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Title: B7-L1
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Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
Coordinates: 29.892465 x -81.313142
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1783(?) .
Spanish Census
Ph. J!13 Sheet 6

Old Floridians, Minorcans
Italians and Greeks.

Lazaro Vrtg.a; Native of r inorca, C.A.R., he h1 a wife and a
son, occupation Farmer, he has q houn;e of boards without grounds,
which he inhabits, in the Greeak Sett element, he has three acres and

a half of land on which he pays tha Tent, to and nglishman, he has
two horses.

Block 7

.i5. ? '

ot 5 Blk- 7 Japilla MinorquLinl


sent owner v ertel ons west 10 feet 31k 7 Lot 5
Dtvid r- n,,t r,- -c.ssary to
Miss -.,ry Peck owns east e 5 fn et nt to
de e lope-r nt front 1 4 on il o. o o. St.
Gerstel Lstet owns oV so Lot 4 nortn of Lot5. .k 7.

Map in city 1-.rk's o0.i.e.

St Augustine Record
4 July 1937

/ --ic~ -

' -- *-o

PMr CB1J *<-

S00 .



'2 6 R-

C ir -3 L 3 3 ~L 3 C ~ ~ V1 IC
r S1 r:r ~j br c ~* Y j:
E= m '~~S
nr L X "' ,E
~-' 97-" L- cn
C , CC;
~ a: C L C
I: y .. ~ ~s
""crr r~c~ti:
L 'i
s5 L ;t
'" ~t
r i. ~c". : c"
'j ' L-)h
*~- ~~~ :j '$ ~P
x D
i= i
i t~-
- s
~a~o"~-- '>e
~C 5
r.u b~
I~ i- 2--
.i -i
~ i*; c ;r NC.'* t
t~ 'S
.i %- 0)
i) *
i .,.
ii 3
-II (_ T1

"-.7 TJ..T-.

Spanish Census
Ph. #15 Sheet 9

Old Floridians, Minorcans
Italians and Greeks.

Ignacio artega; Native of iinorca, C.A.R., he signed the Memor-
ial, he is a widower, his occupation Stone Cutter, he inhabits the
house of a son of his who lives in Greek Street.

Block 7

Srnnish Census
Ph. #11 Sheet 3

Old Ploridians, iinorcans
Italians qnd Greeks

Sebastian Ortegs, the son, (see Levastian Ortega or Sheet 2)
Native of ,inorca, C.A.R., he did not sign the Memorial because
he was away, but he abides by it; he hRs a wife and three sons
(or children) he has a house and its grounds in community with
three brothers In law, his occupation Stone Cutter, he lives in
the said house near the Principal Church. (Note) "e retired.

;J1p , 'I

; -~i. .~ __-. ~L. ...-

S; j i .


-...-JL-. ....-------'



co 0




I i
i ~. _..._.___..._._i


4 Stre of Saint eorge
~l/ntt O.oge

No. 127 Dona Eugenia de Yta y Salazar daughter of Geronimo and
of Juana Avero, widow of 56 years.
1 1 slave Baptised.


Spanish Census
Ph. #?9 Sheet 20
30o 3/

Maleom Ross: Native of Scotland, he availt of Spanish protection
to retire, he has a wife and one son, his trade carpenter, he has
a dlave, lives in a house which he sold to a 3paniard with con-
dition that (ph. 31) he would possess it until his embarkation, in
the little street beyond the Minorcan Chapel.

Blook T?

Spanish Census
Ph.#ll 'heet 2
Old Floridians, ninorcans,
Italians and Greeks.

Sevastian Ortega; Native of Minorca, C.A.R., he has a wife and
married sons (or children) he abides by the Memorial which he
signed, his occupation "tone Cutter, he has two acres of cultivated
land for which he has never made any payment, he has a house, his
own, without grounds, adjoining the Minorcan Chapel, which he
Block 7

Spanish Census
Ph. #18 Sheet 4


John Imrie: Native of Scotland, he avails of Spanfi5rotection
and will remain in the country if permitted, he confors to the
Catholic Religion, he has a wife and two sons (or children) his
proifesion constructor of ships in which line he desires to serve
His Catholic aon jst y for the same salary he received from the
British King, two pesos and one real daily, he has documents of title
for five hundred acres of land about eight miles from this City
near Matansas, he has eight pieces slaves and one in Providence
that he will bring if he is permitted to remain, be has two
nragluas with six oars, be lives in a rented house joined to the

Quesada's Lict
Year of 1790
Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.
Square o. Realea
No* 41 Wooden house built by Lucia Escalon Reales
on King' a lot, bounded: E., W., and
Ne by Royal Streets, S. by lots of the
King and Antonia Per domo. 16 (N-S)9 /
x 77j ve @ p rr per sq* v. 6.9 3/4
(On margin: By Act of this day on Peti-
tion of Lucia Escalona, this lot was de-
clared in her favor, St. Aug. 5/6/1800.
Signed: Zmbinarretae)


Esorituras, 16 March 1787
6 December 1790
pe 70 Will Sept. 24 Lucia Esoalona, mentions house she owns
(but not the lot, except small part) situated on St.
George St. near land gate, which bounds it W; lane to
Castle square on N; Antona Peridoo 8; Castle Squar, E.
The lotbelongs to Joaquln & Rosalia Martinez, her nephew
& niece.

Blook 7, Rocque 14

ot es Reotor otl /J -7
fRel Esate old Abbey.
Nap of 1768,
P1a De la Puente mp. Square I No. TS So. E. corner present
Park alley and ISt. Oeorge Street belonged to Juan Gareia Marti a
Gallegos, small stores, 14n-s, 71 e-w.
No. 76 next south house of wood boards belonging to Lorenso Gems.
1988 de la Roque map, Square E. beoames Nanzana 5 Lot 14 runs to
the river front. Feur room house directly on corner with two
room, probably kitchen baek of house and to south edge of lot.
Described as house of wood in good condition belongija to Done
L"usa Isoalona with dead and land as mentioned.
te, Next south adjoining it is a vacant lot belonging to Nliolase
e, who owned the stone house on the north lot of the *Port
blek" which is the block north of Park Alley. Her stone house
was nearest the eity gate, and was stan.i.t,. within memory of a
number of residents of the oldest type, L"ieved to havi been tera
down in the 1870's.

Inventories, assessments, and
sale at public auction of the
houses and lots of the King.

Square No. 7

No. 42

uesada's List
ear of 1790

Lot of Antonio Peirdomo with de d.

The Abbey /'7


The Abbey Hotel, se cor St George and Fort Lane was built c 1885 by
WM G. Warden for Papy family as small hotel. Wooden house or site is
said to have been moved to 21 Joiner.

[This subject has not been photographed for record, but old photos of it
exist. No other data has yet been gathered for this place, which is
condemned as unsafe.-acma [Building removed summer of 1938-vis.

Escrituras, 16 July 1784
26 February 1787


p. 369

Sale July 18 Jesse Fish-Antonia Perdomo lot on street
from the Plaza to the land gate, bounded S by Juan San
Salvador: N by lot of the seller; E & W by public
streets (Certified that in 1764 Juan Eligio de la Puente
sold to Jesse Fish lot & houses thereon Block 13, measur-
ing 15 yds. NS & 57 EW., said houses & lot being then the
weperty of Lorenzo y Mamel Rodriguez.
EscriturasrC~ / eray10

Escrituras, 3 February 1R03
29 December 1804

386 Sale n.d. Don Fernando de la iJaza Arredondo and Da Antonia
Pordomo husband and wi ife to Rafael 'ernandez a lot the
same I Iiad of Don Jesse PiOsh bv deed Irtlh July 1785 por
ante D Domingo dodrig-ez de 7eon Notary of ti e Governor
which" lot is or St. reor. "St hn bounds it west North
'* sat 'L *.West North


44.- : 2" O

4 4. ... . .. ..

>uesada's List
-Ye:-r of 1 90
I .10

In:'.;nT .o 'es, a ss ss e'-.t.s, ,'.-,i
sale a5- : 1'-! '..ctio- of "-T
houses ,:' Lot nr 1- ing.

Square "o, 7
__ 7

No. 44-


"ousp ntn lot of r,':.. sco C *:--o *. -
r- ed..

4 St. veorze St.

1763- de la Puente :.a. ani translation Webb memorial LiLrary
Historical Society St. Augustine. from B.; kirngnm Smitn
collections in New York Hi torical So:iety.
1788 'arirano de la Roque mao Aid translation ibidd .
1784-87 Spanis.: escrituras tr-.rnlations in Webb Memorial Library
Historical Society St. Auiustine. m
1784 Spanish Census Tr.nsl-tions in Webb -emorial library photo-
stats, Historical Society St. Augustine.
3-S.nis. Tax assessors list translation in Webb -emorial
Library Hi-torical Society St. Augustine originals in L. 0.
Deed Book N St. Johns county Jourt houe,St. Augsitine.
1793 Father Hassett census photostas in Webb memoriall Library
Historical Society St. Auwustine.

Escrit~buas, 3 s ebrnmr:r 1803
29 "'Rce.;ber 1.04


359 Sale

no4d Don Mamuel de astio and Dona fila Tlern:-adez
his wife the first ,. .~,o* o3, nf s P..1 c-i!d-a
ren of Donw Vict ran a ri!ien deceased ~rc1 n ,:1a 3
June 1801, th~l s- R c nd a ..t..i.e I3n 'ii' res ols
Done ictoriana to `1:11' 'r- spo 1st S 0 of :\Rt. o "
tle lot ar wl s of A ':- i,, o t St eor. ,t - 1
IS boufl &e 4- -03t. %U3 TP -laz- or-u t':r ,'%; t.l
North a lo!-. of th i:-EA s o'. n,, :'. .-.. -, '
on tihe Sout+ l t'.e !_eix's oC' Dor. ,TCT_ n -.,.n nc e z 3:--.iW lo wIt.
the walTs came to me 2nd .TJue 180c .: auto of I:~d Governor
and to the helps of s d' Dona ArtonT-l de Avero.


'?CP'. r;l) kS~j(33%::.I~e r.l.l~I~-C?~T ::;

_+.ilL Of m.* toni 1.rd w r< i ed.
*-*. ja e f^ JH j ..--,t. . .. ..- ,.,*

Tax. 1C00
Square ?

Tax c 1800
Square 7

41. Wooden house built by Luis Escalona on the King's lot bounded
E-W by the Calle Peal, S by King's lot and that of Do4a
Antonia Perdomo; its rme' -i.rement in front N-S sixteen and a half
yards and dopth E-f t wenty-seven () yards and a half, which
aRounts to 79

Note. By title of May ... 1800 in proceedings (irnb*t- d?) by
oha Lucia ... this lot w.ra ( "jude.-p) ir \-o ~--r orel tAtpt
-f h'?r --r c!**la St ^**- -' ..


No. 134 Dona Luisa Escalona
Sebastiana Bargas.
Maria del %osario,
2 Francisca dauphtter
1 Antonio jlave
r "

4a Stre t of Sant leorge

daughter of Alonzo and of
Widow of 65 years.
of the said, "lave

Escritur.s, 12 January 1791
20 December 1792


p. 513 Will Au. 3 Lucia Esaalona (widow of John Darby
(tei iA the name as amended in margin in the MB.
** sI-e 1mW t1e arttyd) She wqa houas on Kigg's

Eaorituras, 12 January 1791
20 December 1992

p. 594v Mortgage Nov. 7 Lucia Escalona mortgages as security to
her annual payments house on King's lot #41, Block 7
measuring N S 164 yds., E W 772. Lot is bounded E W
& N by Royal roads, S by King's lot & Antonia Perdomo.

Block 7, Assessor's Inventory 41

Yesvc'i oi );~
p14W ilf

!nnentorea, asss"'m"nts, and
sale at publiC auetton of tYhe
houses and lots of the Kin$.

'oo 41

ooden house built by Lucia Escalona
Wood ngIS lot .undd E. and
on, by Toyal Stqeets, S. by lots of the
ring and Antonil Paexomo. 16 (1NS)
X T:'.N pClay on
(On margin 3y Ac lot th y
tion rof ucia Escalona9 tbi lot flS
elsred in er rA 3f vo
4. ed raiara

>ieritar.A? ,16 arcL :7S7
6 Decaembers 179

p. 70 Will Sept. U4 Lucia sa,&lona, merntionns eoms? #t g o
(but =t the iot# except elall a-rt) BitUA.teei or. I.0
GQeor Sto. ne. l&nd gAtes twhoh bonnis it v9i lra to
Oatle square on NW Antonla Pe~iA Ss Catl- Squore ;.
The lot 'belongs to Joaqi4n & n'&9 Irti-. rr ay
& alser -'

Q.*SIk oqea 14


A. v--o',
2;.~~~ 1S i

19f8a De le P3 tte rs.fY spav : -t. o 3 S t, E&. r:i--.'s :Braez'

b~lloego, raell s*te-a M -D.p, a-U rm-f

NO. f aeext antl khecwe of w'oX beras kte1wni qtr m lO err.n mnte,
SLm7 te la "m ce ifu, S"%rae )" beof~se n*a A .' Is ti 1:4 .ansa t.,
U', rlner fmtz-t Pe rem MK iearnj tiWetly m& V1rr wit- -wv
rt'ow, probably kiteehrn Yfek of hora* awi to sotam edgt at le.*
D"srledt uas hktr @t wovt It gftm emm41ite'a aln..4; to Umna
jptBa M1saBts* wu$fk #e*1 Msr XnuA af Bnt1ias-* .
'*, amt i or.. |1otAo1i Ae t 0 a vaientta t 0a ss V CIaitsls e
t^a lo rewied the rsf t eIst hoSE;W. o the mst< lot o* f th< "Tec
miseP'* fw9ek is tbe BL o0.k ncrth oz PNth Aleys .r W er ato.e ba
Ma& i arzel he **y mtsb w. was ntotta withvla ssmory 't
dmwv (f T@4tVa tt t)e ?tte4 . YT4 2WV#4 V

659 V/4


Escrituras, 7 January 1815 /P
24 December 1816


380 S 'ortgage Sept. 16 Isabel 'olrituez executes this bond to
pay her nminor children tl "r "',- due froi band'sands estate and
pledges her house on St. Geor St., IC bundY hei
of Juan Sanchez S. land of -r.. tu Trisy .
Measures S. c? yds., ougt *. I -st. (see
p. 16).

'". riturla, 7 J-inury i'181


130 Sale Au1 21 Manuel dcl1 sast"i a m'o inmelf others heirs
S,. of -irtonia de Aver.o Josfa ontesi*c, wiow, ciin hou on
St. Geor e St., whihi''. is ''. bUcn :' ; .. heirs of Ji-un P l .'.,' z.
"'. lan- adjoiningr Castle of Lf. 1ark, N, Ju.n "'ry. Measures
:Y. S. 52 yds. & E. ',',. 91 yds. At settlement of estate part only
was included, meas'_ring 15 yd-. ijte i e 9:.ainder bo.,.- t of Francisco
Ruiz del Canto ove- 1.3 yvm

rf '- % ", .'

:inorcan ,hapel

o. use; tass: din in .e
b,'-en assi ned f o "l ^,.'.t <

ratheir Camps w ..1 t C'. .. .. or f is
deata, given b t cr ;': '- : .: is int;.r
Camps' un.crtl:; rCce or, ;. V .1 : t s iId
been born at '.arcadel < ; f t e ws sxty
years old. oe was 3 ite'r d : t e l
body was -',.movec t; n a : .vw ;e
Cat;,hedral w. pro' :,as i -7 w' .e '- r- at:.r
tc t-.e reb.ildin, : f f -'-" 3 ?xce:, tt f'.r : .: e
r:pring cf tl(: ye?.r.

'".e two ch rci-es .,*;
r ins, lass, t' "'r f-:.: ,
stcry of t:1e 't i r t,:- '.'
tn;eproa.ry vrope" .

c'*i n
-. n ':c4 t.iP' -:p

From "LL ', -STS IN ,.. .. ; .
VCl. 1. p. 173.
" ''he i,,-cans .v e t v'-e st
pcvCrty, t.'ey "rcs- erd r .. -
Thev maintained a : .'o ..e . .. :e, n


S t- c It- v. .. d

was under the charge of a Priest from Minorca. In March 1784
they formed nearly the largest part of the town's population.
The Minoroan PrLest, Pietro Campo, whom Tonyn called Pedrus
Camps, decided to leave the country along with the Governor
but the Spanish Government brought him a promotion in the Churoh
of Minorca, bringing in three other priests, two of whom were

Escrituras, 7 January 1815
24 December 1816

?- 356v Aug. 16 Jostfa Montesdeoca(widow of Carlos Luia)- Manuel de
CasTilla, coquinnr house on St. George St., which is W, boundary,
heirs of J. Sancho3 S., land of the Castle of St. Mark E., Juan
Triay No Measures N. S 52 yds. E. W. 91. Bought from said
Castilla Aug. 21, 1815. (Note that although read & signed by
the parties, the notary read it again to them & objection was
made that Castilla acted in the first transaction merely as agent
of Isabel Rodriguez who is in fact the legal purchaser and legal
owner- therefore
358v Same deed in all respects except substitution of Isabel Rodrigues
as party of second part is property witnessed, etc.

Block 7, Twa 45

-~~~~~M I.t...Ji LN'4

-,_ d, A A ~ 41~7i-/-a`t ~A&~Y Jbr4./k L; '~7'~" ecl,~~A

f-,' ^^ ^ d: I ', -- .C -"d I. A"--
*'.' A ^ ^/ .^ JIJI

t4t.A -. L~ ~iU ch /..ALI c4..-6.5 ~ v'L7 ,t44*A ,r~1 4~fAL'r44 ll-Srq

a-.- ~9T4- b~f d.f

4~~~c -I Ly dtre

4C/ Ay^'- /~ -- ..... )z
^ ^lej.(f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ? -1< -1

2dic- tl (4.)Y% * [y o^^'^^A1*"- -1. <'-- ^- P ^' -w^"

L^_j? .'^ ,, P

4.~ ~ -' t

i; /

t IfAM 011



44 (CL


1 a * 7 ~J
P~ V' A; /

/1 Ld ,tu~-"'L

-~P -/
.- 1

. ni'.c~

I -
-T 4
* A

,k?-'-; (;i
j.l //
: 4'--~-e

i.e. AL

-/ -1

vF.. .4 C- 4--<
* ?k* 2 *-



'4 u
* I-

~-\ '-


V w

/ '2

S^ Iva-

^ .^ ^:
.^~ e i-^-"

- 0 1 '








/1;-4 J -



i;-, -

~- Id


t8 c


,,irjfr ~c-c~Q




~ I
" /~7ZCJ/L~-"
i.-- i

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