kept the three J24s with spinnakers in contention and in the lead until the dreaded west coast Grenada calms, where everyone sat for hours turnP HOTO : S TEVE B RETT


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 29 GALATEA TOPS R OUND GRENADA R E G A TT A JOLLY HARBOURANTIGUATHE BOATYARDF or safe and secure storageFull service yard for 225 boats New 75 ton Marine Travelift Storage on concrete Welded stands, tie downs to ground anchors Cradles for boats 35-75 feet in designated areas Secure dingy and outboard storage 40 self-storage lockers 3 pits for race boats Quarantine areas for mast out boats DIY yard with marine trades on site Boat management service Experienced staff SPECIAL OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE CHECK WEBSITE +1 (268) 462 6041 or 6042 BUSINESS AS USUAL! R ichard A merling, third place in J/24 Match R ace Close racing in P C Y s J/24 Match R ace among 12 teams. T he teams sailed three boats and changed boats after each race P HOTO : S TEVE B RETT


30 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017R A C ING CIR C UI T ing gently in circles, says Reader, who ultimately nished eighth overall against larger boats like winner, Galatea a 72ft Bermudian yawl, and second in the J/24 class behind Grenadas Robbie Y earwoods Die Hard. From there, it was who the wind gods favored like Julie Rule (Chris Hellburs Elan 37) inshore, Galatea in the middle and Am Bushe (Rene Froehlichs J/24) on the outside, who got breeze from somewhere while the rest of us sat like rubber duckies in a bathtub. When the breeze nally picked up, we almost got Am Bushe and stayed ahead of Die Hard to nish rst, second and third, respectively, by the time we reached Tyrrell Bay. Great party, and great spirit that night in Carriacou, not about who won or lost, mostly about being ther The next days race from Carriacou back to Grenada was abandoned due to lack of wind. One boat, Galatea did nish the second leg under sail and was declared the overall winner. The eet started in good wind but halfway a squall came through, took the wind away and it never really came back, says Judd Tinius, Galatea s owner and skipper. Being as I have no engine, we were forced to stick it out and nish the race when all others either motored or got towed in. We had a lot of fun and I will denitely do this event again next year The J/24s were back and the boat of choice for the PCY s newest match race. The PC Y C has organized monthly Hobie Cat match races for some years, explains commodore Rene Froehlich. Robbie Y earwood) came up with the idea to now have J24 match rac es. He secured two more J24s, plus his own, so we had three boats. A date was set right after the Round Grenada Regatta, we had about three weeks to organize and very quickly eager teams booked the 12 spots. On the Saturday prior to the race teams had a chance to practice on the water. The breeze was great, the boats went out, and the teams had fun. Then Sunday, the actual race day, the seas were at and there was no breeze when sailors arrived at the course. Thankfully, the wind freshened a half hour later and racing was on for the day. Each team raced three times, each time on a differ ent boat. At the end of the day, it was Jason Crs Team Palm Tree Reserve which won all the races and the overall title. The two second place teams, Richard Flemings Skinny Guys and Richard Amerlings SGU Yacht Club, each had the same number of points and had to race one more time for second and third place. In that sail off, Richard was over early at the start and I got out in the lead, says Amerling. Then downwind, I was get ting fuzzy because it was late in the day and I didnt have a game plan in mind. We went around the leeward gate, split in opposite directions and Richard got the better breeze. s also a very good sailor. We had speed issues too. We later saw that we were dragging a fender in the water. I really loved sailing with this nucleus of a one design J/24 class here in Grenada and I hope we do mor The PC Y C J/24 Match Race was sponsored by North Y acht Shop, Clarkes Court Boatyard & Marina, Adrift Restaurant & Bar and Westerhall Rums Grenada. For full results, visit: Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian. P HOTO : S TEVE B RETT P HOTO : S TEVE B RETT Jason Crew, winner of the J/24 Match R ace THE MARINE WAREHOUSE GUARANTEE:We ship faster and cheaper than anyone in the business. We give the widest possible choice of products from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. We control the quality and accuracy of all orders, assuring that you get exactly what you ordered. We offer 60% discount on FedEx worldwide. MARINE WAREHOUSE Tough, reliable and thoroughly tested range of aluminium hulled RIBs OH, THE THINGS YOU COULD DO IF YOU HAD ALL THE WATER YOU NEEDED!Making Fresh Water, Worldwide. Phone: 305-635-0776 Marine Warehouse Your Global Chandlery Tardieu Marine, Chaguaramas, 868-634-4150, tt@marinewarehouse.netwww.marinewarehouse.netPANAMA CURAAO TRINIDAD MIAMI GRENADA MALAYSIA POLYNESIA AUSTRALIA YOUR GLOBAL CHANDLERY


THE MARINE WAREHOUSE GUARANTEE:We ship faster and cheaper than anyone in the business. We give the widest possible choice of products from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. We control the quality and accuracy of all orders, assuring that you get exactly what you ordered. We offer 60% discount on FedEx worldwide. MARINE WAREHOUSE Tough, reliable and thoroughly tested range of aluminium hulled RIBs OH, THE THINGS YOU COULD DO IF YOU HAD ALL THE WATER YOU NEEDED!Making Fresh Water, Worldwide. Phone: 305-635-0776 Marine Warehouse Your Global Chandlery Tardieu Marine, Chaguaramas, 868-634-4150, tt@marinewarehouse.netwww.marinewarehouse.netPANAMA CURAAO TRINIDAD MIAMI GRENADA MALAYSIA POLYNESIA AUSTRALIA YOUR GLOBAL CHANDLERY


32 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 S A ILI N G A T NIG H T P ART 1: D ON T B E AFRA I D OF T HE D ARKCA PT AINS & CR EW BY R OGER MAR S HALL A re you afraid of sailing after dark? Many sailors are. They gure that if they fall over the side at night theyll never be found or that theyll make a mistake and steer the boat onto the rocks. There is really no need for such fears. With a little practice and some of the newer gizmos you can put to sea at night without trepidation. GETTIN G USED TO S AILIN G AT N I G HT Going sailing at night can be a lot of fun. Stars are more visible than on shore. The moon rises with wonderful majesty from the eastern horizon and your boat leaves a trail of white frothed foam that makes a night sail something special. If you are lucky you will have a pod of dolphins swim at the bow making night time sailing totally enchanting. Y oull also nd that everything seems to be different at night. Even though weather conditions havent changed, the sea may feel rougher and the wind stronger. Things seem to be Watching the sun go down is one of the joys of sailing at night D usk, s time to set the watch


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 33 more concentrated. For example, in a strong breeze on a dark night you may seem to be sailing down a tunnel. PRACTICE FIRST If you have any doubts about night sailing, practice by sailing in the evenings on moonlit nights. Sail during the late after noon and then up to about ten-o-clock at night. Gradually stay out later and later, until you feel condent about sailing until dawn. Y oull nd that you feel most tired between the hours of 2am and 4am. This is when the body is at its lowest ebb. Its natural to feel sleepy at times, which is why mariners set up watch systems. N I G HT VISION If you are coming on watch in the dark, rst get your night vision. Vision needs time to acclimate to the darkness. It takes about 20 minutes to half an hour after being in a brightly-lit cabin for your eyes to see in the dark with maximum efciency. This means that you should get on deck early and become acquainted with the darkness before you take the helm. Once you can see relatively well in the dark, look only at red lights such as those on the compass. Turn your red instrument lights down very low with the dimmer, so that they will not hamper your night vision. Use only red lights in the cabin at night to help preserve night vision. This also means using only red lights when rousing the off watch. Once you have your night vision, dont go near bright lights unless you really have to, because it will take another ten to twenty minutes to get your night vision back. WATCH SYS TEM S : F O U R HO U R WATCHES12 midnight to 4am Middle watch 4am to 8am Morning watch 8am to 12 noon Forenoon watch 12 noon to 4pm Afternoon watch 4pm to 6pm First dog watch 6pm to 8pm Last or second dog watch 8pm to midnight First watch S WEDISH S YSTEM 12 midnight to 6am 6am to 10am 10am to 2pm 2pm to 6pm 6pm to midnight Alternatively this system can start at 2am instead of midnight. This makes the night watches slightly less strenuous.


34 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017CA PT AINS & CR EW H ELMIN G IN THE D ARK When hand steering at night, dont stare at the compass and rigidly hold the boat on course. Watching the compass can mesmerize you and help you fall asleep. As John Maseeld said, All you need is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. Look for a star in front of the boat and try to sail toward it. Check your course on the compass or you will gradually follow the star eastwards as it moves across the heavens. ( Y ou can also sight on a cloud if it is overcast, but you will need to check the compass more frequently because clouds move faster than stars.) On a sailboat, feel where the wind is coming from and keep it there in relation to the boat. Occasionally, check astern. Y our wake will tell you if you are veering off course. Dont shine the ashlight back toward the cockpit or you will ruin the night vision of the helmsman. Boatyard full moon: O ne of the joys of arriving at the boatyard in the middle of the night is howling at the moonS AFETY F IRST Make it a rule that everybody wears a harness (and is clipped on) or lifejacket when on deck at night no matter what the conditions are like. On a powerboat at night, I recommend that you wear a lifejacket. If you wear a harness and fall over the side you could get dragged under the boat when it is moving at speed. If a crew goes forward, one of the afterdeck should keep an eye on them to enable an immediate response should something unexpected happen. It also helps to give every watch member a ashlight or strobe and a whistle attached to their lifejacket. Should they fall off the boat the ashlight or whistle could help you nd them. Personal EPIRBs and transponders are also useful to have onboard at night. Roger Marshall has written 14 boating related books including his latest, Fiberglass Repair Illustrated.


This is a beautifully remodeled and pristine family home, on the desirable East End of St. Thomas. The home is within walking distance to both the town of Red Hook and peaceful Vessup Beach, and just steps from the VI Montessori School / Peter Gruber Academy. It has a total of 6700 square feet of indoor space, and an additional 2000 square feet of outside decks. There are a total of eight bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, making this a perfect candidate as a vacation rental for AirBnB or VRBO/Homeaway. other to help pay the mortgage. Other features include: and is ideal for large families or rental income. $1,890,000 your electric bill power outages CONTACT : Kirk Boeger, David Jones Real Estate


36 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 WA T ERMAKER ON A S MA LL B OA T : I T CANT BE M ODU L AR E NOU G H! T EC HNI C AL TI P S & TRI CK S S TOR Y AND PHOTOS B Y BIRGIT H A C KL W hen you look at the glossy pictures in brochures, the displayed watermaker units are usually mounted on a wall, all parts easily ac cessible and elegantly connected with short tubes. Watermaker producers seem to assume that all their customers own super-yachts where their product will have its own little cabin, or why else would they screw comparatively small bits like pumps, membranes and even the instruments on top of big, bulky plates? Cruisers on smaller boats, who also want to enjoy the comfort and freedom a watermaker adds to cruising, have to be creative when it comes to tting all the bits and pieces into the available, limited space on board. When our new Spectra watermaker (Cape Horn Xtreme) ar rived, the size of its crate was already intimidatingit hardly t into our dinghy. After unpacking, the search for available space began. Initially, we planned to use the provisioning locker in the saloon for the main pump but with two short membranes attached it was one inch too short. Next, we thought about cutting open one of our aluminum water L eeloo is supervising the project


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 37 PLANNING, ORDERING & I N S TALLATI O N T I PS : If a long membrane does not t anywhere then ask the manufacturer for short (but more expensive) ones instead. In case you need to split up components, order a few extra feet of pressure hoses and normal hoses. Anchor in areas with good access to hardware stores during the installation process as most likely youll need some ttings and other bits and pieces as you go along. Keep the hoses as short as possible, extra-long connections (particularly on the suction side) put unnecessary strain on the pump. For 12 volt systems, use large-size wires to avoid voltage drop. tanks, but one compartment was just a little bit too narrow and the other one a tad too low. We had ordered pressure hoses in the event we would need to separate the pump and the membranes (worst case scenario) and we were about to unscrew the parts when we thought of the hanging locker in our cabin. Whats the wellbeing of fancy cocktail dresses and elegant three-piece suits in comparison to the luxury of home-made drinking water? We sacriced half the hanging space and mounted the main unit on its plate low down on one side of the locker. My partner Christian instantly turned We installed the main unit of our Spectra in the hanging locker and are fitting new shelves on top F inding space for the 2nd feed pump in the bilge. Changing the prefilter would be impossible this way T he way the prefilter and 2nd feed pump were pre-mounted wasted a lot of space


38 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017into a carpenter and transformed the upper half of the locker, tting shelves and even gaining more space for clothes. The brine outlet of our old watermaker shared a thru-hull with the galley sink and we experienced a few nasty galley oods over time, so we decided to drill a dedicated thru-hull at the stern for the new one. The next step was to search for space in the bilge to house the two feed pumps. Eventually we had to modularize the supposedly modular system by cutting the mounting plates into less bulky pieces. While we were at it we decided to change most of the old hoses in Pitufa s plumbing and optimized the wiring. With all these little extra projects and various hitch-hiking tours to hardware stores for yet another tting, valve, and differently sized hose clamps, the installation of the watermaker took over a week, but now were happy with the quality, quantity and energy consumption. The only remaining issue is a beating oscillation between the two feed pumps that causes annoying noise and vi brations. We tackling this problem by adding rubber mounts to the pumps and rubber mats underneath resonating oorboards. Birgit Hackl and Christian Feldbauer along with ships cat Leeloo set sail towards the horizon in June 2011 on their yacht Pitufa T EC HNI C AL TI P S & TRI CK S WHICH TYP E O F W ATERMAKER S UIT S Y O UR CRUIS ING LIFES TYLE?T Y P E 1: E N G INE-DRI V EN WATERMAKERWatermakers with belt-driven pumps are big, strong machines that produce huge amounts of water in a short time. If you motor a lot and entertain guests who like to splash around then this type might be the best choice for you. T Y P E 2: AC P OWERED WATERMAKERAC-powered watermakers also have a high production rate, but they require a diesel or gas generator. If you run your generator for other appliances on a daily basis then this type might work best for you. T Y P E 3: 12 VOLT WATERMAKERIn comparison to type 1 and 2, many of these DCpowered watermakers dont have a high production rate, but they also dont require much energy. Systems based on passive pressure intensiers (e.g. Spectra, Schenker or Aqua-Base) or energy-recovery pumps (e.g. Katadyn) are much more efcient than systems with classical high-pressure pumps and yield reasonable product output. Therefore those models are a preferable (though more expensive) choice for batteryrun watermakers. If you prefer to rely on alternative sources of energy, go for DC-powered! On Pitufa we run our watermaker every day for a few hours around noon when the solar panels generate the most energy. Free, fresh water produced by the sun for environmentally aware cruisers. T he installation chaos is finally cleaned up and the new watermaker operational




40 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 F OR WOMEN WHO WOUL D L I KE T O TAKE T HE HE L M WOM E N A T T H E HE LM BY R UTH L UND I am not a hotshot racer or world cruiser, but after a lifetime of taking part in dinghy and keelboat regattas, and 20 years of living aboard, I have some helming experiences to share. There tends to be two kinds of women who sail. Those one might call boat wives, taking care of the domestic side of sailing provisioning, stowage, cooking, entertaining, cleaning, laundry, sewing and boat maintenance. These are tough tasks at sea and often tougher when holed up in a boatyard, so not to be sneezed at. Then there are those women who take on the technical and seamanship side of sailing navigation, communications, sail trimming, helming and ultimately skip pering and making decisions on which lives depend. These Cruising the Caribbean


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 41days, with a bit of application, women can obtain positions from deckhand to captain, or, like many a rst mate on a cruising boat a role somewhere in between. At university I got the chance to sail dinghies, learning the hard way the art of hanging out on trapeze and avoiding the crack of the boom. On my very rst dinghy sail I landed upside down, oundering to get out from under the mainsail, and from then on, I expected to get thoroughly wet and bruised when sailing, an attitude that would serve me well. Dinghy sailing gave me an understanding of where the wind was coming from, and what to do about it, so when I moved onto keel boats, I could take the helm without too many crash gybes. I was always highly amused when a cruiser in Trinidad would call out a warning on the VHF radio to others moored in the bay, Batten down the hatches for a gusting squall with strong wind! and at the same time the intrepid Optimist sailors from T & Ts Y outh Sailing School would be bobbing their way out to the open sea for a days racing fun. My husband Niels, who sailed from a young age, taught me basic sailing skills. Our Cape Town racing season included a round the buoys series as well as a long distance coastal series (from two days to seven days non-stop). Initially I was asked on board for longer races because they wanted Niels expertise and he wanted me with him. Being a woman, I was asked to cater and cook on various boats with crews ranging from six to 12. I leapt at the chance, although a pretty hopeless cook on land, let alone at sea. This gave me an entry into blue water sailing and I found that later on, when Niels was too busy and I raced without him, I tried even harder to prove myself worthy of a place on a predominantly male crew. On one memorable occasion I ended up helming a Shearwater 39 with spinnaker up in 35 knots, careening down huge waves off the Cape of Storms the skipper and I were the only ones not lying prone and seasick below. With noone else to do it, you learn fast. On the other hand, when the wind was light, the watch crew often got bored with steering and handed the wheel to the galley slave (me) and this improved my helming considerably. In 1997/98, we crossed the Atlantic in a 37ft yacht on a shoestring budget. One day out of Cape Town, our wind vane, resurrected from a dusty second hand shop aptly named Y ot Grot, came to grief, while our small autohelm unit had an overheating manufacturers fault, so we hand steered from South Africa to St Maarten three of us doing three hours on and six hours off for 5000 plus miles. Flying downwind with sails boomed out along the South American coast, Niels told me to take note which ear felt colder to make sure I kept the boom on the right side. Little tips like this and putting


42 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017WOM E N A T T H E HE LM many miles under the keel made helming more instinctive. It also meant despite eating freshly baked bread every day and gorging night watch snacks to keep awake, I arrived at our nal destination many pounds lighter from hours of isometric exercise at the wheel. Switching roles can also improve ones competence. Cranky knees forced me to maneuver the boat alongside, gaining another kind of skill, instead of jumping onto the dock with the lines. We now have efcient autohelm and wind vane systems, but I still love to feel the boat respond to my helming touch. On a starlit night with phosphorescence streaming from the rudder, there is nothing better than to be totally in tune with your yacht, skimming along between sea and sky. Letting the autohelm do the job can never give you the same kick. Even in the middle of a storm, there is tremendous satisfaction when your dogged concentration keeps you pointing into the waves and gets you safely where you want to go. So to all those women who would like to take the helm with more condence and control putter around in a dinghy on your own, put in miles on the wheel, swap crew tasks for new challenges, rise to the challenge in adverse weather, and even if you never become a captain, your sailing pleasure will increase tenfold. Ruth Lund lives on board a Bruce Roberts 44 Offshore, Mean der II currently based in Grenada. On a starlit night with phosphorescence streaming from the rudder, there is nothing better than to be totally in tune with your yacht, skimming along between sea and sky.Sailing off the coast of South A frica


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44 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 R A LL Y P ROFIL ES: BILL AND L I NDA K NO WL ES S AILORS IN T H E NEW S B ill and Linda Knowles have spent a lifetime on the sea. For Bill, his love of the ocean started in child hood when sailing Beetle Cats and Herreshoff 121/2s in Ontario and New England. As an adult, he served as director of operations at the Herreshoff Museum, which includes the Americas Cup Hall of Fame in Bristol, Rhode Island, and met many of the famous names in the sport at that time. For Linda, who grew up in Florida, on-thewater time meant power boating and sailing sailsh. The two met three decades ago, purchased a Hunter 30 and began a cruising life together. Their seafaring travels have taken them north along the New England coast and south to the Caribbeans British Virgin Islands. Today, the couple cruise aboard their Jeanneau 54, Sapphire. All At Sea C arol Bareuther asked Linda and Bill about their popular cruising rallies W hat inspired you to start the S alty D awg R ally? BILL: We participated in several Caribbean 1500s, starting in 2004. In 2011, we thought why not do the passage to the Caribbean ourselves with friends? George Day of Blue Bill and L inda K nowles


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 45 7 WWW.OFFSHOREVI.COM SCOUT BOATS ... the latest addition to our quality line of boatsOutboards, Waverunners, Motorcycles, Inverter Generators: Diesel Engines, Diesel Generators: Boats: Inatables: Water Sailing Magazine contacted us with a similar thought. George became our rst sponsor and we promoted a rally that fall from Hampton, Virginia to the BVI. The interest was great. We had 32 boats and several volunteers to help. Thus, the Salty Dawg Rally was born. W hy the name S alty D awg? BILL: Salty dog is old sailing slang for a very experienced sailor. Since our focus is on a rally for experienced sailors, the term fit. However, we wanted a unique term, not just using the old sailor slang. We think the term Salty Dawg did it. Bill, L inda and Zoe on Sapphire in the B VI Salty D awg packed up and ready to go


46 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017S AILORS IN T H E NEW S I heard that there was a four-legged tail-wagging dog also behind the name. I s this true? L INDA: Y es. Brie, our Jack Russel at the time, was our art ists inspiration in creating the Salty Dawg logo. The cute little dog face with the pirate patch was based on a photo of Brie. She sailed many thousands of miles, and was a Salty Dawg in her own right, accompanying us on our many Carib bean 1500 passages and our rst several Salty Dawg Fall and Spring Rallies. We lost Brie to age-related issues a few years back. Her replacement, Zoe, a coarse hair Jack Russel, has t right in, making herself at home on Sapphire and with the Salty Dawg membership. W hat are some of the rallys milestones over the past seven years? L INDA: After the rst year, we added a formal organized Spring Rally for the return trip to the US in 2012, and have repeated that each year. In 2012, the Fall Rally grew to 59 boats and then 110 in 2013. In 2013, we established a Board of Directors to guide and help manage the organization. In 2014, activities after arrival to the BVI expanded to a month. Other Salty Dawg activities added since then include several Rendezvous in the BVI, USVI, and comprehensive seminars in Annapolis, Newport and Hampton; and other rallies including the Rally to Maine and Rally to Cuba. In 2016, we formally or ganized the Salty Dawg Sailing Association as the governing organization of all our activities, and now have several hundred members and growing.H ow would you describe what sets the S alty D awg R ally apart from other cruising rallies? BILL: s the intense and lasting friendships that develop from the close-knit activities, passage accomplishments and then month-long time together in post arrival activities. Our organizing sailors dont hop on a ight after an arrival dinner and depart for their next rally. They are part of the family that has developed, and many help with boat repairs and continuing social activities right through the winter, up to the Spring Rally, and through the summer.W hats on the horizon? BILL: Our board and management team will take more of the load off Linda and myself. Some management changes will be coming, but it is an orderly change that will ensure the continued success of the Salty Dawg organization. We will both stay involved as long as we can. Manning the desk


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 47 Our massive inventory, wholesale prices and vast experience in international commerce makes us a perfect partner for : Marine Stores Boatyards Chandleries Marinas Boat Builders The Largest International Distributor for Latin America & Caribbean Our massive inventory, wholesale prices and vast experience in international commerce makes us a perfect partner for Marine Stores, Boatyards, Chandleries, Marinas, and Boat Builders Our massive inventory, wholesale prices and vast experience in international commerce makes us a perfect partner for : Marine Stores Boatyards Chandleries Marinas Boat Builders The Largest International Distributor for Latin America & Caribbean The Largest International Distributor for Latin America & Caribbean Become a Land N Sea Dealer Today! QUANTUM LOFT HURRICANE STATUS: Everyone is safe and alive and that is all that matters at this point!! QUANTUM BVI: The top oor of the Quantum BVI loft was completely destroyed with Irma taking all machines, sails and stock and distributing them all over the boat yard. A plan is in place to move into a smaller temporary location above the chandlery and two machines are on their way. Kevin is open for business and already has a few canvas and sail orders in the queue so please contact him on his Cell 284 346 2309 New machines will be in place by November 1st. QUANTUM USVI: The loft in St Thomas also suffered severe damage but Arun is determined to be in a new location by November 1st. He is taking calls on the loft number and has been busy working with Surveyors and insurance companies. Please contact him on 340 777 5638. QUANTUM PUERTO RICO: Fraito is in clean up mode and like Tortola and St Thomas suffered serious damage. His machines are ok and he believes he will be open before November. Communication is spotty at best but try Fraito on his cell phone and leave a message on 787 378 5032. All in all a lot of damage to all three lofts but all are taking new sail and canvas orders and happy to get estimates out to insurance companies.


48 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 2017 FALL CARIBBEAN R ALLY R OUNDU P BY CAROL M. BAREUTHER S etting sail from the continent to the Caribbean remains one of the great sailing adventures. The last three decades has seen the popularity of cruising in company soar, a concept thats not new since Christopher Columbus traveled in a eet of three vessels during his famous 1492 voyage. Cruising rallies are especially gaining interest from veterans who enjoy the sociability and rst time offshore sailors who appreciate the safety. Hers whats new from four popular Caribbean rallies taking place this year:NORTH ATLAN TIC RA LLY FOR C RUISERS Newport, Rhode Island Departure: October 28 Destination: St. Maarten, via Bermuda www.sailopo.comPracticed yacht owners and professional skippers form the nucleus of the 18th annual North Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, which homeports out of Newport Y achting Center. Here, discounted dockage is available starting October 23. A weather World AR C


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 49 brieng, dinner for all skippers and crew are part of the prerally activities. The rally stops briey in Bermuda at the St. Georges Dinghy and Sports Club and then continues to IGY s Simpson Bay Marina, in St. Maarten. e expect to have the usual 15 to 20 boats, says organizer, Hank Schmitt, who is also the chief executive ofcer of Offshore Passage Opportunities (OPO), a crew network service based in Huntington, New Y ork. We have four Swans in the Swan Program and three boats from Rob Swain Sailing School as well as the usual boat repeats heading south. The NARC Rally has always ended in St. Maarten, but if boats wanted to go to the BVI or somewhere else I never made them nish in St. Maarten. We will continue that idea and let boats decide where they wish to base for the winter. The NARC boats are usually scattered from Grenada to Puerto Rico. One of this years ralliers is John Slingerland, from Beverly, Salty Dawg R ally Rum Runner arrives in the BVI Caribbean 1500 R alliers in the Caribbean 1500 celebrate their arrival in the BVI


50 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017Massachusetts, who will sail his Oyster 41, Avocet, for the third time in the NARC. Slingerland, who this summer set a personal record of 58 consecutive hours under spinnaker dur ing the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race, says what he en joys best about the rally is the camaraderie and excitement of setting off on a challenging trip and the pleasure of learning things from other like-minded sailors. For rst time NARC ralliers Slingerland recommends, Get the right number of crew with the right number of sailors who know what they are doing. Its usually safer to pick crew you know, but one time I took someone Hank recommend. The guy was a great person, excellent sailor and mechanical engineer so he xed stuff. We sailed to St. Maarten with an inoper able engine that he got working long enough to power ve minutes through the bridge into Simpson Bay, he says. In addition, if its your boat, be prepared to cut a check in each port for stuff that breaks. That way, it becomes part of the deal and isnt a big deal. If your spouse isnt onboard, get com gear to make a call or send an email halfway and try to get him or her to join you at the other end. Also, learn weather routing and have fun. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Schmitt, through his OPO, has started an online St. Maarten Relief Fund to help those in the nautical community. To donate, visit: store.aspxSA LTY DA WG FALL RA LLY Hampton, VADeparture: November 2 Destination: Antigua www.saltydawgsailing.orgBluewater sailors who enjoy a full range of social activities will set sail in the 7th annual Salty Dawg Fall Rally, hosted by the nonprot Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA). Prior to the departure from the Bluewater Sailing Center in Hampton, ralliers have a chance to participate in a wide array of social, technical and educational activities, including the annual Salty Dawg Halloween Party. New talks this year include how to make your own killer Mahi lure and inside info on how the USCG uses high tech methods in their search and rescue efforts.2017 FALL CARIBBEAN R ALLY R OUNDU PS North A tlantic R ally for Cruisers Avocet in Blue H ill Bay Bill Knowles (left), co-founder of the Salty Dawg R ally, shares a dram with one of the Salty Dawgs


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 51A eet of about 80 boats, a mix of monohulls and multihulls ranging in size from 34to 70-feet, are expected to set sail. New this year, the rally will end in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, instead of the British Virgin Islands, says SDSA director Hank George. With the widespread damage across the BVI, we have changed the destination for the rally. While they did sustain some damage on Antigua, it was quite light. Their sister island of Barbuda sustained major and quite serious damage but not so with Antigua. Our visit to Antigua by such a large eet will help bring much needed revenue to that island nation and aid in its recovery In Antigua, George says, ralliers enjoy many of the same benets that they are accustomed to in the BVI such as wonderful anchorage opportunities in Falmouth Harbour, historic sites in Nelsons Dockyard, excellent marine services, plenty of oppor tunities for socializing, fascinating hikes and super dining op tions. Antigua also offers excellent ight connections to the US, England and Europe for crew ying out or guests coming in. To support the Dawgs long-time rally home, the SDSA has started its tax-deductible Salty Dawg BVI Relief Fund. The or ganizations volunteers have been working with local BVI Rotary and similar groups to channel all contributions to where s needed most. To contribute, visit: www.saltydawgsailing. org/hurricane-relief-fund/CA RIB1500 Portsmouth, VADeparture: November 5 Destination: British Virgin Islandswww.worldcruising.comReturning veterans and cruising newbies from the US, Canada and UK will take part in the Carib1500, organized by the World Cruising Club, headquartered in Cowes, UK. The eets largest boat is the Canadian Hanse 575, Spritzer, with rally stalwart Karina a Tayana 55, the next largest. Six boats close the list at just over 40-feet, with Belize Magique a Jeanneau Sun Odys sey 40 being ofcially the smallest. Preparatory seminars and parties take place at the Ocean Y acht Marina, in Portsmouth. Underway, the safety in numbers popularity of rallies extends T he legendary Salty Dawg Dinghy Drift


52 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017offshore with satellite trackers on each vessel, daily weather forecasts and nightly SSB radio chats. Social activities continue at the end destination, Nanny Cay Marina, in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Since Hurricane Irma in September, the message we have had from the BVI, is that the community wants visitors to return, and that they will be open for business and able to give a warm welcome to returning boaters. In fact, Nanny Cays new marina basin was undamaged in Hurricane Irma, says WCC communications director Jeremy Wyatt. The reaction from our ralliers has been overwhelmingly positive. In coordination with, many of our boats will carry practical supplies to aid and assist the communities after our arrival and many crews are keen to lend a hand with practical skills as engineers and technicians. A good example of Carib1500 sailors, who used this event as a learning experience for longer cruises, are Steve and Kate Jenkins. The couple sailed their 44-foot Antares, Blue Sum mit in the 2015 Carib1500. Since then, they have cruised half of the World ARC 2016, explored the Pacic for two years, and will soon complete their rst circumnavigation.A RC + CA PE VER D ES Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Departure: November 5 Destination: St. Lucia, via Sao Vicente, Cape Verdewww.worldcruising.comA RC Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Departure: November 19 Destination: St. Lucia www.worldcruising.comExperienced cruisers as well as those fullling a bucket list dream to cross the Atlantic make-up the capacity 300-yacht eet for both the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) and the ARC+. The latter of which gives ralliers a short layover in Cape Verde prior to the transatlantic crossing to IGY s Rodney Bay 2017 FALL CARIBBEAN R ALLY R OUNDU PS Salty Dawg H appy H our




54 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 20172017 FALL CARIBBEAN R ALLY R OUNDU PS Marina, St. Lucia. Some 1500 sailors, ranging from three to 80 years old and representing more than a dozen nationalities, will enjoy a pre-departure program of seminars and safety briengs along with local tours and social activities planned in St. Lucia. The average length of boats in this years fleet is just below 50-feet. However, the Pogo 30, Avel Biz, is the small est in the ARC, while at the other end of the spectrum and sailing in the ARC+ is the Sparkman & Stevens sloop, Altair Multihulls have proved extremely popular, according to the WCCs Wyatt, with an impressive total of for ty-four catamarans and three trimarans on the entry list. The industry-award-winning Lagoon 42-2 tops the list as the most popular model of boat in the ARC with seven sailing this year. Its the first time a catamaran has been top of the pile as the boat of choice, showing the growing popularity of cruising on two hulls. A radical cruising boat in the fleet is the Rapido 60. Designed to be sailed double-handed, this 60-foot cruising trimaran is expected to break records. The ARC will be particularly special for two boats who are returning to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria three decades after they set off for their rst ARC journey, as younger generations follow, quite literally, in their parents wake, says Wyatt. One is the 45-foot Cetus, Mate ka built by Nikodem Jasi ski in 1986 and sailed by him in the ARC 1987 to Bar bados, where the rally used to make landfall. Back then, few Polish sailors took on such a journey as crossing the Atlantic. Thirty years later, and armed with Jasi skis meticulously kept log books, his daughters Elisa and Joanna, have got ten Mate ka Atlantic-ready again for ARC 2017. The other is Haji a Rival 38A which was built and sailed by Frank Nixon in the 1987 edition of the ARC. His son David and granddaugh ter Amy will now deliver Haji back to the Caribbean again, sailing the Cape Verde route. The ARC is a popular launch-pad for a round the world adventure, with 22 boats this year signed-up to sail on around the world from Saint Lucia in January with the World Cruising Clubs World ARC Rally. Vaquita powered up in the AR C


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56 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 HURRICANE I RMA, SAGE M OUNTAIN, T ORTOLA, BV I BRITISH VIRGIN I SLANDS STORY AND PHOTOS BY JULIAN PUTLEY O n T uesday, September 4th it became obvious that we, in the B ritish Virgin Islands, were going to get a direct hit from unprecedented catastrophic Category 5 H urricane Irma. It was a bone chilling realization. Less than a month prior the territory had experienced another unique weather event; torrential rains and thunderstorms for almost 20 hours, producing widespread intense ooding, unparalleled in the islands history; the ground on the volcanic island was already saturated O ur house, built into the side of Sage Mountain, is a strong, solid concrete house and we accepted three friends to ride out the storm with us. A s part of our hurricane preparations we had lled buckets and containers with water for dish washing, drinking Hurricane I rs wrath




58 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 BRITISH VIRGIN I SLANDS OBSERVATI O NS Since our relatively easy escape from absolute disaster I have made some observations that could be useful in the future. 1. With blocked and destroyed roads collection of wet and rotting garbage is impossible. Ever increasing piles of garbage are a health hazard supporting rats, cockroaches, mice and other rodents. Solution: Trash can be sorted into plastic, glass and biodegradable. Separate dumpsters are essential.2. Insects can become a real health hazard; mosquitoes carry diseases, Jack Spaniards become disoriented and sting people at random. Solution: Insect repellant (and there are good ones), although rejected by many, should be mandatory.3. Electricity lines MUST be run underground. Expensive, yes, but the only way to solve the never-ending power outages. NOW is the time to implement a sen sible, trouble-free system.4. Building codes must be brought up to a SAFE standard. Flood drains on lower and basement oors. Roofs must be either concrete at roofs or rafters tied down with re-bar. Hurricane-proof windows essential. Whole buildings redesigned to better and more rigorous standards.5. A curfew must be in place BEFORE the impact of a major hurricane with strict enforcement.6. Yachts have the capability to run from a major storm. Difcult with large charter eets but this has to be considered in the future; insurance premiums will sky rocket. End the season end of July and make arrangements to sail to Grenada, Curacao, Trinidad and other safe points south. 7. Vehicles need to be parked and protected out of ood zones and areas with potential ying debris. At least one window should be opened a crack to allow equalization of pressure to avoid window blow outs. Natural disasters bring out the best and worst in peo ple. There are those who immediately reach out to others giving support, help, encouragement, advice and resources. A small minority resort to looting, price gouging, and taking advantage of those in a weakened state. Those identied as either character type need to be exposed and highlighted for future reference. Cat off course




60 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 BRITISH VIRGIN I SLANDS and toilet ushing. O n the outside we removed trees and foliage that might threaten the house, cleared the gutters and downspouts, boarded a sliding door (left the P G T hur ricane impact proof windows) and changed propane tanks to a full one. T hen we charged our battery-operated lamps and cooked a large pressure cooker of stew and another of rice. We secured important documents and electronic items. T hen we rested and waited. T he local A M radio station 780, blared pre-hurricane banter, mundane and friendly, but somehow reassuring, with call-ins from other islands describing the conditions, the benets of roong types and drainage systems as well as comparisons with H urricane H ugo, the Cat 4/5 storm of 1989. A s the hours went by we saw the storm intensify as it came nearer, the gusts coming in ever increasing blasts. T hen the radio became silent, cell service disappeared, the power went off. A s we looked out of the windows we saw tree after tree fall, crashing sounds on the roof were nerve-wracking. Finally, at about 1.30pm the eye wall approached and the screeching wind and horizontal driving rain became continuous, visibility was down to feet. We As the eye advanced the roof began to shake; dust and plaster fell and hanging lights shook and swayed as if in an earthquake. It was as if the devil himself was trying to rip the roof off.Village Cay Marina


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 61 BRITISH VIRGIN I SLANDS T: (340) 776-2078 | P.O. Box 4429 Parcel 162, Subbase | St. Thomas, USVI 00803 100 Ton Crane 400 Ton Drydock | 1200 Ton Floating Drydock Complete Marine Repairs | Machine Shop | Welding


62 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 PROVIDING TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS, KNOWLEDGE AND SERVICE IN THE VIRGIN ISLANDS FOR OVER 25 YEARS! Crown Bay Marina & American Yacht Harbour | St. Thomas USVI T: 340 714 5311 | T: 340 775 6621 Island Marine Outfitters READY FOR HURRICANE SEASON? Tackle Up! BRITISH VIRGIN I SLANDS heard the guttering y off and then the leaks started as the water found its way under the corrugated tin, through the tar paper and plywood; drips soon became streams. T he three boys (19 year olds) were great at minimizing the damage by sweeping the water down to the lower level and into an emergency drain. O ur dry bags of important docu ments, electronic gadgetry like laptops, tablets and cell phones were quickly taken to a safe area downstairs under the concrete oor. A s the eye advanced the roof began to shake; dust and plaster fell and hanging lights shook and swayed as if in an earthquake. It was as if the devil himself was trying to rip the roof off. Suddenly the sky brightened, the wind calmed and temporary respite was upon us; the hurricanes eye was over us. T he sighs of relief inside the house matched the return of normalcy outside. A fter 15 minutes, the wind and rain started again but since we were well protected behind the hill from the south the second half of the hurricane was insignicant by compari son. We were lucky. Julian Putley is the author of T he D rinking Mans Guide to the B VI, Sunfun Calypso, and Sunfun Gospel. My neighbors house lost its top story and roof




64 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 A talented team of four men, who have spent their lives and livelihoods on the seas, are preparing to put A ntigua on the map once again for an in credible feat of seamanship. Eli Fuller, John Watt, N ico P sihoyos and Scott P otter will compete as T eam A nti gua in the T alisker Whiskey A tlantic Challenge. T his transT EAM A NTIGUA T RAIN S FOR T ALIS KER W H I S KEY A TLANTIC CH ALLENGEA NTIGUA BY CAROL M. BAREUT H ER P HOTO S C OURTES Y O F T EA M A NTIGUA atlantic rowing contest, billed as T he Worlds T oughest R ow and inspired by Sir Chay B lyths epic N orth A tlantic crossing in 1966, departs La Gomera in the Canary Islands on D ecember 12th on a 3,000-plus mile journey ending at N elsons D ockyard, A ntigua. T eam A ntigua will pit their pure muscle power against teams from A ustralia, Ireland, T eam A ntigua Four good men and true


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 65Italy, Scotland, South A frica, the U kraine, U .S. and U .K., fol lowing in the wake of fellow islanders on T eam Wadadli, who not only successfully completed this grueling competition in 2015, but also earned a place in the Guinness B ook of World R ecords as the oldest team of four to row across any ocean. John, N ico and myself were shing together a decade ago about 30 miles east of A ntigua when we saw a rowboat and two scruffy men coming in, tells team cap tain, Fuller. It sparked our adventurous inter est. Since then, we have seen others make the journey including our fa mous team Wadadli. We followed all the teams last year without saying or admitting that we wanted to do it. It was Captain N ick (Fuller) of T eam Wadadli who said that he wanted another team to continue the legacy of A ntiguans rowing across the A tlantic. We were contacted by a potential sponsor in May 2016 who asked us to start a team. We didnt need much more encouragement after that happened. What made this Challenge so appealing to Watt, P sihoyos and Fuller is that the three men all work, play, relax and vacation on the sea. B eing so intimately connected to the ocean for up to 40 to 90 days during this transatlantic row keeps this trio right in their element. Watt, a competitive swimmer as a kid who preferred shing and snorkeling, is now one of A ntiguas most experienced and respected offshore shermen and well known on the Caribbean tournament circuit by his team, R um and Coke. P sihoyos, who grew up on the islands waters, is a chef and artisanal com mercial sherman who supplies fresh line-caught catch to A ntiguas restaurants. Fuller, who grew up in a family of A ntiguan shermen, divers and sail ors, represented the island in the 1988 Summer O lympics in windsurng T eam captain E li Fuller N ico Psihoyos


66 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 A NTIGUA Subscribe to ALL AT SEAU.S. Subscriber, 12 issues $29.95 Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $39.95 Non-U.S./Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $64.95 Read what you love... all the time, any time! and now owns and operates the A dventure A ntigua excursion company. T he T alisker Whiskey A tlantic Challenge requires a four-person team, therefore the trio asked Scott P otter to join them. P otter, a kite surfer and classmate of Fuller, is one of the most sought after personal trainers on the island. A nother unique feature of this Challenge that appealed to the team was the requirement of a donation of funds to a charity. T eam A ntiguas members have collaborated with an environmental awareness group and N ational P arks A nti gua to establish a protected Marine P ark just outside N el sons D ockyard. Just getting to the start line in La Gomera can be a test due to the logistics of planning, sponsor ship, individual sched ules and training. O n this last point, the team has enlisted the help of elite personal trainer and past T alisker Whisky A tlantic Challenge competitor, Gus B arton, founder of Gus B arton B espoke Fit ness in the U K, who ew to A ntigua. B arton created training programs tailored to improve each of the four rowers weaknesses. In addition, the team is training on the water together at least three to four times a week ahead of the D ecember start. A nother pre-event need is that of acquiring a boat. More specically, a R annoch 45 row boat. T his is a 24-foot long, six-foot wide self-righting boat with two cabins front and stern, says Watt. We will have Theres no powerboat support that follows each team on their oceangoing row. Therefore, each team member is required to take navigational, first aid and ocean rowing courses to assure selfsufficiency as much as possible. John Watt


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 67 A NTIGUA DUTCH SID E Bridge Operator VH F C h. 12 FRENCH SID E Bridge Operator VH F C h. 16 / T el: (590) 87 20 43 O utbound & Inbound Outbound Traffic proceeds Inbound Traffic) 0900 hours 1430 hours 1730 hours B RIDGE OPENING TIMES Dutch & French St. M artinSIMPSON BAY B R I DGE:O utbound Inbound 0830 hours 0930 hours 1030 hours 1130 hours 1600 hours 1500 hours 1700 hours CAUS EWAY B R I DGE:Inbound & Outbound Traffic 0815 hours 0945 hours 1515 hours 1015 hours 1145 hours 1545 hours 1715 hours The above times are now in affect. After a period of three months, an assessment will follow to determine if changes need to be made or whether the bridge times will remain as published. Sundays & Public Holidays0900 hours 1730 hours On Call for In & Outbound traffic CARIBBEAN MARINE SURVEYORS LTD.Above the chandlery at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola BVI +1 284 494 2091 Ofce +1 284 499 1576 B. Bailey +1 284 346 1518 B. Baker +1 284 346 8105 N. McLoughlin +1 284 346 2092 P. OLoughlinSAMS; IIMS; MECAL; ANTIGUA & BARBUDA NA TIONAL P ARK CALM, UNSPOILED, PROTECTED. Sail into history in the most beautiful marina in the Caribbean. Simply dock and enjoy. Nelsons Dockyard Marina54 slips Bow moorings Three phase electricity 24 hour security Cable Television & Internet Restaurants, stores, hotels & tours Water Waste/oil disposal Immigration & customs Restrooms Showers & laundry Host to every major regatta & show in the Antiguan yachting calendar. Book your berth online now and visit us at for more information. Email: Telephone: +1 (268) 481-5033/5


68 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 WE ARE MOVING FORWARD Caribbean More technology. More expertise. More service. The same sailmaking team. St. Maarten Sails and Canvas N.V. has teamed up with Ullman Sails. Biminis & Dodgers Cushions Upholstery General Canvas WorkOpposite Island Water World: +1(721) 544-5231 / +1(721) 520-6484 / ANGUILLA RACING TORTOLAS WATERTOY AND WATERSPORTS EXPERTSWATER TOY RENTALS FOR YOUR CHARTER! ALSO PRIVATE DAY TRIPS THROUGH THE BVI! Island Surf and Sail Ltd two guys rowing and two guys sleeping at all times on a two-hour shift system around the clock. T he electrical compo nents such as G P S are all powered by solar panels. We have a water maker on board, which will provide fresh water for drinking and cooking. For food, we will have freeze dried meals. B y adding water, we can rehydrate some delicious calorie-packed foods to keep us well fueled. T hers no powerboat support that follows each team on their ocean-going row. T herefore, each team member is required to take navigational, rst aid and ocean rowing courses to assure self-sufciency as much as possible. T here is a race D uty O fcer on call and organizers, A tlantic Campaigns SL, do have two support yachts that shadow the eet from a distance, but are not close enough to all teams always to immediately assist. O ur plan is to complete the race in the top ve teams and to make the crossing in under 40 days. T here are many variables working against us such as equipment failures, weather, cur rents and health, just to name a few. We understand any one of these factors will play a part during our row. H owever, the tough times will pass making way for the unforgettable moments, says Fuller. For more information and to follow and support Team Antigua, visit: Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian. Just getting to the start line in La Gomera can be a test due to the logistics of planning, sponsorship, individual schedules and training. Scott PotterA NTIGUA




70 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 HIKING G RENADA S R AINFORES T S G RENADA STORY AND PHOTOS BY R O S IE BURR O ne great reason to love Grenada, and there are many, is the number of walking and hiking opportuni ties that take you through nutmeg and cocoa plantations, tropical rainforest and the mountainous interior. Grenada is literally a web of paths and trails. Y ou can walk long san dy beaches marvelling at the crystal clear water like at gorgeous Grand A nse beach. Y ou can hike through the shaded jungle revelling in the coolness as you escape the coastal heat or you can trek through plantations and discover why Grenada is known as the Island of Spice. While I wont go as far as to say the paths and trails are well marked there are plenty that are not so difcult to follow. O ne of the best places to go hiking is the Grand Etang R ain Standing on top of the world at Mount Qua Qua L ooking back at G rand E tang on the Mount Qua Qua and Concord Falls trail


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 71 forest which has over 35km of recreational trails. T he N o 6 bus from St. Geors bus terminal will take you right up to the visitors centre. H ere you will nd a number of vendors and guides offering their services, and if you are lucky you might get to see the Mona monkeys especially if you bring a banana. Even on a warm day it is so much cooler in the mountains and the sky is often hazy with a layer of mist a welcome break from the searing tropical sun. T his whole area is lled with bromeliads, ferns, (including the endemic Grand Etang fern), lofty bamboos, towering ma hogany and gigantic gommier trees, stunning red heliconia and wild orchids. T here are several trails in this area; from the short and easy Morne La B aye Lookout (approx 10 minutes), which leads to a viewing platform looking out across the west coast to the Shoreline T rail (approx 90 minutes), which follows the crater lake of the extinct volcano though you will not see much of the lake as the trail takes you The trail to Mount Qua Qua, starting on the road down to St. Georges, has some breathtaking views from the mountain ridge and although hilly, the path is easy to follow. Again this can be a muddy and slippery trail and proper footwear is essential. O ut Hashing with the Hash House Harriers a weekly event held at different locations around the island


72 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 G RENADAthrough tropical rainforest. It can be exceptionally muddy around the small decaying bridges and especially so dur ing rainy season. T he trail to Mount Qua Qua, starting on the road down to St. Geors, has some breathtaking views from the mountain ridge and although hilly, the path is easy to follow. A gain this can be a muddy and slippery trail and proper footwear is essential. A t the summit is a large boulder that you can climb, if you dare, and stand on what seems like the top of the world. R etrace your steps back to the visitor centre or take the Mount Qua Qua to Concord Falls T rail (approx four hours), a far more challenging hike. Most of this hike down the steep west side of the island is under the tall, dark canopy of the rainforest. Even in dry season you will be wading through mud and crossing rivers following the markers tied in the trees. T his is not for the faint hearted. T he reward at the bottom though is worth the efMost of this hike down the steep west side of the island is under the tall, dark canopy of the rainforest. Even in dry season you will be wading through mud and crossing rivers following the markers tied in the trees.T he G rand E tang Forest R eserve has 35km of trails the lake is 1740ft above seas level T he G rand E tang Visitors information centre T he start of the Mount Qua Qua and Concord Falls trails


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 73 SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIADirect USA #: (347) 634 3037 Tel: (758) 459 5457 Cell: (758) 484 0708 Ofce Cell: (758) 714 8217 Magic Jack: 951 582 6147 Magic Jack: 321 220 8961 VHF channel 16 Email: ST. VINCENT & T HE GRENADINE S Direct USA #: (703) 738-6461 St. Vincent: (784) 456-4338 Bequia : (784) 458-3686 Union Island : (784) 456-4338 Canouan : (784) 456-4338 Mustique : (784) 456-4338 GRENADA Direct USA #: 347 721 9271 Phone: (473) 444-5313 Mobile: (473) 407-0522 Fax: (473) 444-4460 VHF channel 68 Email: Have Some ON 7 ISLANDS Get It Done Fun! SER V ICE S I NC L UDE:


74 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 G RENADAfort a dip in the gorgeous Concord Falls. s a further two miles down the road to the bus stop back to St Geors. H iking options in Grenada are plentiful; pick any of Grenadas spectacular waterfalls and you will nd hiking opportunities. T o the north of the island is the 450 acre Levera N ational R e serve, an important wildlife habitat that has lush, green outer islands, stunning sandy beaches where nesting turtles lay their eggs, mangrove swamps and a 45 acre lagoon you can walk around. A t the southern end of the island La Sagesse N a ture Centre is another wildlife area surrounded by trails and secluded beaches. A n excellent resource to nd hikes and trails (anywhere in the world) is Wikiloc ( where you can nd (or upload) hiking and cycling trails and other outdoor activi ties. Just type in the area or island you are in or search on the world map and you will nd info on all the trails anyone trails (anywhere in the world) is Wikiloc or upload) hiking and cycling trails and other outdoor activities. T he Mona monkeys at G rand E tang




76 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 Dominica Marine Center Engine Sales and RepairsDealer and agent for Northern Lights, Yanmar Marine, Mercury Marine, Suzuki Marine, Mercruiser, Cummins, Boston Whaler, and Budget Marine.Roseau +767-440-BOAT (2628) Portsmouth +767-445-4322 Situated on the north of Antigua close to the international airport and the city of St. John's where shopping, supermarkets, banks and all the normal services usually available in a capital city can be found. The most modern marine facility in Antigua with a large capacity for storage ashore on a concrete base with welded stands and tie downs. Undercover storage also available. Pressure washing, hull scraping, water sup ply and repair services. Dockage, slipway launching facilities, tender storage. Workshops and store rooms available short term leases. 150 ton travel lift, 30 ft beam. 50% advance deposit. All charges in US$. Rates available on request. All vessels must have 3rd party insurance. Some berthing available. For Further Information, Bookings and Rates, NORTH SOUND MARINA in your area has uploaded along with instructions on how to nd and follow the trail and difculty ratings. A nother option is to join one of the weekly H ash H ouse H ar rier events ( held every Saturday after noon at different locations around the island. B oth walkers and runners trails are laid so no need to be super t. T he group are self-proclaimed drinkers with a running problem, so you can always guarantee a good party afterwards. T his is a great way to get out and visit some of the more rural parts of the island that otherwise you wouldnt get a chance to see. Whether you are strolling around the hillside capital of St Geors with its scenic harbour and forts, walking the beaches or venturing further inland to hike the plantations and rainforest of Grenada, you will be rewarded with some of the most picturesque scenery in the Caribbean. Rosie and her husband Sim Hoggarth on yacht Wandering Star have cruised the Caribbean and North America fulltime for nine years. Visit their blog: G RENADAHiking the hills of the G rand E tang Forest R eserve




78 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 DASH WIN S R ACING: A RU B A I NTERNATIONAL R EGATTA E ARN S G OLDARUB A BY CAROL M. BAREUT H ER T here was something for everyone at the A ruba In ternational R egatta, held A ugust 18 to 20 off Surfside B each. For example, classes for the 37 entries ranged from those for large keelboats to small optimist dinghies, winds blew from a near breathless two to blustery 25 knots and entries came from as far away as the U .S., P uerto R ico and St. Maarten to the nearby fellow AB C islands of B onaire and Curaao. T wo points stood out. First, there was an unprecedented seventh in a row overall victory for the J/35 Dash in the racing class. Secondly, the regatta served as a trendsetter for sustainability at Caribbean regattas. e only had Dash for six weeks when we entered the regatta, so our hopes were set on doing as well as we could without expectations, explains regatta organizer, Eric Mijts, who purchased the boat in July from Curaaos R emco van D ortmondt, who sailed his rival J/105, Vuja De. Winds didnt exceed six knots at rst, so the rst race was long. Winning it for us was based on balance and tactics. We also won all the other races, which gave us the win in racing class. We knew the speed potential of the Dash but we were surprised how easily we managed to make the boat work optimally Mijts team members included veteran sailors A nita A erts and Martin van der Velden. van D ortmondt on his Vuja De nished second and newcomer Vejigante, sailed by P uerto R icos P e dro Marcucci, placed third in racing class. O pen Class racing was equally exciting, with A rubas A nthony H agedorns O cean 505, Moore 24, nishing rst. T his proved an incredibly sweet feat considering H agedorn, who has sailed this event for many years and on many boats like Sun sh and a Grand Soliel 43, opted to race a friends neglected boat this year. T he craft hadnt been hauled out for three Phoenix (foreground) chasing van Dortmondts Vuja De in the R acing Class


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 79 years, the mast was out of tune, and the spinnaker and main sail were both made out of 2.7-ounce cloth heavy enough to suit a boat twice the size. T he secret to our success was good starts and lots of patience with a rookie crew except for one, my nephew, who knows the boat and did jib and kite trimming duties, says H agedorn. O f the other two, one never raced and the other never sailed under spinnaker; the latter did fore deck duties. We kept it informal, gave calm instructions to the crew and made lots of funny jokes, but all the while concentrated on the business we had come to do. Curaaos Winfried Merkies Melody and Eric Maris Robaina U nbeatable E ric Mijts J/35 Dash, R acing Class winner Beach Cats set the pace A at Hoek (right) and crew T heo Kock, winners of Beach Cat class


80 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 AR U B A T he A ruba International R egatta received gold status this year from the N ewport, R hode Island-headquartered Sailors for the Sea Clean R egattas P rogram and lived up to this reputation thanks to the efforts of sustainability ofcer, A nita A erts, who set up a number of activities to promote responsible resource management during the event. O ne of these was the making of the regatta awards from reclaimed plastics and wood by the A ruban sustainability initiative B renchies Lab. A merican sailor and environmental activist T yson B ottenus gave a talk at the awards ceremony about Sailors for the Seas initiatives. T he event brings together the sailors of different disciplines and from different places in the world, to celebrate sailing and friendship in a sustainable fashion, says Mijts, who with the help of Joost H orward and A nthony H agedoorn organized the successful regatta. Special thanks to our sponsors and valuable support of the D utch marines, who provided safety and support at sea. For full results, visit: A RUBA S AILING S CH OOL R ECEIVES DO NATI O N FR O M BO AT S ALEIt was a sell a boat to buy more boats philosophy that led Aruban entrepreneur and amateur boat builder Rik van der Vaart to donate the US $1500 he received from the sale of his newly-built Welsford-designed 15-foot open shing boat, called a Seagull, to Stichting Youth Watersports Aruba (SYWA) to expand its eet of Optimist dinghies. The vision behind this was that the more kids that learn how to sail a boat, the bet ter it is for Aruba, says van der Vaart, who received assistance on the build from Yair Lichtenstein. Arubas nature and ocean are so beautiful and offer a great opportunity to teach kids sailing and appreciate nature even mor Kooyman Aruba donated wood and plywood for the boat. Studio Advisory, the main sponsor of the Aruba International Regatta, contributed the rest of the needed materials such as epoxy, varnish and deck plates. Van der Vaart and Lichtenstein began building the Seagull in August 2013 and nished in July 2017, put ting an estimated 350 manhours into the job. A symbolic check was presented at a small ceremony at the SYWA school in September, with the young students and instructor in attendance. For more information about this project, visit: www. nished second and third, respectively, in the O pen Class. D inghy classes didnt lack for thrills either as A at H oek, who won the B each Cat class with crew T heo Kock, aboard his N acra Inter 20, can attest. In fact, racing for H oek and Kock began with a shakedown sail from the boats regular spot at the Fishermans H ut on the north side of the island to the regattas venue near O ranjestad to the south. T he rst days light air racing proved challenging, yet the duo ended rst in the six-boat class. T he sailing wasnt as smooth for the duo on the second day. T he winds came back with a vengeance to typical 20-plus knot A ruban conditions, H oek tells. U nfortunately, we pushed a bit too hard and ripped our front sail completely. T hat meant the end of the rst race for us and a score thankfully we could drop. We had a chance to x the boat and start again for the second race in the afternoon thanks to T heos wife, A geeth, who risked her life by picking up a spare jib sail on the other side of O ranjestad by motorbike and bringing it to us. T hat made T heo and I even more motivated to defend our rst-place position and we ultimately did.




82 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 Wireless Internet Antigua Falmouth Harbour Marina www.antigua-marina.com268-460-6054 380 60 110/220/380 3 phase 68/10 Antigua Jolly Harbour Marina www.jhmarina.com268-462-6042 200 155 110/220 68 F R EE Aruba Renaissance Marina Aruba 297-588-0260 200 50 110/220 16/69 Aruba Varadero Caribe www.varaderoaruba.com297-588-3850 120 75 50/30 amp 68 Curaao Barbara Beach Marina 5999-840-0080 130 6 380V 250 A 67 F R EE Curaao Curaao Marine 5999 465 8936 120 30 110/220/380 67 F R EE Curaao Curaao Yacht Club www.curacaoyachtclub.com5999-767-4627 160 10 110/220 v; 50 hrz 68 F R EE Curaao Seru Boca 5999 560 2599 150 140 127/220 67 F R EE D.R. Casa de Campo Marina 809.523.8646/ 8647 250 350 110/220 v to 60 hrz 68 D.R. Marina Zar Par 809-523-5858 120 110 110/220 308 5 F R EE D.R. Ocean World Marina809-970-3373 12 + 250 104 110/220 16/68 Grand Cayman Barcadere Marina345-949-3743 150 83 30, 50, 100 & 200 amp single phase; 100 & 200 amp 3 phase; 60hz 16 F R EE Great Exuma The Marina at Emerald Bay242-336-6100 250 150 30 & 50 single phase; 120/208 3 phase 16 F R EE Green Turtle Cay Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina 866-528-0539 6.5 120 40 50/100 amp 16 Grenada Clarkes Court Boatyard & Marina473-439-3939 150 20 110/220; 50hrz 68 F R EE Grenada Grenada Marine473-443-1667 4 110/220 16 F R EE Grenada Le Phare Bleu Marina473-444-2400 120 60 110/220/480 16 F R EE Grenada Port Louis Marina 473-435-7431 14.76 90m 170 110/208/220/230/240/ 400/480/630V 14 F R EE Grenada Prickly Bay Marina 473-439-5265 200 10 110/220/308 16 Guadeloupe Marina Bas-du-Fort 590 590 936 620 15.5 210 1,100 110/220/380 9 F R EE Jamaica Errol Flynn Marina & Shipyard876-715-6044 600 33 110/220/480 1&3 PH 50/60 H Z Cable 16/9 F R EE Jost Van Dyke North Latitude Marina 284-440-4322 284-495-9930 N/A N / A 16 Panama Bocas Marina www.bocasmarina.com507-757-9800 150 83 110 -220v 68 F R EE Panama Red Frog Beach Marina 6726-4500 300 84 50 A mp 110/220V 60 H z, 100 A mp 220V 60 H z, 200 A mp 480V 60 H z 3-phase 68 Puerto Rico Club Nautico de San Juan 787-722-0177 250 121 120/240 16/10 68 Puerto Rico Marina Pescaderia 787-717-3638 97 110/220 16/68 Puerto Rico Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club787-842-9003 150 169 110/220V, 30A 50 A and 100 A 68 F R EE Puerto Rico Puerto Del Rey Marina 787-860-1000 260 1,000 120/208V single & 3 phase; 30, 50,100 & 200 amps; 60 H z Cable 16/71 F R EE Puerto Rico Sunbay Marina 787-863-0313 287 110/220 Cable 16/12 St. Croix Green Cay Marina at Tamarind Reef Resort340-718-1453 100 154 110/220V 30 A 50 A 200 A 16 F R EE St. Croix St. Croix Marine340-773-0289 150 44 110/220 16/18 V H F Channel P rovisioning Shower / WC Gas D iesel Fresh Water # of Slips Maximum Length Maximum D raft Laundry B ar / R estaurant Security Cable / Satellite T V Electrical Supply All At Seas C aribbean M arinas G uide R ESOURCES C ARIBB EAN M ARINA S


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 83 St. Lucia Rodney Bay Marina www.igy-rodneybay.com758-572-7200 285 253 120V480V, 30/50/100/ 125/200 amps at 60 H z, 240V440V, 32/63/125 & 200 amps at 50 H z 16 F R EE St. Lucia The Marina at Marigot Bay 758-451-4275 250 40 110/220/380, 50/60 H z Cable 16/12 St. Maarten Bobbys Marina www.bobbysmarina.com721-542-2366 130 80 110/220V 16/69 St. Maarten Island Water World Marina599-544-5310 54 A vailable Cable 74 F R EE St. Maarten Lagoon Marina Cole Bay Waterfront599-544-2611 100 45 110/220 16 F R EE St. Maarten Simpson Bay Marina www.igy-simpsonbay.com721-544-2309 196 114 480V 3-phase 100 amps/ leg; 220V 3-phase 100 amps/leg; 220V 50 amps; 110V 30 amps 60hz 16/ 79 A F R EE St. Maarten The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol www.igy-isledesol.com721 544 2408 320 45 480V 3-phase 100 amps/ leg; 220V 3& singlephase; 100 amps/leg; 220V 50 amps 60hz 16/ 78 A F R EE St. Martin Captain Olivers590-590-8733-47 150 160 110/240 16/67 St. Thomas American Yacht Harbor www.igy-americanyacht harbor.com340-775-6454 110 134 120/208 Y /240 V A C 30 to 100 amps, 60 H z Cable 16/6 F R EE St. Thomas Crown Bay Marina www.crownbay.com340-774-2255 200 99 30, 50, 100amp 120v, 208v, 220v, 480v Cable 11 F R EE St. Thomas Yacht Haven Grande www.igy-yachthaven 340-774-9500 656 48 120/208 Y /240/480 Y V A C 50 to 600 amps, 60 H z A bility to hard wire Cable 16/10 F R EE Tortola, BVI Nanny Cay Marina 284-494-2512 125 200 110/220 16 Tortola, BVI Sopers Hole284-495-4589 170 50 110/240 Cable 16 Cafe Tortola, BVI Village Cay Marina284-494-2771 200 106 110/220/308 Cable 16/71 F R EE Trinidad Power Boats Ltd 868-634-4346 40 115/220 72 Turks & Caicos Blue Haven Marina & Resort 8.5 220 78 30/50/100 amp, 3 phase, up to 480V Cable 16 F R EE Turks & Caicos Caicos Marina & Shipyard www.caicosmarina.com649-946-5600 649-232-1905 150 100+ 30/50/100 amp 16 F R EE Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour284-495-5500 180 94 110/220 16/11 Colombia Marina Santa Marta 11.5 132 256 110/220V, 60hz 16/72 F R EE Boston, MA Boston Yacht Haven617-367-5050 300 100 480V, 100 and 200 amps; 240V single-phase; 208V 3-phase, 100 amps; 240V, 50 amps; 120V, 30 amps Cable 09/16 F R EE Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Marina Cabo San Lucas 624 173 9140 350 380 110V 30 amps; 220V 50 amps; 100 amp 3-phase, 480V 150 3-phase 88 A F R EE Montauk, NY Montauk Yacht Club www.montaukyachtclub.com631-668-3100/ 888-MYC-8668 200 232 30/50/100 amp single phase, 100 amp 3-phase Cable 9/11 F R EE NY Harbor Jersey City Newport Yacht Club/Marina www.igy-newport.com201-626-5550 200 154 110V, 220V 30/50/100 amps 16/78 F R EE NY Harbor Manhattan North Cove Marina at Brookeld Place www.igy-northcove.com917-677-7680 175 18 110V, 220V; 480V 3-phase 69 F R EE Fresh Water # of Slips Maximum Length Maximum D raft Cable / Satellite T V Electrical Supply ASK ABOUT ADD I N G YOUR MAR I NA TO TH E ALL A T SE A M ARINA G UID E C ONTACT ADVERTISING@ ALLATSEA. NET Wireless Internet V H F Channel P rovisioning Shower / WC Gas D iesel Laundry B ar / R estaurant Security OUTSIDE OF CARIBBEAN: R ESOURCES


84 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2017 Antigua Jolly Harbour Marina / Boat Yard17 04 46.4 N 61 54 37.0 W (268) 4626041 no limit 110/220 8am5pm 70 Antigua North Sound Marine 17.1167 -61. 7500 (268) 5623499 \ (268) 764-2599 no limit no limit Anything 24x7 150 Aruba Varadero Caribe 12 32 N 70 02 W 297-5883850 120 no limit 50/30 amp 8am5pm 60 Tortola, BVI Nanny Cay Hotel & Marina 18 25 0 N 64 37 0 W (284) 4942512 160 no limit 110v 30amp/220v 50amp/ 3phase 100 amp 7am6pm 70 Tortola, BVI Sopers Hole 18 23 -64 (284) 4953349 and no limit 110/220 8-5, MonSat 45 Tortola, BVI Tortola Yacht Services 18 25 N 64 37 W (284)-4942124 no limit 220V, 50A, 110V, 30A 7-4, 7days 70 Virgin Gorda, BVI Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour 18. 45222 -64. 43750 284-4955318 10 150 34 no limit 110/120 7am6pm 70 Curaao Curacao Marine N W 599 9 5628000 120 193 110/220 380 8am5pm 60 Boca Chica, D.R. Marina ZarPar 18 26.4 N 69 37.23 W (809) 5235858 7.5 no limit 110/220 380 9am5pm 70 La Romana, D.R. IBC Shipyard 18 23 55 N 68 53 55 W +809 449 3321/3323 110 no limit 110/220 3 phase 100/50/30 amp 8-5 M-F 120 GrenadaClarkes Court Boatyard & Marina 00.6 N 061 44.0 W 473-4393939 150 0 110/220; 50Hz 7:30am4:30pm 242 Grenada Grenada Marine 01:20 40:42 00-1-473443-1667 31.5 0 110/220 8-5, M-F; 8-12, Sat 70 Grenada Spice Island Marine Services 12.041 N 61.45 W 473-4444257 25.4 0 110/220 8-4 M-F 70 Panama Bocas Yacht Services 17.3N 082 23.06W 5076619-5601 no limit 120/220 7:303:30pm 60 Puerto Rico Varadero @ Palmas 18 04 37N 65 47 57W 787-6569211 110 no limit 50/30 amp 8-5, 7days 110 Puerto Rico Puerto Del Rey Marina 17.3 N 38 W 787-8601000 150 33 no limit 120/208V single & 3 phase; 30, 50,100 & 200 amps; 60 Hz 8am5pm 155 Sint Maarten Megayard 13.24 N 63 08.52 W 1-721-5444060 200 110/220 8-5 M-F 150 St. Lucia Rodney Bay Marina 14 72 N 60 63 W 7585727200 no limit 120V480V, 30/50/ 100/125/200 amps at 60 Hz, 240V440V, 32/63/125 & 200 amps at 50Hz 8am5pm 75 St. Croix, USVI St. Croix Marine 17 45 N 64 42 W 340 7730289 no limit 110v 30amp; 220v 50amp; 3 phase 100amp 8-5, MonSat 60 St. Kitts St. Kitts Marine Works 17 20.3N 62 50.1W 1-869-6628930 120 no limit 110/220/3 phase 100amp 7-4 M-F 150 St.Thomas, USVI Subbase Drydock 18 N 65 W 340-7762078 16.5 190 no limit 440 three phase/220/110 8-5, MonSat 1000 Turks & Caicos Caicos Marina & Shipyard 21.45. 57N 72.10. 47W 649-9465600 9 150 30/50/110 amp 24x7 75 O nsite Crew Facilities Electrical Shop Electronic Shop D I Y Friendly Lift 1 T ype / Capacity T ons) Maximum A ir D raft Maximum B eam Maximum Length Maximum D raft Carpentry Shop P rop Shop P aint Shop A rrival H ours P ower Supply Latitude Longitude R ESOURCES ASK ABOUT ADD I N G YOUR B OATYARD TO THE ALL A T SE A BO ATY ARD G UID E C ONTACT ADVERTISING@ ALLATSEA. NET P hone N umber All At Sea C aribbean B oatyards G uide C ARIBB EAN BOATYARD S =


NOVEMBER 2017 ALLATSEA.NET 85 SOUT H EA S T U. S BOATYARD S All At Sea S outheast U S B oatyards G uide Washington NC Washington Yacht Service252-975-2000 no limit 30/50 Amp 24x7 50 ton travelift Beaufort NC Jarrett Bay Boatworks252-728-2690 130 no limit 30/50/100 Amp 24x7 50/75/ 200 ton travelift Beaufort NC Beaufort Marine Center 252-728-7358 130 no limit 30/50/100 Amp 8-4:30 M-F 50/75/ 200 ton travelift Beaufort NC Moores Marine Yacht Center252-504-7060 130 no limit 30/50/100 Amp 8-4 M-F 50/75/ 200 ton travelift Beaufort NC True World Marine252-728-2541 100 no limit 30/50 Amp 8-5 M-F 75 tons Thunderbolt GA Thunderbolt Marine Inc. 912-352-4931 180 no limit 30/50/100 single and 3 phase 24x7 150 ton travelift/ 1150 ton Syncrolift Jacksonville FL Huckins Yacht Corp. 904-389-1125 30/50 Amp 7am-4pm 44 ton/ 77 ton Fort Lauderdale FL Cable Marine (1517 SE 16 St Location) 954-462-2822 16.5 110/240 8-4:30 40 ton Fort Lauderdale FL Cable Marine (2491 W State Rd 84 Location) 954-587-4000 120 22 no limit 120/50/100 Amp 24/7 100 straddle crane St. Petersburg FL Progressive Marine Service/Boat Yard727-822-2886 100 no limit 50 Amp 8-4:30 M-F; Sa-Su by appt. 40/94 ton trav elift St. Petersburg FL Maximo Marina & Boatyard boatyard727-867-1102 no limit Outboard, I/O, Inboard 8am M-F 50 ton travelift Gulf Shores AL Saunders Yachtworks251-981-3700 130 30/50/100 Amp 3 phase 24x7 165 ton travelift Mobile AL Dog River Marina 251-471-5449 22.5 30/50/100 Amp 3 phase 24x7 70 ton travelift Orange Beach AL Saunders Yachtworks251-981-3700 21.5 no limit 30/50 Amp 7-5 M-F/ Sa-Su by appt. 60 ton travelift P aint Shop Electrical Shop Carpentry Shop Electronic Shop Maximum A ir D raft Maximum B eam Maximum Length Maximum D raft P rop Shop O nsite Crew Facility D I Y Friendly A rrival H ours Lift T ype/ Capacity P ower ASK ABOUT ADD I N G YOUR BOATYARD TO THE ALL A T SE A BO ATY ARD G UID E C ONTACT ADVERTISING@ ALLATSEA. NET R ESOURCES SOUT H EA S T U. S M ARINAS All At Sea S outheast U S M arinas G uide Wireless Internet Washington D.C. / MD VA MD National Harbor Marina 301-749-1582 Call 160 30/50/100 single and 3 phase 71/16 Morehead City NC Morehead City Yacht Basin252-726-6862 200 + 88 30/50/100 Amp 16 F R EE Beaufort NC Jarrett Bay Boatworks252-728-7100 135 30 30/50/100 Amp 16 F R EE St Petersburg FL Maximo Marina & Boatyard 727-867-1102 110 300 30/50/100 single phase 6/16 F R EE Miami Beach FL One Island Park 754-701-4020 150800 8 100 single & 3 phase/ 200/480/600 Amp 11/16 F R EE Fort Pierce FL Fort Pierce City Marina772-464-1245 150 240 30/50/100 Amp 16/78 F R EE Clear Lake Shores TX Legend Point Condominiums & Marina 281-334-3811 254 30/50/100 Amp V H F Channel P rovisioning Shower / WC Gas D iesel Fresh Water # of Slips Maximum Length Maximum D raft Laundry B ar / R estaurant Security Cable / Satellite T V Electrical Supply ASK ABOUT ADD I N G YOUR MAR I NA TO TH E ALL A T SE A M ARINA G UID E C ONTACT ADVERTISING@ ALLATSEA. NET


86 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 Caribb ea nS ea G ulf of Me xic o At lantic Oc ea n Bahamas Curaao Bonaire Arub a Turks & Caicos Island s Great Inagua Island Ma yaguana Island Rum Ca y Sa nS alv ador Ca tI sland Eleuther aI sland Abac oI sland New Pr ovidence Andros Island Grand Bahama I. Crooke dI sland L ong Island L ong Ca y Great Exuma Ac k lins Island Grand Cayman Little Cayman Cayman Brac Cayman Island s Montserrat U.S. Virgin Island s British Virgin Island s Anguilla St .M aa rt en/St M ar tin St .B ar thele my Guadeloup e Cayo sM is ki to s Archipielago de Bocas del To ro Tobag o Trinidad St. Vincent & Bequia The Grenadines St. Luci a St. Kitts & Nevis Martiniqu e Grenad a Dominic a Barbado s Barbud a Antigua C olombia Puerto Ric o Panama Nicaragu Honduras a Jamaic a Hait i Dominican Republi c Cuba F lorida, USA Costa Rica Ve nezuela Carriacou Marie-Galante St. Eustatius 2 3 4 1 GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS. This exquisite 4BR/4BA home with separate 1BR/1BA guest house offers unparalleled views from practically every room. With over 380 ft. of continuous water frontage on the canal and lagoon and situated on a quiet culde-sac, this home offers serenity and privacy. The adjacent lot included with the sale or can be sold separately. Price: US $3,600,000 ALLEN BLOOMROSEN, Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty | Ofce: (345) 945-4411 l Cell: (345) 916-0015 To display your Real Estate in All At Sea contact ISLAND REAL E STATEWaterfront PropertyISLAND REAL ESTATE CAP CANA, D OM I N IC AN R EPUBL IC Minutes away from Playa Juanillo and the Marina, 7MARES features 7 different, 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom units, plus two penthouse apartments with up to 7 BR. Property includes a fully equipped gym, spa, three swimming pools, function rooms, 24-hour security, receptionists, concierge and valet parking. Price: US $336,000 to $3,800,000 MARIANO SANZ, Inversiones Aides Dominicana | Cell: (809) 669-3087 2 1 5 6 7


NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 ALLATSEA.NET 87 3 ISLAND REAL ESTATE 3 TAMARI ND H I LLS, A N TIG UA. Ocean Blue, an ex clusive luxurious 4 BR villa, is in one of the islands newest gated communities. This exquisite villa offers stunning 180-degree views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and Montserrat. Situated on a sunset facing bluff between two of Antiguas most beautiful beaches. Price: US $1,595,000 BRADLEY ESTY, Stanleys Estate Agents Ltd. Ofce: (268) 562-7599 | Cell: (268) 725-9354 Coastal NC Waterfront Lots Key West Style ocean access home in Lighthouse Point. A 75 ft. dock with 30 amp twin service should accommodate your vessels. 4000 sq.ft. under roof includes 3/2/2 with potential for expanding, vaulted ceilings open to the outdoors in two directions. Bonus is a 435 sq. ft. allpurpose loft, a 26 ft. Master Bedroom & a marble-steam shower. Kitchen includes wood cabinets with Bosch S/S. Tasteful appointments throughout. Offered at US $655,000. GAIL A. BYRD, Owner/ BrokerCoastal Realty of Stuart, Inc. Ofce [772] 678-6366, Cell [772] 341-7070 PALM CITY, FLORIDA, USA S E LL Y OUR COASTAL REAL E STATE HER E! Starting at just $50/month 2.25 acre property with 108'dock and 300' waterfront footage. Ideal for development. $268,000 (954) 258-7044 THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT!LOVE ALL AT SEA? Tell an advertiser, I saw it in


88 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 ISLAND R EAL E STATE 5 7 ST GEOR G E, GRENADA. Enjoy a panoramic view of Morne Rouge Bay from one of the 14 self-contained Mediterranean-style units at Mariposa Residence. Each boasts large open living areas that maximize view, privacy and ocean breeze. Amenities include custom Italian kitchens and handmade tiles. Furnished and unfurnished available. Steps away from Morne Rouge Beach and short walk to Grand Anse Beach. Price: US $340,000 to $790,000 KHADINE FRANCIS, Altman Real Estate Grenada Ofce: (473) 435-2081 | Cell: (473) 405-2081 B ELNEM, B ONAI RE. The priceless oceanfront location of this 3 BR/3.5 BA contemporary villa is the per fect place to perch and watch for dolphins to swim by. Amenities include huge terrace on second oor, amazing views from every room, two car garage and pool. Price: US $1,150,000 CORINE VAN DER HOUT, Sunbelt Realty Ofce: (+599) 717-6560 6 B A C OLE T P O I N T TOBA G O. L ovely well-main tained two-story 3 BR/3 BA residence directly overlooking Ministers Bay beach on the breezy Atlantic Coast. Room to add a swimming pool if desired, plus a pathway leads directly from the property to the beach. Centrally located in a quiet residential neighborhood 5 minutes from the capital of Scarborough. Price: US $500,000 BRIAN ABRAHAM, Abraham Tobago Realty | Ofce: (868) 639-3325 4 B A TH WAY, GRENADA. L ocated in the private gated property of Moonsh Villas, which includes three beach front houses and a shared pool, the 3 BR Boathouse Villa features high ceilings, an open-plan kitchen, dining area, separate sitting area, ofce and garage. The Sloop is a 1 BR apartment adjacent. A garden path leads past the pool and directly onto the northern end of beautiful Bathway Beach. Price: US $375,000 PAULA LA TOUCHE-KELLER, Century 21 Grenada | Ofce: (473) 440-5227 | Cell: (473) 415-5228


92 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 BROKERAGE Contact: CAPT DOUG FORD LITTLE RIVER 720 Hwy 17 Suite 201, Little River, SC 29566 Ofce: 843-340-0080 | Fax: 888-566-5886


Check out for more details on these listings and others! 1999 Royal cape 45 catamaran. SIX CABINS! Ex crewed charter. OFFERS! Wave Piercer Ferry Excellent condition. Up to 50 pax $495K Offers. 62 ft Lock Crowther inspired Machine Single handed by her 70 y/o owner! 1998 Hunter Legend clean and loaded $69K 2013 Lagoon 56. Immaculate. OFFERS! 2006 Perry 57. Immaculate blue water passage maker Call for more details! 1989 Californian Treasure dive boat. $49K offers. Lavranos Racing sloop 48ft OFFERS! 2002 CATANA 58 Fully specd for blue water Lying in Cape Town. Ready for you! 2004 Leopard 47. New engines & many upgrades. Looking sweet & waiting for you. Call for details! 2009 Privilege 615 ,1 Mill Lying St Maarten. One owner since new. Glorious. Hurry! $999K 1978 Hinckley Ketch 64ft Lying Trinidad. Beyond immaculate and gorgeous. $399K 70 ft Spronk Catamaran. Beyond spectacular. OFFERS! Tag 60 Lying South Africa. Has to be seen to be believed. OFFERS! 1993 62 Ft Custom Built Aluminium blue water Cruiser. $550K Lying South Africa 2001 54 ft Swaliga fast ferry/day charter cat $295K Moody 34 Bilge Keeler. Circumnavigation ready $44K 2004 FP Eleuthera lying in Greece. $499K. Owners version modified to sail short handed. Ready to go Tel: + 1 721 553 4475 St Martin F.W.I. Anguilla SXM MARINE BUSINESS FOR SALE. SAILING INSTRUCTION/STCW CERT/ MULTIPLE VESSELS! CALL FOR DETAILS.LOOKING FOR NEW LISTINGS! QUALIFIED BUYERS READY TO BUY! 1997 Hunter legend 43 Excellent condition. Lying Trinidad offers on $79K


94 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 GREAT FERRY or TOUR BOAT!47FT BELLCRAFT HYDROFOIL CATAMARAN DRAWS 2FT! Call: 1-284-496-7935 email: 55-FOOT STEEL KETCH Excellent Condition Estate Sale (reduced 50%) to $135,000 Ask for photos 1980 CUSTOM ALAN BUCHANAN Ker 11.3, 2005. 1st St. Maarten regatta 2016, 2nd St. Barth's, 2nd Antigua, ready to race with full wardrobe of near new sails, new engine, excel lent condition after recent professional makeover, $145K ONO. Email: DINGO FOR SALE BOSTON WHALER 2016 OUTRAGE 370 400K | 473 403 9622 BROKERAGE 1998 LUHRS 290 OPEN TOURNAMENT $49, 2006 Chris Craft 28 CorsairHeritage Edition PRISTINE CONDITION US $65,000 ONO CONTACT: 473 444-2220 or 44 Steel Ocean Cruiser, great live-aboard !$72,000 Has income potential. 305-989-7181 1989 TOPPER HERMANSON S E LL Y OUR BOAT HER E! Starting at just $50/month 2007 CENTURY 3200 WALKAROUNDFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 2007CENTURY3200GMAIL.COMIn excellent condition with just over 200 hours on the twin Yamaha 250hp Four Stroke Outboards with digital gauges. Just serviced. Garmin 4208 Color Chartplotter/RADAR/Fishnd er, Simrad autopilot, Jabsco remote searchlamp, VHF, 2 stereo systems, one inside and one out. Compass, Lenco Trim Tabs, Windlass with danforth 300 ft of rope + 15 ft chain. Full eisen glass enclosure. MASE-Yanmar Diesel Generator with 200 hrs, heavy service last year. Flood lights, cockpit + gunwale light ing, Sea Blaze underwater LED lighting x 3. 4 batteries with 4 switches. 30A transom jack and cord. Under gunwhale lockable storage racks, Taco Grand Slam out riggers, 11 rod holders, Freshwater and Saltwater washdown sink area with cutting board, lighted livewell w/clear lid, transom sinkbait rigging area, removable seat backrest, transom shower. 2 in deck shboxes each with macerator pump, coam ing and seat pads, tackle drawers, tackle storage, walk through windshield, and Stainless steel hardware. Cabin has 3 steps down, aft cabin with storage and lighting, combination standup head and shower, AC/Heat 110v, 110v outlets, refrigerator, stove, 12v lighting and cedar lined hanging storage and drawers. Setee seats 5 comfortably and converts to large sleeping area. Flat screen TV with DVD player. Cable antenna and stern coax outlet. 5 side hatches and 2 large overhead all with screens. $95k MARINE CENTRE Old Parham Road / Jolly Harbor Tel: 268-462-5760 / 562-7125 Email: Sales & Service New & Used Storage, Warranty & General Service Fiberglass Repair & Bottom Painting Marine Store SS Hardware, Engine Parts, Safety Gear, Paint, Accessories, Trailer Parts, Props, Engine Sales & InboardBrokerage Pre-approved Used Trade Ins & Pre-owned Boat Sales Trailers Continental/Rocket TrailersRentals & Charters Day Charters Cruise & Fish up to 60 ft Cruisers Boat Rentals Self Drive up to 20 ft Center Consoles Pre-approved Used Trade Ins & Pre-owned Boat Sales Fish up to 60 ft Cruisers Boat Rentals Self Drive up to Pre-approved Used Trade Ins Boat Rentals Self Drive up to


2007 CENTURY 3200 WALKAROUNDFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 2007CENTURY3200GMAIL.COM In excellent condition with just over 200 hours on the twin Yamaha 250hp Four Stroke Outboards with digital gauges. Just serviced. Garmin 4208 Color Chartplotter/RADAR/Fishnd er, Simrad autopilot, Jabsco remote searchlamp, VHF, 2 stereo systems, one inside and one out. Compass, Lenco Trim Tabs, Windlass with danforth 300 ft of rope + 15 ft chain. Full eisen glass enclosure. MASE-Yanmar Diesel Generator with 200 hrs, heavy service last year. Flood lights, cockpit + gunwale light ing, Sea Blaze underwater LED lighting x 3. 4 batteries with 4 switches. 30A transom jack and cord. Under gunwhale lockable storage racks, Taco Grand Slam out riggers, 11 rod holders, Freshwater and Saltwater washdown sink area with cutting board, lighted livewell w/clear lid, transom sinkbait rigging area, removable seat backrest, transom shower. 2 in deck shboxes each with macerator pump, coam ing and seat pads, tackle drawers, tackle storage, walk through windshield, and Stainless steel hardware. Cabin has 3 steps down, aft cabin with storage and lighting, combination standup head and shower, AC/Heat 110v, 110v outlets, refrigerator, stove, 12v lighting and cedar lined hanging storage and drawers. Setee seats 5 comfortably and converts to large sleeping area. Flat screen TV with DVD player. Cable antenna and stern coax outlet. 5 side hatches and 2 large overhead all with screens. $95k




Books by Gary E. Brown available in print and eBook from Amazon worldwide.

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98 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 MARKETPLACE The BVIs Metal Experts for 35 Years!Complete machine shop & fabrication services

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100 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 MARKETPLACE MysticKnotwork .com Aquadoc Marine Services Limited Tel/Fax: (284) 346 0305 Cell: (284) 346 7643 P.O. Box 281, Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI / 409 St John, 00831, USVI Projects, Re ts, Mechanical, Electrical, Refrigeration, Airconditioning, Outboar Repairs, Servicing & Installation and more Brokerage Guardianage Project ManagementOfces in Port Louis Marina & Clarkes Court Boat YardTel: (+1 473) 415 0431 or 422 9730 Email: www.horizonyachtsgrenada.comYACHT MANAGEMENTHorizon Yachts GrenadaMarine Engineering & Mechanical Services CHAINPLATES E XPRESS F REE Phone: 281-559-2407 Fax: 281-559-2431 S A I L S U P P L Y N A T I O N A L Best sails for the money Youll see the quality. Youll feel the performance.But most of all, yll appreciate the price!Phone: 1-800-611-3823 E-mail: Fax 813-200-1385 Sailing doesnt have to be expensive ORDER ON THE INTERNET | NEW & USED IN STOCK NORTH STAR MARINE REPAIR Top Quality Yacht Repair Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Systems Repair, Interior and Cosmetic WorkLocated at Harbour View Marina & Marine Management Services Ltd. Tortola, British Virgin Islands OFFICE: 284-495-1242 CELL: 284-541-7321 HART SYSTEMS, INC. PH 253-858-8481 FAX 253-858-8486 TANK TENDER Accurate tank soundings have never been easier when one TANK TENDER monitors up to ten fuel and water tanks. Reliable non-electric and easy to install. THE ORIGINAL PRECISION TANK MEASURING SYSTEM! Subscribe to ALL AT SEAU.S. Subscriber, 12 issues $29.95 Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $39.95 Non-U.S./Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $64.95 Read what you love... all the time, any time!

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102 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 MARKETPLACE Serving the U.S. Virgin IslandsCOMMERCIAL DIVING: SHOP SERVICES: Mechanical Construction Demolition Inspection Marine Salvage Fuel Polishing Welding Hydraulic (Cylinders, Pumps & Valves) D-U-N-S# 08069067 AND O.S.R.O. COMPLIANT Brokerage/Classied Order Form TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD, PLEASE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: BROKERAGE CATEGORIES: Charter Dinghy Powerboat Sailboat Boat Sharing Boat Wanted CLASSIFIED CATEGORIES: Boat Gear/Parts Business Opportunity Dock Space Employment Opportunity Personal Real Estate Services Ad Copy: ______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ We accept payment by cash, check or: Account #:________________________________________________________ Exp: _______ / ________ Security Code (back of card): _______________ Name on Card: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________________ Billing Address: ____________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________ DEADLINE IS THE 1ST OF THE MONTH PRIOR Payment must be received before placementComplete this form and mail to: ALL AT SEA, 382 NE 191st Street #32381, Miami, Florida 33179-3899 OR Fax this form to: (815) 377-3831 1-40 words: $35 per issue OR 40-80 words: $70 per issue Photos are the SIZZLE THAT SELLSAdd a picture for only $15 more per issue! (All high resolution images must be emailed to advertising@allatsea. net

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NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 ALLATSEA.NET 103 M ARKETPLACE From France ATN Multihull Trampoline Netting High UV Resistance Racing or Cruising Custom Made or Factory Replacement Several Styles to Choose From Email for a quote!

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104 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 MARKETPLACE Over 30 Years Experience in South FloridaWe can provide superior coverage at lower cost. Call Joe for a fast quote! 305-992-3482 Email: joe@kolisch.netYacht Insurance Brokers CRUZ BAY (340) 776-6922 CORAL B AY (340) 779-4994A SHORT WALK FROM BOTH DINGHY DOCKS High Speed Internet B oat Charter B ookings Phone, Fax Messaging VHF Monitoring All DayUSVI CRUZ BAY (340) 776-6922 CORAL B AY (340) 779-4994A SHORT WALK FROM BOTH DINGHY DOCKSHigh Speed Internet B oat Charter B ookings Phone, Fax Messaging VHF Monitoring All Day USVI OUTLAND Hatch Covers 910.467.2882 The new generation in hatch cover Plan B Generator Services 340-714-1239 YOUR 1 STOP POWER SHOP! PARTS AVAILABLE FOR ALL MAKES AND MODELS BOCAS MARINA Everything you need in Paradise! Reservations: BOCAS YACHT SERVICES60 Ton TraveliftReservations: AUTOMOTIVE & MARINE ST. THOMAS, USVI VI Alternators and Starters Toll Free: 1-844-467-8278 Melvin Donovan, Rebuilder 6113 Estate Frydenhoj, 2-Y St. Thomas, USVI 00802 MUST CALL FOR NEW LOCATION AND DELIVERY INSTALLATIONS, PICKUP & DELIVERY GENERATOR REPAIR AVAILABLE Voted the BEST in the V.I.

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NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 ALLATSEA.NET 105M ARKETPLACE The 10+ Year Anti-Fouling Paint US EPA and California Approved! Yes, Coppercoat really works where you are!To learn more visit our website www.CoppercoatUSA.comor call us at 321.514.9197 or email at info@coppercoatusa.comThe strongest most long lasting anti-fouling available in the world today. Protecting boats around the world for 24 years. St. Kitts Marine WorksLOCATED AT NEW GUINEA, ST. KITTS Long 62 50.1 W Lat 17 20.3 N BOAT YARD Haul & Storage Special 5% discount for full payment. Haul and Launch $11 / ft. Storage $8 / ft / month. Beat the Hurricane season rush. Have access to your vessel to be launched at any time and not get stuck behind other boats. Tie down available ($3/ft), backhoe available ($100/hr) to dig hole to put keel down in etc. Pressure wash, Mechanics ($45/hr), Electricians ($45/hr), Weld ing and Carpenters available. Our 164 ton Travel Lift has ability for boats up to 35 ft wide and 120 feet long. We allow you to do your own work on your boat. No extra charge for Catamarans. 24 hr manned Secu rity, completely fenced property with CCTV. Water and electricity available. FREE high speed 869 662 8930 email: Bentels@hotmail.comREGULAR HOURS FOR HAUL: Monday to Thurs 8am to 3pm Fridays 8am to Noon PAYMENTS Cash (EC or US$), Visa, Master, Discover & travellers checks (must sign in front of us with ID) Agents for SERVING THE TURKS & CAICOS SINCE 1988649-946-5600 www.caicosmarina.comFull Service Marina and BoatyardDockage Boat Sales Dry Storage Fuel/Water/Ice/Laundry Hurricane Tie Down Outboard Sales & Service Chandlery HEADING NORTH?CRUISING SOUTH?

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106 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 M ARKETPLACE A&F Sails ....................................................... 69 Above & Below Marine Services ....... 102 ACR ................................................................. 39 Aero Tec Laboratories .......................... 100 ALEXSEAL ..................................................... 41 American Yacht Harbor ...................... C2, 1 Anro Agencies Ltd. .......................... 94, 102 Antilles Power Depot, Inc. ...................... 59 Aquadoc Marine Services Ltd ............ 100 Ashley Yachts .............................................. 89 ATN Inc. ...................................................... 103 Bens Yacht Services ................................. 73 Beta Marine .............................................. 103 Boat Owners Warehouse (BOW .......... 43 Bocas Marina & Yacht Services ...... 94, 104 Boston Whaler .................................... C1, 13 Budget Marine .................................... 21, C4 Caicos Marina & Shipyard .................... 105 Caribbean Battery ................................. 106 Caribbean Inflatable Boats & Liferafts .................................................. 99 Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd ........ 67 Caribbean Rigging .................................... 69 Carpet Care Antigua ................................. 69 Cay Electronics ........................................... 67 CEA Industrial Supply, Inc. ..................... 43 Clarkes Court Boatyard & Marina ........ 73 Coastal Realty of Stuart, Inc. .................. 87 Connections ............................................ 104 Cooper Marine, Inc. .................................. 96 CopperCoat .............................................. 105 Curacao Marine ......................................... 77 Dauvillier Yachting .................................... 92 David Jones Real Estate .......................... 35 Denison Yachting ............................... 25, 94 Dominica Marine Center ........................ 76 Doyle Sailmakers ...................................... 53 East Yachts Ltd ............................................ 55 Echo Marine ............................................... 75 Electec .......................................................... 65 EMV Marine Yacht Refit & Management ....................................... 79 Fajardo Canvas & Sail ............................ 104 FilterBOSS ..................................................... 33 FKG Marine Rigging .................................. 71 Gold Coast Yachts ..................................... 96 Golden Hind Chandlery ......................... 61 Green Cay Marina ...................................... 59 Grenada Marine ........................................ 75 Grenada Sailing Week .............................. 74 Hillcrest Guest House ............................ 107 Horizon Yachts ......................................... 100 Hydrovane ................................................. 104 ICA Group ..................................................... 98 IGY Marinas .................................................... 5 Intracoastal Yacht Sales ........................... 92 Island Dreams Yacht Services ................ 76 Island Marine, Inc. ..................................... 57 Island Marine Outfitters .......................... 62 Island Water World ...................................... 9 Island Surf & Sail ........................................ 68 Jolly Harbour Marina / Boat Yard ........ 27, 29 Kolisch Marine Insurance .................... 104 Lagoon Marina ........................................... 75 Land N Sea .................................................. 47 Leopard Brokerage ................................... 90 Le Ship Chandler ....................................... 98 Lifeline Batteries, Inc ................................ 39 Little Yacht Sales ........................................ 96 Mantus Anchors ......................................... 79 Marine Formula by DeBond Corp .... 102 Marine Warehouse ................................... 31 Mercury Marine ........................................ 2-3 Mystic Knotwork ..................................... 100 National Sail Supply .............................. 100 NautikFl ..................................................... 98 Nautool ......................................................... 98 Nelsons Dockyard Marina ...................... 67 Northern Lights .......................................... 99 North Latitude Marina ............................. 60 North Sound Marina ................................ 76 North Star Marine Repair ..................... 100 Nuteak ........................................................... 98 Offshore Marine ........................................ 45 Offshore Risk Management ........... 21, 71 OgreMaxxRaxx ........................................ 106 Outland Hatch Covers .......................... 104 Paradise Boat Sales ................................... 94 Parts & Power .................................. 101, 103 Pettit Paint ..................................................... 7 Plan B Generator Service ..................... 104 Port Louis Marina ........................................ 4 Puerto Del Rey Marina ............................. 57 Grenada Tourism Authority ..................... 6 Quantum Sails ........................................... 47 Ram Turbos ............................................... 106 Reefco Services .......................................... 57 Renaissance Marina ................................. 81 River Supply ............................................. 106 Rollformers of Texas .............................. 100 Sailrite ............................................................ 11 Sams Taxi & Tours Ltd .............................. 74 Seagull Inflatables ..................................... 69 Sea Hawk Paints ......................................... 23 Smiths Ferry Service LTD ....................... 66 Sopers Hole Wharf & Marina ............... 62 Spice Island Marine Services ................ 15 St. Croix Marine .......................................... 59 St. Kitts Marine Works ........................... 105 St. Maarten Sails & Canvas N.V. ............ 68 Subbase Drydock, Inc ............................. 61 Suzuki Del Caribe Inc. .............................. 53 Tank Tender .............................................. 100 The Little Ship Company ....................... 93 The Moorings .............................................. 91 Tickles Dockside Pub ............................... 76 TurtlePac ................................................... 104 Ullman Sails .................................................... 68 Ultra Yacht Refit ............................................. 69 Varadero Aruba Marina & Boatyard ...... 81 Village Cay Hotel & Marina .................... 63 Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour ................... 63 VI Alternators and Starters .................. 104 Yacht Shots Photography ....................... 60 Yamaha Motor Co., Inc. ............................ C3 S PONSOR DIRECTORY: ALL AT SEA would like to thank its sponsors for their patronage and support. We encourage our readers to help keep us a community-focused, free publication by supporting our sponsors. Tell them you saw their company information or product in ALL AT SEA. WANNA START SUMTINFOR ALL YOUR BATTERY NEEDSAUTO BATTERIES MARINE BATTERIES TRUCK BATTERIES BATTERY CHARGES BATTERY ACCESSORIES SOLAR POWER SALES AND INSTALLATION MACEO BUTTS, MGR 340-776-3780 8525 LINDBERG BAY, SUITE 13 ST. THOMAS, VI 00802CARIBBEAN BATTERY your source formarine supplies at low prices Marine Safety Equipment Yacht Chandlery and Supplies Saltwater Fishing Tackle | Life Raft Sales and Service Inatable Boat Sales and Service | Marine Paints Fire and Safety Equipment 2827 River Drive, Thunderbolt, GA 31404912-354-7777 | toll free: 800-673-9391 | CUSTOM, HAND BUILT, ALUMINUM TANK RACKS 321 254-8900 www.ogremaxxraxx.comITS ALL ABOUT A GREAT RACK

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NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 ALLATSEA.NET 107 CLASS IFI EDS For Sale For Sale Vacation RentalWANTED WORKIN G P A R T NE R for a growing marine canvas business. Financing possible. An opportunity to own a boating related business on a tropical island. info@thomas Business OpportunityEVE R YTH I N G NEEDS T O GO B RI N G ALL O FFE R S! J 120 Cruiser Racer 1999 Price $120K. Sportfisherman vintage Rybovich 46, one engine M A I NTE C I N S T MAA R TEN A R E L OOKI N G F OR A W OO D W ORK E R/ SH IP W RIG HT Person we are looking for should have at least 7 years proven in the marine industry either boat building or repair. Should have knowledge of glass fibre work and finishing products. Will be expected to have own per sonal hand tools. Experience with teak deck replacement a plus. Candidates must be eligible to work on both the French and Dutch sides of the island. Will be required Employment Employment Employmentto have experience in driving tenders or be wiling to be trained. Only email CVs will be accepted. Email maintec@sintmaarten.netY A C HT M ANA G EMENT CO M P ANY BASED IN THE BRI T I SH VIRGIN ISLANDS I S L OOKI N G F OR A QU AL I F I ED M A RI NE SE R V IC E TE C H N ICI AN to join our team. Experience and training specifically in marine electronics and refrigeration would be preferred; as well as a good general working knowledge and ability to troubleshoot and work on marine sub systems and marine diesel engines and generators. Work references would be needed, and remuneration would be provided on application. Please make contact with Graeme on bridgraem@ SPECIALS: Free night Baby Boomer/Senior Citizen Discount ST. JOHN, USVI #157 Enighed Cruz Bay turns other missing parts DETROIT 6V92, project, otherwise Rolls Royce when ready. Price $90k Wellcraft 27 ft Cuddy Cabin, calcuta top 2x225 Yamahas 2 stroke 400 hours minor project $25k Chris Craft Scorpion 311 central console 2x225 Mercury EFI, minor project $25k Sea Rescue rib 30 ft 2x200 Johnson in working condition, minor project $18K Rinker Captiva 282/2003 Cuddy Cabin, full enclosure, inboard Mercury 496 ... 400HP in great condition $35K Cigarette 50ft converted as bow rider and for 3 outboard engines max 36 pax ... $70K Ford Expedition 2003 4X4 ...$5K Email or call +1 721 522 4861 2X C RU SADE R 7.4 M PI G AS EN GI NES 375 HP each. Perfect working condition. Re-powering. Located in Dominica. Contact: under or 767 277 2571. Any reasonable offer considered.F AM I LY OP E R ATED ECOLOD G E I N DO M I N IC A L OOK I N G F OR A HANDS ON R ES I DENT ASS I STANT MAN A G E R. English required. French a plus Lodging and food provided. From July or Nov 17 Long term oppor tunity. Couples considered. Modest pay but no expenses. riverside@citruscreek MA C H I N I ST BENC H F I TTE R FABRIC AT OR required for machine shop. Tortola, Virgin Islands. Applicant must have at least five years experience in workshop processes and practice using standard machine shop tools and equipment. general duties to include turning, milling, boring, grinding, tube bending. WELDE R /FABRIC AT OR Must have 10 years experience in welding stainless and aluminum with T.I.G & M.I.G. and ARC. Must be able to use standard bending, cutting, roll forming and shearing equipment to manufacture to close tolerances. Ability to work unsupervised a necessity. mail cv to 346 6735 LIST Y OUR JO B S HE R E! Starting at just $35/month Subscribe to ALL AT SEAU.S. Subscriber, 12 issues $29.95 Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $39.95 Non-U.S./Canada Subscriber, 12 issues $64.95 Read what you love... all the time, any time!

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108 ALLATSEA.NET NOVEMBER 2 0 1 7 F reshly picked fruits and vegetables are exposed to a lot of light and different temperatures during their journey from farm to table via the grocery store and they lose some of their nutrition. Produce purchased at your local Farmers Market has less of a journey. For maximum goodness, food purchased should be eaten as soon as possible after purchase. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak and frozen immediately, so they are often more nutritious than fresh produce. Also they can save you time and money, less waste.S UCC OTASH Prep time: 15 minutes. Cooking time: 15 minutes. Serves: 4 64 tbsp vegetable oil onion, chopped 1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped 1 12oz pkg frozen edamame (green soybeans) thawed 2 zucchinis, chopped GARNISH: Basil leaves and dill Heat oil in a large skillet (I like to use cast iron) add onions and saut for a minute Add red peppers and edamames. Then add zucchinis and squash. Cook a little more, add butter, corn and tomatoes. Season with freshly ground pepper and sea salt. For the last few minutes, lay some basil leaves and dill on top. Tip: Can be used as a starter, a side dish and I sometimes use it as a main dish and place it over rice or quinoa. S H ALLOT QUIN OA Prep time: 10 minutes. Cooking time: 20 minutes. Serves: 4-6M IRPOI X: 1 clove of garlic, peeled and sliced 2 green onions, chop and separate white and green 1/2 shallot, peeled and thinly sliced S alt and pepper 1-1/2 tsp red wine vinegarHeat the olive oil in a small heavy-bottomed pot on medium heat. Add the Mirpoix (garlic, white bottoms of green onion and shallot), and sprinkle with bit of salt and pepper. Cook until the onions are soft. Add vinegar and stir and let reduce for about a minute. Add the quinoa. Stir to toast. Add broth, increase heat to high. Stir, bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for 12-15 minutes, or until tender. Remove from heat and let sit 5 minutes. Remove lid, stir in green onion tops. Season with salt and pepper to taste. PR OTE IN P A CK E D D A RK CH O C OLATE D EL IGH T Prep time: 5 minutes. Cooking time: 5 minutes Chilling time: 15 minutes. Serves: 4 7oz good quality dark chocolate (like Green + blacks 70% bars), roughly choppedL ine a sheet pan with parchment paper, set aside. Bring small pot of water to a boil, lower the heat to a simmer. Put the chocolate in a glass bowl and set over water. Stir chocolate until completed melted. Immediately pour it onto the prepared pan. Evenly sprinkle the almonds, coconut, and salt over the chocolate. Put pan in freezer until chocolate sets, about 15 minutes. Break chocolate into pieces and eat immediately. If any left over, store in an air tight container in refrigerator. Capt. Jan Robinsons Ship to Shore Cookbook Collection is avail able at your local marine or bookstore. Visit www.shiptoshoreINC. com email FA R M TO T ABLE O R FR EEZER TO T ABLE! T HE DI SH BY CA P N JA N RO BIN SO N R ed pepper akes (to taste) Pink H imalayan salt and freshly ground pepper to taste 1 cup of quinoa, (mixed colors) rinsed 2 cups of vegetable broth 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp sliced almonds 2 tbsp unsweetened coconut akes 1 tsp Maldon sea salt 2 squash, chopped 12 plum tomatoes, sliced in half and sprinkled with sea salt 4 ears fresh corn kernels, cut from the cob or frozen and thawed S alt and pepper to taste

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