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E Iarthaf

The. ilf iucrilN of Bcl,/c n liB iinh collaborulion \\Tiilh Si, Eiiubass ol Nk,\ico.
hl1 [ in'ri)siL 01 -'tnLanga Roo. InSitittui for Scial and CcItIrC Rcscarchi h
NaLiional InStILtItc r CLIILLIrC aind HiLtorI INI Hi aind [i. Frcncli InStiILtIc Ibr
Rc s caich and D.el opmenc ullRDi Iosticd ith Blc Iic- a cx Ico Scinulnai III a lI LiB
Control C-nd l use in Bclmopain on -1-5 April. 21:11

ThIc Sc iar %as, pc iotusll Iosk , cd b.
lhi Ln i\,sil ol' (QintinIII Roo in
SIChn uinial. N Ic\ico ranid bas hI osil or
ti1' fiist Lime iii BeI,/c bWil r LEiin\.i-
siL 0 of Bc[Ic It ici pi'Sni Laioin
of papers from Belizean, Mexican and Participants at seminar.
other international scholars and was
conducted under the theme "Cultural Dynamics across Borders" featuring four
panel presentations namely: Art, Language and Culture, Population and Society
and Publishing.

Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis "This Seminar, the third in a series, was aimed to provide a forum for
sharing on-going research and scholarly work on the social and cultural
dynamics in Belize and Southern Mexico (Quintana Roo) as well as stimulate collaboration between Mexican and Beliz-
ean researchers," says UB's Director of Research Dr. Filiberto Penados. "It was also designed to foster intellectual curi-
osity and research capacity among young people in the region, deepen understanding and build friendly relationship be-
tween the people of Belize and Mexico."

The Seminar, entitled: "Social and Cultural Dynamics Across Borders," was opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
& Foreign Trade, Hon. Wilfred Elrington.

The Dcan, Faculty, Staff and Students of the
FacultiL of Management and Social Sciences-
I NISS i of the University of Belize held its J._
First Annual Student Research Conference
on April 7 in Belize City.

LiB acknowledges that research is an inte-
,_ral ckinent of tertiary education and has
thelfcicoric, endorsed ardently the bold initia-
,i c of FMSS to execute the first ever re-
search conference. "One of the main ob- i "
Dr. Lewis along with UB personnel viewing poster. ec h conference t e
jective of the Conference is to expose the
academic accomplishments of our students
in the realm of research and professional development, explains the Research Conference
Coordinator, Dr. Jean Perriott. "Thus, allowing our students to nurture their research capabilities and contribute to pioneer
a culture of research within our institution and society at large."

Research presentations by students and faculty members featured topics such as Oil Drilling, Business Development, E-
Learning Technology, Economics, Value Chain, Tourism, Off-shore Services, the Current Economic Recession and Its
Impact on Consumer Behavior in Belize and the Economic Impact of High End Resorts/Hotels on the Belizean Economy.
Dr. Perriott emphasized that the conference "is in tandem with the university's initiatives of treading into the avenue of a
research based institution and contributing to public awareness of current national issues."

. p.inel dits.Ci.ssiion on Ihe Head of .4AreeImeInt 1981 \\.as hosled inl .April. .11 .IJ tiai A\LIdIlOULtInI. CeInial C. iiilpus.
Belmnop.ii b\ the Hisiori & A.ntiiiopolop , Depalinmelil of lie Liin\ ersiql of Belv/e I UB I in collabor.ilion \\ lli the Nlinsi \
of Foieic'n ffalus &: Forewii'n Triade I MIFAFTI

On lihaniid. \\eie Beli/eaiis \\" ho \\erie acii\e n lihal perIod and minade pieseiilllOns 10 t lie audience ait1 lthe e eiinl Thlie\ focused
on a. ke, pe ri od in the sli.apiin of this \oti 11.1 na10on of ouis SLudents of Beli/e-Gu.ilen.ala. class of llie Histon and AniliIho-
polo\ depirinvient \\ere lthe 111.1111 quesioiieis .11 the lorui

Lectirer ofl he depariliien. NM Cesar Ross e\pl.jaied lh.l the depailmiieni \\ il plam a a.moliher bold iiiinlilii e L coiiiintle the
process of in'ieaieiw'' a\\areness iii pailrcIular for the \otmI Is "\ell as 2alh aii/e folks lfron thie dsili.i'lS o panicipa .e

The University of Belize (UB) in collaboration with the Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) and the World
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) launched "Intellectual Property Week 2011" in April, at UB Faculty of Man-
agement & Social Sciences (FMSS) Campus in Belize City. Coordinator and Regional Consultant to the World Intellec-
tual Property Office (WIPO) Ms. Mary-Ann Richards delivered a presentation on Intellectual Property (IP) to faculty
and staff of the national tertiary institution.

Topics discussed included commercialization and exploitation of research in the context of Higher Education Institu-
tions (HEIs), income generated from patents and licenses, taking shares or equity in companies to exploit research, and
direct consultancy or commercial research partnerships. A high priority for the University of Belize is its research
agenda. In this regard a Research Director recently joined the UB family of faculty and staff with the mandate to ignite
research activities that will generate income and gain recognition for the institution and its faculty. The three-day Intel-
lectual Property sensitization mission to Belize by Ms. Richards was coordinated by the Belize Intellectual Property Of-
fice (BELIPO) in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

In April, Mr. Benjamin Acosta on behalf of the Central
Campus Student Government added four picnic tables,
and two bicycle racks to the campus.

The I niiersih of Belize (I B) lie nalional lerliari insliuilion continues lo coiilribule siniiiricaill to local aild nla-
lionil de elo)ineniI of Belize lliroiiui sirateoic pai:llersihips t1 ili pin'i e alid public sectors iliiini the counlnt's
miulticuilturiia enl ironinenl.

liB in itl, contlinimed coininiltinenl pio\ iles [lie f11lltle le ideis ol tlie coilili\ i ho ,ie einolled In lie B.a'lielor ,Ile'ree 1i In-
loriiiniioni Technlolo- \itlli prlactica.l \\ork e\peineices in Inrniii.illon Teclhnolo\ through i-ts iteinshlp piroginm pear-
headed b\ thie Infoninallion Teclhnolo'\ Depairlimeni of the Facultl ol'Science and Teclhnolo_\

"Students are engaged in updating computer programs, creating and modifying database applications and designing,
modifying and installing computer networks," explains Internship Coordinator/University Student Advisor and IT Lec-
turer Mr. David Garcia. "The students acquire real work experience and offer community service by completing a specific
information technology project or performing duties as an information technology professional, in public and private sec-
tor companies/organizations."

Close to 40 students are currently attached to the various companies/organizations performing computer related tasks,
which have been identified by the respective companies/organizations to meet a practical need while at the same time pro-
viding an opportunity for students to practice what they have learnt.

They include the Belize Electricity Ltd, Belize Telemedia Ltd, Belize Social Security Board, Statistical Institute of Belize,
Belize Internet Consultants, Embassy of Venezuela, and the Ministries of Natural Resources and the Environment, Health,
Education and Youth, and Sacred Heart Junior College.

Unlike the Associate degree work experience, these internships are full time placements for a period of 360 hours mini-
mum which is five days per week (minimum 30 hours) for twelve weeks.

Hion. Uaspar Vega addressing audience.

Happ to10 scc: that llic lin ii\,;.im ol' Bc li/c iB lIas takcn :a I:ia iuolk In
Sbiing inl, a;\\;I.iKc.c Lo .InkikiLc. anid ocic;. ai a; \\i holc on IliC ilniportalcc 0!of
oit liaitiilal Cn'\ iion_ cii>lt . ctlqlall\ lih i cnAct l lo kiio\\ diaL Ii B'- ctiilictiliin
Instills 1 inSi itlcnvL iclpon~isblc iCsouiicc
I| 1 '-' :11 : I [t1111 lO l_1 I I It. l ll al ll I:.O III . ;
ianIcii.,c nit piroc rain. dcclard Dc ftLiL
P[-'riiici ii MiNilci anid NhiniiIcr of Nattwial Rc-
soiircc'. anll El\ iroiincill Hon -aSpai \ g..a
ThIc DptI. Pr-inc Nlinlic coiiaiiilulattdl ik1C
binational lmiiiN\ il \\ i ,lic ii lic ;pokc at ilic
)Opncinig Cercinoiiic. of l'B Earth Da\ 2i111
event which was held on 13 April, 2ul I at
Central Campus, Belmopan.

U B lic inme for this year's activities was:
'"Nali n'il Resource Management: Building a canopy of knowledge, trees and
lharinoiin for Belize to flourish."

FST Lccwurer /Program Coordinator " .
Natural Resource Management Pro-
irain . N s Cecy Castillo explained -
lihat Is cear theme focused on
t tropical forests in line with the In-
icrnaional year of rainforests. She
remarked "the goal of UB's Earth
day 2011 is to promote the conservation of forested areas in Belize by in-
creasing awareness of the Be-
I_ /c. Iian public about the impor-
-M i^t- liicl of forests to our people."

Sl_ B Earth Activities 2011 was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and
Youth, Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC), Develop-
inc il Finance Corporation (DFC), Mesoamerican Biological Corridor
N ISBC), Caves Branch and Chaa Creek. Activities included display of stu-
dent booths and projects, "Trashion Fashion", Hector the Hicatee ambassa-
Stidor. music, poster and poem competitions as well as the winner of the 2011
t ri ccn Businesses.

Earth day is celebrated annually on April 22nd around the world. This year the theme was, "Million Acts of Green."

W. . . ..


As Irt ofl' ilh national Eail\ ChitIloot StInultaion month
"Pareiinls - Educate ouri (CIhildl.'" il Faculi of Educaion
n. Arts X FEA oof i l Lin11 uciaiL of BcIiuc aliB stuccesslulhII
laIunclh da ccck of acti'ilicLs in Nlarc-h across thei uLIICsI\IL
camuitSICS in Belimopan. Beli/c CCI. and Punat Goda-

Dcal ol llk Faculih. Di \\Vlma \\Vniui, s;aI\ dial FEA \\cck of
AcLI\ ILI, \as t,;ldc'i; "'to o10 \ I&o icI a- icstaicc i -i of
pigcpiaLiuon a-rd ant i tcclolmciu of -ldl itc ; In paitIctIlaI clii-
dtic.n. -tIolc:.cni. atIdul'. and iii ol cmcnt of! lB SL;tuI cutL \\ ili
III[,; c tl.ca-\ ouI

A nlOLablc acti\i \ \\.ii I paiatlc ai-d ra:-ll I aritiii Earl\
Childhood Stimulaution CcntacriP'rc-school studcants of Bclimo-
pan at Independence Plaza by the National Assembly. The pre-
school students presented a poem written by Acting President
FEA Dean Dr. Wilma Wright and faculty at Cultural Fair. and President Emeritus, Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis entitled: "I
Love School!" for the rally at the opening of this event.

Other significant events included Launching B.Sc. in Spanish
education, Multicultural Fair in Belmopan, Toledo, and
Belize City Campus; Voz Latina presented by Latin American
Literature Class; Panel Discussion on Best Practices in Early
Childhood Education and Children with Special Needs; guest
appearance on radio and television morning talk shows - Oapn
Paki" and Open Your Eyes culminating with a Parade and Rally
St.itlcnS. teachers, parents, and members of the community also
loinc theil University of Belize in celebrating the development of
a bc ttir Belize in this unique initiative by FEA. The Faculty of
Edticalion and Arts, offers education programs and programs in
thic lihtmnanities, and provides the required language, communica-
iion. antid history courses that service the general core of pro-
grams at all of UB's four faculties.

UB President presenting Certificate to Leader of Los Halcones. Ms. Fel Torres,
UB Lecturer/ Coordinator of UBECSC

S B Ps(O )() ice, ...............i d in u.....a d F. D i

Li B PS(--) (-_)l'lnc'n, a-, Ic.kd in Snnun ilaItl.. Fnn c Dinnll





*Z-pc P. ' ,

Aftrk an IntknIs., moiinth N larch. R.cira.ation and Sports DLpartmnKit con-
tinM.ks to \\orik hard Tlils monthly I the. IaI ocLus \\as softball In a softball
niaratlion our Lad\ Ja.,Iuars placed s%.coniid LiB Lad\ Ja.iuais ari also in t(I.
BLI|z. Rural Softball Tourinaimnt TIhL\ start~i.d te.L .ason bb\ Ic.lk.atinj
Double. H..ad ('abba,_.. b tihe.. scor. of 11-1l

In nla\ tlihe Diuic.ll "Ballini for Lift" Basltball Tournamni.nt starts anid LiB
Black Jaguars will be present as defending champions. They will do their
best on the court to bring the championship yet another time. Staff and stu-
dents are asked to come out and support our team. For information regard-
ing game times and transportation please contact Mr. Kirk Smith at 822-
1000 (ext 439) UB Lady Jaguars Softball Team

The Recreation and Sports Department also take this time to invite UB Staff, and students to come by the gymnasium
and make use of the equipment. You can always come in and have training sessions with one of the personnel of the De-

Students of the University of Belize in April held a peace march against crime in Belize City. Organized by the Student
Government, approximately 200 students with placards and banners along with faculty members marched from UB Cam-
pus, West Landivar, marched through the principal streets of the old capital converging in Battlefield Park. At the park,
students voiced their concerns in relation to safety travelling to and from classes particularly at night, and called for an end
to violence in Belize.

kenirai campus ot rresmient,
UB students promoting peace. Jevon McKenzie addressing students.

Representatives from the University of Belize have held discussions with representatives from the University of North Caro-
lina at Wilmington (UNCW) regarding student exchanges during their visit to Central Campus, Belmopan.
The representatives were from the Offices of International Programs and Academic Advisors.

JapaneseI I' I qua lity and productivity I I I UB Lecturer Mr. Romaldo Lewis (Left),

ean regPalaion. explains that five representatives have been selected from each country totaling forty (40) combining both regions, in

tems of MSMEs in Belize by creating a regional network for the development i .1

Phase 1 of the project and are presently undertaking intensive training at Costa Rica in Japanese Quality & Productivity Management
systems tools (QPMS). Representing Belize were Mr. Romaldo Lewis (UB), and private sector officials.

The implementation process of the project will be closely monitored and supported by the CEFOF & JICA consultants from Costa
Rica in conjunction with the University of Belize, the national coordinating institution, through site visits to the assigned SMEs every
two months.

The University of Belize (UB) is actively engaged in research activities on dung
beetles which are bioindicators that are useful for conservation and preservation of -
habitats and species including the sustainable use of resources and protection of Be-
lize's natural heritage.
Lecturer of the Science and Technology faculty, Ms. Latha Thomas explains that
"Dung beetles are useful as biological indicators of habitat change as they are sensi-
tive to habitat modifications. Dung beetles also play a remarkable role in agriculture ios i
as they are great recyclers & increase the content of organic carbon, nitrogen and
other nutrients in the soil through their dung burial activity."

In essence, the tunneling behavior of dung beetles increases the soils capacity to Roller dung beetle hard at work.
absorb and hold water.

"When beetles bury dung, seeds in the dung are planted underground protecting them from predation & thus participating
in the natural process of forest regeneration," remarked Ms. Thomas. "They play a significant role in reducing popula-
tions of disease-causing organisms such as flies and gastrointestinal parasites of livestock by competing for food (fecal)
resources and destroying eggs and larvae." They have been introduced in countries like Australia to remove cattle dung
and control pestilent species of flies. Additionally, by removing the manure from pastures, dung beetles can significantly
enhance grazing efficiency as cattle will not graze close to their manure pats.

Currently there are two ongoing projects on dung beetles in Belize: Taxonomy & ecology of dung beetles of Guanacaste
National Park. This research focuses on the use of dung beetles as biological indicator in determining the effects of forest
fragmentation & human habitations on the national park. This is the first study on dung beetles done in Belize and will
provide baseline information on these beetles which are otherwise well studied in this geographic region. The other is
Taxonomy & ecology of dung beetles of Big Falls, Belize. This research focuses on the significance of Big Falls as a bio-
logical corridor linking protected areas in the north & south of Belize. Both research activities have the participation and
assistance of UB bachelor Biology students.

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