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ThI . i i . is ' ,:,t B i.hzi. . ! [, . l ii |-: i it!i thi. I' hi sti'. ,:,t III:,iP,:,i i D10-% Wr1' "--.. .... [

MDG 3 - Promote gender equality and empower women.
The. workshop which was conducted. by a high-level UNDP Gender Economic PoliTeam
from 30teieih May Sl s held in order to: enable seilictrl ink" v participa-

At the lecture Ms. Byanyima officially launched the training workshop titled
"Millennium Development Goal Needs Assessment and Prognosis: Costing

tion and to increase national capacity for MDG-based planning, in particular
on the use of needs assessment and costing tools. At the conclusion of the Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis, Ms. Winnie Byanyima, and Dr. Francisco Roquette.
on the use of needs assessment and costing tools. At the conclusion of the
three day workshop, a Technical Working Group consisting of representation from various government and non-government organi-
zations discussed the MDG-based planning process while providing guidance on the selection of a comprehensive set of interven-
tions that comprise each investment

The University of Belize (UB), in collaboration with the Caribbean Knowledge O
Learning Network (CKLN), hosted a national consultations with public/private . a
sector stakeholders on April 29 and May 3 in Belmopan to chart the way for- It
ward in developing a draft National Research and Education Network (NREN) a
Blueprint for Belize.

The consultation was designed to build awareness and the internal capacity to
bring into being a sustainable national research and education network to be
connected to C@ribNET "

Stakeholders at the consultation agreed on the way forward for the establish-
ment of the national research and education network (NREN) initiative in Be-
lize, and for the University of Belize to lead the process. NREN, viewed as a
vital component of modern teaching, research and learning is best described as
a high performance national network connecting academic and research institutions.

Higher education in Belize is comprised of the University of Belize, the national university, 10 public junior colleges, one private university, UWI
School of Continuing Studies, and two off-shore medical schools. The development of Research and Education Network in Belize will create an
opportunity for collaboration between academic and research institutions nationally, regionally and internationally.

The establishment of a National Research and Education Networks in Belize will provide a high-speed and low cost broadband network for re-
search organizations to link up to each other and carry out collaborative research or applications; promote linkages between the academic and re-
search community, industry, government and other regional and
international research and educational networks, and promotes Caribbean level and international collaboration.

Recognizing that the Caribbean region including Belize has largely been excluded from the development of NREN networks, CARICOM estab-
lished CKLN in 2004 as an intergovernmental agency with the mission to build capacity in the areas of education and training through initiatives
that will enhance and grow the regional human resource outputs.

ii , .lI , l.,1 1I. ,, II, i .-__ ,i ,. .I I III-- ) .l . ll ln .l , III 1 . I II- ,,[ , i, . I !- .1II ,,I,,_ IL I! L.Li,,I._ ILIL IIII. I.-Ii 1.Ii ,,. -11..-n - 1.1, 1! ,1. I,,l II,.
I L . I l I II._ l l I l I _I _ It- ,,I.I I , ,, l.IIl', I I I0 1 ,L,, ' I ,I ,,' h 'I, s 'h _ ,-I .111h , L lh 11.1.l l, ll, 'h l ,, i i l,l _ I I .I

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III IL .h I I I-. L III I. . _ II _ h III,

:la n , .', l h , , I. .I' lhL l . d, , ' . i. - I .

Ilc L .I ilii'dli il'I II, I I I l iI l..

This initiative includes a broad sec-
tion of stakeholders including MOT,
NICH, Belize City Council, BCCI,
Central Building Authority, Association of Professional Architects of Belize, BTIA, BHA, Ministry of Economic Development, SIF, Ministry of
Labour and Local Government.

Eighteen volunteer students from the Building and Civil Engineering and Architecture program, coordinated by Lecturer, Mr. Lloyd Carrillo car-
ried out field research and analysis, inspection, as-built drawings and documentation including surveying homes on Regent and Albert streets;
classifying homes based on data collection, documenting homes by mapping on a city in GIS or CAD and producing plans and elevations of all
types of homes classified. UB students surveyed 13 Historical buildings on Regent and Albert Street along with approximately 600 residential
and commercial buildings, cited as high value and worthy of conservation.

Chair of the Engineering Department, Mr. Leonard Mortis said "students acquired practical experience by working with professionals from their
field of study and applied their knowledge and skills learnt for the preservation of the heritage of the City of Belize." The Project is a Technical
Cooperation between Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Government of Belize to support the preparation of a Master Plan for
downtown Belize City and the establishment of the proposed Heritage Trust.

"Building Leaders, Creating Opportunities," was the theme for this year's
University of Belize Alumni Association (UBAA) Annual General Meeting
(AGM) held in Belize City. Attending the meeting were graduates from the
University of Belize (UB) and from the various amalgamated institutions
namely Belize Teachers College, Belize Technical College, Belize School of
Agriculture, Belize Nursing School and the University College of Belize as
well UBAA Board members.

President of UBAA, Dr. Cynthia Terry in her remarks highlighted the various
activities that the Association has been engaged with over the past year and
also provided insight into upcoming activities. One outstanding feature is a
premier event dubbed the "First Annual Alumni Ball" to be held on, ....,.-1
6,2011 to commemorate the Anniversary of UB's amalgamation.



This event, which is envisioned to become UBAA's signature and annual
fund raising event, will involve the publication of a booklet listing of 20
prominent alumni highlighting their achievements and contributions to the
Belizean society. The aim is to generate sponsorships and advertisements
which will generate revenue for UBAA student Scholarship Fund. UBAA President and Taiwan's Ambassador to Belize.

Special Guest Speaker at the event was H. E. David C.K. Wu, Ambassador for China (Taiwan) to Belize who highlighted the importance placed
on tertiary education in his country, and how the wide availability of education has assisted to accelerate the growth and development of Tai-
wan. For additional information for the "First Annual Alumni Ball" kindly contact Dr. Cynthia Terry at email ubalumni@ub.edu.bz.

- ll' ll. hI I .1 . ---I l.III ,I l, ,l | .I

.III IIc lh11 . 'h11 .L I n..II- ln . In , Iu ' , cl, c- . 1
.I, , ,II. ,O I II . * .II I .lil 'l l h., I .I l h*I. .I* I ,h. h l

lIII ,I I 'I, .II. ' ] ,h ,I'.'0*..1 h L .iihi,,hIC '.,I III C 11,I.,1...lh. -IIcII'h

Chair, UB Board of Trustees, Mrs. Imani Fairweather-Morrisson, Dr. Lewis added that this bold and unique initiative by the university is another testament
and EU representative Mr. Cosimo Lamberti Fossati of UB's continued commitment to excellence in research, higher education, and service
for national development of Belize. UB experts in the field of Bio-propagation, Dr. Dion
Daniels and Dr. Gordon Holder will lead the production of meristems, while Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Thippi Thiaga-
rajan, will address the research agenda with students from FST.

The greenhouse, measuring 197 ft x 39 ft (720m) and laboratory equipment was made possible through funding by the European Union (EU)
valued at Euros 144,423.4 or BZ $395,251.16. The University of Belize to date has invested BZ$135,000 for retrofitting the Laboratory and for
additional equipment and supplies, a facility that will contribute to Belize's food security.

The greenhouse, has an automated irrigation system and a saran netting inside to adjust the
illumination that will be used for the
acclimatization of banana and oi te. i .i i.
vitroplants produced in the mic'h i'I r-
Mir . . iii laboratory.

II.I laboratory equipment dci.,ic.I .II I L
Idc four (4) horizontal lamii...' 0..
,,cl, distillation unit, laborat . " , cI ,
ii.ii, shaker, microwave ove" .,im.ii
inm hotplate stirrer, multipurp.-c .ii1. -
Strategic Alliance: GOB, EU, & UB clave, dehumidifier, aluminu-i. I,.. I.
and lighting systems for the growth chamber ir.i II..

Speakers at the event included officials from the Ministries of Agriculture & Fisheiic, Luu-
nomic Development, representatives from the European Union, Chair of the Board of Trustees of UB, and Lab...state of the art
President of UB among others.

Technical experts from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environ-
ment (MNRE) conducted a presentation on the "The Facts about Oil Explo-
ration & Drilling in Belize" on 9 May at the Jaguar Auditorium, Central
Campus, Belmopan.

Topics included the History of Oil Exploration in Belize, Petroleum Reve-
nues, Seismic Surveying, Exploration, Drilling, Production, and Petroleum
Potential of Belize. Additionally, the social, environmental and economic
impacts associated with Oil Exploration and Drilling was also be presented.

Hon. John Saldivar, MNRE CEO Ms. Beverly Castillo, and technical experts.

I , I I , I I-.. 1 L I k:I .L.I I I.I I %: ,.I I. .. ..I I I I I I .........................

ii/ I I . 'I."I_, ,ii I II. ii,I ICi. . II .' Iiii.i i ,,! 'I i, .Ll .'

011 . II.h l . l . I.. I, Ii.lll k i .' L ulil. II III~ tl el l Il I 1i',l 1',l 1 .l lil. II lil 1. .eli- 1

III .k . II I. ll . IIIh II.ll. l i ,I I', h 1- hL

PLC op iniher Jun Crlo Goez nriuez tion and closer cooperation between countries of Central Dr. Uorinth Morter-Lewis presents Diploma to proud graduate
and Latin Amenica and the Caribbean. These countries have students
iand professionals who want to learn English111 . The Regional Language.-

Center is also geared toward the English-speaking Caribbean whose students want to learn Spanish. The Uni-
llversity is pleased that foreign students choose multi-lingual, multi-cultural Belize to ll.earn English or Spanishi.

'-...h*iilige, and extend
I I, .I, , ,,II ,i"'gratulations toI,'l l
.1 N C L*. I * ,i,,i i ..li ' U i_ . i ' ' ',_.11.1 lh i' '- , ..I. li ,II ia ! . L . . I II lh ] , -

Ii I,, students to
h /C. L ,,lic .._ . _ ii. N .i .. it. .. . | i,, i I..li,,,l, ._ ,I I , n ,h< . ,l . ilih ,.

IIh. iii .i l- L,,lh.._.in another an-, .

S ,I_ .llh i ',Ill.iI h 1 I'I ige, recognizingL.. . l, i .. ,-
RLCTopFinshr, uanCarosGomz Eriqez tion and closer cooperation between countries of Central Dr. Lorlnth Morter-Lewls presents Diploma to proud graduate

Riii breaking barri-
and Latin America and the Caribbean. These countries ofhave studentsica-

tion helps in
sand professionals who want to learn English. The Regional Lang thuage
Center is also geared toward the English-speaking Caribbean whose students want to learn Spanish. The Uni-
versity is pleased that foreign students choose multi-lingual, multi-cultural Belize to learn English or Spanish

:ties of good wlan-
.__,,.ge, and extend

gratulationples to
be, students to

th..en another lan-d.

Guest Speaker, Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. William A. Neal.
Globalge, recognizing
1h..,1 breaking barri-
ers of communica-
tion helps in
strengthening the
ties of good will
among peoples of
the world.
Guest Speaker, Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. William A. Neal.

Global Educational Success!

Graduates showcase cultural diversity

s in , . '1 n l. II ,, I i 'i l- i l. ,,I ]J 'l , iJ ij;i !i ,,n hi, !! I ,,i . .. .,. llh .l |,,l',I ,,.;.. . 111,.;11n, , .. . II . , ,In .l - .,,
I I. .. 11. 11- ,.I . , ii II '1 i , ll. i I 1 i i it . I I iLh _ I . ll'I . I II ! hI - I. 'l i l II .I 11 , l L1 l i i . . ,l . . I .ll- - I

I I ll.lll- I , I ] lh ." - -.10 ' e l111, , l, I .l.

The Second Annual Research Competition was hosted this year by the Institute of Social and Cultural Re-
search (ISCR) under the theme "Social Cohesion in Belize's Multi-Cultural Context Since Independence."
ISCR received four proposals namely from students of Galen University, Ecumenical Junior College, St.
John's Junior College, and the University of Belize. Second and third placed winners were Galen University
and Ecumenical College respectively.

The Offices of the President, the Provost and Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts and the UB Family UB congratulates Rolando Cocom, and Isidro Cus.
extends heartfelt congratulations to Messrs Rolando Cocom and Isidro Cus on their achievements.

The hand of friendship of UB students was extended to student colleagues at Meikai University in Japan in
response to Japan's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis on March 11, 2011. The students organized dona-
tions and a barbeque fundraiser collecting over five thousand dollars which was handed-over over to the Be-
lize Red Cross for forwarding to the Japan relief funds.

At the fundraiser event held in May, UB students wore "yukata" Japanese attire to solicit donations thus mak- '. .
ing a very public statement about their respect for and humanitarian outreach to their Japanese student col- , '
leagues. Lecturer of the Communication Skills classes which was instrumental in the goodwill initiative is
Ms. Silvanna Udz. "UB students demonstrated that they care about their fellow student colleagues in Japan,"
she said. 0 ,

The theme for the intercultural Japan-UB event was "Two Countries... One Humanity." .
Two Countries..One Humanity

Mothers with disabilities received a special
Mother's Day gift from UB students of the Spe-
cial Education Department of the Faculty of
Education and Arts. Students spent the day with
mothers and provided them with a special treat
on the occasion that will foster long-lasting
memorable memories.

Congrats and Kudos to SPED students.

SIII u II ll ,I.i . I.. . I. ~ 1 . ll ' I . Ii . I I. ,ll'...l 11 . , bu l Ibcd l ulI.I l hi .I1.l, k. 1 I': l ic u .ll
standing player for this game was our Pitcher Shandi re .. .ll ...llano who pitched a I - I..I I.
,.was the pitcher Ms . Shandi Orellano who again pitched a shot-out. lhe 1 II-softball

ticular: Shandi OreNllanol , ,il.and Mertel Bailey, and, also outplay.ie. .h .ilhl by 10,.
.i l. _. lh p . I I I I I I- i , I I.:I h .l. .i l. ! I. 1.1lilli ._ i ,i.. li l ll 1.,,li.
l~ l ., ,. ,l h.1 . 11 i 1i, .1._,u l L, II.. IIIn ,.h i, l h1.. 1 .I.1 . i, l - 1 1h. 1 .- 1 1 l11.i l 1i. I l.lli
11 % I1 11 1 -. V*1. 1 ,%i l:.li,, 11 1-. 11 1- 11i i ,,, i I 1 . l',, i l . hI i . 1.,1,,,I. ,m ,, I 1, , ,,,,,
b I.IIII.III,, II I"', ,l-ll- .-iI 11 1 1..l',,, u l,,I-

11uiiifII L[u 6ultball, the Lad, Jagual bullibcd-uu[ Luid Laild.a 1 Lu, the uu[-
standing player for this game was our Pitcher Shandi Orellano who pitched a
shot-out. Blew-out Lemonal by 16 to 0. The outstanding player for the game
was the pitcher Ms. Shandi Orellano who again pitched a shot-out. The softball
team also trampled Flowers Bank 8 to nil with two outstanding players in par-
ticular: Shandi Orellano, and Mertel Bailey, and also outplayed Sandhill by 10
to 0. Outstanding players for this game were Ayanah Smith who pitched splen-
did game in a mercy wins that ended in the 3rd innings and Annica Brown who Coach, Darren Bovell giving the last instructions.
hit a grand slam.

Kudos to UB Black Jaguars: Basketball & Softball teams!

*W .
, , , , , , . . . . . . . ,,